North Carolina Newspapers

    Lcl of your knowledge and belief. So help
you Cod '. I" I lo"J
Obitjrationof the lirst Degree. You, ami
each of you. of lour ovtii free will and ac-
s?i.rd, in the produce of Almighty Uod, and
thc-e wituo-ses, jour riffltl haud resting on i
this Hily Hihlc and Cross and your left
Laud ricd toward llsaveu, '.r, if it be
A:eferreJ, your .fit hand retiug on, your
Lreast, and your rilil band riM'i toward
Heaven. iutokeuof your sincerity, do sol
imuly premise and swear that you will
not mak known to any person or p?isons,
anv of the signs, secret', mysteries or ob
ject, of this Organisation, unless it be to
thoe, whom, after due examination, cr law- j
ful in form at ion, you shall find to be iiumh- ,
l!-rs of this Ircaiiization iu g.iod standing ; '
that you will not cut, carve, print, stamp, or
iii w ay. directly or indirectly, expose any of i
t If aecrets or uljccts of this Order, n.T suf- ',
frr it to be acme by others, it in our power
t prevent it, i-.'ile: it be tor mtrue
tiou ; that, ij 1 mrr at you are connected
wi;li this ( lr.".iiizTti -in, if not regularly ili-s-niNsed
from it, y,n niil J. all tilings,
. po'.iiieal or social, so fir as this order is
tonce.ued. e.-Miiply with tl,e ill of tin ma
jority wli.Mi exrreed iu a lawful man-
ill u li it may ruiifliet with your pcr;o-
no. ..i ..iipr. ..i,.r f it rfnn irt nn-
;ct w(, t. (,;,;,' jtttr nt S'wi.wiV
, rt . '. ... ...
ISO'tshli't !.. lc Co.nfintiono the I int.
. .t.,t, ..t 1 ...y ... il Uf...
i iiuij "j .urn, uic, w ,fioi 17 mi- uiciio
m; which you reside, and that vou will not,
under toy" circumstance whatever, know-
, J , .i . f
,fly m-omtnend any un wor hy J-on for
initiation, or suSer it to be done it in vour
pjwer to prevet.t it. You furlhertnoie pro-mi-e
and declare that you will uot vote, nor
five yiur inflauiice for nny tnau for any of
fice in the lift of the People, uit!o be be
an Anicric-sLi-l rn citizen, in fav.r of Aine-rieaii-born
ni:in America, nor if he be a
Horn in Oiitlobc ; and that joa will not un
der any circuit. stances, erpoe the i.aiue of
any nutiib'T of this Order, nor rerenl the
i-xileiice of ueli an 'rganiz-ttion. To all
" t ho fore )in; you bind yo:ir.-clvp, under
lio no K'm ret, ally t!:an that of being ei
pcliel frnm I lie Order, and of having your
nam" p,-t, i! and circulated throughout tho
di fie re nt Councils of the I'.rted .""tales as
a perjurer, and as a traitor to God nud
yj ir cutitry ; a- r Leir; unfit to bo n-p!--y4,
entrusto 1, cjuiiteiiaueed, or suppott
i in any huines trstinption, a a poru
totally un rortliy the eontiJeiiee of all pood
n-'ii, :ii"l as one at whom tli2 fintr of s?orn
hiiTilJ ever le pointed. So help you (i od !
Kach aimwers, " 1 iio. ' J
Now Mr. I.-neL says he j oiueJ the Know
NuliiKiL'S i:i Ualtiin jre, and tiie Standard
n:i J otimr papers pul h-he l the a! ove astiie
cbl;a:i jui of the
Ntiiin ritu;il ; if
i true, .Mr. Leac'u
both tlu-t 3ert
tj ik ii j ! in '.!$' ti.i.-t u h'tgi;i'.i, and ac
eordinj U his owa as-ntloii ''. it; '.-rate-hf
tut i ivi'jnUi; vi'il lt,! t 'tii m. Aocord
iii;.' to the oulig ition above ptven ho prnini,.
e l '.hit lie w.ii.i-l " a iiiuk'- kiiou-H to any
j rnj i or . r.yms, ot tiunS, Sfcrtts
n -,..'r 1' .v, ur o'jects V tnt (Jrgunisattun,
A-:., 4 "," ani yet iu the face of day, he
e? fie sp.cli we pive above ' Now who
would have any faith iu a man who thus
jT5c!aiins t- tUe world hi-own diigracelind
kifainy ? 15jt more of this mm.
There is one i'jet wc desire to c ill atten
t; u ti bifore we elo-o. Mr. Leach snvs
that b join-'d the Ktrw Notbini in H.ilti- 1:IKF Kitllimrr V -i rt li ur rt.-Mit. m
. - . i, ... j ,
in effect, that he took thne tkgnts. How
doc that tallv ith the C xrour?s that th'e
men made of the K now N jiiii:i. ritual! H'e
I i.e... ... i i. . i
ii a i- vnr urinr u. nun, wi;ii.- n 3.M1!;J j
nt the olnce oi tup H.chiuonJ hn(j i;rcr, anJ
it ives only tuo irprecj. Thi extr from
fie Kn'jnirer office is dntcd March wth,
1 "". and vet Mr. Loach savs that list
1 ,iii.,ir, he took three itf'rett ' WLv the
other ti t b"cn cxrM-d ' Where is it and
what f- il! Why did not Mr. Leach enlil.t
eu the r sp'.ctatit iVtiioersey of the Frut.!:
lititcu C-jtiveti?ion on ti is ipictin ! LctLiui
reconcile loia state:ie-ut i! he can. with the
p'lbiieavioiis that !..'ve been made l y Lis
(.'.vii pirty prfs-c. In the i,ic:i:i tirn-'. we
wi.-h the l' rii'-v and I'ierce party of this
Tv.-.. c . . ... , ,
J.b-tuct j-iy of tuisswirt w.tnes-Lo, accor1-'ex;ie
in.' tn !.i own account, if he ha n it co:n
Uiitted lei'al ptrjiry. has placed hi inn If in
-it-ii a P'isi:' hi as wi.l nuke it perfectly ju,.
1 : Sable for the j.ab'.ie t diabelie . e ai v
tuiii ' be may s.iv.
i'.'0I Sl'ivmx (S An ea.-.tera
paper contain a siirt but u vi ry excellent
stniii" upon keeping Out oi (i'.Lt. Is it not
irae mat tiinu.ii'is uaaie thetn-eires slaves
s.",i th'-ir lives bv .... 'ractiil-' debt. ! I Lave
s-ouiii'iuie .i'.-ir:i"i whether a home in a
l)j tab-.i u. r. lie broad praitic. is not far
prererabl to on..- iu a city where a majori
ty mW be iu a con-taut strujie to provide
t'.e " i!v at.d inea-is' of kwuz. The ia-
-.pendent tanii.-r- of tl.
eou'.trv know
very Lti.e of the paii.fol anxiety cf tho-e
etipa,'ed iu trade ani trafhe. lijl to the
fccriiiali. t tr nt the W'oJ.
itXT no in tn jnilim,t;. Keep
out of (ic-t.t. Avoid it as ym w uld war,
pe'ti'enc'! aiil fdinine. Mhui. it a vou
would the devil. Hate it with .1 peif-el ha
lted. Abb; it 't:i an i-n'.:-. an 1 ah-ol;i!
abhorrence. Ih pot'o--, break stoiius,
peldle tin-war", do anything that ii hoiie.-t
and useful, rather than rin ill deht. A"
V'.il Value e.jinfa.'t, q iii-t in ls'.'.ti'b tic -,
k'- p out of debt. A- you valuf pool di-"'i-tion
a Leaitliy app-lit", a placid temper, a
ntiiOvtb pi.l'iw, sweet sleep, pleasant dreanm ,
!. s! i-- . !. ' it it Jj.b i..
the ti irde-t of ail t i-k lo-i-ii-rs, the mo.t
cruel ol all pres-.. . It i- an incubus on
the In a 1 1. l p. tads a cloud over the w hole
irmauietit o' a man's beiic. It ecip-es'
tLe sun it b .'t out fhe star-, il diint and
deface the 1 eau'i'ul blue of th" skv. It
Lrciiks tii" hai ii.otiy of intu-e, ani turns to ul! tin voices '.'' iii me bod v. It
lurrows th" fireln id w:tii premature wrii.u
i' , il lacks ttia eye of its 1 ".ht, it dras
all n obi 'in s and ail kindii- out of th"
l- i'l aril Leaiia of a man it take all
t:.e -out out of hi l.-iui'h. ait l 1:1 t-.l"iirics
airJ lre.doiii from his a,it. I oine not uii
i.. r its neeur-. I doiniiiKm. i'a-s bv .t u.
vou won; I ,-i. by n b'. per, or on.' ni.itt'ii
by tne . i T .in !, it i, ,. Ta-ie not
ol its (u.r. ( ,r it ?-hi!l turn to bitt. me
an 1 ash"" . ii v .i. r Finally I say to
n h and t 1 but rT. ' i.iily to vu'iii",
kei p Out of d.-l.t.
