North Carolina Newspapers

    " Devoted to ews, Political .and jt
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rAgricultureTinri Family " Reading.
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"s 'AUG UST 8, 1857.
wt p WTfiHTMAN. Editor, i
V VOLUMEXli- N0f92. V
' ' -- A
- . - TERMS
P strnscuipxiox to the cauolimas
.;ni nnov. if oaid in advance, per annum, $2 0"
. v 4 O 1. ,
at the end of 3 months,
at the end or b monma,
2 50
3 00
i ,1 f iVo o oo
No subscription will be received for a shorter period
than one year unless paid m c: lation ; and en-
With the view of extending the cu'"" t of.
bancing the usefulness of the paper, the proprietor ol
fers the following r .r ar)IrjvCE:
1 r TTTt D a 'VV. ft.
v,f hip i .arniiiiiaii. v,
$8 00
15 00
w i " J i i ii m
T. andersigned are no recei ng laTRe- art-
HIHIIIW llLEit - '
A .n vn BBC
ment oi KUbfc.i, rc!.Ann05-
" ' f for rnsh. or on usual time F'"'
V J II V. VIA ,vwv - i - ,
",,,. .... :,i Bn ot . hoi Male at a small aa-
141, wnicn iufj mm ..
r U'TITTA l S A, CO.
.Jealers. . - " .
July 25, 1857. .
4000 acres
All the Land belongisg C
son, dee'd, is now lor sai
Cottoties ol aionsgoui7-
son wishing to. purchase
opportamty any time
on the suDSCTioer -r-j
County., A part of said
line of the S. C. & Coal
ni tK pleasure in shf
wishing inlormasiuu
' V'
Rates of AdTertfcing-s '"
Sixty cents ver sqaare of 1 lines, or less. Jfor the first
and 30 cent fo?.each siibfiiiiS?nt insertion unless the
advertisement is published for more than two menths,
when it will e charged
For three months, ----- $4 00
For six months, - - - - fi 00
For twelve mouths, ----- 10 00
All advertisements must hare the desired number of in.
portions marked on them, orthcrwise they will be in.
serted till forbid and charged accordingly. Special
attention is directed to this reqitinition.
A I oriu y a t Iaiv, Fayettevi 11c, N. C.
Office at the corner of Bow and Green streets.
Fely :i, lS.jli.
.J. A. SPCA11S,
ATTHN'DS the Courts of Cumberland, Harnett,
Wake and Johnston.
Address, Toomer, Harnett Co., N. C.
Feb. Hi. 18.1(5. 8."-y
Attorney at,
V V K T r V. V I L h K , :v , c .,
le consulted at the Law Office of JcfC G. ffcep-
rin.-l uuLl J lur we up?
toe I in,.. , of wliicu is swamp iana oa iro
indications suppooea to be rich. From a-survey m
by an Engineer the main ditch for draining can be
cut at a cost not exceeding $200. Any person wish
ing to purchase the whols or part of said lands can
examine them on application to either of the subscri
bers. Said lauds are in a compact body and situated
from 10 to 12 miles south of Fayetteville and about
8 from the Cape Fear River.
william McMillan,
james cash well.
July 25, IS.37. C0-3t
lure Manufacturers,
'QWJSRy, IF.W YORK. -til
- - Oie Price Only.
have manufactured" and Fold
liolesale. We are now prepared
"sworted . stock it retail, at a sa
ty to thirty Ipcr the
lISSOL,UT102ff. ----- y? -tyn
this day dissolved by mutual consent. All per
sons indebted to us are earnestly requested toNnake
immediate payment, as the business must be closed.
Either party has the right to use the name of the con
cern in liquidation. x. & hi. sr. JOJNJbiJs.:
July 1, 1S57 60-3t.
)k5 tide much more 'lighly approved, by all who have
tried them, than any other now in use. Apply to "
, B. ROSE:
July 18 V 56-6t
Mav !
herd, Esq.
Julv 1!
on fireen .Street.
