North Carolina Newspapers

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Devoted to Aews, Political and . BusiCJss j matter, Agriculture, and Family Reading.
riY'nr' rl uw lnV -
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v siascniPTios ro the caiioli.mas
For a singlu copy, if paid in advance, per annum. 52 Ob
" " " " at tlie end ot o months, 2 50
" " " at the end of tf months, 3 00
" " " at the end of the year, 3 50
No subscription will be received for a shorter period
than one year u.iless paid in advance.
With the v iew of ext-n ling the circulation and en
hancing the u-a-f il.i -ss of the paper, the proprietor of
fers the following remarkably low
5 cop es of the Carolinian, I y-ar, S 00 . s
10 " ' 15 00
Rates of Advi-rtisln? :
Sivty :enta p r sipi'ire of If. lines, or loss, for (he fir.t
and 3:1 Scents (r e ch siibse-pient :usert;oa, mil -ss the
idvertis m -nt is published fur more than two nn;iths,
-vhf;ii it will be charsr 'd
I'or thr -e mo iths, ----- St O0
For mx ni'):it!H. - - - - ( 00
For tw 1 months. ----- 10 00
All alcrtis'-m -nts um-t have the de-ir 'd numb -r of in
:' iirki"! on th :n. rth"i.ise they will be in.
ware cvc, $c.
The rndersigned are now receiving a lare assort
ment of t.ROGERIES HmilM iKL, IKtW, Bl ttb,
4000 acres of Jjninfer
All the Land belonging to the" Est!rife,o John Mori
?u r r w wTtiF h'oks ETHE iSADhLE- son' dec d' is now ,or a,e' Said land r4. the
,I')LL,r W )J Alth, .NH OLS, LBATHLK & hAIJI;L- . Couutie8 of Montgomery and Richmond; and any per
il Y, which they w.ll sell at whole-sale at a sroaiyad- viaAug to purchase any of aiindan haven
vance on cost for cash, or on usual time to prompt
dealers. - , G. W. WILLIAMS & CO.-
July 25, 1S57. GO-tf v:
THE undersigned would respectfully inform his old
friends and customers that he can be found at the
toreof'C E. Leete. where he will be glad to see
them, j. ii. Mcdonald.
Jan. 1", 1857, 33-tf
:ert"'' t il i'n- d .ri 1 eh ir 'd ' cor U lly.
nltent ion It lirrrt-l lo thin re(fl!iHot.
YM. F. WKiilT.M V & CO.
& i
p.r v-i, rrt f t a
1 4 -- JS.
i f,K iso.v r H'nitiHT.
Mtoiinj- tl iiyi; n-villc, ".'.
(i 'i.r .if the corn t of Dow and Gr:eu streets.
. lft.ii.
A T I 'Oll X ! V AT L A W ,
V) i th; Co irU of Oa;nb,u-laud, Harnett,
Wake an I .Johnston.
A 1 Ire , To n -i
Feb. lti. 1H."i;.
X. c.
85 -y
u o fwr.Y no us e
j POVK!l & TltOV, Proprietors.
The Proprietors of this Establishment an
nounce to the public, that owing to the con
stantly increasing patronage extended to
them, they have been induced to enlarge the
accommodation by the addition of an extensive Dining
liooui on the lower floor, and suits of Rooms on the
: Cf)i'd floor; thus enablinar them to accommodate all
who may favor them with a call. And they pledge
' ti".nsel ves to an increased exertion to give satisfaction
to their patrons.
Spac'ous Stabler attached and careful Outlers in
The eligible location of -the Establishment, w'th the
opT'ence of the Proprietors in providing for the
comfort of their patrons, they hope will secure to them
I a Fberal share of the travel.
j The Western and Southern Stages arrive at and depart
; from this House.
Carriages in attendance on arrival and departure of
.steam lioats. tor the accommodation of passengers.
Horses and Carr'ages furnished at any notice for
carrying travellers to anv part of the adjacent country,
.f. W. POWERS. W. C. TROY.
FaveUm-iUe. May 12. 98-tf
opportunity any time within three months by calling
on the subscriber at Capt. Joseph iHines, Richmond
Connty. A part of said Land is lying on or near the
line of the S. C. & Coal Field..-IL Jhe subscriber
will taKe pleasure jn showing saviSid3 to any person
wishing Tiiforthatfou respect in jfhrem.
