North Carolina Newspapers

A. C. "WiLijfAMSGH, (editoh.
CHAF lIOTT E , C, DECEMBER 15, 1832,
The Nirtli-C r.-lin Wliitf will
t TiV'll l'ul.l.AI.S in 1.1. v cr
T.VO I).)' I AU FIFTY I TTS il o. v.
in nt tic 111 1 yeu le.r t.iri-u muv'ilh. u..u 'J UhL
I yiu le.r t..r. mooil.., m.u 'I I1KLE
i 1 1 i ..i- ii... .... .
UJLl.Ai.S.IUiiindui Uitjcr.
A It-r.iscaiici.u unertiii tUni Doll, r per u re
(I i liu.or U., I .m tyB') h.r tin- hrst n.scr.
t U:; ' Hr';,J W "ruf V s' l"" iTr.. tpr"
to .t. hinh.r ; ami m-.iu. ti.nul nTr r.-i.t. w.ll
hi- Hudc frmn tliu rcju! 1 irn.n, lur . iirrli r by
1 10 ye r.
q 1 r( rty
Ai'uui ri.ii i..M.ruu uiui.iiuy ir
t l ,Kr mu ( f.r e.tU tiuu-. Siciui.
. . . ... j . . . .ii.. .
, ,lMy fJ c, .... pc, ..,u rr .. r
jr.Vtf l-tu-ro rel t.o to tl M.U,r. I U. p rt-
Zt$ on bu-iiwM Jub Wek, ... -t b. irec
i.i iit'it-Tu ili.lier. AIIIitterniiUlUiK.lP-id
Ann l n it i-
r t!:( will n t be htte.i(.eJ 1j.
IT r)lni lit cjii in in . lie t )iliier,
Jj I'mtui-ktcn urn aulliurim! lo ttt a 0(;iiiti.
1'IXI ' JIMMtil . iffori; noiu iiousks ok co.n-
CillEss MO.-.DAl, VI t.Mtitil 0, 1-0'.'.
rf:'.'uir.iTi(ifr of tit Venule
nil Home of Wrprtu vlaliTtt :
Tho brief ipaee which has elap-ed since
the of your la t session has bu n
marked ly no extraordinary political event,
n i :i . i .. .: n.;..f m
J ue (l 1 ril.liai e-iee nun ui t..v.i
. i i iv ;.i I il il. ..
tratu bus t.M-suil oB will. Ics tuan tlie Unual
... ...-ii. i .
cieiteiiient. However, iteluielu lis and par-
..... Li.... ).,.., ,1,. ..,...-d in .1.,' re-
Iin nil tHtv ""II
ni't. it M iieveilln l!s a subi
tl Vt U-lU'-'li'M
ron iratulatioii last the choieo ha been i
hv the iinlepeii'b-iit Mi(lra;s of a
free people, on Jisturbud l y tho-e iufl u.-lic s
which in oilier countrie-s have t-vo u:tcn af
fecteel the purity of popular ch cliotn. grieteful liianks arc due to mi All
increilul rrovidem-t-, not for 'tiving
the peMilence which in d-ffc rent I orum has
de-olateel nunc of our cire, but for cr-) il
ia,' tha hhors of the h-i-baiplinan with an
! .in I. int harvc-f, an ! the na'i on generally
with the Me.-in of p. ace and pru p. rity.
Within a few Weeks the public mind has
Int o dm ply ath-cted by tin- death ol JUniel
Wvb-t. r, tillin. at his decease the ofTiee of
S.eretary of State. Hi' aisoelute in the
t'x-ca!iie (iincruniciit have ciuevrcly sym
pjliii.:.l hii family and the public
i-ioii-r-illv on this mnurutul ore a si in Hi
,i, lin tah l.t', hi- great political and
great politics
pr j.'c-.-ion.-il cliiiueiic.-, In- well tried p,itii"l
ism, ml lu I0114 ant laithl.ll t'turi", iu
tl.ili ) t imp irliiit public t. j I., have eauseil
hi ric-.tht) be tiiro ichont the
c ry , and hate earned for him a la.-tiu
piace iu our Li tory.
In l!i.- c mr-e of the last ninmier con-idea
1 1 ni t) sc .u-cd for a li-.rt time
Iv an olh.i... iotuu iiion fioi.i Ihe Oovi rn-ue-l.t
ol Jlri.ain that order had been
pica I'.i th p.otiH-t.on ol the ti h-tu- upon
tile coa-t ot tl.c KiiU h pro. inc. s in North
Auierici a.-aiu-t tho :leec 1 m loachiu. m
of tin- C !.i:.0' e.--H:l- of "the I'. Stile- and
Fiance, i hu shortncn of this notice and
th-; m-m-oii of the .-r secnied to make it a
maile r e.f urgent imp,. It ie at
Cr-t iippr-hi-ndcd that an im-rea-ed naval
lorce ha I bctu i-TUL-rcd to the ti-hiug group Is
t tarry into effect the llriti-h i..t.-rpreta-
tioa of t!ioe prjusloti-e in tlio c iiivenlion
of l""-. in retereiii e Io the true int nl
hisli the t wo t i ivei imiii-M 1 !.:! r. It wat
Dm di co. creel that s'l. h j. not tlie dc
f'u of (ir-at V. it it u , arid s:iti-f.i. Piry f X
pia:intioii of ihe r. a! -Ij-i-ts of the men--ttte
havu been L'ttiiii bolu lu ie ani in Lou
i m
I he unadja-ted diff.-re-iiec, however, be
tc. t, ihe In.- governments as to the inter-
pr, t itiou i f the f.rst att.ele of the conven
t. in of I " 1 i -till a 111 .it ter of iinpoi t.. nee.
American li-hiii.' ve-s. i within inn.- or ten
v- :.i. h ive bi-cu cxe lu bd from water t-
iii. Ii tin hnd free iieve-.s t-.r twenty five
can niter the- negotiation of the tri-nty
l n I I "-, this c.'lil i-.ti w ai r. lrni'd m lar
. c 1..1 rus th.- li ly ol Iv , but th.- jut
an I liberal intention of the: I lome gov em
ti. ut, 111 compliance with what we think
tl.p true f.11 It il- tioii of the' convention, tl
open nil tie. niher o'it.-r Lav t our h-h. r
11. - ii, w.n ab. -Hid lined, in " on-, .pi.-nee ol the
0; p it ion of the c doiii.". N' t .v itht:in-lin ;
tii-. tiiu I nit.-. I States have-, -ine: the I'.y
of I'lindy was r.-op.-m-l t " ir ri h.-ruieii in
1 I"1, purni I the tun t libi-rnl co ir -e t
ar Is tin- colonial ii-lmi int.-r. -t Hy the
r-ienue law of ls"IH. tho dutiei 011 colonial
tih 1 pterin.; our porn wi re very gre atly C
reduced, and I y tho wanhou ill' act it i- b.
allowed to be cnterel in bond without i.- tl
11. .-nt ot duty. Iu tbis way co.ouial ti-h has twceli the two oeciin-', which w.i- the suh
a. qi red the: monopoly trade: iu our mat kd, jeet ol the Convclitioi. between the I lute-el
1 . i . i-nleiing to olue extent into the home
1 " i-uiiiptoii. 1 hi-- Imts were anion'
Ins e which inen-a-ed the sciimI nity .1 our
li inn interest, at tlio liiovcin nt lit ques-ti-i.
