North Carolina Newspapers

A.' C. WILLIAMSON, (Editor.
T. J. ilGLIun, ( pi-
3XT C, 371E3BXXJA.3.3T 25, 1852.
Trfe North Carnlu Whig- will ba sffurdrd to
m'.xnlxr' al TWO DOLLARS in advance, or
mrnl ha delayed for ihree months, and 1IIREE
1)01. 1. I(S at (he end of the year.
Advertiaemrn'a inserted at One Duller p- r square
(lti line nr lti, hi etxed type) f.r (lie Bret infer
lion, and 25 etn a fur e.-h'a. t'uiirl ad.
vcrtisninanle ai d SherdC Bale rtta.gcd Si par higher ; and a deduction ofS"! irei cent, will
be mad.- from ihe reular pricee, fur adveriiscre hy
lha ye-P. "Adverti-i men. a iracrted nn-ntl'ly or
quarterly SI per o, lare fnr each Mm Sainiiiioiith
ly 75 cenia (Mr -quar for each liute.
JT AH huter releliva in tha K lilorial Danrt
inent urn-l ba dirtn-led In rlie Editor. And all let
it r t.n bu-i n- fot J cfe Wm a, iko., inul b dirre
ief n. tt,r P ih lnhar. "AH leiicr mul be pnat-paid
er they "ill nui ba mended I".
jr Payrnen' can ha made to either.
37" P"iinul rn tie luidnni ii to act an igents.
ma tii Knam tiimm wiurj.
To Mm S. or ViriLifurio ( ct s.r. N. C.
Sweat ,n-oden, I aigl. when memory ralla btek
J iti nf me p-al w',, h have fl-t'.ert easy i
J; it gr.f la my -oul a e-.f-ipe lack.
While pluaure'e with me aa fait If decay.
Fnr 'nv euro's in abeenr never ean dia
Wli-n Mi l.jr a hear! which er ta true;
And of en hen nii.atrie I weep m il la g'l.
And my thoughts turn back ml hopele.s to you.
Than think of th tun, the d elenre aa greet.
That severe in pi am ity lover ftou. thee;
Then the pial I'd fo'eat and via'd to my fate.
If but one your Iota eiuild a . il upon ma.
Of life'e eup ha 1 drnk iia ehanjaa In a'ura
F'eea here I haa aeen fVr Howara drrlina,
Bu fer yal flout ihed a bnd lo compare.
With a beauiy aa miUhlree a thine
Th rrf lock af a; to the grave haaten an
The erra Je'vea of f nnng tipa it er in dvalh;
B-it never my poila;iail thy ttrtuce l fone
Tiil the luia ol tl y lovar lueaa kiealh
t. W.
CtUitl Ac.J.mi. Cktrltittm. S C F.k IS.2.
X C. D. I T C A I T,
The noMrvt mn ! hno on vtrlh,
A' man wiom Kindt r brown vilh totl ;
No krkd by ft ane"trl prf,
!! itf H mamd ""J ! tb il.
And m n iKeratif pfwdr fm
1 ii4fl (o king r tnor ntmt.
tbm worki.'. irn : nhiii'ir thiMf lk,
To ".a'rf ih t--pB or br hud
Tii mi tip'Mi 'hfif heme i brows
T(t rof 1 iifip and sah ! ttf (od !
Ami f" ji r r ths.r dftvpi of ttat
1 hsn d inoi.!a ir coroutt
CJikJ blest th itoM ofktnf m-n,
V to rrtr l eittrt ef th pltn
W ho tii minti thd omld Uia t'upt.
And iiriv Ui i ommtf c on tha mtui ;
flod hlftt f'tm ! fur ihstf tirthjr i and
Hart wroiiffu glofjf of all lindt
tram ikt A" O. ri't.
Captain Tobin and the Countersign.
Ail "Ur ci'izena, and all who read Ilia Del
I iiur:n; the M. icn k'm ihn gl ant,
thei gilud. Ihe liuni'iiiiil" Cap'. Tlin, hn
letter In line j iurml, l llir pariixj relerrrd
., y iiucd him a natinnal rrpula mn. Vh
ware rlioit, jjrajii ic, witty and achulr IiIim.
I'liur (.lo'Hin h.ia ainre paid 1 hi d-bl nf na
ture hi ihe Kutr ka iiaie ; and. ex atili'ring
thr ffliV and geurruue tram nl hia chare.
Irr, Naturr, in tha april nf aheii' jimict",
almuld mil hate cllrd nit him fur the tlfbl nl
an i r -mn i m r- d lie. But h la ji ne. t d
pr to tl;e pnnr fell iw'a manca ! (leiirye
lod iii)ii)i id alnrira u( himat ll, end man),
WD br'irte, l o h a Irlt unt tlil. W e hoard
Jnc y f-l (tiny frum a coiniavla aoldirr nf hia
una hn J Ink tuvuuac and Iiij lilnnk
el ; niii wlin cnuid a m i et 1 1 1 s Ihe anit.i iilv nl
hn lriind-lii) and vij-iy (he riqinailo ili lijilit
which lua lina anrial qua'ttiea raer ttepl in
pUy, VVrt want bul this Capiani'a iniiiiila
b! liuinnr In Irll it m a way in aniuan nnr
rr-adrra. IJjl we will lell it aa boil aa r
li the nintith r.f Junp, 110. ahnrlly aflir
iht haltli a of P.iln Mia a d Knenra lie la
Paliim, lha WHalmigliiri Ki'itnent, in ahich
I he ('apani rniniiixiiilnd a Coiiipmi) , was rn
Ci'iipcil, wuh nih"r rejiiiiienia, at a pmnl
IwciiH inilpa Ihiii' M.iiimi'iriiB, nn thr bank
ol the Km (Jmiiili', h I i under the runiiintnd
of f iun. S nnh. Tim ra tnna wi-re nnl Ihe
lel,nnr wrtn t liny erpd ihe nmal regular,
ly-'lml whal wae rrgmd' d n a prruhur lie.
privaiinit by Ihe ('.iplnin nnd a inn nf hia
Ciiinpanttine in armi limn Nw Orlonna, a,
thai Inr a full wrrk Ihry were Malhi'Wile
by cninnilainn. 1'hrrn had nut, during Ihul
lime, befii a drnp of I quur in lha camp
ni l even of red-eya nnr bald face Oua
evening, afier p und-, a"d bi'fnra tha pickeia
wera pnaied, lha puffi of leainboHt er
heard in the diaiancr. Aantm Mpecled
ebnul the' permil front New Oileane, and aa
il ail knnwn that a fnw barrel of Omrd
weream'inij hpr "". great am the rejiiic.
ing nf IJeurge, and bn immediate circle, at
har appr acn.
