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D/d yon ever read a story in
which humor of the finest and
moat delicioua tort played the
leading part? Did you ever
tackle a tale which made you
gasp by the originality of ite
ideas f Did you ever meet some
utterly impoaaible perao'na who
never lived and never could have
lived and whom you might meet
any day of your life?
They're- here, right here in this
story. They have the most im
poaaible adventures and get into
the moat impossible situations,
juat as ypu or I might any day
if the stage were set just right
for us: Furthermore, they are
very entertaining people, and
they hold the interest from first
word to finis.
My Friend Wiggins I* Introduced.
I DINED with Hartley Wiggins at
tbe Hare uod Tortoise on an sven
lng in October not very long ago.
It may be well to explain that tbe
Hare and Tortoise Is tbe smallest and
most select of clubs, whose windows
afford a pleasant view of Gramercy
park. The club Is comparatively young,
and it is onr joke that we are so far all
tortoises, creeping through oar several
professions without aid from any hare.
I hasten to explain that 1 am a chim
ney doctor. 'Wiggins is a lawyer; at
least I have seen his name In a list of
graduates of the Harvard Law school,
and be has an office downtown, where
1 have occasionally found him sedately
playing solitaire while be waited for
some one to take blm out to luncheon.
He spends' bis summers on a Booth
Dakota ranch, from which he derives •
considerable income.
Wiggins Is an athlete, and his ram
mers In tbe west anl persistent train
ing during tbe winter keep him In One
condition. As 1 faced him tonight In
our favorite corner of 1 tbe Hate and
Tortoise dining room tbe physical man
was (It enough, but I saw at once that
be was glum and dispirited. He had
through many year* honored me with
his confidence, and 1 felt that tonight
after we got well started I should bear
what was on bis mind. 1 hoped to
cheer hiin with the story of a visit I
bad by chance paid that afternoon to
tbe Asolando tea room, for, though Wig
gins Is a most practical person, 1 Im
agined that be would be diverted by
my description of a place which, I felt
sore, nothing could tempt him to visit.
I shall never forget tbe look be gave
me when 1 remarked at a boot bis third
spoonful of soap:
"By tbe way, 1 dropped Into aa odd
place this afternoon— BnrneJonss boas.
Rossettl macaroons and all that sort of
thing. They call it tbe Asolando"—
1 was ambling on, expecting to
sharpen bis curiosity gradually ae I re
cited the Joys of tbe tea room, but at
Asolando bis spoon dropped, and be
stared at me blankly. taebeuld be
known that Wiggins la not a man
whose composure la lightly shaken.
"Tbe Asolando," 1 repeated, to break
tbe spell of his blsnk stare. "Know
the placet" -
He recovered In a moment, bat be
surveyed me quizzically before reply
"Of coarse I bare beard of tbe Aso
•ando. bat 1 tbought yoa didn't go In
for that sort of thing It's a trifle girl
ish, you know."
"That's hardly against It! I found
tbe gtrllsbness altogether attractive."
"Tea always were tolerably suscep
tible, but broiled butterflies and tpoth
wings' souffle seem to me rather pale
food for a man la yoar vigorous
"They mast have discriminated la
yonr favor. I saw no sach things,
though to be rare 1 was afraid to quib
ble over the waitress' suggestions. May
I ask when you were tbe ret"
"Oh, I dropped la quite accidentally
eae day last spring. 1 saw tbe sign
and remembered that aomebody bad
spoken of tbe place, and t was tired,
and It waa a long war to tbe dab,
Dissimulation Is not an art aa Wig
gins attempts to practice it at thnea.
He la by nature tbe moat straightfor
ward of mortal*. It waa cisar that ha*
waa withholding something, aad I re
eolved to get to tbe bottom of It
"I don't think, tbe Asolando la a place
that would attract either of as, aad
yet the viands are good aa sach staff
goes, and tbe gentle handmaidens are
restful to tbe eye-ripps, Francesco,
Gloria and tbe teat of 'am."
