North Carolina Newspapers

I ft:
- V fuel'
,r -
For single copy, if paid in advance, fcer annum, $2 0l
u at the end of 3 months, 2 5"
.. i ' . - at the end of 6 months,- 3 00
4i " at the end of the year, 3 50
No subscription will be fceeited for a shorter period
than one year unless paid in advances .
i "With the view of extending the circulation and en-
7 hanging the usefulness of the paper, theproprietor of-
r... tlA fll,:,. ..on. avlrnhlv InW
J t ' I copies of the Carolinianv 1 year, $8 00
jrL':-' 10 " " " ' 16 00
tcAi f iV . ;7 ' "V Rates f Jdwrtyaj i 7
;ft.fujbiueng laser utjess lic
la published tot -more man two mourns,
: charged -
. rr r months. - - - ' 6 00
r br For twelve months, ----- 10 00
Al advertisements must have the desired number of in.
sertlons marked on them, ortherwise they will be in.
3erted till forbid ana cnareea accorainiiy. special
attention is directed to this requisition.
list WM. F. WIuHTMA.i & UU.
---i , "
Attorney at Law , KayettevlUe, BT. C.
Office at the corner of Bow and Green streets.
FeVy 3, 1S5S.
' ATTEXD3 the Courts of Cumberland, Harnett,
Wake and Johnston. -
Address, Toomer, Harnett Co., N. C.
Feb. 16. 1856. 85-y
Attorney atLaw,
: FAlETfEVIHE, 3V, C .,
May be consulted atbe Law Qmce of Jese G. Shep
herd, Esq., on Green Street.
July 19, 1S56. 7-f
Itiorner I Law.
, Having removed to PITTSKORO, N. C.. will attend
rctiarly the Courts of Chatham, Moore and Harnett
'.JfcWril 14, 1856
8 14 Acres of Land, lying on Cilpe Fear River Store,
Dwelling, Out Houses all in tirst rate order. The Store
A ; , ,i tin.- h7iiri stand at the Uross Koaas ana toe
Any person desiring to purchase Canobtain further
particulars respecting the property by caning en
cither pf us at Willis' Creek on the Wilmington Koad
15 miles from Fayetteville.
Oct. 4.' 18-tf JAMES WRIGHT.
W. P. Elliott,
51 51 I S S I OSf M ER C H A
Arcnt for Lutterloh & C'o.'s Steamboat Line
Uen.l promptly to all businese entruttj to hi
Will atten.l pro
ect. 21. ISoli..
21 -tf
Five sevenths of the FARMING AND TURPEN
TINE LAND in HarneU,county, known as the Parker
and McNeill lands, joining Wm. Harr ngton's land on
Upper Little River. There is soma 200 acres cf the
bet quality of low grounds on the River. The up
. "lands are heavily timbered with pines, and within six
iniles of the Fayetteville and Western Railroad.
For particulars apply to D McARTHUR.
J. W. McKAY.
1856 29, 26 tf
A. M. Campbell,
East side of Gillespie street,
Fayettevii.i.e, N. C.
October 1. 1855
Nearly opposite to E. W. Willkings' Auction Store
Fayetteville, N. C.
Oct. 1. 1856. y
A few likely servants. men, boys and girls.
highest price will be paid Dy caning upon
Feb. 14.
Have now in Store their SECOND STOCK of Sea
sonable Gooiis, which they wilf oner lo the WJrSlesale
Trade very low for Cash, or on the usual time to
prompt paying buyers. ,,.,,
May 2, 1857. ' 4S-tf
For pxesarving Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. Pints
' Quarts and Halt-Gallons, at 52 40S.'. 40. and $5 25,
per dozen, respectively. For rtRS at the Crockery
Store. - W. N. TII.LINGHAST.
Also, Fresh Supplies of CHINA, GLASS
WAKE and Table Knives:
' June.20, 1&57. 55-tf
Valuable Lantl for Sale.
The subscriber offers for sale) entire lands, inclu
din" about eight hundred acres, lying lifteea milets
ahove FaYettevilte and five miles from the mouth of
lower littl'river. The land is level and healthy and
well adapted to farming; there is about one hundred
nnrl fift v ae.res cleared and under a fine state of culti
vation. I tt ill sell if all together or in small tracks to
suit purchasers. For further partictlars apply to the
subscriber on the premises.