.. d. b. rainwaters:
July 4. 1857. 3m
The Subscriber has made arraage; ents to keep a
supply of the Genuine Article, and- is the only Agent
for the sale of the above brand of A No. 1 Rye AVhis
kev in this place.
May 40-tf
At!.rjH'V nt Law,
V A V K V r K V I L 1 K , N , C .
Mav be consulted at the Law Oftice of Jese G.
lier l, lO-q., on Green Street.
.July I'.i. 1M5C.
lilnruty at :
Having remove. 1 to PITT.SIU )U ): N. C
regularly the Courts ot Chatham, .Moore
April 1 t, 185C. tf
. will attend
and Harnett
Rockingham, ltichmo id Cou.ity North Carolina,
will practice in the Courts of Richmond. Anson and
Robeson. All business entrusted to hi care w".U re
ceive strict attention. .July, 11. ly-.8
ni:v GOODS.
Is now receiv ing his Spring and Summer supply of
Bolting CLOTHS, &c all of which, being purchased
by the case, will be ottered by Wholesole or Retail vt
March '8. 4.'J-tf
H Acres of Land, lying on Cape Fear RivFr Store,
Dwellin Out Houses all iu tirt rate order. The Store
i- at a tbie bnsin-ss stand at the- Cross Roads and the
and is not to bo excelled by a ly in North Carolina.
Any p 'rso i desiring to purchase can obtain further
particulars resp-cting the prop -rty by calling en
cither of us at Willis- Creek o.i the Wilmington Road
15 miles from FayetteviUe. '
4. IS-tf JAUL'O Willi till.
C&FXT&X. $500,000-
A. Nicholas. I resident. Office. 70 Wall Sfc,
A perfect security against all manner of Fraud or
Counterfeiting on i'apr To Prevent Photographs
and Anastatic Counterfeits, Erasures Trausfers or
I Alterations.
j Having purchased f Patent for the exclusive right
to manufacture and sell ttie jNevr oiiemicai paper in
America, invented in England Jy Henry Glynn acele
The Presbyterian Clnirch in North Carolina
has 'on labored under a serious disadvantage
from the w:itt of a journal to advocate her
claims and represent tier interests. It is esti
mated that only 1000 Presbyterian Week! its
are taken in the hounds of our three Presbyte
ries. We have 13,000 Communicants, and it
is safe to infer that there are 30,000 Presby
terians in principle in tiie State. Our Synod
stands fifth in the Union in point of numbers,
and her membership is greater- than that of
any Synod South or West of Pennsylvania.
Onr sister States on the North and South,
neither of which has a membership so large as
ours publish the Central, and the Southern
Presbyterian, for the benefit of their people.
The time has come when the Presbyterian
Church in North Carolina should likewise do
her duty to her children, it is a conceded and
important fact, that hundreds of our members
will take a State paper who will take no other.
The Paper is needed to be the organ of our
Synod and Presbyteries to elevate and en
lighten the piety of onr membership by diffusing
evangelical knowledge to promote the cause
of Education to develope the talents of our
Ministry, and to strengthen the attachment oi
our people to the soil and sanctuaries of their
own State. - - - - .
If our Church in other States, and other
Churches iu this State, can supply their mem
bers with a religious journal, why may not we?
Are North Carolina Presbyterians inferior ii
talent, energy and patriotism to their neighbors
on the orth or South, or to Christians oi
With tin
THE Kiiherihr hnv
Ctrt of Pleas and Qc.aAer Sessions for the County J
of Camberland, qualified as Administrator upon the j
cuteot Willie . Moore, hereby notifies persons hav
ingtlaims against the Said Estate to present the same
properly authenticated within the time prescribed by
Iaw,jotherwise this notice will be pleaded iu the bar
of tleir recovery. .
Ofbtors to the saidEstate will please make payment
immediately. E. F. MUOKE.
j.ine 6, 53-tr
6 pr ijvg stock; 1 857i-
Tbe unknown finest.
E. F. ivi OORE.
Wholesale irocer and Commission Merchant.
