North Carolina Newspapers

Who shall judge am .in from manners J
W ho slinll know him bj his dress ?
Paajteta may be fit for princes, ' :
Princes fit for something less. J
Crumpled sbirt and dirty jacket
May becloth the golden ore
Of the deepest thoughts and feeling
Satin vests eould do uo more.
There nre cprings of crystal nectar-.
Ever welling out of stone j.i,.
Tl.sre.are purple bud and golden,
Hidden, crashed and oTergrorfe:
Go i. -vho counts by souls, not dresaO,
Lores and prosperi you and me.
While he tallies thrones, the Highest,
But as pebbles in the sea.
Man, nnpraiaed above his fellows,
Oft forgets his fellows then,
Masters rulers lords, remember -
Taat oar meanest hinds are tasa ;
Hen try Woi' W Hy tiUXUga - L.--
Men by thoughts, and Men by fane.
Claiming equal rights to sunshine
In a man's ennobling name.
There are foam-embroidered oceans,
There are little weed-clad hills.
There are feeble, inch high saplings-,
There are cedars on the lulls ; '
God, who counts by Bonis, not stations,
Lores and prospers you and me;
7 or to II im all vain distinctions
Are as pebbles in the sea.
Toiling hands atone are bYnlders
Of a nation's wealth or fame;
Titled laziness is pensioned.
Fed and fattened on the same;
By the sweat of other's foreheads-,
. Living only to rejoice,
"While the poor man's outraged freedom
Vainly lifteth up its voice,.
Truth and justice are eternal,
Born with loveliness and light;
Secret wrongs Bhall never prosper
While there is a sunny right;
God, whose world-heard voice is singing
Boundless love to you and inc,
Sit Its oppression with its titles,
As the pebbles in the mil,
A beautiful gein of poesy, from it mind
of richest pearl, is the following, The appfetia
tive reader can almost hear its nmsic ripple aa
it gently flows iu harmony with the roost or
rowfal sentiments of the human heart!
Softly! "..''''''.""' ,-
She is lying-,
yVith her lips npart,
Poftly! ;'-'.
She is 4yiis.
Qf a broken brt.
Sha'Ia going ;
To her $nal reat.
Life is grow i ig
lHm "within her breast.
- - Oentlfl"
- ? She is sleapingf t; V --
- Bhe ha 'breathed ier -:
. - Gently! 7
While you're weeping, - -S
Sh to Hearen hat past!A "; "
W$fTBVrefpectrullv tenders taU thanks
Wa generous public for the liberal patron
Wh A reeeM-eAWom liem'sfjSee be has cotomen
c d business- bi mm hook, ana litpe by strict at
teHtioaMd not! ring idwtry; to merit a continuauce
lie bu; now o nM mki will constantly Keep a
eood Assortment of paddle. Bridle, Martiogal. Also
rrte, BuXJ. and Salkjr Ilarae, ot mil varieties
MiIhjwjf paMcr., .Mav.nfrtu m emptor
ti rut-rat workmen, ia the . different branches of bis
buMiieo, h is iifct 'adfl h. necrity of keeping
Northers work -Tosate. Ile itfs-. band for
nil Wagon ud Carriage Collanr; Wagon,' Carriage.
Buggy, and Drover' Whipa-of every discription, and
every other article usually kept in his line.
Repairing attended to as usual done neatly and
withdeapare.. . ---- "'- - '
y.Ti. He earaestly requests all tkosi indepted to
the late Ana of Houston Jt Ovsrhy to el t and settla
tha claims he holds against thett a the settlement of
the co-partoarship rcquirm it without deeur.
January 10, IW" a , ,47 ,i 4 3l-3m
- -y-rf-r rr ... f ,
All persons indebted to tbe subscriber by Note
Account, are requested to Make immediate payment'
ill lm fnil tn uv.b tho flrd: of Feh'T next, will
! Had th-vr. Notes and Account la the bands of officers
jforewUrctioa. .j, ; . PKTEK P. JOHNSON,
i 4 Jaa'ilia..lSST. . f . Zt-Zt.
30 Corn Shellers and Straw Gui
tars, rjaat received and for sale by .
, PJ 'Eft 1. JdHNSON.
aai'y 101857. , - 32-3t
75 PLOUGHS. No. 6, lft. il, 56 and 60, Jiint re
ceived; -Also 250 Duzen Plough Points, assorted Nos.
for sate by .S
,r PETKR P. JOltNSf-
r -7
1 - -
JlTS .RFrFlVKD-anoWri:ot of superuae-i?A5!7T
Mr.Kb li .v l . alio, on Dana a good supply ol bilk
Far and Wool Hats, of my own make.
.Jany..3, 1357...i ; 51-tf y;' ... -
Public Sale.
I will offer to the highest, bidder, on Thursday, the
15t'j day of January next, at mv place near KingsburT,
one CI Cl'LAR STEAM SAW MILL, (in complete
order; 1. . ,
8 Ilead df MULES. -
1 Horse and Uuggy.
2 Timber and 4 Kdad Wagons.
Stock of Cattle and lioga.
A large lot of LUMBEIt, and all tbe Household
and Kitchen FURNITURE. ,
Terms will be liberal, and made known on tfte day
or tale." DUNCAN MeFAYDEX.
Dec. 27. 1856. . 30-ts
be had by applying to
Jan lo; 156. 32-3t
G. W. GEE.
R. A, CHAMBERS. Principal.
ISAAC EW1NG. JR., Assistant.
