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When ; We Meet A grain,
Wlkrou - Bemember," and
"There's One Thlnjr That Gold
Cannot Buy"? Published Be
oently and Are Baking Hits ? |
Copies Received. Here
Several copies of songs composed by
* wait known lady of this city have
reached here, and from the reports,
they are making hits they deserve, nad
' , the composer, Mrs. M. Esteli Simee
?will be heard in one or both of them
v tonight at the Gem theatre.
Both of the song hits were composed, I
both worda'and music, by Mrs. Simes.
"When We Meet Again, Will You Re
member," which is an illustrated soagv
. and from a look at the words and music
it is evident that It will make a hit,
while "There's One Thing That Money
Cannot Bay" is equally as good, and
T Qm fact that (her were composed by
local talent will make them mpre ap
preciative in the eyea of our musicians.
rnnlrs nfhotti of these sengs are on
sale at Abram1! book store? Telegram,
Rocky i Mount.
Mrs. Simes has manyfrineds in Louii-*
bnrg who ooeslbly remembey her as
<>r mention and wilt no doubt beeom?
popular in this, her old home. They
are now on display at. J. W. Hollings
worth'i store.
? The qonditlon on the local market
have been especially Rood the past
week. Prices on all grades have been
higher and especially the cheaper one
Although the weather has been ve
unfavorable very nice breaks have been I
?' ' . ;? ?
Teachers Meeting.
We are requested to state-, that the j
~ Hrtathilf ui_-<frw
?3-g)^which Will be held in . Lonisburg ffif]
?jlW _ _ , ?
i, < toriijm of the Graded School. Mr. I,.
' C. Broaden, State Supervisor of Rural
wUl be present.
? - The many friends of Mr. Edward Ed
be glad to learn that he is improving
rapidly. > ....
Friends of Mrs. Rosamond Ragsdale,
who recently successfully underwent
an operation at Rex Hospital irt Ral
eigh, will learn with mqcli pleasure
M il I '"i? To-mtaj-infl. >_
' nects to return home in a few days.
Griffin & Beasley Sell Out.
A. W. Perry, Jr., has purchased,
the stock of general merchandise of
? Griflin & Beasley arid will qontirtue tbe
- business under the* firm name of A. W.
Perry, Jr., & Co., at the bp me old st*n4
on Slain street, Mr. Perry is a very
popular young mail awl ?? feel sure
? that he will enjoy a bu?1ness success in
this new venture. * ? CM
Census Bureau Ginning Report.
Washington, Tan. 9.? The census bu
..?l.n ^innlrir report
the number of running bales of cottdij
ginned prior to January 1st, shows:
United States, 14,832,750, round bales
9?,228, Sea Island 106.439. Alabama
1,621.843, ArVansas 785,409, Florida
86,435, Georgia 2,623,664, Louisiana
363,409, Mississippi 1,047,608, North
Carolina 975,800, Oklahoma 002,562,
South Carolina 1.609;297, Tennessee
380,049, Texas 3,936,539, other states
110,802. Sea Island by states, Florida
88,095, Georgia' 68,644, South Carolina
4,800. -
Annual Heeling or the Stofck=-'
holders of the First Na
tional Bank.
At tfte regular annual mestirrg-pf the
stockholders of the First National Bank
it was unanimously decided to increase
the capital from .(26,000 to $50,000.
This being necessary in order to take
cam of the increasing business of
' Franklin county's only National Bank.
Thix Inorease in stock is already sub-'
scribed for with the exception . of
I6.000.0fr. _Jhe regular semi-annual
dl.idend tt 3 psr pent, was declared
and ordered paid February 1st, and a
-Beit' sum was passed to the Surplus ac
count. Tbe repert ef the cashier
showed the Institution to ha in excel
lent condition. The following were
el??fed directors 'of the ensuing Vtiar:
W II. Ruffln, F B. McKlnne, W. H.
Allen, 1). F. MsKinne, Thos. D. Tyack.
