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INDE T''h PENDENCE, j .i VI-; . , . u THE QUESTION SETTLED. . ,J f f When m tho year 1819, it: was first announced to our former laws; neTertheless, .tha Great Britain never insertion. 'it iJlXJECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE.; IN CONGRESS, JULY 4, 1776. 3. As all former laws are , ormiHUry,within this county, now wholly suspended in this we do hereby ordain land adopt province and . the oongTess as a rule of life, all, each, and hare not yet provided others, very qf we judge t necessary, forjthe V wherein, better preservation of good Crown of i order, to form certain rules ana can be considered as holding regulations for the internal rights, privileges immunities, - government of this county, , o authority, therein.' I V i t until laws shall be provided . That it is further, decreed r for us by congress. I that all, each, and every mjli. , - 4. That the inhabitants of tary' officer m this county, is V thia county do meet ori a ber-' " hereby reinstated in his former ' tain day ppouxtea'br this- ';l)mtaand nd authoritr. ha conimittee,aad,lving formed actmgTcoWormablyj jlon these) X " themselves into nine corapa-, regulations. And that every V- . He has abdicated government here, by dechHn.us the Amcficaa public, by ; the editor of the Raleigh put of his protection arid waging war against 1 Registcr,that the people of lecklenburg,1 in j North He has plundered our seas, ravaged our Jepasts, Carolina.liad actually declared themselves indepen burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives ,of ourbple. dent of Great Britain in May, 1775, the feet was He is. at I this timn- transnnrtincr' larcrft 'nrthifta" of deemed nirrhlv imnrnbnWo Kv mnnv. nn'rl nmnntr Th!e' Umnimoris Declaration of the' TJurteen United foreign mercenaries - to jcompleto the works of death, pliers, it. Mr. Jeuerson because, according to the & deso&fiQn,4ind tyiranriy,j already, begun, with (ircura- best cwp(imporary accounts,! independehce liad not , vy nen, m uie course oi nunum events, ucvuniss obuxiv w uuiiy ouu periiuy scuruciy puruaiem i m iuu yet uccouiu uiu tuiu, or even uii? wisu 01 tue coiouies , necessary for one "people to dissolve the political bands most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy tli head and because, also, it was thought that artjact so much which have connected them witli another, and to as- of a civilized nation. L , , . ' ) t in advance of public opinion would ; scared V have es- sume among me powers oi tno eann, me separate auu xie iius cunsiramea pur ieiiow-cmzens, iaKC,n cap- capeu -uuuco anu nonoraoie menuon, wnen ineir eariy nies, viz : eight in the county member present of this dele. equal station to winch the laws roi nature ana oi jna- uve on ukj nign seas, to j Dear arms against uicvr coun- suggestion camo 10 do suosequenuy aaoptea. ... : and one in the town of Char- gation shall hencerorth be. a ture's God entitle them, a decent respect to the bpin- try, to j become the executioners of their friciicti and Mr. JelTerson having, ;in his correspondence with I6tte, do choose a colonel and civa officerviz; ajustioepf ' ions bfjmankiridrequhes'.that 'ikey- should declare the brethren, or to fall themselves by their hands. f lus friend Mr. Adams, expressed the opinion that the other military officers, who : tho peacci in'thft character of ' causes which impel them to me ; separation. V ; i He has excited, domestic insurrections I atodiSt us, paper published as the Mecklenburg. Declaration of fchiU 'hold . and "'exercise their . - acommitLi.maTi ' tiivm . tWe hold these truths, to. be rself evident that; all and has endeavored to bring on the inliabitant of our Independence" was not genuine, the. Legislature of several powers bv virtue of cess hear and determine all - men are created equal ; that they are enaowea,.Dy ineir irouuers me merciless inaian savages, waosecnowii ionn uarouna, soon axier me puDucauon oi ;nai cor