North Carolina Newspapers

Tl'oilf) (Carolina aolbig.
been Sold Mine a,
J..-,. li
vr KSa?--T . . ft .TTTv
-Ai 7-.7Tr-
not he dih.nnred in comparison with tpcciintn.
Iron! tlichlfl nilllll 111 l .Ol II Wall or .Hieing.".
vi .. . i I ill line, block lit folll! I
..... .,. u.ii-il lor exhibition ill tlir l'rvst .1 I'
I. ken from tin- Cilhcy Mine, .ilimtcil nb. gt five
n:iii b from Charlotte, weighing II. Duly one
ah.iit h been sunk on tins vi in , u nil that only
to t.if .icpth of 8l or 3ii feet, wliieli a nt irt,
n,l nn.l:.t..blv worked fur Enid.
of auiphurct'of copper are found it lhe both.,
i1 e .h-it. and troiiinin uu iiif
Plank liimd frmil this l.i
hich we would land to rrpleniih the ncer.mirir. for h'a huue. He no i.ouU there arc mnnj more vbcro it
tame Irom. 'Hie public snotiiu no on men
guard against It. tiii islau ij Watct ni a it.
WEDNESDAY, Mav 1 1S.1.
LT WILLIAM. THOMPSON' K-q., in our a
j;ent in BalUinurr. authorized tn obt.un ndvcrtiao
ments ami iiibacriptiont, tuil to p:-r.t nccipts.
Jj" P.. W. IWUIl. Esq., is our amiit in Vliil.idt!.
plus, author. icu l'i ublum advert. s. uirM am: pro
cure a jiiseriptioiis.
lj-'. fl., Esq., is cur ....K-rircd agrrit
to red Hi' niiu rtiM incit- ;iiu! stihs,-:-ipt'ot,s at
orHru in Bo.toii, New York ami Piiil-a...i!iia.
immense denosits
ill ut
,sn, Vi b - ' c
tO 1 .1 U Ill I' ll . piSUCS
.viiliin a n.ilc ut the laiul ill vviiicu me nunc i
, it i: ted.
Mr. also shewed us sriinpli s t iken finm
the Kc.i .Mine, ftn .tui about '.' in. lis from t'
lotto, on a valuable Ticiiltur..l f.,rm, . m t .. 1 1 . i n ;
ah. ut ;',7. i(Tf of 1 mil. Two veins have t u i
oncned and t.i My for (h, Id, running
lvrr.lU-1 to inch ether about a quarter i' a mile
apart and L-st nd West. Tl:e spici.
locus taken from then' veins consist of a l.,rj;c pi r
nt. .f u!i!.nrt I ' c-pp. r ami n.!i auriti roll.
lliiiic. lions.' Ti e cip of the veins is ab.l:t 10
f-. in a pi rin I'.i.u ui. r line. At a fi vv !'.! i I n s,
thee Vi ins l.ave l. eli i xpli red to tile l'i pill of Jil
tr jO feet, nun asir.jr in the dejcmt be 1 it In the
width of the nins otid in the riehmss of their
has a larjic romiiioi;ii)ii In.usc, and vvc liovr ollen
rceeived iiuii h kind trtalment whilst lioiiiiiiiiij at
lua house. To persoin travelling thrculi the
iiiountams in Summer for heiltli and reen ution,
we would say that they could spend a few days, cr
weeks, very pleasantly in ti " lewn of l.i noir.
They have' in Lenoir a fine Cuurinliirg funi.le
sehui.l, eoiiiiueted by Miss. Eintiii. J llaker, an ae
ei'inpiisht d l.uiy v no has bi en eii(;aj:el in teai li
iuj; there fur several years, two lintels, six stores,
..I.... ......... .. ...I .. 1 1. ....... l.iil Nt veil
in lies Nl.rth of Lenoir, in the Va'ilkin liiver, in .1 tcrftit is tillide ptiyable at till! Jifilltiphl
beaulilul cove, where the preen .Mi.unli.ins, the j l,.,,, am js a good ill-it atidll of the geilll
K:phin, iinii the spurs of the Hiui) Knit;' form a : . ' , rj-j oJl0WiPJ; marks will serve
belli w square, Is situated the Paltt r.-i'll i'ailory, .
win re tin y manufacture eotioii yam slid card . n ili'tect It :
vm.. I, and si II Keotis to a eonsiili r..ble extent. The 'j'j,,, coutiterfi it? arc dated, May 1, 1.52,
tn y lib rined us when we wi re up mere inn , . i, I.. t0 I. J)ul're.
We. noticed in our la?t that a new and
daterous counterfeit tt dollar note of the
liatik of tho 8tato of North Carolina has
n t et.tlv been tint ill tiiculation. The conn-
they rcilizi u more tbun twenty live per cent elerr
proiit li.r the fust year, and it bus only bn n in
operation a little ii:uie than n year. It is one ol
tlie loveliest plaeis we iver lei elil. 'J'b1' Ilellsis
are nil built of line, I e.iutilul br.ek. The clear,
limped vvati rs of the YadUin How crecetully
... i ... e .... .. n - i,...i,.,i ..,
lliroui'ii a oeaiii;u. itii v , .'t i'"" '". " "i.'" i , . , i i '.
on all sides bv mountains of the most beaulilul COMMAS 01 eijturrtil .HTS, a. u, eumaiimi
green and 1. veiy f. rn.s. Near tins taetery is an , iH, words " teu dolhirs" the COUliterleit.
exccllciitinale school taiijjht by .Mr. I'. W K..ucelle. ' t .irrittin.
a accou.plished grnilemau Irom the Ustern por. vi-tictti! at the hottom ntid
The eimiature., wluli m tlie uoiiuiuu
neti M, nre written with very Mack ink, in
the counterfeits are WPtten with a pale yel
low i-h, ink.
l"ne upiipr bonier cl the genine notes
-r, a 'l lii- water Uvel in them varies with tuf tin.
.'nlatV.ns i ' t e ini-luce, irolli -'II to 40 oil. no lion u l!;i .-all', e.oon uoaruint " I . , .,,,;,,,;.
V . . .. . I... ,:,,v..r,... this fan,,, oiive.nint distance in as eood f..mili.. as can be Centre of the Ilote, .11 the pe "ling note Is a
tin tlie ir mineral cuai.Lts not as yit
bici. t-sii
run coNi'.r.Ess,
Some spi-eimeliii takin Irom tf sunsrc i n.e
!'i-....-r Mine p-isoi.t strong! r iniiMvtioi.s ot" a rub
tun: lire of I op;.i r In thi i-oweis of the earth thai,
anv t: int we I...U' Hit inn in this eoui. try. The
trai t ol Ll. l'i on vvh.ih this mine is silu..tiiJ, is a.
lint 10 in'k s v.'h: rh f.e and contains U-tu
be hid a I li
ua'ifiiu vii una iu .v.. . ......... ...... - . . ,
fi iiini ill any tniintry. 'teinale tiptire seateil on an lion cui.-i, tue
We should have llientiomd that the people '" i fivt-t llOlllls of which Bte distinctly Soell.,.ii have aline female si lio.d, in a very ' . ,. , j evllie , &.V . at her feet, mid
iWisliineocmlition under the ,.rece.t..rl.u.t toe ; ,u,.a URi '
K, v. Mr Sheet,, and sister a.,.' ladv. ! a fh.p 111 tile d.-talice, uu,!. r lull sail
I'roiu I.eiioir vie came to .Newton. Tins place : u-Jrt:fii Hp the feUlttle, 111 the CuUIller
has in.piovid men- than any vill.i;e in our c I ((,jt (10 fcni!llu appenrs tt he sealed oil a
euaintaiicc wilhin fie last four years They have or tlU1it nlll ,a. ju tlC distance
a 1. 1 riuan i.eioriii v out mi i". i t ........ . , .
tie of a North, rn fompa. U in a very thnltyand tloui , shine e, .!;t.. and : H seen piHngJruHt the I male.
tV .li iV I1 TM III! ' l ITM IM I III" "
Ol' Ml, hLlNPl'lW CUl'MV.
v ounty of Meelinbn. ;,s a c-'.i.i
fice ot fou'itv Court l Urn, at ;
u.-t r.o.c.ioi..
f l Onpie ot lt.
date lor the Of.
ie eiisui.'
