North Carolina Newspapers

WeleamlivtiiH KnJZitrh -,c;!TO tffat A
MeRae intends visiting -this plof on tlie 9ta of
Feb'y, and will addresses fcikfcitizens on the
evening of the same.- jtris alledged that his object
is-to defend himself from the attacks of certain of
the Press. ' He-will also speak at Goldsborough on
.the 1st, Raleigh the 15th, and -Hillsborough the
23rd of February.
r Come, brother HoMen, yon must out with it.
- What have yoti been doing to raise . the knap of
"the Squire after this fashion? Or is it your neigh
bor Syme of the Regksy working at the wires of
distribution, who is uing the Squire to take this
tour in serf defence -and thereby throw out feelers he tfuveld to see "whether it will do to thrust
Leak aside and stump it over the State, in oppo'si-.
tion to our next nominee for Governor! Perhaps
out brothers Fulton and Price of Wilmington have
been rather nauglity towards MeRae as ho set
apart the 23th inst., to visit that -city. Letr "us
know; gentlemen .of-the Journal, what lack of focir-
tesyhavQ you been-guilty of towards him? "Pos
sibly yoa can make the amende honorable Fh time
i . - --
tojstop a tongue-lashing if it has not already" been
admiiiisted to vou! Tn0 Tribune at. Goldsboco1,
certainly mnst be at fault too, for tho Squire in
tends being heard in that region as sure as the sun
Shines, on tlfo 1st "of February, and as sure as he is
a living man! Wo do not know what the Hillsbo
rough, domocracy have been saying or doing
against the Squire, but they had better "fess the
corn as Pompy did just afore ho received 39 on his
bare back," for as sure as the 23J of Fobr'y rolls
round, so sure will they catch it.' Wo thought" our
j frjentl Yates of the ClidTloUeJDenXvcrai I was rather
ejicy uguuisL mu oquire, uui wtj ce a'" ''wmi
meut made for his quarter of the State. Friend
Yates, however, had better look out, for if any man
ver deserved to cateh"tho ash from the Squire,
e tlrnk he richly deserves it, for he laid it on rath
rt thick a mouth or so ago in liis columns. The
Winston Sentinel must also be on the alert, for if
'. v mistake not it has been rather extensive in its
briu!es against friend McEac's (Dancy ) letter
Tht.?.lisbury Uanner, too, unfurled its ample and
graced folds in a hostile position to said letter, it
therein, had better be prepared to make pnlper
acknov;nents to the Squire before it is too late.
As for t. W.irrenton AVmw, it should commence
at once t nt on sack clotlrand"u-dies, for'its sins
of commis.- n against-the letter havo been enor
mous. Th'A-hoviile At n-s, too, has been rather
guilty with b ust of Mr Mcllae's democratic op
ponents in pu.-' his letter of distribution to pie
ces. We forgi -.hether the Giraffe occupied a
hostile position c- . t but as well as we recollect it
came down like a..usand of brick on the docu
ment. As for our-'.?, we have becrl quiet and
peaceable towards '.:tcRae, we know, therefore,
be cannot mean us a- e of his marks to shoot at.
Yet, lie understands opposition perfectly well
He knows that we are ti-i-l opposed to the doc trine
of distribution and are e.;: ..y ns hostile to disor-
ganizers in our ranks. S'u ..Id Mr MeRae ever go
before the people (as it is Miiked that he may do j
between this and August) au Candidate favoring
the heretical doctrine containti in his Danev let
ter, then we will be prepared, litieally speaking
to "welcome him with bloody hauls and a hosp'ta
tie grave." We do not know that -such is hi.-7
which ai
I itit the fact even of his
'caching tei -'reel
would be
e hostile to the d
ik:n ora(i'
eriorzrHj fo ci'll fort!i tho thituni-ifiti,
democratic Press m (.'i.risti-ncc.i.i an i ni that event
our columns will be i-mp'oyi-d in defence of our
faith in opposition to Mr MeRae, or any other, in
diviJuul whomav ser-ni disposed to deviate from
the good old democratic paths. We w.onld much
Tin t, r thnt MV Mci;. wmil.1 consider his Wavs ami
,1,,;,, n,t l,,...- r., ., .;tion ot that km.l -;il
curry liim off from the democratic foht when in the j
outset he may never have intended it. We do not j
wish to see a man of his superior talents and tine
accomplishments, politicly Juried as it were here
in North Carolina, whe hc might bo of o much
use to her in various has noed of tll
free and full exercise "-he talents of all her sons.
Ihit what arc Miperi,r 'af'"ts and exulted accom
plishments worth. when they are directed in the
wrong way. W1 hope Mr MeRae will show by his
course that lie determined to adhere to the true
democratic fa''1 am that he will abandon all bis
foolish idea "all litribution and go for that
policy whirl' '3 a,lle S!lft for us whether in a State
or Xation.d point of view. We are aware that men
0frrrpf ,i)iiids are often led astray fro-.n a right
COltrsp Jasi iui mi; wuiil oi i lime t oiisiieriiLion,
and wbcn they have taken a calm and dispassionate
view of their course they are as ready and willing
to rcrrace their stops as they were eager at first to
pMrsuethc rong path.
