North Carolina Newspapers

    A 1
NO. 1,054.
- -" - .- g tm'fus . -
ti:kms of suiiScmrTioN.
Single copy, in advance, per annum S'2 00
at t he end of the year 3,00
Single copies, live cents.
?o subscription will be received for less tlmn six j
Tint os of Adverl iiis;.
Sixty cents, p-jr siinare of lti lines, or less, for tlit
titid 'M oeuts !Vr e.icli subsequent iusertien, lor
nay pcr;nd under three months.
l"oi' three months, $ t 00
For fix months. i 00
For tv -'ve 'VK-i'h 1 tin
".(tiler udveriis-'i.T-tite livr the y.r on f;vvoraMi?
t"rm. Advert' :;r! 'pur I U: i r rei.'ie-tcd t'
slaie tti. iamiier of insertions desired, otherwise they
ft'i ! 1 be i user ted until lor bid,, rui.I ehti i'. d a( lordingl x .
''-"" -;)ii WO UK of all kiu ls executed neatly and
c L K V i". ? ' r (J. Vv' I G 1 1 T,
TTrr AT f.-v-.
Paycttoville, KT- G-
" V.A. yvu-Vic in the counties of llladi n. Sanip-
son and Cutiiliorlamt. Frompt attention g'n en
all usiuess committed to his charge.
Aprii 18.".s. tf
- - """s"l K Us.
T I'KN'DS the Courts of Cumberland, Harnett,
Vr.kc and Johnston.
Address, Toomer, Harnett Co., X. C.
Frh. Ui. !?:li. P5-y
".IliiKilS irtviiLr associated themselves
k to -th in me pr etiee of Law
,,,.1 Tf. of i:.f.!i;.;on a sua.
under lite name
- 111 at tend the
:l iT v" a
1 St;-rior Courts ot -Moore. .M t joinery .
us.. n. ar.'l Iko'k-so.
.i-t.--l to til-re will ree -ive tie
d. Ire- Cameron and S. aw.
All business en
r to'-'mi't. attention.
Atto:ues at Law.
i. kiit'diam. Uiehmond county. N.C.
.. W.
v 1.
J.vo. V. Shaw.
Vv S. (MiM E:T-
kn::v a:.! kT law
. Cut.
County aud Super:or Courts.
eilaiid. Idaden and C'olum
ste.l to his care, will receive
eiu t'aj Court Yiouse.
:i -i
1 V-W
II "II!. lirU'TF'F. in the Courts of Robeson.
ftiiii .a.. I
Lit mb'-vi
Coiumb'ts and Lie.e.'tt
on. 1,'oliesnn to., N. C.
Kso!. .
.Denial Notice.
R. Sf
; and
As pa rat u? of
1 -
11 id
o;i to an hi in'cii ot ti: rvices.
'. Summer here. a:o' n.ay 1- fi
10 .111- formerly occui.i.-d by L i t cf the Mar1; -t. during
:. :.on. 'j A. M. io 1 I'. M.. and :
Com it; tGsion i U c r c ! ) a n t .
ILL give prompt an 1 p-.-r-nnal attention
to nil
R -hi,
Co-.i-iirnni-nts 01 --p 1 1 m pi. .n......
, Turn-iiCni". a..d a". c ' iM-y pr
tor sale.
. a, FFI' . K up
t ;v :
of Mr Vie.t
North Water
111 ail-1 join
tine IS. 1 S.V.L
X 33 JX "3? X S3 T
13 lh
J A 5 i: S 1 A 1 S a v 1 n g
-rin ieei'.t ! v loca iin.i.
Town of Fayettcvi
t. ,'m "iti :r n s 1
'.' 1 up tl s". In a 11 t h
ib-rs his .se
t!..s ' lor.,. -11). t siiiT'iull1
various branches "f his 1
f,-si..ii. inc
Teet'l. he is
'iv-e. to win
ti 111. that ii'
it is in tin-
o !;. the manufacture ot .Mm-
- itislied, after an extensive expo
11 1 -
added a t borough Dental f ill,
give entire snli-i'iietion iis far
i.ver or
Dentistry. All lrregulavit
ot t 1,'. i eetu treateu ill
a prope r ami i-aiom in..n
if the month, -None but
.i.-.r, n- well us diseases
the pro: er inr-Ta'is .are 111
ule use ot in the various
'.pcnitions. ('l.arges wi!
be moderate, that
br-:in:its ; the I
th'1 rr-'ich of nil
iiesspm may be piucci
in the
'1 of nil who imiv teel an interest
pr -s-
hull ot tf.v- 1 t tn.
yy. y.Vtcp over Houston's Jewelry
he wii! be found at all times.
Mav !", 1 y 5 S tf
Store, where
15 Y GEO.
Two I lours above C. T
llaigii & foil's .Store,
raycttevtile, . C
Oct. l, ls:,S. ly-
-T FLNT;iF.i. A St i'i-KLOi: SI 11.1. CAT and
WORM to work flit-, mi Barrel, winch I Will sell on
reasonable terms. Apply soon.
JA.MK.s martini:.
FavetteviR". May 10. Til w-tf
ID IB (&DvD3D3
All of which will 1 e olf -red by Wholesale or Ketaii
as low as tlie same, quality can be had in this Slate.
12. LS.9.
LEIt is d ssolved Ly mutual consent.
Lumbcrton, N. C, July 5, 1809. Jy 7, 3t.
A'. : -' "
irrrnA'KKii A (;olMIsn N
East Side of (rdlpie Street,
Fa Th ttuvillk, N. C.
Vov. 13. l-."3
- .-:-5
Fresh Arrival !
JS, c c
Spring and Siiiuiiicr Goods !
