North Carolina Newspapers

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i',','n'-' V ' ' lH'r s i n ; i rc- Ii r cull timr.
1 Ail 1- Uts rid .live to ti c F.tlitnri. I Ic. rt
,.,: n '!! uin-iied t" fee Ia, Anil " II li t
I, n t-.i-uu -n lor Job Work, &., nuut l cine-hjul-i
l'a'-liii' r. All U tters must ti p. .t p-ui
urtiKi w i:i i.-.: he Lttuidcd to.
Jj,l'ajuieuts cun Iw madi to cither.
1 I'n-tin ft' r are iUtWizci! lo act as aio ut-
Am AnU I -'tag StjUe.
V.K.U(T of '0-tt II IV Sf.lll
Wj.irid with ; A,: nt ltr--.rf;
S-r i,"tuf pi r 1 1 'ti I' T 'l'
li. f-.trr the wur h'-ryc.t.'-a!.
A!r iiy now tin y lit . r tin ir c'ri.-m,
In l:.f j !' la ti.ur.'itr;
U'niif l'!:iifui uco.'s sitni".i i m,
Kir'W U Ui ii rc an J jiitii'.Oif.
O'i: ' " r cwf r.nt-X t:a ir game ;
l,,Ul U I th W' I'Wl T-i
F-'-mi M in ti r tir-i .' ".inny ph:ti,
'ur K." ni?n w.utt no Kin.
!m tn;- n in1 : fi. t-
'v Mi'!.t tm . ., J.H.king hat k,
Kici-ltil, ir TitTrf I
V fur hrr pii--f-. on,
T i - ;' is m tfuir h.-t ;
- .: ami hmLf anwih groan.
Th n ! ir tin k f r Sott.
i f .i .11 ill-' dltrh tf.rr ' K ti
I r n.oni tili tin 're en to o- 'lfrr
1 '. : i :ru ti ri b.iii,
J fi r, u 1 n i"Tiof trnm thr ii!.t,
' 1 it :' lit fu;l ri trs
r -r' ffiwi -lnilrn invife
i ,n.-,i" w..tili rif.z f''t.
f. n tuT" tliri- r(M! r fi-r !l ttv Suuj
in irtorv er' I'd. Jkukkv Rite.
l'fnm hr St:ir mnsli'l Hmtnrr.
11 V IkiKA.
' Till marriase, my dear Frank ha ever
; n my fondest tvr-h an 1 your uncle.
- it' r regards its f oii-ii:i4m;itioi as a
vf h ippinc-s to us all. The union of
I ." If., ft'ites is hir;lily,"
I i.ii)w, ur.ele, yoit always wish my
!n! s, aut I feel that I owe to y m al
1" --t any saeriliee, as a r' ward for your fa
l: l.imltic.s towards me ; but iinpr.'s
i in -.f r.ju-in Helen are of "i' h a nature ,
'!:-.t 1 f ' r I car, never love her m sli"! uie
I a mi convinced w: cotild inner con
I' ' i': t i each other' li.lppilie-J. My Own
' if' ' me so,''
" N '.-"rj-i", Frank. I! iii' inbcr von and
i'c. . r- but (hildri-n when thec
-- w-
Iiroluctd. and ciht years
11 i a ni b i till clian'i
Hciei: is very
i.. I ,:.;,'!.
y i'ir uneie w r.:. rne ;
- , U ! :it
tin; thoilghlles ch i-d girl,
V'-ar-. i-r " l.i'.'.'d litem vo ir
' i "ti h ari io. !f iceal-le iinpri;--i on of di--"
" h- a I d-d. lar-hin.'.
" A fiiry", waul in at havo bi.eii cxerei
I ! render th irr-j iUr f. atur-s lovely
- ' oi"- I the litth; Icvl- n'- pirit into
..s'.tiity," -ai I Frai.k, with oine bitter
's in hi t -ui; : 'h.w-'er, I tliink you
1 iiiie'.e W. , ,!!'., id h iv. l.-eii ib.-aliii-j ra-
rii'-iy wi'li 0 ir lean irivinif th-'iu
iy our con- nt. cry I'kely,
, fins Ir
!y I, ..p..
talk 11',,
y hi- -in.-! prior claimant
.1 !. f r- '.' t . y iii. unci--,
thi ma v be the C.l-i'."
: a f.o'.'-l, child :" -aid Mr.
tli moll half vexed. Who
I '!.::. 1: tlii- pr-p i-al Would even -ha-le
' .' Why, Frank, yoi ou-ht to be
'-lit -i at ymr brilliant pro-pects a wife.
!' ''v, alnialile and aeeompli-h'-d,
i no-ir-- of a line foit.ine if she wed
;r,'l; li.i-, with what I po-i-e-..-., which
' ' jo-ir-, if you don t thw art my
;. i- ii.iu.,-1 -iilli-ieiit to constituto Jon a
' f olk ri.'U'd audibly.
''Hi-, Coine ; I shall surmise that if our
:"'i .eiwliolgcs some prior claim."
! 1 " 1 in a,i, ranee of asAcct face clieoun-
' a I- ei.ks before, in a picture galle
'i v. iv .,rk, llitlod bi fore Frank's men-
'"' b-it he relurm-d. carilessly,
Ji ' :' l lot think Mi-s Helen Would
'ivy a ii-gocialiou of thi kind."
ii ii a g-iod girl, ' replied his uncle,
1 and ilo,iblie.i willing to abide in
- oy tin: ilec'tsioii'' ol lo r i'uardian."
' 1 1 in -by v. a ' the re .li.' w and adop
r of a very wealthy arid -oinewhat
' I
" II
t- d I,:
' ' 'i ' -bath' lor, whrt anions otlc-r fan-
1'"! hi trn'bed bim to nn orphnn eousin,
'' " '' '" ward of i,,,,-!,. Woodford. Th..
id hi vef nu t lilit ruiee, and (hen
1,1- was tin- impress-ion prmlueed,
re-jH-i tin truarilianx avoided all
a i .
t t',
'' i-i -Ti , the subject, and tnit d to
,! " t, -u!t th-y so fondly wi-hed.
'' ,,nn l,y', therefore, pised bi
" 1 - ,ii..,, i;r,. nn(J fi y-nr Knf'w.f,
without hearing the name of Helen in con
nection, with his own ; indeed, ho had near
ly forgotten her existence, until, on his re
turn home, his uncle, broached the subject.
Helen had completed her education, and t lie
guardian uncles were ilc.-irom that their
wards should become more acquainted. Mr.