I lice rireiim tnn.n ari l the incib:iit
h 1 a: ailiided to havu b-d me I) think the
n.'Mii.'iit five.r ibic f .r a recoui b-ration of
tl..- c utiie of tlie li-h. ries on the
ti Is el the liiiti-h province", with a view
t plan- t lie ,11 upon ii in. .re libe ral fooling
1 -f reciprocal privilege. A willinm-ss lo
"'eat u, in sumo arrange mi-t.t ol tit 1 1 kind i-
U11 h-r-too'l to cxi-t, 011 ihe part of tire:nt
I'fitani, with a desire mi her pint to include
' one coli.prcbeu-ive tth-ment, as well
"'ii nubjctl as the eonnin 1 ei d intei t 0.11 -e
l"leeu the I'niteel Slates and the IJiiii-h
u the I nit. 'I Nalet an t the liiiii-h
r I have thought that whatever
a" an .Miiicnts maybe made on thee two
a' j.-it.. il i4 exni elient that they should be d in si p.iraU.' conventions. The ill-
" ss n, ,1, Bl, ( ,lP u, Seen t iry ot State
I" i-ati-.I lh(. e 1111 ; 1 1 1 nccliiri.t ol Hie (on
' iiipl.Heil negotiation. Pains have been
taken to collect flu: information icepiiied for
tue details of suc h an arrange mc-nt. The
M"1'jcct is atle-udeel with con-id.-iable dilfi-
e 1I1
y- II il is found practicable to come
1 an agreement unit-tally acceptable to the
. .rile-, conventional may tic couelueleel
tin) eoiir-c uf the present winte r. The
Control of Congress over ull the provi-ious, "'ho recent revolution in Hue .'10s Ayrcs-.,,,,,) Monroe, are cxpo-ed to clestrin lion I y
ol such an arrangement, alb-cling; tho rev Hnd the confederated Slates hive opened , lire. A similar remark may b" made of the
fll'.', will of cour.-e bo reserved. ' the pro-pect of an improved slate of things : buildings appropriated to the War aud Navy
I he afliiirs of Cuba formed a prominent in that quarter, the government of Ureal IVpartnieiit".
"' in my la t aiiuunl ines-agc. 'I ln-y re- Ilritain and determined to negotiate j The eon liti.m of the Treasury i
"i iiu in r une.jy comlilion, and a feeling w ith the chief of the new Confederacy for iied in the annual report from that P. p-irt-
alarm uuj iiriuiiou ou the part v( liie the freaj accesa f Uieir cviuiueroo to thes-1 uicut.
Cuban authorities appears to exist. This
feeling ban ii.ieifcreeJ with the regular eoui-
meit'ial intercourse between the U. States
mid the inland, and led to some acts of which
we have a ri-lit to complain, liut the Cap-
to ..;.. ii ...i .. i..l... ;.. :.i. ..,
" . . ..
I 1 1 1 1 1 " CI v 1 1 v. I tl I VI Una IS C10I11CU flll IJCI
power 10 ileal Willi ion 11:11 governments,
nor is he in any degree under tho control
.. .. v m:..;.... . v...i.;.., ..... ..
of the Spalu-li .Minister nt a.-hington
Any commuiiicatioii whic h he may hold
w j,J, ,u r.t:iit 0 foreign power is informal
'"'tterof courtesy. Anyou to put
W lfl ixi-ting iiaouvciii ii.cen, (which
teeini u to re-1 on a mi concc p:ion,) 1 ilircc-
. i . ... . . at
ten tlie iiewly-uppon.tuu .Mini-li r to lexieo
-, i..n,,a . .u i,. Vnm I'm
,e r,.f .,, t,uy rtct-ivcl by the Cap
t.:nJ-enl.rJ -K ...f. red with fn,..
: -
on the recent occurrences ; but no perma-
Uelit aiTan-eini It w as t fleeted.
I 111 the mean time, tlie rciutai Ol inn v up-
tain-tiene-ral to allow ia-eiig rs and the
mail to be lauded in certain cast-s, fur a
ri-a-on which does not furni.-h in the opin-
ion of this tjuveriiniti.t eve n a go i-I pre -
sum the ground lor such a pi uhihition, has
I... i. in mli. tin. mil it-i l uf a M-iiuiib rcuiuii-
.,iM . nml T li-i- . 1 1. -i n i.Mi
t') doubt that due rc-spe et will I e panl I y
the go.crunii i.t of Her I'atholic Mail-sty tei
the representations which our Muu-ti r has
been tn-lructel to make on tin- suljctt.
It ii but ju tiee to the Ca t.iin-tieneral
-. ... . .i .
to a d, that his conduct towaru the steamers
eu.plovcd tjcaiiv tiie mails 1 tut IjiiilLil
' I11 tr 'i .,-
;t' " Havana ha-, with tl,.- except,.,,,
. I . . M. V t . 1 - T 1 .. ill
' .
lie? itli'
'iir jo-c
liberality, and iiniie-i.t.-s no general
of intei li-rin' with tin. eoiiiu.i-reial
i-e ii n l inti-rcour-e hitmen the
i-lcnd and this country.
Larly iu the present year official notes
were received from the Mini-t- r: oi Trance
and Knglaml, inviting the lime nmient of
the I' Stales to become a party with
(ireat lirilaili and Irauce to a tripaiMe
Coiivet.tion, in virtue of which tin- three
J.oive r.s should st-vi tally an 1 coil.etively
ni e-laim, now ami lor the lut ir.-, all inti-n-lion
to ubtail, pos-.cssi.iii o' the l-lalnl ol
I'ul-.i, and should bind liiv lUselves to liis all iitli mpts to that " ffect on
the part cf any power or what
ever. Thin inv nation ha-bi e n respectfully
declined, lor reasons which it would oieupy
too muell sptieu in I In- toilii .llo' ation to
. "u,1 v uic ii u we v, nan.