, Wiggins pried open his artichoke
frith the care of a botanist. He bad
regained his composure, bat I saw that
tbe (object interested blm. !
"Ton wtrs there this afternoon r ha
laoaired. ' '
"Yes, my first and only appearance."
-And tbto Is
(Sfe. **• ; ' • r£.•;•- iy'-K--.
The Siege
of the
Seven Suitors
I * '•* - :
I' ' ?
Copyright, UIO, by Meredith Mcholaoa
"Tae calendar baa said It"
"So you settled your bill with Plppal
I believe this was her day. She make*
the-change on Monday, Wednesday
and Friday. Her eyelashes are a'trifle
too long for tbe world's peace."
"1 dare say. I haven't your charming
knack, 'Amea, of picking up aAjualnt
ancee, so you mustn't expect me to
form lifelong friendships with young
women st cash desks. I suppose It
didn't occur to you that those young
women who tend till and aerve tbe
tables In there are persons of educa
tion and taste. Tbe Asolando Is not a
common baabery. Tbere'a not a girl In
that place wbo hasn't tt social position
aa good as yours or mine. The Aso
lando's a kind of tad, you know.
Ames; It's not a tavern within the
meaning of tbe Inkeepers' act, where
common swine are fed for profit. The
servants serve for love of the cause:
it's a sort of cult"
Wiggins excused himself shortly,
and 1 bad a glimpse of him later, in
tbe writing room, engaged upon let
ters, a fact in Itself disquieting, for
Wlggina never wrote letters, and It
was be wbo bad favored making tbe
Hare and Tortoise writing room into
a den for pipe smokers. Tbe epistolary
habit, be maintained, waa one that
should be discouraged.
I was moodily turning over tbe even
ing newapaper when Jewett turned up.
Jewett always knows everything. He
droppetf the ball Into the green of my
Immediate interest with a neat ap
proach abot.
"Too bad about old Wlggy." he re
marked with his preluding slgb.
"Wbst's tbe matter with Wiggins?"
I demanded.
"Ah! He hasn't told you? Tbougbt
be told you everything."
This was meant for a stinger, and I
felt the bite of It.
"You do me too mnch honor. Wig
gins is not a man to throw around his
"And I rather fancy that his love
affairs in particular are locked In bla
Jewett was a master of tbe art of
snggestioD. He took an unnecessarily
long time to light a cigar so tbat bis
words might sink deep con
"Saw ber once last spring. Got a
sight draft from the Bank of Eros.
Followed ber across tbe multltndlnous
sss. Bang!"
"But Wlggy hasn't been ' abroad.
Wlggy was on bis Dakota ranch ail
summer. He's all tanned from tbe snu,
Just ss he Is svery fall," I persisted.
"Wrote you from out there, did he?
Sent you picture postals showing blm
herding his cattle or whatever fhe
beasts sre? Kept In touch with you all
the time, did be? I tell you his Hue
color Is due to Bwltserland, not Da
"Wiggins isn't a letter writer nor the
sort of person who wants to paper your
bouse wltb pidure postals. His not
writing doesn't mean tbat be wasnt on
his ranch," 1 replied, annoyed by Jew
ett's manner.
"Never dropped you before, thongb.
I wager," be chirruped. "I tell you
be aaw Miss Cecilia Holilster at the
Asolando teasbop, Juat a glimpse, but
almost immedlstely be went abroad in
pursuit of ber. The chevalier— that'a
ber Aunt Octavla—jvaa along and an
other niece. My sister saw the buncb
of them In Geneva, where tbe cbevaller
waa breaking records. A whole troop
of suitors followed them everywhere.
Ify sister knows girl—Cecilia—and
she's known Wlggy all her life. Bbe's
Just home snd told me shout It laat
night Bbe tbinks the cbevaller has
soma absurd scheme for marrying off
the girl. IPs sll very queer, our Wlggy
Miag mixed UD lxi It"
"Don't be abaurd. Jewett There's
nothing unususl In s man being In love.
