North Carolina Newspapers

v -ST.- I -" '
" 7 " '
NO. 1,028.
T H fi1 N(R TH IfH AH Of I MI AM
H jljlal x M LL JILL :--.:J All UM 1LJIL1 NJilAllo
Single copy, in advance, per annum S2,00
' at t he end of the year 3,00
Single copies, five cents.
No subscription will be received for less than six
Iateis of Advertising.
Sixty' cents per square of 10 lines, or less, for the
first, and :S0 cents for each subsequent insertion, for
auy pi'iiu'i unuer mrco moutns.
For" three mouths,
For six months,
For twelve months. .
$4 00
C 00
10 00
Other advertisements by the year on favorable
terms. Advertisers are particularly requested to
state the number of insertions desired, otherwise they
will be inserted until forbid, and charged accordingly.
'T- JOB WORK of all kinds executed neatly and
Fayetteville, 330V C3,
FULLER have associated themselves together
lor the practice of their profession. Prompt atten
tion given to all business committed to their charge.
They will practice in the counties of Cumberland,
UariK-tt, Sampson, Robeson and Bladen.
Nov. 1:5, lao8. tf
..J. A. Sl'RAUS,
4 TTEND3 the Courts of Cumberland, Harnett,
J- V'ake and Johnston.
Address, Toomer, Harnett Co., N. C.
Feb. 10. 1850. ' 85-y
' W. O. ELAM,
Can bo found at the Office formerly occupied
by Dr. Gilliam, on Bow Street.
June 2'G, 1858. tf
HHHE SUBSCRIflERS having associated themselves
.1 together in the pr ictice of Law, und'-r the name
and style of CAMEllON t SHAW, will attend the
County and Superior Courts of Moore. Montgomery,
Anson. Richmond and Robeson. All business en
rusted to them will receive their prompt attention.
Address Cameron and Shaw, Attorneys at Law,
Rockingham. Richmond county, N. C.
May 1, ItSo. ly
' -Z.. TtfL. C3ct3Ca.Tplcol.X,
East Side of Gillespie Street,
Nov. 13, 18
General t'o n missi i ItS -i cnaui.
Wilmington, iV C,
,7" ILL give personal attention to Hie sale or ship
ment of .ill consignments ot Naval Stores or
other country produce, and any other business en
trusted to his care, will be promptly attended to.
April 18. 18.)7. ly
sTTlt. .TAJIKS DAVIS, having
ILjr decided on permanently locating in the
Town of Favetteville, respectfully offers his servi
ces to the citizens of this place and surrounding
country. In all the various branches of his Pro
fession, including the manufacture of Mineral
Teeth, he is satisfied, after an extensive experi
ence, to which is added a thorough Dental educa
tion, that he can give entire satisfaction as far as
it is in tin' power of Dentistry. All irregularities
of the Teeth treated in a proper and careful man
ner," as well as diseases of the mouth, None but
the proper metals are made use. of in the various
operations. C'harges will be moderate, that, the
benefits of the Profession may be placed within
the reach of all who may feel an interest in the
preservation of the Teeth.
iSPOHico over Houston's Jewelry Store, where
ho will be found at all times.
May 15, 185S tf
Jin c;i:o. LAUDER,
Two Doors above C. T. Haigli A: Sou's Store,
Fayetteville, .'. C.
Oct. 1, 185G. ly.
KEEPS constantly on hand a large assortment of
Vehicles of every description, which are well
ami faithfully made and linished in the lightest and
XK.vrKsr style. His facilities for doing carriage
work are i;ki:atk!: than aw KsrAi'.i.isuv.i;r South.
which enab eshim to sell his work on the most favor
aide terms.
Nov. i3. 1808. tf
IY VIRTUE of a Deed of Trust to me, executed
y by W. R. Uolto:i. for purposes therein mention
ed, I will oiler ior sale at the Market House, at 12
o'clock on Tuesday, the 1st February, the following
property :
ItOUSE AND LOT occupied by W. R. Bolton.