The seventh Seesion of this Institution will com
meace on the tirst Monday iu January, 1857.
Any further information can be obtained by address
ing the Principal t Pekin, Montgomery County, N. C.
Tuition. S8, $12, and $16 per Session
Board, washing, and fuel $7 per month.
Pekia. Dec. 26, J 856. 30-ttt
oix?c pcnn Donooi..
The 4th session of this Institution wilL. commenee
Ion the lrt Monday in January. It ia located ia lUa
deti eountyi two miles frem the Cape Fear, in a re
markably healthy lace-. Suitable arrangements have
been ntade for a male and female department. The
PJWipai, Mr Aagus Muun, a graduate of the Univer-
miJ VI 1-. Will gITV Un ptBUUM
puptla; assisted by as many teachers as may be ne
cessary. i
Tha young ladies will be especially under the care
f Mis Murphy, formerly of Floral College, a success
ful instructress in French and Music. :
1 Primary Class - $6 00
t Higher Engirah Branches. 10 UO
3 Geometry. Surveying, Algebra, Ac. 15 0O
4 The Languages 18 00
Freueh , S tlO
Music with tie of instrument 20 00
Board ia good artd respectable families' can be
gbtaiaed at t and 9 tier month; , .
Letters desiring in format ttra nlay tie addressed to J.
C. Baker or B. Itobeson.
Prospect Hall, Bladen Co., N. C.
Jan. 10, 1857. 32-tf -
a.- i- AixcirAiBAiJir;
- S. -JT. rer lit hand Hamilton ti Philad., l'as
Psrtalde Steam Engines, on larg wheels, with a
tongue for a team to be attached to move them about.
These engiues bave two cylinders, making 10 to 30
horse sower. Orders are tilled in from 3 to o weeks.
Engines always on hand for sale. These engines
kv Wen in im seven years, and in every instance
have iven reneral satisfaction; Dewriptive circulars
... . . . irj 4
Will KK1( VKD UPMcm iui.
Jan. 10, 1857.
'Of OYSTERS and 1.ICUORS ot the same quality
described on them oi.o ccovnts waich MARsHAUb
V, JEHSUF Otlersto'old e'tfsrttfmers. The subscri
ber alwavs remenibers f his triu rrtenos, ana nopes tney
will not forget him." Itut call and Help balance his
old books.-- Having een a candidate for Constable he
hopes his deluKiuenipatrons will understand his aspi
rations lor that offiffe. and not pass by his Saloon ou
Ciillsspiestre-f.- v .
fca-W,-li."t . " 32-lt .--
According to custoia. I have draws wflF M sbe
eaats ou my - books, up to uie is ei ice present,
month, ami will deliver . taem as speedily as possible,
t .h1l be irratined if. my customers will riVc their
earliest atteutioa to the setUesaeat of their respecttvs
accounts; . - -
. Interest will be charged oa all accounts unpaid
M February nest , v
4, - 84.1 Li. 4 . IllOfautr
Jaa 1M857. , ', 32-Jt ?
i -'"v - :
The sabscriber of8 for sale the following trac t
Owe tract containing t200 acres 600 of which is
aw&mo as there is in the county : of Illaden,
about twf minarea .acres wen wmrcu, .m. "-"
tkiriir lucres cleared aofd tfnder fence, adjoining the
t.mitAfj. u..aia(ismi i,-v'.siui.
Alio, 15 J cres jcniriE lDC mnua oi ir. uu
1AO ioiaiBK tae tanas oi jm:u i n wms r;. nowssn
mm ns ioiniatr the lands of George Cain aud
ciiuheth Melvia The eve. lands IV wift seH and
five kwI titae for good notes, or will take Jottog ne-
f ah M fi" i"7 r' 'r - v?
r" :i.r t: .JJ lK ..w :i
ItwilirVRn iQlviniaiwH fMiiur. kuv duukiiwi atl
Jaalo. IH5T. , 32-3m - - It. P. .MELY1N. ,
Wtlnaiag ton Herald copy 3 months nud send bill to
fcubserioer, ' , ',- ; , . - . ----- .:
The SnbieHher' gives notice that his booki are now
seadv for settlements. Those wishing to save interest,
At had bert HU nd aettte.T "-v , -
JaVy 3r 1157-
Corner of Ilay and Donaldson: Ktrectffj :pspositc the
Fayetteville lotel. ' :5
Wdnld respectfully call the atteatiou
of bis friends and customers th bis eoni
plete stock of.. ,. . . . ,
drugs, medicixf.s
sls? rirrri, it ; di emirs,
Which he ii now receiving, and will offer' at prtoe aa
low aa they can be bought at iif tMw market. His ob
ject is 16 sett ihedicines that can. be depended upon, a
r , r.i Constantly on bftnd ' ": " ." -Burning
Fluid, .' 1 " a
Camphene, . , t r,i
Spirits Turpentine,
Alcohol, fc , ,
Brandies and Wines,' (for
' Medical purposes,)
Con jrreaa Water, '"t 4
t itrata -Atagnesia, &
. East India Castor Oil. w . ' s
March 15. 1856. , ''.-'
Valuable Land for Salf. - "
The fuibsciriber Offers for sale his entire lands inclii
ding about eight hundi Ja. acres, lying fifteen miles
above Kayetteviiie and nve mites rom the mouth of
lower little river. The land is level Tind healthy and
well adapted to farming; there is about one hundred
anfifty acres cleared and under a fine .state of culti
vation,1? I will sell it alt together or in slnall tracks'! o
suit purchaser . For further partictlartf apply . ti tbe
subscriber on the premises. .-.
juiyi. 7f .