ClI'iLLnA T Ji 1-1 l.y,N I'.iiutA'.K? The
St. Louis K pul ir an of W.-di..-lay lu.-t
a I : " W liriv l,'i,ii f.,r home time
thai t-lio!el ex 1 am 1. ti,v in w 1 1 er n t
ul Ji !f -non 1. 11 : J' k 1 11 it "iid , tiiKe
i ac vf h i alai min ch nactir t-i r-.
H IUC ".t'i'l.ii ri .lire. 'I I;'' d:.i:.'l. in vii U
1 . a hi ' t j pr Tin jit treat 1111 i.t, Slid of the ti
ll! iiu ii'i"r of p T jn a'tjcived abo'.it srv
tt.t only fuite.'n cae. 'eruiiuat'd fjtal-J..''
D'ovili Carolina ftclMg.
Tuesday, May 22, I $55.
From the South Carolinian, (Ejctrn,)
Oik- W''k l.:lT from Kitrnpo.
Nlw York, Miv It. lIN.S.
Tlie 5teitnrr Hiltic ti-s airivctl, niih Liverpool
date of M. y 5.
At St-tiusioi.ol the Aliiea elter tlie mo.t aneii
m.r v mm i iii r nan pniiicn. con-iiiera uie n ruunu n j v
stair In Hen nearly all uie ku-hi.hi ontwoia. .oi.
ia i lliM.miiinfT tliene suceKcs. Iiowi ver. liieir poai-
,'" .. , ,;, n ....... Ti... '
... i. i .i . i ..i .i... o.i.
onilgeo in iwacKcn li.e utan u.i ru i lit in oner innio, ,
i without having produced .uthVieni rnVrt t juti. j
i f , A ,"rco " !
icireed lOn.ndiJ, wie couei utr itinir about lliu i
. pU Ti..-re ....-.!. t.-ieyraphic co,,u,,i?.
tion between I.i'iidon and the Cfimen, but
Government is vrrv enlltii us with the news.
The Ein.eror .ipotcnn mirroly cseapetl a.
The British Lidg t had panfed both Houses of
P:, r!;4tlei:t.
Tue of Prussia wna ill wth fever.
I.ivtRrooi., Miv J, l?--'"i. Cottou had Keen ae-
live at it. aiivanee. S..le ot' the week l'C.IH'O
h-lea, including- jO.OtiO to i.e-ul..lnr. and -t lml
to cxporti rs. Kair Orleans Ci-'. middling 5 7-1 ("!.
. , . ., j , , ,
Hour h ul advanced "Js. lorn -'a., and wheat 4 a
Consul doii-1 ,i "(. j
' ( UiinlCrf. ils. I
, In the hurry of ;ettirj our p'per to press lat ;
Holt we ei-ionnlteil an error in the oate ot liie
eoiiiit' rk :t S.'i) bill on toe Ct.-rh tie Ink. We
le.irn from the dioiier t i it I'.e g- Miiinc biiiii are
diteil July 11, I'.yJ. and that of t'le counterfeits
..iiic. or- d lid tl.c tth April, If-'w before the
II. nk we-it ii.t oi';j'i fc.tnit the U'th July,
i;j3, :.d .,:!. c t!.- lis I i tuber, 1 -.".'!.
Thr lufl!vls !
S-,i-raI of xrhang- have nit'nttunt-t! tlit
p:;ir.iii ' of I.ociits in tlifi1- fitiutlv. Tiny
; re lit r- tnn, Lut it i v oo l: t i:,rlct any ih'iw a--f..r
a wti rrt'j; 1 sec tt-ir ii"n'.'ii,i.iia ii i?.
rtltf J i 'Tir iJj !,' . rr to : uc inar Xi.t in.
invite MUiitiim to t'ie article on fir-l
p.ij;c heijii: " Mil NULIt I U.MK :" In cannrc
tion wilti that article we invl attention to tue
lulUjWii.g queries put by the Uak'iri U gister :
i 1. Why ilnl not the " Jstandarii,' in itsacci.unt
, cf Icli' Frankiintoo ezj-cst, nubiiah wtml lie
i an'! !xiut I lie thiid degret TnaT it was hostile
' "J. W!ijrii it not atite that towards the last
oi" Ins d. velo,. mi nt lie vvna turced to admit l.e
hev.-r s'ltiiUr-e n tr.'in tne orJtr.tut wah still
, in.iM'rf r :
, 3. W hy did it nr.t also Ule that Mr. JenVina,
'Mr. B-n-m I r, anil .!ier ei.tleuien ol liie Krty, me i'"ct.lne and exniaitiou
! as di'hoiiorabie mid base ?
Il'ii v did it not state that w!iilt there were
in the I on rint inn, men c.llinir Ihcm-elvea gen.'
tiemen, who jutifi' d the aet, in the face of the !
solium (.:;;:'. .lion ne nau lakrti i aeep aierei.
m ' . !
... ..i ... ...... .............. wum fc ... ..i...rK
e- '".. . '.. . i
present bci-mrinc lo the Haj reiiows and .vi .sons.
ho d I .r.r! T one, who would be guilty '-
of mc'i f-'iiuru'-!, or !'il;h'-.; it, shoi!. be kieked
not of eoiupai y of hoiioritde uirn ?
a. If a W liif Convention were to induce a
Ileiooi-r .t to mike a putdic expose ul Ihe ateretu
of n " l'-;n .crj'.ic t 'aiicim " winch he had proiiii.
ed to ke-p, ur I-.- et by and lileii to scrh an ex.
pose. wt!hout indifffianllv r t-'iaiep; it, would riot
rr rv 1 h'.' i.ian of tlie Demtcr4ty denounce
it as a in... in art '
fi. V" mi iii .-.ii ri.l.t F. llm- in d ne,. a Ma unn lo
i - -
the .eret. of Masmirv. or a Mason the
srereta of (i.Jd r e!I..wnin ? If i
in' 1 he were lo one
ip 1. in were 10. one
wilo in ?ht liebr.s- citoilifll to make sueh -VIKU r,
woiii 1 h t ent;t!'.-d to the r- ni-i t of tionoribie
in' n 1 W ould he not be s
. V,i! not timse vhn eneourle d mid iil?t:fled
t'.e eondurt of I.i arh, blush a little when tin y
mi t t e -rii otin r, t'.ce to, on liie 1 5th of tins '
C. H .ll .tndrrir Jiirkton fsach, flaij , of John,
ston Counl v. lie pr- tnt st t-.e t'tiivention ? A ill
triose " m iiiii-meii " of the Ikiiiv, w Iio hnve de.
iiourieeii hi conduct, nt w ith hnu ? !id not
"evi-n!, who had left the eo'.irntton, before
;'rl'.rn:l.'ee esrnc otf. Cee' tre ir loy had been
pres. ii, '-'-y would have tTi;rpd l.t i-i'ii Uion ?
I '..ifie, n' iTneo. sne -k 'j-j ' "T'-.l toe truth
anu ti.e whoie truln!"
