North Carolina Newspapers

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"""' ; ''' ; " ' "character is as iokTAytv. states as it ixoiirwvif ' , : -'r'f;J
PraM,ifpWinalTaiic,' . S3 50
Do - fWtthefdlirt,;3 00
.;;:';dDo if J-ai: at the end of the year, i 50 -
. R&toa ef AdTeMI
Siacy cent per qaarefor the first, and-tiiiry cent
forcaash ailiaeouent insertion.. . ...
A liberal deduction will be made te advertisers by
titewMi' ;-'' ' r - , ,-'. ray- g
Cdttrt advertjacments-and SiwrtlTfnleV fffi
pwW '-enA usdal rates.
Gardner and McKetlmn.
f win ar Ijb9 war-v
. . s. . -, ; j
No subscription received for lass than twelve
ICJLetters on business connected with this cstab
lishment, must be addressed Wm.H. Btne;
Editor af the North-Carolinian, and in all cases
C3" Subscribers wishing ta make remittances
by mail, will remember that they oii do so free of
Postage, ns Postmasters are authorized by law to
rank, letters enclosing remittances, if written by
themselves, or the contents known to them.
Prices of Job Work 3
llAND BILLS, printed on a medium, royal
dncM KncasjrV .
or super royal sheet, for 30 copies,
For 50 copies.
Aid for every additional 100 copies.
HORSE BILLS, on a sheet from 12 to 18
inches square ,' 30 cop'is, ?
Over IS inches, and not exceeding 30, 5
CARDS, large si?.e, single pack, 3
And for every ad jitional pack, t 1
Smaller siz'es in proportion.
fiLANKS, when printed 10 order, for 1 qnire, 2
And for every additional quire, under 5, 1
K.'.f 3 nnire!.
all kind of BOOK Ss. JOB PRINTING, executed
cheap for CASH.
Kept constantly oil hand
CHECKS on Bank of the State, and Cape
. Fear Bank.'
TENDl EXPO., Constables levy '
COM MISS IONS to t Jke dcpositiors i n cijni
tv, and ftupr. court
Appearance bonds
WRITS, Superior and Co. Ct.
CA. SA. Supr. Ct. ,
INDICTMENTS for Atfiay, arid Assault
and Baj,tpry, Co, and Strp. Ct.'
, , jury tickets . . .; -.
ORDERS to overnerf of Roas
. Letters of a dministr ATfoN Bonds
Deeds, commKVnj
Sheriff's Efceds,
, . Constables Car. Sa. Bomfe,
J. . Do Delivery do
Appeal Bonds,
Equity SubpoMias, . ,
Superior Court Fi. Fa.
County Court Sci. Fa, to re
vive judgment.
County Court Subpcsnas,
Superior Court Warrxnts,
Sond for Col'rd. Apprentices.
TuTATB now on hajad, ind ftfr Sale at Tory Rp
4 Buggies,
3 Buggy Gigs,
4 Sulkies,
8 Spring Wagons and
3 Cliaiti Wagons.
Also, a rery large assortment of
work which we are daily finishing.
Also a general assortment of
Coach-Maker's materials kept
constantly on band sttid fo'r sale.
Persons wishing to buy, ould do well to call
and examine their work, as they feci confident they
Can make their work as well, and sell it as low as
It can be had from any legctlar Northern Establish
ment. All work rrtade ah'd sold by tdem is warranted lS
months, and will bo repaired wilh&tit charge, if
they fail by bad workrnansliip or materials.
Repairing neatly executed at short notiCcjarfd oft
reasonanie terms
TAKEN up ai
the Jail of Can
. bn Monday the 17th ipst-a
Sofr, and saya M4rf toCht'
tian Brinkljrt rXim - yJMrn.
county jNi i 'i'"- d W
toppoeeLt Za
M years f r--u A
utcdea Ins h tair r'f -
. as. j t-. -jay-- v v aai nia Mmnat -w -
or Cirter.
ri . "'jiu"
s arofWl .t . t
"- cot:
lhrffiJ2LriLV4.t. nrket prices, or cx-
r.a ettcuire Jt thi. rl
Orders thankfullv received, and h'rbmntl v nffnrl
A j
Fayettcville, November 16, 1 32.
WOULDrespectfully in
form his friends and
the Public generally, that he
still continues to carrv on the
TORY, at his old Stand,
on Gillespie street, a few
iloors South of the Market House.
