North Carolina Newspapers

BRYAN & YATES, Proprietors.
K. BUY AS, Editor.
Terms of takscrtytion to the forth Carolinian :
. , Fnr intrlo nn- 5frb1 in i1v!inw"Tl(rannmil. $2
f - o .T v r . ,
at the end of 3 months, 2
at "the end of 6 months, 3
V. ,-t.hyd subscription will be re3Rved for a shorter period
: :j :J-L.i
f V : With the '-view of extending the circulation and cn-
hancisg the usefulness of the paper, the proprietors of-
N j fer the following remarkably low '".
JJ-M'2rte4or the Carolinian, I year, 8 0
- " V '.15 0O -'-
i 1 1 mi r ii "-- .i ftwiW :)MiMM:ij0
. -. addreEcied to the undersigned, and must 6e posrpvlit..
' ? r ttstea of AfiTrtSE5 1
'-- Sixty cents per square of 16 lines for the first and
thirty cents for each subsequent insertion, unless the
advertisement is published for more than two months,
when it will be charged
For three months, - - - - - $4 00
For six mouths, - - - - - - C Q0 -
For twelve mouths, - - 10 00
, . All advertisements must be hauded in by Friday
-10 o'clock, a. m., to ensure their insertion in the next
day 'a paper, and should ha .-e the desired number of in
Kertiong marked on them, orthcrwipe they will be . in
eerted till forbid and charged accordingly.
Naarlv opposite to E. "W.
Willkiagtr Auction
Fayctteville, N. C.
Oct. 1, 1853.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers in Foreign an
Domestic DRY GOODS,
24 Park Place and 13 Barclay street, New Yokk.
November 7, 1353 Cm pd
AUOnifynt Lair, Payel'eT!IIf,X.C.
Oitice at the corner of Bow and Green streets.
" Feb'y 3, 1&53. .
Attorxkt at Law, Wiuiixotox, N. C.
0!fic ob the corner of Front and Princess streets under
the Journal OSce. ' .
' " - ATTORSEV. AT' I. A XV,
rX.. FAT-KrTEvn.ij:, N. C .
C-. , - O.fc oa Anderson Street.
V- October 22, i 853 ' Cra . :
!3 "f . ' . '.-' " '
i - 1 'V -
v2 ' WORTH & K'L LIO XT : '
S- ' v (Successors to' J. 1), Williams,) .. ." .
tf -
nn. t. C ii aim.
TT. m'area to the well-known stand or tne vr:
r - , Kn streets.
iiisoa. orer i . . -
in ana r
l sr.-!. tl
THOSE who arc indebted to me by Note or Account
will please settle the same. And all debts due me pri
or to the Jan'y 1853. must be settled, as longer in
dulgence cannot "be given. McKETHAN. '
Oct 1, 1853.
tf .
The' fine SUMMER BESIDENCE two miles went
AnnlT to John
tOWB Possession given IJIimcu.aucijr .
H. Cok or C. E. Leete.
March 19, 1853. tf
XtoRler In Dry Ooods, Groceries mid ProrinlflB-,
Third door from N. E. corner Market Square, next to
D. Gee's Hat Store Green street
..' r " Faykttkvii.i.e. N. C.
2$9-A kinds of produce taken in exchange for
Feb. 19, 1853. 7
September IS. 1852.
tn nan lmrrels Turpentine, delivered at my Distillery
t.t ,.io,-o fnr whicU tne nisrnesi.
prices will be paid.
t -m nlso emnloy two or three good turpentine
good turpenti:
barrel Coopers, ,A ,C-, Vtf
Lumberton, Feb'y 10, 18o3 tf
Castings of every description tuavde to order.
Oct 1, 1858. f
ill l lfi ON THE CAPS PEAH.
Th Bubscribers having purchased the Steamers E -;
KRGR.EEN and SOUTHERNER and Tow Boats, lately
flS. t'
iue. BTODtrty oi me iienneiisi wuuhkwi viiujj.i.jj, .
'J mington and Fayette ville, all freights or goods entrust
- ed to them.
F. N. & J. U. ROBERTS.
TayetUrille, FeVy 19, 1853. tf
A. M. Camplx U,
Fayetteviijjc, N. C.
October 1, 1S53.
10,OU lbs Tallow wantt l,
For which the highest cash price will be paid.
0st 8, 1853
I am now receiving a much larger stock of
Fancy Dry Goods . .
than I have yet offered in Fayctteville, consisting of
TVrir f Jr. rut a ..fpvprv ib'scrintion. Hats. Boots, Shoes, and
Ready-made Clothing, which will be sold as low as auy
goods in the State.
I will be clad to have the ladies call and examine my
stock. W. V. MtJORE.
tWpt. 17, 1853. f
I have received my Fall Stock of DRY GOODS,.
My stock is large and well worth the attention of pur
chasers. Auy K'md of produce taken in exchange.
I have a plentiful supply of Gunny and Dundee Cot
toa Bagging, Bale Rope and Bagging Twine. Send in
- your orders and they shall be supplied.
Oct 3, 1853. tf
" I have so many calls about Turpentine lands that I
have concluded to offer my services to buy and sell.
