North Carolina Newspapers

A terrible affair took place abo
The Washington States exposes the. tactics
iwrmrlf KAS-RTV PAPER.
Tt is n. well fiatahlished fact that metallic
of the. Southern onnosition to the Adfninistra
tration. and their unfair war on the Democracy
of the North, in a bold, caustic and telling
manner. We know the value of the aid which
the South has lent to the Democratic party it
ified hv the Richmond South, when
it gives ns the statistics that in the last House
rRonrPseiitatives. there were 81 Democratic
members; of these 64 were from the South, and
n from thfi North.' The proportion in
the next House will not be far different. In
ti.A RonatP there are 34 Democrats; of whom
oo r-m ti.o South and but 11 from the!
iUC IIV7H HiV - - j .
". nt4 L it nil Avitn of these feiv. two noiu tlieir
places "by contested elections. I this Presi
.i.,i;i i..t;on the riemocmiic candidate re
ceived 112 electoral vet
c.o vi the North, who gave t "tfiacK
ii nuL uiuic man -
Wetteville, n. c.
copper, carried about the person or suspended! ea3t Gf Greenville, Texas, the 3rd
in n. room has n. vprp beneficial effect in " pre-l ween a school teacher by. the nam
renting certain diseases. Dr. Bured ana ouiersand a man by the name or. ttowara a
liave demonstrated this cieariy. in oaieLy-flSon9 A. letter says: ; -a ; .tJA
Pner. beine- chieflv an oxide of copper, refuses! "Moore undertook to chastiselBo
to receive organic matters, which" is a highly f aDOt 12 years old, for writing indecent
important fact in a sanatory point or view, anaaUgQage m a young lady's copy rm,
has been shown in some very curious ana in-na(j struck the boy but four or nve oiowqu
teresting experiments. Letters arriving froinla swftch .when the boy's brothers -Cm&f
countries infected with the plague, would belthe school-house with ibr., aniTune ot
perfectly free from all taint, and could nevftr3irucK the teacher with a neavy ciuu urn
the piercin"- aod fumigation ot quarantine. g0thcr struck the teacher several suney
Armlied to Bank Hills, it 'is- Highly important.
11 , y-.- - ... I 1
Tr,i, 1? Morton, or umcinnatu caognt tne-i
'J VII U - ' w
,nnii no from handling mtected bant notes.
Mad thev been printed on tnis paper, it is cer
tain this never could have happened.
Anvthiuor that can act as a safeguard to the!
" -m . . . .
garden in lowShocking Scenes.
Vihat'tbe lynchings which have re-,-place
in Iowa were called by thej
es,ind the legal tribunals of tl
"setting about to vindicate the ma-j
vIfWy by the, ponishmeiit of the!
v(flrJTVe taken the laws in their own
Jas foul
V a 'midnight assassin,
gives. -,the following
"If with the chaff some grains of wheat you gain.
Oar well-meant labor has not been in vain."'
In Wesley, Ark., a fourteen year old
who had gone to drive the cows from the
of Wra B Thomas ingture ta!iino with him a gun loaded for partrid-3
ml a miirder as was everpes discovered three wolves among the herd!
The Osh-S
of, the court
order that - he;
lhiriv or-?
and secreting himself behind a stump, killed
the largest one, and scared oil the other tvo;3
the woli Killed measured over six teet in length
High Frice for Tobacco. A lot of tobaccos
was sold in Jjyi.chburg, a., ednesdav last
T n.MiU if n ii i. cm
electoral voio .17" o,, of Mrfof scfence.'aiid we shall be glad if this notice
atb ror toe Pff TU ,0etsthe eye of the sanatory department every-1
that "e.. these figuLs do not show how large-ilwoere,
h' the strength of the tmnrrntic nartv denendsl After pubhshing-as we have the commenda-
upon the Rnnfi,inj X ,.: : V..:,iSIUons of Mr Kent. Chemist and Assayer ot the
we. must remerebpr thlf c'..i, ;D ,.nmAr3&U S. Mint, and that of G. D. Lyman, Esq
tively constant in her principles, and for jewsjof the N. Y. Clearing House, also that of Meade
has been gi-dwinmorl .i mr TWorWt.;o ilBrothersi-in relation to the ew Safety-Paper
while tlmcfiangt at the North have been theiCompany; it gives us sincere pleasure to add
other way, and the. Democratic party there be-Mt!e following commendations from the press.
weaker. J the Presiden-J le "Journal ot i;ommerce," oi June oui,
down, but the teacher recoveredliiuiSet,
ot out his pocket knite and drove tusui
"But at this juncture the old mantv r
er sons and two sons-in-iaw aincu(
old tmin rn shed into the house Jwit
puVjlic lealth makes us rejoice in the progress socket knife. Moore beggecT I
the event: .
jfct&'a the decision
tng'the" renue, in..;
-ptnal) than a. regulany or-gf0r one hundred and six doJIars per hniidredS
,i auoui two nnnarea men profit was grown by Mr Tho.s. JI. Stamps, of Pittsvl-
ro jpnrtfJtouse. where the piis-lvania. " " i
af?crderaanded, and by forceS '
Sm the custody bf the sheriff;! 'heat at One Dollar. The proprietors oi'i
frifying shrieks of the prison'crjone cf the largest mills in Louisville have eio-
sh re-vilings of the mob. car-leu contracts lor .Uusliels ol wlicat
a tqee which they had previ-l?i per ousliel
iUnrdny, Augusts, 1857.
W.U. K. Wl(;ur.U.V., EBlTOll,
JzifC. C. MrOm-MME.v
is our duly authorized
acnt Un -the cullectma of all claims due this office.
comes, weaker and
tial election, the Southerf" States voted for
Buchanan by large majoties, while a change
of a few hundred voW'would have ..left him
without a siylej;ICTaVs,ttg'igi Mm ITunfi.
