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    The S tore for Men in War Time
Now that the Influenza is most over we will appreciate ^ vis
it by \'OU. -Our lmes of Overcoats, Suits anc V iiji;er T/ilder
vroar are comDlotdxT ?
\ ? ?
\ ' , i
V ? ? -
You,stout f.r .i lesikinsn who have often wirh^d ycu coultf *
be nttf d propev^-aNgiaifr from <;rock. cas, rr.*v 'have. yo??.r -
wistariuid thepiicc' iva winner. /
- ?? /
While you a. ? i >'. .i,& "ni ^qurself don't over!o<>i j&cr bright
kirie boy Vic sse. ;r:i up like/^Daddy" in.iv nixty suit
and bk.adisome ('? ???.;??? -:>ar, like the &fopve designs.
' Overalls, wo* k shirts, work >?a&s, sweaters and heavy un
derwear Boys "'we have t-hcra/pud the prices are right.
acidy and the Boys''
(The McBrayer Gothin
^Kjtdl Never Know How Good.
This Coffee Is Until^buTryIt
ORDS cannot adaqnately describe
Vou've got to taste it yourself. Won't you
try Luzianne next lime?
Laziarme is packed in sanitary, air
tight, full-measure tins?impurities can't
get in and the*, flavoif can't leak out It
has been made very easy for ycra to get
acquainted. You take no chances. If
Luzianne doesn't taste" -better than any
other coffee you ever tried, your grocer
will refund your money. So, buy that
first can today.
The tax bcoks has beea placed
in mv hands by tne /Board of
Commissioners for collection of
taxes for 1918 with instructions
to collect and I wilAthank all
the payers ofths Ca/unpy to come
and get their receipt.
I will have a collector at each
voting precinc/ in ths County
on Thursday, October 31, 1918.
~ Sheriff.
"No American May Refuse,"
Cardinal Gibtwas Says
"" ^ ? ?
James Cardinal Gibbons, the
leading Catholic churchman la
America, has Issued a strong7ai>
peal In support of the Unltednffar
Work Campaign.
."It Is an American campaign," he
said- -Its appeal is one that no
umoanrcment that we are in this
?war as ?ne people and as one na
tion to. aee It through to victory.
Into the splendid work of sustain
ing th? morale of oar fighting men
the great Bodal organizations or
America have thrown themsdves.
The American people will raise the
rum they ask?generously and
Girls, Too, Will Stand With Then j
Behind Every Fighter
atlfte Front
To put behind ?very Catholic flghtei ;
In France the support of one boy ca (
. girl In every parish throughout tba
{ United States Is the plan of the Na
tional Catholic War Council for bade |
lng the Victory Boys* and Victory i
Girls' "Earn and Division of tl* 1
United Work War Campaign to rais*
$170,500,000 [*for the boya over there" i
daring the week of November 11-18. |
Through diocesan, county and parish
organizations, the rallying of one I
youngster for every man who has gone
te war In ?every community is already
under way. By their own earnings,
and not by contributions. It Is expect
ed that these sturdy little sponsors
for the boys abroad will each raise at
least five dollars for the joint wel
fare work of the I. M. C, A, I. W, j
C. A., National Catholic War Coun
cil, Including the Knights of Cotum- |
bus, War Camp Community Service,
1 Jewish Welfare Board, American LI- I
brary Association and Salvation Army.
Boys and girls In every Catho&e ?
parish throughout the United States
? are already being picked to represent
each fighting man who has left the> i
church for the front. In evqry home |
that flies a service flag little brothers 1
and sisters, sons and daughters, are ,
eagerly volunteering to look out for
the share of their family fighter 111 the
huge joint welfare campaign fat all |
Che boys abroad.
566 cures m ous Fever.
. .If you '"Vb^life lnsurn-.ce see J. A.
TURNERJIr 7-26-tf.
For Kent.
A four room house oil Newport road
close to the orfl Hence Hazelwood
house, tor rent J^lply to
10-18-4t / Lonisburg, N. 0.
When yon want bRnraneeuSPTT
with T. W. WATUtm." K? knows
how. Cj 7-tl-tt.
The Quinine Tbat Does Noi
Because of its Conic _
by anyone without cau
in the bead. E.W.GRO'
Strayed or Stolen,
A black mare mule ?weighing 1000
pounds, Jias a>o Vhite &pot on left
thigh, strayed V *"as stolen from my
home'on Wednesday night, October 23,
1918. Any Information leading to her
will A>? liberally rewarded.
R. 3, Nashville, N. C.
Anto If umber lost.
No. 39639 tor an automobile, lost
Oct. 30. 1918. Finder will return same
to me and recsjve reward
11-1-tf Mapleville, N. C.
actomobilt: for sale
Six Cylinder Chandler.
This car tis In perfect running order.
Has new Kellyj-Sprlngfield tires, never
had a puncture. Self Starter, new top.
11-1-tf t
Cold Corners Comfortable
for aging limbs that feel the slightest
The handy Perfection Heater gives a
generous glowing wnrmjth whenever,
wherever needed?brings comfort and
relief in freezing weather
Good-looking- economical - smokeless, odorless.
Aladdin Security Oil Rives best results.
At your dealer's
(New Jersey)
Wt?Wr?g?on, D. C. Baltimore, \!d. Cktrlottc. N, C.
Norfolk V*. Charleston. w ,V?
Rtebmood Vs. Charlcatnn, S,C.

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