North Carolina Newspapers

l .
W3I. II. BAYXE, Proprietor.
Volume 4. Number 174
82 5
3 Of)
1 00
Per annum, if paid in advance, $2 5Q :
Do if paid at the end ofG months, 3 00
Do if paid at the end of the year, 3 ot) ;
Kates of Advertising :
Sixty cents per square, for the first, and tliiry cents
tor each subsequent insertion. .';
A liberal deduction will be made to advertisers by
th year.
Court advertisements ?ml Sheriff's sales, will'be
charged 25 per cent, higher than the usual rates.
All advertisements sent tor publication should have
the number of insertion? intended, marked upon
them, otherwise thevwillbe inserted until forbid,
and charged accordingly.
No papcrdi'continned until arrearages are paid,
except at the option" of the ldiror.
jSo subscription received for less than twelve
rt-ULetters on business connected w ith this ostab
Ushment, must be addressed Holm ks & Bat.v :,
Editors of the North-Carolinian, and in ail cases
Subscribers wishing to make remittance's
by mail, will remember lhat they can do so free of
postage, as Post masters are authorized "by law to
iranfc letters enclosing remittances, it written by
themselves, or the contents known to them.
lrices of Jol Work:
HAND BILLS, printed on a medium, r.jyal,
or super royal sheet, for 30 copies,
For 50 eopies,
And for every additional 100
HOUSE BILLS, on a sheet from 12 to 18
inches square , 3 copies, 3
Over 18 inches, and not exceeding 30, 5
CAUDS, large si.e, single pack, 3
And for every additional pack, 1
Sihaller sizes in proportion.
BLANKS, when priuled to order, f'jr ! quire, 2
And for every additional quire, under 5, 1
Kxc.;:liujr 5 quires!.
all kinds of BOOK &. JOB PRINTING, executed
ehcap for CASH.
Kept constantly on hand
CARoZiircxATj- orncs:
CHECKS, on Bank of the State, and Cape
Fear Bank.
VENDI KXt'O., constablen levy
COMMISSION S to take depositions i n equi
fy, and Supr. court
V. BITS, Superior and Co. Ct.
v. SA. Ku or. Ct.
INDICTMENTS for AflVay, and Assault
and Battery, Co. and Sup. Ct.
!TIFI; ATES, Clk. Co. Ct.
)IU)EI1S i overseeis of Boads
- ' nrv p.oxhjs
Deed?, common,
Sheriff's Deeds,
Constables Ca. Bonds,
Do Delivery do
Appeal Bonds,
Equity Subpoenas,
Superior Couri Fi.
County Court Sci.
vive judgment.
County Court SubpClna.s,
Superior Court "War rant,
Uonds lor Col'rd. Apprentices.
Gardner and McKetlian,
AVE now on Iiand, and for Sale at very Re
duced Prices,
4 Carriages,
6 Barouches,
4 Buggies,
3 Buggy Gigs,
4 Sulkies,
8 Spring Wagons and
3 Chain Waarons.
Also, a very large assortment of
work which we are daily finishing.
Also a general assortment of
Coach-Maker's materials kept
constantly on hand and for sale.
Persons wishing to buy, would do well to call
and examine their work, as they feci confident they
can make their work as well, and sell it as low as
it can be had from any regular Northern Establish
ment. All work made and sold by them is warranted 12
months, and will be repaired without charge, if
they fail by bad workmanship or materials.
Repairing neatly executed at short notice, and on
reasonable terms.
Orders thankfully received, and promptly attend
ed to.
FayetteviHe, Mar. 2G, 1S42. 56-tf.
to re-
a if fe
! ; . aJ
MY HOUSE has been thoroughly repaired. I
will keep Entertainment at very reduced pri
ces, and be plad to welcome the return of my friends
anJ customers. Call and sec. SMITH
FayetteviUe, October 13,18-11. 1 1 38-1 f
M TTnusp is on the corner of Gillespie and Minn-
ford Streets, convenient to the Market, and m ar the
for sule at the Post Office at Iumherton by
JOHN N. DORK, silent, &c.
"flirsc Medicines are indebted for their name to
their manifest and sensible action in nurifvins
ih spiings and channels of life, and enduing them
with renewed tone and visor. In many hundred
certified cases which have been made public, and in
almost every species of disease towhiuii the human
frame i liable, ibn happy effects o! jIOFFAT'S
b e i gratefully and publicly acknowledged by the
persons benefitted, and who were previous
ly unacquainted with the beautifully philosophical
lirimij les iion which they are compounded, and
upon which they consequently act.
