North Carolina Newspapers

    -.'. - j , v , -a Ji
. r".' :: -.
Per annum, if paid in advance,, ?2 5q
il paid at the end of siljnootas - 3 Oo
at lha end of the Jeac,-
3 5y
Sixtj cents psr square for'the Rrjai. and -flbirty
foretell slcru:nt insertion. Jst i
Adrerti.sin by tlie yir tvitl be chwiflwco
I j cents
to th nmntil y of matter inserted.
Court dverti98ui?nts, &c, 5 pei'crnt higlbcr
I N B E I N I T Y:
Against loss q, ama gc by Fire.
Ojffice in Grand pear First :Strett iVilliama-
, burgopposile the C7y qfa etfrijiZoWi
Tetv -
Clirislian Zalrikie,
Andrew C. Brnetlicf,
Fredojick W. Favr,
JertiA "li Johnson,
John illmnii,
Nicholas WvckofT.
Abr'm T. Co?kcrck,
Kranrts Steinheil,
Saml H. Clnpp,
Jfih.i Lejiirctt,
Clias. O. I land-,
Lemuel Richardson ,
Adtikw li. tlonGi-;5, StMj'ry.
WASHINGTON POST, Aj;ent, New York.
TflE WillimsburH Fire Insurant e Compnny,
having been incorporated by r.n act o the Lojiifia
tur of thrr Stale of New 'York, for h: purposes
f Fire Innraficf, the Directors oiler to Insure ihoir
fellow-citizen ihroo"hot the Utiited f-'tutcs
Against Joss or mmanc uv iH
On Cojldinj, GootN and Ale rchandise, and
ronal Property 'eneraily, afsurinw them that the
nlTirit o( the CJompaoy. shall be conducted with
eur.b fairness, candor and liberality as they trust
will eotitli it to publiv coufldence aim patronage.
The Snhfseriber, A;ent for tho above Coin
puny, will give any further in'oimation that may
b3 tlesjred lv thosi? w ho wish to Insure.
Hay Stn t.
Feb. 8, 1845. 311-lf.
TY Tjitoe of a i )f-rec ol 1 h Court ot Pleas and
llnartnr Sessions of December Term, 1S4 1, I
expose tor sale
' Three Negro Slaves,
the prooerty tf th estate of Daniel McTven7,
dee'd, (br ih i purpose of ntakin a dist ribiition
a moo th" next of kin of said dee'd.
Tlie si'e wdl lake place at ihe Court I louse in
Fa veifville on Monday the 3d flay -f Maich next.
A credit of six months will be iven.tbe nirchaser
givin" I od and seeuritv below th" property ill
be ilebvered. VM. L. .MtDI ARM 1 1 ,
Feb. I, 1341. .Ill-is. Commis'r.
State of Nortli I'r rnlin.i Kobesoi county.
Superior isourl oj Iaiw tall J trm, IS44.
Mary J-H10 AUrH vf- ""y'1 ry Al'''-
Petitio n for Divorce.
IN this caf ,T ,va' onb-retl by the (ourt that pub
lication beriade in the Noith Carolinian lot three
nontls!' for tht defendant to appear at the next
tenn of this Court, to be held at l.u nberton .m
the lib Monday of March nest, and p'ca-l, or the
pravr of the petitioner will be heard exparte and
jndwmerit rendered ac onlin rl v.
Witness, Abhui Davis, Jr , Clerk of fur said
Court, at office the first Monday after the lth
Morula y in September, A. D., IS44.
Feb. 8, IS4j. 31 I -:m.
rtn WOULD respeett'ully
fc I . jnffirni lua ciitomcrs, and ihe Roet
1 .. ...I Shot: luiviii" Kiddie ''enerallv.
th t he i - enijaged in his business
si the stand Ibimci ly of ' bv C. I. Malbtt,
F."q , a f.-wilo -rs West of be Market llfinse, .Noi th
unlc til Hay strict, at lie- s i -j. n o! The 1SOO !',
where lieiu iv be found at linu-s ivin h s im
thvi1ed attention to his Iumuic-s. He feels thank
ful fr p-t t;iV'r.s, and hopes llu v Mil! not only be
contiiui' fl, but increased. A number of j'o..d
wurktuen are in hi employ, and he expects ihiily
n acq'iisiti.m ihereio. The a'.iovc is a sufneiont
guaranty to him to warrant all work tlone by h:m.
ilf-" liepairi done as usual.
