North Carolina Newspapers

    HMWMunu:tnii mw
A. C. W iLLiAmSGH, I kmou.
"Re irne to t'oi to jjoii' t'on.i.rij, io ijotii Snii)."
CHARIiOTTB, XT O., ja."CJGH3"3EB 13, 1852,
The Nurtli-t'ariilln Whig will Le uliurikil to
aulwrilicra ut TWO IMil.l.Ali.S in mIii.c, nr
TWU IM.I.I.AKM AMI r 1 1 1 1 (1..V1.S .1 p.,y.
"".. T,,. 7., "",7.1 """'""""
. , ... I
AilnrlimunciitaiiiaertciUtOiie Ifcdlur perniiiarn 1
iliihucaerlc.., tin, rued t)r) ir the lirstn.Mr.
i,111i,unUiici"tfiiri'jf.lir,.iiiii,iuin'. I Wind,
mm-u. nil nts ami Wi' ritf'n S.l.a rlurifcl -'" r
i'Mt. hiplicr ; mid t ftcilui turn ot jmt ci-m. wilt
U' miiii' Iriiiii la' ri-(riilur pnci , lur i.tlvt:rtis('ni by
Use A hi'rttm niriil.4 uisi-rii J ini'iithiy ir
iiiiri rlv.nt ! r KjU.p: I"' i ji h liim . hciui.
mi nllily Tj rent ( r iU iri P r i itli tune.
ti All li ttcm n Inlivc l iIip Kililun. I I ! i, rt-
niciit mint be ilirected lo Hie Mitiir. And til h t.
u-fi oh duiitfi!! mr rfnu uiifk(acHuniii w. uin-r-
d-d to tin; Tuldislii r. All U tti i iimul 1 1 ast. i
nr flu v will net oc atti nit' d ti.
J ' I'aviHcnl can ! made tiji itltt-r.
i f I'lmtiiuistiTB are authuriird tu act it arntH.
l ilt! lllipltVlk ICitll i Itollltl),' Oil
Tt me. Vtt-.iyatw llutli f."
Kr, hvc foil liisinl t!w nwellinif nouiiit,
'1'iil lrom our nurlln ru uouud .'
It', mighty H"! lilln vi ty ld.t,
Thu I.iolc utinit ellt.
The tlujifN Wi Bill ir n rolini n nil n
And tfw I 'liipiu'wa II..II in a rnMnifi on
Hurra, llurr, Hurra, lluf.'a, llitrr,
1 he ( llipp. -VJ It. II In 4 rohililf
ml 4 rolhnc,
Anil ti.e I liijijii wi I. S! i .'iroih?
V ft JJ-'Ti',a atinii-rd tin ilia to am
IfroiatU I Mil tntirtd'a aturuy at hti,
tid I .litfUnd'a tle now urga tin. ground
hrrr it ti lately ri.iis d arnuud.
t'ltoai The l'!niin a Bit! ia rnlliii;,
Niafara'a tuff r-nfml eiiirer
The huratm tt.ill-ra on ihr- tbnri'
It v raiirH.n'a tV-h th- al.initig h.nlf?
OT I.' 1 1' rn is dt la i id.
1 hua i a 'I'tie I hipjM vi a Bill a rclloig,
Hit l.ftv iltlnir ia b . t !! ill hel.t
T;t iljiirei in liic a!ilt fljft.t ,
IIf'h in a fla aith ofnotiTiii rtf,
,ii in .a. n t!i. Bnt'.li I. ..t' . ra Dr.
t Hoaca -Tlie Ctn,.:-
II- T in; I, I f.-r tl..iiiie!n .,f u In r.
KrB ww c-euld hurl Iii" demilv -tK-nf.
VV'tl ,.4 v Hum t r thr l.l.i hi i-l
lt''r.-0n. th- lliradini heat.
l f'hiPTK-w B.!' t a
nf ,
'I ... ;H ..j,;,. jr lul l a
Tit i r f.t" 1 ... lI
H'1,,1 -Ifovf iti te .
'I o iirif th rrd-ifii
lit re ard
i. ii,
t rink T.d till
trixn our f-it
rnoaca Tins i 'tii.p'wa IJ.II i a roll.nif. & r.
I iiiiuiiiIh r d liii.ttsamla Uglily ay
Ta. v'!l i-ive t'i- ir ut. h t L Iiiih ;
"id l.molr a thr l.'o gr.-uji,
Tlny amell the f'.af.' r in hi -eup.
1'ibiaea Thr rhinpeua bill i- a r..t!':njr, &r.
t on ami Uk " ind l.y luc ay,
i m try Iru nd- of i ltiijit ;
Titt ia no fi-ht in fi .nay Pi.-r.-r,
You'll nmkr hini'fniiit tr h kni fi rrr '
i irnai Tin- flnpn via B II ia a roMui, &.c.
f', tin N. Y irk Higjii.
1I0MKS AM) ilKAIiiS;
DeBolating Inflm nee of Intemperance,
HY MR-- l:, I.ii(MIS.
( II M l I K V.
T li t 1 Wo MAlIi.S A tdsi.l'.Al I 1 1 1, ,-si.m:
TI1K WhldllMi Tilt: IM'Mh.
'I'!., ii tiki- lur vi.iitlilnl In art tis Hum-
T'. i.i . ,-i ml tlini. i t.d !.i. .. r,
'I'hn, till Mil- airmranV lit.- hnl! f ol
'I'lime till th,-' ch.ird'a ..f hf.- ahall n-v. r !"
" Whi,t bright wreath of thought areyot
w. avinr now. Alloc '." cried the merry voice
"f n maiden, aa alio (.nftlv iipproachcfl her
Irieiiil, tirey your radiant countenance
i i -p.-aks naught but joy ''
Ali. e Wood py blu-hed, and her Cotnpa
i a at that no .in. lit espied a aiiiali ruby
rin which glittered f..r the first time upon
lu r d.-lirale finjer.
"Ah, i mc h' it !-,"" cml, "you
have gi ven your heart in cM-haice for if. u
iy I.i e s. I ve long anticipated such a re
sult I had aluio-d said, teari-d it."
'' l-'e.ired it! .lane what do vou mean
I- to t H.-nry all that a w an . ould 1 no
gi'lieroil, n.d.le, highmiiided "'
' Vc, Alice, he is all that, and yet I fear
nc ill not make y,,ii hnpv."
" Kxplniu yourself, dear .lune; I am sure
that llihry , mc and will d i all in Lis
l".er for inc. He is led liili, I know,
hut that is r.f iuall import nice. I will glad
ly -hare w itl, bin, even poverty, if such is
his lot. Why then do y..ii fear my Lnppi-
ll.-S ''
'' It.-cau-e, my dear friend, he has one
L ibit which if tiof broken is sn-.Tn h ht to
pi'itc'c himself ami vmt in the aby- of s..r
I allude -i tj,e 'habit of w im- drinking."