JrTie Stocklmhi.-rs of the ("harli tie and 'J'iv.
I-trsviile Plank Itoad Company will l -.r in niin.!,
th..t t:ie:r annua! nnetiii l.ikis piuce at Davidson
College, on Thursd y, tin- iljlli mst.i t. U is oe.
:rabic !h t ail t'.ue stm'khol..'ers should he pn si i.t.
c ti't- i ..eti.-.!i ,.f ot'.icers f.,r the eiisii.-i- year anil
f'h-r iiiiort..nt business is to be at
In. s lioetini;. 'l'he second ins t :ln ei.t c.lled fir
t::e lotti n. Et ir.t.
with Ho il;ciiiel.l that Would intirist the reader,
.More Suv C
Ilie new ari v, r list Men t rf Messrs.
M-I.e..J. These geiltiiloen ll.lter
io.t lllll I.CVe II. r a lii.or ai:J
i.;rr .' s-or'.nn u I el t.ooes in ti.:s plan.
Jj'S-e also Mr. Btlhuiie's ai.'v-r!:f i; n.t.
Mr. (.root.
nv h.:s ourrhastd the for- i-iiint; Minis, mpcihcr the town is wideniniron i ve tin- eilehrateil Ci-pp ilnt Held Mines. I I
i". -i... r i.f w o-.i h. s:U:..'.ii; al.rl'.t a linns from till
l. i I,.., ii ;,, and nr. f.t-.Mv wo
... ill l!'.e 1 1 not v ot" Oibarr ns, and a
hi nt Kl uiihs !roin (.'oneon:, tht'
'I I. ,s lel r .t: d .Mine, from which 10 n.ui.ctis of
doil. rs in jo hf h. ve alrcev h. i n extr-'-i tec. i on.
tains also sull'ii'ient u ui t.ln s i f i .jh r, Siiur
ami t.c.u.', toju-tiiy cue in uirkil'' II. e .Mine lor
t ii:.i r of toese n i t-is.
This Cm pal v bis n's" I'liri hase,! th- on va.
Ill .Mi ami eTi'.i. est .te ill tin coin t n s ol' .in. ! the Democrat of April i'Jnd
e,.... am. .., ston, known as the liich M,,.a!s Iron . (.'eneral Jackson was a federalist ac
''Iks, ai tins time urn., r i luii si oe ot uo rove,
mint. '!'!. re in I. tiv.n 11 am! I o.niiil a i n s ot
If. l at!. iilini to r-s pr. p : t v . a l..r;e p. r:i.,n r t ( as di f.n, d by n ndi ru Deniorr,
winch is Pilily c.tiv t. .:. !,t re m also, as is1
san.', a .lu.ii it (iohi Mine upon it.
W e ii.ile lo t span to e.ive a dcscnj.t.on
of tl.i- ;..-i p, riy. Wil.ili.iM iiiiluali ins el ci.pi.j
ii , nest u : lit. a li I! Iioac c, in, i , .
e n.' w itn c loir,-so.ii ; an,: w;tn I'h.n:, ;
:s in i.r.-eiss !' r.stre. ' lien, to r- aei'. ivl" r: '
"l !l u vv i si li,..!. v n. ;. i s i:,t, tin- in. l
'y, we may as-, in y i.. t i ur loonfrv !
acie i.Il.i rs in 1..,. f no n.
A pentlctna.i passed through this place a
few days ago who, we understand, is the
proprietor of four of the newly invented gold
wanning machines,, tailed " lturdan'B Quartz
Cnu.icr r.nd Anmloatnator." He was on
his way to the gold region of this State, there
to put his machines in uperatioii. Their n
iiiazins product has been tested in New York,
and already about one hundred sf the ma
chine have been despatched to California.
It is a very simple contrivance, and requires
but little power to work it. At a public ex
hibition at the Novelty Works, a few days
ago, when tiro bunds of v lift arc culM
"tuii)ii:s," of the Gold Hi, X. C'., mints
(nj v hirk thi-rr are find tn bv 100,0011 bar.
li.'.s at tbr m (Ufa iitmcd inirtlttiss, and snd
10 i nt! ii tar a mere awj) yielded fc")U 7s nj
mrr of.' And seventy pounds of the
"tailings " from the Kiitherfonl mines, N.
I1., j ieliled nine dollars ! Three " tailings "
are tho refuse thrown out front the mines
alter all the jrold has been extracted which
any previously known process was capable
of securing.
What wonderful results will How from the
operation of these machines at the numerous
pd'l mines in North Carolina, many of which
have been exhau-ted, as it was supposed,
and aluindoued, leaving far the largest por
tion of the precious metal on the ground.
I'nii tti vilie Obsrrvrr.
The following description of the machine
: is given ly the N. Y. Tribune :
c ol tstv ami In udsoinc luiliiiiiL-s. Tin y ha e two .,i;l,e wm ,e uituilfjivii from circulation , -'ul'" l'i '--
is I jocd puU.c In uses kept there, one bv Mr. " iiuj iyw 0cs is,sucvlVheir stead, as soon The crusher is an iron ball or globe,
i : ldn we e-ame'sir'aipht Lome "i1 Siet j ' tlii'i ly'itid'ies lu'iiVami tl rT nldcli rSvAvW'i'S
!'n if in
tut m.sclvt t.
Ciir )!(;i;i:!;ii;i Tiii).
Pcinofnicv and Fcdt'piism.
Absence fr uu home will plead , ur excuse for
n. t romplyinr; with the rnjiust made upon us in
vir, to prove that
ii; lo the
modern acceptation of that term. Ti e ti rin itsi I;',
, v, is i, rv much
pervert, d from its original signitieatmn. It was
orieinaily deriiid from the ..-tin word funtun, a
league, al:d was f.r.-t apphid in tins C, u.'.irv lo
i'cs, n!'c tiiat prtv. vi itii .!s)iiii,;lon :,t its l',-,',
win :'! ni.vce.itri! t!o forination and adopt, on of
the 1', deral Constitution. It w is t o i: ti e most
p. fiii.,r party in l" fovenimci't. Pet in t!'c ad.
mini-lralion of .let n A'.iim", it was .ipj lied as an
epil'.it of renr oich to crrscrthr the p. rty w hi. Ii
f..v, r, d i!.e a,:, ptn.n of tit: Aio n and S.-ilition
''W. I'l tbi' Cm,' of Mr. M ,'isrn it il rho'. i!
tli. v ho i "r, .oil t':e w -r iv! 'i .olr e:-.: t-v was
t:.' ii vv i':i a a ins t C'r, a' Ilr-tam. D is r.. vv ,h .
I W i siiTV 't'tiv t iTii - a "'auiiiiulh cup, not unlike a potash kettle,
, U.Vlll.N ,ll. llh.Ms. h ol,!i( nu-pcinled from, and
! Ion, of the a! tlii, gives the f il- j strongly secure, I to a heavy wooden frame
' lowing items : j Wliri w'ltieh should be very liriuly embedded
Mr. Foule ii to vi-t tlis city in a few week", I'11 'he earth, or fastened loan unyielding
f"r the purpose ol' rttcAiin, his inst riH tin:i, j phtt:riu re.- ling thereon. This cup or basin
: and will tnen proceed' to New i ork, where i is uiade to revolve by an ordinary apphca
W Wo were politely shown, by Dr. Mo
Clcnahau, Astiistaiit to the State Geologist,
a few day since, soino gplcndid specimens
of Copper taken from tho lands of William
Albright, Kmj., of Chatham. From various
examinations that have been made, it is now
rendered certain that Chatham is as rich in
this ore as ony other county in the State.
