North Carolina Newspapers

CHARLOTTE, O., 11" 13, 13S3,
lXrTJ3V3:3SES3E2. 16.
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The North-Carolina Wing will lie nfh.rd.d to
, ,,, m i '' O DOLLARS in a.lvt.:c, or
,..i mil I.AIiS AND 1 II TV t'KNTX if iv-
. ,.t !. ii'ij)'d l'r three .uuiitlia, ami 'J lilil-.l-i
. .i I l ..' ii I lli.. nil, I ill I hit I'riir. lii tllltiLT Will
-- - - - . .
"Tin"" .t.m. ..I t I." " I
v". r....,.H'..U i..Tted.tO,.r IMU.fc, .qu.r.
,'. i',,i. r tl... ixed tvi-) ti.r tirl
!.t- i...! f '..iiri n.l.
,; .1 -ii" i"r -...i ...... ii.ui.mi v. ............
;, ,.1.- ii..l nil .li-.r.l -Ji -r
,. at l prr k.U ire fur cu. I. time. fi.-i..i-
, . I.. 1
u'hlv i J relll Jl'T jll.ire Mir l-u. ii iiini.
. ll Ii tt'-m on Ijiiiii.hi. niunt ! ilinii.d to
l . ,r I.. -it.v muNi be .n. j.oid or ih.-.-
uiiiiIb enil l- liiiule I., riliii r.
.tiuiiMi rh nre utlthiirut il to net u
i a jenth.
itua tiil a i-1 is . r or IMF. tuc.
,!: r iinr njj.iifi, o'rr hil!t and i;i ,
t , r.f-lt and Inr,
...iw !r.Mi tlir throat of ihc Lirdlm'i
h r mi up t(" j;
1 , ( in' jfiiiri, and In r mrrry triiin
a ..,.! t n- t rnj iv li ji ;
.; llH-rH, id A r 1 tihovtt-rt,
'ii ttn r I.i i I At (.1 t up.
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,1:. . ii.'.ili
hy lii'' !i.eiiie strain
.e: i fully uir ;
. h .li r" c i.kli , a i.d I lii
.'"viiin r w ine are t.n
I f.i.ln I.I. mi n.l
niffrjr rutli,
li.K mi; In , -ill.,
; i .mi i.l liu y In ;
; ..I tin ti il, in i. swi.'i
i luoyy hi.: ktul trt e.
1 '' ni'ain, and Mi : n-il in i
h n .1 k It r.H ;
' i' -t iil fir m (iinr j-v"us t-n
it i itll llu' li ri mini r -
r r .v 1 . '( r hi 1 ? .
. . 1 .1 din in 1 at ili' ,,or'i i 1 1,
lit ft. i tr..
jl ..l tl II H .1
11 r im r.dil 'h,
I., .if. I. ri It,
I new 1. it 11 f.-f
' He. i.f tu-.l l.f if III' T iJjV :
n v. ii.!. r ii't r, t .i I'tni 1 un ..ur,
...i. i,(iriin.'.liiiie cU'jiii,
.... .it o r loll, iitit krii ti. r tiirnl.
no rr.. f
ili.t'l r-tr.siii,
k v 1110I rt.-t ,
it' ;
. . 1 1 1 r t n I lie.
01 In. , i..a d.iun ir..iii a;.-'
v, :. . I h v. . t a lie ,
: iiir. t li.r f if .1 t'ifi 'n f. f(
. ..t Mml. r' T'l,.ai '
i- I'.rr, vr rviry wht re truer,
t.l l-vr t!i ni. ;
r- f.'-r rtill, wt li. w to ti' V w ill
v.l tie tue ;
' r lace jjitaii'ttj, a:ul l. .1 co
I st-roie
1 ni'-i,
rt.d-l, With nrw ra.ii
ti. 1 trt-iii Ihe
I- I.
I rurally.
mi; .
; HliiSCfllaiifons.
I.V MISS ;tM V T. W1I.S..N. II.
ll.M I.I l.KII.
week hau pas-ed, and (.race had just
ad ciiiliMitl. ring a beautiful Llu- velvet
i witch Mrs. Vviiinoulh had sent h.r.
and ( iraee had jus
ff 'i.t with some fruits and a
: l.llrl liote. .-I,.' J . ) i ll . 0 1 it Up, l.lld pr.'-
I t' cn.iy it home, when there was a
at the door, and ..poll lu r saving
' in,' a lady, dressed in the height of
ii, walked in, ind bowing coldly to
. iit.-r, d at once i p..n her bu-ine-s.
4 a iiule h.iskct f.'.ue a servant who
- I h. r, she drew forth some fine linen
f ' k handkerchiefs, which she desired
embroider, and with a oitroiiizin
: .it . iraee, a she calmly took the
-, .-he said i
ed not hurry yourself about th. in,
i . r. ally 1, . nr. d .. tlx in . , and I
I'm ught the. ii to you for charity h hake,
I oblige my friend Florence llyinan,
ni it. woubl be doing her a favor, as
' it o ute a protege of her .' She smil-
pt. ou-ly and h it the room.
a she had driven out of sight, .iraee
iiir-tlf into a chair and bur-t into
I Ins tin u, is the way my tlrtir
' treat Ine, because I have no money,
' 'fed to enrn my living,' sh- ex
i. p.i--ionati y ; I have received that
11 -t my house, ami conferred Ihvoih
!l' r, and nu w she gives inesome work
l I 'itronizidg smile, as if it would be '
1 ooy, anil really oclige her ilear
u. 'nee 1 1 vtnall. w hose I'l-oti'L'c I niu.
t :i..w
hypocritical world ! V 'niu, cring
1 "' Tit.-1 Jiut there are some truc-
' 1" pit ill this vol hi,'
while her lace lighted up with joy j ,
her tears, and putting mi h. r
''"id "hi.vvl, she took Mrs. Wihnoutl.'s
:,'-'J set forth.
:,ll:'ig the steps of the lordly mansion,
,' - 'be hell, ami upon tl.e door being
1 I V the fiiiil,,.,.,, .1,., .,',,,, ... I...
if., i
Mr.. VVilimiuth. She was shown
' ''"le sitting room, which adjoined the
-' f ioiu on the first floor, ( Irem-
"' 1 v.-ry limb, waited impatiently for j
i.'-iiani-c ot Ihe lady of the mansion;
l-r she thought it was one thing
'" :i kind note ami another to m-ct as
'"' in lallcu circumslaiiees. She was
fear a denial, when the door
ail'l 'be was clafped affectionately
'by tlio bund, nnl frit a warm ki.iH ou her
ii' T 1 . re
...arc, i ii in irjuiiin i - r juu. i .car
; jou mur-i ijc urcu with your warn ; you hint
1 belt, r rest yo.irh.df. 1 will call lor some
tea . Yout.hould not have brought that ; 1
would have e.iine myself for itv Inn 1 thought
you had it done, How could you have done
i :. i ii ... .....
it .... i.iin.Ll. .1 no 1 .... i !'.. 1 'I
Mva........ .
