a { * i iil M THE IAROL?MIAH, F A YEnEmL|s^%^ jj ■j-!- Tiis 3I?;iiiin!r of Jb? Rath^as BU Ml- Iji-iiiicli, I’i North Ciiroiiiiii, lii iIh- lious" of Ri'iiresoi;t:iiivi.'S, the oilior ifiy, lluit tlu-re v.’iis iio siiUsliiht.i.il ii.llireiu-c :in dt-niOL-rats North ii'ol trOMlIi is to tiio inrati;!. , to ].ir ol .1 ■:5r Srt; etary Bebb'n. jr. a Iona' iinN'le oi tli-r Uiclmioml Eiiqui '.riUrii ill tU-i'-iice of a reloi'in in the Nuvy rtineiit of tilt- GoVL-rnini-nl reetMinneuiltd i ijy ;i.j oxoillrat iieau of that (li-jnf.-tliR-nt, we I extract the fuilor iii”- hijih and '■ef! drservni j They were ai! w .llin,': > enio^iniu r.|.oii the eharacler cf‘the able and the deeisi-j-n of tlie courts, iie could .see acccniie'.s'ii d Secretary oi th." Navy: i i|;|Tcri‘nci' i't reinird to sijiiatler soverciiiut} “Mr fVii'bin wa.s at-'jaldnied to a seat in ; iu-twcca liie cNali and Niw ,^ie.\.eo hill. C’ahiuct hy the snuirtaneoas iirefcrencc of the | y;,. Eillniore a|ii.ri)ved, and fv'l' whic!i i’rejideut, iuiiejiciident of all oulside imtlini; : id the Kansas Neiirasha !ud [dcasure, aid, indeed, in ilirict defiance ol ,|ecl,ired that he was for ituciuinan, ail elecloral rccun.niendal.on of aiiotlicr indi-, ,,,,,1 l.-,.ee Kansas—for Kansas vainal fi ciu tile same titale, As the Cabinet i free to fr.inic her own jnstitntions in lief it tlic privy conned of the I’rcsi-j ^vay; and tins would aiu the irne dehni- :osl essential laiietion is to assist i ji,,. ai-t. Did that act embrace ya.--b3n/b;u-b.”^Er™ f.r THE OFFRARS BF 1 BE RESeTtXE. j A ^omsx Fttozr.. to Dtt.vTtt.-The Mil ’ ’ The Arctic .lisco'very sliip ibc.-toU.a-, retov-1 vvaiikee W isooiisin, of I-i-iday last, u.abes . , 1 ; m-riid bv an Unicr flHlti-'HUff't t " to tii*’ . U-’nimTi ss, iin’ivfii Ji* >it tliciid stated) on liie iidi idi , n-'dt r lb" t'ii|ii. U.iilsleiii, of ih ■ IN Navy Oil llie inoniina of ihe i bi h, Cab landed at ibirtsnioni h. a'ld ;'.i;,l oh: (,'hivalier i’l.ppalaialo, ll.e l»n tid consul, and ti;e military anil civil An invitation to a diiblic haiiri'o t, jioralioii anti inhabitanls of rorrs been accepted by Ineeaiitaia a io i the dav is not viU lixedi: ao.d e^e respect has been paid !o the Aim:' The Ilesolnie was towiii i p tee Queen iiuvine- u.Cmated In r wish b to tin- vessei. and the sieain fineiiie ■,V'is also scat ni) to '-.-.Inie o'l l.'c c several en.i bo,ns and ol'ii.r su;,: Lioiicd ill the roiiits. 'file (.laeen and rrini'e aVibert !iv some of their chiidi'eii, pml li ten oh lock on Tuesilay Kani'sh ami Anierieaa ili of tlie l: solute, and the roy iioisl, d at ihe iiiaiii as soon 'slopped on boned t ajO. H , the rovii! pariy, 1 side in fall uniform. The foliowin.Li pentleiiu-a ims's'idiii the r.- eejdtonol In r majesty: .hii *1 K f to'.tpi, b. ts. consul; C'hevolir r A ilieeiit 1 appiinttilo, i a e- i-oasul; Mr Hiirliii”-, viei-coiisui for the Uniimi ) States at Co'Vcs; Captain nanies, oi li.e ■ ITiiited States mail steanislcp 1! lee.iii. and .'.ir 1! ..ti ll ns i.ut me etc an [nil n, croivtl) e l-rri'vr- dmilofiil !os di.'ei'i.i.uii with its collective wisdom, as he i soveruiaiily" in tii alone Ls icspoins.blc for fur the yoiiey ot the Ad.- , l,e would rat ,ii:iii--r.iiiou, and as it is of the greatest '"Tfr-1 d,.,.,, Coiigressioim! sovereignly. - tt.i-.L 1'.' IS- s .. nu; r,,.i peifeet eoiiCiTL 1 ,,, p,.,.,, f!)e (iUesttc-ti oat oi C'.n t .vie.i L,.e cloei lacinoeis of ifio Executive uc- 0.11 tin.o.iceontd n.iuiiaiiy conclude timt i'.,’- ■■■riidd be .st-lecp'd by tlie tinbia.sed flisceni- : t.i; l-’rcs.deiit, with reference only to im;i ..oiial litnes.s ami ability, and ill utter dis- lid of the claims of.siiitiUes, sections and eomjieting candidates. In the case ot Ml'Duii-j iiiii at anv rale, this prliieiple of selection h in It) kc"]) t'u' ouestioti (1 and tiii.s, he held, was the veribct of t'le imopie ill llie late election cd' I’rcsident. This w-as cxuctly the groiitid bn- the d.'tiiOi'- i-acy of the South to occupy; Mr, not oaiy emi the (lemoeracy of th.e N'ortli stand upon it, but tlie true gronml. Mu.