North Carolina Newspapers

Crl H A-
WM. r. WfGlimiX & CO. rropri. 'W..F. Wigiiliiiau, Editor.
3!, 1857,
j V0LU3IE- SVIIINO. 035.
Eur ;i slj
t i: ii vti
'lO-V t rti;
copy, if paid in advance, per ann im, 2 00
. " " at th end of :$ months, - .30
" ar iho end of ii months, 3 0?)
" " .at the cml of the. far, 3 ."0
-no subscript ion M ill he rocei vel fyr a shorter p-rlotl
li-i'i one y-ar mil paid in advance.
With ili vi?-,r of oxt -ti Tin- the .eircul ,tin an.l en
"s :i -l i;a th; H-fiLrtsts of tin p iper, tlj.j proprietor of-'-rs
tins f,l! roiiiarkat.lT low - . '
CLfTU ft. 7
: V, A'f. 7 R 7. " 7.'." .5 T) V.l.C R:
. coivos f 1.3 1 Cjr.-':lrii:i:i.'l v -ar, $.'00
15 00
Rates pf Afiv.'rfisKi :
Sixty eents'p'T s(iuir? of 10 linos, or 1 !. for lie first
a;i'l 3(1 ctMits for "c!i MiU-o'jnent insertion,' tml-'ss the
-"! 'Ueriis -m -nt ts iml!ihel for more than t vo mith.
when it will iv t-Larg.vl '
or.thn !.io;Uh-',- - ,- - - S-t .)0
lJ r frsso r Vui ds H a i r- li es 1 1 1 ni t i vc,
for salt- lc -
Aa:. 30. l.G. 913-tf
TI1K Kf,().VTIXfi n.t,T,,S oa K.i CEf'K
Th-3 "iibscriber having pnrchason ' the Tlijrht of the
above .Machine for the Oountios of CanilK.-rlanil aal
ii-miott. is now rcat.r- to furnish such as may. ho
.lvsro!.- of oijtainlnffa Iviht. The maciim i- - 7L
both i.i " it? structure anl operations, nn,i shoiihl an
fiortio;t,V)f it fail, can be easily ami spfylily repaired
!.' unv'Wi hr.vinz the nse of tools. 1 to not claim
coiinix co AiiViv. L,'';'r" " ' !r,r. 'rVwi- 'ot;v'i'Y .
y-t f . 'i . 11 . i - . i . , i 'd iiM uarler Sessions i
v ,Vi... ti u nMU.v'M,. T?n; A - ' ' T , , ' , -cr'an- vs- Malcom Baxters
' r--f l. vvAvr if'I- '"-rr : ff M: 1 1 . i . ' , thtchmcnt Lovv on Lan.l.
.i'mI t -h t,, ,, Jh.Lr - '3" ;' ' ' . i' i I . M, ' M!'-o"--"'t nisi for Sixtv dollars anil interest from
22 Ducember ls3l and tWs.
ft,s n-WlMtf tnorn than what it is iWs io uerionn
with that uecrptioii of Ubor which ttU.vwt e very t ALL i-ilIZL i . A l i .
fa.nilv is able to siip!y. w.ll'oiit. -ar ni lalere-nnu.' j m. u.
with 'tie ovlinarv duties. In th? first place a "ehil . Wholes &1 Jhuves oO
12 or 1.-, Vears of a-je can pel form ail tie- lrtoor. after 1 . rtr .
hat-Tii? seen it opcrato a' few times. anl JTthe irc- j "hole Ti.'j; - -
tion are a-Jle-red to, will do. as much work' in one day ! ,(; .,if Ti U
as three 'or four women in the oudlnary May. and Jt9Q.Q,rlri..r T;. '-"'!
wort- w-iH he inae'l l;tter done, lielow Will be ioiind i .
:,, ..evfTf! .i tvom t!i-sa who hare narchtised and now 1 1 li -v r i u ..
' have in iweaa of the.?e maclii'aes . - , j Tie!ist. ilaa h t y i , t
Apvil 12, 185;;. 03-1 f .. .. ' f
5rr,- r -ir . t7T ', , - I 1 "l - - v k t-"
" - V.'e. theund-'rsisrned. lmvlnpr'parchased ot Mi 1 nn h-r-
.,1! nvrM-fs-nvmfsmtwt i.ave the d.-r-rl n-.nnoer of ,n- ,,. .,, ihe .,r.v ma.diineH. cirdiullv recomm-iid I
KertV:i3 ma-ked on tie ui, ,v!lii-rwise they will be in- ! if t, the favor of the Public. It washes very tap;li
ivien t-'i scri''meH wrawuui, lay. -
C ... '
r- i ,'
TLo .i E tahli-h 1 V 10 t 4 A- ' o ') ' ' '
TO CO 18 f5? V f ,f.
1 han an v ot!;.
in t - '-, .1
Ti.. :
r.u-ters z.
lt r, , ' ' 1 ,J; '5,') "i;:!,r to t:"' S:li.fneiron of the Court Upon
lh( . ., Uj,,!lrU l,.v !" I'laiatiff that the Defendant
, ,, V, -", '"t not inhabitant of this Stale or to
. ' 1 " "":i"sr conceals l,ilw!r that the ordinary pr.-e ess
, 1 (' ' t'"-'!!'.!- rfiRrHa into Conrt ut thin t..',-,,. .....i. i
1 iu ineiit aain.-t the sahi M;.l i... .,
- . utti till i(i IO -
PoIKiral Aspect f the World.