Creator, jwith certain unalienable rights ; that among Jrule of , warfare is an to(hstinguished destraion of reiBpondence, authorized the Governor of the State to these' arp life, liberty, ;:andtheJpursuit:.of -happirjess. all ages, sexes, and conditions. ... . . ' - ' collect and publish evidence to establish its! auihehti- That to secure these rights, governments, are iristitu- ; In every stage j of these oppressions, we havqi-peti- city. I ihis was. accordingly done; and it appeared ted among men, deriving their Hust powers from the tioned for redress in the; most humble terms; re-" by tho'document thus given to the public, that reso- consent of tho governed: that whenever any form4 of peated petitions have been answered only by repeated lutions of the character alleged had beeri adopted by tvbec6nii','destnictiv;'pf it is I injury. A pnnce whose character is thus marked by this choice, and independent matters of the Crown of Great Britain: of controversy, ac' cording to said adopted laws provmce government the and former constitution of this and to . preserve peace,' union and harmony in said county; and to use every exertion to ' . spread the love of country and fire ; of j freedom throughout America, until atnore general ; and organized government be, established in this province. 1 Tho production of a printed copy of these resplu. t uiw ivwutiiwu y , i unji j iiuu i . . - 1111 i n. . i ! ' . , ' . .1 r-t -...., . - t i. . ...i.. . i . Tirvna in n nnnoT nun nonon - 01 v tvocL-a : ottas mawi that governments long established should not be unwarrantable jurisdiction over us. We.h re- been a very prevalent tradition in JNorth Carolina that -rrZ T u-TIC u- v T T- T . red for liaht and transient causes : and, accord- minded them of the circumstances of our emfetion some resolutions had been adopted in Mecklenburg in ug i ww;. ingly; aU experience hath shoAvn that mankind are and settlement here. We have appealed to tJTeir na- 1775, of an unusually bold character, and the proc. li P canearor,ana wnicri; J"',. ? ., ir.ii :,rrt lj . jv. i tfc" j i .in..i.. ...tiA l.j u. J I has so well r lustiiied a part of their doubts, imav be ruyui vjruvefiiur, wmuii jiautueeu pre- i -j j f . .l : n. t. j .i hi , , people of Mecklenburg in May, 1775 ; that the the right of the i peoplelo alter or to abolish it, arid to every act which may define a tyrant, is uiifiiHo bo copy rhich had been published had been found in institute new government, laying its foundation on the ruler of a free people. : j manuscript among tho papers of General Davie; and nhnh nr?nr.m1na nnH lhrcraw7.incr its - Dowers in such Nor have we been wantini? inattention to our Brit- thatthcir authenticity was confirmed bv the recollec- , form, as to them shall seem most iikely to effect their I ish brethren. We have! warned them from fme to I tions of several respectable contemporary witnesses. safety and happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate time of attempts by their legislature to extenji an - ; liefore the pubhcation of this testimony, there had that, governments long enstablished should not' be unwarrantable jurisdiction over us. We hve re- been a very prevalent tradi changed for light and transient! causes; and, accord- minded them of the circumstances of our emutrition some resolutions had been to right themselves by abolishing the forms to wh thev are accustomed, s Hut when a referred mDre':'disid;to' suffer,whfle''evils are sufferable, than tive justice and magnanimity, and we" have ctinjured lamation of the royal Governor, which hadlbt long train of thee usurpations wliich would inevitably iiKerrupt to those resolutions, among various ; other V seditious rT?1 room T.0? or do?Mi 1111 AMlnnv!lnc nvll I Tl . T I livnannnkln ni4n " in 4-rtl Dwini their future security. Such has been the patient ;suf- ferance of these colonies ; and such is now' the necessi the rest firiendsj i,-ehemies in war infpeace, some passages in the Mecklenburg paper and tho Dec- ,m non1 I : i i l V Ml h- laration of National Independence of the 4th of July, a 7?' nnn.4U, xfl, ; W! fKl kl !tt1: t'MmvKia n M f.ttr;K,, seconaly, 1 hey wee not so much in advance on 1 of government. The historV.bf the present Kidg of States of America in General Congress assisted, and some were therefore inclined to doubt me genuine- countrymen ; m to other provinces , and m their , r i 1 v.