Jialeigh, Register.
A great quantity of goodu designed for
exhibition have already arrived from a
broad, and are stored in tho I). 8. bonded
ware house. Over 4000 triplications from
exhibitors have been received from this
country alone, while those from Europe num
ber about 31KMI, of which 700 nre from Eng
land, 700 from Germany, and 000 from
Erance. Journal of Commerce.
(TJ'The product of the Lake Superior
Copper Mines last year was equal to 2,000
tons. This is nearly one-tenth tho annual
product of the world ; Norway, 7,200 ton-,
and Great ltritain, 1 l,i.")0 tons, being the
largest producers. Of tho yeild of Great
Hritain. 11,000 tons are from the mines
of Cornwall alone.
I. 11. ev J. C. Guitbcr, Sill it S., Springs
.t Mel.., Hole, E. ei Co., J. Mead, S.
Wethers, J. '. Henderson, J. law it S.,
Carson. W. it P., W. li ,t 1!. 1". Wethers, J.
II. Hnnis, A. Springs, J. G. llallcw, II. Peo
nies. I'biler , V l'. M. l.rown. C. Overman,
.MurpTity it li, J. i. ltrjce, fisher, r. &
Co., Pox .t C, Dr. W. II. Whitted, Smith
.t T., Fulling & Co., 11. Keed, A. lii tliunc,
'. C. Jiarrihgcr, W. Piusitumons, 1). L. Ilea,
P.. Siiiionton et Co., W. A. Cook, Ilokc & C, !
A. Willis iV. Co., li. t-myer, li. I'. Davidson,
Ii. Jetton & Co., llou-ton it Co. J. Kyle,
i. V. Welde, Hamsour it J., C. T. Alexau-
nAVINW determined to cUnnge niv U, .
and I will ., lny 8 ' loci
Stock of Good,?
ny uerson desiring to enmr-i in Inn,,,,,, in ,.
lutie, would do well lociiuiino my sioek and '.
nun. '
Chaihllt, Muy ll,IH.'i3
i 'all'
he will take his departure without delay for ! "i"11 of steam power by means of u belt, and j d,.r ,V Co., J. Porrian, Hoke it M , Murphey
Europe. ! thus tlie ball, continually seeking the lowest ! ,,. U j j!rinllt w ,',ijon jj j, .'i.lvi,v,n
As to Mr. Porlar.dV, instruction-, I pre- : po.-itioi., revolves without changing its place, ; J. Hickerson, Lowe it li., A. Sheek it 15.'
Mime that he has aln adv r, c ivcl tl.. I hein attaeliftl bv - bin to u stem in the ! v vv.: ..... i l n..... - i, . i. i
We w re ;-i i.:-,: t .
H. . : A.t.. , ,,,;.i0 ,
M '-'! ti. .. t . '.i n
paiu.n is ire e-l,:.- it,
i'.r of t o, ;,.ur
b.e ..nJ tin n i'.re
ol; r.
l .our. i i t :
ruer. A. t pr- :
it, v have te -t- .: t i
pr.K-i s t i. t is
ounc? it :. Ah t,
is -i.tir, !y im m evry .-.:t, v .. h ,,. nu
it w.ii tur'i ut as ...ct n, j et,t r rijt
t'e- ti, t. ,r r, . ,., oi' ,;.a tr i .
.s n w
1 'O'l
1st ka.
is M.i!
ih ui.i
ri ..i
ol" t.:l 1 1 1 P ; T
llil M. mi l
t i. ir!. IV -t ,i
t'.r v by r, mi:,
.i.e ;d. nls a.nJ
the cri:itl
( iiiirioilc iV TiivlorsMl!," j'l;n:k Uml
1: w.ll S r-atry,:; to t; :.. , .:, ,;. s .,,
' fe.rn. th-.i ti , vu.-k is i..,,o,.. o! und- r iS
trnst f Mill!, .; ,,. .. .. , .
on,.-.- tie ,j:-r.u'.eiiu-1. ,,: i,,e
tractor, M-. It y :, o: Ta . I f,vii;
- ,:l ' f - r,.c r.' fmsl..
a m.!!. .;u :.! :,:,..:i! t, ,
pi' l ii'iw.c vv.i;. l;.e tim't-.r .1
s. in, c.
S'.ub ..!
ml s.-i;
v. f in., .; f.i
.! t'..n:.s i.nil -,v
the b. ,
: n ' t a t 1. 1- :
I. We i '.t tip'
no! dr. .. '.' e .
. till' Ot'.i'.'.ll,
:.t. V. e s, i,
.. M...s it t!o
l-:.-i. :': m .' :
. tio i ' ill u, vvc- I, ft
j ;i iii.-.u!., u I.. 1.,-n i. w. l.i-.
ol s in" ot l,:e most st rr:l z
. f a r-. , -1 .i ! t. ,ii , to r 'i.;t.-, w i.roi f. ;S I 1 1 r 'ivt n
r w'av stv..ri, I'liwe-n
il , u i t . v .,!, , fi, !.. uut.l ue
.tiful but i!;.:'.t, ,i t. v n o!
' l.,'lir on tiie t ei.'. r- , :' t!,e
,.t H..:z I! fl . ...
':!.'.-1. ii., .! ! v Mr. Mrv
host ami 1 o of ti'c is.)
tin s - , ,.t th.-" ':. ii-, ;
vi s.'o v. :i I . ii, t of
I i.c,. to b,
of the V.
r, r.' to
i: i,, r.. ; j i
i.t s 1
Iry. J..,k
-id more
i w.r of t
. .e ,',i::-,ti,iriti, r. ol, Il Ili ad of ti e
d, f !.,t', 11 i,f li,,
lis .ii a ft, i
C. it d 1 1'. in, i r a l .
on His a . .i ,".!,
pi w
r in t,.r i
ri.rin tit.
i ..
. I. i:s
I V.
.. ,1-
no .
i v ,
ol ..I
V I'M , lii.V
11 the Pres
t:tut;i n i
sf'.niii t
:: y of i' ,1 in, isur, s
ir.. made l.,e ic m.'
i.-i.iuii-ii. 'J',. s, In,;
r sat i.f
ti c ( , :
v., r. 1 v
l.le ' ol.
in, re ti. n an v
n t , :. 1 1 .i.i i r. II,
?e l- :l,e
Ii e C ,. n.
l e li.-nr.
t. tut, ,i,,.i
Ill II VI i o
1 1.
t.'l i vrc-M i t ti e i t,
n?i l to ;u,'i'e of ti t. , x.
f',,1 ly C, n-r.
i', this r, spe, t b
: r:i:s t..i v. r v 1 1,-
rmuie that he has aU adv r, t cived tin i
and they will probably conform with the
views of the administration, as frciju, htlv
presented in its only itniwn orao. the 1'n
ion. '1 Lo mi-si'iti is protni iii'; in the i;,t s
, I' Y or.!).- America.
Mr. ilorliitid wiil, if I mi-take tx.t, find
the San Juan questiou already (ii-po.-e,l of,
' upon his arrival, and the measures desired
by the government al i a ly accotupli.-hctl.
.'.'r. lluoliaiian is .-con to ;,e here, a;i,l ihe
n. ':n,-, retting rid A the ( lay ton-lii.lw
treaty wiil ti it ri ample scope f-,r
Hy ami ingeii' .lie Honduras q,
ai-'iie dee s not :,ff.ir4 siifsici, i.t rto
t!,e iibro.atii-ii :' ti.e treaty. Ha! t!
lslaiel. question is ;.,re J! it il
Great Priit'lin ) yield that i.i'nt and
evi ry to!.. .' ; oit.t lortho sake ! i..-..
to the treaty, Mr. 1,'uchanau's i.ij 1
;nn-t fail.