Fifteen years ago, and Mrilef, ilift Iropliet;
or the interpreter of prophecy,- was df earning
that tlits JlilleniniMii wns nbent to dawn; 2s'ov
it sebnis, instead, as if Satan were about t5 lc
loosed again for n reason. A little while ago,
and war was thought u horrible thing, and mcii
seemed universally about to b.?at their swords
; into plough shares. Ihit no" the pruning hooks
i al i ii
i !-.. n,: ; i c i; ta j I'iirc.t.Kers.
I iiV I.C'TvAGriW'
sert-d till foi l) ,! a.!- ci-. u -1 nceo-duj.dy. Ho'cia' aud the work is much better done. than is uMiala done j o
,, ,. ... i Pi the old wiiv and with less wear to tiie (, lot !i i i
allinttun is !,,- vied io I us i ei u tif tun. 01 1 " - ! .,,i i,., j.. i ...
It far eve 'eds our expectsitions, and lia- o.u , l.) le
VV .M, F. W luIlTM N & CO. in op -ration to sa , sly tne most s ; p e o, ,t.
i ntiiit v and economy. e have no doiil, o it - .
V t r r. T T 7 r;-t fi -r
i.r -.'i. 41 u j, j,wK
I ;. i.'i:i -I:' (Tiri. s A: ou;
I ) t t ' 1 1 ;
of which arc umwu ai 12 o clo.-:c t
4 - ff
N ' ' s C. c'oHraiilinxlireV acrs'more'oMS aVih!"""!- ' aVe fast learning the Utilities of the bowb kn'fc ;
, j.erfy of Ji:ilf.-!n lUxtcr, iyin- oh the w:1uts oHUh' J China is desolated by civil war, and the Capo
' Si''iands'orD IIop,bytheirot-en-ot3. Burma', 1 d
nam ,ani oihers Oil tiie east siile f :a u..r ;. :.. linst Iioam ivnt it. f r"ti ,..l 1n.,ci,. ic ot th;a
Robos:i2 Count v October Huh dav lfCii iV U litre i . ,, ' . ' . ',, . ,
fV reo; motiorL-onlered bv the Court, tit r - 1 1 . i i moin the eat of active war Uussm and
Jm-. ill ad-.: i:i lf:o Xo:-i!i ( "n r, A mi., h a .,...-.,...,... :...... I Kiiirln ml cm
seem us if about to fight u pitched
i i:i the town of Fayet teville. fur six weeks wiece.-sivc! v !i..,in : ,1 i . f T , "rn r i -
' i nofMyin- the sard defendant to t.e and appear bebwe" j 111 t,,C ,,Cart f I,ulia- lcc,slve of tl,e
..---L': - Ju-'tiiy''7 th" nuxt --ourt of Pleas and (Jnarter i f Inigcr portion of the world than that which
i'i.t-m: i;xt w;ii;nT.
Altisnirj-iil Ijiiv, in j- ci I i I !, X. V.
!i :e at the corn, r of leiv. and ; cn streets.
-.i.-MMil v- iieil wle-revcr mtro.
!)."(!. McUa'... Jvo. D. AVn.i.r.vMd,
W. J. A N-m-.iisoN-,
V.'.M. Mcli.U UTN-,
a. r. H'-iiT,
Jas. G. S.Minr,
.Ton I.'.,
Joski'ii A. WojjTir,
A. J. O'II.vxi.o.v,
David Wkmvs.
'ill.' i W i
m v:n lvn.) t ) n - . : i v ,
conn ix .v t-c... A;
. liotl
;ii t::e
I ': li
en on
i t;
- 1
; i : i : i
I 1
: i'f :!
ATro;:.Kv at law
ATTENDS t:, : C'.i.irt-i of Cam'.erlaa
ak" a a i ,i to;!.
A-i-lre -, '!' ..ii ;, i Lira . 1 1 l
l-'i-b. d;, is.-);;.
We in eoe.manv with several other e-enil'-men. raw
a f.nir dollar' bill v.hich v. as v..-ry dirty and much
.!,.- i ,,,,f :!nd wad. t.'d out bv th:s machine, re-
i movin !,U the dirtv nnpearanee of I he Kill, and leav-
1. ''ILu-aetl, j lxx it pcrleetly legible, which shows there is l.lUe or
lorrtlh-'oin'' '!'). iuced in wa-iiine; Jhie art.eles.
.. C
i' v : t r i i. . s: , v , c .,
a' i i ! V O.a iii .)-- ; ,. Saep-
Fu.vK -n . Konr.itT,
Jas. G. Smith.
' ) 1 - 11 ; I ; Ii
.. '! i r IV ell I iV t .
I'', i-ei.
. I )':1
A. lih.VCK.
i, over Dr. S. J. 1 1 las tale"
jtv ;!:. lacd;-:::.
.Vuetion Stor:
l t. 1.
