North Carolina Newspapers

    " ' . ' " - ' . . " tv4EPrtA-i1.p ou:'ths .rights of tiii peopi?!
. . THE HlKELOM OF TH K P II ESS I I1' - 1 .T- . , - - - -h-X
e'or a ia In .-..m v. if .laid iu advance, pet ado!,
r" t &he oal of J iftoAibs, - o
at the end of 6 nuathis, 3 00
attJediuftheyeAr, J
So subscription w.H be tA l otUT Perlod
thaa one year unless pall in advanee. - ,
tfitathe view of et;a ling tae drcuUUoa and en
lancing tbe usefulness of Me pm, tte iboprietor of
Msrs the following re narkably low . Vc .
rttr RITES. f,VK4uiiu,';'"-V".
.1 of the Caroliuiau, 1 year,
f 8 00
15 00
Itites f Adef thing t .
;i vty cents per square of 1 ti .ia . Or less, for he 6rst
,d SuYents for eh .awineut ""
Ivertisenvnt is published for ui -re than two roaths,
. hen it will be charged
For three m.iths, - -For
six months, - -For
tw :lve mo iths. - -
. ii .i t .is-m ;nts m nt have th-!
.to is nrked on th ;m, orh
t t. 11 rocnm ! 1 Cl irsl
The following valuable real e ' ". Il.e
E. C Hall d.!6'3. is 0sred lor sale and couit ol the
'Tde, rble place Wrtown as Ro.ric. "'"'
about 260 art-8 with all the improvemoiits. 1 luj
placJwillV SlJld entire or divided to suit pu
it being prolMbly one of the bjst business stands m
iv.rZmtrV.and i.". .-r i .-sirable to tho-e n.Bh. -g to
enter wie c 9 tfrtt!-
t near Olaren-
id lor business.
acant ItJts.iu Ja-ripbRllfoil. known in tuj
111. Hz, an halt 01 lot no. .
lot. on riavnionni
T Able Sstro Men wanted by tne au. '
25 1
to work O-u tll.i t-ayelteviiie
r. . Jk i i u ... from r -
itaii itoau aecnuus iu - - - ii-,.,r on I
of whom the hi 'Lest price will be paid by cat imb A
the Subscribers on the work.
No 2, CotlsistS of a Ijdt and U ick J
leutsj in Cambletdil on !Ji id-e atrc-ut
on Bridge Mid is a vt'ry I jsirable staU
MarcB 27
i tr
don Bridge
Xo 3, Is 3
nlnt. aaXos M)9,
o 4, Is a dwelling houscan.t
The dwelling House and bot on Hay
.1..... Aailemv io'mini; W J i atos And WU b
- - . . -1 1 i . . . w i tj t a we i
ely occupied by Hector mc.uiiiu.. , " - ft
jo.,.1 water Oir.len iu front. It will .
on ri:soui;
A very desira-
. . $4 00
6 0
. i i(J oo
le-ired ndni'-r of in-
. . .. 1 an
T vl ;e tn";.Y "Hi s V"
aciorli-ijlly. SieiidJ
,,,e""'-" WM. F. WlfiHTMAN & CO.
' . 1 1 .Vimc 5t
corner ot 1'iaiiKrouu uuu
blc residence for thd frhole year R ..
Vo ft I Com Mill and Steam Lnginea. d -ler.
of 10 or 15 horse power. Th i- well worth the a -tention
of tl.oe living where uer power .s not ai a.L-
able, and will be soiu at s.ea ..,.. .
For terms apntr to J. H- HAL.U.
Aii?b't 1. 185'-
or water vjr ii i.i ttfthe
barai . f tenf-d to good tenant on reaspnW.le t
Also the Wo.SWW Ware House On Church St. near
Presbyterian ChurCtt.
April 24;
' Pa i lor Caughte- s. .
. 'S'i." BY A BACHEIjOR. '
yonng ladies, ami if yiiil JiteaHe, nioth-el-8
too, just list Jh a iiiomeiit, foi 1 haven short
lltrT in Tell vni.'i .,.,.1 i.ur ,nna ui t u r ncu of 1 Ulli: luuii 11 ju no"
it i- Will fi,.l .. '..,..., 1 " ... it ...,rt. nrolougt-di Iirln ln-f t.Ut the hdtixe, . It Jou
A few davs since I en ll d upon a young lady", wish it jrnad linsbnn'd, utid wisli l"o make
t mnjr as wen say that, havinjr been i-ouSidefa "appy. a0" 1 ,,Hte 'U"eurk.
J b'jr "itnesstd" . J her beauty ad . brilliant j
I cot''rsatM'jr!i,veral evening sot'itl! purties, I ;
had resulted Uvnrostcute the aconainiaiices ' 1 m r 111 hi ii a bachelor, until I find an
ilitellipjeiit glflj with domestic acromlisli
IllCtsB,, ' y '
Is not this aeortlfridri-sense CrtncJosioii, ladies?
WhfethCr it t of not, man if the most, desira
ble young men for liUsbuutls aftt UiUs rcsolted,
and mofe ure coiDin-; to'thiiik so.