; ' t
, . MEltOilAKT, ? ;
January 1, 1856. ly-pT " '-.A " :
WE are now receiving a very large STOCK, em
bracing every Itiirtg in the Dry Goods line with
Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Silk and Straw
Bonnets, Umbrellas, and Heady"
Made Clothing, &c. - ' ;a
Which they will sell CHEAP for Cash or approved
Notes, at WHOLESALE only We invite Mer
chants visiting this market to examine our stock.
j. b. sf Ark-. j. m. williams.
Aug. 30. 1K56. 9U5-tf
Second Fall & Wiuter Stock of GodJ?-,
To which they call the attention ol" Merchant? mak
ing their perchases in it is ularket. .
Oct. 1 - -'. , -H 20-tf
D. W. C. P.EXIiOW, D. 1). S.,
GradBRle f the . Baltimore. College j of
Office hours from 9 A.M. to 1 P.M.
" 5 P. SI to 5 iCM.
- DR. BENBOW may be found at his suit of Rooms
near tfii Market, where all who - are in n-ed -of 'the
services Of a Dentist are respectfully invited to call.
All operations performed upon the latest and r.VV:t
approved plans. To those in need of Artificial Tee(b,
be would simply say mat ne is ucnuiu m no improve-
ment. tie inserts iroin one to an entire set upon line
Gold or Platina plate, which he guarantees to be
emtl!y as serviceable as the natural organs.
He spends nine nionths of each ye-tr in tills place,
(from first of October to the first of Jul v.) - -- v .
Oct. 25, 1S56. 2l-tf
James C.
Smith. Costiv
- .?nwm'unju JJ.. I ii , -Lfc
ITave removed their office to . tlie secoud story of the
building formerly occupied by the Telegraph Company
where they are prepared to attend to all business in the
Commission line. ; i .
All business entrusted to them will be punctually
attended to. - -a
Wilmington, October 1, 1856 y
Tntendintr to locate permanently in Fayeiteville
hopes to make it the interest of all who need the wr- j
vices of a Dentist to give him the care of the ir Tceth: j
HavtUff had eiehf year'w experience, and being ac- j
rtniinted with the work of the best Dentist North or
Soittn, He pleoiges nunseii to give an opcranuus cu
trnsift td hia hands that careful thorough work and
complete finish, that it cannot be bettered by any Den-
tisi in ine ijiiin--u swu-s. , . -1
Persons having teeth that are considered hopeless,
and past redemption, will do well , tb? gkve him
a call before having them extracted, as thousands of
teet are sacrificed that jtbe requisite knowledge and
skill would save and make useful. -..r . ? -- ! ?'
Please give him a trial and if he does hot redeem
his pledge will forfeit hi work. ---7FS
Office at Fayetteville Hotel. '
"Ijle will w.ait.Cn I.'adies Kt th'eif reside'rice'S If desired.
Jan'y 3.isj7. 3l-tf
The Trustees would announce that the Spring Ses:
siouof this Institution, will open on the 12th of Jany-
irt.-. nndcr the Supervision ot VI in. J. btttart. whose
exi'erieuce and well known qualifications are sufficient
- i - . - c . I . . '. i . . .J . . . .r 4 1. . Clsw1.
glli&rsirriy mr mi; ftmjucflsiui iuju;,.-mi-i. yi hivjv.w..
Hoard fean be had in the neighborhood on very reason
able teffWe. '
DAN I EL B. SMIT1J. I rm ;
Jany. 3, 1857. ; . ; 31-3t 4
: (iistablcs's Electiort. 7 :
The undersigned offers himself as a candidate for
the office of Constable for the Fayetteville District,
for the ensuing year. Election in Feb'y next.
Jan'v3. 1857 3l-te
- 4
The undersigned will pav the highest cash price for
TOUNO NEGROES. Letters addressed to cither of
us at Ijaurinburgb, Richmond .eountyi, will tTtyr
irompt attention. ,,, t "
- D. C. MelxfVRB.
Laurinburgh, Jan'y 3, 1857. 3-tf .
3 1st December 1856
THE Directors of this Bvnk have declared a semi-'
annval Divitfend of 4 per cent payable on and aftef
the 2d day of Jaijy HS57. - ,
3l-2t -,;WXH. Bfto&VFOOT? Cash'r.-t
BOXES Fine and Common Chewing Tobacco.
- . , - MOORE. "
Jny. 3, 1857' 3I-3t , c , , . s V..-
My f entire Stock of CLOTHING d Farafc'ng
fiOODS. - Those wliomay", vish to geJ ia to ImsafAws
cau do so by calling on the sub!rilie"r. as he intends
to sell out. ami jf the f whole Stock is not sold before
the 1st of February he will sen it auction. i; "
S. B.: AU persons who are indented lo mc ithef
reWraennfaed-to'eVose1' , E-tf .6 i" 5 V " '
All thohavingcUimsajrainsttneni please present t " 200 AlnmSalt, tbudel Packs sona. attcntton. .y- lrtWI fc 'Vf'5
thenr to me ior payment, , ' i , . , v ,- , r . i .-7-- - -t- Qebr-r 1P5., ,,n , - -. v'r-.?Ti'l r'J
ReieetrUWrtSfoVntlt WJSreSiv ti fulirW,
Old Staud jerpre-WW .r .hr;"" 1i.i.racinS tnjite aarbjtJfcafjfeip, ualitMMwc
TnankTatror the very nuerai. V. ",,;t V-l Weiudlng airatylea' L.aaiear uress whm unuj
for latl'year-?h.!1i by; strict attenkioiitoj it: iped Pttiid alfJl libhtd itkK -tlLId;
with a desire ft-jrivaesaswacMuu, wvc.t. st-r5lMt an,i nriutedaU wool iieiiuus,: ailr colors;. aov
contiuuance oftE- fame. He warrant at worK io oe
made of the best material ahii experienced workirteu
' A 1
tvi) nrr.r.rR? cviT nl.'rwl iii t'is place- and a very
large Mock f work uearly finished, wh'ch ill be sold
very ipw for Cash, oru sborfclinw P'f e?:
era "TWllv has ou hand more than. ON b Hl.M'UbU
Alitk FIFTY Vehfcles HhttshediMf 111 course of con-
VJ ATI work made bvhtm ia warranted 12 moiitlis
with fair aag and shou'ld It fait by bad workmanship
or material will be repaired 1'rto of charge '""
Persona wishing tobCywouia uo weu jo can aua
-examine fd themselves.'
