North Carolina Newspapers

? . ; ' , . - tCIIAJUCTEH IS AS IMrORTARitOTAleSuisJT IS Ttf WraUALSri.HE CLEr Of THE STATE IS ThI'cPMMOX PROPERTYOFITS CiTIlfiSS."' i1;'. "'"'iL i ' ? ' '
W1I. II.OJAYiXE, Pioprielor.
-Per annum, if paid in advande, S"2 50
v Do ipiiid at theend'ot'C months, 3 00
, Do if paid at the end of the year,-3 SO
i.atcs ot Advertising:
ty'scnt.? per'square, for the first, and thiry cents
It cad snhscqaent insertion.
.lCtiberal deduction will be fnadcto advertisers by
: the yiar. " . , -"-M
Court advertisements and Sljcrifts sales, will be
charged 25 per cent. i0ti;r than the usual rates.
- All advert tscinenta sent for publication should have
r tUtmuinheCinsertiofjsiittcridedy Uiarked upon I
FRUirySJfUFF,lpBACCO,V Gardner and: IclCdtlianlS H Statbf North Carolina
.117" F.PT rnnatanil'i nti! hand at tlie Store of Ufa 1 n -M-fc tK ' t'.ti r --Tr -XlfX-Ai'T ffT ti li i? t ..t.t it -ivt r V
volt ana hard sneM'Jlimonas, f -: - - , - - - .w w1. , ; Y .i ,
7irr,7 aJ VlatUim Auts, fitierlk SsM& JM :!mS -l IWtuar?t vs. Saily StuartPetition: U DU
"No "p"acHlijo'iitmiicd 4uUirr;arff.Sf c paid,
except at the ojdioil of the Editor. '-' . '
,Va''.4iili4 ritilinn rirffsvit fur Inss than twelve
AodiibsK-riplion received IV-r less than twelve
months. "
ir"jrL.etlers onjmciiiess connected with this et:il
l inliiiiciif, iiiust le addrtf!fed IIoi.mks it I'avnk,
EJitorS of llie North-Carolinian, and in all cases
-.XZj yuhsrriliers wishing to make remittanc s
by mail, will rcnu-tii'ier they can do so free of
pfstuu, :is in-jst;rs an! aut'.ioriz.ed by law to
frank letters ,nehisii remittances', ''H" wril ten by
liiein-e!vc3, or the contents known to them.
... lBricc of .lob Work:
IIAN1) niLLiS, tri:itcdion a medium, roy al,
or smir tiii'm 1 slifi l fur .1(1 i nimr.
l 7-'" I
w - JMT 50 COJiii'?,
A -id for evi-rv additional K'li nmic
IlOUSl-; DILLS, on a short fio::! i to 13
inches s(jn. ire , 3 copies, '"
(,)vor IS in lirs, :iii! nof -n c('in.'
C A linS, larire si.e, siiij, o
Anl for every ad-lilional p;i k, 1
Smaller sizes jn riiorl ion.
ULAN KS, when printt d to order, Cur 1 tiire, 2
And j'jr cvciy additional jnire, under ", I
Lxeeij-diii f quire-;.
C 1 1 1 C I J L A I : S , N V I ' I ' . - ' V I o n ' n r I v i 1 s ,
al! kinds of IJIM Wv&JOlJPUlNTlNC';, executed
liaisons, Primes, Citron, Crackers,
Mace, Jutmcgs, GJovcs, Cinnamon
Alacaboy and Scotch Snuff, v -Smoking
and Chewing Tobacco; Jlliislard.
ALSO, a cood assortment ol STUART'S CEL
October 16, IS41-j3S-lf
' )? ...
. ---
cheap lor CASH.
Kept constantly on liantl
CHECKS, on Dank of the State, and Cape
Eear Dank.
VKNDI EXPO., constables levy
COMMISSIONS totakedeiosilionsiii eipii
. ty, and Supr. court
:-WRlTS, Superior and Co. Ct.
C A. SA. Supr. Ct.
INDICTMENTS for Affray, and Assault
and Ualli-ry, t'o. and Sup. Ct.
