North Carolina Newspapers

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(ftJJ0)lf tilt
ami reviewing, by tin; light of
1'lioi'iH ktoiih. ' memory, the scenes of my youth. Sit lierc
:,- - - by mc und I will tell you of the- pa.-t."
- j ' Mury gladly obeyed . She bad often
, ' , " 1 hi! MS: I wondered ut the cause of bur father's liad
Tin NiTlli-t'amlina V 1 1 i will be iflVirrfcil to ' am holy musings, but refrained from que
mUirilxr. at TWO l( il.l.AldS hi iiiv;m. c, or xunt him. lest she. hlmuld five him pain.
TWO lH,,r,AKS A.NI) FIKTV CEXTM H-y.lx haa eaWMiu ,y , M.Jas.
pouring into my beloved mother's lap toy twined a beautiful
v.riidh of wild-flowers 'iu upon her bosom. Ki!eii.; npj!i- . I J J.' I.' .v I.' f, ,
uriaut curl as kI,o Hal at his feet, Dr. Lee
nit li" ,li..Vid (ut three moiit li.i, mid '1 lllil.H
fvi 11 t. VI!-! fit the end ft' tilt veal:
A(lv.rliI.iN1eitHi,)1rl,!-,t()i,.,.l)ull.,r,-.r.M,r,r,. commenced his fiiiij.le nanative.
(IS Inn- nr bb", tlm sued type) tor (! tir-d ia. r. ; " My early home, ' said he, " was in one
timi, i.nJ 'J.') cent fur r.i' li cuiiliiiH ali i-. I 'nntX ad. of tin: sw ei test vales of New Kngluud. My end h, rilK'.. S ,h . -li .ru, .1 ,.. r pa,-;.. ,. j , i t . .1 che small but beauti
ctiit. Iiii'lu r ! anil a ut iht tent, will f , .... . i i . . i I ,
11 ,u..- !.,.. the rKi.!..r t,rl., r l.v J"1 U'U: " I'" 11 '- he. e ec , ded
Il. yc-ir. AdverliM iiiriiln inserted monthly nr "in tli'J tumult ol tile World He lived liap
unrt fly. "t S1! per wiii..rc l'.ir fjeli time. S mi. jiy in each other, mid enjoying the bouiiiies
uionllily eei.t- r iu.ire ( i e itli tune. . t,j- ,..t(ir,, j.K 'i,1 uil contented hearts.
) All li Iter relative t i the Kditnri il l. i.-,rt.
n,,.it imo-t be ilirird il lo tin- l-.mi. r. Ami ull I, t. "' link tliro.ili tli.-i-limiii.; vii-t.i ol'yearp.
I Hi' .rj. .mm' J"'1 4, IU1I-.I mrvr.. i' '.i.llU. V- Wljr -r-ii-lfri:." -"ri f.
trtj to tile' l-uWliilcr. All leH-rnllill.t lie p..H.p.i . '-'lie I In- I.eniliMll K.I. r. ot ,mu Miiu.y Ojinie,
m- ti,e Wlllw.1 l- Iteml.-.l to. ,' All v. r-n. t i. ll.e wide w; ut
or ttiey will lwl
flj I'il V luelits rill lie lil.'i'lt' tnt Uli' r.
3 f l,(.tmaif!'-rs Rri- ini'le n.t-d i i t ' -
KO IHfc i V ft 1 K I M-Mmi k.
Tin Dull and I lie Locomotive
py iv-s.
In n r r of nifri'v neidii --i
llfln. d tie e.'i r llie uriy ;d. Ill
il 1 1 in niiireT, lilt in K.diM i.,
T.ii.n'iJ liin li.s-.hy t il sod i'r;li .
W, ! vt t the mi 'li uieiir r I -
Ol' the p.ttire flit! til' ksne '
An.) In; rnit lii l iiol tn l. rulj
(ivt lu t .! a v. i'li r iiij.
it i
W41. li- tut m-Iin-tt!. f --.! (hi
t!' th! ilnn'. i nf r'le
V.. h. t;. I the (re 11 nil. I !mi-i. d
III . .. il feotme li. Ill t h.ul, '
V lie IH.I the i. I .11, J . Ii.... II
I,. I
V Ik- net the odii.,r t . n
(if tu'i I nil. 1 It' 11 Iheprtiii 1
J ji . file, a m! tti ;l j i 1., it ;
I.ik In-. ! it. 1 w.'lii l t:iiit
P . rl .-. ..W.rly ' t I tV f.e It,
I! - he h-n nr ehrl-h'iriK r! I reti-.
V l. ii, tin n meiit linn ti ' :f ptr 1 1
H 1 v. ' ". ht -.til "I' .i...k! sml ti.;
. Ml .!. I- Slid t.i- I'. 1 :f ill -pj;. r,
i lirmiMh tiir n, .d'.viK fiiFliiei' i 11
" l!:ie!l ' . : ' .IJ b-f.f.- We retif-d t i - i k i' m 1;. -t!.- f - :'iii r-d b-f ehiblreii
;i 1 .'it I .r, atid I e e!t in I : . i I -1 , while
-lii is" l.t 11- t 1 pray, and bade Hi feme m
I . r r -';;tli-r in beax.-ti. and t h-n our Voi-
e. - j. 11,1 d i it h hi-r- in a k.ii;' of t':ti--
T,-'. .a--ed ur, lit'- until 1 Ind attained
ni t i lit li 1 1 a r, lie 11 a 1 han.o l.e c ame -ra-
lu.ill; i -1 1 ( - in our .l-aant al.ude. My
f. it'ier -1 'loin riturii-d at ( veiling to bfin
'-ladia .-- to our heart Whole d ay" .:-ed
and we cliildiun did not M e him exeejit at,
llie in .riiiiiLf 1111 al, and then bis eomlui t
as Mran-idy a!t-re 1. lie often -poke an--L'rilv
aiel unkindly and ri pclled all our ef
("iti to pleas-e. We bliev-- n it the fan-'-,
: and vainly Mroe t-i tliiek it: what inanm r
' off, ii.!, i ,rin. My "lear n. jtl-i-r
: was often mi. t and s,,. vjuid -iylj deeply
and pre-s her hand up m in r beutt, as if
; a pain v-ere ther..
