North Carolina Newspapers

J Wear
of 'the
rftO.-l Ttlame me
old era."'
the Jutieqnid into J
-s Li.PiTreach vour io -,
I. W. WELCrr
t smoke my ci-rar. TiU
ad VOU. ohl mot.
' "-v-n.
ynr opium,
k, cat
. andlSl.OO"" - witb the putnequ.u j - niis
,nov floes tiot keep Ve.D lUtfyWli your lon . Uu"fctp.
TOe consequent advance lly Havana, and li, to llttt stiU
45ts-S "PJST has ;Lnda?etrn sec,
3? sPSSlon has re- ad aent roe
".u" city x ""7. i..SOn for me - wU.n stie.
sl: , ton ta .ue 6-;i.l?, T,n voice that P, ,t.lWK
w' tnD6"" i o .-. - . in t iv " "s'de
l.nnrc task
impost heaps
be savea j-" - oV- in aitcm
IT. . - 1 U ' . v -
consisting, -r
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rT .r f from a
or much.
v avoiding
ng thy
.cU more
of "erow-
Taiik. such as
lijariniTrom "th
lje Kot. I you not a lca..
rrscc where cotton v SOIUacli -Btm, small voice -ld
f c .loes seem to u , l - eloaueiWP
he-tEPuu. There ' '.t. " i "3ffi t ie Srow' i i
i"uJ" nnamy- -..wVifferencu f;ui ai my iu - lU,u ..
M-Wk, ,,4ii)TU tr i ...;.( io - i ... in Tilt uiv f w- it..
Stroiwr-"- , st. but ovwb .Jcrable ex- iWUicli nuncr y - 1(,resouietiia.
kinds in gencial " " ay cond cl isv p t pwrer atmospl. trc short? '
t uuality, one W an0ther. J -t P wbich S W,8t ,,teac
. tent be S. lltlnUoetMeUm
.iV,nir the prac- (Sea lswnu, ; - lQI) Btapie u the effectnaVty tome ,w.-
" " la .liicc ine uv, -t r00iiS, " ,r ;t ,? i.cit. oled OB ' '" i, tMrmi"'"'" "
laycrn 3 m he barn-ja. d ".arativeiy sma -. .mcmbeP .fvodak from a " - ty ,h e limited aeu - " ,nit ofe'viUage cu ' of t hfe r 1
1 .rwtTM. 111-1. . " .-i AAin- 1 cf'llHt: V - I O LlilJMV
tnn lijliu -
Uicm - . , .,,.tli-able.
abc iuul a.
be saveu
(.it ad
MessrrrE. J IIends now that the -Fay-Cfric
I, treasnres of the Deep River
WJffS ', their way to the' markets of the
3WH bc 0 -G L.f l-.f u should have
r-W MtCt-i. ,.' !- Hf there is anv
fTTee and tne caituiauuna ui
' -it i. imniiirh in SUTtnfii Ih
manir'vearsto come, that rdarftvl
i...:if trk irf market within one
e uuin " -j . ----.up
rard leihj had . to the 'shortest
!T t for sliiimino- the COnI " nnil
-t eiieai"-;M' 1 " " ' ii-
a 1H .,utlnn y-if tlin'fj-iivpJIiU'r nnrtinn rf
afC0I'll'ul,',v' .
jSiJjow me to call the attention of your
'X .i T... .,..11.. . . . ...i T 1 ir ('
struction oi a Han i.oaa mat can have
'., over a country that is inmost sufficient-'
to build one witliont, any grading for
11e whole distance; -wuiie it shortens tlic
Tm Kinrsvilf.-L S. C. to Tl-iclniionil
, at least 30. to 40 miles over any route now
I to
on.: the Wilmincrton
, Vhere tlie Charleston
.What is f rices are cdy .. 000 ,000 in
. . . . . .t.-.:...'.vM"i'im oiiiior of Mia atiicfs. Jrrom
rn. the kettte ana utick wki"!""y ,,, iti,
intersects with the Cheraw
to Favetteville. thnncn to
wJiofe distenca not exfwtVino-
". -i - .HT . 1 ! 1L f l
' . use " . I, U -nines. jow wnue our vjiiariesion ineniis
Vt comes. - dost oi earn.- ' Y. .,:a;eekinsf connection with the coal field would
secR " o -,iiints UcV,-ue weir tur wciu. iu i wn. ii-ui iiiia uiuttt-i :
MO 1 11.1 L UU""- . - - . ;t -
" . W&s.l&l
Sat in-day, July 11,1 S57 .
WM. WIttHTMAX, UOIl'llll.
C. C. McCitrMHKX is our duly authorized
agent for the collection of all claims due this oflico.