The House is two stories hih. contains 0 rooms, 4
fire-places ; and all necessary out-houses.
One-half interest in the liailey Place, having on it
one of the Lest Seine-holes on the Cape Fear river
the whole tract will lie ottered ;
1203 Acres of Land on McPherson's Creek, (known
as the Mill Tract. ) has :)". O'M Turpentiue Uoxes, also a
Grist and Saw Mill in good order ;
2.j0 Acres of Land lying at the head of Carver's
Creek, known as the Torrcy Land.
One Seine and Flat in good order.
" 4 llorseAVagou, "
0 t ( "
Rockaway and Harness.
Corn and Forage, (a large quantity.)
Fanning and Blacksmith Tools.
Terms at sale. 0. E. LEETE,
January 15, 1859. 3t
Ira.iDortiiit Trust
A Rare Opportunity for Profitable Investment.
1)Y virtue of a deed of Trust executed by Daniel
- Clark on the loth day of July, A D 1858, aDd
registered in the Office of the Register of Cumberland
County, in Book D No S, page 271, 1 shall sell to the
highest bidder at the .Market House in Fayetteville,
on Tuesday the 1st day of February, A. D. 1&5'J,
One of the most valuable tracts of LAND in North
Carolina, situate, lying aud being in the County of
Cumberland, on the waters of Rig Rockfish, six miles
from the town of Fayetteville, aud containing about
Two Hundred Acres seventy-five or one hundred
acres is swamp land, which for depth and fertility of
I soil, and for easy cultivation, is lully equal to the
i rich loam lands of the Mississippi valp?y ; the whole
lract is highly improved, and, lrom the judicious
course of husbandry the proprietors of this land have
uniformly pursued, it is believed that there is no land
iu this State which will yield to the farmer a more
abundant return for his labor. There are on the
premises, good woods, ways and waters, a comforta
ble Dwelling and commodious out-houses.
At the same time and place I shall sell, either as
part and parcel of said Laud.. or separately, (as I may
then deem moftf. flrltriaaLlo V iho pnloliwitml
McNEILL. SAW MlfKTSfand Vkfhfruid :'IWoftha't
Acres ot Land, adjacent and appurtenant thereto.
These MflrS ai-e built on Big Rockfish creek, three
miles, as the stream flows, from the Cape Fear River ;
they are iu excellent running order, and the two saws
cut four thousand feet of Lumber per day ; the sup
ply of water is constant and never failing ; logs may
be rafted from any point above directly to the mills'
slide, and the Lumber may be put into the Wilming
ton market in thirty-six hours after leaving the saw
carriage. Taking into considerat:on the great natural advan
tages and the very valuable improvements of the
aforesaid property, this sale is recommended to the
attention of all persons who wish to invest money in
that which will produce large profits and give quick
returns. Terms at sale. ROB'T AV. 1IARDIE,
Jan. 15. -3t Trustee of Dau'l Clark.
Court of Fleas and Quarter Sessions, Dec. Term,
Neill McNeill. Margaret McNeill, Turquill McNeill,
IIugliLashly and wife, Neill McNair and wife,
Norman Cameron and wife.
IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, that
the defendants are nou residents of this State ; it
is therefore ordered by the Court, that publication be
made in the Jurth Carolinian, for six weeks, notify
ing the above named defendants, to appear at the
next Term of said Court, to be held at the Court House
in Summerville, on the Second Monday in March
next, then and there to plead, answer, or demur, to
the Petition iu this case, or the same will be heard
ex parte and taken pro confesso, as to them.
Witness, Benjamin F. Shaw, clerk of our said Court,
at Office, the second Monday in December, A. I).
185S, aud in the 82d vear of American Independence.
Jan. 22, 185S.
