North Carolina Newspapers

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From the N- Y. Post.
I - j cross.
.ur w A.R IN - The Cresern; .
aWtf A. TT-' - from China " ; 1 e detai8 of the 7- n .
.rUd the r.e- -:- iVt, of eolh.
,;ersare in-r-of the races in the Tusn.
re are cuouiv.
lisions between the two
From the N. C Pl'
The Eartn w
It 1. weU to .f,; H
8ible familiar with Juity in the soil,
work out the pro em of
and it is wise to learn the iygmfic.t
"elf-conceUed wisdom, opne gap-
nosea in - .r, " the moist earv
L.., his length on tne ' -wfood for
suci.""" - 1. . nse tiimu
mnrnins. is of much else nse f bait for
the early bird or ch.cjeu - , fee foDnd hy
the truant boy's fish hook f V
o-hn will take the p' 1 iborerT
' ,.f collisions uem
counts 01 . . k;v, nnmrrme
The uw" - s. iU(ial 01 icwi : .. . r,i..u;ah rtominio, " "
er V Hied powers ore . - b of the races in me lu.. Afferent quarters,
of the alliea p rossed the u .... ,!, 8 multaneousiy nf ,ter-
pSSo and the mouth have kto P ft the. fat a'ical Mohar
:.i,nn6 iuiw . . nr.orn Alliance. 1 milium" .. , 1 ,,, wiok wilh nn
form us - nQWers oftlie w -. mp(lans of the ohi scuou. fl c
w 1 1 ItOHIIC Vv r ... .,mt R 1 ft L 11 o . 1 - 4 , A iniTt'liailltL "
L7.Tm.d and foolwn fniw.--- wUh a aIld jealousy npou-v ..... .
Efforts and g -on mro.000 of hu- Christian power ,; - n ,
wui - - mnire ui , ,
order o induce that vas,
i Se ill begin on -. YoBK.A.f- -Ter; t0, dV
eclpse of Septevnu- Treenwich time) , ' e semblage ,01 dnCted by Lonfrom Aspu-- had 6aUed from
-h ilh. '.k nd lonscitnue ceremonies uu. ... t in ruii
mewiwif T 4norn. - .!". -Z ., who were
of the 1th- in tral eclipse at r te Ma80mc ": -
4, 4 w?'v c south ana
.min latitude 5, 46 s nftt 3h 68m P-
T1e " th lor.eitud-
"of forts and gnoais 000 of hu. Chriftia po.. ; "tl placed In a delicate
r U1. omnire 01 ouu,""". i. I his ministers are i y nntKimure
ftpnlv to bkj"." - . ote tor mei'" " , ,,, Mediterranea" -
d.e. y...,,; acqmre a tasie the Uf Asia and the Meu,tciU ot. nf the Sultan
nal want; ana op?" "t- V t,loeP circumstances m Wa,
dize u.7 laa t0 people -C .. ,b,ilv more unsteady, am. . '
interior 01 vne- V'T, tn people wim.n u"- - involved in iresu H"-
1 Kn w uu i t . j i i ' 1 11 1 it v hccm-j ---- .r 1., itn r-nn-
r ladies and g"";i ' ln waU arrivea ner: , -
The ecTbse IT m. C v 7 te . ,arge -0.0.- - condnCtea "v :Zf the West had sawe - ,
the earth ft 4 north and .onguu en The ceremo. - t u. -fee third with fi.o.
of the 1th;u. a.-;- eclipse at y...-- - the Masonic r -Hornet9 jve . rfornis datea to tne . -wVat
force; as we- - &- ....-- au River exc.teme... "
iJK-f- OHte, led in ww . Wortv vessels .e.
Alexander . --R foWi"
as tr. o. " j.ositedi'-,r.u. had been , Tnen at
itrat line of J. stJone a iist of th .office ;n officeTB ;ne Tree Dnft The To ts
ne, Tto the Governor for a.",
.pplyed to the" mlV.tary when
ca led cm -" .mnnt in'
hiuc "i f ;. LiOaSe "'" r " t the tOiua J Th l0er,,v" ' j ifaVins x 1
,e Sun of sa'd ou PreBident off ,,,, VVesten , Tle";.ftnts decamped, leav g
nere ik -- to ravia, iu .-f -- -j.lof loai . ,v n WhlK a"11 .. line ... j,,m
a nnth. and near to ray miies wide . d copie8 ot - - v b. lf .nbscriber8 to .on. wlon among the dern
ITii h- totally obscureu - -t wlU i-K . a liat of the nau.- amount3 1 , a 8trong 0ge8gion of
"a A rinsr 59 seconu T; 60Ulh, alld v-- company. of the , - f
" ..rilipnl I" .. .i .IB "'- " ,
leave tne - -n Brazll, tne
c.i .if.liltnral i"ul C1
that he is ,!,u helin. those most
workins early anu ... - , w0 does
who help metu..- ' laUj. You rureiy n-
not UVteio work 'jSg-Pni Pt the
mm these -W!te3 ,IC'V Wift4 them.
