North Carolina Newspapers

-TV - - .1. -TW,
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f" A
! 1
Per anaun, if paid in advance, 92 5
if paid at t end of six months
ulttM en4 oTMie jear 3 5
Rates of Advertising
$ittf cents per o.ire f r he first, and thirty cents
f.r eeh subsequent insertion..
Advertising Hv th,! vear Re charged according
to ths q mtity of matter Inserted.
fc.Vtirt a.ivartisein-mts, ftp1, 93 per cent higher.
inrs B M N I TY
Against loss ct damage by Fire.
C IT A --$ 1 05'0(?i?;,
VJ5e i near First Street, tVtlliams
k,urv, opposite the City of .Vet York.
Agency (tytce, tVelh Building, G3 Watt it.,
JVcw Ytrk.
Christian Zabrtskie.
Andrew C. B-nedict,
Abr'm T. BoskercKi
Francis Stcinhelt,
84111I Ft. Clnpp,
Joh.l Lefett
Chs. O. Handy,
Lemuel Ricbardeori,
Frederick W Favre,
eentfh Johnson,
Vin SkiM.nan,
Siiil. Willt.
Nichols. W,WjJEL RU,rtARDsON,pf,s.,
Akorkw B. HoBen.Src'rr.
WASHINGTON P-3T, Agent, New York.
THE Willltmsbur:; Firelvsnrance Company,
hvin been incorporated bv an aef r.t'tbe L-sisla-l.,r.
of tri State of New York, far t ho purpose
of Fire I. nn ranee, the Directors offer to Insure their
ffillow-citixen-t ibroujbout tha United Stite
Against Loss or Damage by Fire,
O , Bui'diriz, Oo-vNand Merchandise, and Per
soul Property generally, assuring hetn that the
alT.irs of the Company. s'iall he conducted with
h fair., candor and liberality a thy trut
w. i?ntitl it to pu'tlictwifiJeitce aaa iatron:is.
The SibMibcr, Aent for the above Com
pany, will give any further information that may
bt desired by those who w'leh to Insure.
Hay Sireet
Feb. 8, 1845. 3M-tf.
HAS removed to the Store on P-r?o'i trer rr-r.-ntly
occtipied by Col. S. T. Hi.wley and ivaih
opposite the Cape Far Dank, wh re he tali supply
the wants of all his cmtoniers in tlie
ALSO, a t huice supply of Foreigu Liquor
and Wines.
3 do.. Sf,,art & McOary Old Port tn.
April 26. 1845.
State of North Carolina Sampson county.
Court uj Equity Spring term, 1845
I'4t.i.k Murphy, ad.t.inirtri.t r of Win. Xirtjee,
dut'd, vs. Tiio-i. iid'ni .f T'mi Mi-G-v ,
d-reeae-d, and tlt-rs the nci of kiri AiiH d Stii'ju
t -es of faid deceased.
Hill to aeeoont.
I T appfar:nj to the sarisfac'ion of tfip Court
t;t Tttos. Sia-if .rrt" and wni; l. r thv. two of th-d-
t-n lants .n thia su-t, reside h v nd ih irrii's of
this St it-, if ithr.t tor -!eid !v th.- Co'ii rt t!i .f
p. i c-ition ! mad- I t -ix weeks in th- NoMh
Oar-.linian, puMishod in F y. tievjllt. that the s.n1
.Ut-n U oa to appear at tlie n xt teroi of t!v Comt
t Kqni'v f-T f'e co:nt v oSiimi sonv to h h!l i
the ;.irt Hou.'Mn Clinton, on the fiSh Mo:id-i
attr h 4th Monrlav o! S pt-Mober nexi, thrriai"!
there to aimwr, p!ead, or tlemur, or el-e this hill
will b ; taken po ci.n;esso, and heard exj arte sis lo
Witne, PatrL.-k Vn-phy. Clerk and M;itPr of
the Court id" Equitv tor the mnnty fif Gs'npson.
at Offv . the 5th Monday nfter the 4fh Mon lav
of Mareh, A D, 1845, and 69 h year of American
lnd pendenec.
May 17, 1345 3 2. 5 -fit- pr. alv. $3 '25.
State of North Carolina Sampson county.
In Equity Spring Term, 1S45.
Willi. i m nn.l wife Mary and ithcf3, Vs.
Charh-e H. Butler a id othrrs.
