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I Wait for Thee.
Thr hearth ii nwept the tire 11 briyhl,
Tlu k ttli: mij;. fur U rn ;
T tf clotli in ir dit the l imp in debt,
J'!ic niutl'iii hiiX'kc in napkins white,
And nuw I w-it ft.r tin c.
t'oinr, comr, hiv, Imriif, th y t-sftk itt dour ;
The click titk lit iitnifly ;
Tlit- hlintU tire hut, ttn curium down.
Tlx w unit riiair to tin Ut funic draw n,
The boy i on my kiicf,
Cmr home, u c umt- ; In iln-p f.iij yt
I,iMk round him Wistiuiiy,
And win h the t-rMr.i ttHith trn by,
An if' Iby w-'IfMHi ! 15 K tv nigh,
ilc trow i i ji ul t it y ly
In vain he find the wi-it'onte ram,
And tiirni hit glance un nunc,
S i i- riMUy, yi t ig;.in
)( !'rm unt'j ht-art I slr un,
TJt .'l-ItJf la su like titliMJ,
T 1 1 V tik if dun t nnsji tlae hi rt' ;
Nu hi'.trt will sintf sii' ii kimily f he r,
N 1m atiuu liturt. no h-1 inr,
Like tliM-e who llut huitiC.
Alt. nuw along thr mp wtilk f.t s t
'I'h it wi II know n uti p i t 1 mint- ;
Tin bil is lif'iw n, ti(t juti m p.ifct ;
'i iic bihe i w i il with jy at 3jt
A thouaaml wi lcuiiM s lioine,
" Faithful onto Death."
It V J. Tll iltN Til- RAMI.I'II.
At the (leail of nii'lit there a u er)-.
" l'ire, fire, tire V'
Kvcil in a e;reat city, here tti-na tuN nr.;
nt li.-ml Id n ii'ler aid, it in a terrible ery
at thai hour. Hut or. a lonely plantation
how inexprrsihly awful !
" Kire, tiro, fire '. ' It ran? through t!ie
wiJe liall", aii'l was rohoeil Inmi tli- nerj
iiuarU-r, in every variety of tone c.i horror
anil ahinu.
Tho iiiitrps of th' man-ion. awaking at
the cry, sprang from Iht IumI, ami hurrieilly
liej;au to drenH, gazing arouuil Lew ililere'l .
For a inonei.t Mie. was cohmioii.s only that
her liUhliainl wan absent. She n r.-eall-lo
foinethin like lo r !l hv th .-liri. ks
of the inai'l who hail !-h'pt i i tlio room,
au l who, in.itou l of asi-tiiig her toilet,
wa pointing, witli terrilieii j;e.-tii'ulati'in-,
t ) the rudily reflection playing agaiu.-t llio
trees in front of the hou--e,
IUll Jenlv, to aibl to till! enlifu-ioll of the
n-eiic, the chamber door was lluiiu' open,
uiid a crowj of female servants ni-diod in,
tloekin.' nflYijjhtedly together like a covey
pursued by the sportsman. Tliey closed
around lrs. Stewart's bed, scrcamiiiL',
wecpiiifr, wrinin their hand-1, and depriv
ing her of what little presence of mind had
1 n left.
"Oil! missus, wc hhall he burned to
death, we shall, all of us. Tin' (ire has
can dit the stairea-e. The blessed Lord
above hah mcrey on us." These, and sim
ilar exclamation, tilled the air and dis
tracted her attention.
Meantime tho conflagration bi oamc more
f-cri ius each minute. Had that t' rrilied
t'ro ip listened, they could have heard tho
roar of the flames in tho ball outside, and
tint crackling sound that nun i.inccd tho
approach of the lire to tho wood-work near
the staircase, warning them tint, if they
would nave their lives, their Might in u-1
be intant. Hut they only huddled the
closer together, sobbing, moaning, embrac
ing one another frantically.
All at once a man dashed into tho room,
with agitated face and drosmlinor.lorcd.
Thrusting a-ido the terrified maids, lie has
tily approached his mistress.
" Fly," he cried breathlessly, this mo
nietit, or you'll be too late." And glancing
rapidly around the room, he snatched the
rh h cover from a centre-table, w hich stood
iu the middle of the npai ttiieiit, covered
with books, pretty tritbs, and flowers in
a-es. This ho threw around bis mistress,
exclaiming, "it will keep the fire, from
catching. Come."
The sight of bis face bad re-assured his
mi-tress, Jul, a was about, her own age,
had been born in her father's family and
I'll always exhibited tho mo-t devoted
attachment to herself personally. Above
a'l the Hcrvants on tho plantation he was
li tinguished for a st.-ict, religious per
formance of his duties, for .luba was eon-H-tcnlly
pious. Ho was also shrewd and
'cady in every emergency, and Mrs. Stew
art felt that ho would save her, even at tho
I'iil of bis life.
Julia, even whili) i-pcaking, had seized
h'T hand and draggud her toward tho
Utireasc. Hut now m gust of wind drove
"ueli volumes of thick, black smoke toward
them, that the was almost suffocated, and
bIic paused, unable to proceed. It was not1
a time to hesitate so .luba, snatching her
in his arms as he would a child, ami drag
ging the cover entirely over her face, dash
cd into the rolling volumes of smoke, ami
down the staircase.
Ho was not a moment too soon. .Scarcely
had lie reached the bottom, followed by
the affrighted maids, before the passage
was elosely entirely by a dense wall of
flame. Neither he nor the female servants,
indeed, escaped entirely unhurt. Hut the
table cover effectually protected Mrs. Stew
ait. Juba bad scarcely, however, placed his
mistress safely ou tho lawn, before she
started 'up, crying, " w here is the baby ?