MORAtu ' ' ' ,
VrtHHtfliKl. if VriM . wish tour mother's ' life
r -j y . . f . i,
Jl I.
you a
Fire. niOKW
The Trustees of the "DOXALDSOfi,Ai'AUt
MY" desire to lease the buildings mi Haymonnt
Curious Mod of Cutting .A WifS.
One. little ACt Of MdlUtteBB will sometimes pare
i ne ioi-
Vril.f Wit affli-nKit Hiere bad not floated Vaijue- : the way to fortune -Hud jerfernient
lv attlin nit YLiit i-i rtnin nffdisiiiif rbSe Col- : lowing sketch illustfuteB tilts fact: .,
oredJJJacheloP's feVBr'-es,'' iu which fi-ured A suiluC l!oughiy sallied, ( sati.itrtiii?
throush the streets of iVuw UiieuitR) then in
iieiir Faj-PttPV.l.e, which have been used during ;ntolhe parlor I sat ditwn, at
the lust yet'r by Messrs Cuirua. and Robinsot"'' ' jnn Ittlpatienec tile Bipeara
conducting their ciiOUl. The Acudehiy Is (r.j attention was soon nrre!
,.v,n,.tlr. hlid the natnmacre of the scho.1 .S ... . ...,,i'
Vltornry atUw, p.yettevineVN.C.
lice at the corner of llow and Oreeh'streets.
reb'v 3. Ia3ti.
J. t. 'RAKS-.
ITT J n V 3 V : At 1. AW.,
.fr J'J? th3 'Ji:t'rt4 6f Cumberland, Harne
3 TohhstOn-i . .
V I lrai. too ta;'r, ttaraatt Co., X. C.
). IS. ISSfe. 85-y-
Co tf;2 :.t 'on I.
ies, j"
Crackers of
all Kinus
.. . r - -
tlv. Hlid the patronage
n n o rt"d litHi al. Any gf ntlemaii
at Law,
l n I v
l1i!l CV
f ivfirfaa'.'.".. r..
coasrtVttjfl it "lW Law Office of .Tese G. Sfcep
--s I
Fancy Af
4 tides.
and a vari
ety of arti
cles in'tha
llivrtiouut, Fay-.iteviilc, N. C
1857. 13-v
h desires
bii till thu 1st ot September.
W. B. WHlGlHTi President
f the Board of Directors,
ihly 17, i856. 4t
M The Materiuls of tlie North Cnrohna Argils
and Tl?uit
nr..llllttlbhvl V ll.u V.u.l fii Mi., '. C-V ' rather damn condition from recent fain and tiie
"Tthktsit mi.v T .-fllled ai.duei.. ushered . rise of the tide Turning the curiietr a innclccojeef
- ' . - . .. . . - .1 1 1 - l. . 1 .....wl !., II. Up I -1 1 1 Inn T
..... UiudiiUfi w.t ii ; irnn!?ii.fii uui'ir iic uwnci. j" v ..
. ... : . ;.i v. . i..nRlirii:AP nn
nearaiu-e ot uie mnyi sianun'B, r'l"'"" "'i- . . J
.1... . 4. ..n....l ... .. f .. Kulwani. Iii.r ttfin L rt. rl r.
stea UY- VOifes in tue ue" ."V r .- Ul".
fc'voVefe'iifVottWottnK vi;iie sailo, paused, for be s gfet admifef
fid Alifdel' t '
-i-and help
Hob What'
Hob 'A I -
. K,--
..i jacnu, r.s ijtuaruia
uoc'a, a.t hereby re
. i. -iu s-.uruiu Ui'S :n a greai
...w.iOVTe.1 and trauferred theii
sc.tuat our uigeui. u
is ii ei..eiiU of llie en Sorser.
" Vbh Turrit-;1' Pltirf a weak voiced "if f 011 Won
only hive assisted ine three hoUrS It day, .this
attiifk niisrht have been averted but now 'tis
too late. I know that weeks IF liot mtttsttiS of ill
ness, are hefore me. I am all liivd nilt '
"Why mother," replied a voice, almost petti
lnntlv, (I had admired i the evening previdus
I foi- its spirited yet amiable tone) "why mother
1 r.obodv doe? kitchen workflow at k-list; no
Ihodv.' Just think of Mrs SlnVtlie, or Miss
paper and job type. '1 he newspaper type are but . Qr Mrs goue assocmitinr with your
very little worn ana uie in.gvi i,... ........ v , kit then-i ' I with her din-zy hamlS v ny, me
Iltl t 12 Jiuunt: wi n
Tlie 5?tir
j- Cowity fV
nesilary hQ
P.!i,ti.,tr rlliieiii Tlie eftiibl
t wo first rate Washington Pre
-nllH'llt consists oj
ses, one fcr news-
on Gieen Slftt'.
