I r * ;t y IHE «iFor nother^! Sakf.’’ A fallicr and Ids dttle son, Oil wintry wavps were sailing; Fast from their way the light of day In cloud and gloom was failing; And fiercely round their lonely hark The stormy winds wc^'o wailing- They knew that peril hovered near; Thev prayed ‘'Oh! Heaven deliver;” But a’wilder blast came trowling past, And soon with sob and shiver. They struggled in the icy grasp Of that dark, rushittg rivet. ‘‘Cling fast to me, my darling child-; ’ \n aiignisheu voice was crying, Wliile silvery clear, o’er tempest drear, Bose softer tones replying; “Oh! mind not We-tny father dear Bm not afraid of dying! Oh! mind notme,butsaveyonrsvlf. Tor MornEu’* -sake dear fatliei. Leave me and hasten to the shor^ Or wlrat will comfort mother. The angel forms that ever wait. Unseen oh man attendant. Flew up, o’erjoyed, to Heaven’s bright _ And there, on page resplendent. High over those of heroes bold. And martyrs famed in story. They wrote the name of that bni'e IjOJS And wreathed it round with glory. God bless the child-aye, he did bless That noble self denial; And safely bore him to the shore. Through temiicst, toil and trial. Soon in their bright «iid tranquil home. Sob, sire and tnat dear mothei, For whose sweet sake .so niiich was done, In rapture met each other. SPRING SUFi*I*Y. I DE. JAMES E. FOULKES, Corner of Hay and Donaldson streets, opposite the Fayetteville xiotel, ■Would respectfully cal’i the attention of his friends and customers to hia oora- pleta stock of DRUGS, MFDICI^ES, OILS, PAISTS, 4S1) DVE-STBFFS, Which he is now receiving, and wiU^ffer at prices^as low as the'y can be bought at In this " iect is to sell medicines that can be depended upo he buys none but tlie genuine article. Constantly on hand Burning Flaid-, , Cami>hene, i Spirits Turpentine, I Alcohol, 1 Brandies and Wines, I Medical purposes,) j Congress TV' ater, ! Citrate Magne-sia-, j East India Castor Oil. ! March 1.1. lS.-'ii. (for \ Aliiablc Uaml for Sale. Tlie siibscriiicr offers for sale his entire hwfe .lirlgalMint eight liumlred aiires, lying fiftCLn incUi- milef ‘ hoi^Favrttevme and five miles from the little river. The land is level and he_.—, well a.lapted to farming; there is about miy o?in%ma“lUrLks to *0 ! subscriber on the P''‘’™”’“^lEX.VN'DEK M'-VEKER. July 19. TO .VI ATORS M AV be Preserved in Arthur’s Cans for winter^ wse ! liV-uftlhis'ald^’tE‘kKCIT.S of" all kinds may lx- preserved so as to make $:i per Dozen. i 75 4 50 “ FOR SALE. Heavy 4-4 Bea''t*r Creek Sbeethw'. . , S Yarn. 'Varp and Filhng. -Nos. .. to 10. AisSa, Belt. Picker, Roller and Lace T.EATUl-;ii>. Oils and Manufivcturer s tiudingn. Winter strained, Sperm. bard^gndLmredOi ShuUUe-slsingglass, 1-rench Glue, Lmoi i. tlo‘h-iG>5»’jSt^^LL.Pns. iLC.M.Co. I July 26. 1850. ^ -^j ^FREIGIlTiyO OS CAPE FEAR ; "llfS'i- 1.- M.I...rin ™ •- and It. .M. CrreH was appointed bcLictarj. On motion of James K. Vlarsb. ol Jan- cal Mi-Mw/i-'y !«/a// freights at Wilmington and t ayc'ttei i it it I ‘ On ^art'^orThe ■steamboat Companies FALL &winter STOCK. IF YOl WAST 1 COOD PAPER SkBSCRHSe POT. '‘THE NATION,” which CE ATi ! ness and diirabilitv. -a-evk in his line oiulmll al- work done eisewl.ere that is as ANT) mTvVehWes tinislmd and in course of coii- ““■'Sl-Vll work made bvliini is warranted 12 nioiitlis and promptly attended to. Ueplllllgllubl at short notice and on very rea- I soniible term'. Favettevillft. Oct 1, D-.d.. 1.'. as...-..-- - ^ SrL^nm: S^is and J-H^-ingey}0^3 and m«vrt.ngs Kid “ud^ Bleached. Bro. Oi^nntlcth. lisAi.- r r - *1,0*. with D ifood llSSOl t* .Sheetings and Shi-rtings. ."j^ looD.s;. Jieady meiit ofroiind. Staple and t oiitsUc G«JUi Ma.ie Clfthing. Boots and Shoes_ At Vt llnvers •o-nera-Uv aie respdctfullj luvntu to g n,‘ siock J look, a's I shall sell on short prohtL Xov. l.st is.lii. CROW. 22-tf W- OV'EICBV, SADJ^LE AND IIARSESS WtlO I.IX Uespectfully iiif''rm tlic public m^'^stabiisii.! rates^^.^oOier low. r little river. The land is levH and arUcb- wiU by' the sliippers. Tto'tb: t;)^iiig be published ill.hi Town papers. 