Orders thankfully received and promptly attended t o.
"Repairing executed at short notice and ou very rea
onabl4eris ' -
, FayetteVi5le.3cO- ?85I T .na.i.' '""
" V OR. S A. 1. E "
-. For C18H ir n Short Tlm, Y
- , Carriasresf Bsiroiiclirs,
ROKAWAYS i BUGGIES o eoerif desetiption
Many of whieh are inished and the bVBCiieing
finished daily; among which are many s mcip and
Lre'a '"" tyleitnd one very Jine l.arriai;e. rsomp
fbf them very lijrlit. anil all ,made in . the best manner
and" of the best materials. My facilities for doing
Carriage . work arc " greater' than any ostal'shmnt
south and I carta ford and am determined to sollwork
of the. hest quality-HH .low as it. can be ' built for by
any one. , - ...a:, ''f:-ifi
Jp Those who'are indebted to "me will please pay
up as my business requires my out-standinjr debts to be
collected. , ,
August 25,' 1 85C. ' tf
; . ' NOTICE. t , .
All persons "nViebted to tin fir-n of W. F. E. F.
Moore, are rea!iestei trt coni? forward anl make
payments, as their copartnership ceased oa the 1st of
March 1856.
-.-. t rj - w. f. ErF. moore.
June 9, 1S56. 2-tf. "
CIVS rrBVILITi JIJ ffiit, F"i?Tt SAIjE.
The Snbsei-iber havinir fuilv deti-rmi noil to sell tin;
t above named property!"' now oiler it tsaiiy euterurising
man' upon'Rlicral terms.
i This Hotel.enjtiysa.largaeutom frotn the a-ljiisining
I counties, and froin the trav-lliirj p-.-:lio. with, a pr;--iiK-ct
of 'future ' iirVrtse. ' V.'hat'it U !!; aud i- no -v
doin- can auyj ono wifcoinr to pNtrehas4. by
fefeVr'n;' to'oi-,1- Ixi.iks. .Th-j fituaiiois oi tU B U
ing is -ffehvfl1cofnnn:i V'I th rr ;.. -r iui t of t!e
enstom cmuing to. a.i 1 p :t-si;i gt'n uuuh tb:s plaee:
For the a-n -i it of is ao busi
ness that a "Person could ea'ie.ra-tnat would -V') a
well.-.ii.s- '
. J. II. ROB'KttTS & CO.
Sept. 11. 185. l"-tf. v, j ..
1 VA 7-VJI-MA Kit R S; Sit Wftt LEU S,
: Payettevillo, N. C.
. R; I). G. begs to return his sincere thanks to the
"public .for tha kind palronago fc"o ..liberally i bes'owed
upon the late Firm.-a:id intbruis tlloni In- has bought
the interest of J.- S.'Wear. and will eontinne the busi
ness in all its braaehej at the"Old-' stand, tiuderhis
entire supt'rintendence. . i - -
N." B." "-'All Watches ieft with him for repair will be
taken, .apart iitr the presence of the r.wiie'i R. and the
necessary repairs pointed out to them and a written
contract given for the same, vhich work ill be war
jcatited ,for tWo years. ' "
On hand and for eale now. the most varied and
choice WlectTon of CLOCKS and other tyiiv pieces that
wtnen tie win sen at .M'w joi'K prices, auu uio ai-
rant for two years. '
. AlUlebts due to and Iw the late firm will be paid
and received by - . t . - R. D. bKhh.N.
--' August itS, iS."C
Oash. Purchasers.
- t
' , Clin t m W,i ' '
WILL pay the Highest U$h prices for likely Young
Negreos. Those . wishing. to. ( sell will .-lind us ready
piireiiase. o.t the best business terms.
Sept, 13, I8.1G. -j r - 15-m 1
3- i
K 1 til A C K 'Vi I K It KX&ST
sniCsubscrib-'r being desirous of closing out .the bal- j
ance" of his Winter stock. Offer his entire" stcek of;
Ready- made clothing-, Furnishing Goods, lints
(Jn"ri, itoots 'slides, 'rnnks, Carpet Bass and
Valieea ata rerv small 'advance on prime OOb I . .
' r South side Hay Street, Fayetteville.