Persons desirous of t!ie iimnediatc inpertion of Hieir
adi'crtisiias; favors must hand thew in ly TIIUKSDAV
AFTKUN'UC )N, olhi'i-i; tln;y will not appear until
the succeed in,'; week. Our friends will please hear
this in mind as wu inleud to make it a rule uu'tiuiit
exnjilioii. 9
C o ii ? l'css f o n a I No m i n a tt o n .
Third District. !
mingle '",.""eeks a brighter spuci
!np to the top of the. kettje.i'of
It twoNfcches, so that the Uame as i
the fire, shall be spread out futo
P?. .:!. tu
neei in eontaei. wiiu niu y"1,
iusrt er nearly as well. V -
TicKqr. S. C. -of Bowling Green, Ky..
tasks what will Vill ticks-bn his horses and cattle.
1 V It Si' ' T..V.l.: . .!. l.rLrra'
i suppose .ie means nyt. ini'iuu ;g mc case siaims, incinwi"-)
lard will 'kill thow, or he can buy Unguintuin at ponds on the United StTites- for the great staple
it ';...,:., .1 i;nv.v.iit I of her most important manufacture. tft her
uie uiulims a Muun .juaoiii, .i.i,ii..m.v..... . .,,! ;,r ,tv ncr cent.
- - iv'hiO 11UIII IM MUl tlUH Vin'-J I
as i.rodueed iu this country. This dependence
is -allin- M two reasons. 1. Sf any internip
tio takes place iu our amicable relations we
may cut off her whole supply, which would be
. " . . ...4.: 1 l.i,t-viiiitV 1 lie
, iaboiit equivaleni io nunouai
f......, (',.,. f sni-h a measure uion a
'yTT. .. v.w smsill decline in the de-
it ran the cloth Lc maOe
wtficVits the mass of wearers all over the
i i. YM.ti, from Siii:it Cotton sent into any
market by the side of cloth from America,
. ii' : 4- r-iitirvtwll
will remain on tne snen or go iuiuuu..
very slowly even at a much lower price. After
.. .:.,,nrM!irs ennsmners have found
an ciiiciicuvL j - . .
out which is the best, and the derencc in the
two fabrics is so manifest thatthcgkilUof the
manufacturer cannot conceal it-
t ii,. ....... ton,l; tlieretore. i-niriaua ut
parts of the. "animal, will immediately kill them
but very.liltle must be used on each animal.
SA better nlan would be to feed his animals
better, and give them good shelter in winter
with dry beds, and then they will have no. lie.
on them. It is always unprofitable to keep an
stock so that they have lice. Mohu Johnson.
"Ilow'I Savm ky Vixks. In the last week's
number of the '-Country Gentleman,7' several
remedies"fer the ex:tilsiu of the yellow bug
iji '.'pumplTin vines," !tc , are recommended
by C Goodrich, tica, X. 1 . . Une morn-
ng, a few days ago, I discovered an army of
fthem among my earliest cucumber viues, and
to my rtgret, in one nights time had them coin,
pletely destrcved, without exception of one
solitary stoclf. About 20 feet from this patch
I inhaled the sweet edor.aiw sympau.v .u ,
And the shndowy vapor which over me lay,
Seemed lo pass like thy silvery wreathlets away.
By the magical power; , fond;iuemorj brings
.. - . back
The loved who are absent to gladden life's track ;
t .i :.. i.;.!.,i,t liP.-inis of fancv araiu 1 live o cr
J. 1 1 1.1 111 UUq"" " 1 ' .
The days which lie deep in the ocean of yore.
c::i....,k- m-o "-e.ntlv. lias the ciirar spirit
drawn back the curtain which hides the event
of the past, it bids me look on a scene 1 tarn
would forget yet why not gaze thereon . H
o.,s..'ine .-i few tears, but they will nut
disgrace "my manhood, aud they shall not rii
..i..cti. of the' future. Troud manhood
inu - "- i
has taken awav their power to embitter am.
. , i , i. .l. ..1.......1 ti i.i,- ir iv
,i-rieve A Kina nana nam naini m "-. ,
other objects round which the heart's tcndnlls i
shall cling. Love once bathed my pathway j
with its gentle light, 'twas a dream, yet bright j.
.1 i .t:i..i ..ii f.nifv I'ver liii-tured a oov i
Vv!in1eh'lftted to meet all r the- ends they are
st desirous to accomplish. But to satisfy you
in-tlm Ktotonients above made.
- b &. at. ill vv
T . JL. Li?' i.jttMiiirtn to tlie following:
l'jures to show "the distance by th various lines
w be built, as well as those airef-w '
t; ... f, viiin-cvillo no t.hfi KoutlVrfo llichmond
oia'hc North the points at which the various
li;t's convertre. - . ..