The Lll-T-: MEDICINES recommend themselves
in disrates of every form and description. Their
first operation is to loosen 'rom the coats of the sto
mach and bowels the various impurities and crudi
ties constantly settling around them ; and to remove
the hardened ftecesJwhich collect in the convolu
tions o L.tJ I? small-Vo.lJi 5 ties. .jOfJh e,v..nie,d i u cs
only i v -i 1 y xz t tuiis-j , " - - - - ;
ed masses behind a-.W to prouuee nanuuai i:9-mc-
ness. w ith all its trail of evils, or sudden otarrhcua,
with its imminent dahiiers. This fact is well known
to all resuiar anatomists, wno examine ine unman
bowels after death ; and hence the prejudice ot those
well informed men against quack medicine or med
icines prepared and heralded to the public by igno
rant persons. The sicoud effect ol the L'.le Med
icines is to cleanse the kidneys and the bladder, and
by this means, the liver and the lungs, the healthful
action of which entirely depends upon the regularity
of the urinary organs. The blood, which lakes its
red color from the agency of the liver and the lungs
before it passes into the heart, being ihus purified by
them, and nourished by food coming from a clean
stomach, coi-es freely through the veins, renews
every pari ol the system, and triumphantly mounts
the banner of health in the blooming check.
thoroughly tested, and pronounced a sovereign rem
edy for the Dyspepsia, Flatulency; Palpitation of
Heart, Loss of "Appetite, Heart-burn and Head ach,
Restlessness, Ill-temper, Anxiety, Languor and
Melancholv, Costivencss, Diarrhoea, Cholera, Fever
of ah kinds, Rheumatism, Gout, Dropsies ofalt
kinds, Gravel, Worms, Asthma and Consumption
Scurvs, Ulcers, Inveterate Sore, Scorbutic Eruption
and Bad Complexion?, Eruptive Complaints, Sallow
Cloudy, and other disagreeable Complexions, Salt
Rheum, Erysipelas, Common Colds and Influenza,
and various other complaints w hich afilict the hu
man frame; In F;ver and Ague, particularly, the
Life Medicines have most eminently successful ; so
much so that in the Fever and Ague districts, Phy
sicians almost universally prescribe thtm.
State nank.
E. S.
A NL committed to tlic.tail ot
jC. Cumberland county, on Fri
day the -2Sth of January Lift, a
NEGRO MAN who says his
ii-i mo IS SIMON, and belongs to
Tolm Lipscomb of South Ca roiina
Said nc"ro is well known ah tut
this place he was carried o(T by
Mr Thoiras L. "XYhitlock. Simon
, ... n li.iTt'lii 'h. dark comnlcction.
Jri ofiairl slave is hereby notified to come
forward, prove property, pay charges and lake htm
away, or he will be dealt with as the 1 'l.recls.
February 2, 1S-1-2.-1 5-t-t f
HAVE iust received from the
North, a large and splendid assort-
I it Y ini u jj
.mm sr ttlitch are
r..,o -Printftd Lawns: 2,000 pieces prints;
rich French Silks, plain and figured; Irish Linens.
Lawns ami Diapers; Linen Drilling; Georgia Nankins-
3-4 and 6-4 blceched and brown Domestics;
Anron Checks; Cotton and Silk Hose; Kentucky
Jeans and Boltine Cloths; with many other articles
in UieDry Goods line. AH of which, being pur
chased for Cash, at the late Package Sales are now
oflSedatFvEDUCED PRICES, by wholesale or
MaVch 26, 1842.-1 6 1 - tf f
" "lS7"OULD respect fully in-
V w form his frien fs and
the Public generally, mat nc
still continues to carrv on the
TORY, at his old Stand,
on Gillesoie street, a few
doors South of the Market House.
All orders thankfully received and promptly at
tended to.
October 2, l?ll. 13C-Gin.
51 4fh BBL.S. planting Potatoes.
For sale by GEOUG EMcNEILL
F.di. 12. IS42. loo-
For sale by
June 9, 1S42.
geo. McNeill.
172 lv.
ItlE Two Storv Frame House, near the Arse
nal, recently occupied by Mrs. Watts.
terms will be very moderate. 'Apply lo.
A'odd, or at this Office.
