North Carolina Newspapers

i^ATl>BI»AV,0T0HER I«, 1833.
Saturday, Oct. 12, 1P33.
IVIr. Hoitos—By this day’a jmpftr I |)cr-
give tliHt in the proceedingn of the Inter*
il Improvement meeting of thin place, held
0 the 7th inst. a resolution intrcHluccd by
fi 18 made to speak a language which if it
.can* any •'>'"£ cf*'eys an idea diffureiit
-om author. The re-
. i.jtioo w> introduced and passed wns
dictate, wilh all due modesty I would sub-1 (Jideon B.’Smilh E,q. harr;u;;^o~;n
mit the following plan to the cousideration , Editorial department of the American following :
of our representatives. jl urmer. It will hereafter lie editod by 1. |\ip Oi ake we
l.ct our next L. -inlature pass a rc.ohi. 1 “>® I’roprietor. return’ from
I’asiiingtoD, o[ienlv avows that! Saturday,
6'rrflrVorra«/«.-.Tbe\ew Orlnnn^R,,!. in. regard to the quahfica. II?'
ithm the lutit twelve months!
6 32 5 2
For October, 1833.
p. H. m,
Lam 6 10 36 morn.
New 13 1 33 tnoro.
r. ® ^4 morn.
t Ss 28 10 11 a(fr,.
“ We have seon a letter from Baltimore,
dated yestrtrday, from a respectable source.
Htate of exi,erience their can be no doubt) I coiiiim‘rcial and mechanical inicrebts of the | rad.ction, which we are enabled to do,
I „ ^ cil.7^ns, thereof; [ us to sujfrest to the LdHor that ho owes it
Tt»col>kcl inlendecj by ihis resolution , ‘ atii[ily reimbursed fur | 'j'herefore, he it re^folnf! btj the General ilisclose the rf»9|>ffctable »r,urce
. Mier exDC'iidiiurrM. fliiwi ihn imi*  >. . . - ... ^ iVr....
a throw a.i much resfwnsibility on the Le- the time li.r 1 Ammhly of 'th, SuUt'f/ ^'eunm^ThM i.i.ix).s.tton proceeded.
the redemption ol her loan arrives, her a- jour Senators in (.’ongrcbs be iiistrucied and i WaMngfm Globe.
bililiPM to |my wdl have so iiicreaBcd as to IHepresentativcs reciULst^nl to vote a-
;;!aturc as powible, in regard to tlie mea-
jrci to be pursued at this important epoch
: d tu impress the belief on our reprrsnnta-
try, that the people would sup|>ort them in
1“"'^ “'?■i .e. ,11,i,e ,d. i '■ »fr" '■>»
D, mi{>ht SCO pro|)cr to adopt. Ky leav-1 . m the \Vashiu;lon (ijnt»c, tha
• out of the resolutions in the proceedings I^ Kwj. the nrtiet, who ha.s for some years
The rbiadoiphia Gazette coutains the [ WEEKLY ALMANAC.
1 "ocTobEr;
are informed, since his
pass a resolu
tioD authorizing the (iovernor to obtain a
loan on the fuith and credit
say of two millions of dollars
at some distant period, the longer
tor, say one-half in ItOO and ilm other ml ‘ ^ residence of thre« months
1B70 ])erivin.r o..r I „nu,i,w4 „ ™ PlnnUr^ fianhNote*-cnn.:^as convinced him that he
. c , c 1 tinue to advance in value, and sales are now I '“•"'’ed under a delucion ; and, with bis
#i;perieDce oJ other States, wo can safely j readily made at from 10 to lo per cent, dis-!opcnntss of character, he
sjy that a loan of this kind may be nego- count. W’e thiuk it not improUible they “'J* to publish the fact.”
tiable at an advance at least of laj per cent, j "’*’* ultimately rise to par.
on the original stock, which would pay the j ^ Au^ista Chronicle.
, *l>o for such a time ad would I Trnnrssee Leginlatiirr The following i" *‘'**“''*“5 iuiportunt iuforma
Hrtolrcd, I hat we look forward wilh , suHicient in all reasonable probability, for ' resolution was adopted by the Senate on the i given.
