North Carolina Newspapers

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X ' - A
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E-!1! gwS r'M " VS
m i,4 p. Pi mi f m M m
13 P N ij
fcfJ , Hi . tiSi w La
v JLJL w
T V 11 M S
For a single copy, if paid in advance, per annum, $2 OU
" " " at the end of 3 months, 2 5
at the end of 6 months, 3 00
at the end Jf the year, 3 50
, No subscription will be received
han one year unless paid in advam
tor a shorter period
year unless paid in advance.
With the victf of extending the circulation and en
hancing the usefulness of the paper, the proprietor of
fers the following remarkably low
5 copies of the Carolinian, 1 year, S3 00
10 " " " " 15 00
Rates of Adircrtfclng !
Sixty cents per square of 10 lines, or less, for the fir?t i
and 30 cents for each subsequent insertion, unless the
advertisement is published for more than two meaths,
When it will be charged
For three months, ----- $4 00
For six months, - - - - C 00
, For twelve months, ----- 10 00
' All advertisements must have the desired number of in-
rertions marked on them, ortherwiso they will b.
eertcd till forbid and charge J nccordinly.
attention is directed to this requisition.
mi. r. WIGIITMAN & CO.
Allnvury atliiur, Pajetleviilc,X.C
Otlice at the corner of Bow and Green streets.
Feb'y 3, lfe (i.
.1. A. SPEAKS,
A.TTE!) the Courts of Cumberland, Harnct
Wake and Johnston.
A I Iruss, Tooin-jr, Harnett Co., C.
Feb. l!l. l.S."(i. 85-y
At tor nc; y
r A Y K T V K V I
at Law,
.a T, K , X , C .
May be consulted at the Law Otlice of Jese G. Shep
herd. Es:i.. on Green Street.
July lil,
Ai nOltUA AT I.VV.
Uoekitigh.un. ILiehmo;id County North Carolina
will practice in the Courts of Iti.-hmond. Aukdu and
lle!?snn. All bui:es eu trusted to his care will re
ceive .strict attention. -'uly, H, 1.V-5S
Five sevenths of the FARMING AND TURPEN
TINE L Yr; in liar net c county, known as the I'ar Icel
and McNeill lands, joining Win. Harr ngton's land on
Upjir Little Itiver. 'I'liere is some 2 ) 'J acres cf the
best quality ot'lo.v grouu ls o:i the River. The up
lau ls are heavily timbered with jiines, an 1 within six
miles of the Fayetteville and Western Railroad.
For particulars apply to D Me AR TIIUR.
J. 1. ROI'ER,
Nov. 1830 23, actf
A.UCTIO Ji'SlliR. & COM.UISSIti.' lltrir.i-TrTr-, -
East side of Gillespie street,
Fa.ykttkvil.le, N. C.
Octoltor 1. 18.".i
?.I V It SI L, E
V A C X O 1
Nearly opposite to 15.
. Willkings'
Auction Store
Fayetteville, N. C.
Oct. 1, 1S.-.IL
Stock, 1
B. F. PEA ROE & CO.,
11E now receiving a lure and well selected fdock
of .is s zs sr. '"3vr e CBaasai
consisting in part of :
Black and Figured Silks;
I nglish and French Merinocs;
Plain and Fig'd Do Lanes;
French all wool Plaids;
Alpacas of all qualities;
Black Bombazine;
English, French and American Prints;
Chenille Shawls, (beautiful patterns;)
Ladies' Cloaks of every description;
Jacouct Edgings and Insertions;
Collars and U ndersieeves;
Hosiery f (J loves, Belts;
Ribbons, Trimmings, !tc.;
Cloths and Cassimeres ;
Tweeds, Jeans and Sattincts; Q
Wnite and Colored Flannels:
Bleached and brown Shirtings;
Allendale 10-4 Sheeting;
Bleached ami Brown Drillings;
Plaid Linseys and Kerseys;
Marlboro' Stripes and Plaids;
Brown and Bleached Table Cloths;
Towellings of all kinds;
Negro Blankets;
Extra quality Bed Blankets;
Spiral, Brass and Whalebone Hoops;
Good assortment of Hoop Skirts;
"Yankee Notions of every variety, kind, and
Silfc, Leghorn, arid Straw Bonnets;
Moleskin, Cassitnerc and Wool Hats;
Boots, Shoes, Umbrellas, &c.