.Those having lands for sale will furnish me with plots
and quantity, together with a fair description, and
18, 1833. 68-tf.
fcfr v r ' or 1 8 5 3- . - r
The ennscrioer has just received.-ana openeu. a ni
New Store on the East side of Green street, a few door
from th Market House and nearly opposite his Old
Stand, a large Stock of " , .
y?; Staple 'and. Fancy Dry Ooods, '
Embracing a general assortment of Ladies' and Gentle
men's Dress Goods, consisting in part of Shawls, Cloaks
and Mantillas, some very Huff and also a good assort
ment of Shoes and Boots. fgpr Ladief-Getleiuen, Girls,
Boys and Children. And tns best Assortment of Silk
and other styles of Bonnets he has ever offered to the
public - ' - . ' , ' "
Susrar, Coffee, Tea, Pepper, Spaces, and Tobacco, a
fine article. ' P. SHEMWELL.
October 8. IMS. -- " : ;
ihgs -for sale by
Cotton Yarns and Sheet-
Joks ialiu is now rcceivmsr
ter M.Uinery, consisting of Bonnets, from one dollar to
fifteen; Dress Caps; Handkerchief?; French Artificial
Flowers and Featlir-rs; Swiss Edcins and Inpertinn-s:
Capes, Collars and Undereleeves; Ladiwr and Children's
Wr;;;t Gloves, and long and short ' MiU; anew and
beautiful stock of Dress Trimmings of the latest style;
Velvet and Silk Mantillas; Railway Corsets; Whalebone
Dresses, Mantillas, and Cloaks made in "the latest
Philadelphia and. New York styles.
All orders from the country promptly attended to.
October 8, G2-3m
S15 SiKWAilO.
Runaway from the subscriber, his Negro men, JOHN
and TOBEY. Joha is about 25 vr.ars old, fi feet 1 inch
high, weighs about 185 or 190 Tobey aged about
22 years 5 foot D inches Irgh. stout, and weighs 175
lbs. They were bought from Mr James Surlos. or Cum
berland county, aud will probably be lurking in that
neighborhood. Tobey ha a wife at Mr Richard Bird's,
in Johnston County. Twenty-Five Dollars for cither
n l.1 : 4 Till f i . ; - i - . ... '
ji i iijr ujiiiu-M ir coin, iriii nepaia.ior tseir uprre
hension and delivery to the subscriber, or for their con
finement in any Jail in the State, so that he can get
thtm. An additional sum of One Hundred Dollars will
be paid for the conviction Of any person of harboring
the above Negroes.
Fair Buff, Columbus Co. N. C, Oct. 6. 63-tf
Arcliltcct ntl rSuiltlcv, Ulc, IW. C,
Respectfully informs the public that he is prepared
to execute PLANS of every description such us State
and Court Houses, Prisons. &c. Ainu. Churches, Cot
tages, and other public aud private edifices, coptine
i.uiu ojujwou.wj Jriiigcs, xvCCiS, Ac. c, all with
Specifications and Contracts made for the same. He
will also superintend all kinds, of work..
Orders will receive prompt attention," and Plans
drawn and sent to any part of the csantrr at short
notice. . .
... Oct. 15, 1S53. ly-pd
. The subscriber ofTcrs for tala twelve hundred acres
of Laud, located in the lower end of Richmond .county.
It is about equidistant from Floral College, Luren
burg High School, and Laurel HiiL The'Land is well
adapted to the growth of corn, cotton, wheat- A.- It
sslso offers great inducements to those engaged in the
turpentine anil lumber-business I have constitutor
Alexander-MeLean, F;sq.' my agent, during mv absence,
ttf whOKl'all-COinmuflicatiftnFt irt rora-,V v ll moit.
m y be eased at -G ilooolis P O. . - Robeson eontr
ijtuer UitxS,
ns" WirtTTCiiluefaTinrr
t, u r,ii -
pleasure in -exhibiting
for that purpose. ;
; Oct.. 22, -
ilictn to any one who may call
- - J. G. BLUE.
-64-tf -
" Thn BubBcrtber takes this method of
informing his
friends aud the public thai he stilt continues in ii.e -w.n ( --v.
Wright business aid all its branches, viz: foundering,)
framing. and'erect'iUg Water or Steam Mills upon vari- j
ous principles, either with simple or complicated ina- t
-ihinery. -He returns Irs thanks to the public for the ;
liberal' patronage he has rcee'tved heretofore, apd hopes ;
bT xtrict attention to business, aud by giving general .
aatlsfaction. to merit a continuance of the same. lie ,
latter himself that his work will compete with that o .
.ny other machinist for speed and durabiVty. All per-
sons who want work done ia the above line would do j
well to give him a call, as he has several competent j
workmen in his emnlov. and is prepared to execute all ;
iobs at the shortest notice and on very reasouaiut wrm. '
Orders promptly attended t j. For furtner mfcrmation ;
nudress tne suoscrioer a& oanwnuii, ;
county, N. C. . D. B. JOHNSON. j
November 16, 18;3 y-pu. . t
GILT.'S XE - PLIS Cr.TR. A BtKSls::.
The Subscriber, a Tjractical Boot-maser ot some cx-
. 4-Ul iye.f-l Jj
ueriencc, nas lor some time uccu uiipinit: u i.j. o
desideratum to be yet supplied to the public ia the way
ot a suitatue our u.n r -- Vi n
articles now useu eiiuci lujuic
impart that lustre so necessary to give to man s wm-
dtrstandintr a proper fiaibh. He has . therefore dur-
:..rt,.i,ut Iu-b'.v,. mn-it'i. lrfien devotinir himself to
ii.inIi.nF1...-mr iiirnnflrt!i' C tree irom xaese ooiec-
uciuc v.. - "
tions, and has at length after much investigation ami !
experiment completely succeeded. The result is ' Gill's j
nt plus ultra Jiurilish." He only wishes that it j
mav be tested in order to establish its superiority j
LUC . IV ''I I.l ..... . -
over all other. Call on him at his shop oppoKite y.r
Lauder's Marble Factory, Hay street, and bo supplied
with an excellent article at a cheap rate.