Ibafa one fashion that doesn't change
mocb. 1 venture to ssy tbst Wlgglus
will prove S formidable suitor. Wig
gins Is a gentlemsn. snd the girt would
be tacky to gat blm."
"Quite right, my daar Ames; tint,
alss, there sre others. Tbe competi
tion Is encoaraged by tba aunt, the
veteran chevalier. My sister ssys the
cbavsttsr sss ma to fsvor tba anlt of s
Nebraska philosopher who rejoices Is
tbe melodious name of Dick."
Jewett wss plsylng me for sll bis
story wss worth snd enjoying himself
"For Imtii'i sake, go on f
"Xice girt, this Cecilia. Too know
the Hoi Hat ere—oodles of the
family. The chevalier'* father > ored
big la baby boggles-rssjUislfcle tor
the modern alee? lodtiriug i Jrsmbu
la ton; add oat to a trust The te
ther of I%*' Inamorata bad started
to to be a marine painter. A. founder
of this clnb, come to think of it bat
Stopped oat kmg ego. Toa bare beard
ef bias—Baaaford Hoi lister Fanny
thing bis baring to give ap art Great
gifts tor the marine, bat nere* could
iwwa tendency to seasickness.
Honest! Brery time be painted a
ware it sport him horribly. The doc
tors couldn't help bin. Nest tried bis
bud at the big gulcbes downtown.
There was a chance there to bit off
the metropolitan skyline and become
immortal by doing it first, bat a new
trouble developed. Doing ths blgb
baildlngs msde bim disgyl Honest:
He waa good, too, and wooid hare
oNUto a olsce. bat bs had to cat it oat.
Be was so toru up over me TWO ratiurw
that he blew In bis share of the per
ambulator money in riotous living.
Lost his wife Into the bargain and has
settled down tu a peaceful life up in
Westchester county In one of theae
cute little bungnlows the real estate
operators build for you if yon pay a
dollar down for a picture of an acre
"And the daughter?"'
"Well, Basaford Holllater has twe
daughtera. It's tbe older one that hai
stolen Wiggins' heart away. Bhe'i
Cecilia, you icno*. Very literary and
that aort of thing, and puahed tea and
cookiea at the Aaolando when tbat
Idiocy was opened. Wiggins het
there last spring. Miss Holiiater, the
aunt, whom I'm fond of calling tb
chevalier, picked up tier nieces about
that time and bnuled them off to Eu
rope, and Wiggins scampered aftet
them. 1 don't know what they did tc
Wlggy, but you see how be acts. I
rather Imagine that the chevalier didn't
smile on bis suit. Bbe's a holy terror,
that woman, with an international rep
utatlon for doing weird and most un
accountable things. She draws a sort
of royalty on all the baby buggies In
creation. It amounta to a birth' tax,
in contravention of tbe free guarantee*
of the constitution. The people will
rise against it some day.
"Bbe's plausible enough, but she's thf
past mistress of ulterior motive. Slit
got Fortner, the mural painter, up to
a place she used to have at Newport (
few years ago,.ostensibly to do a frieze
or something, and sbe made him teacb
her to lire a guu. You know Fortner.
with bis artistic ftleals! And be dldn'l
know any more about guns than a Hen.
It was droll, decidedly droll. But sbe
kept liliu there a month—wouldn't lei
bim off tbe reservation: but sbe paid
blm his fee Just tbe same; though he
jiever painted a stroke. When he got
back to town be was a wreck. It wa*
Just like bclug In Jail. 1 warn you to
let her alone. If you should undertake
to Ox her flues she's likely to put you
to work digging potatoes. Blie's no end
of a case."
"Well. Wiggins Is a good fellow, onr
of the very beat." 1 remarked, as I ab
sorbed these revelations, "and It Isn't
the girl's aunt be wants to marry."