Who has seen the child ? Oh! it is iu the
house yet." And she would have rushed
toward the blazing doorway if she had not
been instantly atld for-iLly lctnipr!.
The servants looked at each other in
dismay. Ju the suddenness with which
the conflagration bad spread, and in the
excitement of their mi-tn ss's danger, no
body had thought of tho child. It was an
only one, a hoy about two years old, who
slop t with his nurse, or " mammy," as she
was called in the house hold, in the back :
room iu the upper story. Mrs. Stewart's
first thought, on her escape, had been to
look for her darling ; but for this the ab
sence of tho child might have been even:
longer overlooked.
'I ho servants, wc say, looked at each
other iu dismay. The hail of the hou-o
was now all in a flame, the fire pourng out
through the doorway as from the mouth
i of a furance, so that ingress by that path
w as impossible. Mo-tot' the n-cond story
was al-o burning, and the entire fir.-t floor,
for the c jiilia.'ratioii had broken out there
originally. To reach tho .ipaitmciit wlnro
the liur-e, probably paralyzed by terror,
was still with the child, .seemed out of the
(ii"stion entirely.
Hut there was one there who determined
to make the attempt. The si-ht of the
mother's face, nud the sound of her broken
moans, as she sank into the anus ,,f ihos.
who restrained her, exhausted by her
struggles to escape, determined .luba to
try at least to rescue his youiej; mater.
'I will go, missus," ,e said, " don't cry
no m. re."
lie looked around, as he spoke, f.,r some
menus of scaling the second story. '1 here
was no bidder, and only one staircase, but
the bough of an oranameiital tree, that over
shadowed the house, fortunately held out a
means of ,'O'ee-s to a bold heart and a
stroii:f arm. Not sl.ippi:i2 even to hear
j his mistre-s's thanks, he climbed up the
tree, ran out on the limb, ami dropping ou
the roof, disappeared within the dwelling.
How brenthles were the ti oioi-. ts thn
ensiled. The flames were siut ailing with
frightful rapidity, The eaves of tin' bui'.d
' ing 1 'gall to sue. -kc, showing that the lire
j within had reached tho roof, and soon afteJ
the w hob; line of them flushed into coiifla
j "ration. Meantime the lurid clement pour
ed out from the windows, ran upward
licking the combustible front, tnl stream
ed in a waving, dazzling pyramid, high
over the t'.p of the mansion, far into the
Id'je firmament. Millions of spark-, ac
companied by volumes of rolling smoke,
sailed down the sky before the breeze,
Completely obscuring the heavens at interval-,
though occasionally this thick cam py
paiti.illy blowing a-id.-, the calm moon
was seen, p. a.-efuily shining down through
tic rent, in -Mango eontra-t to the other
wise teirilie scene. The r ar of the confla
gration had now become intensely 1 ud :
and to add to the horror, there began to
he heard the awful sound of timbers tailing
, within tin- Ionise.
i Mrs. Stewart had wat.-hed the fire ill si
leliee, hi r hands ida-pcd, and lips parted,
ever since Juba had disappeared within
the hou-o. Kach moment a pearcd an
I age to her. At la t the su-pen-e, thus
lengthening out interminably, a.- it seemed,
became intolerable.
! " ( lh ! it is iu vain,' she cried, making a
new ell. u t ti ru.-h into the flames, " he
Cannot lind my boy. Let lin- go niy-elf.
For the love of I Lid "
Hut iit that instant, through the smoke
that almo-t hid the only window that was
I not already on fire, appeared the faithful
Mud.!, holding nil. ft the infant. The flames
were all around, .and in a moment more
would overtake him. He made ,a rapid
ge-tiiro for some one to approach.
: Four of the males, comprehending his
wi-h, snatched a blanket, and rushed
liroumtlv Inward. The heat wasintdeta-
bio, but they lii-re;
lied it, and standing
beneath the window, with the blanket out
stretched, they shouted to ,luda to throw
tin child toward them. Ho had, however,
anticipated them. Tho infant fell while
thev were speaking, was caught safely ill
the'blatihet, and was hurried iiniiicdi.iti ly
to Mrs. Stewart, who ela-jied it to her
bosom with frantic delight. The whole
was the work of less time than we have
taken to describe it.
Hut simultaneously a terrific crash was
heard, that made the y,.ry earth tremble
beneath the spectators; a huge column of
smoke shot up toward the sky, from where
the roof had been ; nud, as if propelled c
from a force pump, a gush of intense flame j
followed, leaping far up into the highest
The crowd, one nud all, ga-ped for breath.
Then came a di ep, long drawn sigh. For
the roof and floors had evidently fallen in ;
and the faithful Juba, nlas! was nowhere
to be seen.
A dozen persons rushed toward the build-
nig, am! tinti
dnveii hack by tho heat,
stood c
by tho window where ho had
been latest visible. They had hoped to
find him there. They had flattered
themselves that there had been time enough
for It i in to b ap.
Hut it was now plain this had not been
the case. I lo niot probably felt tho floor
giving way, heloro no ttircw me cnuu, aim
if so, this explained the cause of his basic".
They said this to each other, as they fell
Hut there was little time for words.
Searcly had this thought boon exchanged,
before there was another crash, ami with
a momentary waving motion, almost the
entire building fell in so that what bad
been a stately mansion an bour before, was
now only a shapeless pile of blazing tim
bers. The shouts, the exclamations, the sob
bings which had filled the air the instant
before, ceased again at this appaling spec
tacle. Neighbor looked at neighbor, aghast
with horror, the lurid light adding a wild,
spectral look to each inquiring face. Then
a simultaneous cry rose from the crowd,
that Juba and the old nurse were buried
in the ruins.
