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    Til E N OUT H S V A It 0 L I N I
i ii
N . C.
For the Carolinian.
Meeting of the Bacchanalian Club for the pur
pose of celebrating Christmas appropriately.'
The Meeting was called to order by a mo
tion made by Mr Vagus, who moved that the
Hon. Mr Profligatus take . the Chair, The
motion was -agreed to. The Chairman arose
and said1:
"Gentlemen. King Bacchus will be here in
a few minutes : you know whom I mean, Ar
gutus the great. But gentlemen, I must ex
press to you my profound thanks, for the very
deserved compliment you have conferred on me
by making me president of your meeting, jJet
the eartli quake and the Ocean tremble, and
let the immensity of space shower down on u?
its curse generally but I will never desert
you. . . .. ' ' . I
I am one of the noblest works of mankind-
and honest man,' 'and if I don't discharge tjfe
duties of this meeting correctly, why then some
of you tell me of it, that's all.
Here t lie president took his seat amid a
loud tall fur a treat from the chair. Vagus
moved that the mectijig proceed to business.
He was decidedly in favor of the treat, but
thought there were other gentlemeu present
who would'to stand treat, and! he poped
the members of the society wouldj prterye
order until all could be heard, and then all
would have a grand glorification The treit
was suspended, for a short time only.
Sarscullotes was then loudly called for.
Sarsculottes said Mr President, I don't spe
the necessity; for all this fuss and feathersjif
yon are going to do any thing, why don't ypu
do it ? that's the question. My notion is tip's
-relative to this meeting if a pigeon kills a
pigeon, let him always hide the feathers ; thaj-'s
my doctrine : and if you eat snu-ke, hide the
skin ; for, if you dont, some other snake migh
come along and .see the' skin and kick up a. fuss
til-out it. (Loud calls for drinks.) The speaker
being interrupted, 'became confused and to6k
his sent. ' " !
Sanseouei, a brother of Sauscullotts, Was
next called for, but being very free and easy
(dead drunk) declined speaking. 1
Shanghai -attempted to make a very few re
marks, but was so tall, thai the society Vetoed
spcakablcs, and invited him to hand down Ids
s-peech with a little nutmeg:
The President then said there were some res
olutions, in the house he would he glad to hear
from. (Cries of "the resolutions.'5) f
ignoramus, Ksq., arose amid enthusiastic
shouts and said: I
Misser President, Pse been
for some time 'thout sayiu
looken on here
anything but l
have got some"t'.solutions Inyi guiue to offer
to this meetin. .
The 1st preamble I am guiu to offer is this:
Wharas, There is a mighty fuss kicked tip
about us what wants to take a dram now and
tli en. ' J
2nd Wharas, I think people had a darned
sight butter tend to their own bizrtess than to
be troublin us good sitizens. ,
Tharfore, Resolved That whoever wants a
dram, will take it by himself) if he feels like (t,
or otherwise. I
Resolved, That when man is axed to driuV
he will drink in course. J
In sportiu these I might say a good deal
Mr President : but I wont, cause I dont thitk
it beariu on the pint in view. f
Ihe resolutions Were unanimously adopted,!
Incomes Jiacchus. I
President "Here Bacchus take this seat If
Bacchus Well hie, boys what hie, you qui
bout here? hie, been having a hie gloritioatiqn
thou t let tin hie, me know anythiu
President "We assure you sir, that we hate
the most profound regard for you. The SuL
Moon ayd Stars in all their brilliancy migjU
darken the universe, before we would deign fo
forsake you or cease to do you homage."
Bacchus "All hie, right boys what haVe
you got to drink? come up boys til of you."
Cries "We'll all driiik with vou." I
The meeting then adjourned to Mike Slo-
can's grocery en masse, where the day was rc
li -udy and ai propriately celebrated. xf
, , ; . i
A bFUMo.v. It hardly stems possible tha'J.
the subjoined specimen of "Pulpit exercise in
Texas" can he'authentie; and yet we are inform
ed by a brother Ktlftor in that region, that lit
is entirely true, he himself having heard it det
Iveied. "One of those zealous preachers whp
draw illstration from everything, and suffer uh
opportunity to pass at all admitting of a niorf
sal, arrived at his log church one morning quit!