Tutwii'MKiil Bootmakers constant en)Ioyment
will b- "iven, with oimI wages. None need ap-
id v but sobrr men.
1 .1 JUll.NSU.'..
1, IS I". 31 l-3w
Fave'leville, F b
10 Bushels Orchard Grass Set
I, for sale bv
geo. McNeill.
Fb. I. IS 15.
0 Htrn Is supciior N. t. Molasses (new crop.)
25 Ilhds. Molasses. For
Feb. I, UN.'.
sale lV
N 0 T I 0 B .
TAKKN UP and committed
to t .: Jail Cuuibf lla .-d C'Hl'lt V,
. . '.,f'i v, the HCt'i day
of Januaiy, IS!5, :i ne.ero lean
who says his name is SjMCN,
and say thai ii-' was sold in
Chjricstoo lf a man bv the name
ind was carrieil t Alabanri or Ge-ir-
and there letl his master. S:ud negro lor-
...... I v tin- nrooei tv ot LJeniamm tjrass ol Lamilni,
S. C. anl was t.-.uen trom ims piacc
st February
Mr C
Said negro i s about 5 feet 4 inch' s
liigb, dark coiopl- wion, and about 45 or 50 years of
j nc o of r oi
said negro is hereby notified
io come forward, prove properly, pay
harges, and
ake him awav, or he wi'l be ilealt mUi accorning
Q an-. W. L. CALLAI5, Jailor.
Jan. 29, 1S45. 310-tf.
i AS just received by the late arrivals Irom the one hundred and twenty packages
Aa ffifiYD SIOER
AU of which, being purchased by the Packags lor
Cash since the late decline in pi ice, will be offered
"unco-Vioonly low lor CASH, or on time topunttual
customers. . , it.
Those wishing to purchase by wholesale or re
Jail will please call and examine, as greatbargains
jnav be expected.
NEW GOODS by every arrival.
Nov. 30, 1314. 30'- -
B li A N
R.iWi" H'ARDIE Has jusira-
teired a supply of BLANKS, mostly usedby
Clerks, Sbenffa, and Constat les, printed n fine
paper and el I executed. ' - -:
HAS just received a. fresh supply
of those ffods usually kept.itt "Jiis
lirftsiong thich are
fAvcrdpJ5iinch RaisinsJSoswash Cigars.- -
Maccoboy and tJcetch
1 TllO;r null, hii
ler boxes
lot of fancv Flair Powder, fif ''
Prunesjn v
arious sizetllEss. Lemon and Jeppcr-
mi in.
m -m. &rfit;
TSeana Cloves.
Cassia and Nutmjrs.
!so, a larse lot of supe
rior TOYS.
Pepper and Allspice
N. B. CANDIES of a snperir quality (.inanuiac-
tured by liimsclf ) are krlt constantly on hand,
and io:i(lr; tresli to order at prices to suit, tlie times
wbolf-salc 25.
Retail price, ") cents per !b
Fayetteviile, N. C , Nov. 28, 1844.
rWHIE subscriber?, thankful for past favors, take
JQ ibis method to inform their friends jind the
public that they have now mi band and for sale, a
fur assortment of se.i-ontb'e Goods; comprising
in part as follows. Any or aM of winch the' wi II
soli at the lowest market priced for Cash :
Rio, Cuba, and St. Domingo Cof)ee; Porto Rico,
N Orleans, and I.oafSna'; .Soap, Starch, lipsom
Salts, Canqdior, Indigo, " Madder, Cepperas, Tea,
Sa't, e. c.