-.i Norilierii l)i luo- 1 It 1, In imcii lindicalcd by the most incuiiLesliijte sue. j eess. ll he had no very guval noturieiy at the | : lime of nis appuinliaeat, he will at least retire | j I'l'llts thiSlIv SbJ !Kl t Lcr bl’c 1 f tlie Kansas ai-t. in fiu t South Caruliiiu, and .h'r two preminent democratic rciu ceilc that it is the doctriae of ihe act in cifeet i It is enough if tin- act rontains the .ioetvinc in mfl'cet, for the effect is all any one cares at.oiii. We h ive liilherto given liie substaiiee of .Mr \ he quest ion, from oflive wiUi a i-e|>iitatioii wliich is eommeii- - io> ,11. i.ie e'. rcivi ns, ,vitli liie limits of the couali-y, amt w liieh I ,(0 it , 1 tm- r.giii ,vay. and , as lung as liiere is a Navy to re- ^ i lii-css the w roiigs ami to maintain the huiiur ot i ‘i ■ *“•' I Pie repablic. Too otleii experiment proves ! erraiid .M i Simtn.-, your invitattou to i .,|,a noior.oas poiiliciun may be j ''‘•'’"’“'b’'‘ f--' ettU-miag vol. of;,^^p,.,,^,,.^i,an a. clever eharlataa. and that |,is i ■'m-y represent -re,-y much more Inaa .lie,. . - b. - l of aoi.c re Itbi ly i ,a,,ae,tv tor the imblie sernees inverse propoi-!-li' idaal opinions; they repre.seid, - , .V i , of llie so;! of | personal prelentioiis. Rarely, ,n-1 W ■iiicli. t.ic >ii e.umi.iaiu , ot ite. than that of ' \ieed, do any of oin- ‘-ilistiiigui.vhed” men retire | t“-'‘b'-'icnt. ^ i-.Mgie, ns lo it, where 1 ,,.^,11 office with unimpaii-ed reputation, in-! MrB-.-aneh has stnieh iK- ; , ■ ce, aii.l are m>ire;^,^,_^j^( ami reproaeli to Mr i of “Free Kansas.” The Fi'ee Caere ei.-e perhaps. Oar j |),jppj|p responsible jmsition lias only given turn | Oomoeralie inirty is a Territory ol ^ tree white proved not only nioi-e I ’„.,n,,iiv for the disolav of Ids modest j men—a Territury were white Amelieau edixens c b!., s V 11 • I V ’ >,nd pre-' stromr lilipeal to I'lo benevolent residents ol at .on bv lbe '.E. tstates li.at city to look after the |iooi- and needy, and can whailiug hhip ‘hei'ciofoie ' relali s li.e following an fill lact: eo-niiiamiof This appeal has been prompted by the fact i that a -Mrs Saliivaii was literally frozen to i death last Weiliiesdav nioriiing iil ''an Rni-en '; sti-,e,, between Ifiiroii and Michigan. i,>Rt.ii’i,l w.is at work on the Milwaukee ami j Mi-ads.djipi Railroad, bejoml Madi-son. She: not out of W iodoa Tm-.-ahiv, and Went 10 a eity ^ ena-g;,! le. So we l.’al'ii, and a.-kect hull to le. : le r have some woo.l until her liiir-baml reLiirmd j hoim. lie, ill the ii-:eauiH'--s of his pent-up,! hi art, lohi h, r to go to Ihe poor-house. She wasj ■xp-eljng her husband home soon, and jircljit-; l.lv tiioinriit si.ac'mld W'-aiher it out; but it Was a Inlier i-oi l night, and \\ eilnesdiiy- fiioin- ing her released spirit hail winged its way ,vo,-row here to-anot'rei-uml -we hope, a belter iiiiagtoa Joiinial. vvond. She was found dead oil the floor, with j -^Ve are nirpri. ed to find ciirseif at i.s.sue Wot’t® ©aroliMiftw rAYLTTEVILLE, Siati!i-.:a>, JO- I SA'J • McCiti'MJiKN i> onr tlul-y autb-UMK: i'(‘r liio coilcctioii oia ms Jiio thl.-j i WE iTiiL Car strictures-liMiii the Deep River Naviga lion sciieme, and eoiidemnalion of the imposition vir. from ! meet with some little c-enstirc from the Wil- liioi-ei s (ivii e -it ihi; Orr. uu was uui .lecompi-nicd I her ehihlren erying afioiit her. If there is any ; ^,|.otllt-I-, on this .subject, ir visii a'ooul concieme left in th.-tt comiablo w'lii) ruthlessly' tiie ft';! i>, , drove h, 1- to despair aiid death we hope ttic p i lurt- nmy 1 ha of the neighbor i-ri-aUirc.” ■,h ;; r, ith of Tenues resentatieer^^, : as ill r nn.usiy irtvli'iii received roaoi’il on cliK r AVe took the “eii-e" from hiiu, and e.xjactcd to find ti.> , . , ^ , , ,1 Journal a great auxiliarv in e.xposing the R- bis n-v liearf, and also tho^e e, wlo” bveii near tlie poor boiiiiiiable selieiiie. Nor do we di.seover our self at variance witli the Jouriud, except so far as Cl neerns the j'/-«c/i-rt4!7iI«ol the inea.sni t b man travelling . , , ! We copy his testimony 111 regard lo llie in- eiiter.-.l a lavein, ami sc-iiig no one pu.scnl , 10 , , - , , bni toe iamlior.l and a negro, seated himself ellk-ieney of its present managers -Mei/vna a,„l eat, i-.-d into ^•ollVel•saIioll witli the if [0 s„y IhaL has nU been ked Saiillio if he '.Vas dry''' ^loul!hat icork. '1 hjt it has Lrcn the viciitn of p,u. I'llr. Si;Y KfiCXKT IjUANLi.- ■fti st'fiii .Nv -^-r' voj’ii-.M’ ‘ictiJin inn Kansas oi' the ^ ' an oiq.-urluniiy lor the (Jisj'lay : y, :,:;t more attractive limn a majoniy ol | abilities; and he returns to private | shall enjoy the same political lugh we mtro.luced from foi'eigii lands. -M V own j p.,|j p,.||i|a„t for the I e.vereised in the States whence periem-e being priueipaily wiili tiie.se, 1 shall I ^0 mai.y of our splen- The deinoeratte V'"'!