Altorney at iaw.
Having removed to FITTSBORO, N. C. will attend
regularly tlie Courts of Clialham, Moore and Harnett
April 11, 185(5. tf
The Subscriber has made arraagen ents to keep a
supply of the Genuine Article, a nd is the only ; Agent
for the sale of the above brand of A No. 1 Rye Whis
ker in this place.
May " 49-tf -. v
"ociiinglium, Richmond County North Carolina,
will practice in the Courts of Richmond. Anson and
Robeson. All business entrusted to his cure will re-
1 . rj-rrsr
celt e strfot atciumon.
3 1 1 Acres of Land. 'yinS oa CilP Fear Kivcr Store,
Dwelling, Out Houses all iu first rate order. The Store
is at a tine business stand at the Cross Roads and the
and is not to be excelled by any in North Carolina.
Any person desiring to purchase can obtain further
particulars respecting the property by calling en
cither of us at Willis1 Creek on the Wilmington Road
15 miles from Fayetteville.
Oct. -1. 18-tf JAMES WRIGHT.
THE undersigned would respectfully inform his old
friends and customers that he can be found at the
Store of C. E. Leete, where he will be glad to see
thum. j. r. Mcdonald.
Jan. 17, 1857, 33-tf
Roisesox Col'XTY
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions
May term 1 857.
Joseph Thompson Admr.
Charity Blount Admx.
of William Blount dee'd
Original Attachment, Levied on two Slaves
Edmond and Fanny.
William Price.
It appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that
the defendant is not a resident of this State, it is or
dered by the Court that publication be made in the
North Carolinian, a Newspaper published in the Town
of Fayetteville, for the space of six weeks noticing the
said William Price to appear at the next term of the
Court of Pleas and. Quarter Sessions to be held for
the County of Robeson at the Court House in Lum
berton on the fourth Monday in Augmst next, and
then and there to plead or replevy or final Judgment
will be given against him and the property levied on
be condemned to satisfy the plaintiffs demand and
Costs. ' 1
Witness Shadrach Howell, Clerk of our said Court
at office in Lumbcrton the fourth Monday iu May
A. D. 1857.
July 4. 1857. 58-f.t
POVri:iiS &. TROY, Proprietors.
a The Proprietors of thi Establishment an-
TiSS nounce to the public, that owiug to tue.cpn
?IS Instantly iucrea&injr patronage extended to.
"cliMBMl uey nave Oct-ii mouvni So - eamf c ttic
i : I . . . 1 .. . 1 1 T . T . , , . . C . . . ...... -.a 1 ii i
accommoi hu i j , J Vlt Svuocl and Presbyteries to elevate ana ei
tvOOin OI1 tue lower uoor, aim suiw ui nuuius on hij . . . j'fPr.'
second floor; thus enabling them to accommodate all lighten the piety of our membership by dinasiug
who may favor them with a call. And they pledge evangelical knowledge to promote the cause
themselves to an increased exertion to give satisfaction Education to deveiope the talents Ol our
to their patrons. I Ministry, and to strengthen the attachment of
tmcious amines aiiacueu auu cai-eiui vjsuurs iu , , . p .i,
attendance. our people to the soil and sanctuaries of their
The eligible location of the Establishment, with the own State.
experience of the Proprietors in providing for the jf our Church in other States, and other
comfort ot their patrons, taey nope will secure to tnem cllurohes ;n this State, can supply their mem
TheWe 'rs with a" religions journal, why may not we?
from this House. Are North Carolina Presbyterians inferior tn
ich . J
rt"1rthair cloth, i
- $2 25 to 6 00 each
ocasy Sofas, spring scats,
phohtered in hair cloth,
roml 10 o vu o
oglny Rocking chairs,
irinr seats, upholstered
. haJr-o.lothrfrom 5 00 to 12 00
laho'giiy easy Chairs, . 13
"on ca4ors or rockers, up- m
holstlred in hair cloth, ll 00 tc 18 00 " U
fahogany Tete-a-tete, up-
hols red in hair-Cloth, 15 00 to 35 00 "
lagogfeny Tete-a-tete Solas,
unhTlsteredJn hair cloth 25 00 to 45 00 " tfj
a. "great variety of .styles, qualities and prices,
TtrrfeKATTS. Half Marble and Wood Top, with
or without Glasses, with Wash -stands to match.