Nov 9, 1 g53 tf '
I have always on hand a full &Kaorttnont of GRO
CERIES. PROVISIONS, and other (ioods suitable for
fv, T-ull onil Winter Trade, and which I oaer for Cat-h,
or in exchange for Produce of almost any kind.
I have now in Store Flour, Meal. Corn, Rice, Bacon,
Lard. Butter, Cheese, Crackers, Salt, white Clarified
and Brown Sugars, Rio and Java Coffee, Tea, Molasses,
Vinegar. Fish, Cigars. Tobacco, Snutt, can-lies, heap,
Starch. Spices. Candies. Pepper, Buckets, Brooms,
wrought and cut Nails. Powder. Shot, Percussion Cups,
and -a good as?ortmnt of Dye StuttV.; with many other
things in the Grocery line. -
Aloo a good 'assortment of Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes, Negro Blankets and Kerseys, and a good assort
ment of Ready-made Clothing. Call and buy cheap.
October 29, 1853. '
T. SMITI, Chemist and Druggist,
I T - . ... i I C . . . V.
liaving removcu to me cunc nuiv-nr
corner Market Square, recently occupied by
P. Shemwell, now oners to his friends and
tne public generally a large ami well seiect-
Dye Stur.'s, Medicines aud Perfumery, consisting in part
of the following : Potash, white lead. Venetian red,
Spanish brown, copperas, alum, saltpetre, sal soda, hi
carl soda, saleratus, madder, indigo, sulphur, opsoui
salts, yellow ochre, Blake's paint, chrome yellow, um
ber, chrome green. Prus. blue, chalk, spice, pepper,
nutmegs, cloves, starch, ginger, borax, yeast powders,
essences, mustard, logwood, inks, soaps, congress water,
ealad oil, window glassy putty, varnishes 'vall kinds),
linseed, tanners', castor and olive oil, alcohol, sulph.
acid, burning fluid, camphene, paint varnish; tooth, flesh,
nail and white-wash brushes; galvanic batteries; surgi
cal, tooth and cupping instruments: American, French
and English chemicals, patent medicines, Ac A'c, all of
which are of first rate quality, and will be sold at a
small advance on cost.
Orders solicited from ctmntry Physicians, merchants,
and others, who are respectfully invited to call and ex
amine my stock before purchasing elsewhere, as they
may depend on procuring fresh and genuine articles.
No pains will be spared to give satisfaction both in
quality and price. The eubscrilx-r hopes, by strict at
tention to buKiutss, to merit a share or the public pat
ronage. - - -
Medical prepcriptions carefully and accurately
prepared. J. N. SMITH.
Oct 8, 1W3 North-wort corner Market Square.
s Tobut'co.
The subscriber continues to receive and sell, on man
ufacturers account, all grades of manufactured Tobacco.
Jtuie 5, 1852. J. UTXEY.
STAR it & WILLIAMS are now receiving .their
cond stock, for this season, of Staple and Fancy Dry
lor mis season, oi otapiu "'j "'.j
Caps, Shoes, Boots; Silk, Satin and Strnw
afjrclliis, aud 'Ready-made Clothing; wdh
Goods; lints,
fioniief.m Urn
stbinro assortment of Hositsrv. G-lorcs. Silk and Co
Handkerchiefs. ; ' " "
The above stock embraces a variety of Seasonable
Goods not enumerated, comprising one of the largest
assortmeats we have ever .flerett: ami having receutly
been purchased by the paclcage, 4 reduction rpn the.
prices o(he first of the season, tiHy will bo offered to
wholfctialewiyers on our usual terms. . , v
, ; J. B. STARR- - -
Oct S, 1853.. V '-:: J- M. WILLIAMS.
.- The unbscribershave received and opened, atiheir
Old Stand, a very large and--handsome Stock r" V
' Staple aid Fancy Dry Goods - y
Kmbrac;ng every style and quality Ladies? lti 'ioods
and SWatnWnaeis? Roots .and Shoes, etc. -
We call particular attention to a splendid as
sortment of
Ready-made Clot-nine, - ' -
Of the very best material and workmanship.
In our stock may be found all G-oods suited to the
sea.' -on, at the very lowest market prices. All in want
of Goods in our liac will please give us a call
Hay St., Fayctteville, Oct. 8, 1853. - 62-tf
FOE Piil-IT! FlttlTi:
Ten Thousand Apple Trees of (he finest kinds, ripen
ing in succession, from the earliest to the latest. 'Ten.
i iiousaiid Peach 1 rees of th liuest kiu Js, ripening ia
succession, from earlv in June to November. One
Thousand Chrvry Trees of the Guest-kind, ripening in
succession, ft the firyt of May to July; also, a fine
assortment of Apricots, -Nectarines, Plums, Pears and
Strawberry plants, for sale at the Pomological Gardens
and Nurseries, at Cane Creek, Chatham county, and
New Garden, Guilford county. Orders for trees should
be sent iu early. Catalogues will be sent to all uppli-
During my absence my brother, Owen Lindley, will
deliver trees at Cane Creek, aud my son, Albert G
!:nit!t.'v, at New Garden.