,ghex|)fctatiwsto the nppn^chmg session ^ completion of such Hail-Roads as are of, ‘‘ ''cLane is here. He has resign-
f our I-fl){i'*li'*urf‘, hoping that such a sjs- . , , , , Whereas it is considered bv thp »rood ueo i nuarrelled with Mr. Fancy, and chal-
of Internal Improvement will adop. , 'muiediute im|K)rtance to the fc*t«tc. 11 the | of Tcnnessef that a^e ' revised to fight.”
,1 and the means ol carrying ji into exp. | scheme or schemes which may be adopted charter of the I5ank of the United Slates ' ® copy the above from the National
jt,on devised as will ‘‘'‘-‘vate North.Cnro-gucceed, (about which in our present would b«; detrimental to the a'-ricultural, I give it a positive
ns to her proper stand among her sister i ‘ ' ® ’ i ,i..
oo®oo"'’A* 55 a CO; Apple
as a.33; fiacon9a lOJ; BceBW.x 17al7J; Bawinff
25 a (M); C offee 13J a 15; Cotton a 00; ( ora
60 a 65 i FJaxsoed 145 « 150; Flour 5^ a 9f ; Fei-
Ultra 34 a 36; Iron 44 a 5J; LarU 9 • 10; Mo-
luisc-8 36 a 401 Oau 32 a 35; NaiU, cut Ci a Cj ;
wroughl 18 a 20; Rum, Jamaica 140 a 00; New
Liiglant^ 4o a 50 ; Rice 3J a 4; £iigar, brown 1(JJ
a 12 : common 10 a 11; l^al aud Lump 14 a 18 ;
Salt, Lirerpool (>6 a 75 ; Turk’* liland 621 a 70;
Mcel. Atntrican 8 a 9; Enf. blistered 16 a 20; (Jer.
miin 14 a 15; Tallow 9 a (H); Wheat 85 a'JUs
Whiskey 30 a 45 ; Wool 19 a 20.
Sooth.rarolina Notes IJ a 1^ per ceut. discount.
Virginia Notes 2 per cent, discount.
C«tton, upland, 16 a 17:^; Kice, prime, $2 50 s
3^ ; inferior u> i^ood, 00 a 0; Flour, superfine, 6i %
63; Corn 60 a 62; Oats 40 a 42; Whiskey 34 a
37i'; N. E. Rum 40 a 42; Brandy, Apple, none;
a failure m any scheme which may be here-1 ^ I V*'’ purp*«f of treating with Oovernment, Dundee, 22 a 25; tow and flax, 20 a ^ Bel..
nul.;.sh,-d, the word, “ to the approach- j r^si.led in Undon, has ^en appJmted
iL... among Its intiiibilanls. Having succeeded | ‘^’f‘''“" ing at the Mihtary Acude-
i sessioi] ot' our Ix-gislature," ueilbcr ol.
cse objects ii attained,
la vindicatiou of this re*»olulion, I may
permiltei to say, that it a{>p‘ars to ux*
laving L
ill obUining a loan tlto mono ij. then in our! '*'“1fas accepted
the appoiiitinciit.
lor tlie disposal of all their reservations in
the Creek Nation.
Moatffurnt.ry, (Ala.) Planter's Gaz.
111 lancolnton, on tlie 9tlj inst Mr. George Me-
('ullor!i, aff«l 711 yturi.
S No l ICi:.
hatkls to be applied to those Moiks of Intvr-
nal Improvemrnt whidi f>ur Ix-gislature j Nearly 3'Kl,000doll.irs in specie was re-' ''‘‘j’/''
, 1.1 .... ; I . 1 : V 1 , L I"*'* pr. arJi 111 liic (. nurlI!ou.-e, on cUiitsUay,
- , may deem adusuble. I here can then arise , fOived at New Orleans on the / th and -th t(„ inM. „t. «rdui^ to au K,muueiit.
