North Carolina Newspapers

    - -V.
4- ;..r-
' ,vH
4 .
i-"M)rnii-i'' i iiiiif- -
-A -i
3" ? '
For a dingle copy, if paid in advance, per annum, $2 OO
" " " at the end of 3 months, 5 50
" at the end of months, 3 00
" " " at tiie end of the year, 3 50
No subscription will be received for a shorter period
"than one year uuless paid in advance.
With the vi!w of extending the circulation and en
hancing the usefulness of the paper, the proprietor of
fers the following remarkably low .
5 copiea of the Carolinian, I year, $8 00
10 " " " " 15 00
Rates of Advertisings
Sixty cents per square of 16 lines, or less, for the first
tnd 30 cents for each subsequent insertion, unless the
tlvertisam ?nt is published for more than two msnths,
vjjen iwill be chiJrn;M , . . .. , ' :
For three-months, - : - J S4 oft
For six mrttttn-'-'-.;- f:'y.;.5:.:e-fld'
K i or tw -ive KU.ttns, - , - - - -..-. w uy
AU advertisements must have the desired number of in
ffton3 marked on them, orthrwise they will be in
erted till forbUl and charged accordingly. Special
nltention u directed to this requisition.
Attorney at Law, Kayetteville, N C.
. Office at the corner of Bow and Green streets.
Feb'y 3. 1&5(I.
ATT R NT). 3 the Courts of Cumberland, Harnet
Nrake and Johnston.
Address, Toomer, Ilarnett Co., N. C.
Feb. 1C. 1850. 85-y
at Law,
V Y K T T E VI T TZ , , C .,
-May be consulted at the Law Office of Jese G.
lierd, Esq., on Green Street.
July 19, 185(5. 7-tf
Rockingham, llic!imond County North Carolina,
will practice in the Courts of liichmond. Anson and
llobeson. All business entrusted to his care will re
ceive strict attention. July, 11, ly-58
he Subscriber is now prepared to accommodate
six persons with uoaru, in auuiiion to nuuintr
lie now lias. The builuaig which she occupies is
Conveniently situated on the Dou-al't.-vi L.ot, iiay
inount, anH is -a good locution lor a Summer a d
Winter residence. o puins will be t-parcu to make
her boarders comfortable.
February, 0. MARTHA 1IAKT.MAN.
V. .31. Caaipbeil,
East side of
Gillespie street.
October 1, 18.5
N. C.
.earlv opposite to
E. SV. Will kin rs"
Auction Store
Fayettuvillo, N. C.
Oct. 1. 1856.
Fall Stock, 1857.
B. F. Pi'URCH & C
RE now receiving a larg
. of jajfcHL'&r sr
und well selected
eonsisting in part of :
Black and Figured Silks;
. ncrlisli atnl French Merinoess;
Plain and Fiufd DeLanes;
French all vraol Plaids;
Alpacas of all qualities;
Black Bombazine;
English, French and American Prints;
Chenille Shawls, (beautiful patterns;)
Ladies' Cloaks of every description;
Jaconet Edgings and Insertions;
Collars and Undersleeves;
Hosiery, Gloves, Belts;
Ribbons, Trimmings, &c;
Cloths and Cassimeres;
Tweeds, Jeans and Sattinets;
"White and Colored Flannels:
Bleached and brown Shirtings;
Allendale 10-4 Sheeting;
Bleached and Brown Drillings;
Plaid Linseys and Kerseys;
Marlboro' Stripes and Plaids;
Brown and Bleached Table Cloths;
"Towellings of all kinds;
Negro Blankets;
Extra quality Bed Blankets;
Spiral, Brass and Whalebone Hoops;
Good assortment of Hoop Skirts;
Yankee'Notions of every variety, kind, and
Silk, Leghorn, and Straw Bonnets;
Moleskin, Cassiruere and Wool Hats;
Boots, Shoes, Umbrellas, &c.
A large and fashionable stock of
All ot which will lie sold low for CASH, or on our
usual time to punctual customers either at Wholesale
or ah persons
srive us a call.
are respectfully invited to
B. F. PSARCE. j tv
Sop. 12 1857 7-tf "
General Commission Merchant. '
ril nington, JY. C.,
Will sive personal attention to the sale or shipment of
pro luce, and any other business entrusted
will he nromntlv attended to.
to his care.