Petition for s ile of land. On rno'iun pt titiorr
IT is otdsr'' Hv tliei'ourt that publication he
mi'lc in the North Carolinian U t six weeks, t'i;ii
nn?e the dtl-ntiii, John Butler, appear at the
nxt ter-n f th" Court of Equity, to tc held foi th-!
ro ml v of" Sampson, ct the Court Horse ir! Clinton
nr the 6th Monday after the -1th Mntniay ot Sep
tember next, and claim asd tie title to the ximi
f S t 4 t 4 , in th h-m-ls fif thClerk and Master
of this Court, arising f-om the sale of the lamia of
R .barl Umlcr d -c-ased, the s id su-n will be dis
tributed aiaon the other heira at laW ofa.itd de-i-rasnd.
Witness, Patrick Murphy, Clerk and M -fter of
the Court of Equity, tor the county ot Sampson,
at Ornc-e, the 5th Monday after the 4th Monday
f March. A D IS45, and 63th year of American
May 17, IS45. 3i5-6t.
per adv. $? 25.
THE Subscnb r has just received irotn New
Vork in addition to his former stock, fash
rablc GOODS fr ladies' and enflemen'a wear.
. Xlso. Panama, Ieghorn, and Palm
Leaf HATS;
F ashionable Bonnets and Bonnet Silks; brown and
bleached Sheeting ; Linen 5 4 and 6-4 ; fine Irish
Jfnen and Lon; Lawns; Cambric Handkerchiefs,
do.; heavv Russia Osnaburpit, for servants ;
common do.; fine Kid Gloves, Silk Mum do
My4.1M5. 326-3m.
THE Snhscriber returns thank, to tbe citiiens S
l.,B..om5...-i.. w.c.nuy ..r ,he ,betal
support extended towards him, and solicits a con
tinuance of their p .Irons e at his arte (anW, (near
ly opposite his Id.) where be will always keep or
band a fresh supply of
Bread, Rusk, Tea Cakes, Pound
and Sponge Cakes, Water aud
Butter Crackers, &c, &c,
And all , such article in his line as are usually
wasted for family usa. -"
Families supplied with FRESH YEAST
" t-tm saortest notice.
, Msy J4, 1845. ISS-Sm.
Home Manufactures
Gardner &. McBletlian,
HAVE lately mide considerable improvcm- nt in
their atvln of Work, and have now on hand a Q.-N
ERAL ASSORTMENT, consiaung of
Garriages, Barouches, Buggies,
Gigs, Sulkeys, Waggons, &c.
Wlicb fir elegance of shape aha finish, and dura
bility, will compare with any made ii thr U State.
Ptrfons wihi:iw to buy, would do well to call
and examine our Work, as we hav determined to
eell LOW for Cash, ornpi.roverf notes.
riavinpin our employ flit rat- Smi'h, we are
prepared to do any Iron work in the above line on
moderate tcrii!. ,
W warrant all ottr work to be of good and laitn
ful workmtnrhtp arid maf.-rial?, f.rone yeitr.
ICJ" REPAIRING faithfuliy executed at short
no' ice, and n rea-onnbl lerm.
Fayetev4h', February 8, 1545. y-
flA3 oa band at the VVaaon Yard, fbr HIRE,
a vi w f accomnio.latirsr persona wishing passage
to an vol the neihboriuar towns.
April I, 1845. " 319-tf.
Agent of the Lnfayellt Livery Slablts,
RESPECTFULLY inform the pii'dic, that he
has a supply of excellent Saddle a ud llarnes- horses
t' t'.IliE ; a!-o, two Sii'kies, one Ruy, and will
in a few days h mv ! rrinrpr splendid Bujries to
hire, on th.' f'.liowinjj terms :
For Horse, per hiy, SI fin
Oul'.v," " 75
Siilkey , " " 50
Horse and Bu2V, or Sulk y, 1 50
Horses will ue boarded on the following terms:
B:rd, p r dav, SO 50
it we.-k, 3 (H
' moith, 1 0)
" ve.r, izj u
A two horwo Ciirnare fcojit fo' th" -C'mnioda-tio'i
o!"ih'rje who may want passage tii any p'ace
-ft f the ro-Milar St;ij;e lines.
'I'he SSiih-c"' PerS '-xpef ienc. In t h nho've h isi
nepj, to-.-ther with tiis complete -tck if flors' s
ai-d Vehicl- s, will euaMe him to give full satisfic
tion to a'l his fatron.
Orders lor Horses and Conveyances will be t
tend'd to. if I' ft at the Lafayette Hotel
T. J. MI MS, A-'t.
April 11, 1845. 320 y.
Fr sale by
1845. GFO.
April 10,
TAKEN UP aud c.immiilfd
to the Jail ol Cumber'a ciu ilv,
N. C, on Sunday, the '26th day
Of January. 1815, a rierro man
who says his1 name is SIMON,
and says that hv was sold in
Charleston' to a man by the name
of McKenzte, and was carried to Alabama cY Geor
gia and there left his m-ister. Said nejrrn w,,a for
merly th" pr..p-rtv of Benjamin G;iss of Camden.