TS now reeoivinjr his Second Stock of Spring and
1 Summer Goods, embracing all the
Still AS
on(;ASJ)r.Es, ,yc,
Vfith a pr-at variety of pew sH le ur-'ds for Travelling' ami Dusters. ls a conip.cie assoi tment ot
A large and varied assortment of Silk and Lace Man
tles, Chantiliy Lace l'oints, iilnek and White
IJerage, .Mantles. Stella Shawl-. Ac.
A few of those splendid French embroidered and
Laee S ds. Collars an ! Sleeves.
Douglas .V: Sherwood's. New Style Corsets, (with
Hustle and !S!:irt-Suipoi ters attiiehetl.)
A gat vat-iety 'jt'.ncu'lv!t! llo4p. . Skirts, .c-. A'sS.
- -n '.-. "'l'.c' ; ::?!; ':e rt'.od a '.'eat r.ia:;.-' ro. Tv
and desirable styles, just out. Tlie puiilic generally
are invited to call early and examine for themselves.
April 23. -tf
I. A;. V . McLAUU 1
I T and desirable Stock of
a n o c e in e s.
150 Rags of Rio. Laguara and Java Cotl'ec ;
HID Iibis. aud lihus. Sugar (assented;)
2-V llhds. Molasses :
SO Bacon, Side.s and Shoulders
com Sacks Salt ;
150 Roxes good Tobacco :
12 Spt i n;. Adamantine and Tallow Candles ;
fiO " Soap, (assorted ;)
oil " Candy,
1 iHi. Hags Shot, "
liH0 Li s. F.ur Lead ;
an Ut.'.s. Suiirf, (Eagle Mills;)
25 Keas Soda :
' Nails;
a larok A xi) ;kxkkai. AsSOKTMKNT of
H A li l W A It K A X l ' 1' T I. K K V .
F'ariniitg Vteiisils ot all d.-scriptions ;
American. Lnglish. jswedes and l'eiuvian Iron ;
Hlister. German and Cast Steel ; Tools ;
Coopeis do.;
Corn Shelh-rs and Straw Cutters ;
Ruckeis. Rr.'Oin.s arid l'ai'.s
Leatle-n Manilla ami Jute Rope, (all kinds and
nuulitv :) Flow Lines and. Red Cords ;
Ilo'iiow "Ware :
Cotton Yarns and Sheetings at Factory Rriecs ;
AH of which will be sold low tor cash, or on usuai
time to prompt paying it.-t owners.
Country merchants are l especi fully r quested to
call and oar Mock before purchasing else
where. I. ,t W. Mel. AVKIN.
March "i. lse!l. -tf
CUE It 11 Y
v..;t tiik ;.viir cuke of
'T. v iev
Dr.. .T. C. Avv.T. : I
Ay 1 hnv- ev-.-r f-;a:. I f r i
i d' . t ! L 1.- VOIR (.Tit KL 1 i'l T
nt iw ju icy jn .n t ii 'j iiml my laittt
- '. :.- v m: - L i-. -lioun it t
i 't-io" I 'T T'i tr ntitt- iit ft li t'
s. KliK.N KMUIIT. M. I).
A It. M'UtTI.ry, I'Tl.-v. N. Y.
v nir P: r l. im -t if An t in ni v in uily i.
v.-r in.
i'. ;t:id .i-i:i-v.. ii rh.1 ts-t 111'-. li.-iin- i- -Y its pnr).e-..
With : Lilt . .1,1 1 -h..'i;.l s.hi. r l iv t-v.
ti.jtLK' than .1i witfn-ut it. or t; any otti.-i ivini.-.ty.''
Crouii, Whooping Cough,
Si'F.TNio-i. i.t. -; i s., i, :.. 7. i -.-,1.
P.- -rt!KH Avip. : I x i t i . rlii!l ....;-t!fv y.nii- PF. T T ii:.
r..-.i.. tv vv.. p..-s ..s t-.i- til - i-ili.' ,.f tf ....-ii-. .;.'.;'i. f,..p,
an.l :!-...t-h.iV .lic;t -J i'f i-hil'ln-a. ll'v , f ymirlV-it. niilv in rhg
? .i.tli iit-.i-i-iciul'.' y.iur ckill. an i ci.ihtii.mi.1 v- -ir nir..i. i!i t-i -nr
p,,,,,.. IIIIIAM CO. Ki.I.N, M. l.
AVlo.s T-l'.F. Ksct.. MNTl:r,irv. T writes. ..1 .Ian .. i.'.ie "I
h i.l a r -.ii. .u.-. tTitlilu.-i. .1 liiili i-Lliliin-I rut- in .!,...- -i ii.r ks;
t" k many ineilii iii..- .aii..-:r. i-.-li- f : hi,a'!y r a y-.m- Pi.-t. ul
t,v tin. a-tvi' ,- oi' "ill- rlfci iri imin. Ti:,, first it . ivtiei. 'i tl.,1
.".ri-n...-3 111 my tlnnat iiti.l ll'.li-s; f tlian oil- !ia',l' III-
liiiel- tuo 'i 1 1 j 1 . 1 1 .-1 y iv-U. V.'iir iii.-.tii-in-s ai .-. tti- rli'..ipe.t as
w-jil a the t.-t iv- -Hii 1. ay. ami - .-t--ia y.ui, liuot-.r, Hli-i
your r...ii', as th- piiui- mail's I'iica,i.,
Asthma or Phthisic, and Bronchitis.
Wf-T VI l.V.IIISTI P.. I'A.. -!. 4. ISJ8.
: Your rnr.RRY Til. T .r.Ai. is p-i l'.,i-iiii:i iiiai-v. lli.iis enrr
in tin, P-i li-.u. It lias ruli-vt-.l s-v, r:,I fr..m -ilfii niinKiiy m;.:- nig
(.f i.n.-uliip'.i.iii. an-1 is n" .uri ne a man who lias luboi -.1 i u.ii r
mi :y.-,-ti..ii ,.f tl.e iunxs f r IN- 1;,-I t'.-rtv yriu s.
iilMiY L. I'AI'.kf, J.rc.'i
A: A. RAMFET. M. I).. Al.m.
