North Carolina Newspapers

' ii
The Philadelphia BuVy Xcvs give? same,
advice to (In; Whios of Pennsylvania, which
tin! Mrin' Mi 'I sr-!i is cii'tal!- appli
cable tj tin' Wliis of V'irjiria, ami which
v:e say is also MualU' applicable 1 the
.'hi,."f of North Carolina .mil to the latt. r
we de.-ire to commend the spirited an 1 ex
cellent observations of our contt niporai i's.
" If," says the " M.ii!," " in the face ot
1.0,000 majority, tboWliij of l'cniit? lvniria
are determined, not only t stand by their
party banner, but to Csiuteml with brave
oud bclievinj hearts vj.-iorv why i-houhl
t ho VLij: of North Ciro!i;; -l.vam of sue
cumVinji for a hiv-cii! ? ..? ". to upon
SfJU c!tfJtk: v. uc no t'.-l o, compar
ative trciiit!) of parties, ;.s a!! candid nun
upiii Loth shies will"
It is i-vi :i more unmanly atvl absurd to
despair of ill.- su'Vess of the Wlii.; cause in
the country tit l-ire. Cur ue'.'cat uii ur
(.It'll, Scott was ly no me.iiis as i'.et i-ive
and ili-liearteiiinrj as that of the kvofooos
v.nler Van Ihue-.i. Horse, foot and dra
goon". Old Tippecanoe drove the dominant
party cut of power. It is trui'. Van Huron
olt-iiicd three more States than Seott
f -vnn i'! nil ; hot then it in"-' lie reiiicinlior.
t-d that Van l.drcii had the ad vant il'i' of hohl
iru' the r.-i:i i'j i-wvr, with an ,;r;j y of olliec
holders at his lark, a': 1 ii.-. iuo-t peril it un
iou iin.l despi-rate cher.-y union.; his own
party. Scott had no officii! co'enis, and the
U'ia.'s support'.") liini with a faint and
divided In-art. If the heof could ral
ly and triumph after such a defeat as that
of Van llurr n, why sh ield tjit the WTiijsj
rally and triumph after the tUii.-iu:
and less disa.-t i ott-i defeat of lien. Scott .'
Aid, alter all, although t!eus:;:i is i:p-in
tli'Mi-an Is of the wio.-s in all the States of
the Union .Maid at home at the -i-t i lee
lion, mid Will i not vote at all, and vhii
t.ier t:: .".is in is
. t. ! ' :
it !
i; t -:fr'r nt'ttt''- o e- I .
$'( '. "'" Wi': .'' 'if
anrJ !---rc. " The ' Wi, party p.,'.'.. 1 .
tiioie than a rrdiiiin and a half ( ct.- in1
th.- last Presidential el-ett in. ti.itw::l.t.iti.'.
i:i; su. h numbers of t'icm evervw In. re di i
l,..t v .'te. Aul can there be th -e v i, .
would dUbun.i this in.:.e :.-e army, an!
trail it- l-anm r in t!.. ii'i-t? 1:
p'.'.eh there aie, they would render tie
Vi!l' ean.-e a .-crkico by j'.initis its j.-.-tt
enemies. ;,nd ci-a-in t1 p.iraly.-' -ti' i.L'
arms at.-l c oara.-i ."! heau.-. ' y their timid i
and !.mi1i.v fore! o iin.-.
Tie- qiie-ti n f . r it tr.i" Vl,i-s f '.. i !
i''t T, i can on -iirr-?!'b r f
ciplus .' Pa oo. ii" lo;j.r,T I'eii' that tii";
are essential t the diiiity and r-.-perity
of the Country 7 If y j have ie!t.-d:!i.
anci'-iit convii ti .n. t'. i y et eat ;. t nis
hand too soon. If not, tio-n y i-i mi;-t re
t tin yo ir tii.i iii 'o a lie- . i ly u.... ' of
pivin.' vitality and eirie'eli' V to y..i:i prim i
jles. I' ir ours ie-. we are t'ior..j!ii
tii it the c-in-vrvstivi influence of tl.c
WLi; pjity Ki- ti--r in 'I'' ti- e led than it
will i v v ithin tie' n-:.i i' years. lt-iv-C'J
the con. try in Mr. Po.K .- time fr ''n :
sens, le-- and r.iin a war with lh .tain a
1 out Mrcnn. It saved the Union nft-r-war
-is Jrotn ti: i-tT-e;- ,.f ilie i-ti-.i.j!
quarrel jr.'dj'ol ly the iM-xiean war.
.lu-Juin.' iro'.u t!i" rampant spirit iii-p!aV"d
.y V-junj Auieriea irjr, an 1 'r ",u t'ae
0 i:,teir,i'".j which its a.'L.'re--ive ten t' I cie-.
ice-'ieo in l.i.'h piaees, U ,i- -i rvic may
a.'..iu i ncc'ic'i, ue the a-iiniui-trutioii :'
Cel.. l'i' r.'e he e'"Ied. to secure the peace
fi:d to ii;i the 1 i,.o!i nt the f 'antry.
Lit i very Whi.'. tin I-, -t.iiid at 1.1- j.
pr'-p ir"l a;.J oe;, rmii. d to pr. .-rve la
ta,! lie- in'.-,. ity a:, I ..tii fv- Wi.i.
; r t " . so (.-.'en :. .!. :. i.i :y '. ;
wi- i i the -'.vrd of .ict-.ry. he in iv ! ii n;
a 'Lie id. w !.:.!. "ill p- ' t tii- .: ' ,.i.d
lt-i in-t:' .t.o:js :ro:a ili!.e
( ueoaiei."
I. 'II
)Vii pi'ii''.! r. r :;';;. .
Ti.,- i h ii.ii . .,; - . :..
tn-.iy ii v.;d . tint 1 fir- r... ,.:' t i.i-
ii'i--: '!. Ml i -ler'.,. i ,;:i j--u--
: f, :., :.. K.i i i .. '. , ii i
' ' ,!';'': ';- ! 1 A '' t'"- ba--
Cj1 a " N . -v ii i .n : ,. ..,ii,...i
tre'.i iii any ,: I i.-nt . i :. -imo'v
c-fi-c Mr. ii. h i- dee ,r- i v . r. ii"it-
)v t.,at he i- ; .''! tii ::.. a f that
1-' ..a ! I . .,...,'. : ,!.;., ,,
::'. -ti the -'it.i of jau-j rv ia-!. i."
f : u. ' a- r iii :!;.... it. j . . r;
e.o j i.'ile: 1 i :: ia ' :
S'r, I an,
-r mi ,
1 - em ,,,. 1
. 1; -. A:. 1 i:
a. ;! b- ;i a ir . tii it S; -i;
I- '.-ii'.ir
.tii t in 1 -tr .ti." to .' ".1 -i ..'1 -t
hi '.' . : ; in '. ., ( ' il a v. i,. ;. S -. ,i,.
s -i -: - h" 1 i. . i.ii ; j 1 1 - ii ,; .1 ! :. li r
M,.i; l"i- I. -b .'.-.;-. -1 in tie in
vltii. 11 inu: 1; -r thV. t'i.ey , i - ,01 r -.
that h..,i.i:i:; 1--u:i into l.e h t
t .1, of tl.-.- ...- .ii th..:i t . s.-e . t - i 1
other .je.'-r. i'our "... r ., j ii'
tie : f ;.iu 1 '.' et i. :.;.-..