AH orders thankfully received and promptly at
tended to.
October 2, IP41. 136-Gm.
Oct. S3, 1842.
W.L CALLAIS. Jailor.
Uncommonly Cheap.
J. & J. KYLE
HAVE just received by the late a
arrivals from the North, a large f'
and general assortment of
Tk V n C! N
MM. M. . J J 3-J Z1 .,.
are French Lawns and Prints, Gingham?, plain O
ana ugurea mupiin, nest Diacn anas, ngurea anu
r luin unto, some very superior areas fehawls and liif
r.. . t i o. r 'H
tifon ditto. Calicoes, checked Mut-lin, Jaconet and
Cambric,- Silk arid Cotton Umbrellas, 3-4 to 6-4
brown an (J bleached Domestics, Spool Cotton and
Sewing Silk, Tiick and Side Combs, with many
other artifcles, forming the largest assortment in this
State, all of which are offered at reduced prices for
Cash, or to punctual customers on time.
Nov. 2, 1842.-l75-tf
IV n Monti llWt effeet 1 shall expose tT pub- I
United State's District
- r vNoith Carolina.
UL Notice to shew causa aJasi PetAion nl J.
. Joaiah Tyaon, of JVloore County, Farmer, for his
discharge and certificate aa Baafcrupt, at Wihinnj-
ton. an Mondtv. ihf I9ili ! arTJMsember nXt.
Isaac Jones; of Moors CoanfTi Parmar, for Msls-;4
febaree and certilfcafaas Bankropf. at Wiimrnsrto,
n IJnndaV thai ISfl. tWrmhir nrst. - -, .
Jolhrp Inson. oj Moare ciqitr, Mejbhaalv fa
1 1 -
Court , of i fliRlt T.f irtt i.rirfelSflis5
iSktopi at :-WH
9lh day ol
fdr Sole at Iht Post Office of Lumbcrion by
JOHN N. DORR. -Igtnl, Ac, $.
un. UflHieines arc indebted for their name to
their nr'ariifet and sensible action in purifying
the sprirrs and cTfifnrfels ot lite, ana enaumi incin
to tin and 'i"or. In mnv hundred
certified cases' which have been made public, and in
almost every species of disease to which the human
ffin?e r. HablerT.bap-py of MOFFAT'S
Life Wlls anet phTcKnix bitters have
bVfcn enneftflfy .nd, publicly acknowledged by the
personsf beHffiie, (Vd who were previous
1 unacnuafnted with the beaut.fully philosophic-,
princfples updW whieff they are Compounded, and
floor which they cftViserinently acf. .
The LIFE MSDICINES recommend themselves
t dirfeat-e of every forrh'antl description. Their
first operation is to loosen from ie coats of the sto
mach and b'owels the varlons impurities and crtfdi
ties cmstntly settling around tf.:m ; tffid to remove
the hardeWe.1 fteces "which collect in the convolu
tions of the' smallest intestintes. Othcf medicines
i n.rt;9iiv eleiner these, and leave Sucff cotleet-
IS80S dcjiihu as lu .
-. . 1 1 : t i.riHArifs nr RiirKieii 111:1 1 rn;i:ii.
. j.Wrtr 'I'l.itf iari.u waii Known
c . l .Ara nnARk rneflicim?- Or meu
IUIIIICU ini-nn-"'"- .... .
icines prcparea ana ntsraiu i f- " -y
m nersons. The secoud effect ! the Life Mt &-
icmcs is to cleanse the kidneys and the bladder, and
by this mean-, the liver and the lungs, the healthful
rwhieh enf irelv depends upon the regularity
r ih nrinarv orirans. The blood, which takes it If
red color from the njrencv of the liver and the lungs
before it passoa into the hcart,bein2 thus purified by
them and nourished by food coming from a clean
stomach, courses freely through the veins, renews
every part ol the system, and triumphantly mounts
lbe banner of health in the blooming cheek.
. ui.. on J mnnnnneed a aovercisrn rem-
dv far the Dyspepsia, Flatulency; Palpitation of
Hiart, Less of Appetite, Heart-burn and Heaa acn.