19. 7-tf
THE undersigned ha vine executed a power of At
torney to E. F. Moore, he is thereby authorized to make
all settlements for me in my name, . and generally to
transact all business as I might or coukl do were I per
sonally present. ; . J. MUUKi.
June C, 53 tf"
J&bor Wanted 'CjfiKigEiggjBi
w tfifteeDollara and Hoard ner month
(with pavments monthly) for randon toe Bail Koad.
or 75 cents per dayVftonthly hands preferred. Apply
to Mr Carroll, ou the work IS tailcs West- ?f Fayette-
June 20 3t . '"-
the undersigned will pay the i5,,tJl?S
as i IrfiariHburfitb, -HicbnK40 eouatyv
Yf lITNti N Ki K.U fc3. ieiws uu. ;
LatlrinbUrRh. Jan'y 3, 1857. 31-tf
Hoving a few years age. under the influence of de
clining hea-lth, purchased the well known Jackson
Springs, and now not needing them for mysyTf, and
tinding a general desire through the country that these
Springs should be occupied and made available to'tbe
publicDas a Summer watering place, I have resolved to
These Springs are on Jackson Creek, Moore Co., IN.
1 ... . - " . C .I .
G. The virtue and medical properties ui rac ki
m-oii i-nmirn the nrevailinc mineral is Iron, with
rarnps; &nd Sulnhur also present. There isafall of
water passing by the Spring, by which machinery
Id be driven, so as to elevate water into bathing -
ri. nr vpn r.oiivev water to the dwelling house
Every natural facility is present to make this a place
of novel, interest, with small investment. In connec
tion with the Spring is a body 243 acres of Land, part
of which is under improvement.
This property having once been fitted up for a water
ing place, all the necessary houses are already there,
and in tolerable good order. The Cherrw & Coal
Fields Railroad will pass as near the Springs as yie
proprietor would wishi
From inquiries made of me last summer, I suppose
that more than three hundred persons would have
gone To these Springs during that season if the house
had been open.
It is thought unnecessary a give further details as
to this property. The Jai kson Springs are too well
known to require it. Those thinking of purchasing
will inform themselves about the property.
Warranted titles will be given, and such time on pay
ments as may suit the convenience of a responsible
purchaser. Address, A. I). CAMPBELL,
Benucttsville, S. C.
June 13. 54-4t
ADAMANTINE and TALLOW CANDLES; fine i rrs . 1 1 n r - 1 t r rr n
7 i
Grocery line.
Chean as the cheapest!
FobV 7, 1857.
I II P llljjbiri' Willi Tl II I tnvolii
friends and customers that he can be found aV"We
Store cf C. E. Leete, where he will be glad to see
them. J- R- Mcdonald.
Jan. 17, 1857, 33-tf
r? . p. 1? k a ict; rc
is now receiving a beautiful and well selected stock of
Comprising a general assortment of all the latest styles I
ol Ladies" Dress Goods, Lace and Silk Mantles, Em
broideries of every description, Crape Shawls, Bonnets
Ribbons." Gloves, Belts, Hosiery, &c.
White and colored Linen Drilling,
English and French Drap d'Eta,
Bleached and brown Shirtings and Sheetings,
Irish Liiiens, Linen Table Cloths,
Towelings and Napkins. .
Leghorn, Panama, Bassimere and Moleskin Hats.
Umbrellas and Parasols,
Boots, Shoes and Reaily-Made Clothing.
All of which will be sold low for cash, or on the
usual time to punctnol customers. All persons (and
particularly the Ladies) are respectfully requested to
give me a call before making their selections.
Fayetteville, (Hay St.,) March 14. 1857. 41-tf
The undersigned was appointed by the last County
Court to take the Tax List for the Town, and will
proeecd to do so at his Store, the last twenty working
days in July, as provided by law.
Suly 4, 1857. 957 tlA.
Antiucli Academy.
Robesox County, N. C
The Fall session of this Institution will commence
on Wednesday July the 15th under the supervision
r,f Wm.J. Stewart, who. the committee are satisfied
will spare no pains to advance the interests, moral and
intelleftiinl of the mini Is. under his charge. Board
can be had in the neighborhood on any reasonable terms.