Hut suddenly, from out the flame and
smoke, in the direction where the generous
slave had last been seen, what seemed a
human figure began to emerge, crawling
painfully on hand and knees. A. human
figure yet crushed almost out of thn shapj
of humanity, but aiiit with life iu it, for it
And hark ! a voice. A full, deep voice
coming from that mangled LoJy. What
did it say ?
Not words of pain, reader : but words
of joy ; words that you and I may bless
Ijod if we can say, when dying.
They were words such as the martyrs
used at the stake, or among the lions.
" Hallelujah ! Hallelujah ! Nothing more.
Hut continually," Hallelujah ! Hallelujah !"
For was not he a martyr too ? He had
died to save bis master's child, Oh ! he
was both hero and martyr. And now that
he had " fought the good fight," that the
" goal was won,'' God gave him strength
to forget the agony of his crisped and
"langled body, and to remember only that
he was going to bliss cvcrla-ting.
Thus, ov. r tho renewed sobbing of the
spectators, over t!ie wild shriek of his mis
tress as she rushed toward him, over the
roar and crackling of the conflagration,
there rose, like a trumpet, the incessant
cry, " Hallelujah ! Hallelujah ! Hallelujah."
One would not have thought that it
was a pour, maimed, bleeding, dying sutler
er that spoke, but the happiest au 1 proud
est of men.
They reached him, stoiped over him,
would have rai-ed him. Hut, at that mo
ment, he looked up at his ini-tres-, a tri
umphant smile breaking over his face, and
th. n fell lifeless back, a " Halleluiah" still
trend ling on his tongue.
And so he died. His grave has a mar
ble tablet, with the words, " faithful unto
death." What nobler motto could there be!
LAM". ,
From an article of the London Morn
ing Chronicle of the '-'-d ultimo, in relation 1
io i hi! policy of our Government as indicat
ed in the Inaugural Address of the 1'rosidcnt,
wceopy the following passages respecting the
Monroe doctrine :
" The Whig adversaries of the I'r.'sidont,
w ho-o boundeii duty it is to pick holes in
his Inaugural Message, profess theni-elvi s
apprehensive of the elkct which his tribute
to the Monroe doctrine may produce in Fill- ,
rope, w hib- at tho same time tliey tell u- that
it is believed to be wholly without im
portance iu America. There was really
some ground for their anticipations ; for thin
portion of Mr. I'ikih i:s address, read with
au eye, has been interpreted as the
gratuitous ami offensive assertion of tin un
warrantable principle. For ourselves,
ever, we adhere to our first impression, that,
taking the peculiarities of his position iir.o
account, we have, as Huglislnuen and Ku
ropeans, every reason to be contented with
Mr. 11 Kit. k's message. Tho American l're
sidel.t, whose tirt official harangue had been
eagerly looked forward to by a lm-t of en- ,
thii-iastie partisans, and whose election to
be their spokesman hid bee:: he fruit of
a compromise between them all, could scarce
ly have done less than address himself to
tic several ideas of domestic admini-ti'ation
and foreign policy which his friends were
understood to entertain. 1'rosidetit I ' f K!ti K i
jii-t satisfied the exigencies of bis situation,
and no more. !
" It is not, however, the Monroe doctrine
in itself, (to which President I'iKtt K suh
sci'ihesj but the public nfliriuat ion of that
doctrine by the ( nvernmeiit of the I'liited .
States (which the President deprecates) that
is open to serious exception. Wo have no
right toipnrrel with American statesmen for ,
making a canon of practical policy that
the 1'iuted States should oppose every at
tempt of tho European Powers to effect
fresh coii'picsts or plant fresh colonic on the
American continent. Such maxims, univer
sally acipiieseed in at home, though not :
paraded abroad, belong to the traditions of,
everv Government in the world. Tho pro- j
po-ition that Holland should resist European !
settlements in the eastern archipelago may:
be heard o:ieo or twice a week iu the Hutch ',
Chambers. We, ourselves, have actually'
hazarded a distant and disastrous war, with- j
out a single excuse for it, except the doc- j
trine of tho Foreign Ofliec, that Uu.-sia
must not bo allowed to push her arms and her j
interest t the east of the western Caucasus.
No one has ground for complaining against
precepts embodying the traditional w isdoni of,
successive generations of statesmen, as long'
as they are not obtruded on tho notice of;
equally independent Governments. Hut
most certainly it would bo a dangerous'
novelty if any such maxim were Hung
ill the face of mankind as a principle of :
public law as a dogma which no cmerg- ;
I'tiey would justify tho declarants in con- j
travelling, and which no combination of,
circumstances would entitle the rest of the ;
world to discrgard.''
A few days since a girl of four years, re
siding with her parents in Grafton, in this
State, died in consequence ofswallowing a pin
some six weeks previously. T he child had
the pin in her mouth, when a younger child
seized hold of her aud by the sudden act
caused her to swallow it. The child com
plained coiitiuually after swallowing the pin,
and evidently experienced much suffering
before the died. U s. 'iiascu'cr.
SYN'ln -IS
()J the Imu s in L'arri . Wi-laiitm to Com-
llldll S !"uh's,
ERARY I L ? 1).
The nett annual iu- oine of the Lib rary
Fund, (exclusive of monies arising from the
Bale of Swamp Lands) is to be distributed
among the several couotii.-s of the State in
the ratio of their Federal population to be
ascertained by tho Le
such distribution.
The share to which
tied, shall be payable
next picoedi
"aeh county is cnti
a or before the first
Monday in ( letoher.
And shall be paid t ;.Ch airmail of the
Hoard of. C5-ll.iy Su.J4 t'.-tc.ueMt 'Vr' tin
lawful attorney, upon iho warrant of the
The County Court of each county, a ma
jority of the Justices biilig present, may, iu
their discretion, levy a tax for Common
School purposes, as otoer tuxes are levied
which tax shall not be less than half of
the estimated amount to bo received by
the said county for that year, from the Lit
erary F'uuil.