April 18. 1857. ly
10.000 lbs. Tallow " anted,
For which the highest cash price will be paid.
Oct. 1. 185i; A. M. CAMPBELL.
White Lead and
sle by
AuS. 13,
Linseed Oil, for
ble real estate, the property o
ered for sale and consists of the
followine tracts :
That desirable pla
known as Rome, contaijing
all the inlprovements. Thjs
or divided, to suit purchases,
aoout ZbO acres wit
place will be sold sa-i':
it beinprobablyone
the'country, ,nd isVe:
fthe besrt business Btands in
enter, themercantile 1
desirable to those, wishing to
siness. , .
- No 2, Consists ef a
and Brick Store (2 tene-
meutsj in Cambleton,
n Bridge Street near- Claren-
uon tsrme. r.nd is a
Jso 3, Is 3 vacant lots ViCampbelltori, known in City
desirable stand tr Dasmess
piot as rsos 109, 1 II.. ll an half of lot 113. -
No 4. Is a dwelling hSuse and lot on Jlaymount,
corner of Flankroad and fcdams St.' A very desira
ble residency, for the wholyear. " m
No 5, Is i. Corn. Mill and,Steam Engine and. Bdile
of 10 or 1 5 horse power, llbini? well worth the at
tention ot those livi
5Me, tesOmiiL be oH
Aagust 1, 185
- til-tl
Co nfection
aries, Perfumer
ies, Bread,
Crackers of
all kinds,
Faucy Ar
. tides,
and a vari
ety of erti
cles in the
Foot of Haymount, Fayitteville, Is. C.
Oct. 24. 1857. 13-y
Persons indebted to Jas. C. McEachin, as Guardiab
of the heirs of John Morrison, dec Vl, are hereby re
spectf'ully informed, that said guardian hys in a oreal
majority of instances endorsed and transferred theij
notes to the undersigned. .Also, that our urgent ne
cessities, apart from the reqt irements of the endorser
Compel us to collect as speedily as possible. All those
indebted will therelore oblige us, and themselves too
by paying up immediately. We must and will sue
where the money is not forthcoming.
Laurinbivrgh, N. C, March 7, 1857. 40-tl
P tints, Oils, Varnish, Brushes, for
Sale by
Aug. 15,
WANTED Three first rate Workmen, for which
the best of prices will be given, and study work. The
price for making Boots, 3.75; for footing, 2.75; Shoe
l oj. Wanted immediately.
Dec. 31. - 82-tf
Aitoiu s and i'oustnor
LUMCK ,iT() X. C.
formed an association for the practice of their prof'"S
sioii in Robesen co., only R. E. Troy will alo at
tend the Courts of Ltladen and Columbus, and J 1
Fuller those of Cumberland.
Their Ortice in Lunibertou will be kept open at all
January 9, 1858. 83-tf
James C. Smith. Miles Costin
Commission Merchants,
Have removed their office to the second story of the
building formerly occupied by the Telegraph Company
where they are prepared to attend to all business in the
Commission line.
All business entrusted to them will be punctually
attended to.
Wilmington, October 1, 1856 y
FRANK N. ROBERTS. & CO , having
leased this Hotel, will be pleased to see tlieir
fonner patrons and friends, assuring them that
they will nse every exertion to please
F. X. Koborts. fj. Q. Smith
Jan. 9, 1858.
Coupon Bonds for Sal
The Western Rail Road Co., have for sale in
amounts to suit purchasers.
&fl OHO of the Coupon Bonds of the
p")""" County of Cumberland, bear
ing 7 per cent, interest, payable somi-aniially on
the 1st June and the 1st of December, and run
ning 20 years.
$!XM)00 of the Coupon Bonds of the Town of
Fayetteville, bearing 6 per cent interest, payable
semi-annually 011 the 1st January and the 1st July,
and running 20 years.
These bonds were issued in accordance with law
to the Western Rail Road Co , to pay the County
and Town subscriptions respectively.
Persons having money will find these bonds (at
the price the Co is selling them) a better invest
ment in any Bank Stock in the State.