From lV.;villc to Wilmiugton Id miles
..., .. i. .. vi.rv Kimill decline in me ue- u u ucaunim 'j t -
i ; i i ! L estini ited A very short i sadness. In a mother's heart it was l mieJ
II I 'A-k. I II T lilt: llLUIUOi-t v .
..... I.-. . r-1 w t-r unit llOl fit
serious, bad eUects. iut 6"i'i''0 v
.i .!.;, to he aomehended, except as
remote possibilities, there, is: 2. 1 he rivalry
our uianufactures growing more troublesome
everv year, as scitnee, skill and experience
stun" the hope-bird, it liutiereu ior a "
but died at my feet, it shut the door on a hap
piness 1 shall never know. Think not that he
who now with icv heart can press the cheek ot
i i,. oi,,i hint- into the soul through soft and
; llt:.i u ii n i " c
, . ..r,- r "I SClfcllCe. Stklll Ul U c.litliciii.u ucuuij - -
"..LVtlim to rSuce the cost of manufacturing j sparkling cyes-that can clasp with a thrilling
UWOVll II'V ' v w J
.l.-vfU tlnV rit the raw material cheaper.
Formerly, Kuglaud had three great points
: .. i..i l.ii-nr mill Olio against her. She hud
111 ULl O
cheap labor, cheap money, and cheap cotton,
had another of about one week's later planting (to a" certain extent,) and only the higher cost
i f-i. .i i . i .1 i. i i i.f iiii diiiin cotton to contend with. &MV lias
upon which the "varmints"' had also commenced
"trying their teeth..''. I immediately went to
work, and with a board about 14 inches long
and S wide,'-.constnicted "dirt mounds," (as di"
recced in the iiriicle referred to,) and to my
. great relief, those- hill tuS treated, still look
fine and are doing well- I fe.el fuil,r compensa
ted for the price of one year's subscription for
for the knowledge of the above remedy. Try
it, those who take the "Country Gentleman,''
and save your vines; and those who do not
take the paper, do the best you can. D. Shal
lenberger. I'atnsville I'a.
and o'er which tears
breathed. . j
Think not that a humble cot by the hUl-siae,
Wilmington to Weldou
, Weldou to llichmond
Fr Kiugsvillo to Columbia
" i Columbia to Charlotte
" jChailotteto Greensboro'
" KJ reensboro' to Danville, X
" 'Danville to llichmond
F$m Kingsville to Columbia
"I Florence to Cheraw
"I Cheraw to Coal Fields
" I Coal Fields to Ilaleigh
"llaleigh to Kichuiond
Fiom Kinssville to Florence
Florence to Fayetttville
Fayetteville to Goldsboro'
'J Goldsboro to Uichmoud
For Clerk of County Court.
I'lii lemon Tayloiv
For Clerk of Superior Court.
T. J. Minis.
1 ' i ' .. . . ..T.... . . f., ....... . . .11 1" . 1 1 ;
iicmocraiic. cuteiuiiui til ico iu o . . . v . dis
approval -of the fierce ultraisin of southern
democratic extremists, and tliey may gratify
. Who RtrMeb. th Fb tt Uov?
Bitter are the maledictions heaped upon tlio
democracy of Cumberl and for making county
office's a party question in the coming election.
. Grievous are-the complaints, deep mouthed
and threatening .the mnrmora r'of disapproval
from the sages of the culvert.. But ask thera'
the question, Wlio struck the-first blw? They
wont answer it. Who went into dark' alleys
and back stores and np creaking stairs into
dim, secret chambers and swore never to vote
for a democrat for any office civil or municipal?
Who forgot that the democrats of Cumber
land, with the power in their hands, had never
placed a democrat in office npon party grounds
and forgetting that they owed all they were
and had to the magnanimity of democrats,
bound themselves by an oath and solemn cove
nant to return evil for good, to sting like ser
pents the warming bosoms of their benefactors,
and to give back hatred for friendship, suspi
cion for confidence, and injury for favors? Who
did that? Who wormed themselves into the
confidence of 'unsuspecting democrats, and ob
tained their generous suffrages for position and
office and support, even when they were then
bound by impious oaths to vote down and crush
the very friends whom they asked for support?- .
Ave, who did that? -
The democrats of Cumberland have acted al
ready to un that Christian precept wbieh-ieaches
. - r- -. . 1 . . I. .1 i . ,.' T 9-. .. . .
If n mini smitf tlin Oil tho ri'rht -IlOChBril to
dm t-brlit also': they hove oaenlsmi
both cheeks, but they Unovr of-ToText
eal nor divine that exhorts them to sub?
JJeu on t
' I kicking also.
41 S
408 "
C4 miles.