Eta wiCS Slltl rdilllilir.
wire nre.ri.t. .! the oth.r clay with a beau-
.1 l'i. inre bv S. M. Wallace. It 1 certainly
I . lieu', d ind mr ore wi.hinir tn learn tin
tautiful n'l ffin i! i o hy a-ylyn t him at the
Mrrklei.bnrif !l u.
IT An iiitprcin:i h:v cne iiSroaH thnt I)r.
J ph J v ffitf .ri li.i-l f nioved to hi, jil UiU .i'n,
i- ur- Ttt-t pU'4 w' that Pti' ti i not thr 5-'i.
II.- cm T,wvj v fi'Uitd ;-t !n r'oiii ov r
i. r. d he inijK i to in' "t Willi a iiiorc n't nivc pric
tif.e jt iian v r h'T'- to. jfe ftcivnj.
AboliiionivU ronld ert iimonN thfm!1 j
Mr. t ratje in Iiib p-''hot I'ik h-iyy Ijut, at.
Mfi'f e oic r .i'Mi k hy ih ra w n ftztt'ji r in
H-e " n t n.- f nt jfii of I ,v KiHw-.rJ :;.ir " t,,at '
!itl'.I.,til Mi'ut f C t '(. gt I tit Id" DlliJ of;
cour: ii i.t nt tli in bit. tl'- r i-u ton uru U vt ry.
Uc io'.n MjiUfi tit, .in one f ti.e iiK..t frivo!.!!
i-.iwr.s 'mi f iit
y in 11 t-t Ir. ( ruijt!
jut' ., t't-firt. .Iw. i.'mniJto tmt iutn uur multt to
ItrUnr it Qgnnt tiurtitf! It ty jt'in tli?:t
ht Hif Imfti run ft.r Lrgutit t.U t.t lit mv:r wuiiii
iiiie Itiy-! in ij'',u ti liine ci luat' ii. 1't.e
naiisC i. ( (Xt, !, I ! in jrjt j m t OijJ tlw
Mu'iii" nt.': t,f 'IViiij rut '- 'hy all h-tld
tin. tr ini'lifi-i ' n t! iiNht Jj'4 ai'iiliiinit
ere-p in aiii'.b;t t t ft. I :rUt;tiy. f,,t atJliut.
t:rt t',.,t !': inc. titivn nr.. hi ri 1, ia tiil
r.Mjiiu '.'t vri t-iritfliu tiiit fi.t-v coulU t.-
r':fr.ti.t to tsi .r ,uy t- wiu--w aiui thir
- i, x sny ik h ii I tir jt. .Mr. ( rai"
muit j'i-Yr ti; li.iuw S ;ti.iug by Iiib own t-n-dstrti
tvi i tiiiC.
.Mr. ( r;.ir? and th' fattioKn.
.u'ii v.r j. ni i v. ry ttlriit f,n l-v v.hl Mr.
. .HI 1...I 'J ij. .liny, Vrt if . .11 s Sf ....J fi.jt
. rr;..jrw. .tuiiv n. ? t.e i..ii..!rr
Iil:s ill tin. ) . W. uriii rt'iiil i.llii
i..t lli'f.- K.ri: 111 this ic.ii.i-ry ,'j l'i .tlC'J
.'ii . 'I'li.S it ;i'ij...irp i.ot i:i.rm.t. li.
c i
uf i .
tn .
t.ff ti..t the re si. re y, I. .Hl.lilifl ,,( f.,ri ;gn, r, und
i.f ti..-..- fi or Tli'l.OoO rr I! ' .tii.jjirs. N.i
sttdo not t'.ctiarge M r. t. witiiutt' mpt-
irs; t. f.Iaify Iii., but rfo y
JfJVBT - "w
tassin ition on ttic evening ol tlie SfUi. An itai-i mane ny i rmee .ueiiirnien, ol .-uina, olhjui , severe the coiflitt be, we cannot tall
ian rind two pistol huU at him while fitting- uu ; 140, to this effect, that Ufmtigmit troutd It at. 1 to be triiilnplatit. Uot assured, nir, tbe
'' Lor77.'lin,:u'si.i'liranT i r"'e " ,ki tvunUV ' coulJ "tholica Mountain Bo are attached to " Sttm " and
ha.' n .turned from Vienna. .nougn orr lo uptrtthit goctrnmtnl in a ftve yran." will do bat tic, for bis cause, with a perfect
that he hat not made a correct atatement in rcla
tion to tliK number of Catholics. If he will turn
to p;c 138 of the compendium of the census, im.
rucdhiUly under tabic 140, he will find tlint the
correct number of Catholics in thia country in
lfijU, was 1,173,700, nearly double tlie number
stated by him. And if table 139 is tlie source
from whence he derived liii information, if he will
examine it he will find that he lia coininiltcd a
great blundtr audi a blunder that it ia hardly
excusable in a member of I'nngreaa he will find
that the tuble iclcrs to the C hurch accominodationa
I of liie Catholic, which ia C75,726, and not to the (
prpulution. If it waa his ties ire to be correct, wo
auk why he did not examine a litile farther T
n- ,i. i; ft.,.,, il, l.n, ti, iiil...i;-
i , , . ,o-, . i i Tii -on
, population ahout 1&.4 t down at 1.3J4...00.
! The Catholic Ilireetory fur ls.5.", stal'-a the num.
! ber to be 1,835,500. In Xortli Carolina there if,
! perhaps, no dansr. r. hut we ..k. la there no dan.
... ,. , , . . ,
; ger III .new 1 orh, I enil'! iv.ihi.i, ilio, anu u iil-iii
I her of other State, where they are nettled ? Cer
l.iinly tlierc ia. In looking over the censu table I
... . r j , i. . n I c .. . .1.. :.. I .. il. ..1 : 'I
mc una ma i in .1 CL.iiia miri is .ihiiuuvi:uuj;ii
to carry'the tlt ctinn in favor of any man they
might unite upon fur 1'uet.idciit, and thnt in auinc
, case they have done thia we veriiy believe, yet
r I'-.l.. ....!. I lln... II. n r..n,.!o .,1 ll.iu
and this district believe there ia no danger, lie
waincd the people of Know Nothingian, well o be
. , wall warn the people ol man, wiio, with
. ; .. l e.
the figure before
re him cm get up and atutc that
iper to be nporehnidid from the
there ia no danrer to he nnnre
Catholic in tin country.
U IhfIT no Dnnert !
In a eon vernal ion with a gentleman the other
day, he aialed to u a remark which he aiya n
Me is fnsxtirt. in this, and although we have no re.
; collection at this linn , of hearing or rienig aueh
: an exiresirn, yelweare dihpoitid tobtluve it,
btcnuse we have aeen it atatej more than once.
that the Pope was trying lo get the ascendancy
j,, coutrVi am ,1, ,, n, j.r, fold of opera.
.. .. ". .. ...... , .
tion was the va ey ol I n-MisMstiif'ni, u iiere hun.
3 " '
dreti and thousiilds of CatltolicH were ceiiFtant.
iy liocking. We at le in another article, that in
2I States the Catholics, by throwing their vote
with one or the oilier of tlie two great parth of
the cuuulry, could elect any man President they
(iniiiii'. 1 nc etiarge lma been made agiunal rre.
i.h nt Pteree that lie made sueh a coalition with
llishrp Huglie. AI i v tni not ciceount for tiie
large iimnU-r of Slutis he received in the last
Pr.-nidential election. To prove to the s'ltistat-lion
of ii-ry true American, the danger of fori ign in.
rluince we invite a'tentiou to the following ei-tr-et
from ti.e a-ech of tl.c Hon. T. I.. Ciin man,
dolivered iu the House of Representatives on J..n.