S. C. and was fak:n from this plce last February
by Mr G-iss. Said nejro is about 5 feet 4 inches
k'sh, d irk complexion, and ab-ut 45 or 50 years .f
s IT The owner of said nero is hereby notified
to com forward, prove property, py cliares, and
take hun away, or he will be de;ilf wj:b areorriinir
to 'aw- W. L. CALL AIS, Jailor.
Jan. 29. 1815. 310-if.
Just received tiom Nw York n as-oifmenl of
fine double and cjufe I. rim Leghorn flats, and
about 50 dozen Palm Leaf Hat, for -ale ! bv
April ID, IS45. 320-tf
State of North Carollna-a-Duplin county.
Court of Pleas 4" Quarter Stssions Jipril
Term, 1845.
Michael P.oyetfeand wif? Nancy, and o'brs, vs.
Jesse Newton and wifu Betsey, and others.
Petition for Paitition.
IT annearinor to the satisfaction of th" Court
that Jease Newton and wife Be sey, Peter Rogers
and wife Ni llv, Jacob Herring and w ile Fanny,
tenants in common hv deed of Gilt from David
Qninn and defendant in this cas, are r.ftt inhabi
tants o this State; it i therefore ordered mat
publication be mad in the North Carolinian, a
newspaper print- d in FavetteViI, for the sud de
fendants to appear at ihe next Court o Pleas and
Quarter Sessions to be held for the county of Dup
lin at f he Court House in Kenansville, on tlie third
Monday in July nex, then and ihre to plead, an
swer, or demur to the peti'ion of Mic hael Boyette
and wifeNancv, Kiftv S nith. and James Dickson.
Guardian to th children of Benjamin Ezell, filed
apainat them for the division of land, or the same
ilt he taken proconfesso and heard exparta as to
Witness. niek np1r w .aid Canrt at
Office the 3d" Monday in Aprilrand 8th year of
- our laaapanaence, a. o. 1845. - .
- Msy 31, I8. 32T.6t. ; per adv. 3 15.
HAVING removed hir Tailoring E-tab:ish nenl
fr.wi fter ! Ship t- tb building fiwmer'y ee-coi-d
by Wm.L.CP-r, nearly opiosite to the
Lai i yette U tel, oh Hay tr;et, resp cttnl y iifrm
their irieod4 and customers, that thev wi'l contuauc
to arry oi the TAILORING BUSINESS in the
most approved and f.ishi na'le manner. Ti e
re'uin th;"r thank (or the liberal share ot business
they hova receivd, and pl"di tliemelVe to mer:t
a eontimii.nce of if, by strict aft nt on and skill.
Latest i.islwons rccularlv received from New York;
Dec I4j 1844. toS lf.
THE it. r ..ffe.s t.r ONE HUN
DRED BjXES OF BAR S JAr, u.anufac-
uredatthe "Favntt tile tN. U.I CuHlt F.ciurv,"
and warranted qua! it ii( superior to UoLate
be?t No. 1.
Bei determined to rlevote all necessary atten
tion to the business, and off rinv it at a reduced
price, (5 cents a pound h the box.) He hopes lo
receive a due share of ;uhlic pairdnagre-i
sCJ All orders thankfully received hd prompt
ly atteaded to.
Fiiyetfevillr, May 24.844
lOO.OOO Afires Valuable
THE Subscriber has purchastd a!l th LANDS
belonging to the E&tule of Abram Dnbo 't ilsr'iJ.,
lyine principally in R heson countv, and on boi
sides of Lumber River, the diffrent surveys con
famine ov. r UNii iLNURED THOUSAND
ACRES ; a Lrirt; part finely Timbered, sind i o-i-veuieut
to Lumber Riv-r; Vh'i-ealiie qu.mti y
of Timher now ratted tri the Georgetown mar
ket. Th"S lafj.ts ar- v-rv valuable B th for tbe
Timber and Turpentine, for whi;-h pnrDose a larue
part is ' II suited, bei ii in a rejjion where the
Turpentine yields more ahunda'dlv than any other
section of the Stat-. The Lands will be Sold at a
low price, and in qu in ities t suit purchasers.
Information respee.'in the title can -be o!t lined
by appUinff to the Hon. Robert Stranjje, James C
Dobbin, Esq:, A A T Smith, Esq., (Attorneys at
1 understand there are many trespassers on these
land, to all of whom notice is hereby sivu, lha'
me law wii ie enioiceu aiiamst uli sucn onenUers.
Application f -r any p irt of the Lands ctn be
mafle tr myselt. or to John Winslow, Esq., who
win oe uufy auihonzcd to make sale c t the same.
