North Carolina Newspapers

9 19 i a
!, rtf . a., ZTiisrin 17, 125s,
KuiTUK k 1'HOl'llIJtTOK.
T'e Nr 1 1 -t roi itm hip will lintTertlol lntnil,
l TW'tt ImiII.aKSim .:ti,i,c-; 'r u : hicli would l,ave startled tho wildest im- Knvoy Extraordinary and Mini-tcr PI, nipo
IMl.l.AtiS AMI ll.TY I..NTS , f p.,-,,,, ,., i I uginariei. of Alladdin with hi magic ramp, triiiiarv of 1..T Mj.-ty tlm Queen ol the-
VTiT YAVt'' ,tCU!ati" f knillt f'Ki..?.Io, ofCrcat Britain Ire
i:,mii .I u!inl H nr'rraruj;.-. un-.uiJ, ix. t at ti.e , L"11, , , bind near this Government. In making
U'll"ll I III I.UIOT. villi nl" inm-rlol nt Our IlnMnr jm r n(iir
; )o in - i-r K -a, Ilua a. ti lypt ) Ihr lite f,r t mat r.
frin, u lit! US ft nlm lor eel, cortiliha,.,'.-. I ii It rl I'll- j
I" "- '
I- '-'- " I"""-'"'
,', un v ;.i r. nli I iu..n: lor mcli tin. v.
J l'IM.lmJl. r are uuthmuul lii art a ojinl.
vt rli-cn cma uiiii ni.trm a ... a i,aiK ...
I'ruiii our CuiriM oi!.! !.
ClIAHLI.'luN, Jun 1, 1 -.'i0.
Tlie ranir" of jHin.ii. r liy t'ol. 15rook i
ati.l "'( t I ie ot roau'r
ii it, all oinU". j
...... nun I,. it, i heel, lull llirmi" .out lb
M; t-. an I thanks m,H i..f rofamtu. I
1 1. ... .,il,..r I...... .
ti.e hrnto u,l fliifshir rrprrcl:tativr from I
H i' 1'aSui. tto State. And ee0 mnio of tlm !
n on M ii-itoe and teiipurat Northern jour- I
I !i imr eommiiided lirooka for the pen-
!tv he ii.fltrr.-i on thin a!.olitiiii-t. !
f r I. is f ul lalld;r of the Slate uritl its v. I-
rral.u J-etiator. A fold hea. led raiio worth
t: y ! im, and n pa-r of du.-iiine pi-toU
1 it" l eesi mil ou to I im j hit lii. nd?. in
( I. ul--t- I., to 1 e u t 1 if I.. i'f.)-srv, in te;ich
iiij N ilf-r n ahuiiiioni-it to i.e civil and re-
ft"'! 'I to, the : out It an I her and
Hi I I itlorn. I fie t'.t the CollilliHt -t: that
.n ap point-. I to in t -rtite the :r alter, ha us
r. r .niriii-iidcd l,is i xpul-ioit, Lul 111- fiiciid.4
r bare no ft ar ul any aueli re-u.t.
It app.-ar that a iia,i;-e fatjiily to ha
lt, ,1' :ile Ii4 iieei.ily I., en haitin ; uw r our
il, v j'eil itly. 'Ittoiut'ii eie rerrntiv jhot.
., f wh .in i .Mi. .lend, and tiie other
,o t.rut.aolf iKia r r.c.ver. And iluriiit1
l!f l,"ay idow rn Saturday Ul, lot were eapMit d in our l.arl or,
ai J to Vil.itr m i n and mi neuroe ere
dr-ivtliej. M rtcvira! ' liairunlv ia-
c a;. I lh-. .line .30 fate.
'I'ht M itilttii. IJouc on Sullivan l-datid
formally opened li Monday, under the
m- i'ii-t and immediate direcliou of Wan-'
. M,er, th t aperi.-iired and arcommotla-
t i ropfietftr of lltf 'har!c-tm Hotel, nnd
nar .-ittn.-u.. are a. ready Utikini h CfOwoa
Ij laat I r Ian, i , J ami popu ur auinuter re-
rt. 1 think tlial the pre.iM flat of feel
i fii-iltjj letweeii the Noilh and the
fjat'.i, flioall iiiiucu ear cititeli t ) peud
t:.. r u.r.iiet at Watf ting places Soulii of Ma-
i un 1 I'ixou line. 1 am not now, and
le v. r n, an ultr di-um oiti-t ; in ..thi-r
ril. a lire eatt r, I nt I go iu for .landing
up ti our ri.'ht. and difeiiilmg thciu at all
l,j,,dp, ami to tiae l.ft t-xtreu.ily.
1 Le clouila have never aetnied more datk
an 'Lthrcatriiing tlmti tiiose which now loner
in "ur polities! aky, and the di.tant muttcr
i".' ' f the deep toned thii'.der j.r'end a
ft tin lit h hieh the patriot', heart ma y re II
quake fur tiie c -n-eq icnccii. 1'ut the Soutit.
i! fie- i wi-e arid prudent, ti'l holtN in her
I.svl. thtj p mer to demand and ol tain equal
r:.lii iu tiie I'm in, or iudi p. ltd. nee out of it.
'I ! battle La already l-czuo. JiioutI h is
l.'li piit at the Federal Capital, and the
Northern populace Lave heeti wrought up
to a frrnxy of luadiie'S. The nt Xt gale tiat
i"" from ti,. plain of Kam i may Lring
t i ar ear tho ela-h of rtoundlng nrnti.
'lh war hi already l.egun, aittl in the lan-
cur. e nt II....... I I. t i. .
a-, i i t
J he eoti-tnu ..em 1 1 he i.iev ilalie, ami the
.. . .!... ; .t... i..,.. , r... .i...
v 11JI1 . j
I lie fiHonirig i an extract from a letter
t I at Alt hiii on, and written l y a mem
ber i, I the fe-olid Company ihat went out
If. in ll,i,ci,j. It br atl.ct the true fpiiit
and del. nuiiiatio.t that nctuale. the lat a-l
I every Caro'iinittii rctT. f ntative upon the
f K-
:iin. Such men may be cm to
; c-- -Htuiii,!a;cd; but they can never be
I write yon in batr, we aro onlcn d t )
i' in h in nn Lour time to I, awn ne ireat
tuetii. prevails iu our luidt, we .etnrt
t i act in il, fctn-e of tbe rigLls of the South,
a I I f.,r i-.n. p'.de you my w id nf l.on-
' r, that I wi,l tli mi fhae of lighting, I
v "to ou Ve 01 ,"ay, nntl t-ai ! in that letter
ta il 1 del not believe tl,ul ! a lint II to be
Mint Ly an nbo'lliouictt. Farewell, if I re-
tun from the ti. hi of duty unrat!n d and
:'d ri - lit, I vi'.lat on.e iufjrin you, c." ,
"i elf. (I. V.
I an, fnlle ,lvnr ,!,,, thi. ii a f.t
iv aware that thi i a fa-t itgc-
fi-t. p.ihip., in vome respect, f, r the;
lot tl people who live in it. llatal
i'... r Hanks sal 1 of tl.e I'liinn, " b I Lt r
''. ' and uiiL-f. she burst a boiler and
s all s.board. she will only im t iu I oit the
1. i
' ,ii r l'ro.'re',re I le inocrac v , Maniff-I
I' -tiny nnd Youii Ann ,iea, now form the
t t anil triiimv I, ate in which i botiini up tiie
o.'-lii y of tho world, or at It 1st, of the WY.