But while,tre eoncede all this, we cannot agree
that onr (Southern friends should abuse Mr
BuoftRnati, for simply carrying out the pledges
oi me Cincinnati uonvcntion. ljest wesnouiiiji
w - 'J -j'1-' -.-vv i v i iv in Lilii u net a
tion have become thoroughly abolitionized, anda
gone over to cast in their desperate fortunes!!
spare his life telling him that he wa
ly dead. At this time iiioore naa
contusion on the forehead and yf
with blood. But Howard, disreg
entreaties, rushed upon him and
long knife into him twice ononis
both of which wounds entered tb
Moore broke from him, when Howal
on tho rin-ht shoulder. jHaking a frif
four inches long and to the Done.
hi won nds. Moore broke from the J
ran twenty roas. xnv
In tB snbnrlj5tof the town.
ut even adhering to the customs':
)r abidtngby the honor of rnobS1" 1 ,B . ia ,mo,u7" '
cea the rope around the prison-"1 aiea, u,u,e l ,a' iau
oA,,rn.-.,;o , r liwvj a tea iv
Luiiicoaivu i lit tyj , i - -
a his' innocence. TheiUials rare c"OBti'1
a lmab, aud the prisoner! Dpnth of $i Ploncnl C.i
diicr a lew
LnuQ flr
of this city, 's on matters affecting the business
men of the country, pr,obably the best authontySclurjS at him as he ran, one or twe
in America. It says: Hhim ' r.
Trtv.pmnuany mailed iub jnuemffljxjRa.Eet.v5l ...x j , .,
struggles he
Cain demanded to make
".Daded innoceut of the
vfifuv "P ana a nre Uin
skj.Ijri.mob threatened to
TtoniAss the murder A-
9 From the strangulation!
fth and his voice
Rare Beef. Scene a boarding house.
W., have you
rare:- "lcs, sir, we)
to day.77 Dick "well
ror-:oi,.s desirou-s of the immediate insertion of their
fl V rV- vm,Vx- In,,sr. l,an them ia hy TIIUIiSUAY
fihi i : --N' trm lh"' wil1 nct appear until
Dick It r-"? v K lnt-,uls "ill please bear
' LKathls 111 '"iiHl as we intend to :.!,,. U ... ,.f,i
IQCV Zexctpiion. -""
Paper Manufacturing Company, of ifhhj!p"J
Xicholas, Es4)., 10 Vall street, is President, l yje was a man Qf
;en organized to the manufacture of chem-aafl(j a 8UCcessful tea
aper for checks, bills of Exchange, &c.Ma; nf his wnnnda a
, it is said, will prevent all successful al-jj.uiu- despicable that humanity blushes
tms, erasures, or photographic imitations3recjta ..-'""
icai paper lorcuecKi, uu.s oi rcuauge, c.,adie of his w011nds, a victim of
be accused of undue nreiudice in - favor of tliea''110'1
State, we are willing to lit. the VTa.sI)iiiatonSterallons
States sneak for us and it holds t'e followiii-jaot these important documents. 'ihe recent
Jijanlv lntiruarre - guuiu irauus in Lite aueraiiuu arm couuverieiiui
xlle - tens us or a rox, wno oeing SO un-M'' v-H' 8K"'""'--i an ui uuij- rnnn(r!, hid to tUi
. i A . t 1- . . . . . 1 4 1 t I 1 1- J VM..-. w -m., . . - v v. v - -
ill nil n c to i Afd tie mil rvnt ii oita.i i.. . iiiHii'ii!iniK it i ui ii u imm i mi v't rioni; rnm n: 1 1 oc "
. mm. . - .... -
in disturbing the rest of the reynard familv tol,ave oeen suggested. Ilns paper is made un
... . - " 'M i . t . ..... . I
(iDiiisc with that ornamenta annenda.rp "Btier me patent ot Messrs. U I vnu &, Anne . Knsr-
t. - f ' VB .
-tV M"MVIIl IX Uj7J7WOIllUII 4i IMJt III I, CUIl'l II I - y av J V- v av lllllt lb V li LV, I II tl I 1 J ij p
teacher. 'He will ri
.if .
a i
Romance in Real IjIfe. Some time
i i-i . . , . : " , , iMUi,t1' -,lcJ wciu uuw uiiaiuus lu see llieir I,
...a .ge u.e ature nerent tenaencies orj--- ' ... ann c.imates, am, aimostjtrothed and accom ted the meSsage will
Kji't ium.iii muiuiiai. I lie same CailKer 3IJ,U"' "o"1"" luc """o" ul me liavil x U1 tl.roorll v ronnlfo,,. tT. tl.o;
like this unfortunate and cunning fox. Recom-a'lt-'fats the usual processes of alterations, trans
ing denationalized when Whigs, thev sought tollers. a,1J photograpic imitations. It is at least
nationalize themselves as Know Nothings; bntflwortny of the attention of those interested"
tuere Vas not sutfieient virtue in the new name a ls proof against counterfeiters, the depre
to cl
- - . - ' t v V 1 igmt CJ7 pi
abolitionism that corrupted the old Whi" or-3,3an paper, and all permanent records of vahicg
gauizatiou, broke up its Know Xoihin succes-Hw'e doubt not, this paper is invaluable. Bibli
sor. This opposition nartv. conscious that it3cu Record, Raleigh, iV. C,
has no reliable allies at the North, that all who A company has been formed in New York
have hitherto co-operated with it in that sec-wlt'' $500,000 capital, called the American
5afetj?- Paper Manufacturing Company, who
tinpotn f-f ,,.,,5 ha vo mills ot .-UM) . orsf uniwr in rmprntion ins
ivitiiiu i w i i . i 1 1 r.. m - i i
with the Iilack Republican party, views withaorr's county in this State, for making chemi
jealousy and alarm the only party, the Deinoc-flca' paper which is said to be a security against
racy, mar has any claim to be considered aa;l11 manner oi irauu or counterreiting on paier
national party. For years its speakers andato prevent photographs and anastatic counter
journals have been industriously cu-'aed in theWeits, erasures, transfers or alterations. Jlesis
enort to convince the people or the Sonth tliatH'e'" 4 American lxanway, IV. J
the .Northern Democrats are no more reliable's Ahe American oafety-Paper Company.