FayctTevi!Ie, N. C, March I, 1815. 314-if.
Has just received by the last ar
rivals l.oui the Nonli, a lare and splendid assort
ment ot
Amonz wh;ch are Bilzrines, Bitiiste, t'rencl
v . vi : -v ...
U'twn, printen vmsim ami j no it-", li4 pieces
Ca'itroes, 1 9i ps Iri-h Linen, Lriwns, Diapers
Table Cloths ami Lmen Cambric, Handkerchiefs,
black and cflore.i &iiks, Mtk lMif, Gloves, Cam
brie an I Bobine? Lace and E Is'n, superfine
Cloths, Cassimeres, VesfjnjjSj K-ntueky Jeans,
NankeerS, Hip-kin Sl;ipers- 6-4 to 3 4 "bleacher!
nrd brown Sh r'inj and Sheeting, Boots, Shoe:
&.e., all ..f wbf. h hein imrc'iascd for cash hv the
packaffe at puMie and private sa'e, will be off red
by wholesale or retail at low prices for cash, or on
tinv to punctual customers.
March 29, 1815.
$50 KEWAR1D.
RAN AWAY from Mr James
McDnffie, on the 7fh of . Decern
Her last, my ncro inan ARCHY
!;ite the pioprlv of A. B bee
decd. Hu is about' 5 feet 8 or H'
inches hih, has a lonr smooth
black face, with full prominent
eyes, and fs lame fn one of his
Ie;B. He is supposed fo be lurk
ing about F ivetfeville, N. C. A reward 6fS?
ill be jaid f-r him iffaken and lodged in any Jfcil
j.i this S'a;e, or $"o it taken and hicired in Jail in
any other oi the St;it s, so thai I can ;et h m aain
Favetiev l'e. N. C. Mav 10, 1845. -?n.if
A S we fxp ct to leav fir the North by the first
j. dJulv. we hope all per-ons indebted to the
firm will settle their resrecive dues by that tim
May 31, IS45. 327-4t.
State of X. Carolina Robeson county.
Superior Court of Late Spring Term, 1845
Jane Allen:' vs. Huh Roy Allen.
Pttitiftn !br D.voree.
IT ap iearin to the Court iat Hiigh Roy AH n
is not an inhabitant of I his itate, and has n
aseut here on who'ii notice can be & to tuk-
deoositions in tiijs c:nis.- it is th remote ordee
t'tat no ice in the N r h Caio'i i.m, puh'i-lod m
t' e town of Favetteville, in sh s State, f r si i w eefcy
wil! be qej valeut t actual notic O'l the saio
Flu oh K-y Alien The paid Hnj:l. Roy A!len
will therefore lake nofce thai n the s. tonrl day ol
A u'juf, 1 8 15. at Euftuli, i:i Barh"tr county, i"
the Stat" of Alabama, the deposition ,f Ge.rf
McEaehen at?d others Hill hv. taken, and on tbe
26lh day of Julv, 1845. at Hanff-n- Rock Church
in Lancaster Ji-tric. South Candms, the deposi
tion -f Thomas Twifty and oth-rs wi 1 be taken.
All which deposition a-e lor be r ad m vid-ne.e '
lh! ahov cans-, at which time and j la slhe aid
Hush Roy Alien may attend and crosa i xjmine
the d f.-udaits.
Witness, Absa'om Davis, Clnk of sard Cdnrt ai
Office this 31st dnv of April. l8"5.
June 7, 1845. 33 St. i d
rjTtH ERE cams to my house shan't ifJ m In w. st
11 of Favetteviile, three me- ks ao', a lad, ap
parently between f9 and tC years ot ai, who ap
pears to be deranged, and cannot, or will nsi, nive
any account of himself, rxept 'hat his name is
Randolph Cope. He i near about six feet high,
dark hair, dark eyes, ! n nose, and fair skin. He
has n- beard, llis only clothing when became
to my hous . was a dark or brown cotton and wool
mixed pair of pantaloon, shirt, suspenders and old
straw hat. all well worn. Ha sometimes .-.ppear
rational, and will commence a- job of work, but
w flworfVmit in oiaofbla fits of abmiir nind-
If no baa aflnr MenoV. I wauM ho "lad if
tbev would coma forward and take charge of hint
imrnedtafely. - WEILL OAY.
Jane 7, - . ".
JUNE 28, 1845,
THE Subscriber having loaf hia store and en
tire st-M k of Uoxls by the late fire would respect
t'ui'y call upun alt thaen indebted to hun. to come
forward and make idi'Uediate payment, they
wi'lconlera freat favor on him. and save them--elvea
cost-. He may b- found at the afore of
A. Marsh, who will be duly authorised to settle
i.h an that may call in ease ot his absence.