The Sheriff of each county is required to
collect the taxes levied, for school pur
poses, and to pay them to the Chairman of
the Hoard of County Superintend! tits and
his bond is t contain a condition for the
faithful collection and payment of these tax
es ; for a breach of whi. h, the same reme
dies are allowed against him and his sure
ties in favor of the Cb iirinnu of County
Superintendents, as are given to the Coun
ty Trustee f r enforcing the payment of
ordinary taxes the right of action to ac
crue tho 1st Monday of November in each
year penalty to go to the Use of the schools
of the county.
nn i Kits of tiu; sy.-i k-i.
The Common School s .m is managed,
1st. Hy thrrfi ('mititti'tre nnn m It
S' co hisiie t.
's!d. Hy a, lid ltd of 'tlUHl 1 ,",. ;e,V. .
ilrtits in (nrli cottit, to consist of not more
than ten nor less than re; of which the
Clerk of the County C ,, t i- , r n'irnt Clerk.
ltd. Hy a CijiiiiuttiT aj I'.jnmi imi inn
Jar 'I'eneltrrs, to con-ist :,f not more than
ire in each county.
Uli. 1!) a general Superintendent of Com
mon Schools for the State
These are eh cud by tic: people ann'i.'i!
ly and should the people tail to ebct. the
County Superintendents are to appoint.
The Chairman of County Sitp'.'riiitetii'.eiits
is to give notice in three public place., in
each district ten days h-fore le elect"-.. .
ana on the secoml thur-d..; in October, the
qualilied votcis for members of the Ibuse
of Commons arc to meet it the de-igoati'il
place in the district, and vt:-; for three coin-inittee-iiien.
The County Hoard of Super
intendents are to appoint two freeholders iu
each district to hold the cl
tees, so elected, enter on !a
tir t Thursday of Jaii'i n.
To purchase, lease, or hi
to employ teachers ai.l
ter their appointment to r i
tiou. Coiumit
ir duties on the
i 1 sell .o! hou-es
in one month ;,f
rt to the C'hiii c-
man of the Hoard of C 'uuty Superintendent-,
the number and n ui.i s of the white
children in their districts, v five and under
twenty-one years old. C-iaciittces to give
to teachers and others, with whom tiny
contract, orders or drafts on the Chairmen
of County Hoards.
It is also the duty of the committce-iio'ii
to prepare and make annually, ou or before
the 1st Monday in October, a written report
to the County Hoards of ti ir respective
counties, shewing the numle.'i and names of
children iu their several di ','icts who have
received instruction at the siiioo's the pre
ceding year the length of tine each sclio-d
was kept up th na' .o of tie teacher and
the amount paid hmi or h r an ! -"n il oth
er fact- in relation to their r o d- as tl: y
may deem expedient.
I ' c , f .NT V S I I ' Y. It I . T I. -1 K '-' T
These are to be annually e ho-en by the
( aunt V Courts at tho first urn. held next
preceding tho 1st day of January : and their
term of ollico shall begin on the l.-t day of
January succeeding their apoointuieiit. ami
conti ue for one year and until others have
been choseu and have entered on their cili
ces. The County Superintendents arc to meet
on the 1st Tuesday in January alter their
election, and appoint one ol their ii'iii.bcr
Chairoi oil.
'file Hoard snail keep's trj, an 1 ju-t ac
count of all monies ri cel. cd ant expended
by them when and of whom reci ivvd, an i
for what and towhotn paid and the bal
ance, if any, oil hand: and shall lay the
same before the Committee of Fiuaiic,' of
tlieir respective counties, and if there is no
such committee; before t! Clerk of the
County Court, with ail the vouchers which
report shall be made ou or before the "nd
Monday in October in each year; and the
Committee of Finance, or Clerk of the Coiin
ty Court shall examine the sau.e and the
voucher, and if t i:i 1 correct, certify t
that effect.
Tho Hoard shall n I'ir, '.,v ,y pay t their
successors in ofliec all the monies iu h ind ;
and if they shall fai! so to do, it shall be
the duty of their successors in ofliec t ol rin .:
suit iu their name of office, I" r tiio rcc.. . , -ry
of all balances dn , with interest thereon.
In one mouth after the Committee shall
have reported t i their Chairman th" mn i-
ber of children
I. di-triet. the Chair-
man shall call a muting of the 11 n.rd, wh
shall determine how many teach, r arc ne
cessary for each (li-fi-jct in tho county and
shall then proceed to divide the m mics due
from the Literary Fund and from the coun
ty taxes among the several districts, in the
ratio of the number of teachers required.
Tho County Hoards may riako other ne
cessary regu atious in regard to tho schools
of tlieir counties, not inconsistent with law,
ami determine appeals from committee-,,, en
ill regard to the location of school-houses.
The Chairmen shall give wrilten notice,
nf. th. d.iors nf the Court Houses of their
respective counties, of the amount due U .
each school district in the county which
publication shall be made soon alter the
money is first received.
Chairmen are to keep the finds, and to:'ii:u hf.I'.s am I'l.i'll.s of com Mt in s ito''I.s,
pay all -'.rafts and before paving the teach-
er, may call lor Lis certificate of i imina-
ti'Ui, and if he has not one from the coin-!
miltcc oi in- county, Uatc.l witl.m tin- year,
may relu-c to pa y him or In r. Clia.rin.-ii are ;
to keep the funds always on hand, and b-1
ready to pay teachers, Xc, ic.
Any Chairman failing or ni'gb cting to (
! pay, on demand, any draft properly d i awu 1
on him, and when he has funds. . -ha. 1 be li-
able t suit before any Court having juris-
diction, in the i:ame of the pcr-oii in v.ho.-e
1 ....
or said draft is drawn; and the plaintil
may r -cover said umouit and twelve' ;-(.'
