North Carolina Newspapers

    r ' - . ,
i '- - i tmmi. I..-. i. in i ii i i in i niii.
i wi i ITU
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; w v
For a single copy, if paid in advance, per annum, $2 00
' " " at the en 1 of 3 months, 2 50
" " at thj end of 6 ra mth, 3 00
" " " at tut-en l of the yr, 3 50
No .jii'jscriptio will be received for a shorter period
thaa one u.dess p ill in advance.
With the vi;w of ext'su ling t!ie circ il tfion and en
hancing tin ini;fil mss of the paper, the proprietor of
fers the following remarkably low
CLUIi Rl.TES, l"ir.iril A ULY ADVANCE:
5 copies of the Carolinian, I year, 88 00
10 " " " 15 00
Uatcs of AdvcrtWn t
Sixty cents per squ ire of 16 lin -s, or less, for the first 30 cents for e ch subsequent insertion, unless the
adrert;a ;in -nt 'n published for more than two menths,
when it will be charged
For thr.'e months, ----- $4 00
Fop ix months, - - - - 6 00
For tw .lea mo'iths, - - - - - 10 00
&,H mlV frTts'tunts m it riae tne iie--trTra7mmTfr of in
sert'ona -narked oi them, orfh -rw-ie they will be in
serted til forb d and ch-irjred accor linrly. Special
Attention is directed to this requisition.
It EG-Ate NorXCnS.
Attorney at Law, Kayettevi Ho , C.
Office at the corner of Bow and Green streets.
Feb'y 3, 1&5G.
VT rE"TD"3 the Courts of Cumberland, Ilarne
Wake and Johnston.
Al Iress, Toomer, Harnett Co., N. C.
Feb. 16. 185C. 85-y
Attorney at Law,
V A V 13 T I' 13 V I 1. J. K , , C ,
May o:is'.iltcd at tle Law ORice of Jtf,e G. Shep
her I. K-.. on (irccn Street.
July 18, 18."6. 7-tf
W0 o
A T T O 11 N K Y A T Ij V W.
Ca b i"o-r.!id at the Ofiice foimt riy occup ed
ly Dr. 'Gilliaiii, on How Street. i
F 1 1 E T T E T I . L C , X. .
IS j
TO he Subs-jribr is now prepared to accoinmodate
t ix per sous with boanl, in addition to the number
ahe 'lo.v Ikh. TUe baluui whic'u r-bit uccupks is
Coav:iie:itly situated on tl'e Iouulisou Lot, ll.iy-
iiuiit, aufl id a goo.l location tor a iiiiuner a 1 i
Wi.iter re-iidenee. Xo puns will be spared to make j
her l i ;rs c j :i: irt.iblc-
Fibr-.i irv. G. MARTHA HARTJI VX.
A. -"!. O.iiUijheJI,
iUCTIO.-VEEK &, COHI.MISSiI.' MEUCIIAST, side of Gillespie street.
FwErrKvii-i.E, XT. C.
(") tuber 1. IS5 5
21 V It II Ta K V A O T O It V,
em.-'v -)puoIte t E. W. W. likings7 Auction Store
Fayetteville, X. C.
).:. 1 s " r, . v
,V. II. T U i I V C TO S,
IVL'ni. ngfiti, X. C,
'.V;il ';V' ; ir ) vil att Mtlo t to the sale or shipment of
all rnut- of Xi, Stores or other country
jr.j 1 i- ;. ill .it ,- oth-jr b'isi;ie?s entrusted to his care,
will ' '"" nut.l v attended to.
A:ril M 1S.")T. ly
lO.ODD 1?)". Tallov " anted,
V r which thJ highest cash price will be paid.
et. 1 . iHt?
V!ule Lead and Linseed Oil, for
sale by
Alig. IS,
Bolting Cloth.
A constant supply of arrante l Genuine An
ker Bolting Cloth all Xos., kept on hand and for
sale at tho lowest prices bv
Jan 30, 1S53. J m 5 m af e 2w
PlautingPotatoes Pink Eye) and Gne Apples.
Also, a fresh supply of Raisins, Figs aud
Oct. 24 ?3-tf foot of llaymount.
j ust received and for sale by
July H. 1857. tf
Ilejtry 4-4 Beaver Creek Sheetings.
Cottoa Yarn, Warp ami Filling, Nos. 5 to 10.