All perso:n Liide'Hted1 to me by Note or account are
earnestly reqtiested to call and make immediate payment,-as
my Books must be closed bv the 1st Jan. next-
. ..... , , i; . i G. P.HAXDT.
ov 29 -1856. 26-tf 1
!! OUSE and I.ot. The subscriber- wish
ing to leave Fayetteville. offers for sale her
House and Lot. The situation of the above
property is in a very desirable portion of the town and
the property is also in a good condition. ' For'- further
particulars address the subscriber. - w
. ,. HEL'FN f'LATN.
& NoV;29 1 85C:...2m-16;; t4t ov - '
:X -.y..r rio. .
pRS. McSW.AIJ? MeDCFFIE have this day dis
rolved cop'aftclership by mutual consent.
Pr McSwain will attend to settlemjuts and collec
tions for the firm.- - .
Dr. McDuiBe vvilljEContinues to jocenpy the former
i Nov. 1, 1856.-
-22,-tf-1 " . -.
rThe, Subscribers having- ?this tTay
leased this Hotel for a term of years, will be
pleased to free th'eif ,,fCi!ldg aud the traveling
public at' this Ho'user At: Jh game time we
hope1 they will be patient ahd bear with our Jm'pVr fic
tions niittl we shall navo pat tbe- itouse in sucn repair
a's re desire. .- -.. ;
- " J. U. ROKEUTS & CO.
J. II. Roberts. ,, i - - F. N.- Rwerts.
March 1. 1856 .. 35-tf 9 . 4i i-r. t
, jfc. i. ?-.i---- : , :
.- tiitojjWR-SAL-E.- "' "'""
ifeavv-4 JBeav,er5Cre4ktVetJng'? ; '- , ;
? Col (ou l'a'r'n, War j and.Fj!liag, Hob. 5 to 10. :
' J "also . '
Belt. Picker, Roller and Lace LTATIIEIIS.
" Oils and ilanufacturpt's Findings, i t.
t Winfr stra"ined7Sperm. Lafd and Linseed Oil.',.
Shuttlie s Ismgglass. Jrencn Utue, t.mory, uoner
" - Cloth and G!asa,St?M
s i . -.. J. HaHALL. Pres.- B. C. M. Co.1 '
, July 26, 1S56.5 , ,
8-tf ;
r VIII! WW .- T " : CTPtlU A "V
' . t'- A M-' V . KJB'Avaa..'f
Having removed to PITTSHORO. N. (J-wU I attend
reHilarl"v the Courts bf Chatham, Moore and Harnett
April fi,t856? ff.
-as T-
Jnst recoi red and for pale . s , , ,t .
. 250 Cask Lime, fresh from the kiln,
0. I 100 Barrel CoweBts1 -;
? - 5i . ' vaicuaeu t;iaier, j,
in each branch of th loia " ? ' u,i; 'fc
favoi-abty with any made iu the Uaiteutatesfor peat-..
He iiletesmiued toeli aad d auyvorc inniaime
id alfwool do. FrJuch Merinos, all shades una col-
ors. printed and pld. lowriced Alpach andltelaiiis.
tmeut of Cloaks and.Walma.-s
and etra heavy Bay State Shawl. JEnibrd-, Collars,
bkick. Lace do.-, --Swh--nttf JacFlbu'nelngst do edglttgfe
aud insertings.4 iKidod. twisted .Silk, .ti loves and
Oanntlets: Hats, Cansjaud Uouaets: Bleached, Uro.
Lsbeetings and Shirtiogs3 together with a jrood assort-
nleilL OI XOUIia, iujnr.n.i yiiii;ci.v 'jrw.'0. v-.v
Made Clothing, Boots and Shoes, &c. &c. - t :
- Buyers generally are. respectfully invited To ghe
my stock a look, as I shall sell ou snort profits , v ; .
Nov, 1st 1856. l 22-tr.
WOULD Respectfully inform the wbUcnn& all Ihe
old customers "of Houston and 0v"erby.4 that, Jie still
contiuues to carry oa th Saddle and Hrarfiets fnalttng
qusiitess in all it rftucu braaches, at Uieldtauil
Houston and O y er byw ueT e lTc--w4ltbe lutpjtyo 'fiir
nia hem, vtli aay'rtiek wtfehfheNyiyiictfa4 i
Line. . . . W ' ?
Strict attention 'paid . to Repjatring.f-.
.,, , - f Wi'OTERBYi
Aug. IS, 1S5C.
-. .. 5 -
7" - . . -. - ' . ' i is.- 1 ;
'-r Just received," "5. Tew doz. genuine East
tadia CASTOR-OIL, (fo:'my retatljLlsoTCltrat
of Magnesia and Gongrass Wa.tef . ifcivs '
- " " j. F. FOULKES .
,:, April 2. 1856.- ,r i 'i ' - ' S:JM ' .
J.wJ DEALER,, .IN.iJf ? :
, Jleaily.3fuje Clothing. .... . .
Particular ' attention jtaid to Ladies' L. Dress
" GoodV aiid 'iViniinins. , :;
iNovembcr 3d 1 So'er-1 '' ' 1 tf - " 1 '
B Misleads! ) B?fl t-als ! i"
Jn?t received fioni the Manufacturer. Ira Ilersey, a
supply of -.
of.yariotia pitteras, and tnade of goo T seasoned' Umber.
Tiiese Bedsteads are manufactured iu this pls and i
can snict ro neaiers asiov.-as uiev can be not from
-t ,A? U, CAMPBELL "-
Apt-it 9. Isr.G.
JLt-X. MiVU,"
s. . .
S,rre ,!1 the enir of (HlHspie
, .j?!?' tarli'1 t5(,tta lnar thcEankof the
-Vug 8.