1!). 18.MK
be found at the Office formerly occupied
by Dr. Gilliain, on Bow Street., t
June 2d, 1858. tf
Persons .n.le.ifzU :o -j
of the lioirs iii . -o.
soectfahy iul'vir.ueu, t"
majority of ins.;
notes to the :i! -Silu
...i.... 1 ... t 111 1 111' l'tMl
1,3 i" '.. ..n..r.t ! sii.'i-di'v as possible. All those I
compel iu- v..".-..- -1--- ,
indebted will therefore oUe us, a.J tliei.M
by pavhtii "P iiiiux'.bat. !y. Me mut and
J. r : , '.-.:.-1 r. .I'll ; . ' .
wiiereiiie uoue.. -
. l-ilir.i;ittt.
..w. It" IS 1 .1 1 1' I ?jI . Sill V I" I" lt.. .1' - I
lections were made by persons of much typograph
ical experience and taste anu are us complete as
anv in the State. . .
Any person wism.ig to purchase cttii get a Bar
wain ty an earlv Application to
Fayetteville, June, 12th lSjrf. tf.
Ives too.
will sue
'.;..! cii 7. 1
1 )
: in -;CM
iilcii is :i1siiril: and besides I
Well." replied the invalid voice. "1 ttou i
know what wou'd have been tliD-t-lit. of yilr
?sisliliir me about the house a few t:Hl!i's each
day but t do know ll-.nt r..l; the want of tliis
lielj. I am now ill Y S. Carrie, for the want of
yonr help I hare been obliged to overtask my
self." MissE. soon fiiattelief hjibenhfin-e, with her
winning smile, raylanrh1 siftd brilliant repartee
hut somehow, the ilha&e of licr oveftasied
ol 1312, can havti their: mother constantly came between her and my
mid the Widows of Soldiers who TUED
B J.VRJl li -H iUSE.
Vi- vi 'iscriber is now prcpAVCd to aecommo late
i us. i.-isous with board, iu addition to the uuu'.u- r
iiov iiA4. Cue guiding wuicli she occupies is
;j.iv-u.iiei.tly situated oa the Doualuson Lot, llay
iiJiit. is a I l wation for a Summer ad
Vi itjr residence. So p tins will be spared to make
j.' ijn'Jrs cOirilbrtaiilCi
- ..eijruar, . -MARTHA IIAUTMA.V.
LiViirisiburali- N. C
joiin" r. F'J'.bEt
the iilMCXC Oi -aeir iii).i:b
1 i . ..
i i-iiv v .i ii iM'
i Columbia, and
i v svpvirn m the war
1 i.eiisions continued by calling on the Undersigned
I Congress having made aduitioual- provision
Cr....... .1 :!! assOCiiltiVm t"l'
sion in Um.e.-o.i co.. oniy
t..!iii the ("ouVts rtf liUx ie
Fuller those ot'Cum'-.e. iiui.i. , .
Their Ollice iu Lumbo ton will be kept ope - at all.
times. ,
January 9. 1S5S. 83-tf
iv.t. tiie manairemont ot your
the money shall come at once, or no charge.
Agt. for Pensions,
fi'vetttville, June 19, lS5d. tt
A.. M. J .upbellj
iAst side of Gillespie street.
FitntrenLtK, C.
r. Vi ;r 1. lrt."5
y.i.iV OPP9
nv GK ). LAUDER.
tP to ft. V .V.llkiii2s: Auction Store
Favetteville, X. C.
I. 1856.
'V. II. T U 15 M V a T O N,
Oentrnl ''oin nlt-n M ercnant.
n j it it Water street,
vyill rive o'rsottl attentiot to the sale or shipment of
ll a iSii-ints of M ival Stores or other country
nl-A02, anl iiy otllr !i isi-ies emruswu ua
vill be pro n'itl r attended to
. April 18. 1857. iy
!,000 IU". Till'MV Jtnte N
For which the highest cash price will be paid,
let. t. 1851? A. M. OA MPBEIiii.
univt- V liOBEilTS. . &. CO , bavin?
leased this 'Hotel, will be pleased- to see their f
former patrons and friends, aSsdrimr them that ,
thev will use every exertion to please j
IT X I!ol.ovts.1 f J Smith
--" -- r
Jan. 9, 1353. 83-tf
Hydraulic Cet"ei!t j
Pat tent Lump Lime i
rinsteiing Hair.
V fresh supply just ree'd and for sale by
D. UOSfc
Julv 31. 9t
Julv 31.
Subscriber lias on hand and
for sMile. . - v
.s:... Vi7v. r,-.c S.') A- JS'tl,Aves,
Thus, Sfioirrls, S.iinh.x,
!,s, Trace-
X'ltirrx. .VwW'.s, 1''
' . ... t r,, f Fl .
cW'.s, U.Vc.t A.;t?' K,
IT AT n'csnnt and most desirable Country
-- i- .
treat ! vniles front town, on the b ayettev.He
- v..t,. l 'ank Road, isoftered for sale On ftlviil i
Leather, N-gro S.t
ILils, Bfattkt:fs A
K' rsri: ,
,"?,; v.v, )f 7;,
Cftl,irs, Class t V" t'j,
Cotton Ih :j;:ig, Mi.irUa
Ro in; Wil li I. (I I, Cnii it m
(tnd .fiti.i: Can
PowJcfi ond ti.v
and many articles .iot e.uii..
iiipplied as cheap as can ue
ulh" terms-.