. - - i . -i i I : 1. I..1 .. . .1 : i.
that the- pro!,i--i. mia.-iir.- w.niiil le ol
dojl tlul cottstitutioiianly, imp" Hie. i.. mi
aviiilin;. 1 have, however, u r niiu. in with
several of mv pre eh ce'-sor-, .'in (ted the
Miiu tem of 1 ranee ud Lnglauii to be as
sured that the 1'nited States c ntcttatu no
de -i.n-a.aiu t Cuba; but on the eoii
tiaiv, I -huuld regard its inei rpomliuii ii.lo
the I iiiuo at the present time as trau.l.t
W 1th -el e.u- pel il
Were tin. isiiii l ton j arativ . ly .'1 -titute
of inhabitant--, or occupied ly ,1 kindred
race, I siiu-ild regard it, if voluntarily ceded
l y Spain, r.s a most di--ir:il..e ncpii-itloti.
lat, under exi filij; circumstances. 1 sh .uld
look upon its incui Juration into our I iiion
us a very hazarelous measure. It would
brin.' into the Coiih d.-racy a population of
a .iirl. rent national stock, -pe-akiu a liiih r
ent language, aud not likely to harmonize
with the ether u.i-nib-r. It would prohti-
bly Hi c t , iu a prejudicial m.iniu r, the iu
.Iu t: 1.1. int.-ri -t . nl tin- isouth ; and it might
revive ibo-ti c. ".lints of opinion between
the 'lifT. n i.t set lions of the- country, vvh'n h
lately sluok the I'lii-ui to il- centre, Slid
which have been so ha; pily coti.promi.scd.
'i he r.'j.-e ti'.n 1 y the Mexican Congress
of the (.'ouvnilion which had been conclu
ded between that Re public and the I nited
Stale-", for the protection of a tran-it way
a.-ro-s the Isthmus of Tehaui t p. c and ..f
the ii.lcrc-ts of iho-e tilin -n- of the I'nited
Mate who had la come: propi n tor- of the
ii,ht- which .Me xico hu 1 eoul.Tre.l on one
ef he r own ci'i. n- in regard 1 1 that tran-it,
ha- thrown a -eiiniis ,,b t n 1 in the way of
tin- attainment of a very ele-ii .il.le nation:.!
object. 1 am still t 1 l.ojie that th -differences
on the subject wlii. ', ixi-t, or
may hereafter aii-e, hi twei-n the iiovi rn-meiit-e,
will be aiiiicahly a-lju-ted. This
suhj.ct, however, has already tu.-a.-.d the
attention ol the Se iiiite- of the I pited State s,
ami rcepiire-s no luilher cou.iuei.l iu this
I he sell lemeiit of the quc-lion re-pectin.'
the p ut of San Juan de Nicai ajua, and of
the controvi r-V between tin- t. publics of
1 1 liica ami Nicaragua iu retard to their
llldiil ie", w a- c oll i iereel ileii . ell-able t
C . I IT. II
1 c commence 1111 lit cu ine snir cauai ne-
Nates and lirilain ot the : tn ot
April, I -.VI. Accordingly a propo-idon f.r
tile: same pulpo is ailuressed to the two
gov-i-i nun i.t . in ihat quarter, and lo the
Mo-quito Indians, wa- agreed to 111 April
la-t l-y the Secretary of State and the Min
i ter of her Iii . tannic Maje.-'j. lle -i 1. s
the wi-h t aid in reconciliii the- (iill-r-enees
ol the tivo republics, 1 cie igi el in tin'
negotiation from a de-ire to plate tiie gic:it
work of a ship c anal bet ,eeii ih : two oceans
under jurisdiction, and to establish the im
portant poll of Sail .luiiii de Nicaragua, uu-
dcr the govcriiuiciit of a civ iiize I pow i-r.
I he propo 1I1011 111 epie-lion was um nteel to
hy 'o-t i lliea nml the Mo quit Indians
It has not I cq-iaUy acce pt tide to Ni-
eara'ua. but it i- to be hoped that the fur
ther negotiations oil the subject which are
iu train will be carried 011 in that spirit of
conciliation and compromise which ought
always to prevail on such occ.i-ioii-, and
that I hey will lead to a satisfut uy result.
I have the satisfaction t o inform y.ui that
the executive ovcriimeul of e:n zu. la ha
acknowledged some claims uf citizens of the
I niteel States, w hie h have for i.niny years
p.-i-t been urged by our charge d all'.ur.s at
Caraceas. It is hoped that the same sense
()f ju-lico will actuate the Coug'ess of the
Jleiiol.lie 111 prov uling the means lor liuir
nl ;
tensive countries watered by the tributaries
of the La Plata j and they gam u friendly
notice of this purpose to the United States',
that we might if we thought prop, r pur-ue
the fame coure. In compliance with this
.. i .. i
. ' . V. . "
IIM llOUl-ll. VCII ll.lllis III ill jiicj OIUICIlO Ull'l
our emerge ei auaircs ai Jmehos .VUc-s have
been lully uutljui iz.-d to conclude treaties
,. ;.i. ii,.. . .... i. , : i ...... ..i .: . .
itli tlio new ly-or. ahizcd Conlc-dcration, or
the States con po ing it. 1 he delay which
' bnVc ' taken place in the formation of the
, MV ,rovcn,l..c..t have a, y,t prevented the
execution ot tho,e instructions ; but there,
' every reason to liopu tliat thc.-e a.-t coun
. 11 l . i . .
iries win ie cvciuiiaiiy opcueu to our coni-
- 1 A treaty of commerce has been coltelu-
ded b.-tween t.o U..i.vJ ,..l ihe Oil-
. ..
cntai I.epuhlie ol I ru-uay, which will he
bud belore the Senate. Miould this Con-
; hhii gu operation, it win open io nn
commercial i liteljoi.-c of our citizen a conn-
Hy ot great extent ami unsurpassed in nat i-
,ial resources, but from which f'orei-jii na-
' tiou- have I.ithci to L.-cu aluio t wholly ex-
. 1 he eorrcstujiieli of the late Stcrct.-U V
of State w :th the l'e-ruv i.-in cbiir -e H arlaiies
relative io tin: joiiok i -lanas wa comiiinm -
cited to Congre-s ow ar.l the clo-e ot the
owar.l tlie clo-e ot the
that time, on further
la.-t m s-ioii. !i:-'- tliat time, on further
inv.-iigaii.jii ol mic sui.ji-tt, in..- eioui .is
which has been entertained of the title of
I'cru to those islands have been removed ;
an. I 1 lave i.i inn .I it ii-t tint tin-tcii.po-
rnry wron-' which had been unii.t. ntioiiallv
done In-r, from want of information, should
te rr-p.-urci ly an uir'vferv cd ackhow Iclg
n. t ut o. her so-, en ij.!.ty.
I have the .-at i-l.11 tiuu to inform you that
the coui-e pursued by I', 111 has I . . n credit
able to the liberality ot le r -.n 1 nine i.t
I-fore it vva- known ly b.-r that In-r title
would Le tckiiovv h-ilged at iisl.iu. to.,, lrr
Mini-te r of I'nri i.u Aiiair- had authorized
our charge d a It aires :.t Lima to ai,i.ouiici
to the A mil i. an ve--il- which h.-id :oia- to
the Lobos for guano, that th-' I'l-ruviati t lov -i
riipii i.t w a" w illin.' to Ir. i .I.t lie in on it
ow 11 nee jji.t. i I 1 - i i.t . 1. 1 1 - ri h.i- be. n car-li.-d
inti iffe.t ly th.- l'eruviau Mini t.r
here, by an arrai.g.-iu. nt w hie ii is lelicvcd
to be ad vai.tageous to 1 '..: p;irti - iu interest.