Vrc are partial to Mr MeRae, from the fact of
lils being a native horn, son of Fayetteville, and
reared up and educated in our midst, and we be
lieve he has the welfare of his native State at heart.
These considerations together with our knowledge,
as we have before said of his superior talents aud
i. l. i . r t. ..1 . r i a:
fine accomplishments are the reasons why we have
been induced to exercise patience towards his de-
viations from the old democratic policy on the land
question.' We always feel a State pride for any
and all of her talented sons and would much prefer
to hold them up before tho world than to aid in
burying them in the grave of oblivion. But if they
will persist in their obstinacy and take a hostilo
position to that party on the success of which, we
believe depends the prosperity of our State and
Union, then we are bound to buckle on our armor
and fight against them, "not that we love Cassar
less, but that we love Home more."
STWe received this week through the Post
Office, a letter from Gray's Creek, containing two
Marriage Notices, with the request for us to pub
lish them. It being contrary to our rules to insert
either Marriage or Death Notices in our paper,
without tlie name of some responsible person is
attached to them and as there is no name signed to
the Grays Creek letter we cannot depart from our
usual rule in such cases, and therefore the Mar
riages are not published. Persons , sending such
communications ought to be more particular. They
must sign their names ia full in order to justify an
Editor in inserting such Notices. We wish to be
: obligmg, but cannot be so when we are compelled
to run all the risks of the law of tho land ourselves
Our friends must not, therefore, blame ns for
any omissions of this kind when the fault -s with
themselves entirely.
CThe County Court of Duplin, on the 21st
inst., elected Thos. J. Carr, Esq.. to fill the oflice
of Sheriff of said Countv, in place of J. D. Aber
nathey, deceased until next August election.
L.B -Mr John A. Wierman has l
ifeigned tle oflice
of Postmaster nSalisbiirv, N 1
and .Mr Moses
A bmith has been.
11 B1.
Our Northern exchanges inform vis that the pros
pects of having rfgeocl erop of ice in that direction-
are rather slim as the weather has not been -cold
enough to bring about a good freeze. . The.Boston
folks are talking about fitting up Steamers to tow
to that place some' of the ice-bergs which are to be
found in abundance in a more northern' latitifde.
This is a good idea: We are afraid our. 'part of
the country wiK pot be visited at all with this lux
ury.- Our folks here will find it rather , tough to
pass off a hot summer without it. . The weaker has
been so warm up to this 'time rthat it is doubtful
whether we shall have a freeze at all. It feels more
like-the latter part of spring than winter. '-'..
OTLate sales of X.. C. State Stocks are jeported
in New York at 94 an3 93. - -. '"''.-.;.
. The VAuitoTlndependeiil is offered for sale... If
not disposed of privately it will bo sold at public
auction 6n Saturday next.
" .Fire "in Fayetteville.
' TVe learn by priyato communication; thut ' the
house of a Mrs. Johnson, iu'Fayetteville, occupied
as .a hotel or boarding bouse, was destroyed by fire
a few nights since, together with the "Catholic
Church which was adjacent?' Ascertained to be
the work of an incendiary, a mulatto fellow, who
is now in. prison. -HUhborq1 Recorder, ' '
The abov is a piece of intelligence to our citi
zens, which "they were; not made cognizant of be
fore: its. appearance in the Hillsborough paper.
lour information Mr.-Recorder -is not correct, as
rio such firo has vet taken place. 1 Mrs. Johnson's
HoteI.and the Roman Catholic Chapolare still sceii
erCC4hgqatfMi&MaPCt"la. Will nrmmddbV-it-g5
Letter writers should be more careful than this.
for if they mislead in one particular, they may do
so i.n others; and the public can have no confidence
in their communications, and besides that the
Press might be seriously injured thereby.
SWe return Jour thanks to the Hon. Warren
Wiuslow for a copy of tho "Congressional Direc
tory" for the present Session, which he sent us tliis
week. -
STFWe are informed that a Justices' Court con
sisting of Joseph Arey, John Waddill and Robert
Mitchell tsqrs., was iicUl in this place, on tur-.
day last, for the examination of Job tlie property Mr. Johnson, of .Tennessee, from the Com
of Konald McMillan ami Quash the property uf I niittee on Public Lands, to whom was referred
Mr; William L. Hall, charged with themurde'- tf j the bill to grant to every person who is the
Hatcher a free man of color, on the Gth"Tnst., and i head of a family and a citizen of the United
which wo announced two weeks ago.
' The examination consumed the larger portion of
fa day, and after argument and a partial investiga
tion of the ca;c, the Court adjudged that Job be
discharged, and that Quash be committed for trial
at May Term of our Superior Court.