And Got Ion Euttors,; - T
" 31 I S Pine Street, NEW 3rOHKl '
- n. vr. uowm.vx,
Mav 1. lSJil. v EiW:I.aicI,IlbliiSON
N. B. rorltculiir attention ia:d to consigcment"
of Xaval Stores, -it
" The Subscribers convey the "Mail between Fayelte
vil'e aiid liarclaVsville in a Enapy, and can uceonimo
date one or two passengers. The route is by" way of
Kinsrsbtirv. Iiiimi's Level, .Suninui-vil!e and Neill's
Creek. The davs un-.leavingFavettcville are Tin sdavs
Thursday and .Saturdays, at C pcfoek:.a. m. Return
Mottdav. Wedeslav and Fridav eveniug?.,- Fare Irom
tU-villeio Snielnerviltp S:
aiig. j.i. i-iu.
Jt r
1 1 E Subscriber is receiving Ins
dmo.-t every
WINTER STOCK, consisting , of.
thing in the -wo v of
a n o c t: n I Bs
Iz.liU If.inr. is jhim -rr..
Al.S.O-r- . i
Boots and Shoes, SiitUlIerv, Fisli S:c,
Any of which he will sell cheap for" Cash, bai ter for
i t.i ..i. .. tif ii-t tim. Ktnro ri-ri'iitl v oi-ftn nied llV
1 rov A. .Mar.sii. near uie .uoudiii nuiisu. , .
Oct. lJ
758 UAGS I'ERUVIAN; - " ". " :
"32r do. COLUMBIA??. .- , . - ,,;
s Not only btvs the cost of nMng thejc Gn'anoos in con
nexion been very much diminished, but experiuievitv
have proved 'fhtit the phosphate, so much wanflfig in
the Perovianr nbt oftiy increases the yi.eid. btitjie'n
bined with the Columbian maRes the cfopjmtch inor
certain. Foi- sale by 41 " ";
D. Sf W, .McLAUlllX
Nov. 6. T " 21-tf . ... . .
The Sabscriber is the onlyauthord-ent in Fay
t.evilh for the salcf tlm Hoik K. C. Puryem-'s .Oele
brdted Hd Kje Hhi-skey. lie will be 'supplied with
this superior Whiskey to meet e'i.)ind. - - 1 !T
April 16. - ': t
1 ' SECOM) II A.1) rU GJ KS in Rood
April 20, I Hob.
: , s , . .u.. i I'
-,2,000 Spirit I3aiTQls ior sale -hjfl
June 17, 1856? tf ; .
TWO Tfl OvJSAJ? ORACHES 6 F LAND, nj ne miles
from Fayet-teasMlCi - .iyirijf VBrec'tfy on the Southern
Plank Koad.y ""on ,eacn sue. OMiig KOCKnsn. one
of the best-Tfrfcjfi fine sections in the county, wrth
convenient improvements tora family rcsitleitc ; wit.i
a small corn mill on a never failing st-rennKi-and a tirst
rate situation for a Tutentiai' Dif-tillerv aud S,U re.
r "i - f Af A, SlcKETIIAX
t. .Feb'y 9, 1856. ' U. t4it t t'"v-
u' -tc- rplinibi" F"ALT; sfoCIv.'om'bracing a
larr-e a i astwral Stoc-k of- Dry Ooiids. .Hats, Capsyr
Ha d Sliois. ftroeeries. hollow-ware.. Crockery
nnd G!as-wfcv wirfch will be sdd- upon favorable
term! .or & xchaAgud fo. -prwl ne hmpg : to see lifs
frie-id a i T customers before feysupply themselves.
; Sent B. 14-Cm.-
1 c: im , Fear L"ii f Slc'
" Th-itSbf criber offers foe, ales , THREE; HUXPR ED
-iid FTOI1TY-FIVE A'cfes of Land on Cape iFear
Viiver below Smith's Ferry, in Cumberland county,
funning with the river to hs.uA-fS.Ui Ilyrd.
a rnriinn of the land is cleared and fenced- It if-
well adapted; toi the enltivatfon of corn, oats, and thr-
ropft of the rtver lids. .lbeparinfiereo
has on It some good swunD, 4 F"iua Vjay-h easily. pre?-
psretl tor use - t . . ?s
it will be wld on creit of twelve month.' Per
cAn.s Vishinff to buy can quII on, tae owner at thi place.
" ! AY ;.'-"ryt'
!.DEN ,ATUTlltAT,. ,, t,,.
fiY Vtftinivf '
I 5 if - - njuiiwiii.1 ....... . .. ... . , ,
! i! ' a:f:kt FOR '
' . - .. iiT-fim jotw e f.W'T'.ir' tx'tt trvr;
: .- .... .... - . ; .. .. .. - r - rf- '
t Ml iU.i l O UERJU - iji.Wj i.l iu. - IIjuj
j roc
ihe motVonlAViil-Kly iu lUnejicafc, which
4iuiiftfliliatyrjf6tV'1ts isdefijSrHng "Into an
HISTtJRV oTJOURA U.SJ1 .v and rcuu ",uly be ac
e.oantedior bythe" fitct Wat the? Ptfoifrretors Dave em-
j ployed, Without regard, tortile expense.- tfie S : f
THE? NATION Is the ONLrfiper which contains
SK.ETCUES .of that jComicat -nls. ntid
iXR.ViSXl,!) RlEGRSr,
ji w hich series, one kkcicu alone in
e i f i , . , . , ,
, the whole
Vtars Slibrrnt.ii-.ri t'
. .... IS, EDITED , EV t , j I
Js S . J. t Biglow, -:
AND " , .
