North Carolina Newspapers

Pnm ikt AmtnctH Turf Kegutn.
rMtkatha, III. July 30rt, 1SS3.
Ml. Enrroji: 1 bave iiolicetl but one
comnuinicatum m your useful Mtgazine of
vbich the Turkey Buzzard of our country*
tt-as ih«* subject; and that is by Don Juan,
in the fourth oumber of your tirst velum*;.
That bird i« certainly on« ol’ the tnoet ««e.
ful «* have; and its preservation in sonte
of tlie western states, is protected by Icgw
Itttive enactment*. But 1 am not writing
now with a view to amplify lUi merits, but
to state a remarkable fact in regard to it,
which, though well authenticated, willdotilit
le>s >tagger th« credulity of most of your
Major John Pillers,—a farmer of groat
respectability in this county,—informed me,
that while he livedat bis father's in Missouri,
some twentv years agii, a buzxard was ta
ken alive, iiaving ^rged itself over a car
case to such a degree as to pre\x'nl its fh -
ing—ita weigiit being too heavy for itx
wiitgs: when he, together with his fiither,
brother and a neighbor, with a small shoe-
tnakrr's awl rippH open thr eyes, 99 that no
jmrt cf thr hall either remained. The
head of the bird was then put under one of
itt win^; la which position it remained a
few minutes, when, to the surprise of all,
be gradually relieved bia head from his
Wings, shook himselt as if to arrange bis
disordered feathers, and rc«|>peareJ with
two pood s^cid eyes—free fn«n blemish,
and posses.««tig in everj- degree the power
of vision I This seemingly crticl experiment
was repeated with the same bird on differ
ent occi»sioii», in the presence of dilfrrent
per»ins, fifty tiine^ and always with the
ou any known principles,—H»e must, with 1 AfGrsTA,0»i'0iiKR 3. j A writer in the Boston 1 atriot of ur-
our preseut limited knowMge of iiuture and ' Firt /—A Thw minutes ufler three o’clock day, in defence of Mr. J. Q. Adums, and
her tnyaterious opemlions, be contcnt to I yesterday morning, our citiaens were alarm-1fuvor of his nouiinntion as a caudiUate
know the existence of the facts alone. 'I'he ed hy th« cry of firo ! The fire proved to ,|,g governor, ititrotlures the
£■ . 1 _ .1 • ■ •. , I . .L- 1 1__ 1 II. -
fact stated in the conclusion ot'the deposit ion,
relative to the bald eugle, has not, 1 ventuiv
to say, orrcstcd the attention of any one.
Who would believe tlmt the feathers of that
bird cnnnot be pkicked out. I'he ideas of
feathers atKl plucking are ever associated :
yet you cannot get these of the bald eagle
withcHJt taking the skin with them ; unless:,
perhajkS, through the agency of some chem
ical ai'pliration, of which we, “ £ir wcot in
tite back Hoods,” know nothing.
Deposition of Mqjor John Pillers.
1, John Pillors, a citizen of Uundolph
be in the large two story dwillmg ; icstimonr to refute
house, on the north side ol Kevnolds stn>et, 1, " . . „
owned by the Rev. Wm. wJHierwel, and “,ve deposition,
recently occupicd by .Mr. John C'oskery.— I t-OL. John 11. D%vis, Boston.
Wiit-n the fire was discovered it was break- 1 1’iijla!>v.i.i*iiia, Mb April, 1
ing through tlie roof at tho back end; and I Dr.vii t^iK—\ our letter of the Ud instant,
wns, without dtKibt, coiiimunicatt'd by an ‘ fom® morning, and 1 comply,
inceiMliary. Kfl^irts to sa»e the building 1 cheerfully, with youi request. ^ I haw writ*
were deemed vain, and the attention of the i ten by the present mail to (joveriior liin-
firemen and cititens were soon directel to |coln, awuriug him ol tho gralificulion it
other points. The adjoining Iniiklings were would iiflijid me, it tho appointment of
of wooil, and chiefly occupied as dwellings. County Attorney for Sufiolk, in case ol a
The wind blew gently from the west; and vmanrv, should be conferred on you.