For terms apply to
C B. MALLETT, Esq, Pres't.
or JNO. M. ROSE, Treas'r
Western R. R. Co.
March 6, 1858. 92-tf
a HAVE a good stock in my line. . Country Mer--
chants supplied at low rrices.
March 20,
Sup'r Court Office, 15th March 1858.
IN pursuance of direction of His Honor Juclge
Manly, Notice is hereby given, that
Regular Term of the Superior Court of LAW
AND EQUITY, for the County of Harnett, will
be held at the Court House in Toomer, on the 8th
Monday after the 4th Monday in March 1858.
Witnesses and Suitors will take notice accord
ingly. -
Witness A. D. McLEAN,
94-to .Clerk Superior Court.
ITeavy 4-4 Beaver Creek Sheetings.
Cotton Yarn, Warp and Filling, Ns. 5 to 10.
Belt, Picker, Roller and Lace LEATHERS.
O1I3 and Manufacturer's Findings
Winter strained Sperm. Lard and Linseed Oils.
"cKgiS; 5? G1U6' ory, Roller
- July 26, 185. UALL' B..II.Co.
The folldwiirg val
no where, water iDtKtMTSjrvi -"r ISnTytiU,. -
IS now recei-ing hiltoc JL ? -.
sty for thp -asiK ''i-Tlr Vl
a A few very handsHftnRCD'
r,ACE axd sirjc hastu: t
' - shawls and seA:r;;
Any qnaTjtity of the' latest Pa,Sr
A large and beautiful ei:
' HATSl :3KAPfl- lIMRftP" - "
5 u-av vt ijr
... fyc., 8fV. - :
A Verv desirablfi Rtnc-r nf Wens' "Wirit1' Xr Ttrx
of the Latest Styles, workmanship warranted.
The public are invited to call early and examine
the above goods; they will be sold cheap for cash',
or on the usual time to those who vsxj occasionally.
March S(h - 93-tf
Dissolution cf Copartnership.
faLTE business conducted tinder the firm of
M- B. F. PEARCE, & Co., was this day dis
solved by mutual consent. Those indebted ; to the
late firm will please make immediate navment as
longer indulgence cannot be given.. Either of the
parties are authorized to receive payment and
grant discharges. -;
To close the business, the large and well selec
ted stock of goods, comprising u very general as-
sui uacni oi . -
Will be sold at Auction.
The sale will commence on Thursday the 25th
last., and contimie from day to day, until the Stock
is sold. Terms at sale.
March, SO, jj.
WE are now receiving our Spring purchases of
Staple and Fancy.
To which we invite the attention of Buyers irr this Mar
March 20, 1858. 93-tf
Is now receiving his Spring supply of
Among which are
. l'l inls. Lawua. nrwV UiB)K" - -
Co I'd and Black Silks;
Irish Linens and Diapers;
Farmer's Linen. Twilled and Plain;
Cashmere and .Merino Twills;
White and Col'd Outiou Hose;
Bolting Cloths. No. 0 to 10;
Slik and Straw Bonnets; &c.
With almost every .article iu the Dry Goods line; all
of which has been purchased by the package at the
late sales in New York and Philadelphia: Will be
ottered cheap for cash or ou time to paying customers
Mach 20, "93-tf
ni ' "mi- la 'ti:a u '-i '''iu ju ;A
G-raduate of Ihe Baltimore Esntal
Co i lege.
ITAVINti seven years practical experi
ence in his rrofcssio-i, five of which have
oeen spent in tnis place; Dr. 15, woitkl
li ZVr l?J rreTriXtrV
unring wnicu lime lie may i;e tound at his pleasantly
sitnated rooms, near the market in office hours.
His terms are STRICTLY CASIJ, no imlucement
will be held out to the community to call upon him
other than that he flatters hunsef that in future all
operations shall compare favorablj v ith those previ
ously performed by hitn. . - r
Jan. 2a. S5-tf "
.1. W. LRTT
liasjttst received a large and general STOCK OP
GOODS suited to the Spring and Summer trade
consisting-of a choice selection of '
Staple and Faucy DRY GOODS,
Boots and Shoes, with almost everything desirablein
that line.