TC-.HafKRS i ovrsc-rs of Roads
."TfiAs-rAitnY P.ONT.VS
PATRt H - N( )Tlf:ES
Deeds, cominoii,
Sl.ciill V Deeds,
Const i Ides Ca . S
Do Delivery
A ppeni Bonds,
K(iuity Siilprnns,
Superior Court Fi.
County Court Sci.
viv'f Ulo;iU(MlL
Cuity Court, Sulipdnas,
Superior Curt W:nrrnt:,
Bonds for ColVd. Apprentices
to re-
For sab-by " CEO. MeN Kl LL.
Nov. in, ISM.-
m ) i ) s l c a 1 1 r i : n t i : 1 1 1 n ;
H I- Subscriber iespe-tlu!l v n dorms t be cit r.' iis
Fa yettevilb
imI its vjeinitv, that be has
commenced the above business in Ibis place,
by despatch and punctuality, hopes to merit a libera
share of public patronage. " L. SOLOMONS.
P S. Persons trom the up-country, can !e sup
nlif.l with doors, blinds and s.i.-hes, door and win
dow Iranics, at shortest notice and on liost reason
able terms.
rr' llo will be found at all times at the Jatk
sou Hold, Liberty Point.
Jai.u uy f, ISO.
d. i
1 K HISE has been thoroughly rep;
kc- p En'eitainnient. at very p-duced pri
es, and be lad t web tune the return of :uy Iricuds
and customers. Call and sec.
Favetteville. October 13, ISO. CJS-tf
Mv I louse is on the corner of ( illespie and Mum-
ford Streets, convenient to the Market, and near the
State Dank.
ND committed to the Jail of
Cumberland cotmtv, on Fri
day the itb of January last, :
JNEGKO MAN who says bis
name is SIMON, and belongs to
John Lipscomb ol South Carolina
Said nero is well known about
this place ho was carried oil by
Mr 1 bou as L. hitlock. Simon
Is about five feet and a half bib, dark eomplection.
ri... ,,.r of said slave is hereby notified to come
f .rw-ard, prove property, pay cbarqes and take him
awav or be will he ileall nun as int.- i..w uirecis.
a. , v. II' I -H I AH
February 2. IS 12.-1 5 t
LOT, situated in a healthy part of the
Town, on the corner ol .Moor and Me
chanic Streets. A rood bargain will
.n n if amdied for soon. C. CAISON
March -2lT. IS 1-2, -
For sale by
10 Dbls. Ron do.
j0 Half Barrels Shad.
10 Barrels M til let.
Nov. 10, lt4L
TrOtJLDrespcetfulIy in
r. Vw form his friends and
the Public jreneially, that he
still continucsto carry on the
TORY, at his old Stand,
-- on Gillespie stre"t, a few
doors South of the Marki t House.
All orders thankfully received and promptly at
tended to.
October 2, IP1J. 13G-Gm.
U. S. District Oourt in Lfaiik
riitcy. FOR N( )U I II CAROLINA.
At Cmamef.ks in Favkttkvili.e.
3rl February 18-12.
foilov. it.r Fo'tiis am! iluies ate adopredby
the (otut. vi'. :
To lie District Court of" the United Stales
fur the District of JVortli Carcliaa.
A. D. of the County ot' ,aiul Town ol"
it" he live in a town, and describe his occupation
y Petition represi tits to the (Joint, that be is ov-
i ii ir clems uiueti have not. hecn created in conse-
pience of a defalcation as a public oflicer, or as ex
ecutor, administrates, guardian, or trustee; that In:
owes debts, and is under en iraements which he is
unable to meet, and that he accordingly app'ies to
the Court lor Pie bem lit ol the Act, entitled "An
Act to establish a uniform system of Dankruptcy
tiirou 'liout the United Slates," passed A iiiust litth,
18-11. And the Petitioner fun her stales to the
Court, that the schedule maiked Aj ami duly at
tested by him, contains according to llie best ol bis
knowledge and belief a lis1dfti!l his creditois, with
the places of llieii respective residences and occupa
tions, and the amount due to each, and the consid
eration ot their indebtedness. And the Petitioner
further states to the Court, that the schedule mark
ed i. contains, according to tue best ol Ins know
ledge, information, ami belief, an accurate invento
ry ol bis property, rights, and credits ol every name,
kind and descririt ion, and the location and situation
ot each and every parcel and poition thereof.