Mivr.OE C-.. I'iw.
t' Hi inv y. ar- ! Ii IV.- leiaei
-pt. , ls;,j; " inn ing my pra-u
T,"thiii -.pial t
t ilKai'.Y I't'-roKO. t .r divine ea.-o fin i ns
i-nls, ur -urin ciiK-h as ai- i-ural-1.-."'
li-f tu Cuii-umi'tii. J
We nii-jht aitil vulutnes of ovi-kiic-. tan the must coin ini.-inj;
pi-oof of the virtued ol thia remedy is fuund :.u its iffc-ts upon
Consu mption.
TrobabiV no one lias ever been kno-wnwhirh curel ro
many ami nuch dan-crous ra s as this. Some no human ui.t
can reach ; but even to those tlie ClitJiur Fuctoral aff.jnts re
lief aud couifoit.
Astor ITor3E, New Y'ouk City, Mar-h n. l-s".6.
DOCTOR Ater, Lowell: I IVi-l it a duty and a pl-asur- to in
form you what your Ciobrv Pectoral has done f..r my
She hail been five months laboring undiir the .lanir-rous symp
toms of Consumption, from which no aid we cul l pro-lire travc
her much relief. She was steadily failing, until Dr. Strong, of
this city, where we have come for advice, recommended atrial
of your medicine. Wc bless his kindness, as we do your .-kill,
r"sbe has recovered trom that day. She is not yet ns i-troiie as
6ho used to be.bnt is free from her rough, and calls herselt well.
Youis, with gratitude and rescard.
nmsumptire: do not d.-spair 'jll you have tried A TTaVs Oiiffrt
PrcTOiiAL. It is made by one of the best medical chemists in the
world, and its cures all found ua bespeak the high merits ol iU
virtues. I'luUuiiljjIiia Ldycr.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
rTMIE sciences of Chemistry and Medicine have been tax-,1
I their inmost to this he-.!, must perfect ptiifiaiive.
which is known to man. innumerable proofs are shown that
these Pll.LS Lave virtues which surpass in excellence the ordina
ry medicines, and that they win napr-eci ,! titedly u;sm th-esteem
of all men. They an. saf- anil pleasant to take, l.nt powerful to
cure. Their penetrating propci ties stimulate thevilal a- livitics.
cf the lMidy, .....move the obstructions of its organs, purify tho
blood, and extH-1 disease. They pnme .nit the f..e,i hum.-rs which
breed and irrow distemper, stimulate sluuisli or dis.,r.i-red or
gans into their natural action, and impart heaithy t.aie v.ilh
Bt.reierth to the wh.-le system. Not only do th-ycure the every
day complaints of every body, but also formidable and danger
ous diseases that have baffled the best of human sk i! 1. While
tiir-y produce powerful eff--ts, they are, at the sain- time, in di
minished doseft. the sat'-t and best physic that .an l,e emplovei
for childi.-u. B-iiac suirar-coated. tln-y ar pleasant to talc..;
and being; purely v-.-ihI'I-, are free from any rik of batm.
Cures have l-en made which surpass belief were they not snli
stantiated by men of su. h .Plaited position . ud ciiaracl-r as to
lorbid the suspicion of initrutli. Many eminent clerjrvinen and
T.hysic. .ns hae lent th-ir names to certify to the public the i-i-liability
of my remedies, while others have sent me the assur
ance of their conviction that my Preparations contribute im
mensely to the relief of niy att:i, to!. sutTeri-, fellw-ni.-n.
Tlie Aiient below nam-d is pleased to fm ni-h frntt is my Amer
ican Almanac, containing itirei-tiens for their use, and certifi
cates of their cures ot" the following cr mptaints :
Contiveneps, llilious Complaints. Kheumatism. Prilpisv. llear--burn.
Headache arising fr-.m afoul Stomach, Nausea. I n.heif.
tion, Morbid Inaction of tlie Itowels.aud Pain arising th-r. Jioni,
Ilatulencv, Loss of Appetite, ah I'i-erous and Cutaneous Ins
eases which require an evacuant. Medicine, Scrofula or Kiuf-s
Kvil. They also, by punryilifr the blood and stimulatiup the a
tern, cure many cotni. taints w hich it would not tie supposed they
could reach, such as Deafness. Partial Hliudness, Neuralgia and
Nervous Irritability, Doraniremeiits of the Liver and Kidneys,
Oout, and other kindred complaints arising from a low stale or
the boUy or obstruction of its functions.
Do not bo put off by unprincipled dealers w ith some other pill
they make more profit, on. Ask for AVER S Pills, and taie noth
ing else. No other they can Rive you compares with this in its
intrinsic value or curative powers. The sick want the best aid
there is for them, and they should have it.
Prepared toy Dr. J. C. AVE IE,
Practical and Analytical Chemist, Lowell Mass
Pucz, 5 Ctb. m Box. FrvB Boxes fob $1.
Feb'y 19, 1859. ly Fayctteville, N. C.
- I tiilW T!!-t
y .a iuv.-iilt-.t
.-v.-r 'Uf nut.
.i.-llai-s fei a
V; :vni n fnl rVf 4
riM'VTT 1 V N-C'
. 1 L llAr. ff.
v i7riPVIT AlTfinST I
MOIiN LNVj, AybySv.j
Mexico. , ;
"Ion," the Washington correspondent vof --4
Dn turf vi'uu.iv , -
that nnr -rith -referer
tltat paper w ,
.ited regulation of Una T?
Balt imore Sun, writes to that
! to the supposed contemplated
i happy country.
