North Carolina Newspapers

Illinois State Fair Steam Plow.
A CttrTesDondeu.tbf the St. Louis Krmiltican
wruing-ironL UemTalia,
. - . . - . - - -----
where the fllinois State
i'air wasjipiden I
plueu la&f week, gives the following
the exlijuiiio'i of the newly iuvented
ing machine:
m plowing machine, the only.,- one
r( exhibition or cumpetion nuder this
e ihveiitioa.of Mr Joseph W. Fawkes.
, I'ii, and was
aryZHuv50S. In constrnctioii
he Boydell machine.
much attention
LiiXiuJujily one that lias
f jirci"TiejlWfcven an or-
ks. The4Juyie!l plow at
aqjtsiibjected to a very
r-rtti tlir
ojible plows, in
lowed an acre
ng at the rale
the cost in
, . "Mtl
Vs niaci'iiue
e.cujjiar per
i sui:h favor
v tho
It. llie fi
in plow-,
ou ot its
li tinnis
most persons interes
iar with it. It wil
weiiihs thirteen tons,
r -i l : -. . 1. ij t li
n ism m..-
auu waicr
wentv oac tons in trnlnbild 80 IHUCll S
Wheels sank into the earth to
' - 1 . I : . . . .. A lf.nil!H
l 1 " I - I 1 . . . . .ui
aim wuienwit w
. 1
, It Wlrue, ov
Rues t
culty. but then it must be
obvious to every
mechanic, that an arrangement so necesnni ily
complicated must be easily deranged. It re
quires ten men to work it, besides a horse in
front to guide its movements.
Now, to illnsnata the trauscwidence of Yan
kee genius, con i J are it to Favvkes' machine.
This only weighs, With fuel and water for hail
a day's work, seven tons! The width of the
machine is about six and a half feet, and the
lensrth between 18 and 20 feet, iiieludintr the
nlows and frame. aThe roilei"is an upright)
tabular, of, we should judge, 23 Qjp24 horse
power. The engines are horizontal, tf ordina
ry construction, i. n I uiaks fourteen exhausts
to one revolution of the driver. The league
of the machine consists in the employment oft
large cyliiidershaped something like a barrel,
for the purpose of traction, which it secures to
the utmost extent, at the same time dispensing
with all the complexity of the Boydell machine,
and preventing all siukinjr in soft soil, which
cannot otherwise be so effectually done. The
two front wheels are of iron, about feet in
diameter and twelve inch face. These work oi;
axle in the centre of the axletree, by means
of a segmentary toothed wheel and screw,
which are connected by chains with a steerin;,
wheel, under the immediate control of the
driver, who stand? to the left of the boiler.
The left hand of the operator rests on the wheel,
.i - :
nun uis ngni ue can reverse me engine turow
the driver out of gear, raise the safety valve,
sound tli3 steam whistle, and, in fact, has the
entire machine under his control, making it
back, proceed in any direction and turn in
a circle of 25 feet in diameter. The plows,
six in number, are attached in an adjustable
frame to the engine, and can be raised or low
ered as occasion may rtcpuire, by simply raising
a lever: Bjt two men arc required to work
tlie whoa machine eight less than on the
"Boydell" We should give a more minute
description of the machine but for want of time
ond space.
The Tkial. The engine was brought in the
ting at an early hv.ur in the t'ay, steam was
raised in a few moments after the appointed
time, and with a wagon attached, containing a
band of sixteen musicians, playing popular airs,
she started around the track amid the cheers
of the immense crowd which had collected to
witness llie performance. The evidence of the
perfect control which the engineer had over it
was eminently satisfactory to all. It was pro
posed to have the plowing trial take place in
the ring, so that not only the committee and
press, but the entire crowd could have a fair
opportunity of witnessing the operations, but
the committee thought otherwise, and. there
fore ordered it out of the ring to give place to
some horses or jacks, much to the dissatisfac
tion of the people. Why, the practical bearing
which an invention like this has in the welfare
and destiny of the human race is worth as many
jackasses, the tails of which would make a
rope long enouuh and strong enough to string
all the plannets of the solar system together
like onions in a farmer's kitchen. In the after
noon the machine was taken out rnto the
prairie, followed by an immense crowd, the
plows, five in number, attached, and the work
commenced. Many predicted a failure, and all
were prepared to see one if it should occur.