, ' tvM 1 C""""t ta' a,n "ot 01
f U ' "uJ 1 h.v ," '"J1" work to "".'
l'J "'h'1'1 fi00' ' , '-l":l.r,"c a, U'H
the room, fnltnwi'd iv Mrs. ilmnlitli wlin
- , ,
when she took I...T hand to bid her pood-by,
purse, hut ?linill.p, put it in her pocket,
..... . I ............. -.1
...... itj;.iii R'huiij nti nuju in.nn; n hi u.
As she was walking down the stri-ct leadini
v ' -I . ' p si nu t V r i ck .' vwm
In thought piacly, and paused on ;
walked on and ent. red her iriiet
1) IK I .-tie Via, Kill on
little liouse Willi a strung, leeiin
iijf ot pain
coulil ti't nnriiizc. Shi did not know
lichen it camp, lut hl.c Uuv crp.
Knt f.4 hii .iiiti.ri'il tl.ii hiiiwp ur Imirl :n v
.....-... , . j
met lier and t-.!u In r tea was waitin fln
.always took lu r meals with h. r ) The feel
i i 1 1 r mu.-t be kept hack now, and so she went
'shiwlv up .-tairs and t'lvk olf her tiling",
! smo.iiiirU her Inn , ami npiicareil at lea Willi ;
j no h. n (.1 t ullon on lu r laee.
She was ju.-t si tiling herself one inornini;
to ww f..i.'tly, and try i n y to think of plia.
'ant tilings, fir she was very bundy and sad,
when she heard Mr. 1'aniil open the door
'and com.' in. She did not turn her head.
tf3T Mr-. .,,,iel v:..- .1
I.i put tiri.g- to ri,l.!-.
and ha
as ! v
d to drofi in.
a ii'.tie chat.
Mm- knew .ilr.s. I i.mi.'l
she staited ;i. sh,. ;u
bunch "! h"t -leu.-" f
I. wb.'ie did hi
sriiu' t ! t i.i a lid lie
i'T .i'
le, and
1 in her l.i
ii I-..
. t tin 'in ':'
' ;.o.,i..' -.lit'.
eVc hit tin in, 1.
sV.ercd , ,'IU'l,
land, and t-U h. r
re-peci for lu r ic c
'I l.i re was a ijim
ed, ll-w kind I' I'o
il. :in Mill
lie HI Vi
air nun
she an
'(.ne these to Mi- Mar
t le v are II mi Olie W ie'-e
I C Mill t II IH e- Call c!l IHIL'e
n -tit.;.', and sje- 1 xi biiin-
ri uieiiilieri
d ha
as iiej
heard I
to lu r a
edcriek (ir.n -ay t!io-e very words
few evt tiin.'t belore In r chaiiL'e of
f irtnne,
' 'I In y inu-t i,
1 I n ii-t have a 1
e'l I O. I Fill' ore
put 111 wnf
r .li.-!.
I'.r tl
I. ('
Mrs I .:. V
cmed li'-r tti-k,now. with
I i -i iiei : I uily
tlio-e hri.'l.t. 1 ure
lloei:- lv lier, tilling tier
nu with their deli, ions fragrance, 'i hat
day iiinr.l v.ry In-ppy. She ciu'ht Im t
s. If thirl in;', wondering, if it were really
l'r d. ri. kin ay w ho h it t In m. Y. it mu-t
have I
Son., bod
w ,.
kind, -he lie
licre M.d more ; for thel a
came evi l v day a
v nit:. 'p-i.t. I here
Ii tin in. aii 1 there
no , ev
on o a
v rr 1 .line :.n irnn-
v-rva 1.1 . d , f. .r : he felt she knew win it
is tha- s. nt t In In.
She wa- v. tv nun h surprised, wlcti one
ruing, at th- u-ual time t -r the fb w. r- to
pear, tie re was a knock, and l . ing t-bl
0 in- iu, there i nt. red, not Mr-. Daniel.
but I retiri irk lirsv. IF- had in his hand
the t u in Ii of fh.w.Ts; and there was in bis
rye an t x pre--io.: -o kin I. r -ii ii. -t and , rave,
that lirat-e It It all til l ai ra.--inent whe h
at the lir.-t glance s f, i. p,.. away; and
rising ;T aei't ili; v , he c M-iele 1 In r hand , anil
sac I, with In r hew .tchingly sad ami -. nth:
' I am
SO very
been are
very gl nl to m-o y .u, al'h vigh in
itb ri lit a pi... e f.on. what 1 have
eUst' to lur. t y ou III.
y ,01 difb-r. n! :' h" l.-k. d
dipt rent :' I ' !io I 1 b-'pc anil believe
111. 1. .'
' Mi
that I
' 1 In-11 1 am h:i py.' lie
thought, and then added, s,
arc -,'ine di-i o-in-ns that c
1111 hai pv.' lie ionised, as if ill
ioiisly . There
inge of f'lttltie
sour", and 1 was told by s, mboily that it
had s- i hang-d you, that, although poor,
and wo'kii..' I t y-ur daily br. -ail, you were
nrr.tgaul and cx.n ting I h it is the ria ,on
why I have let been sooner ?'
' ( I, ho eoiild have t-bl you so'
'Mis Cravtoii; ami she was a friend of
V uirs, niitl said she wi-hetl to conimiic so.
"but y -ll were so haughty she gave up all lcpcs
of doing so.'
' 1 1 a v .' up all h-p.-s of doing o '. exclaimed
(iraee, her pale lace blushing, and her dark
eye, blazing. 'Yes, well she might, It I
did not choose to do some w-rk for her. v hich,
as she said, she had already- cut and ha-ted,
that ' might make no mistake, and which she
gave to me n-t because she needed it. but
merely for charity's sake. Y..11 do not think
me haughty or arrogant for doing so'' she
said, turning to
her companion with her gcll-
th-, earnc-t look.
.No 1 did n-t tl
l.ri.rtl.'ssri. -.. in the 1
nk li
V as so mucl
' Don't think 1 nu unhappy h.-re; f r I .1111
not. M..n i very many liu-nds have prov
ed true, fast fiicm!- in my trouble, and the
hue of those e-inpciisateii me for the loss of
evcrv thiug
' Si;-- Mai bin.l, ( 1 1 a.'-, v by did you re
in to 1 ic to mother - .' she would have
guarded y-n tr-ui all t'n-e insults. She
would have l .ved y ou as her own daughter.
Will you c, ine now ? 1 do not ask you to
come a- an adopted daughter, hut ih my vv lie.
(I (iraee, dear (iraee, ' and be seized her
hand, and drawing her toward- him, h- look
ed earnestly, ph ading into In r face.
She raised her dark eyes, ami looking nt
him calmly, said, 'Mr. (iray, reflect upon
hat vou have said. I am only a serving
; no rich, s, 110 11 .thing. What will the
Ll .11 w li. oot In announced .' Mr F red
itu k ir..y t .Mi.-. Mailml, s. aiu ire-s"
She dropped her ryc for a second, and then
without;u'iv ing him lime to answer, said, sad
lv, ' No) 1 am not so selfish as to let yu suf
fer nil thai. You will h ave ine and seek
some other wife, and the world will praise
the choite yu make, ami you and they will
for-i t (iraee Marlaml, oln r the courted heir
ess, now a seamstress. '
' ( I, (iraee, do imt say that. Do y ou think
that because you are 1.0 heiress, I do not love
you .'