T. T Terrell, Malcolm UcEinne and K.
P. Hill. At the director! meeting Mr.
W. "H. Ruffln was unanimously elected
President^ F. B. McHtnne, Oa?hier; T."
W. Watson, Assistant Cashier; - William
D. Jackson,' Teller. . ?
r Mr- Bishop Dead
Wilmington, Jan. 8th? Rey. F. A.
Bishop, a well known minister of the
"Worth raaroHna Methodist Conference.
died tkistaerninjr at James WaTlcer
Memorial Hospital, after 'illness of
some time. He was pastor of the
Method l'et Chnnth at Dunn -until eaMy
la December, when he had to TPve np
his duties on account of his health;
He was a native of this county, and
59 year* old. He leaves his wife, two
boo there and two half sisters.? News
Rev. Mr. Bishop was pastor of the
Methodist Church here for two years,
during which 'time he made many
friends who will learn with much re
gret of his deathv He was an upright
ehrUtiam gentleman and in hie death
the Methodist denomination loeee one
of its most faithful workers.
Funeral Held From Methodist
"Am a cloud t>f ths sunset slow melting |
in Heaven.
As a star that is lost when the day-light |
is given.
As a glad dream of slumber which |
wakens in bless.
She liath passed to the world jgg the |
4 holy from thS." ? ' " -
On Friday morning at half put seven
o'cloek,. Mary, beloved wife of Percy
Eltli ind Anna Fuller M alone, entered
into life everlasting.
That all. of thee we loved and cherished,
Has with thy summer Toees perished, |
And left, 4s its yeung beauty fled
Of low sweet, music passed away?
That true and loving heart
Bestowiag with a glad un-thrift ?
Its annny light nn .11
Of them? of thee remains there naught,
Hbtsorrow ia the' mouners breast?
No ? evenaa thou wast? I see thee still.
And save -the absence of all ill
And pain and wearineis which herej
Summoned the fligh or wrung the tear, |
But lives in hollier. beauty niiw?
Baptized in immortality.
Thy owii loved church in sadness i
Her sdlemn ritual o'er thy head?
And blessed and hallowed with . her |
r1 ?
The turf laid lightly o'er tl?ee there ?
All lovely things by thee 'beloved,
auall'whtsper to omr peara or tnee.'
These" green IiillS where thy childhood |
roved. "*" .
You river winding lu the gea. . '
ptiie sunset light it SOOTmn eves,
Reflecting on the deep, sti'l floods,
Cloud, crimson sky and trembling leaves j
| Of rain-bow tinted woods ?
These, in our view shall henceforth take |
ACenderer meaniag for. thy sake.
And all thou lovedat of earth or sky,
Seem Bacred for thou sake."
Mary Malone war born in the little"
tuwn, nhete she lived her bri t happy
lite. Inheriting much of the Intellectual
endowment," and poetry of a gifted
family, she was possessed .of a nature
so pure, so Right, so sweetly unselfish
and thoughtful of others, that she was
beloved by allwhe knew her, adored by
eyery ftiembar of her family, and idol
ised by the young husband whose . life
[?he Blasted (?' throe short years.
?VO, who can forget the sweet light of |
ker smile,
Over lipa moved with music and feeling j
the while, ? J
And the chanii.ef her features
While over the whole ;
Played the hues 'Of the heart and the |
aunshii ? of the ?owl. ' '
In every relation of life her sweet
ness, brightness^Md' tender urnol/i^h"
ness blessed those wjth whom
?he came in contact. Along her path
sprang the sweet and modest blossoms
of unaelish love; whose perfume will
linger long with many whose memory
other bright smile and gentle courte
sies will tKrss sweet Music that leaves
us bettef for its sweetness.
"For all her quiet life flowed on
As meadow steamlets flow
Where fresher green reveals alone?
The noieelesi way they go.
AiW with her went a sweet teim '
Of *11 thing* iweet and fair
Refrenhed her unaware.
The dear Lord's best Interpreters
Are humble human souls.
The gospel of a Ufe like hers,
la more than books or sozolU. ?