July 4, 57-2t .
liobeson Institute.-
The PTercises of this School will De resumed on
Monriav the 6th of July next. Rates of tuition as
hov..ltvrp viz: SB. S12. S15. and $18 per session
nnr-nrrlinir to ndvancemeflt. Board with the Principal
ot ti, Ktewnrii's llall at S9 ner mouth, exclusive of
wasliimr and lichtf. A deduction in Board will
made-as sopn as the present high prices of provisions
will justify. Board strictly in advance.
M. tUttltIC, 1T1IIKI1.
St. Paul's. Jufy 4, 2t
Robeson County
Court of Pleas' and Quarter Sessions
- May term 1857.
Joseph Thompson Adiv.r.
Charity Blount -Adnix. -of
William Blount dee'd
Original Attachment, Levied on two Slaves
Edmond and Fanny.
William Price.
It appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that
the defendant is not a resident of this State, it is or
dered by the Court that publication be made in the
North Caroliniau, a Newspaper published in the Town
of Fayetteville, foe the space of six weeks notifiing the
said William Price to appear at the next term ot the
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions to be held tor
the County of Robeson at the Court House in Lum
berton on the fourth Monday in Augmst next, and
then and there to plead or replevy or final Judgment
will be given against him and the property levied on
be condemned to satisfy the plaintiffs demand and
Witness Shadrach Howell, Clerk of onr said Court
at ofljce In Luuiberton the fourth Monday in May
A. D. 1S57.
July 4. 1S07. CS-Ct
mont of BOOTS P nAHClM
SeUn hud coloreA ? Ladies' and G ento of g
of svjmUl and beiutifiU pattera. wd ery ,
His stock iiLCBoicend caTe;-"J . 5f ITf '
- . - . . IT r ' - "J l. L i.
to pa- the samt
having aeTeritolVfc?-,l(A
erefor.- Vjii2i''1?'-
consideration therefor,
,INM0N. .
Leesville, Robeson Co.. N. Jh
Will give personal attention
all fnnsi crimen t8 of Nval
toti salc or shipment o!
Stores 'or otig country;
less entrusted'ffi his cure j
produce, and any ether bnsiueas
will be promptly
April 18, 1857. if
WATIOlfAI. police gazette:
Tt,;a nrt Journal of Crime and Criminals is it! its'
i T!tth-Vear, and is widely L, julated throughoat the
country. It contains all the'reat Trials. Crininal
Cases. :Jid appropriate Editorials on te samfl, to-1
Ho rniiii in auv other newspaper.
-O. Subscriptions, $2 per Annum; $1 for Six
Months, to be remitted by Subscribers, (who sluuSi: L
write their names ana rne town, county ana eram wiere
they reside, piainly,)
Editor ond Proprietor of the
"National Police Gazette,
New York Ciy.
June 6, Itit
POWERS Si. TROY, Propriets.
The Proprietors tf this Establishmen -announce
to the public! that owing to theson
stantly increasing patronage extended to
thom. thev have been induced to eulargftht
accommotlatioB by the addition of an extensive Duins
Room on the lower floor, and suit ot Rooms on the
second floor: thus enabling them to accommodat. alj
who may favor them with a call. And they plel;e
themselves to an increased exertion to give satisfac ion
i it. . : ..iAna
t : ciuio- iLttAched and careful OstlerMn
u;iiuua o"" -
I The eUHieJoeation of the Establishment, with he
! SfS;top5 will secure to tWsj
a liberal share of the travel. . . -
I The Western and soutnern a iges miiiiiiuw
trn House. - 2
- . . . nnrmrviwrcRiui.r
Horses and Carnages furnished at any notice for
earrvinc travellers to any part of the adjacent conntrvi
Fayetteville, May 12, 1856. 98-tf
The Furniture & Fixtures of tlu
The Subscriber having fully determined to sell the
above named property, now offer it to any enterprising
man unon liberal terms.
This Hotel enjoys a large custom from the adjoining
counties, and from the travelling public, with a pros-
rH?t of future increase. What it has done and is now
doing, can be seen by any one wishing to purchase, hv
referring to our dooks. ine situation 01 me uuiiu
. i . 1. ....... .. . . . f .1 .
ing IS SUCH as will cuimiittiiu me jfteiiuei jjiiifc ui un
For the amount of capital invested, mere is no busi
ness that a person could engage in that would pay as
11, 1856. 15-
The Subscribers having this day
leased this Hotel for a term of years, will be
pleased to see their friends and the traveling
nuljlic at tnis nouse. At tne same time v
hnne ther will be patient and bear with our imperfec
tions until we shall have put the House in such repair
as we desire.