"No, -Ir. I La;.. a no ;.. r '': .1,
ri 1 i '. -1 'ir"hu-i:i.r liiiii. Tier'; i - ,1
t . . t e r- ll. it -(., ik- ni .U'I ! 1 to ;-" -ni-1
.-r 11 r C .h i;. .'-, iw eai! ur, on :i- lor a-.-i--le.c
. '1 ":. . ur- .t"tltl mi ... ,i I !.-t eon-i-
.t t . ::.'s j ,;.ci.a-e. I aiii 1. ', a i.ii:e' t,
-'V - ti. '- -Us... .til io'ie- ; :. !-. .,
a.- ::'- 1 ' ;''. un I.hv..- nnv t;ri;i.
u;.ji, an; j v. ,,,-h ui'.ju. i.j.v or ,. r
ait- r he f.;r-'l'l. t.';. (...,' ;t ,,i,'' '.!!,
I ' ' '' ' 'li! O'" i" 0 '. ' '',!' ' '
' '"'. . Ir .- ', t , to. It
i- ' i th 111 1 . t , ... ,; ... -i;
1 Ti ,'. 1 ni. t i ... '.; ..11 1 .'i ,i t:. . - irr-.i-. :
in.' ; ni 1'. .tin . r. I : , ;, ,t i i, .v f. ,t
vi.: v-i i in.- ji 1' iii -er in ; ; 1 .. ....; ,
tiiiiii in e ii ,'i 1 :;. : tl, j 1 an, a
t -in t Join !. 1 -s r i r it "
All 1 -1' !. 1, -i.i r i' o... . , ,t ; . ;
t , tl. . :;e 1 i -i ' ; ' :-!:, I o-,
i' , i a ,y t ';,'. t - e . t :, -. . t
Mr ." 1 lie 1 ir t... -; eial l:.i - , : 'J !.
' t 1- li t oi-J, l' i. : .. ., '. ' . I. 1 : T.
t . ,t Mr. S . i- ;;, .,-..,r of ..:i;:io l'.:.
: 1 A'h - is o;,;i .-ei t 1 ;,; : .'.i o . : it . 1 .
I ..r ' 1 I , i'1'.r 1 Hi. i'..-j'1-ii.;:. o:.l . -'i ii.l r
' 1 in r a -ori-iol v 'ii iti,! ;: 'oii o:- j.i
.u 1 .l-:i 1-. tiiat Ii : vv-' Ji ! t ii. tV
1-1 in . 1. .1 ie'.e , t ii r ' Jh :' . 0 ; -; : . n' .e
l ' -.or in ai. ' o! ii. 1 . ,'. a 1 1 '1 1 '1 I, . 1, , 1 -
Tie S t . 1 , . - v .
t r ,,i V - i
n t, e.-i ; 1 i.'. . !, '. .,
( 1 01 .-r:i.;j nt ':: ,- r . ! .
: :-. r. f
r ll- '. i
! .': t 1 t ,
' I" o.- l.. t!l
A .'):p u:ui,.;i
We hy the r. ..o;- ,f ;, . ; ,,-
f the -ity .',( Lo.iisuii". ti, ,!.!.' .)
a ii iv or two -inee, in-tru t.-.l : :.. j 1 ,
arr- t il I oy- j., ratul.u! ttiu-j l e- sti ,1. i.i
it ! ' I, , ir at i,iht. unless t'ley i "in -1, -w
t-' - . 1 i;i-e for hillij; out. ill- 1. "11' -r -u: l
liial ii jiaivat cvjiii Uwt kvrp tiieir eLiiiireL
-'a-1 ic mil tj' :r . -f t'n
Tlorflj (Carolina Wih
I r w H.T.I
cet in li.ilh'1
iiietits anJ su5
ir l'. '.
.i!ii ;m; :ier. ?
i are sui'.-ei is :
AM THinil'SOX ir our a
;t i"i . a iO 'I-.. .Zi ii t oi.t.un ;u! i r' !se
seriti"!.s. ..i.a to r.iit neejpt.-.
A!;.';, I'. ,., i our airi-nt m I'hiludi'l.
i! t . n!it.ori .uli rtusemeiit:, ami pro-
. . 1"
t.- ellh lit
hi! I' ..
. ..1 las
u uk fu.t;i:i:ss,
t ANfitivxTi: run ij:i:k.
Ti.. :. i-..- . M. Ui:i P. i iki vr. ..t j.Va
m:e !:i .1101 -a n oi' i n.ii:iL' In l:ie ! le-li i'l lit
',.'1!;! ,- ,.i M i ' 1. .li.i.i', ..s .1 e t!f.:i.:ate :er
Sc. ni' C '-.urt l'ii:. it the naic
a-l I'.i' i li ....
e iltl.
.in n.
l'rt.r. 17in.
: ' rin.
'Mil.e I.'-'
ll to
. r . .. s it ,
r in 1-r .
I :
:.t nl llr
s t n tin'
VV li T' (
: to
l lsi 1 s.-l').V A I I 1 Nl
N'l'i i.N'.
.- h.-tr:.
.. i ii.
e !..
i l-horiit
M -Ii,
.'! t it I llt-i
: lit
. !. I II.
i N .i tii
, , t '
.ir i.i..
ur i
I M-jte luli M ' : I. i -t
,. ve .t it. -, to w norn
etll HWilV 'V le.itil'fiS
' !: v' , ft in ii ii Iii r
.fu.-' t:
Hut .-'.
ll II..
irr y
r l'..i
A. e
Mr. II.
. y - 1
1 i-r.o
t! r-
Mr I
Or. !..
, I Mr
I,, l,i
. It
t..- I
N !
t '
M'.'T.IN A
I v I" f
. i'l '
f. 1'.-
1, th it
i-t. r' 1 ;: :,
Ol il. t he I
... C:
;.d II
I per ore is afforded by the indications pre
sented in the mines of tho?e counties. The
! treat metalliferous region known as Gold
mil ;,. l'n,..,.,. ,,.,,1 ..I,;.., i.evt. to the
famous Porno 's mine in this Slate, is the field, and the budo. notes will soon rinjj
mo.-t productive deposit of the precious throuuh the political preen wood for each
metal in the United States is perhaps the ; clansman to rally, we think tbo occasion
most promisin; rcpo.-itorv for copper thus favorable to remind our readers of certain
tar lieu lit to lijit. Other places mav'preat questions, vbich in all probability
htreafur proo i-.piallv ; lut the eold
! veins at liold iliil, hi hi a already worked to
I the depth of nearlv :i.t 'feet, atlord the nio-t
! favoiableoppovtuiiit in the country lorjudj:-
1 in-of the character of that spot for'eopper - -
a metal which rarely shows itself iu much
1 l ichu-ss at the t. p o! the -round. Already,
' from tlm depths referred t.'i, tons ofmerchant -
'aide copper ore are daily raised ; and the in-
iiiientions are. smb. is to lead the l'rol'e.-sor to
-r Cm! will vi rw,,, odilv ae-
iuire a character for copper as distinguished
,a.-that which it has loiy since established
! f.r -old.