? The beautiful service of the church
was read by the Rev. R. W. Bailey, pis
tor of the Methedist church, assisted
by Be v. Lucia n Malone, Hector of St.
Paul's Episcopal church. During the
slrrioe "Abide With Me," and "Lead
Kindly Light" were sweetly and softly
tendered. Loving hands bore the casket
to ita resting place! About the nearly
loved form, heaped on the casket,
and covering the low mound "whose
curtain never outward swings" Were
beautiful floral offerirgs from thoae
who would wrap around her tokens of
that love that ia eternal, which looks
beyond death?to when "The night is
And in the morn _
These angels faces smile
Which we have loved Ions since
And lost awhile."
"Another hand is .beckoning us
Another call is given; ? .
And glows once more with Angel-stepa
The path which reaches heaven. -
Our young ' and gentle friend wheae
- ? ? tulle
Made brighter summer hours.
Amid the frosts of winter time
Haa left as with the flowers.
T>? llffht 9? hay piWug-Wa w?i> itont
a'. .IrVn tmhinrl t-hi. hill.
The glory of a Betting star.
Hear, suddenly and iSIL i
As pure and sweet, her fair blow'
Eternal as the sky, /
And like the brook's low song, her voice
A sound which could sot-die.
And half we deert>ed she needed not
The changing of her sphere.
To give te, Heaven a shining one.
Whn w?IWf?1 ?n Anffei We ?
The blessing of her quiet life, ?
Pell on u? like" the dew,
yiwwl, >
Like fairy blossoms grew.
Sntnial nnimiiHnrs nnto Kindest deeds.
Were InJiLtier everyioak. .
We read her face as one who toads '
A true and holy book." j_
There seems a shadow on the day,
Her smiie no longer cheers, -
A dimness on the stare of night, ?
Like eves that look through tears.
Alone u'nto our Father's will '
One thought hath reconciled,
That He wh'oee love exceedeth ours.
Hath tat en hoiiw Hts <hikt?
Fold her, 0 Fatherin thine arms.
Ami let her henceforth bo
A messenger of love between"
Our human hearts and thee."
I-/ . ? . ?? ' ?. . .
Judge Cook's Methods. ~
^Thia is what. the public likes? a just
judge; alfio the lflSvyers. Judge Cook
"who t? pCMldlng tt tlite term u I ?up?r
ior court, is one of this class? and
more. . . He -ramteB things, in which
he is a past master. That is to^ay, he'
has been {it the bar so long -that he
thelejfatprofwsion. ' knows like a
bode that" verj?~oiten attorneys might
be ready to go to trial, but for gome of
a hundrodor more reasons they do not
want to do It, in offiar warts, "when
Judga Caalr finds a case on the calen
dar it is almost sure to be tried or "go
off the docket.
"When a case is pat on this calen
"en3ar," says he, "it is potice that it is
ready. ? If not, ? why did yon put If
there?" and then he proceeds.
Tn Ma work he keeps the members
of the' bar in excellent hamor. yet it-is
said that not ? single lawyer has? been
able to shake him. It is % trial er a
non-suit- ? Attorneys for both plaintiff
and defendant may- agree, ' but it
amounts to nothing. "You hayen't
agreed with me," he says; "I'm eorr*.
for you, but you must get at it. Wade
in." And the boys wade in or get out
?f qourt, (
"How long Jmll your honor <hold
court tbU afternoon?" asked an attor
ney about 5 ? o'clock yesterday after
noon. "As long as the -lights, hold out
to burn," was the rjElj. -He works
from 9:30 a. m. to 6 in the afternoon
with a recess long enough to eat a
small lundh."^,
. Judge Cook has done more towards
clearing ' the docket than- any judge
who has been here in many Years. He
is here for business and he isj attending
to it. Continued food luck! to him?
breensboro Record.
? Card o(Jhanks.
I wish to thank ail mj friends and
neighbors for their kindnesses rendered
me during the recent illness ~nti tfM"*
oi my wits, which occurred- on Decern*
ber 6th, 1911. Ed Wood.. v
Those Who Have Visited Louls
bupg: the Past Week? Those
Who Have Gone Elsewhere
L -For Business or. pleasure.