Alne Wooilley started aid grew pale,
'Hid f. ,r f Hue iiioini sat in sib in c.
"1 l ll'iw," said she, at length, "that he
''in times indulges in the u-e of wine ; but
i .
i in.
i what young tiian of our aoiiiaiiitaucc
not! Vou cannot allirm that Henry;
Hlks t i execs. J"
N" not t i absolute intoxication, but of-:
luoi. than for his i ood.
Hut forgive mc
d'-ur Alice ; I have grici
I you by my
you tiy my
plauim-Hs of speaking and hu
aiitsliod all vmir
happy reveries. I trust your influence, will
.1 . . ... .. . . .
mueh, and Henrv will abandon the n,o
f wine iiltonether. Hut tell mc, for we,
'are no nceroti from each othi I you know,
when is thu wedding to tak place "
" have dcM-ided un thr nioiith of June,"
replied Alio..,. M and i must elaim your
iron,iM, nH Id-iJuMimid. You, Jane,, and
X! f ,t s,avt p-'.-o. f ( fl-ee."
" With the greatest pleasure," answered
Lit friend, " and 1 lmpe, dear Alice, vou
win u uappi jour weuumut e. as you
" "-) ",-.'- 'V " ui
blisii ou earth, tin you
cm are a sad flatterer, Jane and
......... ....... ...v .. ivu cue-i. i 1 1 i..;cii
thinking of soini tiling (iiiite out of the ordi-
. r
nary course of things; 1 will have no wine
at my wedo'im.'.
,, r, ,.y ... , , ,. .
T'-keu li ;e yourself, dear Alice, but
will your uncle consent ."'
" I can coax him to let me have my own
way, she replied, laughing, "though no
uout.t tie will tini.K.t a strange whim. ii,jw.
ever 11 tutroducc a new fash.on."
" Ami I. for mie will ii nil it ' 1,1.1
" i ....... .., -
Jane, "ill am ever K, fortunate as to
cLaii'O my lot of silielo M
'J'he lonversatiuii was here interrupted by
the entrance of two youn Lidies who were
fi iei.Ja of Aliic, A half hour jias-ed plea
santly away in lively chat, when suddenly
a heavy mppini; was heard upon (lie outer
nour, and tier little ma
serv.nit ushered
cut' rod the room
in Mr. Hi nrv Li e. He
in a very strange maimer, and advancing to
Alice, be ki-scd her ruddy, exclaiming, "i
(im glad to sec you, upon my word I am.
1 eouidii t pas tin- hou-,. witjejui ju-t com
Iiil' in a moment. hy 1
.. . .
low well Vu look,
Alice. What a color yoti Imve to night;
your checks are like full Mown ro-cs,'' and
then, as if ju-t aware oft'.." pr--etice of the
othi r ladies, he lowed half a doz. n times
to each, wiih many fulsome compliments.
It required but a glance to see that le wa
intoxic.'iteil. 1'oor Alice! she was ready to
sink t i the earth with shame and mortifica
tion. Henry threw him-elf hack in his
chair and poured forth such a strain of non
sense, that tlie yo'in,' laHii-s tdt villi Alice's
( 'tubal ru'Mncnt, r to take i ,ic. Henry
wishing to ili-pl.iy hi- gallantrv, ofh red t i
c"cirt tin in home, and not w itli-t atnliii,' tin ir
"ileieo and cudetit w.-h to di-pi-hse with
his c'Uiiprtiiy, proceeded with thc.'u through
the street, talking atid laiigliing loudh.
When the door c!oi-il up ,n them. Alien
iitik down in a flood of t'-ars. ()'. h jv 1 it
ter!y 'he w. pt ! When h r ait. tioti had
"mica hat -ubsidi d she took lu r p n atel
wrote a note to !! nrv, statin.' all her feel-itu;-
her -hatnc, her mortification and .-or-r
iw ."'In. t .id him that -ho could not w, d
a drimk-ird that unless he abandoned the
mm- of wine, tin ir i ie'i"i luei.t niu-t be bro-
he be-oij"ht
litLi I y evcrv thing love-
hi Id ib -ir eti earth,
ly and true, by all 1
and l y bis Li
.if eti rna! happilit-ns, to
nipfitlg Clip. The letter
put far aw!V the tempting cup. Tli
was deluge. with lu r tenr, aid wh.
II. n-
ry re
civ I
id r
f A
d it pang ot agnniiii- shame
j-roicli shot through hi- soul
leli rid hitusilf ridiciilniis i;i the
lice 'ind . 'iii-ed In r t i blu-ih for
hitn. Li -ides brill
her loving heart.
Il lb op s.lT .w t j
be w ri-ti
forgn c
r aj ai 0
. ,...;,. 1
hitii'cll ereat!
i.-l eiitri at -tig h
lii" Solemnly In
would lie forget hi-
proeii-ed n
her that it wa, the tir-t time In- hid i .. r
been thus iiitoiient.-d. and it would be the
l i-t. TLe gentle Alice perused the . tt. r
ajain and again, and lur find heart forgave
him. Milch more guarded and w n t hful w as
llrt.ry after this di-gnn-dul m . tie, and
th .ugh hi- cniild le t r ntin ly abandon hi
wine. he did Hot drink to i-n-i-, and Alice
belleveil that the habit would 1 e 01 en-. Hue.
Time sped lli'Ltly away and ' r .ii.l.t the
nii'-'i-il ho ir.
Ntiuier uts gue-t- tlir-oiged
Mr. V.'o.l. v, the UtM le of th
many were tin- whi-p. rs of sUi
wine -.'rai-e-l the occasion. A i
the hoii-e of
! ri b . am
i.i is.- that n
eiblitl.r with- wine' sin 1, a thing was tu-vcr In an
in tlio.e d,i s w Li II spirituous li i-lors h
a piouiini ,.t pi ice in
cvc r it -ti e so. lie,
f-i bus wi re II "t a few .
antly, .ind th" 1 li lo
and the
Hut it p
tarn s of 1
. d off p!. ;
" "11"'"
than he
ll t, . d nibt to Lett, r advan
tai'"' than lie would ..tie-rwi e have done.
I,r f us pa-s over the -pace of -ix years
aid look ui. ui then in tla ir wedded life.
w a, a ph
i.t spring n't. mo
i had been the i
ti that
p.-iiiii d
Jane ?