A large and fashionable stock of
All ot which .vill he soi l low for CASH, or on our
usual time to punctual customers either at Wholesale
or lie-ail. All persons are respectfully invited to
give us a call.
B. F. l'EARCE. J. W. PEARCE. Jr,
Son. 12 1S."7 f7-tf
W. II. V U It I, I V i T ( X,
General Commission Iorcliant.
Wil ninglon, JY. C, . -
Will sive personal uttontion to the sale or shipment of
all onijfniiietits of Xaval Stores or other country
produce, and any other lmsiness entrusted to his cars
will be promptly attended to. '
April 18 1857. ly
Paints, Oils, Varnish, Brushes, for
Sale by
Aug. 15,
WANTED Three first rate Workmen, for which
tlie best of prices will le given, and study work. The
price for making Boots. 3.75; for footing, 2.75: Shoes
1 50. Wanted immediately.
Dec. 31, - S2-tf
THE undersigned would respectfully inform his old
friends and customers that he can be found at the
Store of C. E. Leete, where he will be glad to see
them. J- R- Mcdonald.
Jan. 17, 1857, 33-tf
They say the Magnolia Tree is the handsomest
growth south of Mason and Dixon's line, and it is evi
dently a fact. It is also said the Magnolia Restaurant
en Green Street, between Dr. B,V. Uobinsoivs Medical
Establishment, and Mr P. Taylor's Store, and nearly
opposite the Shemwell House, is the Finest and best
keit ol any other estaiHisliment in me souui. rerwiia
,,,' nrvr
;to find cannot well miss it: mstue iiL,i-.vjv
The subscriber would take this method of thanking
the citizens of this place and the surrounding country,
for the unprecedented liberality they have bestowed
en him, and would solicit a continuation.
He has always on hand the VERY BEST LIQUORS,
WIXES and CORDIALS, that can be found in the
7rii,7 t:.t,.. titUfr hv the nnantitv or otherwise.
' Also, ClKrn, I'ioHM, rdln!r, o"i - P,n
r runs, ijemouTruj, uiuj w. o - i
ard flatters himself that he has the most polite, obli
ging, accomplished and FRAJK', vender to attend to
his establishment, that can be found either North or
South. Temperance drinks put up at the shortest
notice. He would call attention T articularly to his
private rooms upstairs, which are large, comfortable,
and in good order.
Yellow Building, Green St., Fayetteville, N. C.
May !;, 1857. 50-tf
3?t E HEIDE:
C o nfection
aries, Perfumer
ies, Bread,
Crackers of
all kinds.
Fancy Ar
and a vari
ety of arti
cles in th
Foot of Ilaymount, Fayetteville, X. C.
Oct. 24. 1857. 73-y
-ftt -t f C- - f-- p ? 1
C. B. LEETE has on
t'ffj&SUJL A HAND at nreseiit a
Consisting in part o
5 do - - PURE old Rye Whiskey
3 do Scuppernoiig Wine-; Yintugc 1S55
50 lJbls ----- Domestic Whiskey
5 do N. E. Rum
5, clo ...... - -73:trOLLAI GIJi
.f. W. LETT
lias just received a lariro and general STOCK OF
GOODSsuited to tbeFalland Winter trade, consisting
of a choice selection of
Staple ami Pnucy DRY GOODS,
Roofs find Shoes, with almost every thing desirable in
that line.
Goods sold at the lowest prices for CASH, or ex
changed for country produce.
Sept. 20. 18o7. ly-pd
Persons indebted to Jas. C. McEachin, as Guardian
of the heirs of John Morrison, dee'd, arc liercby re
snectfully informed, that said guardian has in a great
majority of instances endorsed and transferred theii
notes to the undersigned. Also, that our urgent ue
cessitief, apart from the r.'qt irements of the endorser,
compel us to collect as speedily as possible. All those
indebted will therefore oblige us,Tid themselves too,
by paying up immediately. We must and will sue
where the mouey is not forthcoming.