Restlessness, 111 -temper, Anxiety, Languor and
Melancholy, Costiveness, Diarrhoea, Cholera, Fever
ab kinds, Rheumatism, Gout, Dropsies of all
kinds, Gravel, Worms, Asthma and Consumption
Scnrvs, Ulcers. Inveterate Sore, Scoibalic Eruption
and Bad Complexion, Eruptive Complaints, Sallow
Cloudy, and other disagroeableComplexions, Salt
llheum, Erysipelas, Common Colds and Influenza,
ana variona other complaints which afflict the hn
,f:am' ln Fever arid At?ie, particularly, the
Lite Medicines have m8t eminently successful ; so
"u:Bilhiltjn Pcve' "5 Aoe districU, rhy
''uxMy pre-crThe them.
Gelatine Cap-u es ofl c?V?-
by p c Col'Hyha Balm, for sale
TW tKi- Tfci-.r.i. . . JAMES DODD. .
My HOUSE baa been tboroagbly repaired.
will keep Entertalnmrnt at very rrdnvxl v
ces, ami be glad to welcome the return of ny friends
and Customers. Call and see.
Fayctteville, October 13, 1841. ISS-tf
Mv House is on the corner of Gillespie and Mum-
ford Streets, convenient to the Market, and nearlhe
Stale Bank. E. S.
The sii'l5K.riber hns remov
ed from the stand recenily
occupied by him on Hay
street, west of the Lafay
ette Hotel, to the fire-proof
bpildinz, 1 door below
the $tore of Messrs H.
& K. J.' itilly, where fie
Will be happy to wait on
Lis fifends who have here
tofore favored firm with
their custom, and the pub
lic generally who may feel
disposed to patronise hfm ; trustrng.fry strict atten
tion to business, with a desire to please, t!o receive
a liberal share 6f support.
His charges, as herefojbVc Vriil bo modcra'te,' to
suit the times ; and all work entrusted to hia care
will be warranted, as to fit and workmanship ; and
being regularly in the receipt of the reports of the
Fashions, from the north, his style will be as good
as that of any northern city.
Persons who wish to nave their miotics made at
home, can have them cut as carefully as if he were
to make them himself.
Hay street, 3 doors east of Lafiyette Hotel,
Aug. 20, 184-2-6 mo.
A few articles of ready made clothing on hand.
WILLIAM MclNT YRE offers for sale Beav
er, Pilot & Bear skin cloths, Cassimeres,
Sattin netts, Kentucky Jeans, Glasgow Jeans, Flan
nels, Rose & Striped Blankets, English & French
Morocco, Bomhnzines, Challies, Ginghams, Calli
coes, Jaconet Muslin, Bishop Lawns, Swiss Mus
lins, Plaid Cassimere Shawls, Fancy Handkerchiefs,
Cravats, Vest ings, Bed Tykes, Apron Checks, Spool
Thread, Pattent Thread, Canvass Padding, Sew
ing Silks, Lasting, Satin and other fancy buttons.
If ardware & Cutlery,
Knives & Forks, Table & Tea Spoons, pocket and
Pen knives, Scissors and Shares, carpenters Locks,
Pad and Stock Locks Spades, Shovels, weeding
fjoes, Trace Chains, Coif ins' Axes, Whittemore
'Cards.- Boots, Shoes, Hals and Bonnets'.
Su'sar, Coffee, Tea, Crockery and Glass Ware,
Powder, Shot, Bar Lead, Window Glass,' White
Sept. 24, 1842. l8?-4mV .
riflHE subscriber bavin? opened that larseand
JLL Ccmrnodinui House on Hav Street, known aa
the PLANTER'S HOTEL, is now prepared to ac
commodate Boarders and Traveller upon moderate
terms. She trusts that strict attention and heri nti
mate acquaintance with the business, will ensure a
liberal portion of the patronage of the public tbfe
table will be furnished with the best the Market af
fords, and the stables with careful and attentive Ost
lers. ANN BROWN.
jscvenroer .3; TS4I. 14S-y,
txas just received nisi- all and w inter t
Dry Goods, Groceries
X Pronounced to be the most tasteful
id - havin
I shall expose ttf pub
n the i3Nh dav of November. 1 843, the fol
nrnnertvbfclnn?inr to said estate,, viz: Six
NEGROES, two of whom are first rate
ilmukers, house carpentcrc, and pairiter s. The
are two young men and two g'ris, oi ine sge
fcr 15 years, all under gooa cnaracter. l wo
thes, neatiy nnisnao, ana a ouirljs. o rau
is, new and warranted good. Terms of sale
above described property, Cash,
r. the following property will he so'd on a
Lnhle credit, viz: 3 new and first rate sets of
w . , .