late, and took for his text: "JIa reel not:" and
then went on in the following strain, in his pel!.' half singing voice: "My friendi
th- scripture sirs, 'marvel not.' and hence it ii
wrong to mnreLs-er. As I was riding along
this iiiorning-er on my way to this place, J
happened to look up, and I seen a parcel o '
boys .playing .marvels-er There Was a leait
boy, so thin that it seemed if he had been a lit
- tie thinner, the wind when it blew, would blow
him away-cr; ami there was a fat bov there, s
fat, that if he had been a little fatter, he.woulq
have been as wide as he was higher-er. Am
they were playing ruarvels-er; and I heard
. what ho said-er. And soon I heard the leaii
f)vV, that it seemed as though he had been sj
lrtt!erthiner, the wind when it blew would blow
him away-er, say Tm fat.' And he Iied-er; foj
iie was no more fat than I was-er. And then
they played agin-er; and I heard the fat boy
so fat that if he had been a little fatter, h
would have looked almost as wide as he wa
hiirh-er. say 'Tin lean;" and he lied-er. for he
was no more lean than I was-er, and there came
up a boy spry as a criefcet-er, and he kept
running about and skipping, and jumping anc
sbouting-er. And he played with the rest; anc
in aclittle while I heard him say, "By golly I
am dead-er." And he lied; for he was no mord
dead than I was-er. NVv my brethren, the
Scripture says, "thou shalt not lie-er; and yott
see marvelling leads to lymg-er. And you see
how wrong it is to marvel. And therefore, I
or. tro cwf.n'n 'mnrrel not. xii
mi J a -
In imitation of Dr. LftdP tide on the Cholera.
By mansion and cot,
By fountain and plain,
Bycinctuttl grove plot
I am cjDjiing again,
To execnte jadgmentian angel of wrath,
With terror and anguish! and death in icy path.
wun me stealth of a thief
At mid h
ght, I come,
To rifle
by thy grief,
hy home ;
piy cold shadow to cast,
In the land of the rose
A nd blight the fond hop
b of hearts I have passed
rohglijqBarabers otyealth,
lanes will I weep ;
Xnd blast!
Jig Its health,
Lrtave tl
e city to weep.
k rom the scourge of my breath, the stranger
- shall fieej 11
And the desolate barqte be left on the sea.
Every streit will I tread,
CrOsmg!itbre-h'tJuse and malrt,
Crowding graves with the dead
At each kiroke of my dart ;
For the
plaguecart slum wait by your mansion
of pvide.
The rich and the pood
to the darli-baTiso-Buiattt here an,pi:oper! ,'
ouwirtt advancing , ,
Like a Stronir man from win
Whe1 re reVi'Mers are dauciug
inj the si ade of the vine,
With the step of a giant,; their circle I tread,
Before me the living j-behiud me the dead.
I i
Through tile massive-built wall, .
gateways of brass.
At tire victim' faint call, ,
Death is
Neither turrets iior art
eager to pass ;
is can be a delence,
touch of my dire pesti-
'Gainst the lit e-quelliny
iNot' the; bancs of thy sires
ihat ludlow the soil.
Nor the fa lies nor the fires.
Stay the Bechiiion's toil ; .
Tho' thy Crestet may
gleam, and the Cross
may be shown,
To the harvest of deatli
I go speedily on.
O'erblast df the gale
The wild shriek is heard,
Of women' that wail
For their children adored
Like-the mothers oTB
ypt, aroused from their
I iud their first born
infected and dead on
their breast.
Weep, maj 1 in thy bower!
Weep, jui.sband and wife !
For I taint in an hour
The loveljones of life ;
Weep, city of graves !
lbwl, Queen of the West!
For my pestilence preystoh thy fair sunny breast
And those
iom I spare
From in M
poisonous breath;
Groji paleS
pith the fear
0"the a'ijgel of death,
And like ghosts from
they meet, !
their tombs, in silence
In gaunt forms that; move through the deso-
late street. is
! r
And when!
have shrouded
Ihy dwellings in gloom,
Thy Tatilts afe all crowded
Thy city & tomb
The Creole shall weepk 'r they Jresh-turfd sod,
And read in thy ruin t( reverence his God.
- '
O ! Sovere gn on high,
Stay, stay Ithy dread hand !
Hear a nut oil's loud cry
For a' pMgue-smitten land !
Let Death sheathe his sword, our sacred homes
And joy turn away the wail of despair
The Bechiiiou is a public officer of Florence
who during a plague, carries away the dead.
Charleston, S. C.