1). MeL.NITtlNd Chair'n R. M. OiiKKU., Sec'y Dec. 2J, 1856. TS-tf J. STKI)M-VX, ate. CORPORA.TIOS BOXOS OfUieToWBof KagrtterlHe f»P Sale. Airreeable to an Act of the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina, ratilied Dec. 25,18o2, authoriz ing the Town of Favetteville to i.ssiie her Bonds to the amonnt of *100.(100, in the aggregate for the pur- pose ofpaying her subscription to the Western t.ail j Road Company. . . , Therefore, it is ordered by the ( oniiniasioiu rs oi Fayetteville, that the Treasurer of the Town receive ; sealed proposals, until the 1st of Novemlier next, for , the purchase of *.'.0.000, in sums of Sotio each of said Boiuls, or any part thereof. Ronds to run twenty- years, with Coupons attached.—interest payable .emi ; annually. The .said Bonds shall be tinder the seal ol ,, the Corporation, and bimling on the taiili ol tlie same.; W.M. WARDEN. Town 1 rewsurer. ; Oct. 1. 1856. tf For sale by 1 quart Cans, 2 a pre.scnt, a can of tomatoes, winch he tdk prep.an-d lavt summer accor^tng^ ‘’“‘"i"* r.‘‘htni'g opeired .f Ctabit: *' wi Ce -m oTrtmilv a variety of fV.iit preserve^ ie rtieso cans, which wc used through the uniter with , ..ft-f,,.Hon and wbieh our visiting friends pro- ^'rncras^esirasil they had just been gathered.- Philadelphia Merchant. July 12. fi-W ANDREW ■Y;,ri"TT?BORO \-. 0.. will atlmid re”d:;^^::^-t^da,:Umi:!klo,,rea..dllai.iie,t Coiiinies. April 11.1856. tf EA YE TTE VILLE METt-AL IXSrUAXCK ‘ . yl« Abstract of the Sccona Annual h t.l J ' \ '■ of nJ President and Directors: | I-olioies issued past year “^1- whole numb.-.; i-u'd^ ye; ; covering property an.ou. ting to ; Folicios cancelled v.nd expired F OR S A Ia R I A T R E D U G E D F R ICES, For CASH or on Short Time, i *2.50 (’aiTiafjes, Haroncin'S, 1 IDK'K AW-'vY.S a- B-UGGiMS of every description, Manv of wiacl. are linisUed. ami the bilaUtC boAg finished dailv; among wln.-.h are tiiaiiy • i betnitifnt styles, anil one very fine. Carriog, .Some 'otTli' .n™^^^^ oil "b”'” the best manner, i-ui.l (if tU'' best materials. .My faeililies Ipr d-'ini? rit. work are than any ^^tal.shmo^ smith and 1 ranalford and am '’."r'Vrhv „fnu./.r.G7»«ti.'.i/ at* low as u cun be built loi by ,vho are imlebted to me will please pay miiis my business leqiiires i.lv out-sluiiu.ng debts to be ATAKEH, and all the old customers of Il'm>‘o‘; i$.",tueknUHarnel6 milking “udn^'Inau'^vi^LusY-ai.cites: at the old Stand of ll.eistoii and Overbv, where he will be happy o fiu ni Y theii; with any likicle Which they .nay need ... his strict attention paid to ’’‘^Tau ingT^t-T, .Vug. LS, 1856. (i-m S^ .Ju.st received, a few doz. genaine Eas) India CASTOR OIL. (for my retail.) sMso, Gitr.it of Magnesia and Congress W ater.^ ^ FOl'LKES April 2, 1?.56. C,\ J/V;»AO*e J — - STAR WRITERS THE N.VTIO.N srUTTlNG the WITTY. HL.MORGLS and SlDE-MLl SKETCHES of that Comical (icniuB. *ua lARiTlLLED Hl.MORlST, k\;«;ht kiss oriiswE H. »• ! of which series, Ape sketch alone is worth the u o« ! vi-ar* Sub?*iij)tion. rUE .NATION IS EDITEM BY S. M. Biglow, MRS. E. «. E. S. SOITHWOBTH, WHO IS WELL KNOWN AS ONE OF THE MOST ie i-pTl.AU. XVUITKllS IS A.MERltA- Inaiiditioii to tlie above we have engaged as Con- tributors ; Clara Moreton, Alice Cary, " V\ . tosd.ck, Mr.sA. F. Law, C. A. Fa^ge, Mrs E F. Ellet, Hen. Casseday, Fark Benjamin, W. P. Brannan And Samerous Others. TO THE FAIR SEN We ivii ticularlv. commend our sheet. Their deparG I will lx* KdiU'd with the utmost care and no ex- ;;‘r. ;r labors,mrld to rendcT the columns devoted ,-olli-cted. .August 25 MeKETH.VN. 1856. tf NOTICE. All p.-rsoiis i.i'lfd.tedtothelirmnrW. F. &. E^F, Amount now insiuT'd Sl.274.717 ure r."iiiest'd lo coni'; r.uward and make . . u^tl.iir copurlllership eeu-ed on the Ut of 6 Muveh 1856. J, xfOORB. (i .Tune ;i. 18.