North Carolina Newspapers

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V. F. WiailTMVJf'i CO. Proprietors. Win. T. ' WighUiian Kditor.
op so'iscfiipriav td riE ..cAaouxi&a
For a single copy, if paid ia. advance, per annum, $2 00
" " " at the end of 3 month, 2 50
" " at the end of 6 m mt'is, 3 03
" " at the fni of th- y -ar, 3 50
w'll e recnvel Tor a shorter period
s pail ia advance.
Wilh 'h. vhvr of ext jn uag Vie circ U Uin aid en
u1.; , h? ii-rf Itts of thj oi'ier, th3 piopi-iA r of"
Ors the fl'o v:fs re mi'kuMy low
un m t f.vr. hi wlv v d va vc s.-
5 cf)f:ee of ?he CtrViiaian, 1 y -ar, $8 00
NTo subivsrip'toi
lhaa o ie y;ar u il 1
for the first
for sale hr '
Aug. 30. 1356. s-
Vro d's II ir Restorative
913-tf. -
JANUARY 3,. 1857.
Maryland lotteries.
, There is tide in the fTira of mn - ' J
Which if taken t the flood. le.l!Kfortoae. -Osl
I ittlAl. MAY MAKE YCli UlCH f OU. LIFE.
- Splendid Schema DrarlnssDajly. . ,: ; ,
T-O f!0BI?f;& GO.' -
nn p3fMt.Jil AntHoried Agents who hate
, fur in.: the State of Marylfcnrt
Wholes A! Halves SO ets. ' QitartCEM 25 pte.
rs oi r . , 2fi Whole TieKew "'v
it operate a few time, and if the d. roc- 26 hoi. i ? g.0iJ
The mbscriber having purchased the RiRht ot tne
ibove tiatfiine fo- the Counties of Cumberland an
Harnett, ia now r-ady to furnish sach as may be
desirous of obtaiai-jr a Riht. The machine is 'mple,
both in it structTfre and operations, and should Any
oortion of it ful. b" e?' sfAynZV.
by any perm hav-tnth se of tools. -I do not claim
for this machine morgan what it is Me .perform
.1... ,i,;;rt,i o-.i.ilor which almost e ery
with 'tre ordimux outi In the firs, Jj J
IZ or 1J years ui . , , ,
bavins teen
. Tlxe Trt
that the
of AM
Mr Met"
to alfc'
ve t ana
I r. e .
tTE iraid-lif
R?trt of Advertising J
',(. ft.nta nnr -auare of 16 lines, or less,
, i. : 1 1 a iiTi'-a the
And 30 ce st for ; 1 u''l 11 ''""" - 7"-Vlvo-lis-mt
ispuMis'md fr more than two fwth
"v.Leri lt vc '"r'
For Ihree mo Ulis, $ 60 :
For six months, - - - - 00
For twelve months. ----- 10 00 fl
Ml advertis-msnts must have the desirr nnmh-r of in.
a .1 '111 :
na ked on thm, orth?rwise tney wui oe. m-
liuviu- yv ..." u . i, : 2R Halt 1
tions are adhered to, will oas " T! ihi 26 garter Tickets
as three or four women in oru.a., f-i vriTUT :fi VKMTURB.
vo.r.. lr n-ni hr mnch better ao ie
a certificate from those w
sert'ons 1
i-rt.'d till r.rb d and char-d accordiiigly.
attention in dirrctrd to thii requisition.
Attorney at l-aw, I'ay ei e vi He, K. C.
Office at the coi ner of Bow and Green streets.
Feb'y 3. 1"6.
'Aril . lb"t. ; ?
, I, Fayette viLi.K, N. C April 9. 1856.
, We the undersigned, havina: purchased of Mr lsham
Blake one of the above machines, cordially recommend
itlo the favor of the Public. It washes very rapidly,
and the work is much better done than is usually done
in the old way, and with less wear to the Clothing.
It far exceeds oiir expectations, and has only to be
seen in operation to satisfy the most skeptical of its
utility and economy. We have no doubt of its being
Uv nssifl wherever introduced.
D. G. McRak;
Uakets Bought by
"eSl0 we sen I
ho have purchased and now Wjctkets Bought by the Pickagq arc always the mot 1
hare in use one ot niese , r,r kvr r TTZ T T J - ' ; 1
Aage Halves i.,tvvo yhola tickets i 2-''j,
kage Quarfs & one Whole Ticket.' Deo r 207
For $5 wi send package Qu
nl raor
!r la ord
iiiu far
matics. T
I'.'V ... : r
'j(bic mAi3K iy.
-pf- to iiinonnce to the public
fjhis Iistitution will open on
,iVy next, nner Jhe supervSisioa
o?hlin a l'rincipl.
f graluate of the Unrver;'ty of:
testtmonJals are of the b'hest
Jt-fbi Trustees i giving assurance
i VfKsrd ic. i'atronize the Iastitu-,-.5
4?ie i. Ivantages of systemaiTc
: u-u,e miles -east of Carthage
IeS? 3 Western Plank Road, in the
.Clvcroora! and intelligent ojeighbor-
t 5ritre be free, ironv many of the
t ttich so mac! endan ger the health
-eirtiiia, Town and Villages.