"Dry Goods-
, pbu'n a imI figured; Monslin d'Laines ;
I'.road Chillis; Sattin-ts
;i nd silk 1 1 iri'iliorclii' ('
Aiiron Checks: lied T
; Iversvvs; CaMeo ; (main
: ; wool and silk Shawls;
ckinir; Flannels- l-unets;
r5aiil-box s: Ribboi
; Artificials; Hats, 13oots, and
Shoes, &c. Nit-.
W v S""v WW. m.t "Is
ind Su'... s Iron ; Kn;bsh ami American
Nails; run kct and table C'.it'cry; llc"s; trace
a nd halter Chains ; 1
table ami tea Spoons,
C II o
.ullo.ks; Drawing Knives;
ic. &c.
a k i: n y,
A ceneral ns-or- merit.
Now in slort; mid for snlo, P. es Coif e,
loll Sacks Sail,
1 1 Ihds. Snirar,
I I lids. Molass s,
til) Bids, plantinir L'otatnes,
2 toi.s Sii eib-s I ron, as-fortC'l,
at our old stand, fool ol IS avmmint.
Dee. -2f , 114.- '
:fol-n: V
IS hereby given that the Franklin Library
has transferred to the Favetteville Library
I nstitule
its entire Library, inc'uding all Rooks and pamph
lets in the hands of individual members, and per
sons not members. All persons having Books
belonging to the Franklin Library, are therefore
rou-sted to deliver them to the proper oliicers til"
the Fh vet tevi'le Library Institute.
JOHNC. LATTA, Librarian
Frank I in Lib. Ins.
A I! persons bavin g Rooks belong i ng to t be Fran
k'iu Ijibrary, are requested to return !he,n tome
iniHtedi.ite! v. Several valuable sets of Standard
Works are broken. a'id as th" nussinjr volumes are
known to be in the pn-essinn ofl- o rowers, tin ir
immediate return is required.
A. E. I (ALL, Librarian
Fa vcttei die Lib. Ins
Feb. 1. 1S45. 310 -t'".
Gardner 8c McISletlian,
HAVE lately mule considerable improvement in
their stvle of Work, and have now on hand aUiN
Eli A L ASSORTMENT, consis'iug ol"
Carriages, Barouches, Buggies,
(Jigs, Sulkevs, Waggons, ve.
Which for elegance of shape and finish, anil dura
bility, will compare ith any made 1:1 the U Slates.
Persons wishing to buy, would do well lo call
and examine our work, as wo have determined to
sell LOW tor Cash, or approved notes.
Having in our employ first rate tSniiih vi e are
prepared lo do any Iron work in the above line on
moderate terms.
We warrant all our work to be of good and faith
ful win k ma iirhqi anil matciials, fir one year.
REPAIRING I'aiihl.dly executed at short
no! ice, anil on reasonable terms.
Favetteville, February ! 1 5. v.
6 tloz. green oJuzed FLUWKlt POTS.
6 " glazeil PICKLE JARS with covers-
Feb. G, 1S-U. 31 l-tf.
For sale by
Jan 4, JS 15. "
m-mit-a;- jrjfffi Knn 1!aufacl ures
r WZv r
Forwarding and Commission
H 0 U S E.
WOULD intorm the oicichants of ibe interior
that they have in connection with the gen
eral grocery business, added tliat tif the Forward
ing; and having large and commodious Ware
houcs on the hank ofthe River, are prepared to
receive and tbrwartl Goods upon such terms ns will
defy all competition, our charges ami expenses be-ingone-third
less on the freight bills, than any other
house in the place.
All Goods shipped to G. W. Davis of Wilming
ton, for the interior, an. I not otherwise dirrctctl, will
be found in our possession.
Aug. 17, 1344. 274-tf.
. For sale at the Carolinian Office. RY
-'HAVING beeo appointed -r'
for tbo Town Favetteviili is: pffeoared tlli
to the sale ol anjr goods hfelnajrVbe entruitf
him. -' "v. v.;---'.--S-"?