Your Ma.-^ouic degrees do not ia my mtnd
_ .... thcgreatdatigerseemedtobeinthedireclion
county, Illinois, do dejiose and say, that 11 below The dwelling house of our aged form the slightest disjuahlicationi to Ihe
am the individual alluded to in the alwvel ®nd estimable felhiw citiren, Wm. J. Hob- I'ulfilnM'nt o( every duly, public or private
communication, and the facts stated therein,
so tiir as 1 am concerned, are'truc in ever)
particular. 'I'he experiment of ripping o-
by, stood next above, and no attein|)ts t« the performance of which you may be
to save It wero made for a lialfor throf'(|tuir- ’alled. jMv Anti-Mn«rtiry i« earnest, ar-
ters of an hour, at which time its fate was «ient and deeply rooted—but it is to the
pen tho buzzard's eyes, durin® the time we hut iw evident. A small house above wns , Institution, at preaeiit existing—to its Oaths
** ‘ bhiwn up, and the flumes to tha west here ,—Us Peualtios—its Obligations, and their
fctopfied. (Jreat exertions were made to practical ojieralion asdisclosrl lathe world,
save the buikling below; but were invuia|lt applies to no individual, under^tandin*
—the lire exteniied, taking in its progress, land acting uj)On MaMiiic pniieiples as 1 am
Mrs. Murrnn's dwelling, occupied by Mr. very suro you alwuys ha\e done, and will
Wm. Bryson; Mr. Wm. Smith's dwi-Ilmg, [do. If there be in the spirit of AntiMaaon-
dredyeareoKJ,)first told'meofit;and I have| •’ccupied by Mr. Henry II. Field; Mr. .Me- ry, any thing of pcrsccutiou, 1 di*laim all
tried* It frequently since, on dirtercnt buz- j Jran’s three story tenement, on the corijer | (Mrticipotioii m it
zards, with the Mine result. This tame!‘'I'•'•elotosh streets, occupied
iK'gro told n>e that the feathers of a Iwld; ^^y A. (Jordelle, nmi A. Sulxil, a-
eagle could not be plucked out. 'I'his is true.J hove; and the iMsemeiit -••tory hy Mr. .Mc-
Thore IS an intereating «rtlK:l, -
wood’s Magazine, in which the write,
boasting of the victories of British J
over those «f Holland and France*'^
ceeda— ' P*'-
» I'he Americans are of our own k, .
and they fought against us, both ot r’
and on sea. in a way worthy of ihei,
al origin. At sea, in almost all tliel,
nes, but not in all, they were great!
some overwhelmingly, superior in
nor need wc now either be surwiJ?’
mortified at the issue of such
Bntam ought rather to be proud tW ^
flag had never been struck on iho k, ^
then always with honor, but to be,
BODS, who, for that freedom's sake ^
has ever been her own gbry, lu»d
Uy rebellious, and lu thoir indept^j^
had sliown that they were worthy to
tend with the heroes of that cogntrv
whom they den%ed tlicir own dewcot-
kept it,fnnn February until May, was repea
ted, 1 dare say, fit\y times; and oncc at a
log rolling, ten times in one day. An old
Atrican negro, U'longing to Mr. Fniucois
Valle, aen. of St. (.Jenevieve, named Joseph,
(theu su[>posrd to be upwards of one bun
destiny, but equally great; and msviT
now and forever, be fulfiled in fjesce’”'
Heaven grant that so nobl« t
I>e realized—ho is a traitor al h«ht»rt»k
dofs not cordially respond to t leutim-
that so juitly appreciates the trw mif,^
«>f hisowu country and that of buiuce^cd
Hero u a SeoteAman who spnju„ ,jj
men of '70, as “ nt’Wy r«M/iowV,^
You may try it in any way, and scald it, ami i " store—thence to tiie store occii-! then with the rant and puffing
you csinuot p*.U out a feather. ■ pw^l by H. Mcnoimld, nr\i to Mus;:rov«‘A; ' The fnlicwing pssagr occurs in one of the a^iertion, that there exists
John riMXKS. , Bustm’s Fire Proof an*hmise; Wli^'re the | >J,. \v iHis’utters from Furoj* to ll>« New Britain a imtural dislike and jealoM