A. D.
Fay. tteville, N. C, February 2, 18 12. Insert
the true date and dace J
i be above- described A. D. th's da y appeared be-
f:re me, and in my presence subscribed the forc'o-
og 1'cfit.ion and by his .oatji.iduly administered by
me. versified tlie same. commissioner.
(If there be no Commissioner for the County,
then the. (;u:i!ilica!inii may be before a J ndge or Jus
tice ol the t'cace.)
vorce. - .
i wimcann iiriue satisfaction oi ine coiirz. mat
defendant Sally Stuart, is not tfn infaabit-
T'4r StaTte, It is therefore ordered
OT AVE now on hand, and for Sale at very
ULU. aucd f rees,
nml fltfi,!
- if?iuy lhc Vi,fjnsit puMication be made -Cut the?
t l!" Carolinian, a pap? printed in the Urtvn of
p cucuiite, ano iiriue worth Carolina Stauttard, a
JOer panted tn tfieity of Raleiffli, fpi t lire ninths,
it?nsa o the defendant to be and arttear at
MwWrl ;Hte,:,Ghps ailcI Shoes, C6UoTani
(When more convonicnt to the Petitioner, and the
inventory of debts and rflVcts is small, these parlic
lars may be embraced in the Petition, and the sep
arate schedule dispensed with.)
Schedule .1. referred to in the foregoing 1'c
t it to n.
Debts owino; by the Petitioner A. D., viz, : For
example To C. D., Merchant, residing m ,
the sum ot SloO on account lor iiicretiaa'hze, sold
and delivered by him to me, ibe day of : .
To of 1 ai mer, SI 00. due by note,
bearing date the day of . This I st
should be very descriptive as to tune, amount, con
sideration, person, and situation.
( 'erlifieate of versification same as to the Petition.
Scfu-dulc I- referred to in the foregoing Pe
tition. The property of the Petitioner consists rf the fed
lowing particulars, viz: Deal Estate, describe.
personals, describe ;,iul slate all debts, claims,
right and credit-, the housc'iod and kitchen fur
nil lire situated in .consisting of the following
articles, set thtin t" r'b. slaves, describe, provis
ions and other fund y stores, cons:stinr of ,
books or library of the Petitioner, to wit. Jurat as
abov e.
Petitioner will be careful to discriminate on his
inventory the pai t icnlars of bis property, so that,
they may be known and taken in possession by the
A ssi gnee
(The Petit ioo must be plainly written, without
ahbreviati"ii of words, and the names of the Peti
tioners subsinbcd thereto in full. J
I ot" 1 Editor or Publisher, of
newspaper, published in , do certify, that in
the ma'tcr of A. P., a bankrupt notice, pursuant to
Ibe oriler of the District Court of the United States
lor the District of North Carolina, dated the
day of , has been regularly published on con
secutive days of publication, for weeks in said
newspaper, to-wit : from the day of to
the day of inclusive.
-North Carolina,-
f ni I IE Subscribers are now receiving bv the late
JjL airivals trom the North, their FALL AND
sisting f a larire and general assortment of
Hats and Shoes. Bonnets, and Um
brellas, Foolscap and 1 .etter Pa
per, Drugs and Medicines,
Paints and Dye Stuffs, Sad
dles, "Bridles, &c. &c.
JJUui.s mi tli's Tools, Hollow IVarc, t$c. Ac
Also, a large assortment of
Of all kinds ; ail of which will bs sold at the lowest
priecs for Cash, Hack-country Produce, or on credit
for approved notes. The Stock is very heavy, and
worthy the attention of Country Merchants and the
public in general.
J.C.fc G. D. ATKINS.
Fool of Havmount.
Favetteville, Sept. '25, IS 11. 136-v.
LL those having books beloninr to the
rankbn Cilirary Society will please band
them in to the Librarian at once, as a recent act of
the Soeietv will change he government of the Li
brarv department, which makes it doubly important
that the books should all be brought in. A failure
to comply .with the above notice will betaken as
ibe fullest evidencethat the books are designed to be
appropriated to private use.