I'h tho .'th of the'-ros, u ih.-.m!, t!.
mi-si,, tiers f..r ti.,; M iietiuii . f ti.,- U
Military A-yluiii w ill ass, il,;(. jM ;i,
f r the T.iirp,)-,.' of de-U vtnit.lie' firmi,',
ii-ui ' ana, lie, i iv a uu id u stem in in v ti i l li..... . i. i
- ' ... i. Hioi'in, ei. e. Ji. liuuil'l, JI C'lll o. a .,
centre ot the cup. A stream ut water is i : s,,.. , -. i ti .. . it i v..n., i t n
". Ill, I'lrtll A II I 11,1, I , ,'l, 1 US ,
up Irom above, and . !,,, ,t u , .,,.... Iriil,, a II ;
U into the
some inrce oi nmr pails-tun !t;K,. ( ',, llnn Uer .t S. E. S. li..!'-
1. I he mereiirv 1 r. tt C I! Si..i.. C C,. 1 'lv c.
the ouaitz .1 it vv; i: c l' !. I ... v;'
. , 1 - - - , U Ullii-I III. .
eotiil it,
I lo rn is a
around and under tlie I
' is of course under the ball, and
is saoven , into the pat, or tiriy be po.ireU ; KiIlimous, . H. q,uir, .1. Parks, M. I'. C
m (."in a hopper anove. lar, gold-mi- j libers, li. I. Jetton 4, Co.
, hers will ri".'o.rnize it as an nupr ived Chilian I
but beneath 1 " "
i xtraorUiiiarv t,mver.
,is .- i . i.--
,1 :'.r
: 1 1 - U
.Ilia, V
she pa, i or cip or rutin r in a cavity at the
I .,:t jiii t!,, r,",l firmed cx,r,'.--iy at this end,
a siioill lire i made, which ibeino fed witii
air tiiroiij'i h.i.l a ,,y..-u onheio) at reu
ii:l"i'' als siirr aiolinj it.) is lain., d into live
ly :.itioti l.y ti.e rcvluti- n "f the cup, and
,"'' t),r ,-!, l-n'rrr ( rtHrlif a itiimt
.'!tll'Z ' '. ti.e H'U t ' I c olltihllallv
pouring in ai., v- it, il.i-i.iu' iil oi.t and run-
'I Ik- ll.ti I., t..
si.y a t, ii'-r-it,,' will
r-n'i ., I ai. l uiuntl.on
as.-m... o anti . x- reise
lie, an,
nir o .
to i.'O s
, r. I., o s , t ti. t (,. ,; e, a-.,;
it 1 y the '., t util e ',s v.
d by tl, (', . ,,. t, ;. ;,.
i the p w. r, ..i iliioul ,.u;l:,,r.
Sit". It Is I,eli
ill Kel.tlO'kv,
-!, I h
on a
hit!.' Oil,
the -old
ir HAi N,i,h , .
II in,.. .
" 1 . round
H.,i: mi!, t tt. n,
II.. I, . .
Hull, r,
II. esw ii,
Ilea I ,
! :,r ., ,1 w i'h t!... ro, '...; o..l
r 1 ' . l(.-..n,;v. Apj
i in et ot tl;is e ,titri am-c i. .. p,
thi pert", ct anrilj imation of f,,ti, ,
tin r pr, i l lii- met.ii ; w ith tho C,.r e,
vedthat ll.irri l.-b'iro.
W ill be s ! et, ! ,'is ( o
the requisites for t
!;er:;ls Scott and Wc
h an iti-tit'jtion.
h arrive
. rHr.6u.j
ir.-ni ti.e
I f Si,
pew. oi
T,c r-,rre,
Civ or tie. -o
as l'.-. s liei.t
Mr. W.h, mis
ha'-it-. .,.,!
i ' i i r. :y st
a a: '.' I. ri-.;; i
,rs ol l'i
', s, lei t
and .
s a , r
I i .i. a ,.; na
, : It. li. Iv
A. I.m .... i;
'r.l .ll of t.e r-.
:d ., I- r ' .-,.. a
M-. I.i
of li;
t !-." oili - rs W ,i e.i
"I'liiinv ami to fie t
k w .li into opers
vif Ju.,:.
'te, mi t a
' :ii.s. K-n.
I :.,;o.-r.
h si
tli' Ol.t.ts
V ,r.
Pile ' i' etc, Il ol
si'., ten ;.j l i,
it I:-.,. Ta
tar 1st o.- in.,..
iru,' i
. to I..
,,' K .a
r. 1:
on ti,
.' : t:;.
k- pi oi a l.-.ii.i
patron, te. In
l'i n. ut tr :v. !! il
..c tn I,..;, s on
i i' v r l' i-. .:i. :
.' i. ... . to ,
- i-is j . r t in,- , e
' '.r h.liiii'; a:, i.
ads. Wc rn. t a
:io re ; ! . i. k roo r
on to st ,p in or.i
' - I t, !
o i.i; . T.., t.
w i li w .rti y , !
;o,i z trf in t;.,s
v., r t, l. la . , s oi
a, i, sale of 'h.
, oi, at u'.' uir- ..
mud to. t s, ii .
:';', I M.; .
" .',',, u oi' tr..v. i
:eiitier.ijn frav.
.I,- in a Uii:' v, '
, f Nni
: -ati .1
, n pi
r in aS;
I .
i .ie. oi r. n,,,i ii. ii , pu I ; c
e!s ot u.e t'nit u stt. s I; .ui,
I :. .. Ami hslly t
I J to .'-rs,.., V.r t,-e s
was re :re,il iy ti,c v. l.o.e
till .-oi ' i. . f i.e (.lot as l.i the
"rary aioi t; rnu , i. 'J v j.e
: lot . l;,c i.t :,.,' i.o, tr;,,,
J . i-S- ii a f ,'. rahst ae
epl. to u ol toe ti Im, I loi
: oiii 1,, ro hoii I
Mr. l',;.,,., ,, i.
r to hin.-f ii arii.' s.. I.e. i on t,,
ounlry s.nce too cct'i o: (on, r;.l T:v..r,
c, ssi, ,!,,,( h i.;,; i.t tins liay i.cs.t. t.. ji.r a
nt lo .roi.o..i.i.e i.oi, a ranr.. unimt..i ted.
I Ja, s -e-i 's li-i!, r.
r iism of toe p.rty. We
' feio ral J jef.- s oi's ail n .in.
I, .It'a liozei: h'.'oi, rsot t; e
u 1. ,1. ; ri T to his p o'U h, uu
r..l:-t.- a' ,; who t ti...t l.n.e
t: e m.t oo .s f, 0, raii-t- to
ry,.:'oio'..''t:os,. ..; ..;:t!r
line hanan '.r-s i nee an o'w n
and the obiet-t so or. !
la. i suiniiii r will theiibe f iitol. Il Hut,,!--btir.'
Springs be nbf ted. in additional
reiiiriroii. nr I.
a! ibrity. boatitv, and ac t s',,';l
ti the W-st coui'l surr a. s it.
tn f oint of
. . r . 1 1 -- t.
a t ,
io n,
-" ! i e . r :.i;
of ti.e . , i
stitut, I. ,-r,
the .':. o, . ii
!.,: I.t tiiat it t.
p- -.: :, n w ho h
t .
His eii!iveiioi ,n,i expati'leiJ (iui'.'ks,ver
without siiblituii..' that metal, and causing
; it to pass off as vapor. !y this means it is
oi i;ined that ti.e very last particle of gold is
extracted fr.un the q l.irtz an 1 hold bv th
i:i reury, eti-iirin .i r 1 u , -1 per ten of
quartz three ,t f,iur t:iu-s as great in has
iiiliierto been -coined ; o that tie' owners
ol this innehiii" may in .ike no nev f.i-t.'r bv
1 wa iiiti'.- ti.e " taiiin.'s " or alr-adv 'dveriz
' ,"l and exii.iu. t. d quart, at at.v n jld.dig
e'ins already worked, than can be ol t lined
i bv other tiiiie'hiu.'s rnli Tiartz not
C ,r
es, Adamantine,
Taili.w , .