Court of Fleas and Quarter Sessions, Dec. Term,
I. D. Caison
Wm.A.Small. ) Original Attachment Levied
1 1)0 iieves nt'I .un.
) Judgment conditional.
IT appearing
William A.
to the satisfaction of the court that
Small, the defendant in this case, is
not an Inhabitant of this State, or conceals himself so
that the ordinary process of Law cannot be served on
him : It is therefore, ordered that publication be
made in the JVorth Carolinian, for six weeks, for 1he
said defendant to appear at the next Term of this
Court, to be held at the Court House, in the village of
Summerville, on the second Monday in March next,
then and there to plead, answer or demur, or judg
ment will be made iinal and the land levied oa con
demned to satisfy the Plaintiff's debt.
Witness, Benjamin F. Shaw, Clerk of our said Court
at office iu Summerville, the second Monday in De
cember, 185S.
January 15, 1S59. o'-t
HAVE associated themselves together in a gener
al Grocery, Provision, Liquor and Barter Busi
ness, and .are now receiving a well selected Stock of
Goods in their line, which they are willing to ex
change for money or produce.
Their stock consists in part of the following arti
cles :
Brown, Crushed, and Loaf Sugar ; Rio,
Lao-nira and Java Coffee ; Latter, Cheese,
and Crackers ; Lard, Pork, and AVestern
Bacon ; No. 1, Mackerel, in Bbls, Hfs. and
Kits ; Tobacco, Snuff and Ci-ars ; Foreign
and Domestic Wines and Liquors,
Next door to D. & W. McLaurin.
Hay street, Fayetteville, N. C.
Nov. 20. -3m
VGOOD assortment of
Kerseys, Blankets, Tweeds,
Jeans, Satinetts, Cassimeres,
Prints, Shoes, &c.
18 Doz. Hoop Skirts,
50 " Linen and Atarseilles Shirts.
Nov. 27. -tf
S now receiving one of the largest and most care
fully selected stocks ever ottered by him in.this
market, comprising every style and quantity ot
And, ix fact, everything uscali.y sold i.v his line.
Planters and all others who desire to purchase a
superior article of
are respectfully solicited to call and examine his stock.
Having just returned from the North, and exam
ined my Goods carefully before purchasing, I flatter
myself that I am now prepared to sell them upon as
good terms as they can be bought iu this market.
LEATHER of all descriptions, and for all pur
poses, constantly on hand.
The above articles will be sold cheap fou cash.
Oct. 16
Superior Court of Law, Fall Term, 1858.
His Honor Romulus M. Saunders, Judge Presiding.
a i is oruereu oy tne C Jurt, that a special Term of
jl mis uoun, oe neia oa trie se-
cornl Monday in Feb-
ruary A. 1). S.9.
Jurors, Witnesses, and suitors in Civil Cases are
hereby notified to attend-
Witness, John V. Baker, Jr.. Clerk of niirwl,!
Court, at OtTi -e, the seventh Monday after the fourth !
-uouuay iu ibepiemoer, a. ii.
Nov. 27. tc
$100 Ent.C5-7"XXc3.'
T) UNA WAY from the subscriber, Thursday night.
s J-tJ Dec 22d, a negro Man named BILL, between for
i ty aud fifty years of age, dark complexion, about five
, feet five or six inches high, very stout built, bow-leg-!
gcd, has a scar on the inside of one of his ankles,
; which was lately made by an axe ; his hair and wbis
; kers a little gray, and keeps his hair very well conib
j ed. He is a very good carpenter, and no doubt is
making his way to a free State, either alone or with
some white man. The above reward will be given
for his apprehension and delivery to the subscribers,
or lodged in any Jail where we can get him. Address,
Longmire's Store, P O, Edgefield District, S. C.
Jan. 15. 5t-pd
10 ,000
tillery for v,Uich Lhe hisrhest Cash prices
will be paid.
j. r. Mcduffie.