Laurinburgh, N. C, March 7, 1S57. 40-tl
J. S. 15 A XKS,
January 1, 18.5;. iy-pd
Am-K U
For pros.rvin Frosli Fruits and VegetaMef. 1'inls
Quarts and Hair-Gallons, at S2 10, S3 40, and S5 23,
per dozen, respectively. For sale at the Crockery
Store. W. N. TI LLIXG1I AST.
Also, Fresh Supplies of CHINA, GLASS
WARE and Table Knives.
June 20, 157. 55-tf
James C. Smith.
Mii,es Costix
c. smith & co.,
C o m mission JSIe rch ants,
Have removed their office tc the second story of the
building formerly occupied by the Telegraph Company
whete they are prepared to attend to all business in the
Commission line.
All business entrusted to them will be punctually
attended to.
Wilmington, October 1, 1S5C y
THIS SEASON, embracing,
Dry fioods,
flats, Boots, Slioes,
and Made-up Clothing,
To which they invite the attention of Wholesale
buyers generally.
J. B.Stakk.1 " V- M. Williams.
Oct 10. ' 71-tf
Just received and for sale by
- The Presbyterian Clinrch in North Carolina
has long labored under a serious disadvantage
from the wait of a journal to advocate her
claims and represent her interests. It is esti
mated that only 1000 Presbyterian Weeklies
are taken in the bounds of our three Presbyte
ries. We have 13,000 Communicants, and it
is safe to infer that there are 30,000 Presby
terians in principle in the State. Our Synod
stands fifth in the Union in point of numbers,
and her membership is greater than that of
any Synod South or West of Pennsylvania.
Our sister States on the North and South,
neither of which has a membership so large as
ours., publish the Central, and the Southern
Pres'by teria n, for, tjie beuefiofheir people
"-""TRe tfmt; 'lias Wme'vo)en the 'IfesXyterian
Church in North Carolina should likewise do
her duty to her children. It is a conceded and
important fact, that hundreds of our members
will take a State paper who will take no other ;
The Paper is needed to be the organ of our
Synod and Presbyteries to elevate and en
lighten the piety of our membership by diffusing
evangelical knowledge to promote the cause
of Education to develope the talents of our
Ministry, and to strengthen the attachment of
our people to the soil and sanctuaries of their
own State.
If otjr Church in other States, and other
Churches in this Stat, can supply their mem
bers with a religious journal, why may not we?
Are North Carolina Presbyterians inferior in
talent, energy and patriotism to their neighbors
on the North or South, or to Christians of
other denominations at home? With the
same or better opportunities of accomplishing
this work, shall we leave it undone? In the
language of one of our most able and useful
Ministers, an adopted sou of our State, "It
ought to have been undertaken 20 years ago,
butit is not too late to besriu to do rio-ht."
In the last two or three mouths, a fund of
about $5000 has been subscribed as a perma
nent canital. At a meetinsr of the contributors
x O
held at Greensborotigh on the 14th of May,
Rev. A. Baker, Chairman, the Paper was un
animously located at Fayetteville, under the
name and title of the North Carolina Pres
byterian. Rev. Wm. X. Melmne and Rev.
George McNeill were elected Editors: Rev.
Messrs. George McNeill, Wm. X. Mebane, A.
Baker and C. II. Wiley, and Messrs. George
McXcill, Sr., John II. Cook and David Mur
phy were appointed an Executive Committee,
to establish the Paper and manage its business
It is our wish and design to make the-XoRTii
Carolina Presbyterian a journal of the first
class, equal to the best in the country in typo
graphical appearance and in adaptation to the
w ' r Chorches. " Its columns will afford
ins Jaxesc mceiuHCc bot a . foreign and domes-fi
tic, ana special care will oe taKen to -give a' urn
and accurate summary of State news. The
name of the Paper is designed to be an expo
nent of its character and contents. From con
viction, it will advocate the conservative, or
thodox, Old School doctrines and order of the
Our first appeal is to our own people to X.