Has just received in Store.
215 Barrels Whiskey and brandy,
85 - aad hlids..of Sugar ass'td
75 Sacks liio Coffee,
- 200 " Salt.
50 boxes Soda Biscuit.
Gaidies. Soaps. Candles, SnulT. Cigars, &c. &c.
All of which will be sold oa liberal terms.
March 14, 185. 41-tf
and corai'UHi TOBACCO; and almost anything iu the
Grocery line. Cheap as the cheapest!
Fob'yT, 1857. 3G-tf
Just nceiv'ed aud for sale by
July 11, 1857.
V M. K.. HbAKG, A. M., Prii.cipal.
James JI. Coltox. A. U., Professor of Mathematics
and Ancient Languages.
Iuanz J. Hahr, Phof. French and Music.
Miss Lrias McUaxiel, i ,c.!.(onf Tni,
Mrs. Ella L. bi.AKE.
Irs E mi lie Assistant in Literary department.
Miss Lizzie Hatcuell, Draw ing and Painting.
Mrs .I AiiOAKET E. Horne, Prepatory department.
Mrs Sarah A. Leete, Governess.
Th Fall Session of this Institution will comuienct
on the Frst Monday in October, and continue twent
weeks. It is highly important that all Student:
aeould be present at the opening of the Session, a?
classes are then organized and new studies com-
The ample arrangements and facilities of the Insti-
ution afford to yumis ladies an opportunity to com
pK-te a UiOi'OUgt." practical, as well an r.ecoiupllsbei
ducatton. iu tuu government ot thebcliool. salutar
liscipline and due restraint w ill be constantly euforc
d. Great care will be taken to prevent the formation
brated chemist and officer in the British arniv. it is
hardly necessary to say that the Paper is recommended other denominations at home?
by Mr Kent. Assayer of the U. S. Mint, Mr Lyman Knmo np better nnrmrttniitios of nrpoimiiishirie
In tht
cd' tliv New York Clearing House, and M trade Brothers
i this work, shall we leave it
Five sevenths of the FA 'I MING AND TURPEN
TINE LAND in Harnett eon lty, k iow.i as the Parker
and McNeill la ids. joining Win. H.irr ngton's land on
Upper Little River. There is sonu 200 acres cf the
best quality oflo.v gro la Is on the River. The up
lands are heavily tint er.;d with pin -s. a id within six
miles of the FayetteviUe a id Western Railroad.
I.'nf ivirt'uMihirs annlv to I- MoAR'I'HLTR.
J-' - - - - 14.
itnr) Aim?
N. Y. The latter say that no imitation can be made i language ot one of our most able and usefu
on a check or liank note printed on the Safety Paper
Below is our list of prices
.1. P. ROPKR,
J. W. MclvAY.
Nov. 1S5G 21),
A. M. Ca mi ?! I ,
East side of Gillespie street,
Favettkville, N. C.
October 1, 155
O-t. 1
M A 'l 1! I. K PACT t V,
osite to E. W. W likings" Auction Sto:
N. C.
,s n r. o x i) sr -.' rvi
ST A P. ?
Huv ;o :
SO 1';
T-.f !
i'ii -Hi' :
th-:r v'ONP STOCK '' -ea-v
A il! o'.l' to th W'.i. -ab-
. .or oa ! n ' is ' 11 "'
j. .! . : ia"
IJank Checks 25 cts. per 'b.
Hank Bills $18 for 1000 sheets.
Ii lis of Exchange $25 for 1000 sheets.
Promissorv Notes 40 cts. per lb.
fight aiid'Time Drafts $25 for 1000 sheets
Insurance Policies 40 cts. per lb.
Railroad Stocks & Bonds 40 cents per lb
Bank and State Stocks 40 cts. per lb.
Bonds and Mortgages 40 cts. per lb.
Wills and Deeds 40 cts. per lb.
For wrapping Silks and other tine articles it is ex
cellent, as it prevents moths. 40 ct? a lb.
For Indentures and Agreements. 40 cents per lb.
All State and County Records should always be
printed or written on tlm Paper, as the chemicals in-
Ministers, an adopted sou of onr State, "It
ought to have been undertaken 20 years ago,
but it is not too late to begin to do right."