John Winslow and M. J. McDuflie, Esipr's for
Job. W. II. Ilaigh and-B. It. Huske, EsorV, for
ZTWThe II ash i n r ton Litton learns t'.iat it is i!i i
contemplation at the War Department to despatch
1 Scott to iho Pacific coast with a
view of arraMghlg for military operations against
v. from tbt side. This imj.ortant
-movement has not, however, at this time, been defi
nitely decided on.
r3The Communication from M of Robeson Co.
came to hand too late to be inserted in this weeks
paper. It shall appear in our next.
nna; -of tue TciRs-iEE. tiexico is a stite
Xew Okleaxs. Jan. 25. The steamship
Tennessee, from Vera Cr.12, arrived to-day.
Sha brings news that the whole of Mexico is j
reporiCU to oe 111 a fuimaiuii ui anai ni .
condition of
i Xearl v every State and
town was pronouncing
airainsi v..oinonioi r.
The President had 2,000
troops and artillery under command. lov.
Youloaga. holds the citadel and barracks. Gen.
Youloaga was taken prisoner and released on
parole. " Santa iimi was favored by various
parties for the presidency.
New Orleans. Jan. 2G. caily all the man
stages between Vera Cruz and the Capitol,
had been robbed. ,
On the 11th, Gen. Zuloagans' lyigude, which
was the first to d -clnre in favor of the Dicta -
lorsinp pi oiiijiiiie-trn - ii.iiii3u v.... ....
brigade holds the citadels and UarracKs at ban
Augustine and San 'Homings. Comonlort had
attacked the latter, but was repulsed.
All the foreign residents in the city hoisted
the Hags of their respective nations for protec
tion The whole city was in a state of great confu
sion.' j
Later From Europe. ' i
Arrival of the Kangaroo.
New York, Jan. 21. The steamship Kan
garoo arrived this evening, with Liverpool
dates to the 12th. The launch of the Leviathan
was still progressing. Would be accomplished
Sir Colin Campbell had evacuated Lucknow.
Outram Aluinbagh, with a a strong division of
Oudc insurgents, was pressing southward.
The Englsh fleet had gone up the Canton
river. An attack is expected on the arrival of
reinforcements. Canton is .be
mined. ' " J ",. """." ''?'"
The Spanish Cortes had opened. The Queen's
speech refers indefinitely to the Anglo-French
mediation for Mexico.
It is said that the Russians have ceased to
interfere iu the navigation on the Circassian
Liverpool, Jan. -12th. Sales of cotton for
the three days 14,000 to speculators 1,400,
exporters 1,400. Prices generally unchanged.
Closed quiet and steady, Middling nominally
declined 1-1 6th. Manchester advices unfavo
rable. Consols 94 3-8 a 94 . ilouey slightly
Richardson, Spence & Co., quote flour dull.
Western Canal 23 a 24. Southern 24 a 24 Gd.
Ohio 25s. Wheat dull and declined 2d. a 3d.
White Is. 3d a 9d. Corn dull all unchanged.
Provisions quiet. Rosin dull at 4d. Sugar
coffee, tea and rico quiet and unchanged.
Spirits steady at 32s.
Further from Kansas.
St. Louis, Jan 27. The Democrat has ad
vices that the people of Kansas have decided
not to memorialize Congress for enabling them
to act, but will pass one for themselves, and
frame a constitution like that of Topeka, and
submit it for the acceptance or rejection of the
people. Clarksen passed through Boonville
yesterday, with the constitution and official re
turns. Cotton in Algeria. The French govern
ment is making great efforts to encourage, the
crrowth of cotton in Algeria. A prize of
5,000 francs has just been awarded by the
province of Constantinople to a successful cul
tivator oi this usetul plant.
: . - Thursday, Jan. 2 1
. ' '.' '-SENATE.
' Mr: Houston presented the petition, of Ra-.
dall Pegg, praying to be allowed the Alffjgjg
between the pay he received and that a!0
to the other watchman who were eropoyetj t
tlie public buildings during the time he .sejrjet
as a watchman at the Fa-teat Office o''d"'?;
which was reQpid to the Cosjmhittee on rlu
t-! ii 1 1 t T t no
li'lr :.- PiirrW nenterl the memorial 01
board of trustees ;0f VT6Xiti V:
at Cincinnati, 0n6; pray in- that that .1,,s"l
tion ma-y be endowed by a grant-of public U'l;
which was referred to the Committee oa i
lic Lands. - .,
Mr. Jones presented the petition of ciueiis
e t. , r.;, for a o-raut or lamt
rant or lanoiof
to aid in the construction oi a . .