J ne 81,1815. 330-31.
?C7 Oberv-f copy 3 weeks.
Wuu-u reapctiui
ly inform the cititena
of Fayettfville and the public
generally, that he has taken
th stmd rebeatly occupied
by E J.Clark, on Gillespie
Street, 5 doofs South of the
.... i . r . ,
Market Square, where he will
---" manufacture and kep con
nd an assortment of
itaMjy on h"
Persons WidhinjMo Durcliltse would A .n
call and examine his toe:-. hfnr ...rni...i
where, as he is det.-ruiinV-d to ..11 .. .s .--
other imnufieturer m th" Slate.
BAKEKS fan entirely new pattern.
ROOFI NG done In the Isstest style, and best
m inner. Also QuTT. RING.
Au. 17, 1344.
Antl Sojourners in Fayettevillt
MRS. E. SMITH is -till urenar.d to Htr.
t un (Jeotleuic-ii and L;di - travelling thrbu hor
"'.lyuriiM'js in r ayt-ii vi. !. ci-r tab'e is always
as ood -s tj,,. market afloitls. Sria has good sta
td.s and flostleii, and attentive waiters, and re
spectfully sol c ts a coot nuance of public p:tronae
ner residence is so w ii known that it neeJs no de-
scn.tion. No ex rtiorts will be scared to
s.iti lac'in. 1
Feb. I, f845. .tju-tf.
Having been appointed
For flie town of Fayetfevjlle, is prepared to aftend
to the sale of any -oodj which may be entrustd to
Consignments from abroad will be promptly at
tended to.
April 19, 1815.
if aw C3-OODS.
HAS received bv the lue arrivals f.otn New Yoik
his stock of SPRING and SUMMER
Comnrisin? a large and extensive assortment af
iJry uoiioj, Hardware and Cutlery, Hats, Bonnets.
I, ' ' J"iriir, x-araaois, cotton fend Wool
Cards, wr tine and wrapping Paper, Cbflee and
Isugar, Dru-s and Medicines. &c.&c, well worthy
the attention of country Merchants which will be
offered at low prices for Caho- country produce.
April 19, 1845.
w k m v 1 1 v"i Cl 1 a
HAVE just ieeeifFr the new
style of HAT BLOCKS. nd
now finishing Gen'temen's super-fine
Also. received bv last arrivals, a reat 9rMv r
. ..i, v7i.iv, rnno, L.f!norn, ann r aim leaf Hats,
all of which have been purchased on such terms as
to enable rae to sell very CHEAP.
May 17, 1845. 325-tf.
t..- o:u a ' w . t . n . - J -1
State of North Carolina Colfambni coanty.
In Equity Spring Term, 1845.
Wynne Nance and others vs. r$arrrtadiike Pow
ell and others.
IT appe iriner to the Court that Jesse Faulk and
wife are not inhabifints f th?s State ; it is there
;ire ordered th.n publication be mule in th North
' ar.diman published in Fayctteville for six weeks
for th- said Fiulk and wife to appear at fhe next
term of f hi Court fo he held at the Court House
in Whitrvil'e, on the third Mo'nday after fhe fourth
Monday in September next, and plead, answer, or
-femur, or the bill will be taken pro confesso as to
them, and s-t for hearing exparte.
Wif-ieps. J. A. Maultsby, Clerk and Master of our
said Court of Equity at Office, the second Mon
day after the fourth Mondav m March. !S45.
State of North Carolina Columbus county.
in Equity Spring Term, 1845.
Wynne Nance and others vs. A a rmad uke Pow
ell and others.
Complainants have b-ave to tske the deposition
of .Moore Len-m as evidence in this cause, subject
to ill ju-t exc ptjo is ; and nn'ice is h-ieby iv n
! a!I 'r-i i i" interested in this suit that compla in.
:mts will p-oce d to lake the depositions of .Moor
Leno",- Absal io Powell, and Elijah Elkins, at the
Ciiurt Hotirfe in Whifevflle. on th- first Saturday
in Anj'isf next, and that pffMication d ibis rotice
in the North Carolinian" pnleished in Fayctteville,
frrsix weeks, will be deemed' ecpu valnl lo per
onal service. J. A. M AULTSBY,
Clerk and Ivfaster.-
May 31,1315- 327-6?. per adv. $3 25.
State of North Carolina - Richmond county.
Court of Pleat and Quarter Sessions April
Jerm, 184o.
Bostick t McKenzie vs. Riley Hmert.'
Attachment Levied on thr defendants1 Interest in
a C'-itatn tract of I nd containing two hundred
a..d ni leTy-'iic'rtcrnt, liny in th countv of
Richmond, near Little Mountain Creek,
an i joining th lands 6f T. Bostick,
Alexander Martin, and others.