'"i hctiii-phere. And firhn it from ti.e
' ' a,t,. t t ri,;;L. ,i e w LirUin I, rui L tho
i irerrii, tempest, or 'lock the who I of the
or, I h preat pro.'rcs. I would rather fa
ci i I ite inn 't.r b y sti id in the aval an eh, or
b' api,, abttr.rd the express truin of huiiinn-
' that is tLtiiidiTin over the gieat air line
r ailroyl f i i f-, and tptir the swift winged
-lit, linn into greater speed. It would seem
"''' in these latter day of progrcs ami re
form, th;,t thi. world ha been converted in
(o inammoth wholct-ale w arehouse, ami that
' fowits, kintrdoiti am! contineiit are now
broiii-ht and mltl, ami numhered among the
ordinary article of roinmeier.
I Lave born led into this rather cxtravi
fint train of tliought by seeing an adver
tisontotit in one of the inoriiinrr paper with
he f.liowinj sig;rti(i.iiiit heading "Siit
' 5,, r, l.-' Nw this would really
"tnke art old fogy a.t rather an ixtensiv'e
pro,,,.,,,n a(1( c v,o.e niat'iiilineiiee
J r i
aotiicwhat ralculated to Martlo r-
' II th
' J'ow'aS luouaUclied, go ahead, ad-
vocates of kIpbui and ligbtijinir. An htnml .F.ELATICM3 with CR2AT BSITAIiV.
to rtvt ; and one too, on which is growing1
up a Urge mid populous town, murks un 1 Wahhisotiis, May '-'!), 1 -"Q.
I tt in thu progress of (l.e material universe Tv Ihe Senate and Huns, of liepietentuhcrt :
of which OUT fathers lillle dreamed, arid T l.nvi ccr,.il tnhnbl mtcrcmir,. with tli
Washington, Jane 4, 150.
I t , . i ,
ur iiiuiiieiriiil . lection took D UL-e on Mar..
, ..J, oonir.ry to .!, very tofide,,t ex-
.. emtio,, of ,Le A iiu-t ! rr. .w.,t,.,
, t I.c fo, inaliuu of tlif Ameiiean pally tl,ey
, lif fail, il to t!ert tljiir CilulitJuti-s tor of-
uro in ii i-. .iiy. ijut wLiler gntw ul
i .. . ..ii. . ..
r . .. . -1 - ... ...
nr i. in i, unu net now aiij-e I nil il wan uu-
ixf i cli ii, r.c rn.l.i.t he Mirpri-i-d thereat.
'J Le i,iil(j'i;iLt! of :hc 1' li iit uml Sen.
le masoned a.'iiint u, wLiU thr.t of the
Hou't;, where the 1 'ourki . ( t r ant! (,'ii-ik
are Aui.-1 ic., has lu thein u-ed in our
l4or. j;vtry office liold.-r, from tlie head .
of 1). par tnsi nli. li.jwii U l.iborem and roal- i
L avtr ie coihim lied to vole iI.b
Au.ciii'fi ii ticket. Tn many cae.
"" mice a'ceitaiinJ ,o-e reritons ui-re
""l -t.tjtl-l to vote; ., j ea-
tUrv eie T.-l.-et-iJ hen eh-.!:.... ....1
' ''u ru" ''ia-.n, Loii.un
f l'atertt-
a oue " ' l.uu.hrr, and ackiiowlrdirvd
r..i-id.T l.ii i-. 'f a citiie.1, of
clt.V. bat of the Stale of Iowa. Willi
"r' " fntrti. with, the won 1-r to
me i, inai any u. lei Miintil
Le iiide, ami ti,,: j
H'.ot!; I -t .vi,, and I. t tlie. a
'. -i i
-ppo.-iliou 'hould
. phi iitl uot c!t
Liini-ti alioli any,
i:n-e nti-ii j.,a, r.ile over sou
'lite votu f-riaor iti M.rul.
Nicht, J.IIT ; lor lliii. Ainriic.-ni, ",
I ; ii. .i it v (or Mjiij.l.-r ilnrt.i ,, 'i her
it -uine tali, of Co,, I. -till i ti, eleetioll, and
: e .:.:.. t . . . . ...
it nil-. i uut.e our cantiiuie in ay I
the lei t.lic.tle. i! it at iir.vri.te
cue i
t n v f
oiue romlorl left ; we atiil h tve a majority
in d tin ii t.-irtta ol oar
city coiiiiei!-. o that
chou'.d lir M titrit l.-r he the Mi ir !
ho uriah, c to g.-l iit) of Li puity mea.urca
' ur i-ommin. e i tne iion-e
to invcti
upon Mr.
"te "uU of Mr I!to,k
' " r "I ' rl' " in l norol fheix-
I u.-i oil of Mr. Uiook. I he minority
l'"ll""l,,v "u: n.aiie a report
nter Lite in., He a report .it
''."''i''? '!," i tfuilty of a l.u-a. Ii
of j rivih'.-e. 1 here v ill Le u ) action on i i
lr r' l" rl '!' e. k.
" e li' 'tttr N-.iionnl Co iirriit-on,
" 'on at t'iiieiniiati, are hm in.a
rry 4oi my l.tnc 'I he i rineip'e cau-e of
tllffi n-: .ii liein.' t.,e ar pi"T3nce of two .eta
of delet-al. from New York and Mi otiri
'I he t out .nt ion Witi ei iitno ,,,ly rr:-,n-il-
d Ly the uppoiittiiieiit of Join Ward, r,f
I i, oria, a-t l'resid. i.t ; It-dliti lomr, -f
North Caro.ii. a, and thirty other Vic
I'reniiiei.t ami a large n imler of Secrcta
rie. A r.'inuiittee i.ri the plat'.rm lii
I ro n ajpoiiiletl Lut La I, -t j, t r. p rted
W i! L ive b.illiilii fioin Ciiieiiiha'.i Ivt.-'e-
giaph to-d iv. Lett. r. from there av that ''
Ihiii. us t. -udiiij; t ard tl.e Doiniiiutiou of
M r Hat li an an.
The Utter of Mr. Mi rry di mi-t-intr Mr.
Cramptoo, ha Leeii pur ii-ticd. A to ll.e
ju-tiee of tin. M.-p on the part of the rop
er, it, let, I there are variou opiiii,,'o,i, Sen
ior 'I oon. I t L.inicli-rit it a ut jii't. con
sidering that the lliiti-h g Vi i,t ha a--..!..jri,-.i
f l ,i r.ot.iiii. r It if thought I y
ma, iv, to le in, r.-ly a olilienl n.oe on the
p ut i-l I'ieree.
Sciat-.r Sumner i. slowly rer'tn tin; l,i
health thoUiiU Le ii not yet able to k-ave
In room.
A linn t amed John K-ex ki'l.-d an.ith
i r iiatned J o i i le v on Peiinf Ivani i avenue
iftr!,v. II- i t:i ,-vi i, -let!, no i while
in he u-ti!v if
. ,.
1 1 1H
I,,' ' It:
m I 'on
we. k, l,iot of the l'cu.o-ralif uL iiiber It
ing III at the convention.
iu;' int'ks.
