North Carolina Newspapers

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Jf;ro a uptne rvicnmou .:. M, Air Brar-bjpfah Carolina-,- in the F&
i .to i-4irx-His exjrraet, jrom lira, recently pain
b-a; i.'it--usj!ti .of. .Transactions of the bliHncn'
Si'.tute Ar-:.;Kr.raI Society, from the penVf J.
C. I-r; to!! "q:, strikes,-ns; as particularly
jkjtiii hi 13 character, and "eason-
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t haliire was no saUtuiilial tisSreuce. aSni(pt td i o t! Ur -tis's rti-n .hyrth t;lU's tliat cit3' to Iook "fl'r Por
dnTocrats Norii. and Ua to" tl'nieJuSj tV.tiji-rcs.-?, arivta at tlw ud " .s "nVvet of...! e reltii. -s the following asvful faWt:
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BECPTiOS-.F.TSBE FFICESS CF IH ELGLITE. p A Woman , Fkozek te Deatk. The Mil-
Wisconsin. ' of Fi tUn v ht st. makf 55 a
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rer, Witten lit .defence of a reform in Jhe ayyJof Kerft ires.-the otherV- da t t I- ii I erexl by a Awr-u ' 'vhziV.ut: ..ship' a.d j-re-. st ro, appeiil to the ' benofolesjt residfnts of
ncrfiirtoioi.t nf flip forr!Hlil'at rscCSUliieuued i . v,V.i7... . V' ' S I " V . . .! t . i ' v...;. Tt : t-.t as " . irv to Inhk nftfi- the r-onr mh) v.r.-lv .M1
l- r .v"v w . . v. ,- i.iaj.njTi.c vvjis ii u suusiii::iiui nstureiiff i-seiiitu io ui-usm imir'.i' v - - -
by the excellent head of thntdepftrtuitiit we
extracrTfTel'foIlowmgJiidtf: well deserved
eulogiutn tipou the'ehuracter ef -the -aliftad
Gccoraplislied Secretary ofJXj'""- ' '
- '."Mr Dobbin wasjiypoyifed to a seat in the
Cabinei'i'lifttaneotts.' prefefene'e of tj'io
Prl4eat,:'iud:pendent -of uii , outside pnfSng
."uff'pieasnrc", and, indeed, in direct defiance of
an trleotorrjrreconinwMidatfoa. of . aootiier indi
vidual from the same State,- As:: the jCa"et
is in .some sort the privy council of the
dent, as its most esseatial function is'- to
his discretion with -its co-!!ectie wisdom, its
ttione is responsible for for the- policy of the A
iiiiui'Lraiion, and us it is of the. grea teat iniHor
taucc that there 'should be perfect 'concert' be
iwcen the chief members of the Executive de-
parttnent, one would" naturally conclude - that
liu-v would bo selecjed by the unbiased dicern-
snt-u' 'h'j President, wiih reference only to
:.i ' i.-'i.; s
it t ) ':;;; .:r-.-fi;l '-
' : I -. V '. ;'.U-'.'.- r;--
t :'.""! cf 'ii! ti ' e Vir
c?ie to ihqv! i.-i .'u-'i-ij,
' - v r1' '' . , "' i'; itrrnt4l fitness -and aUitity, and in uttt-i' dis-
I. .1--;.!., tiJi." ! .1 . . tt! 1 U '' t IC liiili ,
xctci' oi evc-s:rvw:'S -.u!d t-r vo.yva! i-.ttd dor.i'is-
nf t!m TTni.anc Ul i ' -'-Tt, , V.n,V. - J Vt ; ... - n - 1 .'-."' ct...u.l - !. -I 51, ult niHipr the CO!U!3ad Ot
" " -"v. - iuw -nvir ail VJ1M" 011. i.v . iu .- .....
abide th.e decisiQu of the convt3. He t-ouf l.(
.... .:;tv.;,:. ;. . 'i I.. " :":.' 1 -', - r
iiv.uinnvmc.Hi irnrj tv Mjuai;;i - sol cj-
oeiween fue . uim aim. cw jWexseo'7 tUi;
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i uiiu t xiii c. a jj tu, ji bu . lor ... t rt'lCif.
iaany whigs' voted, -and th Ivansas Nchif-ka
bill. ,He declared that' he wasfo'rV-Butduiaiiv
Breckiuridije and Free Kansas for K to frame her dn institutions if,
wn way; and this woaKt give the true
ion of the Kansas act. Did that act e
matter sovereignty" in tlK; full sense ci
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V i.
"V 1)
e'geutle-raeti, he would rather trnk it Hivrfn. of thU. Xavy
: On the ij.ornb'i- of. the ISth, Cabtr ! i ari-t-'u
HndtM! 3t'-Port3r:;.'U'h, -ni, 1m! visits to
CUivaiier'Pappidarao; the- United States vice
consul, 'a ml the iailitary and civil authorities.