I.'G' n.j. t. .So tniif H Ur i
lU. Ni, f,r t I'.G.r
l Im ''' tn.t III- luf-r-iTy
-l:ti'ii v. li riii.vv tive
1 . fi.'?. r t,c 1. 1 rt r w Lo
I'liiif.'olle and JoRcliuro;h.
A .l,--r
J !.... .; , .
1 -'. 101 ur ii
er emi,i -e
'.v i U.P
T n
a. l . c
:c Cos.,.: r.itii,:
t'-'Sts C!HJ',t
J'or-, lis v. .i i
W,,i r.. s
' f.
:, In-y wi.l . c,.i:
op' it. Wc si,. J,
,! ei ti, v. - r,i i
- I, -' I I,,.. .et
Ki .' r c.i..i
1 lois -o.e III i:,e '
- ii. vi ...,.
t . i,i.
iiiAur v
1 ' ':
., io ,,
l-resei t. Mr.
.ur i.i I
, n
' n
: l:a
ss no
li. is
: t..
I ii ciirfd at ,
orH' i.i' p of 11.
i i. I it
i; ,t i
, !:
A; I..,
J'Ol... I
t J
M or.
r it. fit
l jiii ',
; head
j ' , ,
o. H; 4
'.-...; t
A It'j el.
it.d ca . v
A n
o ill' tnal, . I
'I ay .,10
li ' r, si i ,
" SO I
i:.. T.islrai;, n.
so'iaisu -it;i
tr i to.r., an, I i
y II;' imro ciii.jt
'; t-irr.f !' i cm
f t'.e iai.h.r oi' tl
' 11 er'.t , i rty o)
:.: i..':!i ,n VI loi. Ji in .i
t . I :,.: il .: .
I!...- tr o II no.,
I.o-.v to t'..- . !. ,i ,
r .' on... J., ;. f.i
J o , s- ., I ; j , r , i . i '
f' '. tlie ll mo, ratio,
pirtv oi ti.e com, try. and to
' i ,,ll o;.h si,,.' (.' I .oti.ii,,'.
' - i" n -s M i -o r io l.' .'s.
; f '-.' ; - i tor , I' Mr. Hi:.
' it- f.v r,. t.
lorn in I' ( aloro t f ,,,
lo w s-M ... M.n.r.l, r to Kn.
Mr. I .
.III! : II
l. 11
'I i
V V f-fl
J' r ti.
I'r, s
nt ;
I U:
Jlu: h
.Mr. !..,
-r.-. li. .
i, i,i :
' il ol
., ' :t r
. A
it, on,,
. I I:
,1 : ;..
A... -j
t. e
re. f t
ill V
,.u r-l
U;i '1
ot ,.'.'
I lo.
.' S V.
' ' w t:o
' 'ir' il ti
fi;' li.
' H
, i, ri
tour 1 ,
, V ve V I
.' . II
l'i; : r ..ur
'.! ti.e li .y m
r oi 1 tr,,'m
r-r-1 1 . rf-1 o J ,et,.,
powt r III tlie ,
ti.e ' ! , :;t; -r et I., vv ,
', 'i . s , 1 1 , . n o! ro
; . , to,- ! ii
v c nv, ,1 iV' t.
V, ,!
rat a i
0 rth t i.rohii
(eneral '
Ami yet ti
t ': pi'ty ot !
i on. i.i, it.
1 " th, y .1.1,
',.' aloi-in-i
! , vp' c...i.r v. In !;,,
I.1..I o, tn, M,l,t,- ...nrv
I I e li. e-.tii-, i,y ci'v.
irit'ie i t i, f'oii i on, l.nro
i.' ' rs. In the t' liii ,: ,r ,.
ii : ' if :i,e t.i.ii- to con.
in s , t t:ie 1'n oi, nt. I .
I'-'l' i,.,-.-- in r. -.. rli, i.
. t.
l:::i:i'.at:;.,'. ur thk lpng u.ivn
Mr. J. naiidwicli In, coiiiinuhiciite i to t!,o
N w York Tribune tl.t foliowing b.tti r Irom
tin' American Minister in Sj aiu iniuoiincin.'
the success which has a t, i.,b d his c.e rtioiis
to obtain the relea-e I'r mi itiipri.-oiiineiit ol
the unfortunate ai.d i .1 a , ! , !. ,..! 1 1 .i:i-.u ian
wl.o took part in the Ic piz expedition a Cuba : ,
" Si!'. : loU have p, -thaps !,.;,n,, , ,-re (hi
that 1 l.ave at la.-t su c, ,."io,l in u.y elioits
with tlie Spanish govii nniciu to procure the i
ardou and release of,", ur brotl,, r i K. i.'ad
wich) and all hi- uM,,rlunat 1 1 unitarian
con.p.'iiiiotis, from the Spani-h jrcsiuio at
(.'ei.ta, in Africa. I: ha- be, ;i a .- arc: o;
real happiness t u.e t; have t ,-, ;i ln-C ii.
liioht.d in restot inif ti.,e unf .minute men to
liberty to their atliiete.l t:::m;ie- and fii, n,l.
I suppo-i: tin y have sail- ,!, or v.i.l ...,ou do
. j, from Gibraltar for iew Y,,ri;. i
" I write you this n,; hi",s uvj the or, at !
aiiii, ti'ui you have siilfored on account ol tin-
1 I'll,. ,,t voin- l,i.,'i,r -,i ,! t!o. ..... ;. .. .11
' II N.ll
and thai
ir-. in i n.
.t ine could I, ,!
. a- it w a-, te.t a
' ti ; l ilt ma v
I i.i.od states. '
i. o 1 to ho t'i veil
. 1 ,.
ex La a-1,
I .. iilis, 1
I i, a r,
I'l'jth, .
I.rd, .
Mli'Mfl, -
M-.1...S. ., .
, ..i....:, .
. .Nan..
lit., .
Cork, .
I'. a, .
i TotalK., Irish,
A h Her dated at Munich, in Malaria,
April II), contain.-the following:
' J.ii big was la-t night giving abcturc
ti cb'-uii-try ;it tho palace, b, 1 Te Ouron
M.uia, the ex-King Louis at.,1 hi- Qucei,
I hi n -a, iifid the younger hr iii'die- "f t:,.
royal family, wlon a bottb- ..f i..virin cas
! iiil' improperly bui.o. d to bv his a--
Si-till, t, wl
an i x l"-i
for aie
and t
ther b
of Whi
late ot your brother, and t
ring vou to hoar of Li- !r, ,"i.
i, i.i- companion ami com
j hii-t, i
n took 1
i a t.oii-ai. 1 pi. ces. I'ortunati !v the i -si"ii
oceuri' d in an inner ro-m.the door
h was f I en, Sii.l soii.e Ira nl.
of tin- glass pa d through the d ,,-r, and
.-.igl.lly wont, led - ii. i:i the fr nt rank.
..!,, 'ii 'ihore-n was cot in tho chink, and
the blood fiiwod in abuiidiniee. Prince
Leopold wa- slightly wounded in the lore,
heal. Count. -ss Lux' iirg in the chin, and
Countess SnidiiH j,, th,. benj. .',,i,o
tlie-o HOiiij.!, uj; jo; of in, y e, ,, -eq .le hec
Ihe ,r,,!, s-.-r was sightlv itiiured.
.- . . t, .
I.'oe, .
SlljMr, lauf,
Sl,,i,e. W are.
Salt, -
I- I, -Hh..;t,
W In-key, Northern.
" .N. ( irolins
H KM lllvS,
CllTTnN". S.ioe our last .-,.',,1 ,.'e,
,-!'! at M-,. r.iiijn.j from C j to iij.
