North Carolina Newspapers

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r -r I ;-
Foradiagle copy, if paid hi advance, per annum, 2
" at the 'ja-1 of J inontu?, 2 1'
" at th'i end of H ta mtam, 3
... " at tilts ea-1 of t'ae yjr, 3 5')
No subscription will be received tor a dliortcr period
than outs year ualjss paid in advance. , .
With the viiw of evt.-nding the circalation and en
hancing the mefalaess of the paper, the proprietor of
.. u. f.,i in.viii ,r tp. narka'dv low
club Rims, tViriniiBLVi inrivcE:
5 copies of the roliiuan, 1 year, 3 00
10 " "
15 00
Rates of idvtrtlslnfft
i!.Tt ,pnts ner sniiira of 16 ln ;s. or le, for the first:
nd 30 cents for e ich subseq-ieat 'neriion, unlow the ,
i lvertis ;m:nt is pnblia'ied for more than tvro- months,
vhen it will be charged i
For three raonxus, - - - " . i
r .j. Pop six Diontas, -. .. r
6 no
Jmf. For twelve months, - XT - - -. i" '
'"Vuadv-n-tis'imentani'isthave-the deirei nura to. iu.
JerVons marked on them, orth -vie h"y will be m.
; ,ertei till rorbiil and charged aocorlinzly. Special
attention in directed to this requisition.
, Vttoiucyatlvv, PayettvlUe,.C.
, OiTice at the corner of Bow and Green streets.
Feb'y 3, lfeoti.
.1. A. SPEARS,
ATT BND.s the Courts of Cumberland, Ilarne
Wake and Johnston.
Address, Toomor, ltarnett Co., N. C.
Feb. 10. 1830. 85-v
Attorney at Law,
p VETTE VI LIi Pm W c'
May be consulted at the Law Office of Jese G. Shop
fierd, Esq., on Green Street.
July 1, 18.)G. 7"u
Uo.-kin-ham, Richmond County North Carolina,
will nrictice in the Courts of Richmond. Anson and
Rjr All bn,in,ss entrusted to his care w,U re
vive strict attention. July, 11, ly-f
-rrnr-rrrnv tx "r--Jf "f "THI!
Sulrscrioer is now prepared to accommodate
T liK p.HSons with board, tn u.ldit.on to the uun.oci
she tto v has. The builtliug whch he occupy .
c nveni-ntly situated on ibo Loualou i.oi, ll-O"
L uut and is u iood h.tton torn bummer a d
VvintJ; resilience, will be M.uieito make
bSr.CW'U,'rta0le- MARTHA liARTMAN.
A. 31. Canipbi-il,
East side of Gillespie street.
FvKrriivit.i.ii, N. 0.
October 1, l"'-
?l X 11 ISLE P A O T O 1S.Y.
nv GKO. LAlJDIiii.
Zaarly opposite to E. WiUWr.xs
Fayeitevtlle, N. C.
Auction ;-i-
Oct. 1. I8"fi.
IV- II. T U 'i - '' ' ' f .
General Commist ',Ik-iiit.
Wd n.'.i"tn, N C,
VTill 'H-e n-rsivl -itte.ition to the sale or h; of
alliWi-'imnof Mivd to-ea or othef cott-iiry
pro Ho... a 1 1 a-iy it!nr b isi i.;ss entrusted to bus ear-.-,
will be pro-nntW attended to.
April IS. iS.7. ly
lO.OOO li. Tallow nntoi5
For which the highest cash price will be-paid.
O.-t.. I. 1S5(: A. M. OMI Ub.lil.
White Lend and Linseed Oil, for
sale by
Aug. 15,
Bolting Cloth.
A constant supply of arrantcd Genuine An
ker liolting Cloth all Xos., kept on band and for
sale at tLe lowest prices by
Jan 30, 1833. lm 5 m af e 2r
o o x- RECEIVED A iS 1 FO li. S A L, rJ
l'lantingPotatoes Pitik Eye) and fine Apples
Also, a fresh supply of liaisins, Figs and
Oranges. r fi
Oct. 24 13-tf foot of Haymount
MKS. G. EL AM prepared to
aceominodate boarders at the McGuire House,
near Eecles' Bridge. The location is very con
venient to the business part of the town.