Au iuTirati'oTi to. a duulic banquet, by tne Cor
poration and" ir.habitauts
of Portsmouth,
Tins appeal has been prompted by the fa ft
that a Mrs Suliivan literally frozen to
dvntii last Wednesday tnorninj; in Van Buret!
street, between IIwoji and Michigan. Her
husland was at wor"k o; the Milwaukee and
Mississippi Ka'.lroail, beyond Madison. Sh.e
iot ont of wof-JiVon Tuesday, and -.vent to a ciij
has ' constahle, so we learn, and asked h'nn to let
t.:cat:-Oii sl.-C!;'..1. f :';!;,- -:d...-.on:sh ail not to throw
'uvvay li.eir a p o c 1-. .c c-vtb'trec-s, at nu
eei'taiu teatc'.is Ue. jf-.fT uncertain
v:ee to v; o cviii is to .'cultivate tTer-reens
iv -.1; ;neu;:b, but to do it in t'
l.O OtiSC!'.
"Dear Do In "':;' :r
i r
tics, sections ana
he 'case of Mr Dob-
iht way. ;u..d
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"!'.::r !!-.
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; :'...
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:.iiS. (
!... r.- uU!i: ;,-
- i -
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iOf ;t Sllb;SCt
o: invitation to
.."j: ;in 'vol. cf
i-.''f!c inort hke1 v
'ji the n;':l c; j T hat' of fut:-!
t - i, A-i.cre i i
ii 0' a n ( i a i -' :r . re j
e-L-e i vrh-ips. Our
i.ol ti-aiy n,;:':- i
. v.. :,U v'.iy oi' i
; .;-. My ..!!
. . . ... !
lia :;..;S. I ir.:i
i.:.. ... .iv vate
; indicated bv the most s.Tm.o".f i-subr" .
it be hnd no very'' g rea tXtrt c-Htty
juiTteyfiVr-wt,-hc' will lit least .jrtf-y
o::i GCice witii a reputation wiiicn is con:rti.u-
aarate wit'i the hudls tf tiie cuntits y, and which
wid endure us lc!, as tl.tre is u Navy to re
dress the wrous ana u muiiiiaui the honor oi
the re;.ubi:j. 'i'oo often experiment proves
the day. is not yet. fixed;, and every mark of;
Lrespect has been paid to the Anierk-an oiheers.
The Resolute was towed up the i owe?, use
Queen 'having intimated her wish to pay a visit
ngres-siona! sovereignty. He wlhed i to the vessel, and the si ea at frigate iletpbution
he question out of Congress aitaj&Jtfr 1 was also sent up to salcte on tt-e occasion, tu.u
and tlUs, he held, wa3 the verdict of the eeseveral un bouts and other ships w ere sia-
f.oned in the roads.
.The Queen and Prince Albert, accompanied
by soaje of their ciiiiuren, paid their visit about
ten o'clock cu Tuesday tuor.-.i-.ig, the IGth,
English and Auit-rican nags flying at the )eak
of the Resolute, and the royal starulard whs
foisted at the main as .soon R? her majesty
stepped oa honed, Capt. IIart.ste;:i received
e royal. party, the officers grouped on enur
r the tLja
:.r p.u.i !t:ce of others.
1 ei ;.t-.! U: ,;U'.i t!:ai Oi;;' native
-'a Allies Nigra; is ;;.'.; ort'.ati' than
' d .y, . . c'::s '.pini-ji; is shared
' '-'i'.y-' wi o Ii.. w. both ;n :'..;.
i r-.c . r.rr .
:'-': ( -'"i-- '.'
,.;rowrh Sii-?e, and in iti
" ' r-. i r'.-, -e 1 uth of Jc.'v.
- s- u gv.:v.-1. .:
ir.. Y . u- T;v-t.s
'a.-. -' '. . -. U t : . : :-:;. t
-. .' i . ...I : .: ti.iivil in a:-ici
; ;' :.-" :'. .;; a i--.
a.. (i aoi. r tna ue in
- i. a '", :;v..:- deii-
.--j.; ear:y they
'.g in" ii!::; uiiii
ill Cuf tiU-C. til
to ti.e tiOWH.'
, :.!i : i .:, a:.o
i ....(.' u ;! J ...... ;
- p:-i : -i : ; -1 remox al ;
' i l.:. 1 Vt-ragin.-; '.: hi -
' . . J iiiy, v. h:ch w ei'e ;::
''- -'A heal iy i' . ' v t ; s of
. . . y -cr ct i t a-i other lot
.-, i..iy, a belter s-Ject; on
-. ; cent.
not oU! ; ;;;.: the fir-t- v.--r.
that tils no:sy and noirioas pootici:tn tany he
no i.ettc-r than" a clever charlatan, and that his
caj-avity ior ti;o pubbc services inverse prooor
iion to his ;;;-: . pretenuons. Kareiy, in
'.'.. : ii . do any oi oor "o,s;;i gioshed'' tuti. vuto c
ii j-.n Witn oii;..:pao.u repuiHtiou. iu
.Hlvad Oi being a UiiUcUtly ai!U feuroaeu to Mr
D-b b.u, rLiioo.isibie position i-as o.ii iwa huu
u.i oppvituutty i't.-r tiie display oi hia tiiode&t
but sieiiii-g abilities; and ha returns to private
iifj -vita a lairne ail the more briSliaet for tl;e
test shch .-:.i.:.;,iu'io"; eo many of our splen
did i-i-tre-sinei:. ills repaiat;ou wd.i live, not
only Lii the tradition of h.a incorruptible iiite,
ri ty and his diiige.iue in the discharge of duty,
but hi i he historic record of those reforms
which,uish his adiiua'.atratieii, and widch
have Jj'ated to muct; to th.e character and
eiiioency oi me -imerictm iiavy.-
in thj late electioii of President
This was exactly the grounti tor nie tjjac-
j-ncy of the Sootjt tc occupy; for, not orrcaft
the democracy' of the North stand upon illnt
it is the true rronnd; Most Northern 1 Ftaiv-
cruis liiiiiti quatter sovereignty s tneuonr.e
of the Kansas act. in fact, -and Mrs Orr'Tof
oontn Carolina, lyid .Mr or inassee.
