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op ;
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Summer Good;", acing at! the
. AdvertUcu are .particularly requested to ; " "u .s.w mfreguuusiui
the number of insertions desired, otherwise they t "reuses ana yusien,,- -uisu a complete assortment oi
SI be inserted until f.,rbia. and eharcvd accoeelir trly. j 3IOCJ t"J IM 1)111 .!! tsOUDN.
-mb tad a-nn u ..r .n bin. cT..... Jil t..l ! A large and varicu astortient of Silk and Lace Man-
' Is England Safe ?
Fifteen yews since and this question so fur as
Sanger from Franc is concerned might be answer
ed in the affirmative ; and he who would doubt its
truth would be considered either a knpve or a fool.
A few short years have, however, changed" tho as-
sl-k as
' ... w. . 1 . 1 . i . . . ... 1 . ... I I ...... 1.1 : il ..111. . 1 1 1 1 Ilfui
orlern. Mania-Bidding for the Presi-, Tut Tn ouan. Mr. Sherwood, associate editor Letter from Govf.fn'or Wise.
dency. of the Patriot printed, at. Greensboro', got a little, debted sav3 the Bustoir Adce-ln
ties, Chantilly Lnce i'ints. Black and White
Berate". Al.mUen. gteila Shawl-. Ac.
a tew o! tnose N.idiU r reach emoroiuerttt ana n , character of tho man wh, now
-T -n- l " rrvrnTnT?il a.... io.. .,! tinies of the French peonl
C-. Lj A() I l(J.Sr. Douglas A .!na-w .New Style Corsets, (with i '
- i Bustle tikiit-u.. . ;-t.- aliased.) ! Juud under the ruhi of the
fare invited to call earlv and examine for themselves.
J. A
April 23. -tf
W ?.:'o in
to Lieut.
.Nij'-f. tnmgs have changed! Well we may ex- earning from J. I. Scales the other day served him John S. Foster, Correspond) Cetretaiy of
P?X''h this day of go-ahcadativeness that -changes right We have biit one objection and that is, it the Boston Mercantile Ltbury A.-isociutic-n, for
'Siir, but we do not like to see things change should have been applied to tho long, lank, lean back --opy of Gov, Wise's letter in answer to an
0 Propriety to rediculousness. ' of the principal editor. invitation to lecture before tLo society next
were led to -the above from the perusal .f Whilst upon this we would advise either or both winler' 'r'moxdV v5 Ju'v 9
';t:vhange which gives us to understand tliat, of these editors to make better selections, and cease '"MONO, ' A; " - ' ' ,' 4
gSfe little man from Illinois was about to give to to clip and insert insulting language written about lo John tV ler, E.i.j, Com and ..ccy, v .
thew ld his views upon certain thinzs in ro:itu us. the Senior, by a man jne.t-ner than a free xtegiv, ' Dear Sir I hardly know Low to decline
Whrr. h:is cmvnl.i (9 tho, n.,,I! ,nm of Into tor fi-ar thev mirht themel ve-rPt their finders bum- TOOT invitation, Out mnl UO S .
ed. Do- they understand ? ? f l'lease present my ac'Kuowlei'cmeuts to Uia
. . " i -Lecture Cottitnittee, and say J am about to
yST" The vexed Question as to the proper name start for our mountains for a tour of CO days.
!, which were we to judge from the teaor of tUtt c.unty soat of Edgecombe has 'been decided exaraininj? routes a d reservoirs for a canal.;
r f , ,-nnmNt liv F,-i; nf 1 Hat from that 1 1 riiu to the hrst ot December,
! which made Napoleon I, the great, in again vwiblo s) wilder loolish, crazed flpon the lute : the ifwcUn who says he xvill call it in futile not 4 8,,,V' otf naS pre.r.g matc. m.3
, ntlos the dc-s- v, Miesnon... ine otner atepnen -. vou&&, ; j.,., or butTarboro'. Aithoueh t'.te latter ti- ; "v ' . r.
isemoy, upon wiiolh i rimsu wan cmiifiauiiy
.-.u .1... 1.. . T..t;.,..,... .r- A ...l K .
c -T l ' 7- ?. " L f-t -1 tilt LHO iftW Ul U l -1 fH V IICA.: I vj
ctf the first. .'innumn. wns p.onr tlir. -a Hron hi R'itur titihriilt :nniert. I hr..e i -1 A - i. ..:., :n j,. , ! v.. v - . ..
S' convulsed (?) the oublic mind of late
ThlrTute plan of biddinsr for the Presidency is cer-
! - uj. ..u .t nt a ! ta'f rcdiculons tbin?' to lrwilc at. Two men. One
I III Tl M W I 1 J ' 1 1 . Willi 1 1. I ' 1.1 1 1 1L 11 1 (1 I . O - '
, - callTVrise
The indomitable love for power and possessions " 'f. ttlt" in ese confidential ones we would ac- t j t f.,r a3 he is-concerned. Lv th"
"T1LL p-actice :n ihe connfs ot it-auen. amp-'
sou aad Cuinm-.vkaiKt Prompt attention given j
to all biisiuess comraittod to his charge. :
April 2. 1.S. tf
"W ILL AITtN.O iie County and Superior Courts.
tY ot Robeson. Cumberlrtod.. Dia ten and Colum-bu-.
