IviLLE, i', Ijiiinr;. 10. IS.?*. ■FN is ojir iiul-'-' |^>J■ ail cia ms tlutf ihU AuSiS- |:i lUe Decj) Uiver Naviga- lk-miiatio!i of the imposition le eeiisnre tVora the il- L to End citrself r.t issue L this su’tijeet. W'c took , end exptctcu to find ti.i Itiliary in exposing the a- Nor do we discover our- lith the Journal, except so ot the nicasnre Inioiiv m regard to the in- lilt managers '■ Jile tfa itLl Yielding has -net been vrrovg 1 .1 ii Am been the victim of :‘£emer‘t. misunything yt u- ■it £■' udv,iHed;: t (.7iy rule it Ijoarnai also tti.nks liiat a ■d have Iiccn named, instead Kilsitc sum to fiaisii the work, ■luseipiemly iiave nofaitli in lort of Maj Gwjnii, who, af- pion of Major Thou;) son's lsd,Otj‘t ainniy siifficicat to |rpr:-e. ally of the w. rk, in V r loci. Ii t div Ii f .mg airi tin ,..r: , V. :as np-.c. t!,c |) 01, t ■ btat Is hv *‘i o’icv* ■. very body m il s piople, : -.nd Vi; 'tki! !-. c _■! en.e iiid a Claitn ;.’v in Cn of t!:v I.cai.-ijtUI'c to till! |j.;a:ii statement i f faci,=, ai tl ’can he pia";cd out to u-, laakc the eorrectnoi. iij,on this "iiapi'ovtment ’ |i:!te of $1^0,000 a.s pm^ly .etcor{- and render it prsc- l> Scarcely ee.ongli 'o ht'ing it p .id c T.'ie ne.xt dcniacd, |ee of stocklio’dirs, wn^ a tjislatnre to inerea.ie the liav to fo00,C00—whieh the '■',1 t:.e Legis'atnre was Lit Cl mxhtii-n of ‘.he icork. ■cost Oi the ’xiirk at the 1 nearer Cl mpii tion than it when the river was nnob- Li they hare liifOwn in the Iriet.iis of the work, that it “adecpiate means." Very Intye ongb, the lofty batiks re .nee i t" rice fi'- ids, a.nd I Atlantic- broSghf to >1 ; KC—hill ue deny that titiii- ajion its [ r;: ■ ii m-iity. le.'tnni o: “pr-.-.et.i .ibi’ty,” !,e -■ porl of llain'dtpn F-al I of ^ortii (.'arid..lit, wi.i. tiad ig Ca, 6 Fex.' at: i I'tcp tU years since, and who de- b: Bernard, a l eted man of E alia oan.iii.ngCBpi 13,ir. nd [iinpractieablc, and entire.y [better avideace tlian that, I the river fiiraisii tl.e test'- le fa.-t that this grand en- hiff' ct .so v.tai.y the in'en Sts ln..s scheme Ki.ieh is eoii- |iue.sof tiie Staie, and haviimr Mate priiie and public In be cloaked from | ublie Ive not till' pinple who are liitic hninniix seen its pro- aiiy gnicfi! >sbilit of the •riMi'f What is its capital? |onitt of its ui.sbur.-euients? B: its iiabdi'.ies? How inneh Is been paid in? Why are lied.' t\ liy art they hid from lort now and then ineagerly |r s- i,..r III- wo k hnt we -1- 0 ijiijf |l|W |f t!.-i; C'l-i. ■ fn.- fr.-m mtii i'y. 1 live ot.iy served III ■' mci! o! scares their tmiis- |.sen:ti.'.y. I btrstr.ess il('!inqucn‘-T, was tote, hy which the [.roperty fas hcniid, tut ichirh was p grinding to faro rile cred- |n this same property, be- irortgage to the State, transaction show? Who liii for if’.says the Company, pi take no notice of such , u[)on her boiintv, jlnaii ?i600.000 is declared ■re ol the Compiiiiy so far. len of the large amonnts due are waiting for another ap- j their moiiry? Are these p parties, embraced in the these “trifling” debts, and lossnl scheme approximates pjO.OOO invested in rotte" : sfc'imHdsTi 1 ^1 State shoalil not be impaired by hawking abdnt her bonds at a discoant. How artful wae ’^e'signee or the e.xecQtor or administrator, or dodge that evaded the tenu of thia cOpQ-act 7 Seventy eight thonsaiid dollars in cash, and 1 xk 2 an wieldly b^ats that cin’t pra the Iwk in 49 feet water, are taken in exchang^ Wr OOOof bonda, soI.-J nominally at par, biit tf) reality at a discoant of 20 per cent, How can intelligent men listen to 4'hy pro position for more money to squander in this mad, visioaarr scheme? How can they impose farther taxation npon the people for another appropriation. How long will they snbmit to this imposition and outrage? Will they continne the waste of the State funds; allow these inroads upon its revenues. It was expressly stipulated in the last appro- pefwi^|f, and if the sale is not sufficienf’ tb priation, that the state bonds sbontd not be satisifj tlie demands of the Companv, the sold for Ie9.H than par; that the credit of the; PiW dent and directors may recover th^ bal- THi MtHTH eAftOLiNIAN, •" ' FAYETTEVILLE, H. G. auce due, of the original proprietor or life as- either of them, &c. Section 22 anthorizes the Pfestdertt and Di. rectors, or a majority of them, to purchase with the funds of the company, and place on the Hver. which shall have been improved, boats of any description whatever. SappUmmial Act. chaftkr XCII. 1848-49. Section 1. That whenever it shall be made to appear to the Govelrncr df tVe ^'tate of N. C., by a certificate under the corporate seal of the Cape Fear and Deep River Navigation Com- paiiy, signed by the Treasdrer, and eoaiiter- .signed by tlie President, that $60,000 of the capital stock of said company have been sub- flirected being made and delivered lo 'the Oiiv- eriior of the State, to deliver the saiiie (the bonds) to the Presideiit aiid Directors of said Cape Fear and Deep River Co. Section 6, Says that,wheuever the'Trcsideiit and Directors shall make, exec ite and deliver to the Governor of the state, for, and in be half of the State a deed of m wlgagc Under the seal of said compaii .', wniT.