North Carolina Newspapers

frM$fftMftfcfMA a, :y ft ft f t t v i ft I ti. 6.
Yt i8 often the case that policy, caution, pro
cnce or whatever else the reader is pleased to
term it, dictates the course which ft public
vj ourtinlist pursues. To-be sure there are occa
sions when tact and caution prove aseful aa
jnt.ct.1. and there are subjects wl.ich mast be
handled with ere, lest too much cliims.nes,
break the delicate vessel. But there are also
occasions when all considerations of selfish
policy are lost in the magnitude of interests
involved and there are times when a journal
ist feels that his duty must be done, however
great the personal sacrifice which may follow
its performance. We are well aware.that what
we are about to write will provoke in certain,
quarters a spirit of retaliation, and we may
possibly be held responsible by short-sighted
men, cunning politicians and that cluss of indi
viduals who prefer intrigue to frank and man
ly action, for injuries to the interests of this
and other communities, which may follow from
the noncompliance on the part of " the powers
.hat be" with the wishes of those communi
ties. So let it be. We are willing to bear the
burden if there is any to be borne. Let 'trutn
be told though the stars fall.' It U with no
evil intent, nor with any acrimonious feeling
that we take up this subject, thoroughly to
sift and explore it, and, if needs be, to expose
some of its deformities and we call upon ail
fair minded men to bear us out in the declara
tion that what we do in this instance is what
ought to have been done loag ago.
The leading officials connected with the work
hi the hands of the Cape Fear and Deep River
Navigation Company appear to be quite at
loggerheads ; und t he fact that each attempts
to fasten on the other the charge of neglect and
incompetency and further, the fact that the
work is as far from completion now as it was
eight years ago, Is certainly suggestive of some
thing more than the bare suspicion of gross
neglect or utter incompetency, or else the im
practicability of the work in question. One
rewclusion or the other is inevitable. Sophis
try cannot evade it ; impudence cannot face it
back, while facts ami figures prove one of the
three, and perhaps all of the three.
Now what are the facts and figure ? We
propose briefly and a succinctly as possibly to
review the history of this great scheme of in
ternal improvements ; and we will confine our
Self to plain undcuable statements such as can
not be gainsaid or disproved. This work has
been in progress for eight years, steadily and
without intermission, at a coat of $600,000, of
be avoided; the former work is discovered to
be almost worthless, and a ..thorongh repairing
of locks and dams fonnd to be necessary. Con
tracts arc made; repairs began and completed;,
all parties are blessed with fat jobs; the engin
eer prepares his report, and the work seems
upon the eve of its final accomplishment, lint
unfortunately another freshet takes place
which, as the engineers say is a very nnnsual
occurrence the river on'y rising thirty-six feet
in twenty fonr hours, (and only six or eight
such freshets per annum) and all the high
hopes of the state and its protege, the Naviga
tion company, are .blighted, or rather inundated
for the second time. And thus the work has
been going on for eight years, at a dead loss to
the State of nearly half million dollars, and an
equal amount to say the least of it in damages
to the people along the river, particularly
those of Cumberland and Harnet, by the pre
tention of the shipment of those commodities
enumerated above, through the medium of
whose sale a handsome revenue was obtained.
The iate report of Mr Douglass, chief engin
eer is proef Bough of these statements. Though
commendably earnest in his efforts to make the
best of a bad bargain, Mr D is compelled to
admit that the works at Jones' Falls, Silver
Run and Red Rock are decided failures; and
he even goes further, and recommends , ther
abandonment and the selection - of other loca
tions for locks amd dams. The first named
point Jones' Falls has been under cdtttract
three seperate and distinct times', and each
"finished according to plans and specifications
of the chief engineer," and paid for by the
treasurer after receiving the approval of the
'engineen Now it is recommended that J;ues
?alU be abandoned with its wooden locks and
dams, and that "rock dams," costing infinitely
more, be constructed somewhere lse.
Mr D. tells us that 'the sickness of the Pres
ident and the ueceasity of constant attendance
in person on the part of the resident engineer
at Cross Creek prevented those officers from
giving their immediate personal attention to
those works,' and that 'the contractors fa fled
in the performance of their duties? As Mr D
has omitted to inform the Directory what kept
Aim out of sight of the works, perhaps we can.
supply the intelligence. A pleasant mansion
in tiie Key-Stone State is far preferable to
the miasmatic vapors of the Cape' Fear swamps,
especially when the State of North Carolina
1 . J 1 -- A i . 1
pays a man a uunasome uonus 10 stay mere.
