North Carolina Newspapers

    f'.f .i
shores, and, uniting with the alluTiae brought
down by the freshets, constitute the only banks
which tie river possesses far many continuous
miles in various places. Suppose it possible
that permanent abutment could be biilt up to
these banks $nd the river effectually dammed;
will it notfcViow as a natfcral conse'nence.that
the pools will gradually beccnje rfllle3 and
choked up wlVn tlese substances which were
formerly borne away by the current?
Unquestionably it does. fut enough on this
It makes no difference what our "motives"
maybe. It is a matter of no ennsvquence
what influence may haVe jruided us hito.tli'e
pursuit and exposure of this matter. The
facts speak for themselves, and so far Trorn
havinjr distorted and magnified them, we have
thus far dealt leniently with a subject whose
investigation would justly provoke the severest
censure and the bitterest condemnation, and
might, perhaps, .were it expVored throughout its
multifarious labarynths aSd "sinuosities, evolve
such a system of ''bargain and corruption as
would utterly roiifofetrd our simple minded citi
zens who have been, and perhaps are again to
be, its victim.
What an 'enormous, incalculable expense to
the Stt and through the State to the people.
Would Use erection of solid stone piers, locks
and dams be, and what a weary waste of years
would intervene licfore the accomplishment Xjf
such a gigantic work? The people groaning
under a burden of taxation the bare mettf6n of
which would startle them; engineers getting
enormous salaries; contractors growing rich
every year; directories lavishing money they
have never earned and in the ieaiitiuie a
half dozen railroads cMd be htilt -At one fifth
the actual exjHMise, and the wondrous resour
ces ol tiie Deep Iti'ver valley developed and
made sources of eVeuiie to the state. These
are u vague Surmises, i 0 feats of fancy. Let
any honest Vnl'uded man, uninfluenced .by any
inltrtittzL considerations', review the history of
this work, and he may well make a disma-l
prwphecy of its future, should its continuance to
completion be resolved upon. Should legisla
tors', through a WgVHi spirit of retaliatio ;
resolve to visit upon Fayetteville their wrath
because of our attack upon their favorite scheme,
it in a matter which rests between their oath
and their consciences. We speak for the peo
ple of the State and not For the people ef Fay
etteville alone. We would fain spare feeling, and
Vould not willingly drag to light that which
'might otherwise lie hidden just as well. But
should we be forced to the unpleasant necessity
af doing that which our own choice will not
iuflueu :e us to do, then "stand from under I"
What we have said or may say we do riot
hoDe or exuect to have anv weight with the
Legislature. Wealth, talent, influence', power
ii the quadrupled cohort against which we are
contending single handed. But no, we will rict
say single handed, for vc surely believe that
when the eyes of the people shall hare been
opened, the? will rallv to our suriiUW 4 "-'j?
i... vi.ei tai.te our arm and declare with a loud
voice The Pkoti.k Ark uiunriEK
Legislature !
There is a get of dirty, tlackmard newsna-
per scribblers, edi&rs and contributors, who
Mtisfced nnless they are maligning
some one, or 'pouring out their bilge-water
upon bodies of men, and whose only protection
from puiifshment is their profound insignificance.
We have noticed in some of our cotemporaries
of late the most abusive scurrillous, libellous
attacks upon the present Legislature, a venting
of dirty spleen and . venomous malice which,
while it can neither vy dishonor its object,
... V
deserves the sev rv:tl: tepre (tension. An Sicn
orfcfrfe .enemy we'ver "ir.snlis the vanquished, ?.!
a fallen foe but diahonoi -s ?.. d-gfder: i.iMwell"
by aspersing and abusing in& eou itior. We
contend that the liberty of the p reus Is made
an unwarrantable license, its dignity ""degraded.
its integrity violated and it honcr outraged
when, through the column of a 'newspaper, the
members of the Legislature are Styled an ass
beaded et of political irtxsters" having 'no
more idea of legislation than a swine has of
revelation." Yet we find just such a piece ot
abominable scurrility i.ot only permitted to le
published but endorsed aud enjoyed by an edi
tor, shame upon 'film. That members of the
Leg iala tare have their fault a other men We
are uot'prtTred to deny; neither do we claim
for every member the capacity of a Blaekstoue
arid the intellect of a Webster: but we do
c-afru that the people have sent competent meu
there to take charge of their interests aud rep
resent their wishes, aud we further claim that
their position, if nothing else, entitles them to
common rospect aud ordinary courtesy at least.