": 'From the Charleston Trws, :
- AVe have A weekly paper pnblish'ed in this
city Called The Cfttirchman," whieh is, or mice
waf, looked upon &s ike-orjaiv, par excelled re, of
the IlitrU Giiurcli E -Ucnpalisins, thousrh-fcdito-rially
it prdfessed to be independent of mmr and
all the parties Into which thatjiighly .'respecta
ble denomination of Clmstians is jsti)posl to
be divided. In jother days. Bishop Onderaonk.
Bishoiv Waiuwrijfht,, Rev. Dr. Haight.1 and
otlier eminent divines were amonjr its reaolar
Oh tyattsnts of the Institution may Tie contributors: bet the tendencies of ."i I he
. .L thefoMowin&Iow rates of tui- ' P!,r,-hinan " in these latter da v. are said to
be so decidedly Puseyistical, that the higher of
the high vhurchmn-here have deemed it judi
cious or Expedient to cut or deny its connection
:PyttWa-tn auvacchave been adopt-
24 in ailraneemen, $10 to SI ".
siht higher, brauciies of Mathe
er. Sharif.
29-3 1
ur pxpeiliviiv lJ cui U neiijr lis cunna-iiuu.
ipiiurchmaM' nevertheless is edited with
issftiff alTdity, aiwl tli'e way . it wiilks . ntc
tan reltrionisiAi
.1. A Si'HARS,
ATTSN'D.S the Courts of Cumberland, Harnett.
lVake and Johnston.
Adlress, To;:uer, Harnett Co., N. C.
Feb. 1C. l.S". 8-"-y
.'hs'.i'.ist ' 1 iVii
i''ii'y 7 1 A ti.
!t' us.
.Jirj. Or. S. J. Hinsdale's
; i-tf
L-' A C r i 14 V.
i.u ly wipj '.te
()t. 1. 185G.
to i-:. w.
Fayette ville, N
AucV.eii Store,
p ;R SALE.
i I -i- " f.nll f X ' 0 ip Fear :li ver -stor ..
Dvllii- ir fnnllii ir-t. rate or.l T. The Stor.
is it a i"... :ilsi i-ss M-x.l at th- Cr ss lloalsa i ltn.
Ail is Dt t j -ve.'lli !v ny in North Carolina.
ii.Mi.i lairing to piMhase can obtain farth."
th. npnn.irtv bv cailinjr ci
...p ..i- .1 tt .V His' Cr 5 ' da the Wdnv.ngtoa Uoa-l
i s iu.I?-' Iro n v ayetisvui
Oct. 4.
1 S-tf
JAM E-:s WlllC JUT.
UTHM.n return his thanks to
the public for tha liberal p vtro i
Are H lias received, and hope
Kv punctuality in business, for a
ltLiintion of tin- same
Ha ha commenced' basin ss !.
h"s responsibility, on tli-.
th si.Ie of Person si reer. i .
T 1
ow tile l.;ape rem
loors his o! 1 staau wnere n- ..u....
all Iks old fr'.en Is. lie expects to kee
,r0.d assortment of Saddle-". Bridles hips
l :nr III HIS I II' li Uliniili;--!'.
.Ino. D. Wiuiams,
.JiSP.s D. Starr,
Joseph A. Worth,
A. J- O'Haxlox,
David Wemyss.
We in ooirpanv with several other g.jni.emen. saw
four dollar bill which was very dirty and much
defaced, put in and washed out ny un mammc.
moving all the dirty appearance oi me sin, ami iea7
it perfectly legible, which shows mere is nine ui
V. .!. Anhkrsos,
Wm. McLacris,
A. P. Hurt,
Ja. G. Smith, '
norubbir.g produced in washing fine articles.
Frank N. Roe
Look at the following ..
One of which are drawn at 12 o'clock each day of tBe
BRILLIANT. ' -47,2G7
Class 310. -
5CUFfK. -
' 1,000
1 50
1 SI
,. 06
Robe$on Institute.
naisance lit tlfTs riTy, it iH?ftf i'-m , ; f
shiiipers of the God of this world. : The i.ldr "eek i t
a Mr Ramsey, who was formerly a clergyman
......-. i r?i -i i t 1 e
G. Smith.
1 prize cf
1 do
1 do
1 d6
1 do ,
1 60 do
' r.4 do
04 do
fi do
4.328 do
22.17G do
The exercises of this Institution will be resumed on
Monday the 5th '.Jaauary next.
j , Tuition per Session. Spoiling. . Common En
Igiish, Natural Science. St 5. Ancient Lau-
gnages, 18. tddents are prepared for the Soph.
' Clas ia the Uaiversity of N. C.
The-prtucipal has chaage of the commodious Stew
ard Hall, where, board cau be obtained at c per month,
exclusive of wasttiug and room lig'uts.
- -Board aad tuitioa payable in advance, if required.
The traveling public are also informed that comforta
ble accommodations can be obtained at the Stewards
Hall, on reasonable terms'.