Who would hesitate with such a choice before
But really Mr Dongtass does these contrac
tors a errievous injustice. The work was "done
which sum the state has paid $40,000 and according to contract," was examined every
few days by the resident engineer, and 20 per
cent of the payment retained until the chief
himself should deign to leave New York for
the purpose of examining and" approving the
work under the hands of the Navigation com
The C. F. and D. River Navigation company
have been blessed with several choice scientific
private individuals $40,000, and the company
is now indebted to divers and sundry individual
contractors for a balance, on which judgements
have been obtained, and the work, which every
body seems to consider in full operation, is
rea'ly retrograding in a business point of view.
At this very time (all official reports to the
contrary notwithstanding) an Indian in his
irch canoe could not pass from Haywood to
snirifs within th I.t riirht rears. First thev
Favetteville; and we Assert, without fear of " - , - r, , .. ''". . '
jjaBaU ' , . rejoiced in Col. 1 hompson, a portion of whose
contradiction, that at no period, from the in- ,,, ... . . , , r.i- i
1 ' report ' we subjoin at the close of this article.
eeptiou of the work to the present hour, have
there been fifteen consecutive days When a boat
laden with a single ton of produce could pass
all the locks and dams between the two places,
except at such times as when the rise in the
rivers was so great as to make a smooth sur
face over the
port ' we suhj
Then Capt.'Smith was imported. But all the
efforts of Col. Thompson Capt. Smith and the
Directory, with numerous agents, engineers, sub
agents and sub-engineers, failed to dam and
lock the Cape Fear river, owing to the "unpre
cedented'' freshets to which that stream has
dams. The principal source of ,)cen 8llbjected Wlthill thc jast eight year8
revenue to the citizens of the counties along
thc Cape Fear above F.vyettevllle, were for
merly ton-timber, lumber and naval stores, in
the product and shipment of which thousands
of dollars were annually made and had the
Legislature, eight years ago, resolved to de
stroy this source of incomg, to tnose people, a
more effectual course to accomplish that end
could not have been devised than that pursued
years of work and urfltioeS of money may tbe
State not look before tMs scheme is finally ac
complished? Will the people wait until an
impoverished treaVuify and . a sunken State
credit disgrace North Carolina, before they put
the ban of their tlispteasore upon this monopoly
of the. people's money'?
For Heaven's sake, how long is this to last!
Is not the feasibility cf tbe plan pioved to be a
myth? Is it not shown, demonstrated beyond
the possibility of a doubt, that this work can
uever be accomplished with either benefit or
lronor to the people of the State? Millions of
dollars "wasted: absolutely purloined from the
public treasury, to enrich a few individuals
engaged in an impracticable scheme, which has
for its ostensible object the advancement of the
State welfare, but which is really plundering
the treasury and despoiling the people. A
reckless expenditure of the public treasure it will
be if this legislature appropriates money for
the completion of a Work which, eight years
ago, was declared to be, by "an engineer well
versed in the practical sciences" capable of
completion for the sum of $185,000 but which
has cost the State already nearly a half million
and has all to be done over again.
If the State has already fruitlessly expended
a half niiliitth is that any argument that she
should sink millions inorv?. lf-Mjr-GtrTrc;
eight years ago, fell short in his estimate $420,-.
000, is it not fairly presumable that his forth
coming estimate may be somewhat questionable.
A five thousand per annum salary to some
one, we will not say who, will follow a
favorable report, and we shall consequently have
it. But we offer to the Legislature of the State
ouit report and in the name of the peoplej the
tax-payers oiit of whose poekets come these
periodical draughts, we ask and demand a
hearing. We call the prosecution of this work
a monopoly of the people's money because when
large appropriations are made for it, as must
and will be the case for ?essiou after session of
the legislature, should the Work be prosecuted,
every other scheme for popular benefit and
State advancement will go by the board: The
friends and beneficiaries of the Navigation Com
pany know what we mean; let them make the
best of it. The works are doubtless already
mortgaged to the State but they are mere
encumbrances as yet, and further appropriations:
while they cannot successfully prosecute the en
terprise, will be but a profligate and reckiess
expenditure of money in a scheme for private
and personal emolument. Who has reeeivad
one dollar of benefit from these . works? The
State? Let her records answer! The people
along these rivers? They have been deprived
of what revenue once acrued to them from the
free and unobstructed navigation of the streams.
The Company? They are insolvent and bank
rupt. Who then are the recipients of whatever
benefits accompany the prosecution of the work?