It really seems that in this day and genera
tion partizau vindictiveness has no limits and
party malice no bounds. Meu are dissatisfied
with the privilege of abusing an adversary when
engaged in -'the furious fight." They follow
lnwi to the privacy of his own hearthstone; they
malign his ancestors aud defame his owu pri
vate character; they heap infamy upon his sup
porters aud asperse his personal friends; they
follow him to tfiHs halls of Legislation, or the
threshold of his 'official station, aud shower
"curses loud and deep" upon his head. Some,
happily, but a few, descend to low vulgarity
aud employ the slang of the tap-room and the
profanity of he rowdy&club against political
opponents', Vno are too far above them in gen
tility to be 'reached by their missiles, and too
robust in their virtue aud integrity to feel the
venonl b'f their fangs.
That the Legislature of North Carolina caii
suffer in any manner whatsoever from the ma
lignity aud scurrility of newspaper scribblers is
absurd: but that the members of that body are
entitled to respect, and their position tb that
republican deference implied in tHe authority
with which the people have vested them is un
questionable. For the honor of the press; for the sake of
its character and its integrity, as well as the
gentility of its conductors, put a stop to this
pitiful, vulgar, dishonorable, bootless warfare
, . - , j mjurc una
whose character J-ou should exalt fo? the sake
than TnEjofyour own state pride if for no other reason!
Tit Veakly
We have before alluded to this excellent
weekly, and we fee! constrained again to speak
of its merjts "The Examiner" is s literary
journal published in Columbia, S. C.,,and edi
ted With signal ability by W. B. "Johnston,
Esq t .a gentleman well known in literary circles
as a npe scholar, a ready, chaste and finished
writer, and an able journalist. JLs , a parely
literary and critical paper, we place the Exam-
fuer second to none in the South', and far, inim
itably far, beyond nineteen twentieths of the
Yankee catch-penny publications which ftood
the country, and aauually dejirjve our home
journals of many thousand dollars of revenue
justly their own, were their merits properly ap
preciated by our people We cordial 'y wel
come the Examiner Yd our table every week,
and wish our brother Johnston abandaut sue-
?The Western Rail Road bill was made
the special order of yesterday. ... Of course its
fate will be known before our next issue. We
are hopeful of its passage. vr.
At a Ball giveu in Baliuore, on the night
of the 8th, the proceeds of which were to be
appropriated to the relief cf , the widows and
orphans of those killed in the late election
roits, a party of know nothing rowdies broke
into the room, by negative permission of know
nothing policemen, aud in -tli'e rneelee which
ensued several persons were dangerously wounded-
According the old pSalm "the Democrats
were the aggressors, yeavetily."
cess both personally aud in but laudable eEorta
to chasten, purify au'd exalft Southern litera
'Jno. W. Forney, lately nominated for
the U. S Senate in place of Mr . Brodheail, is
ery delicately, courteously and courageously
termed a 'rascal' by one,( of our cotemporaries.
As our claaical neighbor would say, proh pu-dr!
(We acknowledge the receipt, from Our
frieud Drk A. Sp. Fourkes, of la box of fiue opera
cigars, some of a large lot just received by hit
from the impor'ra inJfew York. The iC
eau ampV satisfy ana accommodate the Jof er
of the dreamy weed of Cuba" at his Drag j
store opposite the fcayetteville Ilotel.
... .nrrc
A beautifully" bound volume of Mrs Lee
Ilentz charming nuvellettes U aliout to be is
sued from the press of T. B. Peterson, Phila
delphia. The work is complete in one large
duodecimo volume, neatly bound in cloth, for
one dollar and twenty-five cents; or iu two vol
umes', paper "cover, for one dollar.
Copies of either edition will be sent, free of
postage, to anjr one remitting the price to the
t. SCOTT & co:;s s
L. SCOTT & CO.; NE W i'OKK, continue to pub
lish the following leading British . Periodicals, via:
.,. S ' -
" 3"" - : '
4 .. - - - . .
fl ijor (.wynii's Report.