Sim anchnied abnul mile from lha cmp,
and ihn paity aet nut lo board Iit, Oeoifte
leading Ihe ndvanca. They wuie nut wetl
nn beard, whim they were tealed mund a
iq'iar table in ihn a.. rial hall, t h a liheral
aunply of ai'gara and brandy and avatar be.
lorn ihem, in which they indulged in the full
freedom of ihe meet room. Theee were lui
uric In which, fur untie lime they had bean
atranvnra, and Ihey were in no hurry to part
company with them. Thia being the cae,
it w.a (u'ly eleven o'clock before they Hart
ad fnr eamp, every man haeing an abundance
of brandy alnwed away in hia "man cheat,"
and armed with two lull buttle, one under
fash arm. The seoliniii bid been long putt
ed, and fining their lonely roiiirl, b it neither
Oeurgs nnr any one of hia parly knew any
in. rn nf the pia wmd nr counteract! than
hey did nf Ihe aauecrtt. Here waa dilem
ma, either Imru nl wh ch we hv nu mean a
agreeable) a ihuan hnrue whicn Ihpy had
been irtibiblrig ; n e am In ba abut if I hey
forced I heif way nn tha -ntninl ; Ihe mrwi
w- In btv' u-C in Ihe chappnlal all night,
and bn caahierrd (' aha nce Ijuin their pimi
in lha inurmng. Afier a C' unc.l nf war, n
wit ngre d thl un of ihern ah uld apiiroHCli
the aeii'tuel nn l rnnlra vnr In prnpnia'e htm
in ihtr fnmr witn a view In etfecling then
enlranre. George uiiih-itin k the forlorn
hoi, and a f.ol.irn tin it neenied In be.
Ariii-d with iwu hoi i lea ol h ndy, he ad
vnnt ed, though h a a'ep wna i f ' h r a firm
!' wa hi rourai ilirect h the tneunw t l d.'wn. VS'li-n In- gut wi hoi hail
ing diaiiiiiee o . he gu i'd, b cieil nu'. " V no
gne there J" G"orge replied, " A friend,"
and learning by Ihe nrci'nl of the etilluel
lunt he waa a country mnii of h e own. he
added, Who the d I el would it be;
would anv on hut hi b u m fio n l draw hia
bull'e ( hiHiol) from the Imaiiin nf hl Jarkel,
and 'real you In it, a I fl" r lo do now, jut
10 keip ou from gelt ng the R n U'ncnl
fi ver, and In keep out ! he c I'l during the
mgiii ?"
" Advai ce," nnd lha aen inel, " and give
the r"UitlliPr-itfii "
" Give hii 1 id Genrg".
' The cnimlheraigii," annl the aenUnel.
" Wbv, look here," anid G-nrje, "wn hou'
in ending anv nanoiMl r fi 'iMton, fur per
ceive on are a cunt r man of iniue, y u
mut b- unt y.t. How long are; )uu in Ihe
ae vice."
S itiiuel A rnonili "
IJeorge o (,, j-Quf fum n ghl on
IH'll ."
S. ilinel " I la, AVIct.''
Gem te ' Then, hu in ihe name, of
General J irk-"'ii bti,iel(, can I jjive tug Ihe
C'-uuiei aign, wtieu ton have alieariy got tt
in m he . ffli er of the n ght."
r'tnhin I "He gor, Ciitmn, I never tho'l
n! lhal, bul whnt did he tell il lo m" for V
Gourde " Uhy, that you might k-en it
etrei, of cour e -hut iiver mind, 'ake a
1 1 I a l h i -, (preeu:iii t tin the brnud) b -t
tie ; there, Ih.l'aa that when you
pi! it. never inn-ea fire, jnd it ulieu lakea
down i e man, tun."
The a none! look a long pu t and a'rnng
pu I, and repealed the eiperimeni. He then
laid, " Ca, .lam, dear, I've jMI been llnnkin'
for I are you re a gm h-niao, and an Irtah
gotrinin, at that I've juei been thinkui'
how we I th il 'u I it'll with -nine hot walher
and white eujjir, oh, it would be iligani,
ni'e e'y ."
Genige ' V' U re a man nf ile, old fel
la, and (aa.sje provided ino d"(i'i (all vary
a ioli ) ton ire bound In rue )i( the inuv,
hut, !el ua lake aii'ilh r drink ; ton 'ake one
to keep ou awak ". and 1 11 lake onn In make
ma al ep for )ou aee what oppuol virtue
11 poaae."
Sentinel " Oppna.!" varluea ; o be aura
it doea. There waa I'arrcl Fuheriy.who
never to k an irri gl or, thai he wou'dn't
gn in for e'earto the fair fightin' every man
he mt, friend or foe, airanger ur hlnod rela
tion; a d there ait Pdra ui Pnweil, (if he
ain't pri.ti-.l'.n I'd) God reel hi a.iw I.)
who neier I." k hia limit lumhler, lhat he
didn't begin lo make epeeel Fa about lha b-an-I
tee nf univereal pace ; and then the ou'd fe.
h.w wnuld gi rntind ktoainif and hugging ev
ery one that cum in hu way and )nu may
bit aure he ntver oveilooked ihe purlv gir'a
though I alwav obaarvrd that theoull fel
low'a pace priurip e never indured kunto
km me grai dinulh' r, t ho, bet ween me and
you, waa river a prent beut, arid waa lr
nhly mai k'd wnh the nill pox, lo hoot. He
gnr, her fee wa an r ugh Hia' vou'il inig
me it tiiul hae ii;rriaie.i to M. Aiiam tna
idea ol pavin' wnh br- ken al'inre."
G-orre " Take onoilii-r pull at ihe In. I
tie, eilil b") ." The emiiiel ilnl. ' f!jl w.ur
rttoi her," rnnliou' il (reoige, " She aa hand
oin, a ehe ,t ?"
Sentinel A P'"'y a col'een ever
dinred on thn gn en bu' .tie, trnj afe, in.
hi ril d her b'-auly frum the plemnl line,"
Genrj; " Then it la char, fiurn your
good look, lhat you are tour mother' iuii,
end not ynur n rnli'lunil her 'a.
Sentinel Ol comae I'm not, fot a O il
Behan, Ihe ch"i Imaater, ued lu any ol the
qUiUm" 'f the circle, that' mnthe matical in-poa-ohi
il) ; I couldn't be my t, randinuther'a
on, tinleea I waa mn own fthr. I'll lake
me pop mnreal Ihe br andv , j il luahuavyuu
lhat fere' no a 1 1 b"lween u".
(ienrge " Of coiiiee I may pina now ?"
SentitKl "I'd like hicctiii Id like,
ou'd lelo.w, In catch any one 'In pin' you ;
and renumber if any one a-ka ) nu, lhat 1
didn't tell uu what the pa-a wind waa.
Geoijie "Oi, eerlatn'y; and my coin
rartea behind Hiere they ia-a Ion?"
Seu inel " Iery tuoiher'a uu nf Ihem."
George called In hia comrade, who were
in tj tl eiencp, in come up an'l pane in, Buy
ing lhat he bad made n all ugh'. They paa
ed in, and jua a George waa following, he
Sentinel ciedoui; " II uld on the-e, Cap
lain; you have nut y it given )e fn't wind.
All the ulk we have had waa about the cuun.
ihe aign."
"On, thai' fuel," aid George ; we
have already relded the cmirrereigu i now,
then, here, (drawing out the aecuud eulile,)
here la the paa word."
' Be gor, Caplain, its grind," inid Ihe Sen
tinel ; pa on, but it nu aliuuld ae me
about parade lime tu.innrrnw, walkin' lit),
ateady from a weaknea in the Inn ha, nr a
I ghtne in the h'-ed, nr aou'eihing of tknl
nrt, you don't report me at baadquarlera,
thai' all.