J. TJ. Roberts. ' F. M. Roberts.
March 1. 1856 - ';
James C. -Smith.
fc. CO..
Commission Merchants
Hare removed their office ta the second story of the
building former-Jr occupied Dy ine f. eiegrapo company
where they are prepared io aiienu so ait nuginess in mi
nmvimidainn line. :
All business entrusted to them will be punctually
attended to. " .
Wilmington, October 1, 1856 . y ', ,,
lev Oobds.
The undersigned have received int Store their re
cent purchase of GOODS, embrncinir a large am
general Stock of CROCCRIEt, 119 . HARD WAKE I
Which they will sell ou their usual accommodatin.
terms. . G. W. WILLIAMS & CO.
March 14,1857. 41-tf ;f .
e. f. rrioonE.
- Wholesale Crater and CmaiMlonBIerclian
Has just received in Store.
215 Barrels Whiskey and" Brandy, '
35 and hhds. of Sugar ass'td
75 Sacks Rio Coffee,
200 " Salt.
50 boxes Soda Biscuit.
Candies. Soaps, Candles, Snuff. Cigars, &c. ic.
All of which will be sold ou liberal terms.
March 14, 1857. -s 41-tf
nead Quarters 33 Regiment)
"Vnrth Carolina Malitia. )
Fayetteville, June 25th l8' m
The following Companies having failed to elect om
cers are hereby ordered under the command ot un
lowing Captains. Flea Hill Company to Capt. i
Bullarof Locks Creek. Seventy First company
Capt. W P Smith. Quewhiffle. They will in all r
pects obey the order of said Captains.
dt order uoi. u. r. L,
1 Belt, and buver will nna n,w -
AiVMf - : " . v . "I TO ODfjr ,ooo "K."". .It V estV-
Vri.l . J I "-non - . -j., - .j.iJ'iSi "Vlv 5
' -. Of a ; oc' - at
.1LKnftil Sooth-or West of . ronsyvajiia
Sn,l(. sister States on th4Nprtf and Soutfi,
M . ... . W.l u: 1 r
ther ot wiucn wr' Tam
I..o .ihliKli the Central, and the bouthern
(esbyterran, ior ine wenens oi
Ilhe time lias come when tiie. rremjiermn
luirch in North Carolina sliWild nsewise au
v duty to her chirflren. it is a coneeaea anti
important fact, that hundreds of our member
JjH take a State paper who will take no other
T,)e iaper s needeA3 be the oran of on
mem uers
Ivnod and Presbyteries'- -to elevate and en
J. .. - r k ttlffucinir
ghten the piety of our membership by diffusing
S'nn.rf.lical knowledge tb promote the cause
if Education to develope. the talents of onr
1 - , . ' , "".I i...l ..f .f
ilinistry, ana to strengthen ine. anai:uic- '
ur people to the sod and eauctuanes ot uieir
vvn State.
If our Church in other States, and other
hurches in this State, cau supply, their mem
bers with a religions journal, why may not virj
Ari North Cnrolina Presbyterians interior m
Jalent, energv and patriotism to their neigimuis
n the North or Southj or to Christians of
ihtlipr "rlpnmniii.itions at home? With the
. . . 1 1
same or better opportunities of accomiiisnin-..-
this work, sliail we leave it iitKloner in iut
lari"-uage of one of onr most able and usenii
Ministers, an adopted son of our State, it
onsht to have been undertaken 20 years agf
but it is not too late to begin to do right.
In the last two or three months, a land of
about $5000 has been subscribed as a perma
nent capital. At a meeting of the contributors
held at Geesborough on the 14th of Mjf, r
Rev. A. Baker, Chairman. the Taper was un
animously located at Fayetteville, nnder 1ji;
name and title of the JSortA Carolika
rytf.riak. Rev. Wm. N.Meb:iite an
Gpnr-'e McNeill were elected Editors: Kev.'