C. Presbyterians. Whilst we rely confidently
upon their favor, we trust that the native sons
of Xorth Carolina who have found homes in
other States, and the adopted citizens of our
State who form so important an element in our
Ministry and membership, will take a deep
interest in this enterprise, and give it their
hearty support.
Terms: $2 per annum In advance, or on de
livery of the first number; $2 50 in six mouths
$3 at the end of the year. To clubs of 25 or
more, paying in advance and when the Paper
is sent to one address, a discount of 10 per
cent, will be allowed. Our Ministers and
Elders are earnestly desired to act as Agents,
and all others friendly to the cause will please
assist in procuring as many subscribers as possi
ble, and forward the names, by August 1st, to
this Office. As soon as 1500 subscribers are
obtained, the first number will be issued. If a
faithful and vigorous effort is made in the next
two months by those Hho take a lively interest
in this work, we will without doubt, be able to
begin the publication at the end of that time
with a paying subscription list of at least S000.
X3" Address, Editors of the Xorth Carolina
Presbyterian, Fayetteville, X. C.
Fayetteville, May 20, 1851,
Heavy 4-4 Beaver Creek Sheetings.
Cotton Yarn, Warp and Filling, Nos. 5 to 10.
Belt, Ticker, Roller and Lace LEATHERS.
Oils and Manufacturer's Findings.
Winter strained. Sperm. Lard and Linseed Oils.
Shuttlie's Isinglass, French Glue, Emory, Roller
Cloth aud Glass Steps.
J. II. II.L,t,, Pres. B. C M. Co.
July 26. 185S 8-f.f
10,000 lbs. Tallow Wanted,
For which the highest cash price will be paid.
Oct. I, 18SC A. M. CAMPBELL.
A. A. McKctlian
respectfully informs His friends aad the public, that lie
j-j uilt up large substantial Brick Buildings at his
Tld Staud, expressly for manufacturing' Carriages,
f hankful for tlic very liberal patronage lie has received
or the last 21 years, he hopes by strict attention to
business, with a desire-1 give satisfaction, to merit a
continuance of the same. lie warrants his work to be
made of the best material and by experienced workmen
in each branch of the business. H is work will compare
favorably with any made in the United States, for neat
ness and durability. . .
lie is determined to sell and do any work in bis line
on as good terms as any work done elsewhere that is as
well done. He now has on band, finished, the largest
AND BUGGIES, ever offered in this place, and a very
large stock of work nearly finished, which will be sold
very low for Cash, or on short time to puuctual custom
ers. jSMIe bus on hand more than ONE HUNDRED
AND FIFTY Vehicles finished and ia course of con
struction. ,TA11 work made byhim is warranted 12 months
with fair usage, and should it fail by bad workmanship
or material will be repaired free of charge.'
Persons wishing to buy wonld do well tocall and
examine fo themselves.
Orders thankfully received and promptly attended to.
Repairing executed at short notice and on very rea
sonable terms.
FavetteTille. Oct 1. 1856.
Institution, established by ppecial en
dowment for the relief of the sick and distressed
afHictedw ita Virulent and epidemic diseases
The IIow A-d Association, in view of tl e awful des
truction o'aynan life, -caused by Sexual diseases
and the deceptions practised upon the unfortunate
victims of guch diseases by Quacks, several years
ago direct. their Consulting Surgeon, as a CHARI
TABLE A JT worthy of their name, to apen a Dispen
sary for tl4 treatment of this class of diseases, in all
their forn-sf and to give Medical Advice Gratis, to
all who aj.ply by letter, with a description of their
condition, age, occupation, habits of life, &c.,) and
in eases of extreme poverty, to furnish Medicines Free
of Cliirge- It is needless to add that the Association
commands the highest Medical skill of the age, and
will famish the most approved modern treatment.