Geoige and hi comradet re enleted their
quartara in aifety, a muck overjoyed aa if
hey had performed a coup aj'etal a Ihe
Trench aav.
A brave veteran nllnci r, rtoonnoitaring a
battery whit h it waa necenary lo storm, la
conically aniwered the engineer, who were
endeavoring lo ditauade hi in from the ai
teinpt " Gentlemen, you may aav and think
hat you pleaae ; all I knnw ia, lhat the A
mrrican flag niual be hniated on the rampart
lu-morrow morning, for I bava lha order in
injr packet."
In (Ae V. S. Senate Dee 10. en ihe RooJvitin of
teeme (e Konufr.
Mr. Preaiile.nt, I r- gret very aincerely that
ihia re-oluiioii wh intinduced It ta p in
ful to iln any thine aeeiniriulv diacoorleotia,
nnd, a I niual fippove the adoption of I hia j
and all aimi'ar reaoluiinne, I ahould greatly ,
have (ireferreil lhat Ihe apecttl chatiiptuna of
Louia Ko-auih had been content lo lenve him
in Ihe hand of the peopl, without attempt
ing to commit the Governmeni to any..of bii
fcltemea fnr revf'ldiioniziug Europe.
j I have Italcmed, Mr. Preairienl, wfh greBt j
aitenl on in all ih.t hat been taid in trim de- ,
bate, and, if I have been convinced nl nu'htng i
elec, ! hiii a leat aatiafjed lhat the rt-aolu ion ;
on .our lable furniahria h mot rxcellenl mb I
j-ct for apepcb in king. I' puteeeaee ihe
peculiar advantaie, that the leiw we know
about tl Ihe belter we ran lu'k upon tl. We
may then give fiee. reins In Ih-- Dnngin iiion,
and Imicy Crtii ni.iU ail ia needed lo
gie beauty ir a en ence nr symmetry In
he whole diacolir-e. A g'em m-n bent bul
not broken bv mi'loiiutu1 ; an exi e pleailing
'he Crtuae nl hi tneeduig foiiulr ; a iMhoI
p I'llle, at i Uggl'I'g lOf fre.-H"Ul Hg-inet over'. L
wneluiirg oihf4, uvei i.ia p'ed, rru-hi-rl lor a'
time, l ul only wuriru lor h -hv nf joipe, a
Word nf atuipaihv. to rise a niti tiiou iheir
npprea-iors ; all II pe nr. Ihi'iu.-a iiioo wh eti -even
a dull m-in ni ght grow eh.qur'i.l. Tup
iiiiefortune , that o much i f It l. FAINCV ;
ao htile leF'CT. I under.aiand ihe liienua
K'la-illh tu base his cluliliS lu a pu lie rect'ii- ,
Hun b'Congreai partly uiun Ihe assumed
litcl he a n repuliltctu in prii.cip'i-, a rl hia
been ih" gieal iliei.enii -Mlor ol roiiil-l run
a-uiirneii'a throughout Eun-pe; and I h.tve
henl, I inul coob e cn om- K gi' l, tlml
he wna rXpei-ird in LlBKHALIZKS'lil none Hie
already lihernl lib a- pievmli'g upon lit a
Couliiiriit. In other wonls, Hih' be ih to
give leaaona lo I lie deceniien'a of the p Hiotw
ol '70, and learh 'hia liemthied la,, it ihe ru.
diuienla of civil liherit. Sir, I Hunk il well
enough to enquire, helme we enter h a chool,
when he bee -line a iep -tiltcati ? If I hnve
read the hielory nf lhat a'rugg e nnh', it
w aa not lint I de'eat and n iloi tune had over
Ink' n hun. lithe z-rntti id bin power, in
th- pride nf hi lug i plicn as Dict-tnr nf
Hungary, he saw nu benuty in tnnveiail e
quality, and knell at nu altar ere-ted In free
dom. TheC'inieat in winch he wai engHgeii
was not a conlea belweeu di apoiiam ami re
pub icauivn. It waa a war of rs'-ea. Koa
auth nnd lua aeiriate were the nnpreaom,
i not Ihe nfrp-ee-il. S.t fa.- from retktiing a--gatiiat
the Emperor of Auirta, they pell,
tinned him. In the hurnblet ITine, not lur
liberty, not f..r the eeeurity ol their own
rights but for aid In eon he ihem ' k ep
; another people in uhj"i lion I have that
pr im, ui b d ie me. A aliuri extrac from il
will enable Ihe Senate lo deli nnne bnw lar
Ihe Magyais at lhat day dctcivid the cliar
sclei of repub icana :
From a rmori.l pmtnttd (A Arrhlulc hy Km
luth and Iht Ilungirian Slir.utry. July 4, ItHj.
'If hu hiulinra the Arehduke John will te'i'ow
a rareiul atienti in ujwn all wc have jut said, he
ranm.t bul be runvinecd of Ihe true character nf the
. rebellion of thoc Stiitea, which make great preien
tiena of fidelity lo the JSovereign, whll-l VHilatinjy
ihe royal en-horny; he imn-'t but pe-reive llut
even their orT.:rol joininf Au'ri ia mi r I. a Itip-i-ed
.r. le it, in ord r lo (ivo at trie criata uf the alrujr-
' gleau'ha suiieriortiy to the S!tavh eh-, en', in
Auatria thai, afier Ihue compht Iv para yi ng Ihe
t.erman element, and um-er,innin the Aifirian
: ibrnnt-, the a-iipire hali he epni up into loo, pend
en' f-elavi-h ktiicd'.m. and t'te v-ry esieittnee of
the Aii-1'ian linner at lloe -hail lie i ho- S i,i,-d'
A'.H ve hyttty nnd aitnthmrnl It the Kma i$
a deep'y ronte in the het t 'Ae lluiig irttin nil
(ion tiHt the llty un rebtln -e ujeii riwi e t at in
openly eih'hitinj; their Iri entld- they VI. t n,t
nrrl ny tynpnlhy 'l'tt-j hiive iln-'e nrt-. ome
I'lia-ra in me -p.iilul i -li, a Ihe pe,ido-hefa-
of the rm at ui h .r,i , an i .'i: ) mt ihe II m
f man ninon, who have i in ana- k- d toe roy-il pnw
tr, lor whmii a h-a, lnd uendeiire and a convtnu-lir-nal
a,!iiio.i-irn.-n i n-it a recent i;t , lit, bu- an
aneient r(flil, aaitc im.e.l by uiroiinerahle tuyal
otj,- aainat the lluiiarmn nation, e Inoh, nl
tllM pr.-.i-nl inoiuenl, wlifii a'"i'-t every tttru'M in
P'Vihj il Mu-nra- t- l-iiti nnr, remal rt tkitonly the
jifmeMt. but the onlyji. m pep of Austrian th one-
I'lo- .1 ,1 , I , i . n e I ev. ,. I u tl re.
quett the kind atftttance 0 Al highn'ee the rch
unite John e l li re-pe' l ta the liiynan relielhon"
9 t m m
" The rii'i y i' teb ir'ua' y lt,.t nl the vipprt
or 'lie offcnde'i rn, k II ue ! And when wt-req-i.
e eii hi- M. j.-s! , in irder tu enlirti" u ill-- u
ha.'pt and lipri ivi il ppopte. b, hn. o n h, d rtrr , tn;
lo let ih- iM-r,ie kio'-v ilia' lua Mtji-l. d approva
of the teb'lilun aiol ia deleriioiii-il in inaii'i'- )'' a I
lhpirt,t,tf, -o emn y "tliriied ititwlubdity of
the tunga in Crorrn i d .he a'ehoi n t l "o I - a.