By order of the Society.
March 20, 1812.
3 Buggy Gigs,
4 Sulkies,
8 Spring Wagons and
3 Chain Wa;ous.
Also, a ery large assortment of
work which we are daily finishing.
Also a general assortment of
Coach-Maker's materials kept
constantly on hand and for sale.
Persons wishing to buy, would do well to call
and examine their work, as they feel confident they
can make their work as weii, and sell it as low as
it can' be had from any legular Northern Establishment.
All wotk made and sold by llicni is warranted 12
months, and will be repaired without charge, it
they (ail by bad workmanship or materials.
Repairing neatly executed at short notice, and on
reasonable terms.
Orders thankfully received, and promptly attend
ed to.
Fayetti-ville, Mar. 2o, 1842. 56-tf.
for sale at the Post Office at Ijumbcrton by
JOHN N. DOUK, Jlgenl, $c, $ .
T Iflhcsc Medicines are indebted for their name to
JJL their manifest and sensible action in purifying
the springs and channels of life, and enduing them
with renewed tone and, vigor. In many hundred
certified cases which have been made public, and in
almost every species oldisease to which the human
frame is liable, lhc happy effects ol MOFFAT'S
been gratefully and publicly acknowledged by the
persons benefitted, and who were previous
ly unacquainted with the beautifully philosophical
principles upon which they are compounded, and
upon which they consequently act.
The LIFE MEDICINES recommend themselves
in diseases of every form and description. Their
first operation is to loosen Irom the coals of the sto
mach and bowels the various impurities and crudi
ties constantly settling around them ; and to remove
tb; hardened faices which collect in the convolu
tions of the sulci I lest intesti --s. Other medicines
only partially cleanse these, id leave such collect
ed masses behi ud as to produce habitual costivc
ness, wit'i all its train of evils, or sudden diarrhoea,
with its imminent dangers. This fact is well known
to ail regular anatomists, who examine the human
bowels after death ; and hence the prejudice ol those
well informed men against quack medicine or med
icines pre pared and heralded to the public by igno
rant persons. 1 lie se coud cltect ol the .vied
iemes is to cleanse the kidneys and the bladder, and
by this means, the liver and the lungs, the healthful
action of which entirely depends upon the regularity
of the urmary organs. 1 be blood, which takes its
red color from the agency of the liver and the lungs
before it passes into the heart, being thus purified by
them, and nourished by food coining from a clean
stomach, courses freely through the veins, renews
every pari, ed the system, and triumphantly mounts
the banner ed health in the blooming check.
thoroughly tested, and pronounced a sr.vcreign rem
edy for the Dyspepsia, Flatulency; Palpitation of
Heart, Loss ot Appetite, Heart-burn ami Head aeh,
Restlessness, Ill-temper, Anxiety, Languor anel
Mel.inchol v, Cost.iveness, Diarrhoea, Cholera, Fever
of ab kinds, Rheumatism, Gout, Dropsies of all
kinds, G ravel, Worms, Asthma and Consumption
Scurvs, Ulcers, Inveterate Sore, Scorbutic Eruption
and Bad Complexion i. Eruptive Complai nts, S.ilhw
Cloudy, and other disagreeable Complexions, Salt
Rheum, Erysipelas, Common Cohls and Influenza,
and various other complaints which afllict the hu
man frame; In Fever and Ague, particularly, the
Life Medicines have most eminently successful ; so
much so that in the Fever and Ague districts, Phy
sicians almost universally prescribe them.
Trimmer and Harness Maker.
KEGS leave; to inform the public, that he is pre
pared toelo all kinds of C A RRI AG E TRIM
MING and HARNESS MAKING, in shorttinie;
and on the most reasonable terms for those who may
favor him with a call.
He has now on hand and for sale at reduced
Elegant Brass and Silver-mounted
Carriage Harness,
Gig and Sulkey ditto, ditto,
Buggy ditto, ditto,
Japan Gig and Carry-all ditto,
Ivory-mounted Trotting Whips,
Gig and Wagon Whips,
Wagon Bridles and Collars,
Riding Whips and Spurs,
Saddle Bags,
Bridles and Martingales;
Coach Lace and Morocco,
Knobs and Tacks,
fc" Gig and Barouche Tops, and second
hand carriages, Nx., Repaired on lhc mostreasona
ble terms, and at short nntice.