0. IS lo, on the Presidential election of 1I4 :
N'cnrlr une hundred tli'ius.mij foreigners arc
i-suTii.iii u in i : in t .( rii ti ' ty in i in1 I linen .-.iiiun ,
oi ii:m iiuiiio r n verv ur-'i- ixiriion lire i.oniau
t-.,l!,.l!e. JlyTueu,..". w-l.icn tune ! . not per- me to rt count, but tlie iiiuf t iiinitlionn and un-
,'l-titi.ihie, tile ll. mi" r.itiC party Slieceei!' t: III in
iMieii'' them to tand tei ri'eivi'a t i;i th r unn
r.illv tn tin- support ol' .Mr. Toik. S um- of them
avowed their prettrcnie lor linn hecaiis his r-e
traiie K-dicy was more I'.ivorlde ti ti.e niterei.t of
the mother eonnlrti from u lneti lin e riitoi th.:n
whs Mr. l iny s. ;iiei optn'y y,vLtm,,l on r.'.nr
Imnnrrt that thry vmiU mil ht i ultd ly Amtricav:
A. evidence ot ihe sort of t-. ln.g wh.. h h. a !
inculcfled into the uuniis of trie moat iirnarnf of
,i I i. ,a r..- - l.ii'..
innmii.t thai occurred in the room of a triend to
whnn, I eli meed tn make a visit. While n.ak. himself also as a candidate for election to jinncj ms position on that question to be ad that is, if you do not repent and I cotl)IIl;t ,ue Gr,nj Council to a dlstmctin
pid'wJeldc'mehrtoe,; tl f Jh tt House wa.,hat Ucwas 0l,pHcd to distiibution, Wl,i forsake your evil way. end cease your ( nMionaI pUlforl, of po!i,icll rrilf;r!tS
ttlv'etl, tM:tt l.c i i pri't fri-nd to i:n tv)r for-
quite crowded ; I did not hear tho beio- i in tle 0d and new Stale, lut that be was , of h-muel, you will, at tbe next elec- ,,ut , bt.,ng rf(t,rd4 the work tr-emi.-r.;
we elected ee.i. do ,! any '"n? of Mr. Crude's speech when I first! for kccpin!, lnc ian.l as a source of reve-1 tion, be politically damned aud be fouud m , of tne vntultlf, .N.iional Council,
ninwhee we all try." Mir. bad ii.e t..r.isn ( ath.
- , , -,, . r . . . . . . .
0101 iiu trt hart tit rutiltiitl aiani .re lnnn
J s
tnrt a( fariii'nt.t heit. but liritish fold wi. own-
, -( - ,.L.,V ,1 i i.r..niote Mr ';i:,t.
. . '.r ... ' , ... . ' . 1 ' ..."
the tariti" and promot.nir ihe sale of in illilt.ielurea
tin eotiiitrv.
in me -uf.u wy .v,,e i,
our tlvnirtite mutlett.
Th.a will be e,,r,id-red ond authority to Dem.
oer .ta aa .vir. i lineman h is ixeoine one ot inem.
In the same apeech Mr.rlinjinan. in a roph. f.
' ic iiiiniier, predict Hie formation of a party sun.
: . . .1 . . i .1 . 1.- n .
n.T to 11,11 1 oi me r nnw..toi;iim-. i r-ar 111111 :
" Ann ii iori,7n 1 amours, or loreiener t' ner
1, e.niiiiue imiiu'ij V'uar, sun 1 ik'w i.i
eontroilini- t l.e eh , t,on ..f the c.u airy, tint will
...i ,.,...,. ..i f. ........ ii,. , ..ti
lie UJIil
to wlucii li.ey have altutiiid tin uiaelve.'
itirrs of 5rw Bouk.
Koa Sale t 1iwrik ic Esmss' Boi-iit Ptose.
Divou rues on Truth, bv J. If. Thornwe'I, U. D.,
P.fsidi lit of the Moutii t. ..lina Collewe.
"The tipies iiieusMl in thia volume are the
Ilthicd System of the Ihiile, the Love of Truth,
S:ncri'y, l-'aithfuln. s, Vow s, and Coriaicti nry.
We nrcd hardly a.iy that these subjects are di.
. cii'S"d w.tli greit breadth and vi'.r of thoupht,
i "' ' ""'"' ' ol,!'1 e.rce'y discuss t'.i-ni in any
': e,!"'r B"'.v- The K-hie, are of the Wliest slaml.
''"athir.j a pure t!.el..ey. and informed by
"anA t,,yc !' a"cl I"e--nted in s form of com-
pirt.d Iotjic."
Wo should like to i e a rpy of thia Wok on the
tnhlca of our Coun tin j.liouiei, and in Ihe prtval
cpnrtniffMa of all of our youth who arc embark,
in? in the commercial world.
Superior Court.
Jinea and I. C Sl arp were, on F.iday lant
acntfiicfd to lc hr'trnl'd, which cnti-ure w;n i.n.
mfdi.'tIy t i'ciited and tl-ey were ordirrti to be
iiupriiKjiied fur 1 month..
, ffi R TBI.E
We hve thr Mty No. of tlie A-ritnr. If nny
f n,.r r, r. .I,..!.1.! h is.1i a ur.A a r ir 1. 1 1 u r 1 Oil.
ot-r wc C'Jiiiiitt nd IIhh t't t rw'tire.
WV have HKt rcccivrd tfif I. "n i v-ri ty M trrnzine
f'iT MijT. We l-iiivr not tune to ive a thorough
' x .iniiiistion, hut fr.nn fui'-ry iiw it aear
to le i!i-d witu ifit'-rc ti n jf in .tier.
.U'rinillural flrrtinf.
'l nt r.i; u.'Kli'd lo five notire t'.jt t!
1. i.b
AyriioiiTiral Society wiil I
1 4 ... .... f
u -
ijuJitrrly iiiiilir.g in tin: 'oiirtli'.ii'-
on iii .-uu
I ;i :.k1i yn'i iiiid y'.ur hutir lii-tirf,
J I 'c ul- i. tnc ruH'-rn of th ilmTn-',
A..'J tiM'Vf t!i lilinJ n if t!i: t.jij-rt sm, .! ;
Il it t V .if". -l ': J-t.rJiH t' Il I! ( ii r-1 r ul'
St yt Mm- I- ( o il.t ' liffila ;
Ai.-J, iiitiiu'ii I t:tii hrn 'nil ul'" to ;i.Wt
W hlCit li.'t Ifitlllt-iti ly :ifi iTI. ' li,
Il Iu u t . ii (i u it nt ii rl if C- it' f,
I l..i il ft., tn -trhy d rt tV'tni ir i t.ii nrr :
It i niul tlial, jiirr tifn A tun'.
In a .Surtttf rn, hnMitri-ni rhnii,
A liungry mty your HrtgfliTHiij -ijyicJ,
S dlkiiiv nt t ly t ii tr( t !: ,
I-uiflf la'inf iu ail y,ur msirlol pruk ;
.ning when sir all try." Mir. had ihe r..n i;n t ath. hearu llinii tin was pitctiin' into rvtiew
ulies been divided in the l ite el. etiori, a other ' XotbillgiMll, untucbus, et calcibus, ct detlti
sects an.) classes ?.-.erally were. Mr. Clay would bus, et dibus, a, old I'edapocus used to
navpparrit i by a turvo nnjority it(t Matt t fvr ' , , . , i e
York,., ai.,. the MiaK. of Pennsylvania, Iiuisi. "V, which ai-Scs that he was clawinp,
am, and probably acme other in Ibr Nnrthwest. kickinp, cufEng, -lid biting theiu all over,
.......... .-. ,.r..i .re jir.-n,,-...,, un. ... , . . j..-...-.. ,m 1.(.11. u,.,i...,.-r, iu ; b(,Ich jl( t,i(J (!()fjr jn Px(.it(,j on,t Mm i ner eitensive iron oro beds, commencing in1 ton yet Ihe lirnnd Council re ni.