-.n and whereby, shail be conveyed to the said Governor and liis successors ill office, for the use and benefit of the state, all the estate, real and personal, be longing or that may hereafter belong to the Capo Fear and Deep River navigation compa ny, or in any innhiisV pei taiiSiiig dr that may engineers, pertain to the same, conditional for itideinuify- ing, and saving liarm'ess the State of N. C from the payment of the whole or any part of the bonds flefeby autllOi iied to be made and is sued, and shall ahso make, execute and deliver STATE LEEISLA^ The 4t;i ui liiis \vi,k on the 1st MoiitUiy iu’Juijiiury. it is iii (leii-coiinty-. twn uiilcs frein liie -rrar, i:j • luurkaiily.ijealiiir piacp. SDitiibie urriii.,'.' nn iit.s m?eu mii-ie-^ir a tmic nad i'-iii.tle iepu. i::.. was qn»li- | Mr An^iis .MH?in.'ti .Li-.ulnuto oi'ih*; I'.i ©ive ijiri aUciil.(t:i !•. ‘ lie UF t^MlOLlXA- -Ronicsox Kalkigh, Jiui. 2, 18.57. SENATE,—Mr. W. K. Lane, Senator Irom Wayne, successur t‘> M«;. Brugdea, lied and took h;s seat. ^ j'papilS: aiUaiyi bfua numv leiwum-, a, . Mr. Wilder, froiii the Comajittee on Banks, | - _ ,, , , I " ncyouiig {kidlcs will unuc reported unravorubly on tlie bill to charter a of .Miss Mm-pliy. funn-Tly of}- uiul Colic.ri Bank at Snlislmry, andalso a bill in reference j ami Aa-iv. to the bank of Greensboro,’ with Emendmeiit.s. ! Mr. Parks introduced a series of resolutiouS j authorizing a survey of the Xorthwesteni Kail- ■ road, the Governor to employ the requisite j I the imtn all the resources of the State are diverted | scribed for and taken bv individuals or eoroora- i and flow into the channel of Cape Fear River? | tions, mid $30,000 hnv; actually been paid into 11!"^i:t: WilUliey consider, or adopt the report of; the hands of the said Treasurer, and that the I. f g,, of the profits of said compnnv as parties that 8 years ago declared an undertak-; remainder of said subscription is either so paid, j *h.ill be Sutficient to pay scmi-annually the in- ing feasible at a cost of $185,000, that is sore or >s made by solvent persons fully able to pay, j terest which mav acme on said bonds until to cost at least millions? In the name of sense and justice is this farce to be i^-eated wftfi all the facts known to the Legislature! Will they ■suffer themselves to be duped with another ap propriation to this reckless adventure? Surely not. Suppose they have agpropriateJ, spgsT, LOST, $500,000; must they npend, appropriate and lo.se millions more, which will be the result before “finis” is written about tlieir operations, shonld the legislature continne this profitless job? The exploration party which was to examine and report upon the condition of the creeks and .dams in Cape Fear and Deep River, avirilin§ the n.selves of a freshet in the stream, came through at the rate of 80 ffitleS i day, taking the precaution however, to send rnnners and workmen ahead, a week in advanceito niend a'ftd patch up the gates sufficiently to enable tjiem to creep through the locks and rtporl. Eighty miles in short winter days Would leave precious little time to examine the locks and dams on the route. But the State “is in for if;’’and gues sing is as good as figures. But iiotwitlistandiiig all this foresight, the last dam presented an insnriiioiiiitable obs’ticle I and not even a reward Of $^5 to man to dive ■) down and replace lapidated gate on its hinges, could effect their ■passage through. And in the mnd and dark ness they disembarked, and walked through the woods to Fayetteville. and the Governor of the State shall be satisfied of the truth thereof, he shall be, and he is hereby authorised and required to subscribe on behalf of the State the sum of $40,000; $20,- 000 of each subscription to be paid at the term ofc.subscriptioii, out of any iflonejr that may at the time be in the Treasury. Arid the Treas urer of North Carolina is hereby auRibrised and required to pay over the same. Section 2. And the said Governor is au thorised and required to subscribe, and the said Treasurer to pay on the part of the State as follows—that is to say: Whenever the Compa ny shall subscrilm and pay into the hands of the Treasurer of the Company $30,000, the Governor shall sahscribe; and the Treasurer of the State shall pay into the hands of the Treas urer of the Company $20,000, and they shall continue to subscribe and pay in, in that pro portion', until the whole capital stock shall have been sub.scribed for, and paid in; that is to sajt: 20,000 on the part of individuals, and $80,o66 on the part of the State. SecliWii 5 provides that no part of the money afithorised to be subscribed by the State i'l said Coiiipany by this act shall be paid imiil tin- Mr. Foiiville, a bill !o im-orporate and Female Academy iii Swaii.sboro.’ Mr. Gorrell, a bill to ineorporete Greenaliorough Hotel Company Mr. Clarke, a bill to repeal the net locating the Judges of the S'upciior Court. The bill rel-alive to the eufreney of tlis State was made the order of tlie d.iy far Taes-jay ne.xt. The bill to incorporate tl;e Danville and TBitMS I'Hti. KE'rdUX. i’i'iiiiary Claf.s ft; r-e Higher Kiigireti liranclip..-. iu ut' licuiaeiry, .Surveying, Aietbra, ic. l.'i I'" 'i'ii'j t>aiiguagi-.i l.s 00 Kroiich a no .^iusic witli ui'j cf itislruairiit. 20 00 ! rtoarit in gnoil aait r-tspreiai/ie fauiiiles can the Male! obtuiiicti at Sh and ii per li. j Letters liesiring iiiiorineitoii inaj- li.t a.l tresseil to J. G. Laker or iJ. itoie.