CONSIGN M ENTSfiorn abroadVill be pro
October 10," I844afev: 294u ti
f 294T JiK If
itfttt&yof Pnich"aT:i t r price wilf be
paid. '" V. MeL.A1cKAY;
March 9, S 14. 263-tf.
For tlie sale of Timber, Lvimber,
and Naval Stores.
MAVING benteil myself in Wilmington for
the purnosfi of selling TIMBER. LUMBER,
TURPENTINE, TAR, ik.c.,1 would say o the
public, that nothing shall be wanting an my part to
theiving of ent ire satisfaction. I tike 1 hi3 op
portunity of acknowledging in v obligations to those
who h ive patronized mr, and hope to ihare a por
tion of the business ot the public rzenerallv.
Wilmington, N.C., March IG, 1844. 2G4-ly.
NEGOTIABLE NO TES, of all the various kinds
used, just printed and for sale at this Oiice.
10 HHDS. (new crop)
a'e by
Jan 4, 1315.
HAVING removed their Tailorin" Establishment
from their late Shop to the building formerly oc
cupied by Win. L. Cofer, nearly opposite to the
Lafayette Hotel, on Hay street, respectfully inform
their li iends ami customers, that, thev wdl continue
to carry on the TAILORING BUSINESS in the
most approved and fashionable manoer. They
return tner thanks lor the liberal share ol business
they have received, and pledge themselves to merit
a continuance ol if, by strict attention' and skill
Latest fashions regularly received from New York
Dec 14, 1814. " 203:;f.
WE have just received from New York and Phila
flefphia a large assortment of
Groceries, Hardware, Crockery,
which we will sell nt Ihe lowest market price.
Oct 11, 814. -205-3v.
THE subscriber offers for saie ONE HUN
tured at the "Fayeltevi!le (N. C.) Candle Factory,"
anil warranted equal if not -npcrior to Colgate's
best No. I .
Bei ig determined to devote all necessary atten
tion lothe business, ami offering it at a reduced
price, (5 cents a pound by the box,) he hopes to
receive a due share of public patronage.
fl".'.!3 MI orders thankfully received and prompt
ly attended to.
Fayetteviile, May 24,8 44
I AM now receiving and have
in Store,
350 Bags Rio.Ctiha, Java, and St.DomingoCoffle,
III Hhds. Porto Rico Sugar,
5u0 Sacks Liverpool Salt,
51 Barrels do.
I5uil Bushels Alum Salt,
100 Kegs Nails,
10 Tons Swedes ant! English lion,
500 Sides sole, upper, harness, skirting, and bri
dle Leather,
75 B ixes 8 x 10 and 10 x 12 Glass,
5 I Pieces cotton Bagging,
40 Coils Rope,
250 lbs. superior Indigo,
I Pipe best French Brandy,
I tlo Swan Gin,
I do Jamaica Rum,
Id qr. Casks Wines, assoited,
3 Baskets Champa i wne,
1 1 Cases Shoes, assorted,
li do lints and Caps,
5 Barrels Tanner's Oil,
1 Dos. Currying Knives, at $3 50 each,
I0i 0 lbs Bar Lead,
50 Bags Shot,
25 Kegs Powder,
ion Pairs Trace Chains,
III Boxes Axes,
S Sets Blacksmiths' Tools,
10 Bags Pepper. Spice, ami Ginger,
I Cliesl ol ihe very best Tea,
10 qr. do. fair quality do.
Nutmegs, Cloves, Soap of various qualities, Cast
ings, Muscat Wine in boxes, Knives and Forks,
Pocket Knives, Pad Locks, &c, with manv other
articles for sale by T. S. LUTTERLOH.
ALL Goods sent to my care will be taken care
of. And produce from the back country sold or
shipped as theowner may direct. T. S. L.
Sept. 16, 1844 289-tf.
TH E Undersigned will let to the low est bidder,
at the Court House in Lumberfon, on Wednesday
the 12 of February next, at the hour of 12, M.,
The building of a New Jail
in this ( Robeson) county.
The proposed plan will be submitted to any who
wish to contract oo that day. or previously, on ap
plication to any t f the Commissioners.