I love you more than I .lid then ; lor
tl, ... cm will never change. What
will the fashionable world say .' Say ! Can
they say ai.vthiii" T Are y,.u vulgar or ig
norant ." l'l.) looked at her face and he saw
there an answer to hi ipi.-lions, for her eye
w:.:s cafkniT ag-uiu
C.isbiii"' again with .corn, auu Uo..u
her land in both of bis, be said bis face ,
i usually so pale, was flu-hed and resolute : !
i n i . ; i
ins eye iianiug, ami upon Ins lolty brow ami
temples tlie tduo veins sinning,
;racCi listen to inc. and strive to believe
. ; for c-en on the short ticuuaintauec of
whirl. T l,.,vo tl. 1 iw , ..
J " " . . . "' """'j
know strangely little of ine
1 have told vou
mai i love you tnal it lies m vour power
10 cus the joy or desolation of my life
ai'd J' M'r to doubt mo ; morki,,.- ,ny
earnest words with the assurance that I will
l...l . l...r i i .1 . .
iiuu u.iv uiuiv wunuy u. anu uc u.aiiklJl
that I was not accepted. Tell me, V.wv,
J Tiailsed. and fixed hw ll:irl ..vr-a nn
..... i ...
ners, 1 111! I g llll 111 I ) .
1 " .'ri.-.rise rr..- if J .ae .iVi .iilo.. J
; did not intend to .to so. Jiut ill iiivVr.-'cnt
' circuin.-tanccs, poilionle., and tori ru it
fermed ititporisiblu (or anyone to wih to
, marry me, she siiul, sadly. In an instant
; he was ly Iwt :lt nnd rxelaiiiicd :
j , .or ivo ,e f;raf.t.; forj,ivc lhc? r;
I i i i i .
n;iy wor'is Hl.ieh have causcl you pnin,
ami ma'le yi ilo yoiir-i,-;: the injii-tac to
suppo. e that fortune or popularity could add
to the value of your own true wurtli.
"W I. :it Vj me or any one else, v ho desired
..,,. ,.. n fn,....
your love, is loitune or po-itiou coinpan
with yourself, your pen. rous nature, and
unsellih heart ; I , (iraee, deare-t, he w ho
hues you once, loves y on ever. For ny-elf,
dearest, I can only see in your loss r,f for
tune and fri'-nds, reasons why I should love
and cheri.-h 3011 more. Jiut if some think
otherwise ; fear h"t. (iraee, only trut in me,
and a- lur as 1 1 11 in an power can, I will shield
you from sorrow and sin.'
lie had retained her hand t'll now, vhen
he h t il drop, and now he ;
. I
race, our
lid il 110 1
y our lriiid
i v ou come
is IV. ,
and be my v i,e .'
(iraee did not dare to raise lur eyes, but
plae. d her hand in his.
'),; 1 .ice can y ou tin y ou, indeed, love
inc .'' Will vou 1 :il i v give me this dear
hand ."
' Yes,' she iin-wcrcd in a low trembling
v 'ice.
' (I, (iraee.' he said, as h,- cla-ped her to
I. is heart, and his voice sank into those low,
rich tones which feeling always imparts
'I know I ft( I tee. that the one foil
11 ol in y lite is re.di. ! : ! h il
Yet I can 'av nothing. 1
yiU l'.vc
can only
us ; that
nir fi. to re
ing, guid
, we ni ay
leei and pray that iiod may Id.'
be may give n,e power to make y
life repay lor (lie past ; and that loi
i.'"', a lei pi r !ei tin each o! In r h. I''
walk through life, a- tho-e v li 1 tru.'.I t J c-
( II VP'S l it tit.
Surrounded by In r friends, (iraee Mar
land stood bt-foi - the altar a bride. The
ceremony over, the travelling carriage of
Mi .. .irav, wa packed, and at th- door to
convey the in wly nianir.l coupn' to the
steamship pier, whence they wcie to. start for
the continent.
Moii'h- hue r-lh tl on, and an cb gant car
riage draws up to the do ir of a splendid
inan-i. n iu the Kigblh Av.huc, New York,
ami through the llch curtain you can see
the r ' uns are .-pletidiiily lighted ; at the door
stands an old gentleman w ho it impatient to
w. h the new et un r-, who prove to be
Mr. ai. l Mr. Fi -IcMrk (iray, just ;cturucd
from their t-ur.
' Dt ar I'ncl- William, I have told Freder
ick all. as we t .line up fi - ni the steamship,
and he forgive- me the dec. t.on. ami i.s very
r ady to r-ecive yur excuses for aiding a
voiinp and romantic m h e in her love notions,
lew that he has secured that self- unie
for himself.' Speaking thus gaily, (iraee
ran up stairs to prepare herself fir the ball
given, that evening, iu honor of her ntiirn.
The company had all assembled before
(iraee and her hil-l.and made their 'ip.-ar-:
anee. F.vciy body wa eagerly cx ci ting
h. r, but very few were prepared for the vis
ion of womanly beauty which burst upon
them ; during the pa-t months she had a.--ijiiired
a Id on 111 and beauty which only in
tense ha;, pines can give. She wadresed
in a dark, rich, crim-.-.n satin, which can
ed In r complexion t" look more beautiful
than ever. Walking into tin room, she -said,
bowing :
' I see many, very many dear friends t 1
night, who have come to welcome the tired
traveller home. 1 thank tl.clu. lint I al-o
see,' and Icr face lighted up with scorn,
'very many dear friends, who, when they
'thought 1 "had lost all this world's g a..d,
treated m- with h nighty, in-oleut eoii b -secn-i'in
and who are here, let welcoming
ine h uiit', but welcoming III V return to th
f .ll.ll.o I never b-l. ..! C O.-. nt. d !.- '
up for a while, to prove who were real, true
friend. Many, very many in of than I
dared hone, j .1 --ed through I he trial tin -e a til
ed, shinning briebt.-r than bci-iv. 1
to '.ct' them all hcif.
bowed again, and turn-. I to 1
ngratulatioii of her real l-ieiid.
in the confusion, her fortune's fiiends
off. The party at the end of the evening
was not so large as at first, but it was com
posed of all those friends whom ho change
would ever a licet.
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick ( i ray still contin
ue to be the stars of a select circle ; cheering,
comforting other, and being happy in the
effort themselves.
si. M.i 1. .u i.xi 1 .'... 1 .
.!., ..-t . i. ix-i-.i.i'v -r
"I.a-t Saturday, Kev. Mr. Stiinsrn, of j made upaii the North-west side. Its line of
Castict'.n, w as invited to preach a sermon ! dcinnvkation is distinct; while, v.p.e.i the
in the church of Shodack, lev. Mr. P.aiiey I South-east side there is no outci.n. Tie
being -i. k and unable to olliciate. hih I superior rm-ks may, however, be s.-cr. dip
he wa 1 'dlcrlng prayer, preceding tlx. ser-jiing South-west their low.r edge l ing
, a white .love (lew into the church and I concealed ben. nth a thick mas of soil'.l.l-il directlv on his bead. Mr. Stinison I The following order of dep i-it may be oh-
aioieared a little startled, by the arrival of!
the unexpected visitor, but in a moment he
...l.ule r.i ,.'t hi lain ami gently remove. I
the bird. It (lew "ll the gall
j " .