AVe cannot vouch for thoteliJ??.ter
t. . t. . lM,f fmm tb UKlll MtlBfltliee"
' - . - !' I- ..." " 1 ..1
I UVUH U..-, . v 1 I 9
' Ion," it may
Imost be regarded as being '
' - . .... .... I I I ... II
" It is Relieved that a very extensive mUl.'j.dt
' prominent movement is now on loot W tow Juirif Q c
vith the purpose of unitintr in a plan .for.f' iJncii )
t cration ot Mexico. About ten tnousunit ,t i -"irs bf
al reach- been enrolled as 4 Knight Uri?V.nrA: &Ut'
order ot tlie jMontczurnas. ;.i r unas ui' . mu ;. jot
.. . . . i
of war have been, or will be. fully. prorV.Aj 'rty -t
enterprise. Loans based 0:1 --He ' reTirf J..'t&i
ailennafe jvnienean hrm rilt. bo Ltci' .t T .
ger.01 ) goveruriei.t, s. ouhi e ii unense. The nole
debt, foreign and domestic, would be but a "doa
bite," as Mr Disraeli would say, in comparison with
the revenue to be derived from her vast mineral and
agricultural wealth."
I Fatal Accidext. AVe learn that an accident oc
! enrred at Letich's station on the AVcstern Rail Road
I on Wednesday last by which a negro woman was
I killed and a black man severely injured. AVe have
' been unable to learn the particulars, more than that
I the hands were making an excavation and the dirt
' fell on the woman and man, smothering the former
' and severely injuring the latter. In endeavoring to
j extricate them, Mr. Fooshee, a very estimable gen
j ilemen, one of the overseers strained himself too
! much, from the etl'ects of which, we regret to say,
j he i.s now very low.
Removal, The I'ost Oilice i.s to bo romoved
to tiie building one door west of Mr. George Lau
der's Marble Factory. On and after Monday
next the mail will be supplied from that place.
Mr. Cook is entitled to the thanks of the public
for this "movo in the right direction."
Tlie following article we clip from a recent num
ber of the Constitutionalist, It is well timed and
appropriate, and is well worth a perusal :
"The Democratic Paiitv. These are trite and
true observations, and applicable to all things that
it is much ea.-ier to lin.l fault than to remedy easi
er to suggest reforms than to accomplish them and
easier to bliiullv oppo.-e than to inteHigenlh' ami
zealously coaperate. .vcitng iipon me j.rtiicipn
that it is easier t oppose the measures of the Dem
: ocr.itic party, than to suggest and sustain different
j measures in a manner satisfactory to the prosperity
: t.iei happiness of the people 0: tlie State and the
1 ! "111. .ti, the I'l l opponents of our party have organ
' i.eii tiieinselvcs under (he 11. line and stile of the op-
j n p;,r;y. They urge mr.ny objections to the.
j oiii and i..e;,sui i .' Lie Democracy; but they
!a:e s.aeiois enough led to allow ibe people to
i l.i.ow or examine tne pi im iphs which they desire
j to see inaugurated in the place of those they op
1 pose. " ...
- - T-,,.wr.tit .Jaiiiirs fr.ard S. . n --
: poiie-, it is. art frntfrr vy
' party, 1
vtjiat may be 'the munts ot 01 i
know that
it ho.-iiiity
T. xas into
tli :nati! ; ;
So'llth 1, id
as a vidua
priceless g
for the new p.. '.ley. It is enough -to.
it is a I ei.ioeratie, measure, to ensure fpr
Win ii me.i.-uivs wcivadeplcd to bring
the I ' i . 1 a i the opposition party were inir-,
1 when Texas v. as' admitted, and the
i ned an important acquisition as welt
!,!e future guarantee, and tne I. luoii a
o,u to its galaxy, the opposition party ol
'.lie country, lor a tune, hid iis bead i.i shame,
t U'ih i- and all the lending- Kiea.-un of tiie Dcluo-.
cr;. lie party have added value and renown to our
countrv, an.l vet the senseless cry of opposition is
still heard."
- 4
lVrL-nsnrm;, Va., July 27, 18oi'.
Messrs. Eihtoks: Our community was startle
this ni'.vning by the aiinmuiciiieiit that Mr. Reiij'
mill 1 '. iliiaiuson, a
place, had committed !
Iroin a v. iipiow of the
T'l-oceeding to the hotel
well known citizen of this
uieide by throwing himself
Rollinirbioke Hotel
f learned that deceased had
bo: i.itr f r some ten davs past under an at-
t i,ini(i. a not u, but yesterday was something!
. bet'er and came out of his room and stayed some ties of her sex.
'time in the porch. Nothing wns seen of him froia
late yesterday evening when he went to his bedim- State CakkIac;:i in the Skvextcf.ntii Cex
til about three o.clo. k tins moriiino;, at which time TLuv. Elizabeth met her royal sister-in-law after
' oilieers .Mill, and Pillow of tlie watch who were j ner tempestuous voyage, abou: a mile from the
! nassjipj- in trout of the hotel heard a window raised ' ii...,. tu; l.ln.r the first time tliev ban pver
i and immediately afterward a loud crash as if some j
! heavy body falling on the roof, they immediately
! v in tr th.. ri-ir ni' the hotel and discovered tin- de- :
! cciis. d lying upon the ground in the agonies of death;
! they instantly gave the alarm but before any assist
j ance arrived" he expired. The window from which
! he jumped is in tiie lifth story of the building and
but fr a shed which extended from the second stury
i breaking the fall, he must have been crushed into a
I shapeless mass; as it was, very little external injury
j was sustained, but it is thought that nearly every
: b. ue in his body was broken.
j I leecased was employed as salesman in the whole-
sale dry goods store of Hamilton & Graham until
; t ic first of the present month when he was dis
, charged on account of his intemperate habits, since
I that lime he has made two unsuccessful attempts to
i commit suicide once by taking laudanum which
j was tlis -overed before he had taken a sullicient quan
tity to destroy bis life, and again by taking two
..... ... --. -
ounces of chloroform as he thought, but as he was
suspcoien oi ine uuemioii, ne as given mm. ..........
instead. He was considered an excellent salesman
and but for his intemperance could have done well.