America. It will require more
i am, with great regnrd and esteem, dear
sir, ^ our iViend ami servant,
J. g. .VDAMS.
er more may they meet as enemie*! p^'
dence seems to have assigocd to (b,, '
island and that nii^hty cwitinent,»d,|j,
Sworn to and svi’oscribed before me, a jus- flames were arn'sted. Ihe 1 \ .^J|r^tr:
tice of the peace of Kandolph countv, tins ••ous«, wcupied by J. I>. Ikfr?, J. j v,.1 ^ r
, Cth dnv of Aiigtist, ; and I .to ftirtlier, ^ ‘o- on the east side of Me- { of Hu-
same result; and not tlie least injury appear-1 (.ertilv, that John Pillvr? ||*e sul>ecribcr In^'■‘‘‘•“encimnt ou the to whom I iutve now been pnirnled,
ed to have been occasioned bv it. After I . south conier of Mclnt.«h and Kevnold* w not oce «»•««: imtural dignity and
chardcterand re«[iectabi!itv.
J A M LS II l.'(; 11 K-'s. J. P. [.W.)
the lapse of a fisw montiis, this bird flew a
way tu its accustomed haunts.
] have mentioned this fact to several per
KHi>i—practical,uneducated men,--who,.ho’ 1
they bad “ never seen the like,” expresse.i
DO surprise or doubt of its truth; but re-
pited, that they bad always heard that the
dov n from the inside of a buzzard’s w ing
wa a cure for Mmdness in horses; and one
man remarked, that he cured a most iu\et-
erate case of approaching blindness in him
self bv it.
I stri-ets, were barriers a-ainst the devouring station, ba»e impres-
element in these direction*. , ^ I'lic tliat U* iKir uwii
tJreat fears wrrt. entertained for a por-'President. I have approaclHid
,M-;\V i „o,, of our ci^ east ot' the tire ; and at one ‘trough guarv’s aii.l rr.a.tcrs of ceremony,
Maaiuonabie M'aU atttl UUMttr u,ne manv houses were roven>d with burn-''pl'^ndid paraph, rnalw ..f rfga!
m3 rinde'rs, and the cupola the r.piivo. aroutnl, ti»em*elvc* in the impoaing
pal Chu.Th was actuiilly m a b!«r.e—u was monarchs, Maudmg in the saiictua
Just from Philadelphia and \ezc- York.
fortunately di^ovend in time to Ijc e:tSily
extinguislied, without d»mg dumir;e.
All the out-bm!dings Httaclird to tin'
premises aliove de>ign«ted, were destroyed.
nes of hiflory ami a.>«uci«ttun. 1 called
U(>on the latter wilhoui even lendiDg up my
iiume, iiitro(iucel by the sou ot* ocm- ot' bui
iViuikIb, III tikc licarce fim^lied govenioMrnl
liou&« of a new rt-( ubiic, and found him in
fWlllESubscriber i« now reciiunK »n«lopi;niog
M. a tar^c aiiii haniiumc lunoruiiciit of
He procured the down, spread i miiublc Tor th« boiiglit hforc (Joodf hajj Thcactual loss we will uot pnteiHl to giie
it on a bandage, appUid it to bis eyes, and advoucul but very Imle.
recovered. * | ms »Tot k conu«t. or
In coroboratioD of the statement of Maj. f ^
Fillers,—w ht«e deposition is hereto sub- ] ste»l mix’d Sattincta
joined,—I can slate my own exjierieuce on ' Biick Iiahaii >iUs
the subject. Travelling some three vears | Nap. I’rnrf.-ntte, I.ute^nnp, S«ttin, Sin-1 _ „ — . .