cfiilfi t:ii
It is enough if the set contain-' the doctrh.ti' ?i
effect, for the effect is all any one cares ai-tu -.-
We have hitherto fiven the sub?.t .'" plf
Qrr's and Mr tndii.'s vi-vs of 'the q:;.- -t.
iiiid their staudins; is such as io assure us .at
thev rc-iJivaynt very unicU atore thai: their fir-;
divtdual opisooiis; they r"-p-re---t.t :vs dop.n - r
l- ranch, the jredoi-inasit sotLcrti deuiv.ri."c
1 -i.'. o, t. i-i. ,
M r ii ranch r. a', rack the prop- - df-tnl .
,-"f "?r,;v- ivar.Si.-s." The Free '. j. f ti.e
1 'euio-.-r.-itic party is a T rritory of t'.ei-i w '.it.
roen a T-rritory w-re wh;to An,'--ri-. :. ;i r.-.s
shall e:d-jy the same political r.gios ti'cyj
exerciHed ia :!;e i"'-t:ttes ivheice tht y. U.;;.;'.
'I' he der.OCratl;: . n . y Ciii.-S i.Ot . --'.O I C: -r
! -
iVeedoui to b- par:i;ao:ii,; to white fi eeaoj.! It
does hold that white have c-.-rtaiu ;'-.;;;.
tile rights every wee re oii t h is uontiueat, .n vipr
which is tho ripi;t of s e i f - o v e r n : i ; e tt, w ti.uut
reeiii'd t;-iiipii-rs. t'loveramci.t. "'. lii' T--: r.lo-
erf i:.Kl,
C( -it of
-i ...... l .it 1 1 1 . t
been accet. ted by the captain and othcers, her nave some uoou utiui ner uusnana rcturntu
home, lie, in the meanness -ot hts "pent-e.p
iieart, told h.'r to go to tiie poor-lmitse. She was
eypcctii g her husband home soon, and .proba
bly thought she could weather it out; but it
was a bitter cold night, and Wednesday morn
ing her released spirit had winged its way from
sorrow here to another and we hope, a better
world. She was found dead on the floor, with
her children crying about her. If there is any
conch-nee left in that constable who ruthlessly
dove .her to despair and death we hope the
picture may thaw his icy heart, atxl slso those
ct the neighbors who lived near the poor
" ' .. . ?ntertil jx .tavet-
Satisriay. Jauuury 10. 1857.
J&T-G. G. MoCrcmskx is oar duly authorized '
agent fer the cullectiou of all ehvnn tlu this oihee.
cai e Fi:iii i.tipyoiLMK r Aa!'.
Oar strictures upoa tiie Dee lliver Naviga
tion scheme, and condemnation of the imposition
meets with some littic ce!i3uro from the Wil
mington Journal.
TT . i.. i- -, .
we aie ;urpnseu to nutt ourselves Rt u:sn
with our brother, on this subject,. - Ve took
the "cue" from him and expected to find the
journal a great au.diary in exposing the a
Uominable scheme. Nor do we d.scover our
selves at var'uuee with the Journal, except so
f.. V r. .iI .l.'.V...' lit:. ......rliry'lllll ll t!i II'. l.-ifllfl
The Usty Rocket Br&nd. A man tfavetintg -x '
ix am, andvfteeing no .one present j W e copy his testimony m regard to the m-
The foilovvi'.ig g'MitienivU
cej t ;n'.i of her majesty: Mr J W Crosiji y, U. S.
consul; Chevolier Viuctmt P.-.ppa!ardo, vice-
i-oasnl; Mr ii ariiiitc, vice-o..?.".: fo t:;-.- TTnitrd
States at Co'.vcs; Capt s'n li -us, of tat
Uiiited obitcs on:' s'ea-nshi.p lit rn.o.n, fad Mr
Coroehiis Oii-otn-U. son f the i' rojccJ or of t'.'.c
A Ai t'- d tboi.
U-r m;ij;-7 :.! rectriv-d a erroial wei
coo;e, iota ted-thc v.-.-r-'-I, a.-i r-.-:h'ed- aiohtsi
vftu-nw -"ti'seattiVinsrifilleKci'Ciicv of its pv usi-!Si ie :';.;.'.
aft-rwatd fi-r."i i in i
;,-;Ui! ocj-uw-r v. ;
and etitt-rcd citii
Shortly, he asked SatnV.o it' he was dry'? m Sam
bo fiaid he was. Stranger told him to "p-i ro
the bar and take something at his oxpease.
Negro did go, and shortly left. Landlord says
to the' stranger:
"Arc you acquainted with that nigger?" ,
"No, in: ver, saw him before ; but why do yo i
- 1 Kuppns? so froin year conversiiig with him
; ..'.-ii C ..-- I i -i'd h.'kilig h
". : i soli!