Woodford therefore propro-ed v i-iling I Iruis
by Lodge, and bringing its lady in pro-poe-ti
vi and thi- caused the .onversalion he
tweiu unclu and uephew, a part of which
we have, narrated.
We will nut deny that there was a still
doiper rea.-on for Frank s uuwillinL'tiesH to
concur in his uncle opinion, but this he
hardly acknowledged to hini.-clf. A half
loniicd hope that the eweet face luiht aj;ain
Ide.-s his vision, induced him to depart to
New York, especially n.1 his uno e and llel
eu were not eipi cli d tor ( weeks.
The next nioriiiuff he nnnouticed liisulen
tiou to his uncle trin-by.
" Wry well, Frank, and much happiness
m with 'u oiily do le t fail to brin a
wnolu heart tot'iiusby Lude, for Helen
will not be ati-Hed with a divided one.
And remember, l have set my mind upon
this mutch, and shall not be easily thwart
Several d.iv pii"'.l, and Frank (truisby
in the "ay fe-tiviies of the city.
luic, hau.lsoiue, and -nith the reputation
ol Health, he r;, recipient ol much at-,
tei.tion, an. I the cyuo-ure of many a;
eve.l beauty, a well as si h.-nuu.' in.. t tier. I
I i rl.aps, liotwItU-taiiMUU III U:ie;e s t: t r c
tions, he lui;!it have bowed to the eh ir'ii
of " fairp la-lye," but b- never forjot
the vi-i .u of the pii tore gallery, n jr cea-ed
t.i watch lor its tccurrtiiee.
" ll-W sudlv the pa-t few weeks have
1 .1 I i l.l- I
.,..,"".M ., ... .U.... ....... -s ..... -
evcinig nt a Imbi.t a-m.dy. I.e with-I
t-r. This in.ii i -iav:e, in c nt'mplation inak" !
me wrctelieU .Mv uin l" wii! never lurjivc
. . : .. : i I .
Ill" -r r.n; r . ' vt l l e.i n i.. n
' . i
i. r i j li eu a n an nu n i- ii h none to
.... , ,, , ,
L:e. iH--:i..-.-, I tou.'l i.i virijve tier wa re
it it-it so.
lleas..n wbi-prred,
" IVrhaji you can, y ,u
h'-r, and she is very h.vely
lint memory arose, and
ve not soi n
preset. lei
esrce fell. i il-tr.rl "it tw- lve summers, wuti
her very irregular feat, ire-, and rather ex li
bera lit feature- ami Frai.k tarn-.! from
liie picture with a igh. Ju-tthen' 4 Voi.e
of silvery sweeliie tell up-m In-car. 'I h"
t"iie- nttractcd him, and tumiii hi- head
could it be po ihl- .' i'h- sain-' fa-e
tiiat bad haunted 1.: mind -J I oi.', aj.p' ar
ed. lt was voting laiv of p-ihups t e n -tv,
iviiii a I '"rm "f -r-oit -yni'tiy, a fair
complexion and f- it ir - n-t pi rfectly regit,
lar, hut that was more thau e'Uiipi n-at d
by 'he earii'- t, souiiull txpressi'iu of h. r
deep blue eve, and the sunny -mile that
seemed lo fling th- radiance of a - n- fa!,
happy b- art ovtr her count, nance.
, ,li
" 15- autital I" Frank miirmnred
that Hi W ii were lu.e In r .
' Ah, Irin-by, I pen - ive that v nil eyes
are wandc riii in the direction .f y . ti lair
divinity. Allow me the pleanivcof
tin' "U, mi l ther-bv addm ' aie-fh-
tee ti the shrill-' of the h-."
" l'i ice, Marvin, ati l t-U l.c w ii sue i :
her i:amt ,
' And lim a re' Well, I ranted; tell pre
cis' ly from what Ion ' line of aneeitry '
VV ill you never have d me je-tiuj, Mar
vin. ' " ai-l (irnisiiv, -ravely. "In si. I-r
irn. t. I a.-k you the lady? name ic .th
in.: more. '
" And in sober lunn -! I will answer j -i
Mi-s Allen. Not a very romantic app. b
laic HI, I Colli'.:-, bat We are p'l-t tile a-e of
roiiiaiiie now. I'oiil t'cs the lady will
choo-e some ..'.her tale r- long, althoil.'ii I
very much fear il y -u heir that ru-iu i .aii-
telianee, it will not be t Inn -by."
Frank - thinkin of II. . n
' Perhaps .Mariiu,'' he raid, atti inptiii-f
to -lllii-.
"No, I believe I have bit my heart afe
in the k"ep;ii.' of a Utile blaek-.-jed eo'i-io
iu the lin-cii Mountain .-'t it-. H it I. t me
introduce vou ;" an 1 Marvin b d llrm-by
l -raard a- he -poke.
Miis All' n wa, -t.ui-lin by somc! ( nra
viu? and conver-in.' in an miaH-ctcd mati
ner upon tb-ir merit with one or two friend.
She ree-ived Frank with graceful dignity,
although Marvin fallen d -hi- gave a slight
star' a' if of surprise on lir-t hearing the
name, and the ro-cate hue of her check
grew a sha le deeper.
Frank lingered by h r si !-. There was
an irre-i-tible charm iu Inr fair, young
countenance, a fre-hii-- in In r smib
a mui iu h-r low, sweet voice, '.hat c
cd him. atid ere th" evening wa- i.i
, an t
la rm
t, ho
had mentally rc-olve 1 to win her, if po--i-
bl- and wi-hed f-oin the depth of hi
heart, thai lb den and hi uncle would take
a voyage to the Krd Sen.
The next day Frank eiirountered Marv in.
"Ah. t triiisby," w an tlm gay Habitation
of the latter, "was you not charmed with
Mi-s Allen T I'mni'l c-'iife- tin- the truth
that you are ready to die for le r sake I"
I tru-t the lair la ly will require no
r.v-rilice as a proof of my fealty ; but, .Mar-
vin, can you tell me ought of her ? She i
a friend of the Lines, I believe."
' Ye.-, Mr. Lano i In r unci.!, and sho is
from one t the .Middle, or sioutliei n or
Western States, prrhapj from . aiil-irma,
nut really, L nave lorgoiu u. , w no
- . . i r i t i
pro-pecU, I caiiliol say uiut n. i nave in in n
she is an heiress, but cannot vouch for it
Frank called at Mr. Lane's that evening,
and Mi-s Albui received him with evident
pleaiiiri. lb- had nil ucijuaintauiM' of sev
eral year with the Lanes, and wan in the
habit of occasionally passing a spare hour
at their resilience. Now, a new luolivv in
duued iiim to viitit their liuiti-ioii. Wceki
passed, and li km ever by Muri A lien 'm
. . . . . ii-.i ...
ile. tie nan never uvoweu ins ioyr, yci
I... mm i ooseioii that I he understood and
r ...roei.l In.- seliLiluc 111. 1 Ii.' Vf't k III! W
iioiwht of but that sht! wan an ortdiaii.