Sew Gr.rden. Guildford county, N. C )
The 14th of the 10th mo., f 7.V3m
Robesox Cocxtv.
Whereas complaints upon oath have this day been
made to us, Joseph Smith and Malcom C. McNeill, two
of the Justices of the Peace for said County, by Wm.
Rlouut, John Israel. Jesse Philips, end Calvin Flowers!
thct certain male slaves, one named HENRY, belong
ing to Rich'd C. Rhodes, and one named AKEL, be
longing to Augustus Smith, have absented themselves
iVom their said roasters' service, and are lurking about
in toe county committing acts of felony and other mi.--dcute
: These are therefore, in the name of the State,
to comtnaud these raid f-laves forthwith to surrender
tuenistlvcs and return home to their said inarters. And
v -? do also hereby require the Sheritl' of the said county
of'Robesoa to make d.l: gent search and pursuit after
in c t-.iiU slave, ana ttiem liaving found to apprehend
and secure so that they may be conveyed to their said
ma.-ter!?, or otherwise discharged as the lav.-directs; and
the eaid ShcriifU hereby authorized and empowered to
rai.-e and take with him f-uch power of his ccruntry as
heshall think fit for apprehending said slaves, and we
do hereby, by virtue of the Act, of Assembly , in-euclv
i case provided, : intimate and declare: that if the said
slaire nataed, Henry und All. do notVurrendcr tlietn--
R4ra-1KI return; liome imniediatelv After fhpulilia-
destroy the said tlaves by uch uieanii as he or they a)r
think , t, without, accusation or . impeachment tf aay
crime or ofience ofo doing, and without incurring any
penalty or forfeiture.thercby. f- ' ' ' '";
Given under our hands aud seals this- November 29th,
D. 1653.
M. c. McNeill, j. r.
Havintr recently purchased
the above establishment
from Malcom Kelly. Ustj.. I am now prepared to enter
tain ia a co:nfortally manner those who may give me a
call-. Having ample-' stables, good hostleru and a da-p-;tion
to accommodate. 1 trurt 1 liail be able to
uive entire aatifaelion to those who may favor me with
their patronage.
December 3. lSr3.
tT.,tr.n- nnmbaseiT the interest of T. R. Underwood
in the ttrin of (I. W. Lawrence & Co., I will continue
business as heretofore at Mauy's Gaudk.v.
I have from 12 to 15 Coopers constantly at work
ma'ifactnrin" Sl'HUT BARRELS, at the rate of 100
to 125 per week;- Lave now .on hand 400 Barrels for
sale, at 2 2;j caah at the fchop, or $2 35 delivered in
t0T?i, .11 nnt5nnthc distillinsr of Turpentine, and
1 w thin 15 cents per barrel of the Fayettcvillo
- - . ,.;.,,
win nav wuuin i; i-ui i"-
; price iu -
lurpenlme H anted. '
n,,riiimf in Store a general arisor.mont ot Goo is,
" ... .,i i.:,i., r ,.,.
i r,.,. ,, n.'. ! avettevuie nrices. ju "
.... ....
produce t.iU
i iu exchange ior goous.
G. W.
Call and see.
Nov 25, 1853
A I Slum?" A?mti.
W DRAUGTION has the pleasure of informing bis
customers' ami the public that he has moved his block
- . . , ... Hw 1.1 tlorwl
Oi Woo ls to u:s new mu.i-, ..v "'v v . ........
His recent, purchases in New ork and Philadelphia
makes his stock complete. He has on hand, for sale, at
low prices, a full stock of
Groceries and Dry Goods, Boots Sc Shoes, :
Hardware & Cutlery, Crockery aud Glass-ware,
Window Glass, Clocks,
Pure French Brandy, Holland Gin, St. Croix
and Old Jamaica Rnni. '
Port, Madeira, Brown and Golden Sherry,
Sicily, and;
Old Kye Vv hiskoy,
With his usual large slock of -Domestic Liquors : ...
Also, 20 dozen Wolfe's Aromatic Schueidam Scliuapps.
100,000 Segarsy (very cheap,) . . -
25 Baskets Champaigue, ...
Hock Wine, (six varieties.)
Sardines; Sperm and Adamantine Candles.
W. DR AUG HON, Market Square
Nov 12, 11 S 3m
Lot of Colts' finest PISTOLS,
Bowie Knives, Sword Canes, Guns,
Game Bags, Powder Flasks, Ac,
r or sale ny
December .17, 1S53 72-it
2 Turnentine Stills and the location upon which they
are now opuratSu. One of the above stills yll work 3
barrels, the other 16 barrels of Turpentine.
50 acres of land adjoining the stilling location, and
upon whx-h are erected a tine spirit barrel
er with a number of houses for the residence ot the ope .
Also' the Store and Warehouse, together with a con
siderab'le stock of goods suitable for the country
3 Mule Teams and Wagons in good order .; J i
Horse Teams and Wagons in good order ; A splenuiu
lot of Spirit Barrels and Coopers' Tools. -
Also, acres of capital Turpentine Land in tnt
vicinity of four Stills; 1000 acres Land situated on
Lower Little Kiver ana inuuwnr,.
A Saw Mill on Lower Little River and 500 adiointnir.' Terms made known onday
acres of
of sale..