' Also, Wardrobes, Bedsteads, Sideboarcts. nail
Stands, Book Cases, Lounges, Etegeres, Corner
t,r.lanl Bonk Shelves.
f OFJ?ICE FURNITURE Desks, Tables and
SVAU'&iitsfcbwe goods in black walnut or oak at
the same-prices: -
. t ifii OH . RITTTS. in Rosewood, upholstered
in French Brocatelle, Satin Damask, Satin and
V The" same in Black Walnut, the frames of
wliicn are siauieu iu vunusuiug, in.n....f,
tiful imitation, and upeolstered in the same
The Presbyterian Church in North Carolina j goomake a howy appearance at a muc.t low
has Ions: labored under a serious disadvantage Ii eTj,JL,r Otohiishmentcan be found a great va-
from the vvait of a journal to advocate 'iierlj-riety of Fancy Chairs, in Rosewood. Mahogany J
claims and represent her interests. It is esti- and Black Walnut, Tnrkish Smoking Chain, Re- H
mata that on,, .000 Presbjteri.n Wk,l,Sl!f ' J
are taken in the bounds of our three I resbyte-Ij SPRING BED. H
ries. We have 13,000 Communicants, and itP Known as Tucker's Patent This article we Lj
is safe to infer that there are 30,000 Presby-M would particularly recommend, it having been
terians in principle in the State. Our Synod H fully tested, and found upon trial to be the best
stands fifth in the Union iu noint of numbers P. sPrinS Dottom enrTTrcfnv
and her membership is greater than that of 3 parties wlio are not able to personally selectEJ
nny oyuuu cuum or v est or l ennsyi vatna.
Our sister btates on the Nxrth and South,
strands bein tightly drawn, elevatedU"11
of the snake gradually moreincl toore.
I l)ntthe most corious an skkful parts of
i its performance is jet to be ;oUL- Whea it was
astonishing feat of a nousE spiper. rid the actf ruuniucr down the Jurefcd to ....
It would seem that there is no living thingjfloop, the rsadtr will perceive it wa6x possible-
so obnoxious as not to find some admirers.gfor -the snake," bv turniii' ' his bead vertically.
What rren.tnrfs so renulsive as rats and sni-Wnnwnrrl t Aiinn nVnn,-l n?7.nthe SDldr ih lli
. .t ......, 4
ders? r Yet the London Quarterly tnuds some-
tbinr beautiful aiidxxeiv.lisALde.iritiifi former
ja iiU 1J r? jfci :Fitch,-;- in Harpers - Monthly, ;I.a
bors to sh4w that the latter "de)icate little
objects" are worthy of our esteem and admira
tion. He denies that their bite is fatal to any
save insects, and extols their agility, adroit
ness, sagacity and heroism as worthy of all
nraise. In sunnort of these views, he tells the
l 1 L
following curious story concerning a heroic-
spider who captured a snake. The affair caine
off last summer in the store of Charles Cook, in
the village of -Havana, Chemung county, N.