Towork them up , j the
Walk over a rlcafofV-forttions that
,orins,ad thoX- thf-earth ?t.ronh
they hve mida openin a(iJ br,
mauy ihe9.,e,U",S '"tU-ohly worked im
up from below a tl.o.o. J Qn the
Enable earth, and placu.' . says:
Surface. A nUvih is a
"The burrowing ol etrvii asrTicul-
exceediuy useful to tue re nseflll to
turist; and these "X , b.jurious by
man in this way. g" " y (T;ve a kind of
jtrnvinff vesetables. - j, - - the same
r tillage , to th. agatfc for the
below gron;lltha;h,Lh C arable land, looaen
garden. and the P Sj J u permeable to a.r
tr the earth so as rend r
. .vn l water. It ha? l-uciy n0ver.nat bn'"
- wi'levenadlto, ea,y;;;i,
mnch' rather -lt illk ofrB,n,pathy and no
.u .,vi no common m '., , with
u.rj , .0nSof ntercouimu.i.v-"-- -
concciva. . jr- arp t their ways, aim
n whose wnj-"" , .U,, n,iah to Uio-
'":k nesisrn tooBe.iQ o.
would every hour be -d
the most element-j f . . prejudices,
i tlp most ousuii"'- -
breeding, the mo their ecepts.
and the nobw Quixotism is to be
kL -omes daily more uusteaa - ..pation8
ofVfSrrofy 10th con-
1110 , r nea in Candia. to the otn,
tain news from aea. haQ the distressing
which is later DJ k " p7evion8ly received. In
accounts from that c ty p population, as
ll navts of the is'd 'he wr t v
oou as informed of the or four
e 11 ,a Democrat; a list 01 u.e amomns , ,hete iB tbe po8Ression o.
0Ulh81,d ihestockofthe company,' 'tn inBB of 1 ocrats of Californ.a tne V 1( be-
wiH ,e ifiriUd ; eopy of the P. by-iaws ; -tlBg convent-o" The
?--rAVd7e obscuration contnme 11. - o a Copy of the the Ad-",
17 miles lul' .v,0 will cuii8C4---...j . .prion 01 . f tne , , ortv n"u"
' . ...,nmpr Ul'"
lwccu Broderlc. , . . . n.
and election of tne uaS party y 0:Blatnre hns i i'"- 7
from iuruH'r - n . h. the e.j ; out ot P'"'
thus the varm- waS
ttifirp. win 1
a etpnmeis ... .kumii
seconds " ind during whicn to nroceedings 01 d
h V" l0Sr olored . pvotuberance, and Pruh of officers ecjed-
the reroa."-, oDiena than tnoae
other phycal Pome doublfui whether anj
h r)efrom.Euroccupya;T;rth
, And tim Sa"" ot Engrvn taxpayers
played off .?f
: - Tztr.s.n x ici"i,v . " .- -
,.ic r-S cmolo eterpr. of Uflecl iUwan Ptal
i.t wiurn nt3 , -1, II iiaua. 1 . - . i.-.wttai. r iu --
l 1 14 u " . , n . , ; .-. nun LUC '
- I tan--t o
1. I-.1F
Now, on behau 01 " - demur to
iehalf of outraged good ba that
tUiswe forb d these o for chin,erical
would entangle ns m a to. ij overnment is
t tn niiti r . i
h"? r It was absurd enough to
bouna iu rHSin"lY wanieu c.o.
send ships aiid s,am n Pr. 7 . orde
where, acn nlo and nrropm .
ponisl. the contumacy of l,.nto
of Yeh. Wei . but Yeh s pi (n
is taken, a lanar -..." ff of Bowrmg
;.- f the Lorcha. under sneran
P. ?! Parkes; and what hascouie that
h of soil ; covering obstinate mu.utu - - dog-
. . : 1 n 1 :i Y i ji I ' , .v. t htv ltl c u--t-- 7 - sis L
..r t ri r TS Willi . .-.orl Willi iv.J
mi , . no ii tunv " - . l .