Orders thankfully received and promptly attended
to. " .
All work done by me repaired without charge
if it fail by fair usage in a reasonable length ol
Favetteville, April7, 1841. 114-tt
mur, or the said petition will be heard ex parted and
a uec'cc made according to the prayer thereof.
WITNESS Duncan G. McRae, Clerk of said
Court, at OfTi'je at Fayette.-viIIe, the seventh Mon
day after the fourth Monday in September, A. D.
1841, and of American Independence the 66th
154-3m D. G. McRAE, C. S. C.
TUTAVlNt removed my business entirely
from Fayett ville, I hereby give notice to all
persons indebted to me, that they will save ceists by
calling oo Messrs. S. R. S. Cain, and making
immediate payment on their net-s and accounts due
me. , SAMUEL A. M1MS.
Faye tteville, F b. 1, I811.-155-U
IS hereby given to all persons imlebtr-d to the Es
tate of the late Fountain Lain, to make imme
diate payment to the; subscribers, and all pe-rsons
having claims against said Estate te present them
duly proven tor settlement. All persons owing said
Estate, ami not settling in the eourse of sixty days,
may expect to lied their notes and accounts in the
hands of an oflicer for coll.'e-tion.
HALL & JOHNSON, Surviving Partners
and Executors to the last. Will ami Tes
tament of said F. Lain.
March 12, 1812. Ia9-C
flfh HHDS. prime new 6rop MoJMses.:
MV For sale by GEORGE McNitLv;
February. 12. 1842
NEW . K3jlDSi::
I HAVE RECEIVED and aui -now opening, at
he Old Stand of Nolt-& Starr, mj FAJJU, nd
WINTER SUPPLY, coneitins of - ;V.&:
"DRY (DS;fe-
(jfilllDS. SUGAR,
. P.. ir. ID. C-323.
METURN their thanks fur theliberal Pationage
they have reM-eivel ami lake pleasure in in
forming their Friends and Customers, that l hey con
tinue to Manufacture all kinds of II ATS, also, to
keep a supply from the most Fashionable Factories
in New York, and Philadelphia.
.11. SO
Idr Wanted, at the above establishment, one or
twe journevni'-n halters.
March 12, 1812. M0-y
50 bags COFFEE,
Loaf anel Lump SUGAR,
Pepper, Sp'-ce and Ginger,
100 kegs Nails,
50 bags Shot,
30 boxes Tin Plafe,
100 kegs White LcaeT,
60 boxes Window Glass,
IS boxes Raisins.
Which will be sold at low prices (or Cash or Conn
fry Produce. JOHN D. STARR.
November 20. 1841. 143-y.
rnflE Subsciiber having qualified at the March
JL Term, 1810, ol Cumberlanel County Court, as
Exe cutor to the last will and testament of Neill Mc-L-ran,
dce-caseel, hereby notifies all persons having
claims against said estate to present them duly
proved within the t i me prescribed b law, and those
indebted are requested to come forward and pav up.
A . A . M K E' MIAN, Exccu for.
Fayett evil lo, March '25, 1842. 152-4.
N K VnGS'rA130IM K N T.
WOULD inrorm the citi
zens of Fayettcvdle,.
ami Ibe puhlic generally, that
he has located himself in Fay
ettcvillle, in the store adjoin
ing Mr. Janus Raker's, where
he intends to carry on the
IllJS I N liSS, in all its vaiis brnc lies; and from
his long experience, Iees net hesitate to say, that he
;in ive entire satisfaction to lho;-c who may liivor
him with their custom.
He is prepared toMANUFACTURE any article
in the way of Jewelry, haviiiir a complete set of
Pools for the purpose.
Paitie-ul ar attention will be paid tothe REPAIR
ING OF WATCHES, and any part of the same
that may be deficient will be made new, and war
ranted! to perform well for one year.
JNovcmhcr 12, 181114211.