A friend in Raleigh has kindly favored n-f'j
with. the printed report of Maj. Ownn upon
the Cape Fear and Deep River improvement
We unite with the Wilulinji'ib'i .Tor.rv-l . !'
wish that as much csm-lor ui. tV:i; 'iifs ht.o
existed long before, on tiie juift o' ' :-e -m-
. trolling r.nd supervising the biisiiie.s.s; .is we find
in the matter of this estimate as to the cost of
; pulling down, patching up, removing and re
building these decayed and dilapidated struc
tures. 1 lie report says: " I he snm, then, lor
completing the improvement bii the plan of
wooden dams, ioeks. vrUiihl walls aiitl liKutnients
would be $450,000. If it should be decided, ns
I respectfully advise, to b'iiild stone IbeUs, a
"hutinents and truard walls, tliS cost ivill be $1,
15O.000, or in round nKfiibVfj .00,WOO."
Perhaps we may not umlefrii'id tyrecisely the
meaning rif the above but ve oustrue it iliiiSj
and no other construction caif l? placed oli it;
Wooilen datu, Im-k-j, guanl-Wafs and ab'if't-
'mniti will 'ost $i."0,000. Wooden dams witli
ttonr locks, - ffiiard-rt'alls and iibiitinents will
ost $1.200,OUO. If we are riuht ail ac
knowledge the ingenuity of the device. If we
are wrong, ami the report mean's that $1,200,
000 will .suffice to remove all the old works and
'replace them with .stone ilamsi locks, guard
walls, and abutments, then liia the progres
sive history of thi be 1 1) us writ ten: $'185,.
6?0 $300,000 $l,?60,OCf(?
Taxes Taxes TniSs No eontintibus navigu
tibn i opuiar indiigifattb'ii-. Final abandonment
Ii.iLM Fi it. 11 ad we space we V6uId pub
jiih the entire report.
Our sincere thanks are due Messrs. Kelly
I Sessoins and Duncan Shaw jr., for large acces-
( sions to our subscription
shadows never grow less.''
of Carthage, will als aee
Odr Uiailks are due to our friend, Sena
tor lloliiirs of Sampson, for numerous vainable
Legislative Documents.
rGeiiin of New York is a great hatter,
but Gee of Fayetteville cauuot be surpassed in
the manufacture of a first class tile, from Ge
miuto to Jerusalem. Call ou him at his old nd
well known stand ou Green street and test his
tQrWe have received the first number of
"Harpers' Weekly," published by the Harpers
in New Yorlc al llie prices which may be found
in tHeir adverttsnieiit iu another columiu Har
pers' Weekly is by far the handsomest newspa
per printed in the United States. Its style of
print is of the most superior character, and the
reading matter, editorial, original and selected,
is ol the first literary stamp. The first No.
contains several X -ellent .uic!B. .
We are glad to see, a'morTjl Ihe distingu ished
gentlemen suggested by the press of the coun.
try as suitable members of Mr Buchanan's cab
inet, the tiatiie of the Hon Chas., J. Faulkner
as the Honored son of the old Dominion upon
whom the. mauL --J fTvinnt
should fall. His appointment would be hailed
throughout the country with thorough appro1
bation, because Mr Faulkner's whole life has
been devoted to' the elevation of the laboring
classes, while bis vast and varied information,
I liUrr!illplv in MAn..nn C tk-i J .
list "May their -vc vi uv uepriaieuit
Our friend inki, eminently qualify him for the position.
;: mi- 1 1
The Annual meet ug of the Fay. & Sonthern
Plank Road Comicy took place ou Thursday
last, A dividend of three per cent, has been
declared. - - - . "7
Iu the Senile, on Monday, the bill to estab-
lisli the count j(. of Alleghany was again consid
ered and rejected.
Mr Ho4Jt4n's bill to remodel the County
Courts, providing among other things for a
County Court Judge for each county, was de
bated by that gentleman for, and Mr Eaton
against it, and rejected.
The Western extension bill was made the
!l HI
s ror
lenet- ,,
his soul
! .i t
!S hli! r.
i ill-
M&r We are iwii-oicif 0.i t-.-.v - -
porary for a splendid! blurred and beautifully
illegible copy of his last issue. We have
palmed it off on several as an ancient manuscript
found by Liyar.i in the ruins c'f Nineveh,
. - -V-
' 9 .
lit son i.- of our exchaiiire that
c see
IVesidtni Pierce desi
a a !ci;:' of
We learn that this staple acticle of producr
has trreatly advanced in price, sufficiently so to
realize for some of our merchants a very hand
some margin. We are very glad that any com
modity of our dwn can be maofe a profitable
export, and we hope the article will eemtinue
to go higher, as some thin.k it wif. Tar, pitch
and Turpentine aint to be sneered at as North
Carolina products. They were once synonymes
with poverty and barrenness. They will ye( be
a source of wealth and prosperity to' he State.