Ilia l.alle-e.'l Iln- ri b. la rleoeived Dtp neriplr hi de
C'afllij; thai line hi- nul hei n d"C v-il,iTi;.irilv on
the pirt of hie M j it,bui that it uirri iv an
uitMriilo g en-r ed hv ihe H,inga-,en
Mim-liy through -oti)iuUiur.n
Ti e I lv-ian ft'lu!., kgatnal whom Kua
snlh so In, luly peiilnuied the Hid oi" the
King, had deanundeil, and were sliueling to
nhlain, some small portion nl" Ihe natural
right nf man, and the war which finally end !
ed in the ml j'ij limit of Hu gurv waa b'-gun
hy Ihn Mngtaia lu k' ep Ihe S,:lv -iitaii race
in subjection a people every nv Iheir e- ,
qunla, and whn, if we are to judgn frum tha
tlitf-renl charncier of thn petit iih preaente.l
by them, aeem tu me lu have been far better
entitled to the eymptiirtie ol a f ee people
than Knaaulh and his associate. 1
I have read the petition nf the Mngtar;'
let m now call Ihe atteotiun of thteimte
to that of their aniHguniaia :
" Fmperor, if you reject our prsvern, we nhall
kunw how to vindicate our liberty nothoiil you ; and
we prater lo die heroically, hki- a Sclavonian people,'
rather than to bear any longer aurh a y ike ae ia mi.
poaed up"n ua by an Asiatic horde, fiain whom we i
have t'oilimg guod o receive or to learn, r.uiperor, !
know that we pieter, it' we timet chon-e between j
Ihem, ihe knout nl' the Kueiianatn the ineuleni a ol '
tha Maryara. We will nut, en any lerma, belong)
I Ihe Maryara. Remember, lhat if I roat'a form
but a thirty. filth part of your empire, Ihr Croatians
conetitute a third ot'your whole infantry.
Sir, Ihe nien who uttered such aeivtments
deserved lo be free. They are words tit lo
be spoken by firemen, and I muat be ex
cused if I cannot feel any extraordinary en
ihtiaiaaaa in the cause of a man who sought
lo hold them in bondage. The question with
me is, not whether he preachre freadnm and
equality New, when he is a wanderer and an
exile, but rattier wbat wti bit praciica wbeo
pnwer was in his hande, and when lo have
surrendered that power would base been in
deed a merit worthy of a world's admiration.
The teak nf tracing the hiatory of that period
sfTirdi ma no pleasure but when I am called
upnn, as a rppreaentn'iva of a sovereign S n'i,
in aid in conferring on nny individual an ex
tranrriinary honor, it J my duly In ascertain
bnw far thai honor is deserved. Wlra!, then,
whs hi cnurae during the whole progress nf
the memnmble struggle In which he wa en-
gaged 7 Did he ever ef env lime give uller-
ance lo any ip ubhCaD sc-nlimenl T On the
contrary, was mt hi whole cniirse lhat of a
dele mmed and haughty o;presanr ? When
the demands nf the Sclsvoii.ana were rejected
by Ihe H ue nf aH fhey proposed
rJt.tnn lliat f,e should guaran-y .hem rqnal
right, and equal pnvt.e.ea, h.a reply waa a,
nnugniy anu ioipr-rinua aa any ever unpreo
; , ', . , J .
by the mnBt nbaolute dpot lu ihe humble.t
The ri are thfcv nrinfifi-ep which mii!l profa
H-itii to any conciliation, and in rpird in which
wha rb VKft, fur u wotjid emi iunt lo cuiuuiiiiing uui
citJi wiili tir own timid' :
" Int. The unity ot the Ku'e.
' 2.J. The itHeyriiv uf iht t rrh'jry of the Stale is
il li i xi-'i() fur ' pntiirh,
"3. The SvmvMurr or the Mactai ti.TMsrt
Mill I U "Hi: 'IPMI liU ve!' IMI til IHIIPII IllHtl,
ihet.tu. da. ....... our.; , ...... and ,,.5ttr.ted hy
Ihe ua nl Hie M-irv ,r aa lUt dit li.nialii Ian, ii.idi ."
- - - a
Thi- wsa nn the 10 h uf June, le-19 only
two miiiilha bi'lore the ain-y ol Hungary
w-i Moiiihilalod Georgey a prisoner nnd
Ku'li a fucnive in ln dnrnin nn- of the
Turk. Even Ml lhat 'ate tnnmeiil XHK eU-
ti--ut. rt ii ne un indinje-n-rtli e of anv
cm filial ion ; audit Ihi- becuneN apparent
that Ihe ri(;hi t.i enslave ulhers ratln-r 'hnn
Ihr r I ! 1. 1 lo he Iree li-ein-elvp R un-llluted
lite iiirtio iifj-rt of Itie war. Tne -upreuia
cv ol ihe Maiar element was the leading;
flea, and much nl the evituia'lit and eothu
e.i-iii w lurli Hie ntiv. ni o' Ko--u h h .a exci-
led in hs repub'icn land unglil well have )
been re.e veil lor wo ihier olj c a. lexp'Cl'
lo be t-.ld I' at, whatrvrr n ay have been bis
f irmer seiiiiineiita, he ta now n 'i pub ii'aii in
feeliag nnd piinripe. luiler-d. the Senator'
from Ma-aachueeiia has already liif.irined us
lhat he has dared to uller aucu sen'tmenla
withm Ihe shadow ol Ihe throne o I' tgland. ',
I have i.nt an read his speech
I have
eh cm-
read a great dea in prme ofihe Drill
s'l'uiinii, iinlhti.g agiins: the herediiarv King
amt the hereditary nubility which disgraces
it. Briinh freedom is tint freedom, aa we !
understand it, and praea nf the British con I
iiiunon d, t not furnish the highest evidence j
nf a clear concept mo of the principles nf civil 1
liberty. Al a I even s tl we cuncerie a I that ,
is claimed for bun now, we must attll bear in j
..nnd tnat he it e rtci I convert. As'iknew, he said, Ihe many del. els nf the nid
long as theic waa a hspe of Ins m mitaining
an iron rule over a people far more turner-
nils than hu nwn, republicuiiiam tipvet ruler- j
ed his though is. Trt-re is not a olrary pa.
per einnoa'inr; frniti hin nr hi assoriaes
during thu Continuance f Ihe war w Inch
does nut establish clear'' ami conrlusivelv 1
that no one of them ever ireami-d nf the for-i
mation of a republic. The lannuage of
r....nt V.I.. I... . . ...'. I . .1 ...1.. '
vou-i. l u,-ri is uni eaocii iu leave a uuuoi .