A CO. .
December 10, 1 853.
71-5 1.
A larse supply on hand and for sale cheap. AU orders
fronthecountry promptly exeCQgQjjQp; BRAXDTy
On Tuesday the 10th of January, the subscribers will
offer tor sale, at Johusonville, in tie County ofUcT
Und. 22 miles from Fayctteville, and immediately on
the P&W Blank Road, the following valuable pro-
all others
by oh At
assorting", '
Dry G.0.C
AU of v
stock a
W' would
notify their-
t' crsmi.ii -'." Beiec'a
4 " coaeisting of a general
jiarnatVCaIw. Boots and
1 .l.ftl ...... .. ' ' . '
XK fw 1 ilf - 1 t
jiuu.Moa to their stork nf IfM.v,
jr'.'.f ' . : -. . -a
terms, - upon tncir usual
- - fr0"5 mating their selectioti?.
O -Jr??5 their .SEt'OND STOOXC OF
'vSf wbiU wer electd (
wTV , - II. T-T-. "
Jber is daily receiving additions to his
iNARLL GOODS, which are offered at
cash or produce. ,
,Brown, Blue and Green FROCK COATS.
S-' : ' " ever
other kinds of A'ests.
Satin, an
Cassimerd Pants and I'ants Stuff.
Hats, Cass! and CITY-XADE Boots, light and heavy.
wn:c'i vrijj fce warranted to purciiasers.
Al?o,;a tfrge stock common Boots and Shoes.
Traveling Trunks, Carpet Bags, and Carpeting.
- 1 piece hevy Cocoa Matt! ncc, for passages.
WOOD-WARE. Tul, Eclats, Pails. Buckets, va
rious kindi 4c.
Blacksmith's Tools, Mill Saws, Cross Cut and tland
Saws, Glue, Hodp and other Iron, with a good assort
ment of Dry Geods, Groceries and Ilard-W-are, making
a very fair general stock. Buyers are invited.
vi. f :. . T1IOS. J: JOHNSON,
Near the Caje Fear Bank, below the Market House.
FayettovilWjOct. ST), 1853. 65-3mo
TnEKubsclxT ofTers for sale, his LANDS, six miles
Ncrth of-F4jsttevillc, and about one mile from the
FavcttevilieSutd Raleigh Plank Road, consisting of
about . twrely hundred and sixty acres of land, suited
to the.makiu;,of Turpontiae or Timber. There is also
on the prenii-cs, a good Saw and Grist Mill, all in good
repair aqid 0JV i:i operation ; also, a Dwelling, and all
the necessary outhouses,, in good repair.
Also, iWher tract of two hundred and fifty acres, on
the hea waters of Carver's Creek, known as the Tarry
Placed oh tr.iifih. there is a small Farm, a Dwelling House
and other finises." - v
On thfe (!f nanied tract, tliere is cut about twenity
Cve.thoifeaai -Turpentine Boxes, from two to four years
- All tht abyv0. lands will be sold on the. most accom
modating ttrms. Persons - wishing to purchase, will
please call the suliscriber, who will take pleasure in
showing the bove lands. -
-SH; .1: - . '- W.V, R. BOLTON.
"";Ctfj.iis. v:;---' ''.--.-- -65-tf- ;
Haf tag ijtirch?cd th3 stock jof Material on hand it
. .v:- " 7.,- ; ! ..
'thd.8fir& fvrnii'rfy", owned by Mr. "E. Fuller, aad having
engaged the aervieesof 'Mr; J.uC. Lally, - whose work
gives sttoh jaeral and -entiro uatisffaction, I . am now
9 eyCUte aH rsrforTiTnw. Wagons, Road
)- wOi.Te m?- -...j- . i tm i- . - . a.;..
. ' I h:tve oh haind Vn will cbft-taatly- Wp.a good up
ply or?, Iron-Ajfles, Chains, Bolts, aud in ahort,- every
thing tliaJ ths Wagon-maker can need. ' : -.- X.' -. '
T iuep Wagons, with- the improved Iron "Axles, made
to at; the shortest notice. ... " -
I his'j, tea"' gool and competent- Workmen at the
hmihefe, and will give it. my whole and undivided at
tenttott;'':'?'" . '- . -
MyfjJrTces shall, be as moderate as the times will ad
mit and I will challenge any Wagon-maker in the Uni-t.-d
Stales to equal my work, either in point of style or
drjdiility.'' . THOS-. C. FULLER.
bct.-9. '-loSS.'
-i IS. l' GRADV, .
'-- V WlLMIXGTOX, - . C.,-" ..
Liberal cash advances made on consignments of Naval
Stores', Cotton, and other produce. Office at the Store
of Mesfrs Grady &. Monk, North Water Street.
Nov. b " : 3m , "
' -. .-, i - JF. Y. ISAKHR- -
Has received from the North the largest, finest, and
mo-t carefully selected stock of FURNITURE ever of
fered iii this market, consisting of fashionable painted
eottu p had room furniture in setts ; curled-hair and
shuck'nad cotton Mattresses; Looking Glasses; Willow
Wa2iiv9iid Cradles; patent self-swinging Cradles;
Side Boards ; - Bureaus; Secretaries and Book Cases;
Wh-.i J(tv Tables, all sorts; Wash Stands; Caudle
Stati.ll: Wardrobes; Picture Frames and Glass: Window
Sha!i: Cornices; Curtain Bands; Sofas in Mahogany
and Walnut, letc a i; uuin;in; xn m oimi--.