In the last two or three months, a fund oi
about $5000 has beeii subscribed as a perma
nent capital. At a meeting of the contributors
held at Greensborough on the 14th of May,
Rev. A. Baker, Chairman, the Paper was un
animously located at h ayetteville, under tht
name and title of the North Carolina Pres
byterian. Rev. Wrn. N. Mebane and Rev.
George McNeill were elected Editors: Rev.
Messrs. George McNeill, Win. N Mebane, A.
Baker and C II. Wiley, and Messrs. Geor-ji
McNeill, Sr., John II. Cook and David Mur
phy were appointed an Executive Committee,
sorted in the pulp not only prevent erasure or transfer ' , , . "i , 1 ? "
but make it lasting as time. to establish the Paper and manage its business
For -Southern Climates it is excellent, ana mucti auunn
superior to any other; as the moist.less ot tne cnniare , jt js our wisl) nmj desjn to make tj,e qrtH
does not uesu oy il. me ui oiierners iumii icu in iuc . g-. .
nnln being a preventative. In all the southern states Carolina I RESBYTERIAN a journal of the first
uba. the est Indies aim the Uentrai American ."Mates i t.i, viinai lu toe er,i in liic coiiiury in typo
no public records can be k pt over 20 years, written
on the ordinary paper, while the oils and other chemi-
granhiea; appearance and in adaptation to tin
wants ot our Churches. Its columns will afforc
' ;,r'f ri latest intelligence, both foreign and domes
rats and other vermin, wh eh feast on and destroy all
other paper now in use.
The Company have now in operation Mills in Morris
Co'in'y. N. J.. of about 3-0 horse power, ami are able
tofi'l all orders for Paper at the shortest notice..
All orders for Pap: r must be addressed to A.NICH
OLAS, Pres dent of the Company, No. 70 Wall Street.
Orders for this valuable p iper received at the Caro
in.a.i Office.
Jul v. 18. 5C-3m
i from FayetteviUe. lying .Frectly on the Southern
i Piaxk Road, and on each "dde of Big Rockfish. One
j o; the best turpentine secfons in the county. v:-h
I convenient : uiprovements for a family residence: with
mall corn mill on a never !; l;ne str. iuh. a ii a first
tic, and special care will be taken to give a full
and accurate summary of State news. The
name oi uie i aper is designed to be an expo
nent of its character and contents. From con
victiou, it will advocate the conservative, or
thodox, Old School doctrines and order of the
Chu rch.
Our first -Appeal is to iv,r !v.-i! jiciji)!;.- to
C. Press' ytcri-i ns Wli?!.t ;vc rtly cor.f.dt-t-rly i
optr.t On;.: ie.v.r, we D;ust l tin native sons i
oi .Mini: v.i!'tt:ii: vvii.. ;uive iousuj nonits in
A Reminiscence of the Revolution.
One pleasant evening in the month of June,
in the year 17 , a man was observed entering
the borders of a wood near the Hudson river
His appearance was that of a person above the
village would have dignified him "with the title
of "Squire," and from his manners pronounced
him proud; but those most accustomed to so
ciety would inform you that there was some
thing like military air about him. His horse
panted as if he had been hard pushed for nm iy
miles; yet, 'from the owner's frequent stops to
caress the patient animal, he could not be
charged with want of humanity, but seemed to
u acmaieu some urgent necessity, ibe 1
rider, forsaking a good road for a by path lead
ing through the woods, indicated a desire to
avoid the gaze of other travellers. He had
not long 'eft the house, where he asked the
direction of the above mentioned path, before
the quietude of the place was broken by the
noise of distant thunder. He was soon after
obliged to dismount, traveling became much
too dangerous, as the heavy darkness concealed
snrroMidiisg objects, except when the lightning
flash afforded him a momentary view of his
situation A peal, louder, and of a longer du
ration than any of the preceding, which now
burst over his head, seeming as if it would rend
the woods assnnder, was quietly followed by a
heavy fail of rain, that penetrated the clothes
of the stranger ere he could obtain the shelter
of a large oak, which stood at a little distance.