PlilME FAMILY GROCERIES always to be had
Goods scld at the lowest prices fo'r'CASll, or ex
changed for country produce. -
March. 20. 185S. ly-pd . .
flff! Bbls. Turpentine at tiiy Distilery
jrWlF on peraoll street at the halfway
Iiridge the highest cash price will be paid,
march 20 l),J-3m J li McDUFFIE.
. .- j 7.: "iV
A. A. .Ylclvclliiiii
respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he
has b;iut up large suOstantial Brick Buildings at his
Old Stand, expressly for manufacturing Carriages.
Thankful for t he very liber?.l patronage his has received
for the last 21 years, he hopes by strict attention to
business, with a desire to give satisfaction, to merit a
continuance of the same. He warrants Jiis'work to be
made of the best material and by experienced workmen
in each branch of the business. His work will compare
favorably with any made in the United States, for neat
ness and durability. - -He
is determined to sell and do any work in his line
on as good terms as any work done elsewhere that is as
well done. He now has on hand, finished, the largest
AND BUGGIES, ever offered in this place, and a very
large stock of work nearly finished, whieh will be sold
very low for Cash , or On short time to punctual eastern
ers. j--IIe has on hand more than ONE HUNDRED
AND tit 11 Vehicles finished and in course of con-
sstruction. - .
;Z"A11 work made byhim is warranted 12 months
with fair usage, and should it fail by bad workmanship
or material win De repaireu tree of charge.
Persons wishing to buy would do well to call and
examine fo themselves. -
Orders thankfully receivedand promptly attended to.
Repairing execuiea a snori notice and on very rea
.-onable terms.
Fayetteville. Octl.l85P. . . ..
tit- '"Awsigaee. w bomo Crape do., FRENCH
ARE now opening a large and general assortment
of SPRING GOODS, embracing a great variety of
Also about 250 Cases BOOTS & SHOES well as
sorted, all of which we propose selling at reasonable
prices for cash and to prompt paying customers ' ot
the usual time.
P. S. We earnestl,y request all persona in arrear
ith u to pay up or in part at least, n. r E. J. I
Mircn 13, 1858.
tiat' havri't I, v oti r h o n o r ;f r e f ti rh erf P
'Why, therefs roast an' biled, and stewed an'
fried, sni' the murphies to the back iv thai
again; an' its seldom the likes iv them crasses a
Frenchman's muzzle iu his own country,' he ad-
ded tnentallv. .
J 'Vat you have manager?' quoth the French-;
iiiau. ' .. - -
Arrah, be aisy, iyour honor,' replied Pat,
e uivu resave the taste iv mangy" , meat is
der the same roof vvid ye, barrin the ould
an' she is neither here nor there in
a tin you know.
Misricorde!, ejaculated Monsieur some-1
ivhat discomposed, and not comprehending the
intent of Pat's phraseology, .'Manger, 1 say
Jlanger.' " j
'Yen need not be callin' a body names in !
g-iberish, for ail that,' said Pat, 'an I'll take
toy Bible oath in the bargain, tliat the sorrow
tut of rnangy or meazly mate is under the same
thatch wid ye.'
'DiableF cried Mosieur, nearly out of pa
tience, 'for dinniere, I say diuniere!'
'Och, regarding the dinner, is it!' said jPat ;
'mesha-, sure I told your honor all about ; that
long ago.' Wev'e -roast, an' biled, an' stewed,
an' fried; but if you want to know all the inns
and outs. iv the business, why, here's the bill
and your Jionor may pick and choose for the
inatter iv that.
Pat lugged" ont his bill of fare, which had
been prepared for the occasion by his better
half, and the contents of which he was as ut
terly igrrorant of as his guest, before he had
perused them. In fact it is n matter of specu
lation, Whether the sum total could at any pe
riod have been made out within a circuit of
sonvo miles he placed it however before his
guest. , - -
. 'Ros bif?' inquired the Frenchman, as his
eyes caught the first item.
'Thunder an'oun's!' thought Pat, 'I'm dished
now altigither iniiiely Roast beef, your honor!
troth thin, I would recommend it, bekase you
see its long killed long enough he added,
tetiaHfalla , .?&cmHrah lytArj Wad ttitk Id 'the Caste
iv a dead cow, stared me in the face since ould
Moileen's leg last Christmast.'