The English Navy.
missioii in the ug!ish
There were in com-
jixavy, on the 1st inst.
264 vessels of alii kinds
carryiug 5,037 guns
and 49,044 men.
1st of January o
is ia reduction since the
61 v
1,194 guns and
13,691 men. Of those!
in commission
on the
st mst., 24 vessels, 4 25 guns and 4,218 men
had been ordered homi
An American poet sy is! that hand-organs
"Are crusaders sen I
From some inferi al clime,
To pluck the ejes t seutimeut,
And dock; the tail of rhyme,
To crack the voice of melodv.
And break the le
But hark! the air a
The, music all is !
s of time. I
am is still,
And silencej like alpoultice, comes
To heal the blowiiof sound,
- ,i i It cannot be it is-Utis
A hat is going ro i
,. i A Poetical Siibsrriber.
There is more truth than poetry in the fol
ft Hi
lowing letter from Alabama, received by yes
terday's inaiL We havfej read smoother rhyme
and more accurate orthography with less, pleas
ure. It inculcates a useful moral which we
commend to some of ourl readers to whom it
may apply.' Long live 1
he so laudably covets:
"Enclosed find Two I
ley Paper. i i j
For Ue Who takes
e writer in that peace
H -'
qllars for your Week-
lie papers
And pays his Bil
si when due,
Can i
ive in peace w
tli! God and man
Arid with the Pr&iter Two.
How much will you 1
iave learned after hav
ing carefully tead 'these few lines?"
Of course these . three
Manes only are meant.
Rkaragna Ms natural resources.
We copy: the. following from a . recent
of an emigrant to Nicaragua, : to Gov.
head, of Kentucky: . i .
"The next point of interest to which I
tdm yonr attention is, the agricultural r
ees of this country, and I shall do so hn
nami ig over some of the products of the
try, umong which areto be found coffee,?
cocoa, or nut from which - chocolate is
cotton Iudiau .corn, wheat and to'-at .
course all of the tropical fruits grow abun t;
Of Indian corn three crops are grown an.
and it is the opinion ;5of tneju who hnre
raised in the Mississippi Valley States .V
least three, times as much corn can .be ps
here as in the best of those States. The
cane grows ranch ranker, than -in the sout
portion of the United States, and unnie:'
bly almost double the amount of sngar c.
produced here, acre for acre, than can be
d need in the South as you call it rTold. "
tucky. I Coffee grows as abundantly here,
the quality is as good, as iu anjr of tliu 1
India Islands i The profitable culture Vfcc
here is a matter of not so much certaliKy .
tobacco this country will one day i : v;,
world, both in quality and 'quantity" of ( V
and sinokiiig tobacco.; Indigo is eas
to be as good as ; ; "
is also protluc 1 !
most valuable kinds of wood.
i.OU s
in such abundance as to be used for'ljmdn
building purposes, and the gum tree, frrlrwhrylf
India rubber is made, is also abundant! J El)0i5T,
rosewood n ml T?rrril
Stock; of al kinds common to" the 'jtJ Staeyf
docs -well hpi-P TTnrcoc rnnw n'nii
do well all over the country, and iportions of
this State and others of the Centfi Aiheric4n
States (the high table lands) shecl do well alld
are grown with great profit and advantage:
domestic fowls; are fully as ubi
idant as; in
Kentucky. ?
The Houaiebank of thz PtSplt'.
e find in an English paper
sketch of the Rev. Mr Spurgeon
young preacher" of Londqn :
he following
he "eloquent
His sermons were purchased dnd read, and,
being a kind of comic pulpit, tlbugh in parts
uismal and obscure enough, reiders became
listeners. Park street ''Chapel
overflowed ;
d 4,000 was
Exeter Hall, with capacity to hd
hired, but as many more thousan
the Strand unadmitted. Next J
Music Hall was hired. It is said
is remained in
liien's Surrey
o hold 10,000
with cramming, 2,000 more.1
On Sundiiy
d withouLthe
evening last the number within al
Surrey Gardens' gates, attracted by Mr Spur-
geon, wns variously estimnted 'at from l'8,06o
in the times to 30.000 in other daily papers.