I ::i..s
! 1 A ,: :' !i i l l. lyiii ' 'ti i ' i : I-'ear River Store.
- dii:! f i.rI i ; - aii i.i r.if- o:-.h-r. Tii ; St. ire
! : i b l ', .1 ' ' I i 1 . he 1 ' , .-- Uea 1 - a .id t a(-
1 i U -:- io : ! I by t v i.i X- irfh 'arolia.t.
A i - p -' i '. ' '.hi-; i f pure a a .j c.ia olit.iiu i'a. t h u
J. k- m i'J v,'
IS VO'.V Oi'ilXIXC. a lare-e desirable Stock of
eonsUtiiip; in part of
niaek and Colored Silks.
i. id i.-'reiieli .M. i'liios.
i ' . I : j ' .
e .1 1 !
t .:' . ! .
re ! 1 ;
i' iVilbs" ( '
p.-o;-'rty by c lili.i;.- ee
o ; tii iV; i ia.'a 'rtoa i;...c t
1 I --y . i
a i! !;:;-e-I.
-I si
i 'iii . a
a i t v
- . - '
z j . ;
W. :; d.I rehii-u his thanks lo
th p.t.d'e ibr :h" iib u-il pairoa
ii ;t if ha re.-.-i ved. and hoe.-j.
by ici ae aa i i ty io business, for a
ei i ':,:.!-.: ". ci iil'i':1 - '.
! I - h;w c i::i e' -ie-' -1 taisie s o;i
hie ,-,-. !i resjioa : i ,i li t y . on ihe
of 1 "er.- :i s: reet. two
iloors l-a.ow t!i ('aii1 I ear I'.auk
s ab,.ve If s ol 1 stand where he would
!i h'u ' 1 fri-n-ls. II evp..,-.ts io keep
Urlclb-:. Whins.
, , 1 -,t-. e-t ai :
'en - i i li s l a
.V-.. a i i
e:;e.;f c: r
a-N. II
fH,;. ' V, -
.' O'.l s; .f.
A !e iee
1 s.'i.
MeTiiiMrin fc SSraiiLre will pay the
fir Tnr'p -a 1 ::ie uutd turih -r notice
t ca Ii prii
Sep:. 1
rn M ? TTI K .llAS ,v,i",vi-:!
I in . i il U i j A h. Dooi .v.- i,oe
-J s&Z ...I ., 1 .1 :. ! ....... f to 1 1... .........,
(si ! I ' i i . ' i . l i : in ine i umi'i
5 ilic.-.pie a nd Fra r.L'in strc
-if-!'.. ' 1 i- i:i a a- :i re bo- t '
I'la'n an.l i-'ia-M D. Lanes, so.iv beaut if ..! iiaiterns.
lil.ick and Kiinev Alpacas.
Cd j;ia j.-s aii.i lusci tine;.-.
(ollarsan-l d.-lerslefves.
Cactus and Whalebone Skirts,
Jaconet. Xaia.-ook. Sw'esuai'i i'laiil Muslins,
l-"r neh. Hii.i-ltsh and American Prints,
Cloths and Cassiniere.-.
Saiiuetls. Jeails and Tweeds,
i'laids. Liuseys a.nd Kerseys.
Carolina and Marlboro" Strip".2.
-lied and Urowu Shirtings and Sheetings,
'.e and Color".! l-'laniiels,
if lliines and Tickings,
Iri.-h l.ineus. l;oo.I assortment.
Linen Table Cloth-.. Towel hiiis and Napkins,
Shawl k Clonics sjud Mantillas,
Kvira ij(.t;iilty. ol' lied lilanliets.
Jiibboas. JJel'ts. (iloves. It.jderv. Sc.
:..:.:)-. Ilontiefs, Hoots. Shoes and ITnbrell as;
UK A lfY-.IA:l)l': CLOTffXG,
unl ever- varh v in the YANK KK N( TION LINK,
..hieli wi'il be r.d'il at a small advance for CASH, or
on time io punctual customers, either at
" l!hi!cstt le. or llriall.
All ere res-ice; fell v invited to uive me a call before
purcliasni"; cise'A uere.
V.. V. I'EAkCE.
.Hay St.-Fayetteville. Sej,t. 1, n:. 1 1-tf
1 jirize of
1 do
1 do
1 do
1 do
La) do
(U h
iH .lo
; j- do
1.32.S do
22.17!; do
'1 l,t:i prizes a
imIm,'jhi -.tLllie rrx'l...... a .i... r.i r -ii i . '. i . , ;i .ii
Fcbruarv next, then and there to. -how cause, if an v 7 -UtrM'fWU ...0Ujjcr 5 uaillCS;
he can. why judgment final siiali not be entered against aiid hundreds of millions of dollars in Olio war,
him and the lands levied on condemned to bo sijld to . . ,
i.arisiv the oiaintifis demand and costs. s ems greater. i tl ntij-cat than ever. Turkey;
. , Witness, shad-. ach llov.-cll. Clerk of our said Court I w,Cre the war bettun, is worse off as to" debt;
i i nt r.'iieo in T.umbertoi the fourth Monday of Xovrm- j . .