TIW directors, on a review of the past, feel assured
that 4'ieir labors in this sphere of benevolent effort
havfleen of great benefit to the . afiiieted. especially
A to devote theni-
'"Wr-i.vuni,. -' - T ..... - ; . . . .
'iuPublished by the Association, a Report, on
Spermatorrhoea, or Seminal Weakness, and other Dis
ease ol tne sexual organs, ny ine consuiiing surgeon
whjh will be sent by mail, in a sealed letter enve-
loW: Free of Charge, on receipt of two Stamps for
pot age.
-i i f" t 1 i j . i T- - . . . T
flioun, Consulting Surgeon. Howard Association
2 South Ninth Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
By order of the Directors.
in. 9, 6o-m pd
Attorneys and Counsellors
formed an association for the practice of their profes
sion in. Robeson co., only It. E. Troy will also at
tend re Courts of Uladen and Columbus, and J 1
Fuller hose of Cumberland.
The f Office in Lumbertoa will be kept open at .vi.r.
times. !
January 9, 1S5S; - 83-tf
FRAK X. ROBERTS. & CO., having
leasi this Hotel, will be pleased to see their
fornir patrons and friends, assuring them that
they-will use every exertion to please
F. N. iRoborts. J. G. Smith
Jei 9, 1853. 83-tf
RJLNAWAY from the subscriber, on the 23d Nov
I85."i his boy DREl). lie s 31 or "SI years of ajre, 5
feet 10 or 11 inches high, complexion light (rather
eopner colored,) he lias but little beard; was raised Vy
Harbord Spencor of Montgomery County, N. C, and
aftefwarus betonged to Noah Suiitberman, and was
brotjsrht to South Carolina by Mr James 1'ag-c.
I will pay the above reward for the delivery of . aid
negro to Mr T II Toiulinson, Cheraw S C or if lodged
in any jail in North or South Carolina, so that I get
him. lie has some relations in Chatham co. N. C.
aad may posslblv be lurking- about ia tiiat county.
Mars' IUuflf. S.C.
Jan. 23. 85-4t
" GraaaatedFtHe altfmrei5eiital -College.
11AV l.NU seven years practical experi
ence in his profession, live of which have
been spent in this place; Dr. I, would
simply state that he is permanantly located here, that
is from the 1st of Oct. to the first July each year,
during which time he may be found at his pleasantly
situated rooms, near the market in oflice hours.
His terms are STRICTLY CASH, no inducement
will be held out to the community to call upon him
other than that he flatters hiinsef that in future all
operations shall compare favorably with those previ
ously performed by him.
Jan. 2-, 85-tf
st Tea u. cST fcss CI
The Subscriber lias just received a large su
of Garden Seeds, comprizing every varie
tl.e celebrated G 'irdens of JohVison, Iioubins &; Co.
Wetherslield. These seeds have born sold lion;
for the last five years and alwnvs given perfect
satisfaction. JAS. X. SMITH, Druggist.
Catalogues will be furnished gratuitously upon
Jan. 31), tJ-ra
The undorsirrnoJ offorsto
Sell ill if CjCOCK. OI V' OO.IS
at Cost. All those who wish to purchase (heap
Conts, Pants, Vests, Shirts ;md Drawers, Cotton
and Merino Socks, Shirts and Drawers, Umbrellas,
Hoots and Shoes, Hats, &zc, will do well to give
me a call. II. GHA1IAM.
3d" All those who arc indebted to
tne by Note or account, will confer a favor on mc
by calling and settling the same, as no further in
dulgence can be given. II. G.
Feb'y 6, 1333. 3t
TlIE Sixth Session of this Institution will com
mence on Monday the 22d of February, and coutiuue
twelve weeks.
Its past prosperity and sueces is suftioicr.t guarantee
to the public that no legitimate means will be spared
by the Board of Trustees, to render it equal to the
bept School in the State in imparting a. tho ouh
practical and accomplished etlucsition.
Eight teachers are employed in t!ie several dop.irt-
me-nts. thereby affording unusual faculties for pur
suing thorocrhlv the respective Branches designated
in the curriculum of study.