Fayetteville, March 27, 1853. 6t
Just received and for sale by
July 11. 1857. tf
Court of Picas and Qitarter Sessions FeVy.
term 1808
C R. P. Matthis
( Wm. L. McGary
Notice is hereby given to Wm. L.. McGary,
that the monies now in the hands of Almond
A- McKay, for him, has been attached or levied
upon at the instance of Rice P. Matthis. the Plain
tiff, and you are hereby notified to be and appear
at the next Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions for
said County, and plead, answer or demur, or judg
ment final by defalt will be taken against him and
the monies levied upon be applied to Plaintiff
debt and cost.
J. It. BEAM AN, Cl'k.
March 27, 1338, Cu
The following valuable real estate, the property
E. C i . i i Ul :c d. is ottered for saleand consists of the
following tracts : .
That desirable place known as Rome, containing
abnut 2(10 acrs wtlt all the improvements. This
place will be sold entire or divided, to suit purchasers,
it being probably one of the host business stands in
the country, ami is very 1 -wrable to those wishing to
entecthe mercantile business.
NT2. Consists of a Lot and Brick Store (2 tene
ments,) in Cambleton, on Bridge Street near Claren
don Bridge, rnd is a very desirable stand for business.
No 3, s 3 acant lots inCampbftllton, known ia City
plot. asNos 09, 111. 112, an half of lot 113. -
No 4, Is dwelling houseand lot on Haymount,
corner of Plankroad and Adams St. A very desira
ble residence for the whole year.
No 5, 13 a Corn Mill and Steam Engine and Boiler,
of 10 or 1 5 horse power. This is well -worth tbe .at
tention of those living where water power is not avail
able, and will be sold sit a great bargain. . J
For terms apily to J . H.. tI.AL.Liy Assignee
August 1, 1857.
C o nfcetion
ies, Bread,
Crackers of
all kinds,
Fancy At
and a vari
ety of ati
cles in the
Foot of ITuymount, Fayitteville, X. C.
Oot. 24. 1851. 13-y
Persons indebted to Jas. C McEachin, as Guardian
of the heirs of John Morrison, dec"d, are hereby re
spectfully informed, that said guardian has in a greal
majority of instances endorsed and transferred then
notes to the undersigned. Also, that our urgent ne
cessities, apart from the reqt irements of the endorser
compel its to collect as speedily as possible. All those
indebted will therefore oblige us, and themselves too,
by paying up immediately. We must and will sue
where the money is not forthcoming.
Laurinburgh, N. C. March 7, 1857. 40-tl
P liilts,
Oils, Varnish, Crushes, for
S-ile by
WANTED Three first rate Workmen, for which
the best of prices will be given, and study work. The
price for making Boots, 3.75; for foxjting, 2.75; Shoe
I 50. Wanted immediately.
Dec. 31. S2-tf
Attorneys and Counsellors
forui.-d an iissociatioii fur the practice ol their p rotes
.si on m iiobe.-o.i Co.. only li. E. Troy will also at
tend the Courts of Llladeu aud Coiumbus, and J 1
r uiier those ot'Cumberlaud.
1' heir Ui'tice iu Luiubertou will be kept open at ai.i.
January 9. 1858. 33-tf
James C. Smith. Iiles Costin
Co m m is .lion IIercia n t s ,
Have removed their oltiee to the second story of tin;
buil ling formerly occupied by the Telegraph Company
where they are prepared to attend to all business in the
himm ission line.
Vll business entrusted to them will be punctually
.tf.'ii l.-d to.
Vi'mhigton. October 1,18." y
FRANK X. ROBERTS. & CO , having
leased this Hotel, will be pleased to see their
former patrons and friends, assuring them that
thev will use evefy exertion to please
F. N. Roborts. 3. G. Smith
Jan. 9, 1833. 83-tf
O lap 3 a BdiicIs for Sale
The Western Rail Road Co., have for sale in
amounts to suit purchasers.