-.soii. fi'o-peet lia'.l, Itia-ieu C;)., N. C. JtJ.SLi’li LVU-N. Skc'v. . .fan. 10. ih.")7. S'J-tf « woVk-1 eblilFAetors shail give bond amj sei urily, to be the di-1 ^itphoved of by tiie Governor and Altonn-y General of the State, to the Treasured Of said Company, conilitioimi for the faithful pcrfiinn- ance of said iinprovciiiciit, and to indeinnify and save hariiile.ss, the Slate of -Vortli Carolina iileiir; iy the final payment and icdeuiptioii of the princi- i Groeii.sboro’ Railroad Company pal of Said bonds and all interest which said deed of mortgage and pledge shall be approved by the Governor and Attorney General of the state, then it shall be the duty of the Pub lic Treasurer & he is hereby required to deliver to the President & Directors of said company the whole of said bonds &c. &c. Section 8. Provides that the Bonds author ized to be executed and paid by this act shall not be sold or di.sposed of by said company be low par value. Section 9. Increa.ses the caiiital slock to $1,000,000 which slock shall be payable in cash or bunds secured by not less tliaii two good suli- stniitial securities payable to said eonijiaiiy, ami the iillcVest on winch shail not lie less lii.iii six percent per aiiiinm payaiile seiiii-aiinualiy on tile 1st days cl June and l.it Devcniin-r of eacli year, and lie interest due tiiereoii .sliall be ap plied in payment of liiu interest on the lioiids uilinUrmid to lie issued aim emluiscd liv the first section of lins act- SecliO.i 10. U,reels ill it tiie Pre.si.ient and Directors sh.ill cM d gener-.d meeting of ih.e \ siochholdtrs of the V epe r'eir .nid Jjeep iLii-r/-1 AiiCigatCun C’.i.,.i id me .Slid c.aiiijia .y s/ia/f sig-j A. I.. AK( liAHIi .Lei, Pon.'i'.iBt.K sris.v.u K.i-i.s;: i:. ti • eoiiier lotn anti lin.n.t ....t tie., I'ai.Uti.. I'o. ForLatile 6tc'aiu K.igiaes, is.j ix.’ga wli'id.-, i\; 'll? \ Court viFhas and Qi^arlfr Sf^stons—At/vm- her IWm, 1 «!;*'• •> J B. Freeman'A Co, Vfi. Maloom Tauc: i ^ AUucIiinciit L'jvy o.i l-aiid. liic 1 for iiitu-tceD dollur.' and twenty centa :i - rtiilOS" lil*'t’Trit JilRy e.lld It ;’.].iM’.ir:iij: the ibe upon *' ' '*• ••■■‘i-l u ii !*'■ t'"' i-dRliuiiiri, ilLii tin* Maccesri- i •- ..ot nn t-f tin:, ”■ » aliMioijtiri or conC'-als Lba’- Jhc tifuiuury ]*t .t -.‘r ■.li'law c.tnnoi 1>..* rcrvcd on biin v-rtl WiiUtunJ- ; c-'j • 13ro‘V:i. i-taWle. r.tturn'-d into t.'oiirt ai tli:-* tc;3.1 ) ijp j atiacliinciu the riaid .‘iaiCtfKi sk ii 1. t;i»* (X. ! cinijr.-eni-nl to wit: ••Lcxicd tins a-tB.'!.- ij;j ' m.*iit Oil i!ij and fijuitahie iiiterot in iiiul to ft 00 : tiMol oi’laRiiv- snjj>>o.'cd to conUiia iiiucty-M vcn ux rppr 1};) • !norc or less, us the iiinijs ol MaIrgui i,ailet. joi.i.i.i; the l.iA'l-i ttf lUniel Mo-Milia::. .Vui‘'t..i t' in Ri.-i . ot’tors. on ir'!il-.iiid Swanm. absmt jnii ’'.“Ri I'li: i laueljdins Ciiuvcii, ;iu>i Mil N'JVtmU-r i>.vv. '• ' llj'.ri-it.re on iiKit on irJcr>d hy ili.‘1 .i.iit t:.;’.! pim-ii- i eulion he ui*ith'!ii the N’orih t iirolniiaii. ti lU’W'imi) r I jirinted in tin* ViWU.ol' KnyclUk lih*. lor m.\ v.- - k>'t.- - 1 ccscvely. iiulirviu^u^ t!:o mM d»d‘ nfhtiit to h;-u.^'- ! p-ar hitoro the dlU • n.-Ni (h*ui t oi i’icn e.id 1 k,,juaricT SessioiiSj to he h Id lt»l' tin? i i.m •! j son at ill*.* tjo.irt llous*: in l.iiUiherLou : MonJav oi Keliru.uy id-m. ! c.ia'‘'e ;! :\'.y ho can. v.'li\ jad hej nd Ih-r- t*. was revm lue .sedond time and made tlie order of oiie day or Wednesday next. Tiie bill concerning tlie improvement of ccr tain rivers in Sampson county was made tlic order of tlie d.iy foi .Monday next. A biil to aineiiil tlie cliartcr of Joiiatliaii’s Creek Turnpike Company jiassed its second reading. Tlie bill to repeal the lu't fl.xiiig the dividing line between Ciiatliaiii and Alainaiice was indefinitely postponed. Tlie liill to autliorize the examination of! mines in certain ca.ses jia.sscd its second reading. Tlie Senate then adjoiiriicd. i eatereil agaiii.-i him a. ii .b'-- a.nr. . .■.,;■ ;c.;.:.v_ ,i I lo h? .loltl to Miltul'v ihe ptaiitliirs lifimui'l uliil ei;^■-.. tongue fora team to be altacUfi) to move iln ia a.mat. j \v;tne.«. dlia Ir.iL-b ll.i-vell. Cleik of our said Court These engines have two cylimlers, making iu lo iiil . at olliee in ..nmhvrion, die foiirdi .Muinlai ol .S'ovi ui- horse power. Orders an; iiiled in troiii ;i ■,-j ■-.veeks. ' ti -r .\. I). IS-uti. and of .Xnn'rican indi-[;fiii1i-i.ci' it.e Engines always oa hioid for .-aie. i !icn; -ngbie-. ,Slst y-var- Issued the ITih d-ay cf Loci inlirr is.' have been in use seven ye.irs, a.cl i.i every instauL.-I iSH.VD. lIUWEi.I.. Cink have givengeii.jral satisfaction, li-.-cripti-ve circ.ilars I iJ? b- KKEL'M.X.i will be sent when applied for. j Jany i. R.'iT. 31-tt Jan. lU, ieiT. 32-tf i ' I s r.VTE OK SOUTH CiHlOL.iX.t— i corxTi• (.'ourt cf Pleas and Quarter St>sions—J. .ir„.- 1 ter Term, 1856. The I’..-tition of .Vinos Ibitlcr. i’iiickm-y It. I.ill a- c j ilus.-el liili t*y Ihrir father ami next frieini Jcl .. i. 1 Ellas Lulluck and ii-ife Naii.-y; ripii fs ai.. .. I wife Mary;.ill Dry F. .l'iITii:tii'aiid .ichn Lan... i. r. ; wife Sally aiiih isiiam iitiiiei, and I-aacy i.u.l. i >... . ■ A \ tV t, 0 N E C- 1 Ail ALL. Of OV.STEUS aifi JaiLl'CliSoJ fbe ^.imR tjuallu j described ou them old AOctHNi’i} which ■ %V. J oltci’s to old cusiouior.s. The sub>c;i- ln.*ru)way.s pcmembers his old friends, and hopes j will not forget him. But call’and h.sj oTd hookf?. lld\dilg Keen s\ ca.ididate !