The ground was almost as hard and dry ai
bone, the short silky grass was very sire,
rendering traction nppearantly impossible; but
the inventor, nothing daunted, made the start,
amirl tliA a I nine! Iirpn t hl pvtifftltiriil nf t!i
- , - -
rnwd mtii ttip. mneliiiif miivfrl rtfT IIia rite.
tancc of about one hundred yards, dragging
"nehitid it five plows, each cutting twelve inches
of the hard ground and turning it over 11.
heavy ridges a shent was sent up long and
11 wijiiii. uci aim. id atui -
.1 ... t. - i. -i. t;u i ; ... j
roau prairies. leuiug me nr
rxst. Iiiifreriiicr about tne coltjge oi m
Tiandman whispering of peace, plenty ana a
pirhor and tir'oclaini ntr t lie glad tidings
. o - . - .
7n ovpnt francrht with an importance ton
greatest magnitude, throughout the laud.
Plowing bv steam is a reality.
Convict Shot. Two of the convict
rppentlv made their escape from the
1Jiirr ("innal. havni"- been canturetl in lTtija-
. .
wha county, were brought Lack, and on Thurs
day of last week, passed through Lexington,
Va , on the way to the canal. The Gazette says:
Desirous of making an example of them, Mr
JVIoss, the Superintendent, had them brought
out in the presence of the other convicts for
punishment. On ordering one of them, John
Valentine, to strip, he commenced unbuttoning
his vest, then stopped, deliberately re-buttoned
it, and asked Mr Moss, "What he intended to
do?" Being told that he was to be whipped,
lie stooped down, picked up with his right hand
a bar of iron, about 18 inches long, remarking
that 'he would allow no man to whip him," and
drew it back as if to strike Mr Moss. Mr M.
then ordered one of the guard, Mr Perkins, to
drew his sword; unoii which Valentine shifted
the bar of iron to his left hand and stooped
down &b seize J a neavy nammc. ... o"
hand and advanced on Mr Moss with the ham--ri;Bed.
Mr Perkins then cocked his musket,
i ui- M nrdered him not to fire: but the
ei ill continuum to press upon Mr Moss
!,h the hammer drawn back as if to strike, Mr
Perkins fired, the ball passil g entirely through
Elcam (TRjJI
The iM
tererl f
the body of the negro, who died id twenty j
jainntcs. t
John W. Forney.
From the Richmond South
In its impression of yesterday, the Whig
indulged its readers with copious extracts
from a recent harangue, in which John W.
Forney esssays to persuade the American
people that the hwhest function ry of Gov
ernment is the basest, villain in thejiation
This is thetruth of the story: James Buchr
vnvn and John W. Forney have been frienda"
ever since the latter emerged from the obscu
rity of a village printer t44he eon picuous
eminence of pimp to a ply ac or. Mr.
Buchanan took the destitute apprentice un
der his protectio assisted him as -well, by
iMterial aid as by friendly counsel elevated
himaco a respectable position in society, com
meni. d him
racy, rejoice
in adversity last crowned the lono-
succession oUfenerons services tty an act
of thJRJ&jlajjed affection. On the other
hand, Hfgpj5pears to have appreciated
the condScnsffir of his- patron, and a cred
ulous public gave him the praise of fidelity
i i . - . , .
nosnin, uecause wtne zeal he clis-
11 f l VJV urunatuii srillUiW A lit
w!;?:?'8 Wreathe insV
Vffir" adventured, who hope-
1 - wie prosperous AartnnmJL KV
lurfHrVrV .
ordinary abilities, . imperfect education
'd equivocal character. Any employment
of special trust or responsibility was quite
beyond his merit, but the President could
not dismiss him without a equivalent
for his services. He aspired to a seat in
the Cabinet. The President gave him the
annointment of Consul to Liverpool. He
i t
reiected the offer, and straight-way set i
himself to oppose and revile the Adminis
tration. At last, in the phrenzy of baffled
cupidity, he publicly impeached his benefac
tor of the most atrocious offences
personal and political moralitv.
Whatever political adversaries may think
of Mr. Buchanan as a public ma ., all admit
that his private character is without re
proach. His entire life is an admirable
illustration of virtuous endeavor. We know
nothing to his discredit, except his friend-
s.iipior xoniey, a m tuu wy ut- ,
among the amiable innrmities ot a tainuie
ministration was the slime of Forney's sup
port. No generous spirit wilFffproach Mr.