at no one of the scheme, ol Internal Im-difiiculties-no m.-n.mymg stockholders T'
ovement DOW in contennplalion in this .State ! , . rj * ru\il!o brought
n be succeofully carried on by individual
division of sentiment in u board of di- *
] rectors residing in dilFTCiit parU of the I Intellippnce has b*en received of tlie pas-' Wthtahlr fttr %n1p
,.rpnse-coa,merci.lenterpn«.es,^ial-!^^j^,„ sape of the ijiavcry m the ll.l. be «.y, for Cash, by the undorTguId
wh.o conducted by individual cap.lalisU, ^ ol Lords. , f f T,«.!ec. for the purposr, in Kh. lA.d of
J he compared to the hacknied aimile of ‘ ‘ 11 m. nii«„ed,on 1 uc»i»ynt the hupr.ior Court
b>\«soow hull, which increases as it rolls.
tbii State tte have as \et no oucieus, , .
! reljtiou to
place of importance w hero “ mcrclmuts
1 had loteoded to have snid »omcthing in
SjK-akrr of flu: House.—The All>nnv i°.‘
\ f I I. a .1 II • • ' iJarloltf, the following NF(»R()KS,l»f ontfinc to
J..urnal b.>sto«s the tollowing very 1,„, . .uic of Tl..nm« H. Smar.t, d.x-d, to L :
ti>e ditiereut plans of ® ^ rvaut who, with Jim, Jor, Ldmnnd J»hn. WathiHgion, Jfffrrton.
. . . , as much propriety as anv other wu h ive ' (itor^e, aird LtoU. IVrson^
do congregate,” no concentration of cap- • contem^lauo,. in ,.U
lists w»;,^..,ufr.ient wealth, or who “'f l-c‘.cab.hty ul *M.ithlul aud ,earl,|“niu .IleXANUKR,
r, mspire each other a de- »1‘0. “Among tho get.tljMnc, sjK.ken of for
. • purjKise ot pcrtonmng the n.anuai lubour i ^l’‘“*‘'‘r «i Hie n« *t ot Kepiescnta-
c/ enterpn^ fo mnJertake «Kh - «.,.struct.o,. of a Kail-* ''\n- to firnl the nam^
uerac of InU'rual Improvement aa would d n- . , ! L1-.VN 1> NV1 LI.Ia.M.'?, of .Nortu l.’n-
, I Koad. liut “ •••■"— .. - I .
o,-f. 15. isri.
V. ,«! I' a V iM . . • I • !»• ^ . ., * ■ **» 1 lu; Jsara \zk t io; moiasaet 4U ;v
Wjflicieijt unto the il«V U the ' W ^ ‘ 1 ,7 i/r fT "1 >prmp, doc ci. r 50; Nails 8AaO; Outa37aOO; Rice 2J d 3; Sail
“ ' rolma. Mr. W jli.iam?, iijK.n the retire ! «>H Uie highest biud«rr,oK acrtdit ol twelve ) i„ a3; m bulk 75 a 00 ; Steel,German
evil lhcrei;. us obtain the tnrans of inent of the veuerahie Ni.w ion, becomes
^Fhrec •Ve^roes^
Af'iiiiiiii-tralorN ^lale.
I'uciiJuy, ihi' L'th .N'vt;inbcr next, at tho
I l^ikan. liiil *■ iiffif.t II.A lu il.A .. ... ‘
t« be an honour and an advantage to
V ate T* mppoee that the agricultu- drj,ng into exerutn>o an\ one plan ***‘^ FslUer i.f the Ii« U!(»*. Mo w:ts for j
pirtol the commimity, admitting their quarrel about which sIihII lj« adoj>ted. »'a»> Chairinan of the ( ’ommiHit; of
'ily, would encifc in any acheme, when i, . _ i_i . . ’laim?, arid in thr ducliar:;* of its laborious j
■ ■' It niav tJ« remarked in conclusion that un- ■ 11 j . ■ ,
success IS AniUful and the profits at best , ' and ro*^M.nsil,lr Huti.-s. uas cnunoDlU dis-1
. ... next Ix'gislaturc tiike some eiK>r- t ngiiishtd for Ins untiring lndll^t^v, ujitiPnl |
, IS 109 >nsi» (II wit ^''r experience ol ^ |^,f „(• ll,g r*‘scarch, aii^ incorriiptible inte;iritv. lie I
habits of that part of eur poiMjIation— , j, ,, is amon;: the li w pubiic s.;rv:ji;ts wi:o have
.h.„ apix., .0 b. «mrl, «V,. i „ I. ^ i “
til much approbation, of the State taking'. 1 i . . r .... T
'* ’ sf**k a market out i»f our own. I hisl *
Kopc 9 a 11 ; Co|f. Brandy 1 i 11 2; Holland Gin I
all; li'on, Ruvsia and Swedes, $4 a 4J ; Salt, Liv.