Southern States sitof'l ly a iter his Ui;a oS office
expires. He will !.. ?. h omed tlifou'gho'iit iiie
South as no Northern pfesitlenievcf w as belofe.
We see in one ot our Georgia exchanges that
several gentlemen iu that State have gone into
the culture of the black variety of the Scupper-
nong grape, for the purpose of wiuc-making.
Excellent wine is manufacture J from this spe
cies of grape, and it promises to be a remunera
tive business.
We have received the first No of the
Patriot & Flag published at Greensboro, and
(fuite a neat, well finished paper it appears too.
As the printers say when they get a slice of
weiidiug cake, we wish the happy couple many
years of united happiness aud prosperity.
ggf The exceeding small potatoishness Of the
lion Mr Paine is evidenced in the fact of his
having been offered the moderate bribe of $f,
500 for his vote in Congress lately. No man
whose intelligence is rated above par is ever so
approached, anc? as Mr Paine did not Resent
the indignity upon the spot, we are sorry, for
the character of North Carolina, that h pub
licly made the a vowal of having been tampered
with. r
iWe call the attention of our readers to
the third editorial article in our serfes" of in
estigations into the Cape Fear and Deep
We frequently get from subscribers such
letter's as the followiug: Mr Editor Please
change my paper from
Yours Ac.
We are perfectly willing to make the change,
but w here shall we change it to? We don't
know where every man goes to when he leaves
home any more than we know where the fire
goes tU when it goes out.
J8a?The bill introduced by Mr Coleman, in
the Senate, concerning oaths, establishes the
competency of Uuiversaltsts a8 witnesses. We
.;d not fcuow iUixi in 81$ e'H tightened and in
telligent community the necessity existed for
the passage of a special act enfranchising a rriaii of his religious opinions. We kuow a
great many Uuiversalists whose simple words
we would rely upon sooner than the oaths of
.oiu'e' o'riiiotlok christians (?) we wot of. But
sucu is the tjigotry and intolerance which seems
to pervade latter day theologians that they
wouut, if tliey dared,' disfrUucinse every man
.... .. , ..i.i J
waose relig. ons opiiiious did net tulir couioriu
Co u'i'e'ir own. Judge Rattle eein' lii have
Kuttfed that Uui t emuhfct quoktion iu his late
letter, and we Can see uo necessity for a speei.fl
act for that purpose.
WrWe have received a copy of the Cata
logue of Floral College in Robeson county, and
are much gratified to find thai excellent insti
tution for young ladies iu a flourishing condi-
tiou. rioral College is eminently deserving
of pupuiar coiihdetice and public patrunage
Uotn ou account of its thorough system of eu il
ea lidn'ai tfai'ning, the high moral character of
the institution and its very healthy location.
We wish the Seminary "God speed."
te?"Ve are indebted to the Hon. Ii. O'B.
t?rancli lor a pamphlet C-6py of his late able
and eloquent .speech iu the House ou the Presi
dent's Message.
order cf the day for Thursday, at which time it
is understood the Senate will go into committee
of the whole ou the subject.
In the House, on, Moilddj-, after the usual
morning biisine, a resolution by Mr Hill, of
Halifax1, was adopted, providing for night ses
sons from seven till ten o'clock.
On motion of Mr Sharp, the vote by which
ou Saturday the bill providing for coupon bonds
at eight per cent, by the N. C. Railroad was
rejected, was re-considered; and the bill taken
up and referred to a joint sciect committee.
, motion of Mr, Cjarke, the
iiil providing for the Western extension of the
N! C Railroad was made the order of the dav
! for Thursday next.
A message from the House, transmitting the
following appointments for Commissioners for
the Lunatic Asylum, was concurred in: Dr. Col
umbus Mills and J. Erwiu, for the West; Dr.
W. Blow and J A Taylor, for the East; A W
Lewis, Dr C C Johnson, W W Holden, Ed
ward Cautwell, aud K. P. Battle, for the
ceh'tfe of tlie State.
The bill to re:chaf ter the Bank of the State
has passed its second reading in the Senate.