Those birds of passage who wing their flight
from tiie frosty rookeries of the North to our
sunny fields, and, having filled their hungry
maws with Southern gold, fly back, perhaps to
croak over the iniquities of the slave - owner,
and bewail the unhappy lot of the sous oFHam.
The claims of the East have been disregarded;
the Western people have been neglected, and
complaints from every section of the common
wealth ara becoming rife and loud. Th public
treasury is being drained for the support and
encouragement of a Work, the prosecution of
which has enriched a few private individuals at
the expense of the people, w hile not a single
benefit, nor the tithe of one, has acrued to the
adapted to those rivers, as indicated by their
inconsiderable fall per mile (it being somewhat
less than two feet throughout theif Whole
length) their consequently sluggish current, aud
the extensive natural pools-al ready td be found
throughout their length.
Knowing the importance to the friends of
tbbt improvement that the question should ? be
ascertained in the shortest possible time,
whether such a navigation could be detained
opjii these rivers, to connect with the present
Steamboat navigation upon the Cape Fear at
Fayettevilie, and with a view to expedite the
work, after Organizing a party and procuring a
suitable boat, I began the descent of the river."
'Then follows a detailed description of the
rivers, an estimate cf the number of locks,
dams, &c, uecessary for rendering the waters
navigable, plans of the dams, specifications &e,
which we do not consider necessary to fepuli-Hsh-the
whole concluding with the following
extraordinary statement, to which we especially
call the attention of legislators.
"After a' careful investigation of all the ex
penses necessary to accomplish this work, upon
the plan proposed," the items of which are pre
sented in a separate sheet, I find it amounts to
incltfiiug 10 per. "cent for contingencies')
jgjT Vvq .
, A? Y?UT"II V jERB'i'ST"TU0M PSO K, " "
- rTf - ' .Civil Engineer.
Raleigh, Dec. 22, 1848!
"I have carefully examined the notes and
calculations upon which the above estimate of
the cost of the improvement of the Cape Fear
and Deep Rivers was made; and have no doubt
that it is full and ample, with good manage
ment under the direction of a competent en
gineer, for the accomplishment of the objects
cOntenipTated, and I fully concur in all the
views and deductions contained in the above
Walter Okysk.
Cost of the works up to this time, Six
husdred thousand dollars. Further appro
priation needed and asked for, Two hcndked
Further appropriations to be hlrtde in fwtnrt
befdi'e the work is finally accomplished sO as to
produce a single benefit, Five millions of
Tl Ticket lot Mror . CommiHioMri Cot 18T
Arch'd McLean.
"Ward No. I. James Sandy,
" 2. Areh. M. CampbelL
' " " 3. J no. C. Uaigh,
. 4. Chas. A. McMillan,
1' " 5. Hector McKethan,
" 0- Wright lluske.
" 7. Witter Draughon.
The above ticket is recommended as one res calcu
lated to meet the wishes of our citizens'.
January 1st, IS57. lt-pd
Intending to locate permanently in Favetteville
hopes to make it the interest of all "who need the ser
vices of a Dentist to give him the care f their Teeth.
Having had e:ghf year's experience, and being ac
quainted with the work of the best Dentist North or
South, h pledges himself to give ali 'operation en
trusted to his hands that careful thorough work and
complete finish, that it cannot be bettered by any Den
tist in the United States.
Persons having teeth that are considered hopeless,
and past redemption, will lo well to give him
a call before having them extracted, as thousands of
teeth are sacrificed that the f etiuisite knowledge and
skill would save and make useful. ,
Please give hira a trial, and if he docs not redeem
his pledge will forfeit his work.
jjer Office at Fayetteville Hotel.
Jan'y 3. 1K47. 3l-tf
The undersigned will pay the highest c;ish price for
lOUNti NKflliOKS. Letters addressed to either of
s at Laurinbtirgh, Richmond county, will have
prompt attention.
Lauriaburgh. Jan'y 3, 1857. 3l-tf
Constables Election.
The undersigned offers himself as a candidate for
the office of'Coastable for the Fayetteville District,
for the ensuing your. Election in Feb'v next-
Jairy 3, 1357. 3I-te
Tntiocji acadeSyT
The Trustees would announce that the Spring Ses.
sion of this Institution, will Open on the 12th of Jany
inst.. under the Supervision ot' Wm. J. Stuart, whose
experience and well known qualifications are sufficient
guaranty for the successful management of the School.