M..f.K I'la ttliu!-
)i ru.Ai
If The
Tan pa I't niiiMilar, ot 1 1 e 1 1 I h i n a nt . n
th ,t a! ot. t dark on t1 e v.-tiino of the I lih,
a liiittil,, r nf Iinittto. lir.,,1 .ir,.i ,1,.. inn.n i(
, r)l,.Vi j., , rl,ai,Jo county, and
ki,let! two of' hi chlblr.ll. Oil the
the -nine band of . avug.-, a. ia snppo-cil,
attacked th.! tmin carrvinj proii-i...: to
the Siale troop, fi nn Tampa to I -1 , j. i I; -
irtiu, twelve tni'e from Tiiu p i. I he
trai.i wn. gu ild. ol by fa ir w'.it.. m,-n, a
boy und a neero man. WLilo watering
tin i r horse, the Indian. it in a tho 1,1 t
close by, fired upon tin 111 and tl the
boy ; the next liifdinr ;e the . " f ill er,
Stirlini- by name, n killed, and iinine
diati ly after man nameil Honeh fell
Iln.son w:if hot n.-ro. ti.e breast, but pot
"P"" ""' ''"if.-, r.n l cfc-,p,ol, :,s
the negro titan. 1 1 alhi-bl , the f .mi lii "iiai d ,
flood under rover of the wragotis, nnd k. nt
the I ml i;i tih off until he. bad loaded ami
fired five
tin,:, lie tLen c.-eaped
on a
A tint Ii ( INK () KI! TMK I.KIT. A few
day a sinet! one of our luii'troad Agents, a
In tit r feliow than whom doe- not " live, move
or have h, Lt ilij,' received a b Iter futlil a
eelitl, mail in in Il-LIioi iug f it), inqniriug
for rt trunk, which had Lren mifplaced or lo-l,
atlding, by way of ilesci iption : " The trunk
hit A . Ii.' nun ked ou the li lt end." here
upon Le r. ctivcd lro;u " Alt'" tlie follow in
answer :
" Aflcr a careful ins pectimi of all (be
baggage at this dtpot, and very mature ue
liLcralioli thereupon, wo are of the o inioii
that both md, of your trunk are left.''
TlT (.It TAT. The edit ,r of the Albany
Herald says that he one,- knew a wild wld-lthe
ovv who cut out her own tiiiiighler in the
good grace of her lover, and married him 1
her-cll. loot. tain revenge tor tins mean,
uiiinothelly trick, the daii-hlir s, t lo-r cap!
for the younj luaTi'a rich lather, of whom
he wa.t the only heir,) nntl actuallv married
him, and Lad child,, n. to the iiifinite annoy
ance of tho other partie-. This occurred iu
(Juoudagu county. -t.ur.
communication of tins fact, It. lias been
deemed by mi; proper ulo to lay before
l!iinreia the ronidcratiotixof indi -p'-nsal le
....I i: . ,1 ... .. i ... i.- .. .1.. .:
I'luilij uuij wrmi Bit' ru u ill' u'ii imdu
', , . . ,
' ' I"e."KU, " '"U . V . n tr,u , 17
' ,t,,?,,,'1' " tr"L,1"
, ..
J.'r. M in v In Mr. DtUrni.
l'il'AKTMKVT StaTT, )
Wa-!iin jtou, M ay V!T, I
? : 111? 1'ro-id. nt Ii n - can fully eon--idered
the note r,f the :;ill, ultimo, a 1-dre-rj
to you l.y the i;,nl of ( 'hireiidoli,
lo'r J ij.ty I'riiicipul Si en t.iry of S:;ite
for Foreign AfTiirs, relative tj the iMetion
v l.i'h linv! n r i - f ' i hitmen this tiowrn
meiit and tlmt of (ireit 15, it iiti on i1io:i!j-
cr. .iiin.' nitliiii tlie I.'nit.-.'. St ites
f r the I!i itl-1, t. r in
iJ L i dir cted
i '" v' 1 U' 011 v '"' ''"'"' f'T the
' ''' 1,1 'l ill' H.-ln li.aoe ki, 11 10 il' r
s ''overn.iieiit.
! 11.- ti l I eetl lunch ertttll.e-l ! tlie C'Ml-
ci!i tior vpiiit of that note, ami I vtht t'e
, -iie m uiile-tt d l y the Iv.rl of Car. mi u
to a lju-t tint rxi-tiug dlfficultm and t ipr.--ff.-rve
and ft, .-nt hen the t:in lly relation
1,1'Ui n the I'nited State mid Uieat l.;.'i
.l.iin. '1 he v rt -1 iitt.-ri ft which the (loverii
( un nt and p ojl. of Loth rouutrie have in
l upli tl'itiiji anl chcii-hni.' mi.-'.i
, cain.ot l e more aolctniily i't pr
her M - j. -ty .a v-.-r, -it thau
that of th" rioted St. t-.
i ,
-.-.d Lp "11
it ii upon
ly her
int. ntion
f o tri i n
I Ii'! uiicj v i t; il tli-claiiiter
M ,j. -ly r. 1 1 o 1 1 i.iio nt of " any
eilner lo inlrliii;e the law, or t;
lii. p ,!i.-i , or not t i i e pert th-?
i f tin- l iiitel M itt .-,'' and tin ir tx-
.t-iou nf r. ict " il contrary o tlnir
niioti.- and to their reiterated direction-,
tin r
.-f lh.
I 're -t
li.if hei-n any intringriiieiit of the la m
l uitetl .State.-'," are alifai:loiy lo the
lent, 'i he uroiitni of con, ido i r.t . fO far
a it-peels Li r Majesty a (Jovtl iiincl.t, ii
tita- It iito'.e.l.
l.-l ti.e I'io-i !.-nt cjstr.-ii,. ly re.'rett t'tat
he C J lite I Cel I r ill L il ti C , a It nil oil ' fa '. or
al 1" f of llf cc'idiict offline of her
Maj- .-ty a ollut r- v- ho Here, u thi- liovern
ii. i nt L. lievctl, anil, alter due Coii-i -ern r ion
of ali which l as Ltt-ti .-li .r. d in their tie
teiicv, o i,l Lt l.eU'., itiipitc.tled in proceed -inj.s
"h,ch it i-re aoileaily i.n ii.ltti.g.-ui.iit
at tLe iau ititd .,. i..i-n rihl e f lit
coiiiiy. In I. fj ett to fi,, h of t!.. -e ill -i
t rs a,-.,! a,, i t a. Inne no connt i I . n with
tLif I . ov t I lt.eiil it ha nolhiiig to afk from
that ut I. or ; but liie cafe is d.iler
etit in r, 1 tti-ji, t i Mr ( an pton, her M j.-..
IV. KliVoy Mill for ii;t try mil M,l.i-,er
I '.ei. 1 1 ite .it i ar 1. 1 II. i ( ' . rumen-, a in! ll.e
'oii-ul- t.f Nt .1 Vol',;, I'h'latie I Ma and
Co.t n.nati.
pi r, , c tl
TTe I'r. -:tii i,t is (. r .. l . -.; . J t )
it hi r Ml'.e-tv' ( ioVel nn, I lit
would not Lave l.ei.,te.i to comply wiih
le-t t
i v.llhdraw t,.--t! ofl'.et-is frt.i
).-ition if it h ail enlt i t aim d
tak. 11 of their n-t in I e- ..-IT
tl." V irM
uril to n t railing
mil irn riht. of lL" l',,:t
I i. Jii't lv le-i d ay that
the I a t a and
St .ii
10 III!, I
: tl,!
request no iniei ruptioi, of the tlij i,,.,at:e
i relation between this (i ovcrnna lit and ihat
.ofl.reat rit ,.i n w a amic'p. teil ; but, on
: the contrary, the Pi Cfiiii lit w as a nd is sin
ct ri ly ilesii oii to keep them up oi a mo t
fn. i.dly ftin'. Mr. Cran.ptoiiV v.ith
diaw.ii was ii-l.ed for expies-iy upon the
gio md that " Li e. .urn )iio-i with alliir
i rai-n.g i, er.ullf in thi country fjr.lhe
le ;li-ii s . rv icel ha I'.-n l.-rod htm an una,--!