- . -a i:-TiinA nrUQi;U ! -:jl a t..ji r ui Ai r,Maawuu.,Au:rtr,n i;.wiif; own, as the resolutions previously pubhshed seemed ' txamw-aUiia rectitude of ouf IntentionsVdo, in the name; aiS&y the Mr. Jefferson had been guilty of a plagiarism from a f?.111? ; or l ?Lnot PiWy.: prove this, let facts be submitted! to a candid world. ; He has refused his assent to laws, the most whole. . some and , necessary for the public good ment oi an absolute tyranny overtnese states. to aumonryoi me good people of these colomes, saemnly paper ot such numoie pretensions,, or, beimrguilty,! "777, - v uuuuoii ouu ueuiare, uiui uiese umieu VXUOnies t:,re, auu ouumu nave eoeauevi ueictuuu uv ms wuieiiiuururies. i . . . t . . f of right ought td be, free and independent tates On the other hand, the latter alternative waeagerly promional government so long as they were declared rrw -l i..j in . i M v ... ia v c. t-t J : JjiA in a state of rebellion! Both m the preamble and in uav lycy me uwsuivuu irom ail aiieeiance U) me Uni- wiicu uv iur. jcueisuua wiuiuco, auu uieir wisnes I .1 .i . . i ' . . t I. tt U-c PnJUlAAn Uc, nnrtim n haoo laxvc f ! ih f!rnu-n nnrl tliof oil nh rlnnU v-mtintrwl trv Ki'sa ' tKU ;,irrTr.o ? lne Ulrct3 DrSl reSOlUUOHS, Uiey regafQ me tJntlSh EU jj ... -..r I jJj : iww- Lj u i .v ... . i J' u vi:r v JLl -j7i: thontv as merely ' suspended," not; annihilated. The ' "- to them. He has refused modation of large mediate and pressing importance, .unless suspended in them and the "staie of Great Britain is, andemght to clined them to the belief that the paper was genuine meir operauoa uii ms assem suouiu ue uuwuiw, j uxiu i ie, tuuiny uissuiyeu , ana iiiai, as iree ana lnjaepcna- i uu uuu iur. wnen so suspended ne nas uneriy negieciea io anena em oiaies, mey navq lull power to levy warr pon- qwesiion is acquits Mr. Jefferson of the improbable charge of- nlamansm- which nartv 7.nalnts .first inrlncfrirkncl-ty pt nght do.L And for the support t)f ! this printed in it o,wmcn contains a copy oi the week f?77i j ST. T 7 people would relinquish the right of, representation in declaration, with a firm reliance on the proticfion of lenburg resolutions, and which have a claim to au- HT' Itt3 reaoiiy aomiu - i i: r:--. iT.jJ' -T . , , rv ... v:. . k. ixJ", ' ri j 1 1 ted. It does not contain a smgle expression or phrase found in the Declaration of Indepenw- by Congress, The spurious copy con , ' . t i:.V; l ' aj ft- i best-intentioned witnesses. i. - . w eTCX71 wmc"l,ttre liere K"v iiancs, ana To enable the reader to see the 'disagreement be- ." 18 aumenuciry, vioi ;i I uuesuuus tu wuivu uiese iiecKienDurg lSOlU position. , The printed copy is dated May 31, and is published in a paper dated j July 12, 1775 ; and the written copy, May 20. le- re- .1 the the6 the legislature a dable, to tyrants ! He has called unusual, uncomfortable, arid distant from the deposito ry of their Jriblicrecords, for the; sole purpose ofYa .liguing them into comjpliance with his measures. I ' He has dissolved representative houses, repeatedly for opposing wim manly firmness his invasions on the rights of the people. h yjw.st 7. !-' He has refused, for a long time after such dissolu tions, to cause others to be elected; whereby the 1 L .'"'""'.. 