1 bride-n ai I "f Alice, was
on ti tin- ill il'c strei t aoi "ii
n lady w ho w a- mi a v i-it nt In r 1
' That is a ehandii.' re!re;it.
theladv. pointing to a c .fta.'e cat
.U-. I
with trc-s nnd festooned with vines, me
thinks sweet a spot mu-t be the abode of
Jane sighed. "It i the re-idiii.e of a ,
friend of mine,'' said lo " coiuo, we w ill
enter, and I will intr ..luce y 1 t . her."
" With pb -a-ure," wa- th" r ply.
A rdinely, following a winding eran-l
walk, bordered by lhwcr-, they roaeho 1 the
door aid were admitted into a small pallor,
fiinii-hod with ta-t.- and b gatu o, though
evi-ry thing w as of a rumple Hid. Alice
1..-C, whi wa, sewing ar.'-e t i w i lo .mc t li'lii
with thiil irraecliiltiess and case of luatiticl's
w huh she always display ed. Though sliil
us handsome as mi the eve of her marriage,
theie was an expression of subdued melan
choly mi lur countenance and a wulncs, in
her eve, w hich. not w itli-t.'indiiig all Lor,
she c nil 1 not wholly baiii.-h, and
though Lor conversation was sprighlly and
animated, Jin readily perceived that her
gaiety was forced. The bounding stops of
a child came lightly up the garden walk
aid a little fairy thing -prang into the room
"itiging merrily, all um-oii-i of the pro
1 none" of visitors. In n she perceived them
she stopped abruptly and looked down in
embarrassment. Jane bold out her hand
and smilingly 'united le r to a scat on her
lap. "And mnv what Wife you hinging,
I Amy ?" die asked, smoothing the curls
1 which the wind had sailly disordered
OI it was only my little song, auswer-
"'d "'O child, .'lamina made it lur me, ami
1 always sing it when I am happy.
ill you ph ase Mug it now, dear, that
: ' "i:l.v ll, ar ll
'ii i:it ....
said Jane.
I he child complied, and warbled forth in j
oct oiee tlie following simple words :
' H ippy lit I la Amy I ce, (n e na aiimiiirr air
Noiichl u! aiirruw Irnublia mi, inmclit ul"liiior
But tllliiUl'll ill tl"' rt'ddcn bom-,
Hniniine "nnil the ir.gnoit tlnv "-,
Hm- I with niv vo-c ef fb .- It ij'fv li"!- n
It- .
iir ?''
asked Jane, kissim? Ler dnwin . (
; .vo, not alway.i, was the whispered reply,
iui soniciinies iny mamma is very sad, and
tLeu I eannot mi.g.''
Jane hastened to load the thouglilsof the-
muc nil i o sunn-linn.' else, ai o soon nirer
r r. - - - - - ......
roe to leave.
Alice followed them to the
I " Do come oftcner,'' die said. "If vo'l
', . ' . , . '
know how much pleasure 1 deiivc from
your society, I think yon would. 1 am fr
dueiitly lonely, no very lonely, that a visit
lrom you would do mc more good than I
can describe"
June prom.-od to conic as often as possi-
l.Ie anil l :n I ln.r.i.K !,. mIih ,.
, ... ........... ....... .... m . I,
to little of her friend of late, but the truth
was, she feared visiting her lest -he should
encounter Il.nry, who had sailly changed
lur the worse. The pi macious habits of
intemperance which he had formed, instead
of being overcome, had grown stronger and
stronger every year, and now scarce a day
I'---" "i.noui. .us ui'iuK in some ineaMiiu
ulli r he influence of intoxicating drink.
-t such iicriods 1
was Mlty and ridiculous,
or morose and mu11c.ii, or easily angry at tri-
fillip thiie.'s.
Alter tlie departure ot .Jane and lu r com-
..... ... ii; 11 i. . . i i
I""" '"i ' ic.-uiiieu uui noi unu seweu
wnn increased rapidity. Mie was at length
aroii-ed by the ciiti'atice of lu r hu-l.and.
"Aliio!'1 sai l he, so stirtily that siie
looked up in alarm, " hy isn't tea ready !" ,
"I thought it early," .-he replied, we
do not usually take lea until six." 1
" H it 1 told you at dinner that I wished j
it at five tu-night. I am goin.' a fV w mil,-, j
iriin h .me," and he frowned upon lu r.
" 1 am sorry. Henry, sin: atiswi i . il me. k-
" I di ln t Lear v
ju say ' . i v i
died it
I prcunic not, madam : i.,', ui-hes
n re usually di-r. -ardi d.'"
ludeud, you are mistaken, Henry,'' said
Alice, "1 will do anything t" please ou,"
j '' Then di-play your williiivm-s,"' said he j
rudely, " ami let tea be ready immediately,1
fir 1 vc no time to lose"
The patient wile ha-t nod hi r prepara
i, .lis, and the repast was soon upon the ta-
" In re's
od himself, '
' h, no I
hungry how,
Amy .'" a-ked Lee, as he seat
"d i M.u tcai-L hi r to shun uieT '
Jl. nrv. r-lie savs she is not
and she i busy with hcrl'uw-
crs ; shall 1
call her?"
" Ye-, she
omplete little r -hip unit
had better be in th
.Use. I w i.-h, Ali c,
little pains w ith that
that v ju Would take
child ; one would think sin- had no mother.''
Mrs. J..-o called the little gill, who came
si,,j p.iig in, L. r face radiant with in.
ie what 1 ve lomid .' (!. elied,
r.-t upon th.- ground a cuii'iu-
" a lin
littn- m-.-t w Iii- h
tie- bird - have it it, ' but
's st. in l .oks -he stop,. .1
si ing In r l.itln-1
mi Lit til v , and the .-mil
V a
lii.-Lcd Ir in hi r
' I here ! it s ju.-t as I
Lee, .-ii.tily. " you've tail:
fear im . Amy come L. re
Sin- iippproachi d him and
up " Amy, what are ou
u : r I f..r 7 alwav, ritniiin,' r
said . muttered
t the c hild t i
llo.s lliometit.
look, d timidly
such a naughty
vor the tiehl- iu-
-tea 1 id"
v our 1
" 1 I-
sadly, -tin
ir h a
at ni-L1,
ful bird-
stajing in the Lou.-o and studviiiu'
c tin- dowers," Him mure J the child,
I like to si c tin in when they upon
'.os in the iiiorning aid shut them
ami I love the birds thu hc-auti-Thoy
sing to Ine all tiio day
1 .til' ; aid the little bio ik,
s and
Iitilsie tiio,
papa, it
the llott-
thoiii ail.''
j I like to bo out in th. s.u
isii t wron' to ..o tie: I .in
ers is it ? Ma m in a say slim
Perhaps ho swi
child ton, Led a d
t tones of tue iiiiioci i.t
rd of tenderness in the
breast of 1 nrv Loo
I..r he stj..i,.:il ami
ki-s.-d L
tin; ait,
aid thou, as if half adiaiiied of
tiiy left the r-ijlii.