-, . .
cry, hut niter
, J , , . 1
a few nioincnts it Ictiirnei
anil aiigtiieu on
the P.ildc between hi bands, where it re
mained until he bad concluded the prayer.
The dove was then caught by Mr. Sliinson,
and given to the sexton." Cluis'tun In-
Condensed from 1'rufit.i'ir liii-nun' Kcjinrl.
The iuvcMigatioii of ni'ir.
cultural u-cs, occupies a c ;
anil it'.'ii-h-r.ihlc
i l.i I' ii
vl 1 J-nnnons junori, mi.i Mim.ii e the following pracl.ral .su--e.-.tio.i.s.
Mai l is essentially a mixture of i:'mc al,d
da v. The mails are .!i.-ti'i:.ui-l,,. by dif-
. " . ... . . ..J
ifp'iii naiiirs, :i, rtu, blue.
'! he.e names are applied to I
iiril Marl,
jim-ti im--
aim value ar
'I'liP in :ir! 1 if ( ' i m p,... i-t
:rni-h all the
I .V
i ceiinty, non--',
and f.mnd
Ii itiliz' r, was
eo!iip'.Mti"ii :
Var.llei Wl.'eh lim.' 1 . , t
calcareous mail fioiu J 51 n . i
si.-tiii'' alnm.-t holly if -!
by fAp.:.-!eiie.! In be a .;oo-'
found to have the f..o',;.x
r.lex "J.".U Alumina, ph"' hat
of Inne,
a:i'l iron, i
lo I'liihoiiatc i-f li.iir, in.."ri-
.''"giie-ia, (I.... J ot i.-I. n:ui'
villa, a trace.
1 H t .,u:ilitV,
, ' I. the (.'ape
.Numerous mail bed", of e.e
lire l.iimd at liilliTent place.
1'e'j;', e;i-o, Tar, and lloaie
the vicinity of Kliz.ibeth Ci"
striituni Iron, two t three !
, it f
t t'aiel:, coii
h, Ac. lioth
"ittom of the
tjining ci')ir.jiit.:s, shark's te
teeth and C"proiite3 lie at the
.structure, mixeH with sonn
.Hid roun
irl bed, at
thit k, and
d from the
.led p.'bbh s of tjiiarU. The ..1
l.rovtn's laiidiug', is three ft et
contain inuch grtfii stun! dc i
ci'etiieeous (chalky) formation
valley of the .N'eijse is d. epi !
than tue (.'ape hear, and hen
lar-ier supply of marl beds. '
of New lieru has been lolii' 1.
bounding' in mail. N v bcd
ly brought to lio'ht by acinic",'
by careful exploration. Tl:
marl upon the Tar lii. r an 1
and 11. on the lioaicke mv a!
o-I'.W. in.-
an! lower
furni-lies a
I he vicinity
noun as li
re fn ipie:,i
. as w d 11.
b ; .- s i.j
- bianci'i'S,
iiejiort ant,
Xtcllded l:o-
' ''l of
lilts hl.O.ll J
hut our limits will prevent an
tier. They con-tii'iie a iru.
which the siirroiinniiig' inhai
proudly avail thcm-el es.
The experience of plant ts
marl ctaidishes the imp -.rtant :
application, for a year or trto.
CXCpt ill Mll'ti' IllJtl hi It l: s, '1
practice is, to begin wi:h a sr.;
and make hubr.ptcnt additi..;
ti ui to the amount .f or .;.! ti
ed to the soil. The l'r if,- ji- t
like the fdlowing worthy of tri
Spread ii on .in acre tcvi n;
of tin: 5(1 per cent marl, and
the Use of
M, tha:, its
- injur: ou-,
. ' .nun .11
I .'i iii'.iiy,
' ' VV ll
1.1 p
...s. When in hi ;
, and s.-vv dow 11 ry 0
-t.:,i. Ju
-1 1. 1
or V.'g. t '.
d and h
it and wo:
so i-atit i,t
w II have g-.o - '. i ; "
ent amount . f t
to admit of one
hundred bu-hrl
buiid n
at th.
e matt.-r
y or 1 wo
ing time.
"li! s"iis
, 11 : 1 ii not
heir i'cr-
Iu the r. sforalioii of 1
it i- ad ', i-able to cx
t . exp-ct too ihmcIi at lirst, w h. 1.
tili.atioil is ittt' Inpt-tl.
li. neath the shell marl, and n
an older formation, are found
the age of the cretaceous rocks -The
substance called -. 1" .voc. :
by geologists to this formation,
liz.r it is even superior to shell :
color is pre. n, and i composed :
particles d' sand. The deposit
made up of this matter, and has i
from New Jersey to Alabama. '
seen at i.'.ack Hock, and mar V
upon the Cape Fear, its cam). .-
- .-its ,,f
r. I rr. l
- a fcrti-
arl. It's
rr. gula'
niaiul v
1 I: found
i:- be-t
'ti i I v
presented in the fdlowing auub. : S
'.I. -Ill Fotassa, li.10 l'rnf.sidf . f
lo.-o Alumina, .5.1-1 Water, ' il.
piantity of j'ot-i-h is fre(Ueiiiiy 'i.t .1
four tier '.. mire. To this sub-Mi.e-it
rti.izing cifeet. have been attril .'ed.
lu the vicinity of (hll-boro'
aj'l'ears of considerable ext-ii.
ik" the
itll marl and green sand.
S I i ' 1
not y. t d.-lan it geological 1.
formation iJ 11 consolidated marl, r
stone. The good efl'ect of this o r
,can d in it- uc upon an cxh-vi- ' ;
i-f bind, producing a fine growth '.' t i
A stone marl at Wilmington, lying Inn
ittely Ujion the green sand is co:,; v
fooows; Si'.cX, 'ii't.OO Phosphate -f
and iron, o.t'ti Magnesia, II. l'J I a-1,
of lime. 7v.'.lHi Clrganie matt, r ,v v
J.lill. li. ds of stone marl ar- fiui - i'.'
1 1 1 1 1 0
it 1
joil In of ordinary- marl, eonsolnoiied by
th- matter tlu-v contain. The n .-.'! stone,
W lie
11 caretntlv loirnt ami gro-,imi, mai-c an
fertilizing material for .
1 lc-
In a gc ol
longs to
boinfi rou.
ica! point of vi-vv, I
sy -teiu "t ro.
'I he thlcknc-
s ot ai. I i.e co. l-
beaiiiig rocks is great. In Peiu;-y ' v ania
tin- s-rii i several thousand f-et thick, lu
th'.- Mat 1 , it is -1 in rally run, 1 tlv 1 t.i .1 I Sic
coal bearing r icks are of an age newer than
those of Pennsylvania. Tin mcmlu r com
iiosing the stii.-s in which cal jt known 1 .