Juno, t, 1842.
1. K. McRAE,
Attorney at Law, Fayelleville, JV. C.,
5 ,rnvrn ,rnfd from his mission to Mexico
f HI ". ,;; the practice of Law in the. Conn-
fft vlles of Duplin, Wayne, umnena .u. . --rsamnsmi.
He will also attend to
C s of Bankruptcy at Chambers.
I - April y, 1842.
and the Supe-
JirWV 25 Sacks Blown Salt.
For sale by
June 8th, 1S12.
1 72-y.
State of North Carolina Moore County
Cvurt of Pleas and Quarter Sessions JIay
Term, 1S42.
John Patterson administrator ot iviaiconi glacis,
deed., and others, vs. Kenneth UtacK ana nugn
Black. Petition Jor Partition of Slaves.
ITT appearing to the satisfaction cf the Com t, that
U. Kenneth Black and H-Jgh Black, defendants in.
this case, are not inhabitants of this Slate Ordered
BV the Court, that publication be made in the North
Carolinian, published in the Town of FayetteviUe,
for six. weeks, that Unless the said defendants come
in at tfie next termWthis Court, and plead, answer
or demur, the petition will be taken pro contesso
and heaad exparte. ! ' , ,
WITNESS Alexander C. Curry, Clerk r. our
said Court, at ofKce in Cnitbage, the third Mon
day of May, 1S42, and 6Clh year of American In
State of Xorth Caroliua Moore Coiiitty.
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions JJa
Term, 1S42.
Alexander C. Cuny, '
Jacob Stutts, Administrator, -Sci Fa against heirs
and others, heirs at law of
William Barrott, deceased. J
Jacob C. Stutts, i
vs. Same.
Same, 3
Kinneth B.Murchison,
vs. Same.
Lewia Garner, "i
rs. Same
SiiSae, S
Mary Mifrtin,
i'. Same.
Same, 3
Abraham Stutts, l
vs. Same.
ST appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, that
John Barrott, Walter Barrott, John Moore and
wife Charlotte, and Hiram Melton and wife Man',
defendants in these cases, are not inhabitants of this
State Otdered by the Court, that publication be
made in the North Carolinian, published in the
Town of FayUtevilic, for six weeks, that unless the
said deiendants come in at the next term of this
Court and make themselves party defendants, and
show cause why the lands that descended to the
heirs of William Barrott, deed., at his death, should
not be sold to satisfy the plaintiff's demands, other
wise there will be orders made by said Court to sell
all the lands belonging to said Barrott at his death.
WITNESS -Alexander C. Curry, Clerk of our said
Court, at office in Carthage, the third Monday in
May, A. D. 1S-J2, and of American Independence
ihe GCth.
172-6 A.C.CURRY.
i - of land containing 50 acres, 2 or 3 of
- --" are ciearea. a nouse ana wen in lot
MC.rJAbo"t U -mles below Daniel McNeill's
joge KocKnsh, on the Lumberton road.
ALSO 26 acres of land on Buckhead Creek;
jofhms ihe Cotton Factorv lands on Littie Rock-
impart overflowed by the pond of said Factory.
iJALSO a half acre Lot on North Street, west side,
th.a ilwr llinjr Hojse, known as the Kerven Lot.
-?For information and terms apply to
jT-Jtwe 18, 1813. 173-tf.
flTVgPM PORTABLE House and Lot on Hay-
id jrtfjQoininptbe-pTopeirtv of Mr II. L. Mvrovrr,
S v - a uuiiiuiu reticence. x nu 11a is I ou
f0jit,i running back ISO feet with a ifouse 30
byl7 : Sitoben 15 tet square, the lower room and
passawctf the House has been plastered recently,
and the lot has a good enclosure with a irrcat many
fruit trees of various kinds growing, if the above
property ia not sold at private sale befoie Saturday
t h 25th inst., it will be then offered at auction for
, G. S. HODGES, a2ent & attornrV
tor FW. SILEli.
Jnnc 18, 1812. 173-tf.
I. ?& T.
KETURN their thanks for theliberal Patronage
they have received and lake pleasure in in
forming their Friends and Customers, that they con
tinue to Manufacture all kinds of HATS, also, to'
keep a supply from the mot Fashionable Factories
in New York, and Philadelphia.
tdP'Wanted, at the above establishment, one or
two journeyman halters.