.. r . . . ' .. ...
l. mi I t I.e rif-niiileJi". but he Beyer L'aTf
that a care . ' '
" I cannot t-udiirc thin tat of nusppni,"
hfl 11 ui- 4nr uiwscd. - I Is-ve Jlnriu Alln,(
and I am sure iny affection is returned.
Daily I am expecting a summonn home, to
receive the luide mv uncle has cho-cn for
me. Shall I be false to myself, to Helen,
and wed her? No, I cannot. I will seek
Marie, and unfold my hopes to her I will
reliinpii-li all claim to my uncle's fortune,
and it she willtdiare my lot, win a name
and hoiue for her.'
With these thoughts he went to Mr.
Lane s.
" For Miss Allen," he sai 1, as ha gave
his card.
"She is not hero-she left yesterdav,"
i i . .i . J -'
was returned by the servant.
"(lone!' exclaimed Frauk, "and when
will she return : " ,
Ju.-t then Mrs. Lane appeared.
" Mi- Allen left yesterday, very unex.
M.ctedly. Jler uncle came to take her to
i-it some friends previous to their hoine-
ard departure."
Frank loured to iiiijuire if she lft no
liiu.vage for bin,, but lie could lot bring
hiin-cll to aA Mrs. Lane, mid ib ( lining her
polite invitation to enter, he sou -lit Ins ho
tel. (hi his return lie foup ! a I. r await
ing him. It was from uncle inn -by, uri;.
, ing his immediate re'., .in.
Melon tttiii Mr U'nrtfltV.rl
at t rm.-bi I. id -e " l ,!,. .....i f
l8ni.)U to rr.-eiit v.hi II. !.'.. ;.. I..v...
ly, more so than I have dared to anticipate
alj M 0l a, ,hl, .autiti. y0,. Uhl
he ( hjrine.l with h..r l'r,..,L "
" Never ! ' exclaimed Frank, crushing tin
b tli r iu a very uudiniiied manlier, and
tin n like a dutiful nephew, lie cotumciici d
preparation f..r departure.
On the homeward journey, hu firmed his
plans. First, he was di ( roiined to dt-iike
,,,!,. X(
ig,.j 'lh
treat her with the
i. He w..uld lloljld
to bt.i uncle, to Mr. Wioilord, and to Hel
en liersell, if lieee-sjir( (he impo lhlilt v of
I their union ; then -ei k Marie All. u wh '-e
, , , . .
prcci-e resilience lie c mi l ascertain Irom
. . , . .
;tue l.aiies, am1 place Ins lis
an-.-, am' place Ins loiei u.v-
in In r
Mr. Crm-by received him warmly Frank
sighed to think that he mult tl.wait his inu niioiis.
" I shall present you with a trenoire, in
11. dell,' said the oi I gentleman, a tin v -at
l--g- th- r iu the library. She i- lovely, ai. lia
ble, and ponc.-e a mind of the lushest or
der and many ran- aitaiiim-nts. Hiih Mr.
Wo-idfor-I ami mv-elf anticipate the ino-t
brilliant pro. p. ct of ha pirn si for J j i It
has cur L-i n a darling dicam with u-.
" And i- ll.-len to have no y ice, ni.--'. 1
ie may u .1 f.u,. y n,, . '
Helen i- a cor -I ,.ii l
illii! t
i mar
I pr
l'i r,
ry the one h-r L'uardian has ciio en,
fume altlnii h have m v.r a-ke-
but 1,-ft that for J -1 t p' rf .rm."
'' I -had c n- ver periorm it. un
cle. Helen Wooiltord can myer le In.
' Frank -poke in a re-A ite t a.e Mr
;trm-l'j lo-.ked a-t .nnded.
i i . i . i
iiiin.iii'i Hie iii wii'u e;si- y'ii piea-e.
be cntiait.-l ; "I will :, o ,..t, .-. r cohieal
my -i iitiiueiit - from j , i. I coiid n..tbi in.'
. 3 heart w -rlhy 1 1. n i ace. -plan. .-, for 1
, have pivaui it to another, an I one well or
; thy a:lec!i..ii. I ti, relin- ii-h all i l ion to
fortune, iiii'!- 1 on!-, a-k v -ir f-.d.-ne
. and il my M arie butemi-i i.l- t i pal t ak- a.v
I -I. I will il-p aid only on my o n exertion
' Ih-njoil have n-.l vet r-ceivei h-r
con-eiit : caul hi uiieli , in an m-iiriii,'
"No, I have In-ier so i.iit inr hand iu
" Th- n I In-re i h .
eu, Fran he will t
e a -
( h.
V see H-I-
i Marie x.
t beauty,
Frank sle-ii- 1 hi h-art a
an I I i.ioaed In uue.e into
r ''.III, 1 here Wi re two o
Wonlford, and a l.vlv half c itin-a
y tne
drapery of the wind ov
" ib b n," th'.ulit Frank and turning
away, In- received Mr. Woodford cordial
grc- tiiig. There whs a milling of -ilk in
tin- direitioii of the window, and Frank
knew he was in the presence of ll.-len v- t
he did not raie hi eyes, ui hi uneie led
bim forward. A ii.oment.irj' pau-e suee-e-d-
d, hr.. ken by Mr, Oi iiisby
' Frank Helen," and
rla'pcd his own. w hile a
Hill w lot-' hn.d
Very V'liwe re-
jieat-d la name.
Frank rai-cl ids In ad, and Ma: e Alien
stood before him. She looked more lu-au-tiiu!
than ever with a deep blu-li mantling
her cheek, w hile a mischievous smile w reatli
ed Inr lip.
" Helen, Marie, Mi- Allen I" exclaim-"I
Frank. " Tell me, I enlr- at you, that you
are li it coii-iu I li b n !"
I am coii-in Helen
she replied, hlll-ll-
ing deeply. " Forgive me, Frank, for thii
seeming deception. Aa Mis Vlb-n j-ni
have known me, and I trust to io-e no por
tion of your c-tcein by being alio cousin
" Hut I c.nutol solve the niy-U ry vet,"
said Frank, with a pt iplcxcd air.
" I will soon cxplniii it. My inline i He
len Mai in Allen. U li-ti with my uncle, I
am usual!', called Woodford, alliiou-li I
have never legally assumed that mime.
