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C A. SA. Supr. C
INDICTMENTS 'for Affray, and Assault
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J URV ticket.;;?
ORDERS to over eers of Roads
Deeds, I'jvSmonj
Sheriff's Deeds,
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Superior Court Fi. F.t.
County (ouft Sci. Fa, to re
vive udmenl.
County Giurt SubpCEnas,
Superior ZJotirt Warrants,
Woods fo Col'rd. Apprentices.
Gardner and Mclvetlian,
Volume 4. R ijmlicr 112
C. C. SKITB I n i HAVE RECEIVED and am now opening, my
1 i i JsZ
' V HOUSE has bee .thoroughly re paired. I
wii' Uc p Entertainment at verv reduced pri
ce, nn.l be sjad t weltoi J the return of my friends
and customers. Call and sec.
Fayettcville, October I , J8lt. 1 33-tf
My House is on the con r:r of Gillespie and Mum-
frd Streets, convenient t th Market, and near the
State Bank. E. S.
A Nl committed to the Jail of
Cumberland court y
on t ri-
dav the 28th of January laf-t, a
NEGU'K MAN who "says his
name isSIBdON, and belongs to
John Li scomh of South Carolina.
Said ne jo-sis well known about
this pla --ie was carried off b
MrThcralL. Whitlock. Simon
is about five feet and a hai'high, dark complection.
The owner of atd slate iUsjereby notified to come
forward, prove property, riy charges and take hiral
away, or he will be dealt i jq as the law nirocts.
February 2, 1842.-154- Jailor.
J. & J. KYLE
HAVE just -recjiyed from the
North, a iarge-an: splendid assort
ment of SPRINC land SUMMER
I R IT' C;4 ODS.
.lmonff t hteh arc
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Also a general assortment of
Coach-Maker's materials kept
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Persons wishing to buy, would do well to call
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ment. All work made and sold by them is warranted 12
months, and will be repaired without charge, if
they fail by bad workmanship or materials.
Repairing neatly executed at short notice, and on
reasonable terms.
Orders thankfully received, and promptly attend
ed to.
Fayettcville, Mar. 2G, 1S42. 5G-tf.
for sale at the Jost Office at Lumberion by
JOHN JN. UOKK, Agent, ?.,
hese Medicines are indebted for their name to
their manifest and sensible action in purifyinsr
the springs and channels of life, and enduing them
with renewed tone and vigor. In many hundred
certified cases which have been made public, and in
almost every species ofcliscase to which the human
frame is -liable, the happy effects ol MOFFAT'S
been gratefully and publicly acknowleded by the
persons . bent fitted, and wfio were previous
ly unacquainted with the beautifully philosophical
principles upon which they "are compounded, and
upon which they consequently act.
The' LIFE MEDICINES recommend themselves
in diseases of every "form and description. Their
first operation is to loosen from the coats of the sto
mach and bowels the various impurities and crudi
ties constantly settling1 around them; and to remove
the hardened fa?ce3 which collect in the convolu
tions of the smallest intestines. Other medicines
n!y paitiuMy el' anse these, and leave such collect
ed masses behind as to produce habitual t ostive
m ss, witn all its train of evils, or sudden diarrhoea,
with its imminent dangers. This fact is well knoyn
to all regular anatomists, who examine the human
bowels after death ; and br-ncc the prejudice of those
wall informed men against quack medicine or med
icines prepared and heraldi d to the public by igno
rant persons. The s coud effect of the Life Med
icines is to cleanse the kidneys and the bladder, and
bjr this means, the liver and the lungs, the healthful
action of which entirely depends upon the regularity
of the urinary organs. 1 lie blood, which takes its
red color from the agency ol the liver and the lungs
before It passes"into the heart, being thus purified by
them, and nourished by food comi ng from a clean
stomach, courses freely through the veins, renews
every part of the system, and triumphantly mounts
the banner of liealth in the blooming- cheek.