"-'" t.n.e nr. u. Tue .. iio.toJ ! Loth Mr. Caldwell ami tin: speaker : rip,,in.e the throat of his bov' and ' tllfi South-KasUra part of Cleaveland, and third decree with entire unanimity,
li. ;tii..l. 'joined ii.o.vt heartily. I ret.ll y feared tlik t , , ,,. , -,' r,n.i.. tl.rn....l. I. ....I '.. 1. ' ft... k. si adoMioD ot
1.1 , , , , ,'iii.", .mi, ur , 1011 can i 1.01 ine 1 r- .... ..... i.n , """ j ---
- :tU,r(:iiKi-r vi'l hAve 1:011.5 into convul- 0 b rvo rM(, ' ,a.t ,j fl.,. i Counts. Tho iron ore in incili.ut.UbU, ' forcKoiiiR platform, Ac.
'r.,MMrv,.it..u,.,,ii,.. !ion.( or throw d inn jaw-bone out of place, (JW Come hire mm, brre's Ham." Tho ! currinjs in viua from a few inchto0 A- all parties, and factions anl frW
' Unrra! Pirrcr, ? T l .rnjy 'Prt f I that went up from tbe company, wm 1 or H or tbe ItoIu- of partica, are fu.ig in tbe oppi
i M.Ttcrora. 1 'l1!' lln"; ld !hui w" fIMO'c 1 a perf- ct y9 a, thu light .li,covoroI I -"nary war, t1,nb orn U,,k. as they American partita are dctrn.inJ to f,,.,, . nt. .i "toriMnn? r. h vod o H 8 fl ' J,,,, u t h an a htrarM Ie of an old toothless ha-1 rB P'ierally ralieii, attrartd the atton- licrn it can be done conuntly w.tb
A a they called you General thia boy, a mendicant,
Having for awcetmcuti a aon penchant,
Aakcd of you a very amalpittanct:,
And, although you wish! to have from him a
You took Aomyour atrutd pocket three eentH,
nt more, .
Of glittering, .rklinp, light co(in r ore :
And nid, uugnuiiimoual j without a word of ban.
Mere buy, go, buy youretf mine augar candy ;
Thia ou ci.uld irry wil tbiril,
A it took an little trios our great hoard :
And, Hlthiiugh the nei)liura wire surprised,
And your coure of ei diet criticised
With regurd In the inalificmit pittance,
II V which you nbt.i undo tlie oor boy a quittance,
Vet (lit-v aaid vou InuUme miiu cor.d :
I And the uoor liv mielbuy hiinaelf aomc food,
"Inch lie could do lilt nanny,
1 I'ulea ho nrefeired Wluy augar candy :
, Tii ,,ling'bcciinic al,bjicl , convention
'1'lirouglmut the icnrh and breadth of the nation,
j And haa never been jicccssfully denied,
Mof to deny .1 our friend, have ort tried,
linae biiBiiusa ia tiineauie wiiu poiiuta.
And who are .kilUjii party tactic;
Aa the truth of the jeiy remain therefore intact.
I "m bound to con-kr it a lixi.d lacl.
FOR il K N. C. wma.
Mr, Editor ,-;A Convention of "Know
! NolllltKTtt n w . . I J . 1 1 H 111 AkIiPVIUP VOhttTdaV
sculled i
lor the purpOscM notlilliatltlg a ClillUlUiHe
to represent tL Coilgres.iotiill District iu
A liirye deleuntion at
mo i'Xi voDjris
fended, repre.-iliii2 all the Counties but
.three. Great Inmiiinity prevailed. Mr. 1..
. . i .... r. .
j titrmichait, ol W tikes county, rccelveu
j ""-.inniou vote of the Convei.tion and
i will !oou be 11 the Geld of battle with (lift
lU UJtr'M every true hearted Atnei-
; a9 ri;;htliaiid euppo.teM. With such
leader alul guvliorlnra, no matter how
eoufidelicc of a tl iuinpliant victory ill All
pu.-t. i be Maititniu l'itnct m on lire .
" S iwt,'' that ulitjuitotta individual has made
hU footsteps wiore the 'tintsih rs '' little ex
pected him axiil tiled obscure and seclud
ed hovels with lis .'Iwc; iVni principles and
feiliti:s, which ae burning and blazing with
a brilliancy fiuflcieut to awaken an awful
nlariu in the r nks of the l'njisli clique,
headed by T. L.CIiiiL'iuan, whose efforts are
a? untiring as hi defeat is cevtaiu. No hur
ricane csu stop ' S.'tfi he traveb rapid
lv agninst wiadtnd weatLcr scaling inoun- the Native Ameiicans for taking ihe same
tains, leaping ffnees and walking over rivers! menin of defending theuisilves hew aucb
as lifon dryirtutd. A mania has seized 1 combinations. Mr. Caldwell went on tu
' . J . . ...... , , ,.. ,
the people, aw no remedy Lut the ballot
box iu Au-'Ui-j.
n Americans a-
" trvviptt has
wake up evifvwhere, the
son mint vtu
r. enPo,! nnoii In d.-fend
.,. .... I
your rights litirgery anu 1'etnocracy tiave
nothing to do si the present liiometitoiis cri-
pis. ii you Iru e otip uropoi Auievaan i-iocu
in your r. us, let it be f-itt in dt fence of A
niei'cnn priiriples. Io all in your power'
ele Vli tc tltel t' '
whose iiitere5t and
- ,. , i
' corrctpoud with yours
rt'R TI!E X. f. W1IW.
The Excited Candidate.
On Tuesday of the Superior Court
Charlotte, Jlon. Lurton Craige addressed
the citizens of Mecklenburg County, Hi a
calldidat for re-ekction to tWress, from
. ... i i . . j r .1 . i.
l!"r'l X'lairiCl
and was replied to bw
James A. laldwell, Kq , who announced
' Iteara lnm, ho was pitct.ui? luto IMicw -
1 . . ... - 1 . .1 1 . -i
I rivlmr it tn rinn S:timii.l unit tori!ii!
f--."" - 1 -'. ............
1 ....1 f ,t 1... e
1 "H"'"-" ' " cry ui .1....1.. .
that Poor detnoti-lied ind.viduai ; tnv itnat-
natiou depicted to my atpht a pair of eyes!
tuuyeii uui, m person cnoaeu uiaea,, in-
1111 1 1 I . . ! t 1
neau ana bony pommellea to a je.iy, ana
bit all over. Lut I soon discovered that it
; wag only a lancy sketch, liKe that described
in tbe "..eorgia Scene., where another equal -
uiinracu-r was eieitieing uimm-u
i in an iinaoina rv ei.ri t-.t. rin-nariiifr for the
( --- e j 1 g 1 - - ---o - - -
I ounpral tunvter
" ,. , , , , .
, The audience seemed much wleased. and
j 1
applauUed lou'i still Ion-, and that seemed
. i.;. ,ii. i . a .i . .. t r.i.
llnnnpalilM opntl. in n nliA f.rnlria .ryiin nnAti
.i ri c .i i e i i i .t
them like a thoyand of brick said they
couldn't come that came over Lim he was
very inucti oblip-d to them bo ondcrstood
it all l.e knew it was Sam' dotBjs be
had beard out of doors, before be came in me 0f Bn anecdote of a fiieod of niii.e I the prod ucU of the soil and the forest,
here, that they were poing to do that very l0 Lall , runaway ncpro boy, and after' The turpentine and lumber trado is ex
thing L understood Ihe game fully they jj0e w,lohinps and buntings, he and s ! tamely iueralive, i.d of vast importance
bad tried the same thins with Mr. Wise romluded that tbev had f,,i.i,J not ; to 'l,c properily of our eastern citnens.
couldn't fool the n.ore they - P -
plauded.the more he scolded them. He
tl..n I ftT Ar.r.n.lornl.ln eAnssii a sst I f . & l.iawli.
... e...,.B ... .... u,r.
