North Carolina Newspapers

f? f -. - .-,..;.,- vr :- ------ - ' V?-T; - - . . "-"- ...
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' . fa00 FEB ASNUM- . :p":r, ' WOBCT MOM ABMg .CTOTT : . , payable !x aciT .
NO. 1,G55.
Single -opy, in advance, per annum $2.00
at the end of the year 300
i Single eopies, five cents.
Nonbcription will be' received for loss than six
mouth. . . .
' , . " ir
Sixty cnts per square of 16 Unas, or less, for
first, and 40 cents for each subsequent insertion,
uj pencil under tbree montis.
Kurbree months, $4 00
Fornix months, 6 00
For.woIve months 10 00
Other advertisements by the year on favorable
terms. Advertises are particularly requested to
state the number of insertions desired, otherwise they
will be inserted until forbid, and chargod accordingly.
;ES-JOB WOES of all kinds executed neatly and
IPayettoville, T- CU-
TILL practice in the counties of Bladen, Samp-
T T sou and Cumberland. Prompt attention given
to all business committed to his charge.
April l, 1858. tf
WILL ATTEND the CouiUyand Superior Courts,
ot Robeson, Cumberland. Bladen and Colum
bus. All business intrusted to his care, will receive
prompt attentiou. Office in the Court Uouse.
ju'.y I, 18,)9. 1-J-w
fTT'ILL I'RACTICE in the Courts of Robeson.
W Cumberland. Columbus and Uladen. Office at
Lumburtou, Hobeson Co., N. C.
July 5. 159. w.:-im.
Dental Xtfotice.
I'll. 1 1 - V I ' A
HAS Purchased the St.icit and Ai paratus of Dr.
iiExnow, and flatters himself that he is prepared
7o give 'atisfaction to all in need of bis services. He
expects to the Summer here, and may be found
at all times at the rooms formerly occupied' by I)R.
liti.vBow. two doors East of the Market, during the
regular office hours from 9 A. M. to I P. M., and from
3 P. M. to 5 P. M.
Apr.l 1. 18o9. tf
- AX. Oamptoell,
East Side of Gillespie Street,
Vatettkviij-e, N. C.
Nov. 13. 18 '
H. GB AH L M ,
Commission iUcrcrjant.
7"ILL give prompt and pernal attention to all
June I1?. 1S .9.
,U. JAMES DAVIS, having
f r ,.:a..a mTmnnpnt v locating in tbe
liiM iuru " - .
m . . . c r rpnpotfullv ofiVrs his servi-
ce to the citizens of this place and surrounding
country- If t!,e various branches of his Fro-
- " ..i;.-. tht. manufacture of Mineral
re-si;. ine". .....
Teeth he U satisfied, after an extensive expen- j
MW. to which is added a tborougli Dental educa- ;
ti 1 that he can give entire sauiuniu u ....
it iin the p-.wer of Dentistry. All irregularities
of the TVeth treated in a proper and careful man-
...'tl .1 ilio WOC AT the miuth. None but
ner, ,intii-'-- - . .
the proper metals are made use of in the various ;
operation-'. Charges will be moderate, that the,
ben-firs of the Profession may be placed within!
the reach t all who may ieei an iiueicBL m
tireserv.itioii of the Teeth.
' ) Hoe over Houston's Jewelry Store, -wnere
be will he found at all times.
May 15. 1858 tf "
Martole Factory,
Two Doors above C. T. Maigh & Sou's Store,
Fayette ville, 2s C.
Oct. 1, 1858. ly.
"VR.l to wrk ti!'teu Barrels, which I will sell on
t..,w --v, A-wly aoon.
FayetteviTIe, May 19, r.r9.
Ja n k
ID Ta IX c(D(D2gtt
All of which will te offered by Wholesale r Retail
as low a-i the simc quality caa be had in this Stito
March 12. 1 .-!!. '
A SMALL BAY ll .H.-sii with black 1 mon,
and tail, nl.out 8 years old. and in good work
n,' coiid.tion. The owner will please com forwar.l
prove property, and take hiui awav.
r , ' D- IXOX",
Kingsbury. Cumberland Co C
August 6, 1859. w-3t. 5
which the highest cash nriep will i...
piid. A. M. OA&IPBELL.
cot.i. ims. tt
itt-tl SnriiiS Rolieson Co.. N. r;
THE subscriber having recently made considerable
n.Millnnu In hie V-ll i 1.1 i rl ... . . . ntinnnA
"orrtairsovU.e Store of Mr Von
,aaaadioin;;'s North Water
hi i-i i -i ii "o - ' -.I ii-i iii.., 10 jjiciacu i v) aecom
niodate v si tors daring the season, hese ce e r. ed
Springs are situated at a distance of twenty cne miles
from Lumbertoii and twenty-six miles from Fayette
ville, in a healthy and moral neighborhood.
1 he water is celebrated lor the cure of iver Com
plaint, Dyspepsia and Chronic Diarrhoea. Numei
ous certificates might be produced of cures heretofor
effected. UECTOB MtNEILL.
July 21 d4t
Fresh Arrival !
Spring and Summer Goods !
T. A. PpjinERTOS
ISnowreceiviug his Secoud' Stock of Spring Mid
Summer Goods, embracing all the -
With a great variety of new syle goods for Travelling
Dresses and Dusters, also a complete assortment ol
A large and varied assortment of Silk and Lace Man
tles, Cliantilly Lace Points, Black and White .