! 1 he Professor while in Charlotte, was
' " - . .' . .
en ted with a diamond, by l'r. JjEVKNt-
I'K, a late
eraduate of our Medical
('nlleee. That gentleman had lately dis
covtrul it on his estate at I'icneer lills;
and this is the stcond speciiren of this
pricious L'eiu found within the year in the
unity. Ili'.iii : to, no eial search hai been
made for toe diamond, these specimens
ha vin;; 1 ecu 'discovered ill a manner purely
jtfiital. t'.'. Co
I.tito from i:irii'.
AUrT'-AL 111- Till". C.StSAPA -T
P.vl.tlM'iIiK. April l.-'O P. M.
The Koyal mail st"am ship Caiim,i,
S rnK, has arrived at Halifax from Liver
pud, w hich she left on the Pith iu-t. She
will reach Do.-toil at day -break on Uriday
'I he U.S. mail steam ship Unfit'-, Capt.
CoV'r'i K, has 1 rokeii her crank ami would
not 1 e able to sail on her regular day the
The LiVKnrof.L Mai;kets. In conse
ii of the favorable t. nor of the Ji'iflc'i
adviei s. the dtinand f.r t'vi'lToN was good,
and pri.-es advanced an eighth of a penny.
The lower cradi-s have iuiiu'oved tim-t, al- m'1 ti j.i'.iti.js are di arer. I'he sales
dupni the week comprised Iiil,ii00 hales, 0f
which specuiatois have taken ll,t and
,.,i,,n,.r. ! l-'nir I lri,.i.s Is ,i,it..,l
at l;-d Middliii.' Hi leans.) PVUiths. Fair
Upland tid, and Mid.
, I',,! ,,,! at "i:d
; ' ' "
I he in, polls have amounted
to 4"' llilll
bah s. Th
stock on hand consists ot
i (ll'" hales,
i 1! i. k is ii'iiet but firm at
a -.'-'s.
pt.r evvt.
' L'.niii.n' Most ,y Maiikfts. CnNMii.s are
iUot,d at lOdij. The liullioli in the liai.k
, of England has decrea-ed il 1 -". ti n .
I"i in KI' i N ItEMo. The report of the in
surrection at IJaleeluna is incorri et.
The l-'rcneh Trans-Atlantic steam Ship
iili" ha- i'eeli abaudoni ii.
Another steam r-hip has been added to
the ' 11 i-oovv )i,L.
In the IJriti-h Hiiise of Cotnniii. a
i, i. sti.'ii was a.-kud whether the interest?
' .,' l-'iiirl-i'i.l anil lb.- K'ln.i nl' Mn.ii'iilil u. n. ;
: beiiii: looked att. r. Lord .John Kf ssKi.i,
! replied that the negotiations with the United
States had i.jt terminated. Ati enquiry
vv a- al-0 a-lu d the I ioveriitnctit whether It
was true tiiat Kiwi 1 11
lou.-e iu Loudon
had been searched uu the 1-ttli iiistunt by the
I'o'iee. and that arms and ammunition had
i e'.n found thcn-iti ; whether arr'-sts had
i.e. n made in I'ru-sia on information lurtii.-h-i.d
by the London 'dice.
Ti.- (.'I'miilit exchanged sii.-Is with the
A.-i't np clianiiel.
The f 'yo Cb.nov arrived out on the
l-'th in.-t.
The on,ra eric'il .i from Havre
I r ,.
by the L'.ii't'iii are prc-i-cly the
ti:i " ntcived by the J lr ,:!',, I .
'f I "Tins "ii the loth in-t , Were
the r.'ccipt of the Haiti' advices.
I.nlc lroin aliforiii:i,
iyal ur Tin-: united states
Nkh -i M-.i.K ns, April J 1.
c :f am -hip it' Sn'.v ha.- arrived,
oniade the trip from A-pinwall in the
-race of five davs and three hours
hav in
brought ad -.ices fr.-m Caiif jriiiu
t I t ci A I ni.
'I i i.i-t ;: fr-i!; San 1'
ti." l".l I, ef I'ehruiirv, it vvililej rteel
r' I re-' i.'e'i '.hat Intieh r oll
ijeet'iri; uii'i uiiiieiy
,.f tho non-arrival
lui'l ari-i n on
of tl;'' -team - hi
I l.u i ll.l line, ti,
tili.e. I, .vili.r '.-.,
' eouilt
,' j i iiih m ot th" Van.
n thirt v 'las s le v 0;, I her
. .ai'l : h" I'a --eii.-er.-i w ho
elt . vv i 01 J; ,,n th" -Jtith ol .J-iiiriry liitlii
A'., , ..-,', an-! thi.f. were tin
a; ;.r, le n-ioii-eiitei' re-ieeiiii' In rafe
f. . that the A lit of the VAM'Milill.T lint
! t!,i;
"f ' i ff
steaunr S"' llr,l for
c 1 1 1; : - a thoroiih seareh
e eiue to hi r win-real.
however, hrinoi
01 'alum:
1 he
'"!'!, I'l
int. Ill 'i i.i i: that sin: was
'.li !,. eo:
trueii oi,
th. n to-.;
-t of Loner California. She
ti -hoal near
Margarita 1-iaii'l
'titinlv eon-uuieJ
ri lire ati'l vv as
on l.oar'l ovt-r
Mo; i.ll'l
C. .up Ion,-!
mii ireii,
l.-liUl l-s.
r j.. ii!
'I W honi 1 li'l were
hi r tlrowned
'I in thi- flan. '1 he -nrv i vors
vv er,- 1 arm 0 to ."sun I' ran' 1.-1 0. I he sei ne
is r J re.-i'iited to have hem mo-t t'Trihlc
aiel the sufierlti'; intense. 'I'he inininir
ii' - i'l om Caiifornia ia very fav.rahle.
'I he mini r- are making' fine profits, l'linv I
M'i'.s are low. Smuli i-ah s of l'l.' l 11 have
been ! --t.-l at from i to per LLP
' ' "1. Co .