Y., and is attested by the Hon. A. B. Dickin
son, of Corning, "who himself witnessed the
phenomenon, as did more than a hundred other
An ordinary looking spider of a dark color,
its body not larger than that of a common
house fly, had taken up its residence, it ap
pears, on the under side of a shelf beneath the
counter of Mr Cook's store. What may we
mouth. . This bad 'iTdouU been repeaieaiy -atrempte4viR
le earlieVrt. s of tthe conflict
jBtlt tuMCTTa'ui 1m uV U w -lec, biakeshi ;
thereby had only cangh thimself in n swjdfttonnl
'trap. Tlie spider probably by . watchiuff "each
opportunity when the mouth of the snake bad
thus been turned towards her, adroitly with hcr
hind UKs, as when throwing a thread around a
fly, had thrown vv thread after another over
the mouth of the snaue, so vii.v he was now
perfectly muzzled by a series of threads pm-A
over it vertically, and these were held from
being pushed asunder by another scries ol
threads placed horizontally, as my informant
states he particularly observed. No muzzle of
wire or wicker work for the mouth ot an annum
could be woven with more artistic regularity
and perfection; and the snake, occasionally
making a desperate attempt to open his moutn,
would merely put these threads upon a stretch.
The suakejeontinued his gyrations, his gait
becoming rather slow, however, from weakness
suppose was the surprise and consternation ofjjand fatigue; and the spider continued to move
neither of which has a membership so large as
ours., publish the Central, and the Southern
Presbyterian, for the benefit of their people.
The time has come when the Presbyterian
Church in North Carolina should likewise do
her duty to her children. It is a conceded and
important fact, that huaJreds of our member?
li.take aJState pper wh will tU
The Paper is neecfecf to te iTe orgs
the goods they may want, can depend upon hav-j
inw their orders nnea wuu as mutu cue, u
their interest studied, as though tney were pie-f . But it is not improbable
' i x . v Trt oIca ntiov on r snr r,s ii r hcj , . .
fthe selection of any Household Goods they mayf fcthat a brood of its eggs or younj was secreted
First TJ
uv. ,
,o.,f !s we snoulci ourcuase iioiu
F Hands, a saving will thereby be made which the
WUncinmffr would have the benefit of.
Aug. I, 1857i ' v bl-ly
Five sevenths of the FARMING AND TURPEN
TINE L.VNI) in Harnett county, known as the Parker
mid McNeill lands, joining Win. Harr ngton's laiid on
Upper Little River. There is some 200 acres cf the
best quality of low grounds on the River. The up
lauds are heavily timbered with pines, and within six
miles of the Fayetteville and Western Railroad.
For particulars apply to D McARTHUR.
J. W. McKAY.
Nov. 18.")(! 29, 2U-tf
Carriages in attendance on arrival ana departure ot talent enerv and patriotism to their neigliuors
Steam Boats, for the accommodation of passengers. Gn the North or South, or to Christians of
IIores and Carriages furnished at any notice lor . ' . , w;tb tb
'" . . . f nrti, n,i;,;nt nm,ntrr other denominations at home.' V ltn tne
J j w. POWERS. vr. C. TROYt same or better opportunities of . accomplishing
A. 31. Campbell,
East side of Gillespie street,
Fayettkvii.i.e, N. C.
October 1, 155
Nearly opposite to E. W. Willkings' Auction Store
Fayetteville, N. C.
Oct. i. is.. v
Have now iu Store their SECOND STOCK of Sea
sonable Goous. whic h they will offer to the Wholesale
Trade very low for Cash, or on the usual time to
prompt paving buyers.
Mav '. 1S"7. 48-tf
'.,oM-vi.,.v Fresh Frnits and Vesretables. rints
Quarts and Halt-Gallons, at $2 40, S3 40. and o 2o,
oer doen, respectively. For sale at the Croctery
Also, Fresh Supplies of CHINA, GL ASS
AY A HE and Table Knives.
June 20. 1S57. 5-tf
Valuable L.aurt for Sale.
The subscriber offers for sale his entire lands, inclu
dinsr about eiirht hundred acres, lying fifteen miles
above Fayetteville ami five miles from the mouth of
lower little river. The land is level and healthy and
well adapted to farming; there is about one hundred
and tittv acres cleared and under a fine state of culti
vation. I will sell it all together or in small tracks to
suit purchasers. For further partictlars apply to the
siioscrioei- on tne premises.
19. 7-tf
Fayetteville, May 12, 1850.