smith tools, a great variety oi wagon matters'
carpenters' tools, implements for painting.
farming tools, one cotlon gin, 7 head of horses-,
le? large and well broken, 100 bead of hoS,
iT.ti t. IfMnfl. ... 13..4l. n I n nnmkar
nl eueep, anu iiouscnoia anu tvueuen
;is an:
coughs, colds, diseases of the liver lertam cure -r
ber knows from experience, and frr-V-' the sub8Ctl"
' cfctliers who have tried it! lrom tn testimony
THE SUBSCRIBED ietdVninj? hii
thanks to his friends for their Veiv liberal natron-
age, would inform them that he Has just received
fro it the North a large assortment or HATS AND
CAPS of the latest London and Paris fashions, tow-it
: Fancy Turbans for children, cloth glazed Seal
ette, Fur-seal, otter sew I, muskrat, and hair cap's,
for men and boys. He also continues to manufac
ture all kinds of Hats; including Chapeaus and
other military caps.
To Country Hatters
He would say that he has a general. assortment
of Hat Materials, which he will sell low tor cash,
and invites them to call.
Oct. 8, 1842. 189-y.
(D FIRKINS prime Mountain Rider.
2000 pounds BUCK-WHEAT FLOUR.
geo. McNeill.
Oet. 22, 1842v
lock r
mm k -- m. --
ral selection, suitable for tovn LV
consist inr of fine cloths, cashncres.
Kentucky ianes. flannels,' ManTtets, rieer
ralicoes, murinos, ninuslin deLaines, challejs,
ionable silks, fine Florence and straw bonnets,
and caps of fur, seal skin, glazed, &c. Hardwi
and cutlerv. fi'.ie crockery, fine double barret gu
iron and steel, nails cut and wrought, white lead i
oil, window glass, 8 by 10 and 10 by 12, cotto
(tagging, and rope; in short, neatly every artirl
usually kept in a dry good and grocery store. C.
and examine the stock. Prices low, as usuaL
Fayetteville, September 24, 1842. 187-tf
tO acres of LAND on the Dry Fork, and 500
e White Oak reck, both tracts improved.
Jtotake place at my residence to commence at
It.3,l842. 184-ta
B. All persons having claims against the Es-
,f Alex'r McDngald, dee'd, will please present
within the time prescribed by Law. or this
te will be plead in bar of their recovery.
The above sale was to have taken place on
20i of October, but has been postponed
y,t 3Wh of November.
JlifE Subscriber is now receiving, in addition
to his former Stock, a general assortment of
k'E and COMMON
Abracing a varie ty of the latest French and En-
-h patterns, viz:
aScU of plain and raised fi cured Cli'na. and
ite,biue,and green txranite, Uinnerbetsot white
blue nzured Uranite, t'lates, wnite blue, green.
n.mnk. and sprigecd; unto wnite, blue, green.
'it. pink, and glass Coffee Sets; Pickles, white,
.Vigffed; Bakers, white, blue, brown, green
jik:. sMip l ureens. wniie ana nine vrraniir;
'JBorecns, white, blue, brown and sprigged;
Xi. blue, brown, ereen, pink, and sprie-
ka and Tea, raised figured China;
s; Chambers; Mugs, white, blue
btiscWse and cartificale
mtagteaj?on Monday, the
Brink Lev PhUUrta. nt MobYa Caantv. Aifirr. r
diseharae arid certificate aa Bankrupt, at Wilmins-
on . on lUnndav- the I9rti da of December next.
Amos Bridges, of Moore Cofinty, Farrner, ar hia
discharge and ccrtiOcate as tSanKrnpt, at vv iimmg.
ort: nn ivinnn.iv. mtt iHin dav ol lecemoer nt. ,
James Riddle, of Moore County, Mechanic, for bis I
discbarge and certificate as Bankrupt, at w munit
ion nrr MnnHav. the 19th dav of December next.
Charlrk Wise, of Rowan Conntv. Farmer, for hia
discharge and certificate as Bankrupt, at Wikning-
ton, on Mondav, the I9lli day ol uecemuer nexi.
Pubricatloft ordered.
H. POTTER, D. J. V. S. JV. C.
Fayeevilt?, September, 1842. 182-9.