Almost exhausted with the labors of the day,-
lie was about making such disposition of the
saddle and his overcoat, as would enable him
to pass the night, with what comfort circum
tances would admit, -when he espied a light
glimering through the trees. Animated with
the hope of better lodgings, he determined to
proceed. The way, which was steep became
attended- with more obstacles, the farther he
advanced, the soil being "composed ;of clav.
which t'ie rauS had rendered so soft, that his
r'eet. filimied nt. svi-rv stin Tiv fh nimnst imp.
F imnrniini' llittkitia " if f I t irio tho inrlirnii.nt " in I J I ' J I
encourage industry and punctuality; anil to cultivatt I severance, this difficulty was finally overcome
..i all occasions propriety of deportment, lhe Loard without any accident, and he had the treasure
1 A
of finding himself in front of a decent looking
farm house.
The watch-dog began barking, which brought
the owner of the house to the door.
"Who is there?" said he.
"A friend who has lost his way, and is in
10 0t) I search of a place of shelter " was tlm nnswpr
$1- o0 and 1j (b "Come in sir," added the first speaker "and
Latin, French, Music, Painting. Drawing, c, at whatever mv house will afford, von shall hav
.u ....! I 7 rf t -- -
i n - tii 1 1 1. 1 1 1 1 1 '
ng Department will continue under the direction Oi
Irs Sarah A Leete, a laVly of experience and eminent
itness for the position. Her tenderness and solicitude
or the comfort of the young ladies, and her watchful
.egard for the feelings of all, have gained her univer
sal favor.
oard, including washing, lights, fuel, rooms,
Ac., $70 00
fuition in Primary Department,
in Academical "
in Collegiate
For further particulars apply to
WILL. K BLAKE, Principal,
or E.J. LILLY, Pres't of Board.
August 1, 1837. 61-tit
with pleasure."
"I must provide for the weary companion of
ny journey," remarked the other. But the
farmer undertook the task, and alter conduct
ing the new comer into a room where his wife
worn Jk!Lm0
The following valuable real estate, the property of was seated, he led the horse to a well stored
F. C Hall dec d. is ottered for sale and consists of the . , ., -iiri- ,
, , . 1 - ; barn, and there provided for him most bounti.
following tracts : '
That desirable place known as Rome, containing fully. On rejoining the traveler, he observed,
almut. 2KI1 acres Willi an tne improvements. jii
Tii it is a noble animal of yours", sir."
"Yes," was the reply, "and I am. sorry that
I was obliged to misuse him fo as to give you
so much trouble with the care of him; but I
nave to thank you for your kindness to both
place will be sold entire or divided, to suit purchasers,
it lh;ing probably one of the best business stands in
the country, and is very desirable to those wishing to
enter the mercantile business.
No 2, Consists of a Lot and Brick Store (2 tene
ments in Cambleton, on Bridge Street near Claien
... p..-;, Wo Mini is a verv desirable stand for business.
'o 3 Is 3 vacant lots in Campbcllton. known in Cif me and my horse "
plot, asNos 109. HI. 112, and half of lot lis. "I did no mure than my duty, sir," said the
No 4. Is a dwelling uouse ana lot on najinomii
corner of IMankroad and Adams St. A very desir:
ble residence for the whole year.
No 5, Is a Corn Mill and Steam Engine and Boilei
of 10 or 15 horse power. This is well worth the a'
te-ition of those living where water power is not ava'
able, and will be sold at a great bargain.
For terms apply to J H- I' ALL, A
August 1. 1."7. 61-tf
thinking of God? than all his . kind :nqu ries m
after our welifare I wish Peter had been at
home from the army, if it was only to hear this
good man talk; I am sure Washington himself,
could not say more for his country, nor give, a
better history of the hardships endnred by our
brave soldiers." I
"Who knows now," inquired the wife, "but
it may be himself after all, my dear; for they
do say he travels all alone, sometimes. Hark!
wha tV'tha t TZZ.; .3rm-7"r ' -.1" -
The sound of a voice came from the chamber
of their pnest, who was now engaged in his
private religions worship. After thanking 11$
Creator for his many mercies, and asking a
blessing on the inhabitants of the house, he con
tinued, "And now Almighty Father, if it be
thy holy will, that we shall obtain a place
among the natio a of the earth, grant that we
may be enabled to show our gratitude for thy
goodness, by our efforts to fear and obey thee.