Ai! tta-inf-?s iut u"eJ to his rare, will receive
protnnt attention. OfBee ia the Courl Uousc.
ju:j 1. ls.:-i. l-y-w
1TTI1X PRACTICE in the Courts of Robuson.
V Cumberland. Columbus nnfl lila-len. Officj; at
Lunibertoii, Uo'eson 'J C. :
Julv .t, 1S5I. w.3m.
t'lt 1.. sili, wi;i i.e ausent frm
,-&Fayettvilie aimut weeks, from the iSth
ClJof August, an 1 all d-.-sir' aff his services
e.ii; hjuu or wait niivil his retra. . - ;
Aug. 1 1.
d-lt. w tf
East Side of Gillespie Street,
F rETTEVTi.i.e. N. C. J
Kov. is. ;.-' 8 ?
Comnusslcti llcrc!Ant.
wii.ii!N.;-roN, x. c.
"T'X7"rLr. give prompt, and perona! attention ti all
T Consignments of Spirits Turpentine. Eaiu,
'far. Tarpnt;ae. and ! conntry produce n,r al
"i-CuOKFi'J E up .cer ih Store of Mi Tou
glahjl and join-ng I.utterh.Vs wLarf. North W'ater
L'rre'.'t. ;
Jane IS. I'-iL tf
ces t
co -an
piii.'P. t. wm
that h'
go 3tJ rsr "j.a x.j
respvetfully offers his se?vi
.:s '..' ace and surrounding
tri..t:s branches of his l?io-
matrifaeture of Minj-ral
(itV-r an pxtensivf exrwri
1 a t...nue;h Iental ediCa
'iilire satisfaction as tiitf as
uic:uu ' n v
of Fayetu-v'.ll.'
the citizens
y. In all the
l. including t'
, he is satisfied.
n is a'i-i
c-ui ci-'t
cu .ii v ''i'i
I). At . MclAUli l
T V and desirable Stock of
1 150 Hints of Kio. Lag'iara and Java Coffee ;
HtO Bbis. and llluls. Sugar (assorted;)
2 ) Hilda. Molasses ;
30 " Bactit), .ides and Shoulders
500 Sacks Salt ;
150 Boxes good Tobacco ;
12.T Sperm, Adamantine and Tallow Caudles;
50 " Son p. (assort.'d ;)
58 " Candv, '"
low rap;s Shot." "
1000 iiar Lead :
3ni P.bls. Snufl'. (F.-.igl- Mills;)
25 Kegs Soda ;
250 Nails ;
1 . II 1 W A 11 E V -V 1 C UT L E It Y .
Fanning Utensils ofa ! descriptions ;
American. English. Su-des and Peruvian Iron ;
Blister, German and Cast Sttel ;
Biacksmith Tools ;
Coopers do.:
Corn Shellej-s and Strtv.v Cutters ;
Buckets. Brooms and Pails ;
Leather Manilla ai"i Jate Ropp. (all kinds and
quality :) l'low Lin-.s and Bed Cords ;
Hollow Ware ;
Cotton Yarns and Sli. . fillers at Factory Prices ;
All of which will be s.ji.l low for cash, or ou usual
time to p-.'vin .-itoir.trs.
r- rispeet fully rrfjucstcd to before purchasing cl.-e-
iue for themsel ves. ( opmenta iu England, France and in fact in other &C.f givi:'
. P EMBERTON. ccmutries tend to show us that the jealous eye of gctunjrti
Louis is sot upon the humbling of the mistress of! It is
the seas.
Tho English House of Lords is busied with mo- for the better defence of tho British const; 4
showing that. TSritifRn, the great, views with alarm
the to'.iu and policy of the French autocrat. In
that august assembly on the 25th ult, uo fewer
than four notices wero given, that motions would
be offered fvr an "increaso of the 'navy and arma
ment and equipment of forts and batteries on shore:
Lato advices have come to hand to the effect that
France-has been making overtures to tho Spanish
If the safety of Eng. of very superior parts, but cracked neve r- j. t so u,lDhonioUS as etiht-r if -4he f-rmer. vc .
- ' 1 - 1 .. j-. ... . . . .1 - - .1 - - iinn t w ' 1 . t it... ii Mini liiiitii ,1.11 , -.1:11.1 t .11 . l 1,1 i.i m k n . t . 1 .1.11 i 1
their iews,. as a consideration
I nomination at Charleston.
for their
n.fi4& lit fi x '. 1 1 r a
Eli.' t .Yi;'S4-L 'Tf '
. - , V. ' grievous onrtbtti fail heavi.'yaki.-i?; vuJf htTa
lihyme, by veorge faaUion. kmi, is-.e "usot this -.II ' I rrav,, ib.,fr li choked j a pamphlet, from the press ot lioiuen ana w uson, t erary.or any other composition. I 'fax a bad
off, fndmfcn when they force themselves upon the j which is now before us. It is intendea a a stauu- st,0t at best, and I nuj not goitw? to JSostm 10
demfiency' the oniy men to elevate in oflice,
shoujd bohumbler.
yZhv will second the proposition and asTc these
G'cnis what they think about the Danville Connec
tionTthat they may have a still better opponu'riity
of, letting the public know their own particular
.1 --i nt i re t i ir t. e i when completed, will make twelve, which ply re
thc eir. of the people. If John M. Uotts is fool ' .... ....
lant to ihe spirit of inquiry among our you;h, and j shoot at game Of. the wing
to present specimens of various kinds ot metre.