Now, what is the manner and matter of this
preacher? The inquiring visitor sees a shoii,
square-built man enter, with a 'round, palfil
looking face, relieved, however, by expressive
dark eyes and a profusion of black hair parted
in the middle. His reading -and prayer1-. iin
which there is nothings ?erZskgula niilcslt
be a " familiarity SugiabFiif"trw
which he addresses the Throne of Gi;ice, h:e
begins his sermon. If it have reference to the
full of Adam and expiation. of sin through fait i
in Jesus Christ, he lets his 'audience know, in
jovial kind of tone, that he is about to amuse
them. lie looks intently to the farthest cornej
of the house, and exclaims " Holloa, Adam ,!
where art thou, Adam ?" In the prestiinption
that Adam is afraid to face such a congregation
in answer to such a summons, he makes the
father of mankind reply tremulously,,IIere ami
I; what wonldst thou?" " What would I ?'j
he indignantly rejoins, "I would know what!
you have done, Adam, that we are all damned
through you? Adam makes a speech. The
preacher answers him. Adam has a rejoinder;
the preacher another. Adam is greatly abash
ed, and has decidedly' the worst of the argument,
and is told,; in the slang of the tap-room, " I
thought I should make him sing small." Then
in jolly, rollicking, bantering style, he comforts
Adam thus, 'Ah never mind, never mind, man;
we have a new Adam, we have Christ instead
of you," &e. ; Then he brings the Trinity on
the platform, and holds colloquy with - them.
In like manner he introduces prophets, apostles
and alL other scriptural personages." He makes
the Saviour and Mary Mg3alen hold conver
sation, the preacher imitating the tones of a
timid, repentant woman. And this it is which
the tens of thousands of the metropolitan popu
lation are crowding, even nnto death, to hear,
to grieve at or to approve, by occasional bursts
of laughter or floods of tears. He' gives scenes
from hell, in which the persons represented are
his brother mi n isters..w Ltli 1 h c ? r en 1 1 r f'n- tjnj.
e nas a poweriui voice and alters , .u s
with considerable effect, in a dramati' Ke ,U?L,,
He walks up and down the "' pLitfor" -"tt
only at home when he has such a . stage. A
pulpit cramps him. He tells"that his gains to
the kingdom of Christ have been a thousand
souls a year, since he came to London, and he
expects they will amount to ; an additional
thousand this year. Have we said encuh "of
this preposterous mountebank? S
Jack is the
paper says:
ball-room. A Philadelphia
"The sailors recently discharged from the
frigate Savannah gave a ball on Monday eve
ning at the Assembly Building. The ball had
been resolved npon by the tars dnring their
voyage home, each participant giving ten dol
lars to meet the expenses. .The floor manager
wasr an old sailor who gave the signal for form
ing the cotillions with a boatswain's whistle,
The sailors wore their summer dress until near
midnight, when the blue uniform was substitut
ed. The whole affair passed off pleasant! v and
was highly creditable toi the participants.
J. Hoseford Smith, Esq.. has beeirreco"-ni7ed
as Turkish consul for the port of New York
Mr Smith was formerly U.VS. Consul ct Bey-
I'or the CaroIJnianJ
BY E. C 1V.
. . ,,:d for, you have come at last,
; .lung' vision. failing fast
-; i .unlng' throub'tUe dubk that thoa.
. ; about tbec uiitil now. , ,
-f iful! The ucarnate thonght,
, in it.-i essence, halh iaw'roaght
its presence, aid hath ailed
!h" vavalngs never lo be ftnied.
t. and lauud! O hw ray soul did fear
7 harbinger wastbe mere.
: l f a wi.-Ii the weird, " ' "
; of lay heart and Leal. " ';.
y. 'eauing from all time and space,
rfect ion's ev'ryjscattered grace.
tliee, &ad I. well know now,
;l I f.hioo such a btow;
ig. wearily hath trod,
lo ;ihv but a God. .
Iro'nt ;a private letter
to the Rochester
h, Warren countv,
American, dated Mcnimou
Illinois,' iTecember 12 :
A bloody tragedy waai performed at the
'Baldwiij' House,' in
Abotit 2 ;o'clock the t
terrible cry of murder was
heard, and we all started out to discover the
ca,use. Distant only a few yards, there wel-
tering in! their blood lay the victims f the
a . ,- . !
most sanguinary, single-hand conflict it has been
myjot to witness. The crcuiustaiu es areas
fojiows :! A Mr Fleming, a!u elderly gentleman,
and twoSsons about 2"5 to 28 years of aire, had
called uon a Mr Crozier, at his room atnhe I.