Belt, Picker, Roller aud Lace LEATHERS.
Oils and Manufacturer's Findings.
Winter strained. Sperm. Lard aud Linseed Oils.
Shuttlie's Isinglass, French Glue, Emory, Roller
Cloth and Glass Steps.
J. U. HALL, Pres. B. CM. Co.
July 26. 1856 8-tf
P lints, Oils, Varnish, Brushes, for
Sale by
Aug. 15,
LL persons indebted to the concern of FR WK .fc
JERItY andj. II. UOUEltTS & CO., are requested
otconai forward an 1 settle their bills. If not settled
by the last of this month, they will find them in the
bauds of a Lawful Collector.
8, 1853 :00-tf
& o
The followinz valuable real estate, the property o
E. C. lla!l dee'd. is oJered lor suleund consists of the
following tracts :
That desirable place known as Rome, containing
about 2(i0 acres with all the improvements. This
place will be-.sold entire or divided, to suit purchasers,
:t heinsr nrobablv one of the best bu.--'.;os stands, iu
the country, and is very desi
lesirable to tiioof lishing to
unit" tVii mnri'riilti;' , I S i n (
No 2, Consists of a Lot and Brick Store (2 tenc
ments in Cambleion , on liride Street near Claren
don Bridge, r.nd is a very desirable stand for bu.-inoss.
No 3, Is 3 acant lots in Carnpb :lltou, known iu City
plot asNos 109, 111, 1 12, an half of lot 113.
No 4, Is a dwelling houseand lot on llaymount,
corner of Plankroad and Adams St. A very d:sira
ble residence for the whole year.
No 5, .Is a Corn Mill ami Steam Eugineand Boiler,
of 10 or 1 5 horse power. This is well north the at
tention of those living where water power is not avail
able, and will be sold at a great bargain.
For terms apply to J. II. HALL, Assignee.
Auaaat . llSiiZ - - r -i-ri
C o nfection
ies, Bread,
Crackers of
all kinds,
Fauey Ar
and a vari
ety of urti
.clea in the
Foot of Ilaytnount, Faytteville, N. C.
Oct. 24. 1857. 13-v
Persons indebted to Jas. C. McEachin, as GuardiaD
of the heirs of John Morrison, dee'd, are hereby re
spectfully informed, th"at eaid guardian lias in a great
majority of instances endorsed and transferred then
notes to the undersigned. Also, that our urgent ne
cessities, apart from the reqt irements of the endorser,
compel us to collect as speedily as possible. sAll those
indebted will therefore oblige us, and themselves too,
by paying up immediately. We must and will sue
where the money is not forthcoming.
Laurinburgh, X. C. March 7, 1 857. 40-tl
Attorneys and Counsellors
formed an association for the practice of their profes
sion in Robeson Co.. only R. E. Troy will also at
tend the Courts of Bladen aud Columbus, and J P
Fuller those of Cumberland.
Their 03ice in Lumberten will be kept open at all
January 9, 1858. S3-tf
FRANK N. RO HERTS. t CO , having
leased this Hotel, will be pleased to see their
former patrons and friends, assuring them that
they will use every exertion to please
F. N. Roborts. fJ. G. Smith
Jan. ), 1633. 83-tf
The Subscriber
for sale.
lias on hand and
Coffer, Sugars, Trffjra.tsseSiSyrip, Salt, Iron,
Steel, JSaih, Horse Shoes i" Jts , sixes,
lines, Siorcs, Sjates, 'Forks, 1 race
chains, lilack Smith Tools, Iiroivtt
soap, Candl s, Candi'S, Sole
Leather, 2egro Shoes,
Hats, Blankets 4"
Kersei, .
Saddles, il'hips,
Collars, (ilass t'nfy,
Cotton Bfisjr r, Manilla
lloje, Jl hlte Lead, Common
and line Citsars, A" Tohacco ,
Poicder, and Shot, and liiugar,
and many articles not enumerated: all in waut C".:i be
supplied as cheap aseau be bought in this in:irV-.
G. W. 1 . GOl.DSTUN.
Oct. 31, 74-tf
The Subscriber having at Jlareh Term 1333, of
the County Court of Cumberland, taken out let
ters of Administration uon the Estate of the late
I'Fin. F. Wightman, hereby notifies all persons in
debted to said estate to make Payment, and those
having claims against the same to present them
within the time required by law or this notice will
be pleaded in Bar of their recovery.