St. Pauls-, Dec. 20, 1?5. 2(J-St -
and the proprietor
miller of this city, and, I
sacri lice's lie is making to
mnii"' on its legs, a thonii:
Christian. Last week
dare say, from the
fceep "The Chorch
iih irotiig and sincere
two commuiucations
24,Sil prizes amounting to
PVT.T. KTOOiv. new receiving, uy
Aug. 30, 1S5(V.
l O-Jv).
5.000 Dollar!.
Class 102.
beauti fil patterns.
So'Hll SI
and three
be glai to
on h i l l a
V K II will atie i 1 to repairing of addl
i i.-, ..!...-Jiill he moderate.
.-. -v ( i-i i ii i.ii.ii
1. 1 . Ill '
Septeii'b r 13. 1S."1.
P,: Mcliam'hl k StiMitgc will nay the bigli
est ca-h price for
Sept. 3. 1S."1.
'furpentiiie until turtner nonce.
t,r.n r
!ir-t r.i
I M S' ) .IT:-:
f i ! ir ; ;iH
tinuatio.i of t'l
l r n l TT T Tr II S removed
iM . T A U I i IV his Boot & Shoe
establishment to the comer ot
Gillespie and tranklm streets.
t'i' -:t '.!.; I'.iVc. in a i l u ider the rooms
un-d bv th S of T. He Ins on hand a
stock of I'll ! n a-il FANCY, HOME and
r.i) llviis. S'.i : -s. ' i liters, itc. and will manu-
irt el 's ia h s i; i in the iist style at snort
1'i ii iful for past I i.'ors, lie solicits a con
ns, r i! i l : i i vzi hereioiore oesioweo.
ii. p. p i: A - it c n
S NOW OPKNTNG. a large and desirable Stock of
co lS'Sting in part of
tlack and Colored Silks,
English and French Merinos.
Plain and Fig'd DeLane, sum
Black and Fancy Alpaciis.
Edgings and Inserting.
Collars and Undetsleeverf,
. Cactus and Whaleoone Skirts,
Jaconet. Nainsook. Swiss arid Plaid Muslins,
French, English and American Prints,
Cloths and Cassim-.-res.
Sat'metts, Jeani and Tweeds,
Plaids. Liu'ys aad Kerseys.
Carolina and Marlboro' Stripes,
Bleached And Brown Shirtings and Sheetings,
Whrt aid Celdred-Eiaaaels,.
Drillings and Tickings,
Iri-h Linens, good assortment',
Slia H. Cloaks and M a lit i has, T ,"-J'
Extra (iiality of Bed Blankeis.
Ribbons, Belts. Gloves. Hosiery, &c.
Hats. Caps, Bonnets, Boots, Shoes and Umbrellas?
general assortment oi
nid everv vari.-tv in the YANKEE NOTION LINE,
vhich wfll be sold at a small advance ior CASH, or
u time to punctual customers, either at
IViolexnle or litiait.
All are respectfully invited tc give me a call before
purchasing eisew ma e.
1 prize of
lo dd
I do
8 do
200 do
63 ad
f.3 do
12.; do
3.00( do
23.43:; do
Plantation 8c Mcgr cs-
THE MOONEY PLANTATION, on the west side
of Cape Fear River, six miles below Fayetteville. will
be rented Oil Saturday the 27th iast. (instead oi'Jaii y
1st, as advertised.) oa the, at 12 o olock -M.
Also, at the same; tinu aad place, will be hired the
Negroes belonging. to said Estate. Possession given
Jauuary 1st 1857.
C. E. LEETE, Auct r.
: " Dec. 20. , 2S-3t
Land f or Sale.
The Subscriber oilers for saie, bis LANDS ia Har
nett Oountv, consisting of Three Hundred and Nine
Acres, more or less, situated ail lying ia the lork oi
P.arbacue and Udpt Little River. I wi!l sell 11
togeiuer or m iois to mui mc u
inir to purchase will do well to
27.iSl4 prizes amounting to
Class 255.
Owcnsvill. Dec. 13, 185G.
1 prife Of
1 do
1 do
2 do
2 do
2 do
211 do
-' 66 do
35,740 do
-, .
$8.00 '
xlooo I
in i Dec, 13
larcliaser. luose wisu
xamine the Lauds, as a jrentletiiaii, no
ia description here wouui o useiesr-.
? tt ii. i' iit. .1 r.... .i.,;i tH: ir'r;sr'S Oil
1 Will Sell Hie a:?ove imui-.-a u.ino t
Thursday the 15th January I 857.
For further particulars, apply to John Small, or my
self at Oweusville, N. C.
A first rate SADDLE and HARNESS
MAKER, to whom good wages and steady
employment will be given. Apply at
this odiee, or address
L.S50. 2S-tf Cliutoa, N. C.
Hav St.. Fayetteville, Sept. 1, 1855.
l:, 1?5G.
in February hu
of Favettevilie. the
o i a credit of on'
; .) in tiie co'liitie?
and two
o!' Cu:u-
1' no S PECTUS
of the
sniiriir.ux mterarv messenger
For the Year 1856. July to December.