TirpSWIirA kr.ti-in no..i n miii'tv thlit OA
1 . ' " -J - "
1...1 ... .i, ..:.. i.. r, :.. . . A.,n
fir ut't: udP'l iimuii tit nnnnrtatf ft. Know
or secluded house, to nominate a Know -
.NOiiiinScut,i.iaie,ai.aii. rei.ewasparticu-
larly rampant and uncommonly factious;
be turned round to Mr. Caldwell, with ths
air of one who had hemmed in and penned
up his adversary ,nto a corner from which
there was no escape, and now, when "he
poor detected cu.pnt thought be had ..en
':, .. ,.,: , . ' "
him from his hid.n- place into the h-ht of;
day and literally Kkui h.m before the eyes
of the whole community as one would draw
out .fox by the tail from, bollow-tn.-e
and hand it over to the do- to devour,
He approached, the supposed victim so art -
fully and so gracefully, and at the aawe
time, ,tl, ,o much em-rgjr, that it wa sur-
prtMiic that lit oi ponent did riot bolt
! I't'O'
1 :....,.i .. 1: j ... 1 .1. . . .1 .... .
, ...... .u , . ', r, , .u .u.s .o-uay
i '' " 6." i P"'-nK
tO Mr I n 1 11. m until thorn tr t in
K n.ta- N I. . w. - ..lA ' ).. I.
1 u
v.-r u.u.t . . . . .c i.
1 w u'u'j Buuitory were convuiscu mm iauti
. 1 Mis I . '
n me winnow at ins rear, ami fee ' ,,;u ,. 1 1 ...1 . .' .,... ,e ca td ere at and .mod I.i,...,r.....l rei.iionc sancnuen oj 1 ro.e".
aar. ty ,n flight. Jle said Mr Caldwell had j wl)en uear hj ' ilIlm01 ; west of the Cutaba, . noble river, rUin 7- 1 borough reform iu the natulan bun atCabtrru, and at(,a,tot,,ll(,ard ; a - , ,,, 0; , d.-pnirin.. ! ' now.elal mountains of Wc.terti la"', . , ,., , , ,. , .
and at other place where there were pub-: ,iriek of murj,. urdc ;,,rdu j," I Carolina, h " Old Lincoln," embracing ihe ; . " i' '
ic Kti, r,n-, but that he had not decUrrd . fM t;. ou't prMellt ;0in.tiee of Mt, Catawba, and a '',U1 f;,r 'ct '' clsse, "b '
himself a r...i,d.t-tl.t n.ect.n- of the j ,ive don-t ki , fr ' ; portion of Cleveland. I'crhsp. no County , '. " ' oti, U uuivcr,.
Know-Nothtni'S bad assembled lt nii'ht.l .... ... 1 -.. .. ... . 1 i in tl.. i.. 1 :.. ., book.
mucn oiMJiriiti..'! in bems tkinncd a ?Ir.iif . i , ., . ... . ;5
Lrai-e km in skinning him ; and evr-n the
,00 , n.mire.i luce i .-. el, o , ro boy fc'a.n, whilst her dnuchter KM r"' nifctare of inn. from the .rgill. ! Ir,fe. at the former w.Am, li'V 1
full of huin .nr and so ready to r l, h c M fif ( The, Ld un-! ceou !n found. .Not 1 of the fact hut ouo delegate from
pood joke . le.m.iig ""! on-. f,irtun-(l!, ,ak,.u tf.r tha ui,t jn j only the Counties in which these works re ' Council admitted, (heretofore th"'
;.iin;..Mj ii.easure . that or nny ho.iy e ,n. th(, o,(, ,,.i00j.,0(ls,; Vou , " . . : situated, have teen henefitled, tut U,o ! Ill rot.) woutd rtprccntatw- f
i "PI"-""1 to to " ""(-'""' '"l h,)W ndiculou .Mr. Jonathan looked and ! ''"' "gricultursl community tot a di.,tnre on.e I .'tm Councils.
. stter Making Mr 1,1.1 well, the j f, u on ,hat iiitereitini. occasion, and the, of fifty miles around. According All concur in th. stalcment th
K.,w,V)th,n cst,did.te,lo Isu.-h bilt , Lf(W ,u J , enumeration of the Ilokeill the mot intellii-ent, dignified and bar"'
l..,r cLampior, was h.-.n so uninercif,, ly L.. '.. wUn h- Kiprcs, w hich seem, to te carefully niB,l. ou, tody of the Order that ever c-t
H ll 7'T V' 1 ,"i-akf f" "'S tUat 1.. Lad Sau.nel r "ow the aatne County, 1 1 ed in the State.
well, lo enjoy the being hcaten himse.f. : djwn , fc. j , f or WoMwri j ,,,,,. f j , , (tt1aiuB of Chutbuck, of !
But all tbia royftery was explained when
5Ir. Caldwoll got up and announced the
fact that he was not a Know-Nothing him
self, nor was be tho candidate of that body;
nor did he expect to recuivo their votes
that ho supposed they would, at tho proper
time, briii" eut a cuudidate of their own,
and that ho supposed they were perfectly
competent to take cure of thenisehes that
be came out, as- a Whig candidate, at the
solicitation of many frieuds ; and that he
was not willing ta bo transferred from the
old Whig line, to any new party that he
did uot now, nor did ho ever expect to be
long to the Know-Nothing society, but that
ha highly approved of some of their prin
ciples that he was stronply in favor of ex
tending tbe time for the naturalization of
foreigners, &-C-, that it seemed that the
gentleman was ready to denounce most bit
terly, an orpauizaiiuu of bis fellow citizens,
native born American, whilst he became
the warm advocato of foreigners and of
Catholics that those foreigners, Germans,
and refugees who were always sneering at
everything that was Amerieau who band
ed together in secret political orpnnizationa
in Hostnn, New York, Philadelphia, Multi
more, Kichinond, and other places, to
spread moral desolution and political trea
son, to scalier anarchy and ruin over a
happy land to di0'ue their loose and
baleful doctrines of Red Republicanism,
Fourrierisin, Jesuitical, Roman Propagaud
ism, ntid other wild, extravapant, and olto
gel her impracticable notious of liberty aud
morality, and social order. That none of
thoe bunded classes of foreigners against
American law, order, morality, aud liberty, hceu denounced by the gentleman,
whilst tho native tons of the soil, ' tu the
manor bora," who leagued together against
these destroyers of their liberty aud their
religion, bad been most bitterly assailed
that Mr. Craipe's sympathies seemed to be
wholly W'th the foreigner, and Ins ani
mosities ugainst bis fellow-citizens. Why!
i i i .... .1 1 .1 ...-I .mU !
nau ue no- UCOUUllueu liie--J rnia. n-
-v..!. Know.Notliinol-in' Mr. Caldwell
s;,l lis, was not tho anoWUt or the del, ..-
.l.rof il. K.iow.Nothin'. but he was tn.t'jou ought to stand by your country atxl
i-oiim to denounce them, and he thought
Mr. Craige ought to have denounced "tlie
foreign secret political associations who
combined together in an aggressive manner
against the rights of the natives, as well as
tt.scuss some ol tlie political ruestious ie-
tween the V hig ami L'eniocrulic parties,
and assailed Mr. Craige for his vote against
i 1 1, int. -rests of the old Sta!e. ill toSsn-'
I ..i i-.-t .r .1 . ...1 I- I 1 -
t against tue uisninuiion 01 me puoi.c laima
upon Kerr's nniei:t.nieiit to's land
till, nud fur come other n.eaures in wliicb
be eaid Jlr. Lraiire had been recreant to
the interest. of his constituents, and said
that he would not occupy more time at
present, but niiht perhaps rep y utilc-s j
Mr. Craiue wouid explain some of his
failures to vcte for the interests of bis con-1
litueiits,' and laid that Mr. Craige bad
made war ur.nn the Knov'-NothiiiL' partvi
- - -i - , . .
lone, and bad not saiU a word about old
in;tar,v ;.fUC,
Mr. Lraige fcrietly rejoined, t xjlaiiunjr
Lis position, atJ stated that he had saved
nf tliff nuh'.in lamls. OK.lKtO nerea bveotiiif
j,. Mine.-,ta land bill ami havint.
i ;;, -r., r :t i.-j ,,a B(f ,l c iioue,n,i
. jla r.raised the foreiL'tieri. offi-
ccrs of the Kevolution Gates, Alexander j ''' ambitious, polmcal, weather cock, and j tJfrjrnjglion 0f t,e third or Union degw,
Hatniiton, aud others and said he was j John Kerr, the pompous and puffy, who is j by a un.nimom, ,014., which, toevcry Bim
" opposed to all secret political oath-bound 1 lwsys silting r..traddl of himself, rjd , be,f of ttf, order, in the tiift conclu-ivc ei-
essociation-." but that he was lint opposed
to secret societies, for that some of then.