From a hasty perusal of the little work, w.; are le i
to b'.eve the author is well versed in hi.nory and
doubt not he handles his subjects well.
We learn that Messrr,. Orriill & U.dly will com
mence building another steamer next wet k, which,
enougl. to put himself forward in this form, and if
government relative to tho restoration of the liock tne Opposition will still continue to follow in the
wake 1 in regardless oi prmcijile let the aciuoc
racysiiow such men that the pet-pie choose regard
less of the catering of demagogues.
Count ry merchant s
call and exa.'iiiie our
of Gibraltar to that government. Whether this be
true or false it has caused a general alarm amongst
the British upon th;it lone fortress. Some few days
since a number of Spanish engineers were seen
tracinout the lines in the vicinity of Campo Mcn
to, near the place occupied by the Spanish army
during the siege of Gibraltar. These are strange
protens and are not calculated to give Confidence
to the public mind upon the question of an exten
sive peace.
Vntnnft hni: no 1 1 v-i. FnMnn.l nv,.1 . 1. r. ,,1
. -- - - - - - -v. nun .- it .j i.-c.ia
ncr woundea pnd? becoming unmanageable from
the frequent ii suiting tones of the- British press. "
Xo doubt sin considers herself string in the hope
that against Ejgland she could procure the sup
port of Russia, Austria, Sardinia and Spain, and in
March 5, 1S53.
1'i'iR Tim KAl'Ic iTKK OF
River Items.
New Boat. Our townsman, Thoma- S. L;riter
loh, Esq., has nearly completed a new- stern wheel
Steamer-to take the place of the ill-fated "Magno
lia,"' which our readers will recoliect was lost by ex
plosion about eighteen months since. She is 127
feet -in length, width of beam 22 feet with 3J- feet
guard on each side, depth of hoid o feet 4 inches,
between decks 7 feet Two cabins and a saloon, al
so used for a tlinmc: room, or promenade deck.
Length of ladies' cabin 13 feet; gentlemen:-' cabin
lv feet, saloon 14 feet in width, 7 feet S inches in
Tr.. .1. 0. A Til. ; 1 .1..
l.'jt ri-m.-'ly 1 hi?
H.nri"iii4. InMut-nzn.
pynir(;.Tjn t.f a C--Ui. . -Jr.
r .nt-ii.t it.-..' in u:y
f...r t...-- Wt y-.trs I virtues f-r
i:t;i -
iV its-,.
Crt 'o Oi
: f--r C.Hirli
111: :T rK.-TJ-'B.L.
1 unl iny fHiitity
- r. it lo i.-;es
tr 9iUli;-s-t of tlicse
i (L hth with a nassafO of 31 feet between Kaloon nnrl
fact, we are conpelled to believe that the position ; CaWn and two haml60me sky "IigllU. Xhe cal)ins
aii'V saloon will be fitted up in i'nr best styie. -
Soe has two engines ench 3j feet stroke, and 13
iivhcs bore of cylinder; .he.el IT feet in L.-icthand
nf rnl...t n..l.l K Ui !.... 1..11. t.V I
vi i.uKtiiu " vitu i.u an i 115 uut t-uwiiuie nilil
all this odds neoinst ber.
We trust h-wever, frthe cause of Christianity,
: religion and free government, that Mich a day may
iiCUT come.
x TJrjust.
conff : that wr- "f,re - hcnrtilr . tirod of ' the.
t.'. liiif. iiui,. .2 ii '.iiTi; nrt o
..O" -.liVi V - Jllilt 4l tf... lx. tt.-i. j.
di-tneler. She is of very light umft, ai. I is well
alt,Hiid .for carrying 'paw.-PLTcvs aij.i freight. She
was built by Arch'd j!.. Black, a ti.iter mecliatii,- of
tis j,lace, ia'ud- w jilbe' commandtvl' hy Capv. J.;-
Uarlr. -a. l-fein;. r. t-....:... ..,,.-.:
gularly between Wilmington and this pla.
Two hew flats are being built, one by "Worth &
Utly for the Cape Fear Line, the other for T. S. J.tit
terloh, Esq., One of large capacity, the."';t K. Hat
ley, has just been completed for Orrell 1 linIU y 's
A large amount of freight is now beinr transport
ed down the river, and the boat owners at this place
are building w ith the prospect of' a largely increas
ed business.
We to
ong you n l coma, u i u i -co'n l- g jsosi-n
the whole nation Iwou'd be sato -tneii. Yts 1
I always loved old Boston she was . tho
Saloon , of the Tea Party. And SCme of these
days, God willing i v i 1 1 try to see what is the
matter with' her that sho don't throw tea
overboard like she used to do. G J bless uer
still. Very hastily but truly yours.
Hexry A. Wir.