Buchanan with the unworthy alliance at
t ie moment when his bosom is torn by
fang of the treacherous beneficiary.
Of Mr. Forney little is known, and
few conspicuous incidents of his life are no
torious for no other significance than as emi
nent examples ot personal depravity. n
the field of literature, the Forest letter is his
most memorable production. In the prv-
ince of politics, his most signnl ncheivement
was a corrupt interpolation in the journal
of the House of Representatives, an act of
clever villiany, of which he escaped the pun-j
lshment in expulsion trom olnee, through a
defect of legal evidence. Is this the sort ot
b. man upon whose word the President of the
United States must be condemned to perpet
ual infamy? The ingenuous expedient by
which Mr. Forney once proposed to blast
the reputation of a helpless women, suggests
the probability of alike fabrication of false
testimony against a generous benefactor.
He is an aspiring individual, and we can
not do him the injustice to suspect that he
will stop short of the climax of his career.
A n instance of the ' brotherly love " which
characterizes some of the so called Christian
Reformers," a reverend geiitlemau from Louis
iana, was, by resolution, invited to take a
seat in a Sabuth convention recently held in
Cincinnati. He did so, but a few nioiuuuts af
terwards a member arose and wanted to know
whether by inviting a Louisiana preacher'auioiig
them, they intei.ded to endorse slavery. The
convention reconsidered the vote directly, and
the Southern brother was excommunicated with
out cieiity. If you want bigotry, ignorance,
fanaticism or jaundice, 3-011 can find them all
combined in the 'reverend" agitator of the
North. As Hudibias describes him, he is
"A creature of amphibious nature
On land a beast, a lish in water;
That always preys on gracu or sin
A sheep without, a wolf within. -'
Some moon-struck individual has been publish
ing a book of poems, an extraordinary speci
men of "hifalutiu," We shall not annoy cur
readeis with citations or quotations from his
verses, but will give the following taste""f his
"As the diamond is the crystalline Revelator
of the acromatic white light of Heaven, so
is a perfect poem llie crystalline Revelation of
the Diviuei
i. lucre is lust the tlinerence
JieUwtiMi a
em and one that is not. I hut
ifiVJie.ispintua-cotHirelion of
nere gfaciatior.f waterin-
is irradiuiicy of a diamond
depends upo
its diaphanous translucencv. so
does the beauty of a poem upon its rythmical
crystiliz.tion of the Divine Iilea
Can the translncency, of individual ratiocina
tion permeate the fixity of corporeal inteligences
and as a revelator, irradiate them with its in
candescent effulgeney? Answer, oh, crystalitie
poet. Baltimore Dispatch.
a .
Attempted Murder in Court. A des
perate fellow named John George was ar
rested at about 5 o'clock yesterday after
noon, charged with attempting to take the
life of N. Rogers. auct;oneer at No. 194
William street, New York, in Justice Bed
ford's Court. Accused was arrested on
Monday last, on suspicion of having been
concerned in a number of burglaries in Jer
sey City, and the evidence of Mr Rodger's
showed that accused had attempted to sell
him some goods which had b en taken from
the house of Mr Slater. On .Wednesday,
George's woman endeavored to Induce. Mr
Rogers not to appear as a witness, but he
refused. Yesterday, while leaning over the
table to sign his testimony, Geoge seized, a
heavy inkstand and dealt Mr. Rogers a fear
ful blow just benind the ear, inflicting a
severe wound, and probably intending to
kill him. After a complaint was entered,
accused was handcuffed and taken to jail.
Prince John
Van Bureu
was among the
latfttt arrivals in Berlin.
Bman. Fnrnnsnnu J"t?J
X UM IT j W.Al
Beautiful WoniT
The world-renowned traveller.,'
lor, recently visited the.race-c
saw, Poland. In describing
appearance of the asseniblec
he sajs.
rJai moSntted-m1
Cy'i "vrmv s IW- ufl lll V ill
I ....
tr claSST During
Se not seen so yiCT
( ices as 1 snwj jjineV
'e dillicult tofiti'li aW.