}' 'i'ws not eiaKO.Iy l!te fcSnlts of my ovvn exjjeriinfnt'^, in reniuviti^ and Iruiniidjint.nir tln/m, in iLc shape- ofdirert.oiis fur tlie guidance ofoliiers. i H'-re ! iaclioed lu add tiiat our native ; sprnccT, A'-.es Xiura) is mure uruamcniai than t'm famed Xorwav. ttnd lais bipin.tun is shaiiil by o'iier cultiv.sturs, ’.vliu iiave liolh in this BLACiC on DtJJBf.i: Si’IUrCF., (-■I'//;-? ^t^igra.) Ai.fS v'.'Ofe doses I's cii'DAbn iiLl'e. and in its did statesmen, liis reputation live, not frcMHioin to be pariiiuonnt. to white frecdur:. unlv ill the tradition of his incorruptible integ‘ \ does hold that white men liave eertaiu iiialiena. nty ami his diligence in the di.scaaige of duty, ; hie rights everyw eere on this contuiviit, amoim 1,11c in the hi.-torie record of tliose rcfoi'inB ; which is the right of self-govcnimeul, w.tmini ■ vvhicli distiiigiiisli ids administration, and vvhich ! regar,! to niggers. Govi-riiim-nl of the i- rr.ti)- have contributed so mueli to the cbaracU-r ami | rics hy Congress is not popular sell govenui.cut.,, ellicieacy of the American navy.” j The exercise of 11,e jir,vilege liy a people ol j f,)i'ining their ow n institutions in their own way lull. ('onieiiiis Grinnell. son of ti e 5 n .V inericaii ,\ri-lte h.xpedil mu. Del' imijesiy !,:ivine:- rce, :v -1 eomc, iii-peete,! the ViS-:, !. ami entiiiisiasiic eiieeriiig, ,t u m afleiwai,! serv,‘!l in the w.!;- ;;,i , , iRin [i;irts,,‘:n proj.o- o “ i c tt i Family,” ami im.xt “ i m f’i r- tttaies, whieb to.,sis V'-'c d:".', salisi'.ietioii. “Tee Rr,t.sU a Nbivies ami .-Al'niies” were t, H:irt,st,.iii's health wa.s lirunk v. i ‘■'i’l.e .\ I'.ierieaii (,'oii.uii. .Mr Fro exeellent V ie,* I'onsiils" was r--' Mr Croskey in a febeitous ,'p-ec ainnist , dry'f as. Sti-aager told han to g,> 1 nifsi. iiy/Ajwg- t.i\,- '.1,1. -i.n.-. -i- . u/e.se irc sii i/M se must i't tidviitltd; t any rut! it -, I'i s;,,ii':!v left. Lainillorii say.s i \ is iiolM'eidal.” 'J'lie Juiirnai i,iso th.nks that 11 'aepuataica w ith Dial ideger?” ; million dotlai's shmild have hecii named, inslesd ", .s hill! liefol','; but ,vliy 0" you ; yp iijo,OUO, as iv requisite sum to fiiiisli the work. Cio wc think, and eoiiseqiienily iiavc no faith in tlie roi'theomiiig report of .Maj Owynii, wlio, af- ;i: ■d, T’'-' F.UU1.K tUillLM latur (iOQ d-uatidn j;o! lOi .Ir mr.sc- . . . , • 1* MV iMumbir seif ii«>v rnT!ieiit, iM ns sv F.jthtw Matlmw, th« AposUu ot lomperan'ued I ^ . , 1 tx • r i\ i 'I ‘ snulur our iou>^liir.liu!i It is list* aUDi auli v. .•d ;it Lurk on the Ulli of December. Lueu-;, , .... , _ VIM , .... I,. lh«* exei’i-ise vtf tins priveuvae to Iiie lie-Mple id Aiailiew was born Ht Ihomasluwu, iie- _ ‘ n-a-'e not clcn it. j uii.tj; irui-.' n\ u. t;.o iorol Suv'idd h-e reiii'jveu liie lsi ly 6- (.'.ire irnist he iakcii in .‘=:e!ee- t.i;,'. • « nine leniii.s ui i.iuse ouina giuwiti^e a ■- ;; tlural lay--..-:; ;;!id m.t: more limn one m fi" -T v-.icse Is rtor-ii away, from ieti I i-nuy ill roots, if tiny are removed eari lO.n • Cncir tobeen in t::e siirii wliuij so removed it is nil lo'^f at o!ie lime, in Lni l. Oeldber 10, nUU. Hu was U-lt un ur- jiiiDii at Aii u.irly adup.tt’d by an aunt, and j edut aluU in Kilkenny Acndt-my and at May-j it- noalh. Hu v.as ordained to the priustliood at llioasands oi l>id)i-.n. Ailupliii;^ the prinuiplu of lutal absli- seenuiQi^iy and prt'fious lierUa^e of li Kansas lhat eonslilues her Free Kan.sa -. uT wav ean she lie irte. extrain-dinary that there should iie white jieople not only Wiilina, imt determined, u> surrender t'ne most reVol u 1.0 uu ry si rnd-l- ie liie es- .k w.ia mueii _ ,::d Am- rhmn ' mI. am! t'npt. . tii bun! eifi-f-rs. j ski V, and his; P'lndeii to iiV ; !), ami li:- cui.’ ^ eluded Itv pruposiiie; ’’rhe Fnion dm !r lindF'lnr Siian.aled Ijanner/’ wii-i an appropriale Seal.- ineol. Ji^ubsequently Mr (?rosi:ey prqiose.{ the iieiiilh iii' Mr Ci*roii!ins Grmm li, wnieh Ihnt ;i,e:illem;\ii aeknowletlyod in aneb‘ditcnt speeeh. ‘The fu’nre ol liie flbsflnte, and imiy she i*e aoiain empluved in proscenl :u,a; ine s-..'ai'e;i for Sir tJt'hn Fi-ankhir.iad ii.s ."miratlfS, ’ wux proposed iiv Chjplain and seconded ‘ V Mr Giinnei!, niid evokevi heuriy applanst:. Tiie autiioi'ities of Soulhamp o:: inru.sheii a .••j-ccli'.l tacaimr fur the ot-i-; ^I(ii:. (.’aj-ia.n llarlslf'in \V:.s invd-.al tf dine and ^imp al ii.-dl. 