Berage. Mantles. Stella
A few of thoae splendid French em broidere
i;onrs and Sleeves.
n null irpVPK
wipwwnw . t--- - -
a great variety oi new Bijte Hoop Skirts, sc., c
In the above stock may be found a great many new
and desirable styles, just ont. The public generally
are invited to call early and examine for themselves.
April 23. -tf
I. & V. .McL.AU it IN
and desirable Stock of
150 Bags of Kio. Laguara and Java Coifee ;
100 Bbls. and Hhds. Sugar (assorted ;)
2- Hhds. Molasses ;
30 " Bacon, Sides and Shoulders
5 1)0 Sacks Salt ;
150 Boxes good Tobacco ;
125 ' Sperm. Adamantine and Tallow Candles ;
50 " Soap, (assorted ;)
50 " Candy, "
1 (Mi Bags Shot.
1000 Lbs. Bar Lead ;
30 Bbls. Snuff, (Eagle Mills;)
25 Kegs Soda ;
250 " Nails ;
Farming Utensils of all descriptions ;
American. English. Swedes and Peruvian Iron ;
Blister, German and Cast Stiel ;
Blacksmith Tools ;
Coopers' do.:
Corn Shellers and Straw Cutters ;
Buckets. Br-'oms and Pails ; "
Leathen Manilla and Jule Rope, (all kinds and
quality;) Plow Lines and Bed Cords ;
Hollow Ware : i -
Cotton Yarns and Sheetings nt Factory Prices ;
All of which will be sold low for cash, orsou nsual
time to prompt paying customers.
. Country merchants are respectfully requested to
call and examine, our stock before purchasing else
where. -
March 5, 1S59. -tf
Cathartic " Pills,
Ixi vfillds, Ptlkcr, Mothers. 11 ytCi T
l'llimumrou)!),, rod tlirlr KITcGts-
tud Judge or their Virtues.
Headache, Sick Headache, Foal Stomnch.
PinsuijRa, 1a, My 1, l-5o.
TR. J. C Arm. Sir: T bATt been ivpt-utedly cuted of the
worst head.f-hf any IxxJy dm have by dive or two of your
Pills. It H?liiri to arise Jnm a tnul etomucn, winch tm-y eleitnM
at once. If tbey will cure other aa they do me, the fiict ia
worth kuooing. Your with great r.spect.
ED. W. PKEBLE, Cert- f Steamer Carum.
Bilions Disorders and Liver Complaints.
Sir : i have used your l-ills ill my gneriil and hospital prac
tice ever ..if ice you ui3ile them, aud raiim hesitate te say they
are th. best cxtharric -e employ. Their regulating actioa on
the hrr i,iiuick and dideil, o nsequeatly they are an adnxira- -ble
r.'mely for derartpemeola of Uiat oriran. Indeed, I have
aelilnfii fnutiil a i-ase of biiiuus so olitiunte tiiat it did not
readilv vielj to them. Fraternally vmirR. -
ALOSZO BALL, M. riiysidan trf the Marine Hospital.
Dysentery, Relax, and "Worms.
Tost Offk-e, Haktland, .1.iv. Co.. SIleH., Not. IS, 1855.
Dr. Ateb: Ymir Fills are the ier(ection of medicine. They
have dune my wile ni re good than I can tell yon. Phe had been ..
ii-k and pininir away frr numtks. Went oft to 1 doctored at
great exTn-ns, int got no lietter. .She then conimenL-ed taking
your i'ills, wliirh siwm cur-d her, ly exjieiiing large (juanlities
of wtirnis (dca't from her tnijy. They afrerwai'ds curt d herand
our two riiiMreu of bloo1y dysTtery. One of our neighbor
li:id it ha-i, and my v it- o;rcd liiiuwilh two doses of your Pilia,
aiiiie otlu-r ar-mud us jiaid fiom five to twenty dolhirs doctors'
tilU, and lost mn'-h litiie, witlmut ling rnrrd entirely even
t:n. Sin-It a medii ine as V' lirs. whirh is ai-tnally good aud
h-ii.-v!, xviU Ik-prized here. "GEO. J. GUTFFIN, 1' iimasirr.
Iiiui?etioii and Imparity of the Blood.
'.... .': J. I". II..hS, J'uJ"r:f .X'lmit (V.ifrcA. 7i;jr.w.
In. ATi.a : 1 hae u.Mf.1 your I'iltswith extraoniinarv success
in my family and among those I am railed to visit in dintresa
To r-gniate" Hie orsaiis of digi etion and pnrify the I.IkmI they
are the verv U st rriu-lv I hare ever known, and I ran confl
dtntly reoimuitinl liieni to my fiieuda. Y6ur, J. V. HJMl.
Wir.ii, W iwnvc C".. N. T.. Oet. 2. US5.
Prl- Sr: T am wini yonrCnthaltk- i'i ls in my prarlk '.amj
fiti. I lli.-n an .x.-flleTit -urirarive to cleanse the sy-t-ni and nu
r:f il l-imit.-uiis ot the bUal.
Fivsipelas, Scrofula, Kins's Kfil, Tetter,
Tumors, and Salt Kheitm.