some point oh the Missouri "river westwaruljriu
the direction of the Southwest Pass m tlie
Uocky mountains; which was referred, to ine
Cemmittee on Public Lands. . T '
Mr. G win presented the memorial ot y u
liara C. Pease, a ci-.ptaiu in the" United btates
revenue service, praying to be reimbursed au
amount of public money tost by him while On
deposite in bank.'aiid which he has been
obliged to pay out of his' private funds; which
was referred. to the Cominitte on Claims,
Mr. Seward submitted a resolution, which
was referred to the Committee- to "Audit and
Control the Contingent Expensesof the Senate,
providing for the payment of the amounts ciii
to Seuators Bell, Butler, and TC,usk, at theratt
of three thousand dollars per annum, from tht
4th of March last to tho time "of tliuir dece
5l'.'iJ.ik 1" itzpatr-ics; sutMnittea"-eaolv,:"S31
referred to the Committee to An;t JrffiWftHy - returns, and asked that i might be
Coutiol the Contingent Expenses of the Semite,
providing for the payment to Cornelius Wen
dell of the sum of fifteen cents per one hundred
pages for twenty thousand copies of the Pr3d
fccott decision
On motion
by Mr. Yulee, a resolution wa3
adopted requesting
the Secretary of War to
furnish the Senate with estimates of the appro
priations necessary for such parts of the volun
teer force operating in Florida during the past
year as remain unpaid for want of appropria
tions applicable to the purpose, including such
companies as may have been mustered or re-
ti d b d f ,;je,lt
States a" homestead of 1 GO acres of land out of
the uiblic domain, oa condition of occupancy
and cultivation of the same for the period herein
specified, reported it without amendment, and
recommended its passage; and, on his motion,
it was- made the special order for the secAiiJ
Monday iu February, at 1 o'clock. !
Mr. Stuart, from the Committee on Public
Lands, to whom was referred the bill granting
a homestead of one hundred and sixty acres of
tlie public lands to actual settlers, asked to he
discharged from the further consideration of the
same, as the bill just reported covered the sub
ject; which wus agreed to.
Mr. Yulce gave notice of his intention to
morrow, or on some early dy thereafter, to
ask leave to introduce a bill ceding to the
several States the lands owned by the United
States within their respective limits
Mr IJayard, from the Committee on the
Judiciary, to whom was referred the protest
against tlie election of lion. J. I). ISright pd
lion. G. Fitch, as senators from ludif.i-i,
together with other papers in relatiou toc
same subject, submitted a report, aecompnnic?V,,:-l-"" " Printing, to whom had been rojurr0
by the following resolution
Resolved, That in the case of tho cantcsted
election of the Hon. Graham X. Fitch and the
i Hon. Jesse D. Rright, senators returned a:,d
i , ... ........ 0 . V .... ,.
admitted to ineir seats irom tine t.iieoi in-.: .an",
the sitting members and all persons protcstiiip;
against their election, cr any of them, by them
selves, or their agents, or attorneys, he per
mitted to take testimony on the allegations ff
tha protestunts and the silting members, tcuc'i
iuji all matters of fact therein contained, before
any judge of the district court of the United
States, or any judge of the supreme or circuit
courts of the State of Indiana, by first givin
, ten days' notice of the time and place of sued
proceeding iu some public gazette printed at
j Indianapolis,
j At one o'clock the Senate proceeded to the
4 cousiuei a i ion oi ine special oruer, bene- tlie
luiiuwiiig juini resolution uireciing me presen
tation of a medal to Commodore Hiram Pauld
ing : .
Rc it Resolved, &c, '7hat the President of
it : i...: .1: ..- . .. .1
j the United States be, and he is hereby, requit
ed to cause to be made a medal, with suitable
j devices, to be presented to Commodore Hiram
I Paulding, of the navy of the United States, as
a testimonial 01 tlie tiigli sense entertained by
Congress of his gallant and judicious conduct
on the 8th day of December, 1857, in arresting
a lawless military expedition "set on foot" in
tlie United Statjs under the command of Gn.
Walker, and in preventing the same from
carrying on actual war against the feeble and
almost defenceless republic of Nicaragua with
which the United States aie at peace.
Mr. Clay suggested that the joint ' resolution
ought to be referred to the Committee of For
eign Relations, and it would be premature to
discuss it at this time. It would seem like
prejudging the question uow before that cifn- on me reference ot lue i reia-r--r . ,
sage ou the subject of the arrest of Gen.pVal
ker... After further remarks from Messrs. Doaptle,
Brown and Fugh, Mr. ' Pearcc obtained the
floor; and after the consideration of executive
business", the Senate adjourned until Monday
next. f
Mr. Daniel W. Gooch, of Massachusetts,
elected to fill the vacancy caused by the re
signation of Hon. Nathaniel P. Banks, having
appeared, was duly qualified, aud took his seat
Lupon the floor of the House.
Mr. J. ulancy Jones, ot Pennsylvania, irom
the Committee, of Ways and Means, reported
the following bills; which were severally read
twice and committed : . f
A bill making an appropriation for the pre
servation and repair of fortifications and other
works of defence, barracks and quartersifor the
year ending 30th June, 1859. J
A -bill making appropriations tor tle naval
service for the year ending 30th June, S59.