C?lfl Oflfl f the Coupon Bonds of the
? County of Cumberland, bear
ing 7 per cent, interest, payable smi-annuaily on
the 1st June and the 1st of December, and run
ning 20 years. "
S'JD.OOO of the Coupon Bonds of the Town of
Fayetteville, bearing 6 per cent interest, payable
semi-annually on the 1st January and the 1st July-,
and running 20 years.
These bonds were issued in accordance with law
to the Western Rail Road Co , to pay tho County
and Town subscriptions respectively.
Persons bavins: money will find these bonds (at
the price the Co is selling them) a better invest-I
ment in any Hanfe fetocK in ine otaie.
For terms apply to
C. B. MALLETT, Esq, Pres't.
or JNO. M. ROSE, Treas'r
Western R. R. Co.
March 6, 1833. 92-tf
I HAVE a good stock in my line. Country Mer
L chants supplied at low prices.
cnants l4 W. N. TILLTNGHAST.
March 20, 93"2m
Scip'r Court Office, 15th March 1858.
IN pursuance of direction of His Honor Judge
Manly, Notice is hereby given, that tje
Regular Term of the Superior Court of LAW
AND EQUITY, for the County of Harnett, will
be held at the Court House in Toomer, on the 8th
Monday after the 4th Monday in March 1853.
Witnesses and Suitors will take notice accord
ingly. Witness A. D. McLEAN,
)4-tc Clerk Superior Court.
Heavy 4-4 Beaver Creek Sheetings.
Cotton Yarn, Warp aid Filling, Nos. 5 to 10.
Belt, Picker, Roller and Lace LEATHERS.
Oils and Manufacturer's Findings.
Winter strained. Sperm. Lard and Linseed Oils,
Shuttlie8 Isiuglass, French Glue, Emory, Roller
Cloth and Glass Steps.
J. H. HALL, Pres. B. C. M. Co.
Jalj 2, fi,-tf
IS now receiving his stock of SPRING and SUM
MER GOODS, embracing all of the latest
styles for the season.
A few very handsome ROBE A QUILL.E, LA
Any quantity of the latest Patterns of HOOPS.
A large and beautiful selection of
A very superior assortment of LACE, STRAW
& LEGHORN-BONNETS, also a few very band- I
som Crfipe do ; FRENCH FLOWERS,
5"C, fyc, 4$C.
A very desirable stock of Mens', Youths', & Boys
of the Latest Styles, workmanship warranted.
The public are invited to call early and examine
the above goods; they will be sold cheap for cash,
or on the usual time to those who pay occasionally.
March 20. . 93-tf
The annual meeting of the Stockholders of the
Fayetteville & Western Plank lload Company, will
take place in the Town Hall, on the 29th inst., at 11
o'clock. JNO. M. ROSE. Cl k.
F. & W. P. R. Co.
April 10 185S, 2t
Wm. Maclntyre, offers
Bbls prime Lard,
93U0 lbs prime Bacon Hog round,
large sides,
' 390 Sacks Corn
Fayetteville, April 3, 1838 tf
WE are now receiving our Spring purchases of
Staple and Fancy.
To which we invite the attention of Buyers in this Mar
ket. STAttlt & WILLIAMS.
March 20, 1858. - 93-tf
Is now receiving his Spring supply of
Anione: which are
Priats, Lawns, and Brilliantes;
Cot'd and Black Silks; "..
Irish Linens and Diapers;
Farmer's Linen. Twilled and Plain;
Cashmere and Merino Twills;
White and Col'd Cotton Hose;
Bolting Cloths, No. 0 to 10;
Slik and Straw Bonnets; A'c.
With almost ewry article in the Dry Goods line;" all
of which has Itcon purchased by the package at the
late sales in New York and Philadelphia: Will he
ottered cheap for cash or on time to paying customers.
March 20, 93-tf
tu u ' ut in ui 'iw -k m a 'uiit iu 4 u jw
Graduate of I he Baltimore Dental
.;-, HAVING sev- u years practical experi
SL ence in his rrofessioi, hve of which have
-'-QZCt37 been spent in this place; Dr. B, would
simply state that he is permanantly located hvre. that
is from the 1st of Oct. to the first July each yea
during which time he may be found at his pleasantly
situated rooms, near the market in office hours.