Nothings.yCAPiTAL $500,000. Shares $10
flwho had won their hearts amid Scotia'.-J
ing heather, and sought the shores of A
in hope of being enabled the better to
for wedded life. I hey located at Chica!
here the remembrance of their "bonnie Xi
ries" inspired them to unusual and persevefi
exertions, tin lortuue at last so tavored th
i i. lU
jo hfiines3 oT deatn, persist,..
innocent. Again he was hung up,-?
he remained until he was dead "
TheHerald says that this makes the
iciim of mob violence in Iowa since the firsts
f April- four in Jackson, five in Cedar and
ne in Poweshiek. Express.
We have but few words to sav in reference
SJt ir . riM ...... .
R Oo-don l " ii.e pnunc is sick and tired of tim
. Consul at Rnstol. LngUnd. died on the 4 rhSiu"Jcct. Notoriety hunters ami hrnwlmn-dmi-
inst. lie was appointed by Gen. Jackson asM.?S"t'S have failed as yet, to provoke ascrious
consul to Liverpool where he served elevenfeue between the people of the South and the
years, and was then transfered to Bristol. ,,mll-tpi). 1 . . . r, .
yadmiiii-stration upon this question. The presi-
On the Decline. The people will be glad toJtiei't moves calmlv and steadily on. with di-ni-
lira. ii inuL prices or rooa. winch have been rn-'S ed firmness an.i cif.,.ni,...
I- i - i - , S oiu-iciwini:. uillllllJlIlUl Ol
ling so high, for gojong a tfme, are, at last, ou,tt ,.; ,i ,., - -
B I I " driL v - . (till I MMJM
uecnw i kjjrl ;t'..lui ui ousenre noliticians
Kl . . ... ft 9-l -vvv.fliW lllUIIJlli', WV-liVlllIii EV till K. J tliV
Monriol tr ort iW i... I I i ttni.tli I . x'T O J CD
The growing crop everywhere. isfcj""Pcrioiis demands of party conventions, and,
magnificent. nulike not a Sew of his predecessors, Jieeding
tenthM v nf ,v. 1tlie prcsnmpluous dictat.on ot no tactions cabal.
i hi; vu' js. a i uiu fii i.ito w ' vu; i,uuiiii .. . .... . . . . .,
we have hue accounts oi me wneat crop.
sthe predictions of the croakers have come
naught. The prospect ot the corn crop seems
Tf otf.thoi?ienuallv good. Never was more favorable
b is ., tr. . i .... n -'3
weather. cgei-arion, uuuer tue liiuueiice oi.jj,
v v 1 -
The whigs and abolitionists demanded
recall of Soule. Soule was promptly recalled.
The entire South, with good reason, de
manded the dismissal of Recdcr. When Ilee-
Important to Everybody
if lionnfl or irrnnn pftnnoMS forinr rp.vpii
ents. dissolved in one quart of water, aud Q . 1 e1"e " & " " ""f. 1 . w ' ..'' 'imost nalnable violent to southern feeling and
could no longer be retained without the
atSinterest, he was dismissed. deary attempted
Sthc Recder game on a more systematic and less
goodly remittance to nav their Dassaore.
iris, lor mutual Drotectiou and societ
lover the ocean in the same vessel an
in safety in Quebec-. Thence they embark
with several hundred other emigrants oif'a ri
er steamer to continue their journey down thl
St. Lawrence. That steamer was the ill-fate
Montreal, and of the six betrothed maiden
five found either fiery or watery graves. Th
sixth Miss Jeannette Pettigrew was take
up for dead, and only by faithful and persisten
attention was her life saved. All her world!
possessions were gone, but kind-hearted wome
oured down a sink, wiU efTectually concentrate n,a' """suiue, L J P-
and destroy the foulest smells. For water-gl";"'" . " w, cFi-aia
closets aboard shins- and steamboats. aboutia"a"u-
hotels aud other public places, there is nothing --Tiic Scientific Araerican says that cot-violeut Plan: but the South demanded, very
so nice to cleanse places as simple green cop-g(.011 worn i the top of the hat is a protectionroperlv, his dismissal, lie followed Recder.
peras uissoivea unuer me oeu, in uuyiimig iuatfflfrora sun.stroke or coup tie solid. It has bceu.Shaunou incontinently dismissed himselt.
wui nom water, ana inns renuer a iiospiiai, tiiat no one was evcr known to bea ... , 0.i f.,;f.,1,n,-ti.,l hn could'
fish markets"
iffected with those fits who wore a thick bat ot'j
Scotton over his head. A remedy so simple
neither effect any harm nor accomplish any
and wherever tuere aix-?.1(Sf..vls to be o-enerallv known.
t "i 0-
i ii 1 1 n
particular localities in Wilmington, as in any
than the Northern Whigs or Know
rpi . ii. .i n - i .
xuvy us.u-1 1 uiai, r.o an luteins ana purposes,
the Democratic party, as a national organiza'-
tion, is dissolved. They will not concede to us
a merit which they are conscious cannot be,
claimed by themselves. Seeing that the
strength of the Democracy consists in its unity
ot purpose, its consentaneousiiess of opinion,
a"I its devotion to principle, however wide
apart its members may be, they seek to cripple
is hy striking at the very source of that
srength. In vain we tell tiem that the Dem
"vuuc parry is me oniy party mat opposes
iMhtionism ana incenaiarism in tne North. In
vl we remind rhett tnat every other nartv
heVorth is thorpudily nfr.-aV I" valii
prodVe record evidence to show them that
without the aid of 'te Northern Democrats.