P fa ANT E IP S-H 01E Ly
crifV, V. JfSt
l'OOT Ol1'
IIE subscriber having opened that, large ami
Commodious I louse on llay Stree-t, known as
the PLANTER'S HO TEL, is now prepared lo ac
commodate Doanbrs and Travedlcro upon moelerrate
terms. She trusts that strict all cut ion anel her inti
mate acquaintance with the business, will ensure a
liberal poition ef the patronage of the public the
table will be furnished with the best the Maikct af
fords, and the stables with careful anel attentive Ost
lers. ANN BROWN.
November 1 3, 1 S 1 1 .
Keg Zante Currants,
1 " Tamarinds.
G dozen beat Mustard,
eio Lemon Syrup.
9. .!.
1 do GuavaJellv.
1 cask superior OLD PORT WINE,
100 lbs. Scotch Snuff in bladders,
1 Jar Maccoboy SnufK
March 19, lS42.-lG0-lf.
J. & J. KYLE
IIAVK just received from the
North, a large and splendid assort
ment of SPRING and SUMMER
i it y a o o o s .
,lmong trhich. arc
Superfine Printed Lawns; 2,000 pieces prints;
rich French Silks, pl.iin anel figured; Irish Linens,
Lawns and Diapers; Linem Drilling; Georgia Nan
kins; 3-4 and 6-4 blecched and brown Doinesiics;
Apron Checks; Cotton and Silk Hose; Kentucky
Jeans, and Bolting Cloths; with nianv oth-r articles
in ibe Dry Gooels line. All of which, being pur
chased lor Cosh, at i he late Package Sab s, are now
offered at REDUCED PRICES, by wholesale or
March 2fi, 1342.-lf.l-tf
State of North Carolina Cumberland county,
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sesssons.
JWurch Term, 1S42.
Tbomas J. Curlis vs. Thomas L. Whithu k, Orig
inal Attachment, levied eui Simon, a slave, the
property of the defendant.
RDERED by tb Court that the sLve levied
en as eh fenda llt's piopcrty beconde mneel sub
lcct to 1 tamtiirs final recovery, anel thai advertise
ment be made for the space of six w eeks in the
JVoith Carolinian for ibe elefendant to appear at the
next Tci ni of this Court to te bohb-n tor the County
of Cumberland, at thr Court House in Favetteville,
on the fir-t Monday ef June next, and replevy anel
plead, nr indgmen! will betaken aeaiesl. hint.
WITNESS John McLaurin Cb-rk e.fsaid oiirt,
at Oilice, the first Momlav of March. Anno Dom
mi, lcl2.
State ot North Carolina Cumberland Coimtj
Court of Picas and Quarter Stcsions.
.March Term, 1842.
Haywood Gainey, Exparte, Pe-tjtion for partition
of the Lauds ot Abrain Gainey, dec.
ITT appearing to the satisfaction of tho Court
-M. that Cullen Gainev, Noel Gainey, Riley Gainev
aru! Kidey, Wife of Archibald Andrews, he jrs at
Law ot Abram Gainev, ilee-eased., are not inlmbi
lants of ibis Stale, it is therefore ordered that publi
cation be made in the North Carolinian tor six sue
cessivc weeks, IVr the saiel heirs at law of Abram
Gainey, !ecease I, to appear at the next term of this
Court to be held for the County of Cumberlanel, at
the Court House in Favetteville, em the first A Ion
day of June next, and make themselves parlies to
tins petition, otherwise the matters therein set feilh
will be taken proconlcsso as to them and a partition
decreed accordingly.
WITNESS John McLaurin Clerk or the said
Court at Office in Fayetteville, the first Alonday
in March, IS42, and in the 66th year of American
Independence. JNO. McLAURlN.
FORSAIE. By mistake I have
come into possession of tveo bound ceipies of, thy
Cetngressiotial G lobe, 27tli Conurpss, and would be
HJU JUtsrlt iVtU0?r
pjiys-lor the njrjdinljl. j-a-1-
WM. tl. Lift Y J fc.