Xot So! "It is stated on the
southern statesman, that a formidable
bein. made in the South, and l oiiibtri.-.i;
to nominate Gen. Pierce for the Presiu"
This is certainly news to us. "So f
formation goes, there has heed n
movement" or slep taken to notninate K
the next Presidency. We do not for
.suppose he would allow his name lv ;
OharLeotr. Convention as a candidate.
way ot a
over.ietit is
s tr
Z-W l'he Opr-osittonist3 of Georgia
ed Warren Aiken. Esq., of Cassvil".-,
ate for Governor !' that, Stat ; in opp-'.
Joseph E. ifrovn.'ihe present Gove: !'
" i-J7" Ro;i-r A.- Fryer as v.'m'.":ic
V :trshnr; convention. on W'hi-.-sdar
if. T,. I Tonkins
ti.k thetvower ot D rrastrv. All irrrgu.araies
f the TW-i-h trf-ated u a proper and careful .man-
i .- ii u V . . . . :i.ii!
ncr as wen as disease i iue n..i.ii, -..-i.t (
,.fr.lj nro p-.a n?e ot in tno- wpins
Ii.'-n.'lits .F the Profess!
the reach of all who m
nrp-sprvation of tho Teeth
O'fHoo over H-mst-m's Jewelry Store, wns re
Le will be found ot all times.
M-w lo, 1S5S tf ;
Xone ibut ;
the proper ni'Tu are ma - e
(y.iarirs ..t iii oc ui-iapiiiit,
mav be plftccu witflm
f.-el an interest in the j
: t
3VEvxlc2.c Factory,
Two Doors above C. T. Haigh Sc Son's Storej
Fayetteville, N. C.
Oct. 1, 18oS. ly.
"VV Oi. to work tifteen Barrels, which I will sell onj
reasonaoie terms.- Apply soon.
Mav 19, "59.
iTam r.
Aii of wiiich wil' te offered by Wholesale or lietail
as Sow as the same quality can be had in this State.
March 12. I?j5y. -tf
A SMALL BAY llOliSE with black legs, mane
and tail, about 8 years old. and in go d work
v. e i l.tioa. The owntr wiU please come forrard,
trove property, and take hiiu awat-.
Kingsbury. Cumberland Co. X. C.
August fi, 18.".'. w-."Jt.
AVl"Vj'L which tae highest cash price will be
A. M.
B. f thi Iiatioa will
ris of IiiBtuetors
liOOPER, Principal; :
Misses BKL,fv Lvty;
r ; w i.
Mrs M. K. Uurue. Teacher, in Preparing lU
Six, Eigtt tnd Tcu Dollars,
prswiag JtC, ft ususi rates.
A. it. M- JRTI.KT, ;ttc, N. Y.. wriu-a: K i h:w:?
T.ut l't;. i"!;ai. iuyrlt ;.n--; . .? t intiiy fer sin- yon uvfut'l
it I lwlt:Tr it the u; ii-iiic for it porpo pvt tit out.
With tl cold I b"u M wt&.kt pay twentv-five 'lolUrs !v..r &
Uitl t!inn Ui wliliant i -r- tike any other r-frnetly.'
Croup, Vhooiifl Couch, Influenza.
z?KiXQri3T.r, Mis4 Feb. 7, ISiG.
BOTnF.R Am: I wii; t.r:"iiliy cortifv y.-ur Pectoral w ihe
bet remtiy we pos-.- .- tu fure f Wioupirtg Osttffh, C7'.
an l tharl-st diiAM.-, ..; L. !i in. We -r fmlcrkiiiv in lht
tfoiirli apprixriate uir ski.i, :ir.i c'Tim-'n.1 vour mlirine to our
H?opIe. HIRAM CONKL,I, 51. I.
AMOS LEE, T0-. Miwrkcr, I writes, Zd Jn 186: I
hu a tcili'm Iu:lunit, hh ti con lined me in dors fix wtks;
t-.Kk maiiy iiicAliriiit v ii!ic--.v r-licf ; finally trid your lEnr?iiAL
by tbo aiiTico of oir clrrequan. Tbo first l-i nHiovtMl the
soreness iu my thrAL aii-l longs; lot than on hilf the bottle
niaHe me ctintltty u fi. Vour indjcines aro tb choaoai as
aa th- t .-t w'r- f'ta wo esteem you, Doctor, and
your remedies, aa tb or miis friuud.
Asthma or FMIumc, and Broncliitts.
WMT MANCBKtrKO, IA., I'eb. 4, 1S56.
Fir : Tour Cii::b.RY I'ectjsal is performing mnrvebuus cure
in thin section. It ha relieved several from alarminrsymptonis
of con?uniption. an-l is now ruringr a mnn whu has lubred under
an aJTectiuu of the lungH for the la.t forty years.
1JXRY L. PARKS, J&rchanL
A. A. KAM3EY, M. P.. Alhtov, Iosroe Co., Iowt write,
Sept. , 1855: During my praetireof many yeura I have fixicd
othinx equal to your t'lfp-Rur Pectohal for giving ease and re
li'f to consumptive jiatieuffl, or curing such as aro curable."
We might add volume of evidence, but the most convincing
proof of the virtue of this remedy U found u its effects upon
Con sumption.
Probably no one remedy has ever been known which cured so
many and such dangerous cass a this. Eotm no human aid
can reach ; but even to thoe the Cojcrry Pectoral affords re
lief and comfort.