Bless ns with wisdom in onr council, s-nccess
in bettle, and let our victories be tempered with
humanity. Endow, also our enemies, with en
lightened minds, that they may become sensi
ble of their injustice, and willing to restore lib
erality and peace. Grant the petition of thy
servent, for the sake of Him thou hast called
thy beloved Son; nevertheless, not my will,
but thine be done Amen."
The next morning, the traveler, declining the
pressing solicitation to breakfast with his host,
declared it was necessary for him to cross the
river immediately, and at the same time offering
part of his purse as a compensation for what he
had received, whieh was refused.
"Well sir," continued he, "since you will not
permit me to recompense you for your trouble,
it is just that I should inform you on whom
you have conferred so many obligations, and
also add to them, by requesting your 'assistance
in crossing the river. I had been out yester
day, endeavoring to obtain some infoiynnt ion
respecting our enemy, ami being alone, ventured .
too fai from the camp. On my return, I was
surprised by a foraging party, and only escaped
by my knowledge of the road, and the fb etness
of my horse. My name Is George Washing
ton. Surprise kept the listener silent for a moment ;
then, after successfully rej ea ing the invitation
f partake of some refresl me ts, he hastened
to call two negroes, with whose assistance he
placed the horse on a raft of timber, that was
lying in the riiter, near the dor, and soon con
veyed the General to the opposite side of the
river, where he left him to pursue his way to
the camp, wishing him a safe and prosperous
journey. On his return to the house, he found
that while he was engaged in making prepara
tions for conveying the horse across he rivir,
his illustrious visitor had persuaded his wile to
accept a token of remembrance, which the
family are proud of exhibiting, lo this day.
The above is only one of the hazards encoiiu
tered by this truly great patriot, for the pur
pose of transmitting to posterity the treasures
we enjoy. Let us acknowledge the benefits
received by oar endeavors to preserve them in
purity, aud keeping iu remembrance the preat
Source whence these blessings flow, we may be
enabled to render our own names worthy of
being enrolled with that of the Father of his
ot:. r 6
:oe :u!Oj
r . j. -, T""-S"VJ a small Com mill nil il 1H-VI n imiL .-ii r.n.. .i.m .i m ! . i.ihii.i I I i;no
-AjJ-U iS-xA-iiT LliiJ rate situation for a Turpentine Distillery avd Store. j l,arty support.
I A . A . M c X FT HA N ;
1 C:t:Ze!iS
State who form so i in , .or t an r ii:i ekiny
Ministry and membership, will take
interest iu this euterorise. aud srive
I ii
oi o';r
t in our
a ;c-ep
;, the:r
-r pres rv!:ig Fr- h 1'
lua.'s and Haif-Oallo:is
per dcv oii. respectively.
Also. Flesh Siliplit
WAilE an I Table K
June 'J. 1 "."7.
r n!sa d Vegetal d"S. Phil
:t .i i. 10. a' il ---
i-,i- s;1le at the Croc'icrv
W. N. 111. LI T,II VST.
r. tf
Feb'y 9. 1S5C-.
l EST VIA . T.
A SiDtatior.
grocery. Dry- Go--.i
ileman - f ei.;-rie:'
dr':;s Box 7y. Fay
An:! cth.
U:'. :il-
i i . r -
. d C;'
ntertainer, and am therefore entitled to no
ihaiitts. But Susan," said he, turning to the
ostess, with a half reproachful look, "why
ive yon not given the gentleman something lo
Fear hail prevented the good woman from
exercising a well-known benevolence; for a
"wbi, rv hi t bccb on.milied by a lawless i-m 1
if orrunrc:-:-, b::t u few wteks teforc, iu that
.; riib-iirl.vo;, a:.d i.s report stutea, that ti,e
: .!ri;jiis were very well tlrtssed, her imaginatic-u
ht be one o!
suggested .that this man mig
"!N s;
-I Tii v imiv t'ie Magnolia 1 ree is tne Handsomest
' .rrowth so ith of .iason and Dixon's line, and it is evi
! d - itlv a faet. It is also sa:d the Magnolia Restaurant
i Ji-...Mi -;rre.t. Oi-lween ir. l. . nu.iiiin. i .- ..n.n
Vaiu llc I ituI f r sale.