I . .-t
o:. ir,
; r- , ;- f
Fat Lew Mathew, th Apostit of Tcmperaaee
died at Cork Ci tiie 9th of December.
baid Ma tiie'-'-" was be; ii at Thoiiiastowi), lie
;.iad, October it, IV 90. He was Lett an oi-
! p;;t!U at an early age, adopted by an aui'l, utid
du.'-ti'jd iu Kilkenny Acaden.y and at May
uouth. tie was orddi:ed to the priesthood at
Dubiiij. A-doptini'. the orir.cinle of t;t;.i abs-;i-
iiCi.ce, n- commented a series of meetra-s and
vo:,ii awakened the eatuusiusin of the Irish na
ture to iiis
He traveled from town to town through the
i C i ;
t;;;-;':i, .-ei. '. ." :;; i --r.
-.-i-.i io--:.;- ;. :-',-';.'.;, Ac;-; :-..'.; ; -u-. .
i-'-'i i-os:iy i:oi:i sc-ed. Yery
h iiiay be ootaiiied b; r north
: 1 ii; Michigan. A ml thvSe
i-ii-t b -r c'.ova!. as vrc.i i.-S
.;,' Ii-.:..-:'. a-e v. ii.- a i ra -. .-: .;,c... '. -..-a
o-C.m-s ir.).;; t i . - ? .. ro ;!,.;; lorri
i i -,ii ' . - - :..i; .. i'ro'ii t:".e
sm.di i s I o
:; th::; .'
;ii.;;i ; .-- ,
sa.:V- i
' 1 i i y
b-i-b :
Geo,: :
"- .v' ...'a
: t:.e
rn.iy be s
CO ii.
fb'-i. b
.A o j as: -
t . . " - b
; S
:; .. .
-1 j : t r
! ; f b ' i
y n: ii
-s o:
d o ;'-:;: in r--;
here; :v.u
";,-: -.'--- -..- 1 'vc
.-. i ' : -. : t.i--- 5:
Au;.av.. .-.
sr. vi-.. ...ii .o: i:
r h
oi a::s -. .. s. ... 1 1 ... .' .
-..Oii: ...Ci' of OUt tin'1 sal;;.; ti'lii! as
r. :id :."io: i :.!;-.-? a i a-.i . -. :. v. eks:
:: :" i'-'' - .- : tine last oi' .; . :e. it
- i": v :-. :;. ; Vf-.': at ti.e iiiiir ' ;" t he
:: -i;;.--;b ;:o. r .;"";'. c- ;
i. 1 ii r:: . " . r !y to the i- of i
..- :. i ; '-: S Oio'-i- .i y : -.- ;
.'. .:: b-s'S V:- ry r ' .- j
He adiiiiiiisie: en tiie pledge to tltousanda at a
t.iiir; at Nei;agh to iwt-'ity thousand iss one
day ; ei Calw.y a hundred thousand iu two
uays; be: wet a 3a'.v.iy and Lough "ea to near
ly tv, o handed thousand. Proai Ireland he
went So England, where the people were infect--i
with a corresponding entknsiasua. Tuei.ce
he cit.-r.e to ti.e United StatcR, from which he
r-.: turned in the ut Aurati of IS51. His labors
r. d triumphs here will long be remembered.
1'i.rorigh ail this Herculean labor he was con
idi.::t:y iii a state of peisonal poverty. When
hti began hi? work iiis br.l!ir-r was the pro
I r ftor of of a large distillery. He support
ed Theobald until his .vondt-vful succesa had
: uined the distillery, and reduced the owner to
hunkn:ptcy. To nueet the wants of the public
benefactor, the Biitisli govcnmeiit Fettled au
ti.'H-.aity of ibOG upon liini, which sum war; just
sr.fhcient to nav the oreniium noon an i;::;urance
i p- i . h'-Id by bis creditors ss Keciudty for their
j claims i'r-ince h:s return to Ireland, the wt ight
! c; yea"K ut'd the exertion!: of lonj labor have
consptlled his p.artial withdrawal from publh:
ries by Congre.-i:! la not popular s. if go
Tise of the privilege by a
loritiiiif i:.for ow:t mstuc-tions u: trie a-; :v,': wa y
is popular self ip)Vi rmaei't, in its fu.asl sense
u';-.'er our cOiistitn! io;i It i'-s the '-..;.! : i; : of
the exercise of this priveo-- to ti-? j top oi that cun-stttites her Free hiu otp. Ji;
no other way can he he e. ; j
It : e iraoiuiioiry that there ?'iopd b
.;oas :.cis o: wiiite people not v. i :, out
Premi-.igly determitit-d, to t-ur render t -awi
or-( heritage of .t he revoiut.o.ihr) etruggie
for no other result in prospective thai t ;e es
tabiishmeiit of the largest luv;:se to ".i 'irutai
race in our uiid.-'t, whose natural coV.;;;' to
b-, .-' r-rf ; ,1 v. h'-'h j' i,; 'a.
ro H. rt:'
Fao: iy'iti.
. -; .! : . w;o
t i . i o i
1- , vie s .:.
1 1 a r i id .-ads
T e A .:.-'.
Mr C;
in propos- d "T!-e Qi i ::nd i'.oyai
i : -, -; t l:'i :.: Fresh! jr,t of ike L!nd: ;!