Texas would nevf-' have been annexed the
Union Florida "O"'11 ot have been admitted
into th3 Confed-"racv as a slave State the fu-l
gitive slave lw would not be in existence the
odious JIisiO"l'i restriction would still stand
the acknowledged law of the land the Ne-
hraska.-KTuusas bill would never have been pass
ed. In vain we produce these and other evi
dences of the loyalty of the Northern Democra
cy; these perverse men wilfully and criminally
close their ears and blind their eyes against
them. Their effrontery almost passes belief.
Tl icse men, w ho stuck to their Northern allies,
thoroughly abolitionized as they were, until
those allies would no longer act with them, but
gave them up to go over to the Black Republi-1
cans these men aflect to sneer at the south
ness ot the Northern Democracy, who have
braved everything political fortunes, social
position, and personal danger even in their
support or the Constitution and the rights of
States! 8uch impudence is really amazing
TIlOL-o 111 nti .mi 1,1 ..II .. a m tvm
...y.. luiuu an oie tor .vir iniiinore in
many attributes, the fairest tvpe, perhaps, of
.-yitm-iii mggery or ivnow-jvothingism not-,
withstanding his famous Erie letter, notwith-
statuliug his opposition to the Nebraska bill
muuimstanuiiig the pardon extended by him
l" V10 Sluve stca'crs in this District; but curlj
their iips aim turn up their noses at such Nor
thern Democrats as James Buchanan, Judge
Douglas, and their many noble compeers, who
nam uevoreu their lives to the Constitution
their country!
Shares $10 each. This
companv proposes to furnish paper to the pub
he, which can neither be erased or altered with
out detection at a glance. Documents written
now on the common paper in use can be altered
or imitated so perfectly as to defy detection.
Of this fact any one may be satisfied by calling1
at our othce, and examining specimens. The
checks of merchants, including their signatures'
can be so perfectly imitated that the signer
himself will be unable to designate the original.
In like manner can Railroad Bonds with their
coupons. Bank Notes, and, in short, every in
strument formed by the impression of ink upon
my Kina or naner now m use. can he. so ir.
. ....... . j.
can distinguish the original rromthecopv. JNo
document is safe from being duplicated, perfect
ly, unless it is written on the paper which the
American Safety-Paper Manufacturing Com
pany furnishes. Nicholas? Reporter. j
Ihe American bafety-Paper Co. introduces
a really scientific paper to the commercial world
which embodies all the requisites necessary, and
will we have no doubt, be the thing desired by
our able engravers to render without dangerous
and foolish coloring, all our bills a pattern to
the world. lhompsons Reporter.
Southern Commercial Convention.
The Meeting of the Southern Commercial
Convention is to be held at Knoxville, Tenn.,
on the 10th this day week. So far, we have
not heard of a single movement of any kind
having been made in North Carolina, towards
iiavuig me oiaie or any portion tnereot rep
resented at ivnoxviiie. -
Now, East Tennessee is a beautiful and ro
mantic country, and well worth seeing. Knox
ville is a handsome, public spirited and growin,r
town. Ihe route, either by way of the Virginia
roads, or by the South Carolina and Georgia
Roads through Atlanta, Chattanooga, etc, is
very interesting, especially the Virgiuia, but in
either way there will have to be encountered
something over forty miles of stao-ina-. The
roads will probably give return tickets to the
delegates, Some will frank them both ways.
There will be a lively time in the mountain city
ana a sigin may oe obtained ot the
they heard her affecting story. Eventuall
she reached her destination, and in a late iiuib
ber of the Chicago Tribune there is chronicle
the m!f?7'iage of Mr Adam Tate, of Chicago, t
miss ucuueiie emgrew. tie alone reapet
me reward oi his long exertions; and at th
wedding there were present two of the . other
five young men, whose feelings, when they con
T -.-. ..... 1 1 . . . I . ...... . 1 I 1 ... .,
iiac-icvt nie ii a i M.n husk ui men menu Willi thuir
own bereavdd condition, must have been s
Kansas affairs were then left in such a chaotic
so entagled, discordant and
smells. For butche'
slaughter-houses, siuks
offensive putrid gases, dissolve copperas
r.tnMn ; i. K t- i-. I ; ,t I r. it. . 1 .1 - c- tKrt cmn i Itnpi'C! 1 !Trn dv I I tT t l x.' c fliiiro n hiKinocu
un nnco nivnir It o fat f,i t ol- mnnsp f 1 I 1 h fl I IPP 11 fnlTlPfl Oil 111 liOllllOll llV SOllld W 1 1. 1 V ' -t
Ill fi-.) 1 1 ' . J ' i t u v. ' - " . v. ..... .. ..... . .- ... - - - , ;g . .
ahoiit the house and sends forth an ofFensiveflswindlers. who have notified numerous gentle-illuscd that it really seemed
i ii ' r .. . . . , . . . . , .
na nlnco snino riiwnltprl nnmiM'iia in an onenfsfmen that the decrees of L. L. D.. had been ifman could so combine the conllicting social and
" . . ! . ,3 .. l it T" 1 I TT !-S ....
vessel near the place where the nuisance is and seouterrea upon tnein uy the ltacKeusacK u in-political elements in this distracted territory as
it will soon purity the atmosphere. It our oil jversity ot Ai uansas, and notifying me newja nrojuce fluiet and restore peace and harmony
r. A : 1 . .1 : 1 ... t - I w.l . i I , .i t . -, ,i I Till n.-mwl m n l-T in I , . ft 1 1 !