A bill making appropriations for sunBry civil
expenses of the government for the yeaF ending
30th June, 1859.
Mr. Phelns' of Missouri, also from
fie Corn-
mitten nf Wavs and Means, reported 4
bill to
appropriate money to supply deficienc
f 3 in the
appropriations tor paper, printing,
nnrl pntrpuvinnr ordered bv the S"l
o o
Umica rf Ronpucon t n 1 1 ves for the A "I
and Thirty-fourth Congresses.
Mr. Phelns explained that, nponexamina.
tion, the committee found that there pas a de
ficiency amounting to $795,000 forjtbe work
ordered by the Senate and the HoasJ of Rep.
resentatfves for tf4e two Receding
ft" , was not the intention of the
committee to
put the bill upon its passage, but to have it re
ferred to the Committ-e of the Whole; and,
when it should be considered in committee, he
should bo willing to explain why the cominit-
-va nao reported rt.
''Me. Quitman, of Mississippi, from the Com
mittee on Military Affairs, reported a bill for
the relief of suttlers of the United States army;
which was read twice and committed.
Mr. Winslow, of North Carolina, from the
vommittee on Naval Affairs, reported a bill for
the relics of Doctor Charles Maxwell, a surgeon
m. the United States uavV: which was. read
"twice and committed.
Mr. Sherman, of Ohio, from the same com
mittee, reported a bill for the benefit of the cap
tors rf t)ia.R;t;.-.U :.. t. ... .
.1812:: which" was rend t
Also, from-the same committee, presented an
adverse report on the memorial of James Pern
oer; aud itivas laid on the table.
Mr." Hawkins, of . Florida, from the same
committee, reported a bill for the relief of Win.
Heine, .artist in the Japan expedition; which
was read twice and committed..
Mr. Clingman, of North Carolina, from the
omimttce-oii I.oreign Affairs, presented an ad
verse report in the case of Lewis Lafittee; and
it was iiiid on the table. . '
Mr. -Ilickman, of Pennsylvania, from the
Committee on Revolutionary Pensions, presented
adverse reports iu the cases of Daniel Mandigo,
Joseph II. Irval. and Jacob Jeho; and they
wci'e "severally laid on the table.
.Mr. I&iRlish,"- or Indiana, trom tne uoramu
tee'oi"! the Post Office and Post Roads, reported
ra. bill to prevent me iiiuouvcuieui nucuiinimioju
put upon us passage.
This bill provides that the Postinnster
General may dinpose of any quarterly returns
of postmasters, reserving the accounts current,
and use such portion of the proceeds as may be
'ry iu uc, uy u.e. expense o. separating
a j c r
uuu "'N'"3'" - - ""c
t.L.L.UUUL Ollblll lCCl t CU tLI;U lib 1-
This bill was also ordered to be engrossed;
but, not being engrossed when its reading was
ca'led for, it was passed over until to-morrow.
Mr Houston, of Alabama, from the "Com
mittee on the Judiciary, reported back a bill to
alter the time of holding the courts of the
United States for the State of South Carolina;
and it was read the third time and passed.
Mr. Uocock, of Virginia, from the Com
mittee on Xaval Affairs, reported back Senate
resolution to extend the operations of an act
approved January 1G, 1857, entitled "An net
to amend an act entitled An act to promote
the efficiency of tiie navy.' "
This resolution extends the time limited for
the restoration of officers of tlie uavy affected
by the action of the naval retiring board to the
10th day of April next, provided that the time
within which examination by the naval courts
of inquiry may be made shall not be extended.
iUr. Uocock, of Virginia, moved to amend
the resolution so as to extend the time for ex
amination by the courts of inquiry to such cas 'S
as were pending and undetermined before any
of those courts at the expiration of the law.
The amendment was agreed to, and the reso
lution as amended passed.
Mr. Winslow, of Xortii Carolina, from the
same committee, reported a bill to amend an act
entitled "An act granting a pension to Ansel
Wilkinson;'' and it was read three times and
Mr. Nichols, of Ohio, from the Joint Corn-
the proposition to print extra copies of the re
port of the Commissioner of the General Land
Office, reported the following resolution :
Resolved, That five hundred extra copies of
the report or the Commissioner of the General
Land Office be printed for the use ot said office.
The resolution was agreed to
And then, ou motion of Mr. Ritchie, of Penn
sylvania, at three o'clock the House adjourned.
Washington, Jan. 22.
The Senate is not in Session.
Mr Zollicoffer asked, but did not obtain leave to in
troduce a resolution calling on the President to com
nmnicateall the information which gave rise to the
Utah expedition and the instructions to its leaders,
and for all the correspondence shedding light on tie
question to show how far Hrigh am Young was iu
rebellion or resistance to the Government of the
United States.
Tho House then went into Committee of the
Whole on the private calendar. . " . I
Without coming to any conclusion the Com
mittee soon rose.