If appear! if tA the sattsracl ion of the Court that
R!ev Hcnery, the defendant in ihia sni, r-fde
b y-nd th? limits of the Stater" it f lheroV order
ed th.f publication be mado jn fhe N"oth Caroli
nian for eix weeks, notifying the said defendant o
ba and appear at the next term of thia Co'o
held fr the countv aforesaid, at the Court Hoose
n the town of Rockingham, on the third Mondav I
in juiy next, then and t hare to pieao to mis
faebmen, otherwise tbe same .will be aen o-o
enn'f Swo and th landlrvjed on be condemned sab
jct to th pLntiffW' debt. -
Vitnea, Gra'aaaa A NdvloB. c'.rk of aaid
Court a office, tb third Mdav; of Anlr a-d
In tVtSStbyearofAeaerleari l"' Ai
TH E 8bcribece sA tnia orffortdastT of fotatv
IT thoir waroseat tdbaaks to dsear friends and pa
rone, and th pobhc JtasVeratty for thoir Irboml pa
tron ace bestcrwed -tpod thews'; Jbo for tbe kiad
ympctkiea maAifeated to tbr to the iat calamity
in tbe destruction rin-ir efstire Stock of Goods
on the morning of the I9tb lost.; and to Cap J
A J Bradford, Capt. U. S. Ord and Mr G A
Scbwartcman, of U 6 Arsenal, for tbeir kmdneaa
in rivina them notice. and others ia tbe aarrotand.
in neighborhood of the ire, by the dicbarge of
cannon. Having open tbe store neaiiy oppo
site, they hope soonfo resaroe business, and would
must respect fully solicit the patrbnaeoftheirfricods
and the public, and shall hope fo merit a share ot
public patrot.sre. Tbey have on hand in their
Warehouse, Salt, Iron, Molasses, Suf-tr, Smiths
B"Mowa and Vises, Log Chains, 6 superior Wrought
Iron 'Mill Cranks. Also, Anvllr, Vises, Trace
Ghains, and heavy articles of Hardware, psrtially
damn red in ibe fire, all of which hey will sell low
tor Cash nr Produce. They would also earnestly
request all those Indebted to them by note or ac
coun to make immediate payment, as It will enable
thtrn to close tbeir former business and recom
mence and hope those indebted wilt tnkethc earliest
opportunity to settle their accounts. .
.Varch I, 1845. 314-tf.
They have just received, hale superior Bridgeport 3
ply Seine Twine, 3 coils Steam Packing Yarn,
Manilla, Seine, and Raft Rope, I hhd. winter strain
ed Sperm Lamp Oil, 10 bhls. Train Oil, 3uO galls.
Linseed Oil, Whittemore's real Cotton flurdg,
Coffte Mills, cast good Wagon and Cart Boxes,
?SO gross Wood Screws, 40 bundles assorted Hoop
Iron, with a small assortment of Swedes snd Eng
lish Bar lion ; together with a heavv Stock of flat,
round, and squaie Bar Iron, Band fron and Nails,
Rods, contained in shed joining tbeir Store, but
slightly injured.
MA1L1L & MAlLlLi
WOULD inform the pub'ic th.t they have
moved fidm th fr bid st md to the store
lately occupied bv Messrs C J & R M Onell, and
known as the Yel'ow Buildings. Having largely
increased their stock of GROCERIES, they are
prepared to rffer inducements In the way of trade,
ihat will he to the iiiteet of purchasers generally
to give them a call. Their stocK will consist in
part of
10 Tons Swedes aad English fron,
500 lbs. Cast. Blister, and German Steel.
600 Ps. Hollow Warfe,
500 lbs. Bar Lead,
40 Bags Shot, assorted,
IS Kegs Powder,
300 lbs. Epsom Salts,
300 lbs. Alum,
100 lbs. Borax,
1 500 lbs. Copperas,
150 lbs Indi-n,
I Cask Salaratus,
50 side sole Leal her j
75 Bas Rio Coffee,
in Hhds. Porto Rico Sugar,
1000 lbs. single and double reined and Coffee
crushed Sugar,
300 sacks Liverpool Salt,
500 bushels Aluui do.