,, her. A. D. 1 K.".(k and d" American Independence the i :IS to independence, and as to territory, that
, Nisi year, fae'd the 27li day of Ieeep.ber iK,t j before the war begun. While the other great
See i ftl.-w. i on r.iiii. v ici iv. . . .
(1. ,s (j J!y 15. tlitibJlAA, 1). L . pow ci s. lia c DCCn Ilgurillg 111 lilt: 1 lliuipaui
Austria holds the stakes, and like t'ic monhcy
with the cheese, chews it tip, while t lit? others
quarrel. It used to be thought that the five
great powers had the control, at least of
Janv 3, lH."i7.
A - La. O l:Z r O
V Term ! '- "'. "
fouaihaa W. !U ---
v. ; xt.
-fa. tlon i.f Cert lhai the j Mon.iay the 12th January next, under the supervision j thcill all. England and Francg ilicllldec
e .i;li-:er ,.t i',', Sieie. d i . d Mr Archibald M: Laimldin as i'rincipal. - . t. . . .,
. i;. the I Mr Mel a'-"Min i.-. a "uaduat" of the Univers-f v of ,!ct is, there is not one of the great
1 ..-ie:; io
CAi'j'fAL i'lilZi;.
i i .-el
... . .-. , I i i.. il. ...11:.
1 ne 1 rnsrees lire uappv I" aiiiiouoce iu nie mioi c j; i . ,
that the (dli Session of this Iribtituticn will open on Europe, aud yet hi tie king Bombn laughs a
;led. The
that lias the control of anything just now, or
that know, on what side they will be a month
hence on aiirjerent question that may present
itself Take England: Does she know whetli'
d in the Town I North Carolinr. and liks testimonials are of the highest
: i.s. no; ifviu:-- ' china der. v. arrant in a- the 'trustees in giving assurance
ir at the n i. I io nil who may feel disposed to patronize the Instifu- ,
tie i'i:!";;v of s lion, tint" t !iey will have tilt? aovauiages oi sysieiiiauc
...i o , tic -Ish ' and tliorongh instruction.
j"!: - is situated nine miles east ofCaifhage
! r !"
I'ATAr.-eb.) :
c ji::;!X
c. s, c.
s;irxnr-:K v i.iti-:uahy .vii-:s
For the Year IS, ")(. .Inly to December.
'i'iv:;TVi'iiii;i' yommik.
In issuin-jf the Prospectus of the Twoitv-Third Vol
conimenciiig- v.ith theJuIy No., the rroin'ietiirs rely
solely on the encoura;ring let t,-rs and promises of the
friends of rlie Messenger to aid them in extend'ng i ts
circulation, and they b"g to assure the public that no
exertions will be r-enitted on their p.irt to maintain
tiie hi;h character of the work, and to the
;e.t roiiage of ;i 1 1 v. ho valne sterling literary merit.
For Tweety-i be Y"ars. the Messenger has endeavored
to reil"ct faithfullv the Souiticrn mind, wkil" disdaining
in irn ureter lue r
d ' .- i ' ; - S ..i T. li- h is on hau l r.
!' I'i. MX an i I'AXi'V. 1 ! .')M i-1 ami
N. h- L titers. iV".. irr! wdi ma: iu-
t sty ie at short
o-f.o , ! '- '. , '
-I'.'.;-ai : I y .:.-.. i
! i'; CtTKD I
!',fii;v all ari-ieies in li s In : in tii I
ifOien T'uti'e!'u! for p ist favors, he solicits a
4 i i,: vi ui'i'i lib "ral p rr i i r her-d -ifore be d:
! v. 13. lsv;. f
w ft n "i f?.- A IT i'i
4 S Y A 3 4 17 A fS 1 M ?A;iS.
a 1 1 narrow ami
and ha-; ),e.
a i
a'non" the m iiit'ilv iieriodl'.uds of America, iu .'"i'ene."
of the 'i'LCULlAi; IXSTlTL'TiONS OK Til 11
SOI'Titl-iRN STA'l'LS.
To this office it will be devoted, and will be prompt
lie rsouti!. w!
tier s ties- cone:
e'e'u'u.irv I.s.-.T. a!
iv : e i lie. i lie u a- i
On the si-I-h i.'vd.) i.L )XD AY i
; ii ( an: ; 11 mi' in III! town of
d-u- -i -u 1 nil! o !' ' for s .'". on a credit of o.u - an i two
v..- ii-s. s -ve-a! tra -L- of L.Xi in ii;e c..-;i;t:cs of Cum- i"fr'l(
!- -i -i.i.i i aii U.UM-dr.
t )ae tract .i the W-'d-rn ba.-k of the Can ' Lear
lii e".-. I dov S-ii i li's Fi-rry. containing about liftmen
i. m l:- 'd a id slxty-.'ive acre- the Filiation of the late
il -.ii v Lillet. fa -re is a life-eUate in o huirlred
on Lie eil..- day, separate from the oilier portion of.tlic
o'.l a -re- oa Lower Little Uiver. known as tho CJib-i'l.!c'.
iii) ; a r.-.s i Lo . er I. 'tile Uiver, former residence ! lett -r. wHl 1
to re-el a --sail it uiion
under the sjir-cio'ts garb of lie t ion. or in the direct, form
n.' au'i si i f ;-y iiaiiiphi'ds. At this criiical juncture,
while our etiemie:? are ens ploying literature as their
suo-t potent weapons of attack. t'i- Southern i"Op!e
will surely not withtudil their encouragement from a
-vork l.ose aim it shall be to sirlke bloYs in their le
fetiee. The Messengr will, as herciouire. H'eseu! iisrea.lers
1 prize of
1 0 d .