The price of Board and Tuition per session is SS.1,
which includes washing, lights, fuel and every item of
expense in the boarding department. Music, Paint
ing French and Latin at the itsual rates. The Insti
tution has recently been furnished with a valuable
Philosophical Apparatus, which, with the religious
and intellectual advantages of the community, and
the superior accommodations of the boarding depart
ment, strongly recommend it to patronage at home
aud abroad. For further information apply to
WM. K. BLAKE. Principal.
Feb. 13, j8-:t
The subscribers will close the above named Hotel
on the Second Monday in Majch next; And will opeu
another House for the entertainment of their custom
ers and the traveling public, of which due uotice will
be given in this aud other papers.
F. X. liOBERTS & Co.
Feb y 8, ,8S-tf
TI1E HOUSE and LOT recently occupied and
owned by L. Bellengrath, and now occupied by H.
McMillan, on Hayraount. will be sold at auction," at
the Market House, on Saturday 21st Feb'y 1858 at 12
o'clock. Persons wishing to purchase will be thewn
the premises by Mr J. Martine, or by
Feb?r 13 83-2f
The Royal Marriage in London,
The English papers are filled with accounts
of the marriage of the Princces Royal' with
Prince Frederick William of Prussia, which
took place in the Chapel Royal of St. fluxes?
Palace, on Monday, Jan. 25th. The account
in the Times fills sisteen columns. London wns
filled with royal guests, chiefly from the Ger
man courts. Among them were the King of
the Belgians, the Duke and Duchess of ;Bara
Bant, the Prince and F i-incessf; Prussia; (pa
rents of the bridegroom,) the puke and , Ouch-
ess of Saxe:Cpbu.rg, Uia Count of Flanders, -and j
many others.; -, ' . . . . ; ;
mfi-e ceremony of marriage was performed -byj
thft A rch fisIion of Onnfprlinrff aaalstorl w ttia
bishops of London; Oxford and Chester, the
Dean of Windsor, and Sub-deau of the Chapel
There were three processions, the Queen's,
the bridegroom's and the bride's. The latter
was supported by her farther. The ceremonies
wcrefof the most imposing chafactor. Before
the service a chorall, written for the occasion,
was sung by the boys of St. Paul's and West
minister Abbey choirs. At the conclusion,
Handel's Hallelujah Chorus was sang; ns the
procession of tne bride and bridegroom left the
chapel, Mendelassohn's Wedding March was
played. Immense and enthusiastic crowds
thronged the streets of London on the occa
sion. In the evening the Queen gave a grand
concert in Buckingham palace.
There were illuminations and various festivi
ties in London and throughout the kingdom.
The bride and bridegroom were to leave in a
day or two for Berlin, where a grand reception
was prepared for them.
Tio fullest particulars are given of the ap
pearance of the royal couple. After the cere
monyjthe bride, who had been very, composed,
gave way and threw herself in her mother's
arms, in a burst of emotion.
The young couple immediately went to
Windsor. 2'hey were drawn there by the
Eton boys, amid great cheering.
The bridal costume of the Princess Royal
was of rich white moire antique; the lace dress
of exqnisit Iloniton guipure, coi-sisting of three
bounces, the boflv beitijr trimmed to match.
The veil was of Iloniton guipure lace, worn in
a style completely novel in England for bridal
costumes, attached to the head with magnifi
cent Moorish and Spanish pins. The dress and
veil were splendidly worked the emblems be
ing the rose, thistle and shamrock. The latter
lias employed fifty girls for the , last twelve
months, This new style of veil was entirely
Her Majesty's suggestion, and the carrying
j. c . i . : .1 K : t I .
out (Jl wiu lueii met tins ii imji uuiinu-i ui mc
vjiieen. ine cost oi mis prouuciiou was aoout,
i600 - i
stfead ron ' nVon' leaVini" "the Bnckfriham
l'alace tor V indsor, was or white talle,. trim
med with lace and bunches of orange blossoms
outside, with lace quilting inside, and white
silk ribbands. The size is not very diminutive.