I). K. McRAE,
-Attorney at Iaic, Paicllcvil'e, JV. C,
"ITTfrAVIING returned from his mission to Mexico,
11 U. will resume the practice of Law in the Coun
ties of Duplin, Wayne, Cumberlanel. and the Supe
rior Courts el Llaeb n. H; will also att nd to cases
ol Baiikriiptcy at Chambers.
April 9, 1812.
When the Banks rfd &ot pay specie, the U- -lusjoh
ja lesss complete. Nn their peter T
jdpre(Cio acb that a dhTcrence is nwd C
iu thV price ofcommodities, when paidJbr'iL-
irccieot paper, ttfedlfusion is nearlvndissip.
ted.- ; Then the Bank note" ceases to be re :
garded fcvinoney, and is looked upon as mere
corhricBil paper.' ' Then the, people are not I . ' .
delude fcy it iir enteiing iotQ contracts and; y
nRnaS"n enterprises ; V. I?
r IVTn Ihu BoJhks do nolay sbecle, a licj
fr.rjji evcry ipaW'a loaf Df brer, goes fo jSa1' U
be taken bod nriTblSi a nan, a nd yeT 1 1 1
be done so dexterously that it may be impos
sible fur him to tell how lie lost his bread, or
wbo has got it. . , ..-.
We do not say, absofftlef f, thaf paper inoncv
Banks do more harm wheh fheV are navinir
specie, than when Iney are in a' state of sus
pension: we only say the question is worthy
of coiisitfernlion. The immediate,' sensible,
pnlpable evils, are certainly grenlDstf when the
Ilfinks are m a state ot suspension: but mcse
evils arc not without their advantages,' inas
much aw they muke ihose.Jeel who cannot rea
son, and thus oen their eyes to the nature of
the system. Where lhc Banks nav specie, tho
illusion is so complete that titit few even of
those who have ihe p'owei1 f6 r6ason, will make
a prd'per use of that power. The delusivep-
pearauces of prosperity which are occasioned
by expansions, deceive them in common with,
lhc rest of the multitude, and when contrac
tions come, ns come ttVey must, they are apt to
attribute the ruin wntch follows to any thing
but its true cause. '
For the last twenty years, the Batiks of
great Britain and Ireland have paid specie,
and while so doing, have, to use the language
of Lord Irvcrpoof, "caus6d the downfall of
thousa nds and hundreds of thousands, and the
convulsion of all kinds of property."
With these views of (he subjociy we cannot
engage heartily in n scheme of Bank reform,
which looks merely to' a resumption of specie
payments. It would' be only substituting one
form of evil for atrofher. The people ought
not lo rest satisfied short' of a radical reform,
namely, the substitution of hard money and
bona fide bills of exchange, for paper Bank
promises. Cttuge's Journal.-
BBLS. planting Potatoes.
For sale bv GEORG EMcNEILL
Fb. 12, IS 12. 155-y.
lapcr Money lianks.
It is a question with us whether tho paper
money Banks do most harm, when they pay
specie, or when they suspend payment. To
those who have never studied the principles of
the system, this may seem a very strange
question, but when they reflect on the fact that
it is during the time they are paying specie
that the Banks lay the foundation of the evils
we suffer during the time of suspension, they
may deem the question not unworthy of con
sideintioti. Perhaps we shall be referred to the condi
tion of the city of New York as evidence of
the advantages that arise from the Banks pay
ing specie. In New York, last year, between
900 and 1000 uew houses were erected; and
in Philadelphia between 1300 and 1400. All
lhat this proves is, that the prosperity of the
etiuntry is so deeply seated in natural causes,
that neither specie paying or non specie
paying Banks can prevent the increase of
wealth and population.
There is much distress iu Philadelphia.
Is there less iu New York? Since the re
sumption of specie payments, ihe paper cur
rency of lhat Slate has increased in one yoar
at ihe rale of 90 per cent., increased iu the
year following at the rate of 25 per cent., and
decreased iu ihe succeeding at the rate of 40
per cent. Such fluctuations must necessarily
have caused the ruin of hundreds and of thou
sands; bul as "the; Banks continue to pay
specie," their ruin is attributed to some other
cause than banking; operations.