The contractor will be required to give bond for
the faithful execution of the work.
Commitsio ert.
Luniberton, Jan. 4, 1845. 307-fiw.
generally,- that he has Utaih'GenlUmen and Ladi tvellin- tbroh -
the a4and reeenUj. occupUtft
by Ei JL Clark, oniGiIJespiV f
-Strcet. 5 door Soutn of :th"e
arkfSquar, vrei ill
mannfaefhre tnditMif.-tvin.
ri.i.i, un naiiu 4(11 assortment ol .Mfi!""..-"
"- j vFti uiiun assortment ol "H ""?
Persons wisbinff to nitrehAfiP nniibl An. wot lit,.
L!' nd esrmip his stock be4br purchasings else
be is determined td.'felUs etieap as riv
manHfacturer tn-an Sfata
RAKERS of an entirely newnatted
-tSOOFlNQ xiAh in th 1ate af yleand best
HE Subscriber has taken the Store on Hay
street directly opposite bis old stand, where
he is now receiving a
Consisting in part of-
Brown, Havana, loaf, crushed, and powdered Su
gars; Tea; Coffee; Pepper, AlUpicr; Ginger; Sale-
ra us; o...rc..; xvc.rc, o..a.; oa.moii; r .ck.c,
(111 VPS- CnrfM-s: loitlcr walpr. ann rtHa I .rar kw I
... , - 1 - , " t -., ,
Cheese; Pepper Sauce; Camphor; Indigo; Cassia;
Nutmegs, Citron; Mace; Sweet and Castor Oil;
chewing and smoking Tobacco; Principe and Ha
vana Segars; Scotch, Maccoboy, and Rappee
Snuff; Sperm Candles; Powuerand Shot; Epsom
and table Salts. Lamp Oil; Blacking; Vinegar;
Madeira, Sherry, and sweet Malaga Wines ; Al
monds, Filberts, and Madeira Nuts; saltpetre; sul
phtir; alum; Herrings; currant and Guava Jtdly,
Prunes; Anchovy Sauce; sardines, walnut catsup;
pickled Oysters ; cloves; . Carenne Pepper; cur
rants; Mustard; Sugar House Moh"isses; and almost
every article usually called fo- in a Grocery Store!
which he will sell as low as anv one in the place,
for Cash, or on approved credit. ALSO,
Nov. 9th, 1S44.
MAVING located himself in Fayetteviile, on
Hay street, 3 doors from Mr Hale's Book
Sytore, will keep constantly on hand a 'general as
sortment of Books and Stationery. He invites the
public to call and examine his selections, whether
desirous of purchasing or not.
Being a Bookbinder, and provider! with acomplete
set of tools aod apparatus, he is prepared lo execute
all kinds of binding, from the plainest to the most
He solicits the patronage of his fellow citizens o
Fayetteviile and the surrounding country.
Nov. 23, 1844. 261-y.
THE Subscriber
has tor sale 150 acres of
LAND, on Little Cross
Creek, about three mil' a from
Town, with a farm of 20 acres under lencc, on
which is a good DWELLING HOUSE, Kitchen,
Dairy, Smoke House, aud other Out Houses, and
a good young Orchard of lOO Tree, a first rate
Spring, and a Well in the yard, with a substantial
Dam and Mill Site.
37 O acres of I a A X O n ear M n r h's
I miles from Town, oo the Wilmington Stage
Road, a rare chance for Timber and Turpentine
Makers. This Land will be sold in tvo parcels if
17G acres of L.AXD, not far
from the above, known as iho "Watery Biaueh
Land ' For particulars apply to
Jan. 19, IS 15. 308-1 f.