G. W. WIGHTMAN, Administrator.
March G, 1836. 0 1-
A. A. 3JcKclliau
respectfully informs his friends and the public, that h"
has bailt up large substantial Brick Buildings at hi3
Old Stand, expressly for manufacturing Carriages
Thankful for the very liberal patronage he has received
for the last 21 years, he hopes by strict attention to
business, with a desire to give satisfaction, to merit a
continuance of the same. He warrants his work to be
made of the best material and by experienced workmen
in each branch of the business. His work will compare
favorably with any made in the United States, for neat
ness and durability. .
He is determined to sell and do any work in his line
on as good terms as any work done elsewhere that is as
well done. He now has on hand, finished, the largest
AND BUGGIES, ever offered in this place, and a very
large stock of work uearly finished, which will be sold
very low for Cash, or on short time to punctual custom
ers. 0-He has on hand more than ONE HUNDRED
AND FIFTY Vehicles finished and iu course of con
struction. 9All work made byhim is warranted 12 months
with fair usage, and should it fail by bad workmanship
or material will be r' paired free of charge.
Persons wishing to buy would do well to call and
examine fo themselves.
Ordersthankfully receivedand promptly attended to.
Repairing executed at short notice and on very rea
sonable terms.
Fayetteville, Oct t 185P
For the balance of the year, a Dwelling House
situated on Old Street, ti e late residence of Mrs.
Beze Perry, dee'd. WM. -WARDEN, Ex'r.
July 3, tf
ANY PERSON desiring work done in the best
style in the above department, can secure my
services by addressing me at Fayetteville. N. C.
Mr D. Mel)., will contracts nnv whpre in the
country, within 100 miles from Fayetteville, and
prompt attention will be given to the same.
toep. 12, ly
Is now receiving his Spring supply of
Among which are
Prints, Lawns, and Brilliantes;
(l'd and,Black Silks; ;
Irish Linens and Diapers;
Farmer's Linen, Twilled and Plain;
Cashmere and Merino Twills;
White and Col'd Cotton Hose;
Bolting Cloths, No. 0 to 10;
Slikand Straw Bonnets; c.
With almost ever' article in the Dry Goods line: all
or which has been purchased by the package at the
late sales in New York and Philadelphia: Will be
offered cheap for cash or on time to paving customers
March 20. 93-tf
decided on pwin.n.inilv l.,f,,.tniL la the
Town of Fayetteville, respectfully offers his servi
ces to the citizens of this place and surrounding
country. In all the various branches of his Pro
fession, including: the manufacture of Mineral
Teeth, he is satisfied, after an extensive experi
ence, to which is added a thorough Dental educa
tion, that he can give entire satisfaction as far as
it is in the power of Dentistry. All irregularities
of the Teeth treated in a proper and careful man
ner, as well as diseases of the mouth, None but
the prop'er metals are made use of in the various
operations. Charges will be moderate, that the
benefits of the Profession may be placed within
the reach of all who may feel an interest in the
preservation of the Teeth.
COnice over Houston's Jewelry Store, where
he will be found at all times.
May 15, 1858 tf
nasjustreceived a large and general STOCK OF
GOODS suited to the Spring and Summer trade,
consisting ol" a choice selection of
Staple ami Faucy 1) 11 V GOODS,
Boots and Shoes, with almost everything desirablein
that line.
Coods sold at the lowest prices for CASE, or ex
ci.aufin; for country produce.
M.-.rch. 20. 1H58. ly-pd
Sa'iscr.bers having associated themselves
) i j i i
together iu the practice of Law, under the
name n,,J style of AN 13
W'U attend the County and Superior
Coirts t" Moore, Montgomery, Anson, Pichmond,
and Robeson. All business entrusted to them will
receive their careful and prompt attention.
Address Cameron and Shaw, Attorneys at Law,
TI'H-kinghani, Pichmond ountv, N. C.
John X, Camkuhx.
Joirx D. Shaw.
Mav I, 1636.
ror SaJUj.
... 4
The Western Rail R ad Co.,
nave tor sale u
amounts to suit purchasers.
:n Olifi f the Coupon Bonds of the
V5VWLf County of Cumberland, bear
ing 7 per cent, interest, payable smi-anuually on
the 1st Juno and the 1st of December, and run
ning 2!) vears.