January 15, 1859. 3-mo
1 WIST! to purchase from 50 to 100 head of Dry Cat
tle, or take cattle to winter for 5 dollars per head,
and return the Cows with young calves ; and in case
they should die, no charge will be made. A deduc
tion of 5 dollars will be made in all ca'tes where I pur
chase poor cows, as it will cost that to winter them.
For further information as to the value of the Cattle,
&C, relets to W. H. Tomlinson.
Jan. 7. 3t JNO. V. JONES.
VLL persons having claims against the Coun!y of
Cumberland are requested to hand them to the
Clerk of the County Court on or before the 1st day of
February next, for the purpose of being passed upon
by the Committee of Finance. Ry order of the
Jan. S, -it Observer 2 weeks.
A LL Persons indebted to me by Note or
JT.V ar
arc earnestly requested to call aud settle the
same. Those who have lona: standing acbountt, can-
not expect further indulgence.
Those who have accounts against me arc requested
to present the same for payment.
Jan. 8, lS5i). Jin J. A. PEMDERTON.
THE undersigned has transferred to Messrs. Mar---L
tin fc Pearce, all accounts due to the North Car
olinian printing office, and hereby relinquishes all
claim upon the same. G. W. WIG11TMAN.
Nov. 20. 1858. tf
SPERM, Refined, Lard, Linseed and Tanner's OIL ;
WHITE LEAD ; Burning Fluid ; Putty ; Window
Glass and Sash of all sizes.
A fresh supply of Pond's Pain Dcstrover.
For sale by JAS. MAR-TINE.
Nov. 27. tf r
JlL and the Widows of Soldiers who iiEr
IN Service in the war ot 1812, can have their
pensions continued by calling on the undersigned.
Congress having made additional provision- for
Give mo the management of your claims, and
the money shall come at once, or no charge.
Agt. for Pensions.
Fayetteville, June 19, 1858. tf
Dr. Frank lf"tlliam?s llye JVhiskey.
E MITCHELL has made arrangements with Dr.
Frank Williams, to bo constantly supplied with
his celebrated RYE WHISKEY, which can be had at
his Store at all times, by wholesale or retail.
Oct. 10", 185S, tf
ON the 17th day of January, 1859. on the premises,
I will offer at Public Sale, 209 acres ot Land,
in Robeson county, on the west side of the Lowry
Road, joins Cono'y, Cobb. McDonald and others. A
description is needless as those wishing to purchase
will examine for themselves. Terms at Sale.
Jan. I, 1859. 3t. for N. A. Graham.
1 iUccklv) Paper,
Terms. Two Dollars per Annum, in advance.
r10 Merchants, Manufacturers. Farmers, and Busi
L ness Men generally, this Paper will be found a val
uable medium for Advertising.
Cards. Bill Heads, Circulars, Posters, Pampu
lkts, anil every description of Printing, done in the
best style of the art, on leasonable terms.
jpSf Orders by mail from udjoiuing counties will
be punctually attended to.
Second "VoIiixrLO,
Otli November, 1858.
IN announcing a new volume of the Scottish Amer
ican Journal, the Proprietor begs to call atten
tion to those features of the paper which have already
secured for it a large share of support, and which
ought to commend it to me patronage oi a sun cior
numerous class of readers.
The special feature of the paper is that it is a Scot
tish . journal, containing notices o'' every event occur
ring in Scotland that can be regarded as of the least
interest to natives of the country now residing on this
continent. The news of the whole country is careful
ly collected and condensed, so that no event which it
concerns Scotchmen to kno v is ever omitted from the
columns of the paper. Articles relating to Scottish
subjects, original and selected, are also published from
time to time aud the more special character of the
Journal is sustained by literary features of national
interest in the form of tales, historical and miscellan
eous sketches, anecdotes and poetry.