FrtTn a F,rviT'nt-a -Mrirhnnt of X. Lfiiix. FtK 4. l.iA.
Tr. Avfr- Your l-illa are the paragon of all that is areai in
ni.-ii. iue. Thev have cured my little daiifcliter of nl'-en-ns sores
epi ii b. r bHiids and fvt that had pniv. d incurable H.r years.
Il.-r neither has l n long grievously afflicted with blotcnea and
piuipli on her tkin ami iu her hair. After ur child ua-scuied,
she also tried Jur i'iha, and they haie cured 1I,CRII)G E
Rhetimatism, Nenraljria, and Got.
r,o. the J;rr. Jfr. H-tw.r. lAe XH!IU .-- rc.
flLA.KI IlOVJE. CAVANNAH. O ., Jail. 'S'1'-
Homcni Sm: 1 should he ungralelul for the relief your s kiU
has hro.i 'ht me if 1 did not rert my rase to you. A rold set
tled it. mv limbs and lwnghton exci urialing .n 2K lj
whi. h eu.1.,1 in chronic rheumatism. Notwilhstan.hi.g 1 had
the best ,.hv-i.iai,-. the disease grew worse and '
the dvi.'. or vo.,r eKrellent agent in llalt.n.o.e, Iir. Slacken ,
I tried vmr Villa. Their eflecf were slow, but sure. By per
aeveriUir" in the use of them 1 am now entirely .we.l.
exA-ra t'n.vBEB. Hatos KotOE, l.A 5 Ter .. 18?5
TIR. Aria: 1 tan.-.umilin-ll rured by your I'llrs r n. u
matic O'out a nainfui disease that had attli. teil me
For Dropsv, Plethora, or kindred Com-
pla in la re.mii nig an active pm jje, Uiey al e u excellent
For Cotiveness or Constipalion, and as a
Dinner I'ill, they are agieeablc and ellcrluul.
Fits, Suppression, Parulvsis, Inflammation,
and even Deafness, and Partial BliliUMeas, Ueu
oireil by the alteiative action of these Pilla.
Most of the pills jn market eontaiu !Ucn-urT.whicli,allhnurh
a valuable rennsiy in FKiifui hands, is dangerous iu a public pill,
from the dreadful ronseriieurea that frequently follow ita incau
tious use. These contain no mercury or mineral substance
and for the relief of consumptive patients in advanced stage
of the disease.
We need not snpH)j to the pnMc of t8 virtues. Throughout
every town, and alniolt BVer hamlet of tbe AmeHean Stales,
ita on dei in I cures ,lf p,llD)onary complaints have made it al
ready known. iSa.v, f,., XTe tie familie in any civilized coun
try on eontitwnt without nIIII personal exrience of ita :
effects; and fewer Jt.t 1B comnillIlit'ies any where which have
not among them orae liT, trophy of ita victory over the snb
tie and dangerous of the throat and lungs. While it i
the most powerful amid,)ta t kuow to man for the formida
ble and dangerous di,., f the pulmonary organa. it is also
the pleaaiintest an(1 medy that can be employed for in
fants and young persons. Parents -ehould have it in More
against the insidious enemy that steals upon them unprelred.
We have abundant grounds to believe the Cherry Pectobai
m "Tf? the consumptions it prevent, than those it
VJ . P, 'I'X.yo.and cure yonr colds while theyam eur
Je, nor neglect them llntU no nuBllul skiU cin master the ln
jZ fe-tened on tbe vitala, eat. your life away,
know . Tt W "ty of lungdordera, and they ,
know utf the virtii,,. . . .T ao more than
assure them it is
cost no care, no toil to ree Vt tuTmosTSTtet polbkS
i tie. W re i
"furnish irSi OD the f-" mbCbOOT
Mtcd aad Analytical ChemUt. toweU,3IM.
Ayj SOLD UTi-:
Feb'y 19, 1859. iy
TIIK N'OitTll 0 A it i) L I .V I A N.
.r . ; '. r-M ' --
The Election.
It is rprfninlv n relief lit tret nv tKa
political campaign, we feel like taking a,good,.wi:Jf8ho"1lanyther Soger A Pryorbe elected
smoke (?) now that tli labor is over, and
are quietly emconsced in oar eur chair with ai
much ease, elegance (?) and egotism J as possible-
- - .s . ."..
J . ... .
How we Editors did fight, yes! we fottt a RreaC , gooa enug P "j place, and his place is not. . so manngeU t. outairi trom h.m o80 in money. , th,.ln Jn the rC;,lttlme however, thev are mal.: -fout,
but come over the race halo", whole fci, - ,,e Democr.Uc ranks. He is a Douglas ite. . upon t(,e sernr.ty of a "drafe" for $750 on a ; &u kind of inroads upon humanity, and nave 'spreJ?
hearty, let's shake hands, and hung up';" fitUT
' - - wir . m
anu now tnere i no use in'keepinjjnpaco
snarlinir, and barking ataoli oflir ''S It, . k
- - - --
I T'Tn near us Irieiiu J
luruul I vome Here B- w
next campnisn. What say you r jf ,r.
' tFWe return our thanks to thj publvlier.
Messrs Ilolden fc Wilson, for a neat paaiphl
copy of an address delivered before the Frankt
Literary Society, at Oxford in May last, by Frai
J. Wilson Esq., associate Editor-Of th Standur
It is a well written address, and contaius some e
cellcnt advice to young men.-"" '
The Fever Raging.