MRS. E. l. t. T. S"lTKvrCRTII
In aJditiou to the above,1 wo? have engaged as Con-
'"" """ 1 " " trlbutors: . " . -
... ';' f-jt-- j..; iWr.-
Clara" ITdrel on, Henry AY. IlcrUert;
'iAlieeCnTr; TA. V. '
.JVlrs -Ai-t.' U 'CrA: Pasrc,'1
. ; j , . - -Airs EFi Ettet"" IJeni Casscilay, -
, . Park Benjamin, , W. P. Ur'nunan.
, ,a- iVaf"f KOthersl p i -
' Tfl TilE FA R SjiX v :
We particularly, commend our, beei. Their drpart-
tTrfent-wilf be E lited with tin? utmost rare and no e.- or Isboi-ispared.trt .-.render the columns devoted
V. to their, unusually
Itrniiaiit, Attrartivt ilus i r.c-fire fc r;:i i.f lktal
Will contaiu .Practical Snj?tresl3on.ftnd Apricnltttral
Hints, eontributed and culled,. It oni sourc a,the niost
rellablift and confa!uii g information 'which will prove
to them iu th -coarse? of a singltf year, of almost in
calculable bonclit.' . - ., . . .v. f
" The other d-partni ;n!s of oiir pap r wil! receive the
attention they .respectively-demaftd, 'each bring es
pecially and carefully prepan d to meet the -.varied
tastes of the several classes' or "Us readers. Among
these we may mention A - "
Original Sloriesi and Pf'fi',' Editorial ' Rant'
. llin&sand Slcl ciiivs, SpirtrCi'y New,
itigi'oii Gossip, . Ac? York (jinL V hut, the
' Latest- Paris FiishWns, P n diai I Receipts
for the llonschiJd mid Tt iiel, '- 1IiCa
, t - LiUle One's'' Pcpn r'f'm'e tit. Gevi sfa m
i Prose and Po".( nj. Headers h ule,
Historical Skeidtc,"- .'Iamlw
lions, , 4"c- S'C' -a -
fo t.foV Is isi.ii:d in Otiarto Form, (olisht
jfges.) nnd each nnnitj.-r will ' coata!u at least o
i Original Ji.igraviujrs. thus t'iiruisiiing our ftiil-scribers
1 at ifii end o! the veai- witii a Volume Cutltai uing -1 1 0
. . ........ ... '....T...... P
j, .. - i:fje ;-.. oi-a.i i n ii i i pi uni-'i p.i-n ui
1 TOGiiTllEU-TfH ,
Tlil2 NATION is .sent at the followiu? remarkably
low- Sl'liSCUIL'TlDN AN'IJ C'LL'Ulil-Nij, -Ti-IUMS :
io variably in adva'tioe'. '
SIN'.JLE COriKS. ,. , -rirt - per uuniirn
TWO " " - " (to cat u.ldre.-.-,) ; :i)
THREE ' ' " -r' ' "
1 TEN -'''' i. tin . . . .
A nd'bae copv" fr.-o to il.c getter up of the
....... Club of TEN? - ' v
7"?-: "All ihose seudliig u. sabscripiiuu IVom the
lliitih -s.innst en iu-e t:i t.lit on to the sub-
. sxi'iplii'ii price, ct
' ! coni-elld to pr.-niiv
.) cents for each -sUbM;i-tbi-r. as e are
the Uiiiie.l po.-ii.e.
All loiters tortiaiuiiVg money h.ioiiI-,1 rcgistereu,
1 din clcd idainlv, aut! .ili- will come a4- our nk,
is we y re not
I c- poijsiijle
lor tiu m.
Di.-cinien eoti.e.; win i - tni. ir-- m i om.
Master-', A-euts, and ail who wHi to gel up a club:
to all other-, oa receipt oi' iour c -lit ia Uiup.-. '1 he
.( uj)or)S'. of n-gisteriug is oniy cent.-.
i A'11-1'1 c-
Octl; Street ,
B u lr '""ilrvl.: ,.1.", t..
iil.uVV r,i '. c yttf .
i coiiniy. we iuoto the tbtlownis extract Horn : ..;.
- ThVyntion rppe;rs i;i eii -.iV !ai-g' lype on pouw
; white paper, and i i-o.-li'J' adori.ed v iih iilHUtrat io. -.'r
( will aiUi'uioa higu position in th- literary
j world." I'ttit. Daiuy Nk-w. -
t is one ihe '"' voeklie -wow publit-hvd, and
a o-
,fci. obiistire m l-rii'miu'r it t- tbe not tie ot Ibe
re: ti i g !'
-lLM:niyi.rt.. Pa. ltKtiM (
.. ti mImiI nml cisi-VL'V ot tlie Dioiirii tol. its on
-ins1 fnid'itttet-e.-ting tontttils. ami ti.o l.-iiiuly of the
; rvp'.'.gt-aphv cauio.t tail to eeure f-u- it a gem-ral cii-
j eulatio!!.,'--Wi! l' - 1 ni i:i --V'i i i Kt.