Th su'isci "ber otfers for sale his entire lands, inclu
ding about eight hundred acres, lying lii'teeu miles
above Fayet teville ail live miles from the mouth d'
.O'.ver little river. The laud is level and healthy and
.w -11 adapted to farming; th re is about o le hundred
titty acres cleared and under a tine state of cnlti
yatiwn, I will sell it all together or in small tracks to
;-uit .uvch.vsers. For further partictlars apply to the
snibscri-ht-r yIi thc premises.
IS. -tr
Terms: $2 per annum i:i advance, or on de
livery i.f the first number; $2 50 in six niouti'-s
$3 at the end ot the year. To clui s of 25 cr i
more, paying in advance an-1 when the Paper;
is sent to one address, a discone.t of 10 per
cent, will lie allowed. O ir Ministers and
iI.K5 1
v. est UiU:
CH EAT 15 ityis.- a j:a m..-. --
T vnb-cribi r La jast arrived from ih
is deterin;ne-.l to sell TI1UEC lll.! NiilcE!) A'JUl
f. aN'm iii rdooru coui-ly i.ymg on both M-les of
liirer within t miles oi the western pla.:k road witn
his Mills th-reon, known as Jeui.son's Miiis. Ai.-t,
another small tract in the county of L-hath am, iu tti
fork of Tick Creek aad Oppo.ssum Creek, near the or-
K:!l tlm iitit f':ii n-.n known as tiie Enrrland bind.
E-uioiishn-.ent. and Mr P. iayior s fetore. ana nearly Thiers are earnestly .'les;rei to act as Agents, The land in Moor- is very valuable, loth ior fariuitij.
opposite tiie Shemv.ell House, ii the Finest and Invt au(j j others friendly to the rause will please j and for inaa jfacturing purposes, Lut all descriptiotu
kept of any other establishment in the Soiit h. 1 ersons assist iu ,.r.m.jllo. as mauv s, as nossi- are unnecessary, as ail p-i',tas desirous of purciiasii:r.
wishing to ibid cannot, weli miss it: it is ttio tuiU t.,.-.,r, ,u. i i i t.i i w ill esamiue for themselves. To suit the accomui'Kia-
BFILI.1NO. ; , Y' ".Y tion of purchasers I will sell the mill tract by itself.
The subscriber would take this methou oi inanKuig mi? ymce. as soon as ltUU suHscrtbers aie if the above property is not sold by the 2nth oi
the c tizens of tins place ami tne surrounuing iuuuuj. obtainea, tne nrst number Will be issued. It a
for the u.ipr cedeute.i bt.erai.ty iney ua.c uctuiu faithful and vigorous effort is made in the next
able to
tor tne u.ipr ce.ieuic.. oorumy ivj taitliiul anu vigorous ellort is made in the
C"o U,e V BV Sb"t LIQUORS. 1 two months by those Hho take a lively in,
wivMami iloiiniAL. that can be found in the' in this work, we will without doubt, beat
United Stat s, either by the quantity or otherwise. I begin the publication at the end of that time
Also. Cigars. Pickles, Sardines, Cheese. Preserved w;th n paying subscription list of at Jeast 3000.
Fruits Lemon Syrup and many other good Jhings Address, Editors of the North Carolina
and flatters himself that he has the nio.-t point, oon-, ...-,, x-
sring. accomplished and FRAJVK, vender to attend to i '""J,c""; ""lr,mc. A -
October, it will then be offered at public sale, togetht i
with a good of other property. Ride up aad sec
the premises, for there is ao joke. Terms made
known at Sale.
Aug 8 1 857 . 62-tit-pd
Jambs C, .Smith. Miles Costin
Co m m is ion Me rcha n I s.
Have removed their office to the second story of the
11 ., ,. c ,..,.lw ..eciioied bv the Telegraph Company
Xre" "hey are prepared to attend to all business in the
'Airbusinestrusted to them will bo punctually
attended to
his establishment, that can be found eitber iNortn or
South. Temperance drinks put op at the shortest
notice. He would call attention particularly to his
private rooms upstairs, which are large, comfortable,
and in good order.