• r JhiJolAblo In* hopes his deliiiq-ae.if pitro.is wiU u!nl..-rst;uid liis aspi- i ““j” “igainrtoicdiahllutler and John Lutlir. Jiin 10. 32-U ‘ retilion for a f^ale of Slaves. I - - — —• I It appoariiijr t4> the satisfaction ol Ih* ( oett i ~Er (St 1 m j f>h»‘diah BntUr and John liutlcr tlie d* h itt.uuU .n i . , . r . . 1. , 1 tilis cii>*e reside l>cvoud the Uinit-s of ibis Mule, ills I .Aeeord.ng to custom. I lavu^draivn oX all tlie ac- „„ „,.,,ercd l.v tbeCouri that imhl.ca- , eon,I S 0,1 iny hooks op to the i.st ol the prcs,;n. ! . (.■Hroliniau. a m.',;i,ai„ r I »'mui a.,d ‘I”-''" sp-.;edily ns poss, de. j j,, Kaytteyille: lot ..ix weeks .-ac- ; I .-li.iU n.- gratilied 1.1 niY ea.sl.o.ners w, 1 give ihcir .'(m d.ei'.'hdanls ol llm l.l iig -■‘pectiv.': curliest attciiLioa to thestdllemeat f>f their accounts. Interest will be Ctinrjrt^d on a!! accounts unpaid^ frotu 1st Fehruurv ne.xt • ’ . Sa4i..\lT.. J. IILViSO.MaK- , Jan. JO. 1857. 32-31 Would it not Uean excellent plan to enrpidj'] State may a good diver at each dam, for the purpose j I plele said iinproveniciit forliio a spoken of above, to keep the gates 6ii their hinges, and a force to secure tile drifting wrecks, wliich follow the “uiiprccedeiited” rise in waters of the Cape Fear and Ded'p Rivers? Ill the report of .Major Thompson m 1852, it Is stated, tiiat the work was exceedingly popu lar and growing in pulilic admirdriofi. We venture to say, that no man ciignizafit of tlie affairs of the company, who is not iiitcVestcd as a stockiiolder, contractor, or creditor can be identified as a friend of tlie work; and ereii in ’Gliathain oniity, the termiiius of this tvork and tJie repository of ail this mineral weallh, to be come an avenue to greatness and iniportaiice, 2000 petitioners conid be got, entreating for a discontinuance of tills project, which is preying upon the vitafs of North Carolina. Yes, ill Challiaifi, Co., where the people are *010x1 familiar with the meri s of the work, the popular sentiment is stronger iigaiii'sl it, than in the town of Fayetteville or any where else. Appended to this article are a nuiiiber of io:.i- $200,- l*' I je exf.cuietl p.ii’P't.'c tiici'cm i’1(1 La..-, Altt’.i'.lcd lo ii.T xi'iiAi—done neatly and looo. Ill 1852. All act is passed — (“mptcr ■LXXXIIl, to increase tlie capital of the eoiii- pany to $3.50,000, becaii.se they .say their pres ent capital “has been foiiiid insufficient to com plete the iinprovenieiits contemplated, &c.” Section 2autliorizes theGoveriior to subscribe on behalf of the State $80,000; and the sums of $40,000 shiill and may be suliscribeJ lit the first iustan:i,-, by individuals. &c. Section 3 Provides that whenever it shall be certified by the PiTsidelit of said Company under the corporate seal of the same, countersigned by the Treasurer thereof, that the sum of $20,000 lias been subscribed by individuals, and paid into the Treasury of said Company as part of the Udditiohai stock subscri bed under the atl, the Treasurer of tlie State, is hereby aulliorised and required to pay to tlie Treasurer of said Company, tlie sum of $40,- 000 as an in.stnltiient bh the stock subscribed . . . . .... I iMis.nv: nijy Its uccept tnee tj the vrocisions oi tins o';!, j .x'urili-i-a w.irk Tor s.iiv. iL; i'as al-.o o.i liiaill'n- oy a res:,lUlnnl s-.iuscrjjed -ju the nl- idjer: there t- 'a'" ' -i a ! ■Gai-nag-O'l.Urs; '.Va.-o.i. carrag- ^ ■ iiilggy. 1 1 I ilvv -r- A 11.11-•)! cvi-ry it',script,ua, and s.,;ii.lying iiieir a. c. i .ale . uici'ctii, and , uihor- . ..v.-ry'onur ari vncs a-.i.Oiy k.-pi. .a ii iiing dee.is of in,,rig ge ,, „d p:e,tgr. !o oe ej:e.c,ue,L i A •pa.i-ia;: ' w:l!i .1. spa -jh. .X. ii. ii ■ c ■ ravsily rc!i I-Sts all iilosi iiid.-pteil tn tiiv latv linn o! ilnu-toa A Dv.-rhy to C'jil aa-l -s‘.-n!v l.u :11.-a. I 1 ii"i li a,'i .is! t i:‘.a. a. tinv srttl uient 111 oj ni,iesinijyLiig lac si.tie ■_/ ; i;,. niroi ir.-ii p rv-pi.rv.s it a.timnt *lvcay, . , Ja,.'i,i,-v ll, IL Jiu W VI OVM.tIJY rcspectl'nlly toiiil-jvs his thanks tn .1 gcaernus piiiiLu Inr Uie liberal patroa- agi; lie !ia-s received i'roiii liicui since iic lias coinuien- c ti o-.isincs.s u.i iiis nw.i iinnk. and hopes by .-tr et at- t '.itio;! Had n.itiriag industry, In iner.t a coiitiuuaiioo u)' tiieir iaViU’i. , lie tias 11.l.v O.I liaud and will constantly keep gno.-t .l.s.-'.irtnl-.It ol'S-i idl'-.s. liridlcs. .ilartiagals. .\lso ! Garria ■■c, Lilggy. and Suikv ilanies-. ol' ..11 varictic s ’ et land: a.al oHiis own in.iuuiHcture. ll.iving iu his ciiiidny i L‘ii,: tract containing 1200 a.-TC!. HOO nf which i.r lir.sl.r.Uc workmen ;a me di'.i'erciU braiieli.-a ol'Ins j as good swamp as there is in tin; coiiaiy ofLladcii,, he is noi, under tli.; necesriiy oi' keepi ........i ... - i i.. -i n * - > V R * I* t it's t. A t'a f Isl i li-.4>_i W lj»a.a. jjJj 1 k_y 1 ue suijirA’.ribci* Oiicitj fur sale ilu* t'oljowin^r tract as jire.s.'fi'icci tjy la.-s cj spCctjU.l JO i.i lii sK ,j aCt, iOi' liiC J . (J. t ft in l it .li'M’i' oy rt .Si'ii j iict' endopse^ liltnts itri iiMM'cij.tl.t tJl I'le uo.ttia aitji c.-vuitl, Oic. Now, wre itsk, nj.> Loe Cajjc Ecai* uiui Ooc|f ilivcT Co co.ijpiitM vVjLii loc .several co.nJiUuai jiluceii ijy u»c tie.jcrui As.seaiOiy la lae.sy sev eral acls to ^iiar«i ana protect tiie lutcrcsl.s ei tiie Slate iVom lo.