Cbairs of every variety. Fine rosewood Piano (Ben
net 4 Co's, of Broadway, New York).
OeUiher 20, 1853 lj-P'1
U persons indebted to me, either by note or account,
w ill please call aud settle before 1st of January, 1851.
Otherwise their claims will be placed in the hands of
an olftcer for CO;
lection, aa further HKlulgence cannot
be given. -Nov
- 67-8t
. : Shucks Wanted.
Tiff subscribers want to purchase any quantity
a.-a'i i.imed artices; those having the same
fia' villi do we to call on us at the Store No. 7, Green
'-tiJ Vorth of th' Market, after the lirst of January.
J f - R.W.HENRY.
J Iee.
72-tf J. HENRY.
ilwr-liHit PCGeived much the arirefrt stock
tfwVVever olierert by nim in mis prace, eomprmng
evtrjllimg usuay kept in a Confectionary Store, suita
bci" Town or country trade.
17, LS53. 72--lt - .
"TT'ltatc of Nartli CaroI.iiaMoore CoiiBtty.
T IT .-. - .. ..... " T :
Court oj Pleas and Quarter Sessions October
- Term, 1853.-
Williaai Rollins'and wife and others vs. Thomas Cox
.3,. - ' and others.
-. -"-j . Petition to divide Land. .
It-aipearing to the satisfaction of the Court thnt
IvoWBox and Andrew Cox, two of the defendants in
tbiirasc.'arc iiou-rcsidcats, and a copy of said petition
cannot be served Oil them,-it is therefore ordered that
publication for six weeks be made in the North Caro-
l!ita,uirecting them to appear at our next (Jourt or
Pleas and Quarter Sessions to be held- for the Couutv
of itobre at the Court lb use in Carthage, on the fourth in Januuary next, and plead or demur to the
pejitjua, or tne . same will be taken pro contesso ana
beard exparte as to them.
7V Witness, Aexander C. Onrrv. Cerk of our said Oonrt
at Office in Carthasre, the fourth Monday of October
A. 1-1."3. -
4-adv. S3 25 72-6t A. C. CURRY, Cerk.
t''.fv'r.-.-. wasted, -. --. -
vJS),0OO SHINGLES, Juniper or Cypress, for "which
thpighest cash price will be paid, on delivery to me
atary store on Gillespie street.
Nov 19. 1853 S-6t It. MITCHELL.
- Etas .Grass and White Cutcb Clever,
jON. received and for sae. They shoud be sowed
nn ,a preference to spring. . Bue Grass and' White
Dtfwh Clover r mixed, is the best in our cimate for
grass pat and awns.
. a A- few dozen arze sized Anne and Peach Trees
of eanng age, will be sod ow. as I wish to use the
grPBad they occupy for other purposes.
- 17,13.
"Octobf ,
. art
feir & t
siocic of RMBG
fa:r orinrb Mr-
r F A Y E T T E V I L L fi ; N , C .
' ' 1 Turkey DhsBcr and tbc Farta Boyrr. - '
v A gentleman, by the name of , Brooks, who
lived in Robeson county,. 2f. CI, -Wanted to bny
a tract of laud near hiio, and concluded to Ues
patc't one Angus McAlpin to Charleston, South
CaAlKkto buy it from - the ownerf who lived
there:tYagu - starteO. off, anrJ in dne time
Brooks would take iiis scat and look down the
road, in tbe hope of seeing lus agent returning.
At last he appeared, aud tncirriouient he uear
ed the housej lJpeks aceosffflliini O ' -'Well,
Mac, bite on got the land?' - A
Tlie agent,-in whose face .ivas anything but
iniglit UTcrjoffiT-
;niett krtcwuat ' gruay, tht,- 'lie
Fi-rfV,VB irom qis liorse.btflore
(iy, in
i must tiwetnne
Brooks, still urged, and Mac still parried the
question till he got into the house. - . -
'JSow surely thought Brooks,- 'he wall tell)
rue. But jlae was not quite ready. .
'Books,' said he, 'have you anything to drink?'
'To be sure I have,' said tbe other, and im
mediately shad some of the best forthcoming.
Having moistened his clay, Mac tcok a seat
and his employer another. Mac gave a prelim
inary hem. He then turned suddenly around
to Brooks, looked him straight in the eyes, and
blapped him on the thigh. .
'Brooks,' savs he, 'was von' ever in Charles
ton?' '
'Why,' you know I never was,' replied tbe
other. .
'Well then Brooks,' says the agent, 'you ought
to go there. The greatest place upon the face
of the earth ! They've got houses there on both
sides of the road, for live miles at a strett h,
and d the horse track the whole way through!
Brooks, 1 think I met five thousand people iu
a minute, and not a chap would look ut me.
They've got houses on wheels. Brooks, I saw
one with six horses hitched to it, and a big dri
ver, with a long whip going it like a whirlwind.
I followed it down the road for a mile and a
half when it stopped I looked, and what do you
think there was?- Nothing iu it but one little
woman sitting up in one corner.