His terms are STRloTLY CASH, no inducement
will be held out to the community to call upon him
other than that he flatters himsef that in future all
operations shall compare favorably v ith those previ
ous! v performed by him.
J an . 2 3. 85-tf
nas just received a large and general STOCK OF
GOODS suited to the Spring and Summer trade,
consisting of a choice selection of
Staple and fahty DRY GOODS,
Boots and Shoes, with almost everything desirablein
that line
Goods sold at the lowest prices for CASH, or
changed for country produce.
March. 20. 18."8. ly-pd
Si a ni r .
TAKEN UP by the Subscriber on the 30th
March, a Grey HOUSE, supposed to be
10 or 12 years old, has marks of gear. Said Horse
wlipn taken ud was comma: from the course ot
Rockfish Factory.
April 10.
A. A. McKethan
resDectfully informs his friends and the public, that he
has built up large suosiannai diich iuhui6o
Old Stand, expressly lor manuiaciuring 'iibSm.
Thankful for the very liberal patronage he nasreceieu
for the last 21 years, he hopes by strict attention to
business, with a desire to give satisfaction, to merit a
continuance of the same. He warrants his worK to dc
made of the best material and by experienced worKmeu
iu each branch of the business. Mis woric win compile
favorably with any made in the United States, for neat
ness and durability. .
He is determined to sell and do any work in his line
on as good terms a s any work done elsewhere that is as
well done. He now has on hand, finished, tbe largest
stock of cXrriages,barouches, ROCKAWA 1 S,
AND BUGGIES, ever offered in this place, and a very
Iare stock of work nearly hmsneu, wnicn win uC um
very low for Cash, or on short time to P
ers -He has on hand more than ONE HUNDRED
AND FIFTY Vehicles finished and in course of con-
tlSi.,?i wort mad? hvhim is warranted 12 months
. I.'.. . V . ' .
1 j j jair usage, auu tuuuiu . . j
or material win c Fntu ,
Persons wishing to buy wontu ttowen iw cn u
etamine fo themselves. . -
Orders tnanKiuny receiveuauu pruuipuj .n,c....v.
Repairing executed at short notice and on very rea
onable terms.
Fayetteville. kjci i.ioov.
ARE now opening a large and general assortment
of SPRING GODS. embracing a great variety of
Also about J50 Cases BOOTS & SHOES well as
sorted, all of which wepropose selling at reasonable
prices for cash and to prompt paying customers op
che usual time.
P. S. We E.MxesTir request all persons in arrear
itn' u s to pay up or in part at least. fl. 4r E. J . L
March 13,158. 6
1858 '59.
Bureau of Provisions and Clothing.
April 13. 1858.
I PROPOSALS, sealed and endorsed "Offer for
SmaltStores," or ''Offer for Candles," or '-Offer for
-ialt-water Soap," or--'Offer for Mustard seed, Black
Ppper," fcc.. as the case may be. will be received at
this bureau until 9 o-'cloak. a. m.. on the 18th day of
May next, for furnishing: and delivering: (on r ceiving
twenty days' notice) at the United States navy-yaTds
at Charleston, Massachusetts; Brooklyn, New lork;
and Gosport Virginia, such quantities only of the
following articles excepting the salt-water soap aud
tbe candles, for each of which separate proposals and
contracts will be made as may b-j required or order
ed from the contractor by the chief of said bureau, or
bv the respective commanding officers of the. !
navyvyards, during the fiscal year ending 30th Jjfesjjp
Bos, sM vTafj
Brushes, shaving
Brushes, scrubbing
Brushes, shoe
Brushes, clothes
Bvttons, navy me
dium Buttons, navy coat
Buttons, dead eye
Beeswax, in i lb cakes,
Combs, fine, India r&boerl
or gutta percha.
Grass for hats
Jack knives
Razors, in single cases
Razor straps, Ordway's
Blacking, boxes of
Cotton, spools of Nos. 12 and 19, 900 yards each, 3
cords, equal parts.