. xi-t in -x.
fdlou-.: 1
,icd p. hide
J. Sali.'.st-
th ( '.11 olina may he avian ;
( 'oiig'i.mi. rate, ni, l ie up -I 1
of tp.artz, an 1 .''.- In: d 1
c ol .lift, rent eol-r, nio-t.v
1. -.
ami t
of II'
i v ariotis degrees of hard ue-.. '!
, green, am 1 mottled. I. Fire-.-i
."i. Argillaceous oxltit' and 1 11
ill, iu nodules, li. A ,n cC'-sioii
. " The Deep liner c nil h
i- :
form of a trough ! The int.
tend farther than the .-uteri.
be regarded a beginning 111
tv, in a wedge-form, or "".if
outcrop may be traced tic la
1 1 tl'
r vk
inv iile i
, in a .-
",r i: -'
V.f-tel V Oil 1 . ii
.... to the
Ill-field, th
hue. In tin coal lie!,l, tie rpliit fa, I'ccu
1'arniv iile ami Home ilie
mine: 1. Shaly sa
antlsfones, with fine clay
Seani ot coal, tliree icet iiiu k. . j our
. - . . .
..... 1 .
tret et sami.-ioiie
1 . , 1 .. ..1.
4. Oi
foot of coal, and
li. Coal, three
.1' slate. S Coal
tirc-ei iv neueaiu.
'.. Shal
feet thi. k
7. Fifteen fci t
seam, two lu t th
thick. IU. Coal
tire-clay. 11. Sin
tU.r leUls. Thi
ck. !V Slate, ten inches
cam, four feet thit k, and
les, of variou colors, with
cjil, ura-c'.-y, wU'i r.:..-
laeeousirou ore, belong to the division ofl AN KXTKN.SI V K CONSl'lUACY. A SriiXK IS TIIH WUITK riUUSE-
slates. Fin -clay is a mass of line, iirgilla-j ;,v. Ji. Smith, of the Man-dhld (()! Ol.I YIK'.LNIA F.IKC'I FI).
ccoiis matter, of a rreeiii-h co1"!-. The iron State-nian, lias evidence that the Ji. -other- j The editor of tl.e llrie (I'a.) Observer,
is the common argillaceous oxide, mixed hood of Thieves, the existence, of which was ' ,;, r dale Mart-l. i!lt, writer to hi- paper
with the carbonate, occurring iu nodular proven 011 a recent trial for burglary, in from Vasl.iiivt.-ii, phut' the following
concretions. j.nke com ty, Ohio, extends over every State uinusing aneeilete as hai iug actually oc-
The f.vo varietic-- of coal, the bituminous in the l.'nion. 1 Jessys: . e.irr.'d between the I'ic.-itlrnt and an up-
and semi bituminous, pas-ing into anthra- j 'c are aware of the exihtenea of said pli'-awt f-r a iila:: lo-toline appoint
cite are lound III the Deep Hiver coal-field. ' i,,, , . tie coufosion of one of its mein- .... nt :
I he bituminous is .scarcely equalled for line- 10 had 'too much conscience for such liv-the-bv, ih.-ie re some Mucev scenes
ness ami execlleiiey i tlm country. It is a lirolla.lll0uj, jc s,llt(.,l that they were cna. ted at ilie hit,- 1 1 -,u-e ' about, th,-..
lngldy con.bustib.c-, ipmted, t..l burns , ll!mil(.(l t..ther for robbery, theft, counter- 'da vs.' F.-r in.-tavc, tin- other .lay a tall
with a blight ihime liKe l.ghtwood for a ! 1Villl)gi mA Ilm!er, and "to piolect each - f'Hd Virginia" pie-mted himself !0
oi.g tiiue. I or fj.-ge u-e, it is un-iirpasscdiotll(r fr1,n the fangs of the law, by the I'lc-id.-l.t, I sli.-i i. ::.g him w.iiuily
l.y any coal m market; ami f.r jcrlor grates , wUleM.s fur each other, ;.,d getting on ju- bv the l,....d, tjcelait... d -' W ell, old f. How,
it, 1-; hot., p easant, reo.iom.ea!, and lrce;ric, . tl(y cou,l. Death, he said, was I .. glad to c v. .. ; 1 ;.m, 1 vole.l for Ju,.
Ironi dirt. 1 he localities which have been :, 1, r.(.,,,,i r nnv , ,.,.--,.'. ' ' ' ' '- - ' ;" n i arm-1 or paiih, or of any of the brotherhood, or in one of So- Haiel.-t ways. Fet,' coi.ti-
viile, in the same iietghboi ht.od, the Tay- of anv ,(,. bdit y to th. ir secret obligation:-, '-u.-d 'old la ' I ... ti i'.,r y. n, and
lor, the (ii.lf or IJoilon, ami the Murchixm j He'farther ,-tates that this .-eielv h ex- ! now I v am to 1 e y, -n.ia-i. r dc.wu in our
mim.". The II ut -n miue has been u.-ed the : Ul,J,.,l to every state in the I'ldoli has ' v ill:- : , h. le's th- .'. i 1.' n' a',1 m ;he
Lu,g, -t. It was known in the Revolution. : hrauclies and high officers in all the Slates ' 'lead : no use . .vaieiioi th. ir, bet make,
and a report made to (7,ngrc,s re- p-etinp it, tljal its member., BL.,-e numerous and r, - (be e nm L-i.,,-. ,-:;, k, l-r 1 mu-t be
1. st, 11 . xtant. Jla l the views ot that re-1 ,.,.t:,blc, ii.auv of them oeeupvii." itnpoi taut - ' V- ry happy s e yu. said I'.,
p ut been earned out, we can scare, ly tell , sl.ltjnil3 anj liayw, a wide ilill.'n nc-, some .' bur you in:..-t go 1.1 tl.e I'.-iiiia-tcr (ieii
what a-t .i,i,,ing results would have been fMe ,cml,cr, 0f and (iiureh.dVi- crai -he charge oi :.!! that kind rd bui-
l1""'1 "I l"'!ml:"ioii. the ctit.'r-i,.,,,, .,,! ,lth.u, ,., (. f,.,llH f n i.j ,,,, i.e,-.' I'..-tn.a-ter ti. n, ral bo dd, shout-
pii,:-aiid 1, sources ,,t the State This cab .,., Iw a blessing at table, and . ed 'old V iiginia,' 1 liilnt vote tor him
field is kno-wi to extend thirty miles, in the foiling to family worship. Thcs" state- I didn't know I im and don't want to;
! dii. i:ti"ii ..f outcioji, ami to be w orkable lor inents were made' in 1 onlidenee, under , y-u're the man 1 voted tor ; and now I
..t breadth of three miles. 'J he J'rotes.-or i cumMilees calculated to leave little or no want to be poMmaMrr.' Here the J'rcsi-:th-n
enters into eaiculations whieh go to ,lotiL,t of theh truth. Tl.e name of the hum- , ''t t ...k aiclh. r tuck : 'lint, my dear