WOULD inform the pub'ic that they have
moved from their old stand to the slorc
lately occupied by Messrs C J & R M Orrell, and
known as the Yellow Buildings. Having largely
increased their stock of GROCERIES, they are
prepared to offer inducements in tho way of trade,
that will he to the interest of purchasers generally
to give them a call. Their stock, will consist in
part of
10 Tons Swedes and English Iron,
500 lbs. Cast, Blister, and German Steal,
S0O Ps. Hollow Ware,
500 lbs. Bar Lead,
40 Bags Shot, assorted,
15 Kegs Powder,
300 lbs. Epsom Salts,
300 lbs. Alum,
100 lbs. Borax,
1500 lbs. Copperas,
150 lbs Indio,
I Cask Salaralus,
50 sides sole Leather,
75 Bags Rio Coffee,
10 Hhds. Porto Rico Sugar,
1000 lbs. single and double refined and Coffee
cmshed Sugar,
300 sacks Liverpool Salt,
500 bushels Alum do.
Wagon Boxes, Bellows, Vices, Anvils, Cotton
Cards, Curry Combs, Pocket Cutlery, Patent Medi
cines, Had.Wk's Syrup and Powders, Cassia,
Camphor, Castor Oil, Paints, Puttv, Dru-s, &c.&c.
Sept. 14, 1844. ' j290
For sale by
Jan 4, 1845.
)i jkx-. m mit "n A-:Liftjfc SHaA
b:. 8M1T1I is stirl to emer.ivi
gojourpro- injfajetUVi .le, ' llet b8Wr tWa
is - oodis the market affords. ; &hLi st-
hostlers, and alteMive waittirsiul VrtL
.Fec.i.u.y solicits a conr.m.tuicc liSWr Mna -
nejjesfKJeucets so well Kiwnh
i ... .it . r.n ,
fHESE PILLS.have now become the domestic
medicine of almost every family. They are tbon
sidered by all u ho have given them a trial, to be
the most pleasant, sate and effectual metlicine in
use they have the sanction and approval ofthe
most eminent Physicians w ho have adopted them
in their practice, purchase them by the dozen boxes
tf the agents, administer them to their patients, and
recommend them as being superior to any other
vesetabl1 Pills before the public. They a re not on
ly Vegetable in name, but in sub-dance, and act as
a friendjto Nature in all her operations. They may
betaken by persons of any ape ; and the feehle and
the infirm,th nervous and delicate are strengthen
ed by their operat inn ; because they possess tonic
and restorative properties, independent of their
aperient effects. A nd Ft males will And them to
he decidedly the best medicine in use fir the com
plaints peculiar to their sex. In sick-headache,
eostiveness, and bowel-complaint, they stand un
rivalled. The habitually costive should not fail to
give them a trial, as their action is ent irely different
from most medicines recommended for this com
plaint, and they leave the bowels in a fine and
healthy state, as may be seen by the following cer
tificates :
The following is from JWr Isaac M. Thorn -
as. Merchant, at Talladega CO., .71.
' " J
Tai.adeca Spki.vgs, Talade;a to
August 17th, IS42
This is to certify that I have been afflicted witl
sick-heache, dyspepsia, liver-complaint anil eos
tiveness for the last 8 or 9 years, during which
time I had laken, as well as I can recollect, about
60 boxes of Beck wit h's pills, 12 boxes of Peters
pills, and a number of boxes of Champion's and
Braudreth's pills, all of which afforded ine but little
or no relief. At hist I was recommended to try Dr
Spencer's Vegetable Pills, and well I d-d, for I
nevet had but one attack of Ihe sick-heacacbe after
I commenced tak ing the Pills, (now about 6 months)
ami l canoiiiiy coiitess, tliat i naye ucnvcu more
real hem fits trom the use el Speiicr r's Pi Us, than
from all the oilier medicines and pills that. I have
ever taken : and I would earnestly recommend
them lo all as bcnin, in my opinion, the bet. medi
e-.ine in use for all lingering complaints. The pills
have ilonc me so much good, that I would not feel
willing lo be without Ihem lor 5 a box ; and I can
not but feel very grateful to Dr SoeJicer for .having
ic,nM Is" a" thing 7f ihe- utiost imrortarici
tnat every lamuy snouid have a supply ol JJrSpen
cer's truly vamable pills constantly on band.