'i'ho olVteer.s uere iuvilffl lo I qU" ‘.rr. ' r ; lienee, he eommeiieed a series of meeliugs ^ , : soon nwukened the enthusiasm of tlie Irish im-1 for no other result in pro.q.eetive limn , , ■;; ture to ills asRi.stamtc. ! tahiishment of the largest In euse lo a brutal ; U.-imru iiioaths, anil j traveled tVoiii town to town throu;^di the , race in onr midst, svhose natural L'onuition is \ i^.i rue 1-fq, a I ,;IvJ nid-.^ .i pi 1 island. Ilispi-ogress was owe ti'iiimphal inui'eli. | barbai'ism, ami wliieh lias relap.scd mlo baiba-, tiiey : II av,,i!.-l 1 licinsciv. s, I i ooui^qm-uce of the check given to the i!owing : j^J at ii. nsin " v,.r !i,.,.„s.. has been tlii nst upon it., utrm-d to Roi'ls.mmti, oi t aap, a.id is not olten renewed. 1 he same dih'. _ ,,, 2x\‘nagli to twenty thousand in one eulty isexpei-ieneed in removing in the fall, ami i Galwav a liiimlred thousand in two heeling info,-the winter. l!:e foliage all shells ; between Galwav amlLoughreatonear- offin the spring in hamlliug, anil elimiot, ‘t;i-: thousand. From Ireland he eept rarely, he coaxed info a renewal. : England, where the people were infeet- 'The smallest plants ai'e best for i a eori-esp..mllng eiilknsiasm. Thence though wc liave planted tho.se avc.-aging eight-1 ^y p,.,,,,, ...piyi, i,,. r prove! mm-li in-,..-! : ' -•-i' ii vc lircvi.m.-y .;rs, Tim vine, wliicli .;;.s iilitl-i-''. entirely failed uc.'e 1 s;',o, in?s y;cl,l.-,i ncni' hail all oruim-.ry crop, ami -tie silk ami olive hai-v.-sis ai'.- lii.s,) nmea abumianl A l.irge pi'opi'tetoi', who used t., pi'oiiii.s' 411 ami bt'.tldd lainels niialiy belore the ai.pcarance of ',vhi,.-!i is now disappearing', am. jirmltn-c last yciirdid notexcc'cda telbs me that hi.s v'.m-yai'iis have yichlcd sever.ii tiion.sami L'-.nliarily ami: Veu ,-e. wiiicli proiinced hist y.-af only oitf,-bOU , lu’ctoiilres (;i hcctol.lre is 2f)h gr.lhms) is esti-| four! . ,t:ii yi til- conversing wilii liim , ‘ ter earefill examimition of Major Tiiouii.fon's :,-,i'aiue!, . « ■■' >‘1. ' . ' P|„,jrc.s, deeiai-ed $lhd,0t)0 amp.lv siiflicieiit to r.,,.i is 1 was nty nivsel, ■ , J i .,..,lt,,y;aeeon.pbshtheenterpr.e. TiiO ]tc**p!'' iiu' vii-iiiiiv of llit Work, in aii-i m-.i: cttci tlic, . ;■ v r f.eei, li.t ■ dly ■a, an ! v- l'."g:,rdcd the proj'-i , tis idi- ;i:j-,ii. jii-‘. to ttieir interest ; and our ■a. lav > xp : ng llie laliuey of the uuuertnking 1^ explaimd ill the fact that wc always ■ ■oii'iden'i! it a linmlmg am! tlioiigbt every body el.se iliil, .'ii.il tool; .aiarm only v.bcn tbc sebcine has bei e.tm-ail iiiciiliiit. upon tl.e l.-eople, and a -liipemioi.s fraud iqmii tin-State; and wt Slatm lo be iiiflueneed less by “] o.icy ^tban f-ydn-v in ealilng the iittention ol tlie I.egitlalnre lo tim fact. vVe make a plain statement of faet.s, :ii if if any “iiiuieiiraeiiK” can l»e pointed Out to iR-, we will eheei'fiilly make tlie eol'reetion. 'file fii'st report iqion tliis '‘iniprovemeiif sulunitted an e.sliniate of $180,000 as nmjly siiJ/icii'iU to comj:kitl//( work and render it prac- icalilo. “Tliia was seareely enongti to firing it uf wiua aii- the malady. who! a Iiixeti h'ari'chs liius season teen iiiehe.s. the lOth of July, wbieh were "ot i j,, j,,y yp ,i> latioi's carefully selected-being nearly all l".vt-rs-of i ..yp, triumphs here will long be remembered, which the loss was fifty percent; amithor ;'« | q-iyoygi, yii this Ilereulean lahor he was eon- the last week in July, and a lietter .selection' loss forty jiei- cent. Seeds do not often gerniiiiate the fii'.st yc.vi'. t Time of galliel'ing llieiib Sejilemhei'. they 1 II a wherever license Ims lieeii thrust upon it., utrued to We .say 1.cense, for the race knows not the use iiol' the im-iiniiig oi liberty—the lilieiu.v.t mean, ,if pal'lieipatiim in government -tiie liii-1 ei'ty of equality. Tlml it is equality the tilack : rcpnld.eau party is driving at — the equality ol; the negro with the wliile—we have but to linn : to the late speeeb of .Mr Scwiil',! at :laek--on, in I this State, to ascertain.—W. y. \cics. j A V.vi.i'.vBi.E I’yiji.i, A'.' I. -.Mr C. \V. I',.! luUl, uf L’.iti .Miaitohs, Iiiiliiina, ims :;iiJiUUi:i-a{ ilia pnljlii-MtitJii ui ihi* ;c .\ Iinanai; am Ful;i;eal Itu^isn.-r bir i-ShT. H vvill cunlai. si.xly-:dur paj^cs, ami wdi c'lnbr.ti'u ihr ullimai vulc ul'rha ail tiie l^l.ila.s im‘ Pri’Sidmit in ,natcd to have yieided this .season over t""'’! pycyypi^. before the pubi c ” The next deiimud, iiiliiuii oi tiiat measure. ^lis is eneoiiraging. i ^ yp spm.