L pi, -ms were, drunk with h
" f'. i; r t-.-.l: : 1 A iii-i" U':- : ;
Ar .;.':.-'." w. re to. t 'and C-;pb
i-ouUii was dra;:.k ith loud cl:e?rs.
can Co!'?r.!, rar Crosk'-y, ami his
ce was rtsooaded to by
n-key in :i t hcitous speech, an-d he coi;"
bv rrniii aii,-; 'ihe Union Jai k and
h:d Fwiiiicr," wi!h ::u iippro!, riate senti-
vSo!-s- caa'- ;:y Mr Cro.skey propped the
i-vait:. of Mr Coroidijs iis in:: b, which t'oit aknowlt-dged in an ciffpaent speecli.
ire :';ii:ii ; success of ti;e Resoinie. aii'.l may
sr.t: lie again Mnpbjycd ii. prosecatlng the 3 areh
for Sir J ':. i Fr;:nb:i:; and bis c-J urates,'" wag
pro: os-al i.;y Oa;;aiu ilivia;ius, ra:d iieccoideel by
Mr Gt .unci!, and evok-.-.l hena ty applause-.
'i'he aut-io: it'es of r-o-iVliaUipLon furnished a
rism wherevtr license has been thru
We s:i Y license, for the race knov.s iio.niiC
?!f u a. j turnca to
peciul sieaioer for the i-.-c;:i;ion.
iiarisiem was invited to i:;;,e aud h!ee at
--borne IJ.-ii. The. ofecers uere invited tft
visit thP.oyai grcmuds ; privilege of which
nc-r tiie mean tag ot ao-aav 010 . oej-.y, e
mean, of participation iii govennn -ni the ii'i
erty of equality. Thl it is eqi.abty ho
f ort3n.a;t;i on tle
Joi lowing oay
, -A- re,:
re pub'-eu'
o;ii iy
T.;e tv
the ra-v
days as,
vf a e'e :
? pe;
; i 1 g
t Cfn Kla.k lK sr"iJtio?ii.D
?grph aiiocitii-'ed, :v i'e
on no Ohio river stoooT
-r r-!;r."d WatitAa ANoraosox, ni.en
r'.ii was io n-1 --; " . v e rvifb-r,.--.. : :
b;a as co'i i' ,'t-al -.vP;. schemes for ran-
t ii p.-rioo scui
p . r ; of tii
;;; ;
n irg off negi'.-'-s fror.-! iv en tacky and f-xeding
slaves to U surrectior,. According to the New
Alb -a. y Ar.Ayr-, this 'ilt've! read in .:li vidua! is toe
; id.'
ir;.; negro
If a
or:. ; -;-r-
O' CO !(!' v-o
iiivc part
is not easily gathered
Ca -t?.;oai Ai:n cA:,r :;ja Hcc-s. One of the
t. V l 5;' is. a call be iveii to &svi ne, while
i. .. ii. -s v !: ; . :..; , ;:a' vc.'i.o.A. mul cciuiiioa
B..H. Mi t.;,d .--d..h-ir r. re very gcul lirtichrs,
&nd sbmiii be cnpplicd. Wc would
not, bower.--, be uadcrsiQod as nrgir.g the
ic"e?-'ity of !eeep:;:g these articles con tittup.!; y
M r:Hi-a. ii; i'idi.i OS
by to Gcveri-r
i: it:
W. )'.- ' !' e i
set :m to
o:ni:-- spT-c
;;t W'.l'ilT.i-f '
rl Ju.'ge
: p"h ( -o o.j ! y . onu in ioc, Iel.i.war. co;:r;-
by tic. ii!, er iutiooaieic.g the-m viaiiy into ti;eir
fo-id. The fas: is necees sr.ry to o "aviate the
bad tendency ? certain ki. ah; of aiimeiit, and
shoiiiil be sap-plied in qnar-titiej varying from
one' piiit to two quarts, as often as ence or
twice a w.k. Salt should always be iotrodue
e.i a!S a seusooing in food. When it is not go
used, it should be given twice a week', r it
jriijy i;C placed in a box iii the stye to which
the .-ahm.ils oau have access whenaver they wish
to partake.;'.
H;s Trade JN ,T3E WE3r.: At St. Louis,
cat the '1 ith iasL, pork was selling -at 5 to b.
for log-- weighing 200 pounds and over, and
ike same prices are offering for the delivery ; of
keys cp to December 20. "'
ty. At these ;ii;d numerous other places in the
northern part cp the State, his speeches were
received with rapturous i j hcese by the black
renuc'.icRUf, sud, as hp poured foi ih his filthy
abase of Go ver nor Willard and the democratic
p:irty, roe Mi.i-ionistfi went wild with delight
m! shouted til! their threats were ready to
spat. Ihie ibev. Mr Anderson's occupation as
a black republican stumpers tor Leirg at an
end. he has taken him self to the kindred and
eqnally congenm! one of stealing slaves and
rnuning "t'nem off to Canada.
NoniH Cjp.ouifA. The 'Supreme Court of
North Carolina .has con 5 rmed the decision of
Judge Manly that members cf the Uni versa list
Church are incompetent to testify in courts of
justice, according to the laws of that State!
By this decision, the Universalista cf North
Carolina nre virtually outlaws, as no member
of that religious denomination can collect his
debts; swear to an assault, or testify before he
courts in any case, even if his wife or child
should be' insulted.