.. . ..1- n ...I 1 I ...I" " J
r w. i. " i i .
nun Hum ne ui-hiiowieajrea loveiint
adelphin, Baltimore, or Louisville.
uii Aiuerii-aii iuairvin;a 1 ol.sll lauvn
the othejpdny, and I must cotniiind i1
1 hese mich of Warsaw are not onh
blonde, "Wliosfieyi and hair--remit
coris-fliweTs uiniiig ripe jfrain bin'
yed Jeuiitioawith fv-Mof a full Su
ups iourvjjLieucai-nose oi
and a luTryvC)lde" iKjE-of,
the coniioisseuj &au'fy.
letter eoirtpa rfl jtK &l sn
so trreau d mcijyWri
Now, it is It'CI IMi;j
be' -beautiful If theyfiuj
ut- tli tar Oirili
, i i
py ui'e iTTrTsent from the cradl. b-
rectly to tiie parlor, to dress, sit still, and look
pretty. o, Lhey are t rented as children siould j
be. During cplldhood; which extends through .'
a period of several years, they are aud
loosely .lr.esse.1. and allowed to run roitfp. and
play in the opci air. 1 hev take in uiishintj
asdoesthe flower. Thev are not Wed down I
girdled about, and oppressed every vay with
countless frd's aud superabundant flounces, so
as to be admired lor their milch clothing. Kor
are they rendered delicate and dyspeptic by j
continual stuffing with candies and sweet-cakes'
as are the majority ot American children
Plain, simple lood, free "and various exercise,
and ubundant sunshine, durii.g the whole pe
riod of childhood, are the secrets of beauty in
after life.
Mother, would you raise up to womanhood
: a De-tuinui uaugiiier: i nen give ner piemy oi
: SUII 1:1 me uays ui uer juuih. ouii&niur. nt:ii;ii
! thousands of American females seem to fear
worse than the "lake of tire and
-indeed, the
, lieautv of the coninlexion is as
much dependent on ils influence as are the tints
ol the ros-c or the fragrance of the peach.
If women would cultivate beauty f person
by preserving health,- all other graces would
be added. They would soon have their ' rights,"
! for all power would be in their hands. A man
in the normal slate, as naturally bows uown to
a truly beautiful woman, as he adores his Crea
tor. Probably no man living has gazed upon
I a greater number of beautiful female faces than
Bayard Taylor. But here lannlianty does not
! breed contempt. He is as easily charmed now
,y a vision of female loveliness, as he was be -
! (ore one of the visions charmed him into - natri -
; mouy. He says:
! "At Grauiiz i we were charmed by a v.s.on
of perfect loveliness wine shone cm us Ironi
lime iu lime uum iuc u hi i......
mining iiraasioii. It wns a woman
f tweut v -
t wo. r rituijiii.l y--t tew!lT bcnu!y U.u.mrt
exquisiiely regular, complexion like a l!
rose, large, soft eyes, rather violet than blue
and a rippliugcrowa of iii.igmlicci.t hair, 'thrown
in the shallow and gold in the sun." 1 confess
to watching tins beautifu; creature for half au
hour, through the window-blinds.
apolhox & the LiEviatiia.v. tne lvupcror
W rtl .
upoieou is 111 ireatv tor the purchase of the
Leviathan. The negotiations for the purchase
1 i. 1- .1 .1 .
tie unci rupieu ny ins ueciaraiiou iiiui he
might pssiOly offend the Queen of England
Her Majesty is, however, understood to have re
plied that the Leviathan was purely a i-o nmer
cial speculation, with which the goverineiit has
nothing to do. The negotiations were then
renewed by the Kmperor, who is cxirenielv
desirous to possess the big ship, which would
be used us a tremendous sea battering-rani
the bows would be reinforced bv tremendous
iron beams, and girders of immense size uiiuf:-'J.
strength, and sharpened, so that she nii-lil
cut down any ship by a collision. Tims armed Serious Loss The Rev. Dr. Potts, of New
propelled by the combined forces of two thoiij York, who had been sojourning at Newburg,
sand four hundred horses, her broad aeres of 1 all Ids baggage, valued at $500, 011 his re
cauvas spread forth to catch add, tional impetn! turn. Sme rascal presented a forged order
from the winds, the sea Titan would insh lortli'l
into the ocean in search of prey; and where is
the ship that could either elude or resist a foe.
of such magnitude? Itis ftuid, however, that
the French ministry is opposed 13 the purchase
pleading that the price asked, (six hundred
thousand pounds sterling;' or about two-thirds
of the sum believed to-have been expended on
the Leviathan) would suffice to construct three
or four frigates "cufasiess'," i. e.. frigates cov
ered with enormous plates of -polished steel.
which are-therebv rendered invaluable to shot 1
and shell and of which six have already been!
ordered. ilieLmperor left for Biarritz with-
out eomimr to anv dei-ision 01. tin- snliwwt I
Liverpool Mercury.