Wagon Boxes, Bellows, Vices, Anvils, Cotton
Cards, Curry Cb'rnhs, Pocket Cutlery, Patent Medi
cines, Hadlock's Syrup and Powders, Cassis,
Camphor, Ca-tpr Oil, Paints; Putty, Drugs, &c.&e,
Sept. 14, 1 344. 290
INFORM their customers and fiends that they
are now receiving their Spring and Summer
And as most of them have bten bought from the
manufacturers and importers, i hey will be offered
low. Call and see. Our stock is not h-avy, hut a
ood variety will he found upon examination. And
as otfr Groc-ries were purchased before the late rise
in prices, we can afford them a low as any bouse
in the place. We return our thanks to our old
friends, and assure inern no pains or exertions on
our part .-ha II be spared to give general satisfaction
as heretofore. We have now on hand (all fresh
inJ in goo t order,)
Rio and Cuba Coffee ; Porto Rico. New Orleans,
and Loaf Sugars; Teas. Indi0,Madder, Copperas,
Rice, C tndles, Soap, Starch, sack and Alum Salt,
&c. &c. Sic.
Among which are 15H piece Calicoes, (im
very fine, and really beautiful prims.) Victoria Al
paecas. ptain a'n5 ftsur.d; Muslin d'Lsne-; Ging
hams; In'sh Linen; L nen and cotton Drill; Lmen
and cotton, checked and striped Df!l; Nankeens;
Mil", whit, andco'ofed Jeans; Jaconet; Book,
Cross-hnrrd, a. id figured Mb.'luis; BedTickinz;
Apron Checks; c-lor-d Camhricks ; white, black,
and mixd Hose and half Hose; linen, silk, and
eof'on Gloves; silk and cotton, poeket and dress
Handkerchiefs, a sreat vari-ty: fa tit y Cravats and
Gcirfs; silk Milts; Ribbons; Cord; Gfmp: Tape,
Pins; Needles; Buttons; Thread; Lace; Edging;
fine, hair, side, and re.dirt Con.hf ; bleached and
unbleached Durrici ;a Broad Cloths ; Sattineis;
Kentucky Jeans, itc. itci Florence, fine straw,
j!k, wi'low and other Bonnets 6r the latest style ;
a splendid assorim-nt of artificial ffowers. A'-o,
a good assoitmer.f of Slippers; Morocco and leather
M'uea, Brogan, Boots, Hats.&c. uc
t v. ,
Ct OiitlVry-r;
w . . t .. J I
TnrmnA kll Chnlnm. Ham. Nails; table and
pocket Cutlery; German silver. Britannia, and 'ron
tea and table Spooas; Razors ; rim, etoik, i-We',
rhref.and pd Loeks ; SSeep Shear; Draw nj
Koive. ; cuing Knives; corn and grass fceines r
Gimbl ts: Latches aid Bo'fs; Brd; I arks, & o.e.
5 Hhda. prime Prto Rco gaS'r:
3 do do Iew
3u Bas green R'o C' n e.
4 Hhds MoTa-ses. a pnme arttci",
SOOO Lbs prime eorn-f 1 Bacon,
limn Lbs. wh'te Lr4, in fl.-Kios,
IS Bb:" vhfakev.
ft ;. OJd Peaeh Brandy,
. 9 An. S. E. Rum,
u SeV Liverpool Salt, at oor o!d stand, foot
offfivmsunt. .
April !. 1S45 Itt-'f.
It3 WE are authorised to an-4
nounce the n&mtfof KDWARO.PrfT
mak, as a candidate far the office
of Cscuity Ckz&l Clerk, for the
J.Gounty of IZontgomery.
Volume 6 Number 331
Persons indebted to the'
Subscriber would confer an es
oecfal favor, bv calling and sct-
tlior immoiliatelT. His recent calamity, he t.opcst
iu ss'a.V.HaaoiB.
THE SaVacribers, having witnessed the ver
oecee-fe I operation .f HOTCH KISS'S VERT1
CAL WATER WHEELS, at Arch .La Id Graf mi'i
Mill in Fayctteville, In AJay ai.d June last, wre
induced to purchase the Right for the entire State
of North Carolina, snd now offer individual Riglits
for aale on very reasonable terms. They t:ae
now on hand S venter n full stts of Wbi i fs, and
have Bade arra&jcmrnts to keep a constant sun-
desbeiojg generally adopted in the Ioithern
States, fliere are already twehre saws in aii(-cesFf"i
operation in this State, and eif bt others in process
of erect ion. The astonishing i otmr and spercl of
these Wheels have been Witncssf by hundreds t,i
citizens of thia State, with universal af pproVaiion."
And we desire all who may f I on iu:fret in the
subject lo examine the Mills of Arch'd Grsham,
Col. AlegVrJurrhisoo.Chmtot her Munroe, AleaV
William, Arch'd M Laurin. J. MtDamc l, John
Cade, Mrs.EfTy MtFadvcn, in this County ; Col:
John C. McLaurin, in Richmond County;' Titos.