The impression seems tb he lliaj jt will, pass
that body iu a shape not materially different
from the charter granted two years ago.
. i- m I T I . 1 . . : .
I t un motion oi air 11011,1 rvfoiuiiou.a w
4jpa-eaTTing rbii the President of the Cape
Fear and Deep River Company for a report on
Ihe financial condition of the company.
H QUSE OF Cd hi M 0 NS. The following
b'tils were introduced; read and appropriately
ir Hargrove, a bill tb incorporate the town
of To'wnsville) Granville county.
Mr. Leachf of Davidson, a bill to incorpor
ate a Bank, at Lexington.
Mr Meares, a bill to incorporate the North
Carolina Gas Coal and Transportation Com;
pany. Mr Meares also introduced bills to in
corKrate the Vulcan Mining ,artd Manufactur
ing Company, the Tuscarbfa Mining and Manu
facturing Company.
A message fro'iu the Governor was read.
transmitting Maj. GwynnV report on Cape Fear
and Deep River improvements. On motion of
Mr Jenkins, the rending was dispensed with.
and the report sent to the Senate with a pro
position to print.
Rutherford fin Iron I company, it was taken up
and read
SbmetimVa we get a copy of the Raleigh
Standard and frequently we dont. What's the
It has been offic- .ify announced to this gov
ernment that the Right Hon. Charles Pelham
V ilhers, brother of the earl of Clarendon, and
one of Her Majesty's privy councillors, has
been appointed British minister to this country
and may soon be expected iu Washington.
The new Minister is said to a be a man of tal
ent but of little energy of character and not
thoroughly versed in diplomatic science.
-The "Typographic Advertiser," publish
ed by L. Johnson & Co, Philadelphia-,- comes
to us in a new and beautiful dress for this
quarter and contains a number of original
and handsome designs, cuts Ac.
It is quite a neat and useful little sheet, use-'
Jul at least to tbe craft, which is Hs
We do not object to .our neighbor's
penchant for the classics, but that Some of his
country readers "fume aud fret and swear in
the vernacular" can hardly be denied when
they find that Quintus Horatics Flaccus tt
multi ahi popuii Jiviiani are his constant an"
thorities. As the Choctaw Indian said to fh'e
padre when' Ire prayed iu Latin: Ughf TJghf
klxvrindshow axiulstibjiyeoulotobokohatchee."
Translate that, oh Rusticus (Rusty cuss?) and
yon will see our meaning.
t&We find numbers 'ofJur cotemporaries in
various portions of the State endorsing our
course in reference to the Carpe.Fear and Deep
River Scheme.'
There is not a disinterested newspaper" ra' the
State, nor a disinterested reader of our own
paper, that does not fully and entirely ssstaiu
us. In fact we neither need nor ask the en
dorsement of any body.
The facts speak for themselves. They can
not he controvert edr and it will not eveiV be
attempted by tbe most venturesome attatiie of
that notable company. ...
The Town Commissioners will visit the ditch
this evening for inspection. r Their report will
be pabiitf&ed if the WaabingflcTJ Uvxm
Thew i'eriadicala ably vepreseaft the tbre grw :
political parties of Great iJritaiu Waig. Torjr. autl
Hadical, Uut politics forms oulv oue feature uf their
character. As Uraas of tbe aiOKt" pruiuaud writers
011 icieuee,'ilcraiure, Morality, anU iioiigion. ilicy
taad. a- tuey ever nave stool. uurlvaled iu tbe world
o. letters, iv-itig.iudi;aiule to the soltolar aad ttie
proiessiouat raaa, wntle to tUe iuteligeut reader of
every class they larftitii, atory correct and salnfac
lorj record I tbe current literature of the day,
Uirottsfeput, nhc world, than ta be o ihijr wto mm.
trom auj titlicr source. f , :
The receipt of ADVANCE SlliiETS from the Brit
ish puulihert gives aiiditioual value to these Keprints
iuauxach as ihey caa now le placed iu the bauds of
soodcnoer about as soo.i as tne original editiou. "
Per ann.
For any one of the four Reviews f t F' . ' 00
ror auy two of the four ite view " ' '' 5 VO
ror auy lurce ol the iour lie views : 7 U0
t or all four of the Keyiewa S 00
tor UliioKwood's .Vluuziue ,i 3 0U
r or iilacbwood aud turee lieview's t S W
tor liiaekwood and the four Ueviews . 410 00
Payments to oe made in all ease in advance.