House, i lirmed each with a loaded pistol, to
coerce the latter gentlemn into a concession
and retraction of a caluqnny affecting their
daughter and sister, with
jwhich they charged
Mr Li. v.-, alter some jwarm lannuaire lnul
passed bHwecn the partiet, did sign a re true-
in the
presence of si friend whom the
Messrs Iteming had brought with them.
'Unvnicdiateiy after delivbriiig the paper into
tae poefssion ot the:V fricjid, the Me&srs F.,
or one ollthe brothers, said to M":C:
'I in now
going to:i cowhide you,' aiid
' ii i . .
one of the boys,
o;T v"w..m Miui iu i.eiiu, uirccieu
T'.S i-i-L-.1 ,.iot,.l ..! I.:.. I 1 .1- .. i
tiifi (tflicc fn'iiidii-t tli.. t'
t area ten cd iiii:iiM'ii:ii-iit
.iiS ; . I I
which h !im:nediate!y coiLuieiiced, ie hall
struck 4!ii ee or four lmn
dirk fro In a side pocket.'
r i .
wlieii C. puiled
and r-assing at t he
same iijipp ,fs ie:i. arm aro;
one whiiied the lash, sta
juu Til;- necK ot the
. I 1 .
ibed him in the left
breast ;;jnd, as quick as thdught, withdrew the
Kiute. aim striu- c t ho onrv u- n. :. f :..
io hehl th
1C lUSlOl jx
baek-iiaii'iUd hlow which
i !
cached, s!.s u.d the
xoiu orothers receiva
their de;;
1,1 J- .ionn iwo seconds, jiu- w i- both bh.-oth
eorpseH Jl-jlhree minutes after they were stnuk
in less 'tlniii'two seconds, a
i- w ! hoth blood v
The old; tin ii had
gone ou
inio tiie hail and
Iockedjth;e door, and stood upon the outide,
with aipiVtol, to keep out
" Tiie; jiffair has created jan immense excite
nient hee, I assure von. The Young man
CrozitHfcj, under arrest,' liaving .surrendered
himself; Into custodv and is
l j i
ammatioti to-morrow.
to undergo an ex-
"The! ym pat hies of the jpeople are mostly
with Crozier
TIo nr-t .l.-w n...
T. v i WO.l I L II LI Ul L i
oi uesjiair., lie is a young man,
some 4 oi
30" yearsTold, and-unmarried. He'is said to
.liS' i
have been engaged to the ladv in question, who !
U At nWsPiit nnt. nf tl.P St-.ti ,h,
ties wererespectable farmersL and two of them,
I understand, were members of the church, in
good slaiifling."
Willhijm a letter tb the t
the storyof Bayard Taylor's
ome Journal, tells
liew nome in btr-
many., .With a German gen
ilciii;!!., vho had
. , . ii- . . ,i n .
bet nirellms .,..... h m .Le I .s , he
naii formed one ot tliose friciiilshitjs of vhMm we
had been! Ipeakin
l rt-
, . . .
an mcxi) icahi;' iiiteri-h:'itr,
. I --
of magnetic recognition and
rust I hi'V ivin
from botu their
together; in scenes far remote
honies aiid their acqnaintanoe, brief us it was,
was yet kiiit by unusual associations and by n
sympathy that had been' feeijjrocally complete.
They parted each to return to his own land,
but withodt promise of corresponding; and it
was some time before Bayard heard from his
German friend. f The missive, when it came,
vvasTtartlii!grbowever It Was a formal con
vey ance to him of an estate to belong to him
and to his heirs a free gift, f nd given irrever
"sably, as a pledge and token of friendship.
The grounds were complete, tiie house furnished.
.-. - ; : ; . 3 V ?
Tall Stgar Cane. We wre shown yester
day by ajSouthefii gentleman (Mr W. Koux,
of La.,) sugar canes 28 and S3 feet long! He
informed us that this was the Ch mese sugar
cane now; grown extensively U the State of Il
linois, to which place he had frcen in order to
proenre spme' of that peculiar eed for his plan
tation,! quart of which will pliant an acre. He
told us that, in the southern portions of Illinois
some of the growers of the Chinese sugar cane
nade at the rate o ' $100 to $50 per acre of
land by this coltivf tion. j
BiRDS.-pIt is stated that nd less than twenty
thousand sinking l)irds- are d sposed bf every
year in New York. They "oie raised chiefly in
Germany among the Hartz Mountains, by the
peasants,, and are brought over here during the
sumraeri !h - j
The herpic Sir Charles Najuer wrote very
beautifully and touchingly to a lady on the ev
of his great victory at Meance! "If I survive I
shall soon be with those I love: if I fall I shall
be with those I have loved."