$'JiUMM of the Coupon Bonds of the Town of
Fayetioville, bearing per cent interest, payable
semi-annually on the 1st January aud the 1st July,
and running 2) years
These bonds were issued in accordance with law
to the Western Rail Road Co , to pay the County
and Town subscriptions respectively.
Persons having money will find these bonds (at
the price the Co is selling them) a better invest
ment in any Bank Stock in the State.
For terms applv to v
C. B- MAhLETT, Esq, Pr-es't.
or JNO. M. ROSE, Treas'r
Western R. R. Co.
.March o. iDoc.
9 fK-f
rphis Company has been in operation more than
1 Live year . a:id has paid its. losses, amounting to
G10,l'-o S), without any assessment: insurance aver
aging its menibers about i percent.
"I'olicies issue d to 1st of May, 1858,2709.
Amount of property now insured, $1,474,922 34.
Aii'ount premium notes now on hand, $224,908 23.
Cash premiums received, $32,317 41.
Geo. McNeill.
D. A. Ray,
11. Ii. M yrover,
S. T. nawley,
W. N. Tillinghast,
A. A. McKethan,
J. 1). Williams,
Jas. G. Cook,
A. W. Steel;
Jas Kyle,
J. G. Shepherd,
R.F.Brown, Wilmington,
S. W. Tillinghast,
Henry Lilly,
N. A Stedman,
S. J- Hinsdale,
T. S. Lutterloh,
Wm. MeLaurin.
A.E. Hall. Wilmington.
E0 .TlcXLII,!.. President.
D. A. Rav. Vive-President
C. A. McMillan. Secretary,
John Collins and C. C. McCrummen, Traveling
The Company invite applications.
May 20, 185S l y
(Call soon, secure a good
bargain and save money,)
One of the largest, hand
somest and cheapest
stocks of BOOTS AND
SHOES, Ladies' GAI
TERS, satin and Colored;
Ladies' and Gents DAN
CING SHOES, of a new
and beautiful pattern;
article in his line.
His stock is choice and carefully selected by him
self, and buyers will find it to their interest to call
before purchasing elsewhere. M. FAULK.
JGgg-All who have lost their soles come for
ward, andthey will be renewed for Seventy-five cei.ts
and upwards. M. F.
The undersigned have this day by mutual consent
dissolved Copartnership in their Contracts on the
Western Railroad, J C- LALEY.
July 1st 1853. 3t-pd JAS. BRANIN.
Please call and. Settle-
Mj Notes and Accounts are all due and
I hope my cus'omers will call and settle
them, aS we need the money
July 10, lm.
J. C. POE.
3Pirjp sails
Bureau of Yards and Docks '
CSEALED PROPOSALS for each class separately
5 endorsed "Proposals for class No (nape the
class) for the navy yard at (name the yard,), will be
received at this office until noon on the second Hay of
August next, for furnishing and deUveriaglat th
several navy-yards named, the materials and articles
embraced in printed schedules, which "will be fur
nished on application, and sent by mail, if sofequesu
ed, to persons desiring to offer to contract forany cir
all the classes named therein, by the commandants of
the several navy yards, for the clashes for th yards
under their command, or by the nary ageotL-jnearest-thereto,
or by the bureau for any or all the fJds.
io prevent contusion ana mistaKes in aertng me
offers, no bid will be received which eaotafV tiaescs
InP mtftA than afia S-a n n n n i iTl mil, i" .i'
tsiaaers are hereby cautioned an4 part icularlv
tified that their offers-must be in the form herein?'
ter prescribed, and be mailed in time to reach their
destination before the time expires for receiving tbera;
no bid will be considered which shall be received af
ter the period stated, aud no allowance will be made
for failures of the mail
To guard against offers being opened before the
time appointed, bidders ar requested to endorse on
the envelope above the address, ''Proposals for class
Proposals for class
No (name the class) for the Navy-yard at (name the
To the Chief of the Bureau of Yards nnd Pocks,
Washington, D. C.
Form of Offer
(Here date the offer.)
I, (here insert the name or names composing the
fiim,) of (name the town.) in the State of (name the
Stte,) hereby otftr to furnish under your advertise
ment dated (date of advertisement,) aud subject to all
the requirements of the same, and of the printed sched
ule to which it refers, all the articles embraced in
class No (name the class) for the Bavy.yard at (name
the yard,) according to said schedule, viz: (here paste
on the printed class from the schedule, and opposite
each article set the price and carry out the amount in
the columns for dollars and cents, and foot up the ag
gregate amount of the bid for the class) amounting to
(here write the amonnt in words.)