C.i i-t- 'i a u.'.gs-
It i:. tic i!uy of th ! C m:ifv Courts to re
quire of each Chairman Lei ore he enters on i
t iic duties, ol Ins oluce, t gi ve 1, on! , w .th tne scenes ut n a.-mnglon, w iin u g". e t . ins
good nud suHieient security, in such sum as : observations ou nidi ami things there, a
they may deem reasonable and adequate, ! poignancy tho-e who are not 'o iking for ofhee.
conditioned f,,r the faithful performance of will probably appreciate. Some of the iu
his duticr-; which bond shall be payable to ! cidents he relates, illustrative of theru-h
the State of North Carolina, and shall be ! for the spoils, arc sufficiently ainusiir; (omit
npproved and received by a majority of the ' iug the profanity) to quote ;
Superintendents, and shall be liled by them ( "I,, the room adjoining my lodging.-', a
with tho t'h-rk of the County Court. And!,:irty of New Jeivay office seekers arc
the Chairmen, for compensation are allowed j quurierid, separated from mo by a pair of
"-'i i"i ul- on alimonies which pass through ;diug doors, which do not shut Very elo-e.
their hands. ;im involuntarily compelled to listen t all
Kach Chairman slia'.l, annually, on or be-' their conversation fr they seem to have
before th ; "'rd Monday iu November, make ' ,.,y (,f li.juor, and spend "lunch of their
a repot t in writing to the General Superin- :;; in drinking it. Last night, alt. r I hud
tendetit of Common Schools a copy of the j taken a drink with Senator Norris. of New
account rendered to the Committee on Ki-
nai.ce or I ;i'ii ol the l ouuty loud to -
gcther with a stab-incut of the number of
(children iu each di-trict, of five and under
twenty-one years obi ai-o the number of
males and of b niale- taught in each district
tin.' time during which the schools w'r!
Kept op-n, aim the average pay of teachers
the pay of ma e and lema.e teachi'r.s-to-
I gcther w:t , such facts in, 1 suggest,-,,,. ,.,
Regard to the size ot the school ni.-tr.ets. the
I wants an ! mtiuests ,-, c-.'i e, c, i;',
as he may deem imp-H..!. or as may b e
, reported by coiiimitlcc-meu.
j ( i.MMl'l I'UK OF FXAMlNATiog.
I Miich Hiard of County Superintendent-
'shall annually appoint a Con.iiiittce of J!x-
j animation, to con.-i-t of set more than five
; (e r-oii.-, of w h-'iii tlie Chainuan of Cotu.ty
.-upon, iic, uk-i. U stia.l be one, whose ;i;iy it
.-hall be to examine into the mental and i.ior-
ul qualification of teacher, or of such as
wi-li to teach Common School-; which, cm-
1 mi t tee shall me, t three times in tie yux, ' -re-s trot inithin' to say ?
j ;it -oiiie ci iitra! point, to cxiii, line candidate- , " J. r,. ti,,. i;....t complainant in,'in:,ntly
of wl.iuil times and p!ao s it shall j.o-t a ' r. spouded "Wei!, I ve gt the whole ,1,'
j written notice at the door of Court House t legation from New Jersey on my papers,
1 of the county. , i --- ' '' - --" j
No ee'.'tiucite Liven by this committee dummies.
shall be go ,1 for a long, r term than one1 "nil Voice Hill is right about having a
1 year, or b" g-,,.,1 in any otln r county. member of tho Cabin.: in y-rur favor ; be-
I All teacher ef ('..UiiiiOii Sdic-d. lnu-t si b sil.i-, f,., 1 that outside backi rs arc
' have certificate ; and the Chairman is ait- required to secure success.
. th ri .oil to reiu-e t pay any teachei- who, tith oiee "Outside backers!" It's
, l.u no oi rt.iicato of the proper kind. co-t me more than two hundred dollars t i
I he ( oinn.ittee ol Lxamiuatioii sliii.I be
exempt iVoiu l o.i I and military duty.
iKr.Klt.M. .-ri'KRl.NTEMiKNT
The General Superintendent sh:.!l see
that the laws arc enforced -hail receive
the re,, ,,'s of ('!,. aien, en. .'il.,1 himself make
an annual r. p u t to the Govcicr, ivio a
letailed account of the oiu-rat o .s of the
-v-tent in each e .:'.!
1oi,.-b,T at
-chool, tuo liiimiiei' ,1 teachers, av, l..,
i oinpe n-atio!,, t .me u ul'ing w liicil t .io se l.ooes
I are kept open iii each county and the num.
ber of lieen-od u.aie and "female teachers
i iu each county together with such fact-,
'.-.'.', -ti -,u a,, l 1-, .m:,,. ! idai. n- as may
'occur t.ihiui, f.r th" more ,ih,i,u,t man-.; ,'-
;iei,t cf the cause of popular edi.ecti 'ii.
i Which r. port is to be pin, ted and liiil
'pi,- eueulated a.,1 which is a!.-, tj be
transmitted bv thcGoveruor tj the Geiieral
1i.i .. 'f, ,;, -i ,-; is
alsotoina'.eaiiiiddili .naiand spieia. rep ut
on or before the -id M-nday iu Nn, ,! r.
, I. giving a .! t.-.i:.- 1 a', i c-mden-ed :
ountof tl.eiere-.oi'tlieCoinn, .,, Seho d
s-t, ,ii in N oth Car niua of the
'.: which h.v." iiiii'.d- 1 i:s progress iu 'each
Jcountv of the' deb ets and wants of the
! system and all such oth-r matter.- ..f fact.