The costume which Her Majesty dressed in
at the marriage was of peach color moire antijut
with Iloniton lace flonnces and peach-velvet
train, the lace flounces being the same which
the Queen wore at her own wedding.
At the wedding some of the highest families
in the empire were represented in the persons
of the young ladies who had the honor of offi
ciating as bridesmaids.
The floor ol St. James' Chapel was covered
with a scarlet carpet, and was entirely appro
priated to the royal - cortege, the illustrious
visitors and their suites.
The altar was of crimson velvet, on which was
the royal communion service of gold plate.
There was a low rail of oak round the altar,
the supporters of which were of gold, the whole
of the top being covered with crimson "velret.
I lie rcyaijweuumg cake was ot colossal pro- j
portiot's five feet in height. It was made in
three tiers, and in compartments, each one
being surmounted with a figure of a classical
character, more resembling a work of art in
ability of executiun than a
confectionary department.
production of the
It was brought to
IJuekinffham Palace in pieces,
finally put
together there.
Several autograph letters were
the Princess Royal to her friends
nobility of her own sex, taking a graceful
affectionate farewell of them
False Knowledge is worse than Ig
norance. The people of Kew England have
tho enviable reputation of being scholars;
education, of a certain description, ia widely
diffused amunjr all elasses. The result o'f
the late election shows how misdirected has
been this great engine of power. XewYork,
New England, and the portions of Michigan',
Wisconsin and Illinois, settled by NewEng
land people, all showed that they have ac
quired false knowledge, instead of the "true
A candidate was nominated for the Presi
dency, without the remotest qualifications
for that important office; and false knowl
edge, blind fanatical zeal, induced a majority
of the people, celebrated for their extensive
literary acquirements, to give him an almost
unparalleled majority for that high office.'
False knowledge is more to be deprecated
than what is sneeringly called ignorance;
Phil. Arvs.
The Railway of Great BRrrAfx.-Ac-cording
to Ilaekett's Tables, recently pub
lished, it appears that the" revenue of the
railways . of the Ltnited Kingdpm n 1857
v,-a3 do leW thaV .24,000,000, (120,000
000,) ($l",500,000,00a) The railway pro
fits for last year must have been about
13,000,000, (865,000,000,) or about 4
per. cent, of the total capital; but from a
considerable portion of .the 300,000,000
capital being iu. loan's and preference shares,
at a rate of Interest averaging more than the
per centage of profits, the average dividend
is about 3 1-1 per cent, per annum.
Hox. Edward Everett 'on Oct-Booi
SrOBTS.-The "old man eloquent" . ' very
I forcibly remH.rktj that " tlie Americans,
as a peopie at least tiio proiessioiuu uini
mercantile classeh-nave too little consider1,
ed, tliejmportancc, of healthful, gencrot
recreation. They - have not learned -tl.e
lason contained in the. very . word wliicli
teaches that the worn-out man is re-created
made over again by the seasonable relaxa
tion of the strained faculties. The old world
learned this lesson yeats ago, . and found
out (Herod 1,178) that as the bow al way.
bent will at last break, so the nia-n forever
onetlm strain of thought and action; will sX
last go inador break, .down. Thrown upon.
a r nan fnni inrr fcORJTpr t& CIO MO OXjv Ol
twty.CetuVi io-iie
can poptilatititV bOTeirOT daily ,
overworjdnitlt-tFjrpmmo till nigLt;
T.-,T.'Kfvr-- Kroin nnI limuliJ
eyes and fingers, the. powers of , the body
and ; the powers of the mind are in spas
modic, merciless activity. There is no lack
of a few tasteless, soulless dissipations which
are called , amusements, but noble atiuetie
sports, manly , out-door exercises, .are tod
little cultivated in our town and country. "
The Difference. Sydney Smith say si!
that, " the people often imagine themselves,
pious when th'jy are only bilious." ..
Krouslant, whose liver is oht bfordci;
says, " that he thinks Sydney ought to have
known the difference between a Serious
Disposition and a Serious Indisposition. "
' '" - : :
Kixd Words Why 'use' Them 1st Bi
cause they always cheer him to whom they are
addressed. They soothe him if he is wretched.