While thus national in its character so far. these
special features occupy comparatively limited space
in the eight large pages of which the paper consists,
three-fourths of which are devoted to news and other
general matter calculated to be of interest to all clas
ses of readers, and not to Scotchmen alone. A care
fully compiled epitome of intelligence from England,
Ireland, the continent of Europe, and all parts of the
world is given in every number, with extracts from
the leading articles of the British Journals on the
most interesting public topics of the day.
With a view to increase the popular interest of the
" Scottish American Journal," nd to add to its val
ue as a family paper, arrangements have been made
for a series of" attractive tales, founded chiefly on sub
jects connected with Scottish life. The first of these
stories, entitled Clara Howard : a tale of the Cri
mean War," commences with the first number of the
new volume. A considerable instalment of the storv
will be driven in every number till it is completed,
and it will form interesting reading for the winter
evenings alike for old and young. It will be follow
ed by a succession of other tales of equany pupii""
terms op subscription.
One copy one year,
$2 50
Subscriptions (invariably in advance,) received at
the Carolinian Office, where specimen copies can ue
obtained on application. Agents for North Carolina,
cq g 3 h n a
" 5 50 S
- t- P O CO Z g
t 1 p. S 5 g
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3Vi:oTJi.xx"tXxx Scenery.
Th& Scenery of Western North Carolina
and Western South Carolina.
A WORK upon the scenery of the Blue Ridge and
its fellow ranges of Mountains will be published
early iu January. The following will be its contents :
Chap. I Introduction.
" II Asheville.
" HI Routes to reach Asheville The Swa-
nanoah Gap Road.
Chap. IV The Hickory Nut Gap Road.
" V The routes from South Carolina Salem
Gap and Jones Gap, Flat Rock, Heudersonville, Ga
sar's Head, Whiteside Mt. and Cashier's Valley.
Ghap. VI A route via Wilkesuorough and Le
noir ; the Valley of the Yadkin;. Wilkesborough ;
Happy Valley : Lenoir ; Hi'brrtcn, ect.
Chap. VII Morganton audits surroundings; the
Piedmont springs ; Hawkrs Bill and Table Rock.
Ghap. VIII Linville Falls ; the Gingereake Rock;
North Cove and the Gave.
Ghap. IX The vicinity of Asheville : the White
Sulphur; the Million springs ; Pleasant Drives.
Ghap. X The Black M
the Mountain
House : Journal of a party
Ghap. XI The Roan Mountain ; the Bald Mount.
Chap. XII The French Broad River and the Warm
Chap. XIII Pleasant Country Stopping Places;
Carson's on the Gatawba ; Harris's at Chimney rock;
Sherill's at Hickory Nut Gap; Pen land's at Flat
Rock on Toe River, in Yancy ; Alexander's and A.
E. Baird's on the French Broad ; Alexander's on the
Chap XIV The Western Counties ; Haywood,
lackson, Macon and Cherokee ; Pigeon River ; the
Nantihala ; Franklin ; a winter Trip ; Valley River;
Cherokee Indians.
Chad XV Productions of the West. Agricultural
and Mineral ; Wild Flowers ; Tree Growth ; Wild
Animals and Reptiles.
Afpexdlx The Pilot Mountain ; Salem ; Piedmont
Springs of Stokes; Shocco Springs; Kittr'ell's Springs;
Letters of Dr Christy on Mountains of No Carolina
The work will contain four views of Mountain Scen
ery and a map of that section of" country, showing all
Roads, Stage Lines, Stopping places ; noted places,
etc- It will be got up in the best style of art, and
sold at 60 cents per copy When sent by mail, 66 cts
Persons wishing copies, will address W L Pomeroy.