'with suggest! .us of hi, own, a, will enable
! tho Legislature fu'.lv to under.-taiid t!ie .m r-
'it. di!',-, t-, wants am! u-.-s of the sv.-t, m,
-eneri,;!,' ai.l in dct ill-iUi , b, know wh .;
......d it lasacc-.n.'disl.ed and can aeeomtdt.-h
Gove, n.rt, the Legislature
It i a! , tie duty of th'G.n-r.,! Sn- r-
I,,.,,,!,,,, " '
To l-.ok after a;! .- of ,-, i';-!,n, s-
cd t) County Superintendent and nunc-
c-.unt -1 for; "and to see that all such sums
are recovered; and the Tr. a-nrer of the
State i-t . turni-h him with an'i tl -tat.-
iiiont of tl.esiin. di,bars ed t-. County Chair-
men ', mi
:.. the Lit. rurv Fund.
. is a!- , rei'iii Ml,
l ... . ::.r. . . , .
i o icci u i e i ii i a e.i a i , ol c ! . ,c s a s ne - r - - - - . .
Iha opportunity to emsu't with ex-ori-'t" ''"' Ibmlap for the loan of l..cap. whtlo
iouccl teacher- at, 1 t.. anpoint 'out'- in ho went out an 1 pufehii-cu a new t-.p-,
leach county t, lo di aff.-r 'escheated prop- ' U'neil W , n !! and sei ot u- v .., n; .,
, ... . ' no;, oi my acquaii 'an' ,' mr. . necii -, v. i
fie i,
To is,e annua! circular, to tie- Kxiindu-
in - Comii.itt'.'e. with .-ugge.-ti ,n aul in-
sin,, lions as to ..aii!;eati..u of teacher
1 1 pr. pare luaui-i- I or i .uti.ty ."-up, nntcu-
1 dent- and C unuii:!,'. -no n ,vrc; ar a lew
edition ol the S, h i Law, w:;l. l oin-' an I
iu-tiiicli o.i, ac. Ac.
! ,-!..Vi;i!,
Any County S , erint :i dent ,r Cmitnit- ,(...; ,,, the lat thief."
tco-muii. hieing nee.-pud .-,-h appointment i i .v f t;. New V -rk herd, we may
or any Clerk of the I'-omty C mrt, r. fu-ing ' ., ;t!i .,;v !,e.o,n;:,g t eon, he.., iu
or neh'cti'i : t , ;.crf-,r:i! th dale- r, quire I :lnhV ),,,, an i socio wrlie that t'.. y
( of him, shall forfeit an 1 pay tho -utu of it- j ls;o j. , ,. ,,, .,3 a, th.-v oiinii,:-,: e
; ty dollar. t be rccoverod iu any C ..irt ' Ul,,1:;! ..,.,,;'... ,., dcfiiiy tho expcii-es
oV record iu the Stat, which suit are to o(- u p; ;( ; i ro:l,i lal 0t, e. A 'pretty jdight,
jbc prosecuted by the County Attorney, j j,,, ,,,r ,,icii wh) are willing 'to servo
laud the money paid t; the County Chair- u. ,.,,lUltry chtrap, for cash 1 .V. V.
in. iu for the benefit of the Schools of the;
if tho General Superintendent, shall wil
, fully and habitually neglect his duty, or uc
I hi office f u' the propagation of peculiar ri
i-'ioil or I'ouiio.'ii uociriiies. lie snail lie li
I-- . . . ...
iible to reuiov.-l I v tho Literary Hoard
lut uU.t le tried, ou thirty day.,' w ritten
notice, and allowed evidence in his defence
in which coi-os a record is to be made for
the inspection of the Leg'mlatur.
. (.Xe,t m t,w and military do.-'
ly ; and fi.mi serving on juries uhi'.-t enga-
,r, a j(1 ,,...,;,, ,. Attending school.
, T,,.., , ...... ... ,1. ,.,,,1 f the lime f.r
whjrl Ul n.m, enL,a.i(.() tlJ .;lc!i,
,u,t re ort tothe eommittee-'iiieu, in writing,
Ul0 ,,., (,,,.,, all, ,,,.,.-. of the children tin y
have taught, specifying the number of day.;
each has attended ; an 1 no conimitlee-m.aii,
while acting as such, shall be a teacher in
a Common School.
mi i ia i i -
Mi iUS OK ol-T t.'E- SK.KK1.V ;.
The editor of the S.inlay Atlas is sup-
posej to have access and intimacies " behind
Hampshire, nud retired, the party, seven of
' t hem, came in soinew hat gl-ji imi-, an I tins
j., tu. ,u)l: lance of tin ir conversation.
i ,, ,- ., p..,, :,, ,.,
!,,,,.,.,, W.(.;s utll;u-!l iUu, yt.t. i ,..,
, . mol.(, nw, m yurk ; h(, lllilluts
' tliu.i I can in this infernal region in a life
v,,!,,,.),- ,! t kovv imthiu' ill this
.,..,., ., wou , ,,.u Vou that.
,,, V.-.icc-TI.:.fs 'as true as preaching,
. n.,)m,,v , r ires fir y-ri. I gave iv
;,M M;llvv t(;11 ,.lxs a ;o; .,,! 'j
., Jj hu, ever looked
: . 01(l!
i oie : i 'a r-r- ! I f y oil nr.? so ("i-O',1
. gi-.-i.-n a ti '.sp.i-,. they read papers you
had better go homo and learn son,, thing,
! L,-t me t-ii yu.t, my young friends, that
pap, rs has little to do with politic. If
N Ve got a I nitcil Males N-nator ami a
. mt mbcr of the ( 'al.ii.ct to pitch in for you,
ou 11 win if let, you've got ii. tight!