March 12, 1812. I40-y
" cfricE. " "
TUTAYING removed my business entirely
from FayetteviUe, I hereby give notice to all
persons indebted to me, that they will save costs by
calling on Messrs. S. & R. S. Cain, and making
immediate payment on their notes and accounts due
me. ! ,.S-i.UT.Vf A .JUiMS.
fresh. Best quality
5" for sale by
June 2, lS12.-171-y.
Together with a variety of other BLANKS, just
printed and for sale at the Carolinian Office.
June 4, IS42.
fTflHE Subscribers are now receiving by the late
JJL arrivals from the North, their FALL AiNU
sistiu0, of a large and general assortment of
Hats and Shoes. Bonnets, and Um
brellas, Foolscap and J setter Pa
per, Drugs and Medicines,
Paints and Dye StulFs, Sad
dles, Bridles, &c. &c.
Blacksmith's Tools, Hollow IVare, Qc. $-c.
Also, a large assortment of
Of all kinds ; all of which will be sold at the lowest
prices for Cash, Back-country Produce, or on credit
for approved notes. The Stock is very heavy, and
worthy the attention of Country Merchants and the
public in general.
J. C. & G. B. ATKINS.
Foot of Haymount.
FayetteviUe, Sept. 25, 1841. " 136-y.
III1DS. prime new crop Molasses.
A Llper?ons indebted to Thomas S. Memory,
arG requested to come forward and make im
JiaJt.v payment, and thereby save costs and expenses.-;
Indu!rencc"cannot b- given.
J, JOHN SHAW, Trustee.
TTunc 15,' IS 12 173-2
rrilllE Subsc riber bavin or qualified as Executor
iL" at June term 1842, at'ihe County Court of
Cajpberland to the last Will and testament of Jannet
Aimstrong ileceased , hereby gives notice to all
itTbse having claims against said Estate 4o present
them prop- rly authenticated according to Law, or
tbjgs notice will be plead in bar of their recovery ;
aniTall those indebted to said estate, to come for
ward and settle the same or they will find their
noes and accounts in the hands of an officer for
collect ion. ' S
une 13, 1842.
Further Notice.
WILL BE SOLD, at late resid. nee of Jennet
Armstrong, died., on the 14th of July next,
on a credit of six month, the following properly, to
Six Horses; Hogs and Sheep,
Sftme fine Cows and Calves,
20 or 30 head of Stock Cattle,
One Yoke of Oxen,
One Barouche and Harness nearly
-fher with other articles too tedious to'mcnxiii.
Vo'itd with approved secui itv will be requited, be
fore the pconerty will change liands.
F. C. ARMSTRONG, Executor.
June 13, 1S 173-3
State of North Carolina Robeson County.
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions JSIay
Term, 1842.
Daniel McQueen )- 1
vs Original
Daniel L. McLaurin and others. Attachment.
Levied on two hundred and eighty Acres ofLand
lying on the West side of Shoe Heel, borndt-d by
JostpTi Wi 'son's old tract, and Al xander Little's
old plantation and others, 1st. March, 1S42.
EV appearing to the Court that the defendants arc
not residents of this State ordered that publi
cation be made for six weeks in ihe North Carolini
an published in FayetteviUe, that unless the defen
dants shall appear at the next term of this Court to
I c Ijolden for the County ot Robeson at the Court
Hiisein Lurnbcrton, on the 4ih Monday of August
ne.v, and replevy the said property, and plead, judg
iTictttfinal by default w ill becnte red against them and
theproperty Jeviedupon condemned to Plaintiff's use.
WITNESS 8h tdrsch Howell, Clerk of said Court
li Office in Lumberton, the fourth Monday of
Nay, A. D., 1842, and of American Indepen
dence the 6Gth year.
February 12. 1842.
10 Bbls. Roe do.
jO Half Barrels Shad.
10 Barrels Mullet.
For sale by GEO. McNEILL.
Nov. 10184I.
v . 1
'- thiJbiir,
1 t
-1. !jg-ilw
assortment opening. Forsale by
June 2, 1842 -1 71 - v.
JL for sale by GEO. McNEILL.
M ay 1 3, 1 842. 168-v.
Miniature Paint in gr
Miss Batse will spend a few months in Fay
etteviUe, during which time she w ill be hap
pv to sfrve the citizens of Cumberland and the ad
joining Counties in the line of her profession.