-,-6. '2-“' An.,,..lit rrcniiiim Xoies^^^^^ eli:^ 74 u:} I ‘ now on liHinl iP.8: ill I I ' 861.275 IIT Increase during tlie last year Fremiiiiii notes aviWagiiig U -89-l»« l"‘r Hie jmi'iiiit insured, the a-.tiial cost of lusiiriiiice din ing the year avenlgiiig less thuii i per cent. RECKll’TS. Casli on hand last report ?",r, s''' •• for I’ruininuis n-ncsvcd ii.lO.) _-’v •• forl'olicies.Surveys5;traiisfer.s :!:li -'ll o for Kent ‘ NOTICE. u-snus indebte.l to C. C. I!ARI!EE..t C(). by -u-oeiif are i-e.|U.-sted to pay wilU.ii ibiee VO !i ill‘H o-o.iuU in the tor cm*H or "I’li'di'-d cash i.i'ices iKii.l for Turir-iitiue. 'iSAliHEE. F. S. B-VRl"'-,'.. .F. C. POE. IIK.II.F.R U STAPLE ANH P.VXCY DRY GOODS, HATS, CAPS, BOOTS. SHOES. AND Reaetiy~.M^udc Clothing. Faiiicular attention paid to Ladie.5’ Dress Goods and Triinmin)rs. II VY STUKi-T. FAVKTTEVH-.LF. N. C. Y.*vciibt'r 3d. BiMlstparts! B cl ttads!! Just received from the Maiuifacturor. Ira Horsey, a supitly of ^■ bedsteads of various patterns, and made of Kood seasoned timln'r. Those Dedstemls are manufactured in this place, and can 1)0 sold to dealers aslow a.s they can Ih; got from the North. Call and examine. ^ ^ April Hj I s.'.f;. V DiuvU'.vsvillc, An.e Ul2-tr llighes"t Market C. M. Co. JllW •2«-, .1, S. liANKS, COM.MISSIOS ASU FOUW AUDISG I DLSlirR.SKMENTS. ! Cash paid C. U. .Sneed, lire loss 88.51) On I •• •• Lot A-balance Office building 1.4.01 mi 1 “ “ .8;alaries t-.-d) lh> I “ “ Stilt.. Tax 'J; I “ .• Cmitingeiit .‘xp.'*iises 1;- ■ “ “ i’remiuiiis r.itnrned 6U t ril.“ E.'lJl'iitiSliC vV FiNtlSfl‘8 5»J tile ; Tt;TTMVi t.LE !i') I'r-;r. FOtl S.VI.I.— i Til.. HilViscril.i'i- Iniviiig f'tli.v .letermined tc. st-11 tin; , ul.ov.- 1.-d i.r„i.;.vty, m.w olVer it in any enter,.rising j '"'Tli'is lintel’enjoys a large custom from ''lo a.'i.l'"'''"--’' | cpmiti.'S. ami from the ir.iveili.ig i.ii.nn-. \iit.i ^ 1 ; : „f fulure iiiereire-. What it Inte .l.me and is no. , l,,in..' can Is’ semi be any one wisliiiig topmeli. ;>. | ' - ■Yr'in.' to onr books. The situation ot tne I.uihi- is .sm-h.-.s wilt eommand the greater part ol the- Aug Store fov Rent* 'I’lie Store on the corner of Gillispie Lioni Franklin .Street,-near tlie Bank of the S State apply to ** JOSEl’ll AKEY. 28. Li-’f 81.;; 16 -2; il-ti.m . For t! ninoto. and passing tlirnngh tliis jdar.-. L or capital inirso-i.'ltere IS no inis,- Cl tobacco. 15 boxes Fine and Common (-'hpwmg^^Tobacco. Janj. 3. 1857. 3l-3t ^ CRACKERS. 50 Boxes Soda and Lemon i J. B. STARR. " B-KLV.IS. i Balance I To-wit : -r, , , j taisli loaned out on Bond am', j Security, (on demand.) 82.2. 0 bO Cash in Bank an.l inliaiuls of I Agents *" ! t- - I A.SSETS. ( WF -are now receiving a ren- large STOCK, em-| pn iiitcrest and in Bank. iVc. bracing every thing in tW ftry Goods line with ; HtiU Caps, Boots, Shoes, Silk and Straw 1 Beal Estate, paying L, percent. Bonnets, Umbrellas, and Ready Made Clothing, &c. Which tbov will tell CHEAP for Cash of Lies at IVROLRSALK only. We invite Met- merchant, WILMISCTON, S. Januarv 1.1856. D'-pd ST.HTR & WILLIAMS. DRY GOODS AT WHOLESALE. . 11. ill ihat woilld I'i^y as i IIOBKIITS At CO. j 11. 1' yii! ^2.n •14 -2.037 ‘10 'i:m i».) l.SUO Oil R. inibl Dec. 20. 29-3t Wi Au". 30 'new 1856. FALU AND WINTER GOODS. It.:. -HI rremiutu Xote.'^ on hand Amount Capital to moot any losses IM) iicere thank-'^ to Uio iilx'Vally bcLs'-OWetl licui lie ha-' boni^iit- d ••ontinne the bnsl- tld siatui. under his their The undersigned will pay the highest cash Pr'J® f > YOUNG NEGUO'ES. Letters addressed to y'fher it us at Laurinbnrgb, Richmond county, will hate prompt attention. ^ ^ MclNTYRR DANIEL M, McBAURIN. Laurinburgb, Jan^ 5, 1857. ^ 81 (f In eoiielasion. llie I’ri.sident and Director.^ c.mgram- late Hie nieini.ers atnl the jinblic .'il tiie very lortuiiiite and succes.sl'ul oiieratioiis of tile Cniniiany tlie ini-t ' T.'iir. tVe liave met witli no lo.is since 7ih .Marcii, 1854', (Sneed’s.)—unless it lie the ease of Straiiglall.s & Ei'nston at Kinston, wliose_ .Store wa.s lilown up—a very extraordinary case,—it is still under iiivesti- gntion. ! MOORE A brother are now receiving i ‘ FALL STOCK OF F.i.XCY GOODS. i Embracing every article uIe ^ Coods Lino, with a large lot of KEADX-MAUh 1 CCOTlllKfi. Hat?. Caps, Boots and .Shoes, Ladies and ; 1 \i* ....ao) hni>*aiid Gaitors. Also, a few pieces Carpet-i .ms i\yic'. .tv »i i it.t.tii ■•*-. 