Uoard can be had in the neighborhood on very reason
able terms.
lh fjOXES Fine and Common Chewing Tobacco,
Jauy 3, 1F5T. 3I-3t
50 Boxes Soda and Lemon Crackers, just received.
4 ' 15. V. MOORB.
Dee. 20. 23 -3t
Court ot Pleas and Q&aVlfr ,'essious Xovt
. her Term, 185G.
R. Freeman & Co. vs. Malcom Barter.
Attachment Levy on Laud.
Judgment nisi for rimei dollar arid Iw'entY centi
and interest Since the lir'st Jany 18;5. and costs.
It appearing tb the satisfaction of the Court, upon
affidavit filed by the plaiuiifl, that the dr.femtau)
Malcom Barter not Mi RhWiA'At of Una State, or so
abiioads i.r confeedls himself that the ordinary Vocera
of law cannot be served ou him and WitliitinJ.
Brown, Constable, returned into Court at t:;is term an
attachment against the taid Malcom Vzrny with the
following endorsement to wit: "Levied itnw iittftcn
nieut on the legal M fcpttblW iaU-resfc in auu to a
tract of Lami su'ppWd to conlaiu ninety-seven acres
more or less, a the lands of Malcom Barter, joining
Uk; lands of Dauiel McMillan. Mary Graham aud
others, on Richland Swamp, about one iniletrofti Y.w:
Is-delphas Church, thin Mb November It is
therefore on motion ordered by the Court that publi
cation be made in the North Carolinian, a newspaper
printed in the town of Fayetteville, for nix weeks kI$
cessively, notifying the said defendant to be and ap
pear before the Justices of the next Court or Pleas and
Quarter Scissions, to be held fbf the Coniitjt,of Robe
son the Court House t'n Lumbertou on thc fourth
Monday ot Kebrwary flfit. and .lberc to show
cause if any he can. why judgment ttnal thaUnotbo
entered against him and the land Uvitd an condemned
to le sold to satisfy the plaintiffs demand and costs.
Witness. Shadrach Howell. Clerk of oursaid Court
at office in i.umberlon. the fourth Monday of No vem-
er A. I. 15. and of American inaepenaence, uie
Slst year- !iisued the 27th day of Deeetnher 1K5B.,
Janv3. 1857. 31-Ct
Jany. 3, lS57.
JAMES A, SMITH. i'coln
Next in the order of succession comes Mr Doug- State, either past or in prospective. The men
lass, and with $300,000 in hand, the lust ap
propriation, he proceeds to rebuild and patch
up the rotten, decayed and dilapidated work of
his predecessors. A freshet or two had floated
the timbers of several dams dowu to Wilming
ton, to the injuiry of the shipping in that port,
who have heretofore conducted the work will
not admit the charge of incompetency, nor will
they confess to neglect. What-then is the
legitimate inference, the unavoidableconclnsiou?
That the work is impracticable ard ought to be
abandoned; that the public treasury . has dis
A IliFkicpLTY SeTtLed. -On yesterday ru
mors were rife in town of an intended hostile
meeting at Fair Bluff, between Atlas J. Dar
gan, Esq., of Anson county, and T. L. liar
grove, Esq., of GranVitie county, both members
of the Legislature now in session ; and these
rumors gained confirmation from the fact, that
the parties with their friends, it was ascertained,
had repaired to the place of meeting. Later in j
the day, however, a despatch was received to
the effect that the difficulty had been amicably
settled, and this morning the parties returned
to town .
The difficulty grew out of a misunderstanding
in ajatc in the House of Commons recently,
between these gentlemen, out we cieem u un
necessary to make any further allusion to this
matter at this time, settled as it has been by
the intervention of mutual friends. W. lltratd.
MllS E. II YR ARTS Residence on Mason and Rai
ford streets; is now ottered for Rent. For terms, ap
ply to WM. BOW.
Jany. 3, 18.57. 31-2t
JUST RECEIVED another Lot of superfine CASI
MERE HATS. Also, on hand a good suppiy of Silk.
Fur aud Wool Hats, of mv own make.
Jany. 3, 1S57. 31-tf
K. A. CHAMBERS. Principal..
ISAAC KWING. JR., Assistant.
The seventh Session of this Institution will com
mence on the tirst Monday in January, 1857.
Any mrnier iniurmaiiuii cu in; uiiii- nui v.--g
the Principal at Pekin. Montgomery County, N.C.
Tuition. S8, 12. and IB per Session.