Our si tt lem.-fit s on the shores of the Pa
li!. c have already given a t'reat xl. n-ion,
and iu some rcspict- a new direction, to our
ecu, 1111 ice in that ocean;. A liiit and
rapidly iner.-a in g intercourse hns -prtin;
up with Ma te rn Asia. 'I lie Water-of the
N ' 1 1 In r 11 I'.uiiie-, into the An lie ea,
have .,( I u Li.- year.- lieij ici ted by our
whahnicn. J he appli.-atiui of steam to the
g. ncral purp.o-e s u; navigation is be e-oiiiing
daily more common, a nil lual.e- it dcsiral le
to obtain fail and other ncee ary -upplics
at convi i.h .-t.t p-'ii.t- on tho rout'.- bitvteeu
A-ia and o ir I'.i.i;..- bores. tur initoit.i
natc count ry m. 11 who !: em time- t" lime -uf-f.
r shipwreck on t!:.: co i-ti of tie- a- t-r:i
seas are ci.llll. d to prot. ctioi. I!e.-i -these
sp. citie ob.ect-. th.- fi in t ro-p. ilty
ol our State- 01. the l'.ie ihe n .run -
tlc t
an att. inj't should lii.'i :..- to "p. n
j -
po-ite regions "t .-ia t a mutual y t cm t;-
e-lal int. teo.u -e. l! 1- i.bvpm- that ll.l- i.t-t.-mj
t could be made- bv tiop iw.r ti so
gn at advantage .1- ly liie I n;l. I Nates,
whose eon-titiiti ilia! -v-lem excludes eve-rv
idea of cii-tiiii t colonial el. p. iideneie s. 1
have accordingly lien Id ts ord. r an a p.
proprinte naval li-rci! f .1 .i tt 11. una. r the
command of a di-cn ft and nt llg. nt 'file r
ot the highe-t rank l:iion t) rv ic-.
the ,
t. Ill
ov . rumen;
,f the iiile
which it
: cli'ie:
it e .
I le ;
! t iii. Iroiti
..:e r. l IM--01
ia -V--
t .r
ce 1, tunc s. He has
larlv to re-Ui j;i-!
ecu dir
in l!i"
.te 1 pariii-u-
troiigc-t bin-
guago again-t the cruel tie.i'riient t. which
our shipwrecked uiaiim rs have oft, -n I cell
.-iilyce ti-el, an I t iu-i-t that they -haM he
ti a ated w ith huiuaiiil v. lie i- t-d,
however, at the --nee time t Live tint :rov
criimci.t the an-ph t a-:ir.itiees tliat tin:
object- of the L 1. Heel Nates are such ami
sue h only a- 1 have indie ate d, and that the
expedition i Irielnl 'y and pe.ii efiil. N"t
wilh-tandiiig the jcalo-.i-y veith which the
ovcriiuni.ts u ll.iterii A-i.i regard all
ovt itures lioin I'.n 1.111 1., I 1,111 not without
hopes ol a In lie-lie i ll result nf the 1 xi 10 liti ui.
Shoitld it be
Cl ivvlied Willi s'l'lcc '.--, the ad-
vantages will not 1 c c .:ili
Stale-, but, a- in the ca-r
e! enjoyed by all th.
I fa ve liiucli Siti-tiiclioli
t the
nit. 1
of China, w id l o
maiitritie power-,
in stating ihat in
ail the preparatory to ti,i
tin: io. 1 riimel t of the I nitcd
been materially aided by the no
of the King ot the Ne-thcrlaii l-,
stales has
1 1 olliecrs
the only
Iliiropcau power iiavin
any coililile le ii.l
rdalioiis with Japan.
In pas-iu r li 'iu this survey of our forei .r
rebitions, I invito the attention of Cotigre
1 0 the condition d.-piii tm.-iit of th
t Jov ernmeiit to vv hie h thi - hi alieh ot lie pill
lie i-cntrii -led. Our ii.terc
with foreign power- hi- of late y .ir- gr
iticre.-i-c-il, loth in eoii-eq lelie" of o ir
growth and t!ie iuir . Iiu lion effni-my
States into the family of nati uis. In
way the IVpai I uienl of State has I . c one
ovcrhiirdi-m-d. It h i-.,by th" vece-r-t e-t'il-li-hmi-nt
of the I -partiiient of the Intet ior,
1, , r,
ie v ed ol some
1' ,lo:ne
1 11 i in--
tie bu-im-s. It' tiro r
of that kind, s-a, li :r tin- eli-1 1 -ibiitio.i of
Con -res ion :il doe it mcuts, ihe kee in , pub-li-hing,
and di-trihiition of the lives f tha
I'liile-d Slap's, the cx.-eiitioii of the c opy
right law, the subject of reprie ves an 1 par
dons, and some' e.ih- r sul'iei l- relating to
inte rior aduiiui tration, should be trau.-ler-
red from the Department el' Stat,-, it would
unquestionable be for the jeoelit of the pub
lie service. I would al-o sll gge-t that till'
building appropi iute-il to tin- State D. part
inentis not lire proof; that there i- rc-.-on
to think tliere arc defects in its en-traction,
and that the are hives of the t iovernment in
, charge
of the Pcpartmenl, with the prec ious
, olee (ions of the manuscript, p i
Wnshin. ton. .Teffer-on. Hamilton. M.tdi-on.
The cash receipts into the Treasury for
the fiscal year ending the Ii; th June la-t,
cxclu-ive ot trurt lunds, were forty-nine
millions seven hundred !n,l 1 1 I.
thousand throe liundi-ed nn I i.;..l,t v X.A.
laig 1. nd eighty cent-, (5l!yii i-!),)
and tl... eviii.iuliiuri. c,.P tl... -
iikcwi.-,e exclusive of trust funds were forty
:.. .. . . .
MX millions seven thousand ei'ht hundred
and ninety-six dollars and twenty cents,
(3., ,-tU aO;) of which nine million four
hundred and fitty-five- thousand eight bun-
died and fifteen dollars and cibtv-three
- ' cents ( ',.).7,-l.j 3 a, on account of the
principal and intei-st of the public debt.iu-
cbidii::r the la,t ir lalinciit of the inileuini
ty to. iluiieo, Urm a-aife .t.mtj uruudUulujiu
Hidalgo, leaving a balance of SI 4 ,&-.', I ot)
i, in the Treasury on the first day of July
!ast. Since this latter period, further l.tir-
chases of the principal of the public debt
have been maele to the extent of two mil-
lions four hundred and tilty-.-ix thousand
, live hundred and forty seven dollars and
jfojtv i.iuu cciit, (S, l"H,"-17 4!,) aifl the
surplus in the Treasury will continue t) be
: .ipi lieel to that obiect. w henevi-r (In- .fm-1;
1 e-iii be i.rr.eiirpd u ii tl... limit. .. i.s ..r;..
i cut horucd l,y law.