' At last .tin,' M-i-n t was revealed. My f.i
thi r came li-itne one day in a :tf nf in
t xieiitioii and erui lly t:-at-d u- all. 'i hiii-s
1 -. n w ! :i it v Bi.rse and wor-e. dir (''iniifut
: e as -. Id on- j.iee- alt. 1 i'.vi n
. iiioiln t 's piatio, v. Lit li w.- all iov. d so v -I',
Weill to pay a d bt r f f'atoi i - 1 netinj
I j, l",,li.i di bt which illicit h:ie been a
jv -i'li'd. M . tin r wept vbeti it wa- taken
a'vny a: 1 we b'1 ! 1 -n w ept, t i e
I ' -! slriH never dan-.' t 1 id in'i-i- aiin,'
'jaij 1.1 V oldest si-t-'i-, ( ! ra.-e. ' 1 low u- .-.hall
H.i-s 11 at et i-ni 11, w 1..-U m.ithi-r sins ii,r u,'
said l,-:id!v, 'I'm a'ftiid ii.aniio.'i v.oii t
an;, I.e.' wl.i-: r- 1 lilt). Ad:i ; ! . ,
. l'erliuHiidt how I nit- ai d -i-k 'hei-! f Mi.
wages when the month should eloee. llow for yon," ai:d. she iajfuily plated it 011 her , od ami ,-catcd hiiui-vli' by her fide,
interminable those f.nir v.eelcs seemt-d, yet t-i-ter'-brnv. ! ' I " V-011 weep, dear (irin.-e," said he, " initv
' they at la-t rein-lied tin end, Treiublinir, I "llow well it l-lcou 1 s jou," the pulil, ' I not know your sorrow t May I !, nn - s-i'i i s M- ! 1 : :
asked my employer for the i".im I hud eiim- laujihing in cliildi.- el e, ' uu look like forth claim the privi'ejjf of hiiriii ynir Am-. it.. lb- pi r- t
vi. With n conttiiiittioiH lul ha inform-' the iiymu in the fairy t ie, w'ith your Ion; ericis and m-i l.iny lo asstui;,' them ; Miy i-h i.t j : : . . i, - 1 -
ed nie that my fatle-r had called and obtain- ringlets tlotitin-r in lim wind. Cotne e!o-e I 11 t eall Voti trim: my c-nl!- bride" -!m ,, ,r : , ! ,
ed tiie aniottnt. ' lie is spendiii-: it at yon- Co the water and viey t ii..-lf. ;,Heii ; here !te drew tiic t n -iiiljli ir tit I to his heart, aud h 1 - : ' ' I
der tavern no doubt,' he added . as he turn- is a mirror lit for aiij.w 'ti," ami fin i!r : tears llow ed unre-traim d i y. JJat .---on . .. ,
ed li'ojn me. And he wa- right. ' licforu le r to the brink ojf tl. rtreani. t-hteLiny her ni"tiuii, :: aro ,: to her f. -t ,'. - ; ; .....
night my hard earned wages w, n- all eon- As they heiit over'to t ..e at the n il. eted 'l"'l Jooiied 1 amclly i.i l,i- bi-iii.;,, 1 se . ' .., ; ,,.
suiiied, und my lather returned homo in a ;,.,.. 1 1, ,.,..., t. " ,,,.1 : , .;., " 1 on ) im; I .-lie .-a: 1, 11.-11,1!:.!,;, ... , -.; ; -. . ; ,
date ol'int. citation. I -hastened to my mo- t r.-aiu it Ada It h r balance at, d w;is " JOU love me f e l.n-elt';:! ' I ha .- nil - .... : : i: ' oi t i.
1 1.1,1' I,.::. ' - ,11
i 1 1 1 ;i. w bom
.!!..- v! V . . , - 1!.. . a"-
t !' , , r- '.. 0 1
it 1. - 1 . , ' . :'
my riiiif? ehoithl lie gi eii to my mother, ,.,ji(j She had vuuk. but as hl.oro-e a -iiiu' "ent to many you. uih! tlnii bring tij.on on- , ;.
aud I toiled on with renewed mei-v. and her hair lloated imi on the water?' he 1"'alJ u ,;"l"'r 8 ,',"'!"- 1 N"' ,'"r " 1 i:-!t 1
" The smi'.iiier and auiiimu pass,.,, and caught her and bore her to the shore. you hayo cy, r n.ct p .,.r i.raee . u,. n,:. . !; , .
Che course of my father vsn- downward. Cracu threw herself upon her knet-s, and -,''tl"" '''-' w'Hi '-"'! 1'l;lt ' "igbt b-e r 1 . 1.. ' ' ...
1'ew who knew him in other days would with teats cf gratitude, thanked fiod received your addr.-.-.-es ; once L wa-n t a'- 0 : a :''
have recognised him now. Mother ami sendino; him t i deliver her si. ter from death, : 'omed by the wi-rbl once 1 was i.ot a i-h f-ri.-n-: it n-;. .'
(iraee shuduered at the fearful change, and atid as' tl.ev walked slowly to the house, .-up- 1 drunkard's daught r, but now -' and her -I,, iiMi an. ,- i.:-.
Ada grieved sadly over her lost father. porting the tremblititr Ada, Ik r looks j voice was choked w ith sobs. TI- -i- .(.-..'..:
She had almost idolized him, but now she pressed her tliankiu'iiess to the "onerous ! l-"gene slrove to romb.rt her. I K .-trove I,.- v -., hi. ,-. i: a :.i I'l-mii In t,.ii..i- iw 1.. f ,.iti. ; vniiil. l',,p s,,i.. r (!,:',.,.,.,. ' to change la r resolution. Ho declared Chat let , s , , i . j, -
edh.rlrom n,y inni.),t heai t. She was a iira.-e often caught h-r'self thinking of him tould bear all that late could inlliet if limi.i.-.t,- 1. and t......
eon hi bo t l-n. th 1 "ere 111 inai w luioiu ner wea.ln Wouni eaiied til- 11 la- i;ii,
.she w as passionately fond of learning, yc-t ; she learned from oi,e of the iilag. r, that j P"'"'"'' 'M " ' ll!tl1"- .;ut f-lie was l-rin 111 Iht t-w.r any lie
Ins lathers will, ilji-voiii, m
,ith his heart weighed d-v. 11 I
lis father hoard with b libt
.. I
tner to tell Iter my sorrows. She tohleu me .,ri;t.i,itaCed into the live-. With a wild erv v;' :liUl ' :,l,''n "" )'""r llV
111 hi. r anus and whisncred sweet words of ..r .... i- , -. . 1... .. 1 am noor and uiikuov.n. and vet ou
I ill - ---- ui U-Oliy ,.J I a- 1; WHS joeiuini.i; 1.) i.iiijijc III - -
etieoiirugeuieiit, ami when I returned the after her when n ,-n r ' arm -eni'v 'Iri w ",0 t not deny that you have my i
next morning to my tusks Kelt strengthen- .r ,aok' n.i ,0'U. ,'" l,',d been read- ! tiolis that it wo ild'iiiake m,.' thehappi.