|;|iolciers, wns n f,ii- !he vine is t,) Italy what corn is to )""• j pytjijy,, p,, pj j Legislattii'e to ilit-n-iise tlie v.ne IS 10 ihc lamr, who have bltie to vat | y, oompany to $300,000—which the memorialists assured the Legislature War the a/jnpic(if'H of ihc v^ark tt curu !s il.'bie Ol uu.i i: jy.iie is 1 (J iho poor, who have lAll f iU-.oiiule l l - 'ji.,,! iiuiliiii-.: lo tiriuk.lhe slalV tjl'bte. rolIoWiim' il;:v •rntm* i.'fBuRTANT I>K‘ [>;■ A Miu.Ycrun-s Kscafe.—The Hoehesier Uii imi jfive.-'i an aecoimt of George blmle lalbii.u slaiitly in a stale uf personal poverty. When he began his work hi.s brt»iher was the pro- jirh'tor hirj^e distillery. He support- F-dl G-d Theoljait! i! his woiulerrul sueeess liail “|t appeared liie i)03's W'fiit down lee slope, BAmsAt.i-B.-u.sAM, ai-.m-CE, [Abks I ,|y, , ^y^p y,,,,^., P,, Ke produce.s itself mostly from seetl. Very | ,,„y|„.yp„.y_ „y4t pijy want.s of the pul,be .small plants of liie.sa may be obtained fur iiortli j, r. one hundred' feet over ine Great (lem-ssce in Rm-hester, witliinil killing h.m.seif; ap'peai'cd the hoys went down the si towards tlie mill, perlnqis to see how far they | and Ibol). — j\lso; the idii- ial vi HUM! and Slate oilieers, iu Uie ^ IthO. d'he asTrouomica! la':h real care lor tlo' 11' in::- In-v' Vi rai ^*:ltl•^ fui w 11 In- calrn- ill this Slate and in .MiehiL^an. And lhe.se! i benefactor, the BiiSsh govcT-nirn'i.t sctlltd an | ^lnilr, ventured too far, sbppmUipoii tlie ^annuity of J^dOO upon him, which siiiu was just j and in an instant went over the >rreut prccqncc sniait plants are Inj.t fur removal, a.s \u-!i as | to pi,y the premium upon an insurance | biHiu.L^ over one hundred feet, to the in safest. Aix best, oeeau.se a lum iransplanted | ereilitors as security for tlieir I tlm water, lioliine- up from the eddy under tin- latcd witii ^real care lor tac pm he I’.i.oi 'V.x work ’.vdi, ifi d •=, iiiueii otlwr valmddc poi.iical ici-’raial (h'Siii'ii of its author :iciic,F ic) makv il a p«-iin.. iienl and reliable rchrcncc bonk, jt will i-c , ,, , fne {i’om partizan nialier. jI ^'dl be ircf lr»m t,i*h»- vcntjire: one of them fiamed George; ‘’ . iiarl.zan matler. erust . ‘ ^ . )p:cs iaC),00: i.OOO iiti ic cooil s ] 5 l-.tv iOv (jUL‘>l . ;s limy pToducc branc'ies from the Lrround; and the same istnie of all varieties taken from forest, or from any shaded situation. leliiinis. Since his retiifn to Ireland, llie weight I (Jr,.at Fall. All "ho htpard Lhealanneom-lml- t of vear.s iind the exertions of long labor hnvei,.,] ,,p aiu-e that I'.ie hid was dead, bill he was Growth eLmimeaees about the same time a.s (leelduoiis tree.s, ami e‘iutii.m‘.s about .six weeks: j from the iOtii of May to the last of Jane. It may be .sucee.ssfuby romoved at the time of the coiiiiiieneeiiieiit thoiigii .saiei- after gi'owtti is clo.sed—u-u-il the lii'st Ilf July to the miudie of Augii.si—later, liicy do ant, get sufficiently e.s- tabbsheii bofiirc winter, iinle.ss very dii:(')>iy and thnroiigiiiy i.u;.:hed. During tliis pi-riod searee ly a.ly io.'.scs ,.ccar, cxei-pi a pci'tion of those! defii.'ieir in r.. jts. W-j do md s'lade tlie balsam here; bat ciiiich thorouglily. yiiading may how'jver be well .south. S-e'! is a;it to lie blasted. If it is not, it ger- mintilc.s tl.e first year. 'Time of g'atliering, August, lati i', the 0|iciit'd eoiies wiil have part ed witii ail of it; when it is not easily gathered up. i compelled his partial withdrawal from iniblie 1 .so fiir from being dead lhat Ids cries altractei life. j the attenllon ot skaters on the river, some !oit,\ roils distant, and they '.vent to Ins i-cliel. He In reply lo the U..vs'F' .-0,11, body i'(|,i..s: were, a seal, ixprcs.s.n,a' onr —a [,ledge ol liiliiie itn.oii — a |.resent which, lit-the s;imc lime 11 ls ,a'ite;i ,.s tak.iig Irotii us the iniiiressioa of an ivory coral pr ss—cr in- Ijaisatn for a lovc-w oiindcd heari — a ,swc:! .«o,i 1 1C atlacUineiii 4 Co.xl Black ‘•Krirablllran. , i Tiie telegraph aiinonin-ed, a few day.s iggo, j w'as found siiimling paitly iipi.g it, ui t le snow, , ^ yC^iy, pj,—m, alfectioimic pinch ng of ti.c tlie arrest on an Ohio river steamer, of H color j 'p' ‘ *^"';lieait—a debelons dish v.iiich is laini uiih cd preaclier named UDllIaM Axder.son-, upon isliiuteted, and sOi.ie o ; ,,jy,yy._,, sweetmeat winch does m.t wlio.se per.son wa.s foiiiid positive eviileiice im- i “'d'* "ere bro.ten. ^ yy,. imiiger—a frait which we plant a .d ' -The precise exte«t Of his injur,es eon,d ""t ,|,y c,n ekcM e.'t- he at once a.seertaiiied. He fell feet iorennist uud answirs liclwccn two , , ! ioviTS—the fourlli degree d love.” lesseneil ; pllcafing liim aseonneeted '.vith scheiue.s for run ning off negroes from Keiitiivkv and p.xoitiiig .... slave.s to insiiri-eelion. .