Raleigh, N C A liberal discount to those taking a.
number of copies for sale or distribution
A number of advertisements of Hotels, Liv
ery Stables and Spriugs will be inserted upon fly
leaves, if forwarded immediately
53- Papers of the State will confer a favor by giv
ing this one or more insertions
Jan 7, 1859
87 Bowery, (Wholesale Ware House,) and
462 Pearl St., (Retail Store,) New York.
'WTUEKE will be found the largest and most exten
T sive assortment in the city. Bills of $25 lie
tailed at Wholesale prices at the Bowery Store. All j
Furniture guaranteed as represented. One hundred '
and fifty bands constantly employed in manufactur- j
ing. All stock laid in for net cash. It comprises in
part, Rosewood, Mahogany and Walnut Parlor Furni-
ture, in r,rceade, Urocatelle. Delaine, Plush and Hair
cloth. Rosewood, Mahogany and Enameled chamber
furniture, in sets, from twenty to one hundred and
fifty dollars. Also, cane seat and common furniture
in great variety. A large assortment of Gilt and Ma- j
bogany Mirrors, Spring and curled hair Matreeses, j
Patent Premium sofa Bedsteads, with spring and hair
Mattresses attached, fcc. Steamboats and hotels fur- J
msnea. uealers will find it to their interest to give
us a call.
Jan 15, 1859 3m
THE sale of the House and Lot lately occupied by
Mr Robert Johnson, is postponed to Wednesday,
lGtb February, at 12 o'clock. j
Jan. 15. -t S. J. IAIN SD ALB, Trustee, 1
Japanese Questions.
Frazer'a Magazine contains an interesting
article on the Japanese, from which we make
the following extracts :
The middle classes in Japan are all well
educated and highly intelligent, and inspired
with.a thirst after knowledge, eqa ally respecta
ble and admirable in a nation so long debarred
from ail opportunities of self development.
From their old friends, the Dutch, they, have
already learned a great deal ; how anxious they
are to learn more, is proved by the ' endless
series of questions they are always propoun
ding to those from whom they fancy they can
obtain information.
.. In order to prove what we say by more than
manuscript placed in our hands by a Dutch
gentleman, many years the chief of the Dutch
factory, some,- of the queries addressed to him
at different times by Japanese residents of
Nangasaki, or other places.
They are mostly written or rather painted,
as the Japanese, like the Chinese, always use
the brush in a bold, clerk-like hand, on Ja
panese paper, in always intelligible, and often
tolerably correct Dutch.
What is the weight of the earth? Can it be
ascertained ?
Are the United States of North America
likely to increase in power aud extent ?
What are the revenues of England and
Russia ?
It is said that Turkey holds no maritime in
tercourse with other nations. What are the
means of subsistence of that nation ?
Is there any land near the Sonth Pole ?
Can one learn astronomy thoroughly without
going to sea ?
What difference is there in the rigging of a
merchant-vessel and a man-of-war ?
What sum is requisite for the building of a
line-of-battle ship, a frigate, a corvette, a brifj,
a bark, a sloop 1
What countries make use of steamers at
present ?
Are there still nations that wear armor aud
helmets ?
Have they not yet cut through the Isthmus
of Panama ?
The English are said to have attacked Den
mark and Turkey in 1807, and to have fired
nine thousand shots from their mortars. How
many ships and how many mortars had they ?
What was the calibre of their mortars?
How do you obtain food in Europe when
the crops fail ?
The 2"Jorth Americans are asserted to be
very industrious iu cultivating their soil ; do
they introduce foreign plants, or only cultivate
indigenous ones C
What wars have been waged in Europe since
those of the Himperor JN'apoleon r
What means are best employed for closing
the mouth of a harbor against hostile ships ?
Who are the best soldiers, the English or
French ?
What land has the best system for the de
fense of its coasts and ports ? Explain that
I have been told that they have in Europe
the means of preventing (the effects of) thun
der and lightning ; what are they ?
We are informed that all Europeans trade
with foreign countries, and that they proclaim
honesty, integrity, justice, &c, as the duty of
man towards his fellow creatures. Neverthe
less, they introduce opium, which is a univer
sally noxious article, wherever it is wanted,
and the trade seemes likely to be profitable.