A -few months ago he joined the order of the Sons
of Temperance and promised to reform, but the ap
petite for drink strengthened by the indulgence of
i-1 ... rs .if fro T i
calion was too sironiiiv lonneu n
it..,.. . ,, ,-,!,. i,rl-..i. ..rid iifier a short strutrirle he
was borne down away upon the bosom ot that
stream of donination and death which bears upon
its crested waves the wreck of peiishing millions.
AVell might tlia hard of Avon exclaim
"Oh thou invisible spirit of wine,
Had I no other name w hereby to will thee
1 wouid call thee devil."
In politics.! circles there is not much change since
! my last. Most of the counties in view ot the nuin
! her of candidates for the seat of representative in
! Mr Goode's place are coming out in favor of a con
j vention, and I believe that all the candidateSyire
j willing to go into the convention except Col. llop
I kins w ho prefer;, to take tlie chances before the great
i body of the "sovereigns" than submit his head to
the executioner's axe of king Caucus. The uppo
sitionists have not yet brought out their man nor
will they, ualess a convention is called and the de
mocracy are united under one leader.
In conscipieuco of fine rains w hich have fallen,
vegetables aie beeomin-i quite plentiful and are now
in the reach of all : watermelons are quite high as
Vet, and briipj; from 20 to 50 cents apiece.
wheat is coming, but the sales are very limited, the
buyers not beine; disposed to pay the prices asked,
feeling confident that the price must come down as
low as $1.23, or perhaps lower.
- .wauas Elopement
. ' T A . C '
SfV' ,S.tsitfrJ- you?: Udy of thirteen years of , w.
j,ok.tbeSa at Genoi a on Saturday afternoon1 jo
If . .-v .' ''" here in the evening, m
Woutsw o'clock yesterday (Sunday) mroniiur. the a ,
0-clock yesterday (Sunday) nironing, tlfe
k - rniSer residewce, on Mo- j
- stveet, byfrtt uncle fthe girl, and information j
:. t n ot the elopement. 1 Th Chief ImmedlnteW
; n j . o - . j
1 P1"0 once to the depot, and after 1
A U ?US 'nqBiry, vas com imed that the girl had
J s ivett the night previou8,.and had been conveyed I
YTi"icrut noxei in one 01 Caspar Cord s car-
lJ1.Wf at one went to the American, '
',n!tatwar'ot the book.;. Suspecting !
TP, W'ta6S..f the.Iittle. lady, he made ii:oniria I
Ain.inii thu 4iamUixrivi!iiiK. ir....,,,i i ... i
Z. . 1 ' WW...-,, am,. iuVi lll.u tliat rt. I
Uhief went up o 81, knocked at the door,
tte missing cheruV opened it and invited him
e natl been eating her breakfast. The Chief
ti finish hotTHreakfajiL but she said that
I .last finiilnri her repast. The Chiefs eyes
P'lrK'tJftUk optica- soon ascertained the
" vs'; " '.4e.ivj aione oy ooservmg
tViue," said he, "come, put on your thing-s, and
! go with me to the Mansion House to see your iuoth
; cr." "My mother!" exciaimed, she, astonished, ''is
mother there" "Oh! ye?," said the Chief, "she
came on the same train with your uncle." So the.
little lady put on her things, and with the Chief and
her uncle, proceeded to the Mansion, and there met
her mother. The meeting was a pleasant one, and
the Chief was overwhelmed with gratitude at his
promptness and kindness in the affair.
Tlie little lady told the Chief that she was bound
to Detroit that no man accompanied or was tt ac
company her and that no one had swindled her of
money, of w hicb she had about $30. She had paid
but 25 cents to be conveyed from the cars to the
American, which fact is a compliment to the whole
ystera of carriages in this city. All of her money
was right. '
AV'hat her object or desire was in fleeing from her
parents, she would not divulge ; but the fact of a
young child of thirteen having the nerve and will
to attempt such an act, and carry it out almost to
completeness, is quite a sufficient eviience in our
minds, that Young America has taken up its quar
ters in the female sex. Buffalo Rtp.
Romance Extraordinary.
On Friday of last week, two individuals, calling
themselves Jack and Charlie, made their appearance
in Chambersburg, I 'a., anil while sauntering through
that town the latter attracted much attention ap
pearance, voice and manner seeming to indicate that
itE could not justlyT claim to be of the sterner sex.
His companion Jack had drank Very freely, and be
come uprorous in a saloon, incurring the displeasure
of the barkeeper, who compelled him to leave.
Ch; rlie immediately followed, having been advised
oy bmic one that " Sis" had better leave too, ami
ne retreated, declared that he was no " .Sts." Short
ly afterwards, Jack was arrested on the street for
-wearing. Charlie lecame indignant at :his, declar
ed a "knock down" would be the consequence, and
that he would "stay" with Jack under any circum
stances. Roth Jack and Charlie were arrested, and
i uiiplaint having been made by a constable, tlie ma-gi.-trate
was about to commit them to prison. Char
lie became boisterous, threatened all sorts of vio
lence with different kinds of weapons, and was ti
nai'y searched. Xothing dangerous was found on
bis nelson, or with which ne could execute his
threats. Jack and Charlie went to prison, and
Sjiej e being souie doubts of the sex of Charlie, the
M . . -'"t; ' t . AJaaiifijiri ..nvuaiira,
i-- xV6jijftT.faugTrtet o$ IMalta was
Sl.,l"-. J T. jfc. 1 .v. - i . i
i unu ixi.iiei iius&e-ioii, mit tiiu xacL was llls,clos.etl
biat he was a woman.