" .jd, ',.,i,.,. Ain t the ik'logati.ui in Con-
pay the eXjHii.-es of -ami , two ,.dd
logi.-s ho pr tended that they had influ-
. i nee, and wh.-e bilis I agreed to pay ;f
they u uil-l e Ui.e down and help me. and
they lave done me i.o lit-re good than two
geese ! With ail tlieir mighty influence
they have made al out as- much progress as a
. 1 1 ' . .. , 1 . 1 .. .. 1.
larmcr wonio. iu .umiu.ii,. , . , p
g reel I s aid with a ie.ii, ol i-.di-ta;!,"i rat-
ust at ti l moment one o! t.n: party pr ,-
... .... ...I ... ,.,1, h.i- -el rs 1 u lol..
' '
tl'.v r" '''''"::-"'.-. 1 t, :l 'I' :l"a l"t t!"'
remainder of this very interesting J.-r-ey
'""'' r-atmn. 1 repeat it merely t . give
the At'ii- reaio-rs an nlea of ,1, b cling that
p'-rv :'!- the wu..o trioe ..( ell:,'" bunt.-r
"ivicng tne Capita, -t this fceral
" Ne w hats are r tner uncertain propel ty
'!1 ,!l- ir'll-v,i !"r 111,1 hungry otbee
seekers now here Mv iri' iid, t.rand i-
"'" i'1 V'- w.!' ' '';''"'";"'"
soan-h ol t!ic Purvey ,,'-,,,p. ,l,i a brat.
I i. nil,' "t the i:itc-t st le. parte I w ,i.i
l'-"; ' .'' il i!',ti'- lfl i''
the Naiioinil to take hi- lir.-t ilinmr. In
'' th" lVui 1'i't i ' sh; ,'ki,,g bad
'at. " of a very nniiqiie style, winch gave tne
!-:' ' .r"",!i,!",e v"lv
the Grand Sachem could not appear mmi. I
' ""'' ll,'a'1 t,0'tu",('' a;H I"' t beret..,;...
had to resort f. the extcl.-ive wan.r.du! .d 1.,
f'i'inl. Cd. To-o Dun.ap, ol i outer
-l'ig. w ho supplied hiui w. I. a more erne-
brow, iu th"
si. ,po ot ne ot -Meiilos nrii.i ,nt ...uiica-
"" ' !'' l'ar ' :'1"'. m:' '-
hi- first near., 'e-e uei e, v. i: li ii
bc.v -t 1 : s. ri:
h:it u; ii .1'- h' u,l, but one
day list ,, while iiU.iiiuei at tue
al. some de-ponding office seeker, am eutiou
to make a sensation on too avenue beneath
l'-'-'"'"l':'''''' N''w ','!s' V11'1 ' ls
iniiid- upon it, and left m itsj..aoe ;:i
'. ancient mim-css s.uai-.-e.,, ... ue- eu-
t-'e of I-lo, wi.ictt ot ce-.rse, wa- n-t :.c
,., i.led l.v Sh-I hard. w!l in tuni. les -rlc 1
th-' ' same sa le' ' ' at tue s :i:ie u ,;. ,, until it
ha- ! c one a matter f pru , u cv.-ry
niiiii dinm at tuo Nation,-.: t tail,' in- uat
betwe n his l"g Kvery ;...y hear .-".,
'. .ie.i .i
h t. wh;.
!:! vl . !,:,'.,
; their !.
ir-, i a :,- t
1 their I. ye
s.ilil" ileluon-
t ,
. i:i 'i'i '- ' """v i;l tu
...dy i.-t ..'....;.:".. er.
i el i- ii. 1.11 .-,! Ul, Willi
CsJ' A eobi.'er in M ni, who a!?o pro
fcscto teach music, has the following ovi r
his door :
;" Pdightiul task, to iiiiuvt the temier b iot,
j Aud Uach the y.iu:i idea haw tv Haio
Tin: wnK; canlidatl for con-
It will be perceived by adverting to the
head of tub- Column, that Mr. Osllo'tNF. has
con-cute. 1 to stand forth as the Whig chain-.
pio:i in this !istrict. If tho Legislature hud
ti led to make an equal contest of this elec
tion, they could not have done it more nin
I than in as soi ting together the several
counties that compose the l'i.-triet. e be
lieve the Yl.ins have rather had the majori
ty when they have been stimulated to any
determined cii'oit, but very often tho coun
ties have to voted, as, when counted togetli
i r, they have prei'.-jinini'teil on the other
side We have oil oar patt a li:o.-t ixcel
lent candidate. There is no Whigiu iho
We-t, of wl; uu the party ought to bo prou
der than Mr. OsiioR- F. ; His bi,.l; moral
worth: his im.isthic depirn.ient ; aduUd .,
hi -1 xccll nt -eiise i.i.s yariou.- acqiiii enu nt-,
and hi line power.- as a speaker, rend,",
him a most capital choice, and one to whom
every ,,t her gentleman of the Whig party
who has been spoken of as a candidate, has
voluntarily conceded bis claims, and urged
Mr. Osiiornk to come forward, nud wc hour
of no ili-aih i ti ui any where among; our
liiciid. The truth, is, Mr. 0.s,oi:.',k, wo
a to ci riali. would nut have been a candi
ili '..! at all, il he had not been a--urcJ of en
tire unanimity among the pruinhi'.-i.t Whig-,
of the Hi-triet.
low an, in this conte-t, ha the po-.yr r f
tig tl," event: an-l to tue goof ;m l
tru - Whigs of this county, Mr. Oshoh.nk ap
peals, lie has never vet received an ol'iei:
Iron, the Whig- ,.,f the West, although for
'-'tl years ho ha l'in a di-tingul-hed advo
cate and leader of the party : and has fought
the Whig battle with unilincUng steal and
unsurpassed iibilit v.