CallforsLi ftoli,
It is estimated that if the present season
proves a favorable one, over a million dollars'
worth of gold will be washed out within four
miles of Ban Andrew, Calareras count j.
a.c negro v,ah the --.hae- - ' -t to a..i
to the late speech of Mr at u cks-.u., o
this State, to aucer'adti. N. Y. 1-'-
at'Oii; O:
;i-r the
f w a s
i ti ' '-' tc-i
q He
. t tll'.V .
1 Oo,
A M:RACUi.ct;s I'lacAi-s. Tue Uoe ceUa Ur.
ion gives an account cf George iabi .g
one hundred feet over the Great Geac-'iice
Palis iii Rochester, without killing ui-iSe-lf:
Tt appeared the boys wtiit dovrr. b.c slope,
towards tiie xiiM, perhaps to gee how fc they
might vr-ri'nrp; one of them namech''Gcrge
Sha!p ventured too far, slipped upon tie crust
i-o! in r-, bivtuut wer.i over tha raeiit ;'!"-'i'-iin t-
failing over one hundred feet, to the
the '.utter, boi'itic: up from the eddy u
Great Fall. All who heard theahirm
ed tit oace that the lad was dead, but
yn far trt.m dead that uis ctues a
the iittciit'ou of akf'terjt cm the river, se
rode, and they wr-nt to his rri.
was found sraiiding partly upright, in ti
Mi.'nt siv b . t from tiie ed"'e of the water
of ids legs was bada shattered, and s.i:
his ribs were broken. U
"Thv precise extent of bb; injnrh f chA
i-e at t ree ase-erd a;eed. lie id; f.-e t ft
aiid was terribly jarred, though str:k:
soft suow may i:ave, in somv measure,
the shock."
&-;ri:x- I- el-:-:t ob Paa: ;.: I
Tri rpc.-dt icrt-urr Or- '.0-.-I
istittiie at Cincinnati. Prof. lino
that in the latter part ot sixteenth c.a.
half t;;' nse who were Looi, d ed ;
years cf ; tiie av-rage bmgt-vay
v hole ooihilation was bat IS v-:irs.
st'Ver.teentli century , one hai; oi r.lo
died under twi-lve vears. But iu th.e i
vears of the eighteenth eentnry, oe-h
population lived over 27 years. In t
fortv Years, -one-half 'ceeded 32 yea:
At tiie beginning of the present cent
half exceeded 40 years, and from lb
4 5, one-half exceeded 43. The a verac
ity at these successive periods has bee;
ed from IS years in tiie sixteenth cent
37 by the last reports.
t! i
. r .. i
A Vai."A3!.i: Pt-iitiensTin:;.- a-Ir C W. Cot
tOt-il, ..!' l:.-.t::i:a.p(.P::, ii.d;,:;np iiSS a iliiOU iiceti
ibc ; i-i a- i,-n a ; ;,.. 1 - .. i r ; .a A !.,.;. n a c and
- -na.- oi ib ,'i - 'er for '; - ' ;' It wbi -a .On tall
.'-:' - - , oa i . i coii-rnae too ofiiciab
v.da A the oi: the aMMe:;; :'-.- p.videiit in 1852
; a iaiba. AM-', t't a- i-ilhbii vi.te fur (ba;grtr-i-r::
i; and St.. to :'.'.. -. a-, i;. the rev; mi .States tor
a roeouijcui
las w'il be ealc'i-r.ri:::-ipal
eitit-r. in
tie IF;. on b ; a work Will, besides, con taii;
naacn - ; .:-a vainibe political informa tion the
ooaog.i oi its iiab.or in-iiier to make it a- pe;ma
neat- mid reliable' reference book. It will be
lave from parlgtun mstter. It will be free from
partisan matter. Si
copies $10, Ob; 1,000 $y,0,0G.
ie coj'ies 2 5 cents; . 100
In reply to the question, '"What ia a
k.. i-.ofr.ebody replies: "A kiss is, as it
Were, a seal, our sincere attachment
; pledge of iuiun: union a present wlbch,
at ti.e same lane it is t is a. knar iron: tis
tiie anpressioa of a-:i ivoiv .oral pr. .s cra.i
s o buioa::. for a i. e, ;. i;. :ai a sw-ei
.te of the. bp an affee : ie uatt tea:i;ng off.i'i
a.eert a aMtcaoiS a;sii wiaaa is i-sb-ii ivaii
s. ariet sp'-.-):;s a. swt t:tir..'at .docs n-a
--a a:y :r iei at'-r- - a ;r :. o -. . .. .-. i- :.'' ro d
. a r -t the ' n..- t . a- . ; , a. cx-
'i... ;-; . ; a-'". . n.- .a.-.; ;-: . - -.- r ' : , ; -.. . . n loo
the f.-artl
im to drink."
"Gh," R:dd toe stranger, 1 was only cx-perimenti-p.r.
The fact is, I was dry myself
and I li'.uught that if your liquor didn't kill ihe
u-'-ao to. hiieoii mb-ute. i wculd vent are to a .-Iriuk mrself."
TiT- Wikk Crop of Italy. The Genoese
correspondent of tiie Newark Advertiser states
that the grape harvest the present year has
proved much U-ner than for live previous years.