I'll and revived. M v cuitdovcr listened to : .1. ... '.1. . 1 1 1 .1 ! m. n tals to shave hti-'s (-cet'ei v. it 11 veil. I
, - . , ins "ear mem, - . i 1 "i;ueaieu oy ine . ,, , . T
my eien ain-it iiii'l t-roiuiw-a ili'.t lu lutur-j ,iii,ci,iri.ll's.r'ffli!!,r iVicti...i 4 ' M"wrt M.,i- I l.ui
if in t h. r -la
t . aiai
ntnai i i
.1 , tr k, .-I t
he .. a ' 11 . .' laiht .
. r " I h. r a -j r..ti .
If ,a .'( m . i a wlsli Oi I t.
j, ,1 n i.i.,-.. i.i 11, 1 Ii s,iiO l,.u.:U
I ; ... - I-.-.
, l in.- til r- -r il jir. ally '
' II. t - !" r I. irk :
- An 1 I t I v f. ir I
Oa ij ll.e ti JUL' r "i.a tiir
I 1 : .. ' ' ' ' : I'--' i"
h --: i s w;'a , . r s t - - i . , 11
I 11 il . .,! la. i.-r I ! I t' ..
I! I '.i Ui- iimp-t( t 's tra, K
li.l 1 1 vc s't :l U' l!'l,a c .Hi, .
I I, ii can hoe, l-iht- 11 'd, 1,1, k :
s. a ' Jl'.r th- la '.lll' tl (
l.i rims o'i r tin- ft tt.nt 11a .-.,,
Ai d la- - . tli- o il 11 . '.
li rr, l i.r ..til lie .il inl ! -I
i f th, ir I. . ii 1 a t: 11' .Old V a.lil,
!l .1, I til" t !!- la ria ,1 rr.. .1 :
.N...t., In- hrtd h. in, I ut tti. I il rn.r
A a. I in- iu-tl' .-ry lam!.
1 ; .', I..- a ut up I " ' 1 il'i- e,
S',1,. ki d ti e 0 nii - ii liism I l.-tlli j
I ril !. iied i th. I" rd -f hull, m I.,
. .i thi y madly .pill, ri d , t! -A.I
hut otic, mid tl.-, -lir .-iiiiis,
.V.i.l-lil loit : it'i ' ill ti rr.- I., i i id .
II i. ill .aoeil. r. -r. as h. fin, t .' sh.II I r ho. i f-i,i - ta id.
Th rr lit tam! -, mid ut tia ,. ;aii.
in' lo i, i.a di ill la ii ,
Ji.. r. la- w itii triiiiiiaii-Hit fii'y,
'- .til A hfrtst lli.'t kll.iws Il'i t'' ir.
Mi. 1 . hi- down l,is ii dili-,
till fail. spit r- I i. Mill
lii tl i Ik t ik( s tie I. .
I' lit ' Ih- h,.ni 'im- huii.
V . I I t il W II Ml' fl . al K il St' r
s. .1 I . I aa... H - '- '
W ... -I . -v. . ..Oi. - ! . I n a .
V. i! tii, I -..! I h r. i 'a
In li.,- ii..-. .0' lla I I'iitiiins'
1.1 li, (' tWiIiiili id' l tli-lial.t
II", . t -a t at i If '!.-.
li. I n .a, - it. la r I 'I ' I
Ma f 1'no 'hi tin r ' il '.
S IV I'll- ' H ' . i'l" li t I " -S
. i.i n .ill in r..s til. -!. i l- -.
linn. hi ir iil o t I'-k w is la.
S.-v hi, f rut in IV Kin h mi;
V he i.!!v V 1 d l.t I In HI,
(ti l i hi , " I minim- faair r- ,
Hut voir ,ripi, in I r-ii.aiiiii.
.an..; i.a n all. i in n v an nr- una r- e
) . mi n n wl'ii in v . ur p
I'linl vailrti" -Ii-litii!
'I'lioh ! t a-r. 's lo l !. ii in hi., 1. 1.
Il u'n- w !, v in'. I I'nii and 1 1. r It.
I'h.vv. Vt ni, !y r. a ;, d ymi nr. ;
Ni ', r. on i.iiv (ir.'Viii .it. ..a.
Halt iie .im -t u r.oli" ,d i 'C,
I'l.mi to- N. it.:; in-
ur run
Dtsolatius Influence of I"tcinpjrance,
I! V Mil-- li. l.ttuMi-s.
t il M l I K I.
Illli fAIHKtl ANl I'Al l.lrt'tdt lllh MAI'l'V
Hi .M K sAli i ll.lMil a
" My heart i tilli d v illi lull, r im in-ru
lid Itnllll Ullll VIM.IIli' el the (lift."
''t'lo c the blinds, Marv, and draw the
sh- ela.-pcd her tit.v l..iiai-, whi!
p-a'tn-d like r.iin ov. r h, r the. i. ..
" in !- d -r.,w p ,1- and k-k.
f ,r -hi- w as sinl ia i.tnlir the cruel h
which f.ltller's r olid t had given In r. Ha
ha I tlcVi r bei-ll uccn-tauii :d li Ulii.ili itr: -S
1 jt I )...!.... ti.j i 1
liut at b iit!,. by a str-.ti.- iH-rt, sin-ro'l-i'd
hern It and 1 i"itia i h-' rfi.l again
fr h. r ( ir- '.aki . 'fl at whi-h we
bad I .nor !' .r. ' at 1 i ! "i,- n i; -', "tr
b.-auli! ii li 'tin.' wa- ..! . and " - liai-t re-
lliuVe tl-lil il. ( hit IP vv re-id la'" W - !'.
iiiih s away m nr a " uh.iis v S--U--of
us knew w hat kind o a ! - - it w as. I can
h it dc-cribi' th" parting fumi .mr d.-ar homo
how we wandired over the gar Ii n, as if
t bid far, well to . very tree and shrub
how wa- wiptmcr ni rv n id; and bi.wai'
bal' ivved by -.j many pleasant n.eui. ri-s.