She Iras many specimens of her Paint ins, among
which are some pieces copied by her from Paintings
executed by the first artists of Europe, which have
been pronounced equal to the originals. She has also
likenesses of Mr Tyler and Mr'Van Buren, all of
which the public are respectfully invited to view,
whether a likeness is wanted or not.
She has miniature settings, gold and morocco, of
various sizes.
Her room is at the houst of her brother, Wm. H.
Bayne, on Gillespie street, nearly opposite Mrs.
Smith's Rnarrlincr House. wLere her Paintings fjin
al ways be seen ;1ind one or two specimens oa!soLvat J thus before the per centre named in
Store. , -; ' .-
June 15, 1JZ.
3lHimum, and Specific Duties Explained.
3ie all-important subject of the Tariff be
Fngbt length befoi e Congress, it is the object
of ae writer to make appear, in terms to be
umrstood, what the real percentage duty
wo id be under the specific rates proposed by
thcbill now under consideration in the House
frot the Committee of Ways and Means, up
on few of the more prominent articles of
innort, say fhose manufactured from cotlou
ancjwool. A casual observer on taking up
and looking under the cotton sec-
ini"ht rest satisfied with reading as lo!-
iion all manufactures of cotton, Q&of
wfrAHi cotton shall be a component part, not
otfoiwisc specified, a duty of thirty per ccit
ti'ni'the niinimum oiovisions afterwards ia-
trofced, if read by any but a merchant, would
prelibly be passed over w ithout being thor
oujly understood, and therefore taken for
gritted as levying a duty something near 30
peiient.; but let us look at the practical ope
rati of this matter, let us unmask this most
spofous mode of framing a tariff" to suit par
tic wr interests, aud then it will be more aj
paill what du'ies are levied for protecfiou.
aiii.vhat for revenue:
If'ji white cotton goods, 36 inches wide
Co. per sq. yard. Duty. j
;tnts, would pay 6 cts., or 100 per.-et. on cost.
"r we first article enumerated above, although
out posting 6 cents, is, under this new bill,
'Ham and deemed to have cost 20 cents,'7
aodwys 30 per cent, dutj on that assumed
they'll (30 per cent.) is applied, there is no
Its than 233 1-3 per cent, added ou to the
T U.
actual cost, to prepare it for the application of
the moderate duly of 30 per cent, as named
in the bill ! This is the operation of specific
or minimum duties; and while they act as a
prohibition on all the lower qualities of the
above articles, they appear to the world as
merely a revenue duty under a moderate rate
of something about 30 per cent. The above
article costing 21 cents, is "taken and deem
ed lo have cost 25 cents," and pays 30 per
csut. on that assumed value, being 35 3-4
per cent, on its actual cost. On printed cot
tons the niinimum value is 30 cents per square
yard, aud. on prints (an. article ofTtjjAre gene
ral consumption than any thing etle) it is as
follows: . .'"
On prints 24 inches'wide :
Cost per sq. yard. Duty.
9 cents, would pay J cts , or 100 per cL on cost.
12 " 9 " 75 "
IS " " 9 " 50 "
4 9 tt 371
The average of prints now imported cost
about IS cents per square yard, duty as above
50 per cent.; while under the present tariff' of
2.S 1-2 per cent, per running yard on cost,
they cau seldom be sold at any profit; the
lower qualities are almost entirely excluded
under our present rate of duty; and it will be
perceived that, to prepare the above article.
costing 3d sterling, for the application of the
30 per cent, duty, it must be first raised to
the 30 cent minimum, which is done by add
ing yd5 1-3 per cent, on to its actual cost,
then 30 percent, ou lhat gives 100 percent
duty!! But this is tiot all; not satisfied with
so enormous and arbitrary a duty on cotton
goods as is here slated, ranging jjom 30 to
100 percent., a distinction and exception is
for the first timo attempted to be made be
tween colored cotton goods, "manufactured
by napping or raising, cutting or shearing,"
(called moleskins, cords, fustians, &c.) and
other colored cottons, the effect of which dis
tinction will inevitably be to exclude these ar
ticles entirely; under the present duty, it is
only the finer qualities that can be imported
to any profit, although they are articles of very
extensive consumption, and principally among
the working classes, the minimum in the pro
posod bill is fixed at fifty cents the square
yard, (in ihe tariff of 1S32 it was 35 cents,)
aud the real per centage duty is as follows:
If 27 iuclies wide -
Cost per sq. yard. Duly.