'Veal !' rejoined INlonsirnr.
'.Nor that "neither, '49a id Pat; 'it's only slink,
yonr honor slink, uidred hecontiuued to him
self, 'for. it s not dead vet.'
'Pigeons,, enumerated the Frenchman,
the true uaval twang, annulling the fiua
wi th
'Och sure that's not in it,' cried Pat; 'what
the dickens does he mean at all, at all, wid his
Pigeons,' reiterated the guest
'Och bother, your honor, sure it's not game
You are making iv me?' said Pat.
rejoined the Frenchman, raising
his tone.
"R'v the hnkiv T bnvft it orirwl 51
of his carroty pate-'au'
US inyseu mat can snux your nuuor 10 a lair
the pusheens! Faith its luck I thought iv it
vvhilleluh!' And he made his exit in high glee
with hrs successful interpretation. 4
It happened that'upon this identical morning
Pat's doinestic cat had achieved her accouch
ment; the event of which had been an increase
to his family to the extent of five fine thriving
comely kittens, orpursheens, as Pat would term
them in his native parlance. One of those was
in accordance, as he imagined, with his gnest's
directions, brought to the knafe, dismembered,
fricasseed, and in proper time duly served up
for dinner. The dish proved savoury; Monsieur
smacked his lips, and on the ensuing day, a
repetition of the precious article was ordered
on the next day ;m en core on the next" a de
c'lpo; and so on until the sixth, when Pat's
'pnsheens' were exhausted, he made his appear
ance before his guest with an unusually sombre
cast of visage. :l
'Pigeons? said the Frenchman
- 'AH gene your . honor,'
honor,' returned Pat; an'
the borrow obb more in trie parish tor love or
money, barrin the ould cat, that's been inousitv
here theJ;e four years come nfext Patrickmas.'
... 'The ". ieatl' ejaculated the Frenchman.
'What else?' cried Pat.
, 'Cat!' re-echoed tlie Frenchman-, with a visi
ble emotion of the stoniach and countenaBce.
Pat opened his mouth, scratched ''is head,
and looked. aghast. Monsieur stormed, spat,
and raved by turn's Pat scratched, and scratch
ed againand at length an edaircissemeJit took
p!ace. - . - :
. AVc canh'ot cay precisely whether or not the
stomach pump had been invented before - this
period, and consequently whether it wr.S put in
requisition on this occasion; bnt it is certain,
that sonnds and symptoms would have evinced
that such an instrument had been used effectu
ally upon the interior of ilionsieur Frenchman"
who had been luxuriating tipon and did not
fnil to recollect, to the last day of his life, Pat
Durkan's' pigeons. 7. - -
:. A Western Judge" recently gave vent' to
his detestation of bad liquors, in the folio w
ing charge:; " ''Gentleman of . the Jury':
Pure, unadulterated liquor is a wholesome
and pleasant beverage, and as far as experi
ence of the Court" extends,' conduces to
health- and longevity;" but a bad article of
liquor, gentlemen, or, what is worse, a drug
ged article, cannot be tolerated; and if deal
ers from below will send up into this beau
tiful country, so blessed with the smiles of
a' benignant Creator, such a miserable
quantity of liquors, as the proof shows this
to be, in this.Court, Geentlemen of the Jury
Dan Tucker, who has so often been informed ful eye. looking down upon it, aid. "Doc
to "get out of the way," has been at last run ther, docther, dear, it strikes tiie it's a dale
over by thenars. mustard for to little matil ':
er we have had a
the silence by asking; 'MufSnow, did
order that coal I spoke to yoitbout?'
'What did you say my dear?' he asks, after
a few momenta' silence. -
'Did you order that coal I spoke td yoii
about?' - , - '
'Indeed, my dear,I am very sofrf , but 1
forgot all about it. It shall come to-morrow.'
. Another hour's silence, which is relieved
by the baby's crying, hd riither liking to
hear a noise of some sort, I make no effort
to quiet him.
'My dear,' said Mr Show, after he cried a
minute or so, 'hadn't you better give the
baby some catnip tea to quiet him? he trou
bles me.'