1; w i- a '.in I v A pi i! nioi niti w in ti w o liirn
( I i. or I o upon I'a; i, , oi. b it lv
.tvtiiii'" Iiked :! and g! any. '! i.- i
was no mil. nly in thi tones ..f th- 1 ird
in beauty in the ruiisliiint fir ti-. At tl,.
( lose of three hours . .it r v.-hiid drew up in
front of an obi fashioned wooded re. build
in.; which an air "f th datioti atcl
gl ' ' li : o ! th 1, 'I eiiiiavir
( nil thi- plan, h' and my '":ir- flowe-l
af'ii'-h Adawijt t a and m -ther tri-d
t . i'.ui-"!.' u-, ' Il d ir-n t b -k . ry pi i--an!
lew,' sad sh.-, 'but 1 thiui A- e ni do
a feat deal toward improvitnr it I u s, (
that beautiful W" -ibiiic, l-'erdia ' y et -hail
train it over the p Teh ; and look. A la, ih ar.
there are r.e-tr-es uiid.-r th'' wind , us.
tintee, In r- is a nice plac for an aihor
with a tin-view dawn tl - l.v. r. I'll, we'll
Uial.e it 1 i ik like a ill.'b la l.t -p t in .1 f-V,
v -. k-.' Matha-r'.-. -1 1 1 1 1,- vv as c .itt a j i-,'t-, and
w- sini!, 1 t ..i in -pit of our s.ifi.iw. Ur
Wi re - -ii -ittli d lu our al-ni.', and by nn
i i at-i it care and ind a - trv sin at cd. d in iJ v -in
it a l 'k of c .ml o i. irai-e .serubl.ed and
-ir- I on ill In r litll- dciicate band- grew
i bi "Vu and uiil.i'! v lil-.e. Sh- aiT'incd
the tlll'lillufe 111 Che til-'-! t.-l-lefill
inaiiiii r and hung whit- drapi ri' - over the
window. Ada aud I planted flowers and
weeded tin' L'.'lfdell, illld mother ! . II -ii'' I hi r -s.
,1 in a l "l' a , - ,. knailn (o all.
father had mi. d a phi.e :i- . h r1: oi a
-t a-at th. viiia.'-. I'..! s..i,ii vv.ei.s iitti r
'ir rein. - al be t turia I liune i v i ry ci', sub. r and kind. 1 1-sc. m.-d t v -ri-v-.vii'..iir
cliiina,' ,,f 1 a I line a lid I i t,iat
tin' pa t. and vvet"ii'll v h ped that al! luilit
be Well iiiiin. but bill. its of inteinpi rani e
once firmed arc ti't easily broken. Itwn
li d buig etc he iclap-ed again into I. is sin
till courses and broiiht sorrow to u- all.
'I'h. oi. for the lir-t lime, we knew what it is
ti want. Poverty was ours, and many a
s, ai.ty no al wa- part al. li el in sil, i n - - and
,-.idne-s. I til -mined to 1 c no longer a
burden upon ley mother and liraia, who
were I'xertiiiL' Cliem-elvc." to tin' ptein-t by
I akin; ill ncedlewoi k 1 enlreati d that a
siliiaii'iii might be procured for me, where
i mi-hl earn my livelihood uml eutilribule
ln I. i bio aid In libt. -n their bib-rs. My
111 ut li i r was grieved to be under the liecc.-st-lv
of partino from me. nml placing me with
straiu'i n at an ao when 1 mo-t rcipiireil
In r cilti cl and g ii l.'l - -. but th'.-.'e Was
no alt. i native.
"A pbieo as errand boy w as procured
f.,r me at a croeciv stole in the village;
and 1 entered with alacrity upon my duties.
i int i'mm. We m II -t rluit out, if po-sibli', even y ciliplover was a stern, cold-hcarti
In' onnd of the nniatiin wind, ' siiid the in- ma,,, 0veru in his manners, lie secinc
.'Ha of ('electing ti
... . "V to. ii i ni''
gentle coijliditi' creature, lovin and pure, 'and wondering who be cou
Mie was passionately loud ot learning, yet ; she learned from ot,e of Che illagi r, that I "l ' " ' .;uv mi- ui nun inner Mv,r any more iii-:ti.i:
with no means to t-.-ttt.sfy In r de.-tres. 1 he Mie was the only chil i of a v.cailhy lawyer , 1,;ulv - "e wotini ism wen nitu inrain-t r-l ciimh-.I ; but lite f -ii w
anl nous labors i, mother nnd t.rae- ,.;t tiu-m ' who bad retired irom i,ii-iness, to spend the i "lB 1,11 1:11 . 1 '"' J"1 " '" tin prt.-..ii r- cm hi I - ja, i.i... ;
no time to b.-Civ upon her education n liiaiiidcr of his lif amid the seclusions of . "i'h his heart weigl ed d-au l.v sorrow. lri.-hm.-u. f. r r!.. v v.- i,t.'-i, th i: li
it It delLht she hailed the opining- of the ; the country. His iae maniuii was -itua- (" ""' "lUl 1 1 '"' ''- r. b -w. v. r. ha a
ii!a:;e c'ho.l. and nleadcd so carnestl v to ! ted in one of thai i,i-t d.di.rl.tfiil s,.,.,,,.. i of my st-ter, and secretly admired her h.r i ,n nty-tiin - In f. r- S.-.u
be allowed to atteml ic that mother could ' where he was surrumded with all that.'1, I'l',T'i" '' ''' his .son a t-ur aia-. Th--. w. . - :- ; .-. : : : . i . t' . a ' -
led d-nv h.-r, iilthoiiuh tin.- way was long ; wealth could bc-tow He w.i, rcprc-eucd '!, tthieh for some time bad 1 ...c-pn-. m r- and ! ' n I -r d .. ' ; , t...