"There's uo telling where this affalt
may lead Wiggins. There's something
queer lu tbe wind, all right. Tbe chev
alier bas brother Bassford where he
can't whimper. I rather foncy he feedi"
from ber bund. His girls haven't any
prospects except through the chevalier.
Nice girls, so I'm told. Miss Cecilia
Holilster Is llvlug with ber aunt."
"And tbe other sister- where doet
sbe come luV"
"Not Important. 1 fancy. Ilumor i>
sileut touching Tier. In fact I've nev
er beard anylhlug of ber. But Ilil»*
Cecilia Is no end handsome and proud.
Poor old Wlggy !*'
1 was already ashamed of mysell
for having encouraged Jewett to dis
cuss Wlgglus' affairs, uud was about
to leave bliu. wbeu be suorted In a
disagreeable way be bud at swiue Jokr
that bad occurred to him.
"1 knew (here was something." Is
said, "about Miss Cecilia's youugei
sister, and I've Just recalled It. Tin
girl has a most extruordlnury name
quite Ibe most remarkable ;*>u evei
beard. Ilezeklah! Bang! Tint's tin
little sister's uame. Bassford Mulllstet
had been saving tbat name for a son
who ucver spiieared. to* do bouor tt
old Hczeklab, tbe perambnlator chap.
So tbey named tbe girl fur ber grand
1 left blm and learned at the office
tbat Wlgglus had. within half an
hour, left tbe club hurriedly In a cab.
taking a trunk with blm._ He bad
mentioned no IUHII address to tbr.
clerk, and this was very unlike Wig
Ths Beginning of My Adventurs.
WltiUINH' strange conduct am'
dark hints so-dls
turls-d me that the very
next' afternoon I ' again
•ought the Asolundo ten room, reeling
tbat lu Its atmosphere I might best
weigh tbe few rio ts I i>o«tensed touch
lng my friend's love affairs.
Those who care for details in litest
matters may be interested to knon
tbat tbe Asolando la tucked away
among print sho|w nnd exclusive tin ber
dashers, a stone's throw from Fifth
avenue. The Asolando ten room Is
•acred to wooan uf tba Bute uf Pan.
secession photographers nnd confldeat
believers In an early revival of tbr
poetic drama. There Is about tbe Utile
room a suggestion of tranquillity, of
charming cloistral peace, wltb lis arts
and crafts chairs and tables. Its nicks
of books. Its portraits of Browning,
Bosadtl, Burne-Jones and kindred spir
1 chose a table, aal down and sag'
gested (one dues not order at tbe Aso
landoi a few from the card an
attendant banded me.
"We're out of Ibe Paracelsus ginger
cookies," sbe replied, "but I recom
mend a Ituskln sandwich wltb our
'ewn spedsl chocolate. Tbe whipped
cream Is uuUsuslly line today."
Bbe eyed me wltb a severity to which
I wss nut sccustomed. snd I acquiesced
without imriey lu ber suggestion. Be
fore lesvlug me she plsced on my ta
ble tbe latest minor |*Hft lit green snd
It wss nesrty S o'clock, snd I wsa
alone in tbe Asolsnds. Tbe attending
deities In tbelr snowy gowns bad van
ished lieblnd tlie screen at the rear of
the room. The food and drink wltb
which I bad beeu promptly asrred
proved excellent. Kven tbe minor poet
in green and gold bad held my atten
tion. though Imitations of Coventry
Patmore's odes bore me as a rule.
Near tbe street, half concealed behind
a mosquelike grill, set tbe cashier,
rsading. A handle of Joss stacks In s
green Jsr bsslds this yoang woman
sent a thin smoke Into tbe air. Her
bead was bent sbovs her book in quiet
attention. The light from sn electric
lamp made s glow of her golden hair.
She Wte sn Incident of tbe general
picture, s part of a scene that contain
ed no Jarring note. A man wbo could
devise. In tbe heart of tbe great dty,
a place so lustlnd with repose so tall-,
tag to all tbe sensee waa not less than
a public benefactor.