-tti? w as the requ.reiiieiit in tlie first section of tlic suppleiiienlill b.il of 1.848, in reference lo the iiidividnal subscription ever iiiade? Have lliey ever paid in tlie $120,000? Did tiie contractors under the fourtli section, give the bond ami security therein demanded, before any part of the money was paid? It they did, why have llicy not been enforced? Tlie bonds were for the faitiifiil iiefforiiiaiicfc of said improvement and to complete it for $20o,OO0. Under the act of 1852, was there any addi tional individual .subscription of $40,000 as Ki'tu r wo i.Asr f a .VlJ. pci'SG.i-; iii.lcbt ’ll li> ih ? -■'iih-c., Accuiiiii. ar«* rc(^.ic>l^*l lo irui-ki* ; .vll wiio i'a.l l'> p.iv liy tii-,* [ir^L of ! tiutl til jir .S»»t‘*s All.! AcCoiials in iw ' I’m* coll 'Clioii. l’p.irp.^1 Ja.i'y 10. IS.>7. L. ; )’-r l‘v Ndtfi or | iiiiiiii’diatc paynifiii. j uDout two Imudrcd sicrcH wcU diaiued, and aliout thiriy aerfit clcaifd and um'.'-r fciico. adjoining the j laiitUof.l. G. Siitto'.i and r. ^ „ j Al>o. 15 J aci'G.'i joining ilio lau*W ol id. .Jolius*'*.'! •’.po Win. Bordaux. , > i inO joining tlic lands “f.?- Y-.ii Ci.in and K. Powiiiu). • 200 aorcS joining tile IiudIs of (ipnrgc ('ain and i EliZ.tbclli Mflviu. Thcabiivt.* land' i will soil and J give gocil time for gool note.s. or will lake young nu- j gr«- -s iind give the in-rit or prices * i i'u.riii’-r iurorintii on address the sub.’^crioer at \ FilzfJjetiilown. N. C. xLpi !U. I.S.W. ;j2-a!n K. V. 'dr:L\'l.\. ’iV iinhugton ilor-aid copy ino;’,;'!.-: a.^d .'-ciul. li'll .'^uhscriU-r. if. this ]»e.tition Giid t'lat unless they appear at the next term ol the Court oflMoas and Quarter Sessions to be iiold fur ilic county of !IoIm*sod at the Court House iu Ln’iiherton. on the fourth .Monday ol Fehruary next and iitiFWor the petition, or the ’same will be taken pr(» confessio and licar«l e.Yparte ns them. WitnesB, Sliadraeh Howell. Clerk of our faid Court, at ulTicc III LumlHTtou. the fourth. Monday of Noa em ber. .\. !>. 1 .50. and of American Indop udcn~»*, the Sist Year. Issued the ‘27lli da? ofDecenilK'r iKaO. SHAH. HOWELL. Clerk. , . By B. FREEMAN. D. C. J.anv 1857. iil-Gt STATE Cuirt 11 OF AORTfl A»—ILOBESOK ’OrXTV. -XovetnUr rUa.'c 'the provisioiH contained in thd charter of lhis|^“ of Hie State as hereinbefore directed, ‘com^ianj, and as unprecedented as the fact mat i wlieneter it shall be certified in like iddn- be, not one of these provisions, as far as «e can ■ Hial the further itiin of $10;000 has been iearft' ha'^c been dbserved nor any of the speeifi-i and paid in, as aforesaid on behalf cations exec Jte.l in gooj faith according to ! of individuals, the treasurer of the State is pledge.s. If a corporate body, say a Bank, de^! authdrised and required to pay as parts from Hie rlcj'iii'tlments of its charter, its ,! aforesaid the furtlicr sum of $20,000; and that issue is no longer a legal tender, and its acts |it shall be certified in like miimier as a corporate liody declared invalid. But tlds that ait arfrfirionn/ sum of $10,000 has been little liberty of the Company must be e.vensed on the strong ground of necessity. But have we not said enoiigli to awaken the people to the Importance of piitttiiig the seal ofcoiideniiiation upon this work? W’e liave simply done our | subscribed aiidpaid in as aforesaid, by individu- alsj the Treasurer of the State is hereby aii- tlidrised and required to pay as aforesaid, the remaining sum of $20,000. Section 7th, Expressly providc.s “that no Ili-Xt. h.iiS'is of oiliuor.- lb J'JIIN.SUN. 32-3f. 3 ) f-'oni Slieller-s aii'l .Slrnw tJui- ters, just received ninl lor sale liv I’ETER !’. JOilXSON. Jaii’v 10, 1857. S2-3t PLOUGHS! PLOUGHS!! 27.3 PLOL'GII.-S. Xi). ti. 1). ll. 50 and tJO. just ri^- cuivod. xlso2-)0 iJuz ’ii i'lough Toinls, assorted Xor. for'sulu by VETER lb JOllXSOX. Jan*y 10. 1857. 2.2*3t. BAXK OF FA VFTTF VjLLE, ) 31st Dccciilbei' | THE Directors of this Jiunk have declared asonii- itniiiial Dividoiid Of 4 per cent—payable ou and after the zd davofJan'y 1S.'>7. 3l-2t W. G. BKOADFOOT. Cash'r. staje so.iTii r t)C.\T V. Su-psrior Cfnrt af L.iic—FnU Xichoia.s I’owfi vs. Sl.‘pli-‘n ii. OlUtJ LVAL ATTAb ;i u bX x U ap])--.iring to the satisfacuo t jf i:;. that the .=aul d' fendi-iii i*-: iiol- uii liiiianiiant v‘. iniT .'ti.tc. ii A ordered by tlie *onrL tluit p'.iiilic.it.oo L - ioad-- in ih** N’orth Carolinian a n'W^p:i]ler piibli-b .1 iti l!;-' T" -vn of i'ay''tf..'viUe fur tii * -'ijince of .-ix v, c, !:.-: i; .l.b\:-ig the said St-'phen II. .Marriii li»app- ar m ii?-' oevl i'. nn td* tlh* Sup.-rior (.'ourt of f.,.nv for lii * e *u"A -b h--- son. at tin? ('ourt llou^e in Luinb' rlo:i t -; I’o* t'o irtli Momlnv in March next, and tli *0 liml there lo piead Quarter Sessions- Term, ISTifi. H. McLean, vs, Malcom Baxter. 2'kit.icamcnt Levy on Laud, ui.si for .Sixty dollurti Gtr.l ihterest from : 22 Dec«?ni'>er LS'G and cofIs, i It jijipearlng to th-* s;\tisfaet-ion of the Court upoa i a!h iavki fibtl the I'lninlitf that the ilefi’iiuanl I .'lal-.*.t;n Ha vler is m>t inliabitaut of lhi Stale or so : A tMC i.nAor co.iCD.ils liim.scir that the f’rdiiiHry pnK*eM j of law cMiino'^ b*..* J’lrved o i him—ainl William .1. Hrow u ; •-.''.M>tabb- rx'lurned into Court at this t‘*riii an lUlach- i ill.'Ill ai.iin.'l the said .Malcom Ba.xLer with iIjc follow- j ing lo wit: laevied on a iiud ol Laud. C'jutaiiiing .S'lijely-si'veu sieiu-s more or less as tlie pro- ; p-MUy of.viatcei? ibixler. lying oh the waler.s ol K.eii- . Id”'' .S'.vuif j) I’bbur out: milir from I’hiladelphns Churcli, j a:iti joiiLs tu'.