'.aClOlieS liave IIUO UBCBIVCU 111, J-c iuiu"uni"iuuv.iuia uimu . I'-c yj i luiunio uiuoi, iui""vi .
as tho' no
ii.,,,, ,i;ir.,,it fot-
riPAt.. linnt an ..f,.l unrl ralnnlilp tn snn.pHniniiKr in nr.lor In secure, thfi honors Tfc ic-ato tne people x mo n. .
- lit V7Vls UOUUU l 'J "OV-l v uuHv.v w v- - " C5 " - - m w -r , 1
-iiAu-.i bMr i;.it hniKi innn mo n it u- ,SV! K SI. 1(1:1 I'll 111 Ih-IJUL. i . U U aV.1 . iiwov-
nuL iv 1 1 vj y ii iijv iijiiiiv i i ( J ULLii Linii: . i v j ' " -
ui Aiontreal sunniieu her abunrlantlv wliI.. . - ,i . n-i. .1.:, i...: i tii tu . i i..i 2 : . t- ..r.;,.. oi,wi;n oMi;.
4 thi npr nnipp 111 rfif i r v i h r ;i r.s. i i : i -l i a fdiL. uul inis : win 11 ti i iiuiuui uu."5 un-.' f r : n: nuiii u uiu us. i.v .uauui"-,
r i...!.vfc,M', -j - ' . . . . . i r .
LiM v . r.vHiii ii.'i n i t -.i- it i. i-tia, i. : . . 1. i.. . . . . -i a
eoy is cneap, simple, una wnnin me reacu oigpm ie& tuucuiug me xvacKeusaciv u uivviisuv. pties and country-wide patriotism tlie presmeni
everybody. l,et it pe applied wherever ncees-a 1;tllll .,a ,n rn:n-1 uMhsuL ami still has. the most confident reliance.
sary, and that speedily. n u. Journal. m .h , " ,', r1;' t:cfio,i UL tu ',M His first effort to uccotnnlish the very ol
c J j ) "--'- v - k i.:on t.ciiv, v. t ii v. ii i ni ya ,
uru- tiltirR. 1 III I V iliLAl. wiioiiini liiu uauic.i iiitus easily toiieii. couiuaoi UlS UiinuiilLliiiiu. nameiv. iu iecom.HU iuu-
. . ...... " . - . j. - - i i . -
;0 enw tlii mnrn nf. at t he ollice ot iMcssrsa1"". Ciu i.i uib iviiiii "'5iiictinir uarties. to soothe irritation, to timet
oauics, swrelv ; and they both kne t down to-a , ,- i , 4-
fll ,i,;il ,u ii i . jSpopular agitation, and, by granting a very
gether, while the elder one devoutly prayed.1
over and over again: L,ord! O, Lord! give mcl"ulc' lu o1"" l B,Uitl- otvP
a baby! IiOrd. please to trive ine a babv atowards the accomplishment of a result which
Diseases ix Animals. Dr Richardson stat
1. . i l. . i . : . -. i i.
unut ne nus seen pigs nun croup, small pox-1
measles and plague. Dr Furlong, of Antigua-
'ptates that on.the niitliority nfa b.rty-o
a was InKtVmicur"" "thatl
mg less is as absurd
Such hypocrisy-
Brownlow, whose obituarv is coins- the rounds
ofgof the papers, and would be read with far moreias the epidemic disappeared
as it ii! criminal. Penn-,
tor it is noth-Sgsatisfaction. if it. wnsn't liL-o th f in in Kim co If.
humbug. 1 he whiskey is said to be DrettvSI
irortrl li rk liT tix-r.i M. 1.-. 1 . I. . . 1 . . 1. .....!
0v.w. uj, jxiiuAiiuc-niiius, unu mi; pcupic 1VIIUVV
how to appreciate it. There will, no doubt,
be pleasant people at Knoxville. Perhaps a
big dinner Several speeches, crowded rooms,
and little sleep.
And there the matter ends, we fear. Dud-!
that when the cholera was epi
island, monkeys wild and domesticated, died in
great numbers from the disease. Travellers
found them dead in the woods in every stage
of the most malignant cholera. He says, more
over, they suffered equally Irom small pox when
l . . -"1a11 1 -I .1 . -i
it oevastateu me isinu, ana mat, mere was
. i. . :j c . .1 i
me same eviueuce oi contagion amongst inea
monkeys in the case of cholera as in that of:
small pox. Dr La Roche in, his vvorV "On
Yellow Fever," states that the effects of the
epedemic constitution of the atmosphere, du
ring the prevalence of j'ellow lever in 2sev Or
leans, and elsewhere, were most striking. Ear-'
ly in June. 180?5, cats began to droop and die;
dogs, also, were se erely and fatally affected.
isext year cats were again affected, as well
as rats. Many of the cats died numb and tor
pid, while others were seized with delirium and
puking. Lven fish and oysters are known at
times to participate in' the same calamity. In
179S flics were found dead in great numbers
in the unhealthy parts of the city. , At Gibral-
ter, in addition to dogs and monkeys, a goath-
erd lost a great part of his flock, and almost!
the whole ceased to give milk. At New Or
leans, in 1833 there was much sickness amongst
horses, cattle and swine. Again, 1819. thev
died with rotten tongues, and sheep ani
with their hoofs dropping off, and calves with
rotten ears." The "braqey" of sheep in Scot
laud is analagous to the affection last described.
During the cholera at Grenoble not a swal
low was to be seen; but these birds reappeared
We saw this morning,
Stevenson and Walker, several bags of wheat,
"Town in Rockv Point District, in this county,
by Mr E. D. Lane, which struck us as being
about the hnest we have ever seen, anu weg
heard it stated by tl-ose who know, that it is
ennal to the best, if it be not, indeed, the verys
best, that, has made its appearance in this mar-1
ket. .
The produce to the acre is above the average!
u, pftions Of the TTnitedS
!ii, 'QM I i'il n -titm " tttrynmyrtrouJ Ot -tweTltvSl
sneis per acre, over an extent ot some seven-
aiy acres. we aon't oeiieve that the average
even of the English farming districts is hisrher.s
43 ' E
nor the quality of the grain equal.