Board, wishing, aud fuel 7 per month.
Pekin, IK'c. 26. JS50. 30-tit
Public Sale.
I will offer to tbe highest bidder, on Thursday, the
A'i da-V of January rteiU At lily place hear Kingsbury,
one CL.CtJL.VR STEAM SAW MILL, (ia complete
8 Head of MULES.
1 Horse and Buggy.
2 Timber aud 4 Road Wagons.
Stock of Cattle and Hogs. , .:
A large lot of IA7MBEK, and all the Household
and Kitcnen, r U KiNi iu nr..
Terms will be liberal, uud mode known on the iay
of ale. DUNCAN McFADYEN. -
Dec. 27. 1P5 . 30 -ts
and the papers of that city, the rery locality to bursed money enough to this indefeasible, disas-
have been enriched and otherwise benefitted by
by this Navigation company under the seal of oved navigRtiou were bitter iu their
state authority. Those products are now rot
ting on the banks of the river, the producer and
purchaser unable to ship them, as formerly, be
cause of these " obstructions" to the navigation
of the stream. This itself is no inconsiderable
But to the work, in proper. Xo sou them
engineer is thought capable f conducting so
grand an enterprise) and therefore the 2sorth
r : -1 t f .1 ww
lurmsnesa cuiei ior tiie company, tie comes;
is provided with carriage and servants; rides
up and down the banks of the river; makes a
very favorable report of the practicability of reference to this dam:"the
me worn; gives nis estimate ot the cost (185,-
malcdictioiis upon the work. Mr D. went vig
orously to work, and at a cost of $50,000 built
i new dam and lock at Cross Creek, a very
clever, substantial structure for wood and mud,
but possessing this very unfortunate disadvan
tage, that boats laden with produce could not
and caunot now reach the first landing below it
without the aid of a high river from heavy
rains. This fact, no one acquainted with those
localities will deny, and the testimony of those
who know nothing about the matter is of course
worthless and mvuliu. liut further still, in
enirineer was ui for-
trous scheme, and that eight years of trial and
repeated failure stamps the whole enterprise
with the seal of condemnation.
We have fairly and justly stated the case.
We leave it with tho.-se in whose hands are con
fided the interests of the whole State. It has
been remarked, we learn, by some of the friends
of this measure, that when the Legislature can
not be coaxed and cajoled, it can be driven
into favorable action We wait to see the re
sult of this threat-
What we have written has been dictated by
no selhsli or ungenerous spirit. We hava
avoided as far as possible anything like crimi-
nation; and if we have -pokeh severely in some
31st December 1850. f
THE Directors of this Bvnk have declared a semi
annual Dividend of 4 per cent payable cii aild after
the 2d dav of Jan'y 157.
31-21, W. G. BROADFOOT, Cash'r.
Save Interest
The Subscriber gives notice that his books are now
oeady for settlements. Those wishing to save iutere.-t,
lie., had best call and settle up.
Jon'y 3. 1S56. , 31-4t
000) which is endorsed by another "knowing
man,'' and the Legislature votes the amount
without hesitation.
tat contracts are ffiven to favonties: the
"scientific explorer" from the North is retained
as chief engineer, at a salary of $5,000 per
TsnmliJi and expenses paid; spends possibly as
much as six weeks in the year iu the Btate;
things go ou swimmingly, and the whistle of
the steamer is soon to echo through the valley
of the coal fields. In the meantime several
fortunes are made in coal-mine speculations;
sundry log-dams and locks are built; the sub
engineer reports the work as "done according
to contract;" the chief examines and approves
the report, pockets bis salary and goes komt to
enjoy it. A freshet comes a eoAimon enough
occurrence on the Cape Fear, althodgh this
particular freshet was, as the officials say, "un
precedetited" and, lo, the works are sd injtired
that "without immediate repairs thej will soon
become useless" (rather a queer expression,
seeing that they had never been Otherwise.)
But the money Of the first appropri ititin is all
gone every cent Of it disbursed "according to
contract." The Legislature assembles; the
friends of the work are men of influence aud
money; they get tip a fine report, endorsed by
some other Ndr'th'efn light of science who wants
a trood job, drid as the State is already "in for
ir," another appropriation is made, which "wil
certainly complete the work." A general ex
amination is made; past errors are resolved to
tunate enough to build his structure tiu to a stances, it was richly merited, fully deserved
bank of soft alluvial soil, the denosite uf pre- Let the representatives of the people calmly
vious freshets, and another "unprecedented" .'iisider this matter; aud, if they feel that they
freshet occurring, the river made a clean breach with a conscientious regard for the intef
of 150 feet around nun - pud nl t In-d-ir.-i Ki.rl.i. esis-sintl m u are ot the whole commonwealth
31 AKJil i;i.
tri fltbson county, on tbe 1 8th ult.,by Rev. Hector
McLean, Henry 1. Andrews, of Lauriuburh, to Miss
Martha J. Curt ie, daughter of Daniel Currie: Escl.