•\ceot'diii,g to the N'ewl""'! j-n'e'!, thong i sliii.ii,.. in Albany Lfilger, lids ‘Kev.-i'end’ iiidividna! is the identical negro whom tlie friends of Jinige .VioRTOx, ill IiKliana, set ii- to make speeches in reply lo Governor Wii.i.ARD at Winchester, Uaiidoiph eouiity, and Miiiieie, Delaware coun ty.— .\t llie.se and nilmeroiis otiier places in the l.-iimuTANT Dkcisiox.—bVashington, 1 ciiil'-ci', gib—The S-ipreiiie Court lo-day ■ iia’a Jnsllee C'ui'tiS, gave a deei.sion alieet- (if vcss-.-ls for I'epaii's and I .-npiilies. The ease hefoa- lhat tribunal on ! '.vhii-li deeisiot, was given, was one growing out 1 of tin- Im-iaess liMiisactions of the C'aplaiu of It'u’ hark I.lima, wh-li, employed in trading on !tl.c Racilic (oast. C’lmf Jn.stiee 'I'ancy ami Llastle-.- Waviic ili.ssi iiting from a majority ol I tl.clr associates, held that the C’ajitain, uinlcr jihc coiiti'act It! s.ii! ttic vessil W'as merely the i.ig. iit ami imt tile owner for the time being of |iiu' va.Nsal, ilic o'.vinrs ofwliieli were i-espon.'i- I bic for sa-.d r,-pails anil .'iipplu's. Judge Taiie}- i Ol-. iijiloi.l an hi'ui' iu till- del,Very ot his vievis, I i-i'gai-tilng iiic subject !i.s Idghjy iinportaiil, and ! .-oa.mming I'oiiils for llie first tinio brOiiglit : be!'o,'e 1 hal tr,bua!!l. j Hoop iicllicoals were Intro,bleed into Eng- ;'ami ill Die regin of Queen Anne. 'I'hey ' ,-,ns! itiited a part ofthe feiiiale eoin't dre.ss, un- I til aliolislicd by G-eorge the I-’oiirtli. Aprons : were par! of the drcs.s of a fashionable lady du- i.iiiig the early p'li't ofthe last eentury. Ill 17- 4 4 illi-V |■|'aehed ground. Muffs and black the .shock.” Average Biirafion of Qamaa Life! Ill a reeedt leeture before Die Meehanies’| Institute lit Cineinnati, Prof. Duehanaii said j ; FoRTf.vE AND Tilft Dream.—.\ drcaui fiit'ut ' past tlie eavci'ii i/licre Forlune w:,s slecptng !aml awoke her fi'oiii her sbimbi-r. I “ Wlieiiee eomesl thou ?” ask-'d the god.ic.ss. enough to ensure iOver $7tl),000 is theeost of the work at the lii'eseiil lime, and, no ncarci' completion than it was eight years ago, when the river Was nriob- strnct-jd by the trash ihev Imve tlit'Owii iil the stream. It is said liy the friends of Ihc work, that il is pi aetiealile with “adequate means.” Very po.ssihlc: and for money e ongh, the lofty bank'' o, DeepRiver may bere.luee t lo rice fi'-d'ds, and the Riiif of llie Atlantic tirotiglif to tie feet of tbe Rine Ridge—bill wc deny fbat iilit!- ty will be eohseqiu-nt upon its praftiin! ility. Rut upon this question of “praeti'.aiiil ty,” Wc eoiibl refer 10 llie report of Hiuiiiltpii Fa! tort, State ciigineer of Nortii Candiiia, wbo had the work of ...ipr .vliig Ca, o Fear ail’i Deep River Navigation 40 years since, and who de- e-lareil, with Gener-al Beinaid, a noted man td' seien, e, lhat locking and UainmiligCajH Fear . tld Dep River, was impracticable, and enlirely iuipo.ssible, and for better evidenee limn that, let the condition of the river furnish the testi mony. It is a remarkable fact that this grand cn- icrjirise wliieh is toaffectso vitally Ihe interests ol N. CaroHiia; this eclieme which is eon- snmirig all tlie revenues ofthe Stale, and having so iiiaiiy elaim.s upon Slate j.i'lile and pnlilie approbation, .slionld be cloaked from public .-'erntiiiy. Why have n(,t the pi-ople who are to pay for this gigiintie hiiinlmg seen its pro portions? W Ik-i'c is any general exhibit of the Vompranj to be found? What is its capital? CTiar.-oal an'u Sai.t for Doos.—One of Ihe best ui'leles tlmt can be given lo swine, while coiifined, is eiiureoal, pulverized, ami eominnn salt. Salt aiid.saiphitr are very good articles From mu'den,” S:iid h'-r iCi'.ai vis.lor, ; northern part of the State, hi.l speeches were : that in the latter piii'l ot sixlecntii ceiituiy one , o wltoin pillow I have ,':o\iu-e,l ali n.,A:hl. ! I't-ecived with I'liplnrons ajqnause by the black j half those who were born, d ed iinuei- five ; [ ji,,. ,||,ipu ol a love'.