1 ■ wbieh thev invite the attention of their custom-; Liitterb.'h. Win Mel.iiiiriii.N -V Stedniiin. J (. Siiepliei 1 ‘’■’..J o.„ „..Kiik 10 e-.itl and examine liefore purchas-1 ji y ninsdale. D A Ray. .1 D \1 ilimms, .\ A Mc.vetin Constables’^ Election. The undersigned offers himself “ Xe'^nWricA the office ofCoiistable lor the layettemHe District. :"r?anVt!;e'p..bni to call and examine iK’fore purchas- ■‘"■ITmSoRE. ^ W. F. MOORE.’ Sept. 27- l7-tf The following DiructorH were/fIfcU'ci for next year: Geo McNeill. II L Myrover. Chas Benbow, Henry A Lillv, Jas Kyle. .S \V TiUln.iFbnK^; S T Hawley, T .Si • - •.** V .A- ' ■ 'K- k fv i „ 1 G'I..... U 1 RDliEilT (r.ATi-: GRFS.N A 5' p-ATCJI-MAhERS, .tE \ Fayetteville, N D. I;. li.'gs to retnvii Ids s ,1:.; tort!;-.- kiii.l patronage si: ,11 H-bile Finn, and infui-ins interest ..f .1. .8. Wi'iir. ami wi s');» :;:ibi-.uu’lD'-' ai the ! catlri'.'Hlii’rilitt'HilcHC'L . ,, ; - - - , X- • \ii \V‘itch(L it’ft with him for rcitair will bo i -^--itak.-n ap.n-tiu ihe -presmioe of the owimrs. and the | ! ,u-i-ess-,|-.- r.-mdrs pointed out to them ami a writl. 11 ; ' contra-t'gii mi for ihi; same, -vliieh work wil! be "nr- I riiiiteil for two yeai.s. . 1 „„.i - On tniiid ami lor sal,' now. the l.io.=t varo’d an.l ; ; choice selection of i 'LOGK.d aiid other tune pieces hat | i haseviT been olf.T.-d to the pni.lic ill Noi'lli [ moluia ; 1 whieh he will s.-ll at N. w York prices, and also war- | rant for two veart^. , _ , ., i All debts diu‘to and by the late Urm and reCi'lvFil by BOWMAN, SELLERS fc CO., j OKSKll.VI. ( OW.MISSIO.V .MKHCHAXT.S ! And J'ficfors, | 3* l-'i Piu» Slret’t? WxSW ^ORK« D. W. BOW.MaN, IV. H. SLIjLCUS. May 1. FDWD. MePHKU.^ON. >•; IV Particular attention ]iaid to eonsiv'nmcnt'' of Naval i^tores. _ W.liler’s* Palemt Saliiinaud*T SulV. AVc keep eouHtantly on liami an asr4)rl ment of the •il»ove .Sales, warranted lire-proof: and desirous ot ex- tendiiiu^ the demand for Diein. the makers iiave been in duced to deliver then! here at New ^ .wk lances. j). it W. Me.LALUlN. Ai5^ent.s. October 1. 18.50. H $2 00 per annum 3 60 5 00 9 00 “ 15 00 getter up of the XVITa3IINGTOX &. FA VETTKVllzlxE p A S S E X G E R /- I y E . The New Stean.i-r " MAGNOLIA ” ,will leave Fay ettcfiiie Tiiesilavs and Fridn-i-sat l.> iiiiinites After sun rise. and Wilmington Wedrtesiliiys and .Saturdays at o*ciDck. I'assage 5)1. T. .S. LUTTLRLOH. June 14. tf ! K. i). GHKLN. I’btf for the ensuing year. Jau'y 3, 185 Election in Keb’y next. JOHN T. M*-LLIN.>. 3!*tc AMOCH AC-4DEMY.' c''xpVr'"ntrandAdrVn''ow^ ^o^“Sn teTadTn'reSti“ho'odon very reason able terms. d,vN1EL B. SMITH. I J H Cook. A E Hall, -Y \V Steel, J G Conk, and R F Brown of Wilmington. OFFICER.’^: GEO. McNEILL. President, H. L; MYROVER, Vice I’iesiiieiil. C. A. McMILL.-\N. Sehretnry. J. G. SIlEPllERD, .Ytloniey. p^xrcnlive Commitle for next Qua rice: ; Geo. McNeill, S. W. Tillingliast, Wm. McLaufin. i .May 24. 1856. I gV. 31. Campbell, I A.eCTIOSEER A-COMMISSION MElICilANT, ! East side of Gillesi>ic street, I F.CYEftnrii.i.K, N. C. Octol.er 1, L85o. JAMES A. .SMITH. ;4i-;!t Janv. 3, 1837. FTTAyTSOl'M. D. SURGEON DENTIST, •r 1 A'ntr frt locatc permancntiv in FayetteMlle intending to ^ of all who need the ser- hopes to make « “ ,„eof their.Teeth. vices of a Dentast t g e.xperieucc, -andbeing ac- Haying had e.„h 3 e best Denfust North or Muainted with the ''bt operationsen- d tYhif li'^tnl s that carefiit thorough work and list in the United , considered hopele.ss. Persons having teeth th^H^are^ t„ „ive him and ptet J,' , extracted, as thonsamls of te'eti arf^criScilbha. the requisite knowledge and wait on Ladies at their residence .t .1. sired. Jan'y3.I85i. -V'-tf SECOND STOCK THIS FALL. | STAB.B. & WiSiLIAIlffS ! ARB N’OW RBCKIVIXO THEIR Seconil Fall &■ Winter Stock of Goods, ! To which thi-y call the attention of Merchants mak- | ing their purchases in this market. , Oct. IS. ; D. W. C. BBNBOYV, D. D. S., 1 Gradual c og ' the Baltimore College of , DEYTAL SinCEEY. Office hours from 9 -A. M. to 1 P. M. I At •* 3 1*. M. to 5 P. M, DR. 7^’BOW may be found at his snit of Rooms j ^ices Ta Dentist are respectfully imvited to^l I --j-' pr;Uh’sA;r;vrin Gnmborlaiid conn,y All operwtions performed .