Asrmm Horss, N"w Ymx Crrr, March 5, l:a
Doctor Atsr, Lowell: 1 fe'l it a duty and a pleasure to in
form you what your Chxkry Pcctohkl h done fr my wife.
She had been five month laboring undm the danreroii9 fymi
toms of Consumption, from -hich no aid wo eouid procure prave
her much relief, he wa steadily failing, tintil Tfr. Ktron?. of
this ''ity, where we liave com tor advice, reconwnended a trial
of your medic ne. We bless his kiodnesf. as we do your skill,
for she has rev- ered from that day. Rie in not y-t as dtronp as
she od to be. but in free from her cough, and calls herself well.
Yours, with gjatitnde and regard,
OmjMTnptiw, -lo not dpilr you have tried Avon's CnrnRT
PjEnToi it - hf br medicnl eheinitd In the
w:rt-Kt, ind its cur s all rennd utmepeak the Uifrh merita of it
virtues. I'Kddtilphia Lcycr.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills.
TIIE science of ChomirT and Medicinn liavc l-cn taxed
tliWr utmost to pnviiic? this beet, most wrf-t (jm-patiTB
which is known to mn. in:iinnrrab pru'K ar$ (-liowii that
thae eiLLa have virtues whicli jnrpa.'w iu excellcr.'-e the ordina
ry niedicines, and that they win unprerodonr-dly un.n thr eatoftn
of all men. They are wife and pleasant to take, but powerful to
cure. Th-Mr penetrating pr..p.rtie!( sriumlato the: vilAl activitiof.
of the body, remoro the oi.G-uf.tjons ft jta orjjans. purifv the
blood, and expel disease. Tliey purge out the foul hum..rr vhich
breed and Rrow distemper, imulate alupfiRh or disordered or
gans into their natural cctinn, and impart healthy tone with
strength to the whole syt tern. Not only do they rure the every
day complaints of every l-.!y, hut also formidable and dancer
ous disease that have halfled the best of human skill. Whiln
they produce powerful etr.. s. they arc, at the same time, in di
miniRhed doses, the safest sod best physic that can be employed
for children. Jleing sujrar-coated, they are pleasant to take;
and t-uit purely vegetnl a, are free "from any rii-k of harm.
Cnres have been made whi- h surpass belief were they not sub
stantiated by men of such exalted position and character as to
forbid the suspicion of unrrnth. Many eminent rli r-vmen and
physicians have lent their names to certify to the public the re
liability of niy remedies, while others have sent nic the assur
ance of their convietiou that my Preparations contribute im
mensely to the relief of my afflicted, suffering fi-stow-men.
The Agent below nanM jt pleased tofuminh gratis my Amer
ican Almanac, containing directions f..r their ue, and certin
cates of their cures of the following complaints ;
Costiveness, Ilillnus Cnn,piajnts. Rhenmatism, Uropsy. Heart,
burn. Headache ariinc from a foul Stomach, Nausea," lniliirea
tion. Morbid Inaction of tlM Bowels. and Iain arisinc therefrom.
Flatulency. Loss of Apatite, all Ulcerous and Cutaneous Iiis
eases which require an wacuant Mediciue. Scrofula or King's
Kvil. They also, by pnnfving the blood Mid .riinnlating tho s
tem, cure many complaint, which it would not I supposed Ihey
could, reitch, such as I'.-Wuosk, 1'artiai Blimlness, Neuralgia and
Norvous Ir.riMlbility, n-rangenients of the Liver and Kidneys,
Gout, and i iher kindrM eoniplaints ai-ising froai a low state of
the body or obstruction of its functions.
Do not l pat off l y .nprineipled dealers with some other pill
tbay make rujre pr-'i t . n. tor Axes' Pills, and take noth
Ing else. No othr give yon compare? with this in its -
Intrinsic value or mi -live powers. Tbo sick wont the b-wt aii
tUar is for iheui, o tn: t oy should have it.
FMpan d ty lr, J. c. AYKK,
Practical and Analytical ChemUt,. Lwtll Maw.
Pairat, S ft nn Box. Fiti Boim o i .
Vebfy9. 1859 1, F&jvHteville, K. O.
7?ho t; 'wT-MvstTFa!
i,;sv before the :iooi.le tlirooiih the public '-i i"u F-5 her t'O''i', luilt hy 11. .'Torr..-- .t ?
It Is ;r,.e thev both have their faults, nnu i lifia,5vll-hi.i, arrives, which was shipped a !w daj. i "" """ .
. . , .,, i K ; ,-r-- a pnotic nnrr was frn-t-n
occupy i-osttioii but still we coiiuot . ffl f " j , .... , ,. " . . .
1 J 1 i ' r.n liori s in :irveTil.-in I -i rtn S i':i
I sco why these facts should be a sullieiont reason for i -;' "c oertarnlv think the "Herald"' has a1 :
public journalists to- olaco hofur.- r.-adors. Ions and I riaht to reioiee ovt-r the recent flection t rn ft ret'tru our thatdii? tf. x:
! disgusting ariioli-3 about th:'-m, and commenting ! tn.v ' not "how had its cause maybe it assnredlv
: as "ur in
fo) .lit h-.r.le
. Pierce for
via tnfmeiit.
j,o into thu
. c nnmiriat
; a citiidid
oii to Hon.
id'-d hy the
i a -nn-
BJ.TTT.E Tkcipkxt. A letter fvm Cassalc, in
the Ssil ut Fubllo of Iivoiis, stijM : I met in
the Piazza Savono a French 'iiht inf.-mlry
aoidlcr, with a sparrow p -rd ed on bis shoulder,
the soldier Ftno'-c iuji, the eparron eliirnip'nfr.