Toe vine, which has almost entirely failed -since
1850, has yielded near half an ordinary crcjj,
a:;d the silk and olive harvests are also much
more abundant A. large proprktcr, who used
to pr!due40 and 50,000 barrel:? of wine an
nually before the appearance of the malady,
which is now disappearing, and whose whele
produce last year did uct escced a doceif barrels
tells me that his vineyards nine "this season
lei. led several thousand. Lorn hardy aud
Venice, which prc.dr.ced last year only 242,500
hectolitres (a hectolitre is bM gallons) is esti
mated to hava yielded this season over four
million of that measure. This is encouraging,
for the vine is to Italy what com is to you.
Tiie vine is tc the poor, who have little to ent
., ,,. iw.t -r-? bi-iipt-tJ-stau oi pii.n
eienj toaii&gtr- ," iV do net
sowcthing has not Ictn wrong
aluut that -u-ork. 'Ihut it'nus fcrm ihe victim i f
Dii'iC-.lcn.laiii.n, mixma naganent, misanylkivg icu
please, viC s'urpposd. must -i-e. admitted; it any rale ii
is net denied." 'i-ne Jjuurnal also thmks that a
million dollars should iu. been named, instead
of 180,000, as a requisite sum to finish the work.
So we think, tsud consequently have no in
fhe forthcoming rej-ort.of M nj Gwjioa, who af
ter careful examination of Major Thompson's
figures, declared $180,000 -.imply sufficient to
accomplish the enterprise.
Tiie people in the vicinity of the work, in
and near Fin'ctieville hava nevt r been frit-ueiiy
to it, anti a i ways regarded the project as ob
noxious and injurious to their interests, and out
delay in exposing the fallacy of (he undertaking
is explained in the fact that, sve alwayp
considered it a humbug and thought every body
else did, and took alarm only when the scl eme
has become an incubus upon the people, and a
stupendors fraud upon tn-. State; aud we claim
to be influenced less by j o icy " than by bay ia
calling the attention of the Legislative to the
fact. We make a plain statement- of fict-, hi d
if any "inaccuracies" can be pointe d cut to us ,
we Avil! cheerfully make the correction.
The first report upon this "improu-merit"
snlimitted n estimate of $10,(00 r.s avijly
stijjicient to ccmj-ltte the u-crL and render it prac
ticable. "Tibs was scarcely enough to bring it
decently before the pub! c '' The next derm ml,
made by a committee of stoc kholders, was .a
petition to the Legislature to increase the
capital cf the company to JoOO.GOO which th?
ti2grra"ftflu...t,.re.Q.....L,-v--;rT-.-vf. n
A .v Important Dkcision. Washington, -;
December, 29. The Supreme Court to-kU-y
through Justice Curtis, gave a decision affect
ing the responsibility of vessels for repairs and
supp'h-.. The case before that tribunal on
which decision was given, was one growing out
of the business transaetiotis cf the Captain of
the bark Laura, while employed in trading on
tiie I'acifie coast. Chief Justice Taney aim
Justice Wavne dissentins from a raaioritv nf
tiieir associate:, h-dd that tiie Csiptain, under
ihe contract to call the vessel, was merely the
avetit and not th-e owner for the time being of
the vessel, tiie owners of which were recponsi
ble for said repairs and supplies. Judge Taney
occupied a:i hour in the delivery cf his views,
regarding the subject as highly important, and
containing points for the first time brought
before that tribunal.
a n d
PoKrrrNS and
past ti-a . ' . i. v - . . :
ah uwa.ire T
ttegree ta
:': Fee
:o r ; i i
ui'e ;i ill
WaS ib
The agents cf the New York and J pinwall
line of steamships, 'it is said, have i tructcu
one of their vessels to call in at San J an and
tender a free passage to those Amei -aus in
Nicaragua that are desirous to returd
United States
Touching Advertisement. A jc
vertises that he has a number cf preeic
to dispose of; adding that they sparkli
eyes cf a young wido?v
:f the
la :n-na-
: s acty
of toe
to ia-
. a- a E;;i
a.o -.
fa id
I v-. hro the -impe :: a Sov
with ho-rsta and 'fp-;;i -.
tvr - saaaia. I :-i i"
a ; -i pot '- on I r
wticii itiv .j;.- ana i v aseu
child w.ii thik of m-j ab day ion
- - "TO. - v
.or teriai
.- -;-'. ;bi
d ; i'i-;
io at a
' i ;
n i- - ' ;.
P. at
v isitor.
iiana. of
-i nar
e ;a ' : '.
'jp petticoats were introduced into E tig
ht the rein of Oueen Anne. Thee
... w - - J
constituted a part of tiie female court. dress, un
til abolished by George the Fourth. Aprons
wore part of the dress of a fashionable lady du
ring the early part of the last century. In 17-1-1
they reaencd the ground. Mull's and black
ill: :::..:itu;m were also in fa hi on. Ornaments
'Cia: worn iii pro! nsiCii. A watcn adarneei the
'".list, a jc-'weiled sparkled on ihe
bo-.or-i, ;::i,i bracelets 've-re worn over trie long
pi-P--vdt-r Oil the hair was worn so late
1793, wheai it was discarded by Queen Char
lotte and her daughters. Lad:e3 worn wi.ite
i "k sni: kaigs 0''O! i:. mourning, as late as the
year 3 773 Aft-?r than, black silk stockings,
raauf i- 5t lis hi em .li irkr-p" ',t t?m fn;;
hat apear-..t'i iinrnedit.te.'y after the great;
enough to Irmtt-e the a-mpletUn i f the xenr-.