11 ! ! ' 1 '. j gisiauve powers, mcapaDie oi anmniiauon, nave turned to the people at large, for their exercise; i state remaining, in the mean time, exposed to all dangers; of invasion from without and convulsions : within. ; ";: .. . ..v. i. ; ; -v s, - i He has endeavored; to prevent the population of these fetaies ; tor that purpose, obstructing the laws for naturalization Of foreigners ; refusing to pass others to " encourage their -migrations hither, and raising' the conditions of new appropriations! of lands, h 1 He has obstructed the administration of justice, by refusing his assent to laws for establishing .judiciary .'powers. . . . i . J , He has made judges dependent n his will alone for fiie tenure, of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries, , .!.,.,, . 1 i He has erected a multitude of new offices, and sent hither swarms of officers, to harass , our people, and I Josiah Bartlett, William Whipple, j Matthew Thornton Massachusetts Bay. ' John Hancock, foamuei Ada: : George Taylor, James Wilson, George Ross. Delaware. Csesar Rodney, George Reed, Thomas McKeani ft u a; Vi Maryland, 'y ' Samuel Chase, William Paca, Thomas Stone, John Adams! Robert Treat Paine, Elbridge Geity. Rhode Island. , Stephen Hopkins, William Ellery. : I Connecticut 'Roger Sherman, George Wvthe.' 1 '' Samuel Huntington, Richard Henry Lee, L f Wflliim Williams. Thnman TffTorcnn . , -- - , , -VUWOVU, .? Oliver iWolcott. i Chajulotte town, Mecklen- BURQ COUBTTY. May 31, 1775, This day the committee met, MKCKLCXBtma Declaration yoF Independence, y'May20, 1775.; ; That whosoever and passed tho following re- mdirectly abets, or Charles Carroll, of Carollton. I solves : questions to which these jMecklenburer rtkli tions have given rises, and which1 may bescribed i 1 L'lL t?l i 1 . , : paruy i uie lnxeresx wim wmcn we view wnatsoever. is m any way connected with the Revolution, and ; partly to the avidity with which party vindictiveness unus uuuieiii iu every uung, may uius ue consiaereq, to be permanently settled. Requitscat in pace, - : Investigator. ' directly or In any way, form, or manner, countenances Virginia. i Whereas, by an address pre. the unchartered and dangerous sented to his Majesty by both invasion .;of . our rights, Houses of Parliament,' in feb- claimed iy ;Greatj Britaii as Britain,' is He has kept arnong "us, mutinies of peace, standing armies, without the consent of our legislatures. i -r r "-i rn l . . t .1 '. T . 1 I V; lie nas anected to renaer me jmintary maepenaem of, and superior to, the civil, power. , , . ' He has combined with others to subject us to a ju risdiction 'foreign' to our constitution and unacknowl edged by our laws; giving, his assent to their acts of ' pretended legislation , . . - - , j - . For , quartering large bodies ot armed troops among his; , For protecting them, New York. William Floyd, ', Philip Livingston, xrancis ijewisv Lewis i Morris. j , I New Jersey. , Richard Stockton, John Withersjioon Francis Hokinson, John Hart,'!; j : j- Abraham Clark. Pennsylvania. Robert Morris Benjamin Rush, Benjamin Franklin, John Morton, y George Clymer, i Benjamin Harrison, r? j Thomas Nelsori, jun. i Francis Lightfoot Leej j " ; Carter Braxton. j ; North Carolina j ; William : Hooper ; '''C -j Joseph Hughes, ' 1 1 joiin renn. i - t s - ; DECLARATION OF i THEi VESTRY OF jBTJ PAUUS CHURCH, EDENTON, (K,C.) June 13, 1776. ' ,(0" The following Is correctly copied from the Minutes of ; the Vestry of St. Paul's Church, by a gentleman of this place, . and communicated for publication in the Sentinel. We, the subscribers,' professing, our allegiance to uie xvmg, auu acKjiowieuging me constitutional exec. ' -South- CaroUmXv Edward Rutledge, Thomas Lynch, jun.' 1 1 Arthur MidcQetori. w ;' . ;;;,;v : Georgia. Button Gwinnett George Walton. 11'; . 