" Y"ou breed birds, my brave ieiioiv ?" itl 1.
The ina-r. sarl.ediid ur-iwerei: Thi is an
prLiuaii froiit .M-.ntebe'!.!. Tl.v day - of tho
t ftjfht. o.i ltaviii' tat village, we chused the
! Aatrians ticri. tht ntids. i5.ulet.s ivlnsilcd
anijng the It. . : 'i-"o haii, and tiiis poor bird,
fiuita yiutr.y, hvli-;j; ferrtlied, fV:i! frotn its nest
upon my n.i. 1 thrust it in o my sinko,
which had bct.v j.ttrced by U'u bails,
tlioupht no uiora'of it titil, on re urnins', I felt
some" bin;; .si-riaeV my -hf:fd, m.d liicii. I said,
' It. is my little prisoner,' ai.'i to the. --01 -rise great iiruustinent ot my
flneetl hii.i. Imre kept lii;
we lov! e;v i'lter-'tVetriy. 1
ijcilo V As he spoke, he h.
to the bird, wiiich hopped on
tioc. . I be-ru-ed permission t-:
a few cherries, and to caress it.
i not hare kiss more temiri'r,
bia tLu'i 1 did that spmv.v.
(tirades, pro--.i
since, iHid no'
.j we net il oiite
i ' out hiss linger
- tthont he si a-
y M ontehcilo
Cut tl lias would
the bird of Lus-
! 09
JS?""Vc rotnm car thatdii? to
the South Carolina Institishs ?-r
A. II.
ecr.-t:iry c.j
; severely upon their characters "as individuals "Ve his A -i-ht to rejoice over the triumph of its leader?, i t!eket to the Fair, which
us to bo hell, in Ihe cj
have refrained fr.m publishing atiythlrig like a on j Aio t!ie probability of the opposition candidate
J handredrh part of the rumors which have been ,' l i . elected (jovcrnor hy tex niorsAvo ma oihtv
i circulated about them, believing their publication ! iq liie roxt contest, there would appear to be a dt
, to be distastelul to a majoi-ity of ou reader?, and
, that it would be inflicting a wrong upon them with
j oat occasion.
Editors should recollect that their columns are,
Happy Retort. A. Mr-"1 o.:
the We.-t, who lived o-j n s
urreatlv ti-oiiAjied to ax-' l...-'-. -i '.
f no t Jaai. itjtu. iiuVi- .i '"l
insist ait v.. his mor.ey, r.& Ins i.i::
ing for tht- neeesS'-n;' of li!.--.
pi led the .steward, 'r-;t p.rea'ch '- it preaeiu-u Ur the
"buii'r replied the iiiinii
.sonls ; aied ;f I could, it v..:i! i ;
such ys Y'juTa to make a ineai ''
is1, wnisicr tit
- H sn!;iy, iv
f iisieci to.-.t liu
-'-e iT,-r-'
.Mi. tit's?' rc-
ffl- fit (i at-v ? I
: : of soa's ?"'
"'I can't at
u -c a thousand
Charleston, ia vO'.-eiuh( r next.
I or should be, the conservators of morality, and if
they are regarded as such, we cannot see whutcx
; cuse tliey can render for trcinr upon their read
j ers oueh debased and deiioralizijig statements as
.! those .hat have been uttered ubout these unfortu
i nate individuals.
I ,1T-1. .... f .
e nae never een nt to expr.-ss our opinion
as to the propriety of the act which has brought So
much f.isgraee upon this man, but even !f he did
wrong the publication of these statements cannot
be regarded as justifiable, for reasons which must
be obvious to every one.
Wo hope the day is not far distant, when this
mode of bringing before the public the names of
such unfortunate individuals will be abandoned.
Morality and justice alike demand it. of opinion. Put the boot on the other le
aid v.iu will come nearer the mark.
I'y the way how is it you claim the members olect
wbljfS when hefore the election you called them
Xkw Post ott-'fer.. jood prinjr.
Randal Presnall,rpo.-t Master. This
route between l-'ayettevillc and Hiji.
ji .ore county,
ofiice is on ihe
P.. int.