.,m,;'i "V marl, or cinders.
isan 1 - - them It
revolutionist.. threate...K tuu - six of
they d.d not uibpe "-, -- f g mi, pacha,
the ringleaders. 1 .' Jrtare from Con
vw Governor, whose depariu
1110 v. - , - annouucei. vj 1
stautinople on the J" ' h great. impa-
rr.e fO(, ade i brfng sclent
tierce. It is loped tl.a t l.e J inUrrctioe
reinforcements to prevent any J. of
The Augabury i?ztle,;1 Ci,ristia..a f the
the treatment to t he . - istria
! Turkish province of os it, , -T-.l The
have been :stia and Tt
1 r-
t ri' ill. v , iti p: uuv 1 1 iitiM -
ill nrooauij . , .v.. wnew "nnnfessfn
' 1 A publication from that the people were opp; ofjhat
l. rn m tVUYIt' i 1 J V. xu I- I IU w"- w it n
.1 , It woum j t ,i,,8 time.
'lieve that h occaslons a. d at tl w .fi ,g
isuredly go so5 exception, we consider. d Mr deUvered.
t of the this e- f nnr0nriate and : tt:ne.
tlally to be -are now busily eng-B - r g fo-
r.Ar..inn Ol tlie '""r1" 1 . .'I iiii'.1 u , '1 'f". .ywrti1 Tlatti-i iw
regreuea. F" - - o. at the nortuwaru -r f the naeri - t f the
o 1 I i t n . . nr r. n in
r.OKD PESfATCHj . A-.-ccv.
upon a PV? orP ttlle'fl.
i - .An Tn ans were '
and too .
ai of the Niagara-
TPKfc xt M.-The
tt i-r , .v:- oftnrnOOD
' the i Btea'nsWpW. V" I-jw 31.
ix i.nmnn uaics " - . i? n
Unuer - tlie fncnasui Parliament waBrv'u'J "
Under the belief that an - -hou i P-s,dfnt o. commence-.--.
,o from England t ie fer 8tMlding an .
! T - ...; mnv expect "L'"'? n
w- i ... .4 t hp nm.i.u..'" . i i iiui 1 1 ii i it' . r i i r ' t ikL' -
SoSySe " . 1
Pl ompt'y. " tn the. rainless region of Pe. u being TVfi Sumner writes "lwitJ. He came in last bnt .one.
1 states iia "l .
1 Onnnt PTPT .
The Goodwood CnpwMWCy -TV
1 .TtaA" . a.
i "d'imii. r ;f rdr. .h.i; .
W 1 VI 1CU
arc in tune epirfttation.
well adapted to he s P-- eonimon,y
That t dowu
attributed by fmners to the w y dM lo
of the material wpp fr:n the
l!ie action of tho. r h woJ n
fact that m - l1Utlnru-shed
,itin., the Unitea o - ltt n.ii-
Comply of New 1. Xrprom '
fiX off-d every facility ana a.
commodate" at its command I d fay
Suitable Histranients I have De Bache
- Riinuar cav.v. ,.,,ipr jium
'ki-kish , ..... ..t Survey, ana oui""' , ,. " i
diff-lty between the u s Observatory -. have , c...
nouulations, - :.,,0 Hosnii, a m-tions ot tne equips --. tmnmnt mater
Uerzegov.i.u, .--- r- Yieunata ccomp,,Shea a!,t.""-"- iaiiy for tne
di-putatiouof ohr.t.answe t.0mpleted ; wbich
otcasi0".'4 , ; Smithsonian Insti
,rlestdn. He came m im yu peWed
Mr Editor -1 assnmes two tyM fnKHive8 were hemmed ,n - The rebel.'
..;utn sucn ait-- p . stiff, ana ei"'"" Kri.liant vicitory -
, ot.ip wcui" ' .
Fat stocN . ! na
nn lrcuij ---The
Cow Disease,
A A n 04711 I
fneiti ves were hemmeu .... -l,niiftnt
vicitory near Lncknow.
nos rai r (.nnBr l u-v r. lost &DOUK UU"
of "worm-casts
m iy
.' ,i. i.idiirnatioil 01
'r us py iru " -
; ni iiiu v . c . . v, a u n
r-s . . 1. ii f Will & "l.i rii..ira U.' Illl ilb . - . 1 . r .
gains ana go " . frnaint lasii.o.. ltil.f.Ili,l9.