Is now receiving his Spring and Summer supply of
Bolting CLOTHS, &c, all of which, being purchased
this work, shall we le:ivo it undoue? In . tin
language of one of our most able and useti
Ministers, an adopted son of our State, "It
ought to have been undertaken 20 years a
but it is not too late to begin to do right'
In the last two or three months, a tana
about $5000 has been subscribed as a perma
nent capital. At a meeting of the contributor
held at Greeusborough on the 14th of May,
Rev. A. Baker, Chairman, the Paper was u
March 28.
by the case, will be offered by Wholesole or Retail t:t animously located at Fayetteville, under t'fe
name and title or the JNorth Carolina l'R
byteriax. Rev. Wm. N. Mebane and Key.
George McNeill were elected Editors: Rei
Messrs. George McNeill, Wm. N. Mebane, A
Baker and C. II. Wiley, and Messrs. George
McNeill, Sr., John II Cook and Davjd Mur
phy were appointed an Executive Committee,
to establish the Paper and manage its business
It is our wish and design to make theORT
Carolina Presbyterian a journal of the first
class, equal to the best in the country in typo
graphical appearance and in adaptation to the
wants of our Churches. Its columns will anord
CAPITAL $500,000.
A. Nicholas, President. Office, 70 Wall St,
A nerfect security acainst all manner of Fraud or i
Counterfeiting on Paper To Prevent Photographs
:ioH Anastatic Counterfeits. Erasures, Trausiers or
A lt.ei':i.tions.
Having purchased the Patent for the exclusive right
to m.vniitTvetiiie and sell the New Chemical paper in
America, invented in England by Henry Glynn aceie-
m the Britisn army, ii is
i-:Lteil rbemist and officer
hardly necessary to say that the Paper is recommended the latest intelligence, both foreign and domes-
by Mr Kvnt, Assayer ottueu. to. Mint, .ir iymau tic, and special care will be taken to give a tull
of theNew YorkCleiuingl and accurate summary of State news. The
extensive and skilful photographers, 166 Uroaaway, . . , . , -
. I . I lie Id. I If L MVV lUlll liu muiULivu v-tv x 'J I o v
T7 1 1 n it. Txrill an PAnofo f .n o
thodox, Old School doctrines and order of the j 0feecommendati on, which all say
of Cumberland, qualified as Administrator upon the
near the spot, which the parent foresaw would
fall a prey to this monster if they were aban
doned by their natural guardian and protector.
ciLno other . motive . ith jch
rtr-nfncca v?c spiaer sa-perunaciousiy
ftb remain and defend that particular spot at
Estate of Willie F. Moore, hereby notifies pertons hav-tetie imraiuet risk of her own life, when she
, i-j .,to( iVa c-o!.! FVtntn tn nrpsent tht; s.nne5 ...... ,
1111 K1BUUS il;aiu.-B n.v .-civ. - i - -
properly authenticated within the time prescribed by
law, otherwise tins notice win ou pmuucu m "
of their recovery.
Debtors to the saidEstate will please mase payment
immediately. E. i? . MUUUr..
June 6, J1-gS
ThisGreat Journal of Crime and Criminals is in its
Twelfth Year, and is widely circulated thvougnout tne
country. It contains all the great Trials. Criminal
Cases, and appropriate Editorials on the same, to
gether wih information on Criminal Matters, noi 10
be foued in any other newspaper.
"Sap, Subscriptions, per Annum; ai ior i.
Mnntha. to be remitted hv Subscribers, (who should
write their names and the town, county and state where
they reside, plainly,)
Editor and Proprietor of the r
' National Police Gazette,
New York City.
Jane 6, 1S57 ly
down and up tho cord, gradually shortening n
nntil at last, when drawn upward so far that
i nf tho fod rf his tail
only two or uiree mtuca vt v..
touched the floor, the snake expired about six
i l
days after he was lirst uiscovereu.