1 do
s do
20) do
i'i ." ! do
( i 3 do
I2ii do
3. tie-; do
23.-13ii do
27, Si 1 prizes ai.ioi:
C'!i i
1 pel" of
1 ilo
1 do
2 do
2 do
- do
2 11 io
ib-; do
iiti do
i.21- .lo
o".7 10 do
3..3if. i.rk-s.
i i -;- . .
V.'e invariably re
eio.'ii;:, tie- tick--:.- i
OV'U-. we send the
jiiauatieu of the
i'll:.' .- bough: rt. ii
after tin- drawing it
Notes of any State,
et-- at per. For o-!
eei e: lotae,
silver. Carrespoinle
in ihe gii la -j ! y a ;
fir no mi.-ea; ring, s
ilii'ected to us. lie
Ollice. Cuuu'y and ;
t rial, von cannot b
trad m iv make V!(
There ,,,::: bo 'no
Oct. 1 I ii
' ; i I.
: . i
f ill
I e
1 ! f,
'l'o. n
t'cin :;
. . . . . ' .... : -.
2 ''"";''.- V N7e;.ib;':nVw.-l vs'; s , j ;
n a-: ;:,-; hen. f m ar -he l'ayei i.-vi'.le iui.1 Western Plank Koad. iii ihe ! cr or ot she is drifting again into a war with
. i . ,,: t t oni t r.i midst ufa very h--;. : i hy.mora! and intelligent neighbor- j . '
. aud it will ther.-iore be free Irani many ot the o'iwi.i. onu u.i tiu inc.. aui u, uu. aui
li.igudlucnees which so much endanger the health ;s there a French nut ii who knows where France"
nereis of st mleiiis in Town and Villages. I .f, , . . . . . .,
order thai the benedts of the Institution may be will be a month hence whether in the arms o!
n ti;e i each ofali. the follow ing low rates of lui- It,l?si;, .'iirninst Entrhilid, or with England
on c-'-r session, payable m advance, nave neeu auopt- . . ....
against, iusia. ii wetauue um w tins cuu
tineiit, look at Mexico; with civil war raging
internally. Eike a Vegular volcano, it is deep
down in her heaving breast, and sending for
thrup thousand Americans, td come to her
succdrv Central America is as badlV off as any
pdutitry can conceive, and notie can tell if WaU
kcr will be in power one week hence, or what
i will be the result of his government, ultimately
' -.,, i,r. l,.tT.i,. .wif mF iix . t 1 A . in. i-i. ..i .ilenn
TIM - Pit I .- -ill , :,il Llll.. XIV. Allll . IIUl Ul ULII LI ill 11.II1-.I 111. tl.VlllV
! 1. "' ".' -i- id tins lu.-titut.on will be resumed on 1 - a
on, i ay tin- :;',: January .n xt. ! but of this wliole continent. There is no doubt
Tuit:.-.u j..-r Scs,ion; Spiling S. Common En-j Mv Sou,0 j,as COIICOeted with him the scheme
s.-s.i. N.l-iti'iii sj... Ancient, L;iu-I . . . ,
iiu.-s. : i ' .-';n.-!.ui;.- are prepared for the Soph, j of some Southern confederacy to seize Cubit
ci.-.- in t.. '".yrsiy oi .. c. i and re-e.stablis!i tiie slave trade and slavcrj:
i 'ie p p.-t t-as caa.-g.- ot tne comnioil.ous Stew-; . J ..
i tail. 'Miei-e oo:rd c.iii be obtidncd a .?iS per liUHilh. i I'llCyA'ecKoll Oil tlJO SUOpOl't OI the feOUtll, bit?
j with what reason is not so plain. Such is thd
Kngii.-!!. aeeoi-.ii'ig to ilv:inccment, s-lu lo !M..
l. il n. i Ire. k, French, ami highei branches of Mathe
1 1 a 1 1 s . S i e .
L'.oelloni Ihiard can b-i obtained at. Mr Arnold's at
S. and other houses iu the neighborhood.
Donald McDonald.
DecV 2a, I Sail 20dit
b- 1 1 . fs ss i ?- ii oc-iIfi-o
' n
! !!-.: g
n pr.
m-.i i tail, a nere ooard
ee-':,-;. e oi :, iisldg'ai;.;. io:;i,i iighi--
e -iO.i-rr-1 --. I .!-tio.i i;av;;bin if reenired." 1
t iie travel.';. g public arc- als ini'ormed that comforta- sittUltlOti tff things OH" this , little: g!ob?y-t,.t -tljJD,.
ol" , u.-co:.r, io,,at!o. is can. be obtained at the Stewards
if; ,. ou ; . :-...,,. i-f. :s.