,.,. Lane, my mother s brother, loves best
t ca . Marie, a it wa hi r iiaine. Of
BOUrW) with tlicin, I am known a. Miss Al-
,,. At tir-t, I wan mitnewlint surprise-l on
hearing your nam.;, but a mir guardiam
had placed u-an rather peculiar cireum-taii-
cc with respect to each other, I could not
censi-tcntly reveal myself."
While she had been cpeal.iiig, the two
gentlemen, as much (surprised aa Frank by
the hlrange denouement, had considerat-ly
b it the room and Frank said as he clasp,
ed Mario's ham!
" I liavn promised never to wed cousin
Helen, but Mi-s Allen, 1 nhall be only too
happy to tiddrit.sfl. Hay, dear Marie, may
I receive from your lips, the promiue tu ln
, IllCailsWer C1Jm. ' j lotr that pas-ltlg
: tcphyr bore it from our cars but it doubt-
. .. . i .1 l- i. -.
! reached Pranks in aatisfaetorv fniin-
i bers ; for nn hn pressed a kiss upon her lips
i lm tiiunnuicd, , V ' , , ,
. n M ifie.
J-Vom the X, Y. liiwW.
f-ift ),'.
For some day past tlm (Whir and p;M.
fiuirer has been pablisLin.' a variety oi'
. . . r .
! v ti nous rco utiolinr documents, re In-
tin- to the Maud of Culij : tut, as tlu.v
(minuted from a sacred club in tin island
w In re anything like the organizatiou of a
dangerous ign piracy M:'ain-.t its Spanish
ruleis, is the next tiling fri an utter iiiipossi-
i . i 1 i 1 . i i -i . . i .
' ""J i wl nave seiiieeiy neei ine-o seumous
link tins to hu unwort'i v of a inouient sen-
ous jtteiitioit. The. CuJik-r of yesterday
tantial dial
oorimi-r, howerrr, iu itj-;v',iH!sta!itial din
closure of a formi Jahb', f .-Mve, and nvstcm
ized revolutionary league! iu thc-e I'nited '
Stat s, Willi thv men am;
lut an iirci-
sarv to compicr the island, in. I waiting ,,. ni ll.,r "" " a11 1,'"it 1 ' '" 'I' "
ly tor the opportunity for il descent upon W ith re-pi ct l i llie con,, ,pi, u. es of a
it, places lln: malt -r In l.e ligj.t (.' the mo t ""'"i--"l'"l Id- rating inva-hm -.1 Cuba, tin y
li iit -iiM oii-piracy of the tines. t t!al an scarcely be over e-tim:-!-,!. 'J he no.
a sumcs ;i practical sh.-p- all 1 coi; i telav, ' ,u"'tl'",! 'auu'l-r V.nh us would be a Wur
compared with which ail ntUr pr-m cts W ,t'1 '';l",t 'rauc and Spain, ull togtth
aaii.M Kur..p, oi the c-nii'. cr i l1"1 -v, t 'V'"" tUnl u :" ll'"r" wo
tent, or its contiguous island, v vi-ioii.-i-j """"t ,r,T-'irc '" -hat conting- i.ey, or pre
rv nod chimerical ; and its coii rc,en.,ive !;"-o f .r tl.c- purchase of Cuba, before it
t" n-lciii i,s involve all the hazard! of a L.-u-! " "" l',t" Wlr- M '- '. -'Jr.
ir.,Jwar 'Hcbster? Let hllil look to ( ui a.
Aceordiilg to the .!.:!!. -i. lit of our c ot.-ln- .
porary, it appear that t'u-rt csnt iulhiij
count rv a r-1, wile- lm.ii bmi ,
ci.iti oi, l.u.wn a- the " o !er of the L me
1-i.t it h a. num. mi:i ilivi-i-ins c-tab-
li-ii. d all over (he counl'v ihat iti the city
f New York a lei uei hi .rhoo.-l (lure nr..
liei.hl i-rh-H) I there are
so;i,r . ,'ii nr ci.'bt iliv i-i m, '' r i" iui
-ev. ml th "iian 1 men, win have all bound
them-elv -s t iiiureh, at .i moment s waru-iu-;,
t i t'ui-a : that thc-e iraiii.alioii- com
prise n. - n of all j.r-.fe-! ns, even including
loiiii-t. r- of the gp, !," tul th..t, "tlnir
cfirn are rapidly liliuiL'l til tfold. ' From
th- authority ol .low Sitieh-x Y-nii' ii ; it
further ftppi ar- that th-a- no. ci-t over
li'ty di i-ioi,. ol' the ' I.rji- Star," iu ci-l.t
or ten .'f the St a.n of lli I nioii, foiHiiii.'
an aj-ri'L'-ite i! liltcin liou-and men, sol
i iai.iy l anded !. th rt r the in -rat: in . '
'li ! A''Cor I.I! to th'' I. !. ' .!: !.
Mich meiiiter Inu t pr at
irs d r thi -mini!: -n,, tiv e
ii 'ii.iis l .r
ll,.: oi,
third, I e-i
but li-arl
gr. . , and fi
lour -hiiiin i
if II- t nil tbo
dollars f .r the
liii iithiy duci. ;
divi-i hi-, have
raised th- -.-al,- ,
div ;-i"is i xi t in
. li.bly i- ! rim-.1
lb' of il le .Vt so. n a
I a-
any Slat-, a p n--
I'Olilp "K d 'I two m
t each
m-ion. clei t
- . I, I 1 1 1 . ri
I I V I'Sll'-t. 'I 11-,
mill' T t- t I a-
I J Iirts, and r-gu! il '" ai t.. V luiy
i--io-iiiiia I n tie- -el and Hu r- -
jll i -
ol th.
iii'l'T. I ie- -'iprene r-einril i- r.-m-of
! itk-ii I-r '.: in ca. !i -i n- r.i
U .1 . d I v I'.. , . !,.-. -.iii. ;,
irgi d with the , - in r.ii int- ret the
icr. 'I he e .'UI.e.i li.i" p , r to di-p i... -'I'
luiid-, lo i-'V v e.-ni rii-uli 'in it a I- "l- ein-
,., i,. e. - ..a ry , ti name . Mi . i - and a-tit-,
ant I-- ai t a umpire iu all li-pat-'" of grave
li. in. . i.t w L;. Ii ... . ir "
II. ri. have a'.' the . eifieaiii-n- of a
y -tt.iiial.e mi l loi iai-i.,!u.- -r . h i. it."ii, or-
..tinted by L'.pi , and is in.l. d into a -ort
of eu... nl. .1 vk i.Iv -im. th'- I '. ';. t--r-
iii i it iteui .-I tin .atal stid In.