2S"-OVt5) 30ll3XSflJJ:PadBc Railroad ""J1'0'. Unpeople
Sallll d"3 I'Ci mbcr 27, IS5G.
- -
3T- C. . C. MVCkCmmfx is onr duly authorized
agent for the coHectiou of all cla ms due this office,
SSif Tn order that our young men may enjoy
the Christmas holidays as well as the " rest of
mankind,! ue Pu,)lis' his week but one half
of the piper.- Of course no liberal hearted
JiaVron, (and we have none but that sort,) will
find any fault with the Arrangement.
Ve had a sprinkling f snow" hvie on Sunday
last, which perhaps would have covered the iU luc Irauu lucucu ue, aim teur
ground to the depth of an inch or two had itjeJilor dubbed "a wiry demagogical politi-
not rained considerably in
the morning and
wet the earth too much. At the "present
writing,'' it is intensely cold, wuh a keen cutting
wind and the boys, anticipate some skating
on a tmaii scale in a day or two.
IT' feflVii-iir Vrd toj. d the name of our
friend. A. A.. McKay, Y., of lamp's 'oh', :uTiVi'ug
thoo of the!iors of State reeciitly elect
ed by tiie I.ri.'-.hnre. 1 WV in'-ir.t sav more,
lint we caiiitdt say K'; -thasi that 'he s.iiij.iy
deserves the honor. ile'miui.t obtain much
higher ones if he were' inclined to leave the j cl,iCiU,er " scaiit j, corruption ' ana
walks of steady professional life for " the busy the 1' indelicate , and humanly cxpres
arena of political strife! sions, to a great political party, never did one
i iota of harm save to those applying them. And
The " People's Bank," much to our surprise, ! the epithets 'dishonest,' 'unprincipled anarchist'
passed the House of Commons by a majority of! &c applied to a wise and good statesman who
two votes. As to its fa lb in the Senate we are ! has served iiis country in high: official station
not yet apprised, bnt presume that it either has'
been or will be defeated. Its passage through
the House was, in our opinion, a ruse.
Our brotticr of the Wilmiiiffton Journal
is laboring under a seriously wrmur imnrp.-cm..
j respecting the use made of our "heart and" giz
zard" in Sampson. The Erst article we have
none of, having lost it. "in days lang syne'
while walking with a dark eyed lassie one
moonlight night "away down upon the Suwanee
itiver" and :is to tht. latter commodity, we
are not from Turkey, have none of the Shang
hai about us, nor are we particularly sound on
the " goose question." j
CuT-Our neighbor s complaint about his stolen
axe brings to mind (fert t?i uif:tio) an anecdote
wiuen we cannot lorlioar - rcniifr A rlil
i COUhtr.v f'"-nd approa. heo. us with a long sad
I. .... ......... . ' l l .1
-l"'ieiia:ice. aim ieinaiKel lliut some ctiSH'U
! democrat haii got into his smoke bouse and
I st:v '"('his meat.' But, said we. hbw do you
uj a uili.Dliai 1 Vll. &aiU lie.
. .
it had been a know i.othii:g htAl have stole it
all." As Gi iiU'ai Jaikson said, " JZ J'tunlns
u,iUl)l i Vtuuum in p(iro't Levitts ultra.
-v v iv H ii uiui uue ui.oi ess oi uas. ianKS
K.-q., in Kaleigh betbre the Oak City Guards,
upon the " Uoniance uf Scottish History" was
an abie and eloquent effort, and was received
with great applause by; a large and intelligent
audience assi inbled to hear it in the Repre
sentative Hall. - .
ri?v '.. I........ !,.. i r t .. i . i-.