wnce in the Americwi Bottom, 1 staid part *he*,Char?t.bleGrern\.S»rcottu.»il c«Jor» earned .rfT, and Im^i frw of our citizens r»-. impresM him fur more than the state
of a doy with a friend «f mine, whose step-j | mained s|M>clntors the rums. At this
S..mewere fully and some |«rtmlly insured,his family, hanlly recovered
and soiiio w.t insured at all.—Amoni; the “ 9^'«re illne«. ’i he circumstances
latter w« number Mr. Hol*bv, whose loss U =*'• c.f ihe former, but 1 tbink
probably greater thin that of any other lollowrrs of kings would
prpion. ' bunii'lhiiig in llic tiiuple manners ai»l
By eight o'llork, the Lneir.cs had been dignity of iim- grey old chi.-ftan that
iMjri>U” tlwn ba«« yet scnbbWd »bow^
country, to wean our aflKlioDs fruB 1 ^
pk) witb » hom, more cloMly than u} wt
upon earth, nature has designed locui«
U!>—to whom we are Uiund by ever) u>
that can cf}K't our interests, aitd
lues liave won froto us a coofideocc
tl^ir sympathy of it^ling, sod nrnJan#
ol' natiuoal character, will ever r*utc. Tk
madtiCM of ill-advised aod wicked nns
may alienate our atliKtions, or b«.rn'm &
to war—but the wisdom of the «J
avenge ilk«lf upon iheir (revcrweiil, w
wtuUish more ftrody, in tbe ead, t
which folly may have disturbed, but a
nevrr deMroy.—Rtchwwtxd (’ompUr
6»n had tbe day before taken a half grown «illi ;iovcs and Stockiiijf* r -as miu 1
buzzard, disabl^ from flying by over-eatmg. ! and ;cntlco»cu’» bhots and BooU of • su. I upon repairing to the point, flames werel Sln^^lnr.—In Mr. Fiinl't ludian Warsof
peri)d a secuiid alarm was suiiiilel, mid
So sx>n as I saw the bird, the statement i^f
Mujor Pillers came fresh upon my recollec-
tioo, and as 1 liad always been incrcdulous,
1 was deiermined to put it to the test of ex-
perinn'nt, and accordingly mentioned Ihe
fart to the yiiung gentleman who had the
bird, and desired him to operate upon it.—
Having no sharp pointod mslniinent at liand,
ether liian a common pin, w itli ti>at be punc-1
tured one of the eyes, the aqueous huuior
. is«mng trom a kitchen, 00 the south side of the \\ nst, he nbtrs the lolWwing siogular
^Reynolds streol, on the square Mow tlie rircumstaiKres-which it will puzzl. the
1 fir.1 fiix. I Vy .prcad wi.h rapidity, and eipJain.
» It was 9000 apj>«r^nt Inal un ^
I fl.igration mast be the result; and “ On the sule of a m«unt»m in Tonoessee,
' nivpreh^mihin were epicrtaiiietj for two '^*^ marks of the tootstepn of men aud
f nor qiiaitly
Common do-
I'liiMren’t do.
Superfine Silk and Fur Hats
Couimon do
^VooJ do
lio\ ’i Far flati and C jipa
A largcquantity ofbrowuA: blrarlird Jlomcp.ui. ^;,uarf6l.clween Re\ no!d>.rtn.i llr«d'strfel-.', huM"«t.oe, in great numbcn,
AL.^ K r, , extended up UeynolH- street to a ‘•'•X «««•*• •«>
IIni'(i««ar4' niul ^ ullrry, ' h.Hjse owin-d hv Mr. Ale\nnl r MHtkie, I Ik? track* show as if tl»e
frorhery atui OrorrrifK. wUtch was blown up; and ea.oiwnrd to in miry clay. All have
flowed out, a whiteness like fliin came over j o “ft'fle *'1113610 ;,r thi» Washington street—tix’ Wtshing- ■l’p‘’>ra*He of bi'ing an actual luipres-
tlie eve; and all its lustre disappeared; The occiipie,! by M r. | *-l‘«nict. rs gn>at fr«^hoe» or col-
AW*7aIlk.mNofco«ntrypro.ior.*.lIbeU. ‘’‘'''‘'P
ken in fxcliarfre tor I street, to tli'" new dwelling house owii-d and thal iiii}* nd the wCfrttru river*. Iu.