and ti'ii'.-ome. Ada darned with j-v at as a stern, proud mat,, who h.oUd with con- '" 1 '" eonti in.hited. but since llie f'.-t tie. t di.-patehed f . Kn'.and til, in a
the pro-pet before Inr. M first when 'she tempt upon the labo-ino poor, but his .oir"1- ,,!,!, ,;n"''- 1 ''!,rlJ' --I'-'i'-""- JU.t chey lad go w.ti .-'; ;t ha 1 n,.'-
i.t- red th- crowded school-room she was ; was totally unlike hi.u in every resj.-t-i't. ed I y Jvi. n-. '1 he youth wa- p.-i-sve. warm d the Ih-iti-h ;-iit !-; I:!--- th:,t he i
bcwilder.-d, and h.-r henrt bounded and fl ut- ; ,'racc ,-ighed when -!. heard that tiu yum "'' "' ""w t0 li"1'' "hiih-r he surely av.-nge the d.-afh -i' cv-iy man th. y
C-rcl, f-.r marly all were stran.c,v, bat the ' .-traiiger was wcahhy. yet the scarcelv'klicw ; v,e,,t'. "'V1 "l"''-"!.v nr,1'l,"-:('"!,'"''s "('r" "' '"'ed Co ley iol.-nt ban.!, in , i,. by a t r-
teacher's voice w ii.s L'eiilk' and .-.on re-as- ' whv. The mM time that she rambled f , 1 l',r his d. pat hi: e, the .r..ul lather hap:!. ri! le reirii titi-'ti upon f'u- li.--t Kn-J-:: oi-
s tired h. r. 'limi.llv the look, d liami face -h," involiint aril v t,a I: l r w a v t. , t ri that he would red i ll Ciired of hi- f.."!i h . m r-. tlt-.t sh-nl fall i I to hi- la: i.d ait .
j - .....
ti I'.ie- t o cat, h s auie sviiipatliizin glance, and a - -!,- .-to., 1 gai:. dr-.iu.ilv i:p an tie
1 ut ail looi,, ,i colnly upon her and seemed spot where aha had -, .. n him r, -.!., t!io
' h ve for a drunkard's !au-ht. r. lie v. it. i - -hai! I lib.
' iiia.-. never to return.
nice -IX llaOitl
low llafh-
I, 1-
-a 1 i a - , a a'h :'.;, ! Ml tli'l-I L'e.a.
-1 !y -I i.' a- ..,,.. ii .i.r, ! ii,,-- y . .
v i '., : i-aia! aia ill :i'i i'a g!' liideov
t:.ii:;.' i : tin' ( ana la shore. Soil r.
!. li t I,- your iat-ntion t i. , ,
h-.i' v sb "-!'! huvw lift prom pled
' I' ll in- i,.y -w I ' I i I'll. -l u 1 Sil-a'i -;
: iy r. l e;a ' : '.- Ill !:: -li ',.'ii,el, an i
. 1 vi - : -. ' a. '1 his .-alio c 1 -.
ta'a p pri-. a. r I v S .-i i;L I t
i . !' i. "i id- t fl :: t ui- i.t t ij . .
.. i- : a !": . i.i tie- r t , . -:
I ..a . . ,t ed y o't ail a; , 'i .
a I.a v '-'- i v !n la:c'l nie wil ': i.:rt -
"U la'ii 1: .vv vi, v the 1'Vii- il. :'. i
ie '. I'. lid.a.i- ; l y.,;;r , i-ufe."
,!l's I.KAIl.s AS KXl'liliniu;; TH lit Ii l.i.'-i.-ToN
lit.!., I! I's AMI V'lIUs..
r. I- ii... . -.-'i-.r ti. I..... .,r r,,rt.
. .': ui-!:, .! a. id
: lilitj a:e
;r i,- I ' v t '
'!. . ,' i.aa.o.
i: .lib.,.,. I.
!V th''
h-r' apparel. In-tinctive- : drmv nin - Ad;,, whit was her 'surpri'-e to"""1 P1""""1 hvu ,K'Wi! eame of his death, full;- h b-pc In- f r v.- fb-t!! s. ...
r child hid her rag. d shoes un- ; behold him til i-e by, -m a bovv-r of t-V( r- ! .- 'ieep tiielaneholy had s. tiled ttp.;n his pr...-. , .1. ,1 at.-i.-o to Wa-h:rt ti. ,in I
'I ia
'"lit v
I. I 1.. r ure.-s, a no the tears came t r. iui Una; greens, where Willi la- (,... l;s a ml Jlutc, he """""'"" '"" '"" ." '"-i" ., .n in.- p ..:.' -, m .. .a .,
in In r eyes. At no.ti, win. n th- iila, -id, was spending the -ua. t hour, and' ap.'!"1,ik l"'''"1'' if' "'Urnmriii-- It- r r. t.diate a ibiti-b p.i- .. .
.ti,. ri about the stoic inid at th-ir liicii- proach the place where nho sta.l. She ' ,,J,,i,e- he avws ot hi-decease f-il like a ..iHrti.-e t. wa-thr-at i. ! t j a 1. . I
tii'al dinner-, boar Ada -at utiiiotieed and turned to kavc ic b.- 1,-.- voice d.-laincd l I'tindprl-oh uj-oii his sfrsi fadicr and cru-h- aain ami -i .pt-r. !. H i : r:
. ... . . . . . . . i ... I i. i ...... i ........ : . 1 1 ........... a i : .... i . i . it, - i i . . .
Il L-Ut a ,,a a ,1 l.f, i.d, t:.-' I--I her. I """ 11 l'" .eaecu-t-..- Iillllscil ( oier - 1 'I p I . ' 1 1 1 y . I! I "l.l.i a, a -., -
- ilial ot i-iri-glug.
i i . t i n -1 . -. : !.;-,-
t" t i;t v
Ji! t!
ti .t entirely -trail-"do
not let in,' in-
' of bein. ti'i; murderer of hi i sou and would id' a maia- la -ii .!,-.-. i t. ,',,!
in. I b,
le shut himself in hi- t. he w al! 1
1,. t
la r in dlnr e .ui'! I .-i .vs. SI." heard whi--' I think Chat We
-is. and knew t!:i y were .-pea!. in if Inr, : ters,'1 -ail h , low
I , i liioiiiiti. d t i In r I r iw a- one I. Trent lev. i i, .. ' - i-avt , th.-r
unkeli lae's dii'i-i.-ar; her . i.j .'. tU e.. ,i : -., !. . l.,',.k ! I "U" 1 lin'"' hccaine hull, hied . and bis I.. ait K ' 'a- ! .'
il'-t s. t in tb- Mi!:,-,., thev bciimii'iil ll... I-,.! r,e. ,.t !.. IM ,!,..' ehitlcjed beneath the subduing ilitlllem I then ciei-.u:,:, a
mt'l ti;!
b" W I-
v i;li tii
iiviiy , m.ii i.t v:
l' a: i:i .' ;i, pen:
and t
- a ' I
I dh.
eo.-lly abode and denied aduiittaiu-c
! ::-!;
f a :'
It is
-a,.' Ada's boson, l.,av.-d and th . Wt lihtwaves, and l,.,w -iotiou-lv tho,c clouds ' f''' -length be seugi.t my fi-l.-r t. ties what he h-.