July 31,
A ''ply to
dmiration: so. after a tew Ul-at-ease
attehipts at cdnvers-.if ion, I took my leave.
As I slowly walked away, musing, "A change
came o'er the" spirit of mj dreams A dailgdlef
who hateth house Work' to such a degree as
to allow her mother to get "all tired out," ami
ill, from being "overtasked,' could such a
daughter become that most inestimable boon
this'side of Heaven, a good wife?
What if her husband had wenUh, and filled
his house wi ll troops of servants; could he
have a nniel, neat, well-ordered home? Would
liis children have a true mother? No. A par
lor daughter will make a parlor wife. Bril
liant, fal'inatintt n fare and Costly Ornament
,Vlia!htiLin? th ntlrnil-alirih bf llie world it may
he but never Ule ho! V pcoilrce and Centre ot the
iHtHfort and peace wf her family
As thus rudely my rose colored reveries wcFe
t'(ii B.fl I o 50 ui life lined realities. I cirterned
. : .... - . - - ii ... iiiia uiu; , w ,, ;
iillIlT vmillirL liifllfs if , imr.I mi L
tpajlf "heljis to their mothers" in domestic iif
faiif ; lldiV mttny young ladi-s would not blush
With ,hme lit bt'iiilr setMt tnakill? bread not
fnktfj t.lit bread? How mallV Cclild .cook and
.ret on the tabic a gomi tnitner. or snpei iiuejio
such an umiei-takinir' now n:any
fHHiHiiitl 'disltclotji' IS ilbt a
of beauty, and certainly thri fair face that peeped Chap 'On the T
from tiiideC tilts little chip hat, aud aubdl'il curls Foreman .Lav it
. . . . .... 11 .... .1 I. riU v.. ,11 1 I
h&t!lll' glossy ana uneonuueu ci
drtiFs, rtlight tempt a cUl'10U9or admiring glance.
Perplexed, the lady piit forth one little foot,
when the gallnut sailor with characteristic im
plilsiveneSS eXUiaimed;
"That pielty foot, lady, should not be soiled
with the filth or this lane; wait for a moment,
only, and I will make you a path."
So, springing past her into a carpenter's shop
opposite, he bargained for a board that Stood in
' . . . - ..u ii. h k...;i;.,,r
the rloorwiiy ana comnisr oac.i tu mc nuu...
af( Who was jnst eotpietish enoHgll tfi aecet
the services of Ule hamlsOnle yotiiljr Baib)!', he
bridged the narrow black stream, and she tri)ped
across with a merry "thank yon.'dibl a I'rtgilish
smile, making l,er eyes a3 daiiifig us tliey' COiild
Aloe nur rnntwr ftn ilor wsistlerfctitiv cnafriied
AVimt Ue could mrtke liinicafcli Ui and shtjtilder
the plank, and fallow' the little Watch through
the streets to her home? She t witji! 'ielM'oniied
the ceremony of "walking the plank," and
each time thanking him with one of her elo
quent smiles. Presently our yditiig het'O saw the
y'oYnig hiiy trip up the mal'ble SlepS Of it place
of a house, and disappear WiMiiil US l-oseood
entrance. Uor a lull moiueui tie muuu
jr tirtn with wondeftul bitr
Ui iiiu t ;'- f'lvn, ...... -- - ,
turned away, disposed of his drawbridge, uiitl ...,1. rt l.ifi ialiiit
Wf IMlCil ll".- (Mill w I.--. ,
Tile neSt day he was astonished by nil order Of
promotion from the Captain Poor Jack wits
speechless with liniaiemerit. lie had riot dreamed
of being exalted to the Station of the second
Klate' office on biafd of One of the hipt- ?plW
did shirts that Sailed out of the prrt ol Aew Oil
leans. " He knew he was cOmricteilt; foi1 tusteild
of spehdin his money for amusetUt'lits, viSi'tluar
theaters and bowling alleys. On his felnr.i frn1
d books and became tpjit r. a si u-
able that you
on thu table
present, no room for it.'
Compositor 'llow about those Municipal
Forcitiaii'tlUn .etti in. What did you suy
.Slocuiil 'Shall I lead these 'M en of Boston?
ett.n 1a niifiolkQCl.
fCH, ' i ' T " ' - i 1 41 III. IM'illll
dent: hill he expected Veal's 10 lntei veue .iv.oie .( , .... f Queeir Kiixa belli, when a
How jhis ambitious hopes would be l-enlift-Ui taught the art t-0 the English, who have
, i niirtt?rittt! cHioers Seemed to on. rv ni.i. .1 ...... i,..,,,!.!. -: tlnv crrpatost ner leet loll .
With leniency. Jinn gavejum maiy , i" ' '
trinity of gathering maritime Rifowleture; ami
in a rear tne nanosome, gem leiiiinu
miltti had aedliircit Hlinsiial faVoH iU t!!f vyes of
awl direct
to vv'i'rim I I'B old
, in rvegs or an i ,j ies;
m ........ i; s, u an. I lOXJH, insreiner wun
a "-eneral assornneut ot
Also, extra No.