Handkerchiefs, cotton, fast colors, 32 by 30 inches,
weight not less than 2 oz. each, texture 8 by 8 to i
Needles, sewing, Nos I. 2, 3, and 4, drill eyed, be
tweens Ribbon, hat, best French black, 12 yards to the piece;
widt i. 1 k inch
Soap, shaving, in cakes; each cake not less than 2 oz
Silk, sewing, blue-black; wrapper not to exceed 2 oz
to the pound
Thread, black and white, Marshs!l's besi quality, and
in such proportions as may be required
Tape, white linen, 4 yards in length, i inch wide
Tape, black, twilled cotton, 6 yards in length, i inch
Thimbles, 8-10 and 9-10 diameter. .
White salt-water soap separate bid for 100,000
The soap must be manufactured from cocoa-nut oil,
and of the best quality denominated '-white salt-water
soap," and be delivered on sixty days' notice, in good
strong boxes of about 75 pounds each, and after in
spection, the boxes must be hooped at each end, at
the expense of the contractor. The price to be uni
form at all the yards.
Candles separate hid for 30,000 pounds.
The caudles must be "sixes," of prime leaf lard
stoarine. 8 1-10 inches in length, exclusive of tip.
six candles to weigh not less than 14 ounces 50-10 0,
nor more than 16 ounces, and be paid for according
to the actual weight, without reference to commercial
uage, the melting point not to be less than 140 de
grees Fahrenheit. The wick must be braided, and
composed of 8 cotton threads of the best quality of
No. 27 yarn. The caudles to be delivered on sixty
days' notice, in good boxes containingabout 30 pounds
each, and the box to be marked with the contractor's
name and the weight of the candles.
: Separate bids for all that may be required for the
Use of the navy, to be delivered at New York only.
Mustard seed. American brown
Pepper, b ack. Malabar
Bottles, octagon, for mustard and pepper.
Corks, for bottles.
: All the foregoing articles must be of the best quali
ty, and con; ormable in all respects to the samples
deposited at said navy yards and in this bureau, and
subject to such in.-pection at the navy-yard where de
livered us the chief Oi th bureau may direct, the itir
speetiug oflieer to be appointed by tbe Navy Depart
ment All the articles to be delivered free of any inciden
tal expense to the goverui'ie it, in proper vessels or
packagts, and the price of each article must be the
same at the respective places of delivery. Packages
iu which the above articles are delivered must be
m.u ked with their contents and tbe name of the con
tractor, aud be sutlicieut to ensure their temporary
The contractor must establish agencies at such sta
tions other than his residence, that no delay may
be required; and when the contractor or agent fails
promptly to comply with a requisition,, the Chief Of
the Bureau of Provisions and Clothing shall be au
thorised to direct purchases to be made to supply the
deficiency, under the penalty to be expressed in the
contract; the record ot a requisition, or a duplicate
copy thereof, at the Bureau of Provisions and Cloth-in"-.
or at either of the navy-yards aforesaid, shall be
evTdencc that t.ucli requisition has been made and re
ceived. Two or more approved sureties, in a sum equal to
the estimated amount of the contract, wilt be required
and twenty per centum in addition will be withheld
from the amount of all payments on account thereof
as collateral security, to securu- its performance, and
lirtt in an'v event to be paid uutil it is in all respects
oomolied with: eighty per centum of the amount of
1 ' . i ...Mi t : .i i I . .. .
; alj deliveries made will be paid by the navy agent
within thirtv days after bills, duly authenticated,
shall have been presented to him.
Blank forms of proposals may be obtained on appli
cation to the navy agents at Portsmouth, New Hamp
shire; Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore,
Norfolk, Pensacola, aud at this bureau.
A record, or duplicate of the letter informing a
bMder of the acceptance of his proposal, will be
deemed a notificatiou thereof, within the meaning of
the act of 1819, and his bid will be made and accepted
in conformity with this understanding.