The baby is still, and another hour passes
away without a breath of noise. Becoming
tired of silence, I take a lamp and retire for
the night, leaving Mr S. so engaged with
his papers that he doe3 not see me leave the
room. - (
Towards midnight he comes to bed", and
just as he has fallen to- sleep the baby takes
a notion to cry again. I rise as quietly as
possible, and try to still.him. While I am
walking the room with the small Snow in my
arms, our next a boy of three years be
gins to scream at the td of his- lungs.
What can I. do? There is no course but to
call Mr Snow; so I call out: Mr Snow! Mr
Snow! Mr Snow!
The third time he starts up and replies:
'What, Tim more copy?'
As though I was Tim that little devil "
running about his office! I reply, rather !
coolly, 'No, I don't want any more copy -
I've had enough cf that to last my life time;
I want you to see what Tommy is crying
I about.' , . 'j
Mf Snow makc?CTOetttie effort to
rouse himself, as Tonnes t ops'to take breath
he falls to sleep agaxxi, leaving me pacing
the room in as much vexation as I can com
fortably contain.
The next morning at breakfast, when t
give Mr Snow an account of my last night's
adventure, he replies: 'Indeed, my dear, I
am sorry the children troubled yotu'
That is always the way. If I complain, it
is, 'indeed, my dear, I am sorry,' but should
the very same thing occur the subsequent
n'ghti directly before his eyes, very likely
he would not see or know anything about it,
unless it happened to interrupt the train of
his ideas. Then he would propose catnip
tea, but before I can get it into the infant's
stomach, lie will be far away in the -realms
of thought, leaving me not a little vexed at
his apparent stupidity.
Mr Snow knows the name of every paper,
published in England, France and Germany
but he can't, for the life of hirii, tell the
names of his own -children. He knows just
the age of every American journal, but he.
does not know the age of his ovvn babj'. He
knows just how orie'of'his contributors looks
but I don't believe he can tell whether my
eyes are black or blue. .
. The world says Mr now is getting rich;
all I know about it is, he gives me money
to clothe and feed our boys, and that, too,
without a complaint '6f poverty, I hope the.
world is right in opinion; and when t am
Fully satisfied that it is, I shall advise him
to resign his editorial honors, and spend a
few months in becoming acquainted with his
wife and children. The little ones -will feel
much nattered in making the acquaintance
of so literary a gentleman;
ma j
jgait seems that Mr. ."Jones loaned Mr.
Smith a horse, whieh died while in his (Smith's)
possession. - ilr Jones brought sjiil to recover
the value of the horse, attriiittting his deuth to
bad treatment, thvririg the course of the trial,
a witness (Mr Brown) was called to the s'and
to testify as to how Mr.. Smith treated horses.
Lawyerr-( with a bland, and confidence in
voking smiie) , Well, sir, how does Mr. Smith
generally," ride a horse?'
Witness (with a very nicrry twinkle in' his
eye, otherwise imperturbablei)- A straddle, I
beleive sir.' . . 1 - '
T,flwver--fwitii a senrccly perceptible, flosh
' of vexation upon his cheek, but still speaking
in his smoothest tones)' But, sir, what gait
does he ride?' - . :
Witness- 'lie never rides any gate sir jlis
' by ri?es ail t!f f f '
Lawyer (his bland smile gone and his voice
slightly husky) but how does he ride when
in companey with others?' ,
-ryitness Keeps op if his horse is able; if
not, he goes behind. -
Lawyer(triumpbantty, and in perfect fary,)
'Ilow does he ride when he is alone, sir?'
Witness' Don't know never was with him
when he was alone.' : ' 1 -
Lawyer- I have done with you, sir.'
A poor, emaciated irishman, having call
ed a nhvsician, in a forlon hope, the latter
spread a huge mustard-plaster, and set it on
" noor fellow s breast. - rat, wnn a iea.-
iu give ineone i"or fore or Six mouths as it
will 8aTe"mc of some (roul.'le to Come ngnb" I
Received one"Surtificate in this State bohl
three jears a go and Toot one quarler Since
that Have Bin Teaching in Iowa until iast
all, Then went to School at Ohio One
Quarter, and a Header of Ohio Journa with"
his Little Experience Would feel Verv Sorcv if
should fail withith Success Please Rite as
as yon get this to ,, O.