Steamer after Steamer brings to us continued inl
telligence of the growing excitement and discontoni
in Italy, and in fact, nearly all of Europe relativ
to the lata peace treaty of Villa Franca. What tin
result may be, we cannot tell, but we know thji
there is discontent with all tht- nations concerne
and even with the great neutral powers. Even N;i
poleon's English fiddler, Lord Palmersion. is not con
tent, and the whole English press U down upon tl
Kmperor, consequently the French governmunt ha
seized upon every English paper which comes' inl
the Empire. Of a truth Napoleon must have comjl
?i. J i r , x. . il I
milieu a grave en or wnen ioru I'amici stou fcn l i
support him. :
Victor Emanuel don't say a word, thinks silence
is his best part at present, but oh!, how he would
like to pch in again if he dared. Louis acknowl
edges that it is a peace wrought about by expediency
with which he is not content himself it would ap
pear. The Emperor of Austria praises his arm v.
and in bis soul acknowledges that they won't do !
Italy is in a blaze of revolution, (iari!akli ha
sworn against an abandonment of his great object,
the liberty of Italy. .
The Pope is discontent and every thing wrong,
and how long can peace last ?
The discontent which now prevades tho whole ot
1 Italy must sooner or later "make itself manifest in 5,
j universal, outburst, which will cause the throne o.
Napoleon to bea still lajre uneasy sent for the ue-
' - . I' I 1 . . 1
; is but another name for despotism and power.
Hai d Sayings.
Now that the election is over an 1 the rjr itemcnt
consequent thereon, we feci as if an apolojrv wert
due for certain things said by us hastily an.l for
which we are willing to make all reasonable amends.
In the beginning of the ditiioulty in this J lisirici
we had occasion to make sonvj remai ks relative t
a Democratic meeting in Columbus county. Tin
article was written tinder the impression that tiv.
primary meeting had been the final .me. and ia
much as there had been no ar t of Mr Y"inshws. !
which any democrat could condemn, it was due M
him that they should endorse his course. We tils)
Considered that the North Carolinian had betri j
slighted and hence the article which our Democra:-'
ic friends in Columbus have seen through the a 'ei - ,
cy of the Journal. We woul J be sorry that su 'i !
sterling democrats as those- of Columbus simu l J
take offence at that which was saiu by us whi! t j
laboring under a wrong impression. We trust il,:' ;
Journal, who is always willing lo do the clean ,
thibg, iiini'- copy this, that our friends iu Columbus !
in iv uiidi r.-tand in.
tzattox. It is now an indisputable fu.-t!
li.ii- tl,o Tl,.m..t: !..!. V,.,.ll, .,.,.1
becoming split u and disorcanizetl, not on account :
'"'i mv. i '.imik lilLll. lliXIlV. MULll iUI III anu II ti
rC lvateeJ.; HarrIsburP, a ono-hor.o town ait is call-
, n concedct. to biw, but. lie ha out fsmwulvua ufiifW. T. , . ' tip in XTotTiS Tot riUrnriT-Tpat-rrcTTULi V' i in '' xei. ., , j.i.nlilii.ij , imd If
I self this lime. The tirce ld.tve.l lv him upon tht ' c:u't-,i4-'nt f".'v,Tul medium, a 1 our fnands CAar IJuL'eti. .. . f ' f the great Frar.klin-oM glnce tor a moment at tho
I ii..i;.,n - i, . l i . , ,i. .1 i ". . t" r . - i. r " woiii'l cotistili their own in teres'. -;l-v bearin"- hi. in state o" mundane afl'iirs;, rith what sunrise would
, Italian has Wen too palpahle to he .ot hi jt.t of. evtn - Tlie Miami Indian lands in southern Kansas he contemplate the. rapid strides in the "art pre-
I by his blinded serfs ofrmn-e. I n.ler Lotus liberty "" " " ' " .2 " were opened by mistake for pre-eniDt.oii. The" servativc of arts V" 1 .-tn-iibvir Union.
of nm-disagreement as to the political issues whK!.itV(--' 1 , . . ltl"Mlru. "ot long
. , ,. ' - i , , since, for not having his wash bo 1 ivroiifr
are now agitaung the .'public mind, but wy.m . , ,r -, , . ,, - . .. . .
',,,..'- 1 side up,'rand for having "lyatct standing in it.
purely personal grounds, and what isstdl worse sec- ,IJijs wa$ ror .two ,narks. A!I are iiUed to
tional feelings, which unfortunately exist in different j mako an.itjftse before the mark is set asrainst
localities. This state of affairs-is unfortunate, ami ! ,m -taSirl 'lie asked to be excnseil for tli'"wA.
much to le regretted
The only alternative which
party has left, to harmonize, and pie.the rants
lisorganizers, and all others -who do "ftetj a " in
of disorganizers, and all others -who do UfAj a
eoncert wiUi tbe party from any eojiyvi.tinji oi
but merely for the purpose of seeking and!
personal aggrandizement, is to rcorgtu'lhd
shall the forces together, those who jly; have
poraily strayed oh ana got wanouipi "VviSlu..h nS tWjjrick, stone, and earth, and was
party, by holding Conventions in every -W 1 ule j,, Fraiiee. Iu the distance stands the
District and State in the Lnion. city, the houses.,, with their roofs and upper
This is the only way in which an organization , 8tor;ea knocked ptF, presenting some such ap
can be effected, and tho only hope for us to triumph . p(.a,..,ni.e as we might expect to lind on entering
.... . J. I... nil fthll I ij I . C.- L 1 1.. .
in 1 800 A Teat political crisis is now at uui, .
i :i cim.imti men .Democrats as well as I
IT, lL'HUtJVC; an .-vi. 1 i - ,
opposition to rally around the standard of democracy
as the only redemption and hope of tne couu.