1 l - . ' ruary last, the American col- an enemy to this5! bounty, to onies are. declared to be in a America,' and to the inherent state of actual., rebellion, we and unalienable ritrhta of man. conceive' that all- laws and That we, the ' Icitizens of uuve VWGT 01 uovernmeni, ao solemnly proless, tes. commissions confirmed by, or Mecklenburg county.do here. Qecia.ref inaf w OO aDsoruteiy beheve that derived fromj the authority of by dissolve the political hands eT Ae Parliament of Great Britain nor any mem ' the King of Parliament, are which have connected u with 0r constituent brjmch thereof, has right to im t annulled and vacated, and tho the mother country, and here- pose taxes upon the Colonies to regulate the internal former, civfl! constitution of by absolve ourselves from dl P0 there?f; attempts by; fraud or force to ' these colonies, for the present, , ilkgimcitatkeBrtMcmw waimsana powers are , wholly suspended. To pro- and abjure aU coru Violations of the peace and security of the People, and ; vide in some-degree for the eon. . contract, hx associa- "uur.w04caiflcu ; prep.. exigencies of tms county, m the present alarming period, have wantonly trampled xn rr. ! t , iT Aw7?j Joorr .Ji'' J ,, i j.Vi:'. 1 Provincial Congress, because in both they are.freely , we deem it proper and neces- our rights and hberties, and j i ' , . r -- j i " 1 ; ' . 1 1 r 1 X" xl l j : -I . : .-. , i i a . . ? : 1 : .; 1 xieetiuus iah.e piaee, uumig uie present yeatr in the 1 exercisea in by a mock tnal, trom punish- tollowing order : ' ' ;(fji , ; null and voidj which ,tney should commit on juiy f-, . ! Louisiana, - . October, Permsyivania, tution of (( it : (C ( it ( , ;ment for. any murders the inhabitants of these For cutting off our trade with all parts .of the world: . For imposing taxes on us without our consent:1 For depriving us, in many; cases, of the benefits of 'trial by jury. . . i , - 4 " ' For transporting us beyond seasj to rbe- tried for ?Wetended offences: , ,. . ' For. abolishing the free system of English laws in September ix ueigiiuorug pruvinee, cstauusuuig ujcxciu au xi ui- trary gdvemrrierit, and enlarging its boundaries, so as ie Tender it , at once 'an example and fit instrument for solves, viz: : 1 ; American patriotsit Lexing- :r i 1. That all. commissions, ton. 1' .1 1 '' . ,1, 1 civil and muitary, heretofore ' That we do herfby declare granted by the Crown,J to bo ourselves a free and indepen. 1 these colonies, are "dent people; are. and of right , and the consti-V ought to le. a sovereign and we do solemnly and sincerely promise and; engage; i' unaer me sancuon 01 virtue,, nonor, ana tne sacreq love, of liberty arid our country,, to maintain and sup,; port all and every the; acts, resolutions, arid regulations I of tne said Continental and Provincial Congresses tp the utmost of our;power and ability. V- i 4 C t , an tesumony wnereoi, we nave hereunto set. our : jach particular coi: self-governing association, un- 19th of j j 1776 i :'-N: Carolina -1 Alabama, 1 Tennessee, Kentucky,. Indiana, ; Illinois, Vermont,; '. Maine? 1 S.'Carolinaj ' u ( Maryland'' der the control of; no powtir other than that of our God 'ar,;i New Jejsey, . Delawar'ffL:. M suspended. j 2. That the provincial con gress of each province, under aid the general government the direction of the great, con- of the Congress : to the mam. tinental Congress, is invested . tenanpe of which indepen- with all the legislative and ex- : dence we solemnly pledge .to ' A . . " ' ill ' ; .1 1 ' 1 .1 " " ' ' eacn oiner our mutual co-operation, our lives, our fortunes and our most sacred honor. T 1 ecutive powers within their , . Massachusetts, I respective provinces ; and that ' MicWgajii -i - v I no other legislative and execu- Mississijjpi. . tive power , does or can exist, reiiuer it ax once an Wmpie aiiu insmimenor I . ln the States marked withV star; member of Oongress at this time, in any of these !, iiuuuuucujg uie jjaiiie ausoiuie ruie luiu uiese wiouies. j are to be elected. '4 -; 1 . i r. -7 f J cojonies. :- , j. That as we acknowledge the- existence and control of . . . . no law1, nor legal of5cert civil ; Richard Hosxmsy o Davtd Rice ' Aaron , Hill, J ; " Pateicx WALT0Nf h aWnxiAM HiNToir, ' J -,Thos. G. BoNifsx V WrLliAM BOTJD, , .;: Thomas Benbtjst, . ;( Jacob Huinxs, ' ; ? L.; JoidBeaslyv- -J. William BEjnnrrrf . . William Roberts. " a 'V--- 3 .!. 1 ; r . ... ... ir

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