Ih« frieiil.« and ctnujnii-f. arc rt*p«H-ifulIj,-iini.! ornipird by U m. Mici-u, !’•«]. which, | •'*•*•"'"'>1
^ I c'^rrifcpoiid Hiih Its appcmlages, w*>re burnt to the* *be llhoois, and tn various other places.
JOll.V M .MORRIr5^tN' ' ^ dwclhng liousr belongin;; to •’emarkable track of a human fool was
\ r. 0-MM.V.1T ■ 5h..-„ ■ ■ Mr. John Woolfolk, uejl to .>!r. Micou's, hiiK-rtone, al the
j wa« nialerialiy damaged by culling, tSx. Mo^iv-ippi, al St. Louis. 'IV
’’ mi^t ancii-nt traditiKiJ> o( the Wi st do nwt
li^ad was then placed under tbe wtng of the
bird, where it remained a f'ew minutes only,
and when taken out, ibe eye had resumed
its 'rsiial bniharicy, appearing as sound as
tbe other, with not a speck upon it. In tbis
ex^nment it is true, tbe ball was not rip
ped npeu—that optTation seemed too cruel
to hdve, tny parliripatioo; but, at far as it
gws, it servos to inspire belief in llie state
ment of Major Pillers.
And why should there not be a healing
virtue iu the down of a buzzard's wing.—
No man can say uh^ not. Do we know
•whfw.e those animal, iniDonil and vegeu-
ble substances, resorttd to for the cure of
itoanoke ilail-tluiui MAnr.
lout h the origin of these mwuods or char
Mail ('oath from UanMlii* to ilUkrlj,'
M- will leavi l>aii\ilU.'cv«?ry Tue*day, Thur«
all maladies, derive their healing power niorninir, in time to lakr tlic « o'clock car*
The far t that certain sul)«lances ~*sc*s such I Vc,f U.e
I.,. d y;-at:ri person, who may dn„rc ,t can
qualities has been ascertained hy expen
ment; and until that infuHible test has dis
proved the effirrtcy of the dnten, ne one can
8iy it will not cure blindness. And why
shnuld not the buzzard hav% the power to
r» produc*‘ its eyes ? Tiiere are many inys-
ten*^ in nature that we never shall lie able
to fathom. It is a my.stery that an acorn
can d^v lope itself and Ijecoine an oak ; that
an iinsighily and dis(^istmg wcrm can, in a
short time, Sr:ome a imwt beautiful fly : m
short, the who|! world is but an o^>en vol-
ujfie of mysteries, which all can wonder at,
Init fcw can unravel. It is true, toj, that
“ Till r> »r' more thiiij^s in hf .iven and  arlh
Than have b'-T> dr* iiiiii.t] of io mt ptiilo«fj|jhy.”
^Ve know that many insects and reptiles
Lriic the p)wer lA ca^-tina their own xkin
•rtery y^ar and app»-ariiig in entirely a new
one ; that the common house tpider geti* a
new tikin and a n^w art of Uf'n every y»-ar;
and if yHJ pluck ofi ooe of 11 legs, ii will, m
two or three days, have a ruir, one in itn
place. 'I'he shedding of the terih and re-
produr in.: of the nails, in the human S(ie-
cu'S, are r»'rtaiiily remarkable, and would
be S'! r >ii»idercd, were they not of daily oc-
rurren«’e. r|Km s/l)"r consideration, it can
not be regarded more wonderful that a buz
zard slioulil have the p(wnr to r**proluce its
eye- than a -pider lU skin and 1 ch—a b irw*
hi'* teffh HrH.t hH>f»—Hjr «(»» les lh**ir teeth
nn ! nails, or a «J er his untlers. I'hev are
day and .SinMUy uiorninj, arwi arrive ai Hlakely j
in tune to lakr tlic « o'clock car* ;
>ttri.biirf by o'rlock of tlie m.-
i person, ■
prorerd on north with tlif prfT-.t innil and rrach
From the Philadelphia Srrtip Iitok.