She gave a history of herself It would appear
Mat she was born and raised in the town of Hum
i icrset, in th's Sbate. Her name is Matilda Rush-
aberger, and sle is about twent"-four years of age.
About seven years ago, Han Rice's Circus was in
Somerset. Her father, who is a blacksmith, did
considerable horseshoeing f ir the circus, and from
the visits of Rice to the shop, she became acquaint
ed with him. Rice endeavored to get Ler brother to
travel with him, but he refused. He then, she al
leges, persuaded her to accompany him, and up to
a short period, she has been in his employ. She donn
ed male attire li um the time she started, and has been
wearing it ever since. Her occupation in the circus
vas equestrianism and vaulting, and no doubt she
hgured among Rice's "stars" as " the celebrated
Equestrian, Signor Somebody, from Franeoni's in
Far s. and Astley in London. &ac says that sue is
! not the only female in male attire traveling with cir-
, cusses in this country. Ol course, she is rou-rh in
; sneeclu and from her degrading and brutal associa-
lions, seems to have lost all respect for the proprie-
looked' upon each other, when they commenced a
friendship which had little interruption during their
1: .ru .. u t,;,.t Vci;.,.,l.,.tn y-.
mi's 1 till if li I ill v.iiiv.11 iiifei ..i... ..i.., e. .
ceive her brother's consort was
i i i- i
ml ULUiuoi .liita iiiicci
with crimson velvet ; not much according to our
ideas of a coach, for it was really a wagon without
springs. Glass windows had not yet been thought
of; but it opened between the wheels with clumsy
side doors, each having a leathern convenience for
holding steps, called a "boot," on which individuals
of the company that the king or queen delighted to
honor were perched. A numerous posse of insides
were nacked into this sociable conveyance. Sir
Walter Scott most truly describes the coach of the
seventeenth century, when discussing the family of
On this occasion Henrietta Maria, after all em
bracings and welcomings of herself and daughter
were over, was placed by her sister-in-law on her Imnil Kliy.abeth sat iv her: the Lilliputian
I i vtr.irv nf Kmi-Uivl am. her little duiunv bride-
coin, who is in his portraits the oddest punchin
ello that ever inducted himself into a vast supera
bundance of nether garments, sat opposite ; Itupert,
who was already well known to his royal aunt, oc
cupied one boot with his little sister Henrietta, god
daii.rtter to that. XJoer-n : the Prince-of Orantre and
the PHn.-rss Flisiaheth eldest dam-'hter of the Oucen
of Bohemia, the other a happy family party of
eight, all on excellent terms at that tune with each
other. Yet several of them professed different
modes of belief or unbelief. There were members
of the Church of Rome, two grades of Dutch dissent,
besides Rupert, whose utter disgust of the contro
versies then prevalent had extinguished in his mind
all sense of devotion. It was lucky that no theolo
gical topic was started among persons of such close
An Austrian Detachment taken Tbisoners by
a Railway Lnolneer. Among the many lighter
passages of the war with which the Parisians amuse
themselves we find in the Sport the story of the
capture of a detachment of Austrians who were ta
ken prisoners by the engineer of the railway. It
appears that the Austrians were en route for Pes
chiera to reinforce General Urban, when the engi
neer, whose sympathies were naturally on the Ital
ian side, " switched oft"," and conveyed the Teuton
ic heroes into the allied camp. Here they were
politely escorted from the railway carriages by the
French soldiers who, with that amiable politeness,
for which the nation is distinguished, saluted their
enemies with " All those who are going to France
will please change cars 1" The feeling of the Aus
trians, on finding themselves taken prisons in so
ignoble a manner, may b imagined but not described.
Sea Bathing at Cape May. Theheaeh at Cane
May presents an odd scene during bathing time.: It
would seem as if a regiment of lliglil .nders were en
joying a dip m Old Neptune's domain. T'.iere is
no mark to, .. - .,n . ..v,.... l
a common level. Here is an. o ld R-Uow with the
dimensions of a Lambert, -ntf'.in awl blowing-, tsnd
vainly endeavoring to drown himself until tlie idea
that ho is .-. i. r.,., v.... K i,..,..,V.,r
- - - - .... iiia i nil 1. 1 . 1 1 .
There is the fist younr mn fmm New York v ho
seeks relief from the e. .Is of his dissipation in the
briny water. Look ! there goes the dandy ou a de.d
run Horn the-bath nouse to the water. He ren-.inds
one of an ostrich. It is hard to know what object
he has in taking a bath, as he has hardly life enough
to feed a disease, an 1 is too nnsnHui n,,t f-.1 ,l... i.
t u'.. 1 rv o, ..- . , , .,.
ovi... 1. V' IW Ul V UllilULeS e TV :S K'l I S 1-
I ish. the water, screaming, scrcat hing, co.igniiig and
sneezing, and then suddenly there is a grand change
a le Touare, for the bathing houses. The dip over;
all hasten to the hotel, there to fortify themselves
against the effects of any salt water they roay have 1
swallowed, by a little can de vk j
The South Carolinian, published at Columbia, j
contains a long and elaborate communication from
ihe Jb-.11. K. VV.' Piekfcnri, mr prescxr Minist-or to .
Russia, on several very important subject connected
with the political history of this country. It was
written to clear Mr. Calhoun and President Tolk 1
from certain sdlegations contained in Col. Reitton's ,'
" Tbirt V Vvtr in t li. T Tnit.1 pnntd " Vi.b. i inir I
to the annexation of Texas, the Tariff, the visit of
- . L,f.s f 1K' e MUSSiU 01 ssrs -
may other matters ef interes
this remardable "refutation"
at an earlier period, but for the death of Col. Ben
ton in tiie spring of 1853. As Air. Pickens was the
original arid sole depository of the facts upon which
Col. Benton's representations are alleged to have
been founder), he deems it proper at this time to
make public a full and true statement of everything
that transpired in the visit alluded to by Col. Ben
ton. S. Y. Day Book.