It was st this moment that tbe ad
venture-for It shall have no meener
■ante—actually began. My ayes were
-I beg your pardon, but this seams te
be the seventh table.'*
still enjoy lug tbe Kossettlllke vision in
tbe cashier's tiny booth when a figure
suddenly darkened the street door Just
beyond her. Tbe girl lifted her bend.
On tbe Instant tbe lamp key clicked
as sbe extinguished her light, and tbe
aureoled beml ceased to be. And com
ing toward me down tbe shop I beheld
a lady, a lady o&years. who passed
the cashier's desk with her' eyes In
tent upon tbe room's Inner recesses.
Her gowu, of a new fashionable gray,
was of tbe severest tailor cut. Her
bat was a modified fedora, gray like
tbe gown, and ndonied with a single
gray feather. Sbe was short, slight,
erect, and moved with a quick bird
like motlou, pausing and glancing at
tbe vacant tables that lay betweeu
me and the door. Bhe appeared to be
engaged in a calculation of some sort
and she raised a lorgnette to aasist ber
in counting tbe tables. The cashier
psssed behind ber unseen and vanish
ed. I heard tliq newcomer reciting:
"One, two, three, four, live, six. sev
en." And st seven Iter eyes rested
upon me with a look tbat mingled sur
prise and annoyance, took a step
toward me. and I started to rise, but
she said quickly:
"1 beg your pardon, but this seems
tcf be tbe seventh table."
"Now that you call my attention to
It,"" I remarked, gaining my feet. "I
am bound to concede tbe point If by
any chance 1 am Intruding"—
"Not in the least. On tbe other band,
I beg tbat yon remain where yon
are." And without further ado sbe
sank Into a Clutlr opposite my own.
I tinkled a tiny crystal bell tbat waa
among the table furnlslilnga, and a
waitress appeared and banded tbe lady,
wbo bad tbus Introduced herself to
my acquaintance, a copy of tbe Uny
card on which tbe articles of refresh
ment offered by tbe Asolando were
Indicated within a border of band
painted field daisies.
"Never mind tbat." said tba lady in
gray. Ignoring the card. "You may
bring me a caviar sandwich and a
rocktali, a pink one, provided-pro
vided"—and she held tbe waitress
with her eye—"you have the Imported
?svlar and your barkeeper knows the
proper frapiie of the spirit lifter I have
"Pardon m», madam," replied tbe
waitress Idly, "but you have mistaken
tba place. Tbe Asolando serves notb
lng stronger than the pure water of
Its own fount of Cnstalla. IntoxlciiuU
»re not iiermilted here."
"intoxicants.'" related the old lady
With asperity. "Do I look like s per
son given to Inloxicstlnn? I dare ssv
your Casta Ha water Is nothing bnt Cro
ton whose Savor has been destroyed
by distillation. Yott msy tiling me
tbe snudwicb I have mentioned and
wltb It a pot of tea. Yea, tbank yoa;
lemon wltb tba toe."
As the g|rl vanished wltb tba light
trend that marked tbe service of the
place I again made aa lo rise, bnt tbe
old lady lift«d ber band wltb a delay
ing gesture.
"Pray remain. It to not bnltkely
that we have friends end Ideas In com
mon, snd as yoa were seated at tbe
seventh table It is |tusslble that some
ordering of fate bas brought us to
gether." ,
Site look from me In the hand which
she had now ungloved tbe copy of my
minor poet, glanced at It scornfully snd
tossed It H|sin the floor with every
mark of dlsdsln.
"Wbst spades of mestsl disorder
does this pises represent?" abe de
"It la sacred fo tbe line arta sppsr
ently; an endowed tea room where per
sona of artistic Idea la may come to re
fresh body snd soul Bucb st Isaat
seems to be tbe program. Tbls Is only
my second visit, bnt I hsve long heard
It spoken of by srttots. poets and oth
ers of my friends."