-of r.iuk an 1 w eallu, j i-epiibiieans, and, as lie poured forth his filthy i years of age ; the avera.ge longevity of tlm '-.yttl, horse.s and eqni)iages, and a t-mlnofi abuse of Cvoveriioi' Willard and the denioeratie party, the Mortonists went wild with delight and shouted till their throats were ready to split. The Rev. Mr Anderson’s occupation as whole podiilation wa.s but 18 years. In the iveried s,-i'va,iU. I kimeio.l a-i i-.i Iu- I >1 k iii.iutmis were also in fa Iiioii. Ornaments ; ivci-,- worn in profn.-tica. A watch adorned the I waist, a ji-‘We!lciI neckl lee sparkled on tin j bosom, an 1 bracelets w.-rc w-ira over the long i cloves P i vdm-0 1 the Imir was won, so bate I us 1793, when it was ili.searded liy C^neeii Cliar- ; boll-an I her .i.iiighlers. Ladies wore white i silk s'-i.'k CCS ev, n In iiiouriiiiig, a.s late a.s the i here* is any account of its disburseinenls? l yeai'177tN A ftm-lin n, black silk , stockings , are its a.ssets; il.s liabilities? How iniieh ieame Into fat s.lon. jSiiii't collars an,! the round t"div'idiiai stock lias been paid in? Why are that a|.|;c:.i', d, immediately after the great ithings eoneealcd? W’hy arfc they hid from j French Revolution. ' the people? : __ _ I To be sure, a report now and then mt-agerly s,i;,'i by one of .our c?;, 'mcgcs, tbal ' ■'epresnits tl-e p o-.r ss of the wo k but we young i.h,0(1 ('a wiippl wvigii t hy t-rmie) ju ' *, "'iili the W diiiing'o.i Jom'nn!, lhat thF i.F"ek seventeciitli century, one half of the |iopnlatiOii Innid, and jiist won her coiisciit to la- iniae, y.|,, ,,,• died under twelve years. But in the linst sixty : nheu dav In'oke, and I vaiished. Riit the gomi '({or. and should !,e eonst-inllv sm.plied. We would « Wack republican stunqiiorator being at an | population lived over 2 , I" toe , py ■ * * I _ . . . • . ..... . f»_ I... 1 r .vv.^zvrl/wi /\V .iiexi ■ wisb't’g to get a i-h.-ince to tell : I'Rhlislied reports of tl.e Con puny, so far frein -'..Ir (me= wi.at he thought of !:er, I the coianuinity, have only served , , I donned his best Intilfs a’:o addressed her in this I®'-i'Cl" " Ihc s'a ovv h hich obscures their Irans- years of the eighteenth eeiitiiry, oiic-h.ilt of tne ; ^Y:ll think of me ttii d ly lo.ig, a.id b,; li.ip j not, Inrwevci', be umlerstood as urging the necessity of keeping these iirtieles cn-ntimially end, he has taken himself to the kindred and equally congenial one of stealing slaves and introdneiag them dailv into their i''""""'a them off to Canada. o.ie pm! to two qu.ii'l twice a Week. iloG'lRAnHix Ti!F. Wnst.—At St. Louis, o-.i the IDli inst., pork vva.s selling at ,fi to 5L for hogs weighing 200 pounds and over and the same prices are offeriag fur tlie delivery of fjogs up to December 20. Judge Manly that memliers of the Univ-ersalist j g, Church are ineomncteiit to testify in courts of' by them, food. The first is m.-eee.s^-iry to obviate thej Caroli.n'a.—The'Supreme Court of bad lender.,.-y of c.'-rlatTi kinds of altment, and j {j^j, j|,g decision of shouf.l be suinibed iu (pMutities varying from ns olten as once or eek. S ill s’uonld always be introduc ed as a seasoiiiug in food, dyiieii it is not so u';,:'!, it siioiihi tie given twice a week, or it iiiay, be pta.ccd in -a box in the .stye lo which the antin.i,ls can have -dceess whciicvel' they wUIi to partake. iss, can I !:!■• ■ the exquisite pleasure j "t'f’vus irom public serntiiiy. .. I of rolling the wliec! oi .-oiivm-.sation around Die 1 Another item of business delinquency, was forty veins, oiie-h.ilf eeect e j.aiso “ My f-jte is not so h.vppy a one a.s thine,' axidvee of your imderstaiidiiig a few minutes ;‘t N'/art. by which the profiertv At the begiuning of the present ce.it.ii) , eite 1 j ortiiiie. “Twas but lately I visited a , ppig ; of f|,o C'cmpany was bound, hit tchirh yeas !,alfe.xeeeded40year.s, and from 1838 to 1«-; n„,rol,ant and made him .p','osi>erou.s ami ri.-ii, | ^ Rendered informal ly granlivAo favorite cred- 45, oae-lialf cxecedoo 43. I he average loiigev-1 j rfmaineil with hiii'i he was eoiitcnted, I New Vouk, Dee. 30.—The .siiip John Garrow j Uars, jiuigmcnts upon this same propertv be- I ity at thc.se sneCessive iicriods haS been iirci'eas-1 yesterday I turned my face from him, and - from Savannah for Liverpool, foundered when ; fore exeentiu"- the mortgage to the State iei^fi-om ISyearsin tlie sixteenth century np to - lijmself. Vv’hy should tho.se whom j six days out. ''' ’ ' “ Carolina are virtually outlaws, as no member! of that religious deiiomiiiatioii can collect his debts; swear to an as.sault, or testify before the courts ill any case, even if his wife or child shoitid be insulted. 