Emplotment of Austrian Prisoners. The Oon
stitutionel has reason to know that it is the inten
tion of the French Government to employ the Aus
trian prisoners in making railways in Algeria, It is
also said that the prisoners will be let out to hire to
agriculturalists and manufacturers svho may be wil
ling to pay them. The officers are. everywhere well
treated. They are free on parole, and may even
obtain, without much difficulty, leave of absence
from the places assigned for their residence. Those
who are married may send for their wives. Tlie
pay allowed them by the French government is fix
ed as follows : Generals of divisions 4-OOOf. ; gener
als of brigade, M0O0; superior officers 2100; cap
tains, lieutenants and sub-lieutenants, 1200.
Our Army Men Sent Back from the Seat
OF War. The European governments are not
disposed to communicate the secrets of their mil
itary science tuid improvement in weapons of war
to the Yankees. AVe learn from the Richmond
Enquirer of the 13th, that private letters from the
Continent of Europe intimate that tlie American
officers who had been permitted by the United
States to go to the seat of war in order to gain
military insight into war tactics by observation of
the contending powers, have been rcfusod pass
ports to travel thither. They consequently return
ed to Knghind to awnit further diplomatic consid
eration of the matter and causes of objections.
Moss. Blondix ix Sew York. At last our citi
z -ns are about having an opportunity of witnessing
this gentleman's performances upon the tight rope
t.u . Jiai,rcr rTerr-rs orwr- ' - --- .
It appears that arrangements have been made t
stietoh a rope from the U .ts of Wehawkeu to the
highest point of the "Mights," which will make u
distance o'. -.bout one thousand feet, an ! an tier i
tion of one hundred and fifty feet. Persons will be
conveyed to the scene by the cars and omnibus, and
by ferry excursion steamboats the proprietors
of which are expe 'ted to contribute toward defray
ing the expense. Thus we are to have the great
Rioudiu at last. AVho won L go to see him ?
A Young Lady ox Drill. AVhile drilling re
cruits, a Liverpool sergeant discovered among the
awkward squ.ul a vry pretty girl disguised in male
attire. She blushed and excited the sergeant's sus
picion, who found, upon questioning her, that she.
was endeavoring in this manner to reach a mar and
dear relative in the rank and file of England's de
fenders. Twenty-five shillings and some petticoats
were given her, and she was sent, an unhappy mai
den, back toher home in Dublin, to be corrected by
her parents.
Tekrific Gnat Storm. The Louisville Journal
iys that a terrific storm of gnats prevailed in tiiat
city on the night of the 6th ulu Places of amuse
ment were rendered unbearable. They were snow
ed on the hotel tables until the chandeliers had to
be put out and lights placed at a distance. Streets,
sanctums, and in all places where lights were visi
ble, gnats prevailed. Eyes, ears and mouths were
i exposed to the annoyance. Every body strained at
j a gnat, if they did t swallow a camel.
. t rw ..... . .
riKST love. trie nrst giaa moments in our nrst
love is a vision which returns to us to the last, and
brings with it a thrill of feeling intense and special
as the recurrent sensation of a sweet odor breathed
in a far off hour of happiness. It is a memory that
gives a more exquisite touch to tenderness, that
feeds the madness of jealousy, and adds the lust
keeuaess to the agony of despair. Adam Btde.
Novel Mode of PrNisiiME CT. Jefferson county,
Texas, no iaih in lieu of which oersons sentenced
j to confinement are fastened, night ami day, to a rock
in the public satiare by a chain attached to tl
ankle. If the prisoner's offence is light or he has
previously borne a good character, he is allowed an
umbrella to protect himself from the sun and rain.
Shingles. The Scientific American Fays that
the word "tdiinirlo" am appliud to thin, pieces of
wood for covering or rooting houses, is peculiarly
American, and is never used in such a sense in
Great Britain. Shingle machines are also peculiar
to this country, and there are few classes of machin
ery on which more ingenuity has been expended.
Activity of Napoleos. A private letter from
, the scat of war, says that since the active work be-
gan Napoleon knocks up two horses every day,
being in the saddle from four o'clock in the morning;
and some of his grooms have just reached Paris for
a new supply from the imperial stud. His indefati
gable inspection of all matters involving supply,
commissariat and reinforcements, was the theme of
the whole army.
"saAVe acknowledge the receipt of an extra, from
the bruiiswic.k (Ga.) Herald, announcing the acquital
of Carey W. Styles, of that city, who was tried before
Glvnn Superior court on the 1 1 th inst., for killing J.
! w Moore on the nieht of the 24th of December, ltSo7
$W Large numbers of persons attended the sec
ond " poney -penning" on the banks near Beaufort,
last week. The number of ponies penned was large
but few were sold, on account of the high prices
asked for them. Wash. Despatch.
" Mother, I heard sissy swear."
' What did she sav ?"
" She said she was soinp: to wear her darned
stockins to church to-morrow."
The roots of a tree are hidden, so are
sources of evil.
When M wall like a Ssh T When it is scaled.
Italian Gikls. The idea of a girl in lialy
is imlissolii' iy ooitnected with thut of a being
devoid of all n sans., infallibly preferring
wroi g to righi, aiid w!io can etily be kept from
barm a- J evil 1 y the most iiicesstuil watchful
ness. A mother's who!-1 purental duty toward daughter s "em" tonsiflertvl in lt.i!" to bo
comfireiic-iidi d in the one act of igiiiince.