Oct. 31,
y r:icc ,
, ii i l I',
, i , : ! '. a u ,i nt ea.i bo
ma.... i.l . .- niarUel .
(. l 1 - iiOLbo Ti ..'.
T4-t t
Paints and i.
1 Itar S. .-! Adam
of the best quuhty put in
For sale by
Julv HI.
opal Varuirh
nfine Candles : onlv
of 21) los each, nmlesir
Pttnibereri iti
the long
were not
roreuiau io ; nicy aic mmu
Compositor ' 1 )o Job Wutit a 'full face'
head to Jenny Liiid's lamily?'
foreman 'Nor; ut 'em in small caps.
John i have yon got up that Capital Joke.'
Jolin-'No sir, I'm otlt of sorts.'
rirei!inn Well throw in this Million or
Califol'ttUl Gold and, when you get thro' with
it, I'll give you some more. Wilson have you
liuished The Coalition?'
Wilson 'Yes sir, the Coalition is nil up.'
Editor 'What do you want uow?'
Pfi Devil 'More copy, sir.'
Editor 'Have you completed that Lloqucnti
'iNiunksgiving Discourse!'
Pr. Devil Yes sir and I've jltst got to A
Warm Winter.'
Pixs axd XPEPhfiS. The manufBcll'tfe Of the
bldigpi'nsihle little in was cOmutwi ved III the
United State between 18 12 ahtl S2i; sinci?
Which tiWe. the bWSiuess hn extendeil glcatlV
i ami several patents for the manufacture of pins
' littve btieil taken Out. The tilaiiUuictuie in EngJ
laud llild Othel' parts of Murope i conducted
npOu iitiprovemcuts made htl: NotwitliBtand'
ing lite cXlf.lit Of our own bd'uction, the U.
States imported in 1850 pins to the value of
gW.i55; the ittlpOttS liee'dtes into this coun
try for tad!) amounted to $246,0fiO. Needles
were first made ill England, ill llUi Htne ot Ihe1
bloody Mary, by ? UMgro from Spiliii; but as
hti would not id'part his secret, it wus lost at
his ileal h and not recovered again till lobbiu
(i erulan
c.inst r'tii-iiott "f needle requires, about 120
opera tious, bilt they are rajiidly and uninter
ruptedly successive.
White Lead and
;i1e by
Aa?. 13,
A constant supply of - i ita 1 Ge.mine An
ker BdtPigClo-ttt all N ..., keptou band aud lor
salo at the lowest prices by
Jan 30, 13j3. lnt 5 m af e iw
Linsfed Oil, for
j oox KBCXJXVEia AMD fdlt SAhA
PlantingPotritoes ( Eye) and Hue Apples
Also, a fresh supply of Raisins, Figs aiid
ranSe6- R. E FIEIDE5.
Oct. 24 73-tf foot of Iliiymonnt
TI.u Subscriber having at Jlarch Term
the (joiuity Co art oi Cumberland, taken ou
tors of A Imi .istration upon tl.e Estate ot tl
ifui. p. Wig i:-u i 'i i ,;y
debted to Siti i est i
having claim au i t tu."
within tlie i.ine .-e.jai.:.i o
be plead
.11 i .
ii l.i l n !
G. W. VV.
March G, J -?5d.
u irines an j
i'lly'ill -nt.
. 1IJ t pi-,':
i l.t or this ri
i.-n-- : '.-iy-
i L i' :.I AN, . v 1 m i a i st ra t or
i3.)S; Of
ut let-
le late
rsous m-
iii 1 tl.ose them
it'ice will
HE uudersigne 1 has made arrailgeinent by
.which he is prepared to furnish at short no
il, -iy reipred iptantity of
jyTj 2. PBRUVIAW liUAau,
ill of w'i ich will be from direct importations, into
the Port Wilmington, and warranted pure and
Orders f.:.- the above excellent fertilizer are so-i-
..i ich prompt attention will be given.
airicie wmti. v.,...-, .... .,...nb ,i
lie, cash or its equivalent must ac
A- this is
being sol I on
company ca
Julv 17
ch o b'r.
i m
p..sii.c,t.t'ull v'orais ais l ieno
has Ut acu sai4,i.
Uld otaad, expressly toi
lust received and for sale by
July 11. 1857".
II ;y l-t Beaver Creek Sheetings.
Oe.Uv i arn, Warp and Filling, Nos. 5 to 10.
t j.t. '"icker, 'toller aud Lace LEATHERS.
ils aal VI inufaoturer's Findings. .,. r st.rAiaeit. SDerm. Lard and Linseed Oils
Sbuttlie's lsi i?lass, French Gluo, Emory, Roller
Clotb and Glass Steps,
, d. ii ALL, Pres. B. C.M.Co
r Uv 2G. I85ff -t,
' . k.S i
an.; .a'- jiuolic.tliat he
Ciai iji icK .iuUiUiig.i at o is
.naa.iiact.ti-iii"; Jari-ia!;s.