erp^, ill ba^s of 4 liush. $1} a 1 J; in balk 00 a
00; T. IsUnd 00 a 00; Sugar, Havana white, 10
all; brown 8 a 9^; muscovado 9 a lOJ ; St.
Croix and Jamaica 10 a 12; New Orleans 9 a 10 •
•Molasses, Cuba, 30 a 31; N. Orleans, 38 a 40; Cof-
fic, priinc greeh, 13 a 15; inftiiM to good, 12i li
12j ; II)iM>n tea 75 a 95.
North-Carolina money, U all per cent, discount.
Savannah and Aujjusta Hank Bills 1 a 1 j per cent,
discount. Couimcrcial Bank of Columbia 1 pt r
cent, discount.
Country Produce.—Bacon 8 a 10; Beeswax 11
a 16; Cotton 15J a 16g ; Cora 56 a 62; Flour, N. C.
6 a b ; Lard 12 a 15^ ; Tallow 10 a 12J; Wheat
>1 a I.}; Feathers 30 a 35; Whiskey 35 a 45;
Brandy, Peach, 50 a 00; Apple 35 a 40.
Mfrdiaudizt.—Bagging 25 a 30; Sugar 10 A
12.1; Cotfee 15 a 18; Iron, Swedes, G a 6J; Enp.
lisb 5 a G; Nailu 7^ a 9; Rice 2^ a 3; Molassis
10 a 45; Lrcad 0 a 10; Salt 2^ a 3.
Bacon 10 al2j ; Bale Rope 10 a 12; Brandy, Ap.
pie 4(1 a .'iO ; Pcarh 75 a 00; Butter ISj a 18; Cot.
ton 16 alG^ ; (>)tton Baggine, Hemp 22 a 25: Tow
17 a 18; CotTe^ 14 a 17 ; Corn 56^ a 00; Flour,
Country S9 a 00; Iron, Svredes 5 a 0; Country i
a 5; I^ad 9 a 10; I.ard 12^ a 15; Molasses 40 a
t 16 a 18; filister 10 a 12; Cast 25 a 30; Su^r,
' loaf 16 aXJO; Brown 8 a 12; White Havana 1;2
a 14; TaJlow 10 a 12i ; Whiskey 45 a 50.
Five Pour MiJe.t,
About iti.rtij hmd of Hogs,
Stork of ( ',i/t!r,
J'luntuliou Tools,
Wofion and (itar.n,
'■tiiir with li'f- ' ntiie crop of
Corn, I'oitcn, l\xhhr and Oafs.
Jtm.N si‘in.\;s. A/n>.
,,, 1 *>0!6»
lie rr.O'»«'qnenre resulting from the re-1
I,nil. .J-III. .lock ^ , „„„„ ^
n ,.J.v^ua.. hk. Ih. Mhc,
til. at I c i>raclifal *l»» , giato, auil without I nitf-d i^taiM Hank at I'avY'ttcx illc has dr.