Has come and gone. Santa Clans has douc his
i ",u umi -ou ai Uf Uie lilllC OI1CS
and "smutted
iiisscll" coming down innumerable chimuics to
stock stockings. The usual quantity of egg
Hogg has been compounded and duly imbibed,
! lo sa Uuu of tne
nugg without thy t.rjr
wii:ea nas io.itid its way limv,; acc i; nud ihau
I'ow.ler c.oiigh has been burned, H d uiuuey
enough spent therefor and btherw.M-; lu seuCf
the gospel of him in whose honor these lestivi-
ties were instituted, to Ike uttermost parts of)
I. .y. ..(. 1 . I .- .' I .... . 1
v.v. ...le.., iu uuaniiu ;i!iu ciiiijiuicu uie
darkest spots under heaven. But while ve
trio (.-n-t i .ii.) t.-. ..I. .. .. ... i it. i . I
Ur-tl. wild rOJcri..g, ...d too
: iiiiiv, il iiiiini 4 1.; .1. v c..
v -
i ,., . , ,i , i - ... ,
uji.u-ui!.iiw:eiM.!ie uay, amiu tne cares
i i . . - 1 - . . i ai;ii sorrows oi the weary year
Kr!,,,, Ji :.,; .,.!
j j,rjjt;...
cMitt i:i!
wv "--'t uovt .i . uiiiuuii .-ci.ic ia iiis
every , ye. - ot.k witn just as much
.I...... i . , ..... : i I
who ko
CeZlllg, li.C;:l e!:Ui:lig l'l!rii!iS I rOli'XSS
ps his sad little .. b at vh;ivh all day
to hear
a Christmas sern.ou from a pfosy par -
sou, as
we condemn the prostitution of thatinow 1,1 nrft rate skating order the only n eon-
festive day to Bacchanalian revels and caronsals.j on,ence Leu'o a Lone sticking np here and
However, the day ha come, been spent and ? l,,cre. or a do-'s hind leg tm bars ssmglj prolu
has gone as many another Christmas will come! bcn,nf. or mayhap the shank of a departed
and go, and we wish vou all, good readers, full
many a happy Christmas and many a
New Year's day!
Railroad Accident
The Union and Spartanburg train met with
a serious accident last Snnday a few miles above
Ashford's ferry by which a number of passen
gers were more'or less injured, some very severe
ly. Mr Price, of North Carolina, is danger
ously wounded. The passenger car was thrown
from the track down an embankment someEfty;
feet, rolling over three times and becoming a
perfect wreck. It is a miracle that all were
not killed.
g? We recommend the "verse" below to
our poetical contributors as a "version of our
own aversion to versifiers. There seems to be
a universal and perverse design to reverse the
order of poetical things.'or you may inverse the
j converse of the proposition. There'd'a pun
meat for vou: .
'.To win the maid the poet tries,
And sometimes writes to Julia's eyes;
She likes a verse but crnel whim,
She still appears a-versk tdhirii.,,
XST The -Asheville Spectator, one of thes-3
rftah!il custodians of American liberties, but
for whose sleepless vigilance and paternal guar
dianship the conutry would go to "rack and
ruin," has, in the short space or several columns,
laid bare a conspiracy on the part of James
Burhanan to cheat and defraud the bouth,
humbn? the rteonle irtnerallv. and bu;!d a
and their representatives m tongrcjs wish h
or not. He has aUo dioVbVeVed Mr Buchanan
! to lf npitlipr "nn Iiftiirct n;aii" nor "a TiatriOt.
j together wit! he proof backed up by strocg
assertions and deliberate opinions without
, . . . t 1 ... , ,
j ber, that his elechon ws ubtnitud by fraud,
j chicanery una 'rascality.'' After dissecting Mr
j Uuchauan " piece by piece" and exposing all
! his euormitios.the Spectator, gazing indignantly
! upon the Democratic party, thus let off : "How
long will you suffer yourselves to be duped a u.d
led astray by a class of men who prey daily, a ve,
hourly upon the vitals of your personal and na-
' tb il rospenty." Then the Kalrich Standard
j 1
: COuuS lM for a Colnmu 1 r E0 k r iU 1 artsdI ulxu
cian cunning as a iox ' ic. Ut course TIT
Uolden will immediately, uftcr this exjese
leve the chair editorial and retire into "same
vast wilderness, sofafe boundle?s contiguity of
shade," where his deeds tf penance may have
no spectators, and where he may hereafter res
in the sweet. as-urauce that his country is safe
in the hands of ?o pure, national and incor
ruptible a party as ckmr.s, as
else VI us i ii:i.::j!0..-s, t::C Li::u-v:::
tutor. In CLi.iuviuii. us to
that the apj.l.c:;tIo;.' oi Mich terms as "fraud,"'
for more than a quarter of a century,' and who
has just been chosen by the willing vcf.e r.r.J
votes of his countrymen to preside over ti e
nation, can onTy recoil upon the head of Lira
who casts them.