..Uu r no ('e to notice.
i.otti:, mav ii, i-.'..i.
Ih. . ID ft -M
la. . l-'i t,o'
Ih. . !l t !ll
vd - II a .i
m. 4 .i
la. - I'JJ a 11
Ih. . i-'li a g".
Lijsin I . 4.1 a .",0
- -CI a .,11
li.l. . ?7j a l j
la. . t.j . :i!;
H. - II ft ii.'
Ih. JU a .'Il
Ih. . N ft I IJ
hu.hil . 4.1 a ;,n
e ictl . 1 1) ft J O
varl - l'-'J a U
ynl . o.'j a ,'),
,1,'ini - a liu
lOIji,,,. . ft g(
If. - Uj a 30
Ii. . oJ 11 mi
H. - .'. a li
hnl. . fill a Iti
. id a .',U
ho-ii. I . 4U a l.i
in. . i
lin-hrl . .j a Jit
Ih. . f.J a 7
hush, I . 11,1 ft .VI
hu-lo I . .',11 ( no
hu.h, 1 . -,o a im
loiiii I . f 1 a no
Ih. . 11 . gjj
I',. . II J . !i j
2-1. - 10 a lo
ca I; 11 li,
Ih. . I.i a CI
hii-iiii . i.-.'j a ::
gal. I a
..!. - :i7J a l'i j
h-.h- - ".I a 0,1 j
2& fe, -
llnv I'ivcry Varlclf mid Mil,. .
vihsi ins t,w,s, run 1 Kn jv, ()V,.,
Ti-st.'Ks. miam.y.i, n ,,) "
SWISS I'l.AII), I'.am ami Hinlirod.r.d'
TA ill. Hi'! IN MDSt.lN. all culut. '
KniliioiiliTfil SWISS KUIlhS, '
r'tincy cnliired liUHKS,
llULs. sill It si .....1, n 1
.(...J, ...III - (,-.ltl, . M , h .,
11 d, and sniped, Chaiijiiiithl. l';4 u, u
I'laida; "'".,
(i'tftat. .Mir, e'line A Floreneei S 1 1. K S
KnilironliTcd, skirts, CplUra shev.-s Cor. ri
t I... i'..,.. leu. ' ' "
"1 - " -', l.ic.
Kdinai ;
.laciMnitle a..(l Suias Fa'ginjj. and lninrhn -.t
laeuulitte, Swiss and J,anu Miiuueuigi ; '
Kilih ois mid liress Tr iiinntigi ;
IIO.VNKI S-M isbs I'hi's, and rhinoc'i
lr.,pe'y Musllll, l'npr llnijings ; '
rt4iisp9reni Hliuils. and I- ire soTi-en;
lllark, co IM Ktunch t 1,(1 I II ui d I A-.-l'ilPilt's.
Col'd I lutln, Fancy I Isiiiurres, llr il, ((, '
Clshlliarrlls. Kliey I. men iliOla j,
r... tnir, rianta.OT. iin.e,, iimii , '''
A Urgo ....oroo-nl nl 1 1 A N 1 W II F S11,, , ,.
UY. t IIUCKKKY, :.,. T,',. '
lllft, k nn.l rol'd Kiinimled ,Ka IllCii " '
t alullt l.e.illirt I 'lot li. ; " '
tin. hiii u i lllitl'l'.i an. l()Ks , . .
Ilia' rtu. I.- 1,1 II A I s H.ii Ai's, u 1 , ' ;
Caipei..inilCafp-i ! .; t'lnhrrl ,,, p,r
llooki and -uiiiin. ry ; liran, sr,u,ri j,;i
llWe l.i.on i ami I nil mi M.n,- , 1.
j slnio l,inen; gou,) n.orl rnori t ol .,.,' "
I ilJCouulry ileo-ihuiK aro fiiu, aiml lu',. '.
leHMioia ur aloik of Good., U lore ,.0, . '
I h. rn ' "'
f hiila'it, V-v 1 1, lnJ3
A.iji:TiiuSK&cu, iiiikvs,
I f J I 1,1) rpn 1'iiily in urtn tlt-ir ir ;,
WW t'.r jui',hC lf-nrr.ll), th U Itif-y ,', ,K
of I kni'iB .iiU--e for the rati", which
oM lo f,t ch, or nn i ctrihl ol iiin.-.y .Tf
I finbri'a th o((7f ttini'y nl rr ( - .
iii.-ir .nijt,k lo Utptr pitrot.i fur luo Irxfi. ,.,
H.rif l.-yn rccen-d,
( hurtle. .V-iy II, IC.3, 15 1"
fl j...n'rii by Ui ',iur( .-1 it.
of I imuln (out 1 T. (" li.tnli-i t-
-hll f-lirH C, III f liKrT l.i f 1 r.,
ii-- at ii ry in ur ion o t i-,i ,
tin (' u't.II .ii.t . ft. M m.iaj, the 13 h i.f J ,1 9 vi
S'- ( I' d hjt in t (j ,,c .(. ht i.f , ,:
rlfr gitif thr Ii.h.iI i nt ihft litlc , ' ,
I'rrr. 'l e-nii, 1 'J rnuiclj' tfec'it, J.-n.d !,-.( ,
W. WILLIAMu (:: .
Valuable Properly
a S3 c . . e
liavr 'urn
We I0.1.
com Mi;i m w:m:t.
Com u, Mr l'i.
I ( I'lTON I V . loiiriet I!,., , 11 li.r pr o e of i I, in ur IliltL, t 1,'ii.i .
' i, umlua- (jiiile t any, mill the eurr, nt
ritm of ,,n ,,,. .,...,. .,.,
oani;' d hands, ,t ore,
ral il;j In III 7 lo I'll .
"1 v,i
li hi.
oi't ,, inir ieic
" 1 no eertilieiito yo 1 -
lool iti Id- lu'lia:!' I,, r
tificiito of (iloil n.-il .-:-.
' f service to Iiini in lie
" I tliorofoici ei.flo-e it t
your hrotlicroti his uriiva! ,n Now Vorl,
I inn, sir, your oLcdiei.t -erwint,
-I'. M. i;ai;K!M,i:i;.
I'r. J. KlMiTII'll. .V,. 1 I , or.oo .(,, , y
1 1 A li I.F.S'I I IN M :mx
'inn I st, iv. Mat !
t t'TTn.V. lie tr.nn.ietiom, i,,.,h.y re.., (nil a.
nt Toll h,ir, 1,1 I III. no , ra l.eil.e' tr. i,. f i I..
out o.M ,, h hu h hr. II'! e --
pr i'.ii r !y r. it.
, are
i iifciiiiF r o'd, crintmi ... a'Moii ltlO
ii'iiilen for hr.'inrioiir., ,f.'iiotv . rl
wei ianuwH. ii till evfif iniiinitnii -iii i ; -i
orl mat tan h? d.ifd; ta a ii-aiM,n l..r pf
t,ln hii-ine- a. a p,iinii inr l.wur. i n t i
rl Houar win i-i a Ii h-uri jouno-v. ; -i
irr 1 ht 'enl ad vi ri, c. i,- t,iit rf,-,-.
li m"l 1 1 'ieel ihifarlef a l-rc ll.. :t
ll'iil.ff J i XI Ml 'e. Urr. (no ofu J i j e
.roiao o.,i House, pel iairneg I'le eio. . .1 f
mil cuinmocioMia
Colton (iin Hoiisp. a Slnrrllno.
A s A A l u i: 11 I
X.B m n
II- vol . i I a;l llunae liailil Tlir.
inline', n il a joriiiti nl hin l.lllliir). I
OH nl U', l a of 1 he most ,ier lor u Ui r ol uu
-IV I. r,d ha been well a;..