it ii t.ior representative of In r In iianuie
j M.ij ty m ar I io.-. 1 1 ov or i, un nl.'' For the
sain... r.-a-on the withdrawal of the lime
i lit I'.i-h t' .ii-aN w as also i i ii ted. Tlo -e
j cthcei w el , , a - ti. i - ' .' ovet iiniei.t coniilei.t
iv belie, c-, tlnji'y implicated ill ,ioc". .i
iii.'s e..iilraiy to the law and soveni.-u
rights ol li,e 1'i.iied Males, and roiilrury,
; a it now appear, to the iiitenii mt a.t.l
icit, ratutl ins, rae;iti,s f iheti tiovein
tnelit. It wa-i tuir peis oial at ts, ct i tain! y
. b.-t the b'f ohj. ctiouiil for having been
untie e.oitl ary to l lie il.rntioii of lor Ma-Jc-ty
M'.ll.-lt lS, which r. I.di-red ti.eln, ill
; lii. ir ofiieial chaiact. rs uuJ position-, unae-
lo lioveihiiu til
'i-nt, fnr that c lil-i , t i to'it
:i tin tr
he w a
-t It 1,1
lie has
li, hi . Il
leci'l, I -lie. in u that by this to ir-e
coLitnhuiiiig Ij the common int,r in , l iy o. ll.e t.vo 'i .vol nil. .'lit-.
ii ', alter the too I in t.iie tii.l . rath
aide to dial go in- v ir
and cannot, cit ltie his
of tin ir cm duct,
puri ise iu It l .linu
to tio-iii. ilit ir coioln.-t rel.itt il to
it I . tl iu fact oiigMiuicd a tl.llieully which
di-ttirbttl t'till l , ldl.ll hallll. ny Mini good
tiiitierstaJin lelwe.u the. t o count! ie-, it
constituted a decided ul j. el lul, lo them of a
personal chat -icier, which lo e none of its
line. 'by the satisfactory u.lj i-luieut of thai
'I he only embarra-si:i, iit which attends
ti.e rase is the tlulor. nee of opinion between
t l.e two I .overtime nt - as to t he rotnp.icity of
these ollict r in illegal proceeding within
the I'liitetl States.
Ill reviewing this soil jtet, the Piesidetit
w a.-ili-po-cd to him-ell of any reasonn
ble doubts which could be 1 al-e.l in hi 1 in ordvr to Lii no his opinion iu this
rc-pccl into conformity with that of Lt-r
Majesty' (lovcrnini nl ; but, titter earelul
ri coii-idcration of the c.tte, In" L i be, n un
able to cliaii".i) the conclusion to which he
had previously arrived.
This tl. flert nee of opinion may be, in
s'. nie dcoree, a-enl, ed to the tlitterence ni
lew ot the t w o I oveinments Hi respect
to the iieutt alit, law nud t no soverngii
rights ot mis country.
Hi' not prope-en, iinwcvci, ,,. t .iitiiiu.-
the di -ru-on upon that su, j.ct
1 oe c n-
clusion of the I'lt .sitlcnt slated iu my ilrs
pilch of the -Mil f Pet-ember, to your
predecessor, in regal d to lite con-tructioil
uf that law ami the ehai acler and , xlel t of
ll.u.-u lights, tvLuaiu uucliuuned, and ho
cannot forego the duty ofu-ingall proper
mean to sustain ami limn-:. to thiin.
'1 he main cause of this .1 i fi.-r. nee of opin
ion iu tl,n ilitt'orelit 11 ,,,, t oi-i . t i , . n .I' fl..i
proofs by which tha ehai;.tt agitinsj her
Majesty diplomniie rtjiics, ntative mid
consul nre sustained.
I Lord Clarendon ask thi-fiovcrnmclit to
regard th 1 ere dcclnrirticns ol tl ?e (.flic, i
as of sijflii.j,.t weight to eountt rvnil tl,,
evidence against tln-m. Tin ir denials- as
presented in hi de-p.tch of the llh of
Apiil and that is nil whi'h ha i.ecn coin
uniiiieiited to thi ("" i im-nt on tl.e sub
j..,., t-eem to Le sj.ife-c' '.,d do not traver.-c
( all the allegations ngin-t thcin. 'Jln-v
deny that they have ii.fiiiigcd our
f y law, by cnli.-tit g p, r-on will, in the
' I'nitnl State" for tie Iiiili-li service, or
: Liritiir or reta tiing person to leave the
I I. nil. 'I States for the put pn-e of I i-iiil.' enli--ted
iu the servce. The charge. against
them are much broadr, and embrace ti.e
(fft-nee of violating th; laws i nl soveifigii of th" I'n ted State by setting in
opt tji' vi t Ii in our tt ritory, mid ((induc
ting an fx'endve fy-tein of recruiting,
which wus not and could not be carried in
to , iT.-ct without inliiiit ing our laws nntl
rights; ,y employing n mm rout agents to
engage person, for ccuniai y or oil,, r
eoii-idt-l alb. ii-, to leave (he I'nilt dStat
(or (he ixpr. -s purpo-e of entering into the
ll;iii-h aru r. and by kofiing th-e iigei,t
iu till-empbyi, lent after it wa-well known
that they were coa-t :t,tly ii.l'.iijeing our
' Tie denial of tbe in plitnt'd otTicer otdy
com r a part of the Y .ii qui - licit imputed
t ) I belli ; I lit, confining the tjtsu'j.-toiy tie
duration to tbe simp'' charge of having
violated the provi-i.,ns of nur neutrality act,
it no..- not tm rii the i-n,-iJi ration w!.i. h
Lord tharettloii l.a t.-. til-. d to it. Ly
a.i..pting Lo-d Ciareli'loii'- coio.i i ut-rion of
our neutrality law eontainid in l.i- note of
the 1 i.t I, of Novetnlir. which rcroier- it
alino-t tiiigatorj, nnd i- contrary t- th-t of
tin- 'iovernm -nt ami of iis liii u-t;itl-,
tln .-e oirr-ers have not prolo l ly founil
much eniharriif-ii.t nt in lit, t tin- tlie cloil "t-s
Willi a general denial.
Jo.', giving ta t,p ,',-t larntieti of Mr.
Craii plon and the Coi.-u'- .!! the cnn-iib la
t: w hieh call be fair y 1 .ii.ied i'. r it umb-r
tho ei'cuin-tai.i-es of tl.e ca-c. it ciii.n. t
coui.ti-i balance the uniii p, .-.cln tl ; lid w. 'l
sufl.iiiiitl tvioeltce which e-tabli-lie the
chrg- again-t tl se eff ct I el 1,;,-, iiig in
tiii iji d the laws and sovereign ricl.t.- of the
United St ,te-. " '
Lord Clarendon's to te to you of the f'ith
of Apiil cenvct. the ic.j.r. -.-!. the by which tin" . .lo.r- rite in p.i
cat.j i tleiivcd lioin o,,e or i o" vi it nc-s-s
who-.! credibility l,a 1 et n a--. .Led. 'Ih's,
iij-o-iar, i- not a eoirett view ; th" f ti-.
liy the cyainiu ,li -. of n v tl.-j-'ieh of
the '.'"lii of Iieceini i r it will" pict ivt l
mat tiiese witnesses wer t,oi loriobo
rated, and tiiat thtiu inept jo-, wholly in
tl. p ir.eot ct their t'-l,n,, i. ;ii 'ii.ilai t'y
si-hui- i.t lo establi-1, the (,o I't ty .-f Mr.
I', an, pt on and ihe Con-uK :n too inllilig"
in. i.t ol the ia wa ami sov eri ii n i .gl t - ol the
I into I State. 1 it u-t it w i I i. t i e Ijtlos
lijnt .1 that it lelongs cic, ,.; , ' -, n ihis
t iovvi niectit ard itt j-.idhiai ti l.ouals to
give a con-truetioii to if s in u ! I : 1 law,
and to tieti rmine what acts, o o within its
jurisdiction are ii.f: iiigein, nt- ct th law.
1 !,i- is a matt, r w Inch cone, i ; - it- internal ation, ami ir. u: ! i a lo.v the
at it' of any f. reign I'-wer 1 cut i o v ert
that ooti-ttiKtioii and ju-lity
ly a ti . II,. icnt intorpit tation
w nieii virtually rentiers thim
r conduct
f on r law.,
i-fi' ctivc for
the pin po-es iiitcmled.