I hanklul lortl.e ver lie nan receiveu
for the last it years, 1 iioinjf y .iirict ittentioa iu
business, with a de .ire to give sat.staotio.i, to merit a
continuance of the flime. iic warrauiB u.s worn . oe
made ot the oest inaiei mi s ' - , " "
in each branch of the ousmess. itis worh. wu. compare
favorably with any made iu the Uilitjd states, for neat
ness and duraiuiii . ,
He is determimrd to sen anu uo a.ij o"v '"'".'
on as good term,, m any won; cone ..?.. .
.-.11 ,lno tie llOW IMS Oil .UUU, iiuikiico, c lain,
AVii lUIG ilS. ever o.terr l in this place, and a very
AMU l.uixrij. ,.-.;.... ,..1 ,.-l,:h ...-111 K ..1.1
large stock ot v. oric many ....u. v.. .. ... .,.....
vi-rv low for Uastl, or on suoi . itui-: , unM.ii.-
lT J -He has on hand move. than ONE HUNDRED
xSD FIFTY Vehicles i iisln;d and iu course of cori-
Btr&- .ll work mude bvTiiifi is wa-FrSnted 12 months
with fair uare. and lion"ld it fail r.y bad workmanship
or material will be n paired free of charge
Persons wishing to buy would do well to call and
examine fo themselves.
Onler thankfully reccivedand promptly attended to.
Repairing executed at short notice and on very rea
nonablp; terms.
Fayetteville. Oct I
Is ao.v roCJivi.13 " - s"i-i'y of
liiiij:'' it !UV tilany couhl staruJi aud
iron a siiiH-busolii or Collars so it.woilifl looK
1,e Alas! how few could I recall who
would liOt"proiei:iy bf
t;.-t nf tliosB to whom . ib'f C
. ... . ... ,.,1.1.. l v tti..l.l. i. ..!
inT.;.fftes out ii ' "01 1. 1 ei v ii isi . ' I-;-
w ... 1 1 ... . . , . -
l-.h-J I s;iv i.l.isi ' tor it isa sua iwng
1 . it 1 1 ,J a.
urit cf ill V for v.olnsf !iiimi, llif 'liture nusoauos
of' these frail "lii i ies of ihe fierd," who "toil not
neither ilo they spin," but to the daughters
tlie:eiVPSi . ,
Look at theiii. look at yourSei ves, young
dins. WhOre is t he round, plump, solid cheek of tnr grandmothers at you
im. ,... i the 1 lower of her
antsoTit depressed by no circn itstances; her
energV and self-reliance, equal to her emergency
.,d wlietv, ill tin liHtlre. are you in ummu 1
strength to pass .iuseathed tllfd!i!i the perils ;
of inateruity, as d'd she? .
Eiok around ytlil Al the yoiing wives 'dud
mothers; wluSl pitiable sjiecimens of leminine
1,.,-n .iiitv: tVhat. discouraged, disheartened ob-
j.-cts of comihiser.ition; What irate.l Ot pain and
illness are written upon theli shrin ken visages
lw fore tlie nun auiversary 01 me ........j-.
T.ook at the linhapiit ' ctlrtntenances
.i. vonoir hiisb-incis Voa meet. Do
1 1 t ti .. . .
the pOrtlvcommander, C.tpt. Itnme, wiidh.-ol at
first taken the smart .little black ey"ed fellow,
with his Heilt lill'-JJil'JliH 'and tidy HUmlle, as
1 il: Adt-
L lie Ollll
Cato's E-itra Prayer.
A pious old nojrro, saytiio; grace at the
table not billy used to ask a blessing upon
his board, but I10 would also petition to have
cabin nov. . . .
r .. :.4. . I '...;.;! ... n tv 1 f 11 ri 1 i tbe omcerSi
1 ne 11 ig .1 1. in- j'"!1 1 ..... .., - - - -. .. . ,
was invited t ati entertainment nt the captain's soiti dehuens dish supplied. Une day it was
. ti . n..A t.. Lie nstoi.ishment not. nf nnbitnpx. and stisnectinsr llB would
bross cberv-
etiseu to ucstovir
nionr which aie
Prints. Lawns, and f;.llfantc;
Col'd and Black Silkn'
t .. Tl,1i I us and Diaper. ;
KaimL-i 's Linen. TwiUe.l and Plain;
Casliinere a. id Merino Tv.J.Hs;
Vhitdand Col d Cotton Hose;
JToltiii!? Cloths. No. 0 to 10;
Slik and Straw Konuets; Ac
With almost every article ... the Dry Goods In.. . a,l
... 1. ,a...l i.v tlt naekaire 111 tin.'
nt w ncll nas .n:t-u ,xn " .-v. v . - -. o
V...V. 1 i.i-1 :tno 1 ... una
Kte sales in
Will I.K
offered cheap lor cash or ou time to pav ngt
vi v. -j (i . 'Jj-tt
DAVIS, l,av",'e
1.. nr
. - ...!,, t..f:tlllfr
deCHieu on pviuiui " - " . ..Krvi
. - . . -II . A ......ttnlltr ItTTt'lh HIT
Town ot .-ayettev...e. .e, j..".