40 "
10 "
40 "
182 "
4 DO '
64 miles.
80 "
- 50 '
1C3 "
cninnii l.v diibbino-us -"weak" and "ineon
i..i,.. ...v.... j o
siderate" and by whispering of man
-subservience & to their hearts' eGiitent.
Some men affect a bogus independence when
. . v ii.. '.
they can ao so saieiy, ouu tnev v th American uartv. are jroino- to
in" again when circumstances constrain them. J , & &nd w(j haye Qm.&
This way or uamuiug a.ue- auu j a w ,,j t him tlll.ougll!-
Buchanan in tne same ureaui i.- a pieitj ' l'ul i Il)all?' ;s asked
Men meet us in the street every day and re
mni'K Willi a complacent chuckle, c are
going to beat you in the August elections."
'Who do you mean by 'icc'V is asked. "Why,
never felt what a few hearts have known,;
l ii. .....- iiir.ii
vow from the auovc ngures, noin rin;j nw
ri'avettcville and to Rich-
... ,i ,.N.,.,mff over i,nl it. is clear that there is an advantage in
Villi IIU1ICJ aill.mi. tiiiv l o , ! '
the lattice in summer time, a gentle form by i, stance over all
men of the said independence. There is a dif
fereued between manly disapproval and violent
We have never a word to say against those
of our southern brethren who have seen fit to
express an honest sentiment of disapproval as
to seme of Gov Walker's expressed v.:cws. It
is their right and principle to do so, and it is
no man's province to rebuke them tor rt. i-jut
we reiterate our declaration and repeat our
opinion that the bitter maledictions which have
been heaped upon Gov. Walker. by some south
ern politicians, the violent attacks upon his po
litical integrity and the demand of his xeeall at
the hands of the executive, is not only ungra
cious and uncalled for, but is uuwise, impolitic
and presumptuous. Such is our opinion,, how
ever "weak" and "inconsiderate" we may be.
the other lines, of from
Ul U1LUIUII1 m ,
....I hj now .lu 't n i juai keta
of the world
1, to aay the
least, a& ManchTWtaTS iTr-ana so is
Fuland has to Iook to us oiny -
of cotton of the quality she requires, and must
have in order to compete with our manutac-
rilv fall astern in the
Hirers, sue muv nv-..j
from Kinssville via Florence, Fayette
;fille.and Goldsboro' to llichmond o51
T, ir 1 IV- i... 1. ? ".t i.iK'
as the maruic wiikii t iuct &iK.-a i i
. . :.u ..l.:i, .. .1. i. tg nA nio T .'nil li I
me uov . Mini iiiiivai.'iFiij - , - -
.. . i..iii.
Hih'--, 13v contributing, myjaiie iouuiuu
sympathy in the ear of the afllictcd, in brushf D'.f. in favor of lay villa ana
in" the tear from the eye of sorrow, in soothl; Goldsboro '; ' . ..
in? the Pillow of the suffering, and lifting tlj Distance from Kingsville via V U-
siiirit whose holies are crushed, to aland nhetJ mingtou to Kichmona
Who is your ,
Whv. who else but Jesse Hi
Warden" is the surprised answer. Bets are
freelv offered that the unteriified wont stand to
the rack like the Hindoos will to the public
trou"h. Well we'll see. Democrats are easily
bamboozled by fair promises and cunning de
vices but when the sheepskin is once removed
and the wolfs tawny hide sticks out, all the -imitation
bleating in the world can't fool them
iiaiu. 2so, no gentlemen, you cant whet your
knives on the democratic grindstone to cut the
throat of hiui who turns the wheel for you!
You have struck the fust- blow, and you
struck viciously, with malice aforethought; crept
up iu the dark and strndc from behind j struck .
your friends and benefactors; struck with a
big oath ni your fists and black ingratitude in
your hearts, and whenever you crept up t)ii a
poor fellow in a little town office you knocked
him out of his office and the breath out of his
body with as much gratification as though you
fl.inrcil n o-ifllit. A lid I10W that WC liaVC
Cei.ehiu.tiox at Guay's Cheek.! W e learn
from a friend who was present that the citizens I
. , I 1 l - T 1 1 . . . nnnrlthiirllAfU 1.1 1 . ... 1 .
H vjuuiui. mnu-iiumi..;, o . I '"-Ot VOll OUt 1IIIO llie uaviljiliu uuu iiiu iiviivou.