Tho st.h mast present a bold front in the cainpn
of 'CO and in this way ettecta glorious
" V" -'-- ... I,. rtVlClT.
s way effect a glorious tnuu.po
the free soilers and fanatics of the North .
The Treaty of Villafranca, according to . cj,i()ll 0-f'lhe best manner iu which
editor of the Courier des Etals Unis, is not ta p ( r,;olls for defence and attack,
considered as a sort of accident ; on tlie crtntm . , j j,, yn jt the soldiers manning
must exDect to see it assume the proportion
. . i .i-.i.- r.i fVio noint f
the greatesi event, oi uie cuuuuj, r-
. 'rtv. rnni, nliovr "- The same intcB:
view ol i ii.iii.ii .......j .
4- mrltpr tplls liskthat we mav be sure that
gcuu ' - - .
hind the Italian question, now apparantly setel
will arise in a manner, more or less vehement,'
English German question." ,
In other words, Waterloo has yet to be avenge
ltir.GAGG Cabs. -Two, the first arrival of f Cars were received at the depot on 'Monila
They were manufactured for the Railroad Comply
. . rru v.tP Kn vinrchnse will " r
in v irgiui. x iic uaiiuit.i:-ui . ii-- ij - - -
' rive in a few days.
Fudge 1 ! Fudge ! !
-n 'correspondent of this Petersberg- Press is deeply
Rested in the Dolitics of tBe Petersbare Coaares-
district which has lately been opened up for
various claims of nolitical stsDtrsnts bv the death
f the Hon. V O n,wl
nominated by the distinct Convention soon to be
should be wfing to let the country go
il. . . .
ue oarrt, did its. success depend upon rryor
, U... :x - .. , - . i i l
ji m wvriu v. one to give ine reasons wnv ue .
WUfffo send'-fo Cono-ress.-'-: Of course after
-stir. . . .
--n urSument lr must be sent
BfVV - .ninWHI S.erHMD W
sutTifrZTtX t
nbAiu that srentlcmanly manner so characteristic j
. :
TnB Next Pbesiijenov. The annexed para- j
graph which extract from the "Baltimore Pat
riot" is another exemplification of the shameful
manner in which jhe opposition press speak of our
chief magistrate. '. They know very wi ll that he has
j expressed his determination not to become a can
didate for the Presidency, hence their denuncia
tory and opprobrious remarks about him.
We can assure our cotemnorarv that it is no
iipon the Fox and Grape principle that Mr Cuch- 1
unan has taken an innitiative iu this matter, but
on the contrary a knowledge of liis infirmity and
advauced age has impelled him to the adoption of
his present course. The attacks of the opposition
press upou him avail nuthing whatever.
" resolution of our venerable chief mnaris
trate, not takm hastily, we may be sure, or while
there was ain- chance for an opposite coarse re-
inuins one ot tlie-sclt-ienial ltlalea tiv ' lioz, in
he Country-Curate, who, having n very "small
. . . - .
number ot friends, no inliiience at Court, mid beinsr
i f no family, uxcept a very large one of his own,
took a solemn vow that under no circumstances
whatever would he accept the vacant bishopric,
or permit himself to be' decorated witL. -the order of
the Garter-
JrsT L40K at it? At that card of J. J. Baker's
who koep4 the best Hotel in the State. We al
ways like Vrood eating and can find none better than
it Baker's! But what wt were coming at was we
wished to tell the folks that Mr Barnham is the su the ! nest gentleman and most agrce
ible comninirn we have ever met with. When you
jo to loliboro' go and see them.
To Ai.tEi;usi:i!s. We would remind Merchants,
Meohuni.-i and all oilier.- who may Wish to let their
bi;slne.-'5V? known to the public, that the Xvrth
'Jandir, ',tn circulates extensively in Richmond,
The Spirit or the Ace.
jurmrc and literary jourMl
'.t-nth year of its existence.
excellent tem.
is about entnring the
Tlrssr.i.L's Magazine. The August nu ruber of this
v.duable periodical is now before us. It contains a
choice selection of rca ling matter, and amply sus
tains the reputation which it has justly acquired.
Terms Three, dollars per annum, in advance. , " ".
The Xew Youn: Dav Hook. This paper which
is one of uur best exchanges, being a truly conser-
vative paper, has come to hand in an entire new
dress. If the Day Hook were to teceivj all the
success wo wioli it, why then, it would be the paper
tif the nation. Success be with it say we.
Cn'iox Pemockat. This is t!;e title of a small
weekly, the pnblieatin of which has been
recently con meiiced at Halifax, X. C, by Mr C.