I xp
i aide
t , Ol
h a r
I li- nulv v'ng. it, i e is il.
Iii- lit', litliof, ol ('ol. a '11,- luimeiiie
a -poi,, wiiu-ii a -U.C. !.a iiiv a-i-ti
I- e. !ul itiva-i'
i. r-. i- thus I.
i- i r i-ad- in b
ii on lit r f alii
I give to th- c
s the reward ..I
; na'.i oi i.i.criy, ami n
in irf v r-
j We em n ir ace.-.'inl !'r the ittij-.-rt mee
I which th- Cii'lri-I ha- -ivn., , the re Vol it
, tioiiary iloeniiiciit- emanat n : lroiii Cuba.
In thur i loir.'-ctioti w ah th- "t'ider of the
I. in t ir," th-y tiav- a in p meaning-
No il uiht th- i on pirator in the island and
out --I I In- i-land, ar" th ir-n -ii'y advi-cd of
, each ot h- i i - luo v c in eia and are op. rating
to.o th- r in h-riiioiiv. Power!"'- as the ron--pirary
in th-- i-d.-iudiu ay I.e. it i- i I : t tided
fa tic mo-t ii-, ful a.-ia in. .- to th" inva
der, win n lh-v sh ill a 'mil lintard lli.'iii
S' iii a ho-tile irruption. S.uiie guiding
ti-K 'em of lh- movement frail the I'mted
Stat"- i- indi-pi t, aid'1 at llivana; and a
f- w sa o n ions and int. Hi gent m- n are better
than a fuze ho dj ; for if hall tin- men en
rolled in tin country t-nli t in any futur
iai an, fa even a third of Ihem
el cf- !
ling tin
of Oil.
i day.
y w ill n oi.ire no 1.,-lp fr on
the . i'
a very I
to t ill I t lt-
'i he cont.
l-piatl -Il III
will be
i ; and
extermination on lu.tii sn:c
!i" hi''i ' incnS 4 of lh" four hull'
armed n- ii under I. i- ., may ;
!-"l br
il rd s.
l slim-ile of ttll.t could he in-con. p!i-hed
witii four th iii-am! well i .'lipped. I lie
1 1- t 'ppoiiit-d Spanish fore of liv, nty th"u I w .a! I li d h- a' I- t" -ope with tlc'iii.
Nor an- the obstacles to the nri-Pa nig of
three or four th'-u-and nn n upon uur -bores,
and their failing to -, and I indiiig up ui t!i'
i -bin I, as gn at a many may suppose.-
W hat wa- done by L- -. may be dona-gain
, and No. i-mlier, I'ii i nil. rr, or -I aii'i
ary in t, would be a go id tine- fa tin
Work. The le-eiit si't in ilii -t i hi will b
going out, and it active stipen -i at over
uur f'O-i.n relations will he to a great il--gr-c
sii-p- lined The New adinitii-trntion
will not vet be ii, authority ; and in f-r
Cou-jrc., wa
pprt'hfii'1 tiiat tliat branch
id tl
oyertin.. will be looking toward-
the fi-liing bank-', . r ,-oii''W hi re else, and
will be loo "low to overtake the Pubaii iu
Vii Irri until it i ii late. And ihat tin'
succcs-ltil inv .n-i'.n of t uba, by no ovev
wlieliiiiiig " liheriitiicf ( Xpcdition " fioin
this cotliil ry, would be hailed with iiccla
inatiou by the American people, lln re is
not tiie remotest (-hadow of a doubt. It
would lot u popular thing the Mieccss ol
the " Order of the Lmie Slur " is evideiire
euough of the popularity of tin; sclicine.
We Miy, then, tins is a inomeulouM Inoye
iiient. 'i here i teinpf ation cnoiii:h in it to
lino iible, talented, and respectable, men
Oien of cuarai tcr and men of iiivuu, to say
nothing of tlm trumeiiduua conti-cations nfl
poveriiineiil iirom rtv and rovali.-t a o.-tati:-
f hat vvoiild follo-v ihe lilu-ralinii .d'( 'iilia b v
au iuv udiiii in tny ol patri ditt ad v t nturcrs
, W should not be mnuised to hi- our
md-iibor, ml
I nled ti ijt c-m a 1 rigndc
'general in the Mexican war, appointed, and,
hravely acting us u major general iuthuj
piojicled compiest with Cuba. Ho may, I
even now, be a a member of the Lone Star)
' -'i-'lf'ialion, fir all that wo know, lloccr-
'"'"Ij- appears to have been admitted into
.fl...! ....i-..t !C ,... l,.f.. !...;. .M
" " 1 ' "
I Whether Mr. Wcb.ter secretly leans to I he
l"T",u,,il 111 ' m"'. ouierwi-e, ,n
not know ; but at the time of
the lavt I
per expedition, he was mippi
sed to be re
markably indilb rent to the terrors of the
Spanish minister at a diin;;t ui. In fact,
there is no telliu; how far the speculative
Kcheriies of Wall street linaucial and no-
lili,-'ft' !, till they are to li. Lt.
no luayi'rsi as.-,ureu, iiowevej. inai ii mere
hIhiII appear to be a fair pro-p. ct for tliii
(,'ubaii enlei u i-e, fundi will not be wanting,
THK KKIIT ('!" C'll!
To make refill at! m - f r tin
nim. nt
their lupl ivi n. vi a- s, ti;,., .y a ca e r
cenlly tried at I' ncr, .N. H. A fcinal..- o.
crative sued (he Sain. (..; Iil- .Ma'iutai l.i
l in.
fir - I '.
r all, -"l due.
1 tb- ir in 1.1 t-l-
fihov. ;
Ill' s t i t I
the y were
had reta
plaoitill, tint cont-n-lc"! t
it li-.tiiid to pav, l-iM'tiu'e
to to He" k- l.otice "f
!. tie ir i !.' p' 'V , a. fi i a
.- r
il:!' nt i -n t i In..' th .
I" tin: " I. ".'.nation I .ip.
she a furnished wh-u - ii
r-," with vi h
entire! t
. rv i-e. A. eor ii
t i th- i.
il F
e .lint.
if tin v
tlm em"
n il. frmn vhiih We derive th - a-"tin-
co-lit charyrd the lury that
were sali-li'-d the rul-re.l
pi 'V ,jf i!