What is the reason of their so doing ? Do
they care so much for the commercial interests
of their own nation, that they do not object to
prejudicing other people for their own advan
tage ?
Demands, too, were constantly made for
scientific works of all sorts, from Dutch and
English grammars and dictionaries np to the
more abstruse branches of astrouomy and
chemistry. Indeed, the latter, and all the
exact sciences, seem favorite topics with these
intelligent Asiatics ; aud well-read and clever
foreigners, capable of and willing to afford
them instruction, may be certain of a kind re
ception among all the better classes in Japan.
This is proved by the personal experience of all
who have resided among them for any length
of time as well by their real attachment to all
Europeans whom they have learned to respect .
The Arctic Firmament. The intense beau
ty of the Arctic firmament can hardly be im
agined. It looked close above our heads, with
its stars magnified in glory, and the very plan
ets twinkling so much as to baffle the ouserva.
tions of the astronomer. I have trodden the
deck wber. the light of earth seemed suspeuded
-its movements, its sounds, its colorings, its
companionships ; and as I looked on the radiant
hemisphere circling above me, as if rendering
worship to the unseen Centre of L?ght, have
ejaculated, in humility of spirit, " Lord, what
is man that thou art miudful of him ?" And
when 1 tho't of the kindly world we had left,
with its revolving sunlight and shadows, and
the other stars that gladden it in their chan
ges and the hearts that warmed to us there,
till I lost myself in memories of those who are
uot, and they bore us back to the stars again
Dr. Kane.
A Black Man Elected to a Canadian
Council. The Detroit Tribune says that at a
recent election lor councilmen in the towuship
of Raleigh. Kent County, near Chatham, C.
W., a colored man named Shadd was elected,
beating his opponent, a white man, by a hand
some majority. Shadd is " as black as the ace
of spades," and figured prominently in a recent
slave case as the harborer of the fugitive.
A Threatened Cuba Massacre. The Hav
ana correspondent of the Charleston Mercury
says that the slaves, as nsual at the close of
the New Year Holidays, took possession of
the town, and there were rumors that they
intended to close their jubilee by a general
massacre of every white person they found on
the streets. The Captain-General, however,
had the city police and military patrols instruc
ted, resulting in the arrest of some two hundred
of them armed with long bladed and sharp
pointed knives. A hardware merchant has
also been arrested for selling them the weapons.
A Chapter on Flattery. Flattery is the
confectionary of the world. In polite society
it goes by the name of ' soap,' and iu general
it is designated soft sawder.' It prevails over
all ; few are beneath it, none above it ; the
'court, the camp, the church' are the scenes of
its victories.
To lay it on is a sublime science. It may be
laid on with the delicacy of a camel's hair pen
cil, or with the thickness of a trowel. Some
folk 8 like it one way, some another ; glazing
a d plastering are only two modes of the sanxo
thincr. ,.-' '
Flattery is like tickling: The person flat
tered finding himself satisfied, and coiscious
that it is to the flatterer that he is indebted
for the gratification, feels under an obligation
to him without requiring reason.
Women are particularly fond of flattery, and
you may lay it on with a trowel. But if you
wish to be exceedingly delicate you may say, 'I
hope you da not poll the bed clothes over you
at night, Miss !' The lady will anxiously in
quire, ' Why ?' For fear the brightness of
your eyes will set them on fire,' is your reply.
You may also hint, that were you and this
lady united in the bonds of wedlock, you would
require no tinder but the tender passion, and
no lucifer-match cigar lighting machine, as her
eyes would afford a light at all times.
To pay a polite compliment is the very es
sence of gentility. Talk to a man whose fath
er was hanged, of public executions. To nn
old gentleman with a red nose, of IJardolph's
character. To a lady with false teeth, you may
relate a story of a gentleman who was choked
to death in swallowing them. To a gentleman
with bandy legs you may commence a disserta
tion on the analyzation of curves of double cur
vature. To a lady with a large family you may
eulogise King Herod.