I l.vifj i no l-riier i",rtv in 'he Sii''' Ih
i i a!-n aol lor t a-h, Ina yiluaii'e -i.e ui
fs SI "V T B'Z ito
tvi:.tvom; i .m-.mi;kk
al-oii t th; s rue
(.1 !h ft ((
J f i .mi wi
"- p ni' y out.g ; on wit I-t
1 II llii (tloi K Ol
1. r-
sir It
i: I,'
p.-.' I.
i 'C
ill 1
.li to
! oirli
ol toe p,
t 'I-
i . J
l 1)
ol t ,
I.I., I or I
- i: ;
! - Ih
I Oil
oilier 'iinerjls m our
I iri ii i I y.
i ,, , ,
i..t y io
t on II ., i
r .,, r i
-Or ol l.
"''' s Ji,,.,
, ui lo
. i-t t.
NAKUOW Lsv.U'i;.
A Ii.riii Ly l!.e hiii o of I'i.n-;, , .Il.h-,.i:,
v.:i.- sotno ti,,,,. -J,.,., tried ih Monin ,utl, coun
ty, N. J., lor muni' r, and to,; jury .roii;.-,t
in u verdict of guilty, I. i.t lulled to jTonount
. tho i1. -oho. ,,(' ouot S- i'i ,v li ;,ir. a!'t..r.
the I'oui t Ij'-eoiiiii r; a urtr of the error, tic
j iry v, re rceall.ol. p.nd proiioiineiol it m ir-L-r
ih tl.t fir-t 'J, "'re' j-tinisl.n.i i.t, dentli
'II. i ' 'in. -oi f'.r tin- j,i i.-oio r tool; exe. ti,,i, .
to tiii- j.rocee.ii. ', and a-l.ed tor a io.w t;i
:d, vi liii li wa- ti li.tod. Afh r a loo t tl; ,r-
'."Ji'li tl la-t.i,.' t- n I ay-, in v. !.:o, t
Tofound loo.'ii ai ;!ity was di-i I r,. .
-IOO-, illill an in ,,. ellure If
to iliil'L' In il',
ry ret ur nod
laels of tie;
OhVA tmtnl or of Tree Ne
forty left ti.i- .-it y, on
Xiitoik, with tini i,,i"",o-e of,
loheiiil. 'lio- llllll-i., . -. tl..
. i- to convey tl
ton Load-, "in, of j,n
lliitiinor,'. Ti
ti.e f.-ifn r- of tliat ci
in , : , L iii con 1 1 ; ,' . , 1 1
.roe-, t.i anv
"li.e-dii;, , fo'r,;' f r
e- el W Li. ll
If Ih,- Im.t.a. ,.f Ii,v,U,r, Cohe.r ,i ,, ; P'L7y
' '-' 1 "v J '-. (-ih; ii .-o..r I ru-1, I Hi
loo. ,il in ,. I ., k, A. l , t ei. ei . I', ,..,, , I --3V--
i. -is at J.r.-i i,t in I lain -Iom
on , i.'ird iiirend , a
I', ii i cinhai'ked ir In
eiiiioriii.t,-, wo learn from
.', all !i J cured fj l,e :
an 1 tie r. are anion"
I lo
:h. I Ion ol
Co 1 1 n'teeem''
V .ii II, I-.', I
V,, ..-r.i lleoio-rat. r ;,r.,,, Stvndird ii.l Kay
. i-B'.-r wet ti b.p root.
a a . in
.lirma'tc in that iriItli.f k...
'ti lfi; li j.i ij i tin ictlid.
IIiirxt N, r.ill.r, slu i ji.Ar.
llll;rol'll I. until! k V h
vi ral iin i, of ion, I, fiomi e. !,. it
ii ' i! ,'t. d. will hin!..' dei id, oily u-elul m,t.
i,ers ,,f s,.j, y j 1 1 1 1 of their n ii j. t ion .
'1 lie l!.iii-!i.o ciiri, . out a coii-idernlde
'ua:.tity of fr, :; !,(, mainly on account of
the .'cvi'i al .M i--ioioirv Societies.
T',b Al.loni VI. em,,. ,,i I,, M-.i -In, i.ii.j ('.!,,
' -H,l S"",''y."iii'ieili lhe A'm.t'c,,, li,!,',.
s.H o 'v, w l l I'll looil on -a .haih, Ilie ZJ h linliio. ,
I'cbpeuiM I riuirn at I ha. luce, al ll.o hour o
3 o'el, rl.., in w.,.
In I. it tie, Irooi 1iK,k A. o, Mtiona, and Ihr Irie.ols
of in,. t. ran., g. nera y, ar rc(H-., Ilully ,,,.
Hi to aiii.nU.
Mjy '.I, I - oil.
in ,
.o'iiiii t ;lo j n -:i, rt
t lil t of oo' ;-,i '!.:
. I'll,' :i ..'iitli.-r, I;
in ili'.-l
I i I J i - - ,
t .i
aii.e a
i to io
niTiM; i p nn: m:ad.
I ill oivn.o lie- Iri. -iidloss dead to the
for 'I,--' ctioti loi- pa-ed the A-. i"ii
All any. It i, .-uj.,o cd tltat it iil
oii-v. ;-o ho anna, nil who do hot
t into the hand, ,,f . ,! ,ct,,r., to
amioo provision for .-at- Imiial. Jiut
i-'l ' '"It '.I the ,assao,; of
cut I .li:.
"IuiiO I. til ry 1 1 1 ; J I ; tiii.I !',' j:
llii;- ll
'- f" r" '
. ff-j,,jiil i
e K .utt d
, i'..:.'Oi ;i. ,
,V. fei- r:. .V -.-l'i v,,.,
I I.t HO. II i.'o.n 1 '. ' '
i r. nr.., - ..I
I..., ,!, 11. -I
'"if! .(...'.,
, ... ;. .... . I '
a I ' .
" '':'' "' - ' !' to, l ll
.t.-r ' I t,,e
,...i,t ol I
r 1. 1 J, li,
. hop.
oor uii. v ,.,,, i, a
1st . S l.l.lij t...
r :ro,i;,,i to. s.
'Oiii m 'V j , .
in., ti l iov . '
o; M .- .1 ,
le iM, ,
t.j A. I.. 11 .o;
. . ii oi t'..
, to I I
.-, i.i. I
:l pre
111 1,1
V Y .
and 1..,
i-d o p ol
lor o,i,.i
,.. iiy-a' a,
,1. .1 to .1,
toe L" nt
11, fl
- ti,e
' l':o
Ol lo
lo I Ut Up
0 III t.. . I
Ho i,., nt
' nl a , I.!,.
r it I : v - , r .
- I.. I ,
,i t
r M .i.i n .
t. Ollti- t
y ly M .
. iuiiIv a
..I o. t -, I
t.U.n (",,
.", t,;.
r. v..
o nt of
, . n.nitii' a
rn non. a in
! I
.. t .
,. p rim, nt t
Cisoos. 'l lo ,n
1 1 eon, i.i, ii,. , t
' " , 'A ill
ti.e f.,1.
i roii.Z, ,
w e
i.p s, rue . '
,. ii, .v, i. M;i
ai i.. t ,.t
It, 1
, lo t 'i ll- 'S ,
s.oio'i.1. Th.
io II . i I I.. M.
.. n ! arrive.)
:.l. t h.'O !. (.toll
l)..'.i:iior.- rocvj'LiT.
Wt v.i ro shown, oil Too-day 1 ;. -r , one of
the ti.o t coii.j.i, t,: c jui ' t!, it- that ,rot,a
hly n,r w a, y,i i,..i. It i ' a ti n dollar I. ill
on ti.,- Siiii-hury Jo ai. eh if the IJank of,
,i; e I ati . It coi re-j.oij.! i i xa. tly in m,. '
w i'.ii ti.e poioid.,. I,., to .,1 that dei.oiniiiation,
an ) the i iieru'. ino is ailiniraidy doiie and
; ' in n.y Lo ui-Cnui
I hy a r-i osi. con pari-o
i-ijfiii-'itr' s are hot yr
'.V n this j.ait ,,f t,(.
t j '.' ' . i . ,-. teat lone out of t
I.e in, o-ci .oon hy
little treasy mid i 1 i a 1 1 f u
lhe j-h'.ik ol an eiii'lhijiiai,e was f.t in
this city ah out !ij o clock. A.M., y-terilav.