Mr. Davis of Maryland, introduced a bill for the
improvement of the Patapsco River and to render
the port of Baltimore accessible to ships of war and
steam frigates. I
The House then went into Committee of the
Whole on the state of tlw Union.
Tho Invalid Pension bill was taken up.
Mr. Billinghurst, argued against tho practica
bility of the Southern and in favor of the Northern
Pacific Railroad route.
Mr. Warren asked him whether he would vote
for the ' Southern route if the Committee should
report it as the nearest, cheapest and most practi
cable ?
Mr. Billinghurst emphatically said he would not
while tho talk of a Southern Confederacy was so
rife. Ho wanted to know whether the South was
to remain in the Union or not ?
Mr. Warren replied that there were no such
thing talked of in his country as a Southern Con-
tederacy. Me was a national man, and as a, Sou
therner attached to " Southern institutions, and
woul.l ' vote for any road connecting the Atlantic
with the Pacific.
Mr. Billinghurst said that he did not hold 51 r. War
ren responsible for disunion sentiments; when the
gentleman denied that he was in favor of a Sou
thern Confederacy, he must believo it, for a Sou
thern Confederacy was not meditated, but a con
solidated Government, a regal Empire or something
like it.
The Committee then rose.
The Speaker appointed Mr. Purvianco on the
Special Committee to investigate Lawrence. Stone
oc Co.'s disbursements, in place of Mr. Kunkel of
Pennsylvania, wlio was excused, and Mr. Dawes
on the Committee to investigate the conduct and
accounts ot the late Doorkeeper in place of Mr,
Purvianco, excused.
The House then adjourned until ATonday.
Washington, Jan. 25.
In the Senate. Mr, Mason, of Va , from the
committee on t oreigu Relations, reported on
the subject ot Central American affairs. 'Ihc
report reviews all the facta iu the case.
I.' .. .. MM. . . . . - .
j. irzi. mat uo mruier provisions or law are
necessary to confer authority on the President
to cause arrests and seizures to be made on the
high seas, for offences against the neutrality
law of 1818, such power being necessarily iin-
1 - T " .1 .1.1 . ' rt..
pneu in me oui seciion oi mat act
Second. That the place where Gen. Walker
was arrested, being out of the jurisdiction of
ine uuitea otates, his arrest was without the
warrant of law, but iu view of the circumstan
ces and results, the act does not call for cen
sure, except by Nicaragua.
The further consideration of the subject, was
postponed until tlie ytu ot February. A bill
accompanies the report authorizing the arrest
f T.':i:i . i. . i "
of Filibusters on the high
Mr. Douglas, as a member of tBe Committee
disseuted from the report. .. -
- A bill tw increase the army of th ITB-iteai
States was made the order of the day tor to
Mr. Harlan nw.le an antirLecompton Cons
titution speech. 5
F ii the ITnnaA th Rne.aker nnnointerl & i5elect
Committee to report ou the Pacific Railroad
part of the Message.
. The consideration of Matteson's case WOS
nosi nntieil in pnnpnncncp of hij necessary lib
, j - .
sence. " "i
A resolution was adopted to close the; de
bate on the bill making an appropriation for
invalid pensioners to-morrow.
I he House then went into Committee oi tne
Whole on tlm Central American affair.
A debate ensued, and -the financial policy of
the Administration was condemned by Messrs.
Granger and Washburne, of Wisconsin.
The Special Committee on public printing,
engraving aad binding of the House, author
izes the opening of a correspondence with the
principal establishments of. the country, with
a view of economizing this branch of the public
expenditure. The Committee propose that
Congress either establish a printing office, or
dispose of the work, by contract. J
Washington, Jan. 26..
Senate. Mr. Douilas. from the Committee
on Territories, introduced a bill for the admis
sion of Minnesota as a State into the Union
l lle Paulding medal bill was postponed until
iiie bill to increase , the army by adding
a.YP.ut S8Ve" "'thousand soldiers, was -discussed
t jt. i. isj,
us as uui tlie Liouisiana Territory, we should
permit no foreign interference; aud declariun
farther that Congress should condemn tlie
Coolie system.
Washington, Jan. 27
Sen ate. Mr. Wilson introduced a joint reso
lution for the appointment of a committee to
inquire into the difficulties with Utah, and to
negotiate a settlement. Tabled."
The resolutions of the Legislature of Ohio
denouncing the Lecomptpn Constitution, were j
ordered to be printed. . j
The army increase bill was brought up '
Mr. Gwimi moved a substitute providing the
addition of five new regiments. Defeated.
The original bill was discussed till adjournment.
House. A resolution was passed, after close
debate, deferring the deficiency bill until Fri
day. The House then Went into a Committee
ou the whole on the printing bill.