At Ihe world’s end tbe F,-sex sule ofj
(Jravpserwi: to Iw sold at auction, hy W'. | Nkw Vork, Sept, 11.
.Neversell, on .Nlondsv Ihe *Jlst in«t. The' THohiuical J'tck pt>ck(t.~Mr. iieiija
sale to Ijegin at ten o'clock in the aflerno«>n. ^ • >rden, an wid revolutionary sol-
• Ijot 1,—A copprr cart-saikile, a leather Jier, Iroin CoXKiLkie, this ntorning drew
hand saw, 2 woollen fry mg pans, and a glass *"* pension mot>ey from the branch Hank,
wheelbarrow. to the auKSJiit of om- hundreland aixly dol-
JiOt'i.—3 [Mir of pea straw breerhes, » lars. 'I he bilb w| ich he rereivcd were
atiy of tlic Nofihern ciiua -Ji hour* booii r than chii.a quarry carl, and two glass li«dstbad« one hundred dollar^; and one of fiAv
w ilh copper hangings. , dollars ; and one ol' ten dolbrs. As he atcp
I /jOt 3.—Ode pilch pine cnal-grntc, with p«'d In.iii Ibe iieik»iuQ (.iTice into Ihe strwl,
paper smoke jark, a mahogany poktr, and he was acconted by a genteel lo«iking person,
a pair f>f gaiiw Ullows. i who remarked—“ Vou are from the country,
Fot I.—hie leather tea-kettle, an iron I perceive.” “ Ves, hir.” “ \ ou have ju»t
feather iK'd, « pair of brass l«^|«, nnd n I" ®*' taking sjuie I nited Slates Bills 1”
steel riij>ht cap, aI»Hj one [iswter wamlcoat “ 'es »ir. ’ *• U  II my friend, llufre are a
aiMl 3 (lint wic«, a pelimelul mmvc and a tf'SHi many counlerfL-ils on thm bank, aod
call Mam o hogirough a buckram warming I 'J uilvise you to be cureful, and havi; them
[lan and a ptwter looking gla«s, a ja|Ntn eTafiiin»l—will you lei me hir.k al them?”
i Ueile und n Uaiher wedge, ;i ^iik hog I’he old soldier hetniaud. “ I’m a goKi .%i cTi4).\.
t8 I d« rxM >Mit«mptatr on pur>uin« tin
rantiU |tuMn«»« aajr Wr^r in iIm mu
o( thr oowilrj, and wish la liaT* my htuinta -
•d, 1 am Demuiily inducsd to ^ir u N
.\ucUoo, the «bole of mj
con«i«Uii{ oT tocii artirlrs m are uwweii li
10 «hi» ^rt of iSc rouotry. al tk« mt^nn
Mr» l.ydia Irwin, niae ruilr* from Cuf'ctlf,
the public road Wadinf from C barfoiv IiVm
IVrry. The mI* will romrrM-nre nn lh> :
and (.-untinoe fr««i day to day, oniil in
S» by biddinf wtilha p«niiillel; andcql^i
artKlcs u wili be offered, peraona
ehaae roaaMtably atotd fdunf (mi
Ttrmt »f Mt—.Ml mrrMi oTPf ttrcsir 4
on a ere^il of mi monlbt, with bi>ci4 la^*
w^rilv. AU lumi u*4«r twenty WWi.u>a
• ill b« rojutrtd. U M |g»J
Ol. 10. 4'i.3t
P S. All pcrvona having nprn srrovatii^s
prrlftilly aelitilcil I* c*ll and cioK UMai M's
or bond. if I
TO Til K PI'lii.K .