SOA1E "cry humbug from envy, some from jeal
ousy cry hnmbujj, and some from sheer ignorance
of the thing cry humbug. I do neit believe eiery
thina that shines is gold, nor do I believe thai
which is hastily e!enonnc el is humbug. Prove a
thing and then judge it." HULL'S PILLS are
no humbug: wherever they have been used, they
have invariably given the most decided and un
equivoeal I'alisfaciion. The testimony oxi.-ts on
every side I hnii;hout this vast country from the
Log Cabin of the cstern Wilds to the City Pal
ace nf the millionaire there, arc thousands ol" wit
nesses to the unrivalled t llicacv ot 1 1 1 1 invaluable
medicine. It generally cures the Chills and Fevers
the first day, and does not sickm the stomach or
proeluce any dis;irree ible sensaiion in t!e system.
Obstinate cases of CHILLS and FKVElt, when
other preparations have t'iiil -el, have yielded at once
to a few doses of Hull's Pills, witknu! any disposi
tion of a return. They require no puHiii', it is un
worthy of ihem. The iVIcdical Faculty are now
prescribing them wfih unexampleil success, mt on
ly iii Chills and F--ver, hut in Krvms of all types,
graeles and character, and considers thi rn the most
safe and harmless yet the most certain and prompt
febrifuge. lh;it t:an possibly bo udniiui.-tcrcd in Ihe
remediate management of Fevers peculiar lo this
country. Full eli reel ions for use accompany each
box. Price One Dollar.
HULL'S VvOU.M LOZHNO F.S are the lt. aie.-t
discovf ry ever maile for dispelling Ihe anous k inds
of worms liiat so tr rjuently snJ ilistrersingl v an
noy both children and adults. From Ihe Spuria
Cjtazette ' From our own knowledge we take
2reat pleasure in recommending to the public
Hull's Worm Lozenges as the best omi medicine
extant- Children will pat them a they would cautb
antl cry fr ihem." To parents we say, do not b
without these Lozenges at any time, as ou value
the live's ef your children.
For the relief ot coughs, colds, consumpt'on, Aeih
ma. whooping cogh, catarrh, tightness ofthe luns
or chest, brnnehitis, and all pulmonary affections.
Several thousand boxes have been sold within the
last six months, giving immediate relief to Iboae
who Jiava been afflicted with the ni"f-t eiisfressing
coughs and colds, and restoring to health persons
in almost eery ataee tif ptilaionary aff.-clions.
This whole wr.rld should know that Dr Hull's
Coui'Ii Lorenges area certain cure for all disease
leading to consumptions, and death. They are
recommended by thousands who hav lted them,
and sav that thev give relief whn all other means
fail. Price 55 cents pr box. with fall directions.
.1 certain and immediate cure.
Pric 60 cents per Phial.)
idp For sale in Fayetteviile bv
" " -Lumbertonbv
" Elizabeth bv
And on enquiry mav be fonntl in nearly all the
towns and villages throughout the Southern States.
'f r trt ,jc l !
-irt " t.
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MWJW.i1H,llXfe!Tfd-t WrarfRi
J--W4elh of lh&fknti?$
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iTj 1 Jj . ?2
.air flin
iiDtT theo!diVrs of America, ate fighting fo
qu.ilily find freedom." lq consequence of
ihis, ten days t" mourning were appointed.
This mniirnint; was lo cutijiist 0f'a bhclv
ci ape nunpeuded lo ull ihe color of toe repub
lic. 1J( the First Cnimul stripped not ihere
he had a noble nnd simple solemnity prepared
in the Church of ihe Invalids a church colli
ed, in the ephemeral language of the day, the
Temple of Mara. The color taken i 11 Eg) pi
had not jet been presented to ihe government ;
Geu. Lanncs was appointed to present
them on ibis occasion to the minister of war.
under ine rnngmnrcnt dome raised by lha.
great king, as a monument to aged valor.
On the 9th of Fehuary the 20lh oi Pluvione
all Ihe authorities beini? assembled at tha
Invalids,Gen. Lannes presented to the minis
ter of war Jierlhier. 96 colota. Uiken. at tha.