St.. I'.i.n.-, i 1 -c. 2n, I;. 2i-St
j present tiit?e.
re.-ii, i.
is. taey
fi -afet;.
o! .don
I lau.'.i"
Muni word Ur. t ill. A.i.h-e;-s
CO': MIX A'- CD.
.- Lii) Lost U.aee. ilad'move
i' -e
, " ' .-;
a in
i.CI v
lit, 1
or r
:-i Uuiu.j ''
j Pi.atk G i.ass I'or.isniNO. We had the pleas-
T -.-j trV-t,K- iii'e,- yesterday, of witnessing the operation of
" ' f: e.-io r oife. s I,,,- Si,i(. ids i, vXDS in Ilei -' "c 3" invented nia'ciiiiiciy for grinding and.
-:.. ;y. cous,sting of Three If.iu.lrcd and Nine 1 poliishing plate and glass for minors and
- . mor - or ! -,-;. su tat-d a id lying in the fork of" i - , . . , , - . ,. ..
,:..,i i'lm-r Little siiver. l wiM s-'l s-11 windows. It is at once a model ot simplicity
:; r or in lots to suit t!i purcliusei
i pa;vha -e will do well to exam
re won 1.1 J ." uselt
Those wish-. tind cflectiveness. The vrindintr apparatus con
iue the L'tnds, as . , . , , ,,. . . . p
' l sists ot a circular ilisk oi cast iron, ten leet in
a. Out' ci
H tim a'ec. u a-a.-d Laud ou the premises on ; dimatci", revolving iii ii horizontal plane, by
iriher parFieu'iart apiiiv 'to John Small. or mv-! t!,e "s,,aI "ncc-liniik-al arrangements of pulleya
-'.veusvilie. N. C.
e i : ;
Owetsv;n . Dee. 1.5, 1 2 it
'? u -: i'--i-:s'riNiz s.-i'spi-x' ion.
and gearing. Ott this disk the frames contain
ing the articles to be polished aie placed, aud
each of thein is held by two arms, to which an
ax is secured, leaving the frame free to revolve
TV" C'
- - KJ' JS
UUt.nriad and Ui
Novels, Tule, Tmcch, T2asnti, 2'oems,
Cri.'i'pirSj and Uapers on I 'a Army, Nracy and
ether National Subjects.
With a vi 'T to ensure a larger circulation of the
MFSSFXOLiL the Proprietors though they intend
id fiftv a -res of this tract, which will not be oT.-reJ J greatly increasing the siiie.of the work, have ret
c- sale". i'lie iat -re -I in reversion will be dispose, : ut' ! the price of Supscriptiun, v.hich is now only
T'utc I'Ctlars prr. nnnuiu, in Ativanrc,
HAS j'.-! ive-ived a very larg.? an i ....
meat ol' OOODS Among which are.
French and Lngiisl; Merinos :
Do. Lefaii, s. Pi-itn and I' i;.;.-.-,-:..I :
Dress Silks. Fi-M ue i Piaiii :
I5!ack Fiib-i. M-t--:
Si-eves and Co liars :
Ci.uhs, -s a ,d Safins :
Dear and Nem o Llau In-ts :
3-1 to 12-t iiieaeiied aud lirown ibunesl
(ieni 1 emeu's iieady-M :de Clothing.
t urpettng. ( .oo , a nd L,
Loots and Shoe :
Anchor Polling Cloth ;
Kerseys and Lid-eys :
Irlsii Linens. Oradi ;
Talfle Diaper it nd Napki
"With nianv other orticl
chased by the Package, w
by whol-'sah- or retail.
Nov. S. i -..I '.
ir !; -u appointe.l inspector of a aval Stores. under the action of the disk. Sand and water
T-o-.M to perform all duties in nfy line of:
-r at the Liver or iu Town. I have a j ule then supplied; and the plates are wont
! com: nodi ou -. W A II IXI lo US 1" on the ' to a level, t he uiifonni.iy of the motion securing
I'O ,l".p:e Street. aii'l call be found at the e ., , . - . , r ... "
: . m. Ca i.ob.-lFs when wanted. a pcritfctly uven reduction of t.i3 surface. C
! nk pie-.i-urv' in nUendiii"- to tins business of : witnessed the n-rimliii.r'of ni.o of t,ls tliiek sl.nli?
.:..-,r i..;,,.,.'. 1,.,,,,. i .. i ,.n : i..
i ie.-"' . s'e.-e ,..!,, ,A. ri;,. ',,.'(,',, .,.,,,,7 m,- of "lass furnished bv the W illiatusbnrgh Maun
b" as moderate
an v
! vAW do in v i.ii v to b .
2'). I '
bo vt-r am!
;;e can expect. ; factory, a specimen rcsemblitig wlitcli was c:.-
hibited for sotne time in the vestibule, of the
.: its r:;;r.Liii"ai: dlcue.
P-i'dislicI, diss StH Tlu-nsaofl :
i City Hall.
I In about two hours all the inequalities were
; reduced to a plane. The polishing apparatus
jiutolvcs the-samo gtiic al mee'.ian.i al fealu e ;
j witlj cpi tain motlilications, which have been
s. -ill of Vvh
il u : oal:re:i
21b If
C i.t.iiy ol Cob
o i on 1 1: id;-;"
: I ' ' : e ; . de,v
ii 111 : '..i ri il . e '..