( II All fit 1.
ISKS..I.Y I'. l..K 'II.K I.I. V lll.IAl.
I...VI: un: ldi-vRTt i:k.
" A.fiirs. .1 tit'il.K! i..s.isiii
l is.n his hr. u tai- .irii.ik..ri"s
Vith hi... t.d ih.ik h-1.0.
I nt'it In Im iii,tit to iln !
Such i a tin- is.rlr it ilr w a .
.1 in..
h.l, ;
he i a. mi- at l.y i. ii w I nan n u-
I lie conduct ot Henry
treat anxitty and uricf to
was a soiiroe in t
llr. bid all ;
Li- couii-ol, adnioiiitioii, aid wartiiuo seem
ed of no avail. 1'i ihaps it wa, well tor the
loving Mary that she did uut witness tin
course of Lor brother, or her heart would j
would have been wc!i iii-h broken. he
was wedded to one every way worthy id Lor. ,
and had ii moved to a tii-tant Slat.-, '1 he
Itootor missed her sadly from Ins hrc.-ido.
but her place was somewhat supplied by
the motherlcs, I . i u-y Illw o d, w hose winning
and ulloi iionuto way, had completely uain
oil lur uncle's l.cail. Hie was now nearly
thirteen, and ta.i for her n:., lie saw in
her the image of Ada, and would sil gluing
dreamily u un her as sLe, sat surrounded
with her books, and then the i euiembiaiico
of Ada would brinj t, ,n - to his eyes.
he would exclaim aloud, line o.-. i .11- , ,..
cv's pre.-ctiee, "I Mi, abolid I tlnai oin-o of
the human race ! thou fell de-ti .ycr of hu
mau Icpos when will thy lavage, cease '."
t M' I. uov's father little bad boon hoard
cxecj.t that in: was in a distant city, and
still under the Loinl-sof intemperance. There
arc li nn, in the life of every drunkard when
memory resumes her sway and phtiircs
forth the past when he rciiictiibeis the
high hopes and aspirations of youth, and
feds deeply his lost situation, lie sighs for
the peace nnd purity of other day s, but ca n
' not break from the boudaoe of sin. 'lhu
it was with James lllwood. liis mind wa,
naturally uf a line order; he was unit in
tclloclual and intelligent. Often, wilh an
agonized heart, Le would recall the joy, of
hi, youth, aid think of the fair plo-pcct,
which wore his
Anil ninny houra vvhile otlicrs sli fit
The luirtiiiiK toara ofaluiiiti: In: wml,
la mI. m o anil dc-p.oi ;
Ao.l liil'lldglit's sell inn hour lli'll, I
'I'he nit rcpsnl, ( rnw,
Yil mern h.til witrtcaaeil cvtry wor.l
All broken cYti aa new,"
Sonictiines iii his dreams he heard ai'din
the voice of Lis children, and fi icd the
oft ar'tis of l o-'v were aro'tud bi D 'c'i. apt!
" And urc you always happy
I she was whimpering r.onls of Lope in Lin
And then when lie awoke, a feeling
of deep loneliness: would settle on Lin heart.
Hi, it .she were only with ine ! thought1
I lie, " for her cake I would strive to conquer I
this maddening thirst. I should then have j
. .me oixe.-t i..r u' n i.. i .....I . "
........ v. . 1 -B ..J I. ,uw. criituuiiii uo.
.11 i.isi me jiiesentc ot Jucy seemeu ub- Jlwood was waiting tor lu r. 1 he trunks chivalrie nature. iu li uirm rciiccs arc -i. -solutuly
necessary to l iiii. Wretched and j fontaiiiinir her hooks and clothing which nitieaut intimiitions i f the strong hold w hieli
degraded as he was, the flame of parental' had been placed under the vines on the pre- this truly noble man has up m the luaits of
love w as not extinguished in hi-i bosom, nnd ceding night, were already in the vohiclc. his couiitryinen.
he cherished the idea that his daughter ! Lucp sprang in and her father took his scat'iiks ot it VltY hystkm.
might aid him to bretiL from tin fetter of ; by her .side. j vt. QKi. t0 (ieucral Hcett, in a great dc
intemperance. With
tiiotiiing like energy
and ambition he novtf night his daily cm-
ployment, and w.J indutrion-l,v
.1 I... I....I i . . T. ' i r. .
iiinii ii. iu uouc ior a ion"; nine ociore.
TIioul-Ii hi-could not (lt-nv himself hi.s dailv
potations, hu tok thein loss K-iueiitiy, and
appropriated his can.ings to funii.-liing a
small tenement he h'ld hired in the suburbs
of the lity.
When his nrrurg. cieiits were completed,
he started f ir the villi! -e where Jr. Li e re-
M.teit, Willi tlie itit.'ti'ioii or i ml eel ii Lucy
to ae oinpauv him Iiack. It was early iii
the summer, and tie weather was deli, ht-
l'r., whose health was somewhat
improved, had gone t . visit a friend, and
would not rotirn f .r - .my davs. lie h it
. - i , ....
in, oii!:g nice Uliiicr the charge ot hi-
faithful hnus-kccpi-r, who induhjetit s,,,
allowed tlie charge fj do exactly a sh-:
pleased. '
Kvur intent upon .-'.tdy, Lucy had rtuio-
ved her h-.oks ti a -in all Miinmcr-housi; on
f!1( bat.'; of the stro-or, where she could see
the blue ky and rum ing water, and hear
the tarol af the bird-, 'after her lessons all learm-d, and while she was waiting
il,,. .n-rival of tl
liool-itia.-ter to whom
-I, r ! i. A
retreat one day
iii'' iu r name pi
s!,f sat 1!
i her rural
I by hear
Liicr ha-ti-
she was startle,
otiouiced. Lo-
!y tiro-iml, she roc -.'ti zed h r father imme
diately, tor time had made hut little differ
ence iu his appciirauic, sprang toward him.
" You remember u.-, then, Lucy," mid
h", drawing Li r t Li- arniSj I was afraid
vim would forget me."
"I' -rg.tyoul ' she
lather 1 Oh, no, I con
- Lucy." L- -aid. -
eptatcd, " forgot my
d not do that.''
; -i-sing Lis hand over
d i y i -till iovo me ?
w wretched and -1
how 1 have wished
; Could live witli me
ln-r beautiful hair.