A more heroic feat than that which this
little spider performed is probably wowhero
upon record a snake a foot in length hung by
a common spider! Truly, the race is not to
the swift, nor is the battle to Uic strong i auw
this phenomenon may serve to indicate to u
that tbe intelligence with which the Crcaioi
' ias enuowea me numuie&i, icsuican r
Hires, is ample for enabling them to triumph t
any emergency in which Her places them, ,"
they but exercist the faculties he Has gytu
them. It is onlytke slothful, cowardly, timor
ous, that fail, and tbey failiot so much bejp"
their.gneiaigsflg before tbjjr own supinen
Feminine 'Fancies. ''''
One of the strongest ol hich we IrftoV,.
could so easily have fled and established herselfijheioiiging exclusively to the secies of the genu
this little animal on discovering a snake about
a foot long selecting for its abode the floor
underneath, only two or three spans distant
from its nest. It was a common silk snake,
which perhaps, had been brought into the
store unseen in a quantity of saw-dust with
which the floor had been recently "carpeted."
The spider was well aware, no doubt, that it
wovld inevitably fall a prey to this horrid mon
ster the first time, it should incautiously ven
ture within its reach. We should expect that
to avoid such a frightful doom, it would for
sake its present abode and seek a more secure
v.:;::E. pTmOORE.
Wholesale Crocer and Commission Merchant.
n Has just received in Store.
215 Barrels Whiskey and Brandy,
35 f and hhds. of Sugar as'td-
75 Sicks Rio Coffee,
200 " Salt.
50 boxes Soda Biscuit.
Candies. Soaps, Candle, Snuff, Cigars, &c. &c.
All of which will be sold on liberal terms.
: Mareta 14, 1857. 41-tf
' aaaijS3231 s-$3i assure aaiDj
1,000 bxs, Retailed Moxthi.t.
mediate removal of Obstructions lrrigularities, Pro-j
lanmialrTtiM-i ( falling of the womb) Leuchorrhea ori
i - r-' - .. x i
nent of its character and contents- rom con- WTutesl ana ui "' ":V"V. " V V
Our first anneal is to our own neoole to N
C. Presbyterians. Whilst we rely confidently
upon their favor, we trust that the native sons
of IVorth Carolina who have found homes in
other States, and the adopted citizens , ot our
fetate who form so important anelemeutin our
Ministry and membership, will take a deep
interest in this enterprise, ' aud give it their
hearty support.
Terms? 2 nor nnnnm in acivanpei. Ot Oil . de-
James C. Smith. Miles Costin
C ommission Merchants,
Have removed their office to the second story of the
building formerly occupied by the Telegraph Company
where they are prepared to attend to all business in the
Commission line.
All business entrusted to them will be punctually
attended to.
Wilmington, October 1, 1856 y
on a cheek or bank note printed on the Safety Paper. !
Below is our list of prices:
Bank Checks 25 cts. per lb.
Bank Bills $18 for 1000 sheets.
Bills of Exchange $25 for 1000 sheets.
Promissory Notes 40 cts. per lb.
Sight and Time -Drafts $25 for 1000 sts.
Insurance Policies 40 cts. per lb.
TJ.iilrn.irl Stm-L-s X'. Bonds 40 cents oer lb.
Bank and State Stocks 40 cts. per lb.
Bonds and Mortgages 40 cts. per lb.
Wills and Deeds-40 cts. per lb.
For wrapping Silks and other tine articles it is ex
cellent, as it prevents moths. 40 cts a lb.
r or inuentures auu .-vgreeui'jufs. ....o - mntua
All State and County Records should always be livery of the first number; $2 50 in six-montlis
printed or written on this Paper, as the chemicals in- $3 at the end of the vear. . To clubs of 25 or
serted in the pulp not only prevent erasure or transfer morGj payjng , adva'nee and when the Paper
but make it .lasting as time ... . mh is sent to one address, a discount of 10 per
io toumeru v.1,,,,ul!s :"t" "Vr-i;;;: opnt. will be. oiioa nnf Ministers and
superior to any otuer; as lue iuuismkm "i -" -.".-- ---- . icr
.i.w r..t ,ietrov it. the oroDerties inserted in the Elders are earnestlv desired to act as Agents,
nuln beinir a preventative. In all the southern states an(j an others friendlv to the cause will pteas
ru,..t IlTt ST written at procuring as many subscribers as poss
uijuuiiih-iiw"""--'!"' . . - ,. , , Klo onii fnragn t . Kir Arret. ISC lO
on the ordinary paper, while the oils ana otuer cnemi- --t "j ?