' I ':' .' r- A KIl'W Wot! IKS OX TIIK H.tTIOXAh TliHAT-
- f see- A :;;m-. with lit Medicine, of S ju r it: a i oi ihea or found tieessi ry . It is impossible to explain
:U;;1;;;: ! ;&: Weaki.-ss. Noumul Emissions. (Jen- j t, , v.iri;...s advantages of the HiachfltCTT. It
- '"-.a ,(.. . a . : . i Nervous Dehl ! V. 1 m oof ene v. ainl nun-, i- ;
ineu'is to Aiarriage gepeiii-ly. j can be seen at No. 100 Walker street, during
ill" ii. I'll I.AMIV, At. f.
CLUBS Peruitiing t:s Fifteen Dollars in one gO 1 V F-"! ? A- T' " J tfi
eutii'ed to Six Copies. j
A . i r e, - . j -
e Sinclair place.
The Editorial and Critical department of the Mes--(
sengcr will continue under the charge of
j .JOilX 11. 'I'3I03II'St)X, Esir,
And will copious notes on current literature
l'ii.i, lion
to iae p i
oi .l " r .!:: :
..I", a n v.- cilllofs Mills.
. . "I ae re on rue J u a 1 p -r.
3 )i) acre- on Little Mdl Cre
u : i-r,'S i uti, , i. ,te. -.ui. 'Uiieian i -i t . - , , - . t
V .a;A' " " ".'. ; V - V, - " " i general interest and value. The Editor's opinions will i "" "' "'-'' "",
MiH 1 mioer o.i .. ,f a. Doming. ; te:,-!esdv e.vl bo,-tlv- ii,-,..v,-,i 1 srcoml floor; thus oua ding la
the various advantages of the inachfu'jrj.
can be seen at No. 100 Walker street, h:
j 1.111. 1. Vl..l L T, 1-1. IV, l. fill I tlllOiJ 11 U .111 1.....1...VI.V11
T!i Tmtiortant fact that the many alarinln" com- . , . , . .,,
plab,;-.. oiadaating iu t i.e i m pruden Je am! i ede of j in "ew lucchailical vcmciits Will Chjoy a
v . alio may be easily removed without .Medicin-:. i in I rich treat from witnessing its operations.
i : es ; ::;.: i 1 raet. cleiiriv dei!ioustr;ita'd: and the entii elv i , . , , , ,
I. v,- and highly successful treatment, as ad... led l.y I I U order to sho W t lit Xtclrt of tne tlcmatltl
the Author, fully evphiiu-d by m-a:is of which every (oj. j.. tc .,S!, wc wer',V Miforpicd that tllC
e:;e :;.:d io euro htuselt lieriectlv ami at the; '
hereby avoiding all the advertised ; value ol the poitsue-l plaic glass, imported at-
i this port alone, in ten months, was four millions
retain iy i A r-a-', , .
JSSithem. thev have b
accoutm a.iu
:-i bv t ie
i i a -ae
i o a a
. e. . -. . , ,
!.;.! p- ssibb- cist, the
ina-traiii- (d tie: (lav.
t ... ,,,, ,..!,!,',, . ,..i;; o.,U ,., f,... Ti. e.o1...t
nveion by 'remitting Ipo-.t paid ;' t w postage of dollars. The total importatiiiiis per annum
be i 'i:. it . nr. t .a:
Dee. 13. 1.
- . to . i. ........ a. -. i .. .a.,- .. i i ;
., )o acres on m,w , .... ... n ..i ........ . s. .uu tc, i:,,,;,,., ,,.tini ,,lP.,-.l ! nn.ti.v.
i h S i" v M li i Ti ni'i u' o
ugiied, to whom all comuiuaieatious oi a business i:
tare must he addressed.
Law liuibiing, Franklin Street. Kichmoud, Ya,
June 1. Is5;.
e no in iv ia or in -:u .. .in
tli 'iuselves to an increase. 1 t
i...:i ... xc ii. , . . i
....ii aeres near ai'iiir i . ii i-ige. -muci sine oi ni ;
Diver. I
.; i a.-r s. iae'.u-ling the Miii-ra! Spring near the I
Mill - form -riy Col. M irehisoii's. j
:;t 0 a-res o'i (rt'o.r Creek, near t'ic Fayetteville and f
y"est'-ru Piaak Load.
.V! a-u-es o f'f North Prong of Anderson's Creek, j
Aba. an uu -livid 'd iuleres.fc. being one-third of two
r.-.ts iu the Twn or i'.-,vcttevl!le. on lluwan . Street. !
know n astb .Van -1 rou id.,t -; ;ln,j ;n s: acres of Land ; TINE LAND in Harnett county, known as the Parker
O.i the South side of Little .Hirer, noar Elliot's Mills. j uud McNeill land-:, joining Win. Il-.u r'ngto-iV, land ou
, t- 4.-. i Coper Little Uiver. There is some 200 acres ef the
I . .s, r . ! , " , . ... , r,-, !
o -st-q:iai,iy or low erounas ou nie jivcr. i ue up i p., crv-bi r t,-.tve) b-r-- i.e a
red;t of six months, will he lauds are heavllv timbered with pines, and within six ! f r p i r",-j
ce,u .V.J.
ri iu i to
Five seventh f the FARMING AND TL7RPEN-
to their jatras.
ipacious .Sjtabies atiach-M and o .ireful
The eligi!il j location of tie- Ii u ab'M;-.; .:l
experience of the Proprietors in piovi id:
comfort of their patrons, tii -y h-.-pe will seen;
a liberal share of tie' trav. l.