I propose as my agent (here name the agent, if one
is required by the schedule) for the supply under the
classes miscellaneous, by a non-re3ident of the place
of delivery and should my offer be accepted. I request
the contract may be prepared and sent to the navy
agent at (name the agency) for signatures and certi
ficates. (Here the bidder and each member of the firm to sign.)
Form of Guarantee.
The undersigned (name of guarantor) of (name the
town) and State of (nme the State) aud (name of
second guarantors, &e,) hereby undertake that the
above named (name the bidder or bidders) will, if his
or their offer as above be accepted enter into coutract
with the United States within fifteen days, after the
date 'of notice through the post office, of the accept
ance of his or their offers before mentioned.
Witness: (Signature of guarantors.)
I certify that the above named (here name the guar
antors) are known to me to be good and respoasible
guarantors in this case.
To be signed by the district judge, district attor
ney, navy agent, or some person known to the Bureau
to be responsible.
Class No 1, Bricks; class No 2, Granite, cTssNo. S,
Yellow pine timber: class No 4, Yellow pine lumber;
class No 6, White pine and spruce timber and lumber :
(white pine seasoned); class No 7, Lime and hair; clas- '
No 8. Cement; class No 9, sand; cla-s No 10. slate;
class No 11, iron and nails; class No 12, steel; class j
No 13, augers; class No 14; files; class No 15, paints, '
oil and glass; class o 16, ship chandlery; class No j
lti Sperm oil; class No 17, hardware; class No 18, sta- :
tiouery; class No 20, hay; class No 21, provender; !
class No 22 charcoal; class iN j 24, copper and compo
sition nails; class No 25, Iron castings.
Class No I. Bricks; class No 2, stone; class So 4,
yellow pine lumber, class So 5, oak and hard wood;
class No 6, white piae, spruce and juniper timber and
lumber; class So 7, lime and h,nr; class No 8, cement;
class No 9, gravel and saud; class So 10, slate; class
No 11, iron, iron spikes and nails; class No 12. steel;
class So 14, files: class No 15. paints, oil and glass;
class No Ifi, ship chandlery; class No 16J, sperm oil;
class So 17, hardware; class No 18 stationery; class So
20, hav and straw; class No 21, provender; class No
22, oharcoal; class No 23- packing; class So 25, iron
castings; class So 2", augers.
Class So 1, bricks; class So 2, stone; cKss So 3,
yellow pine timbers; class So 5. oak and hard wood
timber; class No 6, white piue, spruce, and juniper;
class No 7, lime and hair; class No 8, cement; class
So 9, gravel and sand; class No 10, slate; elass So 11,
iron, iron spikes, and nails; class No 12, steel, class
No 13, pig iron; class No 14, files, class So 15, paints,
oil and glass; class No Hi, ship Chandlery; class So
16i, sperm oil; class No 17, Hardware; class So 18.
stationery ;class So 20, Hay aud straw; class So 21,
provender; class So 22, charcoal; class So 23, belting,
packing and hose; class No 24, copper; class So 25,
iron-works and castings; class So 2ti, machinery and
tools; class No 27, augers.