"The doctriue," says Iord Liverpool,
"that nothing is belter than a paper circula
tion convertible into coin, is true to this ex
tert that if convertible into coin, the evil
will cure itself; whilst one not convertible will
lead lo nothing but ruiu. But how is the cure
to be operated? By the downfall of thousands
and hundreds of thousands, and the convul
sion of all kinds of properly. It is true that
the evil carries its own cure, but with such
terrible consequences that the cure is worse
than the evil."
The notion lhat so long as the Banks pay
specie, ihe ainejunt of currency is jusl the same
as it would be if only gold and silver coins
wcie permitted to circulate, is all an illusion.
Paper money is, even in its best estate, as
Dr. Wilherspoou used to say, "about as good
a measure of value as a woollen thread would
be of length." Under a hard money system,
our currency would never fluctuate more than
five per cent, per aunum; seldom more than
one, or perhaps a half percent. With Banks
paying specie, it may, as appears from the N.
York returns, and other evidences, fluctuate20,
30, or 40 per cent.
So long, however, as the Bauks pay specie,
the illusiou is complete. Because tho Bank
dollar never changes its name, the people think
it never changes its value.
Studies for Cougresg.
We cut the following from Phrtadefphla!
E, Carolinian Office. irrAca .. V C ' ' "71
It becomes the people to respectful in
their auimadversions upon the high legislative
I k 1 1 a rkl mn- iri 9rr . Fit.'' .. .V. r. .. . 1. l.
....... ..j, v vui lvuiiu , uui w tie: ll iiiuijv uo i
dies, or one of them, as is more particularly
. . i ..
me iasu ui presem, uy a long series ol paltry
discussions, and uproarious debate, and culpa
ble ueglect of the public interests, place them
selves in the position which Ihe second
branch of Congress hrs ri6V taken, we feel
absolved from all the courtesies due to their .
statioii, because Iney themselves, by their owlt
self-disrespect, have lhfowrjf ofr)oquy upon the
nation, o'nd cot themselves off from its regards.
They have proved themselves insensible
to the expostulations of honor and patriotism;
let them now feel the goadings of ridicule and
satire,' if pei'chance those may drive them into
' Important Questions for Congress to dig'
cuss and settle at once. Iri Politics, tf ere
a crow's nest used for a ballot-box, and the
eggs for ballot bafts, and should one of these
eggs hatch after be nig deposited, and the bird
fly away, ought the shell, ot the bird, or either
to be counted iu footing up the ballot?
In sentiment. Which is the most senti
mental looking object a Crow, blind in ofio
eye, drawing mathematical diagrams in tho
5a nd, or an owl seated on an Egyptian obelisk
decyphering hieroglyphics? t
In Natural History. Will a grasshopper
that has lost his tail, by accident or otherwise,
In Meteorology. Are the atrYiosphefic laws
which govern a tornado, the same as those
which regulate a tempest in a toepot?
In JS"atural Philosophy. Can d ghost cast
a shadow? if so, is it the ghost or its shadow
that vanishes at the crowing of a cock?
In Hcklhyology. Wrhy is it that a porpoise
never (urns his tail to the W?ntf. By what taW
is it that the shark compels the little pilot fish
to move just before him, and point out his path
through ihe ocean.
Political Economy. If Adam and Eve
had used palm-leaves, instead of fig leaves for
garments, what is the amount of labor (hey
would have sated in sewing them together?
In Legislation. What is the difference
between the condition of a member of Con
gress, who is wailing to make a' speech, and
that of one of Job's comforters, who said ha
tvas ready to spiitv
In Entomology".
Why docs a fly, oing 16 bed
Sleep with his tail above his head ?'
When all these primary and fundamental
questions shall have been discussed and set
tled by Congress, it would be well perhaps to
give some attention to a bankrupt Treasury,
and a ruined nation t
Keemng order. During the fftirmlfuous
discussion of a bill for the relief of the people
in the Legislature of Indiana, a motion was
made and carried, ordering ihe door-keeper
to fetch a basket of brick-bats, to aid the
Speaker in keeping older in the House.
Wrould not the lower House of Congress
despatch more of iheir masters' business, if
they were to adopt a resolution ordering the
doorkeejter to keep Mr Speaker Whrfe sup
plied with brick-bats uatil Congress adjourns?

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