upon this pot r. t : j
'The most current mirrpr.ntioa of the Hm- ; 'V.ra wasaoout ttiree leet in ciau eiei, near- , uove-rnment. it is tu ha eppreni'iiiteij that
gtriar.s b I,'.,) arc r-fui'.'iconf, and that liiey ' mg the name of J 33.5 1 '2 pelilinnert, nf (he excitement picvuihure Biltong trausat att
hsve proclaimed the Republic n Mirh ol ihe Hunga. j which 57 007 were those of legal vote s, be- 1 tic ptdi'irians vvnh refeirnco to q n-j tons
nan couiiiiee are in uicir p wrr, which now cum- j very neMrlv a majority of al! the legal o which unhappily have far lea- claim on Iheir
pne abnol all the Hungeria. lernturv. Tim n-1 , , . ", s ' , . ... . . ,, .. . . . r .
sertion i. ol.en ....warily re ectmd bv irt.nds of the !- le" ol ,he "h"'e tommnnweahh, although a- altei-Hon thai. bom. fi le schemes fo. the ma-
Hunranans, ho, coniderui that the (Jmen uf bout one th rd of the towna in the Slate hud lenal advancement ol Iheir country, will pre
Knglsnd nun, Him amicable r-latmna with the Re- not Ihen sent in iheir returns. vent any rieci-ite s eps being taken in Cun-
puhlic of the United tstatrs. vi li the Republic of ; After a shorl bu stirring add-e from P o 1 gre-a 'n g ve effect to the general sentiments
France, and the Republic of S.,i2-rUnd, ! fes90, Stnwc of Me., in which ' of Ihe American Public : favor nf M r. W hit.
But ihe re,l nf the inane ,., lhat the II ., ,
riau- abv aor li', am 'hit ill" HipuhUe
Ar sor li' aa, 'hit the HipuhUe
Aj not been proclaimed anyir Vre in Hung ry "
There is in .re much imre, to the same
efT-ci hut it is not needful i.r me tn refer to
I. Aa an individual 1 nm l!m.. to rnnrede
lo K .ssuih whatever of mint he can justly
cla tn; bin I not willing tu s.iv, by my vote
or otherwise, lhat I r eg aid him as a purer
patriot than W aslnugton, t greater slates
man than Ji fT.irsoii, or a rni-e skiiful general
than J ickson. There ar) living men n i
wiiiiin ilia limits of this c I y whom I look
upon as al ngpib r his upsriir. I am not
one of thus" lo whose t-isim, it is -aid " 'lis
taure lends enchainment." I respect rather
that greatness w Inch is near nu-; wh ch I do
tint have in lake up II ihe uncertain tpports
.-f others. If ihe nearness uf ill oijecl
sh-'iihl ii finnm.-s ; if dar k spots or
we.k p, uiiis should he r-vea'etl by it I Can
s ill revere wh it t- good and appreciate what
is j.'
irrea'. w i 1 ti- mt nokiiui or a nerleciioii
id. I- d I l man I cm kneel amoi j
the tank w.-eiis al hei tetse o a toftt ui..ii-i
t .in and wor-hip the gra d-ur nl the At
mighty" work, wnhoin renienib-ring Ihe
peny or ttie'htt ss ihtngs arotiatl me.
VI r. t?'einens p'tireeds hi nonce Hie mis
take thai K'ssinh is the "invited goes' of
lha nation," and ihe far- that the resolution
nl list Congress nult off-red a public veasel
lo convey hun and his a-s irialpa to this coun
try in case Ihey wished in emigrate.
After rrading an ex net from Kossuth's
great New Yoik speech, M r. Clemens re
mai ked :
This langu ige leaves nn mom fnr coi'j-C j
III - object I- to secure I lie a lined as
e "I England and the United St .les.
And now lei us inquire "r purpose thai !
assisianre in s..u,;hl ! rtathing hut Ihe supie-1
macy nf Hie Magtar race. The exiles who hHn OHO of the best ci'izis a .d mhahi
have come among u hae ptohably imbibed, : Hllls ,f i,e Commouweaiih, anin'ig whom
and bava certainly priclaiined, ippub lean mi,re than OT.lHIO are known lo be lejal v i
seiiiniieiils J bill who believes lhat such sen , ,,4 ,, ,s bieved, B'-o, that many
limenis have f uud a homo in ihe li .sum nf m,lffl )he 9l..ners ate ol th.s na ure, ihoiigii
the II ilt'ganan people? It has been their ' i w 1 11 1? to various Circumstance that lact is
boast lor agps lhat they constnu'.ed the firm i
e-l p-op of ihe Ausiran thronp. Il is a ;
well knnwn histnrtcal lact that Ihey have j
clung lo their ins'ituimn with a tenacity ;
even beyond lhat with shicb Ihe Mahomtne-
din cling to the Knran. It i iho-e who
have remained at hum, eonatituting the vast
majority of the population, who must gave
character to the inatilutlona a auecful re.
volt may enable them to establish ; and who
dnubl they will return to the cnnstiiutioii
and form nl government for which they have
manifested an decided a preference? Oar :
ad, ihrn, tl given al all, will not be given lo I
a republic but to a monarchy. I
Faar Gud and keep b.ja coramiadmaott.
ff Ihe Teinperaticn cause is d-.r iiihiiI n tbi
"Oil Dominion," it ia not sa in other Sih e-
Mas-achu-etu ia likely In carry ilnuugh
he" Maine Liw" with a per'eel rush, am
I Ne Yoi k and ""Jew Jersey will he cluse af
; If her. I he folio mg, recent
'y had in Boston, wi l give sntne idea uf the
, iy Ihey do things down E it :
From the Cataract.
1 JE .tl A1N E LA W IN M ASSACllt'SK'lTs.
he Mlls,HChusH1. Teinp,c, ..Central
Kx,culive tllHlt!.. fof ,h8 purpt) s Ureil,
t rp r, , , , ,
Maes lemoerducn Cniivention was held m
Xffmil" ',Vl,,,te in Cl)Sl(li mi We-lnHV.
Jan. "2191, l!j5!. In piBsenl to the L-gia'a ure
Ihe " Memmntli Petiiiou"nf 13.'J bl i citizens
of MaaanchMsellH, for the aholitioti of" drink
inu house- nnd lipp'i'gsh p" within their
borders. The C iiveni on vaa called to or
der at ten o'clock A. M. by II- v. Mr. Oih.
man, the ('haiimuu n) eaid " Board." nnd
W loam B. Spooncr of B ii'tin hHVinir been
, wiiimii'iu, ii wnaiognu
tzed hv the elect..,., of the f..ll .wm kfBeer
iipoinien teii porary ctiairiiiau, it waa organ
ri .
vice raesincsTs.
I).-. John C. Vt fnii ni la'on. Hon.
Georee Hoorl nf L
-II ,n. Lo ui Child
nf L'lweli, Hon Peti-r C. Bir.mul Wmci-s
It. H'n. Z'-nas I) Ba-sei of B triiktable, i
Hon. J. Clink of Ki jl.urv, Hon. N. B.i
It .rrtt ri of Fall River. Hoii. G. B. -V .iein
nf Diixbtirt , Rev. Dr. O-gond of Spr og j
field. D . Btr eit of Northamp'-n. II--n.