: prove tl. lit if this coalfield covers only FI ble pi niteiit confessor dai- not be given, as friend, tin- 1 ceoi ds are all kept down at the
' h.piure mil'.s, th..- lowest estimate to be ta- ' j. vv,,,u. ccilai'.ly be to dea'ih if his toihee dej.iirtui.'i.t ; there they keep all
j ken, it would le.jiiire over three hundred confo-sion - hould coin.: t ) the knowledge of ' i.e names of the po?tmasters, and there
'years to remove the coal Ir mi a tliou-a ml ; tlv p,, Otheihoo.l. " you -ni-t tile your .apirs, ami they will be
1 acres, or right th'.-1-ai..l six hundred years,: '(. ro can j, ttn don't -f tl..-cxi. t. ic- .l.tiy ut-ivd upon.' ' 1 1 is n:une I w by I kmw
Jr -ii f.-.ry-thr.-.: .-I'sar.. l;.;!..h. Nei.ce, the f ,1,;. coci-ty, and it i . :i .larf'll t..t.- of I...- i: l o t s all you want,' pei..Mid
.strong.-t c-.ii!id.-i..-e n.ay be felt both as to tiilngs, and shows to what u-cs .scene v can tl.- would 1- p.. tin .-it r ; 'his name is
the sal. -ty of, and pcriuaneliey . j,,it. To have seen t oat hhound and" ban- .loi.u ."i..rh. !... he's j.. ( a little the i.icnii-
,!" '.led r..bber-. thieve and iniir.b r.-rs mixed r-i W hig ! ,t.',,,n .1; Uixer and the ...... and S:-.l..'sc-miities coal- ,, tlie c .minonit v, and enlering into F:g s .11, dy .' Ihc l'r.-id. i.l 1 u.n-1 he had
! .ring ro !, have b-t 11 known to exi.-i for find!;, at. ! sp ing out all our pr.'ei.nts p-- :l ' i:.-t-',' and i.e mad .-holt v.oik
a 'U.:.i: r -d a ceni ny. Ti r.ieks are tJu., at tiv ,..,,,' ,;li. ii ub.g vdh u-, ..f it. by ailing S.igc.i.t O'Nei.l, and
Miioi ir t , those of J.-, p Fiver, in Chatham going to the sacred coiimifinj ui, i ti n- w-dl im li.- -I. ' .!.'. 'iiginia ' out. This
.111! .M. oie counties, and eon-i-t of th- same v hornble state of society. so it Is-, i- n- ! y -k.-u h, r.-ader, the
.., mbcl-s. Th- 1 covers a smaller ... kn nv not the danger to 'which thi nl:ir..i 'iid :o tua.iy take lace .iui ing the j.ast
area than that ..1 Deep Kiv.-r. It is exp .-. d. ,l(!lv ,.X -,, us. but tl.e coiuimiiiitv oulit t w..-i.. neaily in th- 111..U11. r ami form us
at several point Ir-m 1. a!:, -vr'e t . lier- iK. 'apprised of these things, and we have maul a!
ni nito.,, but it ha- I. .t be. M.lhc.ei,lly es- eun.iudetl to s.iuu.l out the alarm. j
j 1. red t) d-vel-'pejn cxt.nt, or its n-he. 1 . Mmilar society was formed in Kiir-vpe ' lil.t'l. Ill I" IK 15AI I.1K AI.
. aiuu.- 1 ioou. T- 01 u,e upp. 1 1.. w r. -i
... .......1 :.. i ... ... ... :..t.
.-, 'i,. ..... i,.t. .-iic.i.. .. ... in. ii'iou ttinoi
can he: ' r-cMve letl.iug lii"i ':l,an a puss-
"M "" ' 'I1" M' "' bre-cliiy.
on 0x01-i t ir m. line sf-i.e.of mien a- tua-
li'y, jd'.-t. r :.;! salt, m -n,..l!
ii. - -ion, in great abui..latice, mi'ltoi.e,,
and shab. 'Ihe slat- ot tl.e cal s.nes be-
ing Ir.-.;:'..-, and ra-ily may be
ll-- I as a f, ,-.::., T. It I- eon.p.. d of f,!u-
mil.::, si : v, carbonate mci pho-pbate of bine
and i-t.! h. It is best a.iajted ti siiidy 01
1 .' I-.. eo'iuv, a v;.liif.b! c. -o-r'
1. v.oi,-' ' l,,,s I ... .iv'.'i;
cvered. T! is min- had bee, profitably
worked f. r many ve-ir- for -ol ! It ha's long kn-wn'. Cat tin- :.;.r ileroii- juri -
te, eon-i-t of ti - sulpburet of iron, and
th" s'llphui ct of ,-o,r. In .x'l icti. th-
gold jr.,,,, the Mili.hi.nt. tlm copp. r
been her. : .tore n. gleet, -d'. and allowed to
I a-soft' in t!.. wisl.i-,.. Acieii.pts li-ivc
been lately made, with th mo-t fl itfrring
Mice, s 1,,'it ,.;,!v to -.iv- t' e cop-., r of the
auiiltroii- p-.ritcs.but'to wiirk' the mine cx-
rliisivt 'v f .r";l i-in. t .1 'J he i iin- tinis far
has prov. d u- profit;., le : 'il. copper brim-
io the hi -ii. -t price iu the N'. vv York mar-
kr't. It iV probabie that many other gold
mines in the WcstiT'.i Cou-,i ie.,, at which c. p-
,, ... ... 1 .- 1 .1 .. .. . - i r
i:tt!e v :. 1 1 . wi.i
they so rh hi t
Ye h .v.- liov i.iti lit'. iii
1 ..i ....
loited !' c ml. n-. 1 r.b-tract of the ino-t
practical j -rtion of Pr.,f. F111111 on's K, port,
omitting mueh that r late to ge-log'cal tor-
. ... , . ' . . ..
ifi.tii.'ii- .110 1, I 1 1 1 t t. 1 1 . . 1 , 1 . 11 t i 1 1. 0.1.11
be reil.itctl by the . -.i, reader
S,. t vi ., . r-i . 1 ,e., ' rri-.o o-eur r'troo.-h
tl... i,-i ,.f '... It, .'.o f I...-.., i,, i.t-..
He, we are in!' e in di to :.e una void at le
a '"sell
.,1, ..,,,.,,: tl, , .,.:, a. in it .eii.'ii.'.t'i ,11
u l ag- l'i'l, the l'l--!'
say-, the Tu-
1;;. in beauty i r ir. 'y ex.-llcd, and th
Magnolia, among the tree of the forest, i
like :, .oga,,.;.. , liv "Tuiij," we .-up-
p .-" the author iu, an- the Tulip tree ( Li, i-
...b mlnn t i',p. f.-ra ) " The M:ig,io!ia," of
which we have s-vernl specie, is truly a
beautiful tree, r ' ing, however, ne, "
nearly a pig-antic blv thin a rose. AV'e fuel-
Iv h "i- .".ir hot "nit al I n h-s w ill al-o be t jl-
ly exaei,'. 1, ;, 1 il, i; 1 banns dl, play, ,1 be-
fo, th, Si ate -s-i'-vty i b.-.,ught to a el .c.;
(.11 page 1 in, Kmg s M yuifiin i spoken
a I'.'ing in -utu 1 arolina. llu i an or-
''" Xing' Mount . in proper is iu .North
Ca- '111:1- the 1 alt!.-gr end of th at
a f"V e.i'es dlstanr, i in - .ii'h CarMh.-r
1 o, ,'.,e wli de. the Pcj.ort i highly va-
lu ll la -ind iut' ii'-tiu-. Ji- -o'lnd pra.