C-ar- i:i.: p .n-rnig d-wn un oi hi r t ok ; are r.-fiected in the .-Jr. am. Do v.ul ve Na- 1 .''' hr.ivclie-'S l"r the sorrow he had . ceil- ti t'l-y ! t . . ...-,
loneil In r. lie lavi-lie'l ins money up.. .'. ..-a n.i.i. "J-i 1.
I !
.-le- la lit her head "iiT it ti ! h.-r I ill" CUrls tare ' lie c.oitil .1 till'! --t bis . I,,.ia. i.t
bid 1.. r s.:r.-. f. . - eves upon her. ' but' ui, ! ft.ecd lad n-k ; ""' i--'iiv supplied the wants which the p. n ,!t
M -r hit!, si -ier ! ,- j.
...l.. .i... i t .
that V ui an
u.i., r ..f the Le
i- el la el'.oit- were unable to do. fat-. 'I I
i;:t .'
ii-- i
r-'iu: ra.
i.-- f"d .v.. i.i , I o . liiiri s-.f the Iriilh."
her sen it.i ' lain t bi. 1 won at jui-li. t ' e l,'u-1" "' '"" "- ' " -
through the l ai vv inter, aaod -lei I ana mcw , " Shad I play t.
s!e; i.-r-ev, r-d 'and foind Inr wavto ti.e when she -mil, d a
I - d -in.
d tl," p.
d i- a-
l.:.i:i:,i, an .,!-!, . lb r proivss wa- ras id ..a.l -" " ' t:ie I'
a-toiii-Liiiig. !,, . . .-ii, I ail th-. -e of In-!- torn s from ov. r th.. w :
own u.anv who Wire older, and a- The twilLht shadow.-,
a i. wa in-id-d w il li an ' elegant 1 ut lir.-iee h h-d them
1 W! i a .-ib - tr-.,-ure it was '. w r:ij t was she in the
;' mi a r . -wr I. .1 1. I his -old with the She startid a-she ..
i ire, . r bent o' .r it v.illi the delight that gl'-' m. The y oung si: ;.
my -i-t-r did ov r b-r 1 oak. At n' she sioii to attend her I :..
'a'd It under In r l ii! ,vv that, with Che lir,t liii-hed tin- -r-h U a
r i ',- ( i!...ri,in-r. -h .'- ' ' :'' 1 rn-- a ;
t ,
-r ba d 1 - 1
i- ,!,,, ' i " , V-a;. Alter the departure oi i". - ..- i' r Y
, , i . a , , i l .ur. pe -he h id .striiei, d t i I .'i .'-t inn!, ali 1 S" . a . v . : '
lit baeiv ti.e I o il ' . . . , .
had sin e. ed. d a -m. w hat l,i a ,-h.n '.i - oi, t v . : v .' v . t
ni ii r but w lien slit- h-ar . "t c .uir ta-s .. l .. n. .
hi- I -in lv ib a'h in a bo'-iu land that he eoinniaii h r and :;
had died wiili In r name on his lipj. a sad- I', !:i. w . ;n !-. p
lie-- di iii and lixed liiled her heart. J'.aily fiat. " wa- in-;
she vat i a-.i.-iv, and we knew bv tiie Ine- le ov lib, ::; ; -,1 to i - .
i"', lie 1 loom i'f Ii' i' check that coiistiiuptii. ti had liee ii. i ii-:,, d ii
,. .". s was pre-, i-.g t:p. ii her. It was evident th-i! i I I'.-.oii hii.i v, !;ii .
' i ' ' i . . ... i . i .. ... ... . ...
. : t ov. r tin tti.,. ;'!
. ,i, -o C'-u.pict.dy
, - L.t ut in ' in usi".
,.a! th. athering
. r a
. h,
TV I" V i I V 11 ,1 V, 1
ling, he came I .
i! v I . n tie- lion,!!-; ean.e :t n- .-
. t : d.t!v eni d that tiiiii-r h id iak.'ii it tlii-
: a iii'i ;i-t uiied dr.iui, an I -he -ah- to -pen d an our v. ii.ii i
la d in ti.- v, ry I i::, rni s-, f la r s"tli. (irnee lleLioul.t rare liuw.
( ! i-pid h.-r in la r arms an 1 promised to re- splendid ear lens, ii!at
il-ein the book. Ada dried her tears an 1 U in d by beauty an S
t ri"i! t i -anil". ' N i, lo, d, ,-ir I .race,' sai : u.-i fid and ii.;. .a. -iirg
"to f! i:.;. ...Vt .
""" v" ' I'' jet she as',, J ;., - oil I.
! it, V li' V a- le -W i...t e; ll'd ,
-. ! snail li ! -p 11 1 a W i.
1 r in- in that a y . I - ". :
. i'y -it . at it ; ii. i ir a -, v - i
i:..-. t ..." : dm'! tiii .'. arv u-'i- a'',
- a." time a!!, r
. ,r hill: '.-.- h"me
. tii-r and -! race.
ii. a hi- iaiii. r'-
:'.U. e?'h. i -i'.Olaht
a- and '. .! t I
i i v i- its y vi'.-
vv a. 1 1 i i si.,. ii ia. at re-t. an-', cue ti: '.ii-.' ; v-r i . i'i -t
.fueaih wa- i ... ii, i tei in f. ip :- in i - ' .
"I alvi!l met li'icut :i;ain," she whi-- Th. ir j.-v v.
I ere 1 with a radialit -ini!e a- I bent '. .; ti i; be. al".- Ia
r pili"w . " and in heaven there are no s - -
f parting li
til! ti-
.'ly t a'.s f'i-t at tb" l ien
IV.a.ii her. Sli" to"k my h.a. i
It t - h-r lip-.