The agricultural capacity of most of the
Eastern parts of North Carolina has been
much underated. The turpentine and timber!
business has- drawn off attention from the re-1
The Cost of India to Great Britain. Enorxons
Balance of Trade against England.
1 l r
v iieu ugures are made to represent facts M
the truth they reveal sometimes becomes ap-i
HUiv iuucu nouie oiooa has already
flowi'il tn niitif.'ion Am.
v.lllull 4eiIj.e;illCe anaggnnans. Somebody from Arkansas, or else
uiaiu mat seems to have possessed some of thelicrc will make a fuss over the rci6c uritl, bvtc lCKD. fc, torntrmit
best, native troops in British India the dailvSIto run through Little Rock. Several otherElDen veil you gits on him to rite he rarp?
arrivals iu England from that Quarter of tilpBresoIutloiis will be passed big bills paid at thellpehint uiit kicks up pefore so vurser as a chaek
. r I a a i
gioue too iruiy announce. The untimely end
ey Mann's project will be pushed by the Vir-
.!. IT ii n , . J
oi me iiouoraoie Uol. Jb iunis. at Meernt. tho
only brother of the Lord Mayor of London,!
changed the gay and splendid" decorations of
the princely mansion of that functionary, de-'
signed to give eclat to his grand entertainment!
.oil tne 10th July, into the sad emblems of crief
.and domestic ainiciion. in me licngal llarkaru
cf May yth we find the revolting details of the1
mutkiy at Ifcerut, and a list of the murdered,
including meiij women and children.
This penalty, fearful and revolting as it has
been, aud may probably continue to be, at'
least until powerful reinforcements arrive from
Great Britain, is not the only cost which
Jler treasure is poured out almost as pro-'
fusuly as her uest oiooa miring ine nrst six
hotel, and men coma home Ves
Upon the whole we suppose North Carolina!
don't care to be made a catspaw for Dudleyllgonsmence dat vay, shust so like a vakitt poaiu
1 .. t Tr? - ii ii. FJ . . i .. .
ami ui ncr irguua neignoors generally.
She has been at that too long. Tfri. Journal.
Prospects of the American Horses. Weal
make the following extract from a London let-!
ter of July 10th, sent to us by a friend whose
name many of our readers will recollect
1 hear that I en Broeck's horses are doing
very well. The latest betting was 10 to 1 that
neither of them win the Goodwood Cup. and
21 to 1 that you cannot name either of them as
the winner. It is thought that not more than
thelten or twelve will start. Arsenal was.' but
East India possessions entail upon England.SGemma di Vergy is now, the first favorite. The1
"Chon, you recklememper dat liddle , plack
bony, I pyed mit the bedlar next veek?"
"Yah, vot of him." .:
"Notings, only I gits sheated burdy pad."
"Yah. Y"ou see in de vurst blace ine ish
sources of the land. 1 oo: very noor tracts ofaworld: leave was aranted. and
land there may be, but there are vast bodies
which would produce not only .corn, but all thel
.... -
cereals, wheat included. 1 here are vast tracts
of swamp easily reclaimable and exceedinglv
meat a110 0tiier action would have produced, is vio-
A Marrying Max. the Boston Times olently denounced, his motives assailed, his
Thursday says: patriotism questioned, nay ever, denied, and
Tho Rev. Sebastian Streeter. whose 74thiwhile he is with eoual bitterness and rancorous
the very
lV9 ti " inn. ' " livHUuuiu Lor , 4Ac -
.7 :1.1a
him iu Boston, is four Hum sand one wwtvSc'are 'um to be afliliating.
7 1 a 1 w r a. -11 -w . ... -
ana sixty-nine: jiay me xoro rorgive him ota His recall is demanded by a convention of
ute miserv ne nas caused.
birthday occurs this day which is also the 50th Jhostility denounced and decried by
nnnivPTsary.of .his weddi. d;VVt asserts thati . , 7 ,
the whole number of marriages s 51 (Tm 1 i fZeH t) y rs ' " ''" -,--
wire-pulling schemers, who, we contend, do not
A Spanish Legend. When reminded of their!rePresent tlie conservatism, the patriotism, the
want of progress in agriculture and manufac- Kintelligeuce of the masses of the people Tho
lu., oimuiaiub luiine a legend mat Aiiiinipres;dciit is threatened: the administration
wm uj-'uil llllli; icijih;.-MCU ItTclVC IU I U 1Mb Li:ifr
an an
rnnrhl- 1 ti fiiiTli.l i.ti-k r.i .... c ...... n . II. 1 1
el COM! S o .jjhh-u miu uivuduics, an JJUCIi-
miss oned to conduct him. On wings of loveaauau 18 va,11dingiy assured that if he refuses
the patriarch hastened to his native earth; b utsfaccession to the demand "the same gun which
so changed, so strange ail seemed to him tliatpsis levelled at Wakcr will be turned a-ainst the
he felt at home nowhere till he came to Portu-'IL.i...- t, . . . . .
rich. There are medium lands, underlaid bylgal. "Ah, here," exclaimed he, "set me downl 'V ' nat wonder is it that the
marl, and convenient to deposits of alluvium! here: evprv thimr l,rre is inst. ns T loft it president s resolution to supriort and sustain
rendering them easier of renewal orfl . ;
T T 1 I . T " I . T 1111- 1 . 1 -i. . . . . I ........ . 1
im jo I ji.-.iic ruii lilt. l.MKf.ASt III all tl... i l .
cm int lunci ai ills COmmaiHl
ot mud
fertilization. It is known that no lands
Walker with all the prestige of his sanction and
is strengthened
Inta hnm 'Pi.,.., .1 rti i . B ACII KLORS? A COITCSnOIldl'lit nf 1hf
1 v. Jo iivuj uiuuiii, Aiicy yiyt i i u uiiivt;. 1. 1 1 i ra l i i l i i . .