Says the
Recaptured Af r i cans .
N. Y. Colonization Journal
We learn the A. C S. has provided for the
instruction of these childreu of Africa for a
year, and left it to the -discretion of President
Benson to decide whether to have them divided
to the'several settleiiihts. or .jrll -lo.-ate.l ;
1, jejitairajiu comity
.- ... , - . - - . - -
Sovernmcnt of thTm'trl t.o. .JtroMU""'
ful:l apart to meet this" expense, but under
tne tyus-Micy or mo case, the administration off' the sale of3.uuo c-. - - -
Presrdent Buchanan did not hesitate to obevrfce-ts net, from the hooks.
.li! I,1? . UP C"S'-ess foil w oa,mli8hin2 how "toddy" promotes hide-
li-ilneil iv 1,.., .1 . .
course of the government in this affair. Its
decisive energy, promptness, and lihenJiiv arP
. . . 1. ui 1 1 1 u l 111 I. ii 1 1 ! Ill I ! I II n . I, I
we cannot but admire lh
deserving the highest praise, and will huve th -
liu.irtv sniittori fif nit e .1
......j -i i""" uii i.niR oi me country.
To complete this article we ous-ht to nn,,
a description of the condition of these poor Af-
rictus as reported by an eye witness, who went
on liiOiiru me nav utrer n,u j r
he Echo arrived in 1.: a ball in one of the large ton
ed with uleers. 8ickSj,,,rhiid, replied, "No," I thank i
space; the mere 'actDiike ta walze it makes me pukel
Charleston naked, coverei
J - , ", me mere acrtai;L-o to
that in July. 000 were put on board the Echo
at Kabenda
tetiirii iu th
inu, tuat only 259 were alive to
return in the Niagara, and of ihese "were lieL
to die on the voyage, being sick with various
diseases, two thirds suffering from diarrhcea,
andtoue-third from opthalunia," tells tho tale
of horror. In the short space of little more
than two months, 281 had died.
What shall he done with the fiends, who for
paltry gain, thus murdered the poor Africans,
while disgracing our dag and defying our laws?
I 1 i"l ' f n-nif7Tn.rft,."
two dollars a year in advance.' 'on
" --.-
XtUNO alLJlBEB. Augustus Jioore, mem- .
ber elect to the North Carolina Legislature
from Martin county, i only;i his twenty-j
first year. AsAeville News.
If any man has failed to estimate the af-
fection of a true-hearted wife, he will be !
Hkelv to mark the value in his loss, when !
ha.rk vchlrh Lived him ia stilled hv
In Portsmouth, the other day, a cow orot
her head into a hsoped skirt, dangling from
a store door. After sundry shakes she got
it over her neck, but could get it no further
fact, says the Transcript.
Foktcne. By the death of Mr Hobson,
0t Ualcutta, a youth now in the employ ot a
printer at the West End, is suddenly put in
possession ot more than $7,oO(J,000. It is
s id the young man had no previous knowl
edge of his relation, except as having once
heard his mother say she had a brother in
; India. London Court Circular.
Jewish Tsstimonial. -The Israelites of
London intend, it is said, to present to Lady
John Kussel a boudoir suit consisting ot a
table and four chairs, made of solid silver as
a mark of their sense of the obligation thay
owe to her husband.
The Lord's Prayer. The following ver-
.sitication of the Lord's Prayer, the brevity
' and concentration of which we commend to
: the attention of those who indulge in "much
j speaking" when they pray, has recently been
IMlbUsheci in London. It is composed as a
due;; and harmonized for four voices, with
. .
l " " organ or piano
L'rmt- 1 r. is- 11111- compreneimm, y
usiiJ'ro,u redundancy. The tnns c, simple
nu iaeiuuiiuis, 13 sum 10 ut
worthy of the ;
ronls which run thus:
Oar Iloavoiily Father, hear our prayer;
Thy name be hallowed cvotywhere;
Thy king lom come; Thy perfect will-'"
In earth as heaven, let all fulfill;
Give this day's bread, that we may live;
Forgive our sins, as we forgive;
Help us temptation to withstand;
From evil shield us by thy hand;
Now and forever unto Thee,
Tne kingdom, power and glory be.