I The value of foreign merchaiid i.-e i:n-
I lie value of (or
' ported elurin-' the l
' ported el uruii' the last liseal year was two
iiunelreU ami seven millions two hundred
, and forty thousand one humlrod and one
j dollars, (3 JnT,"i4i,l l' I ;) and tho value
o dome.-tic- productions exported was one
hundred ami lortv-nini- millions ni rl.t Imn.
idled and sixty-one thou-and nine
i hundred
; ) besides
ml eleven uori
irs, (f l-ltVOI,!)!!
seventeen millions two hundred and four
tiioii-and and twenty-six dollars, ( I T ,'.'(!. -
11 (i. of fonLn m. rcbandi-e exported : ma-
kiiiL' the as-jrecate of the entire exports one
hundred and sixty-seven millions sixty-five
thonsand nine humired and thirtv-sevi n
dollars. ( i liT , li.),o:t; ;) (jrelu-ive of the the country. 'J hey are therefore- mere ten
nhnve tliere was exported forty-two millions ants at sufferance-, and liable to be driven
five hundred and .-even thousand two bun- from place to place, at the pleasure of the
dred and (igl.ty-fivc dollars, (?4i,.r:i" ,'.'-.") whites.
in 'pe. ic ; rind iiuoo. ted from fore i-.'ti ports The treaties which have been rejected
five million-' two hundred and sixly-t wo propo-ed to remedy this ev il by allotting to
thou-e.irul si- hunelred and forty three did- the different tribes districts of "country suit-lar-.
(is'-.Mi.'iiy.) able to their habits of life-, and sufficient for
In my Cr.-t annual message to Congress I the ir suimort. This r.i-ovision. more than
called v'our att. nth n to what seemed to me
, .. . . .... .
soim elc MS m he rre-i'i t t.-irit! nin re.
coiiinieneb-d sue h modifications as in my adopted by Congress, it has not been deemed
jud.mrpt were 1 est adafted to rcmi'ly its advi.-ablu to attempt to enter into new tr..a-evil-
and promote the pro-pcrity of the tics of a perinaneiit character, aithniiL'h no
country. Nothing has since o.curred to effort has been spared by temporary ar
( ti..ii.-i- my views on thisiinportaM question. raiiL'emcnts to preserve friendly rclatious
Without repeating the arjuuiei.ts con- with them,
tiiined in my forme r mcsnge, in favor ofj If it be the desire of Congress to remove
di-i rimin:itiiig, protec tive duties, I deem it them from tlie country altogether, or to as
m v duty to call your atte ntion to me or two sign to them particular district mere re
other conM.h raitmis nfiecting this sub je et. ' mote from the settlements of the whites, it
'1 In- flr-t is, tin- (-fleet of large importations will be proper to set apart bv law the terri
of f..r. i..n .;().! i.pon currency. Mo-t.t ry which they are to occupy, and to pro
of the- foiil of Caiifornia, ns fast as it is v ide-;!.e i:,ean necessary for remov ing tli.'iu
i-olni'.l, finds its way directly to Kuropc in 'to it. Justice alike to our ow n citizens and
payment for pooels pnr, hn-ed In the n. ti the I'ldian- re.jiiires the prompt action ef
1 place, as our 111:11 i'a. tnring r-staniisi,-
mcpts are broken dow n by competition w ith
ior. :gner-, tne c.ipirai invest!-. 1 m them is
In t, thousan
of lione-t
and indu-trious
in 1 'vm. rt, and
citize ns arc thrown out of
the f.irwcr to that ext. til is deprived of a
home marke t for tlie sale-of his surplus pro
dure. In the third pb.c, the destruction
of o:,r manufactures hive" the foreigners
without competition in
:,ir market,
T rice of the
and he
artie ! 1
cons.'.ii. nt'y raises th
sent here for sale
is 1. 1
-.en in the in-
creased co-t of iron imported l.-om Miiglaml.
'i i.o pro-pcrity and wealth of every nation
im;-t depend upon its r .1.;. tiee indu-ti-v,
The farmer i stimulated to exertion bv lind-
inga rend y market for hi surplus products.
1 ctielitteel by being able to exehpnge
Withoiit loss of time or ejpen-e of
tran-p.srtation, for the manufactures which
bis comfort or convenience reejuires. Thi
I..- ilvvavs clone to the b. -t -idv.intage where
n portion of the community it
li . c- ; engage'. 1 in othe-r t it -nit
liicli he
l'.ut ni. -t
ii'iiinila. tiires require an
and a practical skill whi,
am niht of capital
li cannot be eom-
man. led, unless they be rote, ted for a time
from ruinous competition from abroad the necessity of laving tho-
the necessity of laving tho-e ehilios
upon in port -el goods which tin- Con-titution
aulhoriz for revenue', in such a manner as
to pmt. et and encourage tlclalor of our
ow n citizens. Duties however should not Ic
f xe 1 :.t a rate fo high a- to exclude the
11 artleb' but should be so grail iiat.-el
as to enable the dome-tie' manufacturer
fairly to compete with th.- foreigner in our
own marke t-, and 1 v tlii- eoliip. tition to
red nee- the p. ice of the manufactured article
to tlie consumer to the l..we-t rate at which
it can be produced. Thispdicy would place
the mechanic by the side of the farmer,
create a mutual interchange of their re-pec-tive
c'oinm.v.lities, and thus stimulate the in-dii-try
of the whole' country, and re nder u
ir.depe ndent of foreign nations for the sup.
plies required by tho habits or ne cessities of
the p'-ople.
Another question, wholly independent of
prot. 1 tiou, pri'-ent - it -elf, and that i-, w In th- .,
cr the 1? i.t i-si levied -h odd be upon the v alue
r.i . . . . . 1 . . .1 . 1 . . 1 . . .
01 .ue amcie at l ie poacc 01 suipm,-,,., or
...I' .' I- ,1 ... Ill ...'1. , .1 -I'l 1 llll I. III. "
u it. "1 according to quantity, as a-c, l tained
l y weight or inca-ure. All our duties are
at prc-i nt iv r.i'-'ii'' '. A ecit.iin perceti
tige is levied on the price of thg good- at
the port ciT shipment in a foreign country.
Mo t commercial nations have found it iu-di-p
"ii-able, for the pirpn-e of preveulin;
fr.-iii l and perjury, to make the duties spe
cific w henever the article is of such a uni
form value in weight or measure as to ju-ti-fy
such a duty. I.egi-lation should never
encourage ili-hone-t v or crinie. It is iru-pos-ihle
that the .-eve'tiue olliecrs at the port
w he-re the goods arc entered and tin- duties
pai l, should know with certainty what they
co-t in the forei ;n country. Yet tlie law
req-tircs that they should levy the duty ac
cording to such co t. They are therefore
compelled to resort to very unsatisfactory
evidence to ascertain w hat that co-t was.