Yours Very Respectfully
But upon a. certain otlier examination, the"
following sentence was given him to parse:
'ueorge Washington the lather of his coun
try t' He commenced by saying that 'George
Washihgfbh was an irregular, active, transitive
verb, indicating mode, and present tense, and
was governed by the father of his country,' and
closed with the declaration that 'it had been a
long time since he had looked at his grammar.
and hoped that if he rliade any mistake that the
gentlemen would excuse him '
At a recent examination, the written ques
tion required the applicant to nnme the several
States intersected by the parallel of 3G 30
'oith latitude.
The prompt answer of onegentieman gravely
informed hs.that there was no such line existing
as it was repealed by the Kansas Nebraska
Observing his ahswei1 marked as erroneous
he scornfully referred ns to the New York. Tri
bune and left, evidently impressed with deep
commiseration for our ignorance.
Ilonesty the Bet Policy;
Nothing is more essential to the business
man for success in his mercantile pursuits, than
the establishment upon a substantial basis, lite
business position and his character for honesty
and straight forward dealings. This position
once attained in the community, success is al-
ways sure to follow his business operations;
Without it he becomes like the Consumptive pa
ttentj always ailing; and subject to the atmos
phcriovttaHes'of the hour. -Irt the - morning"
he lives is known; in the evening, dead for
gotten. He is only, referred to as a warning to "
others, avoid his mistakes and Steer clear of
his errors; while the honest merchant prospers
from day to day, becomes beloved and respected
by the community in Which he moves. Success
crowns his labors, and Wheh th hour of his
earthly departure come3 he dies tegretted. and
his memory ever remains green hs a monument
of worthy of honesty, and the three elements of
success. The old proverb that "honest is the
best policy," is verified over and over again
throughout ths world, and no man who has adop
ted the principle from the love of it, has ever
repented for his choice. While thousands upon
thousands have too late seen the mistake of
negle'cting its adomonition, and there by pur
sued the shadow for the substance.
Honesty is the best policy and the more
thoroughly it is brought into evtery- minute
transaction of life the greater the success, both
in worldly as well as spiritual gains.
-Foufcb His Match. We saw a good
thing yesterday. In the Court of Quarter
Sessions; a petty .case was being tried. A well
known Criminal lawyer, who prides himself
upon his skill in cross-examining a witness
had 'tin odd looking genius-upon whom td
operate. 'The. witness was a boss shoe ma
ker. "You say, Sir, that the prisoner is a
thief?" -
'Yes, Sir, 'cause why sue confessed it."
"And you also swear she bound shoes for"
you subsequent to the confession?"
"I do, sir."
"Then" giving a sagacious look to the
Court "we are to understand that you em
ploy dishonest people to work for you, even
"after their rascalities ate known?
"Of course, how else Could I get assis
tance from a lawyer?" i
Not much mjade out of that witness.
Philadelphia Northern American
Answering Letters. .
There are few things so much neglected4.
in the so-called polite world as' answering
letters. This arises from an indifference in
some people, and a dislike to write in othersi.
The latter feeling is often so tnucli indulged
in, cr allowed to mlluencte the possessor to
such an extent that a : letter requiring an
answer will be left for days and weeks, a
constant and ever-recurring source of an--
noyanfce and reproach, on account of tht
unpleasant reminding it " gives from time to
time of the neglect it meets with. This re-4
pu"-nance to writing might soon be over- -come,
by observing the following rule:" It
is simple to answer a letter at the very firf t
opportunity that offers; if looked upott as
a disagreeable task, the sooner it is got rid
of the better; but its odvantage Vould not ,
rest here, for this practice, if resolutely pur
sued, would break down thd barrier, and
the difficulty would vanish , ,
Mctua v Disctcst.'t have brought yott
this bill until I'm sick aid tired of it,' said ,r
a c dlector of ft debtor, tipon whom he had
called at least forty times. . '
. You are eh'.' coolly f epUfeil the debtor.
YesIam. waa the response.
Well, then you had better not present it
again. There will he two of us pleased it
you do not; for to tell the truth, I'm tired
and wck of seeing that iztdsntical bill myself.1

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