V-n have la eu :-. i.'i -! br r
-i, -aid. " tmd I I ", e y 'i ;; - ,
can 1 iv e. 1 lit d"U t w.a i !- lu-
r. i
.-i ? hi, 1 .-he hi--i d the t '.!'- fi-'Pi In rsi-- She t- banish t
P r's f.,ee and did n d lie utioii th- 1 '. a- her I omOm. and wi -la -.
gain, (.race, however, by self di'tiial :,b- so oil, n v.. in-,
tain. il a .iif'-eiciit sum to n deem it. an ' And why di.1, be c
Ada'- j-.y and gratitude were unbound, d ." vi,l,h Ada and n.vs,:
other. Hut our niotl
i n i- i i.i: ii.
in i .eaveli.
1 hlhl ''"'"' !ia
V, ia t v
it t In
"-!:i id a l - i' r at eve.
aur -entla I i race. We buried !. :
-fa t where she V i-h' 1 t be laid t!l
a n
evi r i i n
"V, I'l'
r-.ver -ia
("itl'l int wi.-h her back. Hie bad h'i'! u-
'I :
li. V," t'.V. II
had t 'Id her his love for-'ir beautiful Hrac,
: i IT-, t . iiiii i.'ivta- iutv anl his deire (,, u,i(i,,. her his wife, iff
c,, 11 I Will Inr alle.'tlOUs. i o if t a i ilee . lie:
heal i was already his " : i . 1 1 i she In r-i if I Lava -:.,,! !,lil-, f lay lit nappy iatn. r.
vv a - -can . Iy ii wiire ed ti la. t. At length Hi- tiuie wa- :., i!iiy aii -p. nt in the viil...
tin: la w-of his son'.-a.t'a lit I'eai bed the in.d his t anal,- i ai;-n:i.ed in iiit ieali,i
proud father s , :,!'... A; lir-t he d ,a.: ! 1 drinks. Atln-t he iii-.ipi ear. d and li. l
the tl nth of the Mury, I .1 it w as so oi cu- knew wt.ithifhc v.iut. '1 hi.-fate 1 n, v.
e . f
. n-ri'i t i i :
i v-l'il v 1 I- -a: t
, Iv n o .),. ... -. . I..,, ;
saiih-'ltt id. oi' nit: a i r ha s
A r aiilH W llireiiii tiie st-riu."
t, '11 t , V e i
J l;; 1 -
rii ami h in
ip. ning with it- beauty and Ida, on
it- Mii'ing Ian!.- and its gu: I iug wad r.
broiight n i i'liidnes- to our saddened abode
M .'.h, r's health was failing, and the in-
liruaal by the li
pS ...I t ' . .1,1:1.
Tia- old eollld h ..l
Vdii. ib ar foilier. what 1 ecame ",'
I 11 j t.afs fl Un
m;.ii grew pale witii
"Is it tints ton iai.iv ley u; -:.-l: . In i i ' a-Lal Mary, wipi
! i ! ; of ( ! race v, i re robbing Inr caie '. . b.uiiei.e, 1 , i n t.,ini. tin-o! In r eyes.
at. baa Sue. tllui,-.' ! von that bv one r:i.-h a, t w ouid bh aid " li w :i l Aoatntl was tmuKili-r
I' 01 ii- ; .
b, ii'-a I,
-i-t Ms pa-'
:;.U a ! ,
he lv ..f Its r..-e.-:l hue. Swe. C 1 1 1 iliv '. oil that by one ra.-h a, t would blight " li v.a-ol Aoatntl was tuiUKilig l.iy p, ,
II. r ima : i- bef T" in- now. She wa- 1 can- the foad hopes of years, i thought to mi- child, win ti Joii a-l.ed lue Che cau-e ef n.y ,
Cil'e.l. -rv be.itililul. -tI ci.nn t .l.-eilbe y.,u wedded to "tie of y.tttr own stati ,'ti, m- -adue-s , la In d l'r. .-.- , " j r Ad... --- , , ; iM .
I I. r I "v i 'in.
'a 'ire and -pi- a 1 ..f sloojii.- i a d lainkard daiigb-
lle haia d hi- head .,) -a hi band a-
lb i p ihoii.l.t, and Maty tolbofe tiil-!:,.!
him. A gii-t of wind of lu-re tl.aj, ;; - :a
vi'dchc", at thi- u.oiiiea! ili-;aa--d . i
tie' blinds, ami -he ar, e I li -1. i. :i it.
,i... ! ... .!... :,, i. .!... ,i , , i . :
is poor. She is i : i in i i: t i,'. iiii i la r .' 1 ' ' . '. ' ."
K- e'ibl. anl vval. bed with ;.. I . ..!.:. i, ,'l ,i... Iiejr.t a ii.iid- v ;. e n.a'.ing v.iia I..
ri i n il cii -t lu I' I i. e a n nun t i no -.un. i-r . i . ,-. can:
1',,.., dot" true delicacy and rcliuiTiictit. stowed y -mr love
with aln iiri liiled with holy ali'eetieiii and .. l uworthv 1 1
un- !li-h she was worthy f a better share a iiioti.,"reh'
b t. Mv in tin r :: veil ..v. r the sa l f,
tune of
' e tiiat ,,1 have be
v , ..
a- -ii unvv oi ui y ot it.
i r, siie i- w-'.thv t
! WI, ,t ti. -a. .1 -be
ii in i i: t i,'. ilia! I i
t pureha-e. b ,!; : 1
cannot mam ntioth- ";i 1 ,,ci' l"a1.',
I " i atlier,
haml iipau 1!;: j, ne's ''"..g.
1 ..V..,
"i.r in -i ....
il'ti'U a, and ::;:i
a. :.t .,
aa .niaing leaf- the f:n!ii.g of tin color trolu ,,1,1 0f ,.
In r cheeU. I hive (.'race Lei.
" V.ui iiiu-t ti d be so r. iiliued to your ,,,.
ma dle.driice," sui-l she one .lay. " 1 shall The old man laid hi-
lu-i-t that y..ii lanil ie o:i, t r in ine ueios lemlik-r, ittul 1 a. . calmly n, la- lace.
aud . t.'- y ti:" l it'.i- I: Ii : :' ''' : ' The iolence of his ,.., . -,- , al: ' .x
vour bonnet and -o willi -1 .. the river- l, .,,,,1,.. ; ,. d.l M . . ,n I ,
lid,-. It will b. you good and you will be can never conset.l' I ur niairiag- " ith . ' (; ;11 !l'n J ;';;' ' :
1. ....! .) t ,:it fii-,-s,.i,i,' work.-' ! 1- .1: 1 : i. ' Cv n:'.i;.r Mu' l.ii'' "i -vu
1,1 ' - - - --- -Hiii iii, II f;i-i ui,"! i .
ii! t,
n, til
.!l,g f..r h.-r t- n
.-I ; it w a
h ,-,'!-. at: !