Death from Anger. Last Thursday, at the
nun Vernon Furnace, 1'eun., a cow broke
imo a woman s garilen lor the tort v-seveiith
:ie. Tlie provoked woman became so exas
perated ut the cow, while turning iier out,
at she, by 1 lie insanity of her passion, rup-
hred internally a blood vessel, and before med
ia! aid could be rendered bled to death.
at the boat and carried off the whole. A uor-
tiun of it has been recovered.
Beef Cattle at New Orleans is selling
now at from 15 to 30 cunts per pound.
Joshua Adwell, for murder, was executed at
.Muufortiville, Ky., on the 3d instant.
Miss March, author of the "English Heart
and English hands," has undertaken a mission
to the cabinet of England, with a view of their
spiritual Welfare
Alf.ed Holmes, from Delavan,"-III., a blind
k..n t 1... ,,.,
, n r n
ineiit, has been robbed of $2,000 in - New York
Cant Marcv arrived at Washington
,sJ7tah. H made tlie journey i a !,
tt first oiflcer returned since the army
r iv w. . . - .r
tertd Utan.
The Brazilian war steamMaze, supposed
to have been lost with all on uoard. has turned
safe, but aaniageu in a s-.i,.
The republic of San Marino, in Italy, has
1 J mnrl.-il to .V11SS .Uill la miiciieil. mc
JlaW r V:.nt ticket. Mass.
The Louisville Courier of Wednesday notes
..rimice. A i ...v..t... . -j r
i I II II"" . . - - . :
,i iv or two since in ine gutter in very spin
nrl.ail i 11 a rriAnrllv WAT tc
f d manner, was advised in a friendly way
tudi n"i Ls "flour was eoina up." "Let it
I Aimtl 1 1 II I a " . . .
high' as
r..n " cai
f r.icaiToTd bottlenose, MI km git as
!up' hv dav."
jup . . OM Aav
Iflour ktu aHJ
One of our exchanges says that a beautiful
k.msel being asked to waltz by a gentleman
. .. .
towns in
you; I
f . in settiiur up the line,
V ..'ir-n h.tli no furv like a woman scorned."
w.rsirht left out the , and made it
:.tiii no furv likf a woman corned.
A slight departure from the text, but none
whatever from the truth.
in TCnelish paper states that every general
. in th armr of the American revolution
Cui' - - w.. nArfuit AruAld. .
was a tree-mssoui w-r' -
pomsi hi Iit-iViv
I?MTVcrlreyrf7Suiil 'presraf kn
every measure that conies before ti
tare, and the harmonious opposition should, with-'
out looking into the merits or demerits proentedfor
their consideratiooj determine that they will wait
and see how democracy goes and then go the other
way. But as it is not reasonable to suppose that
, . . r
e"ner Part7 can be unanimous .n its support of the
aruH" measures that will come before the next
LeSl--ilaturc' measures affecting the interest 6f th
whole State; for instance, the "Revenue Law"
"must be raised; the "State Bank" must be re
chartered, or another Bank chartered to take its
place; Internal improvement bills for advancing
the interest and developing the vast resources of
the State must be matured provision must be
made to meet the liabilities already incurred by
the State, to the payment of which the faith and
, Credit, yea, the honor of the "Old North State'" is
j already pledged. We say it is not reasonable to
suppose that either party will be unanimous as to
I the best method of protecting all these best inter
ests, and accomplishing what every true North
Carolina patriot and statesman should hold nearest
, his heart, the best and dearest interest of his be-
loved Slate; and we regret to see tho columns
of so respectable a journal as the Register, a
journal that stands high in the estimation of its
friends- exerting an influence with its partv that
is felt from the seaboard to the mountains, such
sentiments as the following: "If we were honored
w.m a tin. in iut urn urgiMiiiurr, our J.ollCV
would be to watch the majority to bring them to
witb a seat in the next Legislature.
record votes on every question of tolerable impor-
tance, and carefully abstain from amending or
attempting 10 amend any of tneir bills, or inter
posing in any of the difficulties among themselves,
into which they are sure to fall."