Messrs. George McNeill. Wm. X Mebalie, A
BuUer and C. H. Wiley, and - Messrs. George
McNeill, Sr., John II.. Cook and David Mur
phy were appointed an Executive- Qominittee,
ro establish the Paper and manage its bus'mess
. It is onr. wish and design to make the ssoarn
Carolika Fresbyteriax a journal of the first-
lass, eouai to the best in the country in typo-j
rranhicai appearance and in adaptation to uiu
wants of our Churches. Its columns will atlord
the latest intelligence, both foreign and domes
tic, and special care will be taken to give a inn
and accurate summary of State news. The
lame of the Taper is designed to be an expo
nent of its character and contents. J rora con
viction, it "ill advocate the conservative, or
thodox', Old School doctrines and order of the
Church. .
Our first appeal is to our own people io
r. Presbyterians, w niist we reiy coiumeiinv
upon their favor, we trust that the native sons
nf North Carolina who have found homes in
other States, and the adopted citizens of our j J
State who form so important an element in um
Ministry and membership, will take a deep ,
interest in this enterprise, ana jr1 it
hearty support.
Terms: $2 per annum in advance, or on de
livery of the first number; $2 50 in six months
41 at the end of the vear. To clubs of 25 or
more paying in advance and when the Paper I
is sunt to one address, a discount ui i p11
rent, will be allowed. Our Ministers and
Elders are earnestly desired to act as Agents,
ami all others friendly to the cause wiM please
assist in procuring as many subscribers as possi
ble, and forward the names, by August 1st, to
this Office. As soon as 1500 subscribers are
obtained, the first number will be issued. If a
faithful and vigorous effort is made in the next
two months by those Ilho take a lively interest
in this work, we will without doubt, be able to
be.rin the publication at the end of that time
with a paying subscription -list of at least 8000.
ggr Address, Editors of the North Carolina
Presbyterian, Fayetteville, N. C.
Faycttaville, May 20, 1857.
now receiving his Snrintf and Summer supply of
olting CLOTHS, &c., all of which, being purchased
y the case, will be offered by Wholesole or Retail tit
March 28.
Has just received a large and general STOCK OF
GOODS suited to the Fall and Winter trade, consisting
of a choice selection ot
Stanle ljl Fancy DRY .GOODS,
r.,,.1 fihnra. with almost everythins de3iratle in
that lino
Goods sold at the lowest prices for CASH, or ex
changed for country produce.
Sept. 14. 185B. !y-Pd
THE Subscriber having, at June Term 1857, nf the
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions for the County
of Cumberland, qualified as Administrator upon the
Estate of Willie F. Moore, hereby notifies persons hav
ing claims a-ainst the said Estate to present Ihe same
properly authenticated within the time prescribed by
law, otherwise this uotice will be pleaded in the bar
of thic recovery. .,, , .
Debtors to the said Estate will please make payment
immediatelv. h- MOORE.
June C, ' jS tf
IMnnmrr . i
11 im j n UAliOLlNIAN
: Mnf of i
An .Edinburgh paper states tVat an nnnsnal
crowd lyas recwtly. fleeted at the foot of
Warnston Close, io thai ritv ntf ,
thne in
tn een
. : . a" " " vy lite
geptlemart, who sm.js with iote
on a
so hke her mitber I
It's jist herr--!by
lr could tlra, come frae ?
" ' ""
dochter ! What are ye a' glourin' at?
Whar's tlie man that's sellin my ain flesh and
blood ? an' in a Christian kintra, tae !" The
shouts of the crovd, and the load declamations
of the stranger, brougIrta young, man to the
door to asccrti.??. the cause of- such an nnusnal
disturbance", anit imagining the" gentleman was
intoxicated, he called out Mr Giles to quell
the threatened riot. When ttiat gentleman ap
peared.ome boys called out, "That's the man
'that sells your dochter." The stranger rushed
upon him, declaring that picture ;.),e should
have, though it should cost him ten pounds.
Alarmed ai the impetuosity of the man, he
was invited in, when, after a little time hadiW
ehinseri hp. burst, into si flnoil of t.p.nrs. "DearAA
dear sir this is strange ! Whar dW you get I
yon pic,ture? Oh, takt out o' the window !