Every offer made must be accompanied as directed
in the act of Congress making appropriations for the
naval service of 1846-?47, approved. 10th August,
lfi4fiYby a written guarantee, signed by one or more
responsible persons, to the effect that he or they un
dertake that the bidder or bidders will, if his or their
bid be accepted, enter into an obligation within ten
davs. with ffood and sufficient sureties, to furnish the
suonlies croposet:
I. ine Gureau wm noi oe oongateu
4 mi m v I 1 i i. II" .
uane required bv lawVlh compete df ihe
miartoo in ho pprtififld h' the naw asrent. district
attorney, or the collector ot the port.
The attention of bidders is Called to the samples and
description of articles required, as, In the inspection
before receprion, a just but right comparison will be
made between the articles offered and the samples and
contract, receiving none that fall below them; and
their attention is also particularly directed to the
ioint resolution of 27th March, 1854, and be the act of
the 10th August, 1846.
April 17 97-4t
&.......U.v.U 7
Has removed his stock of Goods to the Store for
merly occupied by t Uaxiki. Clark, East on Market
Square, and would Solicit his Customers and Friends
to give him a call. ':'
He has got a flue lot of CLOTHING, HATS.
SHOES, which he will sell at low figures. All those
who wish cheap and good BARGAIN'S will do well to
give him & call. Also, all those who wish Garments
cut, cn have them doue in the latest fashion. "
AprH 17, 97-4t
SEALED Proposals will be received at the
Office of the Western Railroad Company,
in Fayetteville, until the 20 of April, at noon, for
laying 11 miles of Track, commencing at Fayette
ville. Specifications can be seen at the Engineer's
Office in Fayetteville, on and after the 10th inst.
" Ch. Eng. W. R. R.
V AjrrH 10, 2t
i '-Vj
of fit
his exertic-ns. however, he had falleifin
about a foot, of the necessary length, and con-
sequently stock that far through his inexpres-
sibles. Higcropof hair was surmounted Ly
the funnies little seal skin cap imaginable,
After takin : a position, he indulged in a long
stare at thai man opening me oicaives, auu siow-
Iv eiaculatai 'isters?'
'Yes, sir responded the attentive operator,
'and fine ones they aretoo.'
'Well, f ve heard of isters afore, said he,
'bat this the fust time I've seed 'em. and per
haps I'll kiiow what thar made of afore I git
out of towai.'
llavin7exnressed this desperate intention.
he cautiously approached the plate, and scru- !
tinized th uncaseu shell nsn, wun a gravuy
and interest which would have done honor to
the most ?lustrionS. At length he began to
soliloquize the difficulty of getting, them out,
and how qneer they look when out.
'I never seed anythin' hold on so takes an
aniazin' site of screwin, hoss, to get them out,
and aint they slick and slippery when they does
come? Suooth as an eel! I've a good mind to
give that idler login, gist to realize the effects,
as uncle Jtss used to say about speculation.'
Well, sit,' was the reply, 'down with two
bits, and you can have a dozen '
'Two bita!' exclaimed the Sucker, 'now come,
that's stick in' it on rite strong, hoss, for isters.
A dozen o 'em aint nothiu' to a chicken, and
there's no gettin more'n a picayune apiece to
them. I've only realized forty-five picayunes
on my first venture to St Louis. I'll gin you
two chickens for a dozen, if youil conclude to
A wag who was standing by, indulging in a
dozen, winked to the attendaut to shell out,
and the offer was accepted.
'Now mind,' repeated the sucker, 'all " fair
two chickens for , a. dozen you're a witueps,
mister,' turning at the same time to the wag; .
iaico, 4f-JZgq han.rd . that you
city fellows are mighty slippery coons.'
The bargain being fairly understood, our
Sucker squared himself for tbe onset; delibe
rately put off his seal-skin, tucked up his sleeves,
and. fork in hand, awaited the appearance of
No. 1. It came he saw and quickly it was
bolted. The wag dropped his knife and fork,
and with a look of mingled amazement and hor
ror something akin to Shakespeare's Hamlet
on seeing his daddy's ghostburst into the ex
clamation: Swallowed alive, as I'm a Christian!'