O. P. Winstead left Friday for -his
bom* in Naafcville.
H. L. Candler rffifrned Friday from
a TUIt to tU| UHHS. ' ' *"
Clareace Stimpson returned tin put
week from a Tiiit to Stateerille.
C. B Cheatham, of Hendej-san, was
? visitor to Lonisborg the past week.
Wv. C. D. Malonu. of Cboeowinity, at
tended the funeral of Mia. P.R. White.,
F. M. Seaman and wile, of Chicago,
la . visit) as Jier rister. Mrs. V/m.
T. A. Williams, of Washington, DJ
0,,ts visiting his people in and near
Miaa Maude Milliken, of Norfolk, who
retained home.
H. L. Candler left yesterday for the
northern uia?jtl?U to purchaae the spring'
stock for hisflrm.
Rev. A. W, Bailey and family return
ed Friday flrom an extended visit to
Looii, where he purchased a large
stock of horses and mulee for the K. P.
Bill Live Stock Co.
Among those who went from here to
the meeting of the Masonic Grand
Lodge in Raleigh on Wednesday were
J. a. T ancestor, A. A. Clifton. B. T.
Holden, J. A. Turner.
ox- Thompson Will Preach.
Gilmort. EUia.~S?atW- School at
9:48 a. m., Frey Allen, Hgperintendent.
At 11 a. m,?4hiq pastor will deal with *
very vital problem. "Erery member * li"
urged to b? present Or. C. J. Thomp
tuu, or Durhani will at 7 p. IB.,
inthfl Interest of christian education.
Dr. Thompaon is a very able speaker,
and hia mea&age Sunday niglit "will be
of special interest to every citizen of
f^iii?hnrg. . . ?
Plain Facts.
In the present .day of speculation
and desire to Ret rich quick the desire
to get something for nothing is strong
to a mania. As a result the gold bFick
mail l? itliuu miJ*ii plylngTim trade
vigorously as ever. Men are still buy
ing' oil stock in Texas and mining
stock in 'Montana at ten Cents a
share and then Hitting down and
waiting anxiously for the "guslier"
yliicli uevet ionics, bufcwhen the
panv representative was around it
needed only th? addition pf j Jittle
more jpapital to make it a record breaV
vein of ore, which had already .been
discovered but needed a little more
tor machinery to make all its stock
holdersrich. ? " , j
Nowhere ire there miSTS atrifctrTR
ni-nmpln nt
to Ret somethinR for nothing than in
stances in the school room. Ail de
sire to .get an education, but all are
not willing to pay the price. Some
students want and seem to expect to
get an education like Texas, oiL stock
a ten cent share and a "gusher"
wnn -each share Some pupils uu ? cn=
terinff the high school have a well de
fined, preconceived notion that they
will pecupy a seat four years in the
same aad will by virtue thereof come
out at the end a full fledged graduate,
entitled to all the rights, privileges and
respect due thereto. They expect "the
some reward as those who get' right
down to Rood stronR worit?and the prop
er application of grit master the
course. ? v-~." _ ?
New Seoretrry of State'Y .MCA.
Mr. M. E. Winston, who succeeds
Mr. J. M. Stickney as Office Secretary
for the Stata Y. M. C. A. .has arrived
and has taken up his new work.
Mr. Stickney resigned sometime ago
to accept a limllar ' position in the
oflice of Geaeral Secretary Metiill,' ?nd
he has entered upon hianew duties" as
Business Secretary for the" local associ
ation. -Mr. . t-tiekney was associated
with ?he state work for six yeari, and
is well known in Y. M. C. A. ciroles.