“?»"^ . l approved plans. To thote.n need ot ArtBldalof the land is cleared and t..,.red. It is he would simply say that he is uDm line 1 well adapted to the cultivation ot corn. oats, and tlte ment. He 1“’!^*'^* .‘VU 0^0^ o !« ! usual crops of .be river land... The part unclear,-1 Gold or Platina plate, J ® ' I has on it some good swamp, wiiicl. may bo easily pre- P’-’ 1 r-sold on a credit (tf twelve months, ^r- (tVom first of October ttsthe first of July.) j can call on tbe owner nt thi.-' Oct. 25* 1856. • - r * J. (i. SHEPIILUH. Cask ParcAasers. 1 C-MlUOLIi & I’ETFRSON, ('lintoii A. C., _ , i " ii.L iiav the lli^Iiesl (.’ash jiric'S for likely 3 dung i Negn-os. ‘ Those wishing to sell "'ill lin.l us ready inirnhases. o:i the !.e.-t f'lisiiiess terms. Seid.l:;. l-tei;. l-'.-hm U.HDH.YUK TJ5B DItBSB.VT EXCELLENT Oi’rORTUNn\. ! The .sniiscrilier h-.;iiig de.sirons ..f clo.siiig out Rte ha'- jinco of his Whiter st.-ck. Jitbrs bis-eiltire 8lr*cK ot ’ Ucadv- iiuuic clotliin.LTj Furuishing Goods, Kats C‘ai)S Hoots .shoes, Trunks, Carpet Ba^s and ; Valicre at a very small -I''’--; Suntli side Hay Street. I ayette\illc. TO TUAVKliKlt.^. The Sub.scrihcrs convey the .Mail between Fayette- , iilc and Burclavsville in a Bu-gv, and can accommo date one or two passenger.s. The rbute is by '"ay *) Kingslmrv. Btmi. s Level. Siliiihierville and 1^,11 s ('reek. The day.s for leavingFayet evjllc arcT.ie^ays. Tliiirsdavs and Satiirdites. at 6 o clock, a. m. Return. Mondav.' Wednesday and Friday eveiungs. Fare Irom Fiiyetleville to Summerville 82: ^ ^ H.\RRIS Aiig. 25, l.’taG. A. PARKER. ^o¥ir^¥liooi)^ 1 IB^HE Siibscfibei' is receiving his FALL AND i 1. WINTER STOCK, consisting of almost every UARDtVAliK Ae\'D J{OLLOtV-U .12iF —.-YL.SO— I Boots and Shoes; Saddlcrv, Eisli &c., i -Vny of which he will.seH cheap for Cash, barter for Produce or on sbort lime. Store recently bccupied by Troy A Marsh, near the Oct. 18. OrANOES: 758 BAGS TEUUVL-VN; i.ASr CALL. do. COLUMBLVN. Not onlv has the cost of usin these Guanoes in cou- Cape Feav Land fnv Sale. The subscriber ofl'ers for sale THREE Hi'N'DPyD and EIGHTY-FIVE .Acres of Land on Cape hear Vll iiereoas indeliled to III ... - ■ eaniestlv i-eiHl.-sted lo call an.l make . mimreiate * *, * 1 1 1 , .. 1 . ..S ' I >.r t Ml > 1 ct .1 :I n UlfMt. a?- inv nook ,’I T I >ot only nah luu VI vi.s-s-s- - ^ 1 ucxion been verv much diiuinishcd, but CA'pcriracntf : l)v Note or accoinit arc ' >,rDvi'd that the phosphate, so much wanting in i to their special benefit, unusually Brilllan,. V.trAc«v*.Iu.r..ctIv.* Oruumeul.l. the Fl^niASt ISO KA.YTEKS> «««« ..-■n -.SnWi.i Pnetical Suggestions and Agriciiltur* iL Jltitrlbuted aid cn^^^ from sources the most * I'.hVe and containing information which will prove te't'hlii ln "arse^ofa single year, of almost in- “T\1tt“Gments of our paper will reemv* 'he aiteinon they^csRectively ii: Among these we mav mention OriMual Elorks and Voem^ E^torial Ram- ufngsand Sketchings. "he inglon Gossip, Nev> York LhtX Chat, the Latest Paris Eashums, Ptadv^l fur the Household and Toilet, the Lii'lTc OncY’ Department, Gems from Rrostand Poetry, RcadePs Guide, Historical Skcle/tes, Transla tions, - The N.VTIDN is issued in Quarto Form, (eight ' n-i-es ) and eacli nniiils-r will contain at 'east t«o i teiisinal Engravings, tlms funiishiug onr &ubterilmr_ 'auhc midoftheyear with a volume containing 416 I l-irae sizi..lK.antifnlIv printed pages of i rN-nU* VSSED NOYKLLKTtHS, SKKTCUE.S, a^c.. ^ ln. L togktubr with I WO ILLCSTft.tTiO!IS, ' TMP V4TI()N is «ent at the following rcniarkai»ly ! loiT ll’B-^R'n 'uN AND CLUBBING TERM.S : I invariablv in advance. I tHNGLE'CGPlES. I TWO ■■ (to one address,) three SIX TEN -yet- .