(icorge N. Br igga of Piii-fi-ld, D ni'l Frosl. I
E q , nf Orange, l n- Dnnel Fisher ffj
L, igertown,
- tccaCTirs
Rev. T W . II .lima o ol New hu v pot t,
B. W , Wiliiaiiu of Taunton, E. W, Jack
aim ol Chelsea.
A very app" a d iinpresive prater
having been orle'ed lit ib t teoerahl ptoneei
f temperance, 'be R- v Dr Lkiun Bteei-h
er, Mr. Huni ngtoii. the President, on inking
the Chair, addressed the Convent on at eome
length, ebqinilt vindicating the prinripl-,
ana provision ni the vintner L,.w, mini
commend ng the perdy enactment ol a Sim
i'r slatnle in MassachuseHs, as a n easu e
ahsulutely necessary for the suppression of the
rum traffic, and fur the protection nf Ihe coin
rnunily aga nst its countless and enstly hs
eairlts. lie bud been lor mailt years Uislr ct
Ailorney of a portion of the S ate, and well
and the great and urpertl need nf the proposed
new la. (Great cheering.)
The "Mamiimth Pe ilnni," escnrtrd by
twelve of the cry police, who, a leet.iia'era
and metnhprs of I he Temp!.' ol Hmnr , vnliti-
leered their services mi ihr occasion,
Ihen broug'il into ihe Temple, nnd placed up-
f,ri Ihe rostrum with the greeting of three
spontaneous and hearty cheers of tho whole
a coum I.' Il K.aa r,.tA tin ,,, a-.a ai ....
o,w,?. a..
pended on a wooden ftarc, as lo rotate free-1
hfi c""r ulatf d ,h" Cot.veii.ii.n on H e broad
diameler nl the " filam.not1. It. .11 helore
him and assured Ihe pe..p e lhat the " Maine
Law" continued In wink beauiifu If and per-
tci 1,1 Maine, and would not, ami cuid not
be repealed, the prore.sioii was f.n med under
the Hi reel mil ol tol. u. t uwiten, as Lyhiet sin s. itisasriuot in prolialtie tnat inefle
Marshal, and at nimut II o'c uck began lo lay w htrh has taken p'ace at VV a-hing'oii. in
m ve on its ' winding way" tu ihe S ale deci'ting upon M r. Wtntnev's plan, may have
II uise ihr i. lluh the slreeis.
The piopessio'i, in p s-ing 'hrough B ,w
doin. M'. Vernon, ('haili'S, Htoi Bac.un stieets
having completely surrounded the Slate
House arrived in frnot nl the sa ne nhoiil hall
psl 13, when the Petition, accoinpain-d by
ihp Committee, and greeted lit the cheers of
the th u-auds, who thronged ihe balconies,
port-lies, and spacious yard of the S'lilr House,
was borne ihiuiigh the druse niuHtluiir, in'n
the Representatives' Hall, and placed III Ihn
ripe ' aica in fiolll uf t ie Speaker's D- k.
" .Minister" as it was, ihis huge " R .ll" was
r 3 "H'i"'r an nor a p. ite.i, uo .... u..-
eien,ne guest .o'he H-u-e. It Ctirte- us,y
:su-ii-uu..iiiuui es,niinu'.'iii..."u''(j'"i
i rd leave for the imm mute preePiiniti .ii ol"
! the petition, which was very hanrt-nitiely
j done hv M r. Horace E. Smith, a me in he. if
j H'e II .use from Chelsea, n the following ad-
! dress, viz i
Mr. Speaker : Leave has been n-keil and
granted I" uitroducB a peituun, may 1 n I
itav ihe pennon, of a large portion nf the
I inhabitants of the Stale and its seems proper ,
j lo make at Ipast a brief statement "fine char-
acter nf the pe'ltioni-rs, mid the nature in
I heir prayer. It will be seen al a glance, that
I the ne'inon is one of no iinhntrv inagnitinle.
fcrheve that in puillt of i.itmhers. It ha nr .
f, .Pn ,.q ,11,.,) , Hits c.-uiitry, and I c u fi
;,),, v (irm that, in point nf cbarac er and
rFM,.,.V to bt 1 1 1 y . il has nevei been sun.assetl ..
,I1V .,, I, euro s Hnn.ines id in
nt slated. Standu g ai Ihe head nf all these
nan)Pa is ihe honored one of Geo. N. Briggs,
tn(j following his are those representing all ;
cMtPgl profesiiona. all trade in the Com
mcnwealth. W oman also ta represented, and :
rightly too, for he has peculiar claims to the !
Bymnatriy and pmieclinn of the Legislature, 1
as beinir Ihe subirt of law in whose en.ct 1
men! aho ha no voice but more a h pe I
puliar subject of Ihe dire evil which lha traf-!
c jn intoxicating drink hs brought upon ;
(,a cummumly. It i right, tha re lure, lhat !
fot oice ehuulii k heard. 1
The pelinoner aak for no elaas legislation.'
no art of incorporation, un protection for com-1
mere, agriculture or manufacture, hut for j
etoteciioo to msn, to tl'gioti, t our hall of
learning, our temples of legislation, our courts
of jiialn-e, and above all, lo our domestic
allais. They be it ve tht tke trhffic in ar-
dent apirits has per pled our houses of Cnrrec-
tion, a ir jails, out lunalic e lums. nnr grBte
vanls. with u-ieoun ed numbi-ra of prema-
tire Vic lima. They further he'ieve lhat Ih.
Legialaiure las the power lo remedy the
-m. and havimi Ihul noer. it ouehl to exer -
nee II. 1 be biitiu li ) k l no ae h-h on.-,
ni l ihis peitiinnuf theus is ihe result nl tin
pulsation al tie great tie a r t of the Common,
wealth. Ami, in, I ttuat I may be permuted
tu express Ihe hope thai their pre er will find
a reeponae here. I present, Mr. S.eekr.
he , eiiinm of George N. Irtggs,and lo3
512 others, for a law pruh-hiimg the H-fti.
u iiitux 'r.allli liquor. And a'-.i thei sev
erol nllier t aiiiiuns nf the itiHiC and female
t achers of the Wealevan A':ade- ' in Wjl
hraham ; nf the lenchers and pupi s nf Am
Ac-de.ny ; of tho ( fTicer. and .tudent
nf Auiherat Cul'pge ; nf ihe (own uflicers of
i North Hndgewaler, mid the nfl'icere of ill
j Normal School there ; nf 3D pn-j i ers nl ihe
! Norfolk C um t J n ; nf 2-1 pn-onera in the
; lloue nf Correction al 1), hIimiii !i Inr Ihr
! eame n jecl. Anil I moe iheir reference lo
! a J 'tin Spec 'ft I C 11 III tier.
'I bi motion wa uoanimnuaiy ad-.p'ed, anil
he ' J'linl Sjiecml Cmiiriii'ler, whirh has
; .
M,,Ce ,M!P." "I'l'""'"- 10 Compliance with II,
Conaia' of
H E. 3m th of Chr'sen, J.J Buker nf
Beverly, Rodney Hunt of O-ange, R i-h
mond W.ilk-r f T-iinion, .1 V . Ward nl
A I iog'oo, J ,cob Sleeper riffT-r n, II. W.