• in*—us suptiose that bv raisinv I,
, , •' ' •‘i this prt»|»erity we shall alwavs want as we
viwrable excitemriit—hv taking sub- ' 1 ,11
^ .now do, the capital and enterprizc nccessa- . • .1 ■ • t 1 1 • 1 1 j- n n- n
itinns from every one aolvent and in-* piud in lull, tnat is, one tuurtli ol the debt ‘I'p* jri a large and commodious Dwtl.mjr Houpc,
f.i... Ill . ‘■•■r'T through with , .^,.ry mnety da\s. This arrai.gement will Stable., Kitch.n and oth.r out This
o p o eaiiioun succeiw any m ta uie ol improvoment at once Us not only produce serious inrfnivenicnce lo riarUui.. ""tL illil isTrftlc^’iid 'i^^^
^^■‘arv to complete tho C«|h;.I ear a*l,profiiiible aud honorable in it» character. ' debtors, butu2ot-d(li‘nl(.r|>ecumary distress. Cotton, Corn, W h«nt, UuU=, uW. 1 will j,rjvetime
W ith our I^-gislature is the power of a-' * retolore, the Hank has been ixcc«dirf'y ■'.> pavment «> as to make it . a»y for tlic pur-
rnoval of the Gowrnment iK p^iMts, U gin j
to leveli»[>o lhc!n-ielv«s. A% a measure of
neces.s.»rv s irdelfnce, the Branch of the
t« rinincd thsi, niter the first day if No-
»eniU*r, all instalments on Ioat»3 must be
Mjfiml for Sate or Mjt0tsr.
E\V I.'lltoftcll mydcivi-
or right in a
liiliiBl I’mr/ of lAimf
.iiii.Tirtj on the .Mam r«iau
kauing itoin Charlotte to Chr>tunilic, . . tiie
Ltc ribidciicc of Frederick Diiikin'i. Tin; huiltl-
■4kin Rail-Koad is ftib(icrihr«l—the i'tatc ‘
"I’l'icd to for !ier two-fifths, sho too is
^ incompliatKr with herassuintd bar-1 renmin the n*!»ponsi-1 d bt was considered prfectly safe. I’er- (o Mr! j
neroinimxlntsnc, extending the utmost i.i- ^ •>>'ihc of IVcembcr,
voiding the!*e disadvantages and upon our within its miwer wliorpv^r ih,. "‘llKaselhe land for live years. Th.xH,'who .
‘ ' iuig.n.e "'‘"in Its [Hiuer, wlicrever tho
j Barnn f> a 10; Butter 15 a 20; Becswa.T 16 a
j 17; Bagging, tow 22 a 21; Dundee 21 a 25; Cof-
!' fee, prime green, 16 a 18; 2d and 3d qualities 11
a 15A ; Cotton 14^ a 151; forn 70 a 75; Flaxeeed
Si a H; Flour 5i a 7J; Featherd .12 a 35; Iron,
, Swrdcs 5J a 6; Enghfh 4J a 5; Lard 10 a 12.J ;
' .Mola8.''es 40 a 50; Xail* 7i a &i; OaU 35 a 40;
; Linseed Oil $1J a If; Rice 4j a 5; Rope 12 a
I 12J; Sugar, .Muscovado prime llj a 12j ; com-
! nion 9 a 10; Loaf and Lump 15 a 18; Salt, Liv.
; rr|>ool 75; in sacks, 4 bushels, 2$ a 3; Teas 1 j a
l-i; Tallow 10 a 12; Steel, blister S a 10; Gtrniaa
11a 15; Wheat 90 a ?1.
•Vetr Supply of Fait A' H'iulcr
The subscribers respixtluUy inform their
friend* and the public that Uiey are now rc-
ceivintheir supply of
Fall and IViiifor Oood^i,
connisting of French, liritish and India Good*
wliich ttiey will »ell at the lowest prices tor Cath
I , , , . ■ .1.. ui>seph MtConuaughey of Charlotte, who
H su.McriDc—now comes the tug *>1 |„lny of inaction, at this tune so formida-1’'“I’* however, gooil may result trom evil, will make contracts for the sale or lease.
r—ll>« money is to be lai.Md—innnv of 11„ 1. 1 It seems to be pretiv confiutTitly believed, t S.MJAIl DIN’KIXS.
• ble lor l*'gi«lttlive enterprise'and rner::Y. 1.1 . 1 .1 "i / . Rntran ronntv Sft7i H 'iifii
"u mibers nrp imjiW*. In r«v .>« I 1. r ti . that the umiuthorist d exercisc ot power bv ' " ’ * -•
U..^c.fon, . c. ,„clV„d..n,,>n,hrcp,J,„th=^?n,.«„;,; _ SOTK'K.
rW^llE subscriber will offer for sale,
IL (if not kold (H-ivatfly before) his
« hke all otlM-rs (for the.r is im ex- | IRaNM.IN L. SMITH. ; „,n h^.ng aUiut the rcTclmrler of the Hank;!