P tints,
! by
)ils, Varnish, M rushes, -for
. S.J.
ii. ..r tl. i idace and
r.ountrv. In all the various branches of ' nu.
fi,,. including the manufacture
rAth. he is satisfied, atter
they net
speak of pleasing anticipations, followed hynn
pleasant realities? How ma-.y a husband, who
in his bachelor davs foi-dly dreatrico 01 a oiiti.e
i...... r.,1 .,t honsewife. whose lark-like song
should testify cadi motmb. t!tiH household, du
ties werf ft ellii iiig of plensnre nas louno, ..y
..'i s,5;..ii ' ti.A wide - difference" between j
f'dmanee and reality? And how mai.y a yourtg
man oi" marriageabV age aiid fliie prospects.
seeing the rude d'speUi!!? f hi. or that com-
1 3 1 1 . . - - e
warning, aiid holds himself stern.y mom irom
all matrimonial entauglementsr 1 Know many
a voting man. considered by calculating mamT
mas and amiable danghters as decidedly a good
match who in confidential conversation ,does
not hesitate to say that he does rot care to
wet married
'Whv.' said a voting man ofvealtb and pos
k. "when 1
his astonishment (,ufc of potatoes.
mo.ihted the hiilii'l ical steps iVl ftlilcli two years pray jfor some at dinner, a wag provided
before had trioped the bright visiii he had nev- i.:m".plf with a smut! nieasu re of the vesrita-
er forgotten Thump went his brave heart, as a((j UI1Jer the window which stood-
he was ushered into the great paHor, and ike a neaf Miy table of Otir colored Christian.
sledge hummer it beatSagaiil when Cant. I unle . lrewu a chair and commenced
..ii't.. for .i ftd'fe and drv walk honie." dtiit kindness condescend to
His pv'h were all a Ulaie. and his i.iOvvn cheeks thino- before us, and be pi
fldshed hdllV sis tlie Hi .hie capita lit Raiintered Urldrl us a few taters '
nwi.v leaving fair (Irdce ilrime at III Ri.le And ilere the potatoes were dashed upon
In of. that assembly tflefe' WitS not Mt Hlhtlsonre n ttou breakinb- plates and upsetting the
cdnjile as tlie gallant sanor auu tne p.vt., mustard pot.
bulie." MUaii''1 "iJem's urn Lord," said Cato, looking
It was oniy a year from that t h B ScHh.d i rndrs 8urprise. .otuy jes leff um down a leetle.
trod the quarter deck second only lit fcomtnnn.l, -n rpri . y j
and pSMiitrnei- with thb t-apttit., iu hi? easier next time.
gentle QraceHume who had a! ways cherished llovr I ' IT THAT GlRLS CAN TKLL A A1AU-
resfi'ct, to say lidthing of love, for tllo Origin jm-D AX KROu A SINGLE USE.' 1 no lactv
eyed sailor. . . Js Indisputable: Blackwood says, "the fact
His homely, but earnest net of pointless to- f)f M(ittrnnonv or bachelorship is written so
warn ins ctniu nun easeu !hb n'ii annearatice that 110 Jti-
ett.i ejHpir;n.l it. Every where there
.1. . ...... ,tt. t-nou- it not Wa? tilt? Cnttse
tnoi.i j ...... ,A .pmi tv
.i;S Rt't HfKtTjKtirin SO 1:11 now i.ue oiu niiii. t, n . . -. - , . . ,1
llaS reiSrea ifem business, iiarrjr Weils is dpt. ilK iHepl,cable in met that tells -
'ells, jtuf Grace Hume, according to polite tvltUlior an liiuivuiiai po.u .m. .c, w.-. M
pa'ldi.'ce, Mrs. Captain Wells. Iu fact our honest and circutnetanc't'8 art totally unknown) be,
SSiiior is one of he richest men itt I he Urtftecent rtr be not? f irried man. Whether it isr
City, and he owes, perhaps, the greatest jiart of ,t juyjuetl Iddii, such as that which charac
l.ia v tn his tact and r.Olituess in cross- tliw t;.... a lii-injiirorio. ail1''.- "
...... 1 , 1 v '. 1 " , . . . - - - . ( is -7 r'.'v iiyiio ... m. ...-----, 1
ing the stre et.
of Mineral
extensive expen
A Snake.
As the season is approaching WUSH JSnakeS
are most in the humor -bf', it iS well
enough for every one id be made nctjiialnted
with'a simple and sure ai'tititi'te la Ih'tS Species
of poison.
We do iibt believe, f iii L liiiy body will ever
die from the iiite Of ft SKSfee, ti matter how
,.n;.n,iii if immediate .li't'e'sS can be to
; ! good Brandy or tttdskey provided it is taken
I T.. o..(T.,.;i..,t oHatflif sav frohi one to two pints.
lion to me. hut last weeK.. wnen 1 marry 1 . . H i.mi hout lu verg f ge
. . , , - 1 1 1.:.. i.a " . . - . .
want a home: nno 1 nave ot ." 11 , , bHten on the back ot the hand by
T.T. n"rsis indebted to th concern of FRANK &
F.UaV audi. H. ROBERTS CO., are requested
ileum! forward all settle th'jir bills. If not settled
v the la t of thism-nth. thev will Bud them in the
ads of a Lawful Collector.