Yellow Buildinir. Green St.. Fovetteville, N. C.
May lti, 1857. 50-tf
Cnoeu w. , .ore
Wilmington, October 1, 1S
IO.OOO 1In. Tallow anted,
For which the highest cash price will be paid.
Oct. 1, i56. - A. M. CAMPBELL
Fayettaville, May 20, 1857
rlUlilVa large and fancy assort
ment of BOOTS & SHOES: Ladies' Gaiters
Satin and colored ; Ladies' and Gentsr DAXCIXC SHOES
of a new and beautiful pattern, and every style of ar
ticle in his line.
His stock is choice and carefully selected by him
self, and buyers win nnu it to meT interest to can - T & Marsh near the Dobbin House,
fore purchasing elsewhere. Corner of Gillespie and Ary trstx, near m- wou GOLDSTON.
Franklin streets. j t ., -' 20-t.f
April 22, 1837. -tf Oct. is.
her l:u-band's she row
reaGily eufjueii in repairing her error, by pre-ai-in,tr
a splendid repast. During the meal,
. here w.':s n.nch in,t-rtsing conversation be-
i ween the tnree. As soon as the worthy coun
tryman perceived that his guest had satisfied
his appetite, he informed him that it was lie
hour Pt which, the family usually performed their
-evot'cns, invitii'pr him, at the same time, to
Le present. The invitation was accepted in
these words:
' would afford me the greatest pleasure to
commune with my Heavenly Preserver, after
the events of the day; such exercises prepare
us for the repose which we seek in sleep."
The host imw readied thc Bible ffom the
shelf, and after reading a chapter, and singing,
concluded the whole with a fervent prayer;
then lio-hting a pine knot, conducted the person
e had entertained, to his chamber, wislni g
HIE Subscriber is receiving his FALL AM'
WINTER STOCK, consisting of almost every
thing in the way of
ir Ii U C h ii I tL, J , j d night's rest, and retired to an adjoin
Boots and Shoes, Saddlery, Fish &c.,
Antr r .. v.;.!. ,;n coll nhiuti for Cash, barter for
Produce or on short time. Store recently occupied iy
ing apartment.
"John," whispered the woman, "that is 8
good gentleman, and. not one of the highway
men, as I supposed "
"Yes, Susan," said he "I like him better for
The LaitGEST Giant in the World Some
weeks ago we gave a few facts in regard to the
weight and dimensions ot Miles Dardewt who
d.ed in Tennessee, and was said to be the lar
gest man in the world. Toe J..ckson Whig
has lhe fo lovvuig additional particular O' the -deceased,
Inritished I 3 Ilcv. .John IJrooks:
Ml!e was twice v.v.f, .ed. "lis cS-iiiireu are
very lurge, but rob;i!.!y !i;:ie of tli-.-ni v.;l ever
be irote than half the weiuht of their
He was rp.ite active and lively, and lai oied
u:;!ii about four years ng, when he b.-catne so
tiesliv that he was tompe'ied to stay at home,
or be hauled about in a two-horse wagon.
"In he made a contract v. ith a ts: lor
to furnish him a suit of clothes for $50 the
cloth was to tost $.j per yard. Upon .wastire
ment it took twelve yards of cloth. the
tailor lost $10 and the making. Tiie taiipr
states that thiee men, each weighing over two
hundred pounds, put the coat on, buttoned it
around them and walked across the square at
Lexington. In ISf0 it took thirteen an 1 one
half yards of flax cloth, yard wide, to make
biin a coat. It took sixteen yards of cambric
(or his shroud; twenty-fonr yards of black vel
vet lo cover the sides and lid of the coffin; one
hundred and twenty five fee- of plunk to make
his coffin.
"His coffin was eight feet long; across the
breast thirty-two inches; across the head eigh
teen inches; across the foot fourteen inches; its
depth thirty-five inches. He weighed. in 1845
eight hundred and seventy one pounds. His
height was seven feet six inches. His weight
when he died, as nearly as could be ascertain
ed, was a fraction over one thousand

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