\nd one copy free to Hie Club of TEN. y,is- All those sending ffs subscriptions from the British Provinces. ..lust enclose in addition to the sub- :uripli-.n price. ‘25 cents for each subscr.here as we are compelled to prepay the United SfaW-s postage. I Ml letters containing money should be regi. tered, i and directrel plainly, and llicy will come at onr risk. oihe wise we are not resimusib e for the n. I yar-Specimen copies will la sent free 'o I Oot 1 Miusi'ers, .-Vgeiits. and alt who wish to gel up a club — i t.i all otbere, on receipt of four cents in stumps. 1 he I e.xpcnse of registering is only cents. .iTdrevo C’HOEI^r^. BIOI^yN^83 P-hU SI«e., Amon- the lin.idrcds of complimenutry no'.co;;.- » c have received from newspapers in every section ol the e, ...itrv we Oiiote the following extract Irom : “ The N-al?o.i appears in clear large typeoii sonw wliite paper, aod is richly ddorued w.lh illuslratioas. "It wilViitfain to a high position in the literary u-orld ”—I’uii.'. DAitv News. ,v j i "It is one of the ttest weeklies now published, and we take pUa-sure in bringing reading public.”—HauKisBERG. Pa. Hekami. ""Tim talent and energy ol the P‘'‘!P''*y'’'''‘‘, T ' ginal and interesting contents, »n(l the beautr ot the tvpography c-amiot fail to secure lor it a general cir- c'lHaHoil.”—'Vll-L.r.«SBCBG. Pa. IXDErEXDEKT i llKs.s. " \s aliterarv and family journal, wehave no hesi tation in pronouncing it the best among our exchanges We aldMte the Ladies to procure it without delay.- - Fri Tox. Pa. Repcbi.ican. i ,• •• Wc dislike puffing city emanations, but In this case we are lioiuid to give way to merit U nlike many city cotcn.porarics, the Nation i^s cottiposcd of son, d substantial and useful matter, and is not hiled up w ill, 'aii oveidorse of flimsy, 'v'ejesy-woshey- Stull Irou, tee h inds of crack-brained authers.—EkieCiti UiaiaTCii. ' It has the mo.st beautiful engraved bead we ever saw. and its tHntents are deeply entertaining, truly delicious and soul-absorbiug.-—M iLEIaMsiu nc, t a. *^’'‘"rhl-rc is room lor just such a paper, and it has se cured two as true heads and hearts to control Us columns as Hie literary aud social world bolds.—M eu^uoboioh . Pa. Aoitatoil aai s' .‘i- * ••It will soon boconic a leading paper at tne firesiac. —Ho^tNVlLiai. Mo. OlUfEUVER. . “ We seldom endorse northern papers, but iii tUtP m- «tanbcweare forced to overcome our prejudice, and commend The "Nation” to our readers. —Tiior, j UCMOll Oeeil Vtl V JIIUVU a .C. - i have proved teat tee phosphate, so much wanting in. I) cal! an.l make, luiiircliate pay-■ j.;.,,„vian not only increases the yield, but com-; inst iio cl.i.se.l by the 1st Jan. next- . ^Jol^rtlbian makes the cr’op much more j (». IHIANDI. i ...a..:.. Lxr \ Al.A. nULLETlN. Dec. 1856. 58-41 Nov 2it 185!). 2i:-ir Fiill SALE. I certilin. For sale by Nov. 6,. D. Sc W. McLAURIN 24-tf OLD RYE WHISKEY. II ()U.SE and Lot. The siiliscriirer wish- ; Subscriber is the only authorized agent in Fay a ing In leave Fayetteville, oilers hn; sale Her j ... „,p ,.^1,. ,)• ,,i,e }ion. R. C. Puryear’s Ccle Hoasi'and TiOt. The sitaatiou of tne aboNOi^ ^ jat.i «*..* iia. w-itt 1«* snmYliftd will properly is in a very desiralile iiort-ion of 'be toWivand A. A. ^5 Has oa hand a few Vine BONNETS, whloi, she will K(»1l verv low for O.^^H. IfllS B earnestly requests all persons indebted to . It s\na settle. a:i she in in want of money, and dSrnYtoclo.se all outstanding accounts as early in the new year as poasihle. Jan’y 3. 1837. THE OLD YEAH. HasleftFayetteyiUe(gone^ the New Year has com- m. = ' . poggjj oY'S- ?ERl’anYenewing hia stock of prime L.qnors and ‘'"S^IXn-isln excellent trim and -d«r for the accommodation of the public. BIB oEoatnrofNTS are ex a oy“ Koa sETTiABSiaN'T immbuultbIaT. City orders for oy tera, accompanied by the cash, will be promptly fill^ hia Saloon will also ire when the public find out its comforts and accommmlations. Jany. 3, 1857. 