“•"■n to Internal Improveinent excite-i I’. S. Having s«‘«‘n\our j»af;r just mi the hy a cnnstitutioiiul mnjority of t’oiigres.s.—
'•’) ts'gins to godown—the stork of the ****rting on my circuit, I have not J'ncli a consuminatioii is devoutly to be lljlVgB •
''•'1'i‘M.t# IS advertised for sale for the ' •'“'1revise the aiinex-d leiter, much | uinUould indeed be a tiwmph of .N.remhl'r^txtX^^^
fp'-' of paying iheir quotas or mst.d- ' "'‘^r th.- copy , I’*"' •' S’ m” u'
•^>*-1. d.;, L ..II, in con.srq.H.nce o| h'-’* ' «" ' “ ‘
icli iK.. 4.’i . 1 . , eve on the i/rri/, . nd if nrcfs^arv lend him
'sinnr MjIc now refuses to pay her part I ' ,
'li»‘ roMilt of hII of which is that the'** ****'‘^ s|icttacl-M, lost he should make, deed ol horrible atrocity was cumniitted in
"* ' like other devils, the explanation still more tlif lower part ol .Mo*>re county, near the line
They have on hand a gool assortment of
•Uilitary Goods
Gold Lace,
3lditary Huttons, rariovs kinds,
Hor.*enuti's Caps, Sirords,
Holisters, Pistoh, ^c. t/jfc.
Off. 10. 183.1. 5!)tf
, , , .y, , ! ^"kN the 26th in*t. will l)e sold, T.ithout anv re.
servo, on account and risk of the former
Murxh'r and e learn that a co'ivenitnce necessary for carrying on a; not complying with the terms of sak.
■ farm. Also, will he oiRrt J a ■ - _
'nc lads and the Htate is thrown as far
^ •'! her Internal Improvement Svsteni
^l*e Hi) by the ceh>bmled Mi.rphuin ma-
“Inrh ended in smoltc and spread a
unijH-aning than ihe original ui\ sterj. : '•"* county, on Sunday last. The family
M> comphiiicnts to his Satanic .MHj**,tv. i '>"• J"*”' t'l‘"rch, ex-
1^. I I cept a negro girl who was preparing to follow
them, his house was set on fire aud bnriit to
the grouml, the remains of the girl were dis-
V\ e inform .Mr. Smith that tiie error!
Good ('utton Gin, Pattcnf Mill,
Phuitalion Wcf^on,
Hlackxmitk'g 7
(\»rn, Poildcr, Pork, and
Stock if all kinds, with
Household and Kitchen Furnitvre,
and othi r articles not riiuini'rati'd. Terms will
on djy of bale.