thoroughly tested, and pronounced a sovereign rem
edy for the Dyspepsia, Flatulency; Palpitation of
H eart, Loss ot A ppetite, Heart-burn and Head ach,
Restlessness, Jll-temper, Anxiety, L,anruor and
Melancholy, Costiveness, Diirrhoea, Cholera, Fever
of nli kinds, Rheumatism, Gout, Dropsies of all
kinds, Gravel, Worms, Asthma and Consumption
Scurvs, Ulcers, Inveterate Sore, Scorbulic Eruption
and Bad Complexions, Eruptive Complaints, Sallow
Cloudy, and other disagreeable Complexions, Salt
Rheum, Erysipelas, Common Colds and Influenza,
and various other complaints which afflict the hu
man frame; In Fever and Ague, particular!', the
Life Medicines have most eminently successful ; so
much so that in the Fever ano Ague districts, Phy
sicians almost universally prescribe them.
WOULD respectfully in
form his frien ;s and
the Public generally, that he
still continues to carrv on the
TORY, at his old Stand,
on Gillespie street, a few
doors South of the Market House.
All orders thankfully received and promptly at
tended to.
Octeber 2, 1841. 13G-6m.
1 iveir Aante urriiti.
6 dozen best Must fM
2 do Lemon Syi,
1 do Guava Jell 3
1 cask superior OLq ORT WINE,
100 lbs. Scotch Snufl ir bladders,
I Jar Maccoboy X3KS
4B iT
6)1ri BBLS. planting Potatoes.
Feb. 12, IS42.
For sale by GEORG EMcNEILL
J Zi. & ID. &3E9
RETURNtheir thanks for thcliberal Patronage
they have received and take pleasure in in
forming their Friends and Customers, that they con
tinue to Manufacture all kinds of HATS, also, to
keep a supply from the most Fashionable Factor'us
in New York, and Philadelphia.
ICJVanted, at the above establishment, one or
two journeymen hatters.
March 12, 1842. 140-y
MAYING removed my business entirely
from Fayettcville, I hereby give notice to all
persons indebted to me. that they will save costs by
calling on Messrs. S. & R. S. Cain, and makin
immediate payment on their notes and accounts due
Fayetteville, Feb 4, 1641.-15.5-tt
Tf 7K7"OULD inform the citi
V V zens of Fayetteville,
and the public generally, that
'jy1 he has located himself in Fay-
ettevillle, in the store adjoin
. insr Mr. James Baker's, where
Vlt'' he intends to carry on the
iqn, rrresg WATCH and jewelry -BUSINESS,
in all its various branches; and from
his long experience, does not hesitate to say, that he
can give entire satisfaction to those who may favor
him with their custom.
He is prepared toMANUFACTURE any article
in the way of Jewelry, having a complete set of
Tools for the purpose.
Particular attention will be paid tothe-UF.P-Am-IJiG-QE'
"fil isny part of the same
trial may be deficient will be made new, and war
ranted to perform well for one year.
November 12, 1841. 142tf.
THE Subscriber respectfully informs the citizens
of Kaj-etteville, and its vicinity, that he has
commenced the above business in this p!,ce, and
by despatch and punctuality, hopes to merit a liberal
share of public patronage. L. SOLOMONS.
P. S. Persons from the up-country, cin be sup
plied with doors, blinds and sashes, doer and win
dow frames, at shortest notice and on rjr.ost reason
able terms.
sCPHe will be found at all times at his shop,
ou Grove street, near the court House.
Two white apprentices wanted to the business.
April 18, 1841. 140-6m.
THE Subscribers are now receiving by the late
arrivals from the North, their FALL AND
sisting of a large and general assortment of
Hats and Shoes. Bonnets, and Um
brellas, Foolscap and J etler Pa
per, Drugs and Medicines,
Paints and Dye Stuffs, Sad
dles, Bridles, &c. &c
Blacksmith's Tools, Holloio Ware, Qc. $-c.