'J In- i,-w ,-ilvrr eoinaoe of the I'liiteil StateP,
', - th" li iltiiiiore Sun, i--ueil uu.!' r the
lo :i' l Co.ere.-s, j- already in cireula
II in our eily, thoii'.'h only pai'l out for
h: fir-t time at the Inint of I'hila'lclphia on
ui --lay. A'JaUi.-.V Co. 'irew out. that',
.'.-(i.iuiu, f,r the N. vv V'
I'hila.le'., hi.-,
ii r hanks are
people. Iti,
11 Ii'l
.tllli'll '
Iiial hi ts,
il..' I' to
'taiioii 'il tin- eii.'i.ri.i 1 -i;e' firm
forty or fifty thou-uml ilollai.s dai
ne W11S,-. .t this rate, the roun
ooii he pretty well supplied, an.
ly fu
t r y vv i
;.'i 1 on,., r heai e
-la.i.i -over i hail ji
ainti of
ml of
-tat. s tl
jint, a m
it, a
ie'.v nay .4
u.s w hale
11 to the
is hi-in
:' lion,
: lie .lister
iff M ,i,t;t ik J
!.t. vviueli is 1 1
he tak'
,- f , r
:t 1
.ihitlOM. A
the j-;;i-t Hi
haul iiiui a
I.II.": 1,',.1-t
er for its 1
(101 e . '1 hi
t .')') f, i t loll-r ;
ami i
k'lpiosi 1 to' lorty tons. .1 steamhoat lias onoina'ct lroin latmir oy-ters, and the i-ili-nt
to tow I. im into port, l our boaU zenn !' (ja ton bad lield a lueetin'.' and r"-
were lo-t
the t'oLU..-t Lclore Lis Hhale-
'i . '
Now that the Congressional candidates
ior the fervent i J'istnct nro lainv iu tua
will determine the election. We hope and
believe that the people of this district are
! too intellijiclit to be deceived ley tlio nitre
! name of lemccracy, and that the 'still
'! - inall voice' of truth cannot be silenced by
, the bedd assumptions of the demagogue, or
the lies of the unprincipled
, What then, are the real question which
1 now divide the Uhip and IVmoeratie parties ?
The acquisition ami annexation of forei-n
' territory to the I mted Mates, whether Ly
. i i .
conquest or purchase, has for years met
with the favorable consideration of the Pem
oerittia. party. The Mexican war was the
i fleet of this spirit. The piratical expedi
tions against Cuba would never have dis-
graced our nation it they had not met with
aid ami encouragement lroin the leaders of
the Democratic party. How has such .1
spirit fl'. rted mir interests and our char
acter at home and abroad 7 At home it
has crcuted a reckless di.-re'ard of treaties.
It has tallied our national reputation and
made iis a terror instead of a protector to
; the wek ; and a foe, suspected and hated
i by th'trotij and enlightened nations of
i the jT'J It lias peneratcd an appetite
J 'J"s (jf our liciiihhors, at the
' t x jie nV'TJTi ow n moral, mental 'and phy
! ue il interests. What do we want witliCuha
I and her mineral Ic ignorant population of
' free negroes? Have we not already terri
tory for five hundred millions of people 7
1 Can Cuba he bought 7 Never! Spain would
rather see Cuba sunk in the ocean ' deeper
than plummet ever sounded,' than in the
' posse-sion of any other Nation. Spain the
i land of Columbus, upon who-e dominions
' the Min never set, has all the morbid prn'o
j of fallen (ireiitness. She will clutch with
! the tenacity of death, this la.-t geiu iu her
once brilliant inroiia.
I Would it he to the interest of our country
, if Cuba could be acquired without a war 7
I Wc could not purchase the inland for nnv
reasonable sum. Mr. I'olk authorized lien.
; .iuiidersj our then .Mu.i-t. r to offer one
: hundred millions for the Island, but the ot-
! fer w as iudk'lialitly refused by the hau-hty
1 Sup.o
.ilr. 1 olK liau sueeee-
1 ded in the purchast' to have pad the iieht.
... i.i.. .: i i i
' alio. I ne consequent aiHicAauou nuuin naie
airam I. roiiut the orth ami feuum in coi-li-ioti
both on the Tariff and the Slavery Wc would not endanger the U
nion of these Stat is for such a country as
Cuba, if ."he was cruted with j; 'id and dia
monds. The wealth of the worid should be
a.s hut du-t, win u compared to the hopes ,,f
uaiijiial freetbitii. which now have in other
guarantee hut the Union of these States.
We hope both the candidates lor ( 'on.'ii ss
will ' face the inii-ic.' on thi- ijue-ti n. e
have too hijjh nil opinion of 'he c.iielor of
the fri ntleiiieii to sii-pect for a iimii., i,t that
either of them would act the political di-
uaj pi r
1 he
i-ttihution of the proceeds "f the
public lands is another fpie-tiou of j.rcat
nnf ortatiee, and should i n.- i'e the atteiiti. n
of our eauditlates and the peoph- If any
thinp realized the fable of tin- trozni ser-
Pei't It is tliC comtuet ot the In-w Mates :n !
ed by the'eiuocratic party on tins subject.
The ii.-';( a trs alter being thawed into life
'.. . I in: kiuuHo.-s mid hocramy of the "i'l
thirteen, 'jow attempt to sti ii e th. ir inva n
uiii. 1 fane into tin.' l"-nin i.f th. i
er s prott-.tors. We r' -rel
ia! tin-
-liould have ever become a subject of party :
hut we li'ipe at the auic time, that toe peo
ple of No:tli Carolina could '.'it what ju-tlv
ier duo, she eoi.'.
.pell :
Kivi r-, build
educate her
iei Plank and Kail
children without om
We should like to -c
noiiL'h to take prouie
a distribtitioti of tin-
-em of additional tax
the thaii'pi, n i. ,1 I .--in
till- di-lriet ,i'.'aili-t
,roe, ed- uf the pili lie
lands atnoiij
that like (io
all the States. We predict
ah 'if old, th"' armed w itii
ir, swerd and slii ld. that nnv Kith- Da-
even r.ilh a -Iii..' and a few -in ."th
bles from the I, r e...,, i
triant bite the du-t.
Seeessii-.n, the Mnnr
tion ami internu! iumri
lid s.o"ii m;i
e il'V'tnne, j ro-er
vt-mi'i.t' 1 v the ( 1.
ernl "overiiliieiit Will ai
reeeive line ntti
inn from the re-i e. ;ivc- an I
r-sj.i etal
aiel ';
We hone the vv mo, me;:'i ( in
"- - "- - ........... .... . . -
work. Lit us li-ht the o.el h.'ht. Let n-
expo-e the hollow le arteni.e-s aiel fal-e pre-teli.-i'jli-l
of MOih rn Pein'j'-r n y, vv hieh i- no
thin but thceoiruj't remains of tin: V;m
Unlet, party, r'-newuu into a s ,rt of ! aei
life, hy N'tishville ami lhitlaio i!i-i.r":iiiiz. r.