In issuing the Prospectus of the Twenty-Third Vol
Henry Elliot,
and li'l'tv acres
tii Court House in the to v i
diu-sigad will o:fer for - ii
v ' i i '.' . s 1 1 i .' i '. - oi I.
i i l.i. i l a i 1 ilara.'tt. .
One tract on the Western bank of the Cape teal
River, beh.w Sm th's Ferry, containing about titteen
hundred u id sixty-live aere-i the Phtntion of the late
There is a life-estate in two nunireu
of this tract, which will not he ollered
for sile. Hie nit -rest in reversion win oe u:r.r.
on the sale day, separate from the other portion of the
50 "acres oa Lower Little River, known as tho Gib
son place.
;('; acres on Lower Little River; former residence
of Alex r Williams. Jr.
45 acres near Elliot's Mills:
550 acres on the Jumpier.
3 K) acres on Little Mill Creek.
.... , ... ...1. Til fl(f
it'l l ivi iH'Sou trioso.l s ureen. - """ i'""
!ti! acres near Me Arthur's Bridge.
?.fill Timber on 300 acre's adjoining.
r,m ...n? rin Black Branch, near W . J. Kelly s
Saw Mill Timber on 1.0 acres aujoiu ug.
of the
Also the Saw
L-es near Mu.iroe's Bridge,
350 a
1UjoiV acres, including the Mineral Spring near
Mills formerly Col. Murchisou's.
3 0 acres n Grog Creek, near the Fayetteville and
Western Pla ik Road. . .
50 acres ou the N'orth Prong of Anderson s
lo an undivided interest b -ing one-third
t tJ ; , tim To i- . .if F:ivettevile, on Rowan
of two
mmirKf with the Jolv No., the Proprietors rely
solely on tlie encouraging letters and promises of the
friends of the Messenger to aid them in extending its
circulation, and thev beg to assure the public that no
exertions will be remitted on their part to maintain
the high character of the work, and to challenge the
patronage of all who value sterliug literary uun it.
For Twenty-One Years, the Messenger lias endeavored
to reflect faithfully the Southern mind, while disdaining
all narrow and sectional views, and has been alone
the monthly periodicals ot America-, in neieuc-
PH'TLIAR lNStlll' I'l'i.NS ur hie.
Si ! rT 1 1 ER N STAT ES.
To (his office it will be devoted, and will be prompt
to repel assaults upon the South, whether they come
under the specious garb of fiction, or in the direct form
of anti-slavery pamphlets. At this crit ical juncture,
while our enemies are employing literature as their
most potent weapons of attack, the Southern people
will surely not withhold their encouragement from a
work whose aim it shall be to Strike bldws in their de,
'"ini?.. unmr wit: s heretofore. Present its readers
with Reviews, IliMnricnl and hmgrnVhicnl
Sketches, Xorefx, Tales, Tricet. u.$siy, ' !
the Army, acy and
With a view to ensure a larger circulation of
MESSENGER, the Proprietors though they intend
greatlv increasing ilie" size of the work, have reduced
the price of Sup-criptioii. which is now only
Three Dollars per. annum, in .tavanre,
CLUBS Remitting us Fifteen Dollars in
letter, will be entitled to Six Copies.
The Editorial and Critical department of the
seller will continue tinder the charge of
Hi) SK5 amountiaz to
Tickets $1 Shares in proportion.
We invariably answer letters by return mail, fe i
clcsingthe tickets in a good safe envelope, and always
observe the strictest confidence. After the drawing is
over, we send the official drawing, wilh a written ex
planation of the result of the venture. All
Frizes bought at this oilica are payable immediately
after the drawing in current .uouey.auu we ki-- u .
Notes of any State, or Bank drafts in payment for tick
ets at par. " For odd amounts in making change we re
ceive postage stamps, they being more convenient than
silver. Correspondents may place the utmost cdntklciicc
in the regularity and safety Of the mails, as very few
cr no misca.riages of Money happen wheu properly
directed to us. Be careful that you mention your Post
t..a ffinntr-inH Si:itr Give'iiSAt least one sinjrle
trial, you cannot lose much, if not gain,
trbil rhav mi ike von independent for life
There should be no such word as fail. Address
Box 190 Post Office, Baltimore Md
Oct. 11 21-6ni
One single
ma xii mm
Jrtlt Pixt:islie;l, Oralis, tlia i e :
A 'Kv Woius o t.ik Rational I iiHAT
knt, witln ut Medicine, of Spi riiiatuirlita or
L.ocal Weakness, Nocturnal Eiii ssions, Gen
ital and Nervous Debility. Impoleticy, and imped;
luents to Marriage generally.
liT B. UK LANKY, M. Ii.
The important fact that the many alarming com
plaints, originating in the imprudence audsol.tuue ot
youth, may be easily removed without. Medicine, is m
"this -mall tract, clearly demonstrated; and the entirely
new and hifhlv succ'ssi"ul treatment, as adoputl oy
the iithor. fully explained by means ot w hicn e ery
one Is enabled to cure hiiitsell perfectly and at tne
least possible cost, thereby avoiding all the advertised
mo.-trums of the day.