- - - H
nraWKWg to 0100,000. 1
arawaai AC
aw . aajBjiaJluMAaBAr--''
"IT HAVE just received per SteamerHennetta, Ihe
JL following articles:
0 hhd Brown Sugar, 600 Ibi. Loaf and Lump
Sugar, 50 baga Rio Coffee, 5 baga Java Coflee, 5
I 1 . I CA N.:i.!fi lima ITn rrlial, nrl
Swedish Iron, 5(K lbs. Bar Lead, 40 bags Bffck and
n.r. Sl.nt 15 keirs DiiDOnt'a Powder. 30 pairs
bright Trace Chains. C dor. No l6 Cotton' Cards'
--t-. f ni. ' c : av
VVhitamore's nesi; linger, i-epper,.s3picc, ,yy-
ras, Saleratns, Indigo, Madder, Snuff in Bladders
and Bottles, Soap, Brimstone. Camphor, Nutmegs
Castor Od, Salts, Opodeldoc, Ink, Blacking Brushes
lonir and short lianrile ahoveis, ispaaes, ase
Knives, rocket ivnives, i oois, etc.
DRY GOODS. Crockerv. Hollow Ware, and an
aasnrtmentofHATSand SHOES. All ot which
will be sold low for Cash or Country Produce.
Sept. 30, 1842.
Stolen from the Subscriber
in the Countv of Sampson, a few
d va ai nee. a nero jirl aired about
16 vears. named Marinda- Safd
ffirl is of a dark vellow eorrrplezlonf
is about 5 fert bih, and her upyer
fore teeth are decayed. I will give
the above reward fof the delivery
J"fr., of said pegro to me m the county
of Sampson, or will siv ne hundred atollar toe
iSrfk; Twifflin, blue edged; Muffin
ers, ditto; leas, painted anu figured;
ers, painted; Mog, ditto; ixlass J timblers,
d common quality; Do. Alolasses Jug; Do.
lars; Do. JNapp'ers.
Also, a large assortment of
The subscrilier would inform nis friends, and' tb
public generally, that he is now receiving from th
north, his FALL & WINTER stock, consistle t
Cotf6n bagging, Bale rope, iron, nails, hollow'war
trade chains, weeding hoes', Collins' and SiimaVMi'
axes, co. ton arYd wool cardn. Hat. Caps, Coota an
Said negro girl was raised by Charles StcVorui,
t.q , from whom I procure a ner.
Oct. 22, 1842. J9I4tpd.
Be.'' loaf and brown suzar, coffee and tea. M
oer anu snoi, inoigo,maaarr, cpamsn nrown,
and glauber salts, crockery ware, &c, etc
A Targe and general assortment of Candles,
constantly on hand, at wholesale and retail.
oemg determined ;o devote all necessary aTTCi
Hon to the MOULDING of his Candles, an'c
ing spared no perns' to improve their quality aad
appearance, no liopes to receive a due share
tronage. WM. McL. Mcl
Fuyelteville Oct. 14, 1842,.- 190-tf
Fresh Drugs, Medicines,
MENT, Person street, hearly opposite
the Bank of Cape Fear, Fayetteille,
N. C.
The subscriber, in additfort to hfs
former stock, has received by the late
arrivals, a fresh supply of" Drrfgs, Medic
among wnich are the following articles i,
Aq fortis, muriatic, nitric, prussie, and
acids: antimony, arsenic, arrow root,' sp
nia?, alcohol, alues, sal amoniae, borax
blue vitriol, barley, bole Armenian, Prus
burgundy pitch, blacking, military ana
paste, pulverized yellow bark, tlor benzoin,
mas?, flesh and' shoe brushes, est belladoni
biem'ith, bjzilicon o'ntment, cubebs pul, can
mile flors.caniclla pulv, canthiaridea cobalt.
bo pulv, colchicum colocynth, lapis calamimns,
chalk prepai'd, camphor, calc charcoal, caIomel,co
logrje, ext cicuta,'cloves, digiiatis; elm bark; etier,
elecampane, emory.'ergot, Fowler's solution, ase
mc, glue, gum aloes, gum shellac gum myrrh, gtm,
guiac, gurrt kino, gum assafoctida, gum gamuo;e,
gttm Arabic, gum tragacanth, ga ls, hair powder
powder puffs, hive syrup, hyd potash, indigo, ipf
cae, ifnk, black and red, iodine, jalap, Jamea' po
defs, rfqoorfce reffneff,, lunar caostic, magnesia c
and carb", manna, madder, matcnes, musiaru,
phate m'orpbine, acet morphine,' nux vomica,
ttardware, Cutlery, Medicines, &c.