Camels Their Strength. We visited Par
son's wharf on Tuesday to witness a feat of
strength performed by one of Mrs. Watson's
camels, of which there were near a dozen on
the wharf, of all ages. The camel loaded was
one of the largest. On the word of command
being given, the camel lay down, ready to re
ceive his load, which cousistcd of five bales of
hay, weighing iu the aggregate over 1,400
pounds, which was firmly bound to the pannier
placed upon the animal's hump. Upon the ut
terance of commaiid by the native keeper, tho
huge animal rose without any apparent extra
effort to his feet, and walked off in a stately
manner along the wharf and through the city.
We were informed that the same camel had
had 1,600 pounds placed upon him, with which
enormous weight he easily rose. The animals
are all exceedingly tractable, aud seem to pos
sess much affection for any one who treats
them kindly, as an example of which Mrs. W.
informed us that one of them, a pretty white
one, which she had petted, would always kiss
her, when she was within kissing distance,
which fact we really thought proved the animal
to possess an excellent taste, as well as an af
fectionate disposition.' In their native country
the average load for a full grown camel is eight
hundred pounds, with which they perform thtir
long journeys over deserts, with little food
or water.
We doubt not that with the abundant forago
found in all parts of Texas, and a full supply
of water generally, the camel will improve iu
strength and general appearance, and be able
to transport larger loads, at a more rapid pice,
thau iu his native country. Galveston Neics.
An Indignant Woman. A lady thus expa
tiates upon a delicate topic :
A woman who loves unsought, deserves tho
scorn of the man she loves.'
Heaven forgive me I but may the man who
penned that paragraph never see another bon
net I May no white dimpled arms encircle his
cravat, or buttons vegetate upon his shirt I
May no rosy lips every press his mustache, and
the fates grant that his dicky strings break
short off every morning I May no woman's
heart learu to beat faster except with indig
nation at the mention of hi3 name, and may
his stockings always need darning 1 And when
his nerves are all unstrung by disease, aud his
head throbs with pain, as though an earth-quake
were brewing in it, may he have nothing iu bi
sick chamber but boot heels, and see not ouo
inch of muslin or calico 1
A Telegraph over Sixty Years Aco. In
looking over our old files some days ago, our
eyes fell upon the following paragraph, in the
issue of March 7th, 1797 :
" A curious piece of mechanism has been dis
covered in London, and displayed at llydo
Park. It is constructed so as to convey four
different letters the space of a mile in one mii.
ute, and return an answer iu the space of ouo
minute aud a half."
Can auy of our antiquaries inform us of the
particular diameter of this machine, which
seems subsequently to have become lest tc the
world ? Savannah Republican.
Tit for Tat. "Will you give me that ring?"
said a village dandy to a lady ; " for it resem
bles my love for you : it has no end." "Excuse
me, tsir," was the reply, "I choose to keep it, as
being emblematical of mine for you : it has no
Why is an unwelcome visitor like a shady
tree? Because we are glad when he leaves.
"BEcoutcnt with what you have," as the rat
said to the trap, wheu he saw that he had left
part of his tail in it.
Court Scene. In a court not more than
three thousand miles from Vicksburg a Dutch
man was recently called in as a juror. Myn
heer objected, on the ground that he could not
understand good English. "Take your seat,"
thundered the judge, "yon are not likely to
hear any good English in this court." Mr
Dutchman was compelled to 6crve as a juror.
A young man in " these parts." who had
speiit a little of his own time and a good deal
of his father's money in fitting for the Bar, was
asked after his examination how he got along.
" O, well," said he, " I answered one ques
tion right."
" Ah, indeed I" said the old gentleman, with
looks of satisfaction at his son's peculiar smart
ness. " And what was that?"
"They asked me what a qui tarn action was."
"That was a hard one ! And youauswered
it correctly, did you ?"
" Yes. 1 told them I did not know."
Youth flies faster than an April cloud.

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