- t i o t- merry vl . .. it ..over ' .1,,rtc hi me 1
teasi, u -..wwiirn DevlW "V.'V ,. In spue 01 11.5 . the Tv
jn.t as tui - or escaladed - Bciljlllaka and 12,00?
battereu .- - , . .rinetlls. " r,.u . v.mmiss oner at - t.- ,lirliei
all turopea.. '. -.,, r f:icts. iSow as p--;- ctinl!S.
quiet, solid, .tn.,born -- pun, 1 . .-
unnnssiir. i""" , .
ier-- l.S lost about
it all the syn'v' r -.. waV botii m x.w
ll" . . on ..t..rl ill tUlS aJi cinor.RI T tw have not seea -,
and Soutn ked. A po-
annua. . . folir jraif'iiir ,
Epsom salts g... - ful of grou:.u
.u:i, was added a tame .-iW.tpd a cure.
win,... . with me cu
. tins aii . .. re nia
"-!.-. milk and tnree " i KOre
1 lift fnwn it n a..rk nnriiicuv
V": , ".rxr They . m-
amrti t believe
.nlh. OniZll'"-o norl. Ol
L lhe shedding 01 - sore Floor dalU oec nneu , ;;-
nhls reil-- . i.i. .rP.rniSi nl,!lJlnliia 2U a - . .i WhRatfirm
l. . Rlich SlUt Ik r 1 1 unouv.r nail ZO. " ,
and it usually n scn my al via New Orleans 22 2 d 6s. 2d;
ai..ams i n and raurouu r- ' t nAio nm- three Year , d fflPSr, wDlLe os.
4.1. A nvnpnse miffut prove " " . ? u re,
..i nvi iluuiv... .: on t ic v - . - : 1 w
" ' 1 w m it 1 1 1.1 ui 11 .1 .- t- o ( 1. 1 1 1 ll vw . . e n ri m uru
1 a r tii LDiuiK'" , - 1 1 1 nonc uuv - c . ..:-. ni u u
he tenaeieu been turms. ea , rhe decayed aiu" ttll
ir. ,- t nirica nsuui""""" - . :iri a 1 milium. - . irun
1 1 "T..s7itntion. which also u t ; "V : ' E -nd the 8ueU
XVal fund for transportation ana 7. olds reu" . stocU
r IKIkill lllir J m , - 1 ; nllU II V 1 It
i dental expense, ivuow.u . . , aa
11 ua-i
CmvleaT.- . . . g lea
Lxvkrpoou July "-T2Sc .ilatar took 2.
uw' Sr and middling one "
one-eigntu. marfeet closea -"7-
on tne U-li
Orleans t air i mu 7, , 6 H-15. Ktoca
in port - -
American favcTaWe, he weather
was favorable tor crops. Baltimore and
Floor quu ---- n. . via the JNortu
si attack. i 4. Rbathern rea a-T." Amminul:
liberality wtueu uau - . , fearing .tseu iu " "v. .11, bad sore raonius - tjm qu'""- , q,i Corn dun a
:7l.ZL nd railroad companies, and year olds .n milk had so and hite 6s. 9d a Is 3d. i-orn cular
teered to assume the euui ; " einent. solution . - reCovered i
n th United- ale, r - rj oasiir sw;
...l,,",". . , !, iipeeSSllV 101 tiff
lliai. 1 nok -.t .lime n" " "
On the 26th 21th am - h, th -j
tack was made on u.....; Bosnaf alld 0,ie. tbe United- S at trespassing
districts 01 uu-, between the mpntiolied obviate tue
hundred ant. t-ip-'J J efitl,-n were capturea. him. .,, r knowledge
the ages ottwe. of July these; ' ln the hope of - he&tf
. . .1 oiui. ai .imirj ouvi . ,1 . . At Dili. 1 i-r ui
On tne oou. - rM.evVed. houses respecting tne -
.F utftlPIICe wtio . m an , ...irr OUT .m'
:".tion (lunar caustic to tne - .
-ab, and they invanaj .y it te
four hours f t o( service 10 uvc,
ofsHver. Finding the.. Jt of .ho
I publisn iiieiu w - q gurM-
them. A-
may u"-
yellow 33 a 34 ; white 32 , . A weeU ,
says Corn has declined one shim. b
Provisions q..ic.
SS3S5 d9.6er,.986i-50,000 pound, in the B.
Of Kngiami.
in ,
England. TTalifax arc down aga
Ihe lines east of liaiuax a.
St.meat Catlbtoi-
. 11 The sieuuic." '
Boston, Aug. 11. llision iapt night .