..f t'hit a
inp.iev u.t'i a fo'd kiioM
1- l.a'
r .'il.Chl, 'he (
n.1 n
it r-'i ... it t lu
ll m try f a
.u i. r t i iii i 'hi
amount due. Tint it n
thi- 3:r-ri:iciit t i be signed in
it lin.lino. 'Ihat the a ;i i r.i-
nt wa. I
, in j. I hat the a hciih:
' l.lil.tlff had . 1,1- ted the
ilain i.n ler a lull kn -v. h
li-ui The jury returned
I del. 11' 'i he i!e!i u i
nl wu bile! i
elepl 'V !' ii
ol -e ,, the re
a v- run t i
al.l- hi I : (a1.
I..", v. ;. i,
,g :!
i a -tie
I,-: 1
1 i
- a. Ii
te e t!
with t
le-t i "'
Hi. p.
I ! ti
al lie V i i'. I . iv
u ai t a. illy da th-
l M . t -
!! I., r tax : I t- ; t' at ti,.-y
!,., ,,- tie p-irp ..f k.o out ot her pav, out lucre ij
;i ri.l.t a- a Corp rat. n i . make -t,
n- I r the g iv. rni .i-i.t t.f t!
It in sail the Sp ini-h Minister at W.
in -
.1 oi ! n
II- d I
i-: attention .
it o rg a n i . a t :
! the
Pic i-
iii lo th
irv iio-.v
,i !., I r
hillg ! Ol
urier A
f u
ig in
-eel. 'ill- - t ti e I
at-! her iuv
i-i -i- of t 'ul a
'I I," W:
-v York
(hi a'uri
lent "f th" .V
in a.'iti" inciiig
f ile) iiii r ii
s, ., j. M
t.-r, add :
1 a, a- it
-; I
w ill c ua
is In I' j i-
t I:
.. .s-.
ngla l
I', it . -'! '-- ;
Iff t,)4 ft
I' I ' i.tu
f,r ,t ),ft'f trt in t;.'! i.l t. r
Igor -us policy l.a-" I
th- ('uj tain lo in ral "I li
d i. to I li -! ruction-. HI;
d-d revi 't ard in v a i ui.
every pcr-on taken with
again-l th. untie. rm. -, .-I
thtee ho irs n't. r .ir 1-.
has be. ai I--UI d, I ii it il
an I
I. he
ll, n-
I -I iic I, in
r th- hi i r-
ted ll. it
is hands
hail ! sh.a vviihin
A firth, r io'd" r
iii r.i"' tinv .'fViecr
t he I .1 e. " -t ii ; p-u-:
atitly fa c-tit :ui i
eoatts t , c ur.i.'t the
iu the la-t cru-a-le
iliollbl rel'l-e I 1 I'M'i'llt
ally be shall b- -hot in
ry. The failure of . ar
C.VIM dllli'lll -11 engaged
a.;:im-l t 'nba, hu- lint on
I I i to repeal th it lawle--lia-
creali d a bad impr.
I the iihllily of tlir ju li-miiii-tcr
tli"1 law iu tin
tat- of opinio!!.-'
,v cneoiirag
d nth
ctiterpri-e, but
--ion abroad as to
ial li'.buual t " ud
- (ace of a moi l ! I
A LAH'ii: PAI T Fil'bM MiilTIIPAP-
! OI..NA.
! A few d.-.ys ago a raft of luinbi r, e-.ti-
laining (d'.loli feet, arrived at Norfolk fr un
the VclloW pill'- fol'eitl of N"!th 'a' . ii i n a,
'bordering upon Pamlieo oi-.!. ( In- piece
I mea-ur. 'l "eM cubi- I'd t, iiud i -'i f- i t long
j by inches s.ptare. I i.e tolls up .u il
through th" Ih-iiiiil Swati.p Canal iiiiioiiiit
i cd to upwards of N I "-", and it s .hi, d. ;ivi r
'i d at Norfolk, nt a pri-- n .t far sh ut ..f
I 7,H Ml. The wh de of it i- int. ti led for
New York, and was t ivved mi 'I lull-day
.evening, bv the ht'-aiu-T .'feci, up th
i ( die-up" a !.- hav, mid from th-iiee it will
j proceed through the canal t .aiid to Niw
I V..ik. We bain from tin- Norfoik Argus,
' that timber can be traii-poi'l-d lor half in
j much thi- way n it co-t t -hip it in v" -
s. i, and that an cxfeii-ive bi l l i- lil.c'v
soon lo be opened, when a pi of.t il.h- li.-nle
will be e imill-ltccd i'l 1 Ills husine-s hetur-n
Norfolk and the X-irth.-rn fit:- .
cuyim; i:a nn:--.
Tin) Mlbj lined ll"tiile i- '-flit f ) the
Sun b a cnrrespoit b tit. e t -py
(hc sako of liiitinriily
" Having heard
I an imp irtant m
. 1
ly, on
rj, minie .-.Hue years ago, oi a r-a iv
mini..' .-ollie ye.i
of silencing soiialling 1 In I d li' 11 . 1 lat
board of a car, on my way fi
here, eiiibrac-d an opportunity
in Newark
I' ti-"linr its
virtues, Willi the in. -I sati-tnt toiy result,
upoti one of the loudest and luo t iiieul'
hie little (iiiiillTH, I think that ever shock-
ed my weak m rves. The jiroeess i-t a very
siiii.ole one all I did was to pre-s one fin-
icr Kcnldy and repeatoniy ucioss tliu rurti
lo' of Hut fluid imse, ud in Icm than a
minute, fa the rretit ainiiscim sit of the nan-
seic'trs it w s souiiil rt-lrcp. Piebevintr
Jcsirablu - piece of infonmitiaii should l
gem-rally kuocn. I liv cmliiaed to juvr
r t i-iiMe-ny.'1
If you aru a mechanic, a farmer, or a fol-
lower of any profession by w liieh you er-
p" t to supp.irt yo irself and family, and get
l-iell it villi eno Mlll'elv it is of t III lltliio-t
. ' -j -
iiiipoi'tauci" that Jou should marry a Woman
capable of assisting j on in jour eflorts.
She .should therefore be ponesed of hcimc,
and in lu.-trioiis and frueal habi's. Ilo not,
therefore, sillier yourself to be daz.led by
a tasty dress, or fall in love with a pretty
face, or run crazy alter accomplishment;
though none of these are to be desr.i.-ed
"hen aeeonipanied with oolld abd uvHi
'!" vmo.