I FtrxisiiviF.-ST of a PiL-SYBor.v. A man
i U icktitlo wt.s convicted c-ek ii! Greeiivi!
no a
of shiuderiui; a handsome vonntf woman
ntimd Gil ice Gnu'.er. and fined ? 1 .000 for his
. j impertiiteiice. It appears ih .t- the plaint'Lt"
The .Sivgixg Stctiext I5oy. Many years ! was engaged to be nmrrh-d to the sou of a
ago, a-..sLudeiil boy was seen in t!.-t .streets of '. neijjhbor, a wortliy and c-lever YOtui" rentie-
cjpositionist ? Io you mean by this change of j an ancient town singing. He w s a stout, j man . . Thft clefeiulant, who was a noh-hhor
mr-e, the opposition are all wldgs, an 1 that their i plainly dressed boy, but his face v. js pale, and I and regarded rs a 1'ricnd to the f . therd' tho
nriii.ioh-s arc essentially the same? We think vou
are mistaken if such is your premises, for within ! P10st U;UsiCi'1' "'""i th i0il::-';; i
. i.,i..t':..r. - .,.i 1 "eauiiini words ana about sacrea t
UUl u ii vijijii Hi...... .... ..ii".. -i ti j:v.i. iii.ii. jiv.-.i,
conservative old line whitrs who "afliiiate"' with
d i uocratic rather than the opposition part-.
SliouliI Rerelve the Assistance of the Good.
! ms eyes were saU ami tearfnl, liis votcc was 1 yomsff man. told the father that the itirl to whom
sang were j his sou was eujrtttfed ;i3 nut virtuous, and lhat
Mgs. Every I he felt it his dutv as a neiirhhor and a friend
he stepped to - a house i to tejll him so. This ii.foi'mation caused tho
hen it was opened, : match to h-s broken off, whcieurrn th
hrognt her action. -
time he finished a song
and gave a gentle tap.
h said in gentle tones
' Please give a poor student bov a morsel of
Mrs Gerkens, a widow lady from Norfolk, irginia ; ,, ,
, , . , e ., , , . - . ',' . Begone with thee, thou be? '.ir s child!'
who has been deprived of the blessing of si-jlit. is ., , i .i . ii .
, - ,w i . . .... , I was the rough reply that met Ins ear- as the
Pike's Prr.k Mining.
The gold repions of California, Central America
and Mexico have by the frequency of the discussion
of their respective wealth become hackneyed themes
There are many other spots upon the globe where
gold has been found, and is now said to exist, but 1 app1'0 our la' friends of the fact that such awor
thc latest discovery has been made at Pike's Peak i thy object for their kind consideration and patron
and vicinity, upwards of five hundred miles ia a I age town, where they may be able to render
northwestwardly direction from the confines of the ifnce and comfort to an unfortucate, though
. . . . .1&.A r' - . . i ' i- 1 1 i(. . ' I ..
she will remain a short time. She earns a liveli
hood for herself and her interesting little daughter
by soiling uiiiM suiuuie iui Sui.iii nim ijiiiini. .siiu lenri sad, scarceiv aoie to stauu, lie at
has an excellent selection of both, comprising the j turned his steps home ward . StriKing his
latest and most popular pieces of the day. She is
willing to call upon any of our citizens who may
be desirous of purchasing from her, or of hearing
her play upon the above instruments. She is a la
dy of superior intelligence and an excellent musi
cian. We believe that it will be suflieient for us to
he plaintiff
df.vmg member of their sex. Mrs. G. has a su-
Bprhr Guitar to dispose of. See her card in another
Some friend has kindly sent us a copy of Dr.
Missouri. It is here that thousands of deluded vic
tims To this insatiable thirst for gold have left hap
py homes and comfortable abodes, and wandered in
quest oi this dazzling object. The wretchedness and
ill-fortune which has befallen the greater portion ot j ilh;im Hooper's Address, li Fifty Years since," de
thc gold-seekers, every reader of the news must be j liYcrcl before the Alumni.of the Vnivcrsiry of North
cognizant of, for nearly every arrival from that re- j C-aroUnain June last The author penetrates the
gion brings intelligence of the unfortunate state of j mist of antiquity, and relates reminiscences in a
offairs, which have existed since the discovery of manner which captivate the minds of his readers,
gold has been ma le. , Large numbers, infatuated by and gh-e evidence of his superior intellect. In one
the exciteme: t consequent upon its discovery mi- paragraph he is as sage as a curate, whilst in the suc
grated thither. The instances where emigrants celling one the coruscations of his w it take pre-
have been benefitted by their journeyings are rare,- eminence. As an apology for the mixture of thc
while the bones f many are now deposited beneath
thc clods in thc western wilds, and others more for
tunate have been spared to reach home again, bring-
scnous and ludicrous, he savs :
" Such is life, in which shade and sunshine chase
. P cr over the plain in which ioy and sorrow
. . i r j i . i . . . . . . .
ing with them sad news and worse results occasion- t ' -"rnate in our hearts in which smnes oi-
! ".nuts in rough our tears and drv them un and
poor child shrank frotn the steps.
Thus driven from door to door, he sr ng his
sweet songs until his body was weary ami his
ble forehead with his hand, he said :
" I must go home to my father's house ntid
be content to live by the sweat of my brow.
Providence has no loftier destiny for me. I
have trodden out its paths by aiming higher."
Just at this moment, Ursula Cotta, a burgh
er's wife, who had heard his songs and seen
him driven from a neighbor's door, felt her
heart yearn with pity toward a h lpless bevy.
She opened her door, bec'ioued ?o the young
ster, smiled sweetly upon li'rn, and in touca
that Sounded like -heavenly ln-elorjies tj ici e:tr
said : " Come in, poor boy, and refresh thy
self at my table !"