Also, a large assortment of
Of all kinds ; all of which will be sold at the lowest
prices lor Cash, Back-country Produce, or on credit
for approved notes. The Stock is very heavy, and
worthy the attention of Country Merchants and the
public in general.
J. C. & G. B. ATKINS.
Foot of Haymount.
Fayetteville, Sept. 25, 1S41. 13G-y.
HIIDS. prune new rrn)i Molasses.
February, 1 2- 1 842. i SS-y.
10 Bbls. Roe do.
jO Half Barrels Shad.
10 Barrels Mullet.
For sale by GEO. McNEILL.
Nov. 10, 1S41.
State of North. Caiollna Sampson Count y.
In Equity Spring Term,' 1842.
Deborah Robinson, vs. Frederick Merritt, and wife,
Ann Jane, and others, heirs at law of Matthew
Prideon, deed. Petition for Sale of Lands.
IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that
the defendants, Frederick Merritt and wife,
Ann Jane, James Green'and wife, Jemima, Rebecca
Sellers, and Luke Pridgeon, heirs at law of Matthew
Pridgeon, deed., reside beyond the limits of this
State, it is therefore ordered by the Court, that pub
lication he made in the North Carolinian, a paper
published in the Town of Fayetteville, for six weeks,
for the said h-irs at law to appear at the next Court
of Equity to b-i held for the County of Sampson, at
the Court House in Clinton, on the sixth Monday
after the fourth Monday of September next, and
shew cause why the Lands described in Petition
should not be sold, or the same will be decreed to be
sold accordingly.
Witness Pairick Murphy, ClerU and Master of the
Court of Equity for Sampson County, at office in
Clinton, the fifth Monday aftr the fourth Monday
of M arch, A. D. 1842, and 66th year of American
JFatftleville, V. C
flflHE subscriber having opened that large and
JJL Commodious House on Hay Street, known as
the PLANTER'S HOTEL, is now prepared to ac
commodate Boarders and Traveller upon moderate
terms. She trusts that strict attention and her inti
mate acquaintance with the business, will ensure a
liberal portion of the patronage of the public the
table will be furnished with the best the Market af
fords, and the stables with careful and attentive Ost
lers. ANN BROWN.
November 13, 1841. 142-y.
fi 1 T"-
tor sa'e by
May 13,1342.
D. K. McRAE,
.Attorney at Laic, Fayetteville, JV. C,
MAVI'NG returned from bis mission to Mexico
will resume the practice of Law in the Coun
ties of Duplin, Wayne, Cumberland, and the Supe
rior Courts of Sampson. He will also attend to ca
ses of Bankruptcj at Chambers.
April 9, 1842. 163-tf.
A good
March 13, !642.-160-tf.
tor saic Dy
June S, I842.-171-y.
assortment opening. Forsale by
June 2, 1842.-171-y.
comprises a large and extensive assortment of
171 : hhds. sugar,
50 cases Fur and Wool 1 lats,
10 io faim xeat amo,
10 do Bonnets,
15 do Cotton Cords,
75 kes White Lead,
Indi 20. Madder, Patent Medicines. &c.
iS-h4i ill aoldatun usually low prices for Cash
Fayetteville, May 2S, 1842. J70-t
J"cxl door JS'orlh of the Bank of the State,
corner of Franklin and Gillespie streets,
MESPECT FULLY informs his old customers,
who pay for iheT work when done, that he
will thankfully receive and attend to their orders,
at his usual high prices. Gentlemen cannot expect
to have fine ork done unless they pay ine pi ices
for it. He employs the best workmen in town, and
has to pay them the best prices given in town he does
not trust his work to boys. He Jegs leave to as
sure those who may lavor him with their orders tint
no pain.4 shall be spared to give satisfaction, and if
the work done by him does not fit, it will not be
suffered to be taken away.
CUTTING done to order, and warranted to be as
well djne as if cut to be made in his shop, chen
made as cut.
Maj 28, 1842. !73-3m.