Tin y take the invoice of the importe r, at
tested by his oath, as the best evidence of
which the nature of the case admits. I!ut
every one mu-t sec ihat the invoice may be
f.ibricati'.l, and the oath l y which it is sup
Kill tell false. I. v reason of vv hieh t f its di-hilll
est iinnoiter r.av-s a rart only of th- Juiles !
Li-oii aro paid by the boutWt o,tct? iLui1
indirectly receives from the treasury of the
United States a reward for his fraud and
periurv. The reports the Secretary of the
l'f..,,,,. I, ...... i.e. ,r il,;.
,.,...,.1, ..;....).. ii...i iv..,,.l i. ..,.,!
been juactieed lo a ;reat extent. The ten
.1 : ... a..... i... 1: i. i .1
- ' ter for which our merchant have lon' been
,i..r- i t.
of its revenue; to break down the honest
importer by a dishorn..-!, competition ; ami
finallv, to transfer the business of importa -
tiou to foreign and irresponsible agents, to
the great detriment of our own citizens. I
therefore a-aiu most earnestly recommend
- the adontion e.f snei-ifie dutins. wbenever
In (iiueiieuoie, u. a lioiuu valuation, iu p.e -
vent these frauds.
I would also again call your atte-ntioii to
the fact that the present tariff in some cases
imposes a lii.-hcr duty upon the raw mate
rial imported than unon the article maiiu
factured from it, the conseiiiit iiee of wkieh
io that the duty operates to the encourage
mc-nt of the foreigner ami the discouiage
ment of our own citizens.
I'nr full nml di.tVil.-il infurni-itinii in r.
n tn il .......I , ..,i;i;,. ( I.,,.;.,..
allairs, I rcsjiectfully refer you to the re--
port of the Secretary of the Interior and the
ac-eonipaiivin-' document
J he Senate not having thought jiroper to
ratify the treaties which liad been negotiated
with'ihe tribes of Indians in California and
Iregon, our relations with them have been
left In . v..ri. i,i,i..ti-f.,,.t,,rv liti,,i,
In other parts of our territory particular
districts of country have been set apart for
the exclusive, occupation of the Indians, and
their right to the lands w ithin those limits
ha- been ai knovvb-eljcd and respected, liut
iu California and t Irei'on there has been no
recognition bv the (iovernment of the ex-
elii.-ive ri -I.t of tin. Ineli.ins to anv of
any other, it is believed, led to tln-ir r. je t-
. - ' ..... .J
nun: ;n,i -is 1,0 n , .. .1 for t ,:n r,
t.ougress on this sulject.
I 'I he amendments proposed by the Senate,
to the treaties w Inch were negotiated with
the: Sioux Indians of Mium-soM. have been
submitted to the tribes w ho were parties to
them, and have received their assent. A
large tract of valuable territory has thus
been opened for settlement and cultivation,
ami all danger of collision w ith these power-
ful and warlike bands has been happily re
moved. The removal of the remnant of the tribe
of Seminole Indians from Florida has long
been a chi-crished object of the liovcrnmcnt,
and it i.s one- to which my attention has been
steadily directed. Admonished by past ex
perience of the- difficulty ami cost of the at-
tempt to remove them bv military force, re-
soil has been had to conciliatory measure.
l'y the invitation of the Commissioner of lu-
diaii Affairs several of the pi iucipal c hiefs
recently visited Washington, and whilst hero
acknowledged in writing the obligation of
tinir tribe to remove with the least possible
delay. Late advice's from the special agent
of the l iov eminent represe nt that they iiel-
here to llieir promise ; and that a council of
their people has been called to make their
preliminary ai rangcmciit-. A general emi-
grulioii may
peeled at an
there lore be
onli.leiit'v ex-
ally elav.
'Ihe ret.' rt fiom the tieneral Land tlflice
ows iiieie a-e.l activity in its operation-.
survey ot
tln- lioithern boundarv of
Iowa ha:
been 1
inipli'tcd with uiicxani.led
Within the last vear, H.oJ-.', !).".;!
acres of public land have been surveyed.
ami s-,ilo-g.Hd acres I ron
t into market.
la the last ti-e..l y.-iir laere even set.
I.oe.u.i witii l.'iiuiiv I. ml wsrriu.ts
I. Oct. el vv iih e.tii. r c rtillcuti s
l.oa.l.llTl A
3,-.M 1, .'Il I -ll.'..i;sg
.Making a tot.. I of
In n.liiitn li tlie-ri- war,'
Reported iiiul. r svv.miji I m.l (grants
f ur nnj-ruvi menls, ...ii
4, 'To, 1 1 1;
5. -Jll'.l's
Malong 1:11 llggrcgitc el' I hi 1 li,l T.i "
lleiiig .'in increase in the amount of lands
sold and located underlain! v. arrant.- of .".Pit,-
Jl) :
c les
o v 1 r
the prev i. a- v car.
amount sold, located
uiiile r
jj w.irra,s ro,ul.toll miAvr Mvamp laml
grants, and selected for internal improve
ments, exceeds that of the previous year by
.'!, I'.'.o'i acres; and the sales would, w ith
out doubt, have- been much larger but for
the exten-ivc rcseTv atiou- fo- ail roads iu
Mi.-s, Mis.-i-.ippi, and Alabama. I
I '. r I .. i,u. t. r 1 11 1. ing :lntii S. 1.1. u,!, t, 1 ."., th, n
wen s. i i ' -g I.I. J.i.i '
1 I,.' ,lM.,i.lh'l,nll il,rr,i,l. I 1.! I I ii ..
I..H-..I.-.I with i tii.-r t-ertific..t.- l "..V,pf -
licK...ieii ua.ii r swamp l.uiel grants -.M -,-g:i:i
e i- u irtcr el' 1,1.11 ,-J j3
Much the large r portion uf the labor of
arranging and
last ecus,, ha
.asilvimg tin returns of the
been liiii-licd, and it will ;
now dev edv e ui'..i t "iigress to uraKc the lie-
ccs-ary provi-ion for the publication of the
result- in such form a- shall be deemed be-t
I'he apporlioniiii-nt of represe ntation, on the '
li.i -is of the lew- census, has been made by '
the Secretary of the intcri.u in eonformit v
w itli the- provi-ioiis of law relating to tliat
subject, and the recent elections have been
! made in neeor.l aneo with it.
1 commend to your favorable regard the
: saggestion contained in the report of the Sor-
v,!,ri' f,f ,hc Interior, that provision be made I
,iw for tbtf rubiic4ti'B a tiiitribuntfc.
periodically, of an analytical dit of all
the patents w hieh have been, or may hcreaf-
ter be, granted lor u.-clul invi ntioiis ami Uia
eoverii;. with such de.-ci intions and illus
Iratiuns as niav be neces.-arv to Meent
- intelligible view of their nature and opera-
li.m Tl.i. en-i of neb rs u 1 .lie ai ii n i-oiild
casilv be defrayed out of the patent fund,
.it.. . .. . . i .1 - . :. 1.1 1 .1: .1
..) I nn. rtiiruiiii.1i.! ttit it ponhl ho iitit1.m1
I" i r - --
to t, object more acceptable to inventors
"'! beneficial to the public at large.