Happy little singer ! How he enjoyed" that
delicious -neal. And when thc good dame and
her husband told him to make their house, his
hoiae, his heart melted. Vir.h eyes half blind
ed with tears, he looked in the face of his friend
and said : ' I shall now pursue my studies
without being obliged to beg my bread from
srrudginir hands. 1 shall have von. sir. tor ai
-.. Wasiitxgtoic, I. C, Ang. 12, 1S5S.
Rah. Road Co.vvextion Thf. Or.;-it Soi th.
westers' .Mail. The Southern IUM iload Conj
vention met here yesterday fur tlie purpose o
arranging a joint bid for the mails from Wash
ington City to New Orleans, via the Virginia
and Tennessee routes. Every Company on the
line was represented.
St. Lori.?, Aug. 10. .
The M-itMiN Cocxterfeiteks One of the
counterfeit checks on the Sub-Treasury here,
from Salt Lake, was presented here. Tliey tiro
admirably executed and calculated to dicievp.
The tools seizf d by the Marshal were found
in the Church Tithing Office of Uiinghain
Voting. The parties arrested are said to lie
Mormons hi high standing. It is understood
that the profits of the transactions were to ac
crue to the ben-fit of the C'li.iieli.
Hon-. V. .r.n:- W1.v31.ow. The friends of
Carolina City, will be pleased to learn of t he
re-e'ccti in of the Hon. Warren Winslow, sis a
member of Congress, from the 3rd district, by
so large r. majority.
As Winslow is one of the most, able and in
dustrious members from the South, ;nnd lias
rendered sfg-ial services to 'he interest of this
plac", therefore wc have stepped out o! our usual
ffiin tears start forth and ex tin :
ed by undue excitement and a perpetual longing for
an object, to attain which, some have gone many
! steps too far.
I - ! Kiirfic -. I ... -. -
The latest returns from that region seem to mdi- . E ; man are neither unmixod tragedies nor un
cat a spirit of great hostility towards two or three tioneT ttb til Stu '
oi tne principal persons who deluded inem, vy .
r..;ali tV... li.i-lit rf
'Jr smiles. Such is life, and such did Shakspeare,
r-ln c t'-iniier ot iue, represent it. 111s pic-
infatuated victims. A conflagration of Denver city
was also threatened, but despatches just received
would seem to indicate that this project had been
abandoned. Thc Platte is being, deserted, and the
emigrants are retracing their steps tolbclr old homes,
Ktrono- f;.ii.h iii the ada"C. "con
tentment is better than riches."
Six runaway slaves from Prince George county,
Md., wre arretd in Carroll county last wek. .
, Benevolent. Hon. Edward Everett has made,
h7 lecturing and writing, during the past three
years, about ninety-thousand dollars, upwards of
two-thirds of which has been devoted to the pur
chase and imnrovement of the homp nf Washington
The balance he has given for ether benevolent pur
poses. His traveling expenses while lecturing for
the Mount Vernon Fund were paid out of his re
ceipts, and not by himself as has been erroneouslv
1 ,
father, and von. sweet Ursula, for a mother
My heart will once more learn to love. I shall
be happier, than 1 can express."
After that day the singing boy studied hard
and well. Years afterward the world heard of
him, for it was tie who uttered his voice against
Popery, find became the chief of that reforma
tion which gave an open Bible to the world
His name was Martin Luther.
1 course 10 express our satiMaeuoii oi 1j is re-eicc-
tion. Carolina CUii Times.
New Cocnteufeits. Central Hank, Staun
ton, Va., 5's altered from a broken Tennessee
Bank, viz : Uattle of New Orleans, cattle on
the right, a female on viginette, on left.
Commercial Bank, Wilmington, M. C., 5's
spurious. Viginette Neptune in shell, drawn
by sea horses; five across the left end ; steam
boat .between signatures.
Sai-h of Negroes High Fr-ces. Twenty
eight, negroes were sold 011 J iicsi;-iy as;. :-t
Mel").n.agh, in !T-3nrr county. - '' ae gr. ;. ..'
amount of ilvtL S;iii- t vr'm . -t wo loot:
three hundred and nine dollar
iaga ot seven. '..hundred, and
More Lawyers. The following named rrcn
tlenten were examined before the Supcrine
Court at Morganton, Angu-t O'h, lof', and
admitted to practice in the County Courts-:
James C. McKae, Cur; berhu.d, "
J.ii his W. Vv right. New Hanorer,
.laines 1... Hi.ry, Biineoii,i)t ,
JatliiS II. J'jiit.S"U, Haywood,
Jam-S 11. Love, jr, Ja.-ksn
Ruins H. Siier, Macon,
Aimer S. Caihuvpy, Wilkes,
Henry H. Daniel, Biaden,
JSl'.iis it. I-iife, Gates,
Ed. F . Satterfietd, Persnr,
Geo. K. Shcps.rd, New Hanover,
Win' W. Sd't rs, Sampson,
K. Beutoii Withers, Caswell.
' - j 1 ' '
ars. being an aver- j Beaufort an
nfriety-sis dollars.! city appears
sai'i the travel on 1 i is very larg'i ut t
Atlantia ar.d N. 0.
n.: time. L ttve num.
v- tin ivi.ig to .tr.J from.
s to be pretty full.

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