Mr. Davis, of Mississippi, denounced all free
soiiers and abolitionists, and said that the for
mer were the greatest rogues of the two. The
latter were to be pitied, but the former were
not ed tiled to respect. The right of Jie peo
ple of Kansas to govern themselves, was a
mere pretext of the free soiiers. The South
must resist by force,
A discussion ensued on slavery, Kansas,
IT. .1. P. TV-
u tan, ivc. x o action.
Sat a Truc BUU T
New Orleans. Jan 27. The Grand Jury
refused to find a true bill to day against Gen.
In this vicinity on the 28th inst, bv Rev.
Adaia Gilchrist, Mr. JONATHAN "EVANS,
daughter of Wm. B." Wright, Esq.
In Carthage on the l-lth inst., by the Rev.
W. L. Miller, Mr. MURDO M. McltAE to
JENNET C. MelNTOSH, at the residence
of her father.
In this countv, of Consumption, on the 2Sth
aged 38 years, daughter of the late Archi
bald Mc Leran.
The Subscriber has just received a large supply
of Garden Seeds, comprizing every variety, from
the celebrated Gardens of Johnson, Bobbins & Co.
Wcthersficld. These seeds have been sold here
for the last five years and always given perfect
satisfaction. JAS. X. SMITH, Druggist.
Catalogues will be furnished gratuitously upon
Jan. '39,
Superior Court of Law- Fall term 1857.
Afurtha Ann Price vs William Price.
It appearing by Affidavit of the Petitioner, that
the defendant in this case is not an inhabitant of
his tetatc and that personal notice cannot bo serv
ed on him, this is therefore to notify the said Wm.
Price, to appear at the next lerm of the Court to
be held for tho co., of Robeson at tho court House
m Jjumberton, on the fourth Monday in March
next, then and there to defend his said suit, Or the
prayer ot the Petitioner will be heard Erpdrte and
Judgment jendered accordingly.
itness Alexander. McMillan clerk of our said
court, fiioffice in Lumberton the 2t)th day of Jan.
A. D. 1358, . - . ' A McMITjIAX : . R. -
Jan. 3), pr. adv. $3 90 - BG-Ct
MIE UNDERSIGNED Informs the pub
lic that he Boats of his ine are running as
STEAMER MAGNOLIA leaves Fayetteville
Monday aud Thursday Mornings," at 15 minutes
atter Sunrise; and Wilmington on Tuesdays and
t naays, at o clock.
Fayetteville Tuesdays and Fridays, at 15 .minutes
atter bun-rise; and W llmmgton Veunesd-ys and
Saturdays, at o'clock.
STEAMER ROWAN, with a full complement
of Flats, will make one trip a week or oftcuer, us
circumstances may require.
TAll goods consigned to me at Wilmington
will be torwardeu with, despatch.
Jan. 30 86-2m
Bolting Cloth.
A constant supply of Warranted Genuine An
ker Rolling Cloth all Nos., kept on hand aud for
sale at the lowest prices by
Jan 3'3 1858. lm 5 m af e 2w
A concert of vocal and instrumental music will
be given by the Choir in the Baptist Church on
Thursday February 4th at 7 o'clock P. M. the pro
ceeds of which will be appropriated to the purchase
of THE ORGAN in the Church. Admission 50
cents. Tickets can be obtained at tho store of I .
Taylor and at the Book Store or of George Sloan,
G L Johnson W B Shcinwcll and at the door.
Jan. oO, 86-lt
sioirbfm wcre-paased. . - ' T T '.YhoT tfchave noegnfa"r system ot$$iZZ
Mr. Clingman asked but did not obtain leave f?nnot attributed to 'kit? 'want; of. materVat.
to offer a joint resolution, declaring that the Th5re are 'argc amounts of valuable and "uit'ei-'"
CIiiyton-Bulwer trsaty ought to be abro-atd esMng information scattered through our Legis-- i A
and tnat Uentral America, standing tnw, a'u rxecuuve uocuments and jiecorusv .
THE .TWO bfORY rr TTnnw, Clmrere
street opposite th8 Presbyterian Church. YoK
50 N. 1 1
. 25 No. 5o .i. --
"- 25 No. oo " , ..
' r .-ALSO--
ilfonld Hoards-, Bars ana poitf-Ssaru n
Jan. 30, 88- I'm.