'ill.- Karl of Clarendon i',f ru- ym. iu
I. U note of the IlHth of A ri, that Mr.
Ciau.pi. n pnfitiuly deri, the charge of
coin) ,i. ny in uny of ife. :'. if i. It gal
riili-tiio nl in the V'ni! ti St:.'.-, anil that
the thlee t'iinuU tttcil'patcd .1 tic -nine.
I le a--, lilies that the charge i , ,:n-t tin ni
i-su-tiiiin-d niiiinlv l y the , i i ee of two
,-r-oii, Strobel and I lertz, ! ho con-
c. ivt's ii le unworthy of en ol ; and be
ri peaN to the Aiiieiiean giv. ei I'.n.ct.t to ae
ct j t a- cnnciu-ive tins declai 'atio'i of the
.Mmi-ter and Con-uls. 1 i,m in-Mit-tcd to
.-:,y th i' the-e con-iii, rations do i , t relieve
li t! Pi'ffii.ciit a mind of the iintavuriibie
in pr.-sions voiluc, tl by tl e conduct of
II. o-e Lci.tlt nn ti in n iiitn ii to torei-.ii re
el 'iiiim. nl iu tl e I nit, d St id s.
It wi.l be set n by it f iling to n,v de-pat.-h
of the '-'sili of lect inl't r, in wl.i.h
tne gr. -und of , Inn ;.e iig.ain-t Mr Ci.V'ip
ton weir I li y st'it. t:, that il c te.-ilinony o'
Mini el and 11. r z was tpute a McrmiaM
ai d .in liii-n p. it.n.t pan t fthe t voitn. c
adduced ; tl.e charge I t ing sn pi I li tl . in-
d. ,i ud, m 1 v ol th, ii- t, stiitioiiy , by otll. r
witii.--c. l y ori.inal 1. 1 1 . i - ot Mr. Cran p
ton ami ol In , -, ni. l by in. '. nicd and Ululc
Liable act ol Mr. t'ran j tmi.
A- to Si i "bt 1 and 1 It rt., how , ver, it un y
be .,b-e, vcd that the tinea. m nls ti ,in-n.itr, ,i
ly Laid t'lar. mien, a- j roving tho,! per
! - unworthy of ered.t, i.t'. entitled to but
lilt e weight, c on-i'ing as they do chi.l'.v
of ixpaite ntV.davil-, detailing inaltci.-ti.o.-l'y
of incie heat-ay. Ami, whatever
may have be, n tho ci .aiaeler of tho-e per
sons, it by no means lolh.w that they .lid
m t testily to the truth. They wetr agci't
eb cted and Iru-ttd ly Mr Cianqlon him
self, and to tin in be e. inioiili d most impnr
taut concerns. Such an loioi -t u,. I t
should (onnicrvail the minuet, t of their
veracity, founded on loose hearsay repot ts.
Nor dot it si t in to le a ll .1 g of much
mouit nt, in ii-lation lo the pr, -ent ipit -lioi ,
that Stiobtl, in t on-, tpit nee ot imputed
lui.-coiidiiet, wa tii-mi--,d I'r. in employ
tut lit by the Lieutenant tinvcinor of Nova
Scotia, iitid afterwards endeavored to obtain
money from M r. t'l ampton The fact re
main that he held a cnminis-ion ill the
l'.iiii-h For, ign Legion, and that, us it i
clearly proved, and not. denied, he main
t. lined, a a lt ci uiting eiliet r and f.-r a con
siderable pel iod of time, association, per
sonally or by cs.rie-poi.di nee, with Mr.
Cr ampton.,
'I he cmpYiy ineiit of Strobe! by Mr.
Cramptoii, their long n.-ocia;ioti in the joint
work of recruiting in the United State for
the Foreign Legion, the distinction of her
Majesty's comuus.-iou of captain iu that
corps conferred on Strobel, would seem at
! least to deprive Mr. Crainpion the riht to
i del y his credibility as a witness.
' Jiut llieie is a larg, r and n.ore con. pre-
lieltsive class of cuii-itlerati' iis nmliculie
to this i, articular one.-tion. l or a l eriod
of m arly live months that is, frcm about
the mitiille of Match, I s.",.",, to the 5th of
August, ISlii, the p-ncc ami order of
this counlty were ui-tuib, ,1, e'pcially iu
ilie cilit a of Uo-ton. New York, Philiidel-
phia, and Cinciiiiiati, ly the unlawful acts
of nuiin tons I,, r.-ons (i.gii'.eil in rai-in re-
ciuit or in beintf ncruited fr the liriiish
For.ig.i Ltjioii. They rfcrc V upplied will, wtiat wa liotoi'ioim to all the world, that
an pie funds by Jiriti-h ;.geiits. They through the iiiunth of A pril, May , J une atid
i ol stinati ly resisted i.nd K-t at naught nil July the recruiting agent- in vu i.u-p. i t
ll.eifloit- of the local authorities of the of the Unite i Siai. s. and con-plci! ni-iy iu
I'nilt d Mi tes to ,ut a step to their proceed-' lij.-tou, New York, Philadelphia and I in
ii.g. nor did tln-y ilesi-t until th"V u-ceived cilinati, were kei ning uo a ino-t un eoov
Olllt r- to tlmt (fleet tl, tn tl.
l!ii:i-h Cov-
en ment in the month of Au.-i.-t. 'Ihe re
cruits thus unlawfully lui-etl in the United
States tliiriig nl) that time w re convovedl
1 Jbiti-h a . i t -o llalil'-x. i, lei t h. re Hi
lu.l. n in ;he I'Oieigti J.eeioi)
All tin t e act, as w, as I heir : canty.
were iirtoiious. Lon" In-fore the trial of
Hertz in Sf plciiiltr ai d of Wagner in Oc-
tobi rtht y must have I ecu Lroii-ht to the
particular notice cf Mr. CraiiiptDii. llicLri -
li.l, Colisul rol.i."..,,.!.,- I,e r..-, no.
ary jti.licial impiii it-s w hieh took plat-e botii
at New- York and J'l.iladelpliia.
In t- 1 1 1 -1 j 1 1 1 tit-e of the stt-rs to tint ef -
f, ct t .ki n by me on the '.".'d of March, the
jirop, r in-triieiioiis were i--,,e'l on the 'Jod,
and pro-ociitions commenced in Philadel-
Jihia mi the -1 1 1 of Mai eh and it. New York
on the ;".th nf April.
A i-xatiit'ie of the eh r' raeli r of thnse rro-
ccet'ings. tht-ir notoriet . and 'lo iv eoiielu-ive
icgali tf. t I, w t oct'uri ei
pa nicul a r notice.
May desefyi"
At N'.-w Yot!:. on the lih of May a
nut, d.i r cf p'-r-otif, ti'Mio 'v : i i . 1 1 r , J
ateht r, Vi ! I - in Sclioiii "ci.-er, Julius
Far! ii-, l-car Croiucy, and Andrew Lutz,
were i x-tiuined before C.uilni-bi-r 11. t'
employ ed by tie parlies i.ccu"d, v. ho tir-
gu. d that no ofleiici; had been coinini't-'d,
because it did not nt per that nav vain!
Contract of enli-tiiieni had h.rn ean -i-u. ma
ted. Lut thi- eioiind of def. me wa over
rtil.'d by tl.e Ci'iniui-.-ioii 'rw ho, tho'.igli l.e
ili-cha i !.d W i' to her lor dole, live ,-v idenre,
c n,n,iited Luti, .Mihuuiacker, Crouiey tiled
Pal k u.