In inotraey in j'ltti aro'ina, inoiii- Seee--ci'.n
anil Irto tra'le ; at the North, a liiuh
proteetive Jarili ami I' r.-ij fun ; 111 Mi--i.
sippi it in Fyiinnyniii!i- with r. .it-iiatiou, ainl
in North Carolina, it iuihra"es uhativir
h' n-v is at the time . r .villi the mas-
ses. Tin re is, however, 'on: eurilinal ,riii-
eiple about wltielt t'ae ' tuition ami Ira-
uietiU' are always liarmoniou-. Murey fir-t
uttercJ, titnl iii'j'h rn Peiiineraey has illus-
tratea toe principle
t.o the V 1,'t'its liel'Ui '
the spoils i !' il m i
ami f ... r
A wriutr in the New York Sun ile-i-ribr
bis cxperiei.';': of one Humlay in the ;mi at
Southern city. He w nt to ehureh ; on hi
return, f itinl aliout a ( hillianl t ihh s
in full hla-t opposite to his r j om ; windows
ami doom wiile open; ttoies of i.'i'ry 'In
scription open ami iloii.'r full retail m,'l
wholesale Lu iness. Alter ilinner In: went,
al'iii;' will) about 5:i(M) people, to a hull aiel
Lear fi'lit, w hieh lie 'h 1 ii..-- witii -n at
jartieuUnty. The bull whippi'l. After
ten, wi'iit to the theatre, wh"ri: he -a a
ray tui'l f i-hionahle asseuihly, inclii'liii all
.'radon fr 1I11 tn'i rieh banker t., the ...varthy
.sav.-, all iu tie ir a propi late pia'.-, an'l 'e
delihteil With everything aroiiinl tie 111.
A il
I'.-triietivc lire br-'ke out on the
17th ult 111 the N
v y Yard at Iii 00U v 11.
A lar;'o biiil'llli',' ami it- conteiiis were 1 n
tin ly c'li'sniiied, notw ith .taii'hii' the mo-t
po-.v.:rli;i i f! irt t ) arrirt the prooie-s "f the
llanii.'J. The losn is e-Uniateil at over sMHI,
ntil'. 'I Le eause as-igned is spout aneous
f ijlllhustloll.
The tldoni (S. (I) '! iit htatc,
theeh'ihra is rain betuciii that
and l.a-ton, and lhat t i 1 1 1 r.r nine d
tow II
had n ciitly occurred. Jt is .'aid to
ijucs'j-il ii man filing)."! m ieilm,; them, to
." .J th : i'iirK.).
iibim imm ' ' "in
Til A UK;
I Persons who are weary of preaching are
sometimes found to relish arithmetic. In
stead of holding forth in general tonus up
on the extravagance of our people, and their
excessive imports from aboard, w hich they
' will have to pay for by and by. if they nian-
: mo to escape it now, we w HI f; l at me mine
thills in an arithmetic w ay. The Journal of
commerce shall supply us with figurative
Liiiiruufte iu its tables of importations into
the'p.u t of New York, by which it appears
that since the commencement of thin year,
the increase uf imports for the three months
i beyond those in the same time last year is
.917,1VT,1 1-'. The imports into New York
for Mtircli were
: ! is.",! . . Sl.V'sfi.H'O
In is.ij . . i-'.,T,mi-J
j In ls..j- . - l!i,4i:i,fv!tl
i And the imports for the first quarter of
the year were
In . . $:,,!i73
1 in ii.v,' . - .-i-'.siv't;
j Iii Is.,:) - . ."ill.lClii.TlH
: The large increase of imports has not
been confined to dry poods, but has exten
ded to nearly every class of general mer
chandise. The imports of foreign dry goods for
Miti' h in New York have been
111 l.-.U . . .i s.1!l,...'.ll
III l-S.VJ - - .l.."..".'l.Clt
Iii is.-,.i . . :i,;h.'.,;u l
The imports of dry poods for the first
quarter of the year have been
1 l l TS.H CJi.US,524
' In 1 . - Js'
iii is.).) . . o;,i' i.siil
The exports have increased somewhat,
, but by no means iu proportion. The impoit
for the last two years were very great ; hut
the demand this year seems to show they
were wanted fur immediate cunsuniptioii.
'I here is certainly an important lesson in
these (inures. What is it .' Is it not that, oiirj
population is rapidly increasing iu wealth
.and numbers; mid that our manufacturing!
e.-t'tl.lishiiii t.t- in their crippled state are
totally inadequate to the supply of their
wants ? There may be a falling otf by and
by perhaps for a time in the fort i'ii imports,
but only to latum upon us a-ain in an au
guim. nted flood. Here is no ovet trading.
If so. there would be some hop,- ,f a stop
to these preat imports. '1 he dome-tic de
mand pr"vcs them to be wanted. 'I lie ii.
ports are undoubtedly to po on increa-ii.p,
our on ii proutif tioii lo-in' stationary, or I
nearly so, til! when.' Kt, when and where
are these wavis of foi'eien imports to he
stayed 7 We are all ciiieeriied in the an
swer to toe i j 1 it -t i . : u. If these foods were
paid f.r by
iur own pro lueti'iii-, it would
le n i matter in the hnatieial point of vii-vJ
If they wire paid f.r, any how, before we1
e 'iisiiiiii: tin in, it would not matter much. I
li it if we do H it pay tor them at all, but i
run in d, bt fortlc-e iwerful sedu. tions to!
txtravapanee, it i a v ital matter t us.
Here an: til'ty miili lis impoiti d iu the j
thrie la-t month- at the -i ti--lc port of New i
ork, on which ca-h duties were obliped to'
1 e joiid to a amount 'A' upwards of eleven j
lliiiii -ns. P- iie; under the absolute lu ce .
sity of pay in' this i.ormoiis -um, how much;
was aiiiio.-t f 'rcid l i be left unpaid to the i
f ri i.-ii manufacturers at. I merchant-,.? 'I'he'
trui h is pi.iio, we are p.'ttiup ! ply intoj
.lilt, ni.t f.-r ." ids which are not wanted'
heia lor they are, and w huh arc worn nut;
ami c in-ami -i before pai I for hut because j
our own people are -t uiilin; idle, or driven
to the w ilderm while strangers iuutherl
miili tries are iuvt tlu:r v. oik t--r tlieie,1
and r'.iiiiiii tin in of tie ir 1 ii I :,rirl.t !j la-:
for f.r their eomti v i.i.-n, and int. -ret plm'
tie- I r ad which th, ir native - had d---1
tilled ior l!.
what i-- to 1
be no end.
ii-, ;.n 1 th
no'iith- of I.i r'ireii.
the end .f tl.i-7 Tln-r
file p.e.r nr to be a! i
t.nt r v , local. t to I.i
; i- t i
pellUl lit, is to i
I i ib I ts, and
lo: to inert" a-.-,
ci. i!, as i.i i. tie
a -lave, hi;
dit'-r -. w hi
11 r' -. '.i'ltl
tiiie-s and
. i,
li -hail com;.
, civd or finan
I. .:::.. 'hail
ei.iin; to our r. liel'. niel vvi,e them l,oth a'.vav
t loi.ther. .V. f(w7; I)n'i A'lr.