..nt. tn anv address, gaatis and post free m a sealed
envelope, by remitting U'Oit paid) twoposta
! to Da. B. UK LAXEl, 11 ieuii.iivi onw
Dec. 13, 1S50. o-y
be able to loone her n: hwom' lt
Chafwotka, it jed were, iind wl" . Jefr, living
from thi scfnlAinjr brtoahi AnH ;omp font.
instead of "pdatUirM from ttH"-Vostfnrn. She
wfcddreMed BenliapritiiriM Mnr, Frw,
dent bV brls'om lnuon therijnnt sjde ftf thirty
who Vtfoked aa if Oi coatd wth '. butter ainl
ought to h re been at it She Sjoa
we were told, that was given td ah nnforfnt
uian wnd aifced for the (home-Hiade) : bread o
domestic joys. ,x - -..
Uer afeistaut dames, mm1)er of tire Conven
tion, were of varyiifr tj4ea of Uautyaa welj
as degreeV; bat all bad tbt' trong-mindcd .
air which recallad tha Miw ' ; :H; ? .;
"Kiud fortone aae na from --rwtrii-r.
As to tbe membera wh4-wet-e (visible) bifor
ratfoa, Vhey reminded ns oMtolmes
Vfcey-faced brother, wha'-elirtk to Wear
-. A wly ttux of ill-cMditieiK-d naif. 1 -; J
Seefn o f a nrfe that, ia a crowded place, .
One elbow freely iao amaucM i)ace; :yj
V)rie W Ihone aamleM. spectactW .tnab ines, ,
ijta ay waitef,-aa they caH for green,"
indiMlnah1ar1io lack Jbe jl or ability to
jljsrfrsrjr, i k
tn the ensiest .fiflL i - J- r- ' ... - ,?: " '
aiimMd with tire Tnkin oiie
of the established Chinch in England, I believe, t shc-fel!ows received from a yonng gentle;
.vii iiCLRc, " : ,rtail nditnrp with t he hrsi aown OI
lllllll W V - -- -- - , ' t
irianhood on his cheek, but clear-headed, cool,
and able. He boldly "picked up" the whole
"t'rilie, and showed that their preposterous claims
for the female sex wefe tounded neither iii
natiife nor revelation. Not in nature, certainly
or it Would have been asserted long ago not
left to this age, and to one small point of
earth's surface. .Not in revelation, surely; for
its teachings ore directly to the contrary. No'
iu God himself, for that were to charge him
with error iu physically nnfitting her for the
sphere which these ranters claimed for her:
It may lie astted. are we .ridiculing oil the
demands, of the Woman's Rightists? By lib
means. When they claim an inalienable right
(except voluntarily) in property given to
earned, or inherited by themselves, wheUci
married or single We sa'y heartily, concede it
to the fullest extent:
When they claim more perfect protection front
the abuse and pretty tyranny of husbands,
grant it even to establishing a special court
tn note ami DtJnish offences and maltreatment
not now legally cognizable. (But give tin
poor devil of aTartarridden husband protection
iu the same couh.) . , , .
; When they claim the right to vote yield it
under some circumstances, as where a widow
becomes the head of the family, and representa
tive of the propertaud interests ot her deceas
ed husband. ' r
But when women claim the unconditional
right to vote co-tqnally with men, let theni
bear arms, and render military service as well.
When they claim a place in the Legislature, a,
the bar on in political office give them the
hinge of all, the rough with the smooth, ami
let ns have a woman shenu executing nimcuic-
tors or a female police-officer arresting rowdies.
. .... l 1
Wheu they claim the right to oe inecnaiucs ami
artisans, let ihbm run With the fire-engiues, tob.'
How suits such a practical application ui
their principles as happened once, in this wise?
Sir,, said a well Known - sii ong-mniuco iw
.rentlehMan Seated in a crowaeu tar, i win
trouble vou for a seat," "Madam," he replied
as he recognized her, "I would not, for llif
world, interfere with your right to stand."
ivVhat do you think, sir ot the womans
Rights movements" said another oi me ie-
Ileavelhtm, madi m, to the men ot your
I Il.i -i .......
SeX aim Hie women oi nunc.
And there we leave them:. .