Over 700,000 is the cost of the work .at the
present time, and, no nearer comjilct.o.i than it
was eight years ago, when the rivtr w.s unob
structed by the trash they have thrown in the
it is said by the friends of the work, that it
is practicable with "adequate u cans." Yerv
possible: and for money e. Oiig'ti, the ioit banks
of Beep lliver may be reduce. t to rice fields a nd
the ssirf of the Atlantic brought to th
feet of the Bine Ridge but we deny that utili
ty will be consequent upon its practicability.
Hat upon this question of "pructicabil tv,"
we could refer to tiie report of Hand. tun Fnl
ton, Stcte engineer of North Carolina, who ia.d
Fee P. e vol ation
' ;
a oi :;. p i
-to the
!cr ad-
s stones
like the
" My fate is not so happy a one a thine,"
replied por; une. "Twas b.i h.ieb.- I visited a
m-roha!:t- and made him prosperous and rich.
While I rer-iAned with him he v; as oonteuied,
but yesterday I turned my face from him, and
he hang himself. Why should these whom
thou visitest feel thy disappearance less? Am
not I, too, dream?"'
zry, ts said by one of our exchengt-?, that
a y.-rmg (a whee.hvright by trade) in
-ii'k.-rdoio., wishn.j, to get a chance to tell
one of thi? bur ones wniit n thouhV of her
ct '-m:md his best looks aud addresced nev. jn tjj;s
w,e: "M:., can I have the exquisite pleasw
of rolling the wheel of conversation aromal the
a x I v tree of your understanding a few minutes
tills eveuing?"
A grove of ovet one tiioasand trees, v.rvlng
in size to thirty-two feet in dimaeter. and many
of thetu from 335 to 257 feet high, has been
recently discovered one bra nee of King's River.
The trees are of the vires species-
A fellow out west, who had married a vulgar
tint amiable girl, used to calf her "Brown Su
gar," because, he said, she was very sweet but
New Yop.x, Pec. 30. The ship John Garrow
from riavaunah for Liverpool, foundered when
six days ont. Her crew and passengers were
brought here to day.
Tb? Rights f tic "Jtiamcn."
At the recent election in California, two wo
men were elected to fill offices in Placer county
one a-; Justice of the Peo.ce, and tiie other as
Constable. Each ' received oue vGte iu the
precinct, and there was no opposition.; Balr of Mola3sf.s. The New Or
leans I'icnyung says that a bargain was closed
in that city on the 18th inst, for 60,000 gallon
of molasses ia plantation, at 60 cents per gall
ct, f or the Ohio river.
the work of Cape Pea ana Io ep
itivt-r Navigation 40 years since, and v. ho de
clarer!, v;th General Renin rd, a noted u.;-n of
science that lot king and da tilling Cape Fear ;a.ei
Deep River, was impraet.Oabie, and eid.rcir
impossible, and for better evidence that,
Jet the condition ol the rher furnish t! tado
It is r. remarkable fact that this grand en
terprise which id to aiT. ct .o vitally the :mcr f ts
of N. Ca rclinii ; tlos j-ci.(-me wlot h is taai
Kunm'.tr all the revenues of the S'.aie, and having
so many claims upon titate prion and j.ubllc
approbation, should be cloak- d from public
scrutiny. Why ha ve not the people v. ho arc
to pay for this gigantic hnmbiiir seen its pro
portions? Where is any &cr.ei al exhibit of thc
Company to he for:;. ? What is its Cap.tal?
Where is any account of its disbnr e ..cuts?
What are it a assets; its Iku-ilit e?? How n.neh
inpiviebual flock has beetf paid ir? Why are
ihe-e thitigs coiiceiiredr AVfiv' are" they hid from
tiie people?
To be sure, a report no w and 'he n:eafrly
iefoese:;ts the p ogr cs of the wok but wo
as-ett, with the :o.i Journal, that the
-published report of the Company, eu far from
enl'ghti ning the i on mm ity, have only served
to deepen the sahedow which obscure their trans
actions from pllb!:c Be-rvab.,y.
' -""-"other item of business r.eYi-s-yy. i.'i-a s
a r-wrigngt jj,e Stale by which xf fropfrty
of the Company was bound, hut Vhi .cg
rendered infernal ly grunting to fart-riner ed
itors, judgments upon this same property, be
fore executing, the m cvttage to the Sbte.
Now what does this transaction thow? W.o
will answer?
But the State "is in for it" say the Company,
and we suppose will take no voile j of such
innocent experiment'.? upon her bountr.
Something more than $600,000 jfc dee'ared
to be the expenditure of the Co-upaiy so far.
Is auy account taken of the large aiaouuLs due
to individuals, who, are waiting for mother ap
propriation to get their money? Are these
amouDts due private parties,, emhiiced irCthe
calculation? Include these"tr;flirL"-deJUAand
the cost of this colossal schsme Sapproximates
to the sum of Sl.COO.'COO invested io rotten
dad, t?dd age.' 4a(9a
iT -a
..rN,-.-..' a'
' W '

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