Class So 1, Bricks; class So 2, stone; class No 3,
Yellow-pine timber; class No 4 yellow pine lumber;
class So 5, white oak and hard wood; class So 6, white
pine timber; class No 7, lime; class No 8 cement; class
Ho 9. travel na sana; class io 10, slate; class No 1 1,
iron, iron nails, and spiies; class So ' ?. iteel; class So
14, files;.class No 15. paints, oilv and &-iass; class So 16,
ship chandlery; class No loj, sperm Oil"; class So 17,
hardware; class So 18 stationery; class No 19. fire
wood; class So 20, hay and straw; class No 21, proven
dar; class So 22, charcoal; class So 23, belting, pack
ing and hose; class No 37, augers; class No 28, Iron
Class No i, clothing'; class no 2, hats, boots, and
shoes; class no 3, provisions; class no 4, groceries;
class no 5. dry goods; class no 6, bread, fcc; class no
7, tobacco; class no 8, miscellaneous; class no 9 hard
ware: class no 11, paints, oils. &c; class no 14, lumber;
class no 15, provender; class no 16, firewood
Class no 1. bricks; class no 2, stone; class no 3, yel-
! low pine timber; class no 4, yellow pine lumber; class
no 4, oak, hard wood, timber and lumber; class no 6j
' white pine, spruce, juniper, aud cypress; class no 7,
' lime and hair; class no V, cement; class no 9, gravel
j and sand; class no ll. Iron, iron nails, and spikes,-
class ho 12, steel; class no 13; pig iron; class no 14,
; files; class no 15, paints, oils, &c.; class no 16, ship
; chandlery; class no 16J. sperm oil; class no 17, hard
i ware; class no 18, stationary; Class no 19, firewood;
' Class no 20, hay and straw; class no 21, provender;
ciass no 22, charcoal; class uo 23, bolting, packing, and
Class no 1. bricks; class no 2, stone; class no 3, yel
low pine timber; class no 4, yellow pine lumber; class
no 6, white pine timber and lumber; class no 7, lime;
class no 9. saud; class no II, iron, iron nails, fcc; class
no 12, steel; class no 14, Hies; class no lo, paints, oil
and glass; class no 16, ship chandlery; class no 164'
sperm oil; class no 17, hardware; class no 18, station-,
ery; class no 19, augers and centre bits; class no 20,
hay and straw; class no 21. provender; class no 22,
charcoal; class no 25, pig iron; class no 26, iroa-roof,
Class no 1, bricks; class no 2, granite; class no 3,
yellow pine timber; class no 4, yellow pine lumber;
class no 5, hard wood, timber and lumber; class no 6,
White pine, juniper, cedar, and cypress lumber and
timber, class no 4, lime; ciass no s, comem; class no
9. clay and Band; class no 10, slate; class no 11 ' iron,
j iron nails, and spikes; class no 12, steel; class no 14,
I files, class uo 15, paints, oils and glass; class no IS,
ship chandlery; class no 16 sperm oil; cuts no 17, hard,
warejclasa no 18, stationery; class no 10, firewood,
claw no 20, hay; class no 21, provender, class o 22,
charcoal; class uo 23. belting, packing, hose,4c.:clas
no 2a, iron eastings; class no 26, augers.
The schedule will state the times within which arti
cles will be required to be delivered; and, where the
printed schedule is not used, the periods stated in if
.or unliveries most De copied in the bids. All the ar- i
tides which may be contracted for must be delivered
at such place Of places, iaclndititr
to the place where used within the navy yards, respect
uv nicie win oe received after the ttninits,n
. i i : ii . . - " v-
period specified in the schedules for the completion of
ut...v.., uuion jrevsauj souiorized by the depart
ment; and that no authority is vested in any other
parties than those named in the contract, to modify
r change the contract .either as to extension of time or
0 to quality or Quantities of materinta .
lJt ia to be provided in the contract, and , tof be -dis-
nurober of articles en ny meraTdfntiflftiiPiP'iVBttSa'
"Mlscellan( ous," are specified as the probable quanti-
iy wuicn may De requirea, as well as to fix date for
determi am g the lowest bid; but the chatractor is to
furnish more or less of the said enumerated articles
and in such quantities, and at such times, as the bureau
or commandant may require; such increase, however
not to exceed one third of the quantities stated rand'
' :-t-VJT " r .J "U,L""1 u "y 'pe oureau, and re-
I ? P.TC f. deemed
i " "cvt.i enuine 30rn
June, !8.-a;and whether the quantities required be
more or less than those specified, the prices shall re
main the same.
All the articles under the contract must lie of the
best quality, delivered in good order, free of all and
every charge or expenses to the government, and sub
ject to the inspection, count, weight, or mensurcnieut
of the said navy-yard, aud be in all respects satisfac
tory to the commandant thereof. Bidders are refer
red to the yard for plaus, specifications, or samples,
and any further description of the articles. Contrac
tors for classes headed '.Miscellaneous, who do not
reside nar the place where the articles are to be de
livered, will be retuired, to name in their proposals an
agent at the city or principal place near the yard of
delivery, who may be called upon to deliver articles
without delay when they shall be requtred.
Approved jmreties in the full amount of the con
tract will be required, and twenty per centum as ad
ditional security deducted from each payment until
the contract shall have been completed or cancelled,
unless otherwise authorized by the department. On
classes headed "Miscellaneous." to be doliv red as re
quired during the fiscal year, the twenty per centum
retained may, at the discretion of the commandant, be
paid quarterly, on the first of January, April, July,
and October, when the deliveries have been satisfacto
ry, and the balance (eighty per cent) will be paid by
the respective navy agents within thirty days after
the presantation of bills, in triplicate, duly vouched
and approved.