Mlli-Cnf K.lMllslull, frum ihe H-'US". anil
Elmer Bng'-am nf West burn', and Z. D
B sset ot BariiaiHlile, f in I lit Senate.
W'e fi ,d in 'he London Mornn g Chronicle
of I) . i-enil er 20 h li e -iil j -ined i ditoi ia! a' -liele
on the eul j' ct i, Mr. V hilnei ' Visit to
E, gland lu the pioserution nf his great
chetiie o .al mad to the Pacific :
Th- rapid progress Inch the Un led Slates
are making lot i-eiis 'he en. pb-tinn of a fa-l
and ml i ic.ite net win k ol rail a t Cummun ca
Hon, mil nn'v Intwen ihe populous town
-lid rii-lrirla in their lerrt nrt , hut thrnugh
re. mns n mo'e from civil .2 Hioii and d fiicult
). if nrcess, is nite nf the moat striking feature
in me s ciiii mm tni!uirial t isiiny nl Ihe
! I nni' ileia ion. r t ex .inple, tec-ni intent
j gence from New V-o k announce ihe open-
n-g nf the Hudson River Rnlrnol, m e huu- !
I died and f.n ly.'lure miles ml-tglh; and
nol nh-t i riding all we have heard mIiouI lhrmlnll 0j- , jit, (
' mere tramway ot A me - ice, the h com.
plete, j uirney uvpr th t' line waa p. r oimed
in th e- bouts and a half, nr R'lheiervite
apecn.ble speed i f raltier more than forty
miles an hour. I of ui! the schemes of
ihtsd scription w hich h it e ever been brnught
' before he A meric tn people., M r. A -a Whit
net 's plan lor a rulwat from Like Micl i
' gan tu the Pacific is ui q-iemii,ib't the m.-tat
imporiarii ; mil il u pr,,ti ble I nal ilur I gihe
s'-ss on . f Cm w Inch ha ju-t rommritc-
rd it will be fi .nl.'v deti i miin d w het her or
r,,t I It a n,i.l.l l It - 1 1 I. a ..-.,....1 n.... I...,1 a i
j.,oj-,p,,o,,u y rr,, all, , ii iiucr
upon the nccrp' inee nf the I'nited Slate
ews. The rocloiti'iutade t.i b-; ex-
chan.erl wnh tl. Kossuth the ie agitation nf
'he si a vert q i- si ion, nnd ihr ab.oi bing topic
nf the next Presidei, il elecln n, wi i, in al!
likelihood, rend- r ihe labors of the Federal
Legi-bilure excee.log'v ba rten i I u-elui re
rendei. : it imprnc icible for the I'
Salts anv Inn-er In a tl'ord the fun ities w hich
at one time exi-lt'il within then territory lor
the construction ol ibe Pacific linr. 11 ippi
It, however, it may not be iiminsHihlp. to car-
ry out Ihe woik nn ihe Briu-li side of the
border; and a lew we, ka nay deir rinine
wheih- r nr not tins enterprise, tvhch they.- nf paily p.i i'ics h -a indi It.i-lely and
uuwtse'y positioned at W a-hu-gion, iia, be
iran-leneil In Pnlisli ground,
For our own part, we have fell so strongly
the rie-irab'eness of en rrt ing nut, i" p..ssiliie,
u.. n r...-..- .., u. ... a... ......
hav repea'rrilt , curing l
Ihe last lew iimnl'ia,
...--u". ..o.. .ui.on.i.. t.- .-w.,.-
ne, ted with Mr. W hitnet 's pn j-c under the
noli e n our reail. rs. a nee we ia-i silver!
ed to the subject, that gentleman ha had the
good fortune In have hi- plans discussed, in
b-sowii prese. cr, by di-n. guished turn and
learned associations, to whose opinions, in all
matins connected with science, the E ig'iah
ppople are accustomed In pn much de er-
ence. N' .r is their it fluenre r . fi,,, ,) to this
country merely; ',,r ant j-jilgn.ei.t which
may beamingly prunouncetI by the nuthoii
tics to whom we shall presently have In refer
cenuol fail of le-mg resp-cted lu ev-rv i art
of the .-iv.ltz.-J werl-J. Cornrng to Engl mri
as the . of a s heme
impi r'eciit leistm.d nu' o
heme wh ch was vert
ft he t
Mr. Whi'ne had ihe g
unit sense to see t hat
best rh 11 ce oi
cess lav in the Hdop-
Hon frum ihe vert fi st, of a perf-rtlt frank
and etrmg'ii I rwa d line 1 I coo. loci, and in
a tot .1 avoulcnce i f a-l ihose airs of as-ump
turn and nit ery which ton often accompany
ami mtr ihe proimil.Bt on of new pnj c'.s.
H waa evidently ar lhat, il lie was
in produce any deep and lasting impresainn
m this country, it rruld only be bv submit.
in g his p ans to lha most ti.isparii g sou 1
y, anil bv being ready a: all limes l.t c.nil-
er and answer objections. He pursued this
course, and the reu 1 did not d, (appoint him.
At fi-si ho found hut lillin symc. Hit , and he
met w ilh for mid., hie opposition. His data
were dispute I, and his practical conelutiuns
w-re held tube exceedingly qupsiinnab'e
Still be persevered and airtmg in the inieg -
rity uf his purpose, and in the bona fi le 11.
ture of Ins proceedings, he w bs more success
ful in converting opponents, ansfv ing otj c
tnt, and winning the cordial i.-nce and
support of impartial persons, than perhap
any other Amcntaa who ha a ew v.nud us
fnr the purpose of promoting
I enterprise. This result t- H.e i i.nnoia.
hie tu him b cauae he acineved U wnhoi.tre.
; stnni'g lo any i f the Ui-Ual arfs "I a popular
I in sionar) J arid we me nni Mite i'o.i the
1 u fluenre w Inch hi- t i-n I a prmlueed. in g"-
I ing ua In-tler and juater viewa (
American rharacier, will not he
' m t-l iniDortanl nl th;- iniliiei-l le-t
moii" tne
ti . w inch
ifl arise from Ihe diaciis-t 'ti ' I In- p" J -r.l. of the fi al srieii'ific b n'ies beloie
which Mr. Whimey laid Ins v,ewseihej
R .yal Ge. graphic I S-ctett ; and alih. ug
it wsa geiiPiallt knowlrdgrd
whn heard him nn thai teres on that lua
srheni-" was ingenious, then- s n . lark of
ohjctlntis of ihe muat fundamental chaiacier.
. was. we fcrlieve, at the n-g iepmj
m 'hat Captain Fit roy and Mr. Robert S.a.
Iihensoii bo'h expie'aed Hiem-elve-, in lenn
note or leas derided, mlver-e to ihe pivjecl.
O her (public bodies and m ei i g- were ad.
dreaaed wnh very much thn eame reuli.