Mont a current in tfie Slate w iere issued will Oe re
ceioea at par, . J i .
A discount of tweuty-live per cent from the above
pr.ces villi tic allowed toOt-ciw ordering four " or mur.s.
copied 01 aiiy oue or more 01 the above works. Thus
tour copies of Ulackwood, or of one Review, will be
cut to oue address lor !; four copies of the four
iteviewd aad iiiuclv.vooi for 3J; and so on.
In all the principat Cities add Towns; , tlicse works
will be deltvefeu, 'itiiii Oi' iOiTA(jrli. When
aunt uy mail, llie t-'ostage. to aiiy part of the United
States will he but T WEN Tl -FOUR CE.STS a year
for iiackwood aud but FOUR I EE.S CENTS a year
for eacu of the-Reviews.
JY. & Tte price in Great Britain of the Jive
JPertudicals abocenatned is about $31 per annnm.
To Scientitic and Practical Agrtculiare.
By lleury su-pueus, F. It; 8., ot Edinburghfand
the late J. a. Nortoa l'rofesor of "'eientiric Agricul
ture iu 1 ale College. New Haven-: 2 vol Royal
Octavo. 1OJ0 pages, and numerous Weod aud Steel
Eugraving. S
i uir. b, coufesdcdly, the root complete work of
Agriculture ever published, and iu order to give it a
wiaer eirculattoa the publishers have resolved to re
duce the price to
Five Dollars for the twa Volumes ! !
- Wheu sent by mail (post-paid) to California aud
Oregon the price will he 7 dollars. To every other
pari of the Cinou, aud to Canada (pot-paid 6 dollars.
fcS- This work is not the old "Book of tne Farm."
xweuiittauce-! for any of the above publications should
always b- aJdrescd post-paid, to tbe Publisher,
' Xo. 5 Geld-street, New Vork.
-"ta ultt byAlfrei Jackson
e f rtxjt TKHoUwigworth.
mm ii sum ,
. do the'tttVinatr-in Fayetteville, Christopher Mc
Rae in the' year" of his age. The fell destroyer.
Consumption cot biin'off' io tue fair 'mora.. g or his
raanhood: but tbe memory of bis virtues ami his worth
wiltever flourish in the hearts of those who kaew aad
Iwrd kim. . "
. BiraM7tM irlt icwrtly stcls away.
' So sort it fiui.i'
tre frt. it pel awmy t fhat weiri lnd . .
r,f Jioorljre bth- . -'
M.UioMtflM. MftaMt .Sffelm. , , 1 '
TlllKjwThiS cifcuw f U&kt. ToU"
Vntha t ths loirlM "'
. tht ssritiofc pri fcoaa -
Am aa's sS- -
? i fA'VrPiK IT'S W : Ki.Y .
hittoTabord'rVxpeiir'wiU t -nared to make it
tbe boat Famijy Newi-pajwr woriu
tbe principteaotri and Jstie shall win rtrep-
prdBatioa of the wine and the goou. ,ycc VV, ' " ,
to fovvb sound view ou Putitjcal, Socat, aud Mcwal
qiie.tWut6 ditm! useful information; ai o culti
vate the graces and aHateaitiea of life. ',
Harper will contain fa laud
Summary ofttfe i'oUrtcal Softial, Religious. Lomer
cial, aad L4eraf J tV bedyi.r It will cbronicte
les ol . science,
creation af aatt I wittr ' wM ana to presen t aa
accurate and completeictvre or the age in which wo
live t -vc
It will also give a Oue share or-ftiteetion to the tastff,
the imagination, aud tbe feelings. Its JTff.utar. c?n"
teutwill ein' race Tales, Incidents ol Travvl and Ail
reuture, Sketche.-of Charitcter and Social Lit; sp4
Eays upon Art and Morals.
The Publishers have made arrangements with the
best American Writers,- wBo will contribute to the
various departments of the paper. 1 he large hpace at
their disuosal will enable the Conductor to avail thew-
t ... .... ( .,1 lnl utirt niKT
selves of ample selections . -
healtUfdl literature of the Old World. H.ey will k.rp
a viKiUa eye uijob the issues of the English, 1 reach.
!Ta!,'.T? iwiadical'nren. the best prol- ci.ous ot
PetlUom for Power.