- biad-s of Div.Uel .Mc.Millaii. .Mary (.ra- : ;:.fi} and (.‘tilers ou the east side ol’ said JS'vumpiu I lifb'e-'oa Co'iiity f.ietoluT iOtli day 185(». It is ihere- * Jo ou iiD'liou. ord'*red J>y ihe (.’ourt. that publicatj.-m \ iL'iuatie in the Xortli Curoliii.uu, a iiew.^puper pruiled in til” town of Fayetteville, for six necks .snCce’-’f^iTely. noiifying ihe said defendant to he and (Appear before liie .I U‘'t;ce> of lie* ne.xt Court of IMeas-jind Quarter Se^.-ioii>i I" be lield for the county of Uobesoii at the FOR SALE. duty ill this mutter. We pay » heavy share of' portion of the money herein aiithbrizcJ to be the State tax; wc have a right to lift our voice j snhscribed on the part of the state shall be paid against this drain npon the revenues o? North Carolina against this pilfering from the treasury the bond of our prosperity. We draw no para- lell between this and the Railroad. We oppose it, road or no -road. Our interest, our exis- tance as a town demands it, and the prosperity of the State calls for unceasing and steady hostility to tiie work. i848—’49. CHAPTER XCl. Whereas, the navigation of the Cape Fear and Deep Rivers above PayetteTille, aiid as far Op the same as is ptacticdhle, would be of im- jjorlaiit p"nb1ic utility, and many persons are (rilling to stib-scrlbS moiues tb effect the wbfk,' file., &c. ^ The first section provides for the opening of Books and receiving sdhscriptions to the amount not Lrixeding 200,060. in .shares of $l00 each, for the purpose of effecting a cbnimufiica lion by steam boats, froki some point on or near Waddill’s ferry, in Randolph county, to Fay-' etteville, and for providing every thing neces sary and convenient for the purpose of trans portation. The fourth section pro'videij' that "there shall be paid at the time of sdbscribing &c., the sum of ttco dollars o'n every share s'uVscfibed, and the residue thereof in Such instalments fltc, as may be required. Section ninth provides that if any Stock holder shall fail to pay the sum required of him by the President and Directors, difbln one month after the same shall have been adver tised in one of the newspapers pubfistred fn the town of Fayetteville, it shall he lawful foi* the President and Directors to sell at public auctVoTi &o, the share or shares of such Stockholders so niitil the entire work yet to be done shall have been taken by contractors, and bond and good security by persbns resident in this state, paya ble to the State of N. C. for the faithful e.Xecii- tion and completion of the entire wOrfc lor the additional sum of $150,000 never before au thorized to be raised) shall he given, to be ap proved by tlie Governor and tlie Attorney General. Seelion 8th Slates how, and in what part ol the work the money appropriated by tliis act sliall be expended. First on tlie Cross Creek loek and and dam until that is Snislied; then O l the lock aiiJ dam at Jones’ fulls; hlitil that is finished; then on the Silver run lock ai.d dam until that is finished; then 8ii Red ruck lock and dam niitil that is iiiiished, and the other locks and. dams; along Cape Fear and Deep Rivi-r (ihtil the W’liole shall have been a - complislied, and that the Treasurer siiall not pay over the second instalment provided for in thisaCf) tb be su'b.scribed and paid liy tiie Ti e.is- urersofthe State, until etiiieiice siiaii li.ive been addifced to the satisfaetion of tlie Gov ernor and 'fteasnrer lliat th'fe iiioney appropria ted by this act has heeii expended as provideu fur in this section. ISSl-’Sh’—An act is passed, chapter 5, an thoriziiig th'^ Cape Fear and Deep .liver Xavi- gatioh Company to issue bonds, payable to the Public Treasurer of the State of N. C., for the sum of $390,000 (whtli coupon's for interest at tached aiid bearing s'li per cent interest, which the Treasurer is lo endorse 6n beVt’alfthe State. Section 3, makes it the duty of the Public Treasurer on the endorsement being made as before directed, and tlie bonds ueinq numbered aod recorded, and the mortgage as heretofore required in section 3, and was it paid in, as was conteiiiiilated in said section? Look at the “ill section of the act 1852, It 1 is full and explicit! Were its terms complied ! with? i My entire Stuck of GLOTHLVG ami l-'iirnisliiqg The 8th Section was to be a check on the ; CiLd’-S. Those who may wish to ect in i,.; Ijiisiue...-. company held by the Governor iiuii Trcasui-cr. ^ 'J," “‘’'I bn-suhserii.oi-. as 11. intemls itf ; .1 .A. .1. 1 . ,, , . I , . to sell out. and ll liic wlhde Stock is not sold liclore Mas the Woik began at Cross Creek lock and | me isl of l-'ela-u-.u-v he wil! sell at auction, dams and finished a.s provided for in tliis see-; ' J. McrilKP.SON. tion ? I M. I’. .Ail persons wiio are iiulciilrtl to im- cifiici- But we Call attention to the act of 1854—j hy note or actoinn. will pl.-a-jc call uiRt seltlc, and ■still fresh in dUr mind.t—17’ere its! terms cunipli-'‘’-s ‘ >leici-mim-d to close up my inisim-ss. ed with * j-•All tliose liavins claims agam.st ino will jilease in-csciil I ri - I them Lo 111',-for pavment. 