With OOll- 1 " ..... . . . :-l,..,s ft-,n o rmmlnr
SllUSniue, JuaL Mjuuiu j vi. i ot. , ivi ..0......
democratic knock down. Fair play is a jewel,
133 "
4 IS miles.
-ill .intern in I he t spirit W ose uopn;o ui e ci, w uwnu miua iiiii..v... . " Ti
all astern in uii-)Vi i j , ir;...-r0villi v a Florence, iav-
,i .... limine i.i'Vpi- nies. a can mi. ii;i;i i u.. a uuieu ruin
race every year, tor we. ook A":":"' as urcat as thai which ettevillc and Goldsboro' to Rich-
qua.iii.nj ui muu.i , "..".., , . ,
A Goon Fottino-Bencii I'iiactick. This
is a quick and pleasant way of shifting a plant,
without disturbing tender roots, and endan
gering a loosely", held together ball. I have
used it forjaears, and in some cases it is inval
Place, the new pot before you; crock it, drain
it, and bottom it with soil as in the usual way.
yow take the plant in t? old. pot, and place it
. bodily on the bottoming of the new pot: fill
-iip the space betweeu the inner side of the new
not. nriii thp outer snie lit the i.l.l one iisino-the
potted stick or your fingers as the case may
f "require. Now; take out the old plant, pot and
Ni all, and you will have a beautiful mould or
natrii, a little larger or smaller than the ball
of-our plant, accorJing to the depth iu which
you potted the old pot iu the new one. Aow
turn out"tritC1Ql!, pop it into the hole, press it
down, aud the whig is done. If the rim of the
old pot is kept a 4Mfle Jiigher than the rim of
the new, the ball wi"J generally fit. This part
will depend on the op? rfttor, lean only des
cribe the operation. "a
. i ........ ;t
fact that every yeai a. .a.B.i H . h,:-i. feel, whose homes are cheered bv
will be worked up in tins couiurj i"i -- ,
, t and a less comparative quantity be ! the accents ot tender love, ami ho.e house
markets, and a less toiujiamii.i j . ,.nllirs w.dlinr un from tiny throats.
CX t ot wonder, therefore, at the excite- and where the pure Hps of childhood and iuno-
;.. M.,..,-h.stcrr it is in truth a serious
ease in view of the tacts we have stated. At.
the same time it is a case for which there h no
i.. ,.i..s ,i substitute can be found for
......... " i nviwirinwni III I roil ILiim j.un.11
lUllUil. A iiv v... j... i
In favor of FayeUeville aud Golds
boro' 01
Distance from Kingsville via Florence,
Cheraw, Coal Fields and Raleigh
i;..i,.n,l 39G miles
eouee call them "fatliei
I mar be wronjr, but with those objects
-l iV..l I.-i.i mot- l.ii-I.-l. ili-
ai'OHIUl Uie oil niuuu lu.ioii no i .nv..
care methinks this old bachelor s heart enjoys l-rom Kingsville ia x luitm-t, x -j
much more than many blessed with a wife's- ettevillc and Goldsboro to Rich-
can "uonn I a preVcu Z utter failure j care and chihlrens's love. Since desire is silent ! mond
. .. i . i ,.r i ..... ...... v u'.J, it I Providence has oi.eued to cheer and bless. ! boro'
mater.nlly tne a.ecu i o"-"--, . ' .r "'r" ' ; Z.v ...,.: 't b.herv soark is cxtimruisli- otherwise tor it is not goou mui ;m wi.v -T,-- ----- J i . - .
aUou si lould hold a monopoly so important to ed, the smoke wreathlets have winged then'
"ll the wor d, therefore we also wish the Man- way from sight, and the little dust he,,, , he at
cl e'ter .'ei.tiemeu success iu the r researches, my feet Such w.ll be the end of this nfe
:S we have no faith iu ix.-Btn Journal, morta ,ty ; but the spin uU - -
Itllft Cliiy 11111 illO'll lil.U iiwi.v.....
where evening never goeth and where flowers
bloom forever ; where the smile of the Great
Spirit inaketli glad the hearts of the people, and
where the "wicked cease from troubling and
the weary are at rest."
he came
Unaccommodating. T following humorous
iicident latcJy happened idlonc of our western
wns .
A titamefnp ilirxria nr 1i? f aa rf
m-incipal hotels, ancj asked -dging for him-
rjjiin iivMt--iie lanv tra.. coma - itoe nc-
uotlate Iiitu, every becTVl tf house being
en art. 1 " J "'i
iWell said the tcamsterjfc "llim not at all
ular. 1 will put np jr'h part of a bed
the niffht." riif
"'lart of a bed ! rcplu&th host, "why, my
I Inin p!k T-rtai'rt i i. At in tno inn timt ime
not two in it alreadihdlu some three aim
lour - -v."
"Well, cant jv Set "'hie -sleep in that 'are
"No ; we ar fpfpg to make up seventeen
beds there tflttCght, and they are aH engaged."