:...., in,.. mi . -le. is, 11 ninny I . in vco,
will be . niiiicntiy b, uelieial '. , the ngi ieil-
tiiral roieioini'y. Web-ntilv eouoneiid its
I- ri-al to ail vv I,., in. -iv v i-l, lr more r.T. n
' il.f' !..... !'. . ve.a! j. . t of
a tneli it t ; , a; -. pr. -ent u
a- it
ur min. i al -. o.'.ii.iioi,.
h. il.
l!:. Sol'!.!"-: l'l.!' . 1 1 T V M I'ii ANi'll
(- Hi-t tie' t tlur it.iv, in r a iitig ihe
:.....'. ..f the ri,:.t Fi. ml. author, A
1, a:,,i.r D.iin-i. a M-ntioii -f the eircutn
t.iii.e to which vv ti ar- iuii bt. d l-r Mr.
Sonic', i. ;:,;;i, rail. ui t a:;! sit'l. nient. iu
the Fuip-.l States. A, it may be int.-ios-t
;:i- ... ,r :-i' n r., j. n ::.-n! 1 1 ly a! 1 1
wilt ll th- lli-llll Oli-il, d gclltlcillilll is ill ic.-.l
cite, we cop tlie ti au-laii an for ihe K le
hi ot those who do let n:id the IV m h : ' ..'.. ,:(.ki.t j, a:; j,0 ,.,,
'l',!Asi. v i n.N. 1 11 tl r intimacy Mery ' UVi cn tiK. pdii-n and State highl
and liai t iilcui v ' lived at (in. time one ol ,
the .iii.cipie eoUer ol a journal cain u in.
Yellow D.viiif. This euitor wa naineti
Ie had been two months in pri-on
f..r an aitich on San D.n.iiigo. lie unl not hi rxpcii.nce of j ri--u life, lie .
j hapjoncd to bear a strong resemblance to
P..iit!i. b'hiy. w hich permitted of hi using l.i,1
,,,-o.ort. 'liaillii lcuiy but it to him. Soul,,
1 . 1 '.' i- -. :
th"l to union, ami 1. o me 1 i,iieu
I si. .le. wtierc he is now the first lawyer of
New Oi lcan, and make by Li practice
o-s hujdr-sl u.wii,ad i'.-u--. y-r."
n n", by Zwack and King...
1 . .
wlin h contiiiiied u n years, nii'l wa-tlii-n i r ..
ken uj, by the discovery of tii-ii pa n r-1 11 tie'
Kll)d-,. raing of Zvva.-k. They h ad 1 ceeii t
,m, lur i;, alonioii, filling r -m with
.iy-,t.. ,.,r., and divi., .ii:..- iielii-,
thiiiirh. and scores sof counterfeit seals. W-
hM j-,.,;, c ,., hear of the like detection
a.,d disniptioi, of tl.e one that ha made it
wm,, .,.(h ..'
, Til 1' I ! V -iT X I . Pl .'-;.
)"nu' ilU,",' 11 ""'" are con-taiit'.y en
tdoved on this stupendous 'structure, whir
now attracts a large sh-ire of public att. n-
'", a'"1 tllr work progressing rapnliy.
Z11 vu'''k ,h" "l'"'"'r "'"f11"'1 " '' 1 "
Mill further mcrea-.d. V e .earn fi 1 Mr.
'' 1;' 1Vt""'!'1- "!"' i'l'cirnng I.hgi.ircr.
,,'"t tiicre is in. doubt bur that a! ot the
I'or"" t1"', bui.u.l.if w.u be . .on-
i'" tcd'.v tl.e ht Jtinc. V ith the exc p-
tion of the duuie, the 11 on work of tin p or-
t'"" 's vor.v,;ctir toini'it ti.'ii, and tne
(-'rlil1 I,ai;uo '"'.-'"," "! 'b'Vciopei, iu it-
't ateiy j.ioj, . lion-, the de-igned originally
' pro-ctor. The i-frer
rr,"i,',its 11, of pillars rods, r-p-s,
ami timbers, Willi men thickly seatu it d. and
"'"king the air resound with tue clatter,
clang, and creakin g of th.-ir imjdcni. nt.-.
Curious visiter arc cxclt:
V a vv.
enclosure, with gut--keeper, but the city i
daily visited bv increasing numbers. J he 1
uiumit of the reservoir is tin? favorite In ik-
" l'1"- 1 " 'J'bui'sday last it is tMima -
" '-t l.-s than o.t.tH) person vi-it. d tne
,.,..,-,,,:..,,, I! . I, ve ,,f I a. l,r.,s.CI
there alb.rde 1. A large nunib. r -f str;
In ii'ly atti acted tJ the city fy
the presence of the palace
The .uui,ti:y of ii .m use 1 in the -ou-t me-
Hon ",i ihe w hole iiuioiiug w.u ne nearly
1 '"" I '- I lie gall, no-, winch ar : o 1 f-.-t
wnte, contain " .-ipiaiL- in;, or am.ui
one :ore ami a half; and the gioiind Ilo
H. -l-5re h it, or nnoui,-s
bult uiaKt.ig a Mai area -I 1 .
!"l"ar; or "l'arl.v four ;ii :'1'
T:'1' cMreme length of the Mru.ture 1
:!,i"' ''''' 5 lts 1" '--!;t ls '" lot:t- M'1' l':u'lu0
'11 cost uLJut .-"(',"""
u- nr. r ,1 with a young
of. ,uu, v..r v handsome girl, says th- edit-r
of jj,,, M,.r o.,;,.,ts' I,.v!ge, -, w ho ha the prill- ,
,,,.,,,,,,,( ,,f a large in.Teantl.c es- ;
t . ; S i-l . in . 11 1 in a nourishing country town.'
visit- dilhr. nt "dies a! 11-, .-t . -it T
,.urehae s.ipplic of dryg-.d-, hard- :.i
W Vl. c;,: , , ,., ,. ri, .-, -i. n -. n-','iat ',-. :.n 1 "'
,., t,(, .llutl,'iirpus saleal le whi.-h make
.. ,.- ' j misccll an, on-.-tore. She
,,i ike cmt la, t. all ;ich 1 u-i-
-ucu I u-i-i.r,
e lev t r
1 -lie i 't.i
- . ., . ... .),,. , , I,,.,. .m, .... I, i.i,
y t u. 1 t);,t -he 1-t -.,,1 ;,,
ignity, admiral -ii ai
I auu veiy prvity won,
'I'll- fdlowilig I- o:,il.-i'"l -: I Vf tea
ma .' by th. 1 1,111 n-. a t ic of Mi - -i,-i. pi
-,T iu,a nor .l"hn .1. Mt-llae.
For 'I ie .siircr C. F. Hemingway.
P..- u.iit r Madi-.-.n Me Al
V ,r . ,v;..ry ,.f th -'tat. W C. M:i-
F "i- Ar ;: v 1 .. .. IV i . '. u.