"I am sixty-two years old, young
man, and I lieg te Inform you I hat I
consider the Asolando tbe most pre
posterous thing 1 have ever beard of
fat this most preposterous city. And
from a casual glimpse of yon 1 feel
Justified In saying that a man in your
apparent physical health might be in
better business than frequenting In
mldafternoon a shop tbat seems to be
a remsrkably stupid expression of
twenlidb century anssmls."
"Attendance bene Is not compulsory,"
I remarked defensively.
"If you Imply that I most bare
sought tbe place voluntarily let me cor
rect your false Impression Immediately.
I dropped In here for tbe excellent res
son tbst tbls shop Is ths seventh In nu
merics I progression from Fifth seen
"Ton were net go Med by any feeling
of Intern*. tben. bat rmtber by super
"That remark la oaworthy of a nan
of roar apparent Intelligent*. I waa
born oo tba 7th of November, and all
the great errata of my life bare oc
curred on lb* 7th of tb« month."
1 waa relieved to tod that aba ac
cepted the tea and aandwlcbea tba
WBltrta luui hm«»ht without parley.
It lirtfitinriiauie i in lite
first moments uf ray encouuteV I be
lieved Iter capable of quarreling with
a waitress, but she thanked tbe girl
pleasantly, lifting her bead with a
smile that Illumined ber face attrac
tively. Her demand for a cocktail had
not been wholly convincing as to her
sincerity, and I wondered whether she
were not plarlng a part of some kind.
Bhe suggested pleasant and wholesome
In any event the impression was
wholly agreuulile. 1 had to do with
a lady and :! Inly of no mean decree.
The marks of breeding were upon her.
and she spoke with that nulct author
ity that I* the despair of the vnln and
vttlgar. Her features were small and
dellcste. tier tingles* hands were per
fectly fnrtre I nnd liotb face and hands
belled tbe IIRV to which sbe had so
frankly confessed: site was more than
twice my age. and there was not the
slightest reason why she sbould not
address me If It pleased ber to do no.
and her olifesslou HS to the |iotency of
the numeral seven wns not In Itself
proof of un 111 Inlawed mind. Mnsing
thns, I reached the conclusion that
Ibia encounter was very likely thesort
of thing that happened to patrons of
the Asolando. My time has. however,
a certnln value, and I began to won
der Just Imw I should escape. I was
about to excuse myself when my com
panion smldi'iilJ* pnt down her cup
and addressed n'o with a directness
that seemed habitual in ber.
"I have formed an excellent opinion
of your bringing np from tbe mnnner
In which yon have suffered my ad
vances, If | miit so call them. Yon
act and s|ienk like a gentleman of edu
cation. Will you kindly tell me tbe
natnre of your occupation?"
I produced one of my professional
cards. '
C'unaultunt In Chlmnsys,
Suit W. Ululon Building.
She read It aloud without glnsses
and mused li moment.
"This Is very curious," sbe remark
sd, placing my curd lu a sliver case
■be drew from her (locket. "Tbls Is
very curious Indeed. It was only yes
terday that my friend General Qleu
denning was s|s>akliig of you. He told
me that you bad rendered blm the
greatest service lu adjusting several
flues lu bis country house at %hln
necock. My own fireplaces doubtless
require attention, and you may consid
er yourself retained. I shall make an
early appointment wttli you. You will
And my luiuic and residence sufficient
ly described on tills card."
llopsflcld Manor.
"Oh!" I exclaimed, bowing. "Any
further Introduction Is unnecessary.
Miss Holilster."
"Tbe name Is familiar? I recall that
General Uleiidemilug mentioned tbat
you were related to the Ames family
of Hartford, ami your mother was a
Karquhar of Charlottesville, Va. If
you bear your father's name. I dare say
it was lie whom I met ten years ago
In Paris. There is no reason therefore
why we should not tie tbe liest of
It was a kind fate Indeed that
had led me back to tbe Asolando, and
introduced me to the aunf of Wiggins'
Inamorata. It may well lie believed
tbat I was Immediately interested, at
tentive, absorbed. As she smoothed
ber gloves, Miss tlolllster continued to
speak In a low musical voice that was
devoid of any of the quavers of age.