Tiie Western an I S'ieru Stu
from this House.
Carriages in attendance o.i arrival a:
Steam Pouts, ibr the. a -oaiuie 1 .,rbii
Hors.-s and "..':.. .. far uh 1. 1 a-,
1 1 " 1 1 a
snb-ci-Ibers tjeg lea v.- to a. 1 vise their eiiomer':
: . . ii.:. .:.! , .. i i. i . ... ...
I ui'.y iie rj.iucu eniii'!. i.iiiiaa uc ies loan
eight liiiilietis sip. are feet of polished ".his.c;
Without dtmbt the new machinery will i fleet
an entire revolution iu the manufacture.
aad Mereii, nits ireneraliy. that they have recei'. e.;l j It is purely one of those great American in-
. iri an I eo cr to roe -ivc the balance of their recent j ', , - ,. , , . , ,
p-i-e!:eses in a f-w da vs. Tleer Stock will be much j Vei.tious to whose Burprcmacy the world yields
tor "
..j tiie
: arrive at a i . denari
At th' same time, on
12 si; ares of Stock iu ihe Fayetteville and" We-toru
Plank Road.
c) -'circs of Slock ui th j I-ayctieviile an 1 llalelgt-4
Pl-.i'ik Road.
sh ires i i th. 'Cape Fear aud D ep River Naviga
tion Conip.ieiy.
10 is A uvs iu tlu C iniberla-ul Aevlaiv. And an un
divided iiUerest in the. Ch '-.eAe-il Appa- iM-is thercin-
Th '-" sale: ;.! ;n v ie ab ler a power ia the Will of
ta-i late Henry Elliot.
Dec 20. ISoO, 20.1
For particulars apply to
Nov 20. 3 SAG. 2C-if
1) McARTHirR.
J. W. M. ICAV.
A- lirtc rate S ADD
57 j AI
Ai V ciillCU.
iisV , "Vbf- bAPIM.i. uun iiAilMSS
l''5"? AKI-dOs. w'e-.n good wages and steady
.l$i '-n-pybt 'n - t,e given. " Apolv at
uurf oiiiee, or av;.
MZlinlon, N. C.
Fa vi-l-te iu i-L
.v 12. is
t1 T 1
t.'iti It--
Oct. 21. 1
C O ?l el I S T ox "
F VYr.TT'AV t: .Id:"..
A iri nt f ,r J,a : tori Cm . e-..: :
.eci;.. y :,i a': b i ei. .
;;: i: a :
t f '...-.
J ie ;,l-4 ci
1 -1 i
For which the highest rash price v.-HI be a'd. A .:
Oct. 1, lHA'C. A. M. C.YMFHEL!.,
A. i.
t- ,-
, D. c
t .
1 ivg.-r an.l m;re complete Plan they .have ever o.Tered.
aibi'ecing a geuerai assort ni'-ut of
Together with
(iru:ruriaid Ciiiienj, TI allow Vare$
S;:dd.-r,j, SW, 7 to '.cr, S,-c,
'. o." v.h'e'i l-.i'.-e b -e u bought by one of (he firm cx-c-.d
v i-..r the o'':oi"-.u-.: Ti'.ele. Their term.: will be
a A ;: t e A .re. on the usual time to prompt dealers.
; cash n,i .'.'is a reasonable die';i ti I Sill ha im'ide.
l av ttcville. Augf. 13, It-Ati. 11-ff
"MO RE" El7i"TS"
.T j; EC LIVED amdh r Lot of super iine'CASI
.A ; ili E 1"! V i'S. - Also, on hnivl a good sunp.y of Silk,
i ,c" -.,.! l.i ,-,-l':.-.'piv own make. .
' - " DAVID -GEE.
Jr. .nr. 3. IsA7. ' 3!-tf
tribute and that works a revolution in the"
branch of indnsfry it is applied lo.
It ranks in importance with Wood worth'..
Planing Machine and MeCormit k's Ueap-er.
Iu perfect simplicity, the case and certaii fy
witli which it docs its v. ork; are the fa st iin '
presyiotiS realised on viewing its pjr;i t ioti.
tin; re' is no ihfiicatC gearing and cegging ;
nothing to demand any other attention than u
.'ornnifMi laborer can giro, nothing - lo proclucn
wear and tear or deraiienu nt of the Jit timi;
'Ihe natural,' mocha n 0U! h:a! Ik -unit a a!
laws are allowed to do the work, ami ns in ail
eases when nature a oi ks, ihe labor is p-crformcd
without tii'i cost cntaihd where urt.Ccial incait-;
are ri sorted to for attaining the result. It
i.etion illiistrntcs the - simplicity and harmony
with which Nature, works ont great rcsnlts.
X. - "v.

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