I 1 ,-! i ( .;i.n -':.'t.a'. D. i.i. t--'vV'i'.'.i
-!..-. '
i- -ri :..!.'.. : .,, 1 !.;.,.;.. o
I "1 lillOt o.UI' st'i.,,, .1-1.... ....
AN lYSTFll CA'!'i'llIN:i A Moi'S
In Aliehtovv 11, P.... one c v 1 niu g I' -t wot
the proprietor ot a le-iaurrut .. It a lew j noar jus jat0) ,,.,'u.til In- 1 .ant, with an
t.-rs standing in a Im-i'i on the fie. t; frm I .,,), I ,t u, p -g-t-ry . "If, said
the heat of tie room they purti-il'y opt nod ; ! t,u, Jt ,-v ., ,lt . 1 ,--'t ' th.-j.v" it t heaven,
din ing the night it appear, d a 11,-u-c '"', ;t ttva:,l K- n. :'" .it .- i- w ay."
deitook M creep 111 between the sh.!':., ' '
. .1 . ........ f .. ........1 .... .!.., ..,.,..
w uen me 0,1 -n . ..i-t- u. n- ... 0.-.
i made it a victim. In the hi T'iing the ov,
' tcr wa picked up with the la-jure tijl.Uy
j.rwji U-twaou us iiw-I.
- .
I !-
Th- foil -v. ing e 1. t.i lien have lieu clee-
1 Fi:, t ! t lie- P.'. ne I'.;.l,t llaihoad
., '
. ' '"''
1 1 : 1 ' . j ll- ban. r g t ant- 1 at the
bet -' --. -o -I j Mi 1 ':: ..'ii'.i .egi-la-
1 ..i.-. ii. w.c ...... w . 1 1 -:::;:, ti.
A 'I . !, dm. .1 .111 .'..!.!. il. ' '. M Fi:ii...'.n.
II. i;,.:"iin, 'I . I.. Wragg. lb I - it Adgcr,
V. C. Dnke.
At .1 mi! -eijtn nt 110 "ting f the Hoard,
lleiiry i.itti'iiti w: . . 'itcti 'i Piv-idei t.
It is . :. '. 11. t th '.hi' e ' -i.-i r.f
l ' 0 :- -e i ., ..1, I 1 ' 01 gi.t ioitl
.N !-.: C.ii-dsi , v.iii ... ie in itcd under
ic- , . 1 i'M"!i, ai-i With Mo- ; : 1 it vv , fin cii-
teq rise has i.ii. ady ;!.., lad . !b 1 - irui
1.,. n f th. .i-.'.-t . x; 1 n. c in tl.e c-i,-
' ' ' ' " "' n- .t.tlcati.n
ii. tl.e J. s m f t'..- St.ile c : 1 1 ,b ..ti,:, may
i,.- -a, y t s :hi -, vien -. but it is
l-I.-. v. . ri,,! ,-tr, rl-u.- 'd,.-taele will
ex,-t ,:: th..! ,-u.:,. I: it -I -..Id prove,
,. ,!.e v h b: r-..-.! cu be put
in -p.. ra'i u. m 1, -- than f-ur years.
in- lioiiiit. . ,e and i,i Krhroad is al-
r.aly l.r.n-ii. - ,..m Tennessee the
!:,-t l'.a,:i.ii ie price cui i' i.t stating (hat
biik- . f lading of no 1, -, than 4(M.'bale
have bvti. r.-c. iv.-d, an 1 this b the ireui-
tu us 1 , -i the !! nor So that,
' work a may. . n-t likely
to be a licinc. t r-o s 'vi. to secure llu lcgil-
in at-' f. iit-
ti,.- 1 -.Urj 1 i-t.
-( "i. Hi .' .stull
- Ji'-ci, ,.
')MF. PKi'Pl.K
1 t 1 ihink that a m w-papcr
n 1! iis'n tin ir iueiibraieii,
' '"1 . '
"! 1
n-.-i-t their J f-j 1 ts, e., Ac.. Ac, the cdi
t : and j-r 1 t-r the v. bile ncciviiig no
otht r con.j.t iisation than it word of thanks.
:; ticket of inv Itat'oii--'-it generally receiv
ing in .thing at nil. lien, t.T .-sample, is a
li 'te invitiog n- to att-nd a !ny ball to
ii-tie- ai -.'I'lii:;.!'. to 1.1. -mi. 11 that the
car w ill k-;.'.e and r- tun. at .-ueh and
1111 bo-ir for the are. -111111 id e tion -I tie gue-t
-lilt! ticket e:-l be had i.t -loll :i lo-ahty.
N w I'll ttii-'.f;-... v. id I.- t ir the
1 em tit of the I'l-oprit t r- ett i inatiag-r of
the 1 all at-O' -aid - i-t 1 ! t -n-s. It is mat
ti : t f i :i ; : l: Ti t 1 u- It will C" t us
lit en v to p.itdi-h it. We
u t .
w ! v we
-houl i take nr. in v - :t of our own .ekct
M.-r. !y to ,1 Iv.uti i.e and '.ea-e ti e May
ball manag-r-. And on eo'.-i'Ur-atioii
we ib n t bt-'.-eve we -hall d.) it.
VAI.T'API.i: Fli'.'Fll'TS.
Hil l, s.u vv'-.t u.'Ti-v and
I t .
let. teg.
' T ... P g-i',:---.1 -i u t I.e -ti'iigr-t
chin 'o an I all-,;.! - . :, -
r I ) bee - e I ., -0 rt ; .- 1 v "n I 1 (V
.I., h- :.:i I l.av e i.'.'ne ot
ni" Fx.ilte-' i 1 a Kjt'.e ( Mliee
le:c!v i.t
...1 huh I iict :-- t i-l for " f ig
nu 11.
'I b-c -e !' :--li. 1
-ii-pi' 1 ;i.
r.i i void -f
I O i t t oil"'
in, 0,1 - ur. I, tu' e
To b,eo,i-
in Spi as. bcnll-
illing tne i'1' .
f o t Print your
t ni
i ,. i ,e,.e .-' .', -I. Ti 0 Iblit a paper and
u ii t - I. -.' ,.
.... , .,
'. '
tl "''-'
An i-
, ' u" treat nrigi-.'ia-, chal-
w . -''' " spirit rappiog 11 ateriiily,"
i.--. le'iui ao-l 1 1 a c her-. iu tli"
:ei,n. o;. ,! ,1 .(hi, t. ,,u ,!,, x g ,.,,,..!
- - v
; "i.e.- a sin.le hieek ...1 his tald.' v. iiu-ii
e t 1:1" I -n Hint It 1 y 1. .: ,:al r:t:,- s
l'l 1 11 .f iii-il law..
... I 1 ,, ,1,',,.
o. ,-vli-. ' .1 1 ir j,- stone lying
- The I lot- ! St-it-h
.-s-.-s a huudrc-1 mil -
' ','i. n neit s ot ji-o'iie 1 . . 1 that the lo-t
1 i-to w-.u; -wfc, i. Uv.'wr tged.

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