V Tniitk wat brokenopen and arrtnl^
.^*1 of eluthing a>4 inlarvtr lii,n ■wUiV'
not recT>tlrctr1—a (iald diam.
lo»C. All the articka were markrd P I *
infMinalKMi will be ihaukAdly tw.nd u>i» »
rral reuard guro.
riKURi: r-SAiMO
Oft. 10, I -33. a
IF ap^icatinn br made toofi, T«o Jtr.rr^^
*i«th Makrr*--*i>« whr«l B>ak«-r uK '
uther a botiy.maker. To aiirh conalarl ee»»
will be (iTcn.
(>elnt-^r 11. l>-m.
Tilt jubjcribcr haa entabhtlicd a line frmn
M£iU\horott:;h to O.i fortf,
nimnirii; in conn'xion with .Mr. Carhrrrv'* line
from »ri.-«n»lx»ro!.((h. I’crfon* who may dr«ire
to travel norlh, «r>' informed that the rout.- fmm
;r»-«.-n'(y)roiicli »»a llilUlmrtHiijh nnd Otibrd to
niakcly, la the n>o^l direct, ijrarr-*! and nip*l i.'X[»e
dilioua which can be Mrltcled; fn hicli may U'
hcen by refer* nee to the nup of tho t .'niti d Slate*
Thr public are infon.-.rd that t!ic tul.-criU-r hks
placed on thii route cunirortable
ly/efr Mtorsf Pttst i oarhrn
f;o,^ T.ain. and .killful Mrivcr.; and public ", ^ ''k* to si.-c
"Kui nuUpailxiind a wheat slrawtrainmel, a them.
are a*i>ur"d that lhi» line rnn* in eonni-xion willi
the Koarioke Lite I'roai llanvillc; and tlu.- publii
i« further aanured ihot no dtlay or iiicoiivmii nci
•hall Ix; fijH-ricnced by Uioi.; who nmy pitronir.t
tbii Iir>e.
This Hni will leave HiIUhoroH(>!i r\ir~ Tucr.
day, Thurwlay and .''unday niorriin/,, at 7 o’flotli,
A. M. and ri aeh lUakely next iiKtriiin^ii in time to
t*ke Ihe V o'clock cara.
lioth of the aWr line* are now in ;^ofKl order,
a* the fuUcriU r haa lately made eon»ii> ralile 1111
. The old soldier h*l«i his poi-kei
lambskin gniidhtone and a muslin hatchet, h*M.k in his bund, but dnl not comply with
a |>air ot {»ewter pudding bags and a can- the stranger’s curiosity. “ \ ou had bctU-r
vass gridiron, a dimily coal-scuttle and
wooden timber chain and a brass cart rope.
get them exehangud,” raid the stranger—
who was evidently nn anti-lKink man—“ the
I . H. Bank is n«t *i*fe—1 would recitnmend
Ihe Merchanl’s Kx( l*ango liank—I will go
aud show It to you." 'I he 8oldi>r, not ex
actly avnilmg himsfdf of the profleri d kind-
all r-iii.ifkable (dieiKniK-na of anuiial pliv-
molojs ; mid they cannot b« accounted li^r I ■I’l'*.*' ■" conn mIII rvromrnen-
' [ rtfii lof iii()»t(lrj^«iid ;-(Xrfl itior-i'
' I* tut tiiii li:r'J tJic reel viJlux'. ’
Simritlar Kfvct af Cfm«rtfnrr..-The man
who lately c'n'W the 81^,000 pn/.e in the
.N. \. Literature l^oltery, stole the packet . .