Now it is not our object to complain of the
Register, for honestly stating what would be his
"policy if he were honored with a seat in the Leg
islature", or to dictate to him or fiis party friendH
lii mi i j- -" but fjmply to
give publicity to our reflection on reading the
article above refered to. We hold that on the sub-
ject of internal improvement, to say nothing about
the currency, the credit the honor and prosperity
of North Carolina, our representatives should
know no party; we are all on the same ship, bound
by the same laws, and bound to share in one com
mon destiny, no interest, no section, no party, can
prosper without every interest, every section and
every party, sharing equally in that prosperity.
The next Legislature will be by far the most im
portant that has assembled for years if some
thing is not done to develope our resources and
add to our exchanges, the qustion may well be
asked, how shall we be able to pay the interest on
the State Bonds already issued, to say nothing
about paying the principle, when the bonds them
selves shall be due. It will require the united
wisdom of all parties to provide for tho future
without imposing unnecessary and heavy burthens
upon the people, and yet, the opposition party are
told to "carefully abstain from amending or at
tempting to amend any of their bills."
We are all on the same ship, there are breakers
ahead, the man at the helm would avoid them if he
knew it, but say nothing, if the "Gallant old Ship
of State" is dashed and broken, and we all sink
beneath the waves, "ice trill hold the majority re
sponsible." Has it come to this, is there a party
to be found iu North Carolina, whose motto is
"rule or ruin"? Has the opposition party the 1
party that once boasted in having for its leader a
man who proclaimed to the wor.d "that he would
rather be right than to be successful" so far for-
m.tten the leaeliinirs or the nast. anu become so 1
reckless of consequences as to sacrice every inter-
est for a mere parly triumphl We are not wil
h t WA UVCa VWkf Wll
ling to believe it. We know that there are men
to be found in the ranks of tho opposition too
InofiC. a. n 1 1 1 Iwi n n.i A..r
of their ciuuntrj, tliej'r .r -r .ml .
.null n r-nnrse. If the currency of our
Statn i
placed on a
solid basis, and her credit preserved.
they too must share in the benefit. If the resources
of our State are developed, our produce carried to
the markets of the world through our own ports,
to enrich our own people and build np our own
Towns, they will share equally with us, and we do
most earnestly hope that every member of the
"next Legislature" instead of looking to his politi
cal promotion, or :he success of his party, instead
of looking to popularity alone, instead of laboring
to secure At re-election to the Legislature or some
' hiirher post of honor, will go Tor u- .ui-.i, w ...a
.... . tiimeclf ha a- li n f
State, let tne consequences
they may.
"The Democracy have a heavy majority in both
branches of the Legislature," and if the opposition
are satined that they have no part or lot in the
important measures to be past, the "tremendous
issues" to be met, let them act accordingly. Tbe
. 111 Ul.t tllA VA u .nll.llilv
democratic - - Ta T '
their weather-beaten but time-honored flag, will be
borne by strong arms anu bu'ui
of meeting from a generous constituency, tbe
plaudit of "well done god and faithful servant."
We learn from a correspondent in Bladen,
that an extensive revival of religion ha been
nroirressine at a protracted meeting held near
r o -
ti: I. . tl.ol 195 or 150 had lOllied
. biiuiwiHvuio , - - -
. it nrohable as many more
i . r,.L
I woald before me Close oi mo ""..
nd themany svniDtonn nf rmnnrt,. .1 -
- - " V - -... cTiiivru in
the South, has given great activity lately to this
nefarious traffic. Even th MPtV,i;, i
...... Afisvupai
Charch. in a late General Conference, passed a
resolution saufctioning and licensing the trade,'
designing it more to Convey a moral significance
to their northern brethrenthan to take aiiy action'
in the premises, yet lending a high authority" that!
in its effects have been greatly prejudical to tne'
cause they are seeking to propagate.
The mjer of vessels Wcngnlsed and suspectod
of beinfvrs in the last 3 months, are commit
j ted by iCT exchange to exceed Forty, having pro-
oaoiy in eac n instance a cargo of no less tharf
three to four hundred negroes. This does not look
like an abolition of the trade. The position of
the South on this question seems to be equivQcal."
lf it be a safe policy to revive the trade, we are
uot opposod to it on any abstract prihcipfe of right
but would recommend it only upon the exigency'
of a dissolution of the Union.