3l-lf Save Interest. The Subscriber gives, notice that his boohs arc now oeady for settlements. Those wishing to save interest, Ac., had best call and settle up. ^ Jon'y 3,1S5G. 31-4t .Times C. Smith. Miles Costik j J.VMES C. SMITH & CO.* OoynTnission 3Te^c/icmlSj Have removed their offic e to the second .story of the . building formerly occupied by the Telegraph Comp.iny , where they are prepared to attend to all business tn the , '^'Ainmstness'entfttSted to them will be punctually attended to. * .o... AVilniingtonv October 1, 18.->0 J ^25.00 UEW-4RD Will be eiven for the apprehension and committing to iail (te tea" I may get him) of my negro man. BDWARB, who left on the night of the 8th inst. I snp- nose him to bo ‘25 or 30 years of age. He feet 6 or 7 inches liigh, spare built weighs abou^ 135 lbs black complexion, sharp featun s, wears . goatee, speaks quick when spoken to. and fmwdiment. He has a consi.lerablc scar on t^ tack of of his wrists, which he .says was produced by a cut with rtn Etxe. I tbinfc he brta a small scar over rne of h^fey^^brows. He wore off a new^ carried off two coaks; one a faded .. ^ frock and the other a blue short sack coat—both of satinet Edward was formerly tovn^ .^"ooner Williams E.sq.. near Fayetteville. N.-C., is a and has worked at the neighborhood of Fayetteville, and for several years. He was raised, or once ow ned by .i Mr Tyson, of Moore or Chatham county, and had a wife at Mr Tomlinson’s of Chatham county, N. (-. ne will orobably make his way tack ^ ^“jettevillc oi Chatham. -A- Little Rock. Marion Dist t, S. L Oct. 18,1836. ‘20-2m .Ytiril .9. 93-tf i!ic |.i'i)pcrty i:* al.- particulars addre; Nov. 29 1-^50. ) in a ^'ood V'»nditioii •i the siiljscribcr. HELKN I 2m-2() For furfher LAIN. C. GOLDEN MURRAY, COM.111SSIOS ’IIERt'HAYT. gGEXt FOR MURR.YY’.S ‘-regular LINE” OF V.TLMINC- TON BACKETS. fi-2 .South Street, NEW Y~ORh. The nndersigiied mav be found at .the Offivo "f ' Colden Miirrav.' 62 South street, where orders for every , description of Goods will receive his prompt and pel- ' ^ sonal attention. .YIALLETT. Marcli 20. 1.851! J' DSSsoLirno.x. DR®. McSV.'.VtN & IIclU'FFlE have this day solv.-d copavtlioi-sliip by iiiiitiia! consent. Dr MeSwain will attend to settlements and collec tions for the linn. Dr. McD.iffie will e-oiitiiine to occupy tlie iormer ofuce. H. McSVv'AlN; Nov. 1, LVil!. 22-lf dis- YYM. C. McDU’FFIE. Imatcd Ynd R}* W'hbkey. He will be .supplied with this superior Whiskey to meet deinaml. >\. DKALGlll/>* April 16. 04-tf CHAftlsK« HANKS, CONFECTIOKKlt, F AVKTTKVILLE, N. C. 0J*obcr 1. 1856. Green and Black Teas, tiesi qiialily, at 3- J- HINSD.YLE’S. Aiig. 30, 1856. yi3-tl 100 tiiiiices .-Vug. 31). 1856. (iUI.\lX!‘L f'oi’ Bale by S. J. HINSDALE.’ 913-tf tlMK .4X1J CEMENT. Just rceeired and for s^e 250 Casks Lime, fresh from the kiln, 100 Barrels Cement 50 “ Calcined Plaster, 300 Bushels naMering Hair 75 Barrels Mackerel and Herring, Oct. 27, We call the attention of WHOLE SALE DEALERS TO onr present Stock,—and we have recently re- Rio. Iiagnira. Marieailio and .lava Coffee. ^ ' -20 hhds Sugar, assorted grades, , „ , , | 75 hbls do. Refined. Crushed aii.-I , owderert , 95 boxes Sperm. .-Vdamaiitlne and Tallow Candies | 66 dm Fancy and assorted Gandies, j 100 coils Kentucky. Jute and Manilla Rope. j 7 bales Bagging. Guaiiy, Dundee and Barlaps,. 30 tonsIkoop Iron, F20 boxes Cheese, 20 half-bhls Super Carb. Soda, 40.000 Cigars various brands, —ALSO— Pepper. Spice, Ginger, Cloves, Nutrnegs, Bora.y Madder Indigo. Spanish Brown, Bnmstouc. -F aimy ; ami Bar Soaps,' Starch, Powder. Shot. Bar Load,. Whit^'ead. Putty and I.in.seed Oil. M’mdow Glass j Sniiff in Boxes Eagle Mills do., in Half Bbls.; Gieen and Black 'Teas. H'ollow-YVare, Sweeds Iron. English, | ?^rnram and Cast Steel; Plows Steaw Cntters Con, i SKCOXD fyVOC-’K OF (ilJOCFliSFS. I ;im now receiving my second stock of GROCER- ‘ li-!S. eoiisistiiig ill part as lollows : ' 50 S'JcUs R.io Coffee, 50 Bo.xe.s Cliee.se, 35 11- Rlil.s Xo 1 Mnekefel, 5000 11)6 Bacon skies, 35 boxes Crackers, 20 “ steam Candy, 30 cases negro Shoes, and 40 ijieecs Kersey, For sale bv E. F. MOOUE. Nov. 8th 1836. 