ANTPjl'ITV il' '! !!'. I'DLKA. j
'1 le- ile -en,!! ,.! 1, 1 the l.r. 'j'.tn. in Sir .1 ,hn '
I t.i v u s j -in on tin 1.1 ino. the ( ire !,ot ru, ' j
(l.ili'i,; -iiivv.s th;it tl inu. t hiive t'. is.iv re-1
1 -. .! c .. ... 1.1.;. :. .... r...
of a, one f tie; -r.-at i uv ent . n of the I'Mh
eeiitury. It runs a- toihut.:
' V. t is li., re in,.., t'l, l,,,,-l i!.-i,..i!0l it, I., I,
l.,t v Jim, , . 1.". r '1 ! ni"' ;,,,i i,,I.
:,r, . t.'v 11,1 .;,
i ., t , in, -.0 . rn, nt
Aiel V.h.ll I . I 1
!.""!:.! ;
Ami st j: (., . . I s,, ,, ,j.-,...t 1: , .ieiii'1 .
l, ;..iia l I- .,!; I'l ir nols.e .
U i.e.. hr-t ! , I . t ,.n -le ri, , no I'ani i ! !.
The " ;ii,:,,;i'-t" i s eonei 11-i , ; it point-I
..;' ti, to the peeuiiar nature it tie' polka,
the paii-e on Ine-tlnnl step. Moieovi r, it
i, p.-ar-, that there i- 11 ) 1 -peeial li.oire for
the polka, so tie re wa- n ,ne f.,r ih,- n. j
ta ; for i'. is ela--, "l ai ion.; tlei-e il. j
V.'l.. rem tie t ,!.,!, r :-r,-... ! ,,- I, . . v.,,,,, j
V ,e ii, VI ,1 'i l, -1 r.e , . 1, !.:; ,-", n m.iii, ;
Y"t 1 v. r w in r- I,, noi-t r .UL" . '
An ,J turn .it,, v. aul wito inn 1 pi 1 n-tj 1 h.i n'r !
Who can ihnil, t after that ? The polka'
wis cert iinly ilanei-'l 1 efure ' liliza
heth. I't'iitt " ,'o' s a I Q"f.s."
The y.'ot.'oi 11 nil, I ,-t,iesi that diirini.' a
thumb r-storiii a few l a v sinco '' "two wild
il ucks were taken off the nilig'' hy a flash;
ot liohttiinir, n 11 '1 (hopped near South llo-- '
ton I rol'i 111 the wat.-r. I le y were s, 1 u to
f ill ami Mr. .Joseph Col!, urn, woo l and coal
dealer on Turnpike slr." t, South lio-ton,
went out and pi'io"! theinup. ( ui: of them
had his head taken completely off. The
f'-a'.hers r,n tie ii'-eli Were part'v lti"d.
'1 he oth'-r h id a win.' taken ofi, 11ml the j
f.:athi'i-3 on hi- hai r, plucked as smoothly
a.s if done by hand.
Ai' s Mil! in this county, la-t Sat
urday, during a thunder .storm, a woodtock
was .-truck hy lightning and immediately
fell dead, with its feat I.i r-i very much iiiei d,
at the same time setting the woods on lire.
So you see that lightning can kill hir ls out
south as well as in yankceland, when it
takes f.iir aim at them. (iniiisLirimh
I '' 'it..
Thirty varietiis of eotton have hr en found
.Towner spoiitiini ,,n-l v in Africa. A mis
sionary .says he ha- stood cret! ll'i'l'T the
hranehes of a cotton tree in a (lornh, vi I -lu'.'e,
so heavily laden with I, oils that il was
propped up wiih fork' ol stick to prevent it
from hrcakiii'.' under it', own vteioht. The
cotton was eipial of any country. The na
liven luaiiuf.ietiin: cotton ...,ila cxU-lisivi'lv.
arn that the whole line of the Cane
J'ear and Jleep Ilivi r work has ln-n put
under contract to responsihlc ineti, and that
the work will he prined as rapidly an pos-
L'ilib' t) eoiiijil'jti ju. 'Miivlitd.
At Nashville, on tlio 10th, as a Mr. KinoA
WAY was passing down the eteps in front of
the M. E. Church, the right skirt of hift eoat,
in the pocket of which was a loaded pistol,
eanio in contact with the bidestono of the
stcps.e-niMiiig the pi.stol to gooff, the contents
of which took effect on Mr. Summkufikld
Patti.E, who was (itanding a few juices in
front, on the pavement, causing hit) death
shortly afterwards.
Mr. Sands, au American, has been per
forming the feat of " w alking across the
ceiling " tit Urury Lane, London.
Williams, 1). & Co., Prein fi J., Phifcr
& V., Parks !i 11., Win. (iaithcr, Springs
.V McL., .Jenkins, K. & Co., A. W. Puis,
.1. P. (iilmcr, Cross Si W., K. E. John
son, .1. C. .t K. liricr Co., Wallace k
C, W. Wallace, J. K. llarri-oti, Spratt A:
A., K. P. Simonton, J. W. Thompson,
Winchester iV. S., Sheek .t (i ., H. P. Waring,
11. Martin & Co., is. C. A: M. H. Wauph,
McKorio & J.. J. & II. Wilfong, P. Juli
an, Miller, L. k Co., J. J. Long, J. Par
ty & Co., J. II. McKorie, (.'arson, Y. k
U., W. Plaekwelder, Springs k W., A. W.
Ncuflcr, W. 1J. .V P. E. Withers, T. Trot
t.r k S., Irwin k 11., Spratt, P. iV Co.,
Elias A C, C. Hickersoii, A. Stevens A:
S , Davidson A M., J. 0 Ncsbit, Stadc,
K. & Co., W. II. Heaved, lloke, E. k Co.,
Overman k W., J. Krian A: Co., J. Paw
A- S C. k V. M. Ewen. Daily. . .V Co..
J. Wells, J. V. Houston, J. .). N. Thomp
son, Drown & lb, D. Shaver, I'ishcr A 11.,
W. L. Springs, Drucker k S , L. Scar
1. rough, Capel A K., Puliiiigs A Co., E.
.Myers, J. II. White, 1 ounp, li. iV to.,'
J.'P. Henderson, Murphey A lh, C. Col-,
fin, L. Williams, L. It. i'uid, J. NcwsonJ
Smith k T., C. Cairoll A Co., T. II. !
MeKorie, II. Sevens A Co.. W. J. Hayes, j
l'isher, 11. A Co., Drown, V. A Co., Sam'l.j
I'. Houston, Lowe A K., A. Sheek A P., I
C. L. llunt.r, llousion A P., Plaekwell,!
C. A Co., S. T. Wii-t.m, Siil A S , K. j
W. Moore, W. Raines, Hamilton A D , !
C. C. Junes A Co.. S, ter A M., T. Wab '
t L. M. T little, Wjlie A M , Murphey,1
M. K. A Co , 11. D. Carrie. M. W. Robin-1
son, A. 11 Moss, S. Cooiler. j
'Mil- iTl;u l. l.
I IIAh'I.uTI 1'., M A V I, 1-
liAl ON, ,',-, .