1 1 -
The order of the day being the bill to amend
tlie viiiket 6'f tlie ilnriirto4i,r fefwirfofte anrl
ARCH. MeLBANf, and others
It app-aring to the satisfacti6n of the Court, that
tbe defead.ats in this case : Phillip Walker. .Eify Walk
er, Purcy Lokhart. George May aud wife Martha,
Jito Moclr and wife Mary. Rufu-i Hooks aud wife Sk
rah, reside Iwyond, the limits of the State. On, rao
tioa, it is ordered iHat publication, he made, in the
North Carolinian, a newspaper pnblished iu the town
of Fayetteville. for six successive week, notifying
the said defendants to be aad appear at the next term
of the Coart ol Plea and Quarter sessions, to be held
for the county of Harnett, at the Court House in
Smnuierville. on the 2d Monday ia March next, then
aud there to answer, plead or demur the said petition,
or the time will be heard exparte and Judgments pro
confeasio, be renderad against them. -
Witness. Benjamin F Shaw, Clerk of our said Court,
at office in Suminerville, 2d Monday ia December, 1826.
and in tbe 81st year of American- Independence. -fi'.
by A..B.HORTON, D. Cl'k. ,
Jan. 17. IS37. 3-6t
THE undersigned would respectfully inform his old
friends aud customers that be can be found ft, tbe
Store of C. E. Lee te, where be will be glad to see
them. j. r. Mcdonald.
Jan. 17, 18r7, 3-tf
x yv anted:
H,-. gevlitbituiw in lias neitlier time;
aof taste to undergo the usual routine of courtship
wishes to-Opetr matrimonial correspondence m'tfh a
LADY not exceeding the age of 30, aud possessed of a
..tvtv ritnil 1 -1 luif .rl rrri rk cha lA r nn rcn rt 1 atl
r Meares spoke at irreat ' length j lios. The advertiser is 33 .years old. bears a fair
in its favor, and stated tie ad vantage that
would accrue, to Wilmington by its adoption
Mr Mears occupied the attention of the House
Uiitil the hour of r. cess.
The bill to estabish t tie new county of Avery
passed its second, reading. Yeas 54, nays 53
ltf was read the third litre and passed.
Some bills and resolution., of a private char
acter, were finally passed. At a quarter of ten
o'clock the House adjourned
"The hft, tb establish a new county by the
rfa'itfe of rtuffin, was rejected. Ayes 16, nays
Tne bill to re-charter the State Bank wns
:r . . - ': I
taken np for its third reading, i -
MOUSE OE ddxi MO XS. Mr Lewis of
Wake, introduced a bill authorizing the Neuse
Mannfacturing Company to increase" their capi
tal stork'..
Thennnished bnsi ness of yesterday was taken
itp.'beiny the bill cohuerning the W'ilm'iugtpn
Charlotte and Rutherford Railroad... . AYr
Meares continued his remarks and pointed out
the gad vantages' which would arise net only to
Wilmington, but tfiVSfate generally from the
rompleipp. of this Railroad. When Mr M.
concluded his remarks, Mr Outlaw moved the
bill.for constructing a raiffoad from Coal fields
to Fayetteville, known as a bill to aid the
Western Railroad, be made the order of the
day for Friday next, which was agreed to.
Mr P'ickett supported the bill at some length.
Mf .Rankin offered an amendment concerning
the fpcality of the road, which was rejected
after some. .remarks by Messrs. Cansler and
Meares, The qtrestion on the passage of the
bill being put, was announced; yeas' 51, nays
51 the Speaker voting in the affirmative the
bill passed its Sfeconij reading. On . this an
nonnieement there vat seme applanss which was
instantly checked by the Speaker. Mr Little
announced he had paired off with Mr Dargan.
Ob motion the Hoes adJoTrreed.
moral character. ismodera'teTy potfd looking and hat
property to the amount of bf tee a thousand dollars
Address M Fayetteville. N. C.
Jah. i7. 1847. vi 33-3t " " '
.. i.:i, ,. :n iJ. " rLni-rred to the paper uiiur tncir
till, w n ui '- . - - - .