" My daughter has i.evtr been, sitiC. s!ie . as
niiieyc'!irso!d,4oL't .fur si,'.it for mure than twen
ty i' at j'. t:mt," ?t"d an La'iau ct ntess
boastfully ; nml b his ' I ton site aj pt-ar-t-d
to think Ih it she -ucri :ci to .ai.o rank in
I.fe in Itiiliy is practically h p' st : 'i 1:1.1.1 slie
marries. In'o sccicty she in. t eater ;
neither in the n) : ,;ii; fete, nor in tlie ev.'iiiijg
dance is she-pe. mined to disp'ay hei L'l.artiiS
and gr.nccs- Au occasional walk w:tl. father,
or brother, or mother, is permitted ; out she
mast not go outside of the house Unless accom
panied by her pearest kindred. To be stn
siloiie, - even but a few yards from her father's
uour, would entail upon her the deepest dis
jrtaee f nil l-eaviest cer.siri-.Iiept under, a
perpetual surveillance, every lliii'g she wriies,
ami every line she receives, are subjected to
riid scrutiny. Life in v.
" Ah, Tat, rut," said a sciiool mistress to a
thick headed urchin, into whose muddy brain
if '.- ,'she vas nttempting to beat the alphabet, I niu
est. 1 he publication of . , , ', . ' .
"would have been made jafrH 1,1 Tou will never lean, anything. .ovv
H llill 3 LllUb 1CIICI, t:iJ i
"Sure and I don't know ma'tn," replied Pat
Thought you might have remembered lliat."
" Why, ma'm V
" Because it has a dot over the top of it."
" Och, ma'm, I mind it well, but sure I
thought it was a fly speck."
" Well, now remember, Tat it's I ?"
" Yon ma'm V
' No not TJ, bat I."
" Not I, but vou, ma'm how's that ?"
" Not, I, but'yon, blot khead."
" Fool ! fool" exclaimed the pedagogues,
almost bursting with rage."
Just as you please," quietly returned Pat,
"fool" or 'blockhead' it's no matter us long us
yer free to own it."
The happiest being in the world is supposed
to be ' a nigger at a dance.' In our opinion
this rule is too limited A ' nigger ' is not only
happy at a dance, but in every position A dar
key may be poor, bat he is never low spirited.
Whatever he eanus he invests in fun and devil
try. Oive him .a dollar, and in less than an
hour he will lay seven shillings of it out in yel
low neck-ties or a cracked violin. There is some
thing in an African that sheds trouble as a
duck will water. Who ever knew a 'cullid
pussum' to commit suicide 1 The negro ia
strongly given to love and jealously ; but he
has no taste for arsenic, lie may loose his ali ;
by betting against a roulette, but he don't find
relief for Lis despair as white folks do, by resorting-
to -?iiarcoal fumes, or a new bed-cord,
hut by visitinsf de fair sex,' aud participation in
the mazy iutVienee of the oceipu'.al couv tluiions.
of der clariuett'.
An OCT a Fjc;. "Pat tick, the widow Mwhmy
teod me that you have stolen on of her finest
p.Lrs. Js that so '"
" Vis, yer honor."
" What hare you done with it?',
" Kiiled it and ate it yc honor !"
" Oil, Patrick, Patrick, when you nro
brought face to lace with the widow and her
pig, on the Judgment hiy, what account will
you be able to give for yourself when the widow
ucc.ti.scs you of the theft.
" Did j ix bay the pig would be there, yer
riveruiice V
" To be sure I did ?"
" Well, thin yer yiveraiice, I'll say, Mrs Mo-
Iony, there's yo .r pijjr ?"
The Arti-t Out of an art a
so trival you would mistake him
ile at best, a grown iiif,.i,t
his art and how high he soars ubo
uu:etly he enters into a heaven '
in"n mny lie
for tin itnbec
I'vit I . iii. i'lto
. vou ! H ow
which he lias
become a denizen, and, unlocking lie gates
wish his golden key, admits you to follow, uu
humble reverent visitor. Uulwer.
Xavai. Or.DER-i. Commander Bcnj. M.Dove,
has been detached from tiie command of the
naval rendezvous, 15 dtimore, and ordered to
the coniiii ind of the LI. S. store ship Ueliel, in
piae of Commander Roger Perry, detached.
Commander A. II. Kiltz has oeen ortleredt
to the command of the naval rendezvous, Balti
more. ." Where shall I put this paper so as to be
sure of seeing it to-morrow ?" inquired a sister
of a brother. "On the lookiug-giuss," va3-tLc
prompt reply.
Declined. Phe Standard says that Hon.
Daniel M. Barring'jr has been tendered, by
Mr. liuchanan. the mission to Central Ameri
ca, which, says the same paper, that gentleman,
has felt constrained to decline.
Tarboro' Branch Railroad. The Survey
of our Branch Road was commenced on Thurs
day last, in this vicinity by Messrs. Henry
Meliae, Jno O. Ashe, Ousion Lewis, and C.
C. Le is. They are said to be progressing
finely towards Rocky Mount. lawuuru Sou
therner. Thomas R. Murray, late editor of the New -bern
Gazette, is about to form a copai tin rshij) '
with a gentleman who has charge ol a weekly
whig paper. A large daily will be s' aided us
soon as the second party can sell and move to
The "Tealest instance of impudence on record
. - v i. ...i . : It..!,.,., idle
is that OI a iaiiKee vvuu, in uu iiun.... '.,
stopped a religious procession in order to U
his ciar from one ot the noiy canuit-s.
The Great Pedestrian. Mickey Free com
pleted a walk of 110 consecutive hours at
Brooklyn, N V , ou Saturday. He walked for
a wager of $500, and is the sime person who
ont ran a celebrated racing horse at or ueal
Boston, a year or so ago.
Hes-igno Captain Job Carson lias resign
ed the situation of Oeneral Superintendent on
tl.e Washington and Alexandria Railroad
Mr Bayuton. the Conductor on the road, iu
discharge the duties of that position.

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