In Montgomery couuty. on the 10th ult., by the Rev,
Martin McQueen, Mr Calvin Pemberton of Stanly cn.,
to Miss Flora A. Martin, daughter of Angus Martin.
Esq. of Montgomery co.
In Averasboro ou the 18th ult., by W T. Rhodes,
Esq., Mr Edward Tilton, to Miss Mary, daughter of
James Norrist deceased.
Iu Averasboro, ou the 25th ult., by W. T. Rhodes
Esq.. Mr John L. Ryals, to Miss Ann Morgan.
Near Averasboro, ou the evening of the 25 th ult, by
Silas Douglas, Esq.. Mr L. D. Mangum, to Miss Ma
lissa. daughter of, Dr. L. K. Caudle.
Iu Harnett county, on Tuesday the 23d ia t., by
James S, Harriugton, Esq., Mr. DAVID McNPILL to
Miss FLORA icLEOb, daughter of John McLcod, 1
In Sampson countys on the 10th instant, by L. II.
Spell. Esq. Mr. W. J. FISHER to ELIZA COOPER ;
all of Sampson.
In this town on the 2d iust. LOUISA, wife of C. E.
Leete. Esq. ,
On the 29th ult. on Hayrriount, Jacob' na daughter
of Green and Martha Womack, aged 5 years 8 months
and 12 days.
In Robensou county, on the 23inst., MEILL SHAW,
j , e u;
Hi me bam year "i i""
In Duplin county, ou the i7th Inst., Col. WRIGHT
BONEY. aged about f5 years;
My entire Stock of CLOTHING and Furnishing
GOODS. To those who may wish to get in to business
can do so by calling ou the subscriber, as he intends
to sell out. and if the whole Stock is not sold before
the 1st of February he will sell at auction.
N. B. All persons who are indebted to me either
by note or account, will please call and settle, and
save cost as I am determined to close up my business.
All those having claims against me will please present
them to me for pavment. m
Jany 8, 1X57. 3l-4t
A GOOD Washer aad Ironer for the next year. She
must come well recommended.
Dec. 27, 1S5S. SO 2-t H. L. MYRDVBR:
Tlt.iV Is Co., Texas, Aug. 15, 185L .
Messrs Fleming Brothers Dear Sirs: There were
several cases of dulls aud Fever iu my mother's family
at the time we received the M'LANE'S LIVER PILLS
ordered in nl v letter of Juue 12th. aud a lew Ubses
administered ill each cae produced the desired effect,
thus demonstrating the ctlloieucy of these celebrated
Pills iu that disease.
Mother has uot ,eea troubled with the sick head
ache siuce sue has coiuuieuced takiug these Pills, and
as we have but few or them left you will please send
us another dollar's worth. Direct as before, to Austin;
'I' If If 11 V 'ftlltM
fciS Purchasers will be care;ul to ask for DR.
P V. There are other Pills purporting to be Liver
Pills, now before the public. Dr. McLaue's genuine
i. ;.!. r I'IIIh nl sit his celebrated Vermifuge, can now
be had at ali respectable drug stores: N.O
Corrected SerMyfor lAe North Carolinian.
Jakiaky 3, 1857.