... .7 ...l !n anv writo'f C: f -
Harper s w ecKiy is nw m"""' , .. .
pewede or take the place ot Harper a .New Montb.y
MaKazin?. Each Periodical will cont.ue itself to it
own proper sphere: and no portion of the contents of
the one will appear iu the other arper -weekly
iii onntjvin ivteen oases 01 iue
don Illustrated News," each Number Comprising as
much matter as an ordinary dt odecimo volume. It
will be printed in a form and upon paper suitable for
binding and a the page, will be electrotyped the
hack Numbers.cau always be supplied, so that subscri
bers will be-able at any time to complete their hle?
At the cloie P each-Volume, auat and appropriate
Covers will be prepared-fox the convenience ot those
who wish to bind the pap :r.
$1 01
2 50
4 00
Five Copies for One Year
Twelve copies for Due ear v . s - T,w,a
Twenty-live Copies for One Year , 40 '
Clergymen and'Teachers supplied at the tbwetClub
prices "-
One Copv for Twenty Weeks
' One Year
s . " Two Years
ROMANTIC sfdftY. .
On a bcautifnl sunny morning ia January, when the
frost-work still lay like a veil .of wlvery gossamer
upo- thi ground, a lovely luaideij was tripping blithe
ly along when she mot a handsome youth with whom
shj was acquainted. "Where are you going, in, such
haste?" asked she in a voice as sweet as a spring-birds
song. ' I am going.'" said he gaily, down fo MAR"
SH L.I . JE!SUI"S Saloon to get a morning
plate of his iirst rate Oysters, and to pat or u V olu
account as all honorable young-men ough to ds&
"V11," said she; "and as alt honest oi.o-MKx' ouht to
do also"' and she tripped, merrily away,Vhile 'the
young man, with a smile on his face and his pocket
nook 111 his hand, hastened on to Jessup:8 How many
beautiful .stories like this might be written, if' every
body would follow that nice young man's example?
By payment befere fee first of February, interest
and cost will be saved. After that time neither will
b saved. . ' , . - . .
Jan. 17 ! It '
Tbe subscriber wishes to employ a responsible and
industrious man. to act as a general travelling agent
in selling patent rights for the construction of those
Iron buggies, so celebrated, in this State or out of it
as may be agreed on. A mechanic preferred who will
be allowed to choose bis own field of labor.
White Hall, Wayne coJ, N. C.
. . Goldsbora', It. C.
Jan 17, ItS?; 33-tT
n :
Notice 1o County Creel ilors.
A 1.1. persens having claims against tbel Couutv of
1 1 1 1 1 . . - . J . .
UUIUurriauy. mi: uirruj requireu IU list' them With
Jno: Mckufin. Clerk, on or before ah lt dir ni
Feb y or4 they w ill fail of being passed upon by the
And all County Officers. Receivers of Hm
moneys are required to have their accounts ready to
be audit!, aud in their accounts-thev are rmnir. ti
account, for all fines and amercements, tax on write.
sc., as requireu Dy law. s.- - ir f
-' 4 f Committee Biaance.
rayettevnie, c, Jaa'y 17, 1857. 33-2t.
. ; A C'RTff .
TyR- MACRAE has returned afid resumed bif
1 '-mj r-rciice. umce wc aoors below tne Fema
High Schoolv ' - . -
. 90 .tI
1 10 ' tj 1 1
45 39
S5 ( 81)
1 (10 fa 1 IU
14 15
90 (2; On
65 70'
65 . () 60
t.r (t) 75
15 (- 59'
4 7r ( 5 5C
GRAIN, per bushel ?
Wheat; - - '
OaU. 1 - -
I'e, , ,
fer" - ;
L4A.Hl, Vr lb,
SPIKITS per gallon , . .
l'each brandy, '
Apple do. new
N. C. Whiskey,
, Kye do. -
UectiScd A. '
NAILS, cut. per keg
IKON, per lb
English, tr--..
Sweedes, coErtjpR bar.
Do. wide,
WOOL, per lb ,
' HIUKS, pif lh
LEAD, per lb
SALT , , ,
Liverpool, per -seek,
- Alum, per busfieU -MOLASSES,
per gallon
Cuba, " i
New -Orleans, , t
cTTfi R. ner lb' -
" Loaf and crnsbed.r - '? 1
StOoix. PortoRico, NCrleans, 1 1 (S
BEEF Wholesale 3
Retail, choice so
PORK Wholesale , ' ; U
m r Retail ' ' S
7 i)
17 &
11 w
1 2
RBMARKS.---Bason We reduce our finren.
Ctva QuHc bra. alcs tbik aaoruiug at the ad

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