1 he IOtii bection directs a meeting of tlic i Jany s. is.'iT. ' 31-lt Stockholders to be called to signify their ai-j ; ceplance of the provisions of the lu-t of tliut year. This was done: for in the President's re port lit says that the meeting was held at Wil mington and that they accepted the Icrius. or rcpievv or linai jmlemeiit will he c-iven agai-ist ionrl House in I.nmliertoii, cu the foui-tli .Monday of him.—'.Vitness .Vlexan'hir ’.LMillan ch-rii of mid j f'chru-.u-y next, then ami ihere lo show cause, il any Court at "iTici; in Lumhorton. th-' fourth .Mmniav h,! lie can, why judgment liunlshall not he entered a-a.iist Idiis Dee. nynd IS-'ili. ' i him and tlie lands levied on comh tuned to la; sola to ■V. Mc'illl.l. A.'x C 8. C. ! satislv the plainlifis'Iciiiand and costs, aa.ijj - I Hi,,eeil, dvi'k of om-said Court _ j at oliice in Lumherton Ihe fonrlli Monday ot .Nove'iU- i hi'i'. .1. II. Ls.'nl. and of .American liide|n-ndei.ce the j Slst vi-ai-. Issued the 27th dav of Deceinhei- l.s.ilj. SIlAb. UOWI-.LL. Ch ik, 1 Ity 13. I'KLLJl.A.N', D. C. i Janv 13. 1.3.77. 31-fit Septciuher -A. f). IS.'ifi. Jan. 10. 18.77 MOiiE S'i’.VTE OF XOiiTJI CAROlai.V.V —lie I5e::SO ‘;>f.VTV. j Superior Court of Late—Fall Term 1850 i L. B. (Jo'lvYiu vj:. C. \V. Crawforvl j OlMGIXAia ATTACUMKXT ' It iTpeearitij^ lo the isatisJactioii of tiu* Cojirt that j tjie taiii ilefcudant is not an inhabitant of this .Slato j it is ordrred by the ('ourt that !*i:!jlicaiion be made* • ill lIuT Xorlh (.'aroliniaii. a ii4*ws;yapc’r jiublislied in tli ’ T^■^^Vll of Faycttpvillt.’. for the spaec ol si.v weeks noti- ! fvin.kC thii g'lid (.h W. (yiawford lo ajipjarat thu next [ Ti-rni of Vi i Sup rior Court of Luw for lin* (’ou:ity of ! b^)be^o^. at til'* (.'ourt llonso in lAiiinh'-rtou. on tlie j fourth Monday in March next, and then and there I lo plead or replevy, or tlnal judgment will be jfiven i si^raiiisi him.—Witness .-Vlexandt-r Mc-Millan clerk ol ; said Court at oflic»‘ in I.njinhiM-ton. ihe fourlii .Monday ’ in September A. D. U-dO. This Di e. l!ie 22nd 1855.! A. Mc-MILLAXa;. S. (A : Jan. 10, 18'jT. o2-()t j iLWETTEtlLLE . aMXUKET. Corrected weekly Jor the Aorlh Carutiiunti. Jasi'ahv 10, 1557. •. 5.0 E S O -S I Congress has been busy doing nothing for a week and wc hope it will continue lo do so mi ll iiui-gcd of Black lle|>ulicuiiisiii; ai resolution to iijOnrn on the 2l)th carried in bot.'i Houses of the Legislature. Tlie iniJnicip.il election for .M.iyor and inissioiicrs was carried by an dverwlit'lmiiig nidjority on .Muniliiy last in lavourol ti't- Know .\ottiing.s, two Dciiiocials voiing. Tiiis im portant victory is liie result 61 tlie only Viftu- ou.s pi-iiu-iple in know noiiiiiig |n)liiic.s lo wii, thnl i‘Jfice shout'I seek the intin and not mm the njice.— The folio.viiig is tne ink-.-l. O .yor. R. P. BU.Xl'OX CO oi .M10.0 i O -X E Ro. Ward No. 1. James riiiniiy. “ 3 .\i. .tlcKitiiiUii; “ “ 3 E. L. i’eiiiberioii, “ “ 4 Jas. -tleOilvaiy, “ “ 5 A, A. .XicKetlr.i.i, " 6 \\ i ialil tiiiske, " 7 William W.irdea. The Collixs Li.sr..—W'.; lenra tliat .since' the Goveriinieiil lias oeeiih d io re'.iiiee llie jnif, 111.- r’o.iiiniiiy has resolved ro rettare t httr rate tf spi'C.V, t.ien-iiy ayo.dnig an incfea.seii rat.o of; wear a.id tear, doiiaiisii.iiy tin: eo.,.snmjitioo of! Inel.aiid lessening the size ol tile i-rews, — argil- : mg that if the Govefiiaieiit e.iiiiiot aifoid to i pay for great speed, iirivate iiidiv.dii.ils eaiioli do it. Tne greater eeu.iomy of tiie ife'W an-unge ment is a|ipareiH from the faet, that llie aver- ' ... ..r, . .- o .-1 : ST'.VTK OK Xe>liT!I C\t»L,t-\'V .If .-sT Ivl-...hl\ i-.I> another Lot of siipci-nne CA.sl-^ corv-ov 4‘KltE ll.Vf.S. .Also, on hand a good .snpiny of Silk, j . , r t ' n n 'r . it^-c- Fur iuid Wuijl cifidy own make. i Sxipcrior Ct uriof Ij-iw tnll Iciiit D.-VVID OBE. I WiiKani Buyeo Co. vs. .loiiathiin W. lic^aa OUKjIIXAL .-'.TT.VCilMEXT It appearinf^ to the Satisfaction of the Court the .sabi dertfudout is nut an inhabitant of.this Statu il I.-' ord’ ied by ibp (.'ourt. that Fai.licatitni be mud*: in the Xortii Carolinian, a ii'-wspayer p ildi.-hed iu the 1 «... . Town of Eavetievill.K f«*r the space of.-i.x week.-'', noli- ; one Ll CUL.^iv .Sii-vA.il SAA .Uh..L, QU JuRathRU W. io*j:aii to :ipp**ar at llio j , ; next Term oi Sup-rbir Court of Law for llic Com-i ^ Head of ML LES. : tf Of Urdicsou. at the Court House in Luniborion on J Hur.-c and fourth Monday in .Marcli ne.xt. and then and then' to plead orrcpl'wy or iinal judiancr.t will be given -T . I 11 r a^i•aulsl liiin.—Witness Ale.xandur .McMAion t'lerk of A iar'fo lot. ol IjL.MUbiC and all lue Tiun-ejuid ; .joiirc at o lice in Lum’o.-rlon the ftTuflli .MuaJay j in S'-piembci' A. 1). l85l>. This 22nd Dec. I85f*. j A. McMiLLAX. C. .S C. : Ma.s Jany. 3. I8.')7. IM-tf Public Sale* I will offer to the highest bidder, o.i Thursday, the l.)t, iluy oi .Luin-iry .iic.xl. al my pj-icc near iCiuirsbury. 2 TiiUiicr and 4 tlo.id Wagon.’*. Stuck of Can le and ill the llf.n'-eh'.dd ‘ and Xiiclicii I'LDXriLUK. reiMi.s will ijR libyra!, and made known on the day , iL\CON. per Ib Cui- !• EL, per ib — Uio, Laguira,. 8t. Doni^||». COTKiX, per lb Cui iUX i>AGGING. per jftcd — (f uaiiv. i.» iiiidee, iiurlaps. C(JTTJN VAUX,pfrlb, Xos. 5lo . DOMES TIC GuviiL^. per yard - - Brown .Sheeliu^s, Gsuitburg'-. KLOCU. per barrel — J2i t>i. 2.5 (W 0, L-J o'c. 27. '8.i3. D C X C A X -M c E A V i > E X. :fj ts Jan. 10. 