Gie into my ain hand ! Til trie ony money
for't." "After examining it minutely, he asked
in a subduec? tone how it came into their pos
session, and was informed that a young lad-.
sat for it a levy days previously, and, not cas
ing according to promise, he put it in the win
dow as a specimen. "It has been so ordained,
then, an' I may see her yet : you'll be the
means of restoring her to me. Six years ago
J left Montrose, after my wife.'s death, to go
America, leaving Nelly-with her grnndmoth-
. . , " . ... r.i
3t-r. un my return, -1 learnea my puir uiitnei
l,'is dead, and Nelly had left home to seek ser
ice in the Lothians. Fruitless endeavors to
discover her refreat have since been made ; but
uoo Trovideiice rhani.-4a '3irected me here, for
riven to the original, Alre-fati
ite of the stranger
became pale as ashes, nntil bope whispered,
."Nelly micht ca' hersel' yet, and glad him wi'
la sweet word as wee! as her ain look ;" which
was verified by the Identical Nelly stepping in
for her picture, apologising for not being pane,
tual to her appointment ; and great was her
surprise when she listened to the tale of the
strange gentleman who took away her portrait.
But greater still was Nelly's joy and happiness
when she learned the strange gentleman was in
an adjoining inn, anxious to behold her, when
she, full of anxiety, rushed ft the appointed
place, and, in a lew minutes, was locked in a
lather's fond embrace.
Snuff "Dipping". Of all the detestable, ob
noxious, offensive, unnecessary and filthy imi
tations, which dear woman is guilty of inherit
ing from fallen, depraved, corrupt and wicked
man, that of snuff "dipping" stands pre-eminent.
How the second edition of of an angel,
the ve plus ultra of heaven's best workmanship,
the idol of man, the diamond of song, the gem
of prose and the crowning glory of humanity,
can concentrate a tea or table-spoonful of a
pulverized poison that would kill a hogj des
troy a dog, and prove certain death to every
living animal except a tobacco worm, is to its
totally at variance with all philosophy, reason,
scripture, taste and refinement,.and utterly in-
omprehensible. We wish it were a dream;
we wish it were a romance; we wish it were
not so; but sad reality presents us the picture
of an angel of beamy, with a heavenly smile, a
rosv cheek, the eye of a gazelle, standing erect
Tu all "Wer majesty, rlsrfraling-ifi liCr robes Sf sHka
and diamonds, her form reflected in a-costly
mirror, with a chiuqnepin stick nicely cramped
between her white fingers, with the end in a
box of snng, and regularly applying it to her
sjiining, rosy lips and mellow tongue! Give
us our'hat: we must go and take something to
Under the heading of a "happy thought,'
the Sierra Citizen says "the rumored death of
Dr -Kane, wlrch came by the last steamer,
proves too trne. The adventurous navigator
lias emuarKeu npun ma - !"0v..
found Sir John Franklin!"
ParsoH of" he Methodist church,
i;.,.. i l,n hnrk- settlements oi
i was ii.nti.i.s ...
: : i ctnnnerl at a cabin, where
an old
I . , - . . 1- ...-lltr
fter setting
ladv received nun vuiy r.....j.
. 4- oi.. iwiran to nuestioil
nrov sions oeiore unu, -- .
h m : "Stranger, where mont yon be from?
"Madam. I reside in oneiuy . ; y
.,ir.ii f-v,i- done no offense,
bat what
Hii, . r - ,..7" Vfa.lnm
I am searching for the lost sneep tc t. ..
of Iae "John John!" shouted the old
Ldv 'come right here this minute ; here s a
i?aVr.H the way from Shelby
5-!!SddblaekJ"m thS
out vou be a dom' way up 7 '
lite mail ia"s'c-"i --- c . , , ,.,
i 71
this little Worl v
religion thetPtlCt
?ja'zarus andCTi
and 'in . common rrf
UiSuOii yott had jonea the chufclf
t yotl
..SdI did,' answered aocje Billy
desperate 'effort to stand sliU, 's
and otild ablira good Baptist
treated so everlasting mean aFlfG w
Dit..,t you neVer hearfabout it Jeemes?
'Then, I'll telf yon 'bontit; You see wj;
we come to the baptizing place, tbai -'Es' rne
and old Jonks, the rich old Squire war to bo
dipped at the same time. Well, the-, minister
tuck the Squire fust, b'ut I "didn't tvind Jhat
much as I thouglit 'twould be jest as good when,
I cum; so he led him in, and after dippin' hitn
under, he raised him op 'niitey' keerful and
wiped his face, and led him out. Then come
my turn, and instead of lifting me out like he
the Squire, he give me one slosh, and lett
rrawlimr about Oil the bottom like a d d
mud turtle!