THE Subscriber having located himself perma
nently in Wilmington, offers his services to
his fri-mds and the public general!', as an ajcnt for
the sa'e of
Lumber, Timber, Naval Stores,
and all other Country Produce. He will als give
attention to the purchasing of any kind" of MER
CHANDISE. His purpose is to remain in Wil
mington both Winter and Summer.
May 28, 1842. 170-4t p.
IN addition to the stock on hand, the subscriber
has just received some very superior
JWiislins and Isttitns, black and while;
Ginghams; Crape Camblet; Erminetts;
Gamhroon and Summer Casimeres.
Those in want of CHEAP GOODS, are invited
to call and examine for themselves.
June 4 171 -tf.
The Observer will copy for times.
"Tprinted and for sale at the Carolinian Office. ,
1 June 4, 1S42.
THkT Large and Convenient DWELLING
HOUSE, in the Brick Row, foot of Haymount,
known is the residence of the late John M. Dobbin.
Also, a capital Garden Lot, in the rear of the same.
Terms will be favorable.
For particulars apply to
; J. C. DOBBIN, Executor,
June 4, 1842171-4
THE Two Story Frame House, near the Arse
nal, recently occupied by Mrs. Watts. The
terms will be very moderate. Apply to James
Dodd, or at thi3 Office.
Junb,l. 1812. 171-tf.
Wliig Preaching
Whig Practice.
Tlic people of North Carolina
called to judge of tlic Whig
party, by its deeds.
"Thfs Government is now a practical monarchy.
; The President of these United States ex
ercises a power superior to that vested in the hands
of neaijy all the European kings. It is a power far
greater than that ever dreamed of by the old Feder
al 1 arty. It is an ultra Federal power. It is des
potism." Gen. Harrison's speech at Dayton, Ohio,
in 1840.
What a bright expression was this for a candi
date for the Presidency! But notwithstanding all
the monarchy and despotism, the whig party seem
to be very well content; they have not curtailed any
of the powers of the Executive or of Congress.
They art rather enlarging them. Congress is ta
king upon itself to dictate to the States how ihey
shall elect their members of Congress, and the Ex
ecutive is taking to himself the power to oppress
th people of Rhode Island, in their righteous strug
gle for a Constitution, instead of an old English
"We declare the leaders of the party in power,
unworthy the confidence of a free peo:.Ie, because
they have violated every pledge thf-y have given to
the nation." WThig declaration in Convention in
Raleigh, 5ih October, 1840.
We know not what thry could have meant by
this, unless they intended it as a cap to fit their own
heads. And we now place the cap upon them, by de
claring, and producing proof of the fact, that "the
leaders of the party in power a re unworthy the con
fidence of a free people, because they have violated
every pledge given to the nation."
"One of the first things to be done when a new
administration shall come into power, will be to
separate the Goveir.ment press from the politics of
the country." Webster s speech at Richmond, V a.
in 1340.
Has any rfch law been passed? Has even an
attempt, by the tchig party, been made to pass such
tors belong the spoils. Did not the dis
tinguished person who is to be advanced to the
head of this Government expessly take ground
against such a sentiment in a bill he introduced into
Congress? Do not his sentiments stand recorded
against it? We practise 01 a principle like that?
No sir, no;' tAi system of proscription is itself to be
prescribed. I stand on that ground; and so help me
God, I will, so far as I am concerned, act upon it.
believe those who are to be at the head of the Gov
ernment hare put themselves upon the same ground.11
Preston's speech in Congress.
We all know how this promise has been kept.
See the proscription in the whig Legislature of N.