C. Xichnlson formerly associate Editor of the Mar
freesboro Citizen. If we take th? number before
us as a criterion, we may rely upon its doing much
good for the principles of the party which it niain-
of West Point, Every cadet's
room. is subject to inspection every five minutes. I
It must never be left without everyihmg btin
put to rights 'table set back-, books in their
p-"!l)Cr P'.aces on it, wash bowl wrong
side up.
f . C. I ,..,.t..i- . . . . . ...l . i i
ter stajiuing m it," as he was marked for its
iiot tKMiig up side down ; had it been, the water
WiwrYd not have been in" it.
Jia3LoX tJlQ Jtittsii-- t j-oia. of tbe- And-
mij; Hall is a plan of the fortieations surround
ln" ikbesicged vity. " It is afjont ten feet-square,
aud beautiful piece of workmanship. It is
eonsfriwied of the materials which are used,
oenasi opoi aucr us uuiuuai uinei i , oiiin on a
small scale, the buildings being about
. - rt , .
inches high. Uii the parapets winch surround
the city could be. seen portions of it knocked
away, and disabled gnns which would probably
Weigh a- quarter of an ounce each, lying in
sen tittered ruins. The fortifications which the
hesiegers had erected were also considerably
mured, and the whole was a perfect represeiitn-
to erct furti
It originally
the miniature
siege studs, stanutus: guard, . coosing uiei'
. . . i . . .
meals, &c, but the visitors commenced captur
ing those nearest the front and placing them in
It- their pockets, until the besieged (which they
i ould not reieh) so far outnumbered the besieg
ers, that it was not a good example of a soldier's
courage, and they were all removed.
In the Museum is a ease filled with targets,
which prove the superiority of the Minie rifle.
1 saw one with a "Dull s eye as large aa a u
"er dollar and a' ring aroaud it about fur
i'K'hes-in diameter. Inside the ring were ten
Wlet holes, the effect of ten successive shots
at a distance of 400 yards, six of which were
io the bull'-s eye.
TIeavy Swindle.' A Dlanter from Xnrth
Carolina, named Kivett, purchased In New
lork, last weelr, a sewing tnacliine nnd other
nrtitles. Lie carne to this vtr n Vwl..v anrl
took up rqnarters et th Franklin House.
Wl.ilo- hiV nrn obur,- r-.v.i
. u.iu uihii..c.0
ana insiHuaunjr auareis, voinntee. ed to escort
rum inrougn me cilj. Uil feaiarduy, they saying that it id remarkable for iis "agility .ind twu
mot him, by appointment, to conduct hitn to blespme bite." Its that same " bite" wit troubles
Fairmount. Then tht? old story was enarted . us indeed, rceus to trouble the whole torrn, for
They produced a ball and safe, exhibited it to ever' ho iv - pen s to have asupply, an,i cfve.ybody .
the r.stor.ished eves of their nnread victim, and ' ti,at :va iike 1 'e Iri-hmun wade tucy
, ... . . ' know nr.. re tr.ev !.r tnev fintt)ut ti Cir nii-IlCt UpOIl
:" vmi.ii!. nc s. i a n us
h'l i L- : n it t . r- i.i 1 1 . . nn . . . 'I ' L, ..... ..
i after permitted to win the difference. H chnprin , er was known before. A mosquito coaies buzzing
. jean be imngined, whi, - on returning to his i around and gives notice of his intentions to make
, hotel, he lonnd tTi draft to be mere wnste j an attack but these sneaking, blood-thirsty little
LparTW lh.-mcmt of the wretches -' steal so gently oec" one and give SO ht-S!-VihMe.:-
baiHtli Utti- ..r.,i.niiii. r tl token of their approach thai we have no patience-
Permitted to win the difference. A ir- cnnrrin ,
" . ... . . . . . . . - I
rHm JXZZlttrSn&m
niiy. sooner or later, to deplete liis finances
Blows North. A friend informs ns that an
amnsiiin-" incident occured on the 3d ii slaiit, on
the Railroad between Ili-h Toint and James- V, v. g h ' rPJ.1"!"'.,
. , . .. ,i. . ii i demand which he possesses over the hinureds of
town. A gentleman pot on the cars nt 11,-h islets which form hi dominio proviied her Jiri
Pomt, bearing a pole with a likeness on canvass tannic Majesty will pay his debts (about iO.OUO;,
of the Hon. John A. Gilmer, wit !i several j and undertake to provide for the government of his
inscriptions, sneh as "no North, no Snath, no 200,000 cannibal and his 50,000 non-cannibal snb
Kust," &c. But before the cars had pone jects. The " Cotton Supply Association," of Lon
two miles alon's? came a blast of Sourtern wind, ! d,on are most anxious that the British government
an.l awav went the frentlemau with 5.ia nrinci- t
..t . ,i ..a ti,. i i .i j
IIU "lUUIIU. t NC unillHl .)i3 ."l.
blown North prontided, destined not to grace
the Gilmer meetinz held that day. We trust
his fall on the 4th was as complete, if not so
sudden, as his fall on the 3d.
Cincinnati. July 30.
Kf..vtt-cky Politics Speech of Cassius M.
Ci.ay. Cassius M. Clay spoke to a large and
silent audience, at Covington, Kentucky. He
. i . j ,i .... i. . ..u
I Illl'if'k V ! F IP n s i: ,i . II: , ttIIIII-
lican address, calling upon the tion slaveholders
of Kentucky to prepare to taks a share in the
National Republican triumphs next fall.