Our sucker here had opened his month with
pleasure a moment before, Hut now it stood
open. For a horrid dread of he didn't know
whata consciousness that all wasn't rigiit,
andjgnorant of the extent of the wrong the
uncertainty of the moment was terrible. Urged
to desperation, he faltered out
What on earth's the row?'
'Did you swallow it alive?' inquired the wag.
You're a dead man,' exclaimed his anxious
friend, 'the creature is alive, and will eat right
through yon,' added he, in a most hopeless
'Get a pizen pump, and pump it out!'
screamed the Sucker, in a frenzy, his eyes fair
ly slitrtihg from their sockets 'O, graciousj
what'il I do? It's got hold of my innards al
ready, and I'm dead as ft chickenl-do some
thing for me, do don't let the infernal sea
toad eat mc afore your eyes.'
Why don't you put some of this oh it?' in
quiring the wag, pointing to a bottle of strong
The hint was enoiigh--the Sucker Upon the
instant seized the bottle, and desperately
wrenching oat the cork, swallowed half the
contents at a single draught. He fairly
soueuled front its effects, and gasped and blowca
and pitched and twisted, as if it were coursing
thvou.rh him with cclectric effect, while at the
same time his eyes ran a stream ot tear. At
length, becoming a little composed, his Wag
gish adviser approached, almost bursting with
suppressed laughter and inquired
'How are you now, old fellow did yoa kill
Well, I did boss' ngh, ugh, o-o-o my in-
n ft a
inards. If that tslcr critters dy in- agonies
didn't stir a bruption in We
equal to a small
use savin'- it it
i earthouake then lamt no
squirmed like a sarpent, when that killin stutl
toichcd it; hut' and here, with a counte
nance made op of suppressed agony and pres
ent determination, he paused to give force. to
his words, and slowly and deliberately remarked
i-.e . n.n .i.irtpna from me for that live
animal, I'm d d!' and seizing
11 VUll I U I v iv- . , I - U
uis seai-sui c
The shout of laughter, and the copt-n6
of the company at this finale would have made
a spectator believe that they had all been
swallowing oysters avte- ?
. -.r... r.v Attfvtiov! Don't be a
lOCXG iA, " - . . ..
loafer don't call yourself a loafer, don't keep a
loafer's company, don't bag about loaGng pin.
ces. Better work hard for nothing and board
yourself, than sit around day after day, or stand
at corners with your bands in yonr pockets.
Better for your own mind, better for your pros
pects. Bustle about, if you mean to hare any
thing to bustle about for Many a poor physi
cianhas obtained a real patient by riding bard
ottond on an imaginary one. A quire of
blank paper tied up with red tape carried un
der a lawyer's arm may procure hyn his first
case, and make his fortune. Such is the world.
To him that hath, shall be given. Quit dro
ning and complaining, keep busy and mind your
iiSnt Witnesa
T Jigt) a criminal case was
3BifttetMl ?nesT'for the
fgejras . tliat.-'lpster made
1 iieS.vwith a fnur pound
a stout, Btjorg man 'jt itU
Wit in the Habit of efirsing:
Fit-ll a. friend. He tvaa only
Catuted . fellow when he
l5!s CiC and feasted on the
ticiiffVfU great relish. Ben
p iy,tne State and TJ.oIftelyre
.U i)llie knew about ifMter
v?4tt?jro a time or tw o, and
lr-hfjBPan in his peculiar
" "'S TT W8
"Ttt' ,JudSe C bo myself.
v ell, Aoel Hales ras thar trymto bay -Xvn .
old spotted sow that run closto4rim.t Noel . "
is A good fellef, Judge, but heaih't smart:
ne went to .Jackson on&t and his daddv
out of sight, and he went about axinjr every
man he met, 'Mrhar's daddj?"
'Go on Mr tell us all about the fight.
"Well, I was saying, Noel wanted the
sow and he was afeard he could'nt buj her
without gettin some body to stand for him,
ana i ioiu ilqi ei ne a make me sale i u ro
it or die; and he said he'd pawn his mm, but.
hlfc wag at Winfrate'g shot) to be fixrd. I
, .... . .
told him "all right JNoel, shan't break
squares with us, no how. Well Noel he bid
three dollars and a dime, and a quarter, and
I can't say which, in the pjre"
"Go on, sir, if you please, about, the fight."