V of iiti. ii.aii w i.o u as at the tune in a -coond
story room of ti. I'iedinont In tituto j,,
rty. Lod.'oi-l I ',, , inloiiiis ns that tl,,- shock
was so ecu re, that i Ui many of tin; student-
ho i-Uft, d in alarm from tin: room.
'Jim oscillation was North and Ninth, and :
la-t, d - or 10 s eoiids. I.ijhi Id, 11 , Via. 1
,11111111 '.ill lii;l'Uil., j
This t hoi l: w a a!.-o felt nt O'reei, t,oroii"l. '
in thin .State, Lu did not extend t,, Char- '
lotte. or :!.-! vie should have had -omo sen- 1
'ihie demoiistrat-on of its vi.,il. j
oh,: cool ma
thi.t hill t!,,
,i:i- the pra-,,
he J.h hty of
,'i-cula.ia:, ,
'!"lli:illd s tho
he, ii io! so j . ii
1 1 :i cvr did, in
lie an- foljelnsi
1 1.' re I- a p;r, at 'leal l humhu ahoul tl
ai',- oui n to medical s. leiiee hy cuttino n p
00 sy-t
.,1 no no in co.. it. ,,r f,,,.
rd- :ii,v more, a , ther,. w ill
ti for ciittiii-e no I. v tho
- r j
el' niter. liny ;iy sciclici:
a-.a of of (hi- hill, ycf it may
lv i i, doubted lo ther di.s-ee-
aiiy more 100, 1 than to aid
in;vin' at, and crro-
11 - in tin' treiitment of di-ease.
a! m ieiiee by cuttino t
Is t.l.M. rlao ri.iloed Iii elo-r toy ., 1111 etion wilh
i 1 h Ti.lorini? II i-irie.. in ( harlot le lor Ihr pri .
sell., I Kill sell ilia
Stock of (00l)S,
no on hand, ai lie: iSl,.r nt A. lie Ionic. V Co., a
M:V 1 OKI. ( OST.
.ny (.in i-h .. in pngaiia 111 lhe Merchant
I .11, .no, lluina ,i,,'d el'i well to eiaiinus i.iir
-I,,, k and allun. W: l ave a- large run ul tua
l.ipti anv ennhli.liilii'lil III IheSialr.
Tl,e ,N.ilc4 and At coillila flue Ilie firm up to'llle
1st nl Jmonry, K,",.'(, arn now 111 lhe hand, ol S. ,M
V S.J l.nwrir lor . oleetiori. Any errur iicar
in. in any ol lln , n. will l,r nullified b me at llm
Voienr-ui ,,ir. 1 1 a in A taken charga nl thai
linn,! I have rot lime to at I o n.t l roilictin. ami
.. omit, arroiintN we ned niouey and hope thai an
llnwe indeliled to ua will nut put ua under lhe pain
lul neers.i y of ea.itnj thtni to pay coal the bu
silifaM ul A. lluihillie V lu. must he chi-e.l.
111 callle arp of ll
tirei) al Hon h I uctom a (id Iriillh e. .,-,l '"
q-lan.i'y of
("OILY, .,, a, ll.njniid
IIt t ( tV-:t lhe ba!fi e of lhe "lock nt
GOODS, f int; Ijte fifin ol V V K, r f . n ' '
HinM Ut) Vnt,.''(iU t'IM4.
Al ir t r i" ff n .l it pnvto wV, ar i '
to-ti p'fvqifly wilt b)Vfrfd'r fti M f'J
th. l i)Hf of Juiip fn-x', tut co ititiuo 'r th -t
.tn v ii rt ( it all m in'd. TiTint ni.) knwii
dm ol ne.
Si ItO.M. 1. i.fli nrnrMirl w t fY mi f..f ' ' '
j fff U bmgnin, if i-i v b(; 1 lircrli'd. 'I " ' ' " J
.N . It All m r-oM H-.!- tin d i'i mi. or l- tie ! '
, t.i in of Vh ilr At Kcir, mu4 ho.m! pi i
loriliw i'.h.
John il 1 1 1 : i: isi.;.
Iriti'f f'otil. t.iitciin cnuny, ,Y. I .
May ') Ir.'o'l, 'If.
ii' lllfdl,
IViKlk tll'.Nt KS III' CI P SII vU!'
f IF IP lo' -Inch Ihci Imhe.i p"" "'
be palu 111 t ,l.s.
J-WllilM, AO. j, f.',U',l"
M.y I. IK;3.
.rule- -
veiite, n years old, was bit- 1
"'' : "ll the left insteli. ,
fhitrlnlU. Mny II, I8:,3.
Il'.Ill the I'e,uill':
'lhe Ciiii.i; in and. tRT ice I'le-idert Kii.rr, it said
well xcetil, d. Lut owned an -tat" of '..Mmo acri s of rich lund
.or. i. mj calculated I in Ihii'as Alal.aina, wiih oil da-
to' vis. h i- nl-, s.t,.,) that he has left tl.
'lhe look" I bulk of bi rropeity to the poor. :-t of his
'l l -.1. .: .t ... ....
,rii 611 are oiiiiorta'jy ,rovi-
t Iim note was relate tic, th,
'.h i'i jiii A. !.,; tu4JT, -lid it i.' 'led lor
ten l y a rattle
I wo hours and a half afterwards-, pr. 'J'. A-Atehiu-on,
who deserihes the case in tin;
Southern Medical Journal, vidtcl her, und
I0111.U f.ij.-lilicK.s, v it la Ik r face .wolh-n I 4 or 5 yean old, alar 10 her fa, e, and a
atel mind wanderiiio-. J J0 jdaced her in a
hot salt bath, and ndmininlcred ithinkcy
and carbonate of ammonia, ,H1til Kl,0 ),,)
taken three j.inti of the fir-t. and vtuhty
prains of the latter j no ihto.-cntion follow-
'."1. and .-be 1 cured. I P"l"c tc' allJoh Work in Ih
ttttHgH-'H .1 ot irr.
r AS "le"d "n thii Hangei'a llx.k nr Meek.
If lentiui. rounljr, on llm 7lh lnian', hy Ji.
1. 11 I.. I'hlihp-. hunj ahoul ID inil.-a eaai ol Chnr-
.lie. ner Iht Cahanua line, Light llay HI.I.V,
ppraiaad al
J .,. ,trn-AVwifly trtlrtl - A'Wi' " '
11,1 A.knaulrdgrJ A',ar,.rJT l(,le". '"
Cual, and .anuria' SCALLS, all III ny p""'
country, at rlmrt no'icn.
;.:o C. liwin., 21 So. I harlra St.. fljl'""""'
Fa.rhanka A, lu, f'J Water Ht-t iN Vo
May I "i.i. II1"
1 J5.
T. .. IIOLTON, Uavger.
JWyaj 1 I, I8.',3
it '-Mj I i'.il ) i ll i'It.
. it II L' D . . . sj ....
a-j.-,.... ..iri.ra ui tun i.irui ar.tlin. Whig
IZoitt ii i'ottmf.
. ....I'l l
N the -fi;h In. lain, aamall ainilnt"f " '
1 found near Clrarlutie. winch d"! "
can have, by paying or Una adv. ni'iuitnl an' V
ring lhe nitfi.ey tu b tua. V-t q-t re i.t
Afiiil S7. IMS. i4"
To .11, lif t s and .WiW"' 'S7'"'
f 1IIK Running Work of a gmd (Jri-l M'1
X ..le. Apply WIIiUAMS0.
B 5,
1 1,.
" 1 1
..caiaal ftiarmer.

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