! An approjuiationof 5l0:l,0.K) hav in-been
'"'"'e t the last session for the purchase of
, a suitable sit.-, and for the erection, furnish-
. "! f"'"s! up of an Asylun for the In-
it' fane of the District of Columbia, and of the
j A"J( " Kj of v.- Vuiwa oiavcs,
proper measures have been adopted to car-
ry this bencficient purpose into effect.
! By the latest advices from the Mexican
- 1 Houndary Um mission it appears that the
- survey of the river tiila, from its confluence
witli the "Colorado to its supposei
tiou with the western line- of the I!io li'rau-
de has also be en lini-bed from the point
agreed on by the Coinissioners as " the point
where it strikes the southern boumlary
Ne-vv Mexico to a iio nt one hundred and
thirty-five miles below Kaglc- 1'ass, which is
about two-thirds of the distance along the
coui-e of the river to its mouth.
The appropriation which was lua.Ie at the
last session ot ( ijiilti'ss for the continuation
jf the survey is subject to the following
! "' YwiiM. That no t-art of this ni lirot,ri-
il,ilJ" 1H '"' or expended until it shall
l,u made satisfactorily to appear to the Pre-
sielent of the I niteel Slates that tin: south
rn boumlary of New Mexico is not establis.
d by the commissioner and surveyor of the
tales farther north of the tow 11 call
ed ' Paso' than the same is laid down in I'is-
turiielF.i map, w hieh i added to the treaty
My attention was drawn to this subject
by a report from the' Department of tlie In
terior, which reviewed all the facts of the
case-, ami submitted for my deci-ion the
epicstioii whether, under existing circum-taii-ccs,
any part of the appropriation could Iv
lawfully use-d or expended for the further
prosecution of the w ork. After a careful con
sideration of the subject, I came to ic con-
f'"--'0" -'"'t it could not, and infornied the
i....i ..-.I ... 1. 11 1 - 1: 01 inni I'cp.iriiu 1. .1 uei .-wcie iiuiiiee
ati'ly issued l.y liim to the coiinnissiom'r ami
surveyor to make 1.0 further requisitions on
the I'epartiiiclit. as they could not be paid ;
and to discontinue all operations on the
southern line of Ni w Nexie... Hut as the
Ie paitiiient hail no e xact information as to
the amount of provisions ami money which
remained unexpended in the hands of the
commissioner and surveyor, it was b-ft dis
crelioiiarv with them to continue the survey
down the l!io Grande as far as the means at
their disposal would enable the in, or at oin-e
to disband the Commission. A special mes
senger has .ii,ee arrived from the oil
er 1u
charge of the survey on the liver, with in
formation that the funis suljeet t) hi- con
trol were exhausted, and that the officers
ami others employed in the se rvice vve ie des
titute alike of the means, of pro-ecuting the
work and of returning to their homes.
The object of the proviso was doubtless to
arre.-t the survey of the southern ami wes
tern lines cf New .Mexico in regard to which sums expended w ill, 111 mo-t eases t e lost,
different opinions have been expressed ; for Ihe report from tho Navy Pe prartinn t
it is hardlv to be supposed that there could 'will inform you of the pro-perous condition
be any objection to tliat part of the line which , of the branch of the public service eoinmit
cxtends along the channel of the Kio Gran- j ted to its charge. It pre-scnti to yvur conch-,
liut the ti-rui- of the law are so broad side-ration many topics and suggestion.- uf
asfo forbid the u-e of any part of tlie money j "hieh la-ky..ur app,..val. It exhibit- an
for the prosecution of the work, or eve n for , unusual degree of activity in the operations!
the pay incut, to the officers and agents, of J of the Pepai tine nt elu'. ing the pa.-t year,
the arrearages of pay which are justly due 1 The preparations, for the Japan expeelitie r..
to them.
1 earnestly invite your prompt attention
to this subje ct, and recouiliicliil a inodilie-a-tion
of the terms of the prov i-o so a- to ena
ble the Department to use a- much of the
appropriation as will he necessary to dis
charge the existing obligations of tho liov
crnmcnt. and to complete the survey of the
llio (iraude to its mouth.
It will also be proper to make further
provision by law lor the fulfilment ot our
treaty with Mexico for running and making
the residue of the boundary line between
tin- two c oui. tries.
Permit mo to invite your particular at
tention to the interests of the District of
Columbia, which are confined by the Con
stitution to your peculiar care.
Among the measures which Seem to me
of the greatest importance to its prosperty placed iu the posses-iou of Coveniuieitt .111
1 are the introduction of a copious supply of interesting and valuable account of tiie char
! water into the city of Washiiigtjii, and the aotcr and ro-nuoi'.. of a country abounding
I constitution of suitable 1 ridges across the in the niiitct i.iis of rec, arid w hieh, )l
; Potomac to replace those which Were elc- opened to the iudu-try of the world, will
', st roved by high w ater iu the early part of prove an tut sLaustahle f ind of weallli.
the present year. I he report of this, exploration will be com-
! At the the la.-t session of Congress an ap- iiiuiii.-at.-el t- you as sc.ej as it j- completed,
propriatiou was made to defray the c ..-t of. Among other subject- nfTere-l to your nn
the surveys necessary for determining the tiee by the S--crctury of ihe Navy, I select
best mentis of affording an unfailing supply It si.ecial eomincmiiition. iu new ol its. on-
ot good and wholesome water. 'ine J-rog-rcss
has been made in the- survey, ai; 1 ,.s
soon as it is completed the result w:llbe laid
before' you.
Further appropriations will also be neces
sary for grading and paviug the streets and
av emit s, and ciielosinj and eiubcUi-liing the
piiblick grounds within the City of Wash
ington, 1 commend all these object", together
Willi tue euai itiil'le institutions ol inr 1-is-
to your favorable, regard.
livery effort ha- been made to pr deef
our frontier, and that of the ad; lining M..x-
'can Slates, from the incursious of the lu-
diau tl ihe.-. ( If ah, -i.t 1 1 .(Hid men "f vv hieh
; tiie army is composed, m ai iV'"" are'e-j.-I
ploved in the del. nee of the m wlv ae.iuired
territory, . iiiciii.Hi.g Tcxa-,"' at. I ot mi-
giants .i'oeec.l;iig tncretu. I am gratili
to that these efforts have been unuuailv
su.'i-i lui. Willi the except:--!! ot
; p-iitiiil outbreaks in (V.iforhia and Horegon
; am! occasional depredation n a. portion of
the llio (iraude, owing, it is believed, to the
disturbed state of that border region, the
urea. Is of the Indian
lav e been cthctaall v
ri'si rained.