Carolina. -
Extract from the Raleigh Correspondence of the
North Carolinian, dated Raleigh, Dec. 24, 1340:
"Messrs. Editors: As all the officeus, w.'ose p
pointmeMt will b conferred by present LAfisla
tarsprreTibw made, it may not be amisino Mjbrm
your readers who are the "office holders.." After
the bitter denunciation of the dominant pa'rty against
the "spoils to the victors," and proscription for opin
ion's sake, 3'ou would scarcely suppose that these
pure and disinterested patriots would accept an of
fice thou h thrust upon them; but how stands the
case? The Legislature have elected 2 Senators, 2
Judges, 2 Solicitors, 1 Attorney General, I Secreta
ry of State, I Treasurer, 1 Comptroller, 3 Engross
ing Clerks, 3 Colonels of Cavalry, 2 Lieut. Colonels,
2 Majors, and 7 Counsellors of State, making in all
TWENTY-SEVEN, and out of the whole" NOT
ONE DEMOCRAT has been elected!"
After reading that, read the following extract from
the speech of a violent whig, in the last Legislature,
and mark the difference; remembering that this is
from an opponent of the Democracy:
"Remember, sir, that the party which we have so
lately opposed in fierce conflict, although we called
them revolutionists, disorganizes, locofoeos, and
agrarians, and although they did many thing which
we thought calculated to weaken our institutions,
during the long ten years night of their ascendant,
never once put their rude hands upon the Judiciary
of the State. To their Insting credi! be it said, they
administered this part of their power with credit to
the State and great advantage to the people. They
sustained the strength and purity of the Judicinl
system, by a series of excellent appointments, taken
mostly from the ranks of their adversaries.
Now look at this:
"Our doctrine is, that a political party coming in
to power, is at once charged with and responsible
for, the administrative operations of the Govern
ment, in all its departments and places, and that it
is its right and its duty to conduct those operat ions,
mainly by the hands of its friends. We respectful
ly commend this just and ntcessani rule to the notice
of the President, FOR A MORE EFFICIENT OB
has yet received at his hands." Address of the Sy
racuse, (N. Y.) Convention, in 1841 after the elec
tion! "He learned his democracy in the school of '9S
and '99. It was very different, he confessed, from
the Democracy taught nowadays in hi-h places.
The Democracy of Jefferson asked a candidate for
office if he was capable and honest, and would sup
port the Constitution." Mr Clay's speech at Nash
ville, in 1840.
We should like some whig to point us to one offi
cer, appointed since the whig party came inf o pow
putto Bela Badger, the great pipe-layer, appointed
Naval Officer at the Philadelphia Custom House?
Were they put to another great pipe-Iaj-er, by the
name ot Tallmadge, who was made recorder in N
York City? Were they asked of Wm.C. Lord,
who was appointed Collector at Wilmington,
for partizan services? In fact they were ask
ed of no man. Partizan services during the election
er, to whom these questions were put. Were they
of 1840, wer.; the only recommendations called for
from any candidate for office, and it can be proved.
"It is said that Gen. Harrison is so much in fa
vor of a protective tariff, that he would insist upon
its continuance, though, under its operation, the
grass were to grow in the streets of Norfolk and
Charleston.' This charge is a gross and wanton
calumny upon Gen. Harrison. But why
is the subject of the Tariff brought forward at all?
It was setiled years ago by the compromise act.
Who proposes to disturb it? Who desires to jtf
crease the duties? CERTAINLY NEITHER
FRIENDS." George E. Badger's speech at Gran
ville, in 1840.
Whether Gen. Harrison was for a tariffor not, if
concerns us not now to know. The concluding par
agraph of the quotation attacts our attention. We
presume it is not worth while for us to produce ex
tracts from whig speeches to prove that the whig"
party proper, headed by Clay, have settled upon a
high tariff, as one of their measures. All who have
read Clay's speech in tie Fajetteville Observer, and
who have read this paper, know the fact too weM to
need further proof; but should an whig, individual
or press, deny the fact, we shall publish the proof
from the proceedings of Congress.
What base deception' George E. Badger asking
"who desires to increase the duties? certainly neither
Gen. Harrison, nor any of hisfriends,n and then in a
few months the whole whig party trying 10 saddle
us with taxes! Was there ever before such mise
rable trickery practised upon the people to gain
'Next it is said that Gen. Harrison fivers a
Bank of the U. States. THE CHARGE IS FALSE.