10 cents, would pay 15jcls., or 140 per ct. on cost.
in " 15 " 91
3-J " - 15 " 43
Under the present tiirifT, the
barely introduce an aiticle as low cost as 9d
sterling, although ihe present duty is only 4
1-2 cents per running yard, or 25 per cent,
on cost; lid. sterling is now about the aver
age cost of what is imported, and if the 4d. and
Gd. articles are almost entirely excluded now,
what would be the probable revenue derived
from them with an additional duty of 63 & 1 02
per cent., to the present rate as provided for
above? Of course not one cent; therefore
what a premium is here held out for smug
gling!! - Only look at the enormity of this dis
crimination against the articles of moleskins,
(and only yet one manufacturing establish
ment to legislate for,) in order to prepare
this article, costing 4d. sterling, for the appli
cation of the moderate duty of 30 per cent.,
an addiliou of 369 per cent, has first to be
put ou to the cost to raise it to the arbitrary,
aud it may well be said, ridiculous value of 50
cents per square yard!?! Surely this is too
absurd to pass under the false colors of a re
venue duty. Truly, if this be such, I should
like lo know what would amount to a protec
tion? The above are all articles which con
sume largely of the great staple of our coun
try, paiticularlv those goods "manufactured by
napping or raising, culling or shearing;' and
it ought to be borne in mind that the manu
facturer has indirectly a large protection on
cotton goods in addition to the duty, viz., that
which is paid by the foreign manufacturer in
the shape of freight, insurance and commis
sions on the raw material, as well as duty on
the same at the foreign port ol entry; this, to
gether with freight, shipping charges, aud in
surance on the manufactured article when
shipped out here, makes of itself a very large
per centage; aud yt, in addition to this, we
are asked to levy a tax fur the protection of
the, home manufacturer to the tune of 30 to
140 per cent, upon the CQst'.'.'.i'tfuly the
time has ariived when it is well , wrfrthy the
consideration of those who aie intciisted in
the cultivation of the great staple of our-tun-try,
bow long tvoutd it probably be, undefSch
a course of policy, before the cotton 'gifteir
would be deprived of all foreign markets-
Aud our shipping interest what would 'then
become of our carrying trade? A word more,
however, in regard to minimum aud spefcjfic
duties, and I have done. It has been often
asserted in debate that there is a precedent in
the tariff" of 1S32 for specific rates as high as
now proposed, (excepting with nioleskius,
&c.,) and this seems to have gained general
credence; but the all important fact-is entirely
overlooked, that, while the specificdntypow
proposed is nominally -'"not much jeyond what
ii was ieu years ago, yei jn- tue mean mtc
the value ot jroods has uuderaone a decli
of more than one third, consequently the same
specific duty per yard laid on now is a much
heavier tax, or larger per centage, thar it was
ten years ago; as, for instance, an article of
printed cottons then costing 9d. sterling, or
IS cents, and measuring 36 inches wide, was
deemed to have cost 35 cents, and paid sl5 per
cent, on that, or 8 3-4 cents the yard, being
4S 1-2 per cent, on the then cost; now he
same article will cost say 6d. sterling or 12
cents; by the present bill it is deemed to cost
30 cents, and pay 30 per cent, on that, which
amounts to 9 cents, or 75 per cenf. on the
present cost; thus, while the specific duty now
proposed is nominally nearly as in 1832, the
same article is really taxed 26 1-2 per cent,
more than it was then!! The falling off in
our imports of these all important articles,
even under the new tariff of 1S40, ought to 6e
a warning to gentlemen who are Dow advo
cating such an exclusive policy; the average
of cotton goods imported in the years 1835,
6, and '7, being 314,7S4,83S per annum; in
183S, '9 and '40, $9,265,404 per annum,
and in 1840 alone, only-$6,504,484!!
if Again, on the following at specific duty'
without a minimum) the duty proposed would
be a prohibition of all low qualities, for in
stance: On flannel, 27 inches w ide
Con per sq. yard. Dirty. V
16 cents, would pay 14 cts; or 87 per tt. on cost.