Hay 3, 1833 00-tf
Y-i'r the balance of the year, a Dwelling House
si.ulted ou Old Street, thelatelw oJJIn.,
lie 1 Perry, uec u. .' '
jv.y 3, tf :
it NY PERSON desiring work done in JM fee
A 'stvle ia the above department, earf "?e Hi
Wvices by a 1 lressing me at 1- ayetievu.e 1, ,
, 11,- J. MclJ., will taiif . --. "
co i-ury, within 100 miles fro- T Mtteville, and
prompt attention will be givei. to Ihe S t ne.
Sop. 12, 1S57, T
I1CU, Ullin uu ,
which is added a tborougli wemai -
tioni'thnt he can give entire tlsfactuvii .as , tar as
it is in the power of Dentistry. All 'W"1"
of the Teeth treated 111 a proper an" b .
..lioinr the mouth, one out
nei, as c - - , . t.n various
last, live years for a wife, calculated by nature
and education, to make a home for me, and a
true mother for my children, but in vain, so far
Is not h:ihh n'ded? but how can the -frail
c u, it....!...
Charges will be moderate,. J"
benefits of the Profession may be P1" - . "
the proper metals
oeiicuisoi i"u 1 - . in
1, ..11 wiioi mnv feel an interest
111. iuciu.. ' 1 ... " ' " ' ' .
preservation of the Teeth. where
L-iOtRceoverHoPstoii's Jewelry Store, nere
he will be found at all times.-
May 15, 1858
The undersigned have this day ."W
dissolved Uopartnersmp m luc'' , ,r y.
Western Kailroad,
July 1st 1353. 3t-pd
n lafife rattlesnake. The pain was so great
that it near! deprived her of the pOwcr of Lo
prfmotlon. Jief hand arotlnd the, spot where
.,...,.... I,ail entered immediately began to
lounger aud drawler, to whom the nnafffgnt . vffigh pufple and this was atten
io,.. r,e ti.o ntanHnlipriornr more familiar than
I u . 1 1.1 u'.v- , in. i.... . - - - - .
the morning sun, have bealtbtfor herself or to
beaueath to her children? Is not si cheerful
. . 4 .
disposition neeedr nut now can hub dp wr-qun-ed-or
kept, by those whose lives itre but one
constant round Of selfish frivoiffvf -How caff
one gain habits of care and affhlicrttfon, witlw
ont ever having etert ftVocare Of her' rfwif f6'omr
How ran one superintend the .detain -or nonse- ... .,,(jfvai B;Vp. o,,.l the indications so
tppninir so si's to minister 0' (he ' f'ttmtnrt of the "... i ... a until t
household, to whom evfry ifem of that house
keeping is i.of onlv ntlknown, but -prwitively
hateful?' Xo. T tell vou Krert. aUhougit 1 may
j .1 1. o Wi-.;.l nnd immediate swelling of the
til l. II T ' . .. j.- - . . iiBli .into tli 3 Shorilder. A pint of raw
Ahiskev was at once administered withotft o-
j..:.,.. nercenteble effect, in the' course
Of an hour another pint wax given a( i.tle'rvals
. ii . ohtv nnniitpr- nv llliS lime mm'
Oi a. .oil1. i -. ,,,i ...... 0 .
K--.n td exfilldt RhjfTi Svrtiptomes of futox.
r J ... . 1 .
l.o r.aih hpfrail to SUPSIQC. lire arm it.
be able to snnnort ananimated parlor ornament.
yet my taste does not run that way; and so I
onnt lined to
when she was able t- run about
than a week all traces
111 '
rintil the second
as usual, and
of tlie bite bad
known this antidote tried
repeatedly, and always with success.
them frb'm the lords of th
ctlnridt tell; but the truth is
tively affirm."
Not. n word ot trutli m til
he e-irls cannot tell a niarrie
si lisle one: If they could, till
fewer convicts in our ptntej
amyfor it is scarcely proi
firl would marry a man,
31 1
time that he had one wite already.
. -m
Art Av.uiis cas Talk. At an airt
,f tl.M Association for the AUaiH
. ..r c..;......o l.ul.l nt. Hostou. it was Bhol
lUl-lli. ui ui.ivii.
that- after all, there are no dumb beasts.
tf nnun ituu .mj a
lanaane of auiWtalS. He sa.rt tnat
varietf of aMhn'.eil ueing p..rB3t.i
means of inteHigiblS c'Orotnuiiication.,
I..., I... cnmuls f 8igHS Of COM
UlClllUI v "J ....... c
c.-e has a lauguawe tfiiderstood by
kind, and sometime learned by oihj
:.r ...,;,.... OT fP
.1I.I1R , . I U U 1 ' ' ' ' ( .. .-
ratitude or gr?i'f are discloj
tones or voice. Of by jnpress
strut it cy answered. Jiisei
'.easts' thus epr
latiiruages. signed.
Heard and felt. He n
stating familiar facts l tJ
' imals.
. - s- -, . a ; , .....

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