' you know imt I
ly I am without yi.
that you and Jan
I "i.-y raised In r t- "t cyvs at: 1 lo ol.eil in
ijttiriugly at him. lie load her thought,
ill Li r face, and sal 1 somewhat sadly
"No, my child, I am not yit reformed, I
am still tlm slave oi' t mputicn, and ...till
tit, dor tin- ?; - u of :. . -,,!;. ,1. I
.hoi. Un, Lucy.
-iilsc Of life. I
in iuii it. 1 was
oi, Lut now I a in
1 Lose who Wile
;th -corn and dis
1.: ; liJ Olie loves
1 Mil le t hat py in tl.i.
w -uil tj li.d 1 could
oiice r.. -p. i ted aiul be
despise i and ahhorn d
ii. v Ii c ids look en Jnc
g i-t ; no one cares f,
im- ti --.v."
" .-, father, there i- ,- 1 1 io you
I will do all I can for v u."
' tlo l bios, y., :"
ly. Tie II be sat for s. ;
v acat.tly out upon the n
At length he said " Y
Lucy, I suppose your
to you "''
lh, ye ; I cannot 1
to him, father 1"
' m would not w ish
ant home nnd go and 1:
v ei. I. n v : w ith vmir
111 w ood forvi tit -'
n.. iui nts gating and fields.
l are Lap v here.
,.i ,
is very kind
grateful enough
-. b ave your ph 1
with me. would
r ilegriidcd fa
She put her hand ir. I N and murmured
" Yes, J will go; I will di all that I can
to iiiake vmi lii'ppy."
'Oh. I thank you f.
d a u . I.t. r i pi rhaps the!
lies jn -tore for us Lot;,
now. ('..un- to this ph,,
ing atid 1 will be in ion
t.. toy po..r home."
" 'l'o-m"rr.w I" n pr.
tir-t s. e my uncle and
t I cannot go in Lis absct
te, -e word-, my
are days ..f glaii
I ui u -t leave y oil
t .-m .rro-.v niorn
:ni -- t 5 take you
' Lucy , " l mu-t
! tain Lis consent.
." The p-ior gill
hur t into t.-ar-.. " t Mi. what shall I
I she sold i d, " I cannot L-aie my uncle with
;mit i iiidiiiL' Lini farewi !! ' My dear good
; until' L. c it would 1 r. ak Lis L- art. I am
' ou can remain t! i n."
i, ing awav, " and yiuir p.
aid Mlwool
r father wii
go 1
.-k to Lis desolate l
i inc. Oooil lyi
cvrr see me again,
he cried, " I wi;
o v. Itii you to-mor-
I .in y ; perhaps y.oi will
"'( Mi, stay , lather !"
i! as .hi wi.-h ; I w ill
' You can write to your uncle, y -u know."
said Mlwood, Li'i.tlv, " and cx lani to Lan
too circumstances, and he will for.iv.' yen,
I am sure.'
Opep more cnii racing Lor, I-.Iwoo.i
the place, atid Lucy walked slowly to
the house. AIT. cti'-n for lur ui. do
n lid
L o( le- Cnn,p;,Ssje
duty to Ler father w.
ve, nnd
her pen
art. It
athing th
ne but on
i lu r bo
nd wrtc
a- a si ui
spirit of
so:. i. At la-t she t
n'l the feelings f l..
pie child-like b tf.-r
lovi a htt. r which u one but one 1
cv omil. I write.
When it v as (iiii-Lcd she s. cnir
relieved, and tving mi her hoi.nct
to visit In r favorite t! overs, aid f
pet canary I irils for the la-t time.
She was early n :;dv U)...n tie
d to f,d
wont .nit
."idle h- r
lie ctisuiii '
id not vat
iiifoi'iii In r
1 lo r adieu.
morning. The In. -is. keeper i
left her room, and l. n v Wont t
of her il'.t' tided d. pat lure, and I id lo r
Ti Id lady hit, 1 her hand- an.
in a-toiii-hiiu nt.
" You lire ci-;iz.v, child," said she, " I
know you arc'. I going to live with
the shabby man I saw vou with c-tii 1:
tioing I i live with .".' You are wild
vou are iii-nne, Lucv."
" I it in not instine," said Luoy. smiling
the expression ot tl.e liou.-t kt i pors e untc
iianeo, ' an i going with hint because he
is my father, and y-'d know, Mrs. llortou,
tl.e lliblo says wc must hoiuu aud -.Ley our
" Hut, Luoy," sail tha uld lady, in an
anxious Voice, " vou are not in earnest
I "ii ""'i j'
1 I a ..
si llig.
i ' . ; a; -ho w as in i i"io " .
and Mrs. llortou, in alarm, looked hastily
, about her lor her bonnet uiul rli:twl that
she might tall some of the i.dghlmr and
detain the child, who .-lie was certain wa-;
not in her right mind. Jk-ins very eorpu -
lent, however, before she wan half way
........ .i 1....1 .. .1... 1
uun 1 1... j. 1 v iiii'i iciLhlu 11 l' itunii.
hat a sacnlice you are making tor
we, Lucv," said he, " i hope that God will
reward you."
'ci .. .1.. r - . l.-
I hey wore soon lar away from the vil
lage, and Lucy dried the tears which not
withstanding all her effort she could not
entirely suppress, and ttrovc to talk in a
cheerful tone.
un: of ch. scoii.
ANF'tiriTE rif Mil. MMUsoN ON
l'KOVlo-i .,N.
President Madison, thou..di early purtn-
ded of Scott, s great oualities, tieverthele.-
mit of the itbutidalit ciuti m of his nature,
j alw ays hesitated at every step of our hero s
promotion, (till it came to the la-t.) on the
j ground of his extreme youth. 'Thus he
thought Scott was too young, when it was
.proposed to make him Lieutenant Colonel,
t io young when he was again advanced to
the j'O-t of Adjutant--ii'iieral, too young
i w hen ho was made Colonel of a double I!eg
inn i.t, and linallv too young when ho was
promoted t) the plate of lh igadicr-Oetieral.
j J!ut at tile List, when, after Li- recent eitra
i ordinary s-orviecs, and hriliant fii.T.'-is, it
!was proposed in Cabinet to make Liui a Ma
jjor tieiicral, Mr. Madison promptly remark
ed. " 1'ttt Lini dowu a Miijor t'ciieral, 1 am
i dune with objooting to hi- youth.''