Kxpericiie-t" has shown, however,
whenever the two race are brought
contact, collision, will! v ocr ir
prevent these collisions tho V. States ha
generally set apart portions of th-ir term
ry for tlc Ciolu:'i -g e-o.-jp i-.r -u ot tl- h
dian tiibes. A dimculty oeciir.-', howtvi r,
in the application of this policy 10 Jcxas.
- J.y tne tei ins 01 me comp.n i cy my
- Mate was admitted into th
i moil, sue re-
an tained the ownershii
of all the vac ant lands
within her limits, Tho governuui.t ol that
State-, it is understood, has assi-'iied no por-
tiou of her territory to the Indian.-' ; but a
.,.! .. s..itl..i....i t., .idem, en In it i f
tat tin her bi'tllfiiifhU aUvaiH'cj lavs it oft
into counties, and t.i-w.;eds to survey ami
sell it. J his policy manifestly te-n-.s noton-
ly to alarm ami n r.taU- the Indians, but to
c.Jinpel tlu m to resoit to p.undcr lor subsi.-t It ai.-o deprives this liovc-riiment of
that influence and control over thcru without
which no durable peace can ever cxr-t Pt-
...J 'V-- 1 ;4' "
lore, that a due re gard for her own inte rests,
apart from atlons of humaiiity and
justice, will induce that State- to a-sign a
small pm tion ot In r vast .P iuiuii or ttic pro
vi-ional occupancy
f the small remnants
- ot tribes wittiin lic-r L-unicrs, sut-jret ol cour.-e
to her ow nership and eventual juM.-diction.
If she- should fail Io ilo this, the fulfilllm l.t
of ,,ur treaty stipulations with .Mixie o, ami
of our uuty to the Indian tin m-clves, will, it
is leant, tccine a suloc et ot serious t
rassinept to the t.uve. i l.inel.t. It is Imped,
however, that a time ly ami just provision
by Texas may ave rt this e vil.
No appropi iatioiis for fortifications we re
maele at tlie t" last sessions ot l.ongrc-
The cau-e of this omission is, j.rohal ly, to
be' found in a growing belief thai the sy-lem
of fortification adopt. -d in Il(, raid hereto
fore ai ted on, requires re vision'.
Thi- suljeet certainly deserves full and
can I'ul investigation; but it should not be
delaye d l"iig. r than can be avoided. Ill the
meantime th. re nr.- ce rtain works, which
have been commenced some ..f then; ne ar
ly completed ile-igtied to protect e.ur prin
cipal seaports from IJostou to New-Orleans,
and a few ether important points. In re
gard to the necessity lor these work-, it is
believed that little difference of opinion ex
ists among military men. 1 therefore re coiii-e-iid
that the nppi opriations necessary to
prosecute them 1 e mail".
1 invite your attention to the remarks
on this subject, and on othe rs e :,ni,e. te d
with this Ih partiin lit, contained in the ac
companying report of the Secretary . f War.
Measures have I. ecu taken to tan v into
effect the- law of the hit session in a Ling 10-vi-ioii
for the impruvciiii i.t of ccltain rivets
and harl or-, ami it h believed that the nr
range mi nt made for that purpose will com
line 1 f!'.. ie my vv itli eeone my , Owing chief
ly to the advani l'1 s. as 11 win n the act was
passed loue ha.- vet I eeii done in regurd to
d liuie ha.- it 1 eeli done in regurd
nia iy of the works b.-..i..l making the tie
ei'-siuy preparations. itli r.-.-pi et to a
few of the improvement.-, the -uui already
ppropnate-d will sufln-e to cc tuj l. te Il.ciu,
1110-t ot then, will r- .inn-.- addilioiial
aj'pr.'priiitioiis. 1 tru-t that the-se n; pro-
priat!"!is will made, and that this v. ise:
ami be nelii en I policy, .-o nu-jueioasly resum
ed, wiil l e c ntii.u. il. tire sliouid I e
talie u liovvev. r. to cmiim no vv..rk which
is ii"t of siilhcicMt inipor.:.tie-i' to the com-iiien-u
"f the country to le vicweel as na
tional iu its chara. t. r. liut work.- which
have been commenced sboiiM not be discon
tinued until completed : as otherwise the
to which I
lave alreao v alluded : tin
rangeini nt. made for the exploration and
survey of the China Seas, the Northern Pa
cilic, and lie-ring's Strait 4; tie incipient
inea-ur.-s taken toward- a recoiinissance of
the Contine nt of Africa, ea.-tw ard of Liberia ;
the preparation f-T an early examination of
the tributaries of the Uiver La Piatlc, which
a recent decree of the provisional chief of
1 the Argentine (
t.fedcraiiou has op. ned t
navigation; all these cuter)
111. an- 1 y w hieh thev are pr-
ri -e.-s and the
nosed to he ac-
eoti.piisiie.i. nave eommamtcl my lull np
.robriatioii. and I have no doubt will be
productive of most useful le-ult.-.
'J'wo officers of the Navy were heretafore
instructed to explore the whole extent of t'aes
uiii.oii Uivel, iVoin, toe Coiiiiucs of Per a
to it- luoufli. The return of one of them has
ncxioii with the interests ol tn. navy, tha
plan submitted by hiiii f.r the e-tai ii-hiiic-tit
d a pe .-u.aiiiiit corps of - .,1 . r.. aud the
-a.'tic.-ticit. he ha- pre-. :.: -d f ,r ri' .-rgan-izati-iu
of ihe Naval Academy.
Iu reference to the tir-t of these. I take
occasion ti ay that I think it will jgreit'.y
improve the efficiency of the servieo, an.i
thai 1 regard it a- still more eutitk-d lo f-,.
vor l. r
Up "11 t
The- 1
.rv inffic-i
cc it inust ex- it
li ra' cie-aii V d. -
na1. .
. t iu-
1 1'
re-u.uiig ironi present s.
in proposed fi,- the ., gai.:.' .::
the s. aiueu furnishes a ju lici -a' -;
fr the law of September, l'o . al -
t :e. i.
rai pum-H'.iiOu: , an I j
the policy of that net. '
' Li
weil adapt'
I .,
i o.i i y ct
irity -.f ju;
1) vv h.e-h
1 -e" Vlit'l this
precede! hv
T-st iv. .' i
1 command an.
i. lei
1 I ;.
aps. it 1
i i'.'.v-cs pt r
.'I th.
,(' I
a -the
ic ot p. mi
y sum ot
n a v v wit'
llllli'lil. -.. .1-i Oe
iili-t.i;.'i,: which
i -, -amen oi trie i
-. go ' 1 depOitUi
may pr. clu ie al
iiillies . f a bar
The safe tv of a
a-s, vv li
ir id. r
it ts p
1- S'l t
y - ca
lo J
a re--ing
H or
hip an 1 h.-
crew I- oltcii dcpeiielant nj. , tmriip n.,;.
,'bedii'nce tv a coiniiiand, and tho amuoriu
t . cnftrC'. it tn ist l-i equally n tdv.
Tho arre-t of rctr.ictory s.-iiu.-vn, in
14 '' V. '

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