were published in the coiuinns of this journal,
reflecting with scorching severity upon' the choir
and congregation of Grace -Church, up Broad
way, the most fashionable establishment of the
sor't'iti this ci:y. The music was said to be
us it unquestionably is all opera, and nothing
else, and that the cdrtg'regntipii were not a con
gregation, but j list such an "audience' as One
miglit see aiTy night in the week giggling at
WuIImcIc's. Burton's or Niblo's. Tiie prima
douna of the orchestra, not choir, is - a very
clever young woman, by name Mrs Julia Bod
t;.. fnriiYf r!v Miss Julia Northal. Her
c ...... ,
- . . . . . ' t
salarv, 1 believe, is Sjil.oUU per annum, one
is a Itotiian CiithcMie herself, but singS fc4.' the
Episcopalians by express permission of Arch
bishop ilugiies. (
Wlieiiever anybody wants to hear the latest
operatic airs, he or she goes to "Grace," but in
order to get a secured seat, n is ,iiocesoaij n
--0 with unexceptionable kids, and if it be a
male, unless he have a go!i-headed cane, an
aristocratic moustache and the tonl ensemble of
matter hoW "good toomng
1 IB.. 4-1... .ln V.kll 'd'tlll'l
you niav l?e, einwn, tuc ot aw,. j - -come
iii!' The rector is Bev. Dr. Tayloi-, a
1 good enough sort of man in his way, I believe,
i but his way is not the right way, for the fol-
lower of life Sou of Man, who, while ou earth,
had net Where to lay his head. The "dear
Doctor" lives in a splendid palatial residence,
i adjoining the Church; gets $4,000 or $5,000 a
: v.r has a renutation for nrcachiiig sermons
; that 'nobody can liear, and an incontrovertible
disinciinalioii to "begging petitions" for "ma
j terial aid" from country parsons.
' All the prominent city politicians, you must
! know, go to Grace Church. John Van Buien
! has s. bis- double pew there, all to himself.
t, i... t, .,'!ir the Veiiuei' lire, uionum
Excelsis," the "Te Dciiui," and the "lieiieoicie,
"tloiie" to some laiiguisliing air from "Norma,"
"La Favorita," or '"Linda tie Chamouuix," and
when the musical portion of the performances
..ver. he (JoinO miietly eases himself down ,
v " 7
hori.ontail v, ou
u lit
: stai.-. p.S
i . dtv.
. i i i - ,
t lie velvet and da in as k cusiiioi,
s a request in the tar of the "misera-
siuuer' that sits next to nun, to wake nun
. . IV.I
up when the beneiticuoit comiueucc.s. vi.
F, .out and "Jessij" too, are regular 'habitues,' Chnrles iroes in order to prove that the
Exnress lied, when it said lie was a Romanist.
There are also a great many other dignitaries,
three members ol Congress, one ex-Mayor, and
:.v bow many euauletted omcers
, ,
From the Liverpool Tin'), 28rA ult. ,
I cannot
Money Wanted.
I will sell m DWELLING HOUSE aad lot, at
present occupied by myself, situated in lower 1'ay
ettcvtllc, ou Person street, opposite Mr O. Houston a
dwell. ug. The Lot contains over halt an acre, and
i.., ii,..r..U comfortable for a small, having
hirsre and eeneral assort-., ., ,
..i, iinil ii .riiod well ot water cOiivenieut.
Apply to
the annv
and navy to be louud there eveiy
'ri.u wiii rive vou some idea of the
rtiou oi the audience.
fur the ladies "Hie Churchman," with
- . - i i
truth says tliey go iu prancing and nou-
Criliques, and Papers on the Army
other National Subjects
James Kyle
HAS iu
meat of GOODS Ameng which arc;
French and English Merinos: . ,
Do. . Detains, Plain and Figured $
Dress Silks, Fig'd and Prain ;
Black Fillet Mils ;
Sleeves and Collars ;
Cloths, Cassimeres and Satins t
Bear and Negrd Blankets ; .
3-4 to 12-4 Bleached and Brown DdmesticB ;
Gentlemen's Ready-Made Clothing,
Carpeting, (Jooti ana common ,
Boots and Shoes ;
Anchor Bolting Cloth ;
Kerseys and Linseys ;
Irish Linens, Orash ;
Table Diaper and Napkins. , .
With manv other orttcles. all of which being pur
chased by the Package, will be oifered at low prices
by wholesale or retail.
Nov. S. 151;. 23-tf
P S. If the above property be nwt privately dis
..Ll'.ifl.v 1st will then be oilered at pub-
lie. unction.
tome d
company wi
room mils,
R. D. 1.
din-" their heads, and otteu in a
urn uuve rv. tnat one is uccu.v
Li C.J ll V I I 11 I 'il 1 I IUUIIL UI Ub
Alter Mrs. Bodstein bus tavored the
ith one ot her operatic or concert
it is no uncommon thing to hear the
. . . .1 I.. 1. ....KiclC
Min . i v crmciscu m ouvu c.....
It 1 Iwl in.i'i'-'- " '-. J
. , . : PI H "
. Ill'tOllSl Vtl I
Dec. t, 156.
A lurffo lot. of Blankets, both while
aud colored for sale cheap by ' L. BRANDT.
I) .c u Gdlspie St.. hear the Market.