2.3-tf j IYyettetille hotel. I ^ - The Siibseribers liaving this day leased this Hotel for a term of years, will be pleased to s.rc tlieir friends and the traveling ^ public at this House. -Yt the same time we Lcriimii. ooo. Cutters. Uiini; _ thev will lie iiaficnt and bear with our imperfclS- Shellers, Sausage Cutters aud Stuffers, Trace Chains j l^.oP ^ ^ j.gpair ^"The'S^e (toods^e offer cm the most favorable | as we desire. ^ ^ ROBERTS A CO. terms to prompt time or cash purctase^'s^.^ i j y[ jjobek is. F. N. Robebt.s. K, 24-tf ■ ■ ’ ■ ■ i ^FOR S.IIE CHE.AP.-TiT. 7 SECOND HAND BUGGIKS iu good repair, A. A. McKETHAN. April 2i!, 1856. 42-tf map- 2,000 Spirit Barrels for sale by McL.YURIN & STRANGE. June 17, 18.56 tf 'V'f. V, VHiii' FQR. SALE. TWO THOUSAND ACRES OF LAND, nine miles from Fayettevi'le, lying directly tm the Soutliem Plank Road, ami on each .“idc Of Big Rockfish. One of the best Turpentine sections in the county, with convenient improvements for a family residence: witli a small corn mill on a never failing stream, and a first rate situation fOr a Turpentine Distillery and .'4tore. A. A. McKETHAN Feb’y 9, 1856. tf P. TAYLOR of :| PltfelbllT AND PASSENGER LINE BE- TtVEES WILMISGTOS PATETTEV IEEE. St.-amrr M.-iBnolia. IraiM Fayctterille on Monday and Thur.- d*v nAorniiiE#. 15 minutw _ UaTfS Wilmiuslonon Tuetdoy a,- Steamer Kannj LutUrloh; |e«T«# fayctteTitle oa luefday aud Kriday jnorniijgf. Y5 miootei after euD-rise. Leaven ^Wilmington Wedneedey *od Saturday morniogt. Dell) carryiue Freight and Paasenger*. SteamerKowan. »itb full act* of Lighters, nms r^nlnr'y *^Thi re+iaUiiry of our BoeU on »11 stages ^ Rircr. and ih« despatch aod promptness in delivering goods, are too well " Toour'^?rors w“ un^er onr thanks for the very liWl patronage hrrei,.,fure bMtowrd. and can^nre •'tehJPtere that ko rfforuwm hr spayed in fotme, and frrl eonfident that on. fariliUea for .irspanAAe equal if hot BupOnoV to my hne o. Cala- Lear Uiver. V. Kayetteville. N. C.. Oct.25.1846 21-tf is new receiving his F.ALL STOCK, embracing a Sirge an' general Stock of Dfy Goode. Hats, Caps. Ha.. ..d Shoes. Groceries, hollow-ware. Cfockery and Glass-ware, which will be sold upon favorahre terms or exchanged fbr produce, hoping to see his friends and customers before they supply themselves. Sept. 6. 14-6m. m, BINT. MRS E. BYRAETS Reademsp on Mason and Rai- ford streets, is now offered for Rent. For terms, ap ply to Wif. BOW. Jany. 3, 1857. 31-2t J. A. PBMBERTON HAS Just received ONE of the most desirable STOCKS of SILK and ; K.ANCY' STAPLE GOODS ever offered hy him, I eiiibtacing fill the Newest Styles of LADIES DRESS GOODS, Such' as Plain and coPd itoir Eatique Silks, Rich Om- bric Satins, ^riped-ond plain Silk 'Valencia, PoplincW Robes. Plain and Bro(tale MetlaOs, Plain Plaid and Rich fig’d French DeLains, and a great many (rtber new Styles. Also, a large STOCK of Velvet. Cloth and Silk Mantillas. Cloaks and Talmas, Bay State. Stella, plush and Tittle Shawls. A great variety of the latest styles of dre^b Trimmings, French Embroideries, Honeton Lace Collars, every color of the best quality of KID GLOVES and Gaunt lets for Ladies and Geirts, A few very handsome patterns Woosted CuHain Damask, with trimmings to OTtt some very handsome Oil Window Shades. ALSO, FOit Gents wear. Black; Bine and OlivS Broad Cloths, black and fancy Cassimeres and Vestings. A very large Stock of Readv-vnade Clolhing For MEN'.TOtlTllS and BOYS made in the latest Styles and Workmanship warranted. The above Stuck was selected with great care as regards sf^tes and prices, and will be offered at wholre sale or retail (m very accommodating terms. The pub lic generally are respectfully invited to call and ex amine for.themselves. ^ ^ pembERTON. Sept. 20.1856. rJ

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