Mr. Winston is recently frem Younga
viUe N. C., and is a graduate of Wake
Forest College. Ho lukahad a wide and
valuable business e*Y>a?eT>w, main It
in connection with bant work, and is
eepeulatly well fitted for the position f?
which he has been chosen. His duties
?? ?
will be mainly office work-, snd he will
cfajtrffo of tho corroopondenee do
partment of the Stmte Association. This
organisation now has ISO correspond
ents in various sections of the state,
and no department of the organised
work has provedof more practical
"It is a fait worthy of note," said'
State Secretary V. T. Griziaid, ' that
within one year, through otir corre
spondents, we have been able to locate
and f(et in tonch with more ihanJLOO
men in fourteen states This means
that when a boy er yomjg man leaves
Ms home from any point iu Teumissee,
our correspondent in his section neti
fies us where he is going, and we imme
diately write to the Y. M. C. A- cor
respondence department ia the place
for which he ia destined. No sooner
does the young man arrive than he
-finds friends, a good, wholesome en
vironment and the best influences are
immediately thrown atuuud him. - Ju?t
how much this has meant to the 100
young men who have been looked af
ter during the past year cannot be ex
pressed in words, and we feel that this
ia one of the moet -practical and effec
tive frtmwia of our work. Mr. Wins
ton is to have~~fcntlre charge of this de
Mr. Winston -Kas an attractive per
sonality in addition to unusual busings
qualifications, and the state officials
feel they have been very fortunate in
securing his services? Association News,
MmIm^ A - . ?
Boy Scouts Numbers Tripled In ]
Eight Months.
The Boy Scouts Of Amelia have
tripled In the last eight montha. There
are * now 4,500 bcout Masters reg
istered w;th the national organization.
On January 1 there were only 1,40#.
These facts alone show, that there aw
three times as. many troops of
scouts under the direction of the lead
Unwrica asJ
of tha
year. " w mie it is Hard to figure on tne
that the Boy Scout* alone i
times as many as at the beginning of I
tlr' TearT^
? l'hn remarfcabie growth -i? due lo
many reasons. Fiat, boya Jn_flY?ri
village. town and city throughout the
country, have read of the' principles of
the scout movement and have appreci
tralnur or Soout Master
into the weoda-and
teaches them various useful things for
plav and work. Secondly, many young
man, laarning of the principles of the
scout Movement have jiecoms enihu?i-_
as tic workers and have made efforts to |
of the woods and fund of the activities |
outlined fri the scodt manual. Thirdly,
the general interest in the scout organ
ization has spread overthe country
gradrfttlly, ind persistently in the last
Boy Scouta in America today thaji there |
ate'in any country in t&eworT' ~
7 SiHciT the meeting of the National]
Council -st the White House early in !
February, (greater Interest has been j
aroused in the movement bec*use"itew
badges hare be^n turned out for the
boys, a new manual has been issued and
-many things have- bean done to. appeal'
directly to the American boys.
-Business and professional men also
Imtb taken Inneastd intereot in tho
wark and have formed local cauncils in
various cities and towns to supervise
the scout activities in their localities.
The Scout organization has became so
strong in several Cities that secretaries
haQbeen ompluyad to handle the nrent
amount of detail.
Theleaders of the Boy Scouts re
gard this growth. not as temporal but
as due .to the inherent strength and ap
peal of the Scout principles. They feel
sure that the organization .which has
been approved by the members of dif
ferent religions and different organiza
tions dealing ? with boys wortc is- a.
thoroughly permanunt institution in tl.a
life of the country.
. With Leggett & Myers.
Mi-, -Samuel J. Parham, one of Lojiis
kurg's most popular tobacco buyers
and one of the bast judges of the weed
in this section of the state, has accept
ed a position with Leggett & Myers, to
haadl* their aurciiaaes on thekxal mar
ket here. Mr. l'arham has made a life
study of the ?<>o?cc<^businesa and is
especially tor the work. He rep;
mented the American tobacco company
on this market for many years. The
company he ? ; Jo represent now, we
we ar* iaformed, is oua of U? largest
b^aaches uf the former Amcrisan To
bacco Company. umi.Uicy are to be con
gratulated in securing the serricew of
so capable a buy?r as Mr. l'arham.. He
has many friends in - tki? section wto
will ba glad to learn that ha is to re-en
/ 'At the beelnning c f our Association
/s ?o-wAkera, I wish to congratulate
j?uon the encouraging conditions under
which we start While' the Company
is new, the business is old. The brands
established and WTOWbiy know, and
the name "Leggett & Myers" brings
with it the beat associations and tradi
tions of the trade. It stands for qual
ity and enterprise and it should be the
ambition of each and all ofua to main
tain this high, reputation and by the
sale of all goods on a basts of beat val
ue for the money, promptness and ac
curacy iq business and straight-for
wardness in all matters, keep and In
crease the confidence of the public.