"Wjjf'&e're, that's curious. Can't you give
mibuffalo skin, aud let me lay here in the
Atvj ? I shan't discommode nobody."
"No ; I shan't have you in the entry. We
hall be up. all night, and I don't want any folks
9 j1 -i f f-i-T'T it rr o ii fl enr'i ul I ii cr si 'iflli f A 1 1 c i-tji u-Vi
1 1 pc.ophjire passing all the time."
1 1 1 u'l .(U u ,411 uwuimu wi w.ii iCJHin,
jahyliow, I don't think,".' said the teamster,
"Wonder if you've got a taveru license !
Tell vou what, mister you ve got no oeds, no
buffalo skins, no nothing. Well, tluit ain.t
your fault just- now exactly ; but, continued
he. lookiutr at a rack where a multitude of
.cloaks and shawls were suspended, "wkat will
vou take to let me bans on one of tkem 'ere
I heard of a clergyman, says Sydney
aloutr the road till
..l.w ' J O .J
to a turnpike.
"What is to pay ?''
"Fay, sir! for what?" asked the turnpike
"Why, for my horse, to be sure."
.v.i.r,- h.irw.. iir ! what horse? Here is no
A j i " "
horse, sir."
"No horse ? God bless me!" said he sud
denly, looking down between his legs, "I
thought I w as on horseback.'-
Lord Dudly was one of the most absent men
r thint- I ever met in society. One day he met
me in the street and invited me to meet myself.
"Dine with ine to-day ; dine with me, and I
will get Sydney Smith to meet you."
1 ailuniteil to tlio iwiu oui iv
ine, ana saia l was cngageu iu iiiuc-i, nun vise-
where. Another time, on meeting me, he put
ins arm uirougii iiiiue, iuuiicn.15
Another. We have sixain to record a no
1 h-ivn tnken some trouble to examine
above figures and feel satisfied that they are
correct, with the exception of the distance from
Cheraw via the Coal Fields to Ilaleigh, which
I'toDk from the Cheraw Gazette. I put it
down at 110 miles ; I must think the distance
greater than that, but adopt the most favora
ble measurement the friends of that line can
ask, and we have a clear advantage of 30 miles
in favor of Che line from Florence via Fayette
ville to Goldsboro'.
If therc .is any fine of Road tnat couiup.c
Grays Crcek.celebrated the Fourth
.wiioi.L o,.i.nt The Gmvs Creek Independent
Company, Capt Dcvanc, a spirited and hand
Wonle corps,-was out with fiUJrai.ks, a goodly
aaimbr!rge of ".fellow citi7.en5'?as on the
! ground, and the ladies who 'are never backward
'when patriotism sounds the call, lent their pre-
eonnn niw their sunnv smiles to the occasion
Tho Deelnrntiou-of '.16 was read in a
S and impressive style by R. M. Devane. Esq.,
j aud the Meckleiiburgh declaration by Col. W.
j Alderman. After which Hamilton McMillan,
j Esq., delivered an oration which we have
h i r-.i-nr, in tho hi.rhost terms. In the
liea.Hl IVIWII ... . O
course of his address, the speaker tooK occasion
to nake a beautiful and touching allusion to
Dr Kane, and we learn that his speech abound
ed with graceful thoughts, high sentiments and
was truly an original production. The day
n.-issed off ouitc agreeably and we wish our
I friends many pleasant recurrences of the gloi i-
ous tourtn.
tho" you never wore it iu your political crown J
You arc -ood haiids withjjjjjjiasljind the
dagger iu"a"twilight ffght butThOse- weapons
wont do iu this little scrimmage in the broad
dav time and if the hard knuckles of the dem-
a,OU' ocratic yeomanry dont spoil some of your good
clear , , - . ,.
100KS we are luucn N'int".
Bri?Thc article we copy from one of our
town cotempcraries, on Rail road matters pre
sents au entirely new proposition to public con
sideration. We submit it to our readers with
out special comment.
11 UlflU ib any i.uv ----- . -V,
-1-? i.ic.flprnt inn ot the
;7Vi" "... r.i.i i;t;t;,..,l oroaHirr ' RC"t stronger cia.utv ...o -V:r-r"
nee u t.ii. ... ......... 1- ; . L.jt;zcns 0f Charleston, tne CIU.C..O .-i-j
Statue of Waihlngton.