,-iij.jiose ii .vv, aa you areju-t iiegiiiiiing
lite, you marry a young, pretty creature,
w ho kno'.vs nothing ol lioii-c-kci pin'.' or plain
sew in. You mn-t immediately hire one or
more servants, and your wile will not bo
able to direct them or even i!. t ide whether
tli'. V are ''-udeiit ai.d ciil.iille. Win rea
vou have th.j rijit kind of a woman, .'he
will lake pleasure in doing the little- w-ik
wli'elii required by Iw-. pcraon, and will
always he 1-at and iheiiful at t'ae same
time. Thus you will save the wage,-, the
b- arl, Hud till- w aste of a hired girl, w ii .
iu j -mail al imilv' i-a u-cl ,-.-. aad trouble-1--me
vi; rii'aiierary. Your wile will l e
more healthy and t l.eerru!. for the li.l.t la
I or an I care of her little b-msi h"!d ; an 1
U" p lid l.J ' ll it, ail I .Tpl liel.Cud Wi;t: omcs
bcttcr than an iia.vpeii. ma 1 strvai.t.
S i take a W"inaiif advic.-, every man of
Vou who cam- hi liviie' bv the bit- r : f
hi- le a 1 or h
d-.aM e,e
i'f the bill
el of vie
labors i
e l r he
ir w i!e,
.f your
perf !aiiain
ii-i h 'id. 1 1 w ii!
i. a i.i,
in. pair I.
a lleui-a
p .lining
llOV I ii -t,
lh- J r. c
vi nt ii-r
la -mi,'. 1 ;
from V '-:
pair I.-'r I - antv, but lt v.lii
a. e In i ii 'i
1 pievi i-i I.
tra 1: of l!,
tain to "I.iil
el iia- 'inin ; it v. i so il vvi;h the i!
with w hich i'il-iic-s i
on- hour of .via- n-i
H w:
d a m
an 1
pr- ,
a le '
I. i
. It
ii r
n. a i
from v o-ir il
duty to iiiak..- 1.
il 111
l! VMi
lot ill :
or i
I- I! In r oi v
il -! ai ly l r.
ir si, en
..!- to v
. ;.: ! 'e j-
: le r
1. ... .
. t
i ti l
a ii
e. I.i! '
all p.
i. n :
w.a i.,
:i tin:
. a I.
rl' i t
r. -ih'h
r i.
n ,
i ..c t
., not p .
Hlhl t : in
i .. .
V -I
l.n ,
W:C a
li. i d Ii .1
find th
Vol! ii .
i -i t - .1 i
-.f i-iil-.
I, a
t - mi:
tl-l '' v
I r tu '
: I and
a 1 !'..
w ii
I i d.l-a-
at v-'tr -ide.
v. lien il 1. ; s
, )-.
t: ti,-
p. i.;i this in
A e 1 i . c d ii t y
a v. .-: l!,v o!
:. -.1 .- '-! ....
an .:.v, r I ,.
air -I ilv , w 1
at i
1 U I.';.'
it i
in II
.11 i'l
i jai'g
. v hi n i I -n in 1 I y the
oili ti, .Hi -I fl ielei-,
I'i- i t i :i p lin . i hel'i
- i r- to have '.ir w 'Ic
iag hi-; : -v a
tutei lin- inn t -.
if y al would d
an I happy , leak
.t-siiri d v .-ti n i'.I
. !
c hi r v .. ,r i otai
s cm' la,.; vo.,r
ant, and 1 e
ill pro-pt i
... i".:.' i.t.
le ali i fi.n -
ing a I ii!u--s
il-i- than pass;.,;,:
e'u . Inr I
'-' i-apl-in
Fan t'uer- be anvtiiing in e
n. a- c ititeuiptil !e than th -
h p"- ritieal mi-i ry ..(" keeping
iin-es And le-vv in any ;tie i
thi- c ii -I i lit struggle, d.-ei p
b a --uu.iii a fit I-.- po iti'ii
I'll 1'
ell lllii: d 1
ii and f" a r,
t the e .in-
III- lie III-1, t .
nd w hat tii.l the-.- r r on
tlicir ai'i-'t t slai tsii ta-ii- 'I
inr gain
Mere!;, the
III'"-, who
si-iii which
appear w h.
In. in I tin- 1
Iii i tig to bl
I . vv
a t
' Fret, in
do. ill!'.- -i.e.
th-v tdait
daring t
v-.ii r.-ally are,
-p. ct of u'l da:
liny coin
F'V ll'.-ll
what ..'I
air.-elf t lu
arc not, w i,
upon j
1"W II I
luart .1 -f tic'-e w lei
lid the r Ji.ti.icpt -.f
i.!i -a
ll;, ui y mi, :
: s. t i- ty
til'- I xtl'ellie
il n ii tin- i xti'eiiie of tollv I i f-.'ict'iln .
indi pen l-iice, self-re-pi a t, and b"iuc coiu
I irt. that vou may 1 c culic l nn bv la-lii.-u'i-biy
itf'.s-cd pt isoii-, mid by such la cogtiia-l
ill the -ll-eif. V.betl bj this toal'se y-il f'nr-
f. it tl.s ie p. a t f cv-ry nn ih'.o per-, u.
P is r.-ally -i i t ii'ssiiig to nee a cure worn
man t liinig all day and ti, t p into ni.-la, that
bis wit" aod daughter- may be ta.-htoiiitb! y
iittin il, and live in genteel idh m.-s.
This kiod of Coiiiii'jal
ippii i
p. lis
ly to i an - and bt'le
i.e c t'il.try. pel.'- liv
-ill ft i'. .lues a V. ife,
t: tl
-. In th,
Wh, -i a
t i 1. -. p h.
1 1 -1 1 1 1 1 -1 s hou-i',
1 lid a
nii.t 1 v
ir ni ls
M I 111. II ill
parents an
. ttitig u living. Ana
1,1 no haste I ' have tl
in. n i i,
i.t-.' tie v .in- I i
auiv. lh-
'. ,:l'l'- :-.
.-uu-hi'i- of their
.' i - t ant in all I .
.nn'-, and
I ihoi-.i -I ii:',..
a. i pot going to say,
ir sphere or eia -. I
pi-, though ti.-v f.u
ev en i' . i -i aid", i
Now.bov I
I, .an y o,!t of -n
tl" li d liiaac pi-.,
i- . If y-it
en I auiiabi.' girl
f.r what vou arc
v h i is vt tiling lo t i
end accoui'.a i luti'
lo such II III'
id" of lit
as wir
income v. ."r-
1 I't b. VI ."I f
- In r tin I. r
to ilin-m y, t
raids, take In r an 1
lew von deceive.
'"' ''lU'J
1 f you w ,
i r in it. her
lal-c color-, il yotl
that which vv-a are
not, and pi
in is? vi hat
ymi arc ma alilc to periorm, luei
o ivin 1
deceitfully, J,"l will richly di -MTe all the
mi-cries that follovr.