Sugars, loaf, lump, and lrown; CelToc. Rio Lagui
ra and Java; Molasses; Sail; Iron; Nails; Steel;
'Collins Axes; Steelyards; Table and Tea Spoons;
I Table Cutlery, fine and common; Gun locks, 20
dozen; Shovels; Spades; Brooms; Bucket!; Bel
lows; Anvils; Viics; Waggon Bores; Trace and
Halter Chains; 8 by 10, and 10 12 Window Glass;
Putty; White Lead; Scotch and Maccoboy Snuff,
in bottles and bladders: Tow and Jute Bale Rope;
Tow and Hemp Cotton Baginr, 40 to 44 inches;
Haling I wine; tSole r; rowacr, snot, and
Lead; Hoi ow-Ware; 125 roams large and small
Wrapping 1'aper; i ablesalt, in boxes; atarcn, fep-
per, Spice and Ginger; Principe, Cigars (Steamboat
brand;) Bed Cords; Cotton and Wool L-rd; cot
fee Mills; Spirits Turpentine; Opodeldoc; Bate-
man's Drops ; British Oil; Godlrey's Cordial; Cay
enne Pepper;. Brimstone; bpsortt Salt; Alum; Salt-
petre;LamriIack; t J opal Varnish; Uopperas; ibalera
tiisjSpanish Bro'n; Annatto; Indigo; Madder; Black
ins: MuStard; Nutmess; Cinnamon; Camphor,
Castile, Almond, and common Bar Soup. ,
1 7 eases gentlemen's fine & common FurandSdk
Hats Men's and Boys Fur, Cloth, Sealskin & Selette
Cap; 10 cases' Men's thick Brogans" and Rus't;
Willow, Amazon, Silk and Straw Bonnets; blue,
black, and steel-mixVd C'.6lhs; Cassimeres", and
Sattinetsj Kentucky JeanS; Muslin-de-'Lainp; Or
leans Cloth; Circassians; Calicoes; Cambrics; black
and bfuo Silks; Satin Taglionis; Flannels; Buffa
lo and Pilot Cloths; Bed Ticking; Shirtings and
Sbcefings;; Cotton Umbrellas; Negro Blankets?
Cotton and Plaid Shawls; nfetal,' born',' .and lasting
Buttons; Ball and Spool Cotton Thread.
AH of which will be sold low for Cash, Country
rouuce, or on time to prompt customers.
October 5, 1S42. i89-5t
State of N. Carolina Cumberland county; j
Court of Pleas and Qdarler Session,
September Teriri. 1842.
William Blanks & wife & others,) ,,.
Versus, Petition lor .
James Martine, ad'm. of Sarah sale of slaves &
Ho'mei the Representatives of ) distribution.
Thomas N. Holmes dec-, &. others j ..
IT aunearins to the satisfaction ot the Court that
the representatives of Thomas N. Holmes deceased.
reside beyond the lirriit of thfs Stotc, it is there
fore ordered that publication be made for six soc
' I eeasive Wbcks. notifvin" thesifid non-resident per
sonally to appear b tore our said ioart oi fleas ana
Q narier Sessions to he held for the countv of Cum
berland at the Court House in Faetteviile 6W the
first Monday in December next, then and there to
shew carise ffany they have why the prayer of
petitioners should notbe granted, otherwise it will be
taken pro. confesso arid heard exparte as to them.
Witnesa John McLaurin clerk of said Court, n't
office in Faveleville..theffrt Monday of Septefn'-
ber, 1842, and of American Independence the
1 7ear iOHN McLACRX
Oct. 22. 1512. 191-Gt J 84
Wholes fid Unites $0 du'nrter 2 60.
Certificate of a package of S wholra fflSO 00
25 Italfea W OT
" 25 auarters 32 SO
3 prices of 25,c6'0 Amounting to $7ff,t)fj0.
Claw Q, for i$42.
To be drawn at A lexandria,' Virginia, on SaicrdCy,
the 25th day ol November, 184.
i prise of 26V600
t ptiieot ... v. 10tijbO
3 priies of $25,000 aire 75,000.
ff0: prixes of STl.UOf 60 at $300 50 6f
$250130 61
Certificates of packages of 26 wholes
Do' do of 261 quarters
t!F All rdars lrom' ii distance will
most prompt a'ttcntior, and. as soon.i's each drawing
is over an account or it ill be sent to an wnn orucr
from us; . , ..."