24 " " 14 " 581 "
32 " 14 "-'. 44
40 " " 14 35- V
Ingrain carpets 36 inches wide, costing 36 cents,
would pay 30 cents, or 83 per ce.U. on cost; cost
in? 4S cents, pay 30 cents, or 62J pef cent on cost;
Treble carpets costing 72 cents, would pay 65 cents
or 90 pCr Ccnt OI1 CljSl. fjrusscls carpets 27 inches
wide, costing 9 tint, would pay 55 cents, or 57
per cent, on cost; costing 112 cents, would pay 55
cents, or 40' per cent, on cost , r
My the Secretary of the Treasury's bill, fiemp
carpeting (used extensively by the poorer
classes) S6 inches wide, costing 6d. sterling,
or 12 cents, would pay 30 cents, or; 250 per
cent, on cost; now it pays 20 per cent.! again, '
costing Sd. sterling, or 16 cents, would pay!
JO cents, or 18S per ceut on cost. Lnder
(he same bill, goods made from spun silk,
(there being no provision to distinguish that
from organzine silk,) which' is an article of
considerable import, and now pays 20 per
cent., would theu pay a specific duly of $2 50
per lb., which on a piece of handkerchief
costing 5s. 9d. sterling, and weighing 8 oz.
would be taxed no less than 90 1-2 per cent,
on the cost! Under Mr Fillmore's bill, cot
ton bagging, the cost of which will average
about Gd. sterling, or 12 cents, 42 inches
wide, will pay 5 S3-100 cents the running
yard, or 48 1-2 per cent on the cost. The
honest importing merchant will never object
to pay any per Centage of duty which may be
found requisite for the wants of a proper and
economical administration of the Govern
ment, provided in attempting to reach the
highest revenue point, legislation docs not go
beyond what it professes; and thus, (as is the
y i ng Uio import i ng merchant fo"a
'fraffdTlHits business and giving, the manu
facturer what ought to go into the Treasury.
Pure and honest legislation ought to be couch
ed in no ambiguous language, but in terms to
be easily understood; therefore, if for example
it de deemed advisable for the benefit of tho
manafacturer to tax the lower qualities of cot
ton goods, (those worn by the poorer classes,)
with a higher rate of duty than the finer articles,
let it be so declared in the bill, in some such
terms as the following: "all cottons costing
12 cents the square yard, or under, shall pay
an ad valuorem duty of 75 per cent, or 100,
or whatever it may be," only let it be express
ed as it really is, and not covered over with a
veil so ingeniously wrought that few or none
but those who are provided with mercantile
glasses to see through, can detect the decep
tion. As to the argumeut that specific duties
are necessary in coarse goods, to prevent un
dercharging, the thing is ridiculous, for any
man, eveu one unacquainted with merchan
dise, will know that Ihe coarser the article the
easier is any undervaluation detected no, it
is fine goods that some such check is requir
red if at all, as there it is sometimes difficult
to detect a small per rentage in value.
The foregoing will be found a correct ex
pose tf the general application of specific and
minimum duties. Many other articles might
be enumerated, but the above will suffice to
couviuce the most casual observer that the
system is a deceptive, arbitrary one, in its
operation; utiu also, that the bill now under
consideration is purely a protective one, and
consequently, with or without the proposed
duty on tea aud coffee, will neve." yield a rev
enue sufficient to meet the wants of the Trea
sury. G. t
Washington. City, June 13, 1842.
N. B. A duty of 25 per cent, on most de
scriptions of goods, would give ample protec-
quires on coftou goods, laid would raise near
0 per cent. iore reveane than such a bill as
is now proposed. The manufacturer looks
boyond his own interest whan he asks so
much, for he loses sight of the evil, the real
evil, which he has to contend with under any
tariff that may be passed; it is the fluctuation
arising !rom the foreign competition through
auction, not the competition of the regular im
porter; but when the manufacturer abroad gets
into difficulty and sees he is on the rapid road
to bankruptcy, he at once, in desperation (to
raise the wind) throws off his surplus stock
upon our markets, and through the auction
system as conducted in this country alone, he
is enabled to do so on better terms than tho
resident merchant, who, being subject to tox
iiktHirjv.n, clerk hire, insurance, &c, is
placed fo a great disadvantage in competition
with the foreigner selling directly through this
channel and the result is, that in depressing
times, when our manufacturers may require
something' to fcteajjy the .market, (for that is
the great object even if prices are low,) it is
then they are most subject . to this ruinous
fluctuation, produced by ill is desperate gam
bling kind of competition, "tinder which an
article may to-day bring 40 ccuttjand to-morrow
25, the price not being regulated by the
wants of the buyers but by the ionnediate and
pressing distiess of the sellers.
7 ""W

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