28-1 at
iJKE - If Pi '
And committed to the Jail of Moore Oa.. on the 14th
one i rtf vm, is.i. a neirro man named J.vvr., wuu i
I . . i i t.r V r. hir
was raised in tticiimouo cuumj .
roraie by WEST BROOK. H CO., ut th.; est
Green Nurseries ond Gardens near Greetisi.oro- N. C.
whieh will be deatly invoiced, marked, packed, aa.
scut to any portion ot the country ou or Hear any line
of transportation. , , . . , , .,
N. U. it w.ll be remembered, that the Apple and
lar.4 raimd dt these Gardens took the highest Pre
.tfi.irtts t the last N. C. Stale Fair, and the apple oc-
PimiiKl the hisihest scale of merit in ilavor
aud size at the American i'omological
at Rochester iu the State ol .New
Sett. last. Address drceusboro
Dec. 6. 1850.
lorious!" "su-
i.erh!"etc , etc. Now, 1 inuia yuu win
r . ...i-m ..i o ,.t.f..i... -i c it.
tl'nt l ne v-ii ux ,
nevertheless doing
r off the mask of
here ill New
end to and 'The
irood beeiiiiiinsr to
ociety. Held
ork on the 2 4ti
z7-lt pd
known as the Vr nnro ig lots: ana in iiu
oa thi South side of Little iiver, Elliot s Mill
on a credit of six
months, will be
At the sanie tiuie.
SOll!i shares of Stock in the Fayetteville and Western
Plank Road. ... . T, , u
40 shares of Stock in the Fayetteville and Raleitn
Plank Road. , . v-
shares in the Cape Fear and D ep" River Naviga
tion Company. . . ,
10 sha. es iu the Cumberland Academy. And an un-.i-
.-. i . i :. n.oChumiiyil .Vitnaratiis therein-
: 1 1 v i r i i . . i . i . . v . v i . . w. .
These sales are nlade under a power
the late Henry Elliot.
Dec 20, 185G. 29Us
Vnd will embrace copirjrts notes cJn current l.terature
a id reviews of all new American or Foreign works of
.r -ncral interest and value. The Ed.tpr s opar.ous will
be always fearlessly and honestly avowed.
The Business Department is conducted oy the iinder
,1..., all ooinmunicatious of a business na-
iilti.;i. ., u...-
ture must be aildress.. - -
Law Bh tiding, Franklin Street, Richuiond, Va.
June 1, 18a6.
Daniel Mc
Mcs- ; Kur- Said BcS- is about 27 years rJld, about nve ieei
I live or six inches in height, aud says that he belongs ro
! James Streeter. Said Boy is of black or brown com
plection. Tho owner will please come forward aml
pav fees, prove property, or it Will be. dealt with ,ac-
cor...i.g 10 taw. , Xj BARRETT. Jailor.
Dec. 0, i85G. 27-3t
in the Will of
Ti t n n v v
r i ii u ii
The HOUSE AND LOT on tho corner of Maiden
lane and Union Streets formerly the residence Of R.
k'. Bryan . For terors apply to
Deo. 20 1856 29-tf J- B. BRYAN.
sevenths of the FARMING AND TURPEN
TINE- LAND in Harnett county, known as the Parker
rf.iri" MoVe-ll ldnds. idinincr Wm. Ilarr ngton's land on
Unner Little River.There is some. zoo acres ci me
best fiuality or low grouim un mv- ivni. "i
i wriu- timiieri'd with roines. and within six
laiiufl i ii..... . . .
miles of the Fayetteville and Western Railroad
. FoT particulars appiy io T P ROPER
, , J. W. McKAY.
Nov 23, 185. " " 26-tf ,. :-. . .. .
Boxes Soda add Lemoa Craclters, just received
B. F. MOORE. .
Just received by
" Ilavlng been appointed Inspector of Naval Stores.
1 1 am prepared to perioral all duties in my line ol
i business either at the River or .n Town. I have a
convenient and commodious WAkb-iiULM. on i ie
corner of Gil Lispie Street, aud cau ie loun i at uic
Store Of A. M. Campbell s when wanted.
I will take pU asure m attending to tne oi
mv country friends, and hope by a strict intent on to
bnsiaess to nierit a share of the public patronage. My
charges shall be as moderate as any one can expect.
I will do my duty to botn inn er anu scnei.
wDc. 20, 1856. 20-tf
Dec !3,
'TTTT' nhrrilwr will close his business in this city
. i , - . .u. aIaCmI ftl HO
cnon ana consefiueni-iv nis ihhutm iuuji "
ii ... I.., in Kttvi l.TT m.ta nr aw.nnnt are re-
r..otfiillv reouestod td call and make IMMEDIATE
pavmoti All Vfiteannrl acftonnt renliinmg
r'vPAll) on the l-t.Taanarv next will be placed in the
proper hands for collection. ' As this is his last notice
La Unfka 5 will ciifficiont r an Vfl AAfltk' E
ll, Ko ciill w irfm1 st faiii JLKnrt merit ff I
r n m q ttt3 np TTrir which be
frif OASH
AU those having accounts against him will please
present tncu. .ui PJ - f Ho'siiS.
with me.
may be, in some things, iS
i.... t iM't'ici' in strioDin
count erfeit religion, a..d exhibiting the hypo
crit.s naked to the world. It is high time,
n. .. .1.:,, i,.,i!;.u-b.-:rt.'ib shutu-fushio:.ahle re-
t I I tl w t'"" w . -
lig:oii as served up every ;
v;...-i- muMiI.I be nut an
Churchman" hi making a jj
k..;,. .. ..iw.i.t the lftotm. It IS an
mIumTiv a horrible caricature upon Christ
Christianity, and nothing
t another time, if I teel i'i the vein, I may
it..'t,. some ful-ther facts, illustrative of the way
; (i.i.l is worshioued here. According
! latest fashion, Grace
i many others,
i wili do nd harm.