.i k h li icriu v and f'lllilil V jliiriiiil. we have. II o li"M-
! tnUouin prr.nouiifcing it the t est among our f xetmngos.
i We nilvise the Ladies t pna-urc it. without dUay':
1 FlI.Tf.N. IA. llKiT! n.K-A.S. ,,.-.
"di.-diko. ptitiiisg city etiuiiiiit.onp.'bvti hi to::;
1 car wc ai-e bound to give way to merit.., .L'iil.Wo.inaiiy
1 t.f ty fotempbraries, th' N'-ition i- composed o! sciind
i buwuotiaand us.- ful inii:-r: and isnot lilted tip with
" " ' . . i- t: 1 . .. ., 1 . .-In. v ii IV ' i-. . .l. In.
all ovcUlOl fO vi ii i iii i i.'iv-- , v.....
hands of crack-brained s-nitht rs: Knft: C'itt Disi-a-i cm .
It has the most beautifal engraved bend ivc t-vif
siM- iTiid its contents arq deep! ciit'.Mnjiig, truly
Hetlcioos and ' Fotll-absriilg.'-Vll;l.lA.''i,;' J1 N V-
(iAHi-iiK. . . . : '; " " "" " "
Tin re is r-nni for just such u paper, and it ha fe-em-td
two as true heads a:: '. hes.rts loc.ntrol its columns
Rstbe literfiiy and Mcial world holds. ei.lsik -not un,
1'a'. AtiSTAT OK, . ?, " ' '
' .1 . ill a 1 .1 to- rt 1 i fi- Ii:ltif-r Jit till' 1! 1 I s: : 1 1 !
'1) " J I III I 1 T-UI HI m V. W-wv. .t t... ... - l - -
i IJooxvit.u:, Mo. Or.sK.nvKR.- .- tm ""
' We sehloiii endorse not thonijlKipprs, liiit .i.) tlus ut-
j-tanee w'e are
fm-ted to overcome our picji u ci , ami
Al.A- LfLI-KTIX. '
Dec. Ki, 1K"'C.
2Cat.on''- to our - - readeis. '--Ti:ov,?
(flVt'ES WltiHIStiTDX & FT'li iV II I.K.
fili-itio-r Magiioliit. 'yttrvni n on M on liny and Ihurf-
ly morniiifro. 15 niiuulv lifter mn-riie w - . . ,
.-sitpi,V ittn ti)r'ii on "i utnlr-T anil Kriit.iy Tiifrti't:jr.
Stmmi-r t-aniiy Lutti-rtoli. l avs Ikj-i-ii - on ''u'-;U.iy
tint Friday morntrix. 15 mintitr nltt-r i-un-risi-
. . :i. ...1......'. a.- .....I v.. .i.i.l iv mlrnlitfra
Jwb" rv8Uri,
I can-Tiiis Krciiitoniy
i. ., i u ri-jiii:uiiy oi wr . .......... . . ----
Tim af-fai!Mi mni iriuiiiin .- m i. i i ....
kui-wn to n-fiuiri i-omiin-nfe. . '
; Tootir TntTons ! t-Oifur cur thauk .ft-r th very tih. ral
pntrnniijte hweto6-.r.-..lei.Uwea. -id RBOUr aU mwrsi tlmt
no rffEtH wilt bf H'ff'-'i iirotr. ld f--l roiitiiclit Unit our
fafii.titiifnr.l. K.Htihure t-'iuul il'not superior to any !in Kivt r. W.V 1 I.l.iO'i i".
iP'?!Al5t fi.r l.mti iloli &. t o.
Fuji-ltHvill... N. C. Oct 25 IS.,6 i'-tf
. ... hfr'&:i --ft
'"- ' J.?!rrf3,-.f SJJ:;l,J,.,r.. ":1
Ht!F:ifJllT. o-F MUSE 1'. I'!-
. tVe call the Attention of WIIOLK-
i TO onr present Stock', and we have recently received-
1": 'v.-' "r"'5 ?4 '.'""'
g 31(0 bags R:o I-raguira M;irica;bo aad iJava i Coffee, r.
" 20 fjhds 'Sugar, assorted grades, , t . . ,
75 Mds-4lo. Itafiued. Cn-d ' 'nn.-f Powdofed '
95 box ;3 Rperm AiLiiuaatintiatidiTallow Candles
do. 'Fancy arid "asr-rfYtyd CanJits, ... , u -
'loHbcotl.Kcaftiiekyate ahtv-X!anHls .Kr.p " "
r : 7 bates Gitii.. JinJce and Burlapfl,
" "Sft-'tonsTFIoop Iron," . ' . ,
:t0 box.-t. Cherse.' " ' 7"
20 i
i.atf-bl.b Sy per .farbSoda,
Cfgaf'? various brafi'Ts; 1
un - j ,-,ifti
, lpppr, 'fpife fl?p.irif? 'GIo'vkI Xutrncgs.
- j Madder. IadigoSpani4i
aiitl Ii$ir Siaps, -fcisJartftt. r
owdef. ?Shot..; lSar-Lf sd.- -"
. j-LlVhrt-e- fiortd. Puffy aiWl'I.lnseod Oil, Window ;Glas
' I Snuff-in; IVoxts. E4rio4liltd'6"fn tlnlf -'BM.: ' (;rt-en
f arid Black J- as JIfllpv-t;re, S -ds lroo.; Kne-lifdi, ;
rmfiri.-amfCa Kteerntlow-s. 4Si raw Cut tj,. Corn A
j Sh?liers. ittmate Cn4tets -anfl attfffers, - Trace Chains
. - i ?t.. T .........r .-. ..
l'- v. i.i' , ..,
. TJhe-love -(Totxls'we ofTer on , he-jTiost. favorable
f'Tiiulte riwmiftt tEmaiOr eaih iinvt-hnbrrV! '
- y " fci 1 " I
' I J . Its .
f,f I.

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