At Philadt -phia, on the '.'.Jtli of May,
three person, llcrt. Peikin-, cud Luok-
l.a:l, having net n a rre-t, ,1 wii I
'! I
rw of
1 i o - I, . r. crusting iu tie' sen ice ol (ire-t
lhfl.iiii, i j pln d to the 'Circuit Court of the
I nit. tl Siait , by habeas coi pu, lo be tli--ch:
r"tl fioin cu-'ndy. The pr. -i 'ing
j,i-!ge, the 1 1 .ii. John K Kan.-, on examina
tion of the taktli 'm the case I e
fore a c..i.iiiii-sioio-r. fouml that the i-io-.f sntiititiit to 'i;n
nti'l P. rhiii w 'thin t!
ei of ll'-riz
' co'o'i;:"!: of the
kna'I. Ae't oidltig.
law, I o;t i.ot -o a to H tekna'I. Aero-rd
lv the latt.r was (li-e!iaree,l. but ti.e two
lor, uer w ere committed lortii.l.
'I hus-, so early a wa j:t 11, i illy
shown tint what was doing in this r-. -p.-ct
was unla w f,il. M r. Cranit t in was ne-ri ai n-
led with .he-e rr. .en (1 ing-, rnd was thus
.-"I'1-:; ot ty julnioni- i. tl that ttie nets of le-
r ii i I tin. 1 1 1 carticd on under his authority did
intact, v lateit r mav have I c n lii-iiit.'ii-rioit,
coi'-iifiite a vioiali uof the iiiiinicipal
law ol tl.e United States. This had been
decided I y lite courts of the United State,
nnd was publicly and extensively inn !e
known. It was not controverted, indeed it
i- admitted, lint, ho Lad ihe r.--i 'li'iug bu-i-i.e-.s
iu hi. charge and under his control ;
Vtt he ),iiuitttd it lo be t-onti'iui
d, al-
I li ".ugh j l l u l i i iy o . Id un lied to he unlaw l ul,
li.i '-oil, ii ihe ii.ohii, ol aud Jeily,
it.t i A ugu-t.
Now, thi long soviet rf nets, uu'iwfi:!
and otherwise prejudicial to the g od name
and the trai .pnlil v of this country, were
pel f Tiii'-'i by per-n us who were liner. lily
pail by Fii'iti-ll otVleer-, illid III 3 II v dt whom
lo-toaily enter, d the military service cf
(ireat liiit-.n. That w.-it ineon'e-t ably
toicd en the of Hetty, and W igti.T,
by ivi leiiee v.h'. h ha- I 't Let lt and cannot
be ill, i cached ; am) although the evidence
ad.'uertl on tho-e uiais does not tuedcJi
rohot alien, st,!! it may rot be amiss t j ad d
that Iniii'li oth.-r ,-v idenee to thi saineef
lecl i in the po-sesioii of this I iov.-riiinent,
seuite of w hiou is niiiicxed to t his de-pat ell
in tl.e form of document re-p, ii-ive to
tlio-c at i- oiq iiiv ;ng the 1. tier ol tiie liali of
Clal ctnioil.
W ho i- to be h. 'd ac, oiii. table for these
iinlawli.l act.-! Were th -y nil p, rforiue,!
I y v ului.-.eet ami ii i e-pon-ihl pci -on-, as
ar. ued in the F, iri of t'l.iromi .iil. t!o- itch
olthelioii of July? That yuiunt he ad-i
1, r il
'u-i c rca-'.u lh..t they i
! iii-li t ll.icr-, and of
. .1 by some .t-i',,!;-ihle ,
i 1 1 ov ,-' i t I
ml, m, in Li half of her
nt. disclaim all ii.t-.n-!
laws, con ron i-e the :
red iv, tl pay li oin
enar-e v. . : e t n lo
ugt nt .,1 the Ll it!
The Kail ofl'iar
Ms j t v . I ioV t 1 1 u
lion to i,d. .to the 1
reiitra'it v , or dirc-p
the '. i.iie r Stale-, I v
in ther teititniy.
le-ei veiily accept a
with li.i- .i-. 1 aim. r.
et the -ov i if .nly . I
nl, sting 1 1 o ."". f with-
Tl 0
I 're-idetit un '
fully sati-ti.-d'
. ( . our-,- t'
iiir-e the on.-l
lul act- in tpie-tnoi wt re not r.mhoi i-'d by
the lult-h Hovel nn, en t ; but the fact is,
lie V titleless, Well t li-hed ihat tiny
were none, and done in the iiaiuo a:.d al th.
, M .: n-e of (he 11' ills', l ovel ninelit W ho.
i i . --po'i-ible for tho-e acts' Vo-n
no tiiiccl pioof though tin re i- in ut- Ii
,,f that chat at It r I he ii ft r, nee would I e
inc-l-til le that, t.ot b, ii'g a ul liorl.'cd by
the ltiili-b Cover, 'tneiit it-clf. tln-y were
the unauthorized acts of Lriti-h agent in
the United State. Such agents having ac
ted i.i wilful tliftcgiitd of tbe orders of
tin i r l ion i nnirnt in thus infringing our
I iws, may have failed to inform tn,:r liov
ciliinent that what tin y had undertaken to
iij could imt be done without i.ii'i inging
those law; or, by mi-management, indis
cretion, or ou r!, tin y may have par
ticipated iu such infringement, though well
knowing it wa contrary to tlie wishes ami
the txpres orders of their Government.
However tiii uiay Le, it ia utrUia that
on the charge ol romping t!ie-eree partn-ipa'e in eoiiiiuifon ct n ny in
of (ireut Lrilairi. Kminclit coun-el w.-re triiigemeiit of the la w s of t he United Stat..
agents existed, because their acts appear.
W ho were those agent t
j (if this we are not left in d iu1 t. Iu thi'
documents, on the subject recently laid be-
fore Parliament it is ili liiietly stated that
tho enlistment in the United States did not
stop until Mr. Cramptoii gave order for
tin ir cc-siou ou the ."uh of Augu-t, lie
had power to stop the acts of cnll-tun-nt ;
lie kin w tlie proceeding were, lioiu the
coiniiiel.ccment, exceedingly offensive to Government, and that it was b voting
it active encryic ti arre-t them ; !:. wa
bound to know, he could tiot but know,
cjt'ti st villi tin law officers of tin; bn:t"
Stati-. and that at I- i-t
tin; illegality ol tiie rir.iee
ear. v ::s ol ay
ngs had boon
nroti Jimceil hvtlie let.eral court- iu .low
I York and Philadelphia; and yet. liotwith-
I stainling tin-, he perinilt
tainiiiig tin-, he t-eriniit.-d tli" unlaw tui
! n't in tiie-tion to go on v. ith jut clue: ii'i
i til the iimnih of Augu-t. For thu giv'u
countenance to ihe-e iiieil j roceo ling- he i
ie(lilii,nlv reponibl.
; Lut his accountability" estends y-t fnr -
' f'ter ! f'P the fioin .Iron m,.,,, th-.t
t:e; otltci'il mi rg..-t:on to th IJriti-!i I ov-
' f iToiient of the unt nvar I scheme of ol tain -
1 in : recruit." in the Unite,! States came frrm
tiie eo, rt-p.-inilcm e of Mr. Cr-mptn, and;H
of the Con-uls at N.-w York, Philadelphia, 1 b
and Ciiieinn.'iti ; and that to Mr. (.'rami t n I w
" ere t he superintendence and ex-en ting of
the scheme coniinitted. Anl thu it is that
he who dircC'od liiiJth" ,ower t " stop tbe
proceeding; ami thu ', from car' V in Mare
until Auoi-t. 1
i found loi-il y oeeet'it t!
i i s'ipi-i ii tei 'll ag cn'i-tntent paitty iu tie
I ii'ted States nlnl partly in Canada ar d
Nova Scoti-i, ami in i .- -1 1 n t in-troctions to
tlia agentsj engaeeil in that enlert ri: e.