They comfort him if he is sad. They keep him.
outf the slough of despond, or help him Out if
he happens to be in. .
2d There are words enough of the opposite
kind flying in all directions sour words cross
words fretful words insulting words over
bearing words irritating words. Now let
kind words have a chance to get abroad, since
eo many, so different, are on the wing.
3rd. Kind words blcs3 him that uses them.
A sweet sound oh the tongue tends to make
the heart mellow. Kind words re-act upon the
kind feelings. which prompted them, and make
ho Tr.i-o Thv add fresh fuel to the
UIIVIU uiviu uiiiv J
fire of benevolent emotion in the sonl.
4th. Kind words beget kind feelings to
ward him that loves to use them. People love
to see the face and hear the voice of such a
man. .
Kind words, therefore, are of great value
these hard times.
It appears from the official- statement reeeir . t
ved ot th Pst Office partment Uht4f-:
" . , . i.liit..
t . " 1 . -vr onri
the New York Post Office for the qttftrtcr encl:, . .
postage, stamps and stamp! sand stomp
velopes sold, also shows a decrease of $lG,O0fr.
S&'The bachelor who undertook to mend his
breeches with the "thread of life gave it up as
a bad Job, and sent them to d tailor; and the
woman who made a pound of butter out of the
cream of a joke, and a cheese from the mile
of human kindness, has ince washed the cloks
of the year.
A Rcsso-Americax Telegraph A tele
graphic communication between this continent
and Russia is not-only far from being an impos-
i eible tiling, but is, in realit3 so easy, the vast
extent of the line considered, that it is likely at
j no distant day to be carried into effect, provi-
ded there be any prospect of remuneration.
Here, however is the one great point of difficulty
Such a line between St. Petersburg, through
Siberia to Sitka, in Russian America, will
doubtless be ordered by t'i'e Emperor, and
thus the greater portion of the way will be.
i overcome. nussian policy oi an imperial pow
er demand this immediate communication with
the most remote portion of the Empire. A
correspondent writing from St. Petersburg
states that there is much talk ia reference t
the establishment of telegraphic communica
tions by land with North America. The plan
submitted by the Russian government, by a
Beliriau engineer, consists in bringing a tele-.
graphic bue through Siberia, then establishing
a submarine communication ueiween uie v.-apu
East and that cf the Point of Galles, and fin
ally joining that line to those of the United.
States, across Russian and Rritish AmevicA.
Stop Now! Young man if you are just cor.
mencing or practicing any vice or bad habit, thu
time to stop is now. You have arrived at i
stopping place and you may stop now .Jf you
please, but if you snffer yourself to be whirled
on by apjietitsii and passion, ' you may go s
far that whetyoa desire to stop, it inay be oi.t
of your power to do so.
If yon swear, or drink, or break the Sabbath, "
"stop now," If you think evil thoughtR, (-r
tell things not traits true,' or soinelunrs te '.
& more then truth, "stop now." If von nio
going to dance, or play, or any place whir-,
you may meet bad company, "stop now." K
you are in the habit of jesting about rcligio i
or crJinisters, or pfeacfi"ug,"stop now' If yo-'.
think there is time enough to become religion
bv-ad-by, and thut you will pursue the way yo i'
are going awhile longer, "stop nOw;" for tl
course you are goiiu; leads to death. Purit.-.-i
Rrcordiri -
g?-A negro was brought op before the "Slay V
ot Philadelphia for stealing n chicken. The t
conclusively proven. . . ,
"Well, toby," said the Mayor, "what hav'i
you got. to say for yourself?" .
"Xnffin but dis," replied Toby, "I was n r.
crazy as a bedbng when I stole dat pullit, c X'
I mite hab stoTe de big rooster an nebber do: -
it.' Dat shows 'clusivly dat I waslabrin uuil. tl
de delerum trihimins."
"The foundation of all happiness, temper: i
and eternal, is reliance on the goodness of OoiV
It is a bad plan. to put 3'our best foot fori"
most; unless you can keep it there.'
July 11 , 1857-

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