Pyramids, at IVlouut Thabor, and at Aboukir.
He pronounced a brief and warlike harangue.
Lierthier respouded in the same spirit. Tho
letter was .seated between two invalid, each
of whom had attained his hundreih year ; 114
fiont was ihe bust of Wnsbinglun, shaded by
a thousand colors vicloriouly captured from
Europe by the armies of republican France,
Not tar aloof a rostrum was prepared ; one
who had been proscribed was seen 10 ascend,
il, one who owed his liberty to Ifoe policy o(
Ihe First Consul; it was M. de Fontanea, a
brilliant and pure writer; the lath who employ-:,
ed that old French language, once ao perfect,
bin now vanished, wiih the eighteenth centu-i
ry, in the abyss of by gone limes. AL do
Fontanes pronounced in a studied, but sjunerb
style, 11 funeral eulogium ofthe hero of Amer
ica lie celebrated the warlike virtOes of
Washington, his valour, his wisdom, and iis-
interesteduess; far above military talent, nStirbrffy
gives peace tMhe worlej, Together wTtli lh - V
auciuu i aKiiiugion, nejnvoRed tnose ot
Catiuat and of Conde, aud as Jf speaking inr.
ihe name of the g'eat men, he uttered praises,
in the most delicate and noble form, which
were at this lirne full ol' dignity, because they
were lessons full of wisdom and sagacity.
"Yes," cried be, ns he c losed his discourse,
"thy counsels .shall be heard. O, Washing
ton, thou warrior, legislator, citizen without
repitach lie who, while but a youth, ha
surpassed ihee in victories, shall close, like
thee, ihe bleeding wounds of his country, with
triumphant hauds. Soon shall we see his
strong will, and his wariior genius, should
they be necessary, our besl defence; soon
shall tho h mn of peace re-echo through the
shrine of war; then shall a universal sentimont
of joy efface ihe recollection of oppression,
and injustice ; already Iho oppressed forget
their woes, and fix their faith upon ihe future.
The acclamations of all ages shall accompany
ihe hero, who lavishes his benevolent gifts 011
France nnd en ihe world, which she has toq
long harassed !"
"The discourse ended, black crape was
appended to all the colours, and the French
republic seemed to be in mourniug for the
founder of iisAmerican sister, like monarchies
which put on mourning one for the others
losses." Thiers' History of the Consulate
aud tho Empire.
Turkish Parable A traveller who
spent some time iu Turkey, telates a beauti
ful parable which was told him by a dervis,
and which seems even more beautiful than
Sterne's celebrated figure of the accusing
spirit and the recording nngel. Every maDy
said he, has two augeU, one 011 his right
shoulder and one ou his left. When he iloetj
anything good, the angel on his right shoulder
writes it down and seals it, because what is
once w don is done for ever. When he
does evil, Ihe angel upon hi3 left shoulder
writes it down, but does not seal it. He
waifs till midnight. If before that time the
man bows down his head aud exclaims,
'Gracious Allah ! I have tinned ftrgiv
me I' he angel tubs it out ; but if out, at mid
night he seals il, aud the angel upon the right
shoulder weeps. P IV Chandler.
A Polk Majoritt. A day or two before
the election in tbis country, says the Missis,
eippi Guard, two uegioes were discussing
politics, and from words they came to blows.
The owner of one of ihe uegroea hearing of
the rumpus thrashed both of ihem, giving the
Clay negro ten lashes and the Polk negro 15.
The latter, after walking about a hundred
yard-, shrugged bis shoulders, and shouted at
the top of bi iuugi, " Hurrah for Polk jite
a -head yet !"
Singular Food. A cow, belonging to
JJr liaker of this borough, was slaughtered
on Monday last, and there were fouud within
her paunch, 33 naiis, 1 iron buckle, and a
piece of iron ahout an inch square, weighing
in til over 6 ounces! Gettyslurgt'Pa.'
Sentinel. - "' "

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