It tioe not snfnee for Mr. f'rttu ptoii now
t say that ho did not intend to commit or
lie wa the directing head of long contin
ued iiifiingt nnnis of the- law; it wa under
siipt-i i ,r author!-y from hint tinit act of
contin'io'j- vi lation of law were pel po
lluted Lv the tt.t.-r'or a-'ct't ; soint
tho-t- ait-nt- iiio proved by ,i- otn b't.i
to hvve h"ld tiii oot iniereoiirt wirii b in;
and at every stage of inquiry, in iiiimetou
ci-e- inve-tigatctl by the A iii'-riea n f , ov. rn
incut, there is referent"1, bybtt.-r and oral
declaration. I ) t Lo general siipt rintet, 1. nee
of Mr. ( 'campion.
ills moral and I;i l.-gai re-po'i-tl '
are lh,i demoti-tr-tted. Wii it fill infr
Itii.tiou of the striiigrnev of the laws o the
! nite.l State again-t foreign recruiting,
with distinct perception of its beini 1 ut
impos-ibie to raise recruit lu re with our
in'iin.'ing the law, an i v.
ith knonb-'lee of
the coodoiniiatory it, do in
ina-teee'l 'n o:
Ap ilanl May at New Yo
i l i t, y.-t he i . r-i-tod iii
hand Pl.ila b 1-
i r r
ill Hie
scheme until Augu-t. when it ob-tiuate
pro ifori had at length 1 r lout on a
mo-t uiipleas.iiit controvcr-y between tiie
United State and d'reat Lilt iiii, And it
i not the least of the cau-ies of romniaiiit
again-t Mr. Cramt.ton. tint Lv his nets of
coiniuis-n.ii in tin- Lu-iness, or in tailing to
advi-e Li l.overninent of tlie iinpr tet'oa.
biii'y of the uiulertiiking in which he was
embarked, and the s--ri" of il'eg-t! act
which it inv 'Ivotl, and in neglecting tj
observe the general order of hi- itoverri.
inert und to stop ihe recruiting hern the
mouit::' it illegality wa nrotiounc-'d by
the proper legal initii-ritie of tin' United
States, he wa reeklciv endangering t tie
h iliiioliv and peace of two great n
Lv the
iract-r ot
by other
their o t n t 1 1 r -csii-idernt'
,1 r.-l ali vis am
have the strong. t possible. iaJ.iceluei.t
cu'tivate re. dp' oral amity.
The foregoing cn-iderat
lv :,p'v to the eoulnct of th" P-ili-b l'-,n-il
at N. vt York, Phil.! b-Viil an-l ('in
e'tmati. Though of .bordinate o!Vieia!
(Inrneter. they are r .t K- re-pon,!.'.'
than M r. Cramjitoii The eou'lnnoiis vialn
ti on of tli-' ja-.v pro.'.'cil,- d within th. ir resp'o
tive consulates month efter month, under
their c; es, not only without any apparent
effort on their part to stop it, b it with
more or ies of their active -part..-! oati n
therein. Tl," -.,i -.-,! r c at N"-v rk ap
pear t hive been tiie pi'.nt at which ih-
barge-, t xnen 1 it ure yvro made; and it i
pro-id, by tleicii'iit utf htrewirii tra ti-mlt-t.'tl,
that i-i vme'.t at that r'liei' r ott'-o
to tome jf the rerrult'ii-T agents r."ti'.'.' 1 to
be made Lv the seer, t iry of thcl'oiif il,
and in tlie Couu':' presence, from time f
ll ne, down to the begiiiiiiug of J .unary of
the re-rnt ye-.r.
Tl.e Prei len
In- already 1 eon
stated 1 y u.e, cannot admit the f n -o ol'the
oi j o I i i , trivV urged, of t'leged wiil.t ..f
r. tpectal ilitv on the part of o:no of the
v. in.'sse-L v whom t i. -0 fact wei " provt i,
and a ti whom a pi oininei t c iu.- ol sucli
allege. I w ant of respectability it.'in" t L
ih- fact thit tin ir . video.'.' has inculpated
Iher ace niiii.ioet in toe : .. ''i 'n - I i iw
lTi" t- -;!iv w i. 1 1 li mo-t ...lo.t'v i.nni
pate tiie l.iiti-h Co, i-i:l ut New o k. a
ni'l ! j ereeivc I 1 th" l.clo-U! e bore
al'! . i- i" "I." alVil.ivlts. f th" v t r. p, r-.;
r.-.i. I on by ht r M sty's I tov e I i.t f r
in tiii- oa-e7 ami w ho-c c. p .'-if "u
iceotnpany l.ird I iiircniUm s lntc tJ vv a
ol the otlth .'' Ap: il.
1 he Kali ol Clarendon p. rfect' v wo I!
iimler-tand- th it in Croat Put-en, a w .l
as iu the 1'n'tod would ie impo.
-iblc t,, ad. ,ii',n:stt r p. nal j'!-;: e w :, ot
ocea-iou .'.ly receiving the i a; h l.i'" .dao
comoliees. In (Ireat lo tain u only
evidence of this e'as received cot.tluu.illy,
ill Slate trials w. il a- in infer: r n; utter-,
hut reward and other -peei.d in lueeiio'nt
are in 1,1 out to stieh witn, s, Ly not a few
provi-ion of acts of Pal't. 'Ihe
coiiipetcitcv o! stieii p.-r-oii at w;tne.-t s in
:i given Ci-c, and tin' credibility, are, in
both countries, question upon which the
curt ami jury, in their respective spheres
ot juris, lu tion, yitimu'elv i a-. inlnepr
eut ease coiu'lusion nave tu-eii estubii-hecl
on docutuciit iry nroofs and other uniiu -
LuaeLalle cviJtuee, ly piov'tcu.ugs tttore
the proper tribunals of the Li ii-.:1 State,
by tiie verdict of juries, am! by the- ruling!
nf judge, which ni'i-t be In id ;.s Lual in
the e-uiaiioii oft'lie President.
'll.e Kail of Ciarclidou suggest-', as a
'"'ii-i ieraiioi: pertinent to .- question,
that the Miiii.-tr-r am! Coi:-uU Lad i,o im-aiii
or opportunity of r.lutiiug tloj t-liargti
thu' indiettly brought ar; fu-t tht ni in the
trial oi tlie iitknur lecr'i.'tiug agents,
In r.-gatd to the Cjhsio-, the Larl of
('lar-mlou err in snpr Osing that they had
not tuii nie-an- and o; ,..,r' unity, ii they .-a.T
I.t, to a p ar u
to coiitr-'i't aiel contra-
(Hot any
not allow
lui-ie .-ti.
indeed th.
act.'ii-ilig wifre -t 1 ij r were
tl to intorft r- in tlie tnaw Ly
r- n .': the ,.--.t-..ii. whien
V Coiii not have ib-n.. Ii.nfnlly
had tut re been no such prohibi' ion ; but,
if coii-t in,, .j tl., ir own and
that of the :n:i oil tri;. I, and ihat their
jwuact woi.dl'ar , xamli, ation, it Bi.s
iilikt. t l.e i r duty ai.-l th' ir light tU i-pp.-ar
and say so on ith, i,,nl i t c o'.t rati at I y
till IT I.--I ilooiiV wh'I'oVcT WO Ilibg. !
again-t J,Iit'-li i. -1 1 . e i 1 i" iv ;lge!i, il kn-.wu
to tin-in to he ui. tun.'.