When pui see your w ife di.iappointe.i and
weeping t when you hear her ecinpl'iiii! -
- ami upliraiiiing.', unit lei I mat stie a pi-
I tli at she rt
jm as a fool deceiver, wuat can you reply :
A woman will forgive a man lilrtuv-t nv --in
eu tait deception. v decwiv nr he can neither
o LoJiur, trust, or bi.i;. 'J'hmi luii, u-u no
concealnaii-. It 4 J nuig l.uly relume
ni,t . f yj ir p-
ciieuiii-tane,s let her go ; she does not love
you. Sun ly you would not deceive su-h ft
one into bveoiuiiig your wile. If you do,
and live miserably or iJruilyu yourself to
dentil to .niaint'in the a p.virjmi of her ne-
customed ra.ik, ihoii you are a poor p..!-
lnn ;i mItiic ;i li I'll f, .1 tin'! it il citnr
; - i
.Never marry a girl who is n.-haiued to be
s" i ii engaged in any iis' ful titid uuital le em-
ploynn nt. Flee from the girl who si(i toy-
ing in t lie parlor, w bile her mother d rutbs
in the kitchen, ns you would from h'pro-y.
She lias neither heart nor fouI. Shu will
never care how hard you toil to support Uv-r
m liUh idlmcif. - . - -
Once luoie I Conjure you, if you mu-t
nia'.e voir own fortune by mental or man
ual labor, to seek i wife v. ho wilj as. i.-t ton
by cheet ful labor, her L-ei.tie .-vmpatiiv and
an "i
you cam, .it nil. I inrli
liclor, sir! be as sour
ive an
1 1
una 'in -
.-.-i:-". I'' tier fo than 1 '
ii:d, f-" 1 f y ami iinreason
rcii of h.r trainintr. So
if burthen
ic able v ife
a p
savs a v
Si j II iv
C '.. J .i. :
S.-J , I ! ,. li r'..tll.U- "Hid
I U t. to.
15 t t i-j a l
a . - I . ,
I: r?5 fi S .T-
- f S l
t j a a V j-'
s, .- '
ir c i. i
s WILLI t is
21 Il.Vg.
.Lea tli or.
-A I...
i e i a. c
'fill r
" 1. II.
I . .
t ;
S . ..i
t.s: fii.;:
mot ' a . .1, i I
! i.i -1 . i. ; ,
1 1. re u oi
n , an ex;.
1 I
s- at I It on, if
. an b," .l.a ii
'- s lin I he ct i
. . d H -l
' lur p-i i i
,io t',.iti it
i am .1. mn-
ti .titiy.
. sr-i'iiMn
- l X'
W-V ii.
Si IN.
i alti.iLlr I't up i i - tUc licrii
!! a!hi - inr ovjiU-.
?5Y e
ks ii4-,
:( t I -a
.i T. a-', ex'-i-iiie.' by A.
-il-v Kent, ivr ptirii-.isttf
, 1 U. .". I I.- v '. . -Jin
at l'ui
! ' cl-
I ,1, .,1 II... V- S, s
I,' Il
ti .
( I'
ll' ', v. r' v..uait: 1 raai ol Vin
I.i-d. kr.iw u a" i!u
Heed (Uyi 3Iine,
, U u.g in I alisir
. Ml -Iters. Ill M. I.,; i
! - It ' I'' ' - 1 .1. 'I I'
' n i lie I .ai. ii Si
toe i"'-1 i' l a1 ii
; -ii. -I i .
" alia,, .Viuti I taii.i.i a, nn the
'. i-i-k, a f-i-il 14 hi'IcH s.itiivlioia-t
i'tn' us- in tMe li'st it ne'.vi-n i
St., t. s .mil 1 ,:s moa , u ,Hli Iti V'Si.l
s' ic -l'u i iC v iii i.-e littmi'ji otn
I - : 1 1. 1 j.. i i. a -I .el ; vi i-i in I,, i j... lu
1 e i; .i ,, '.! nii.i- tl' .'II t II .il U'l
:t s. i i; ",- i' i. s 'I ,.e iri t
i.t- s. u in i v. ..- i.i (.a u .not u'.hcr Hit
i ii.-i .-
hr ..-I
og'l u!. -f II ' it -11 IM t .l's ii In o,e
.a. I : It i. ..t I.
i, a e , si.. I i,'
' ..'is Hi'ti IM"' li.eneiB-l vlliet lift
li'-i; Sli. rui-'ij , f--. tl-it I- .)!,k'' .1
I V I 1 H e ilorv. p III I-'8 : .'al-
In t, ,,. .,
up 'v 1 'i (' i! i i' i 1 m 1 1 i f .
! Tim- Ii I,' I tm.Ji u'.l t , uuii .tie slu a ill f nin ly
i siur 1 .!-. 'I i-ipi-, l m ii-tiis-' rrt-Hit i n!t iii-lfr(-'.
1 l- i 1 1 it O.-U ,.,f ;,-t j th, VI inr t i
t-fTMci n'l-hm,' l-.i I. i-r Y . f ! ir t iicr ;,ttn u.
' ar. , rt q me -ii U u1 ti- B ri 'l" r . I . .1 1 ( " norfl.
1 THOU J Siii;.N.TMi-,ue.
' C n-Mr.:, 3 VV I-.' .( v., r
iVou Sadler's fhop.
'il CO
it 11K
in. .I
f.e h-iis,.
at- int' 1.,-.,. a.
tV'ii !il 11. n.riTi 1 is fi if 11.'
.I,.- sC'i-T . 'V. II-.I' la- Ins !-.(,,'
-I tin- e is-l ri.-l -I vir. KertV It iit-1. w lu-i
:i 1-11 1 leg all tfio
it all il t-.irtutib ' ft i
fr-ti-'-h, S5i -floe, f urtimsr-.ctt fr. Ladles
Ill lVS-T
' : H ' T
iiel a p.
l'i lln hi
re :-V ia 1
la -.Ue.isr a tlfint Mm
II.. Wi.lll.l ri'l'-e."l"!'l on I''' 01
111 f Vt- hllil a rll liil i'l mi". l'
II ,'AI' ho, .lb ill HI' f.-llilte's
au.i it. f ;i.i'i-a
I, a : kind ei t t'l "" I n Y r
f.o 111 k-
1 W J
hjiiulle. .Way 12 ls-O
ami . vsiv Let','
1 ..l.-'i VCk.
la- M r I itrtiin
.lit ( I: 1 a,.-
fl V M M f ll
mN aHY slXU ii
.1. liOLTON.
11 lit

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