cals idserted in tins Paper maKes 11 ; inuesu utieuc jj una nn.. a ooou us iouw suuswv.-
the ravages of time. It is also proof against moths, obtained, the first number will be issued. !f ft
rats and other vermin, which feast on and destroy all fafthful and vigorous effort is made in the next
0t Th7coPmpanP have rfow in operation Mills in Morris two months by those Hhp take a HW
Couniy. N.J., of about 300 horse power, and are able in this work, we will without doubt, be able to
to fill ail orders for Paper at theshortest notice. begin the publication at the end of that 5 time
All orders for Paper must be addressed to A.NICH- wjtn a paying subscription list of at least 3000.
OLAS, President of the Company, No. 70 Wall Street Address, Editors of the North Carolina
iu?alneoffice th,S VaIUablC Paier P PrSbyterian. Fayetteville, N C :
July, 18, 56-3m Fayettaville, May 20, 1851.
. JM . M , 1 n o n b. nas fo 1 I or I
-r y- - - ' " J WWrm&rrrTYri1lT HW HHVfl b LiWU-iv.u
nnnQPrvsii. vk. 4-t j r - 1 t 1
I have received many letters
'It is the best!
remedy we have ever used." Sickness at stomach,
headache laDguor, debility, pains in the head, side and
back, loss of apnetite, costiveness, &c are some of the
symptoms which attend irregular menstration. This
remedy is certain to remove one and all of these symptoms,-
Be sure and gel the genuine, which has my signi-,
lure on each box. This remedy may be had by ad
dressing J. S. SHEPPARD, West Fourth street. Cin-
eincmati, and enclosing $1, and the remedy will be
sent by return mail
: IJ. B. Ladies who are pregnant should not use this
:edy, as it is sure to bring on miscarriage
in some secure corner elsewhere. But how,
we may well ask, was it possible for such a
weak, tender little creature to combat such a
powerful, mail-clad giant? What power had
she to do anything which could subject the
monster to even the slightest inconvenience or
molestation? Her ordinary resort, that of fet
tering and binding her victim by throwing her
threads of cobweb around it, it is plain, would
be of no more avail here than the cords upon
the limbs of the unshorn Sampson. A ware that
her accustomed mode of attack was useless,
how did she acquire the knowledge and sagacity
requisite for devising another, adapted so ex
actly to the case in hand one depending upon
the structure and habits of the serpent to aid
in rendering it successful? How was she able
to perceive that it was in her power to wind a
loop of her threads around this creature's throat,
despite of all his endeavors to foil her in this
work a loop of sufficient strength to hold him
securely, notwithstanding his struggles and
writhiugs, until by her tackle-like power she
could gradually hoist him up from the floor,
thus literallv hanging him by the neck until he
ivG f! ( fl rl? for this was the feat which this
adroit little heroine actually performed a feat
beside which all the fabled exploits of Hercules
in overpowering lions and serpents and dragons
sink into utter insignificance! And who can
nv thai, in the planning and execution of this
- j w
ctnr,prolous achievement there was not tore
thought, reasoning, a careful weighing of all
the difficulties and dangers, and a clear percep
tion in tbe'mind of this little creature" that she
possessed the ability to accomplish what she
undertook; in short an exercise of faculties of a
much higher order than the mere instinct which
!is commonly supposed to guide and govern
'these lower animals in their movements.'