Well, give me time to bring it round right
Well, Noel didn't git the sow, bekaso John
Wall bid more'n she was wuth. Well then
a cow was put up and Foster bid ten dollars
and a quarter and she was knocked oil' to
him. Foster said he only bid ten dollars,
and S. said he bid ten and a quarter. They
got to disputin and I thought enough was
said for a man to fight on, but Foster tuck
it. They kept on jowcrin and at last S
told Foster he'd be - ef he'd scrnpulate.
Fos. said he'd be- ef he'd combolicate
from what he said. Well, about this time
I felt dry and went over to the doggery with
several and we all took a stiff drink. I tuck
mine with sweetnin, Judge, Well Noel llailea
seemed hurt about not gittin the sow, so I
says, JNoel, lets have some music to make us
feel better. ... Sez he, Uetl, I know
you arc
a friend to me, and ef you'll trit Abe Lard
to play "Cotton eyed Joe," 111 treat to half
a pint. Well in this' time we hearn the fuss
over the way and went out, and who should
we see but S. lying down on the piezzcr, and
Foster as pale as skimmed milk Sez I men
let's have a fair fight. Some one said. Ben
they've already fit."
"Mr.- , did you see the fight?"
"Well, I can't say as I did, nor I can't
say -I "didn't. I mought, and 1 mought not,
then again I mought."
Do you recollect anything abrut it, or
were you in a condition to recollect?"
'Well, Squire, you rather got mo thar.
The fact is, I sometimes git discombobolated
and my demembrance ain't very clare; but
one thing I'm sure of, Judge, and that is,
Noel treated; if he didn't I'll be !"
Here the State informed him that he could
stand aside, and the court not happening to
hear the oath the witness was permitted to
retire amid the suppressed lauo-hter of the
whole oourt room.
Editors. A good editor, a competent
newspaper conductor, is, like a General or
a poet born, not made. Exercise and ex
perience give facility, but the qualification
is innate, or is never manifested. On the
London daily papers all the great historians
novelists, poets, essayists, and writers of
travel, have bt en tried, and nearly all have
failed. We might say all; for, after a dis
play of brilliancy, brief but grand, they died
out literally. Their resources were exhaus
ted. "I can," said the late editor of the
Times, to Moore, "find any number of men
of genius to write for me, but very seldom
one man of common sense." The "thun
derers" in the Times, therefore, have, so far
as we know, been men of common sonso.
Nearly all successful editors have been men
of this di?cription. Campbell, Carlyle, Bi;I
wer, and D'Israeli failed; Barnes, Sterling
and Philips succeeded. In England editors
rarely write for their journals. They r;ul
select and "cut out the work." In this
country, with a few exceptions, editors have
not only to read, select and "cut out the
work," but do the writing too. On the
whole, American editors are the hardest
writing men in the world.
The Power of thk Press. Lord Stanly the
new British Secetary of the Colonies, in l is
speech to the electors ot Kings Lynn, on his re
election to Parliament, thus spoke of the prtes:
'.'Fifty years ago, Parliament had an almost
exclusive power of forming public opinion upon
all qiestions or the time. That state of things
has changed. The vast aevelopment of the
power of the press during the last qnnrter of
a century has introduced into modern polit c
: n entirely new element. (Hear, hear.) It is
impossible to sit in Parlimeut without seeing
how far and to how great an extent modern
journalism affects even our parliamentary de
baters, ine power of the press is in itseit a
rpresantation, (hear,)as I believe of the poor
and the humble against the powerful. It is a
protection which no legislation can take away;
and it is not of the least subjects of satisfaction
to me, looking back at the few years which I
have passed in public life, to think that I was
one of those who took part in a measure---I
mean the removal of the stamp dutywhich
has given an increased devlopment to journal
Ism, and of which we have seen as ytf only
small potion of tbe effects, (her, bear).

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