M " ' v i ' " ' n i
Arrangements lia ve just been complete for
the publication, in Whashington, of a political
and literary magazine, to be called The Na
tional Democratic Review, under the editorship
of Col. Florence, assisted by eminent contribu-j
tors lti is intended to bcthe expositor 01 the
present and all future Democratic Aclniiuistra
Awful Casualty: We learn throngh a
passenger who arrived in this cit' yesterday,
that on Thursday afternoon last a locomotive
Boiler bursted -on the South Carolina Rail
i oad near DranchvilleJ and that five gentle
men, connected with the; -Road, were, literally
torn in pieces. Parts o( the bo:Jer were collect
ed some distance from where the explosion oc-
peneit oy
ars sa'tl to bo exceedingly men, anil attracted
Many settlers. . They were s.ibseqivcntly with-
drawn not, however,, until tne settlers hud
made considerable iiiipiovemeitt.
heen 'reopened for pre-emption, and instructions
have tieen received f:om the department to dis
regard any settlement pvior to the last opening.
The citizens have called a nleeting to devise
means of securing the claims of those who are
njured by liiosj instructions.
Emaxcipatiox of Slaves. Miss Bates, the
sister of the Hon. Edward Bates, of St- Louis,
recently em.iucipatcd the last of thirtv-two
staves, who formed part of her '-inheritance, and
tinued to oceuiy then- claims bv the sufleraiice "l. " "J? " ' "" g arunu, per-
r .u r i- i .i f ' . j ceived that tbe poor lellow, wit ha liair of scissors
of the Indians and the Government, miJ somei .,, , .:, i t i- ---
..... , . , , he had contrive ! to draw trom his liocket, was
ol them have made large farms and erected I cattilIg f a iock of his preserver's hair to k eep as
foinniodious residences. '1 lie tract has recently ' a "memento
whom she has gradually set lice as they became i America assisted. We copy it briefly from a Cal
prepared. to take care of themselves in freedom . j cutta ptiocr : "Mnv 1(, at Kuppurthalu, by t'co
.Judge tates emancipated the last of liis slaves
sever.)! years since.
The N
eoncl udod
Y. Herald notes-a convention just
between Mr. Wyke, British Charge
u Allures in ij uatemaln, ana tlie governmeiit
of that republic, by which Guatemala cedes to
Great Britain theabsolute right of sovcreianty
In and over the district of territorv hitherto
known as British Honduras, or Belize.
Graix Market. The news of the cessation
of hostilities in Europe, has caused a heavy de
cline of breadstoffs in the North. The price of
cotton will no doubt go up.
It will be gratifying to the friends of the Uni
versity io learn, that Prof. Charles Phillips,
has declined the Professorship tendered him iu
the Union Theological Seminary, and will re
main at the University.
ChvUghrs im Nii Orleans. There arenfty-
.. 1. ...... I ... ; .. ,1.A .. i i .r Vnar Hi! n i no fartT
Mill; 1:IIU1L!IV3 III 1IIC tlO "I i't oih-iuu., ivivi
T, t ii4V.i: Of
1-rOieSlllUL. HI1U llincieeo 1yoiih.m vaiuunv. V.
the Protestant churches, fourteen are Mctho-
dist. nine Presbyterian, eight Episcopal, and
two Baptist. Dr. I'aimer's churcli (,1'resoyte-
ria) cost $1C2,000.
A correspondent of the St. Josephs (Mo.)
Gazette asks Mr. Binir, the Abolition slang
wauger, if negroes stand so much in the way of
the 'advancement of Missouri, why ho doos not
emancipate his own ? There could be no more
forcible commentary upon the hollow-hearted-ness
of the man, than this question implies.
The Potato Crop. The New tiumpsnire
papers and in fact, those from various sections
of New England, speak of the potato crop in
the most flattering terms. In New Jersey anu
Rhode Island there is some complaint of the
rot, but in the former State the crop will be
large. On Long Island, N. Y the blight has
also appeared, but the damage, so far, is not
very serious. -
AUGUSTA, Angnst 5th.
Vessel on Fire. The barque Saragossa,
now at New Orleans, loading for Philadelphia,
Pa-.has been -burning all night m tne noiu. .
all night m the hold.
She wi!lprobably be saved.
Foit.;AWjkSHIK6TO.i Information has oeen
received Vthe Si ate Department, that steps
have beeii taken by the Chinese Govorinnent
to earry ito effect the arrangements made oy
ex-Miniuter Reed, for the payment of the va-
rious claims of, American citizens, amouuting
to about $100,600. .
! FiA. A w ninn. . tKi. L
: Le animal has suggested itself from tba ry lre-
i quent complaints which we have overberu, Mt.-he
many aemom-tration ot ilieir presence, wc lia'
I iee"w,e migh audl ft around us. Welster
, in.u eoswr was a mighty loio, vine man says
i8 aa i;,sect of the genus pulex, and contirms
the fact, that he does k:W something about it by
memtcives an over iub tuv m su
i ii . i . . : 1 . -. . r
er was known before. A mosquito coaies oazzuig
1 1. t i V... i -i .-K ki it ... Hiv nit yTti i ' '
Ko, VOuld undertake tba
I , ,r?fJ? ,'"f.rTO:"TV" tug
.'means to avert "a crisis." Hep
! ranrftZ' .and set over" to her Mil-
lands finds that his finances are inn"inbal;ras5i
adopt some speed v.
proposes to " assign,
laiestv the Queen of
?:l " 1 lne OI,er OI nls My ot tne uanni
oai isiai.Hs, because they believe that under IJntisl
icy believe that under British
control the Feejee Islands could be made to produce
great quantities of Cotton, and England might thus
be partially relieved from what the London Morning
Herald called " the intolerable duty imposed by the
American Ilupublic."