"On ths day I reached my sixtieth
year, Mr. Ames. I decided that my
humdrum life must cease. Tbe strict
est conventions hud glided me from
earliest childbsxl. My experience of
Jifs bail been limited to those things
which womeu of education and moans
enjoy—or suffer, us you please to take
It. Two years ago I chartered a yacht
and cruised among Ibe Lesser AnUiles,
enjoying many sdventures. Later 1
crossed tbe A tides, and I have Just re
turned from Hwltzerlsnd. where I ac
complished some of t tie most difficult
ascents. 1 have a clipping buresn en
gaged to inform me of ail rumors of
bidden treasure snd sunken shifts, and*
I hope tbat of this something may
come, as I retain a marine engineer
and corps of divers and can leave st an
hour's notice for suy likely bunting
ground. Tbls msy strike you ss tbe
most wblmsU'sl self indulgence. Tell
sis candidly whether my remarks so
affect joe."
"If it were not tbst yoar benefac
tions of all kinds hsve gfcven you noble
eminence among American phlisutbro
plsts I might be teas biased Jn fsvor of
tbe sort of tblag yoa describe, bat your
gifts to orpbsusges, colleges, bospi
tals"— - V.—
"Ab!" abe Interrupted, "enough of
tbat. Philanthropy In these times If
only selfish exploits Hon, Ibe recreation
of tbe conscience stricken. But you
see no res son wby," she purstid eager
ly, "if I wished lo dig up tbe Csrtbbesn
sss in search of Spsnlsb doubloons, 1
should not do so? Answer me frankly,
without Ibe slightest fear."
"I ensure yoa. Miss Holilster. tbst
such projects appesl to me strongly. I
have often lamented tbat my own lot
fall In these eventless times. Aa an
architect I proved something of s fail
ure; as a chimney doctor I lead a use
ful life, but tbe very usefulness of It
born me. and besides many people
tske me for s sweep."
"I dsre ssy tbey do. for unfortunately
■war people are fools. But I ana bent
upon adventure. My physician pro
aounces me good tor ten years mors
of sctlvs life, snd I Intend to keep
smused. If I were s young sun like
yoa 1 sbould crawl through chimneys
no more, bnt take to tbe open road. 1
resent tbe harsh dang of these mean
ingless yesrs. As I wslked smong tba
bills that li« behind tbe manor tbls
morning I beard tbe bugles calling. 1
should Ilka to ssk yon farther ss to
year unusual a profession, but errands
summon me' elsewhere. However,
something tells me We shall meet
She roae In ber ewlft, birdlike faabfcra
and paaaed lightly down tba room and
through tba door. She bad left a dol
lar beside ber plata to pay ber cback
which I noted called for only 40 cents
t claw*-' »Ue caahler'a deek. Ttv
fureoied bead uaa not reappeared, but
Immediately I heard a voice murmur
ing beside me. I bad believed myself
alone, and In my surprise I thought
some wisardry bad made audible one
of the verses on the waiL
What of Rafael's aonnetk, Dante'a pic
It was she whose aureoled bead I had
marked earlier In the receipt of cus
tom. tbe girl who had vanished as Miss
Holilster appeared. Bhe was not tall,
and her eyes. 1 saw, were brown. Bhe
had clearly not climbed far the stair
way of her ycurs, but J»er serenity was
the least bit disconcerting.
"Pardon me." 1 begnu. "but 1 am an
ignorant Philistine, and canuot cap tbe
verse you have quoted."
"There is no refaon wby you should
do so. It is tbe rule of tbe Asolando
that we shall attract tbe attention of
"The Asolando is denied to outsiders."
customers when necessary by speaking
of a Hue of verse. We are not allowed
to open a conversation, no matter I tow
imperative, with 'Listen.' or the even
more vulgar 'Hay.'"