Address , J. G. GRfiGpRY & CO,
. Managers, Washington Chy, D. C.
Oct. 34, 1842. i -
rniHE Subsirbers Ars now receiving by the fat
Jc arrival Irani', the Nortfc their, ... ,
Of merchandize, embracing yearly every Article
nsaal Jy kept in' sts'rs; if s" usual (be stocR is boa vy.
Jina we invite country inert" aiili" ana nnr irwrraa wn
ufgc to call arid see us. We sell on time to punc-
lual customers.
toiti 60
63 00
St o
Miniatrire Paint Ing.
iss fcTATNE win leave r ayeiieviuc, wowun
last of November- Persona desiring a Ifke-
ness will therefore make tlieirarrangemcn:s accord'
e' J 1 . .
Her prrces ar from SfO tcr SI5, according to (he
aitnlitv of the painting desired.
ltT7She will execute sketches on paper, and
color them for 2. and warrant a likeness.
Having two copies of each ot the Paintings' no'w
at the Bookstore ol Mr Hale and at Air lieasle,'
she would sell either or both of those at $10 each.
Oct. 29, 1812
, colin
off, castor oil, croton on,' opodeldoc British - il,
opium, peppefime, peppermint, quassfa, quiksiler
Roots ofall kinds,-sar Tartar, Tartaric acid, seidlitz
and aoda powders, anp fcirb soda, uva urai, Wedjjf
wood mdrtars,1 maccoboy. and'. Scotch snuff ,
Wright's pills, Godfrey'seoYcfial, BUtemrfn'sdrofJ,
capsules, medicanientum, cephalfck snnif; Henry's
magnesia, Turlington's' balsam, tamarinds', spirits
Turpentine, white lead, putty, window glass, &i,
&c., &c.
The whole at prices designed to be satisfactotf
and to insure a continuance ol the custom' of tbost
who purchase at the establishment.
ICTP' Dr. James T. Gilliam having removed hi
office to the new Drug establishment en Person
street, may be found there when not professionally
November 12, 1842. 194.
For Sale by GEO. McNEILL
I EI nOVED to the corner recently
cppiea yr tsnnc voaa-, wnere new now
pfetntig a splendid a3sortmen(of
DKV GOODS: S'J'perior broad cloths, various'
colors; Cassimeres, vest ings, Kentucky jeans, Ehg:
merino, silks, bombazines, blk fjtk vervef, satins,
brown Holland, sitesia, merino snffts, biff i-ashine-rette,
monslin deLairie shawls ; Thibet, apd other
shawls ; Diaper, black and brown drill, shirtings ;
h-atinga, Ginghams, Flannels", &c, cmWracm
every thing usually kept in a dry sond store.
i STACKS. COLLARS and BOSOMS, k varfety
"ATS AND CAPS; a variety of fine STRAW
and other BONNETS, for lad ies and misses.
loon Pair boots and snots, besides
larlfss and misses Shoes. , .
GROCERIES1, &.C ; Sugar, Java Coffee, Tea
Spirits of various kinds. Cheese, Tobacco, Powder
Shot, fine double barfed Guns, ,Colt rt. baggin-z,
sperm eand lea, bale rope, and nil articles frf the
srocerv huinoa
,11 ARDWARE" & CUTiER-r, &c, S'phd'es,
"Vels. kriives and forks, kettles, frying pan$, &c.
I "hite lead in orl, Collins' axe, best cisars, fine
4nneydew chewing tobacco, fron, steel, trails, trace
ams, fine otter, Coney, stt1ette, arid cloth Caps,
DCrcusainr. iUi I.. :i l- .i c i i. r
; . v.po, superior, etc. lur ra ic uj.
ry Ifne, unnecessary to he' .enumerated fn an
advertisement, all of whielnvilr be sold cheap for
casii or country produce.
IjOct, 15, 1842. 190-tf.
fl1 . Two Story Frame House, near the Arse-
.j "'t.'ecenUy occupied bv Mrs. Watts. The
rTLTT wi" '!e vcr.v moderate. Apply to James
Hoaa,.or at this Office.