No part of the per centum reserved is to be paid
until all the rejected articles offered under the contract
all have been removed from the yard, unless spe
cially authorized by the department.
j it win oe stipulated in the contract, that if default
snau oe maue oy ine partie-- of the first part iu deliv
ering all or any of the articles mentioned in any class
bid for, of the quality and at the times and places
above provided, then and in that case the said parties
will forfeit and pay to the United States a sum of
money not to exceed twice the amount of such clas;
which may be recovered from time to time according
to tbe act of Congress in that case provided, approved
Morch 3, 1843.
TUe sureties must sign the contract, and their re
sponsibility be certified to by a navy agent, collector.
It is to be provided in the eontract that the bureau
shall have the power of annulling the contract, with
out loss or damage to the government, in case Con
gress shall not have made sufficient appropriations for
the articles named, or for the completion of works
estimated for, and on which this advertisement is
based, and shall also have the power to increase or
diminish the quantities named in the classes not head
ed "Miscellaneous" in the schedule, twenty-five per
Persons whose offer shall be accepted Will be notifi
fied by letter through the post office, which notiee shall
be considered sufficient; and if they do not enter into
contrrct for the supplies specified within fifteen days
from the date of notice trout the bureau of the accept
ance of thor bid, a contract will be made with some
other person or persons, and the guarrantors of such
defaulting bidder will be held responsible for all de
linquences. Ail offers not made in strict Conformity with this
advertisement will, at the option of the bureau, be re-
Those only whose offers may be accepted will be no
tified, and contracts will be ready, for execution as
soon thereafter as may be practicable.
JuJy 10, T 858 4t
1 T Able Negro Men wanted by the Subscribers
U J to work on the Fayetteville and Western
Rail Road Sections 10 1 1 & 18 miles from Fayetteville
of whom the highest price will be paid by calling on
the Subscribers on the work.
March 27 94 tf
The dwelling House and Lot on Hay Mount, near
the Donaldson Academy joining W J Yates and others
lately occupied by Hector McMillan Esq., with a well
of good water & Garden in front. It will be sold a
bargain or rented to good tenant on reasonable terms
apply to J AS. MARTINIS.
Also the two Sory Ware House on Church St. near
Presbyterian Church.
April 24, 98-tf
The Trustees of the "DONALDSON ACADE
MY" desire to lease the buildings on llaymount
near Fayetteville, which have been used during
the last year by Messrs Cairus and Robinson, iu
conducting their School. The Academy is situated
conveniently, and the patronago of the school is
ample and liberal. Any gentleman who desires
to take the situation may address at i? ayeiteviue
untill the 1st of September.
W. B. WltlGli 1, resident
of the Bourd of Directors.
July 17, 1858. 4t
The Materials of the North Carolina Argus
Printing Office. The establishment consists o
two first rate Washington Presses, one fcr news
paper and job type. The newspaper type are but
very little worn and. the largest portion of job type
are new It is unnecesary to enumerate, the se
lections were made by persons of much typograph
ical experience and taste and are as complete as
any in the State.
Any person wishing to purchase can get a bar
gain by an early Application to
Fayetteville, June, 12th 1859. tf.
JL and th Widows of Soldiers who died
N Service in tho war ot 1812, can have their
pensions continued by calling on the undersigned, j
Congress having made additional provision for
them. - j
Give me the management of yonr claims, and
the money shall come at once, or ao charge.
Agt. for Pensions.
Fayetteville, Jttne 19, 185o. , tf
; fayetteville; N. c.
-'"- ' -nf i Han's Beat Is aMllMr J?atoPoka.
" The sobsUuce which -nourishes ooa animal af
fords no iionrislimeut for. another, nor will
any table of -"'ntutritilre , eon Talents? however
iiuuc vi cuius aeiecuve reiauon uecweeu ii ana
the orguuinm.- That one man's meat is another
roan's,, pois is . a . proverb of . strict. verasftyiv
There.arjt cr8oits, e4en ia iSufope; to whom a
motion' chop would " noisoo. C 2he . celebrate!
case of.Abbe de -Viltedieu ;s U! ; rarlt" not
treaties oi nis parents nor the meiuc
tutors could induce inm to overcome t
reaching the age of thirty, on a regimen of
etable food, he was over-persuaded, and tried
the affect of meat sonps, which led to his eating
both mutton and beef ; but the change was fatal
plethora and sleepiness intervened, and he died
of celebral inflammation.