On. ifi, t«2p
I SHAM, otlVr at public nale, a (quantity of
Ifoiisdiiilil iind Kilfhrn Fuinitinc. on the
I , • I 1 J ■ 1. , , iiie KioiiiHi, iiiv I'iiioma ui 111.-yii I ni-rc ul^-
' filuotn over all our future pnmp^rts. C 'used by cnir deni, nuns, and a trunk which ' t ‘’L I ’
“-u^-ir conclusions on this im,K.rtant I•■"“•"“'>‘1 «'“* Secretary of the , j ,,.e vv^ods, a short !^
I'^'ry are right, we have little pr.*,«>rt 1
'K'crH. . .1 . . I 'doubt that the gtrl was niurdend bv the in-
• niiirr in any ache me f.Miiidfd j /^n/ /vv7rf/Mc/:(ir»—(;oveninr Swam,: f^„,l,ary and robl»er. No discovery has yet
, >'in individual enterprise, or in one'*'''"- Harnnger, W m. li. Haywood, .lim. lieeu mado of tho nmnster.—Fay. Obstrver,
“ - rx unded of individual nnd Slate cai.ital : *'«wrc.u t* an.l
»nv nn.n. 1 . II L l.lohn rninri»s.*, ure np(H.mled Delegates Major J/orrun .4. //n/rr/, the individual
■i-ult- '* •*’*'jrroin this County to the Internal I ntprovr. [ who attempted to lake the hlis of .Mr. Ar-
^ 'u > to |« avniik-d ? Must we fold our ; nient (’onveutioii, at .Salisbury, on tho I7th I nold, ofTeniu s«ee, on the stepsof ihe('api-
'III supiiicnosB and wait until the 11(h1 A"'*the t’onvcntion pro|H»sed toltolat Washington, al>out a year and u half
'•turc or other i'tates ronie m to d s’' *“ *'* "* **"’ ^ ***' *** ‘*S”> Kiissi'llvillc, Ky
O'! mi- 1 ****" ' 1 Nov('inb*’r m xt, (iovernor Swum, U illiam' rnmnnnr.f**n r u.- \ 1 i
’“''•■r}'“"rve Imstrunc—j n. ||ajwo,sl, .lun. and Johnston HusIhh',! ^ at j ,I,r ' p^ivato
l*hil;idelphia who has had his grape vines | laid otT, with rooms ard 3 iire plaers. For fur-
rifled lor .si;vcral years past, has now a-| ihtr information apply to the subicriher.
opted a plan which will eHi‘ctually defend j
2t"lh in>t. .A rrcdit of mne nioiitliK will be given
—bond and ai>pro\cd sccuritv rctpiir.-d.
Oct. II,
rou .v.i/./v,
rrt'SlTL .Mr. Long's, on the
I oil the 2lith. 27lh, 2Mh and 30th September,; also,
on the Ibt inst.
Charlotte, Oct. R, 1>33.
fVIIlE subscribt^r has ju«l received afrcbh sup.
J. ply of
Sc.mU'i Commentary in 6 volumes
do. do. 3 do.
Robinson's Bible Dictionary
do. Calmet's Bihli' Dictionary
Miller on Eldurship
Cold Water .Man
rolyiuicrian Tcstaiuents, itc. Ac.
D. GOl'LD.
Charlotte, Ort. >ith, 1S33.
To Mforsr, Mtog and Cattl4l
^ 'r> one put hisahnuldt'r to the wheel, j are up|Miiiited Ik le^ates. — Kul. Itegi^ler.
I * effvrtH Iw used in impressing on —•—
l''^'prcsc«ntativesthe retjM)nsibihty of ihtir
. **’® necessity of thrir dovismg
. "clirnio worthy of the Slate and w hich
■At a ineeling of the citizens of Richmond
county, held 111 the town of Kiickin;>hani, cm ' his property from further depredations. He
th«‘ Jtth Mist, for Ihe purpose of app«tinling’ has atlacheil a cord to the vines one end
Dolejjntes to the .Salisbury Conveiilion, the of which jmsst's into his chamber, where it
P‘‘'d upHi the State alom- for n* i"’it jjentlemen wero selectJ*>l for that i.* allixed l> a boll.—The slightest motion
I purpi'M-!—Col. 'har|i'« Itohmson, Kolirrt .1. of tho vine !•» suflicient to alarm him, and
jstccle, \V. F. I.piik, .liihii It. Uuie, and I', should tho thioves be detected, he is fully
wergcncT, without pretending *0 'I'. Leak.—Faydftrilh Obserrcr. ' prepared to lullict sutunmry punishment.
o-t„h,r m, ifj.'^.r—.v»tf
TItr rftrmrrs' A' VlaHlt rs*
I'ST rei'i ivi'il Ami tor -ult' at tin- •tlice, riih
er by the .single one, doTt-ii or ;;ros.. rncf, |
■V o:.v li' ccn!i=; 7’ i-chK
rBlfl L r.ubscribi'r is prepand to .uriii-h Ix;tS,
' .M. Stables, Corn and l-'tHlilor, on lo«est terms,
I to Hnre, Ho{ and Cattle Druvcrii. Also, Ik^rit
and lA)dgin^ lor the num.
Charlottf, Oct. 10. InI.T .^;'tf
; -'r. .'IJ I- vr nU' orj

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