His opinions on the contrary are against a Bank."
George E. Badger's speech at Granville, in 1840.
This paragraph proves one of tw o things: It ei
ther provrs that Gen. Harrison was really opposed
to a Bank, or that the whig party merely election
eered against a Bank for popularity. If the former,
Gen. Harrison would hae retoed the trd bills ve
toed by Mr Tyler, to which vetoes by Mr Tyler the
whig newspapers attribute their failure to regulate
the currency and make "good times." If the latter,
then the whole was a humbug a mere party trick
to catch voters the idea of regulating the currency
and making good times never entering their heads
as one of the things to be performed. The Clay
partv may make much of either or both horns of the
This is the rock upon which the (great?) whig
party split. They told lha people they were not for
a Bank, and when they got elected, the first thing,
almost, the whig Congress done, was to mature two
Bank bills, both of which Mr Tyler (the Lord pre
serve him) vetoed? And why' Because he knew
that the whig leaders had electioneered against a
Bank, and his principles were always opposed to it.
This is matter of recent history. All can judge
whether we are telling the truth or not. Here is
the speech of Badger before the election, and here is
.- -. - ,- -- - , r -
Cabin'et because Mr TyfA frouJ not sign a Bank
bill!!! U
"Whilst we are scant . the moet prominent
Stieaf history, we can-
i the consideration ot
J Icy and hollowness ol
, f to thecrced of Demo
'il it democratic to vote
ISdioO and repulsjve
I'fiocratfc is it consis
ts tnat he snouiu m
fverntwnt to more than
af.-wlen the fuCt has
will ' conduct tts ope-
"s-i-Report of general
vcnUon which notni-
i yU Government
r:- '-Suit n from public
of the Navy
facts in Mr" Van Burcn'
not refrain from submittii
the Convention, the utter
all his professions of devc
cratic faith.
for the TARIFF in its
forms. V . Is it
tent wfth Democratic prir
crease the expenses of ihi
39 millions of dollars
rations with rigor and fad
committee of whig State
nated Gov. Morehcad in 1
j Not only have the exj
documents, that the whl Secretary
proposes to increase the eJ Misea in his department
alone, nearfy a million ofdJlars. The list of offi
cers in the Navy has beenifriatly increased, adding
thousands of doJIars fo tl necessary to sup
port the Navy, fe'i 1 ,s
What is worse than aU.f&i whig chairman of the
Finance Committee of thetStfiate, in his speech on
the Treasury Note bill, mtiiij calculation showing
that the national debt at ttand of the prescntyenr,
would be beventeeu milfoil of dollars. Mr Van
Buren left a debt of only, fare !r six millions, as can
be shown npon whig authirfr.
Although this fs not clirvcf a pledge to adminis
ter the Government upon 14)00,000, yet certainly
it is natural to conclude, anfJ'tH people did conclude,
that the party who so alu4 Ifr Van Buren for ex
travagance, would reduce evI f xpenses of the Gov
ernment ddwn to the amocil (hich fby said VouId
conduct its operations. j ' ...
Here is the great whig SUf5 Convention of 1840
declaring that "the fact ha 6(',n irreversibly estab
lished, that fifteen mill ion fief dollari will conduct
the operations of the Govetnint with rigor andja
cilly.,, And here in 1 311 fcOCf '42 js Henry Chiy,
backed by the whole whi !tfiy, ssying that the
taxes on imported goods'. (Iwnff v&ch arc the nc
cessarfes of fife,) must bfesed t as to produce
TWENTY-SIX MILLIONS (hiurfy twico the
amount) for the support ofthef3ovlnment!!