12 $ it
thousand dollars repaired this "unforsecn" tii.s
a 1 I a. it ti
aster, ana tue iocs anu uani are now in good
boating order," the only difficulty being that
the gates are entirely out of order, aiid, if tiuO
were not, a rise iu the river would be tiie only
. . . .. : : l l .i. i . i ri.i
juwjiui i, in iiaviguuuu ueiuw iiit," kicks. i lie
lock aud dam at Silver Kuu are nineteen feet
high; but five feet now are required to back the
water to the nest dam so as. to render the' pool
a & ' - '
navijja.oie. A wooden dam twentv b ur feet
high, with a dozen or more miles of water pres
sing upon it, in a high river, during an "unpre
cedented" freshet, Would be very apt to trouble
the port of W ilmington with a visit. Yet these
are but isolated instances among Many others
which, had we space, we might accumulate id
again empty the coffers of the state ' into tlie
Oaf-- Feu-rand Iktb Rivers, while other and
ore important interests ae languishing for
want ol mere encouragement, why then, in thc
name of heaven, let it be donel
To Messrs Alex. McRae, A. J. De Rosset, A:
S. McXeill itnd F. G. Hill, composing the
committee, designated by the Pittsboro con
vention held in July last, to take iu charge
the obtaining a survey and estimate of the
probable cost of imprdviffg the upper Cape
Fear and Deep Rivers, as high tip as Han
cock's Mill, in Moore county, No. Ca.:
Gextlemen: Having been engaged by Major
one vast body of evidence against this heavy Walter Gwynn on your behalf, to make a sur-
draught upon the revenues of the State. But vev of the Cape Fear and Deen Rivers with a
it is now proposed that these wooden works be view to the opening of the navigations as hisrh
abandoned; new sites and new localities chosen, up as Hancock's Mill in Moore countv and
J a - 1 a - . . . m It . .
ana suusianuai Btrucinres oi one ana iron naving completed the reconnoizances together
erected. Engineers, Directory and all agree in with snch instrumental examinations of the
the opinion that the navigation of these rivers most difficult portions of them as the time ai
cannot be secured by the works now existing, j lowed me would permit, I hare the honor
duui eigot, years oi ceaseies moor, heavy herewith to report the results inInai s Jt
-.!..;., t . : i I . . . ... ' '
Mm"" " t;ujpci,cin. ."'saiwii,, mm me ex.-i estimate of the probable cost of a slack water
penauares oi more man a nan million, lias left navigation to be formed by a succession of locks
ne-nverm a worse condition man it possibly Ud dams with occasional short canals.
ecmld baye bean m beforoto how many mrrof The character of improvement la admirably
Mrsr A- Brooksbanks,
II oaTiirfew Fine BONNETS, which she will
SeU'very lowfor CASH.
MRS?-' D. ' earnestly requests all persons indebted to
her. to -call and settle, as she is in want of money, and
desires to close all out-staadiug accounts as car ly iu
the new year as possible.
Jan'y 3, 1837. Zt
Cuurt of Pleas Quarter Sessions Norember
Term, 185G.
Dr. II. McLean, vs. Malcom Baxter.
Attachment Lew on Land.
Judgment nisi for Sixty dollars and interest from
11 December ls;4 aud costs.
It appearing to the satisfaction of the Court upon
aflidavit tiled by the 1'laintiff that the Defendant
Maleoui Baxter is not inhabitant of this State or to
absconds or conceals himself that the ordiuary process
ot law caunot be served 0.1 him and William J. Brown
Constable returned into Court at this term an attach
ment against the said Malcom Baxter with the follow
ing endorsement to wit : Levied on a tract of Land,
containing Ninety-seven acres more or less as the pro
perty Ot .Malcom Baxter, lying oh the waters of Ilich
land Swamp al, Out one mile fibin l'hiladelphus Church,
and joins the lands of Dauiel McMillan, Mary Gra
ham and others ou the east side of said Swamp iu
UobcsUn Ccftinty Octooer I Oth day lSoti. It is there
fore on motion, ordered by the Court, that publication
be made iu the North Carolinian, a newHpaper printed j
in the town ot fayetteville, tor six weeks successively,
notifying the said defendant to be and appear before
tlte J ustices of the next Court of Pleas aud Quarter
Sessions to be held for the cUunty of Hobeson at the
Court House iu Lumberton, 011 the fourth Mtinday of
February next, then aud there to show cuu&, if ny
He can, why judguieut final shall not bs entered against
hiin and the lands levied on condemned tb be sold to
satisfy the plaintiffs, demaud and costs.
Witness, Shadrach Howell, Clerk of our said Court
at oaice in Lumberton the fourth Monday of Novem
ber. A. I), lsoti. and o! American Independence. the
blst veuf. Issued the 27th dav of December 1806."
By B. F It E EM AN, D. C.
Jany 3, 1857. 3I-Gt
BACON, per lb
COFFEE, per lb
St. DoiuingH,
COTTON, per lb
COTTON YAKS, prlb, No. 5 to 10, 15 i
14 (j
1 10
Has left Fayetteville (gone perhaps to Raleigh) and
the New Year has coma in. bringing to MARSHALL
V. JESSl't a line consignment of FRESH OUS
TERS, and reuewing his stock of prime Liquors and
choice Segara.