Hi well and do not wash. The fertilizing pro'-l ''k Evening Post, in answering this inquiry,!1 l,,d ndered doubly positive?
M . - - - - 53 4. i ...:.!.,.: i i c . .. j. i . . . i fi ,,.1 ; f ; i : . . i. . . iv 1 1 -
tnus .-.pi-aiv a iiiuuiy woru 101 me women, nea iiue iiiaL v a i kit is a
parties added to them are not carried off.
Whv "should our aa-ricultnre be draw fed si ml
cjippled? It is a great mistake that when once
lie turpentine lans we must iau too. it may
be tke best thing for us when stated agricul
ture is 'substituted for a dependence upon
tide products of the forest. Wil. Journal.
S,- thejr Outrageous Assault on; Hoops. A couple
idTiogslfiof well-meaning but thoughtless young ladiesl
traitor to
indignantly says: the constitutional rights of the South, and that
Is the blame for the extravagance in liviigjhe is upheld in that treachery by the president
all to be lain upon the women ot this country ?3 , . ., 1 '
Certainly not. We speak of the extra vagaucel" hat 18 the COurse wllleh 11 "ooTes the south
of the female portion of the community in car-to pursue? If Mr Buchanan is untrue to his
pets, pianos, dec, but do not mention Fifth
Avenue palaces costly horses and' vehicles, and
jplendid churches. Certainly the women area
not to blame for these. Look at the expenses 1
.. . . ... .E?t
;ot your men in fashionable dress, brandy, mint
juleps, oyster suppers, Spanish cigars. I think
it the account were balanced, it is doubtful?
which side would preponderate. I apprehendlwin llot scout sucii an iaca
tuui ine laun iu extravagant living pervauesjjf
if" ItO wlinlo Prtin ninnltt? I ."if la Onvns Iwi'nn-!li'
J-'- " ' . v v"'i"'iuiiiij j w l- 1 1 OV-VVO J I I J I I i ( ti I I J
to blame. Even our funerals here become so
V fit
mule, i dinks I dake him a liddle rite vester-
day, unc so sooner x gus srraooie his pack, he
up mit eferydinks, I vints minezelf zittinfjthe hote,s whom they found to be so extraor-j!
packvards, mit his dail in mine Tiaiitsdinary rdant that caution on their part was
English trainers think the American horsesj
have but little chance to win. The race-course
months of this year (up to June 30) there wereSof the Goodwood is worse than any race-course
jou a poatsteam; uiit ven he gits tone, I vas so
vor de pridle."
"Veil, vot you going to do mit him?"
"Oh, I vixed him petter as cham uj. " 1
hitch him in te cart mit his dail vere his ;heat
ought to pe; den I gife him apout so a - tozen
cuts mit a hite cow; he starts to go, put so soon
he, see te cart pefore him lie makes' pack wards.
Bnrdy soon he stumbles pehint, mit sits tewn
on his hanches, unt looks like he veUrrty
shamped mit himzelf. Den I dakes. him-outr
hitch him de rite vay, unt he goes rite of hust
so good as anypodys bony." Porters Spirit of i
trie j. ivies.
- ti .i ...
in ii.iDany, recently wishing to create a sensa
tion, sallied out with hoops at least twenty-live
teet in circumference. 1 Hiding themselves too
jbulky to walk together with convenience, they
separated, taking different streets One ol
tiipm was cn nnfnrtnniiTo liniifonA. n s f s r.ntni.
..uuv. bll ill. 11. , 1 1 11 H 1. 1 1. 1 , tiO JJ .11 IC1
t locality abounding with juveniles, who were
jspeedily agape. First they stared at the drcbslcostly that one can hardly afford to die. You
and at each other: then one. more impudenta'tiay be sure that bur young women are as care
1-1. . it . A. A 1 t , 1 It.. 2IC.1 1 A, .!... . -.1 .
iiuan uie resi, veruuren a noop, noop, nuiTaii! a'ui auout fiumii uiia matrimony witn uieBfn tup 0ntli
. .nthnro tillrh nrtnl lr nlr. I nii.i,.n.iim. . 3 hoi co v um nnirn oo mm-i I I nwv -a ri o I - -k I . - j 1
throng of urchins swelled in the lady's wake ;fielves wretched by marrying thriftless and
and at last one of them ran up behind, gaveaipated young men.
' - mm - -
the crinoline a push, and sent it sailino- aloft onS
escaped iuto a friendly store and removed her
- - . ra -- .
vtw - - - aweeonaica
m 1 1 1 H Many of the restrictions witch now exist be-and we shal I never again be found an advocate
iiAMUMO vur diamond. 1 ne lOHOWing tromsJtween the two countries vvi be removed T inSn a iiatinnnl no.-f,. .: i .
the -New York Sun is about the best thing ofiTreatv which Mr Forsvthe rffectcd ws ro-IL..;.. . i...,.:.:t ' 1
i - 91 J i& iaiu. c-xj i u i rr i:l r ur won ! M ir nni t -
its sort we nave read tor many a day. Hturned some time since, and it is understood
oath and to the south, in the name of southern
rights, the constitution aud the country, where
are we to look for a man into whose hands vc
Mill IT lilil I'M i I ...... 1 . . . . . . . " 1
'uj vim usl um noiior, our priveieges, our
institutions? Iu the know nothing ranks?
There is not a sensible man in the land who
Among the black
republicans? The question carries its answer
jjwith itself. Where then shall we go when Mr
in l. r -i o . . '
uucnauau iai;s u,: Aye, that is tho question
In our opinion, if Mr Buchanan proves unt p.m
ineie is not another man living
u-hA V... a
dis-H io us and should
become convinced of the fact that such
&&. i I'no ttt iiMT n j-i vo.o iv t i r i c k.. i.nii - . .
j ...... ...... . . ov, . .