II s, .
" 1 1 -i; roiiml
IliriMi.i;. I . in li,
li. . I. .
loill. r,
11.1-1'...!. .,,
fro 'iy. A;,.l. , .
l'i jili,
( oil, II,
I ..ll. r,
I jn,;i, ,, Ail.iiii.ii.hne,
( Ineiti lis, .
loiL.T..;,;,. r I-,
" I. Hk. si .
1 1 1 ".
I . ..Hi. r, .
I. ,r.'. .
i oil' ii,
Ml. . Til, .
M.I , .
Me.,1, .
II. I., .
I' rk. .
I' . .
- p.. - lu l-.'J
. Hi. - U'i no
. li,. . '. I, 'ej
. V,l - II 11 )'.
. in. . I i .,
. II.. . l-.'i -i I.I
In. . -0 a
. I.nsl.i 1 . u a .Vi
. e,l. . 10 a .'el
. . s7j a 1
.i!. . ' a I'l
. p.. - II a. l-.'J
. iii. . an a :h
. Iii. . a 10
. tolsln I . -IJ tt 'el
. iii Ii . 10 a 1 ;
. v ir.l . l.'J a I.i
. virl . '.' -. s :m
. e. . ii . h a no
. P'li it... . $ji -Ji
. li.. - 'JO a .'to
- lo. . oJ a mi
. In. . ,'i a n
. hi. I. . 610 a Id
. ,'jl. . .11 .ill
. I . 40 a
. lit. . li a 7
. Inishi 1 . - '.i.i n Uu
. I',. . ,; i "
. loi-lii I . mi a oil
. !ni-!.. I . .'.0 a (nl
. I.11.I.. I . ,. l a no
. I.u.a. i . a no
- Ih. 11 a l.'i
. II,. . 1. 1 a 'i
. p.. I. . In K,
. -..(' I J a no
. ill. a l
- b.i-h. I . ii.'J a
. (oil. . i.i a .VI
, . a 1 1
." . "l a On
Pol il,-, Ir,-!i, .
w . t, .
Kit-. .
S.i.r. I." if.
" Itnotn.
si.,1,1 .V,,n , .
r .i, .
i . ,t.
U 7, .ii :in rn,
I! KM W.kS.
COTTON Suif ..ur h-l Ii', I
i',!,l at pr .in rnnfiii from 7 I'j
ol li. r iiu . !, ii.-', lo iiol,... ,
h.,1. . hav,
l"J. H,
( m i Min 1 i;ki;r
',1 1MB! . Nl V '.'.
CI IT I 1 IN.-The 'll w fr, 111 law r..l !,v Uu- 11.!.
tie, hUii i 'i.i- to linn iiinrinti' iu.,tiiiia
e. ' l n- of 1 I n I i', t . ,t in ira, t, o.m ii,.i n. v t ' f-
f. . I. , ,r ,,H l ... ai.,1 f .- trnis:, ti. ,.',!'
le'rnir.' Inve h. , n .tt te,- iiirni.l r.,l.s ef' i,nt
'-. r-1 li.ij.-n m-re s,,j 1 t T ) !,, 0 . i i,'.
( IIA!il.l lM M MtKIT.
1 inn i-i'O, M . 2,
I 1 ITTON. The inn rk. I l.i.iiiiv may U tut ',1.
', h. . it 1 r ,uii!,l I,, .'jinl a- tie .r il.Hj. li,a,s
.lei not n i' h lull i.;i .
!)!. !1. II. . KOCH.
SI..IKS,K.- Ssn from 1 r iU-n in - f
i v 1 'Hit 'iv . I 1;m! of Ihr f i bf alt ij ( Itsit le
1 . V . Mt (i.r, fp-rifu v n.-"riia itc c: up i
' :r o(t". Uiat hfl ill piv l-"of i " (lit? I an-'
I'-'ilr, II-i'p gin, fi-iiur Vml n, I l -tr, im-ii c
hr tili fli--, atv, hn . '..1,1;. m- ji (, i rrnd,
I t ii'i'i-M ((. a("l-fr,i liv hi xin.
I ' l will ati) I mi f I'' iur . p r f m '."Tnun
Kriii. fi tyl'-. Uo lie ill f ivi: ! motn in llir -kt
rut ii I n
f ; K I KRKNf i:.
fi"f. I S. i'.h. II U .mi n, K-q , c
C . ipN-ri'm, lofi' tMiioii, N. i ' ; I i ;,v ;
r,!,f.l, -n J MP M mm Hon A II.
irK I Ion VV . ' ' , ti.,,,,. nl ;.; Ki .!? VV . It
S tiir- nt, I M. M" dl tf.M, K.q , Kr lr ft. htnun
I r S II J,x n. !-.. tti-id. I(e. Dr. Kul'rr, W
S nhr-fi, , Kq t of S ti lit ( "riil'n v
Vitr fiif'ht-r ft rli:uUfii Jin at BrlliiTir'a!
.irv mi ii f
UVl !,
iFlr'r ll' hi Ii Um liighl (nice Mil i
Im aiil in iSA'll.
SIIK K4MiV IMalloiiii '.i-ft.-
Th9 Arknatttftfenl S'Mu'lnrd. (lti.ltol. Ha..
Col. ur (1 Kuiiirti.' S Al.l-S, at-.l p njr art ot llir
countr), at attoft iioiunr.
'ro (. F.wifi', l2A ! I'hirlr" St , fia,,tmn.
hank" A. t, , ) Water Ki., Srw i, k.
Muy. Iriil. I I :. o
Tori Mourn!
ON the U( Ii iiicl.-int. a ainail anion-. t of MoNKV
wait loiind ncr harloltr, wliit 'i lh mnvt
an Ijmvc, ,y pyinif or titt" i'l v f M- ninit and Jiro
viiig tii iiioniy t'i tin Iti. Ki it' ft fi
Ap-il S7. lK"i5. Mil
ic i:vai: i.
UA N A W A Y from Ilie aiilinrrihur, rn
I lilt 'Jill llis'a, I, my Imy SAiM.
Jlrt la a br.ght .Mulalui, ahonl Vb v.,rr
I liai?lll J I lilar-t liair, a um a ur
jMVl 'n 'ok'1- II loruii rly In leiigt-U In
Xjry II. A. Kiiai, of Sirlc Creiik , ami m kiiiiwi,
- fitA '' tl" caii.c uf Hum lfoa. Kant buy ha
bttii urltitig at the (.'ariM-nlnr Trade fur lha Uat H
V'ura, and lei 4 a larpe arqiialliiance. I think Im ia
fi ller 111 the nrijrlili ir h.Hjil ol I'ruiulriicti ur tslia-lc
( rtfk.
April 23, mi. tn
; BB.Y
Ncs. 209 and 211 King, corner cfjra'ri
ket Street, !