Where is tiie Credit? Many of our ex
changes, since the loss of Kansas to the South
are makingV5 inquiry. They remind us of a
fellow yg3fa alight admits the w hip;-iir
not wilting to acknowledge the ' true ' cause.
in his own foil.Jt charges everybody v?-ith
foul play. So they are cliargmg air jjucnanaiy
the Cincinnati Convention, wot. aiaer, aim
or.rptnrv Stnnton. and the National Democ
racy. &c.
We have never had any initn in visikit,
biit Kansas was lost to the South before lie
ever saw it. We may charge it upon this
and that one, but our own folly lias lost her to
ns. A few weeks could not have affected such
a change. If Kansas was pro-slavery before
Walker's advent, it would be so now. The
Sonth, by her "masturly inactivity," deserves
Uuftredit. She vapored, gasconaded, made a
rattling, fussing display ending in nothing.
GJnJtrerpcn, your excuses willnot do Kansas
rn1ot to the goutli becauao the -JtSootb was
not trne to herself.
Domestic morality
The Boston Evening Gazette, in comment
ing upon the freedom with which the most dis
gusting portions of the testimony in the Dal
ton Divorce case is discussed in private circles,
A whole community has become demoralized,
and ladies who would, six months since, have
blushed at the mention of the crime.allnded to
in the seventh commandment, now talk of the
probability of Mrs Dalton's guilt with a free--dom
truly deplorable. Gentlemen of refined
.sensibilities condemn respectable newspapers
for giving a full report of.the trial, and eugerly
buv these journals, and iu some secluded spot
peruse the details wtth "avidity. A few days
since a friend of entered a family, and
while conversjna with tlie neau oi uie house,
- . . Wl. . ,!... V.J! t4r1a Ant
stated tnat irr-tjas pruteu iii
with different gentlemen at different timerCsft J
"No," exclaimed one of the daughters, 'thus
far ft is ouly shown that she rode out one." lU
What arc we coming to? Wouldn't it be Ajp
better for preachers wbo deem it tneir auir w
preach politics, to pay a little atU'btiono in
culcating lessons of morality? Bostof sadly
needs a few such. ' , , ,
Human natur' is humtiWifWfV' as old bta
t.leton used to sayi and jap matter how prim
and starched people mJTlpe ;n polite societj
5 tlioir closets, and-tf-twos and threes, the,
are fond of getting 4 he evidence in cases
divorce or adultw'-s yoa know yourself,
Gazette, dom! Jger demand. there was
o-et the nartir''vlind all the facts m the .
loch and Dal, cases j but your recomin
tion that brer crs should pay attention
.,int;nrr lr-" lis of moraliry. is a cood
Tell Jour Kallochs, FarriiigU
sonie Or. t lieaatilui morality nicy
nreacb. ftu Vir arhisKy-skins ami in
.t. ... ir srhisKV-skins ami inei
7n,-RVSRM 1" He is a lonunuu
o-e-aba(RlJ 12 ' s a fortnnat
wholt fee tbonsand dollars a
nntx, llii a tht! committal of a sin
laymen h fto pay well for. J
4 IN
There tleman in TJnio i N. H
will be oiiS htwNd and one years ojd
seventh of Jnls jis name' is Ralph Far
and a-stronc 4eCit-v V niade to induce hi
be present at tne"B er Hill celebration iij
Boston, he having part in the battle.
ITe declined iroing Ok ' account, ii mc u.c
tance; and when his son
-- ,
fifty or sixty
years proposed to accompany
he went, I.e did'nt want to be
icd "if
d witlf
the care of any children'." He says h
remember of ever being siek; but "believ
had a fever or something, eighty or
years ago."
Gen"conca and the Slve Tkade. V
Havana papers 'received by tnc last arrival of
V -? Isabel, copy .c Madrid correspondence of
the London times, stating that Gen. Conchit
had made $800,000 by the slave trade. They
discredit the statement, and give, as their
opinion, that the correspondence originated i j
letters from Havaaa.
't, O. FULLER, Adjataat
June 2T, 1857. i . 56-3t

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