'The agents of the New York and Aspinwal! ; line of steamships, it is said, liave instructed | thou visitest foe! thy di^appearallce less? 1 not I, too, dream?” ^^1,1 ; broiight here to day. Her crew and passengers w-erc i Now what does this transaction show? Who j-.isti.-c, iic-cording to the laws of that State! j Ly this decision, tlie TJniversalists of North | i;„„ steamships, it is sain, nave instructco | Cigauiie Tr j one of tlieir vessels to call in at San Jiuin and j grove of ovet one thousand trees, v.ai'yiiig tender a free passage to those Americans in ■ j,j sj7.(. to thirty-two feet in diinaeler, and many Nicaragua that arc desirous lo return to the l of tliem from 335 to 257 feel high, has licen CslUbroia Gold. It is estimated that if the present season proves a favorable one, over a million dollars’ worth of gold will be waished ont within four mHesof Sen Andres. Csiaveras ooanty. United States. Tocchisg Advertisement.—A jeweler ad vertises that he has a number of precious stones to dispose of; adding that they sparkle like the eyes of a .young widow.. recently discovereihone braiiee of King’.s Iviver. The trees are of the vitm .-(peeies- A fellow out west, who had married a vulgar but amialile girl, used to gall her “Brown Su gar,” because, he said, she was very'sweet but usre#s?d will answer? But the State “is in for it” says the Company, and we suppose will take no notice of such The Rights of the ‘MVlmiDeii?’ At the recent election in California, two wo- ■ men were elected to fill offices in Placer county i —one a.s Justice of tne Peace, and the other Constable. Each received one vote preciiii t, and there was no Opposition. Something more than $600,000 is dec'ared fsjto be the expenditure of the Company so far. m the ■ Is any account taken of the large amonnts due , to individuals, who, are waiting for anotiier ap- LargeSale OF Morasses.—The New Qj.. j to get their money? Are these leans-Picviyune says that a bargain was closed parties, embraced in the in that city on the ISthinst, for 60,000gallons I«‘-->nde these “trifling” debts, and of molfees iu piantation, at 60 ceute per gall- ‘ scheme approximatts or,, f!R-the Ohio I'ivci’, " |to the sum of $1,000,000 invested in rotten nJntf, ami ri^tss It was ex^ prialion, tl.i sold for less I State shoaldl her bonds at; dodge that , Seventy eighj 3 miwieldly I 40 feet watel OOOof bo'idi, I at a discount How can ij position for mad, vi.sionnij further faxati appropn'alion| this irnpositifi M:M they i funds; allow until all the i a.nd 11 iw into I Will they parties that i'lg feasible al to cost at leas and justice is I the facts knoii suffer thcmscll propriation td not. Siippos LO-stT, $.700, and lo.se milliq before “riiiis" should the leg job? Tlie ex(ilora ami report up dams in Cape the nselves of I through at thi the precaiiti- work men ahefl patch up tlie ; creep tiirouglil miles ill short [ little time to el route. But til sing is as gooil Blit iiutwiti last dam presd and not evciil man to divel lapiiiated gatj Jiassage tliriMil ness they dlsj the womis tol Would it i|J a good diverl npokcii of aliol hinge", and a I which follow walera of the In the repiN is slated, that| iar and grov venture to .sa affairs of the a sioekiiolder,| identified a.s a 1 *bi.*tli tin e Id III tf.: reposiiiiryl come an avert( 2000 p -liilo le d.seoiitimiane upon tlie viialiJ Yes, in ('luj '-nost familiar i popular sei'tinj the town of Fj -Appended tl the prnrisiuiisl eouipany, ami I be, not one of 1 leariv. ha*e be cations ex :e.itq pledges. If a part.s fro.n llicl issue is no loud as a corporate I little liberty oq on the strong' not said eiioiig Iniportaiiee of | upon this worj duty in this ins the State ta.x; j ugainst this dr C-arulinuiugaiu the bund of oij lell between th it, road or nc tance as a tos of the Slate ho.stility to the i848-l’49. Whereas, th and Deep Hi* op the same {lortaiit p'uUtiq willing to sul ic., ic. 'I'lie first Books and amount not, each, tor the [ iiuii by steam I Waddill’s fer etteville, and aary and contra portation. The fourth be paid at tliel of trea dollariX the residue tli may be requit Section nine holder shall fa by the Presid month after th tised in one of I town of Fsyetl President and | 6'-', the share

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