THE examination of Teat"iCrs. - the
mon Schools, and those desirous r 0- teachimr
Will ue neiu on me tur jiu i-jth ot Febra-
ary 1858r at
tin Office of the CTtrann: ,
J. T. AVAKijpv
yi. a. iiussiEr r
- " ;' Goaimjltcc-
Jan. 30 8C-lt
. The nndjrsiwiited; proposes to publish in tho;
City of Rafe'igff, 8 saHiannual JoVR.VAt, of tb&
auove line, aevoteu. eacmsiveiy uus uiitou-
nation of sta'sticall . .information-. ; a J
A- The wa't of such a Journal is felt by
iritellitrtfut citizen, who desares to become :it
acoaaintfed with the resoureea of tli e State, onr
present contton,. future orospects,'&Tc.r and bj -
which, in their present situ ition. for all practi-.
eal purposes, might as well be in the Chinese
language. Besides what our Legjslative
archives contain, our newspapers often publish
valuable statistical information, which is either
lost, or if preserved by a very few, is so incon
venient to find when wanted, that the facts arc
soon forgotten.- 21ie same may be said of the
Reports and Statements fi om time to time
made by our incorporated companies" and other
engaged in Manufactures, Mines, Commerce-,
&e. To collect these various items of informa
tion, and give them to the public in a shape
easy of reference and for perpetual preservation,
as well as to gather from all available resour
ces, everything bearing directly or indirectly
on our wealth, prosperity and industry, is the ,
design of the Journal now offered for public
putroaage. So far as the plan for conducting the same
has been matured, the pages of the STATIST
will be devoted to the arrangement of such
tables relating to oar Population, Agriculture,
Commerce, Education, Public Improvements,
Manufactures, Fisheries, Mines, and Social Sta
tistics generally, as will preseut their condition
and our progress in each.
It is also designed to contain the Reports
(condensed) of the Public Treasurer, Com
missioners olthe linking r nnu, oupenntencicni
of Common Schools, and all other State Offi
cers and I5oards; as also, Statenients and Re
port, of the condition and progress of the vari
ous Railroad and Navigation Companies.
The Statist will be put to press as soon as a,
sufficient number of responsible names are ob
tained to pay tho expenses of publication. Th(
numbers will contain each, not less than 150
P--o closely printed matter, making a book of
300 pages, or more, to which will be added a
full and complete index.
Terms: THREE DOLLARS pep. annct.i
months; payable when the first number is ready
for publication, which fact will be duly announced
in tho public Newspapers.
EFThose persons intending to patronize tho
Journal, will send their names to tho undersigned
without delay, as it is desirable to issue the first
number as soon as possible.
Raleigh, N. C. Jan. 1, 185S.
The Uolcson Count7 Agricultural Society will
meet at Red Springs oii Saturday the tith of February
next at 11 o'clock. This Society cannot fully aec jin
plisli the grand olyoct of its organization without the
co-operation of all the members. The punctual at
tendance ot1 all the mentors is, therefore earnestly
solicited. Agricultural topics generally will he dis
cussed; also an address is expected oa the occasion.
By order of the Society.
V, J. STEWART. Sec y.
Jan 23. ' 8j-2t
TIIE following Districts have made no return of tho
Xuniiier of Children, for the vear 1857: Nos. 17. in,
19. 24, 31. 32, 33. 34, 36, 37, 41, 4:1, 4i!, 48,50, bl.S.
Without these returns the tunas cannot he disttiliu
ted. The Chairman would uru ou the committees tu
make the returns according to law. without delay.
Jan. 2", , -i ti5-2t
DAVIS announces himself a Candidato
for Re-election in the Cross Creek Dis
Electiou on Feb'y 6, 185 8
30, .. 89-2t
J. T. MUbLIMS presents himself as a candidate
for Constable to the votera of .thj' Town District.
Election February 6, 1853. -
. Jan. 16, : :V-.-.;.- : '
ITjr We are . -authorized''' tv ' a nurice
S. A. PHILIPPS, as l a candidate for Constable iu
the Town district. The election will be held at tho
Market House ou the Gth Feby. next.
Deo. 31, . 82-to
T? vi.m rr r.i ir 11 Tfr
Corrected weekly for lAo JVortAirolinian
January 30, 185!tfi v' ,
Bacon 13 ;Lard IS
Coffee 11 al3 Molassaeir.' 'k33
Cotton - 10 a 101 Salt . .' -.'1 25
Sup. Fine
Flax Seed
5 10 PeajfyBrandy ' 1 25
4 85ApihS ri ioo
4 35 ibo. northern.
80 fellow dip,
50 V irgiu.
1 90
1 80
' 35J
Irita C '-
But few changes to nqiice, Spts TumaMtnL v
vaaecdlcent. Cottoa no chanKeFhH,r nM (U
kct is well supplied-eales have beC J i tbe mar
Icwer than quo.atior.. Corn and PeaT r CCnU
Pork 84 o 10 cents, .i 5a8 are ?-"-
since our It review. Vi,; .V".1?.' TarnentiBe
at S
2,50 Ihfrd 1J0 for hh,:-e--u -eUew.Dfn Rrm
'JISV tor bhl.V, S.!DiP
at 40.
I nna crt morn -TO r.w Mini" I'.mri al ta rsr j '
aJ . . w quoted at 1An ; X 1-t t ,
I0. z. t 10 io t 09. - i Comma-. per bbl
Brands K-d-Ufife 1 '
Tunber the market ralM . cKmon 2 21
ordinary to inforl -,?,f!La.ulf' mill trime 7 nn ..;..'
T " Art-
:' - 0
- ' V

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