Mohegan hlT damaged. io
i,rPo,i was consideraDiy un.. b
Mohegan was ft0th have aiTived.
tigers niju."-
T rU -The heathere yester
Thorns. Aug it- x , . t ranu-ed
' Thp tneriuui"1"
,as excessive. "JJ" t Klp.. cases.
tXroarrad. seven of which have
OI SUU I. v v.
1 T JontVl
to ' resultea tn uwv...
acid- Atlantic TeWRraph. . .
1 i o. opi.'r message to-day .
U'.iwT flooded by water. .'.mind.
sterile." , ,.ive soil. says:
L-'n,rrlt rteSCriUlUK . . .
. - fi,-ct and Printline
"It must-and this is the , ft st a a p
necessity-possess a cru... m... ou h
and this consistence ma t
the operations of ti!U e favorable to
term., this condit
e-rowth g.inre ' ..lllfl,Pu well, or
derived from gar mat a . k - caseex.
from cahrcn, to lermeuw - . - b
ruUaose1" oces of decompo.i
?."diVaceS the soil which may be very
nun van.... D , . . d r ternieniBuu..,
p.operly regarded as a kunj this
Son.tribaVba t,t condition and how it
dlV"'Tlectu maybe explained as fol
V ' In the more tenacious soils the carbonic
lows. In the mo.e J.1,n;tmn of humus,
brtSe;rtheinne,,t,ation' of bread ren-
derSf t Lt
ffion of aniinalB. fiom the eaij
fasorium, act in same . ; ,
since they - ; - roots of lilllts,
directions; as Jo moreove . aUuwg
lrrspre-d Th effect will be greatest in
Sl Those drect ions where the soil is kept for a
toni period undisturbed and in a uniform-state
longperwu " . , exlsts uder
-ce.t.!0.t"Uit r to n. clover, lucerne,
fi0.i exnjo -x - for SOffie time
gests uere. t. fine COndition pro-
nr enrtace COVCI nift, ,.
of animals from the e incons.,-
riu.n." T's . " ninlK1(U that
tent with thesugges uu shorved
these -legions ' pa- . s bop
drSrenia to nourM. a more di
rectly serviceable form of life Let ns respec
?fwUhls!rtbno :l
useless icnu"
needlessly set foot upon him.
i 31. Iai,ofParis,.stheon.;or.
rJSTSTO Ssonian Institution,
Dee" rnin. 'a. m.t him at Payta ana
ieim vjim y advantageous
confer with him JJ&tbm
i KPcnnnir ail the lacis buuBu.
T.lie vv 1; .. t - - " o
1 1 ;ifi auus 1.1. - . rQirn . . .
w""" , . o. ; the utmost i-ui" al inieuieHui
' r I. .. -VMIH 11 I 111 t . 1 1. T .-. n nU-
of young Kennedy, i ,Uat all friendly
. ' 1.;.. 1. w nublished a aay M on . . hav(
J ' ...o a rnmi
reminiscence of a distu
deceased, who obtained
life as "the boy preach-
UU3b 1
relations be-
on uus 7,.r-iS.,;aus have ceasea, u..u
tPPii Turks and Christians 11 defence
otwuis tor aw"- .
Hmt. new oraii""""' a riMPnaicii
are forming all over Ue troops under
Kemal Effend, which f Pviana, have
linjr the disturbances in llerze0
been ordered to Bosnia. .
Tl ithout
A Xewria of Vrmvg Wnlors the
J,;.-As the Tdr; tuem with
t,eacli i. objectionable in dryin r
,d i it 011, and as peeling nie - mdl
his auditor. Mr. way- his pulfit tedious process, r tb frnit, a plan
auv.B ...,. education, f these o
two ago, suggests
jruishea man
notoriety in
er . . -.!., Methodist
Henry B Bascom. a B.8nop . ,
Church.'and for several years beioie m
President of Transylvania - - ,e
fenced preaching in taj bd 1 books,
learning, except wh at he h-d ga.oe
unaided by l.nng J f,,, cf Henry
0-r.nd fortune to attract me iiecaine
- j . , Vi-m mere j
Clay, whoporhpsp.onimence fop
manor. f f a time his pu p.
and then Uf the sweetest and best 01 wtions
efforts, obtain . ""ed bis sincerity. vhich will obviate both ot ...
1' iSoiTrfs endship. the , d give us theed fru t s.o .
iiui- "'.j j - . . t, these uoit.v. j niirt in Iilti ' " , accPD-
iecessliry - ' coffer.
aOQweiu ww
The Knoxville Citizen pnMl.he. thw-
in-list of counterfiet bant Dins
banks: f ertth Carolina
vli'erVe -d DV-r
b. .fv in right end en
centre o. -v--f President
o-ravmg wen uuc
and Cashier poorly exeruwu.