pr(;Temcni t«th in txpffdition and tor tie roinfori, m which the Iiicky lickct Was contained strrngcr, nor iKijtmvoly refusing,
.,u,„ or u. .u„; „ „ " '■it:.r
voluntanly made confession before the drnw. on pasMing a conier, the kind stranger w.i^
mg tfK>k place, oOering to pay the full value suddenly,|,g. I„ |},e next moment the
of the package provided he might lie allow-, *'ff(»l‘ -lieurtiMl ohi soldier discovertd that
ed to retain it,and receive the pri/.f’s il might pf'ckel-book was iiii-.king aluo I
chance to dniw. The venders coiisenled, j
4\ A tr.ihel' I behold! If turn.dout tols'tbei ^luff'd nirelinnefrtng.^W'e pnw n co\m-
|ju-*in.>. H 111 iK^'uktn at iJiI» I Wae. I pri/.e. U » honcHlv tlic best fioliry” other day , with his hand in n
I or IS it not’ This fellow's sijcceg, mi.^ht u the matter,
furnish anorgumenl f.r either sule of the' one ,f the (•and.datea ha.I s.|ucez
/’«f» from HilU’^rmjch to PUiLrly ST fXt
Hurt fiom Dunrilte to ttlakrly S7 IX)
AU at the riak of Ihr own r»i.
J A.S. w, Ji;n |{KV
Rid Uvutf, X V. 2i*fA, 11^13.
Warranfit Vuds f r sak al this ' \M>t'i\\m.-~Ruhmond
.natiian bro»^
Mrn)Pd or Moirn
».M the aobacfiber, os 'i' ■
mat. a dirk bar lioH.'iL*
Iceti banda high and four j«i
laat iprin^r •
only a few day* bclbre he w*
il. a htiilitckT I»r«nrtr, and no da*ik*»tat^
hw cnurw in that dirrctjon if no*
niarka icculWcled. The aobaeriber willf "
dollar* Io any one wl*o will deliter «’i
me, litihK »:x milea brlow fharlotte eoll>''*
dcm road. Any in(irniatin«i ihankfsl!y
U ,M. FI.A.N
Oct. 10. l‘33.
1 ' The Ruth'-rfordtnn 8f>ecl3tor nil
aUne ailftrliai'iiient three week
aminol lolhin i^Vrr.
Pr.llSi'l.VS livinf in Ilia hoondi ol iw
t wnpany, ('apt. lV'we»e’»
I apt. Marry'■ t ompanr, w ho t'*Tr M ^
la »e«. are re|ue«t'd to rome and »ettle bct***
and tli>: Nuveiiib r Coorta. 
Jf K. Mi (illl '
Orr Irt, 1x3.1. •>’'
TIm* y%nii‘ri*nii
rub!i.hrdl.y I I.vine llilrheoek,
i nday in HnliinMir',at V>p* f aiinni»'.'“'''^
( oiiI. iiU of Un 30th Niimb r, ' ''' '
F^diloriai .\iWre*»—1‘rrK'nl ol a
dof and alut of' a valuable l>r«"d, fri^ni
dent of tha t'nilrd Stale*- -on ^ i
«Jreat Whwat fro|»- l.ur^'e Apfl*-" ’
makini( VN ine—FteeifH’ fiir Pi khnjf 
to make a FaruK r—I’Km^unir »'* *«"' i|i
and  orr^—Forei;»n AUiL l»--
anil (^)p»iimin anew I*''*”''* ®
KxtirpnUnf S.i«*»fra»—AerounI ..
eclliire in lhi« country reoninmf" • '
I'lilliiro of 'Mlk. and i*ji *rf^“ ,, ,il».,f
so hard, it bad lost .t* natural lorl.rMr '
siiice.—[4iir f'rt.r r.'.'h ,„,f.
try—Aijrii iilturslScli.-~ ,
tof. P. ni,.) lvai.i.i-.On U;; be.t Mt J ,
Firinj and p,,p,
llenip- A f"x>d '*1
ounlrv I’roduie in llia
.M-ir;; A i-.-'f- ->»•>>

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