1657. I'-t'prr! , , , h liini ainii I lav Jaa 10. I.J. ■di fOPl\' iMJJ.t « kj.i'-sl. ’7'n C‘ a ' G. W. GEE. 32-:>t ST.'.TE OF olLOWiiSO.N f-iALS:: AC A 4>io Y. il. Cil.L.MBEiiS. I’rinelpal. IS.LAO E*ViXG, JiL, .-Vssishint. The seventh Session of this Instiuition will ccin- frl’euce Oil the ur.si .Monday in Ja.iuary, i8.')7. Any luri.n r ■.(formal.uti cmii Lc oma ued by addrrss- iag lac i'r.ac pus ui iWkiu. .Montgomeiy County,'XL C. id 1.(40. ^3, J . 2. a.id S lu per Cfe.'-^l(Ja. Ho.ird. wa n ag. a.id fiici A per mouth. Da-*?. ,:1). itj.lb. oU-ol AXUliiEli LETIEU FKOM TEXA.s. j TuAX't.s Co., Texas, -Vug. 15.1854. j Messr.' Flcniisig Drother.s—Dear Sir.s:—There acre ' several cases of Cud Is and Fever iU my niulhcr's fj'mily at lUo hme v?e received the .M LAXE'S i>lVElv FILLS | 4*raered ill aiv letter of dnno i-lh. and a few do.«es | adiniiiLtercd Ui eaeli cairc protliiced the desired elioct. ' i thus deui'j.istratii^g the efiiiiieacy of these celelirated ; idlls in that disease. • j .Motaer has not eeri troubLd with the sick head-i xoKTii r.\ROf,i: (OU-VTi. I Siiperiftr Court »f Fiu:—Fall T\.rm 18.50. ; Chni cbill Walkley A Johnson v>. Jonathan W. j I (JliUli.N'.AL .VTT.-AVTiMF..VT. 1 i , Il appearing to the Satisfaet.i ii of tL’c C‘>urt ihat the • ■ said delciidiMU i.s not an inhabiituU of ibi.? Sttl-.'. it is ' I orilered by the (fourt that i'uijl.cation Jr- mad': in liic ^ North CaroLniau a XVwspajier puijliM:cd in tlio Town ’ : of Fayeiievillc. fur Ihespace of .Fix weeks, notifying ’ the said Jonathan W. Began, to appear at the ae.xl ' i team of the Sup'ti'ior Court of Law lor the county of' : Rolieson at the Court hcur.e in LnnHjertoa on the 4th ; 1 .Monday iu March itc.xl. and tleii and ther*j jil.ead or] j ivplevy, or Iinal Julgment will b*c c:ivep agahrjt him. r I Witni's.s. Al-.'-xander McMiiian.J'ic.rk-.pfsaid eoarl al i ♦diice in L.umiK’riou the fourth Monday in Srptember ; •\. i>. Ihuo—Doc i^ad i85(h : t McMlLLAX. C. S, G. : Jan. JO, 1857. 32-(;t ST.ATE OP KOIlTfl CAliO.LIXA—-RCBESOW j COCA’TV. j Snptrior Court of Law—Fall Term 1-856. j (.'iinrchili Walkbn' A: John'’^r(m visjoua. W. iivgan. I OiflGJXAL ATTACHMENT. ' It appearing to the salisfactiop ofthc (,'onvi ihar th” \ .'ijiid dei’mdanT. is not an iiihubitaiii of this Si: orderiii.1 by the Court that publication lx- rna-i North Carolinian, a Newspiiper p’jltti.died in i Sup'-'imue, 7 t,n («. Fine. t» .*0 ' Crori:*. ' ■ GRAIN. Tier burhfl— Corn. ‘Jp 0 V> hkRt, 1 iU . . .. Oat«, 4./ . 0 Feis-:, b.> 9*J Rye. 1 00 i!h lie L.\^.r), per Ik, 14 Sl'lUl'18 per g'Kllon — Fc;ich Bnunly, 8U («/ OG -■Vpple do. new iiJ (-/ 70 N. (\ Whiskey, 65 (:l7 00 Hyc do. 55 75 itbctilicd dL». KO frP, (f« cut. per keg 5 25 5 5e IRuX. p”r lb— Hng'.iHi. o 5 Sweedcs, comir.on bar, fi oo Do. wide, 7 Ou WOOL, per lb 17 (•}> 18 TALl.UW. p.-r lt» 11 12 HIDE.S. p.rlb— Dry, 16 ^ii 00 Gr(M*n. UO LEAD, pel- lb m 09 SALT - I/ivcrpool. prr •acL. 1 25 00 AIgiu. per busbei. 00 CO MOLjVSSIkS. per gallon— Cuba. 50 ft t2i New OrlrarjB. 50 ft $r* SL'GAll. per.11,— Loaf and cru‘-upu. 1C 17 .St 'roi,, P’ riollioo. it KOrleans, 11 t 124 BEEF—WlbLCfale 3 35 ird.jl. choice TO 7 I’ 0 n K — b. md a I e 1 8 ... Kclail f 9 M’7 tTOi!? e ® T ; of Fayetteville iVrJhe space of sixwe. k^. uoLiyi ] .said Jonathaa HL kegtr*? to appear at t;;*- •..•■ ■ age coii.sirmption of coal per liny 111 , i,|i speed;, IS ciglitv-hve toiie.s ; ai mw speed, liftt-live ton's f ytl”'.-mice .-iiie ha.« coiic.neucoU uikiiig tluse 1TI1=. ami ■I'l I r .,r i^jI n. Ill ' . ■ is we have ljut tew ol tUein lelt yon will please scud llilb IS ll diffelULliec of $4000 per voyage, aim ^ ;,:,„ther dollar's worth. iJirect as before, to Austin It is caleulalL-a tlmt Hie saving iu wear and Texas, it-espectl'i Uy .vd'urs. rear of maeiiinery will equ.il this amount; .so I .MEHEDITH \V. HEXIfA'. _ that tlie total saoinir on I weniv-sii riiiind Ifiiia .^'Purchasers will be care ul to ask fur DR. ■ of the Superior Conr: of Law lor th-•jo-i , ttmtUie total saqm on i wenl.v SIX round lips LIVER PILLS, ri'ami-’ son-at the Goan House iu l.umi-i- - ■ : as required by contract will e.\ceed ^>^00,000 I ,,y Fl.E.Ml.'sff bro.S., PiTTsBriRGH. ■■“uext.aud then am. ihu-. t. per uiiliumi o'r more l.iun conipciisato toi* tiie! pa. Tticrc am other I’iMs purporting t(.) be Liver i i'^pF^vy, or ntniS bidgoueujt will l^c against b: loos of pay. It is claimed that lliere i.S liotil- i I’ills. ro-.v 'uefore the put'lic. t>r. McLaue's genuine ‘ W'itnkss. AK-.xaadi-r .Mc-.Iiilaii, Gi-.-rk ul iiiw in the contract binding a.s to speed but; 1-'''’''’'celebrated Vermifuge, ciui now 1-at'illice m i.nmbortc Kimnlv that the vessels “sliall be h,.i|i had at all re.-p.ctahle drug .-^torep. .N'tlXi:. i.LNL'-.her, A. D. IsX-. J ;r.o-,; simply tlial im, snait O- O.nii.Oi nig.l i ;viT.llOL'T THE .siR.k'VTUR.E OF i ■■'•■ -• r II/E.MIKG SKObh ' Jan. 10, LiSf- oj fit I EE-M.-tliKS.—All advauco of o.-ia-cigh;h on Coik.n j nE^..'VRK‘5,—Lultou Since Monday we ad.aiiC'i our i e.noi-uious. l-'jour we i-niiice Dry Hyde ac hd- ■ '.an.ee: 10 to 18. ;n. WILMLNUTSN .MARKET Jan 8 1857. On Monday 2'1) bids. No. I Ro.-ia told al bh.Ta per speed.’’—^tMernai of OoSHtt»scia. fourCi Monriu ud or : 1 Court of2]5bblk(. d,,. ^u!d .repu-m | at pam*.- r‘i’i('e. .Sales oa Mo iday afternoon oi 33b '.c« C. i I*"- Oa Tuesday Uo bali= «o. j-Roitiil 32 uad 322 cte. p&r lb., c? 'a

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