- 'Well, Brooks, I turned back up the road,
and as I was riding along, I sees a fancy look
ing chap with long curly hair hanging down his
back, and his boots as shiny as the face of an up
country nigger ! I called him iuto the middle
of the road and asked him a civil question, and
a civil question, you know, Brooks, Calls for a
civil, answer all over the world. I say 'Stran
ger, can you tell me where Col. Lamar lives ?'
and what do you thiuk was the answer - Go
to grass yov fool!.- '- J.;ivCIy,??K'?. v
J. Well Brooks, I knocks along " up and down,'
autl. about,' natil at ,fii - rwks -Cul.
the door, r Presently the doc-; was. opened by a
nrettv: hue suokeu. well dressed a woman -as
ever .you seed iii your born ; days. , Silks, silks
tliar every day, JtirooKs.' , .
isays I, Mrs Liaiaar, 1 presume, madam.
says I. -:.;'. ,. . ' . --, "
'I am Mrs. Lamar,-sir. v
4 Well, nradam,' says I, 'I have come, all the
way irom i.u. to see coi. jamar to sec
about buvins a tract or laud Irom iiim tuat is
up iu our parts.'-- - "
- 'Then she says .'Col. Lamar has rode out in
the country, but will be back shortly. Come
in. sir. and wait awniie. l vc uo count the
colonel will soon return,' and she had a smile
oa that pretty lace oi ners tnat reminded a
body of a spring morning.'
'Well, Brooks, I hitched my horse to a brass
thing to the door, and walked iu.'
'Well, when I i?ot iu I sees the floor all cov
ered with the nicest looking thing ! nicer than
auy patched work bed-quilt, vou ever seed in
vour life. Brooks. I was trviucj to edsre alonjr
around it, presently I sees a nigger stepping
ritrht over it. Thinks T, if that nisrsrer can o
it, I can go it too.; So right over it I goes,
and takes my seat right beiore a picture, which
at first. I tho't was a little man looking in at
the window.
'Well, Brooks, there I set waiting and wait
ina; for Col. Lamar, and at last he didn't come
but thev besran to brin-j iu dinner. Thinks I to
myself, here's a scrape. But I made up my
mind to tell her if she asked me to eat to tell
her with a gentle bow, that I had r.
to eat. But Brooks, she didn't ax me to t at
she asked me if I'd be so good as to carve that
turkey for her, and she did it with one of them
lovelv snides that makes' the com streaks run
down the small of a fellow's back.
'Certainly, madam,' says I, and I walked up
to the table there was on one side of the tur
key a great big knife, and a fork with a trigger
oiit other sitte.
falls to wuikand in the first effort I
he gravy about two yams over me
whitest' table-cloth yon ever seed in your life,
Brooks. Well, I felt the steam begin to gath
er iiliout. inv cheeks aud eves. But. I I'm not
a man to back out for triiles, so I makes anoth
er effort, and the darned thing took a flight and
lit in Mrs. Lamar's lap.
'Well, you sec, Brooks, then I was taken
with a blindness, and the next thiug I remem
ber, I was upon the hath a kicking. Well, by
this time I began to think of : navigating. So
I noes out aud mounts Ilosum, and puts for
North Carolina. Xow, Brooks, yon- don't llamc
me! do you! -
Brooks turned red, white, and then
Tiv different nations every day in the week i
eoi oiv.rt. fnp mililic worshiu : Sunday by the
- . r - "
k . - m- i . - i m 1 1
C hr st aus: MoiKla v by tne ureeKs; xuesuay uy
the Persians; Wednesday by the Assyrians;
Thursday by the Kgytians; lriuay oy ine
Turks- Satnrdav bv the Jews, auu 10 mis
' ... , - . . . cvpri?
diumal revolution, anu ltisappaicui
moment is Sunday somewhere.
At the Annual Mectinf? of the Cumberland Aricul-
tnral Society, an Executive Committee
consiftinj? of the following Rentlemen E. L. in-s,"w-
-".u ... p.wtio JC Smith. CHCoheld
John I
tT.Mn. Geo W Peirram. Hector Mc-
II, (Rockfish,
Neill McDugald, and A D McLean
a . sininsl ttX fill
The members o!
mpit at the onice o'
me ---r- catl,rdav the 7th o
tha i JV. r I-.L..I H. llUtHI
SeVf imance will be transacted.
t i A full attenuance iurav:
sv rt
Wfw te K8t JloUamtoad. ; :-.: '
The intelligence from India, that Rnssia has .
formed an alliance with Dost Mohammed, has
all at ouce brought into notice a name,' famous
enough ten years ago, but lately almost forgot
ten. There are doubtless thousands of our.
leaders, especially the younger ones; wondering
who Dost .Mohammed is. sWe will tell them,
for it is it name ; that will probably, live in
hisjory. : - - " : .''..,- '!. - ' :'-' - -
v Tlie country of tVc Affghans, lying on the .
ubrth-west of British India, is a mountainous - oKTob"
rcgiau inhabited -by fcoW, aud hardy tribes.'v0 M,l)s. tho
whose blue eyc8,Might iiir, sand dark countcn- 'vfc, '
anccs, show them to be of the best. Gfcassiapiin, Alxan-race.-
:-Some years ago,-- the " niouarc IT of;t;s required,
glianistan dyiug, the ancient kinom split tfpjjy . ' .
fragments, and amongthosa "whurpAlitte, '',.; ' n r-
the occurrence was Dost- Mohajnmed,i'a y.
ec brother of a former vizer. , The BritishOOfiths. fiinjjnt
evrr,' takiugithe part o( Shah Shnjatt tC'ljfll board will be
if.w w .z -r -'-i . 7.'.. I -'--.-..