I 'iv... recently issued, by the
!os Bishops against "light and trivolous music'
i is the mortal from winch "The Churchman"
I ui lints I he DlOleSSiOlUll lllgu baiai icu
" Hallways and Rct &lveri."
This title has become famous through the
narrative which Mr. Arrowsmith gave to the
world; some two months back, thibugh the
mediuih of the Loudon Times. It will be
remembered that this gentleman, who then
wrote anonymous although when his state
ments were challenged he certainly made hr
blaze of silks, name public showed that a number cl duels,
; invdlvimr the loss of six or seveu lives, besides a
the murder, tdolt place du a Gedrgia railway,.
without a word of notice, being taKcn oi im
appalling .M-tit'ftiices ih tlib heWspapers or th',
district. The organ which gae currency to
this extraordinary, narrative the Ktefits des
cribed whith Mr; Arrofeshiith dtclated he hat!
himself witnessed had doubts of the perfect
the writer, but ou sending down,t'
Church u hauling
to the
is ouly one of
over the coals
and this
, Goods at Wholesale
The sul)scribor9 beg leavv to advise their customers
and Merchants generally, that they nave received u
part aud exp'sct to receive tbe bala ice ot their recent
purchases in a few days, rheir Stock will be much
larger and more complete than nicy nave cvt-i uuui -..
embracing a general assortment oi
Together with
Hardware and Cutlery, Ilollot
tires its
i,..r,.i-s in the choirs, naturally enough,
has led to another "very pretty quarrel, as
Sir Lucius O'Tt igger would 'Bay, in some of the
Churches, which 1 shall endeavor not to spoil
by an explanation at gome future time.
Uavin" already extended my remarks on the
1... ...... i. 7 i.... -.,., wi:.t. I intended: the "State
Viiuiv;.. v. ..v. - - - . -
have to be neglected to-lay. 1 nave -
in v tainet which du.
"Very truly thine,
eral gossip "inems" on
1'ive vou in my next.
Saddlery, Shoes, fMr' f '
All Of which have'beea boagh t by o
presslj rdr the Wholesale Trile, .- TUair pterin- dl
Y.) Commissionaire, Dec. i.
one day last ween.
we noticed a placard m
From Carrington's (N
- . .... Ii i-.iii c W:l V
1'aSSlllg uK ' --V 'tULin- that
U.C.lll'-Ji owiwv.-.jj
i i 'r1.-k..ts 1 2 i cents ap.c-.
''Ivhadoyohuink webought?-A shilling's
WWofvs Rights Con vETio.-We found a!.... ,,,.. of some ten score of masculine women
.....i f..n.i..ine men. with baif that
outsiders of both sexes, dropped
nunfber ol
iu like our-
selves fo amriseiuent.
The CbairomirB Molted berty adtfgb W
jiverpool, and finding that he was not tlierely a
-..s..ftahle maii bill fcaiiable of niuiiagiug hi.-
own affairs, presented it to the astonished eye
of mankind. We were ttrnbnget the first whe
declared, without knowing the writer, bthc.
that the newspapers had been hoaxed, or that
the writer had ihijiHsed on himielf. . ,
t bcome of Mr. Arrowsmitli
blas-i Hfe has left the cbifntry gaited, we belive, for
and those very United states w uer, uc. .icb
I these wholesale dhels and muiders are' daily
occurrence, i r.c ti uiu, c un,i'
Arrowstnith is a wag, and has becu trying how
mneh the British public will stand iu the way.
of swallowing absiifdit'.es respecting our cousinfc
over the water. Everybody -appears to Imti
been seriotisin the tragedy by Mr.Af rowsraith,
who tiliist Have laughed in bis sleeves. ercJic
Dually slipped away, at the " seusaabu" which
lie had provoked. . .
The tpiciii-ean who .offered a nanasonie pre
miunifor a fiew teiisatioa would have beer,
admirably served by th'ia geiitiefiian, for hi-,
mission is to concentrate the attention of Up
new wofld aiiid the old on tiis sayings and doings.
There is one circumstance in this and similar,
slanders, respecting the itmefican people th.
kq ;,.Ktitntions. habits, and manners, to which
i"- .."-. . :.
may as well refer while we nave uie-pen i-
I......I Wp. allude to tne promptness nin.'.
the citizens of the United States address them
selves to onr newspapers when any thing more
than usually outrageous is aaia oi v'5,r -UUM
country: Amongsi he nntnber who have exhi
bited this patriotic chivalry we mu&i. mie
Gould. He has sifted this h6ax to the bottom;
and staniDed the falsehood as it deserved. The
mauiief in which he has done this combine
spirit and literary p6werarjcf had it not beeif
for the enefgy with which he has followed tht
rame, many thousand persons, in th'is countryj
would hitve-be!iTaa as Gospetroth 6f?s of th,
most clu'miy fabrications on the character of
Ueonle which w raieinbettt ka'TB'MW fVTQ-
PoJ. 20.

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