I By what artifice the spider was able in the
'first of its attack to accomplish what it did,
! we can only conjecture, as its work was not
d;vprfd until the most difficult and daring
no injury to health would follow. One box $1, threef part of its feat had been periormeu. " uen
t. A v O All l.ii. tr Z t 4- fc . t . 1
W.WB.i aaieutrsui inquiry uiu&l cuuiam a uus-r- . ;f u0,l rJonnrl o nnn nronilU inO IK'CK
of the serpent, from the top of which a single
thread was carried upward and attached to the
homo, is the mania for turning me portion of
their house into a storeroom of'plendid and
unused furniture, which appears m Le kept
merely to look at. The costliest furniture their
husband's purses can achieve is selected and
carefully stored in this sacred room, and us
carefully locked in. "Charley" tnd the baby
re allowed only distant, and rare glimpses of
the enchanted region. Even "papa's" mudoy
boots are forbid entrance across the charmed
threshold. Here are eternally concealed luxu
rious sofas, carefully clothed in brown helland,
levant chairs in ditto, planted stiffly againfct
the walls; a forbidding looking centre table, on
which are arranged, by square rule, a few books
intended only to be looked at, not read; some
shining gilt frames the pictures of which ore
dimly visible through the darkened windows,
and innumerable mantel and other orameni,
with the mossy carpet, where all sorts of kal
eidoscope fancies are struggling in unbroken
twilight, complete the funereal appointments or
this room, which, like Bluebeard's "blue cham
ber," is the forbidden apartment of the house.
In this room is no heart-warmth no humanizing
influence that shall remind you of the joys of
the domestic hearth, none of that easy,
careless disposition of social articles of every
day use which endears one sympathetically to
the spot called home. All is stiff, solemn, coin
and forbidding. A grand display of furniture
too nice to use, and useless ornaments too
elegant to be touched. Those who furmsn the
means to purchase the fnmiture so watchfully
guarded, and to pay the rent of the sealed
rooms, may be a little-inqaisitive sometimes as
to the utility of such a freak on tbc part ot tlieir
better halves; but they are told the roop is
reserved for that mysterious party entitled
company," and as these lords of the creation
are in the main good natured and lndnigent
to their wives'" numerous little eccentricities
they are easily pacified, and the closed forbiu-din-
furniture wareroom continues closed and
forbidding, as well as the wife's especial hobby -
tage stamp to ensure an answer
. -:- J. S. SHEPPARD.
" Sole Proprietor, Cincinnati. O.
,WlRt 1- 18o7.v - - 61-1 v
' "I!ED TOP.
7;. ' RUT A BAGA.
! J ost received and for sale by
Jnly 11. 1S57. ; tf '
under side of the shelf, whereby the head ofj
the serpent was drawn up about two inches
from the floor. The snake was moving around
and around incessantly in a circle as large a
its tether would allow, wholly unable to ge
its head down to the floor or to withdraw i
from the noose, while the heroic little spider
exulting no doubt in the success of its exploit
which was now sure beyond a peradventure,
nnea , . , u inr.
and eomraon TOBACCO: and almost anything in the! was ever and anon passing aowu u
Grocery Hue. Cheap as the cheapest!
FjtCy 7, 1857. 36-tf
and up to tue sueu, auumg
r 1
tional strand to the thread, eacu or wuicu ui
1 Gallant Editor.
One of onr cotemporaries, elucidating tin-
."Woman Ques-tion," says: "I confess, in ai.
sincerity, that I have never yet seen an ugly
woman. This may appear paradoxical, urn.
'still it is the pure troth. I never find any wo
man entirely ugly. I enlarged upon tins icie
ace before an audience of women. Une wm
'was extremely flat-nosed said to me: fair, J
defv you not to find me ugly.' Ton, madam,'
I replied, 'arc an angel fallen from Heaven,
'only you have fallen on your nose.' I'robabl. v
she did not believe me, and has maintained
. .. 4U ,Ur1a world that she 5s liw-lw."
agamsL mo ' f .

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