The action of the Charleston authorities recently
in the dark enterprise is an index to the feeling in
that community, not distinguished for Union-lov-iug
sentiments or much conservatism.
Mormonism is on the wane, "on its last leg."
"Every dog has his day" is an old proverb, nicely
adapted in its canine-sense to this blasphemous.
i , . , , , . ,
j 14"lert community, and which must console them
,n t,,e,r declining greatness. Brigham Young, so
latelv a saint, and invested with all the nrivTlo-oc nf
this licensed order, has now to hide his diminished
head' from the rifle balls of his victims, and what is
probably more lamentable to him. is deprived of bis
faithful wives, who have all sought the protection
of the U. S. troops.
We have often wondered how the natural in--
stinctH and
cobM -be so pai"'" -
aiyzeu anu subverted, as to become the miser,.ll
1 1 ii .
I dupes of this abominable heresy; how even the in-
tutuution ot religion could perpetrate such fraud
upon their nature and their sex.
The presence of the federal troops, may have'
had a part in bringing about the great reaction
which is threatening the annihilation of Mormon
ism, at any rate, hundreds are abmdoning Utah1
and its associations and returning to their native
lands, sensible of their folly and of the disgraceful
part they have taken in this common outrage
against decency and civilization. We may safely
predict a speedy extermination of the lawless,
godless set.
The Philosophy of Love-Making.
The Home Journal is responsible for the in
structive piece of wisdom we copy below. It may
be strictly correct as reasoning, and highly judi
cious as advice, but we don't believe any man is
competent to make a safe "platform" out of the
subject. There is no calculating upon crinoline,
is our experience. We have resorted to every
plan human ingenuity could suggest, and adopted
successively every system known to the art, bat
with uniform unsuccess. There aint no ' wis
dom" in the business: it's all Ivcki
"I know that men naturally shrink from tha
attei. pt to obtain companions who are their
superiors; but they will find that really intelli
gent women, who possess the most desirable
qualities, are. uniformly modest, and hold their
charms in modest estimation. j What such wo
men most admire in men is gallantry; not the
gallantry of courts and fops, but boldness,
ii.ouruirp Hrvntinn decision, mid refilled i-irilitv
! A man's wins ten superior women where
" - j
Ilia IIUUlo HIIU "I nnio v hp vnv . m. lit Mil 0,Hjo
before a woman with respect for himself and
fearlessness of her, his suit is half won. The
j rest may safely be left to the parties most in
..mi'ii id i I tit' moKt fi. i til mud
urree.-.lle rrvsmrt-, i tfjc? world, tt u tni wlio
shows thai he has got a man's soul in him. If
yon have not got the spirit in you to come op
to a test like this, you have not got that in
vou which most pleases a
limh-souled woman.
and you will be obliged to content yourself with
the simple nirl who, in a quiet way, is ei.dcav
oring to attract and faMtn you.
"But don't be in a hurry about the blatter.
Don't get into a feverish longing for marriage.
It isn't creditable to you. Especially don't
imagine that ai.y disappointment in love which
takes place before you are twenty-one years old
will be of any material damage to you. The
truth is. that before a man is twenty-five year
old he does not know what he wants, himself.
So don't be in a hurry. The more of a man
you become, and I he more manliness you be
come capable of exhibiting in your association
with women, the better wife you will be able to
obtain; and one yr's possession of the heart
and hand of a reallv noble sMcimen of her eex
is worth nine hundred and i.inety-nine years'
pom itiuii of iw
j d uot.
sweet creature with two ideas in
ting new to say about either
of them. "Betier fifty years of turope than a
cycle of Cathay.' ,So don't be in a hurry, I
say again. You don't want a wife now, and
you have not the slightest idea of the kind of
wife you will want by anri-by. Go into female
society if yon can find that which will improve
you, but not otherwise. You can spend yonr
time better. Seek ine rocieiy oi goou men.
.L . : r. 1 tn rnn than tho
: i ii a i ia oi i c ii muic vi- j
nthP and it is throueh that roostlv that TOO
:n a M. ... tn ood female soci.tT.- - -
j" i a -

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