Kvcij vie w ii it n oitiua us
exported from the single port of Southampton
to British India, in silver com, the enormous
sum of $27,510,115. while, to meet the balance
of trade in favor of China, the amount of silyer
exported from the same port during the same
neriod to Chinese ports was $15,855,510. The
nforegate of these sums exceeds by $20,000,-
Obrt the amount exported to the East Indies
mid China during the first six months of 1856.
Thus the Chinese war aud the mutiny in the
East Indies will prove singularly disastrous to
the British treasury
in America. Every man who runs a horse onl
the ground thinks he will break down, and it;
is the same with the Epsom course. Take!
away the little grass that grows, and you find
the bottom to be flint stones and hard chalk.;
r1 T- -m m- ...
UOLD DISCOVERY. Mr L,eTOY SDrino-s hfis1
shown us a lump of gold found on his land in
vaDarrus county, weighing 23 nennvwpbrhts1
3 . 1. A no T . f . . J O"-"
anu woilii aao. i was lound dv a littio o-irl
me lop muii is oniy mree or tour inches uaugnier oi tne tenant, Mr .Linker. The
Teu Broeck is here, staving at Landsav's Hotel! specimen isa fine one. and was hrnfcon" fm '
" o ' 9 " ii uiu a
A couple of patent "safe" sharpers got hold3that in the arrangement of
of a supposed greenhorn, yesterday near one ofHpriuciple of commercial reciprocity will be adop-ithose SuUtlieri' journalists who condemn Walker
ted as oetween tiie u nited states and the Southa;l"d denounce trie administration as treacherous
entirely laid aside. Greeny was ready enough
It was suggested
to go it ouna on tneir sate," but his wife hadwing into it. seem to renuiro an outlet
. u ..... ..j.i . , . ii . ' - 1 .
ijui an um iiiuucj, anu ue vvauteu a good ore-
text to get it out of her. So he borrowed a
old watch of the sharpers, in order to show it
to his wife as a desired purchase entered the
hoter stepped out of another door and the
jsharpers have not seen him since.
Mail. Robbery.-
wo evev
Case, our voice, feeble and unavailing though it
"...j- uC, bnau ce raised lor the severance of
to the COlifeilcrHCT
J t
a new Treaty, the sj
lolain. so nnhesitat.inrr imnlH l.a .
' o . i ' um vj n xi .vuici(
,in such an issue that we cannot conceive how
American colonies. The overflowing Trea. urv
of the nation, and the flood of the revenue pour-5
some time ago bv Uen.
Gadsden when Minister to .Vesica, that we
could not obtain a good commercial with
Mexico without buying it. Jt will be necessa-
wid false to th.c south, do not at once fliii"- the
jbanner of disiiiiion to the breeze srnd call ih
hosts of the south to the rescue. But believing
as we do, honestly and with the best lights be
fore us, ia the wisdom, iutegrity and patriotism
of James Buchanan, we shall yield to his ad-
r tt i i t Yt r- vi'n acoI vnnoiro1 nnrrAtm !inr 4
J "ufuM "-'"'" iivu.i,.ciuviia. lm i, ctrot ni, nn. 11 .
offer to pay Mexico a handsome sum of money, Eg " "uu"col,l,lu "truest support.
tho .,iiT,,,ot!3the-wariiier aad the heartier homnen e
Ihe 1 ortsmcnth TranserintS: ofif rF ivh5h tn llio TTnitorl Stntco oo ii-r. 1 1 ECftl 11 m 11 ifl t OT! fllld tlP cri"if r. P 1V:. ...
as information to the effect, that on Thursdavflrrf" ; "I- i. .7 " uIP0onk
the mad carrier between Suffolk and Sus-!i-c Whi" &t i . , rIy aud
Court House, was nttni k Struly represent tho wishes and the will rf of
junkn'own to him, and the mail pouch, with itsl A Western Lover on a Sereuaue. A gen-pleast that portion of the democratic party of
'TJII LI i VvlllViiiC) iUO,LIJ U cl V
been recovered, and taken to
The pouch hasltleman who recently put up at a log tavern lnwhich the Xorth Carolinian is the u.-,!-,!
the ChuckatucklWisconsm, was awakened by a young man who:fnpo.n u,.,.h ,.t: . . ,
tost office, but the whereabouts of its contentscommenced a serenade thus
involved in mystery. Of course the Post
QSice Department will investigate tho matter.
in a quiet way. I hear that he has done but!
little in the way of betting, which does notl
loek well. Yours truly,
"William Wimley."
Porters Spirit.
rock in a cultivated field on a slight elpvntion
m i ? . i ? a. r .t . .
ine inaicaiious are mat the precious- metal
exists to a considerable extent in tharKfeio-h-1
bortiood. io further examinations have
been made. West Democrat.
A "Local" Curiosity la the St. Louis Dem
ocrat of the I3th we find an account of a fire1
and riot in that city with the following caption:
"Incendiarism! Riots!! Rocks. Brickbats. Pis
tols,. Muskets and Murder Hell empty, and!
all the Devils here on Sunday morning!
Oh, Sally Rice.
I've called you twice,
Ad yet you lie and snore?
I pray you wake,
AirJ see your Jake,
And open to him the door or window.
don't eare which, for
It makcs4but little difference
To either you or I
Big pig, little pig,
Root hog, or die! "
.oucn is our position until we are as
sured that we lean upon a broken reed and iu
uthat instance our course is clear and will bo
unhesitatingly pursued.
fST-The Big dit'cT beginning to cave on Hay
i&treet. If not a cave, tho n mio-htv sint.
' "a J -
ling down of ihe superincumbent earth; a won-,
iderfnl depression; an awful cracking of the

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