IToudon's bronze statue of Washington, .in
tended for the Capitol Square, arrived in Ral
eigh last week and is being erected .npon the
Capitol grounds. It will be a pleasing addi
tion to the already beautiful square, as well as
a worthy tribute of North Carolina patriotism
to the memory of our great lather.
in Ohio. At a recent term of the court m . ' A Hw stockholders of. the N. C
Carroll county, Rev. Joseph Barclay was found ! .J, joad from Goldsborough to New
sruiltv of seduction and breach of a promise of ,- ns ,.-,.11 as those living s
marriage to Elizabeth Sharp, and mulcted in : imc-0f the Road, I am not able to find that
damacres to the value of S5.000 The Stark 1 ,. tt .i -nrt wUl unite with bands of iron
County Democrat says ; "The defendant was ' . V Uic Coal ltelds, Fayetteville,
a nreaeher of the Covenanter or Seccder laun,
and was one of the leading Fremont Kansas
striking preachers of Carroll county. TliC;en
dence on the trial showed that for some time
he had been payiug his addresses to MiJ?ltfp,
an accomplished and urghly .respectable ytfps
woman of the county, that he promised to M-
1 -1 . 1 . : l. 1 . -.1 ! ". .1 . 1 - irt.ifc
The laugh was fairly turned against the host.
The company present interceded, and the team
ster 'u envxtaiurd for the nrgbt.
.... t.n,. ,,iil llinn with fl.A li.llish niftnliinatnnS
inn through mine, muttering j - A " t
I don't mind walking with him a little way- of a fiend, but shcielded with the hvcij of
I'll walk with him as far as the end of the Heaven, he set aoout ins noru 01 uestracW".
n.ii nn m j-kc 011.1 r ni'iiiorioun r rii
n-J v,o.'li' .ava - J l"V....OV VI UliU 1 K'g
he succeeded iu seducing the young crt f-oin
me iaui 01 virtue, uuu accouipnsiiou jier run'
and deserted her.
That Ulan Ui snves Your Prabe.
Know you a man whose early life
Had little promise but of care-
Whose prospects in the wide world's -strife
Were anything but fair;
Who has as yet, step by step, uprose
Above the dreams of early days,
And smiles upon his youthful woes?
That man deserves your praite.
Know you a man whose soul outpours
Wild music to melodious spheres
Who moves mankind's half-hidden stores
Of joyfulncss and tears;
Who sings of what is good and fair
And wishes strife and warlike frays
Had ceased to catise mankind despair?
That man deserves your praise.
Know you man of wealth and fame u
Who kind'y lendeth to the poor
Not seeking to blaze forth his name.
At every rich man's door,
Who daily doeth good by stealth,
In many different kindly ways ?'
That man has lofty moral health J
That man deSeYves ytmr praise. '
As we proceeded together. W - passed.
'ri.-i : ,i. ,-;n;.,,.r vr-limn,l he. "who
ll.U. .3 11. U 1 llllUM ,
helped me yesterday to asparagus, and gave
me no toast. '
He very nearly overset my gravity once in
the pulpit. He was sitting immediately under
me, apparently very attentive, when suddenly
lie took up his stick, as if he had been in the
House ot Commons, ami tapping on tnegrouuu
with it, cried out, iu a low but audible whis
. i m
"llear, hear, neari
Don't be Offisiivs. -'Father," said a sport-
.i . l r - ..niioiwi nninnr t-- v
in,r youtu to uio icicnu j j
trout will bite now." "Well, well' was tne
consoling reply, "mind your work, and you II
be sure they won t uue you.
jj- The following conversation between
two jolly sons of the Green Isle, one day last
week, in front of -our office, had a point to it.
I say, Jimmy, did you -ever sec such a sum
mer as this ?'
'Faith and I have.'
'When V
Last winter, by jabers.' X J- Slar-
tlllll WVWU ...u ...v - - - on.
Goldsboro' and Carolina t,ity, auu .u, -tiuieopen
Jiio the travelling public a healthy
cheap and "expeditious line of travel.
V r . i 1 . . i :.. ciiiwce of this
1 feet a deep interest m v.. v-..v.
and blind sue rouu. i- .
tiou of country abounding m wealth and intel
ligence and well adapted to the production of
cotton 'and corn,, and naval stores of every de
scription, -j ' . . , . , .
. i.l.n oiti-oii! of 1 hnrlestnn to px-
I- i can upon iuv "
' amine -this subject, assured that if they will aid
., ... ..i !... win lie i u i nv me ni.Liz.eii? a uuu
tne w ui iv it.cj ,
the line with the liberality that should charac-t...-i7o
a neoplc interested in so important a
" - - a? i i
fiSiy-Wc dont trouble ourself much about
the Clerkship of'the - Superior Court, because
we do not consider it at all necessary. "Tom"
knows what he's about, and if Tom docs'nt
knock "Sain" into a cocked hat we shall be
mightly surprised. The know nothings of
course have their man out, and they will try
the same town game on the country democrats
that they intend to play in the county court
clerkship. John is a is true: we
believe he once spread hunselt on the YV litnmg
ton course, and the way he trotted into the de
mocracy was surprising for a young mai:
'Whom you'd scarce expect
To opeak in public on the stage.'