XI C II. I. ITt In I'aillilica nri Inn( ,
V viniiing Chailoluii Hn'iiriiig1iill.,(, r
'M ai'K, 01
m rrfr 071 f- r-s
that hai ever been Lll'vireil fur ii:ni:clin i (j
They inviie rn i miminntion and ., ,,
I'iM, anil iiiM'haii r e nerslly ihnt ll,,.,,
will ctmpnre futurublij t itli any iluikn in il ')'"'
lid itlutel.
Tcriui Cash r Citv Aepi-.iitinr.
P.KOWNINU & I.KMA.v la 0. If li. I, Ktnuan'it'r.
April Jtl, IHS3. t.J l
Iicnoir Hotel,
WflTA , it;md',',"f(,rn"f In- lf!-r
friB .w rfc.-,.:!y r'tfiii(i buu',,,,
Oifir aiPoifiMiudiiiin.lfir Ur ;.
flu t J 1 11 7 Mm mutown pi oct, id idc ttwn t,i
n nr,nw!if(J by l Win I)jvtnr't, j U.K ,
Vilry. ThtJ Mib Fiber humi ty an in.hj,,,,,,.
icntiim In hm (ImIicm tn remttr imp ( i ,()
h' flop w it h hi. 11 cmnl'urlibte a mi ntrr-Bi,!, j
oin lrt'M'if iti iIip mmititspiiB, anj w..h
VMiae 01 l.ctnjir, 111 u.(u ins li iu ti " , (',.,'
reun j Ja e-
A. E. HAiil.n.
V.y 1 l '' 11,'
tillage Hotel,
It V II. (JUAM-,
f I 'l I.T" ara n'oilncd l.y ihr u , ,,; '
l.'. i'.l lltir I'VK." Ii n d 1 . '
! ncvr r l:.-i 11 Join b. I'-i 1 -i-iim 1.131 g.ii.i,,,, , ,
. iin,K.-r, er 11, 01, Ii ns. limn re, I, nt.,,
! I J I" y. I" a 1 (irmaiunl jl b'aek ul btaut, ,j ..."
iiMiii,i,i:iII.M: .MlM'I'K, arlicle i to h hd al ihe rii-.s,, , . ,
Just iCtccivnl.
vJL, r.p .i n U M.ii, riling, 1 11. ni'iirp. tic 1
; Ulinjj iuu t ! a kmtJ.XIl " .it t j ii.t,nr 1
km C"H' 1' hi un," 11 t j !( ihc an. ;c ; it
i'i .i r ( in 1. a hi 11, a ViH ,1. n ll .1, M. t,,, ,
, Vtfi''. al'ritrV fl'"l!l. Ii ) !l:lsr,,.(, ,
; mi finfc, riMU ).r un (di'e list, add ,
- hU'.m ol ti.M ('i r i!i.n ar w II u -r ;(( ,
i cuf4i'f nit at ul' Uie iuti.ic. Kur jit : i:K l 1
'fulC ol
! May i. I.-.'.:). 1,
( w ( Ik iii ii I h.
' f HON b llvilrnfrn, I trn rl (J h,i ; t , .,. ,
. i t, on S ilil)4l, t.,r.lna V.ip; .11, KiVi '
I V- an r-an, Z 1 1 to t liluii t, Prul. Iij; .M . ..-J,',
I ni V'a'i rin, Ot-H.- 'a ',... j IM r,..-, ,v, .1 t
1 1-is: 1 i;u a nr.i.MT.sii.
Spring Goods
. .Yo. :t, frantic iloir
,Bl'"'i"i: Jf(fo fc of il,
i4 sii,., ..I
'M !! iff ;(' '.'
("a I ontl rum nr tie- u" cm.
IKWIN i III''. 1. IN-Ap'l'i'..r-:.X
Domestic Cinods.
A I K. K frk of Muwr'a pciH-' r t,r
t I fiiirr ' I iriMa atnl I, men dum.i
Mftpra and I'laoi boini-ntir ,
A I Xi.
I. ve na call at No .1 (.rinilc llntt
IltWIN .V III i.i.IN-
'itPM ii ..... 1 i .,,.,ii- in-
E rl, -'.. dift-. Kn! I l,rui . '-. .1. "
w,sii I. .'o a,,l f win pii .v. - . A
ail If riiol, lej al Ihe VV t.rlii'f 1 ir. 1'. j
ll ..
II.WIN A III '; .i';
Apiii: i-:.3. ij
(jiCMitlomon !
" J ' lit 1 nu l.'iv I in l-l ll:a
1 M a 1 li 1 asiinti r- l.o,, ., I'-
ml- . Mint., VI ,!,.'. li,, '
l!. ; e,i II.1'. lagleirii i.ij 1 tii -1
c , al .Nu .1, rn,ii- linw, Ironi
IllUT.V A III '.'o'-
.111 i.'7. l-.el
1 oii saij:.
A IM'IK ami t rmivi-ntfhl v '
J m t'U"!!' nirt i( . ii.iflnfu ii'f ' ' '
-(iiti pt tvmt iv 1 u ' um liif Mil) t. uiirt, w
void at ti:!mii. l.-njitun ol. ,
1a,rk 3'). -f S
M hn fijU.f riht-r nome tin.f m '"
laaf, limn i, V C . a If 1
: i. nr pftiiif h'ifdif hr trip rn nr 1 ,v
I,- I'., 'i m . !u ii.i.d? u'i i. :
j "r in at v wnf ciii i( v mu tfy, a ''' ' "
; r i 'y i-nturfi il ti' a i uf if i i'! ',.,.
w. a r . n i"
April I . Is .3 '
I'l.tnl. INi.'iil Cii.talii"'!
V H I IlK I" hnri hy f iril. It, .1 l!" I' '' ,
III" l l.iirletii. mill 'I yi"tt'i " '
t iniiMey hiv" in.ith' ii.sii.-iiiriit "I $'' i'
nil nil ln k in l ' him p j ny . u'i w 1 1,11 '
i.' D ' incut ha mil line it jiiiul ; an'! fa I' ' f"
I'm-Ii mi hn'h the firl iimialmn l ii"" " '"
.-.aul inaulo i nl lu he line mi S .nfla v. ""
April n..lni.l, anil all lirl in.M-i.t '111
near g. .1 illi 11, ti r.n mi iil im-t .'"' "'
iml Mil Vjll i'uv" alti'l il I"1' " 11 "'
Ap,il'.h I-.13 " '
riMi ai.i:ac:adi
fizlIJZ H. .... ...... ne .. '
fa Xf , ,,ur. li,uinlirtt'Oi.i.U""01
eail J, I .
Ta rit MimoN" 5 ",T"" (
Ui.hiicrai l.t. It..'.. r. iMg.An l."" '.
Kniiluli (iramiiiar, ainl Ji!ra'li. (
ll t'ier llranrhea r.,!rir''
I Ion nl ran he uhlainid near the '
p.r ni'iinh. .
ApU G. s.',3.
To .llilhiH uHrt .Ti. '"''
... ...... r. -..nJlio'1
fH; lliilillilir vuraui 1.
ale. Aiuily t". .... isi
- . tl' I'l''

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