His Saloon in in excellent trim and order for the
accommodation of the public, night and day, and all
FOR serf i.HiiT Immediately. City ordef for oys
ters, accompanied by the cash, will le promptly filled
as his Saloon will also be when the public liud out
its comforts and accommodations.
Jany. 3, 1857. 31-tf
Being inclined to move South. I will sell my entire
with a good Stock of Material and Tools, selected- by
myself purposely for the wagon bnsinessi Any person
wishing to buy, and having doubts about the success
of the establishment, can have an opportunity of ex
amining niy book for their own satisfaction.
The-above sale will take place at KJ o'clock on
Monday 5th iast. the premises. WATSON
A. S?. CAMPBELL, Arictr!
ja, 193a. 31 it
Court of Picas a nd - Quarter Sessions Novem
ber TbMi 1856. i
The Petition of Amos Butler, Piifcliney B. Hill aud
Ru.ssel Hill bv their father and next friend John Hill.
Elias Bullock and wife Nancy; Spiers Varnuiu and
wif" Mary; Henry F. 1'itmair and John Hamilton aud
wife Sally and lliam Butler, aud Nancy Butler widow
of William Buth-r. ' .
Against Obfcttiao buucranujaim uuncr.
I'etitiou for a sale of Slaves.
It appearing to tiie satisfaction or the Court that
Obediafi Butler and John Butler the defendants in
this case reside beyond, the lintits Of this State. It i
therefore 0:1 mot ion ordered by the Court that publica
tion be made iu the North Carolinian, a newspaper
printed iu the town ot taytteviHe. tor six weeks suc
cessively, notifying thc said defendants of the filing
of this petition and that itrtleastbey appear at the next
term of the Court of I'leas and Quarter Sessions to be
held for the county of Robeson at the Court House in
Lum'bef ton. on the fourth Monday of February next
and answer the petition, or the name will be 'taken
pro confessio and heard exparte as them.
Witness, Shadrach Howell, Clerk Of our said Court,
at office tt Lumberton, the fourth Monday of Novem
ber. A. D. 1 00, and 01 American lnaepenaencc, me
8lst year Issued the 27th day of December 1856.
Brbwu Sheeting;
FLO Ult, per barrel
Family, SuperUue,
GltAlN. per bnrtil (
LAVJJ. er lb,'
SPIRITS per gallon,
l'eaoli Brandy,
Apple do. uew
N; O: Whiskey,
Rye ,;io
Kefctillfd do.
NAILS, ut, per keg
IRON, per lb
Fnglish, ...
.Sweede, crffuifca bar,
Do. widej
WOOL, per lb
TALLOW, per lb '
HIDES, p r lb
LEAD, per lb
SALT v .i.
LivcrpCol, pr nick,
Alum, per bushel,
MOLASSES, per gallon
Sew Orleans.
SUGAR, per lb
Loaf and crushed.
. StCroix. Pbrtoliictt,&NOrlans, 1 1
BEEF Wholesale' ... 4J
Retail, choice
PORK Wholesale
11 f
8 .
7 50
7 00 0
6 50 (a), 0 O'i.
6 00 (oi 0 0U
(a) 1 2U
(3 00.
1 00
80 3 00.
b5 fa 70.
?S (g, 00
6. 6A " IS,
60 (a too,
5 26 S 50
6 (w, 60
1 vo) 0O.
17 18
11 12
ii 12
6 n 00
i 00
1 50 1 o!
00 (, 00
45 60'
50 0
IT ;
a to
REMARKS. An advanco of one-eighth on Cotton."
Sales 611 Monday afternoon of 762 bbla Turpentine
at term's fibi made public ; believed to have been at
:t for Viraiu and Yellow Dip', and $2 for Hard. On
Tuesday 3s bls,. and yesterday morning 1411 do. ;t.
3 foa Virgin find iellow Dip, arid $2 for Hard, per
280 lbs. . ,
On Tuesday abdtlt 1,550 tfbls Spirits Turpentine
sold at 43 cents per gallon. . .
Sales oil Tutiwlap of 165 bbls Tat at $1,60 per bbl.'
On Monday afternoon 176 bates Cotton Bold at 12 1
a 12 i cent-.' . , - . . , r
Sales ou Tuesday of 25 bbla Flour, StaU brands at'
$7,25 per bbl for superpne.' ' . .
On veseerdav morning 1.00& Ibe Bacon C. rnred
By B. FREEMAN. D. C. fc ffceato fr ft. fOMAi.dfti V

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