A New Telegraph Cable. A correspondent of
the Utica (New York) Herald says that N. Parks,
I Esq., of Mohawk village, but formerly of Rome, has
invented and patented in England and the united
States a new telegraph cable; he claims it can be
worked any distance without the aid of any elec
tric battery, the cable being of itself a perfect bat
tery, consequently, the longer the wire the greater
power in working will be obtained. It is said,
that some capitalists are about taking it in hand,
with a view of giving it a thorough lest.
The Weather and the Ckofs. The hot wea
ther, says the Eufaula (Ala.) Spirit, of the last two
or three weeks, together with the occasional show
ers which somewhat relieved its intensity, seems to
i.ave had a most favorable etfei t on the crops, both
of corn and cotton. In some neighborhoods there
has been great -injury from drought, but the crops
generally are certainly good. Evcu the poor lauds
are producing wonderfully.
"My brother had, in 1720 or 1721, began to print
a newspaper. It was the second that appeared in
Ameriva, and was called the New England Coi-uant.
I remember bis being dissuaded by some of bis
friends from the undertaking, as not likely to sue
ceed, one newspaper being, in their judgment, enough
for America." '
One newspaper enough for America ! Why, the
idea is now the most ridiculous one that can be ad-
A tough story is related of a Zouave, who had
I picked up a -vnuiiiled Austrian and was carrying
! m." 11 olu 1 tne nn iee. As ne was trudging uong
with the man upon his ba;k, he feh somi tliii.g cold
Nfiv Bankin-g Hot se. We understand, says
the Ral. Register, that a Committee of tho Direc
tors of the H:ink oi North Carolina have bit rgai tied
with Mr Jo'mi llutchins, - Agent, for tho lot (the
property of Mr Love.) known- as the Coman's lot
on Fayetteville St., for a site for the new Bank
This is. perhaps, the best location for the new
Banking House that could have been chosen. The
price agreed upou is .7,000.
There has been a marriage in India, nt which
Rev. J. H, Wodside, A- M., of the American Mis
sion. His Highness the Rajah Randliir- Singh Al
lowalin, eldest daughter of the late Robert Hodges,
of Kuppurthalu."
Tom Thumb General Tom ThunVb has gone
to his home, but not therefore, ro that absolute re-
i tirement which implies repose, for we see that tho
.Mayor anu principal citizens or lsriugeport huvh
induced him to hold a public levee, and he has done
it twice over, indeed, on the same day.
The Gubernatorial candidate for California, Mr.
Nugent, has resumed the editorial charge of tlie San
Francisco Herald.
It is reported that Sr. Irarrazabal, Chilian Minis
ter in Peru, is to bo sent to Rome on i special mis
sion. Don Rafael Valentin Vandcarcsco, Archbish
op of Santiago, left for Europe.
Henry Morford of the Leader has prepared for
press bis " Rhymes of Twenty Years," and their ap- -'
iK-aninre in a collected drui ay Le itictui in a.
fortnight- " A. rje&atiful portrait on Bteel" is to em.
belish. the volume.
. , - , . - -
There nopears to he a notion abroad that Mr.
, tl,.Ur la llrh.ilnu novt
e.lson hcreas i,c is engaged with Mr. John Owens
j atthe 'Xtvv Orleans VarietFes, and takes the place of
: jlr ijeorge Jordan
The Dr. Winterbottom who was reported to bo
" tho father" of the Medical profession in England
his name standing first, in t: e new medical regis
ter has died, at the respectable age of 9. years.
Lady Charlotte Pepys tbe younger" is about to
become an autlioi'ess, and " Female Influence" is pro
perly enough to be her maiden theme. The ladies
are crowding last on the path of professional litera
ture. A Germnn, named Peter Arndt, living hear Free
j port, 111., killed three of his children with an axe.
ana wounaca tne lounu so uauiy inai 11 is 1101 ex
pected to live. He made no resistance when arrest
ed, and assigned no reason for the murder.
rf A dispatch from Washington says that Win.
II.Topping, Engrossing Clerk oi the i louse of Rep
resentatives, resident at that city, and for many
years correspondent of the Southern newspaper press
died in Baltimore on Thursday.
The Hon. G. W. Hughes, of Anno Arundel County,
Maryland, has heen nominated for Congress by the
Democrats of the Sixth District, in place of the Hon..
The Philadelpuia Journal 1 carps through private
j advices, that it is feared that the reent horrible out-
rflges comniitte4 at the massacre of Pcrngia upon
Mrs Dome and' her daughter in-law, Mrs. Perkins,
will result in the insanity of the former lady,
j ' -ComplimV:vtaby. The girls in II dif.ix county
Va are pronounced by a North Carolina editor
, wy10 is said to oe a good judge of beauty, the pro
i tiest in all creation. -
Kayettville, N. C.
' ' -' -
. - - t
.v -j " j
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