C. Smith in Blsden County and Hardy floyall in
Sampson County; to each of whom c RclvVr
for information as to the rsrtieai opeiation cf these'
Persons who apply soon for Rights can bare
thm put up by workmen who have ben IsiTriii-I-ed
by Mr Hotchki- himstlf.
The Proprietors of the fight of tl.-s Wheel in the
State of North Carolina, have received (he fallow
ing ceatiflcalei
Fayetteville. Feby 3, If 45, .
We, th Subscribci, rrsiding in the County of
Cumberland and Stbte ct North Carolina, having
been engaged in ibe manufacture of Lumhcr for ma
ny years, feel follv worranled in strding, that Hotth
their appendages, are worthy of tie patronage cf all
mill owners, and that we have full eonfiut rce in
iheir superinrity ; that tlie.valun ofMitlswill Lc
veiy much enhanced by their introduction. 1 ht-y
are more duffabie, .and easier kept in Older when
prperly put toscthrr than lite common Flutter
Wheel: they will save at ieost onc-tbjrd of the
water, and run will in bsi-k wafer when there is '
a head above. The speed of the 8w is ieerearctf
from one-half to double the srirkts per minate.
M (Millwrifef.
(Richmond County.) .
, (Blden Cun(y.)
They have also received a certificate from Col.
Alexander Murchison, (which will be published
hereafter among others in handbill fbrm,) in which
he speaks of this as "the greatest improvement
mnde on Saw Mills in mv fhfs time ;" says that
his Saw will cut 5000 feet fn a dav; it aeiuallycul
on the day before ho wrote. 4fc83 feet of J' inch
Quarter Boards; makes 240 strokes in a innHlef
that one-half of the water'is saved,' and concludes
by recommending its adoption to Mill owners.
Other certificates, which have been promise
will be published' hereafter,
Fayettevile, March 15, 1845. 316-tf.
The following article from (he N. Y. Tribune of
the 4th ult., Hill shew in what estimation these
Wheels are held by tbe high auihou'ty of the Aiuer
ican Institute i
From the N". Y. Tribune.
This Wheel, after haying been adopted by sorrV
hundreds of mill owners on the Di leware, Susquc
hannah, and in other lumbering legions, was pie
sented for competition at the late lair ot the Amer
ican Institute, and there was awarded two prem
iums by different Committees first as trie best
Water Wheel for Saw Mill-; secondly, as being
one of the five best invmtions submitted at the
Fair. It has been extensively adopted io the great
pine districts cf the South"; and its rapid" end
smooth execution, perfect immunity from ice or
back water, and other economies, are securing it a
very general preference. The Inventor is, now on
his way south, and may be addressed at Augusta,
Svf wl hl reaidcnt Windsor, Broome county,
N. Y. Its ad vantages are nummed as follows :
I. The Vertical Wheel, when used for. Saw
Mills, requires no gen ring to produee from 15 lo
300 strokes of the saw per minute.
S. They are as cheaply constructed as the com
mon Flutter Wheel, and will do double the busi
ness with tbe same advantage of the ater.
3. Back water is no impediment wan there is i
head above.
4. Ice csnnof form on the whet's.
5. Tbey occupy less space (ban a Flutter Wheel"
. The increased speed of the saw makes better
lumber, cuts the same distance with le.s resistance
and the saw-dust is freely thrown off, which often
returns with the saw, causing it to bind and beat
with stow Mi!is.
7. They can b p.'ared on the shaft, of s common
Flutter Wheel Miff sf in good order, snd hung up
on fb s:re bearings if sufficiently strong to sus
tain tbe power of the whretf.
8. Iht wheels Iv-ing of cast iron, svilllast an
TL Lo rADsYf if ills lU ....Hf..s. n "
a Ce
- "' ijuiMie riy or utiance,
ZFiSX.' uairTW mction-iB ,! of
s et. f ... A
v. iue iniroauctior? or mills is reduced to a"
plain system, so that if the head of water is known,'
toe result is a mathematical certainly.
10. Any workman having the patteres. a model,
and table of cnlcnla'mn. ri' ;n. .
oral ion wi'h perfect success.
ii. i ne improver! mode offeedinofa much
proved cf by those who have adopedir.
Just rereiied ori'eor sig-nroenf. tbe running works'
rd" two four horse V aprons. Alse,- one four korse'
wagon wrin ewer. c. eompMs. res ly Tr the
road. Ah of which s re wa ranted el the Hex. t re a
terial and workmanship, &nd will be scU low (ur
rasa. .
- 3lC-tC
Mareh If. l4f-
Eist Received oxiCoscnmeiitj
French Brandy.
ArttevaB Brando,
40 boxes No. 1 ioe.
'A. M. C AM PBEtSr
I "
v '
" i
, .
March 15, 1345.
e -
JK-." - Mr?

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