- ... .' ' .. . .
.... ri.i fc.i-n.ii0 riur Hrniiff ni infill
had pood objects in view. I pon Ice wbolc,
i, . . .. a !..,
ru!t.r ,.xciwa st'aiust the Know-Nothini's.
, looked rather cha.-rii.ed that he hnd
, 1,1: ammunition that he had ore-1
j rir,.d ;, 0 rouc, cart. al)d Ubour, and '
i j13() nol hit his mark. That after all hi-.
1 S0UI(j ap,j furj after all his witty remarks
anu f-.eetiom sayings, they bad no effect,
for they were aimed at the wrong msu
that be had waked up the wrong passen
ger hallooed before be had pot out of the
i woods ami that, after all bis hellabaloo
i ... . . ...
snare a nest of Kuos
I . i i . i
Nothinpi'iii, whilst he was watching and
poihtinp out the process by which the vounp
' nio-a r.f thai order spm lo bi hnti bp-l out.
I .lt Le taJ 0T become ridiculous by
! ,liaL:n, . ,, of .,.,.f lrt reminded
, 011ft coW wint,r ci,,ht, where the bov had
! uUn Lis bdgiups in an old school-
. is. . . ...
h)u,e Jue bart teen the lipiit or lire
' . i r i. .1 . ,
mere, anil leil certain that it mu-l tie Sain
. . .
s0 ,bt.y cref)t ueallLily near the house,,
v . i . . -.i -
j lhout ,a 0 clotk at ht uc(il ;,:,;
about fiftv Jars of the 10U,ei when the
n(,r n),de , ch at fu fpced, and ,
; jmlli ,.rough the benchen piled up
; ,,,.linst ,he gt the ip)IIlilieri, per1 of
j jlf(. anJ ,illLa 1Ic jUIlipcd a,trid of the
, TccumLant Mj,r0i tt th(J .,roe ,ilIie grap.
j ; t,iro.,t Billj ie ; of a yi(. .nj
tiallooitig out, "tome on men, I ve pot
lim tht.n taLi , tb(. , ,. (J,
; L j ye ux
b j. Ullloh
; Ul!l.dat . . . .
j of . e(tick ,ike
' , , J f
; The poor ticitiu could out spenk, o!
i . wa bfi cboked an,, 80 ,1d'en ,j j
; .1.. . 11... :i.i I
"-"i"tv n1 IIC Ull?", Ir. ' 113 I1U, I'UIIIU
, ,nd won', ftt.a nor bc? anymore." By
,iB1Pi the party bad Rot in and a ht
i 1 .. r. J . fo
trod ..(;...,!.. 1 t.l
w, w f . -th . t , j r.Ihnintr from i-
i ' J
- !f t i . i , .
.'..a...-.. "iiiiii sji, ). rvi(.is, M'lltlk
IMnl . -. ,, ,. ,,,.. ',. ... ..... ,
I bive been talking ai Samuel the
patriot, now let me talk at Samuel the
prophet, a little, to thine ear and give thee
a little advice, and for w hich I shall diner
from you lawyers iu this, that I will not
charge you any thing for my counrcl. Ah,
Rurton, Rurtou, thou, whose air namo is
Crnigc, you had letter let Samuel alone, for
ho in rniruiTcd in a high, a noble, aud a
patriotic duty, and you ought to be with
i.:... itnrinn iii trviiiir to arrest the force of
mm -y--o . . .
foreigners ruling and doniiueering over tlie
nafivii born eons of free America it is
the birth-right of Ameiicnu citizens alone,
and "It is not meet to take tuo cnuuren a
bread and cast il to the dogs." They ought
to bo satisfied to take what the bouutiful
hands of the masters give them to save
them from want, and not wish to take a scat
at the head of the table and lei tho children
wait until they aro satisfied. You ought to
be with them again, Rurton, in arresting
the insidious snares of the Jesuitical Catho
lic, who justilies the massacre of St. Bar
tholomew's day when one hundred thou
sand Protestant Hugcnots were murdered
in lYauce, for nothing else only because
they wero protestauts, and which they at
tempted to justify upon the pica that " the
cud, no matter how wicked und ungodly,
justified the means," and which makes tho
supreme rule of the Pope of Rome und the
Catholic Church, iu both ecclesiastical and
civil matters, a higher law than all other
laws and oaths aud constitutions, whatever,
and which doctrine has been openly pro
claimed iu this country very recently, by a
paper called the "Shepherd of the Valley,"
published iu somo of the Western Stales
Inst year, and w hich was openly denounced
by Mr. lindpi r, from his scat in the Senate
of tho United States, as well as by others,
during the last session of Congress. Are
such men fil to rule iu a free country, who
will trample under feet tho constitution and
the laws, aud establish a Hierarchy by
which a foreign ' potentate, at a distance
from our laud, can rule us by a despotism
1 - - - . .
'-olute as that of the Ciaa of huwl.i,
1 or the Sultan of Turkey ? Tin h, Ih.rt,...,
: 'he religion of your father-, hich religion
, i.aJ to flee to this country Itoui the
hand of Roiii-h p. rsccutiuii, to enjoy.
j And I have uo doubt, llurton, that j au
: would like to do right, but you are a jour,'
, "'. a"J casiiy misled Dy the arllul n prc-
'"titioM of the enemies of your country
and iy a false liberality of opinion. - loo
t;l. I, . ..rn.i. .. ...1 M.tul 1,1 -n I. ill
-" - " ; '
, ,""- " -""j'B ' j-"
deadliest enemy, whose flattery and deceit-
' ,u' suilles, WIM Inrow your Charitable JOjng
..n ill (ifTiftoiinril notion il iv nil 1(1 livt..i i.- l -t e
; - -- d- -
. iim the uwora thai ie nny rrwen jour
( hraa like lie would kill a serpent, as no na
onen uone oeiorc, ami iu ooinS wuicn, ie
been taught to hebeve be ia doing tiod
n. ...i,, ...... -V , tii cnui,,!!,!, eudof-rvU by Utiatnitiiij
pose foreigners rtilinu the country because , vf)C
they arc Jesuitical Catholica, Ued llepub- T,'f. CoN.STITt'TION. Majority and u.'.
Leans, Satitnps, rillihusters Anarchists, torjt r,.,,ortJ were aubmilted, and a Mr.-1-ourrer.tes,
Abolitionists, a-ad -(impose all s,itu,ion ,dopU, wUb great unanioilt,.
the other aectionalisnis. S hereas, we r.,.i f ..;. il i, ,i
,- -., .ii-i t i
rvnow..iouitn-s lane uign, patriotic, wnuio-
sou.ed, conservative, constitutional views,
'" " 1"" "
, bo!i matter what the various member
I may believe about other matters as ilidi-
i viduals. And there is another matter,
j liurton, that I will fpeak rather prophetical
"'e same category ot Itiomas Clingman,
i " Uiiipmen, thin nc is iuc crcaiesi anu
' e!o--nl man living. 'Iben tale
i" it . . . 1 11 1. 1..
Ir.:.i' 11 .- ... 1 r.n ...I.
...w. .w.
1 ' "" suviec, 11111 iv u, mm
! our platform is broad and stron?. and
thouph we Lave a great number on it, there
3 11 roo, picuij , uu meic ...y
) 1 r- .1111
hope and mcicy lor you yel. 1 have n.-ara
of preater sinnersthan ever yourself, saved,
What thou doet, thou must do quickly.
lour loving frieud,
The roflte of the contemplated Kail Koad ;
from Wilmington to Ku'herf.irdton, is one
of commanding interest. The Counties of
New Hanover, t'oluinhu, Hoheson, and
liie' ii ond, all ca-t of the Yadkin, arc rich 1
j of tb Vadkin, A..o and " Old Ii
! M-'ckleuburg. come in fir a full share of ,
,.r i . . !,. I ..l...n I '..llrn i
H n-j. ..... . ...s "
ir.'f.r .uirn. in lh..A I nnnlt...rf.n.