"A capital Idea, of which I heartily
approve, but now that 1 am a waiting
auditor, eager"—
"It's merely the check, if you please,"
sbe Interrupted coldly. "My desk is
closed, and the room will refuse fur
ther patrons fur the neit hour, as tbe
executive committee of tlie Bbelley so
ciety meets here al 4 o'clock, and tbe
Aaolando la denied to outsiders." **
"This, then. Is uty dismissal? Tbe
lady who Joined me here for a time left
a dollar, which, you will see. Is some-
Whit In excess of her check. My own
charge of B0 centa Is so moderate that
I cannot do lens than leave It also."
"Thank you," she replied, unshaken
by my generosity. 'The tips at the
Aaolando all go to tbe Hweetness and
Light club, which Is Just now engaged
!n circulating Matthew Arnold's poems
In leaflet form In tbe Jobbing district."
1 bowed ntitl had turned away when
she arrested me with tbe line—
My (uod blade carves the casques of
I turned toward Iter. "Permit me to
Inquire," abe asked, "whether the lady
who Joined you here expreaaed any
interest in the life beautiful as It Is
exemplified In tbe Asolando?"
"I am constrained to say tbst abe did
not. Bbe s|s>ke of the Asolando in the
most contumelious terms."
Tlio golden bead bowed slightly, and
a smile hovered about her llpa. But
ber amusement st my answer was
more eloquently stated |n her eyes.
"I must explain that my sole excuse
for addressing you la that we are re
quired to leafn, where possible, Just
Wby strangers seek tbe Asolando."
"in the case of tlio Isdy to wbom
you refer it was a matter of tbls be
ing the seventh shop from tbe corner,
snd my own appearance wss due to
tbe Idlest curiosity, Inspired by enthu
siastic descriptions of tbe Asolando's
atmosphere and rumors of tbe cheap
ness of Its food."
"Tbe reasons sre quite ample," was
berouly comment, and ber'mnnner did
sot encourage further conversion.
"May I ask," 1 iwrststedV"-'whether
tbe Asolando'a staff ia (termauent and
whether. If 1 return another day"-^
"I take It that you do not mean to
ba Impertinent, ao I will answer tbat
my service here Is limited to Tuesdaya,
Thursdays and Saturdays. On tbeoth
er days I'lppa Is in tbe cash booth.
My us me at the Asolsndo is Frances
CB. Kindly write your name lu the
visitors' book at tbe door ss yoa peas
There was uo Ignoring this hint I
thought she smiled as 1 left ber.
• * fro ss onimaraa.)
Tba buiite wntcn were put In tbe cel
lar laat fail should be Inspected to sas
if tbey era getting rooted properly.
Possibly tbey msy need watering,
while some tbat have made a good
atari might be brought npstalrs to fur
nish tbe first bloom of tbe sss son.
There Is surely a screw loose or s cog
Out of place In the makeup of the well
fed fanner who drives to. town In his
b MI fur coat when ths thermometer
registoi** below iero, yet leaves bis
team unbhinketed for an boar or more
on ths street while be warms bis shins
lit fore tbe store fire. -
If a measure which la to be introduc
ed Into congress becomea a law it will
mean bard sledding ahead for tbe Bra
slllsn coffee trust. Tbe measure la
question proposes _to authorise tbe
aeixnre by tbe proper government au
tborlttea of any Imported product thai
Is controlled by s trust
At Berkeley, Cel., tbe police blvS or
dera to kill every cat tbey find out
doors. snd tbs order includea the fancy
pore breds along with tbe multicolored
cat arabe that frequent tbe back al
leys. Tbe health authorities believe
the est tribe la Instrumental In spread
tor and u 016 m * >n
IS? frt... "si&jfe. i ' i'- 1 &s; ■■ t
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