"Democratic corruption" was the braw lad-
... a - i il .1 I. . T 1 . I 1 1 1 -v tliri Ct rrAtl 1
Vn address from Wm. Bow, Esq, to die's lavoritc tueme, auu ..e v Ul. w.v
fcTAn oddrcsb uu u , i, u , .T, ic.lclcrs Gf the democratic
the democracy of Cumberland will be found in i .ilcoiuui .
tne j ,..,rtv were corrupt ' sue h was the burden of
another column. We commend it to our dem-1 part w ti e un r t
, ,,,t.iot c ee-i L'"dt:!rt: w .1. KCiy, w,. cae, j, McK.,1,-
r;r:i .,. cs. n.rj k. Ki..B, v
UUL """'J . . 4i,- vi- mUtflil nanip loiumiir and ill-.
-t i r fviuf tiinr. Mr i main wv-o " o
enemies ana nome ioe&. - ...... --- . ,Wrnnt. nmi
. -ll .1 . 1 i rtV 1 . rv . 1111 VI l 1.1 I lirillV'.l v . " v. v
ZZ of worthy the confidence of independent freemen
p-an-j - i i - j Of course after so sweeping a charge as this
Cumberland and remembered m time to come, j -
fi-Wc have received a Catalogue of Nor- crats" and their friends for support. If he
m-il COllce,' and are glad to find the institu- does very nl;USt he. look upon the democracy as
limi in a very 'flourishing condition. It is as ; CXCmjilars of the text, "Love your enemies,
, , o,.t(.r.,rise Loin" only in the : bless them that curse you, do good to them
yet but a young cute, .use, bei . U)at ,1Jlte ontl pray for t.hem that despitc
,onth vpnr of operation. We hint siuucius , J i
. c. o.,i;,.o A 5iiiiiw. lririn- , j j
from ueorgia, o. v.... . i . - -
Every woman is born with a masterminu, that
j is to sy, with a mind to be maste, if she can.
W'c recently heard a good strory of twe per
sons engaged to figkt a duel. After the first
fire one of the seconds proposed that they should
shake hands and make up. The other second
. , .. i i. f.iw no necessity for that.' for tlieir
saiu tnab " -. . - : , .
hands had been shaking ever siuce tney began.
The following witty couplet -a uttered tiy
an old "cntlcman, whose daughter, Arabella
importuned him for money,:
..t-i... ii.ll to irain money, sure sileacc is
J. ' 1. l ' -
For dumb Bells are fittest to open the ebest."
,T ii. uofi unon hope will die fasting.
cmhodr says there is a decided difference
. . o.-cpvprence and obstinacy.
between j....-" -
One is a strong will, and the other a strong
O" ... - j
Don't buy an article thai you aon t want,
becaus-e a store-Keeper au. .v wn
cheap, liettcr puv "
u.,i..m o.i.i Missouri in aiteu-
... nvii? i ii uaui..
dance, the whole number of pupils being 190.
The Instiution has an able xacuuy auu .
most eligibly situated, near Tbomowillc on the
V C. Railroad, -ine couiac w.
Ii.o c,nB as embraced in our highest seats ot
learnin-, and the College merits the success to
which it is evidently attaining. ,
The Wobld's Cors
out the United States promise a most abundant
yield this year and we find in our iNcw lorh
exchanges notices oi tne European crops, ie-
rescnting them "as of the most nattering char
acter. The cotion crop in the South seems
somewhat backward, aud the sugar planters do
not anticipate ajrery heavy yield this season;
but wheat, rye and corn, both in this and other
countries are exceedingly promising. A decline
hi JJrcadstuffs may be looked for.
' ttsj-The court to which was referred the po
lice difficulties in New York have decided in
favor of the Albany Regency, and a precedent
is thus set which at once renders naught all,
fhnrtoreil fornorate riirhts. and places every
city where the law is applied in the ;grasp oi
centralized political power. The New York
papers, with the exception of the few venal and
1 1 pni.i.l'.Ioon nATif rfkl O Vf
nq 1 . I lIPPSSPM UllUei UlULIk 1 C WUUIitUU LVHU vi, i. v
, uuill , , . -
-Theerops all through- bitter in their denunciatKins of this unjust de
cision. The end is not yet, Tcw York, at no
.i; liiv. will be the scene of one of tho
fiercest popular commotions that has ever oc
curred in this country, and a municipal war will
undoubtedly retltr,. the citizens agaiust the in
terlopers and their abettors, which will fall tho
world with its dire record of blood and burn
lug. The Albany Regency must back down or
it will be beaten down, and the struggle is not
far distant.

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