Fayctielle.-Ocf. 29,' 184.
i. c. & G: b: ATkir3;
.Foot of Ha
KANAWAY. lrom the Kiib.
scriber the following alaves, for
tfhe npnrehension of either a fe-
Ward of fifty dollars wfl be givf'n.
UA V t, wnp rano way in ri.
hitna. formerly, belonsing to A
y"at-on and Wrtf. Purcell, ,.of
Robeson county, sometimes called
Dave Watson. . .
Also another slave named DATE, purchased of
WnV. G. McDonald ol Cumberland C-Minfy.
The above reward of fiTtv dnllirs will be given
lor the apprehension (without injwy), of either of
the above named slaves. - R. " ELDELL.
Any information will be furnished to P. P. John
son, Fayetteville, N; C.
Nov. 3, 1842. lU3-tf.
-aa :-.-.
F6r Sttle!!
BFiNG cfesirons of rcroovirV Jto tne I
off.-r for sWle afl.nif real estate, consist fug of
two Valuable Plantations situated about 30 Unites
from Fayetteville on the Fayelteviils and .Sa,lcm
road, a .id about 10 miles from Cafthage.( TSte tratt
ori which I reside contains aSout l66b acres, about
300 of which are cleared and in a high atata of culti
vationwell adapied to' the culture ot cotton, corn,
wheat, &c. The buildings are expensive, lalaly re
paired aria very comfortable. On this" plantation
s also a fine Coiipn Gin.
The other plantation .is rfdofn ing arid embraces
about 1200 acres, about 2DO of which are cleared
good buildfngs -valuable Grist Mill.
t Both' situation's rc healthy arid have a plentiful
supply of good water. Terms will he liberal. Per
sons 'fpoin t le low country rrofifd do well io ex
amine thfs property as it eombm'ca health with fertil-
. . , , bUG ALD McDtltfALD.
Get. 29, l'542-f92
rjTfHE Strbjcriber will1 gfye Ihjri above, reward foV
JUL the apprehension and confinement in Jail of
a cerfniriimin who. calls himself JOHN CAMP
BELL. He was dfcvered a few days since fn the
tipper part of Robeson county,' making hfa escape
with a negro woman belonging to Mrs. CarWpbelf,'
rM.nll rrii.l'rii.f !t Ci. The atirl CarWMtBll la
abbut3? oV 40 year of a'::, light hair, aborit half of
it grev ; hia' neck has some appearance of being
marked with amalUaTf1 ' "" V.V''-
in it. H has ra-m i
and walks witli h.
leans' homespun y
It is snppoaea tnn ,. , .
befl. He was last sren at the lroa bfMr"; Mur
dock Campq'nM, ip the county of Cumberfarid, N.
C., and in all probability he is atifl lurking about
Ik. mmiA r!lnnktl'di . -
Marion1 District. S. C, Oct. 17, l4t. 9-3m
LY FLOUR (rad brand, )Super
At Prices to suit tUe Tfmesi
HAVE just received my full assoilment of
Embracing Broad Cloflis", various color,' and some
very superior; plain arid fancy Cassimeres;- Satti
nets; Kentucky Jans; Beaver Cloth; Blankets;
Kerseys; w hlfe afol red Fannels; Merino and Silk
Shirts and Drawers; black, blue b'ack and fancy
colored Silks; Muslin-de-Lains, all qualities; Gen
tlemen's Scarfs, Stoc is; Collars, &c, &c,
A full assortment of
Some beautiful sets of CHINA, common and fine
CROCKERY, HATS and SHOE3, White Lead,
Linseed and Winter Strained Lamp Oil, &e. All
of which I am disposed to sell low, vety low, for
r ASH or in exchange for Country Prodnte.
North West Corner or Market Square:
Octdber 23, 1842. 192-tf.
FAMILY FLOUR (red brand,)SuperBne, rme
and Midlings, for sale at l!he Co6fSprrn2
Mills, or at the store of
July 2, 1842.
IHAVE RECEIVED and am "owopfng , Wr
comprises a larffe and extensfve assortment of
60 Bass COFFEE.
50 cases Far and Wont HafaV
15 do' PalirTLeAf'dilflo,
10 do Bonnets,
15 do Cotton Cards,
.75 ke-s White Lead,
..f?' MdPMIciiie,fcc.
Which will he aold alnnusually low prices for Cash
or Courilty Piriduce. '
FayeleviWe,May S 1842. 170-tf.

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