N o- if it any ju-r r-u-e ef c!i: 1-tii.t
that cvi leii'-o wa- ieci ivn.. upon these til t
inpiigniii" tlie acts of Mr. Crampton. It
j 'v-ls
in t1,,- tlti"
tho tlti" coui-e ot r rocee.l I ng re-
to b.- shown, against liie I' lilh - on
1 11 it', ti,
; w 'To en
t the recruitm. nt- in which thev
:t ..j wile I '..- th? -erv ifeof .i :,.r,!-;i
,v . i nmetit M r. 'r:i;: t !i was niiii-.'it prtv -ged
from It !ai or vi'.iatiori ol the i,i:i;it : :i 1
law, but tl.e ..-r.-otis nil rn Le Cut -loyed
were not lor that ca-i-e lo go unpi. 'n-ned ,
hoi was the a-imini-'rat' ui of p- n tl ju-tic-lo
be in-'i t!e!eiy -u-p.-n led on M'c ,gr,' of
his po-i'ioii and the t : j j !': i I i i- immunities
h j w hieh tint eoiif. i l t d.
t in li," vol. I l a rv , ,
. i v tn
. imp i
per that tne I.
.' 'ted. hot lor v 1
sir... lid b-: vi i i
lien he w a
md I, t be
I 1
(I Hi! to III oi
aw for tin
i, t.t as w .
in; irmiiUo
1 as that ol
o ..' ii l ,.,'. ct nn
t, I Sun. -.
Yh,: bail of ( larcT,
li ttef of th .') til of
ts-itis of tl- II: ,ti-h il,.
rang, in., i.t- n.a to to c
into i v. t re la
i ov e, ninelit I the 1
intent i"h- r-.t '. arrat,:;
Ion leinar.
Al l"! " the !!:, :,
V. 11. n... I t and the al -
I rv th li t, n'i o,s
.1 too,", -a l-'d ll el" I ; -;
l.lte.i ."-1 it' - J I O-.J
in. i t- win fri iihiy
f slat..! l.y ."I . . 1. 1 i.m; r,,i. lo .nr. .'iar.-y. n .
, Con', i -ati.oi on tha .' ,t!, if .';, eh, lo-"',
and me oniv ob-erva.i.'ii wi.iei, Mr. Ma rev
c tn I'.-idy wen-,
, d' the I nlt.-d Mi
th.t ti
t'. S -v t'l,
e Ir
1 b"
iiti 111! V
1 .r-on
enfore. d. but that any number of
who ttfsirc'l it in
States ami g t ena
vi. ,'.''
It is incii i' nt
thi r.- -p- it. lie i-l :
Uliil, r selio i- Ii,i-i;
it -ei'vi in I" ,
that tn , i-tn.i'i't
-g t.t r ave the
te J iu Ult V i, I ,
t -a'' t.
at. ill
; i.ors
w iiilo
" ;i '1
f Co. rem ci.
i l-i"lt, W Lie!:,
xti i:i lew it
w t i t ou lor -o ina y
ina inai. nt-r c'litrary to t'o iot'o-
e toons
.. t( -- ..I l,,- ,.0.-
crnini i.t. ai-o rv,- t 1 1 ; :.- t he w. igi.t
ot .Ir. ( rainpt ni . r, y iii-il i::' y in tuts re-
I r. pen i.ow, wiih entire coii-cioun, - of
it accuracy, w hut 1 stated iu my b it r f
the '.'Mil of I'oet -ml cr i:.-t : that at tiiat in
terview ( ui the '."'d of March, tiie otdv olic
' ' v, r ''.id with Mr. t
a he admit, in
whi'h the recruitment I Ufines wa .aii'i.lid
to)" he Mr. Cramptot.J had sali-fn d me
til it his li..yertiiri,t iiad n c-nncxio:j
with it. and wa in m way re-noo-ii ie f.-r
what was doing in the i nit, d State-" ,j
raise recruit- lor the Hriii-u army." ' it
1 am .( ilie c rtaiu ihat on no oeca -i n has
he intiiu'ito.! to me tint the lb 'ti.-h ' t v, rn-
nient, or any of its oflli-r. was or
been in anv way c .neem-d in sending
agent into the "( 't.ited Si-,t- to recruit
tiiciein, or ti 'i-o any imi'ieeniei.'s for that
purpv-o ; n r ,ii-l ho ev.-r i, -ti'V mo that
in- was tahi' g ..r iiiteiel.' -l to t ike any par.
ia lutiieimg su.-'i pr 'oeeoings. S i.-ii a
cm, n ui.Yation. lim.-iv made, would proba
bly have arrest.."! the iiii.-ihi.f at it- o tn-lio-nccineiit.''
If he had then apprized me cfhe -y
trin of reeriiit'iig which bad at that time
b. on itlrci le arr ing- i ami pal in : ,. r f i
within the i i.';:';ti l y 1! Iii-h : : t
and under hi- -ii r 'ri'.r- i' i ' n g ti e:i;:i, he
Would inv I t n I o : i ; : 1 v n, ;;ile,!, i;i the
n.o.-t p'-itlve t. mi-, that -ach act were
coiilts' v tl the iimi.ieiiorl b'W, ino-M', t tti-
ble v. i':i the n iitrai ; ,.i-v of .he e unr 7,
a inari oi ot it national sovereignty, am!
t-sp. t i:i iy e'-opti.iiaLit- in tlie per- oi f
r. pre-t litatiee nf liny foreign i , -. . ronient.
Mr ("r:, ui) ton idn.i.s tit:-' I stie.-i-il v war
ncil L::.i it.'iiinst tlie viol i,, on of a ir i:.':.
tiaoty law-, let I lame mo t: w fr ii"t
then stating to bin ti it tnv ron-triirt..-.', of
tl, -1 law ti'lV. led from Lis own: i.-it t. j
such tii;i- rcie -e of opinion w a then devt lep
eit. .'r. Crainpton oi! tir t ocea-o'ii man
il, '-I.',! a eoiiieidi I c in the ot inion o to
tiie l i ovi-ion of mat law w!ieh I tl"iiic,d
ai tl have since tu'-v di-cl. -ed lie Calied
l.;. oi n to show a le'tei- w! ; h be 'na !
wiiilcii o'i tint el av t' the Ccti-nl at NYwr
ork." tii- -T I '' ivilg th.' pi rc.-fflil gs o'' "i
Mi . A i.- icr.a'.d 1 i cau-e I t in 1 1 iiougt t,
ho-e ro'.-eedin-rs would or tnirht be tah, i
t.a c ..isiitate a viol liioii of the act of I -Is''
ill,- i.t .ii i' tt la v of ihe Ui i'ed Stare,.
What were the pi vced;i .yf Mr. Miln--
I wiith Mr. '': mi! i' liioog'nt t.,i.d t
e : -: ii at. a . .: tin of o -,r no ;tr:' ' o v .
ih- sin pie is.i'i:g ot a ii n il si... ifv ing
:ho t. rn.s on wni.-li r,e,uits wou'd be re
ceive! at ll-iiif-n it t-l ti.e te' lien s st rv ice.
I his .-i i i ion of M r. Ci a ii i tor scnre-as
loaeli st: tt-.-. n 'v I i our neutrality ai t- ;n
I U ever been eoiluo-d f :
them bv I 'no
ll v,-I-iineiit or Coorts of th-' !' .1 M ,!. -.
I had t'.i.'ti t. t -u-pici hi, for did Mr :.!
I'll give m- ir y cao-,- t." -:.-! t ti at he
Was acting or mt IIO'-.I to a, -l upon an n.ter
pretati' n o' t'n it law -;.!, 't wo.,'.) Hitri'y
the act if M.-l'oa'o. which Le t'l.-n rtii
.1 cm oc 1, nnd u . ake that I , but li"'.- '. et. r
than a !, rl '..-tier. I c ilii n-.t , i sup
pose th-t be viewed ;t i'i the atne light a
Lor 1 t'l-trend-tii dt.l wli.n he wr -le hi
de-pat. -hti M r I 'i'-,'!'i t ni on lie l'.'th"l"
April th-real'ter, iu wlm ii bis Lor. '.ship ue-
elared it t bt
i.ut only very ju-t, Lut
, very stiong-ni.
1 To show that I was not mistake!, in this
reitct, 1 ouotc a tissage lru a tetter tt

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