P--Ra..k of Augusta, ua.
- o'n 'tzsz ?rpe,:
S of Te,l d.'6g.r .bove ,.,,d e ,v
signatures engravea u....
Tj..t rr Oeorsretown. S. C L.arge
rives """" ,owe,. wimrs
v- in. cen.S'tr 1 ";d. On right
si uiM'l,r, "
int. . nntmu unbap-
r 7here is reason rntnev ; ; o
pUy too f-d y red on that vine.
cheecK any - f their graeeiu.
who dreaa me s expalld,g into
nut. ne in r--i -.. . i,heral
. . r.t. so dreaaiui an ;
t:ll. Ul " ' " " . . m V lie BCCUIU-
p .lions of Tlneprj oo. ' , ;. of
?" ,7of .el? "Sc., All k-P
nean... -- lhe-ir d,KCative pu'-
themth.n w m j ah,mid be a warning:
Portal gives .n easy circum-
-A tew year-8.- fh. sbe Was very
stances, enjoyed good 1 eaUh,d
plump. " Bvr;8 i a polished ivory grouna
blooming w.throes 0,, 1
work. o " ,1P. mother was very
with suspiciu... u ilke her.
fat and she was , o. a(J.
AnrdinsrlV she consu.te.. - - r
Vu A rlrink a g aSS Ol '""b"- - - -
vised her to dr.nK . . B a,.d h r
The yon"? She was delighted with
plnn.pne u.- h 1egan tP expe..-
the experiment but sue s fe glow feyer
ence the ev, effect A Jf JthI . her body
came on wuu - &w swelliug ot tier
L of Victoria at Berlin.
Paxace Royal Berlin, I
August 11, 1853. J
le from winsdor Castle last - d FkDE.
is suffering much , w, th tcthhe. a
atT.Bowl B Saloon. Albert
nal absence at tne Bowl g mail hm lUe
sends his love, ai.a aes re J ,A insdor
nnrAss resrularly nereanei w
Castle. Victoria.
Forever yours,
, i:ir mw visit to Cherbourg.
I a-sure you.
ct..i.nniir on suiciu .... j
and give us the dried tru d1 Reside etum end ,emale holding spear in her "S
in fact even better, is a desm end leftWell exe cuted for counterfeit,
cessary means to accou.H. - 1 , " of -bicb would De vc. j r of tUe 0W plate, large v
Rnoin r'eineu . 1 ""i -, t iA haDlt o1 t - v , ...r,-
ite,,r Tra.isvlvania Univers.ij, all wnoai. ... fo table
graduate " V raB a circuit preach- , r .ellent apd esiram. ,
ami - a ladv meim i i10 iena , nvr
. 1 I nrD V lv I t-.J.., Inn-k H. 11 , IZ. . . c; CO'.UPII 111! l a VJ-. "
er- ... :..infrS through tins 1 , - , - .mnllicatett it w Vignette, numa.. uBu. rt.rit
On one of Mr. 1 ; ; . ve Qf Bascom j tt out anu ; H. Make . a toiVau ,ooking lhe ocean, fchip nu-u..- .;
r- . ... Urt u;ac Til A II lCU ' j 1 : 1 I hPVP tlirnv j . , 1 U,-.ihnff Till trill I - 1 .4 Sit a(irire UUU
for what he had done . - .7 ,itt,e f ever
his earnest uj""-, -
" . - . ..,. tie has don
' " 1 r
the expei. . v. i1 s ow iee. TT r .'l he nnmoer ui
ence the ul ofbathing; her body ACTSpfgn1s three thousandand six-
terminated ner
Wr of women. The average age a
.rminated her me. , nine for ,-, io tWrtv-livo years. une.qunrwi v
"K ruddy and let them "V reach the age of seven; one nan
lT: "bnarein the habit 01 y... t,, lower left hand corner portrait o. fu, slininess anu VaV destructive to ' 0rft of seventeen. Of every one
... mi "w . f -i .nv tuii r ccuiiiv . 1 . 1 v nn ii'ir li-. ,i 111 nri tv ,
flsirable iruit . . . rht end DSr,,re nve in " " avoid vinegu.