The Legislature
Is under adjournment uutil the first of Jcnu-
ury. There is any amount of business before it
yet; and what may be the length of the sess'oa
' it is impossible to tell. As to the Western
Railroad Bill, we are afraid to cherish a hee:
but trusting to the wisdom, fairness and justice
of the Legislature, we look forward to its pas
sage or the defeat of every other internal im
provement bill.
Not that we are ungenerous or would be tir
just. But if the ciaims of Fayetteville are set
aside, and not only those of Fayetteville, but
the claims of the Slate upon her legislators to
. ! .Inf ..In. .. tl.... ! -.-.I- 1
i uc" l,ul": UiUSl' luuueiise riouncs wumn la r
very heart, the brirging forth of whii-h w
! tclit !o ',tr iierenw-ti prospefitT, we cannot seo
Hi "J -. iuuiaim nj(.wm lumuilUU il.UltM.
- i ... ... ..
shouid be regard id and iidvaticid ly the State
Should ti c Wcsurn "Railroad I ill le Ci a!
del eat id, we are a!ia.U a r. t.!t.i t:tcni:
ure uvu:ts c ituiii oil ti in ini, i i.t il i'tt , i,
a spirit of revci ge, but l y ti c; (J i ;
the same priticiph s of tpj (..-itieii ul.iih si
have charactt rizid tl.c m ln u oi m- i i uti,- g
it. No appropriation is ;;?kid aid the o'j
stereotyped excuse t!.;.t "mr tt?i.s:;ti:ii-t in
structed tne to involve the State i;o in
debt," is therefore ina plicaLle here. But
should that be the proui.ds of oj portion uj r n
which the bill is dtlu tui, li e Am e "ici tiiu-
miiitfi-f-.4Tl.. .. J? .1. -1: i -ii
7 '""luuniii M.uuiU lii.u ;OVtri
all cases, evi n whtie tl.iy cieV.s ii.r
I I Hi ;! !e
as in this instance: -!c ii.J.r.
i (: u ut;; e
wuld not be u.ettd all.
Win pulling is wry ifT.cici't,
intrigue fct ompl much ? 1 s plain, maidv,
honest, open ionise is olttn the ,m1 m.u in
variably the iafest.
iS"" We fee, from late accounts in the New
York and New Orleans rarer tl at W
. ' '
L- f. r
i sitoatioii is gi owing n-ore and mere dt5 t rate,
i SnrrnnmlKil nn .11 tirl... u . i i .
w ,,,, aiuv.o ui on cneuiy ni.ui i.e
has tmedly delated bet r. r ca'n. it sn
' j . , , .
- -..x,... u.v iu i viiitn. ia ciiL:;ii:cLi in ci.
. . :
i pprretnal batt'i- a r.i hss P4t v 'th
j prospect of ce at. on in the future
But- 1 e
. mci: equal i tvirv i Tncrtrf-r.rv
1 y 1 is
!:: " V . , t
'.gei:i:?s, f-ucrgy atd ui.fii..-!:i!g- .'!f :
. . - : . .
tcrj'fi .
j aSA'at celebrated ditch in cur vicinity is
shanghai rearing its gaunt proportions through
r. ? i
ma icy surouu: ,uui mese are snent vexations
compared .witn- its many, advantages, even
omitting the delightful breeze which comes
"stealing and giving odor from beneath the
sewer's archway.
The jrrtl Carolinian."
After a discontinuance of sundry and divers
weeks, this paper hni again turned up ; the
copy received is that of Nor. 22d, at.difall
the future issues of it should be filled with in
teresting matter like the one alluded to, we
! :n I i. :i ..
win umajs nan us arrival on our desk with
pleasure. The 4 Carolinian is certainly one of
ouf most witty exchanges, and demonstrates
that its editor Mr Wni. F: Wightman, is a very
amusing white invXeirbern i n icn.
Shade or. Tom Hood ! Spirit of Douglass
Jerrold ! Pouch, where art thou ? We have
often been insulted, browbeat, trampled on,
run over and generally devastated but this
"Smash up" has done the business for us. We
have often 1een "scorched,? by Our cotempora
ries but this new burn business is our final
conflagration. Would we could exclaim " TL
wavea foUoVer mc.' Slah."

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