The people of ILownii and Calarrn, win
are so ,!co !y interested iu the que-ti ui ,-i'
the Hail Had. ought ti roineiiibi r that Mr.
OsiioitsF. was the original mover, and was
more than any other man iu the State,
the author of the great scheme upon whiel.
our lion I 1- I :ied. Indeed, wc know that
I," ev.-r, in glowing terms, spoke of our ex
t, ,,-i"ii a embrace I in his proposition.
e know t io, that who., there became u,
crisis with the sub. captions to the stock of
the North Carolina Hail Hon:!, Mr. O. step
ped forwar I aul subsc. ibed for Mecklen
burg county to... amount neei-.-sary to lu::k !
up the ,.'.-t'uiate assigned to that county , and
that t , when this ext-'ii-ion was known t ,
be l o lav, i lite with the p opie of his town,
and when lie bad no assurance tha'
1 ,,- r.f i, t. ijl-im nrr nr ro-- uali'ls.
A- it in-, I," is tlie only subscriber t i nr
I! j:, ! i:i Charloite. It, this matter, a iu
cm ry thing wo have known of him. he is
tl; public spirited, patriotic, In oral as-crt.-r
of ti.ltli ami j'l-iice, and tiio g" d of Norto
Carolina. Iu this wo think Mr. Osiioiim:
has great claims upon the people of tl
e .untie regal' lo ss of jiarty. Hut ho ha
other claim s which will not fail to reach tho
hc.'ii t and cordial approbation of the people
,,f this I ..'strict. This wo verily believe, an 1
t , this end. we mean to give oar best exer
tion. ( una 'ut:hi,iiin.
wnvncu.uT in Pennsylvania.
The Chamber-burg (Pa.) Whig relates
an instance of sun, -r.-titiou which could
hiirdiy have been .-upposcd tooxi-t in the pr, -sent
day, aud to be countenanced by whito
lii"l!. U appears that recently a female
i iiber of a ,i, n oiiiiuatl ui called the Chris
tian church, in 1'tiib'U count v.. Pcm.-yivauia,
was t i sick, a:. 1 liua.iy iiuagii.e-1 she
wo bewitch "i l y usi-tT iu tin.! cliure!,.
A n. ct.iig '( th,' - . --'..ui wa-'.c l in duo
sea-on, at which the minister presided, an 1
tin' charge of witchcraft wii torn. ally pre
ferred agsiiii-t th" lady. Hclng a n ow cuo,
an !. v.,- pr.-suiue, n ;. provided for in the
di - , inline, tl," i -ui was puig-L-d us to tho
prop, r ni.inni-r ! , :' . . .". iu the ease. At
le.i til it wii- prop ,-ed that she won! 1 bo
a-l-i-'d to step over a broomstick, as it ha 1
b". u -ai 1 that a witch could not do so;
bo' the ;,'-..;, 1 got ovei-it with. mt apparent
diiheii'tv. Aib r a e u,-u;ia;ioi, it was then
a;i 1 thai sue -ho.iM be tried i.i a pair of
v , i jii -eiih - with a bible t 1 ' iiliine-.. h, r,
and if -he wa- a witch the bible would bo
to) heavy fir h.r. Ace rd:!ig!y she was
tailel, to il ini.l, an 1 tiio expjrini.'lit tii'd,
but sli " proved too heavy for the bi'nle. h
wa then inliuiated that probably h. r e! "til
ing pre
1 fair te-t. ill! i !,:'.!;' a b'.l-h -l
ol e ,rn wa.- nut eu tuo
WU.l tuo I , '. '
tol .ilanc' liio ehitliiug, Hilt sti.l tiio la ,;,
wa-t io heavy, and tiio charge was formally
1,1 V.'i ' 'ii; -ti" a: '. ,.i.': the skill, or hi l' ,
form of ;;ie be t mentis by winch t
c-ti.nate tlieir fattening properties. In tin;
1, Mulling of oi"!,, if the hid.' bo 'ft aul
.:!; t , the to ich, it a :!': a pr ;' -'f t.'i.
,!, -ncy t ti' he moat. A !.", t !. ivi.ig a
p,i..itt..,l, .;,! have th:,-!;, loie i-i i ii,
t! 1. 1 til g. a -it w-. , e.oii si! ayer of s if: i':t. ;. i Id -in.
t , tl," .-!ight"-t pie--..:v. au I sp.iii.iug
le k tov.afi tl," ringer lik" a piece of
'it loath, r. Such a skin will b. usmlly
i1 i. ' lol wiiji au :t! .ieiiii,.',' oi soft, gbvsy
hoi', ;.. . '.Is. like a be i !' mx., an 1 iienca
i ,a, ; i- i, i.e I a w y ski.i. Hut thiok-et,
i, :. : 1. i r a!a ivs li.ri ;!; bird, :iu I
iniiciie, a lin! fee b'r. A.,.,:
I' i n u perhaps gep.oraily th it
',.' of the be-l article i that i-.i.i ' ' .ivo i
tiswino wiii! i in pi'ep-ir'i;:oii th' tih.i.
co n in m T ho is at .it...' pr t n'.-i
are so groat that they h iv-.' s:ih.i-t "1 o:i
it without other foo l f .r week pig ;!,.:,
Geese c i ill no I sia-t, deprive t:i';u ol
in itio!., an 1 fattened ou fire-.- g iins C e ,ra
p-T day, an! us ri n.' i c ' as they cm
devour, have b-'e'im' fat i'l eight day.
The hog c it v '! ' is'y after a li'tlo ti;n a
aud is liever.-ick while ho hn a go j I supply,
t It should iilwsivs bo kept in ill e stv aul f.o
fed ti the inuiates rogiilarly likg ul! other

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