I si. l "IT UnK.s TO KUWd'K ON A PI;
I V!ls-..N
! The enfeebled state of Li- health, and the
desiio of still further professional improve
ment, suggesting a trip to Kurope. tin- l. v
criiiuciit now gave 'n'lioral Scott a double
commission abroad. 1 ir,t, to exaiuine the
impr .vi uu-iits of military : and se
cond, to conduct certain secret negotiations
in regard to the itnlcpi hdehee of S uith A
niorica, and the supposed designs of Kng
land upon Cuba. He aciuittod himself of
those latter ib h cut..' duties much to th.- s;".-i-tactlon
of hii govci'inii'-iit. Ho examined
the chief military establishments of Western
Kur- i -, held ii.teieoiii s.,- with it most dis-
tingiti-ind military men. and attended the
-ticntifie left ir. - of the si h . ds -f tactics.
Arriving ju.-t alter the bat tie 'f Waterloo,
his opportunities i i n.a-t. r the views and
h arii tin- experience r.f tie- ni.-t ili-tiiig-ui-h-
i.'d Kur..ioan pr
tiio.-t "f whom
f..-s,rs of military science,
ad now congregated upon
the soil of France and l.iigland. m tueir gi
giilitie ( IS'ort- to o-.-erw hohn Napoleon, were
unsurpa-sod. I'lc-h fr. m the tiobls of hi
own triuiiipLs, and witli the war s).ivit still
at its full licigLt, ... may suppose our y fling
liero aeipiired a toek of il.toiligi nee. bear
ing ii. on Lis profes-i"!!. that year, of ordi
nary i-dild m-t have given hiui.
Ho 1 r. ..i .'Lt ii. r with him whatever could
tend to improve our system of tactics, or he
mad.' useful to the military arm of our gov
ernment. To his effort-, then and after
ward, we owe, in a great inea-urc, that sys
tem of discipline and instruction to which
we are mainly indebted, in eeniunotioii with
hi, own unrivalled military knowledge end
skill, for our recent Mexican viep u i. s. On
his return, ho was placed in eoiniuami of
the eastern dii-i .n of the Army, with New
York for hi. In ad ijuartors. In l-l", he
married Mis, Mayo of llicl.motid,
otk or th am; - hy ii.m:i:i-. nk.vv
v i . I : K M v IHiilM A.
Meantime Congvess La 1 passed a vote
of th:i!;ks for t!:o eminent scrurc.
this ulusrious eoiiiinaii'ler, nr. I votct
a large gold modal, iosoril od with tie
nam.- ,.f Ch'pp.'Wti " and " Niagara," and
bearing his likeness,. 'I he Mates of New
York and Yirduia likewise bestowed a
-imilar high oi . i d i iin-i , t , ly votes of
thanks, and by making Lini v aluahle gilts.
Kneli oi t'he-o States pi-. -eiAcd Liui with a
sword of the
nor Toinpk'u
richest workmanship,
s, of New Ymk. made
of the sw.-rd gii on
a public
by Now
i him bv
l oi K, :iu
the State
eveio-. '
in hi- ad. Ires, mi the
that it was j. resented t
in token of its
w ith
1 a
career, rcpM.
T T!!V. Ill I P VtT'At. AM'
1 l!K ltnlilil l!.
singular im-idciit is ci.tiei t
mediil I'loseiitod to ticner
i. -s )i was at one time d
1,1 . poig i.i the ault of th.
d w It'i the
d Seott by
p i-it.- l f .'r
oily Hank
ef Ne"
A noted robber, breaking
can led off ou-ry thing that
but sparnl this token cl' p'..h
v idem respect f .r the 1 rave
ii:tj the safe
w a- v aid able
lie honor, in
sobiior s only
wealth. '1 be ca
of the mod
was f.
uud open,
iliil.'ili died
hut retaining its pi-eciou-N
i vou a w icli- hie
, f crime had be
!'. ', . n's broil -t :i !
for Lis country 'r
or tic general a
Lis y.-iiiiiry im u
t able 1. i xtli . il-b in that
-oliug i f ptriotic admiration
I o-1 soldier. Ala- I if cv
Imiiatioii and tratitude of
hall seek t row aid (ieuc-
ia! Seott
real service
y th.
will th. ro
f nati in
to try to
h the oal-
ri .' We
sti "tial re
of the highe-t .dhoe
bo found those so 1
al pride, of justice
rob him of his w oil
uuiiii -u- tongue of
trust cot I I'm- tin
pntatioii, the claim
demands of justice
iu th.
o.-t to nil -011-0
and honor, as
earned tamo,
pa ui.- an w ai 1,
sake of our n
ef patrioti-iii, and the
o trust not I Lot
otr.i. tlon hesitate, as it
li e roll iw u which even
at 1
e eager spirit ot
fleets upon that 1
the robber respected I
AMV F. TV. OK s on' A'K TttK rt' h-
i',n m.ts.
Long after the foregoing oceurrence.Cen
oral Scull, 111 tlii'.dliug by steamboat from
VlLaiiy t New York, ha. I Lis pocket pi.-ked
of a ,i-- ,-.i.i ai a ng '1 in gold '' ar
li-i'.g iu ' Y.-rk. 'Lc ii n. r-'l ! r,: 1
to liim
tilt' ro-
i by the head thief ot the city, with
spectful a-surahec that none of Lis poi
would have touched the (juieral s purse il
, they had known his person. Thus doe the
'human heart, tliou-h steeled to trim. , r,
1.. t- 1
1 .f 1 c t 11 i ii .1 "c ni-i uus. e 1 1
prce, our existim.' military sv-tcin. ltwaa
first introduced by him in' urcpariiig
.ru.v t Jiaflalo, for t'A horoie .locdH ,
. . . "... . . . . : .
after achieve 1 at (,'hipewri nfld Iiiindy'sLano.
.Subsciiucntl v it was introduced into the
whole service. In IvJl he jmblishuil a
work embodying; his system and j dans of
discipline and instruction, under the title of
" Crcv ItfiSittitftoHs ft,,- thf AnHti." In
i lo.). following up his design ot still further
improvement-, he publi-heil hi- " lulu, tni
7re.v." And again, in l-'-fi, he drew up
! for the War ltomartinciit, -1 -.'mi fur tin
() 'iv . i Z"f tnl l ml tst fltt:t intt " tltc trliiilf
""' 0 '"
and al-
,-o, ' .1 si,sffiii fit t ittiiiti U a?ii ri'r I -
ti'-x." In l:io. he published by" order of
Congress, a n. w idition of the latter. II iw
well the military sy-tein introduced by Scott
serves the purposes for which it was d,..
signed, is shown hy the general oharact.-i- of
the service, and especially Ly the triumphant
.-uooc-.i cf our anus in Mexico. We owe
much to Wc-t Point, hut West Point ow.-.
more to Scott, lt i.s he in reality, w Lo Las
given the army its leading characteristic of
Lieli spirit, lofty tone, gentlemanly bearing,
extreme i fhcicncy, and love of duty.
so.-siiig himself per-oii.-illy, every noble
characteristic of a soldier, he has -tamped
them all upon the Service. And for his gen
uine zeal in it behalf, his pride in i', pi.
civncv, hi- con-taut and tliivcanod labor-
for its perfection, and though last not least,
his dei j. de-ire to see it alw ay s prom. ted
and guided by u si irit of humanity, ho may
11 be styled the
father of the American,
S 'OTT .s A TKMI'KltAN'.