Mr. hrney then marie his nppe ir mre tie
fnre the Brtli-h A-ioci.ition. nl i's, lale Ips
wich meeting, and hie erheme iheie under
went a searching discuseuui, ihe nnie of
ivhich was moei saiislaclniy- p believe
that it ha.l ilieefi- rl ol pi oductr g a coinp'eie
j change m tl
sent mniti ol Lapta n rntroy
nd Mi. 3 nnd .hat bolt, ho-c em-
merit hu lim mips are now coin in-ed of the
practicability nl the in eiptne. We under--land
also that Sir Roll, ru k MiirchiS'-n, ihe
Preaiilenl of Ihe Rr.yai Gengraplncal S icikI) ,
having surmounted soma earli mi-giving- as
m Ihe snundnees nl the pr. j- ft. rendered most
material B-itnnce lo Mr. lnto'-y in his
laler proceeding - in this count 1 1 - A i d w hilst,
on Ihe one hand, 'he siippori ol t' e iiio?t ;i
tlt'g'i shed ecn nl lie nu ll ri'iea ha- Ihu- been
accorded to his scheme, il has be.-r. (lu it h;,.
preciniedht capitltis nn tne oilier. Oir-i
(" the r. qui-'le meatis in temi , , ol c,,tiie,
f r crt e-ioii(iiu grants of pat ' o-ipai ion in
' he ti rob I- nl the ent- inrise ha t e bten made
jliiittl several q iirteis; I-r, in Hi- present
inienf the o. -gmi t nun. wi:h 'he American
j Congn ss, thet h ve nee s-an y h'-eu itecim.
( erf. Such offors are, however, of gre.ii mi.
I put lance, us indicating ilia i.i.itn im ni ih. sa
I w ho, leaving to other he j biltopb y and ihe
I theory nf the il' lie r I n k ng murem tbrm-e:vp
mainly wiih is prsclical ti.e. Has a coinmer-
ctal eprculation.
We have in- re than once a nideil to tne
,,pP(lm, , h ch n i I not nn-woii ,h v a.
; t(p tl) r a z " o"i ii r. ' W ni-i.i t '
; n heme w iihin ihe L"i
il er! -
c;m., niience of Ihr pre .-rt up lion nf -.! "i
I ... ija .U- .-. I -lie
M chigrin, and on H-e b-'t i f c mil V whn-n
in th't rgi,,n, iu rl loriu i to- eastern t-
; or, t,t u-
word, i's e.i
-f ih' se ;n rl-
Ill th
i ,or(, nppropr ta'i
-j'ie orcunation
I- pn er e
wnh greal rnptriilt, ar d Mr W In net
believe, prppand 'o fl ol tha', tiv '''-'a.
pa the hill of atiihoi z -tn-n. th - (. ,.i
lias in t tf rt depnv d ua 1 1 if . he u
grahting Ih" rrq-i's
for cat rt inn out 1
ne e i s
.1 Irii
ftowever, '.tiere eioi rem
hell of country nu ihe I! i i-'. ei ie ' i ' '
fr.iniier. Ii is cer'a n t H'e in-e c --o. "
tnaile Ihrongti that tprritort ; ni.'t '',. -i
M1.rlrBn fCh
fnrli we havp a-t ei ie.!. I-,. 1
tne should fail the a -c " n
liiiis . ff-r. d will, we trust. In culy i'"n 1
ed. Theie is nn q."i i-.n o' nun nai r-v v
in this matter. Pli-VI'b-il I'lat ih" line ;
made, it is of ilt e conn qo.-i c' lo-tlu-i o I"!
coitsi rucled wiht . Ihe A trier ii'ati or iln- l.'!
tiah bord'-r, or by Ame-tcanor 5 n-'i-.i.
lleis. Whal we want is the rail-tat and -ha
hrarly co opera'ion of b.-:h nniiors in mik
ing It. This is emphattcatlv "he o: i'-tj
winks which are for ihe who'" wm'd nh.1 i r
a.! lime which Pie too g-gantic in tite r
ii lojeiice. to become !l.p mete ttoiei!y n- miy
single nation n -I even of empties -nrh i
I hose f tch i bey the laws if i i-e Ferera ; io.
pubhc nr bear allegiance m the H ti h C" v i.
Mr. Whitney las recently returned '" A -me
lea, leavinj the great i-roj.-c to which h
II is devoted htmse fina posiinm, so far aa
regards tins country, wi-ich mus he h;g .v
sati-factort to the friend- of p-,.gies- en-t o--provettteiit
nn both sides nf i he tiititic. He
came nmnngsi us a mo-l n s'ranger, a .'
w as pet haps not f niireiy de v out of t - .use
jud ces and apprehensi -rs which ate p tv-.
lent in Aineiican s-cieit wuh rcl'-iet r-3
E .g't.h
1 1 e.t men!
i.f Iran-ai lam ic sctuiiics enterprises. He s ,on c-a-ed to lie a
s ranger, and he hn carried n-ck nh hint
the itiost aliui'U'in' lestim uiy 'hat neither the
ereniion nor ihe s piort of E igitsiimen
withheld from men who. 1'ke him. pieeent
tbeniselve as Ihe honest, stru-
,r a rd.
' nnj ,,,,,, ;!,,,., renresen htives of pn-j-ct ll.-t
ar(1 su,icienlit S
exami iail"n. II-
ltd t.) susi.i ii a iliorough
- can repor, lavoi a bi t ol i tie
, country. e c'l tell ins con nrt men
(i.g ,f e nat e had a somew it .1 I u ger in-
,,0B experience loan the r own R-pu lie,
f how no signs of semlitt ; and, in parttc.iUr,
lha, we 8re u, f (r as p,',,i,-e (,,,, p. n,u
fictent in libit H eptueciate ..nd l.w.
,cr grrBl an dirirg eiil:rpn. wh.chis
,,,,,. ,( ,v -ujieifi"i! nh.ervers t.v
h-J- ng most . xc'ustvely I., inr I'niiert S-at.,
and tu be the dislioct te teatine . I the Amt i-
c, charac'er. I! it be can te i l en inoia
,k, ,i,,, il -,,... -,,. tl .. .,.i ..r.
,ec, ,rulh , ,, H,. re is in tt is country no
,,.., ,,f n, ,,it,v i..waid i em : mi
Be refer, in proof i f tins, to ihe lecen-
lloD which we Ii ive git en to his pri j'C, and
to the cordial inieresi which we have maiit-
'pst.d 10 the succces . ( an a k'ti hy
which their we fate and out own wcu d ba 4
hktf piotno i d.
"GREAT ri.ATF, ON Tt-'O VI F 1; Y
Ho -per, I, I Ihe Cba.l'b'"s T ib.nn-,
he foil wirg Moiiiegoniei v nciJ-, 1 li
ra ive nf Ihe potency i l ch m p. 11 e :
; "A f. lend ol our from an m p- c
was al a night 'n.iie given In ifo- t ,;..
the S uiberu 1! He. Altei te-i..i,''
pretty much over, he lo.o-il hi 1 .1 -it 01
hurricane itei k in a sia e o! h-aiiiule.
' concluded he'd go un to ln loi'gi' g-, 10 '
; the most iudeppii-lent u,a- n-t in ig - ,1,
1 wa'ked straight across ihe u.u"..'il..-si .10. 1
i wheel-house, and immediately for- -d h.ios.
'uckity iinnuM) nn a pr.e of sa'i sack- mi
wiiarl. Ha uiimviiiniw e-xc a-.-..... u w
1 I'i introduce a bol tu m-irrow i- o, . t i
' d d learners banister i.'r :.. 1 a-va'
Great pUce, Mot-'jomet t : "

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