In 1843 a French soldier was obliged to qnit
the service because lie could not over-come his
violent repugnance and disgust towards animal
food. Dr. Proat, whose testimony will bo
more convincing to English readers, knew a
person on whom mutton acted as a poison; "lie
could not eat mntton in any form. The pecu
liarity was supposed to be owing to caprico
but the mutton was repeatedly disguised ani
given him unknown; but uniformly with the
sarre result of producing violeut vomiting and
diarrhoea. And from the severity of the effects,
which were iu fact those of a virulent poison,
there can be little doubt that if the use of
mutton hud bed persisted in, it would have
soon destroyed the life . of the individual. ' Dr.
Pereira, who quotes this passage, adds:
know of a gentleman who has repeatedly hd
an attack of indigestion after the dse of roasfe
mntton. Some persons, it Is known cannot
take coffee without vomitii-g; others are thrown
into a general inflammation if they eat cherries
or goosberries. Hahn relates himself that sev
en or eight strawberries would produce convul
sions in him.
Tissot says he could never swalh w sucrar
without vomiting. Ala iy persons arc unublo
to eat eggs; and cakes or puddings, having
eggs in their cot-position, produce serious dis
turbances in such persons; if they ure induced
to eat them under false useurantes of no oggrt
having been employed, they are soon undeceived
by the unnnstakeable effects Unt'er Its stri
king forms, this different human beings, is fa
miliar to us all; we see our friends freely indul
ging with benefit instead of harm, in all kinds
oflood which experience too painfully assures
the attention of P rents and
us, we can eat wiin oniy cfruiu '"j";-
sVould seriously be given, that by it they maf
learn to avoid the pettle tyranny and folly of
insisting on children eating food for which they
have a manifest repugnance.
It is too common to treat child's repugnance
as mere caprice, to condemn it as siuu anu
noncence," when he refuses to eat fat or eggs,
certain vegifables, and '"wholesome pnnuing.
Now even caprice in such matters should not
be altogether slighted especially when it takes
the form of a refusal; because this caprice is
probably nothing less than the expression of a
particular and temporary state ol Ins orgauisin
which we should do wrong to disregard. And
whenever a refusal is constant, it indicates a
positive unfitnes for the food. Only a gross
ignorance of physiology n ignorance tmnnp
pily too widely spread can argue that because
a certain article is wnoiesome io many. ii. must
necessarily be wholesome to all. Each individ
ual organism is specifically different from any
Maxima to Guide a Youiig Man.
Keep gocd company or none.
Never be idle. If your hands cannot bo
usefully employed, attend to the cultivation of
your mind.
Always speak the truth.
Make few promises.
Live Dp to your engagements.
Have no very intimate friends.
Keep your own secrets, if you have ay.
When you speak to a person, look him in
the face.
Good company nnd good conversation are
the very sinews of virture.
Good character is above all things elrfp.
Never listen to loose or idle conversation.
You hod better be poisonod io your blood
than in yonr principles.
Your character connot be essentially injured
except by your own acts.
If any one speaks evil of yon, let yonr life be
so virtuous that none will believe him.
Always speak and act as in the presence of
Drink no intoxicating liquor.
Ever live, misfortune excepted, within your
When you retire to bed, thiuk over what
you have done daring the day.
Keter speak lightly of religion.
Make no haste to ba rich, if yoa would
Small and steady gains give competency
with tranquility of mind.
Never play any kind of game.
Avoid the temptation through fear that yoa
may not withstand it.
Earn your money before you spend it.
Never run in debt, unless you see a way to
tret-out ncrain.
Never borrow if you can possibly avoid it.
Keep yourself innocent, if you would be
happy. .
Save while you are young, to spend
yon are old. , m
Never think that what you do for religion is
time or money misspent.
Always go to church when yoa cm.
Read some portion of the Bible every
daOften think of death, your accountability
to uod.
Read over
the above maxims at least
once a week.
A man has a right to scold his wife about bis
coffee when ba has sufficient grounds. ,
- -AW -.YJ" A
- -f.

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