I ticui r;.! Scott may 1-e pluc.
' very carlie-t piniici rs r.f the
reform. As long ago as ivM,
i a painidilet, (first a iearing in
il tilted
Tela; i
he pub'
the .Vol
.g the
I alo e
(mz'itr of I
to iliseotirag.
ulcl Lia.) propo-ii'g a plan
c use of intoxicating bjiu r-
i in the I luted States. Ibis j.:ii ... y was writ
ton with groat al i'.ity, and fond Led t'n
! matter for thou-aids of Tciiiporwe speech
. I - and ii'Ulri-s-es siiioe ib li.eie'l. lie v a,-fir-t
led t -i this i ff rt t . h-s-, n tl.e mi--ohiefs
ef!i:ci'. in eoi.-.-.i'ti ne .
! the diiliotiltios that bo-et i'.i i'i i vo . i eg
the discipline ...f the army. Ti..oi.h m-vir
a teP .taller in the stricto't ctisc ! the t.-rti".
'Coiieral Se.itt ha.-, ncvcrtliolos--, ahvav- 1 ,0.11
a strictly t hipi rate and mail
i liideod, iu all hi- private and s..i-ii'I rola
1 timis, he is a man whom the youth uf tie
'country would do well to f iILw n- a model
His moral character give- lustre p. I
IS Ills-
toric celebrity, lie has Ticm
i covri'p-
ted by the t"-inptatios i f
r. trice
by contact with laxity- of piiin
men, or stimulated by avarice;iv agance into any f .rays.
o in publio
Labit- of
. dir. 1 1 or in
nrv. 1'er-ori-
direct, upon the puPlio ! roa
ally lie is without ri
picion. His example
No example has ever
roaoli and above mi--has
lifted others up.
dragged hiiu ib.w n.
SC-l.TT AM' SOI Til Wi, I'.I A.N t l l:!'f.'.
1 1 M K.
tieiicral Scott took a lively intei v-t in tl "
struggle-, of the South American Kcpr.blie.
to si euro tlnir iiide;.cndoiic.'. Ho wa- not
iu the public iiiciis. and could, then fore,
take no part in the el o.pieiil discuss i uis id'
Congress 1 1 p. i . 1 1 the si.bji ct. lltit so far ii
hls pn-ition n i-ii,ittcd, ho ci-.cotiraged and
sy in a'liiod with the noble effort, of the
South American leaders i f the Ueiolutioii.
Among th.. acts that illustrated Li- interest
in tl. i ir behalf, w as Li
ors to give a military
sons of tit iioral l'aez. .
wore Lv Lis exertion -,
sUceo--fii! cn-ieav-cducati
ii : ) thi'ie
' Colombia. 'I ho
laced at the milita-
ry academy at We
the aospici s i.f'the
State-, w here they
ti rw ai-'. ent bad
f their llatii e land
t Point, in l'-o
I'ro.-id, 'it of th"
rd at-il.-i
i tie,
't l.-'W
W i re ci.uoat.
i !l.
'I he
ilitarv d::tios of t ictieral .
Kur -.po
d the chief part cf I.i- att
years. In 1 -'JU. ho nr
oil a pri '..--.-i - iui 1 tour
l lit:
lit A' ;
t r. t:
It M !
C.-.-rii .-'
r an ah-i in
several u... nth-.
h the Indians , u tlie I 'pper ls
Is; ippl
lor the eclei rated -l'.'.aek I law k, ' n.i . -assumed
a fni.i la'di .i-po :. S.-.f. w a
I rod . the War IV artniii.t. !. -I .
t .', 1 1 the -,.,, of e,.i. Ho". t , t.:' . ::i-
man I of the foioes lo sul.iluo llie savages.
In the 1 oginniiig .-f -lu'v h.- :: : r im.-'y
eo. harked at HufTalo. with a body -f :,1 .
I .(Hid troops, on board four steamer-, hound
f..r the theatre of war. He wa- arrested in
- Lis j -,,g
b the 1 real-. ing out of dioi ; a
iii it- tui-t iiiiilignant lorm r
Meiiiitime th" liidinn- wi re
o I r
I 1 rl.c
Illinois militia and the tr-- 'p- i
al Atkinson, and lllaok Hawk w
cr t, lo,e:-i-apt.ired
Scott snb-o.pi.'iitly proce
of destination, nog dialed
with the S.o's and !'. . .
de i t " Lis place
in.-. riant treaties
. an i th- U ::o,i' a
unties on that frmi-
i'oos, composed the 1
tier, and ili-charg 1 a:': the
mission in a inini; . : '. '. at i t
to 1 fv
of L.-
.li: i i ' ll
eral Ca . tie u ':' i- i.o'y - t th--following
" Allow me t i ongrat ulate y
on this fortunate con-uir.ti.atioii
diio.,- di, ties, -md p, , .:- my
i.r .hat! Ml of t he w l.o'c i 'Ui'-o el
ii. Sir. up
f your nr
ei tire ap
v .r pr
. . . i ,- . -
uillig a scries i iiiiiieii..iies
g Li.h.
age than ti
iiijn. ttin'.i
i- ot an active e
I leiicral Cass Li re
ticllcial Scott's brave
r !'. i red, in part,
humane and sdf-i
, till troop.- Ulider i
euudiiit tovvanl
t wl.t
f the .
T I lie
1 lib) h. His money was sent bad
Til H v III il.Klt.V SriilTS MDitK COMiL ' I .
(Iii the pa.-.i''e from 1'iiffalo to ('hie:;
'the Asiatic eholerii, which then for th" hi t
time M-lted this couiitry, broke out on !
the ht !M'iers c. l!Vcviii'- tile troops , ill tin;
most i
own 1 I' .l f.'.m.
iat, out of "J''
( 'n board (Ir-n. Sott's
pcr-oiis, no lo-- tii.iii
il. and -'i otlu-r--l
itul v, ili.iu the
were coiumittv'.l t
the hy.-pitul wit iiiu the thol't fpe oi i.v
tu s. Vu hoard the other boats tiio mm tai
ity was scareolv less alarming. The iima.-.-
ing fatality of
the attacks of this liisi
lal.le terror alnoiij the tr
spread iiulc-cii
aid among the
looiihttioii whitlier tni v wi r
iin the c
.sucii was ine hum i pro'iiice i, iii.ii.
iiirsu of a very lew day.-, siekuc-.
drttli, and ik. sort i jii, Lad reduced the n.isi.