. ,
great succp-s in th.e tao Counties from
i ....ii 1 1 1. 11 11 . ... :. i j .
" I" "t-"."""
tin ntirnnitursii f n. lit 1 lis lnsli m tl.
. uiieoiiiu.oi. ,.,.nu. .u
lll t (1 i I" fl fka-irtli-in rf it L- to Ii li tl n nn.iaa.1
y known a, the rovidcnca and Meele
.rccK set lemeiii., nave .c,u,re. . wi.Ie
spreau ceieur ,y ,or tue proutiime culture
i mis prrai i-iapi oi nuittic0 com
mercp. Corn, beat, out. Ac, are nUo ex
ion.. r, I., rh.rlrtth. in. - -
ly was tir- prorlnime'I, a spot oiicc riJiaot !
wilb I lie h j-i i i t of p;itriotit.iiif the ii.tHlii hi
truvrlor would L pii'ascd to atop fr a'
!iort frca.H'jfi ; ai.d. u h i i h t lie in 8urrin
tlie tuoticrii iuipro fiiifiiti of the town,
J would naturally conclude in bis own mind,
I here too, tbe descoudant. of " noble sire. "
sl'oulJ e up i.J . .loii.K, and fully .wke,
as in the d.y r,f 1775, to their future in-
teresU and in all ll.m , ,
f I - -
valuable products. Iu the. rfouih - Kas -
tern portions of these Counties, cotton is
I HllCCrfMHl III 1 tf Pllltl Vflti-'fl Alii fnrh tiliant
. Z . . ' . '
' ry.t, out,, tVC., in creat ubuiidance. 15ut a
peculiar source of profit bas been found iu
tion of (M.b.rt-.rmnr n... (Vi,...,;
I f..,,.,l ...J hloomeries -reel...! fr.r ,!. .1;
3 foundries, S rolling mills, and 1 nail fac.
tory. Tho water-power is abundant and
durable, and much other valuable machine
ry has been erected. Within tue sama
limits, there aro also about ouo hundred
flouering mills, many of them turning out
a supertiue article 8 cotton factories not
only supplying the neighboring county' hut
sending a considerable amount of their
manufactures abroad 3 pnper mill?
steam tanneries, 1 machine shop, worked
by steam power, of excellent construction
and several stone-ware establishments. Ths'
remaining Couuty on the line of the Roa,
Rutherford, is also rich in agricultural pro'
ducts, particularly corn, wheat, rye, oats,
potatoes, A o., mountain beef is also abun-'
dnntly raised, sufficiently fat and dainty t0
satisfy the tasto of tho most fuHtidious.
The inexpressible luxury of feasting UpO0'
large mealy Irish potatoes, may here be in.,
dulged in, to heart's content. Uvea a uice
dish of venison is uo unusual treat. Jjt
time would fail mo to tuumeratc all of tbe
commodities and duly investigate all of the
advantages accruing to the whole surround,
ing country, from the erection of t,e coo
templnted Rail Road. Much of the th1u.
able trade which now leaves our own State
to more Southern markets, would then U
transported to the good old town of Vi.
minpton. There geuuine North Ca-olinj
horpitality prevails, our bank bills are cur
rent without befng sfimrif, and groceries
are obtained on tho most liberal term.
The products of the Boil and the forrest
are thence directly exported to ihe Vest
India Islands, aod their valuable produc.
lions, principally coffee, sugar, salt, uiyuj.
son and tropical fruits obtained iu return.
Kut nothing more than a hasty notire is
hetc intended of the Wilmington, Char!uu
and Rutherford liiil Road. Its great u.e.
fulness to the whole adjacent eouutrv,
would bn incalculable, and its importance
cannot be too earnestly enforced. 1.
r F- .1 -I' 1- I 11 i . .
Irwn the ork llrraln
SvitA Isk, May I 1
; rllani .ccurntt Amount of tht 1W'.
n xs'if the Know Xothi Cu,,r,ilm
All riht uniting the Coumil u,t tt
SW07 Question.
-pic ;rarilj fullc;jt SuUs of New Yurk
couvem., lt Corinthian Hall, SvreuM,ca
j Tuesday la-tat HI P. M , aod adjourned ou
Fridnyat 1 A. M.
.. ' . .. . .
j J be atteinlauee was lull and uupo-in-,
,Very county aud town iu the Stale belt,;
r(.lir,.sclill. J.
m .11..,.1 ,-,. of th flrand I.
: niiei.t, oe.ivercu on mo nrsi aay ot tue tea.
- afwr tbe report of tbe CreJer.tnl
toiun.iitu-e, vat received with errs! ttU
it ,elll;,rlli4 ,n,l doctrines, which wfrs
a . hrjrty national and conservative, aliurir
1 ' r
no y. ,.Mt.Il(;,l f..,iure from the late oia
,,., :n . r.r :. r.r..ih.. ihe i,,nd. ,f
' making nominations for office which. It
, con,titu,i0( j, rcferr,d iiiitnedialely to li.s
' i. ii f ,i ..,.. f .k. .)d,,,
' ,.;,.
- !.. t). .Trfi rrorl. w- made to
a.-fttiitA action was taken olher than liie rs-
de)ce 0f the nationality of the Grand '.
ci 0f the State of New Vork. la Xmi-
I . .
clU,clt, an third Ucpree was iepud i!'i.
i i..-. ,l. i. ... ,1 ,..
l,(.i,iaiuri. notwithstanding its profes.iou
oe r . . . , 1. understood, bewv
( ,cr tll ,Lr t( nuiIlerou, thir, dojre,
j members that State, and that, with uor.
, (j,rdiner ,t their bead, reaction is tak:-
place, which will prcseully give the nitionil
party the escendaoer. Senator Wilson bu
j placed himself beyond the pale of orthv
doxv, the Senator never took the third de
gree, Jor tssnredly, as an honest nun, Ul
could nerer have uttered aucb doctrine l'i
he enunciated tt the theatre iu voureitr.;
and will probably, be repuditud hj a
.National Convention to which h ha. tf(
ilected a member.
Fending the se sion, it is understood
the Allen party, so called, made orettuH
for re-utuon. and with the ccneral feel.
in the order for harmony and utoiuo, it is j
be hoped il mil soon be i fleeted.
I lie " l'te resolut.on, so ca.lcu, L
(ll ro repe,,eH, -icre, iicverlbd
'U10(i;fi,.j ,uhordit
, cont)0ils full Lower in the r,reini-
, . .
1 v-yxii. 11m lull LJ-i III inn ...... -
,i... ..,1. , ' ;i.i, ...t, ir,.ii
as gave th proper .ssurance of h
B . 1 ...
honlco.0)4rttion Sn purpose.
.... " "
, Jlt MUt9- m U trJej
- j pal(otm of ,UNf w' yurk Know NatL
, u,)tj, t,i(; Iliett; f tb, Niliollil C,u,
- i ,
- 1 -r,c" Arm ric.
. Ltiionof llife Mt..
3. No North No 8outb No Et
t. The United States of Aincrn
are, ouo and inseparable.
. No sectarian interference in our
UlioD, or the aUu.i tiintrat ion of Amc?
, """""J
"V' '"8, 1
1 late of the li
tl. Ifotilitv lo the issunudiJU
tbe bishops, priests, n.
oinan (.atbolic churcn
J , ...
j Although the question of the P""1
was pionerlv referable to the Natn""1
vention which meets on tbe Jin Fri"
in riiilad. li hia aud was so re U rr.
the (irand Council of New York, at th"
iJnn.l .A .loftrini.
I It i. .,.,;,. .-J tli.l ihe stteiidance I

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