Cabul, the capital, and haWuo luiide'
of Dost Mohammed, sent him across the Indnwv
to their own territories, where they retained
him in a sort of ho'norabla captivity. At the
same time Shah Shnja was replaced on the
throne of Cabul. These events happened in
1839 and 1840.
Fortius interference in the affairs of Affghan
istau, the British had no excuse whatever. It
is true that the Persians were at war with
Herat, aud the British feared, if Herat fell, that
the Persians, instigated by Kussia, would as
sail British India next. It is true also that
Dost Mohammed was believed to favor the
Persians' designs on Herat. But that Dost
Mohammed was, at this juncture, bo.tiic to the
British, has never been proved. Dearly, how
ever, did the British pay for their interference.
In November, 1841, an insurrection broke out
at Cabul against the British. Iu the tumult
Sir Alexander Barnes, and several other dis
tinguished officers, lost their lives. This par
tial risiug wa3 followed by an insurrection over
the whole kingdom. The British, for tbe first
time in India, since Lord Clive began to lay
the foundations of their power, quailed before
the storm. Sir William McNaghten, the Brit
ish euvoy at Cabul, agreed with Akber Khan,
the favorite son of Dost Mohammed, to evacu
ate', tlte country, Akbtr stipulating to escort
the British army to the frcnt.ers, aud Sir Wil
liam pledging that Shah Shuja should abdicate,
iu order to make room for Dost Mohammed's
return. At a second meeting between Sir Wil
liam and Akber, a dissension arising, probably
provoked on purpose by the latter, Sir William
was shot dead by the Affghan -chief. ' Akber,
however, agreed subsequently to tarry out the
terms of the treaty. :,
Now began a retreat the horrors of which
only that of Moscow has equalled in i modern
times. Akber protessed to escort ; tne liritisti
army, but secretly; instigateaf it is euevcu, me
mountain tribes to assail tliem; aud consequent-
iy tbe march -jwiw'nstitt..atf' 'jdJkiiT.a Bceno
were blocked up witn snow ; . tne troops ; were
encumbered with a large number of women and
children, besides a: vast body of camp followers.
Some died from exposure, and. some were left
to perish from Eickuess ou the way side; but
the greater quantity fell by the sword of tho
merciless mountaineers. ' Never but ouce in
modern times has a more tigual vengeance been
visited on invaders. The passes were filled along
the whole line of retreat, with corpses,' that c
ten were pi led in heaps. Almost the only per
sons who escaped were some ofliccrs and their
wives, who had placed themselves under Akber's
personal care, a few marches from Cabul, and
who, after mouths of captivity, after terrible
privations and after long weeks of suspense,
more agonizing than the worst privations, suc
ceeded, by bribes, iu making, their escape and
reaching the nearest British fort, having ridden
several days in hourly peril of their lives.
The British, meautime, had advanced in force
from their own side of the Indus, aud had even
penetrated to Cabul;. but the prisoners having
been thus recovt rod, and Shah Shnja liaving been
assassinate-!, it was resolved to leave the Aff
ghans to themselves. Accordingly Dost Mo
hammed, who had been retained iu captivity all
this time, and whose participation in the late
eventi, though suspected, cuold not be proved,
was set at liberty. He took possession at once
of the throne oi Cabul, The British simultane
ously abandoned that capital, but not until they
had destroyed its famous bazar. It was in
November, 1842, that the last division re-crossed
the Indus, and the Affghan pr'inte was re
stored to freedom and escorted t the frontiers
of his kingdom. Just twelve months had elaps
ed siuce the insurrection in Cabul. But in that
single year a more fatal blow had, been struck
it tic British power, by destroying the idea of
British invincibility, than the whole ninety pre
ceding years had witnessed, since the British
arms lirst began to make headway in the Easl,
Dost Mohammed has no love for the Knglisl . little. doubt that he secretly canetd the
massacre at Cabul, and that he will, at the first
chance, siek still further vengeance. In releaR-
. -m- ... i . . .1 1'.. . . . . f .. ..r,-. tknn
ai'jc mm, me nriusa atuu uum icm mvue uu.i
any other motive; for thev found they could
not hold Afghanistan, anu mey inougnt ii
would conciliate Dost Mohammed to sethim ct
libertv. -1 'hU. Ledger.
A Good Excuse During the rcvolutionaiy
war, wlien draughts were made from the milil.a
to recruit the continental army, a certain Cap
tain gave liberty to the men draughted from his
eomoany to make their objection if they had
anv.'against going into service; accordingly, one
of "them, who had an impediment in his speech,
came forward and made his bow -; ;
'What is your objection?' said the captain.
'I ca-ca-cau't go answered the man, I st-st-
stutter '
'Stutter,' said the captain, 'yon don't go there
tn tfilk hut to hsrht.
'Ay but they'll iut me on gu-gu:guard,
a man may go ha-ha-half a mile beiore I ca
can sa v
may go iia-iia-uaii .
wh-wh-wlio goes there.
that is no objection, lor iney i""--
another sentry v
;i-b vnn he can cuuuvugw
- . 1 tlnwiMn
you fire.'
-"Won lin-bn-liut I may
taken and run
can cry u-qu-
through' the h-e-a-r-t before I
qaTL?riaBt plea prevailed, and the captain, af
ter a hearty laugh, dismissed him.
A fire in Pliiladelphia on the night of the 21sfc
destroyed $50,000 worth of property. ,

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