a rv friend of the writer has touno , ;sercnant8 Tfiank of Newbem j lieaU,
A &dy mm. cated it to him. and he 1Uman figures seated on a rock, over-
and commumcatt tollable ,v ,.. Ship in distance portrait
But to
and God has done a vast .tea, u,
Mr. Clay he did owe the opportunity
V?"r"r S America, and Mr.
he hU oui- ic "f r . . ... til-it he
V, ",. r... ovurr-Ksed opinion was, that
v,iay s , , . heard."
was the oesi oraim
Albany Journal
tToca innT LIES. "
. 1 -aoraori - the befit cured
view or the misery """ f Tl. vear. it be
for horses ai una
itout andcom-u.. ;- & tolvMe
will here de. he., by boUing them ou rigbt e..dSt. C
strong lye with wooo . being b led irft hand i.onier
in water; b ttwg it stanu bot. 1
o.:-w nntil the ashes seib: i1.irM. I
Bumcii.-j . , 1 ben P"" '
torn when pour pft the .ye but not
peaches to be dried 1 th ia, a arm ,
hotenon-hto .cook them any, a
. . T ,nn taKRliUC"!
in a while- : his process will
them in clear com.. . d u
take all tea. nectarines,with
..bftm as siuk 1.."- nfPana drv
. . - .l,am 1 lieil t".
a thin skin hl this way will be
flS usual. reacu - , be d
ess and romantic pauor, . - before tney reauu .
ZTJ other acids destructive to . of seventeen. Of ?very on
Kvmd vinejiu. -tu lanvhinc grace . , , i :. raoli tne afft? 01 d.vj
i . .1.1. u.ul either ac-p- " . (is. duhui, vu., .,lf. roaches
neaii" v.Ictnwe(i ou luc"., r. ..J nnt, nne in nve
what namre n- , tenl c hablt8 yeai, -- - There are on tne
. - mnnpr 1 trti i"" m . 1 i. i n rA rT piuiiut T - ,
practice p.-t - - dread, laae piemr .6- - - .... inhabitants.
lo avoid what they ore mode- earth one thousand ' ee nundred
nf exercise, be less indole. . as of these, thirty-three million tnr ,
.k-nnanity 01 A iottB j i.:.t.l.rfie thousand tnree """"
raw . -1 . - v. act 1 v 1 1 v . auu iuuj . . t,
much sleep 1-P rid. in the body, and thirty-three die .every ye
loanaci'Biii"1" "- ;nnffatiu naoua pie- nd eitrbt nunarea uv , ,
the consequent depos tmno Hat Band e.g thousand seyen hundred and
1 . oneretlOll . A n .j. Oaji "uu . i : nv Tmrilllte.
nisnoseu w . wouiu . 10 1 . . hnnr. ana biih
r , l - .:oL mnre ooesitj, " . eiffnty vcj , - , rl7,
haua, who --- m,osed Ol pieuvv v. - o - r. ovoru necontt. xneso
. ;l.iM ;,, feeding, composea v J . or cne for every secouu wf births.
Vfenette, F''",L Cf naoietude. "? T" aU. tW who observe
: name
per lett nana con.. y o -
one seen wen ewcu " .1 , o rj
...ire.lH Bank of Hamburg,, S. C.
vync . , , . ct nam
Viirnette. whart with scuoo..r. o-v- -
Vigneiie, . f a,e on each
eidp 01 viyrreite urn ' - t
laiirWeL Oil Uci 11 vv, M
r-ashier. name engrav-
. I 1 1 ilill.nT.Uul r
tj,.u. , . :m:tatinn of
ed. very
the test cuit-u- , Peaches arieu i " -j ; ,
v.o. as usual. tMt" , j v. o ho all the ad
e yen... . , fn be very sweet, --
hooves all who can in any manner a eviaie rf not losingany by tne &
them, or in any m."in cu - - . TPliT,2 as me r--,
,v-rr Caterpillars cn Trees.
HOW TO , .
c,.rvP.l several methods of destroy
Bav...-v- - , trees in
ing thecaterpuar-; - -. .
wUhKfinS: couorund turpentine c. I
Lr Wed to "ive you the simple and pertect
reff ctral method practiced here. Take com
lL S t oan and thin it with water, so that
t will not si ppoff the brush, and a person may a common pa... tt. .
bored through -one e do . .Ion- P n
from a pme j ,ied it
,t touches .t ver few will escape
when the nests are '""fhe worms are l.V
the first appuc ; ch ffi0re
per, it is eqnany c.u
-A'v 11 . tUa wrtrms but iie
1 . J..lHiinT ff 141 tilt "- '
them or in any manner ada to me cu..uui. -il
i'ioble animal, to take the largest possible
-ni seize evry opportunity for the spread-
r li'. benign influence. VYe tnere.or.