And what did the rfesfdrril KfrfTjl'er, say lie
expended in carrying oil ls"ljovBp'ment, from 4th
of March 41 to 4th of MaijLh' -4 He says it cost
7,025,070 70!! Nearly jj.oOOO more than
Mr Van Buren fpent the ifil egrbf his "reign,"
public debt and all!! Is Mrtiter'roof of false hood
and deception wanted T' j
EClLet the caMfija for the
Legislature, of Ejemocratic
party, in each Cophyfake these
facts and lay themilfbir'e the pub
lic, and if the jijplc' of North
Carolina, with tVm ; felits before
their eyes, will support these men,
who thus m'each&0 le 'ihiiig and
practice another, jfrjojder to get
into power, uieyf CKaerve to be
cheated and I mm bulged!
The two sides tjj'tlie KTfdal.
The Georgia Times falk ourvottention to
a letter in the Riehmondjj Vjhig of the 20th
May, which the said Whl lomraends to pub
lic lltentiou, as "a briiCani letter" and the
Times asks its, to contragtivhat the Whig now
ae celebrated Oc-
lave 'accordingly
such a brace ol
says arfff what it said tfn&
tober sun of 1840. X
looked into the record tac
portraits is truly amusing Ecce I
September, 1840. f ft I May,1842
"L t Virginia come andj g f
hear Mr Webs er,
ebslen too. is w .n.
M ,
drfufy tickled, and glu-
Republican Virginia
uirig to the rescue
administration; of
Tylef is the nomi
nd he, a Hartford
mtion Federalist, tho
head I
Jj XmtI. il'eb ster, the
KtM?f Federalism, and
f'Asl4 0 morvd lepers."
V Jrgi fianow " giving aid
nnUf nfottto I). Webster,
Ihhltrier sanation of al' she
1 wet
repudiated politically,
jjcfi the honor of her
living man can command,
booth of the Potomac,
where he has never set
his foot, such curiosity to
see and hear him, who, in
the power of ratiocination
even in the estimation of
English judges, istiiefirs
intellect of t le age in
which we live.
''We hail Mr Web
ster's vUit. and the extra
ordinary circumstances of
the country, which are
every where indue nz
greater freedom of political jbrmvjeUnd the modesty and
intercourse, with the most vii&tqoi ner fair, nave ever
lively satisfaction." feoltM front morally."
The same article (184);eprecates the at
tempts which had been pe 'n Virginia to
expose him (o censure.- t-ll says, that "Mr
Webster has bee for ttoetfyiyearav in Va., re
garded as a concentrationpiMl that was odious
and detestable in polita.j Hi very name
has been an friefthausiiblfi tpd'n? capital to
a certain trafficking schc .1 pf Virgiuia poli
ticians and President-ma !f b have used
it as a rawhead and 4ldoc ipe Whenever it
was desirable fo inflani ttfc paJaions of the
mass. The day of ths J grading political
school baa passed forever. I -'he People know
and feel the Federalism t 9 Washington
and Marshall and Websl " chnol, was mod
eration and '98 Repu fcnisro compared
with grinding oppressio ? J- modern Do
mocraVy,' &c, &c. W lk'"i nal v'0
serf, when we say, that Sf jejKbt3 have tio
more faithful friends and; tfrenueus suppott-
rs than the honest port!
Party" of course, Mr V 1
and now, how they porfMOUW in less than
the told FctlerM
Weriwas then one)
3f,'the Rich
lot o verj V irgfnia to
7h.!iinn Mminir intft rtnn-i rfto I tsadffer ana Hives eieciioneermz asainsi a uann
afd repudiate the itdarnous maxim thut, to the before the elec tion; Badger resigned his place in the
two years !
See the contrast ! In
Whi? is allemotin? to
' ' ry - - I C7 Ir?
the Federal ranks, by crvi FP Uamel v eb-
sters Republican principl Jj-n4 now, when
it is attempting to heaif ap4ain Tyler, it
abuses Daniel Webster, bfjraet he rejoices
at the great defeat of Henf Ctays parly in
Virginia! At neither el .fciye we any
confidence in Mr Webstei i,jiociples. Tho
jva ; mj ii. ii f ' yaises or abuses
him, according to itipaltry interests ! Rich.

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