-aai he ad-
hi: oV i a. -
leit ii la 1.
b, a,, i: . :. :
Wis I
afraid that I can't afford tin- time, es, and scorn mv co-iu-el. il vmi link your
ti,. ihef ileal'," an- vveied I i race with a faint destiny with 'hers. , .-ueeforth v.ui liiii-t be
Y..U know eai h moment is pre- no longer a beloved --n no bni r the le ir i;,. n l Ml 'i-siri'
a.i. ,i-r. v. i
'- ' i ';' - 1
.'of la I ! ! a' -1 i
; I -si : i!" i -.
cioiis. HoWivir, ju t f r once, 1 think I of my wealth."
I will go ; the -rot u ti. endows look so invi
ting that ti, h ml to re-i-t the t-uil utioii.''
So she lied -ii In r sun-betim t , an 1 with ricil in thought. I
Ada by hi r ,-ii'e. tumble f-n!i. It Was aet in opposition b
Ile turned awav and left Mug, ne to hi-
owu reflections. I r some time ha -at bu-
lieved llilll ileeli'v t
I'laiborne ( l.oiii-iaua.) Advocate has i,,,,, inulu r i.n!' . n -v
tiivored wiili tin- ju'ru-a! of a :'.'. '.:. ' inm-i ii a el ra
, 1 1 r it, on t'ov ii et oi county. Mi-- , which uly 'i-lt.d t 'v.a
still, s that cola iiiifilble lA-iltllli'llt pf v-i'- t :. cia'-y. V 1-
.-.II .1 dia.v.
ir -. ti.. ,u
. M V' all:...
ii. I.1;, t
111, -,-r li- 1. l.Ve
, . t. ::' I
. -'. ' t Vi . a 1 . 1
j v a- .
. " 1 of !'.'.
,,'!. "tei ii.
e wishi- d it pal. ::! there ill can-, on n-e , f the i , i- -, ! iii-e '-
a ir on His attei'iiaoii. lln- ia-p Idue shy w limn lie hat ahvav .- t-veit anl respi -t. .,,rv ot t leu ilcpoMts el '.,1,1. I ne l-tt,r '
tho carollintr birds, and the melody of . but be could m l i -lilnpti-h the h in lot say' it is v, port, d there that " a Mr. das. st-tb- vah ; I ..ur
fallim; watei.s inspired (iraeewith unusual (iraee if she Would consent to share his Id. ,,,,,oii. living on black Creek, in Marion sue s i'p l:y i:a-e. i i
jjav, Cv. They s :'. Co rest b iicntli the sha- Detcrmiiirtl Co see and avow his lo.e. i-mutv, has f.iuud a "old mine- li.-re he can w h ve he w .: :
dow of a lofty elm. whose branches extend- he pin-sued his v.ny to my m.dln r's abode, i jt bv cart load, but hi' con. a als a ku ovl- In tin- t i i-t '' hi
ed over tlm water. It was evening, and the moonlit hi lay upon edge ot it- locality. He is ehj-e'v wati lied I '!.! - ! g.:t
n i .
Now- siie; for me," said Ada, "sing the roses nml silver-. I the elu-d ring vine- ,v numbi is of people, hut as ne due has t-.r-t tout -.
one of those sweet sioi-s which "U u-eil to leaves hcnciitli whni
jibiv on moilu r's piano' in our own dear
y st-ter sat, mu-tug been had. t
. . . . .. . .i . i ... i
'inlettiem to tin- Ped ot trea- me i- iio
sadly of other days. Her head was re-ling . -mre." It slates further, that a t'ouipai.v his own ban 1 le sei:-d
. . . , , . , i . ..... . . . . , . I',: i. ,i.. . .a,. ,.,.:,
Upon iter lillllll and Inr lace Uplllteil to ii,e I l;l, Pit t o I'-gtoll count V, wit It the lllteu- in 'U-u .i.'.u ' i" "
Valid Ih. J,, e, as he whci led bis easy i hair cxiu'ct me. muiiil' and itiexiierienced
do er to the grate nml stirred open the glow-, though I was, to perform his work precisely
ingc. Mury did in sin: was desired, the same way in which he would have
; inl then p.i- ill her arm around the neck J ,,, ;t himself, and oltei, when 1 excited all
of her pun nt said ttllci tionati lv, " You urp 1 111V ,.lH,r;,ies to please him, I met with unkind
thoughtful to-night, dear father, vrry ,,,diuf -KM!t would till my eyes, but I
thoughtful and ii!uio,t sad. Has any thing J d.,,!.,,,! ih,,.,, roudly nwuv and .-uudlieri-d
occurred to give you sorrow T" tlm gri, f in my heart. Ihiy after day I s:,id Ada. " but I will iiotspeak of that, or brow and cheek ami r ny hair," and be 3 , -pj,, r,. W( ,,, c.iig vis.-. !. Incbnliin; -.'1 -ten
Not. .in?, my child; I was dunking of
(iraee complied, and warbled forth a sky. She looked Kugi ne like a pure ' titi ,.f eatiipiu-.' out and si archiug on J!
I.uicbiiig air.
: being of anothi
1, i.s she silt, - The ; Creek ft god 1.
" Now it makes me think id' other limes," moonlight falling round her ki lug her I
id Ada, bui. I will liot.spetik of that, or brow and .check and T 'f V hair," and he
toiled itucc-lsiliVly, cheered by the hope "f ' shall both -row cad again. See, I have ' pauv-l to gaze upon hci. Tear- were drop- , -a-, m the p-U f .V-.-w Verk re tlte Ha
1 no garn-i 11 se
, beat a 1 !.. 1 t,
t hi ir iiugiir : .a -.viug
ii . f
A piece .-J' bl;i'ii
-:-! I in a
S a a ti:' ti1' V
( 'a . f th la
.int. ia ev-rv
i.-l ti
't- w:. 't
was Sil!'-.
: ; I Iii "!
sp! "I" '
ei'ei :
tb! , 11
-s ,-!
-e I
a a ":'!'.- .'
- v,
the p'a.ida
1. et I , ';
a. the h,. i-iof
il an I v
' r
!.; k
r.t.i.m . e...t
ia h 't 1 it--.-.

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