inR of h.s ben'g liethod of protect
lay before 'U
1 benign influence. e -,ur
readers an old method of protect-
? v. the sweetest pa., v. .
cess of Peel" S-. e u Wehave
is general , j."" -- . heBr and
eaten pastry -eaxei
p j experience.
can Bpea- " 1
my re-
. .t v.o imrse oui 01 11
"Previous to lafcinji, ' , f
revious . p decoction of
SIS. K--irs;
o nartu The - decoction is maae y
sensitive parts. ineu considerable
hoiling the leaves 111 wu. ,;".--, . p kerjt
time, and bcir.g poisonous .. ...uu.- -
carefully when not aesueu w , -
r.T, . "L v. . to. "is oenB
1 ills is oaiu .v 1 -. A I o to
j JL LnrsP-flieS. A late
c urn? una i uuveu
.... i.i rt.La 1
.pisle- injurious to
r I' v J
tlie trees S. L-
of the leaves of the -.lunt tree
ai.oV.ed to horses and otner animal ":---
sting of all Insects 1 recomnjend
for a serious aiiuoja.,
, their imniedhue trail.
,w "Did thee receive
tJUAJvr-i"-"- ,
mittancc, Nathan my sou.
, ,L ti .itt a new coat?
.1 1, .t t Liit-c " .
mymoi.ej in Mrt,inw commenda-
h' thv econuiuj - .
An. ij c , ' ,. , .t. denosit?
Vile In what Dana, um 1
Die- v.r in which.
4.1 rlo not exactly reiu--..-
. . . rtyi nnp. n il uau
Wbe I kw it -,el m6 See
lCaiist the cnn hanks are unsaie. "7 , i ,
remedies I hadSbeUer 5end for thy money immediately,
recommend 1 n Cou2hing PelL
I 1XAC w
. nlentv OI pure u" ,
1U Tens-Farmers' Bank, of N. C. Vignette free f-om aUA quietude
. with whvs raised in a limb portrait of
SLSiern Tower left corner, imitation of gen- Califorilia Lette!
urnJe-the potrait of Taylor very oaa.y ev
ented general appe- R c. 5mita-
rr.. KanE OI vjreui ii1-" " -- . .
portra.t ut -- ndthe en-
fi.rnrfl 111 (lie WUU
net - - ;tnreB of Fresiaein
and uasuici -
A. .-. a C! - A. 4 a.
L U I to. O I- V lOfnRLbC.
Ten-Bank ot
scenes on eacn sme y Riackwood.
I old Plate-engraviug
namp euxi'
tjas.c., "-- November 5th, I808. -
-0-wZ"l J Cane Fear, new plate.
Tens iiiu 1 . u china
faodloor. Some of th. co-o-
Vhia olate are newer
others. The eyes and faces of females
seen blurrea auu
California i-e6. ":-"n
A returnea""'- uintr He said
amusing story, of letter wr and
many 01 ma.-"-- -mirfaDie ta
-.. :,. nnitP. U iu""
to write a lew-er h - in crossing a
amn. a young man m . &
vii uiic v , -. ,t nprisiicu i"
Wl Vieeome lost r
muuuiaiu i a. T.imii 11-
fti an annum -
aim . Women have more
and industrious & rf
rflwer after. The number of
tnan me, ----- f -eventv five to
marriges is m pruuv.
one nuuuicu.
ove is ingen'ious in reasons or at least
inpTetexts. Somet.mes tney -e - -Every
body remember, the .ju b j
the snow, ecayui-, - .- found 5 as a reason lor g - - d
cinity 2dT4eeI eaten off. A she thought a wedding j little
the head had entirely Dee fom , the .children." Here is .a
friend of the young aP7 tnat it was btltabng equally as P"c': d Xo ber seavant
ily, was told by the other miners ttt tfBrfe." .:V.0? S a .w. talk-
5 IT "'After some JUm
iec on for want of practice n ":?Se7 no oDe"but
dertakings. he conduded o devote th had a
hS? o.e .
Aniiin nun i.iiiiii.' liu .lv .ww i . . . MAmeK i L i. n
wuv should gun. be called he?
they have on breeches?
Barney Octoolain ma am- not
coma, aim w"S"" " I ..indeedl bow cornea 1
letTtI :SheK kiotaa J Bridget, -he has
because son's head off. yoUHen Ty Boocher- been married once."

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