"The work ef getting the business
under way in set short a time has taxed
thoee charged with that duty to the
u-moat- Father details will be arrang
ed as the occasion requires. It is hop
ad and beleived that they will" be few
and incidental and that their adjust
ment will not intatfeie iu aay material
way with the great volnase of the Com
pany's business. . -J. 1
"I belcire the personnel of those
?lsrtak ingasllthat erwiH he AMIrcd and ?
I trust to the future to prove the
accuracy of this conclusion. I feel as
suredjof abundant sucoess if one and all
will pursue the several parts, assigned
him diligently, honestly, courteously,
courageously and wlth t^at loyalty to
the business and one airather T?ihe
members of one great Csmily -working
for a common end.
J 'Very truly yours,
i -C-C- Dulu. Presidaafc'ii.^
? Muckraker.
| I'm the m?a with tft? gaff, Look out
1 is r
I'm a
whirlwind on a spree.
^'*3 after voor scalp and after your Hi4^
I scowl,
I 'pr'owl^
J ^QOl
Hm 1 bury the lift .n ^ I .i.r
.J. drown the fact in a din^-dor
"? w n me 4* mHg-aong-flag
That p. eases the ear of a ding-dong crowd*
That loves a noise both big- fend loud.
I glare,
I wwPar,
I tear. ?
I blaiir i ' ? - - ?
x bare . 7 ~
The faults I find in women and men.
In puddles of gore I dip my pen.
For every laugh-LiiBve a jeer.
From every jamile I wring a fear.
1 'm rough, . . "?
I bluff,
r AiwI-iOtlffT -^
The eommojt^eople with a lot of goo
And things of my own unholy bretf. _
Do I ihlfiV I '11 shovel coal? ? ? ? ? '
No. not I. But. perhaps, my soul!?
'ihomas Holmes, in thB=Uew York Sun.
* mw honrh ran inter. ?
est a widow * ' ? " ,
And many a man lives the simple
life? because he_h^a to. _____
The world owes .every man a chance'
-to earn an honest living. ? r
R worrtah 18 Always fti6ufl of her hus
band? during the honeymoon.
few baehelors arp as--gay as they" ?
want women to think ?hey are.
?When j straight man strays into
?rooked path* he is apt to go lame.
A man can acquire an awful fcrjuch
if his breakfast doesn't suit his fancy. . ~
.After a (ban Rets in bad lie is soo* .
forgotten? and he ought to be glad- ot ??
it. .
The worst that your aeighbor does **'
often 'seems better than the beat 70m
can do., , ? . ?
When a tfirl thro** a man ,6?er he
is apt to litrht on his knees in front of
another girl.
The only way a man can get the best
of a woman In an argument ih to turn""
on. a line of baby talk.
It's easy for an old bachelor to ac
quire a wife. All he lias to do is pose
as a wdfiian hater and so rue woman
will, do the rest.
A man la always willing to get him
self in trpuble;, he wants everybody
to lend a hand at palling him oat
.There's nobody's honesty a woman
le-so auspicious of as the husband ef a
woman- who bays h?r more clpthee (haa
her husband can. ' J| r &
ter the market In connection Wfth this
wmpany, To glte ?B -InOW >0 )&? ye)?
urae of basinet* expected to be carried
on by this compear showing the adTan
tage their account will be to the local
market we publish below a letter re- ?
ceived by Mr. Parham, a copy of which
hu been mailed tj all their employes,
it^ada; . - ;

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