1 i r of our tr p- f, ,iu to l"i.
Oil the pas-age to Chicago, tic; do. I. ..: i
tai ill of I il II Scot I s ciWil Lout Wile c.-.. . d
with the dead i ii-l dying. Iv.ery i. ;
the clock -truck tlie kni H of some m w v
tita. il"oiit was pietui-eil on every ceon
I io-1 air seized upon the i ra . iu bailie they c-jjld meet withoii' f a. .
but hove the viewless destroyer totally pa,
nied their em rgios. itliont- wariiiug. th.
troiiibling victim was seized, helplessly col-lii.-cd,
nnd died in an Lour. It was a rcp
ctitiou of the worst Loi '. u-s of the plague.
Amid the teriihle scene, iu.-U ad of content
ing hiiii-i If with luerely ordering the medi
cal im n to taki! all iicccs-nry nicasur. , for
the ia lief of the sick. Si- .tt sot an example
...f loitituile aud coinage that shciie je.-pleii-doi.t
through tao sun uinoing desolatiou.
He atu iiiicii the .1-1. in . or. -on, a mi perform -id
for his 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 U - s t c ii.i a do m cry iii -a :i i
able oliiee Willi a bioihors care. lie con
soled the sick, and c-oriitoi fed rior dying', and
I cheered the Ihiguiu.r spii -tsoftliosc u lii'ta.-k-
t-ii, b i: v. h i-.j ; pre hen -ion pro o.-ed iiivnoT,
and iiisnved ilcul i when tin- caiii. ,
S'.ihsi iiiici'tl v. aid r !cai im.' Chi. laoi,
Scott Ion u i A.litiMiu'.s loioo at Hoc . Island,
attacked with the seme iipOiiiiillg disease.
i Hero he renewed Ui.- tearics:
id vi.liat.-.
g. li.-.i.oi,
j attentions upon the .- iok and dyi.ig.
j himsclt iii, hi- li.-v .tioii to I.t, fellow
was cou.-tant.
rial adluirati
L .-, no ni.ii
aid l-i caiiie ih
di. Ha spared
a."'; '. i (iangi r.
tO 1-cl
id ge;j.
f i:o I.
i -ve lu
t-oii.rado- w ho Wcia
i pcstilaiic-e. He v i
it his July t., ,l , ,.,
t y hi' i ijt., pr,
son in .I'm or h.
the iotllii
ted t!..
I i. I
1. till-. I,
iii- l etieoura-.
a. oi pi r
t iinv lime si
an upon t:..
li V tillic : Lo
il III'.
an I :il!. i loo. - If
To ijili.l I KE M I.I t
IU Lao ha" iiy g-d i..
ii'i I .ti.: 'ilea fi I.i ,
ne, t!'c ! eminent
i-i in:
ler 1"
i r r,..
r. 1-.. . X u ; II .' . . ;' u v.,-
,id in Soiitii Ci-..;.!,,-. a
t ,
, el-lio
. J ..,-'
aid it -liking
aim t
gtL.H 1 n -,
Li g
; ) -i
w a -
S. ott
.-as 1 1
eu - ton had pas-cu its
the I'ti-'ted State- r v,s la
ciitorci-.l in ; nit !i c u ; t ii
.start! il'. ! i.isl 'Oi! ! O l". I lo
ion- for an anno I rc-i-tan-
ion C
M-ils i.V
od th:
a-ooi liiiii whi.t u-iisiirvs Mere uceiled to -c
cure dn ilii ine to the laws, and serpi s
the vdi llio.:. if it sln-.u'd 1 real; .mt. Ion
he was ill, a diarg. 1 with the hid,.',- . il' .
of o il.eiiiating tl.e Ca'-o'.il i.ins. ' aioi,,
adding to ti,,. cx.-itoiiii i.t by open
-t. j s ef n.iliraiy- jo-, eaiit! ui. he i:-;t ,
Charle.-t in by the way .ft!:e int. l dor, a.- , '
-i" 'is annual vi-il -.-f ii:-a e tieii. Wi,t.u ),,
had liui-lc ! hi, i.xamitiatiou, Le ri turu.-..
to Wa-liitigr..ti. iii.i'-..' Ids rcp-.rt to 1'n -i.
dent Jack-an. nnd c-vi . ;-tcd' tl.- arrat.g--
llil i.ts III i-e-uo
ciiiti I'
ll ore si id do
Scott th di r
tia! ii'-rri'.c':
ioSt t j Liiii i.
liven tiling.
u-y f -lid
l i . . II-
loin ra1'
"i wa-
. re
nd t
to ( liar
teiired thlth
tiio iX' fUV .l .-I Lis of.
lit Plot.
ill the
good i U'l uilis.'t . ' . l't
this . j.-ality, a- v.. 1! a- !. .if n i::
li-ii.t cliarai ti r. ii iiond So,.;t La,
tai.cii t i.i-tiiigil.sli liiuisei,-. ii,
liTlliiry Cei"i e,v,t of th.' t'ilii' t:,i'
c. 1
o -Un. i.i 'il .: t li. p'i ' .: !:ii'.-i i'l
Car .
i:'ia, 1,
Vi- w r nigi.t
li.iil oil tie:
liicuit in tl
.'.arte rs w a
ar'. -ts. i, V.
war, I a
i.t l"
site Char:
enod by 1
aiiiii Me i:
tb.or a-i.i!
.1 li
nd t.J
d i-v to-
t .e I
wa- li
Vl 11 llil'l
.at of tiio
1 - t
1 Lav 1 i
of in, pen
ll al
1 h -.'.: V.:
i .e. ii'i';, r M'.o
h -.-tibtie-, t
piot o
and ov
Ldi, f ,
f til-Ill
was a!
I, !1 tii. ii
i '
y t .-
1' Wa
il, mi tie'
! iii il o w '.
..'. . r:. no :
i vi t so t
duty, di i.on
till 1 oil 1'iu
him there, a
to win the i
wL'.nl it I . i
ai id if ti ! -Wc
can Lar
d ih-
' 1 - '
I.I si
uiniei lakiieg I l.iiu w as t
mission, y . t be r. .- !
t a
-i.ii-'ai t: -i -t a. i
w i I ii .'. low t i th e
SCI 1.0,
reflection thai m.
1 1.
means of saving eoni.t rv
r o-s .-.f civil strife.
'I. '. . "
a ---villi-
rc - '
L. (
.1 ii
.rt .i t
I, 111
-.i i.i - '
.i -C

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